Proguides Exclusive: Boxbox Basic Riven Guide Part 1

if you want to see more guides like this or see a full uncut version of this guide feel free to go to pro guides calm or just click the link in the description below provenza bruiser for the most part you can play as an assassin if you want to or if the enemy team comp allows for it you go in and deal as much damage as you can before you die or just go in dive for the squishies and get out cleanly with low cooldowns no mana costs no restrictions on how often you can cast your spell’s really Riven is one of the biggest snowball is in the game with no mana and low cooldowns on your spells she can bully anyone LAN once you get it even just a small lead but also as a con she can get bullied very hard ribbons passive is sort of like a sheen every time you cast an ability you get a stack and on every attack you deal an extra portion of your damage to your opponent to fully make use of ribbons passive you want to weave in Auto attacks as often as possible between spell casts typically in fights or trades you want to use one auto per spell if you can afford to driven skew is a great spell it’s one of my favorites in the entire league of legends like roster set you can press Q to dash forward slightly dealing damage in a crescent shape and then within 4 seconds you can use it again and then again what’s beautiful about the spell is the cooldown starts after the first press the cooldown is 13 seconds they’re all rings as well but once you get 45% CDR it can go down to just about eight seconds Riven’s key lets her reposition and attack at the same time keeping her in position for when an opponent is running away or if you want you can just use it as an escape to run away from a trade the third Q has a little bit of a longer animation and Riven kind of jumps and does a somersault and then knocks anyone up and nearby her when she lands for 0.25 seconds it’s useful for breaking the flow of enemy attacks and combos and for buying you a little bit of time Ravens W is just a basic stun around here in melee range for 0.75 seconds it’s got a low cooldown and does nice damage the cooldown goes down with rank so as you level it up you will be able to use it a lot in fights it’s just used as a general break the flow of your enemy combo ribbons is a pretty basic spell you – forward in the direction of your cursor and shield at the same time the cooldown decreases with level and the shield increases with level making it one of the best skills to max I like to try to make use of both the movement and the damage blocking portion of the spell to be fully efficient so I’ll look for opportunities where I can both reposition and get a better position to attack my opponents I’ll usually wait until I can use it to run away and block the image at the same time what’s significant about this spell is once you have maxed out cooldown reduction it’s on a three point three second cooldown and the shield lasts for 1.5 seconds Riven can stay shielded for almost half of the time a lot of people like to use their skills as soon as they come up especially damaged skills so they usually have damage on a rhythm and once you know your opponent’s spell or patterns if you can predict when they’re gonna use it you can just block all their damage with such a local ton shield you’ll have it up every time their main spell is up ribbons are increases her damage by 20% and increases the range on all of our offensive spells then sometime in the next 15 seconds she can cast it again to do a large cone-shaped skill shot that does more damage the lower your targets are you can either wait until someone’s low and used to finish them off or when you see a bunch of people kind of low you can use it just to get off damage when you think you can hit a lot of people this skill does up to three times the damage as your opponent approaches 1/4 health once your opponent gets below 1/4 health there’s no need to hold on to it you can just use it at that point it’ll do maximum damage since most fights don’t last more than 15 seconds I just use that at the beginning to increase my overall damage Riven is great at punishing mistakes I’d say she’s the best champion of punishing mistakes actually she has one of the highest damage outputs for people who misstep and one of the lowest damage outputs for people who position themselves perfectly against range champions you’ll never get off any meaningful trades against the opponent if they position well but if they missed up you can easily take them from full to zero if you can close the gap and land your stun without having to burn all four of your movement spells then you can deal a significant amount of damage but if you have to use all four of your movement spells then you’ll have nothing left since your movement spells are also your damage spells or damage blocking spells a lot of champions have some sort of defensive mechanism like if you were to ever face the same top she has her condemned to push you back and that’s the only thing she can do other than walk backwards and tumble a lot of champions have some sort of stun some sort of CC to get away look for opportunities where they burn that my favorite opportunity to look for is against people with long cooldown escapes or CC is like noir for example his jump is a go over 20 second cooldown at level 1 and that’s his only escape a lot of times when I trade with an R they’ll blow their jump but then before that the jump comes back up they will come back to Layton farm as if everything’s fine and then when that happens you can kill them for free another opportunity I try to look for is when an opponent uses it one of their skills on the minions to farm it cuz

then for a few seconds that skill is down that means they can’t use on you and it’s just an ever so slight of an advantage if I’m against a Darius and I’m losing I can’t beat him in a full on trade but he uses his Q on the minions then that’s an opportunity for the next few seconds I want to look forward to try to trade with him against melee opponents usually I lead in with E and then I’ll use Q then W and we have an auto text in between as much as possible and then finish off with the other two Q’s I’ll make sure to wait for my shield to either be broken or have expired before using my stun so it’s not wasted and also I’ll make sure to use the third Q when I don’t have my shield or when I don’t have my stun I’ll make sure the stun is over before I use my third Q since it’s another CC and whenever I can I’ll try to time my spells so that they happen right when my opponent is about to finish their attack animation to further lower their damage output against range champions I usually lead in with a Q first and then e then W Q and Q fitting in as many auto text as I can in between those I stopped with the queue first because I only want to use the shield once I am pretty sure start taking damage so I’ll wait until I get a little bit closer and supposed to be in Champions you need to move in spells to get to them anyway once you get TMS in Lane you can animation cancel and you can eat leave together with your shield or you can just fit it in between spells I treat sort of like an auto attack one of the keys to trading as ribbon is knowing her auto attack timer with every champion there is a set amount of time where you cannot attack for Riven it’s about 1.2 seconds on average I would say and during that time is the best time to cast spells since you wouldn’t be able to attack anyway one of the key elements to trading is getting your skills on cooldown as fast as possible without using them all too quickly at once you want your spell’s constantly coming back up in the middle of the trade again some champions that Riven has a hard time against going in with your usual combo of dashing in towards them and then getting off all your cells and walking away it won’t work very well because you don’t have any spells left to disengage and you don’t want to use your third queue to disengage because it has CC and it’ll be wasted if you use that to run away my favorite way to trade against these strong champions is to use my Q weight the maximum time possible for seconds use the next Q and by doing this you get the cooldown rolling so when you use your third Q your Q will almost be back up depending on how much cooldown reduction you have before the fight eight seconds before I get the Q rolling on its cooldown and then when 3rd Q is about to expire I go in with it without using my shield I get the knock up on them then usually you can fit in an auto attack and then you stun it’ll pocket under lords and then you can use your shield to run away usually they’ll throw some spell or damage ability at you and then you get a clean Thunder alerts proc and you doesn’t do that much damage but it’s basically free you have them CC the whole time you’re in their range and then as you run away you have your shield on so they can’t really hit you if the trade is going poorly if you don’t think you’ll win past that trade you can use your shield to run away block the damage that they can throw along as they get out of the stun and then if they keep chasing you like if it Darius pulls you back in or if it Garen were to like flash on you your key will be up in a couple seconds and you can use it to run away there’s a similar combo you can do on range champions you burn your Q again off to the side or on to a minion then you wait for seconds you burn it again and then you use your e to get up to them and then use your third Q to hit them you auto attack them you stun them proc your Thunder works and at that point you won’t have your yup I usually like to run into a bush if possible so they can’t hit you or they can’t see to lend their spells usually that trade won’t go very well unless there’s a bush to run into or some way to disengage unless you have the power to beat them with one more cue because your key will still come up soon you can use it try to kill them but again strains champions ribbon really can’t go in unless she has the power to completely kill them because if you don’t have the damage to fully wipe them out as you’re running back to your tower or back to your minions when you don’t have any spells up they can just walk behind you and tag it with spells and you’ll take a lot of damage it’s almost never worth it unless you can fully kill them whenever my opponent goes for a minion I’ll try to hit them I’ll like tag them with a stun or the third Q and then your stash away it’s a very small trade but it’s free damage and since Riven doesn’t have any mana costs or any limitations on how often she can cast their spells other than a cool-down it’s free damage although you have to make sure the enemy jungler isn’t nearby because if they’re nearby you’ll basically have burned your spell’s and then they can just come in and kill you or CC you and lock you down ribbons cooldowns are all pretty close to each other in skirmishes I like to blow all the cooldowns and then walk away until they come back up a lot of people make the mistake of chasing for too long or too far you can get your skills off get some free to image on them and run away and then they’ll chase you thinking all your skills right down then as soon as they come back up or maybe a couple seconds before they come back up you just go back in and then you wipe them out good players will know that your skills are coming back up and run away a few seconds before they do come up don’t make the mistake of using your skills to chase them down if you use your e and three cues to get back to your opponent all you’ll have left is your stun and then it’ll just kill you the easiest animation cancels to do with ribbon is using a spell at the same time as your shield if you press on your keyboard just e and then whatever other spell you will cast both at the same time you have to press a just a tiny bit before so if I team up down to one I would want to press E one very quickly together and ribbon will cast Tiamat while she’s moving and then the team at will go off at the final location of very anytime I use my shield in fights I’ll try to use Tiamat at the same time if it’s up but if I don’t have my shield up when Tiamat is up it’s always just

fine to use it when you don’t have your Autotech Prime and when you don’t have a spell to cast there’s an animation canceled for disengaging that a lot of people don’t really use on ribbon if you use your stun at the same time as your shield it actually goes off where you start at your dash so a great disengage tool if there’s like Garrincha Singh you’re a darius trying to finish you off and you have your e and stun up once the animation is done you dash away we can actually save that third of a second or so which may not seem like but it does add up when you use all the time one of the most common animation cancels is using ribbons shield and then the first part of her wind slash the first part of ribbons all she just kind of raises her arm and stands in place it’s a pointless animation so by combining it with her shield you just get rid of that downtime there’s two main types of animation cancelling the first one is casting a spell at the same time as her shield any spell including item active like TMA or hydra if you press e’ and then any other spell a tenth of a second later I like to literally just like mashed on the keyboard with one finger slightly above the other you will pass them at the same time if you cast a and then cue her shield animation will be completely negated the other form of animation cancelling is a bit harder for whatever reason right after ribbons – there’s 0.5 or 0.75 second window where she can cast twos other spells together there’s somewhere weird restrictions on it I call this kind of animation cancelling double casting where you cast two spells that aren’t her shield together but the rules are kind of wonky you cannot start with her cue and you have to end with her cue you cannot cast her R and W together you cannot catch R and then T I met together but you can do TMS and then Q you can do W Q or R Q so completely make it smooth you want to use your shield first at some point and then within that 0.75 second window double cast your W and Q and it’ll look like she dashes and then uses her Q and the stun circle just kind of drops below her as she’s moving it looks very fluid her third Q can hop over walls which becomes incredibly useful for Matt movement escaping and chasing a slide from your third Q or flash Griffin has no way to get over a wall ribbon third Q has a pretty low range if your third Q places you more than half way through the wall just like flash you will go over the wall that lets her jump over some pretty big walls there are a couple of nine get mixed up using her third Q for wall hosta that you have to keep in mind ribbons third Q doesn’t go towards your cursor unless you have it moused over a target so you have to be facing the wall you want to all hop over you can’t just go up next to the wall and then press Q over the wall that won’t work you have to make actually make sure you walk up to the wall facing that direction so usually when I want to line up all hop I will run near the wall leaving a little bit of space to move into the wall so that my character can actually face the right direction or if I’m in a panic I could just use my e to automatically make my character face that way a little-known trick that most people don’t use is you can actually place a trinket in the direction that you want your character to face and she will turn to face that direction so you actually line up next to the wall then use your trinket over the wall and then quickly press key before your character a grows on someone else very very clean wall hop especially for the harder ones that require good angles most walls you don’t have to have that good of an angle since we have no be able to hop over it anyway but for some of the thicker walls in the jungle you have to be pretty precise with it farming with Riven is really cool ribbon doesn’t have any single target spells you can’t just use one spell on one minion and usually that meetings I clumped up so you have to be very careful of how you choose your last hits and how you choose your spell’s for last hitting my favorite way to play ribbon I max Q lest it rarely actually does any damage usually it’ll do like 20 to 40 damage early levels I use it to set up last hits or if I’m really feeling brave I can use it to try to last hit but it barely does more damage than a minion auto attack at Rank 1 so I only do that if I have to farming on your tower is a bit more difficult it almost sort of feels like a puzzle if you have a wave of minions all at different Health’s and they’re somewhat clump together and you have spells that are all AoE figuring out how to last hit them is challenging but also satisfying when you get it all or the game to tower shots and one auto attack will kill a melee minion if you have Rank 1 queue it should take two queues to kill the minion if you don’t want to use auto text a caster minion is usually one auto then one tower shot then one auto or you can just kill the minion get your passive charge and then I’ll attack it to kill it in terms of fighting ribbons Kent has a little bit of everything if your partner is someone who relies on a skill shot like Nidalee or Lisa Riven can start the fight off by using her third Q followed by stun giving your your teammate like a little bit over a full second to land their skill shot or otherwise just gap closed and also if her jungler is the one with more CC she can let her teammate the other one doing the CC and then she could be the one doing the damage of course you can also just couple your CC together you never want to use your CC at the same time as any teammate really overlapping CC is is a waste Riven can be both the initiator and the follow-up like I said earlier if ribbons jungler is someone who needs to land a skill shot to make the King successful like Nidalee or Lisa Riven can be the one to quickly use all three dashes you’ll lose your damage but you’ll allow your jungler to get awful lot of damage you use all of your dashes to get up your opponent and then but none for one second by using a third queue and your stun in no particular order when you’re getting inked by your opponent try to use that II W animation cancel or you stun them and dash away at

the same time if you can hit both of them with that stun sometimes I’ll even walk back towards the enemy tower just to hit both of them with the stun and then get away at the beginning the a my almost always star with a longsword and then either three potions or a fillable pushing the first time I recall is usually when I can afford coffee fields Warhammer I wouldn’t normally TP tulane unless it’s pushing towards the enemy or if there’s a huge wave about to get to the tower in both cases if you don’t GP on this a lot of exp the goal of Riven Lane phase depends a lot on the matchup with easier matchups you want to snowball it usually pretty hard and tank here or harder matchups where you can’t really get kills just farming evenly is good and then out roaming your opponents I would say the easier matchups are squishy champions without much targets you see people like Zed Leeson gangplank Yasuo these squishy champions that don’t have an easy way to lock her down they have lots of skill shots and high damage that can be avoided and dodged the harder matchups are mostly ranged champions like Vladimir Lulu lissandra even harder our champions look good CC and good trading power people who kidnapped Rey driven very easily I have good ways to lock her down that can’t really be dodged I’d say in any matchup we’re here against the counter I would just try to farm make sure you take TP so that you couldn’t go roam and make plays elsewhere I wouldn’t expect to get kills unless my jungler were to come top a lot but in any of the first few matchups I mentioned I would try to snowball as hard as I could if you happen to be the first one to die in lane and you start losing you have the option of trying to outplay your opponent and making a comeback or you can just settle your losses and just farm be a little bit behind your opponent until a teamfight start I would pay attention to how your team is doing if your other lanes and jungle are winning I would just play it safe and just try to remain useful and not go for aggressive plays but if your team is also losing then I would try for something very risky then maybe it make a big turnaround the worst case scenario is you lose the game that would have already been lost if you didn’t do anything usually in teamfights as written I like to flash on to as many of the enemies as possible and use all of our a OE spells to get I lost a lot of damage if the enemy team has a lot of cc or CC that I can’t easily avoid I will go relatively tanky if the enemy team doesn’t have that much cc or CC that I can easily avoid with the q SS I’ll probably have built full glass cannon with tons of damage in those cases I think it’s fine to just splash onto the enemy ad carry or the enemy midlaner if you can just flash onto them and immediately kill them before anyone can react but in general I do look for those opportunities where they clump up a life Riven can’t really engage fights on her own unless she has flash my favorite way to engage a fight would be to use your first Q weight use the second Q bait and then before the third Q is up find a time to use E and R together to get rid of your bar animation and then flash third Q and my general rule of thumb is if I can hit through people regardless of who they are I’ll go for it or maybe if I can hit to the ad carry and the mid laner together I’ll go for that or the ad carry and support if they were like the ad carry and the tank I wouldn’t go for it and once you get that very Q you have about enough time to get an auto attack off and then stun then Tiamat and then win slash and then after that you probably have to run and your Q will be up if you’ve properly weighted between your first second and third Q’s and you can use those cues to run away ribbons roll in the vision game is basically the same as most other top laners having a electric or you Anna cleat rink it later on and just use it whenever it’s off I actually like using ribbon as a distraction tool if I get a lead in my lane I like to not kill the enemy tower I like to just kill them and push the minions into the tower making them miss as much exp as possible and then once my opponent is weak I’ll just keep pushing in top forcing the mid laner and the jungler to come for me maybe even the support and while they’re all spending time on me my team can get the dragon being a bot lane or I can push bot do the same thing my team can get baron Riven has really great escape especially in 19 fight scenarios because her she lives on such a low cooldown she can escape very quickly she can outrun almost anyone especially when you wall hop or use the W e animation cancel to gain further distance and as long as you keep using your shield to block damage every time it’s up she has like a ridiculous amount of damage absorption power as long as they’re not bursting you down all at once so in 1 B 1 or 1 B 2 situations the rhythm is really good at wasting time in escaping so my goal is riven in most of my games is waste as much time on the enemy as possible I don’t like team fighting because most of the time the enemy team comp will have something like a Janna or analysis or some way to repel you off of the team I’d much rather be the split pusher waste their time and then TPA if I need to my favorite way to win games is ribbon is to be an annoying split pusher who takes up the enemy’s time if you’re stronger than the enemy top laner or whoever on the enemy team has PP that you become an extremely powerful person in the game because then you can split push and they have to send at least two people to get you if they send only one you can beat them and if they send two then your team can go get baron or get dragon or push another Lane and then you can just run away all this in two people the only way I would go wrong is if you quickly get killed and then the enemy team can regroup before your team can actually do anything so in those cases try to ward up some of your entrances have your team push push at the same time or push an

objective at the same time either like Elaine or Baron that way if the enemy team comes to get you with two or more people your team can immediately jump on that Baron or jump on that top lane tower something like that or if the enemy team 5min dives your four-man team you can either TP into the fight or if your team can disengage just let them disengage and you just push in towers and you get it for free if you’re the weaker person though then you basically have to group up with your team if you can’t beat the enemy top laner on your own you have to group with your team and force the enemy top laner to come join fight and that’s a hard position to be in if you want to see more guides like this or see a full uncut version of this guide feel free to go to pro guides com or just click the link in the description below