A Minecraft Tournament of some kind

*gold by spandau ballet begins to play* *gold by spandau ballet continues to play* *wilbur attempts to write the lyrics of gold by spandau ballet as they are sung* sax solo *gold by spandau ballet comes to an end* *don’t look back in anger by oasis begins to play* *wilbur attempts to write the lyrics of don’t look back in anger by oasis* HE APPEARS ON SCREEN TO MOUTH THE WORDS OF DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER BY OASIS

(hoarsley sung) soo sally can waait she knows its too late ok this is the last caption im writing i jus wanted to explain the muted parts, bye!!!!! It’s really distorting my ears, that’s the a can we get a he

Let’s go together smile Fuck the admin. Get him get him. Get him. Get him get him. Yeah, Phil. Yeah get him chase him down chase him down Beat him up beat him up beat him up beat him up I can’t type I was trying to I was trying to live live Write the lyrics. Oh don’t look back in anger by oasis on the screen and It just evolved into so Sally convicted those two legs walking on by Yeah, oh Scam train level five. Thank you boys on the level three We mute the rim, anyway I was thinking All right, cuz Phil come with what I wanted I want to just kind of You guys come this way follow me you two follow me This way this way Right. No, no, no wrong way to over here over here. Wherever hello. Yeah Why should I come with you will that you can come too Tommy? You can come too Tommy. Just we’re not talking our leadership right down here. Look. All right, you see this? These are the past winners. We have minecraft championship week one here. All right number two here Three. Do you know who’s going in the jungle? Do you know who’s gonna be in the jungle? Let’s pose in front of the stands. Let’s get ready Winner POV and our title but Just stand in front of Michael This is good, this is what we’ll do bunny do You want any of the leaderboards

No You like you like them And on this side How you guys feel I’m so ready I’ve practiced more for this than I did for me in tech news minecraft Monday Wow Wow Didn’t care about Minecraft Monday, but I care about this. I really have to feels bad There’s more of my friends in this there’s more of my friends and there’s one minecraft my dev got something to prove Look at them look at least try. Ah, look at these trihard. Hello. You’ve got to wait for the bridge to go down Look at me. I’m I’m CaptainSparklez How do you guys feel today Video No, it’s fine actually Pipe trains on level 4 Hey chat, I’m gonna do a couple donations than that before we begin cuz I’ve realized that just like every event It’s like an hour late, so let’s do let’s do some let’s do some donations and that shall we See what’s going on in the OL sub box. Oh I heard a pop. What does that mean? I always ask if we’re ready Yeah, sure. I’m ready. It’s quickly run through some stuff epic gun man with the two months Thank you very much. Underscore Maria with nine months d1 So with the two months your streams in videos helped me through this tough time. I’m sure they’ve done with many others We’ll keep on rockin. Oh, but I love you. Thank you D water very much, sir, Mac So one with two months, it’s me iron with the three months Thank you very much Eastbourne one with the two months open five pace with the five months think very much I knew with the three months I Sark’s age with the two months Thank you very much for all of your lovely subs Andrey subs you’ve all been absolutely wonderful. So Play first I say we play hole in the wall first Because I feel like our you get a billion points for winning hole in the wall And I feel like our main rivals. This tournament are the ones that are better at it Yes, we want to get it out of the way. I was about to say that actually so I think we should do that I feel like our main competition is the red rabbits because three of them were in the top ten last time and the green Guardians because Vic star and Pete just get a million points every time berry they dominate in the PvP game so we should try and quickly Boys, let’s do this because of the way the points were Is pretty good there’s no way we’re gonna lose the number to that number There’s no way we get third place right that would be depression that’s good teacher That wasn’t my YouTube, right We go this is the geese prevent feathers like some different things They put all they put a bunch of the beta testers or no, I think I really don’t like purple reason the game hopeful It’s such a bad color. I’m not a fan Oh, yeah big cells are build mark my favorite. Oh, that’s another one I hate. Yeah Let’s do everything to avoid big cells at build mode, please. Let’s get it out of the way. No No, let’s just not do it. Let’s just not do it. There’s there’s ten games and we’re gonna play eight of them So we put it off the chances are high. It’s gonna be like the last round worth of billion points Should we tell chat about our um our plan to pick the last?

game Oh, yeah. Oh It’s Easter Whatever you do whatever I feel To be worth no points What’s he doing? That’s like the opposite end for a game mode, but I’m gonna be honest with you guys I don’t think the I think the rabbits move around a lot more than the chickens do so It’s gonna be fucking survival games all Skyblock or there’s gonna be sky block or Like I’ve done well at it but Exactly we got this Okay, you bridge on bridge what I’m normally cobble brains. I’ll be the car. Normally the cobble boys Tommy. Can you shut up five seconds so we can please Alright I’m just saying Cyber bullying Okay, so we have to get blocks as fast as possible and then we’ll bird to start bridging We just get into MIT as quick as possible, yeah Judas Get the Trident and don’t lose it. That’s just every time it’s gonna happen check I think we can get pearls because the little TNT thinks they have pearls and they’re very valuable in this game We bumper Phil’s follow him up to a hundred twenty percent Loud boy loud boy. Yeah Alright gentlemen, I’m so ready. It’s an honor to be playing with you all tonight It’s not me at all tap again. I never up to a hundred twenty percent Loud boys lad boys. I think the problem is I I based it off of Tommy the audio I’m Be quiet if you need me to beat. Alright, I’m just saying, alright, alright, okay as Liam as the leader, I’ll go first I will punch tree I’ll punch Gerta. Yes. I’m gonna go for the cobblestone Like against him if I could get some like pickaxe from you fill that would be yeah I think the kids they would say poked a stick unless you’re in Tommy unless you’re in tech nose chat Then it’s and laughing crying emoji. Tastic, hog. Tastic. Are you the bridge the bridge is it will blow over? All right. Well you got this buddy. I’ll do I’ll do I’ll finish what you start. Have you got so Thank you my guy. Thank you my guy Yeah techno you’ve got something to lose. I Do yeah, you’re chat are expecting you to win today I’m gonna have a Any pork-tastic sin the chat Technos chat everyone say pocket a stick and turn this chair Phil Phil Phil Anyone who’s ranged weapons already. I wouldn’t even make sense guys. We can make another wooden pickaxe down I can’t really do anything without a pickaxe you can start will believe You have a any wood for a crafting table, I’ll bring you this one that I have That would mean the world. Can you move on that one? I’m taking you’re taking my couple Okay, so alright well I built a bridge to the one platform there it’s gonna need a bond you guys Alright, I’m gonna go I’m gonna go behind and okay, Tommy. I guess Tommy’s doing mining now so alright Oh Everyone’s the miner. We need another pickaxe you me. Come on, please you go home Cobble boy is a pickaxe for you I guess I Get stone one soon Wait, okay This is set up properly just make sure you keep eyes on the border because that’s what that’s what really got us last time Yeah, making us a furnace as people know the iron is automatically comes out It blocks I need can I have a stone pick a shield actually that’s why I want To diamonds, here you go. Where is it? Alright. Alright, where is it?

What you put it on you how many Blanco to have should we force Wilbur to Starbridge and already I think we should can you? Yeah, I can stop. Would you throw me the cobble with it? Yeah, I haven’t done it those Sticks make Good if I go Off I go time to bridge Field behind you Is my how much is my life worth just so I can sort of judge, you know? All right, who’s the next lowest and priority to bridge You need to get these blocks Tommy right now, I need these and just give Wilbur all of our blocks Oh Actually, I have six ice by the way So it has to to Diamond thoughts by the way, so no no, no, he only has one Oh now I have to I’m shaking guys. I’m incredibly nervous. This game stresses me out and Wilbur does not help Blocks I’ve got fifteen Actually we can make oh we should make Phil bridge until the next rink. Okay, I’m gonna I call you myself Infamously mouth thank you for the two months icicle dragon with the prime drywall dominatrix with the Tier one the bond one two Three with the Tier one hero ninja six six six with the prime Jack Jack one five two eight. Thank you for the prime Cola crazy gal with the prime hime griffin thing is three months. They say Lamarr you idiot Thank you home Griffin. A lot of the weebs YouTube think of the one dollar Tobi Yoshi with the four dollar twenty What’s ham it with the three dollars? Thank you very much big appreciate it I’d really like time bridge time Everyone is alive except you Not a single person James Charles is in this game, and he outlived you by a lot Can you spec for as well Yes, it’s time to grossed I mean there’s no rules at that time yes is beginning I’m very shaky about a lot but the I’m gonna need I need I need a breather Right, there’s no breather since Skyblock man. I made a bridge to the enchantment table. I Have 43 Bowl. I’m going shopping this and stuff and then to make their own oil tea No, no loyalty. No. Oh I could have made a topical joke, and I’m not going to You’re the first there Phil you’re the first here, okay Yeah this list, you know and no one’s even close. There’s only one other person at an enchantment Island, so Just go and grab every chest Phil let you go grab the middle to your chest right in the middle right in the middle first And then go for the side ones. I’ll keep an eye out for anyone that’s coming in Okay, the next closest people fighting each other so that’s good Literally both of you both of you get over to the middle get over to the middle and grab all the loot Stop faffing around on the outside islands Alright because there’s you’ve got so much time you may as well like get yourself set up. Keep holding up so high up Okay the middle ones There’s now three there’s now two people there’s now two people at the enchantment islands, thank you for interrupting me for that Tommy I have we I can’t with Tommy. I can’t with Tommy right now Practice so much today I literally I’ve spent the past four hours practicing and the fact that my finger slipped from shift to control That made me run off the edge. It just pisses me off Oh

That’s fucked me up. That’s really fucked me up. I’m taking the too. Seriously, I’ll come down. This one always pisses me off though I always get sad on this one Right Jesus thank you You see this guy bill You’ve still got no one. No one anywhere need. No one anywhere need. I’m taking this off I hate I have analyte round. Where did the you took the animal? There’s still no one no one on the center island. You’ve still got your crafting table I feel as though I could go and kill all of those people I think I might you got one other personal an enchantment Island and there are next to you. I’m It’s the home at Croft boys. You could you could go fuck them up if you want you really could Let’s just stay alive. Actually. Oh Good job, Tommy. Good job, Tommy. Good job, Tommy. Nice work Tommy. Get the last my full symmetry of whole symmetry get full symmetry Nice work Right now you need to bridge back Bridge back to the centre island bridge back to the centre island. Yeah Yeah, I did, okay I need that I need okay, you got you gotta cut a bunch bridging bunch bridging over to the main line You can knock them office It’s the cyan people they are south do straight south east south east south east So other side from you opposite end from you, you can knock them off. They’re almost at the main middle bit You can fuck them up. Now. I See them. Yeah. Yeah. You got him you got him Don’t be afraid to just yeah, I think okay, it’s fine. It’s fine. Just I did tell you to get off that place Tommy Tommy. I told you to go Curl damn, it’d be a good way Okay, you have on the east side you’ve got three people. They’re really cautiously moving forward They’re right to your right now Phil to your right. There’s a group almost Not if you know you can thread it into where techno is you can be okay if I want to get a bit more heart I want to feel more safe, bro Tommy I need the anvil Back southeast back southeast they’re breaking in back southeast. They’re almost in The bunch think you shot the snowballs at Tech. No, they’re in there coming up. So Roy wait, Phil Keep going right directly below you what there now now they’re really below you now pretty much felt like a bit more a bit more Out bit more forward a bit more fall. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. They’re right below you there They’re there right there right there. They’re below you. He’s gonna hit you from below is Calvin. No, no back where you were Phil He’s that were underneath you now techno techno underneath there where you were underneath you there there on the outside though, not the inside On in the meanwhile we have Okay, we got another another coming straight south he’s on his own and he has no water You can knock him off techno. You got him. You got him just hit that hit that ah Almost almost what? Uh, Calvin is still underneath. You techno. Literally one block below You could just mine and then stab him like go back to where you were Yeah, oh, he’s back. He’s back the guy that you hit with the Dryden’s back three of them through them. I See you need to hit them from an angle You will Scott people on the east people in there. Okay, so you need to get to everyone get to a safe spot now These people But I could die Techno try and get a high ground so far We’ve got two people and two of the Palisades if you can get a third one, then we are in the entire top error Especially if you can bridge out into the middle from the palisade, that’ll be pretty cool. I Haven’t tried into these guys or why. Oh Do you know how I fucking fell as well? It’s so bullshit. I I just hit my finger slipped from shift to control That’s literally what happened and that really annoys me Okay, I’m going up I don’t know how much damage the Trident does but I’ve They’ve taken a palisade fillin and Tommy careful. They’ve taken a palisade. Oh Oh, there’s another team there good work Tommy, yeah in the little woods just around the corner from you coming. Oh, they’re below us You guys I’d recommend I’d recommend you guys bridge out into the middle There’s a there’s the pink parrots across from you two on the other palisade techno V That’s your right ten. If you look to your right, there’s there’s an entire team. There’s like a team of three Oh, can I just think they have no gear they have no gear they have wooden weapons and no armor one of them has a bow techno you could just destroy them techno you could bridge over and just absolutely Literally they have wooden weapons

Guys get over to the pink team go over to the pink team’s palisade. You could just completely wreck them They have nothing they have no. Well, I could completely wreck anyone in this server. So narrowing it down I Told me how many eliminations do you have right now four? Okay. Good. Good. I Was just so someone and there’s someone in the chat said you didn’t get any points for them for some reason Do it do they have nothing they have a lid oh one has a diamond sword one has a diamond sword He’s just gotten out. He’s got diamond sword. Oh sure. Yes. Nice. Last one last one again Good fill below fills below you where’s Phil? Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s dr. Jenny. Oh, I Got one I got one, dude I need I need like a high-pass filter on my mic so I can be like be advised big bird in the sky toys We got two tangos coming in from me I have three Trident illuminations. This is so much fun Papa Papa squad be advised. We have two people coming up on techno blades position from the south I don’t think I mind it. I think they’re using it right now Get over to me. Yeah, actually I could craft bread if I if anyone has a crafting table. Oh, yeah, it’s really important It’s like no hearing. Yeah, and you regen really slowly too I broke a block so I was gonna make a craft into you. I was trying to get The borders coming up we have Papa Papa be advised two tangos under the tummy in its position right now climbing up the palisade Bridge a little towards Center I Want to go mean it they are they are not very loaded. I will tell you that now Yeah, that’s this the entirety the Zion Papa Papa be advised tsiyon team are currently digging They have a tunnel coming in from the east to me I do not have walk I Think we have to we have to bridge to mid or go down Bread Bread I want to see fan off me and a friend ac-130 after That we should go clean up we have to kill red team they have all four players and that’s Yeah, we’ve just gone to second place from red We attack Oh Phil Really? I’m good. I Could help good clean up clean up clean up right and then get the glass and get the tsiyon team if they’re not already gone Our way let me find let me find the POI, let me find them. Let me find them let me find Turn on hitboxes I’ve done here boxes Oh, yeah They’re inside the middle literally just just open it and lover it there Just open it and lover it lava at lava at lava now god You got it they’ve blocked off the lava Don’t go bait it down there. Nice work techno now do it again with Calvin. He’s just Calvin’s running They have a small opening on the east side Nice nice nice Yeah I’d like to thank Wilbur precarious Don’t worry is too high. It’s handicapped perspective. It’s handicapped perspective Techno techno, I’m just saying I’m just saying I’m just saying rocket spleef just get ready for my Redemption All right, dudes why she gets skipped. Let’s see. The problem is this game was the first one so it’s worth like no boy Oh God, I’m so Skyblock. Such a stress sank buckle. It’s such a stressful game. Why did you put me on bridging?

That’s my question because like the worst people That’s how you do this the person who’s bridging what if they get knocked off All right, if you die, our combat power goes down like 2% All right Mid-flight, I was I was being so annoying with that trident man. People were just chillin. It’s like This is great How many kills did we get all together? Cuz I got eight. How many do you get down? I got six eight had six someone else do the math eight plus six plus you don’t you need someone else to do a Tommy Redemption Erica’s cancelled guys they used to go How many what kills I think I maybe got two or three. I think we killed half the game Hey Oh Phil you got free such turbo so eight so that’s eight at nine which would be 17 Oh wait, we should be looking for the Easter eggs So we get more boats. Oh, yeah Get the eggs at the eggs, it’s close. She says Hey, they responded shaking that was such a great round, I’m sweetly just straight up just around the map everywhere. Yeah Feel about that amazing start, but three of us see the dream team plus one you were right to know Did pretty well tell me good shit. Thank you I’m so happy with myself. My ego will be through the roof. Oh my goodness why I need at the moment Of course of course as major fines like 17 out of the eggs That’s what it will be mothers just saw throw it it doesn’t do anything Mayor well, we refer the build build sales at build merit. Oh I missed it. Oh my god, I hear thank you. Thank you know if you stand too close and you don’t feel like jumping All right Off-brand Will does it once funny man? Parkour warrior I’m fine with that I’m not it’s pure stress Yeah, but we’re gonna do decent at it. We’re not gonna lose terribly in parkour warrior I thought about that I could just pause my screen on the builds on my laptop Yeah, sure, you see that okay, I’m gonna do that I’ll do that My phone and then I’ll have my phone up top. I’m just saying I don’t want to get cancelled on Twitter I think we should have as we should have one person that stays at the build and says with all the blog’s Taking screenshots like that would be quite absurd. Okay, just just cuz I have viewers doesn’t mean I want to like flex otamatone What are you gonna do ban me just cuz I be hopped in your event Can we take screenshot I can jump here just ask if we can take screenshots, bro You sitting like I maybe they want to appreciate the nice build design Yes, if they want to interpret it that way then that’s why mate I’m you know, I’ve just got some are just more of my screen just accidentally freezes on the builds. What? I haven’t got very good PC. So We actually alright we taking screenshots cuz I plan on doing that. Alright, don’t do screenshot Dis news remember, I think we should have one person stay behind and say go Do screenshots just play it fat. I’ll do this one Alright, I think we should just have someone who wants to say what we need Remind me those colors blue green blue green orange red meat alright

Let’s just not get 10th boys Why is mini MOOC at the heck out of here at the heck attic Bluegreen you’ll really thought he was gonna hitch a ride so one of these blue Greedy stoners three pink. Am I right guys? Who say it’s Philip you stayed behind Philip you stayed behind? Behind for wood and stone I Really think someone should have stayed behind Sorry, we can go back. I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone wants to volunteer I’m just gonna get some of everything the other one was the other terracotta tile. I’m here The red one the red one you say, okay What was the other the colorful one the other nice pretty Wang chat? Right. Okay. So at this one we’ll need. Uh, we’ll need some coal and silk Is anyone the wood place because if you could pick up some birch for me? Birch for you. Alright now you’ve just may be Best friends with Tommy and uh, we win it. We win in Redemption art. Yeah, we win About your coupons not Best friends Tommy and I love that. Why do you worry when you die? So, what do you mean you keep a little in the trapdoors where are the trapdoors Oh, yeah, of course you keep the tools Coming back with the Could anyone get me some silk touch stone? I I would look good sir. I’ve got stolen I’m doing the storm one Oh, I was doing the one with the buttons No, there’s crafting day. We’re supposed to fucking craft them. Oh Jesus Christ. Yeah, man. I didn’t even get orange That’s the one thing I stole myself to get Excuse me guys Oh, no, I can’t tell them to move that would be really mean I Need court yellow ready damn cool any cool for torches Right. Yeah I can make me actually make some it’s fine all I need another red and orange buttons and fucking just every flower So another red every flower spruce, okay Another Best friend, but you know, this is the right point. All right goddess is fine. We can do this By the manager guys, oh Okay, is anyone at the stone area I just left it all right, did you get quartz coal stone No, I’m sorry I got I got like normal stone like not cobblestone stone. Alright, I’m gonna Pay for it who’s been? Right cool and it doesn’t matter which one I’ll finish. Yeah flowers Wait, I didn’t even need them like all I needed cool the courts. Oh I’m just taking this because we need this whatever it is. Oh, yes. I know. I paid to have messed dope Placed the button the wrong that matters I made this game, you know Nice listen my teammates. Will that’s a really easy thing to fix guys. Stop yelling at me. Alright, I’ve had a good idea That’s why concrete I’m gonna do the concrete long as we’re here Got a head here da head Jordan Jordan maroon All right, I’m going up quartz, right someone nice nice. Yeah Where would I see it. I see it At least a few this way It’s in the ORS Last the one with the coolest be this way as well. Oh, yes Yes, every flower, right cool. Yeah. No, so if you new flowers come to me and go back I think it might be a game-changer. I Am not bringing the quartz. I’m not real. I really did guys, please. Can I tell you that? It’s really respecting me right now I think I might Glue Red alright, it’s fine Time the blocks in your hotbar then control C and then get control V whenever you need reminding that’s kind of Not mad I’m calm. We’re in personal East right now. That’s wait. No. No, we’re not. We’re not red rabbits. We’re in fourth place right now

That’s pretty good. I’m telling you read rabbits and Subjects Bruce and I am in cool. I’m doing the clay one gentleman was like a new one. That’s just right gentlemen, on my way, Victor Those that use that you know, all right, we still need quartz right I wasn’t on me I was science again. We still need quartz Yeah, we still need coffee red. All right, I’m Bree. What’s the red? Wisdom we need any meat do we need any other orange? Like we need cut we need a bunch of colors for one Right now, all right, I’m bringing the quartz Exports little wood. I am bringing quartz and nothing but the quartz. All right, because I’m contributing Let’s see, all right It’s times like this where friendship really takes its toll See We’re good. We’re good. Oh, no, can we get me some yellow please stone slabs. I think the hardest one for myself – there’s eight more minutes of this we can get loads What I do third place because everyone else is equally bad at this Is this this isn’t the orders right? Does anyone have any yellow concrete I can get me some cool Hello. Hello. Hello, please no, no I’m working on getting the I’m just I’m just needing that fucking red again Is wrong wait me and will are Lining up flowers is not something Okay. We’re in third with the problem is are to the two teams I’m worried about or somehow in first and second like they’ve trained this Okay, let’s get back to colors go back to I’m sure something essentials there, but we need iron was it red. Let’s go back in Jennifer Are you joking are you oh no, that sucks I’m telling how do you keep dying? You’re not very hit shift You know, it just kept going pulling down a little bit I didn’t want to tell you I hit you I hit shift I tell you Not very good this Is why we’re doing this game early because it we’d want it to not matter Right and then there’s probably gonna be something about a change so right in the cold, all right, I’m in the or area like Why I I think I’m gay. I just got iron and Lou yellow Cyan blue blue yellow pink cyan blue. Yellow pink cyan blue yellow pink science Is the colon all iron, acacia bush I on occasion, but Pretty solid stride like to tell you about you know If you write them in your hotbar and then you control see you can remind you that all the time. I Feel like it’s very valuable and you guys aren’t appreciating my knowledge. You could be why are you Guys Hey Phil, yes, I feel like you’re not appreciating my infinite knowledge as much as you should be Let’s do the colors me mini, mukha no Yellow pink sign Stone stones very good. Very good. It’s fine I got a little bit of iron and coal for the ones who are right This is this one Okay Whatever, there’s two stone ones. Alright, we need to get acacia and some caucasian. What was it on birch person acacia?

Yeah, where is the coal? I need like a little bit more stone – goal. I’ve got cold. Don’t worry Ok loads or a good on call Just where is it though is in ores? Yeah Okay, we good with this we’re gonna flip and see you You know, I mean, this is not okay Jake that type of swaying I’ve got my give me the stone Smell it All right, Louise wrong both Bruce Birch and acacia. Oh nice you’ve already done the coal Yeah, who’s Nicole All right, we need quartz Iron cage. Ah, that one’s okay. Well, yeah I can do that. I’m a grown man. I can get quartz mine My chat keeps telling me to stop hanging on you told me but I’m literally not saying anything To white and one orange I’ll wait Can anybody get the flowers? Oh sure go get them. I have loads of flowers white. Come to me Phil Phil. Come to me Saying this is so sad Oh It’s cool, so we’re looking at second down Oh, this is really odd All right, okay Granite the iron bar I’m getting more desire right now You we’re catching up. We’re catching up pod color Yes, one two, can we get a techno POG in the chat from the channel errors Three and then this is Telling me is that blue fuck you there we go. Oh my god, we’re killing it. We’re killing it. We’re All wood all wood angry and Two minutes I can do this two minutes slide Anyone’s by concrete. Oh, sorry. Okay. Give me the granite in the thigh, right? That’s why I need Bobby. That’s what I’m doing I’ve got down everything we need stone slab granite iron bar diorite. I Need a like Roger steel. We’re just do a pikachu Diggler. Thank you mannerisms Do we have like weight class? Is anyone is anyone by the colors? There’s anyone by colors Once and this tonight and the site How did you get this weight class is there a class section how do you get this the slab of concrete now these days You know Where’d you get glass guys worst glass. I don’t know Tell me please tell me you’re getting the granite I’ve got so much a granite. You don’t even know Where’s Anderson I in dire, right, but thighs it 30 seconds. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able do mine. I’m just gonna Let me wait 10 seconds. Oh No, I’m so butter right now you don’t understand you don’t understand Some points it’s fine Still get the points. Let me place in this. I’m pretty sure it’s fine. It’s fine I

Sorry chap, I took too much would I have fucking I have four of each I Have four words of each type and you’ll hear like you two too much would know told me should have got the fucking granite That’s what we needed Fucking hell. I Had to shout on my chat cuz they’re saying it was my fault that we couldn’t get it They’re like you took too much wood and I had 4vg Easter eggs We did. Okay. Where are the Easter eggs? around The hill no whining. I don’t you follow just get them first. Yeah, you can kind of stray off of this path, you know They’re just hidden around there like these custom textures Not a chance or anything no, but I didn’t What is this One here. Oh, we still have two minutes. Do we have longer this time in between games? because I think at the eggs from I also needed a urinate so They made them invisible for us You took 18 jungle wood. Okay, my bad, then sorry guys. Sorry team partly. I took 18 jungle wood The brown bit that goes in the middle I had no idea I was getting the ones around the other side I don’t suck at minecraft that guy you’ve got you’ll be Sorry, ciao I’ve got I Don’t know how I’m gonna do another two hours of this I Love Tommy, I’m nothing against Tommy. But oh my god, this is This would be how I’d be having such a chill relaxed time if it’s just me and techno and Phil, you know what I mean? Like me and techno and Phil place you have to like every day and it’s like we have such a good synergy But it’s just so in the way I’m gonna have read out donations for a little bit. I’m sorry They mute my game Jam XD love mouthing for the two months link the Wolfie. Thank for the two months maximum trouble. Oh eight Thank you for the two months, dude Zach is such a nerd thing for the two months CCH coop think of the two months Lockets to two things in the nine months dude very much. Appreciate it hime Griffin with the three months dude big park guys Thank you for the kind donations as well. I’ll try and get to you guys at the end Oh, that’s why she’s talking to it now Toby. Oh, she think of the four dollar 20 Hey well, but someone in the comment said you play my piano But I did I fucking loved your piano bit I even commented on it. Thank you so much for making that piano cover What are we doing? What’s the next one? I Didn’t throw my egg. I’m sorry. It’s survival games. We’re doing survival games. That’ll be fun. They’ll be quite fun Lux think of the wonder lawyers have a mage made my day to see you upload a cover You sounded pretty thank you. Lux dude. I was practicing a lot. Oh and Michael with the $1. Thank you very much Oh the radish pie with a ten gifted subs big poker get big bog in the chat for the radish pie, please. Holy shit Thank you. Thank you so much. That is you’re too kind to me. You’re too kind. Thank you A lot of the weebs. Thank for the $1. Tell techno play qui-gon. Jinn is the best Jedi and Obi one is over way overrated Could have come to me to tell him what to do Thank You Ababa Rita for the prime mover ik for the prime X real gamer girl X they give you the prime the Aaron s Thank for the prime isopod faulty with the prime cam legacy with the tier 1 and pew-pew pickle with the prime Thank you everyone very much. Appreciate it The gentlemen’s room by the way, my strap with this by the way, I did wash my hands my strap with this is that um, It’s all in the lava buckets and the harming potions like that’s what I found last time First Wilburys I’m here, you know in the game I materialize Decently we go straight the kills and we go kill ya together for the looting we don’t have to stick together

We just have to get far from spawn and then we stick together Alright I do You just call me team leader Turner. Yeah James Charles team behind the tree goes straight. Okay. We’re good this way and not too close here We can just go to these chests. I’d like to slide. I’d like to stick together. That’s Weapons already I’m a boat and also you can use anvils really. Well, they’re really good to just give me a weapon can use stupid game? Bro this game is trash. Just give me any weapon Is it one point a combo I Got I’ve got all sorts for all of us if You’re right next on story. Okay, I only have wooden spear now, sir. I’ve also got a leather hook up if you’d like it Yeah, tell me if you find an anvil cuz I can put them into two on my bike out this house Come on give me something good something good. I’m around the back Oh down here. Come on. I’m coming up – Can I have a sword Yeah, what the hell? Behind you behind you. There’s a James Charles just strolling. Do you want to just kill them? Yeah, we just killing I mean No, we don’t have enough loot guys, I think There’s an anvil in here ambolyn here if you want to ensure oh My god, okay. Now we’re gonna go kill him. I am so strong. You have a just leave for me I’ve leggings Here you go fill your stuff Just give me arrows Thank you flame go flame flame flame I’ve got flame come into the room with the anvil if you have a bow The flame Bowl come here come here right tenner. Take this Thank you Drink fire rice all sound live errors. Okay. Let’s go get kills miss doctor. I Don’t have much if you’ve got any arrows on thing. I’m not really stuck. I’ll give you some hours Billy phone arrow Nice to see Raj this is my garage. This is a big tournament Tommy’s Tommy’s Here are you 16 You know 16 We’re going through the doors like we’re a SWAT Okay, oh it’s like We’re outside rule together we’ll forget no on this way. Okay. We’re fun of you tonight. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I see them Well, how do they be so far they bailed out the window, okay Yeah fine Now we need to get a fight but people just keep running. Actually, they’re gonna be pinned down I think if they run this way because it’s the corner of the map Now you want to do a bit of looting what for down here chance Oh Yeah, we’ve got them. We’ve got them. We’ve got them. They are Oh west southwest south west southwest Oh, Team two I would kill them. This is Pete him Vic. Okay, we need to fight. Okay, we’ll wait for all of him Okay, I say we push This is okay. They are stacked in armor Are they running though? Okay, let’s push. Oh, they’re running towards the side of you. So Get them. I’ve the homie harming pop so I should be able to I think the border is it gonna cut us off? shouldn’t I’m gonna rage. Yeah bully’s telling us I’m here on your own don’t get owned Thanks might be it for me I’m gonna die. Yeah, there’s the team are coming up. They’re there. They’re circling back to trap us. They’re trapping us. They’re trapping us At once We need to get out down for it. We get out from down here. That was a damaged by I’m gonna go round to the right What hit me I call food food Tommy Tommy I’ve got food for you Come on, come on top of the topper here topper from oh, that’s techno. Let’s take note. Ne-yo Normally Chicago anything well, I Dropped it for techno. Techno. Have you got it you can I got Please give me more food

They all get me man Tommy shush right let’s if we can push sort of towards them they will like we need to get away from There but they’re more stacked on you I wouldn’t push I have no hello I Would rotate then I there’s so many people then you can’t afford to fight Fools coming here. I really need food. I can’t sprint Yep through that through that full team Phil Phil do not find them will you’re about to go into a full team? Oh give it to you I’m sorry. Will it’s okay anything to survive? Bro we’re homeless out of the cabin. Okay. Can I have a come over please? Thank you, oh There’s people behind you in the little wood you could probably take them grazes solidarity in the little wood They’ve all got less arm. If you go backwards hold that position. They’re gonna be coming up front Okay know they’re going hard left. Keep moving forward then just service information Yeah, what are they doing are they dying that’s not allowed It’s not well I didn’t even heal back you Have an iron sword. Oh, I have an iron sword sick. Oh My entire chat ceiling have you oh, what a coincident. I Don’t have any food It pretty much dude only two people have died nothing has happened but we’re homeless who want a tech nerd take this techno Where are you? You’ve left me my middle of the road I know but I have a over fire resistance potion that you could use. How’s it? Looking from off you Okay, you should be pre-clear will has the most armor. Yeah who owns armor Tecna come here. I would give technical chestplate We’ll all right. Here’s my hat Tell me please I certainly don’t come Out this door then you could probably push the fighters in for me because this is a kitchen, why’s that our food in here? Raw we need we need to kill someone and take their food. Yeah, we do That’s uh, there’s a whole team up the road some techno just straight on You if they see you they’ll probably kill you We leave Oh, they’ve seen you we got probably gonna kill you we get out of here Any teams over here Well, I just want food why they put so little food in this game just cuz it’s the it’s not even the Hunger Games Is the hungry games? Because we’re Yeah, you can fight these guys but they’re running and get the clean up cuz they’re getting killed So if you secure these points on the kill James Charles endure shovel girl if you get the boat Good job Okay, these guys are probably if I was you I take will go all the way lights alright yeah Hallway but you’re gonna be pinned down really quickly. If you I go through the die. Here’s food. There’s chicken I will follow will there. Yeah, follow me. I’ve got iron boots I don’t want to go in a building. Alright iron sword. I am sword iron sword. I know Iron, sword filk you want that? Do not go do you know all right. We need to go we need to go and just go we need to go There’s a team hiding around the corner here team hiding here help Alright, we’re not there a lot I’ll be careful. Yeah. Yeah, they have to come towards us though cuz the border so oh That’s a lingering potion. Apparently, I’m honing out Quigs like full health. I’m really her. I’m like one tick away from dead. Oh Let them let them fight each other go round the back yeah. Yeah go around the back you am really good everybody Just get like at least I’ve chicken We need to don’t go in don’t go in those guys. Okay? Yeah, that’s good This is a good if you go out to the right, there’s like it’s really empty

So you could have the arrows that bright outside Okay, we need to kind of move. We need to we can’t sneak we need to just go We need to just collapse on them now. I think that’s the only way we’re gonna Get outside. Yep. Yep. Yep Go go go go collapse go. Oh God Well, yep. Yeah, um remember it’s 1.15 come back. Sorry. I liked nice. I’m dead. We die for a movie dark from a splash Oh Kill Vic On you techno get full symmetry? Oh no you in a cobweb Behind you naked by the way techno nice nice cleaning cleaning nice It’s just cyan. It’s just sign you’ve got this you do nice. Okay behind you Calvin You write the N Calvin the God wait, what’s your own wins? No. Oh All right chat needs to talk to you chair, right I’m not being mean to Tommy. Okay, it’s just that Tommy’s very loud. He’s very overexcited So if no one’s gonna tell him to be quiet we loose Okay, so I’m just I was just telling him to quiet down a little bit. All right, chill It’s not read so we don’t care about that Was a good I got five kills I cannot do an impression of that no bite from loss from that first round Tommy look at how many points she got that round you were supposed to be the team leader Was going for me man, they wanted revenge dude, that was we didn’t win but like that was so much better than I thought it was gonna be halfway through and we were starving and Navy I Died so you guys could win The first now I like and I like nothing but we’re in first gotta find some eggs I Just secured the egg All right. We need the eggs the eggs. It really doesn’t matter But we have to take it seriously to keep that audience retention up get the eggs Easter You have done well my Son Put the eggs, I don’t know what the spot They look like I mean, I won two Easter simulators on hypixel earlier today I should be doing well at this but oh Oh, oh Oh, I Like to play bingo that’s my Isolation Come together and enjoy Lent This times no wait What do we want bingo Hot I don’t want to vote for bingo because at this point I’m gonna vote for a footrace Honestly, I think we should get bingo out the way cuz it’s the motion on the wrist RNG Games that we don’t play at all and at this point we can hope it’s not bingo. I didn’t want to play the parkour Oh my god, a parkour is a parkour is fine for us They have a magnet did you see that? He’s that from blue box look at that Please to get to the other side, please

Yes, I’ve waited three this game looks so fun and both the tournaments I played in it got skipped Bad walls it’s bed wars. You just have to caught you have to make a bridge and get to the other side Okay, you can’t put your teammates We have to strategize when we see the map, all right some maps I think you can it’s just a bit weird. You’ll probably bad. No, but can you is in because I’m not ah, I I’ll try So it’s okay, yeah, that’s fine wait so we just have to speed bridge that’s the game. Yeah pretty much Yeah, but other people can go on your bridge other people can punch you off Punch punch a fan they’ve replaced the chickens with fans that we can punch in the face Just like remember Tommy when you get to the end you have to still punch something to complete, okay? As part of it, you have to punch a fan at the end little chicken these two seconds we have to punch something to complete you get through and then you Get there as fast as possible Alright, no one lights. You’re just real I’m just gonna say we we bridge to the other side and then that’s it. And then we win Yeah, it’s rounds right you have to do the six rounds Used to be chickens, I don’t know what it is now Well, oh wait we have to get over this oh We’re too far sorry Brah brah, that’s all Calvin speed bridging a colossal speed Oh First Tommy and second the dynamic duo. Oh my god Ninth The 1000 bed wars win streak was all for this speed bridge right at the end Techno techno, I did a block clutch are you proud of nude nice someone mommy’s all but red did so well I’ve seen a few techno skins and So good we win these when we win the it’s literally going up in speed bridging That’s a strap because if you go up no more frozen you yeah, everyone’s gonna come in there chat now Oh this one you bridge up and alight Yeah You just bridge up really high and I liked her over everyone tries to bridge normally But you lose you just build up real tall and then just jump it close I’m not very good at a lecturing try not to do it near the front because people will just push you off. Mm-hmm like mid like Cara’s game froze Sucks Dude this can’t be the occasional person Someone up nice nice You can do it guys Don’t speed bridge just a life is life Xi nice nice. We win these Tommy Tommy don’t bridge just go up. Why? I Can’t you lied to me? It’s not Me into blind mode pressing space too many times. Just hold space 30 seconds, Tommy you can still do this. This fellow’s guy like half of the people haven’t even succeeded Sad faces

Across We do is we build up speed bridge yeah When you’re building up just snowball people because we get height and everyone goes first, yeah But you know regens labels on death oh Look at the chat look at the chat Mm-hmm. What’s going on? Turnoff hat client man. Oh Yeah Whoa, bro, we’ve got in first every time I think Third 1340 we’re killing it rad notice notice red red rabbits. Not on this leaderboard boys. Oh, they’re gone They’re gone. Good day Good day Yeah, I’ll accept that time you got 21st, oh We gotta we gotta we gotta like what’s it, you know one use a trident when you answer like Yeah Phil this is Phil this is you Know you have to you have to Riptide. Yes. No, so not raining. So mmm you have to jump in water and do it Before they figure it out guys guys guys. It’s a bitch don’t go for the ones on the left on the right It’s the middle you have to go to the middle first and then like if you look forward it’s below What do you mean you won’t be able to reach it from here If you’ve tried to go from here to the ones on the right or the left, you won’t reach them. It’s a bit. Ah I feel yes Then from Off the edge I guarantee it’s hard to see the middle What no Don’t land on the ice you have to go through it Who is this audience member named? Wait wait, like wait a second for people to go ahead a minute

Wait, like half for me half a second forever to go ahead already teams doing good again. Actually a green in that one new bag Yep, yeah, and then there’s some parkour up here a hand. I’m mad Well, you know beyond last place has its virtues, you know teaches you humility I Just watched Calvin trying to punch you off there and Cool Leave me alone. Leave me up dude. Brah. I got a red team. It’s up to you guys I’m inside captain Chad if you see my awesome drums when they were all crowds jumping and I just you know Ahead of red we’re way if we’re way ahead of green. This is what matters although honestly I think the Reds the biggest threat, but it’s fine We don’t even have to get first and points if we get top two and we get to the finals I’m gonna have to meet them Now the break ground will be horrible because I just know I’m missing out on Easter eggs Oh, this is just a build this is like Carson’s video we just have a void and we just got to build This is gonna suck this is gonna suck they’re just gonna okay virgin all the way up I’m bridging onto the wing. I’m bridging onto the wing Up above up Below. Oh shit. Oh, we have to go down. All right How everyone was starting to? Nope, nope. Nope. Fuck Yeah, I try I try to avoid the punches wasn’t happening, oh wait some people are building people are building across I’m not doing too well on this one channel Oh, no, everyone’s using my bridge no, I made that for me, okay Nice fourth fourth and Fifth good enough. I got fourth and I and I fucked over Pizza Hut so read the name dude with the chicken. Oh Here’s his arch-nemesis Where his pizza hugs I completely ruined his streak Okay, I’m not doing too well that gate was really good I love this game this game is great Oh Phil you’re still playing yeah, wait just finish the thing in the no on I’ll show you Best game, okay. Oh, come on pick raisin Signature to Wilbur when were you carrying I didn’t even notice Do Wilbur you popped off dude? Is that is all that parkour practice, man. I told you when we were doing We win, okay so red team is hot on her tail You like an abusive girlfriend? You tell me what I’m shit, but then you tell me I’m good And I keep coming back to you. That’s just called being honest. Okay? Yeah, that’s what she said as well Get the egg are there eggs? no, no, is there a break I’m gonna Wait wait, I think I know what they’re doing

Loser thank you for the dollar gutentag the hits That was I was saying in a Dutch accent. I’m sorry. Steve duck point three of the $3.26 tubes in videos. Well, thank you dude, Nev OGG think of the two months Ansel a think with the two months Road King 2006 with the seven months Thank you very much as Jam XD lamell think with the two months link the Wolfie with the two months Thank very much maximum trouble. Oh eight with the two months Thank you very much. A Titan novel 73 of the prime mystical bagel with the prime then tax Network with the prime I be 1 for 4 with the prime super dude 6 1 5 for the prime pooter er with the prime Thank you very much guys. Thank you big appreciate. How are you all doing? How are y’all doing in chat? House chat doing today you having fun? I wasn’t having fun. But now I am yeah It took me time it took me time to find mice mice get into the swing You know it took me time to get into the swing of things But can I can we just have a look at something Chat Chat? Want you to clip this in case in case we lose clip this. Alright, just cuz I want to be able to look at it Just this just that please a big gap like a like an 800 lead That’s what we want. That’s what we want Well, hello there they’ve made skins that’s kind of lame That would I would Ice 10 almost sound a little bit more just we can hear what’s happening Back look at the poll. We put on Twitter. What? Actually pretty balanced and parkour warrior was winning now. Look who’s women Which one I told them to Be able to guess which one we chose. Oh Did we choose by any chance Rockets please? Oh what a coincidence Display capture, please. Oh, yes work. Yes look Thank you for picking rocket spleef the best ride Was gonna win and I was just like no No, your vote does not matter our vote matters Oh They brought the button back for me. Oh That was my one request. I requested they bring the button back for me and they have We win these we win When I heard they were doing a vote yesterday I thought hmm which one do I want I’m Everyone watching go like my replies. Well, I’m just gonna reply with just a smile Everyone go Everyone go and like my reply everyone going Are we oh My god, oh the take over I just got one point five thousand likes in like 20 seconds. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten. Holy crap 2.5 k Thank you, thank you chat smile. Thank you chat smile Saying this yesterday how fuckin awesome our community is like it’s such a good community. It’s crazy. Oh we win There was only one way I was gonna go Mad they didn’t put battle box. I’ve ratioed the original tweet over a shit Richard Audience take over Thanks everybody

It’s all the fans there’s Skippy Skippy Skippy Skippy don’t screw me over please That’s quite a lot of you over there and why do they represent the percent they represent the percentages Dude not only not only as this winners POV. It’s also just game dis I just Remember Phil strat don’t know one say out loud. No one say how long subtracts don’t tell other people’s just Everyone everyone remember so meet me Phil and techno were discussing the strap for this beforehand and we will have Phil strat ready. So You want We only have one fire We’ll need them if you remember the strap All right, I’m gonna fail the Strad cuz I haven’t tried it before in Louise and my dad will make fun of me All right. We just mix again. Well, I don’t have a glitch again. I’m sorry. I Would if I could I’d glitch again. Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, we can you just start hacking again because that was really yeah. Hold on. Let me just start hacking Hacking guys, look at me go. I’m getting into the mainframe guys Let me in the mainframe Okay, I’m hacking in I’m hacking There are eggs watch out, okay. Yeah, we got this that’s good I’m flying Though Scott does not work for me. I need the German keyboard a alive So really doesn’t Phil there’s enough for you Didn’t what I just did it it worked for me. I just did it’s fun 90 degrees then it’s not working for me What he’s gonna have a good time, alright, I’ll leave that up to you guys and I’ll chill I Just killed Jerome ass oh that’s you don’t don’t look at me So I can watch I’ll try it get out of here red team get out of here Pete. Oh I’ll Pete so good at this game Okay, I’m out here hey Dennis Oh Well, I’m gonna bad person oh Good I’m good. Oh, this is not good. You’ve got someone in your room. Yeah, it’s arty game, but he’s I murdered him We live it’s fine, it’s all good. Oh He’s my firework Oh Oh Bye bye When I was a kid, I have such a crush on shovel, dude Oh, I survived 220 it’s something all right relying on Phil and Wilber for the fat Cream team is alive. We picked their best game. I fucked it. I fucked it No, I just want battle box please battle box Calling Wilber this is just I’m assuming for any pretty girl dude. You keep I don’t get them oft Is Michael moot chill got the glitch Client on the team we want to Little Wilbur had been set Michael get him. Okay felt Go go go kick him kick him for what he lives

He has the German keyboard just floating there Okay, we just set the target Green Team all right isn’t gonna work It’s not as busted as it was they’ve patched it it’s still possible though. I was pulling it Why did they patch our strata and not the actual bug True yeah, I failed then that really doesn’t work. Well, but I need to find shovels so I can murder her. Okay, there’s work Work at all It’s cuz the the projectile comes out Leah and now oh my god damn sky Oh I know I’m gonna do this is a good shot guys If you go inside the pillar then it’s a lot harder to take a big I’ve noticed bra Hello Yeah, it’s not as powerful the whole Robert Johnson the pillar it works I’m trying They’ve they’ve devoured my pillar. Why would you do this? It was I was clearly passionate up. Are you? This is not working out for me The heck is dream team I want to eliminate them alone I work that very poorly for us. Get out of here There was a roof. Oh No, no, no, no, no wrong way wrong way. Oh And music Oh guys I’m a little bit on the dead end of being alive, you know Young boys Jordan Get yourself on the ground. I said Jordan eat more points. I’m going Down I said help me Cuz I’m in a new town and there’s need to oh It’s fun to stay at the Guys we wanna build the guys And people what they do is they just jump immediately they just a meet once they stop dying they just glide again just instantly Oh Phil’s highest up. That’s what we like to see. I’ll get home carry All right, we’re doing pretty well All right. We’re just down like 140 points from green me up like a 2000 lead on them. It doesn’t matter You have to race the parkour because I think we’d be really good at that foot race Race yeah before the chat makes fun of me originally I wanted to rig the vote for battle box cuz we would have destroyed but it wasn’t an option So Rockets bleep is also a pretty good thing. They’re ready bout box. They got me game. I Can’t wait for that nice the National one We glide I’m just Doesn’t come up on my screen that you’ve killed him. Yeah. Well I punch everything up, you know, just glide boys Change your key. So what’s the point? That’s what we Just kill the woman feeling good

Bill no Phil, that was my idea Phil no longer hidden. I’m not hidden anymore Just killed a woman feeling good Little bit of femicide and he’s on his way If we lose if we lose my craft championship, I I block call me on if we when I reflow so I messed up Yes up to you guys Impressions which is The immortal okay, just I could probably just just keep 25 more seconds symmetry fill behind behind behind she’s falling she’s a woman and she’s falling you must kill her Tommy No need to specify sex every time he just really doesn’t want to be called a sin for me We get first place in this guy’s the club What happened It didn’t give points Hey didn’t get fights. Do you guys not get win points Chad? Yes, there were no wind points I got a second place overall because he’s a god. All right This cuz Wilbur and Phil are really good at this game and I didn’t hand it Pretty well what’s happened? I Mean overall which were 2,000 points ahead or 1,600 points ahead of second place. So, is that good with Us you’re looking at the further round we’re talking overall Acquired an egg. What’s the point in the eggs? What are the eggs dude gives you extra votes? Guys guys any egg puns. It’s kind of cracking guys. I’m gonna use this egg on Joe Biden It’s the boat that’s the bra. Oh you would discussing politics. I don’t really understand our second egg Voting for Joe Biden twice take that government. I’m not even the United States citizen I thought was a joke. Please do not read my house. That was a joke. That was the break I was In the stream that was a joke, all right And if you’re looking for me I live in Idaho so you can scour that state all right, I’m in there I’m in there. All right that’s where I’m a Battle box battle box with me. You know me Wilbur your friend dude stop with the j-shot references You know me your friend. It was a full sentence. Oh No, no, I just realized that could screw us

Holder will spawn the world you puke if you way too many points Let’s do battle books, let’s do battle box we vote for battle box Yeah All right Bunny’s give us bunnies, please, please How many more games I think this is We have two more games, yeah, okay I’ll do i’ll be i’ll be i’ll I’m gonna bow spam stove I’ll also be Wilbur can I have the speed potion please if that’s one of them cuz I’m you know I you know speed you know, you know See what we get What are these retexe should what are these eggs retexture from Sea pickles sea pickles the tiny Yeah, they come PC pickles Or could be a mod in you really just don’t know now see pickle Well, I’m you don’t know because if we win we get a coin I’ll send this plainly saying we won minecraft champion Oh, yeah, the turtle eggs are more packed together the void Our Vegas is mayhaps Weird what? Like techno, I don’t mean you PvP those are bows Everyone bow just because I’m gonna be wool boy doesn’t mean I’m not I’m just gonna be wool first PvP second Okay, yellow, yeah All right. Can I oh Let me let me grab instant health if I’m gonna be in the middle of air one instant health, I guess I’m right What am I gonna be? Well, you’re gonna be the sword of you Good because I’m not really gonna kb people most of them. Are you Yeah preload, all right, I’m gonna run to the right We gotta kill Me. Okay, don’t don’t cap before we’ve killed them all that way. We get even more points. All right, okay I’m ready to cap. Tell me when to cap tell me when to cap. I’m waiting. I’m waiting tell me when so Tell me when wait, there’s no Mele. Tell me when tell me when Now, yeah, okay I said I said I said now and tell me when yeah, I did There’s no melee weapon Yeah, I just always just punch it I was just punching This year’s what damage do the shears do they daughter? You know, you could just punch them with the bar with that right? He Doesn’t go to middle then I can just go and kill all of them with the sword because they won’t have any weapon We gotta win this yeah, we gotta win this is green. This is green. We want to make sure we go Way no. Oh, okay. Dude, the one I’ll get in some health. I was gonna Have you got the sauce? No, that’s Tommy took the sauces Awkward guys, we gotta whinnies we gotta win these Wait, how are we in for it? Cuz we didn’t get the kill on that Let me do it watch out in the middle help help help middle top middle help middle Is that everyone

That’s what we win this Dude, I’m telling you battle box battle box is where we win That’s why I wanted it to be on the pole because battle box is where we win and more importantly it’s where green team loses and we just have to make sure green doesn’t get in the top 2 Looks away he runs away. What did you say? We just need to keep red or green out of the top 2 so we can be in the top 2 and rents doing better so I think I’m scientifically I’m just saying before you before you say I’m being toxic. That’s just the strategy. It’s just the strategy So we took we not green down. So who we got next. We’re on blue. This is blue, but Weald Christ bows let’s go gonna be some vein from league of legends shit Hello, mate no, sorry. Sorry, that’s my job. Sorry. Can you please kill this blue light, please? Is anyone else give me a sec? Give me a sec Ok now This is such a good strap do I hear 9 oh Nice Genuinely a good start. We just I just I just knock away that cuz the wall person is always like really quite bad So I’m slightly better than the really quite bad people so I just so I beat them in a 1v1 and then I just sort of stand there and wait for you guys to clean up to put in the last year That’s a long-cherished artist to make sure they don’t like Can we get some longchamps in the chat, please I’m put in winner POV in the title boy Ok, these are third, okay just because they want that shouldn’t be a free win Scott James Charles, they’re all freaking out right now Yeah, yeah look I could never tell you anything about my childhood and I I’m just gonna in the middle. Fuck it the heck out of your games Charles Why is reloading this crossbow such a pain oh He’s going in it Going mate. Just okay, right. Oh god Scott on me score me with a sword Walking my arrows, right? Okay. I’m ready for the last one Well, let’s run let’s go I’m telling you battle box is our game We just have to make sure that zero done right, all right Actually, it doesn’t really matter because I think yeah, it’s a Phil we’re playing house Kilmer’s right? What beaten red team wouldn’t hurt I’m just saying Orange oh, we got this I’m going it. I’m gonna get a snack you guys can three before they say spare us. I Can keep having this problem where I like blow Droppin no smile. No smile Oh It’s cuz it doesn’t have quick charge it’s supposed to have quick charge I’m going into the middle. Oh I messed up. I’m getting it with the sword Help me out. I got salty game with a sword on me. I’m back and I’m back in The game. Okay. Good going back into the middle again Oh Bella I’m like little if you jump down to this bit look here Jenna there’s born about here so we can get them what spawns Potions of having to do oceans of Herman – that’s so strong Are we merging them? Alright rabbits here we go. This is this is the guys Red Robin Sparkles you’re going down Last time not acceptable I’m just gonna dude the multi shop Oh sucks because they didn’t put quick charge. There’s no quick charge on it You think college and whatever L use it was second doing that again, okay Alright alright be careful with these guys. I’m gonna be a distraction junk straight in the middle. I Harm that shoot I mean I need help now I need help now help now in the middle

I Had to leave they focused me I needed help I could I literally couldn’t defend the wall Told me has the saw me please. Can you defend me? Okay, that’s boss in second that’s boss in second We are tied for first. It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, and this is these are the guys were tied for first with oh nice Tie ends here look after With oh Wait I need to sprint No, no, no. No. Sorry. They’re going in. I’m being sorted. I’m being sorted. I’m being heavily sorted here I’m dead. I’m dead How are they all alive what happened You didn’t stop we’re Fine fine. We’ll go back seals, right? You told me you just catching up to us. This isn’t acceptable Oh A little bit. I thought my healing was a a harming potion. So I did throw healing on the enemy team All right, we keep getting overwhelmed as they rush ahead so just post BAM I’m still doing my I’m doing my routine. Okay, I’m watching this, right? They’re doing really good shots on me in a minute, I’m weak I’m going to die. I’m in mid Just fill it in fill in fill in we just win Yes, oh and the admin just said in the chat by the way that kills don’t earn you points But they knock score off the other team. That’s the point. That’s so useless Whatever we knock points off the green wait, what points would they have gotten if we win? Why are we in full? We’re tied for third always One Maybe the late in the games yet more points you Get points for kills when they lied. I mean, yeah, you get points for kills. They’re lying Wow You get 37 and a half points The deception seven two boys, that’s a good record. Sorry. I’m dead. These are people in second. I think so these guys Alright I’ll just post be him. Don’t let him over well most admit he’s got the sauce no media left side you want On the other side, no, probably Calvin oh My god, that’s a really good strategy instant boat. Oh Wait, they’re dealing damage. Will I may be good for the placement? Yep going up? Yeah, he’s working Got Calvin, oh I’m gonna need to shout for help soon done it. Oh, no. I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t need help me help We came third overall that’s good with the map we came third with a fucking good score so Yeah, it’s fine. See the problem is the teams We really didn’t want to get points on us got points, but it’s barely anything man. It’s like a hundred and seventy 150 We were like a thousand ahead so we’re now where we’re 1,600 ahead so now we’re about 1500 ahead But you don’t get enough score for filling in all the fucking wool I filled in the wall every route

Cuz I got way more points than everyone cuz I got the most kills but then I thought no I did all I did was Fill in wool and that’s how you win No egg egg, please. No, Tommy steals it Well, we are we are currently 1300 1288 away from second place. I think we should need a park or one A park or would be fine for us. Yeah Oh grace, I’m dreadful I’m bad at footrace I’m good at parkour. No, I do actually take that back. Then. You just don’t want to do hole in the wall I like bingo. I think Phil’s is really good at bingo. So we should do that. This is the lost game Yeah, this is the last round until And then the final so there’s three more we want to do the parcours Okay, I’m gonna go peek We double bread I’m pretty like you went after risk no, no, no, I really got pure pressured into it in my opinion No, my chant was saying that the Minecraft ampionship twittered roasted you won Oh No, okay much I was saying the Minecraft Championship people didn’t win those battle box rounds though, do you Yeah, we won seven out of two a seven out of nine That’s a pretty good record to be the dynamic ga. That should be exactly we also get exactly the dream team I don’t think any team had an I know record cuz we beat Green Team. Yeah moves around before us So I best they went eight out of nine so we’re the dynamic Jilla yeah, I wouldn’t go at Fir Well, that’s what I mean. You said? Oh, you ain’t tell anyone if you go god mode for the rest of the game Alright, we shall allow you a small crumb of self-respect. Alright, you already called me nobody called me the dynamic duo you said we Feel better so, you know you have made it better you made me feel we all get five self-respect point All right, we voting let’s vote for uh pug-face Paul coriander where you’re right s’alright s’alright literary wait We should say Lysse everyone saving them look It’s gonna be hole in the wall its hole in the wall. It’s holding more pressure Time to try hard guys At the top because then it takes time to fall then it takes time to fall Chet what do you mean right Yeah Yes Anyone, can you timeout anyone asking if I’ve washed my hands please as an opening? It’s literally not funny anymore. It was funny the first like eighteen times also It was just me I’ll just hanging out dude Game begins in one minute and See I’m telling you Chet this game if you win this game you get way too many points Turn it down I didn’t win though. So you don’t get points. This is not my game. Oh, I remember Artie Game one the problem I feel like green is good at this and also red might be I’m not sure I have enough time to get a Quick tasty snack deal. Nope. No, no do 40 seconds. Okay your head in the game, man? I’m just I’m still for what I’m still loading. I’m still on game begins 25 seconds Yeah, I’m still I’m still what I’m just watching all of you from up here. I’m even in Hi, we have to try heard Oh, I’m back. I’m back. I’m Much better go with color than liver. Oh we jump. Oh the jump is fucking weird. Lehi is like just a little bit higher Okay. This is it. We have this wear color boys, you know Oh what that I don’t like this. Nobody lost James Charles

Please say the colors guys. Oh, it’s a three minute round on the unruly fun with just looking for the colors Honestly, I don’t need to be sheltered a yeah, we’re good. We’re good I mean I was looking at it We win these two more minutes Mom, is it view but like, oh, really? Oh, this is good This is gonna wipe a few this is gonna get rid of a few You know because I think I’m just thinking about this one unread that’s good. I Go through I Love the piston behind you. I know I can I mean f5 I can say Thank you One minute 20 I did not enjoy this game a person I read died. We win these This is quite the game mode Pogchamp gentlemen. Oh no. Oh no. No, we made it It wasn’t no or Wilbur or filth, oh, yeah, and it wants me that time. Oh Just 45 seconds guys, you can just walk through There’s yeah, there’s only one person from red team still in and there’s two of us Okay, one aquas does to a crystalline What the heck The way Phil Phil you die you died with a second-place player. So it’s fine you died for the sake let’s do that. I’m hacking No I’m hacking. What is this? I’m hacking. Yes. Give me the wind point. Yes I guess got 500 points. That’s way too much. That’s way too much If we have to if we have two of us alive, that’s a thousand point lead, please It’s stressing me out Please Pete I beg you last time you got first by like 600 points. He’s entered the Avatar State Alright, I’m glad I got this win cuz it’s gonna really help me get more individual points than Tom I’m going for first individual this time both Alright you can And will never be allowed to team again I Think there’s some other teams that are doing quite well the dynamic quad. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, but it’s easier to get higher on the boards when your team is good That’s why I want to get first time first place this time just to prove my theory So people stop calling me bad if I get fourth on like a fifth-place team. No They’re always like you suck and I’m like what? What do you mean? I can’t get win points Oh What Nice what men filled with the exact same path You guys haven’t been in first person now, I’ve been solely in third person They’ll find you help Why can’t I jump why didn’t I jump that okay I jumped but it just bagged me down one minute 15 seconds

Nose down that one I didn’t get that one. You gotta get the win. It’s worth so many points guys Yeah, everyone in my chat is saying what how did you fall I don’t know I just edges I jumped it and then it just glitched me downwards and threw me on XD seconds remain in three words alive There’s lots of red team alive – Don’t worry everyone went everyone went techno still in low 38 seconds distress You won’t either you want dead oh, um, yes, yes Over a thousand 100 ahead of second. Oh my god, dude. It’s worth way too many points Everyone just drop a smile. Just try be smiling drop a smile in the chat guys Dude I’m gonna be in first place by like 2,000 points cuz this game is how many point Dude guys check out the individual board after this that’s gonna be fantastic I’m getting 890 points per round Oh wait, that’s what the multiplier. I don’t think the individuals workers the multiplier or it’s still gonna be great Today you didn’t want to hold you didn’t want hole in the wall Yeah, because okay if it went bad and the green team did win the first one as well, okay? Well good, then you wouldn’t want it, but you are. Yeah, I mean now Do you think if we have a lead so we want games for even if we like points hole-in-the-wall if you lose you lose one that wasn’t not even oh He’s cutting out by nobody. I know buddy. Yeah, he’s cutting out, but I know exactly what he’s trying to say It’s the only way to stop us man, all right, do I hear three four three do I hear so many people are fooling you? TNT run V two boys Please just two minutes of easy ones. I don’t care if everyone else don’t play save two after this My chat is still just smiles. I love it mods don’t time anyone else keep the smiles coming Techno supported the chat there’s spam in the heart emoji smile We had some nice job Wilbur. Good job Wilbur smiles. Oh my god good job all the smiles in the chat, please and everyone’s chat including techno blades on Tommy’s eyeholes in Just 1 minute 30 The corporeal world Bra I can’t see anything I did it again. It did the thing again. No more. Good job welders cut the good job welders He fucked I fucked go for a minute. There’s three of us alive. We got this It’s up to me It’s up to techno. Come on tight now. Come on techno 50 seconds There’s still so many people techno. They haven’t sent the hard ones yet Techno clock seconds ten o’clock zero seconds. Come on, we believe in you dude, we believe in you do We got this dude you just walk over it. Oh You’ve got this you’ve got this Please don’t have both green players win, please. Okay one greens out one greens out. That’s good. Yes, Pete died. Thank you Thank you Pete. Thank you. Thank you for not using your immortality Ones like lined up to get a good view It’s fine. It’s fine. Even if it gets five billion points in two seconds, it’s fine Yeah, this is fine go far behind red rabbits as we got this we win these I think we might win and get our coin Five hundred points ahead Dude, Vic’s turn. Yeah. That’s the worst I’ve ever done on a hole in the world That’s the worst I’ve ever done a hole in the wall We get an actual physical coin for winning

Points in a park working now is the James my copy nah me See the problem is no matter how large our leaders we can still choke in the final I mean, it’s literally like only three options for the last games Okay, what the fuck am I I see one On the hunt for eggs, alright and that is a great feeling found a know the egg The egg my elbows are With you fist punch my why would I punch my that’s something to make it feel better? You know, I filled there. I was having a comedy moment. I Was doing a comedy. It’s okay. Just you just need to give me some time Let an artist do his due his watch Yeah, just doing a quick comment People swimming yes All right, this is it the final game. We just set the not choke and then we have to win the final dodge boy They said they put a surprise in dodgeball. Why is the final game? well it’s either gonna be some form of art or a bingo and they’ve Turned they’ve turned on keep inventory and bingo cuz I killed too many people It was too successful It’s pretty pretty savage look I got my bull. Hey What game do we want to play laughs do you think gentlemen Oh you already like footrace or Park or I’d like to play bingo. I want to redeem myself. No bingo I want to redeem myself of the price because I did so badly foot race last time. I’m in the rough fuck I don’t know. There we go in foot race. I’ve only done like okay, so I think I should be part Yeah, but you you have to PvP and then I get punched in the back and lose I need to redeem myself in foot race. Oh, that’s pretty I’ll do parkour as well chuckles fine foot race or anything not bingo I’m gonna go parkour warrior just because it’s far away from lockout bingo look everyone everyone do parkour just to get away from No, because we don’t want to be near we don’t want to be near the the lockout bingo and the bunnies moon giver the bunny is warning They’ll walk away Yes, I swear to God if all the bunnies move from that to that I will babyrage We discovered that man does not want to play bingo he’s sure Man does not want to play bingo There’s no way there’s no way there’s more bunnies in there there’s just no chance yay Okay This is what this is where my practice comes in What are you punch to play bingo? Whoo, I get a hole in the shot so the big question this match is cuz green and red are like neck and neck and points who were gonna be fighting in the finals for You your aim is to make it through the course and get as far as you can within ten minute There are a number of mini courses each has three different challenges each Challenge will show you how to Play please stand by for the game to begin dickhead I Was an addition in the dub, this is my you prove yourself. Oh, yeah, I’m not gonna but It’s fine we don’t even ever win this we have to not lose by three that It’s worth triple points. So let’s do decent I can do this I think with Phil on my side I’m gonna get stuck at the same part again. It’s gonna be great. I never practiced the Neos

I’m the god Do I hear flawless victory after that? Wait, what’s up? Mmm? Okay. That was a good that was a rocky start Come on it’s not like being up dude. You just need to make it Did you not listen did you not listen to the shrill little guy Oh, why did that not? How do This game is wank I’m telling you now make sense literally these shoes Until these bloomin Trump dolls came into play That’s good guys, they’re kind of getting owned but it’s fine we’re not going to that bad I was first for a couple of them It’s not about it’s not about what position you’re pretty how many Oh There’s a hole in there. Okay? Yeah, that was isn’t it? That’s fine. I’m not stupid. I’m not stupid chef. Okay, see my chats being supportive Once the power of techno support lets me do a flawless tritter Heylia, the power of techno support lets me do a flawless run starting now Whose toes are those who’s that? Great ape right there. Is it dinner time? There’s Skippy Skippy’s cheering me on the first time. He shows up to a Minecraft championship time We win these hey You behind are you doing I’m just bad I’m on the latter part in general are you behind With a bunch of people brah, I do not like this one It’s the boy you got a shift on in it that’s the shift one Head jump again Backson. I Will pay 500 pound if someone can just rebuild This parkour map for me off screen so I can just practice because it’s the same map every time I don’t see the transparent Why why positivity on the side No support, it keeps me going I See the hopper pot. I see the suffering Keeps me going boys. We’re in first we windy Can we just clear that like this. Yeah, we can’t cool There are too many shoes for my liking 20 when he goes into should we lose these were in first again? Okay. Looks like we’ll be in the finals versus Vic start. Oh I’ll wait with this guy’s like this one. There’s still five minutes to go. No Guys in solidarity of techno Blake we get some laughing crowing emojis in my twitch chat, please there are the worst I just

Techno support in the channel I’m getting on Tommy support, but it’s no I want I just want a bloody hat client He just wants to abuse women All Tommy no, three all Tommy. No three things she on minecraft complain and beep He’s become the counselor they know me Nice tops, Tommy supporting my give me a coin No I’m actually catching up to you sir tonight. How am I gonna do a little corner? Jump, how could you possibly do? around a corner, you know, I mean, I wish There we go, that’s what I wanted That’s what I needed now a second one for some fucking reason our third one why at three in a row three corner? Drums, same one, every time three corner jumps is too much for one little man Hmm Okay, there we go now a fourth corner jump, okay Okay a fourth one a fourth one in a row fourth one weak support Tommy’s a block Your energy Chuck Chuck give me your energy will give me your energy please Okay first I should say he’s too good at parkour, dude and First prize in the chat. I Can’t stop threatening my first-place individual store without appreciated. Oh It’s all about my life to be fast I’m making so many sexual noises. I really hope check on hear me Single-handedly caught up to you. I’m so good at micro weight. You’ve caught up to Wilbur Yeah, that’s not a good thing. Why was inside well ahead of Wilbur what you should be well ahead back in Yeah, I was right behind yours literally like I caught up to you I go up to you, dude Why are you pink so mean to me? I’m doing well Dad, you were gonna do bad. I was just go My stroke please know I’ve been through that loss so it’s that last one I can’t do dude. Yeah, I Think I’ve got The individual points man for the Flex you felt oh, I thought that’s all you’ll fall you are done Do I hear first try part 3 today not a bit of thing first try pop free you don’t hear it You don’t hear it. You want you I hear first. Try part four. Okay. Oh So knowing it’s the noise It’s the ice you got to get some momentum I didn’t work first try part three left Shut up, Tommy I’m pleased So bad at parkour it’s not even funny Making me fall off will be you are dumb you’re dumb idiot. I’ve Become literally walking told me after this. I’m knocking Tommy on this scored. I’m Twitter Oh, I believe in you felt I believe in you well follow back I believe in Second This is a flawless run from here on out. No Go home Phil. Come on, Phil one mole Phil and then we

Clinched that second place. Oh, good job guys. Nice work guys. You know we got second place. Yeah. I’m happy with that I’m wearing a 300 behind 3,000 points and look we did not lose by 3,000. Yeah We still would have been in second and get to the final that was reassure and enjoy that one That was really fun Oh top five good enough. Oh, it’s good fucking hallways guys were in the finals Oh Actually in the finals I’ve never got into the finals before me neither All immune when we get into the arena, oh, I’m in the minute where I’m you Can hear me I hope Five and ten I’ve included myself to him What’s that I see individual who’s that great Android there Who’s that great ape right there? I was only not get in first because I was on a weaker team in the first place people always get a ton of win Points and be like no techno. You just bed. Look what happens. Look what happens Dude Phil you’re third. Overall. We win these it’s a 1,000 point Big hole the bigger remember the hole we went in where I pointed at the at the cabinet or oh, let’s get a screenshot. Oh We win these I love all the people in my chat currently saying well you’re being so mean – Tommy He was literally shouting at me down the mic how bad I was I muted him and I started being happy again So, that’s all I’m saying This music, dude Got the new soundtrack man, most eliminations total Hey, I’m being quick and he played in an extra event than I did got him Most eggs, how do you 13,500? How does that add up this is us dude, this is us in the fun first place by 1,000 points that’s never happened before Wait is a total. Oh It’s total when he played the first okay, nevermind that makes up that make sense he’s played an extra round and I’m still fifth a Final duel boys this is it techno support my chat is being supportive Okay, I even told me I’m on meeting to me for the first time in five years the cats being supportive Oh Egg bolt I changed the night. No, I was like what the fuck is egg? Just eliminate the dexterity It’s dodgeball this time, yeah That’s really good hype hype hype chat You tell me Music I don’t hear any first supportive chat and ears right – pipe hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype Please no Eggs rewarded for oh, I have a egg launch. The heck is oh, it’s an egg. Wait. It is reskin arrow hoose Yes, Billa Bonilla back, how do I turn on tool tips? Advanced tooltips, this is just a reskin bow Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. They’re still arrows They just used a texture pack Oh That’ll be bow. Try ARDS kill Vick and Pete. They can play this game best of three hide No, we don’t need to hide we need to get the arrows. Oh, oh, no, I got it. Oh Good Good shootin Luke. Oh nice. I’m great Where do we get? When do we take? Oh, they’re giving it to Vic. Okay. Kill Vic. He’s there. He’s the guy actually shoot I’m out already Where did they get me and Tommy at the same time also why my textures my god? All right

Come on to be one what do you got both? Wait, we’re gonna win this. Is it come on Phil? Come on Phil. Come on, Phil. Where’s the other one? That’s one that’s one that’s one one more round and we win all shuttles that our team Let’s do this kill Vic and Pete their feet in the air owes to them I got one I got one Nice nice nice nice I’ll lure the shots away. I’ll stand in the middle. I’ll stand in the middle to lure shots Oh, they’re going for me man, they know the strap nice nice I hit the wrong one Vic knows the scratch shoot techno blade It’s up to you guys nice just shoot Mick just Choose this moment Yeah, move all the way I’m so stressed Your time yes – that’s to The wind See my eyes covered I can’t see any Screenshot screenshot. Come on. I can’t read anything. My skin looks so dumb in this Tell me blood oh My man, CPK my man Callum my man cattle I’m looking at you Callum I Want to go look at that individual scores some more. Hey guys, let’s all let’s all come and look at the individual score guys Ya Know I’m young blocking you may after that Remember from the beginning of the stream whose business who’s been in since the beginning this is for you who’s finished since the beginning? The jungle is ours. Oh look at those points you were here you a hitch at you were here. Oh Look at that MCC champions no.4. Oh, I was hard carried that game. I didn’t know It’s so annoying how much I love how much how much better I’ve done in every this is my worst mycroft championship overall I’ve done so much better in all the others I Don’t know. I think I’m like, I must be lost or something How can I check what my overall is cuz like I did so badly So we have three guys in the top ten red is three guys in the top ten Pete Where’s my point, where’s my coin coin? Oh I came set I came 17th. I came 17 Champion, so I actually came in the top 3 wait. Hi. This is not okay

I came in to talk 50% actually, so I’m pretty happy with that Well, at least we have the damage. All right Mimi won’t coin Mimi big coin on the Right guys, am I right She’ll still Around my room afterwards and it’s 10 o’clock. I mean, they’re probably trying to get some rest I want that notice I need to I need to ask him if he’s gonna reteam with me for all you who are new here I team with minecraft ma I team with James Charles in minecraft Monday and he and then it got hacked and we never got to finish it So I’m fun. I’m looking for this finish me techno blade and James Charles. Would you say guys spam it on the Minecraft? The dream team James Charles and Actually would be a pretty fair team me Phil Wilbur game Charles to handicapped By how well I did this game like did like, I don’t think I’ve ever come like above the top 10 in Michael Chan She became fucking team Yeah, you came 13th The second round, right? But then the other two I came on remember I came seventh lost I was saying and I came like no you didn’t you Were not top ten at any point in all three no, I Would be so broken if you were top ten Oh, lol t games crowd. How are you? Leaving me you guys are leaving. Well the Tommy please I mean How you all doing? Welcome to the winners point of view. The point of view is kind of off dude, what did I say as well the the admins just put in the chat techno techno the admins just put in the chat that This was the most viewed my cup championship as well. I bet it was Okay, I hit 9k at one point, but I was There I think there was only like one Minecraft Monday show a little better than that how are you Some most viewed pogs in the chat I can we get everyone in the chat to hit the subscribe button, please Everyone hit the follow button everyone goes And or fills the stream and drop a twitch crime, or maybe Tommy if you want The links to my teammates all in the description Probably techno techno by if I tell you if I tell you all the people that subscribe in the next like minute Can you read them out for me? So we’ve got a cool kids three two one technic Cool kids three. Thank you very much gonna repeat repeat after me coin star three Three T TV let’s move plays David Oh Thank you for the $20 Asian Ohio’s gonna flex our money now, sorry Bill Gates in the chat Oh Jeff Bezos is so nice of you Jeff Bezos to come by with the three million dollars Nikola Tesla has risen from his watery grave. Thank you for the 8,000 Oh, is that a oh my god. Am I seeing a mary antoinette? Rising from her mortal – thank you 18,000 Big bog thank you. Mary Antoinette. Let them eat cake more like let them eat fucking bits, dude It’s so good to see you in the childless Adults. Oh Dude, oh my god. It’s so great to see all my god. Is that Winston Churchill in the chow? Winston Churchill with the $100 nice to see you did so good Why? Guys, let’s stop. I’ve dropped like 15,000 For melon 1u2 speediest thank to the tier 1 wiki thing with the prime

Smurt CJ with the prime DC 9 9 6 3 5 9 YT Thank to the prime iron fire 686 with the prime dubbed EMA’s with the prime Crawford with the prime. I after with the prime generic username 8 4 3 2 with the prime Nash plays stuff at the tier 1 turd face 900 with the Prime co-op o 24 with the prime Julie xgu with the prime. Thank you very much. How is that guys? I got a hard carry. That is the worst I’ve done in a micro of championship in a while But III, thank you all for coming down for watching me and giving me support. Thank you Conger Mills for the fifteen hundred bits pogs on the win. Thank you very much. Ella Sophia. Thank you for the gifted subs. Oh You’ve all been wonderful. You’ve all been absolutely wonderful today I’ve had a lovely time apart from you guys all telling me to stop being mean to Tommy It’s a bit. Don’t worry and the bits that aren’t a bit. It’s because I’m just it’s just me. Just having to mute him It’s not anything harsh. I promise I Hope you all had a good stream either way. I had a really good time. I had a really good time We that was a pretty pretty clean Minecraft showmanship as well I would say we’re probably one of the highest like high scoring winners. I’d say somewhere up there surely surely Anyway, if you’ve never watched me before which I’m sure some of you haven’t I do I do stuff I do minecraft stuff quite a lot normally and Well quite a lot sometimes I do a lot you laugh you lose. I’m gonna start up doing again soon It was amazing since everyone’s everyone’s so techno crown tech news got his crown back guys technics got his chrome But the chat can stop being grumpy You know what, you know, I think it’s time for hair, you know, I think it’s time for chat He’s followed back What was my bling ah Bob burrito with the five gifted subs, thank you so much. That’s some lovely Win-win stuff. There are the radish pie with the ten gifted subs God if you’re in the chat right now I hope you got a gift itself. That is so cool Thank you to Bob burrito, and thank you to the radish pie right if I were twenty gifted substr. That’s that’s incredible. Thank you So much. Well, I’m musical. Tommy’s thing avoiding him ever since could you sign? Like why did this to my show and go see what a douche bag? All the primes oh wait Can we reach that level five hype train come on chat for me. I won we won Let’s get a level five hype train for the win. Come on, just as a as a thank you for the win boys They see we can get that level five. I will I will I will cream Bet you all on that, huh Come on level 5 level 5 hype train guys always so close to hitting my July goal As well. Look at this fucking July goal, bro We got a 200 subs by July is pretty possible now God you guys are so great. I love you ho o Little kids with the ten gifted subs, we’re getting up there. We’re getting up there. Are we gonna get that level 5 hype train? Here we go, who am I thanking who am I thanking right now? We are thanking gentle Bob with the 5 dollars with like we’re thanking Matt Freeman with 125. We’re thank you All the bits hundred 30 bits 300 bits hundred bits for my raspberry bubble ace and trick mic We’re getting some primes for lazuli sharks soul, ether a guy who lives with the primes Oh another gifted stuff from the skylark Er, are we gonna reach that level 5? Oh it was 76% We got two minutes left Come on, 78% We’re almost there dog level hundred thousand bits That’s it. That’s got to be a hundred percent level five dark love Can we get some bugs for dark Club in the chat boys? Oh and kongu mills Kongu mills with the ten give two subs and guns Ehrman’s with the thousand bits Fuck that is the most bits I’ve ever gotten in one good swim fellow with the five good, you know, we’re in level six It’s at a level C 133 percent for melon with the five gifted sub. Mr. Langevin with the two gifted subs Thank you all for the bits twos all per. Rooney most 2400 bits POG

Thank you so much guys, it’s been absolutely wonderful hundred and forty six percent. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten I just want to say thank you so much. That is incredible. Ah That started off really bad that stuff was a really bad one But that went really well at the end and you guys are wonderful. You guys are absolutely magnificent song I Can do a song sure I’m thinking I’m thinking is it or I were just song next stream because my voice is shattered. My voice is just gone from shouting We can do a song next to me remind me We’ll open with a song very first thing we’ll do next to him Thank You lovely look for the two gifted subs While we’re such a lovely amount of people at 200 dark love with the 20 more gifted subs holy shit, we’re at 200% I’m actually screenshotting this cuz that is incredible 200% on the hype train is mental. You guys are absolutely stupendous Holy crap That’s mental 206 % Ego song on Spotify it sure when I release the next comedy song coming soon. I will Jesus Christ, right? Who are we raiding boys? Who are we rating someone who I wasn’t playing with them in championship preferably I don’t want to detract. I don’t want to send over with some viewers. I’m gonna be hanging out in techno blades stream and stuff Afterwards if you want to listen to me, but we’re gonna sent you over. I’m not I could send you over to shovel I’m not gonna send you over to shovel dude. That’s that’s kind of creepy we’re gonna send you over to I’m gonna send you over to Let’s give it a joke. Oh dude, Joe coaster started streaming. We love joke Oh Joker’s from SMP live We’re starting another hype train Nana. I’m not gonna I’m not gonna I’m not gonna push too far Right Thank you all for coming. Yeah, we’ll raid Joko more raid Joker Why can’t I raid is it raid? So just not working? Raid what’s his name again? Joe Cove, just Joker That working there we go everyone hop over the joke. Oh we’re gonna send you over everyone be lovely to him ask him How his day’s going call him beautiful Everyone. I want to see you calling him beautiful and I’ll see you soon guys. I’ve been absolutely wonderful, but absolutely marvelous I’ll see you again very soon. Good. Bye