Guns of Glory Starting over in a New Kingdom K533

we are going live to somebody knows they’re adults and fifth-fifth corps is so does not work for me if I can see my old friend and if I let everybody this is done using a Saturday night live laughlin’s any of you missed it has challenged by you to use automatic scanning bought because they violated copyright permission to 143 times the R , probably, got 95 to oh hundred lows for the win gave me permission to play the songs and played the only 1 to 1 lead in the second 100 are the engines like a stall Sony records decades ago appreciated the possible you never know because some scared me via warning please check that karaoke and not one single music that is a bad as a rule of thumb Truck and karaoke and if I write to get into the gap of the old days of not know what I do that every budget later meet there forever I go beyond a false up in a predawn screens are consumed a gas all right now the win at the setup is whenever room I bounced in the audio goes live size people download to speak into one room and are talking with each other and are key to driving over here and there subgroup of having careful put in a 1982 as everybody can see the media and pleaded not the sport rolls up to three left of that nothing better to do than the people from just that if fifth, won’t work queue up of songwriting OK was spoke to zero lead I saw let my setting somewhere behind the Latin touching and was looking at a for those are one and it does this is not open to a couple lockdown rooms for the Vikings beat three and that this works like a thing as the work or to start giving voice columns for all due to players because it is a humongous s are as we demonstrated last night and all the little old friend of kingdom trolls and brother mouth what you do I handle it to you in real time control and wiped out the three alliances that just absolutely been renovating people using hat box and executes me do it by visa card disagrees the R -at the bottom of the car was crying again and all these guys like to do with this problem but like a 4:43 33 we intended to make a better environment he got the local level of the start and stop the violence of the tactic I want to I’ve told everybody first in the kingdom is my intention to build a better environment placed 52 games against other people and killing each other for money to put each other up on the auction block and would fund plus click the money that that these g and were to be doing this for the next year and have a gain of 533 on stock and I’m sticking to read about stock year, management’s all and frankly it’s been more fun it brought some fun back to the game III can’t leave, spokesman the are so the music lounge up here but also in this team speed is mostly the ability to

post are you today I have a good idea and the course and branding of stuff and then on the front of the web site to see where it says join our GTE’s big server that’s are and nothing’s telling my ports and my are offered number so that I can put the code and myself I can build, so funny woman offered with those without its once but the point here is for you guys below talk to each other love you all were to live and then everyone and regulatory you’re talkin regarding you will, and a thereby raising our gene pool water so there is one to a no lodges because of the family are locked room to keep people like you got our conversation with a watch and , do we can control it rolls place for god’s sakes no be box no for can stop at a modest update from the maintains the server and I got the authority to ban you from a lot of kids don’t be using my staff to more people are all do the problem will figure out a call, this is all or most of it as I can then we got where we’re heading home a run in the body everybody and here’s one of the CIA, awards and the are so as I does run from one realm the controls use on the speakers so you’re not lie just because reduce the budget and the NTSB and work out a song ago here because of my string found a Bechtel a stream of Here, and fifth and ran away and chief of seven HR database was like 2:00 and one over for and it’s not why did I would disagree a kid like it I forgot th all to no I fix a problem of I had was that the number lucky I had some key that I hit all those taken all the delete key to something as a mute button on all the channels and select one typing denied all honesty, Italy has been a channel fifth and sixth as an F-word of a triple and are I have a rush for one song But some jalapenos the follows and its use is used to all ms press wire and fifth of all persons are solid outing might you just know that if in fact five and two of 343 is to get back to 23 o’clock eastern 43 at a city 43, you’re fighting, but that’s

all of that attitude originally has money to write is as renowned as one of the bigger banks kingdom’s average and they are due to speak about percentiles fifth -fifths for 50 F fifth of the data so that I know guys in the chat tell me if you’ve got the notification via text you to or from the four walls are a day or the low popup update from a browser out three and older cases and fifth one letter of the Getty added most people could get all three but that hasn’t been going at a time when suffering and that isn’t such voices to be a net income of a web site like: firebox are actually does work on a unit of much more of what to call the new crappie browser from Microsoft and the weekly it’s the Lexus a annual if women recently says he believes the consultants of the R bit and read the dollar should result in a lot of our city in recent and all- half for-2:00 PM for all of them people that think that we win off the rails last night’s I’d worn everybody, which are leery of SMS Equipment and all talk and ideology looking like a good all talk and the ideal talk t and that it’s out Omaha to be more clear that and then when they didn’t do it and all but her because last night we burn three alliances to the ground and were still not on the topical list even though we k people there are real we were gassy a tiered as their one in a crime are flawed who started off that Michael they were repeatedly have passed reminding kills the SCSI had no troops left until they would come down to and beyond yes and semi the departed sell I keep telling people you keep one to play this old child’s game of wordplay and loitering goal of playing again on paid leave others listed as an assist the west and guess what you want to deploy by alliance’s men will be the topic it was I’ll go for number one via an their with a shuttle buses is all people drop tags last night we didn’t burn them after if we chase people down alicia’s about it but it seems that the headed , buses and owns pass be offered , someone are committed, she and they are 34344 patrol has a 344 to 77, something that NAFTA’s own flag alert and then we got

a one thing you learn this week is any R.J. alliance we have 12 people pickings in other games possibly bring a lot of what I see everybody has a different has a different environment and Regina so was what I what they know what we know two differ are with looting my insanity of the topic of like I can just taken the lead to a here’s the standard standards unreasonable and then, play working hours, depending on the top the list and the R because it’s never that would have like ours individuals were were not even see a guy who’s out tallying everything and somebody that Thailand we wanted to name of the top of that and one of the Casey timeout to better and holy crack all that sacrilegious joined as now lies as 2.7 to see that it can the R but we also just another 1,000,000 iron offer her last night probably not be are the rules to get you out of its pages III did droll one and solidity of the guys in their local 1 to 1 afternoon talk to me we can talk to widows and all they are five room settings top 20, and I told you know and I told you don’t how do you not understand or no means like decade that the simple sentence is not very long translates into lulling which is the R and if you can read I can run this I will run this that does any other rule this run and ruler to do and that’s one of my is not 21533 out of time inclination and don’t have any desire the of the beaches when it comes to picking the first inkling that one pick somebody that is all on every day to be on a schedul it’s a management job is, should the job there’s a little bit of a benefit to it for your account without much. It’s it’s a bloc the other than to say you are getting up and I held drinking a new pair for me tonight called seeking box I can’t tell from that fit in the case even a big step for a day in and this is the mistake a lot to me like a vital poke him he’ll he’ll react you’re never gonna get me to r Dea that problem, the watch Casey fifth republican someone to be a man they are seeing my visa down one to ice digest upon the wolf I’d somebody said my eating on the board right now in Isa will help identify 1 March up there and I do like 10,000,000 and a way of less higher than they also care and they’ll also in my head is from 13,000,000 like crab leg just there should also and I could add 13.2 million by the grace of three Marches to men and then I get the mayor should set up properly or I probably could hit the 14 half 1,000,000 mark tonight connected the R

I got my stats of a place where I’d like to boil water from one to him whenever of the of the way by a top Rosa road, was mainly the purchasing of methods used two days before any deals come out in good on the Glory almost as if they’re trying to provoke us in the spending by this person wrapping up and then also neighbors of the long jump on at the catch of which is fifth via to give them a face covers a month are any hope of my mail is bucking the wichmann my mail in game I don’t have to do that until it a decade CC like 99 plus down and Bahrain quarterbacks to one lead only my mail does everybody thinks are gonna talk their wa the RA that it’s not hard to vote not to that point and we discuss this would like to say we have 12 Kings and in my lives and so we’re talking about a new launched so what’s the problem the problem l you have two months where there’s nothing to do so I set up a set of standards as a no-hunting with that means is you’re not all no upper ball up or whatever I love people buying and spending money on bubbles because you can’t control yourself as you’re not are the sole we don’t have a no combat ruled all we had is no, no-rule so if your help you park your castle of excellence you’re not derive y you’re gonna get hit during the wolf of it because you parked next to wolf about a bubble a right that smell Allies no hi honey that few of the opening inning games in combat so for the first two months while we got no share your coordinates and Casey just don’t do it from arrive and if you’re dumb enough to turn around said the scalp and somebo I’m not gonna go Bernie because you scouted somebody else’s time were not the kingdom please all three alliances they got burned last night they started every single one of one guy and that’s all it said it set the standard samples stupid rule unto too dumb to think t you one that crosses the one you’re 16 cross a line just like football your offsides Val flags America breaking the only differe I had to put an oracle up, at the accident last night at distracted taking a lawyer the R stating out what I think new kingdom rule should be are and how you overcome the works of their supporting factor who wants to stick around for two months and just click build you know and I get the hits were uploaded farm bill were not plain stupid either some guy the are we all know that the trip count the money made by guns of Lorena is intrigued speedups they did make a trip speedups if you’re getting competitive you’re gonna spend some money on a daily deals on the trip speedups thing like that and are I don’t think I got any better guards might last week a month alone sold by calling this week , are raised and you got all the long nights buys purchasing OK that the buttons are there does anybody can do it at a suggested everybody, you’ll need above 2/4 but to be fair I had a point so for us to my listed press my lives to play this game forever and one of the take their time doing right

and I wanted I as II spend much money tool for them to go into that they are idle and clarified now and for that goes on top of gold , open and even more of the bags so I can get some deal there’s a couple players last night that was said about seven dodge and my slow march is coming tours of a guess what they did it burn 10,000 goal that I know that barely had just just I’m patient of all spent 4 hours burning never burn 200,000 gold out your account to wear when you can’t move no more now I got more options and you VR you like and set magazine you’re not going to wear because you’ll have a 2000 gold events four to sell a portrait of Teleport on either side of the matter behind so there’s there’s some strategies that the rest are bringing an end this is the year for you to suffer a bring more stra but we’re not just on a strategy of individual game played a team game play of renting day planting strategies I needed Georgi gamers to start thinking of themselves as key members of the 1 to 3 and a unfortunately I tried the words first values and the belt you get you to act like a kid the Searle of models, with pure as the R Skelly of its line is it’s a the escalating of the escalation seems out of nowhere if you’re not paying attention was to go along or she had unaware if your that are five Redondo control I’m not even then doesn’t seem to know that I set a standard that we intended here and sets were in the top 20 and should be consulted am I can show you my mailbox not one are five as mail may not one they don’t care what my opinion is so I announced it put out a spec goal that put on the speaker is what’s gonna happen if you do this, but yeah yeah which, due and CR Kay last night to: the kicking and check going bald eagle 422 on this our Allies for 20 that don’t the RF-420 And it was the Allies are betting that they want that ally thing for the fall is the Cold War to vote that everybody below the top 20 U.S Food and can’t do that to a network to see what the end and I get the KKK for the content of your chest be in a dictator of like I refuse to believe that 80% of the kingdom that joined curfews to believe that that vote took place I’ll have to be in the room to know that that is no valid the no where in society anywhere in the world will people vote for their own self destruction except for there to die he we want to vote for some subscriptions weeks but that’s also a week or less like as he thought while we’re over their part to the wolf’s that we were distracted and he went over and hit Mike Feuer are so after zero and hit get into yet another that to all get yet and that was exactly the Lynnwood guys get a meal videos were held kingdom 410 awesome for the sea 26 that was the very point that he just made that I te that is like what I’m finding alliance of one I’m not in the top 20 I’d hit anybody making them I wanted I’m Diane and then I wa they had no clue whether stats all they know is I was out damaging them on the walls and can figure out how and of so they’re scared to death 1000 instructor KB Kezar Bernal guys running during KB take an

I still couldn’t in a series of what you can not all I’m asking for you guys to do is eliminate this I’m voting your food on not an quite frankly their answer was the one god wanted climbed up to do just that all honestly think in the morning to the walls and I just else up no hi honey if you’re in the open during combat so five port my castle out away from a high OK and by away from a dive I don’t mean but the green line is here is that if there’s a high the people there and that one castl and then there’s no technical dancing you’re gonna get around at the R8 to two dozen understand what the the spirit of the standard is then you’re gonna learn about different cottage and I’ve tried the words first I tried to be nice are an order I don’t think we’re gonna have to deal with my of the way we had to first week via at 10 times about the Suncoast cosmos and go to the detention the R bit and again on a drink and a CD box is for summer drink or frankly , see can’t tell the difference other than to pay an extra $2.00 four over the front and I think that’s because somebody just damn good. Kansas and a busing company of a difficult thing scroll by Jason yet it’s an iron them was mixing update some great players there is floor that you can put a date that makes your mouth it richer miles into the early also never really cold sensation in a row and output that odd mix that with a couple berry flavors are below that dinners and other chemicals to prevent a big gives you the impression that you that you just put something more like a date good enough to fight the warm bread pizza kit be a yeah I’d I’d only update: the big shot by the magazine calls guided magazine and we did research whether does look the fading stuff you see in the news is portion of the first time a song like okay to hold there’s Gotta be a reason behind that lists all the money and the RE of reality is they been was about to become the next big medical device because with that could computerized eight thing you can control the chemical in and cut the chemical off that you’re playing in the body and to try to do it once more that every 45 hours you can stop that wit those devices on existed because after bashing the tape in the street while a hand you a device that does exact same thing if yo the UC only vs. $700 not 25 the are in besides that being a portion of a: what does from Allied it will know there’s only for now the hide in that $2.00 juicy above th and that’s because for not yet chosen not all the overseas people from the United States they use from Allied to keep funding from are going back its existing stabilizer and from Allies will the data from Allies in any longer overseas in the military that from a junior dear to the guards really concerned about ho the are the book that you know it’s that

only judge I just remembered as you might get most of the dead week we go with that of Seattle and reread it wouldn’t affect you want to take so forgive long and my game lead -fifth of all but those 45 they are a the that the this and I think not realistic if you buy juices made mistakes of any get into 100% e.g. and percent of the gene Weiss of what that the cut a ticket will that has to do with the fact that people buy these cheap tens is a $20.00 once and the corals don’t get hot enough and have it’s a low more Spencer seized about 50 books offer to set up the contagious and one each on each club soda got a dual closeup t to have 40 loss meant along for lighter bat are you really have to summon the 68 he watched so they can average 40 loss to the C and then the weekly this is where me have a background like trucks and mechanical engineering things like that and I’m also, got and on Iraq she wrote a paper at all this stuff where I said the next big job in medical drug delivery is going to be ionizing the molecule that we want people’s body and turning it into a mine eyes been an accelerating it into the chief loaded and then using a computerized control device to de and the R quite frankly there’s the tribe shouldn’t use of the tape industry from the kitchen window of mowing lawns last year, make money data banning of set all the cash to that of them try and up and all of this abyss of the snaps a celebrity not firing or proper worry more than China not acting troupe right we are not lease a treatment for a long got the attention and right of we made 100% easy flow that you had to buy a property device and Ortiz and then Mike Tyson undaunted and really what was as an antiseptic was as making a killing on against us dollar $5439 bottle cannot we we’re the head of the summer I got a machine until bottles ago but machine to fill bottles of labels on all 9 yards and a wrist watch quick look at th the R it’s not something a 1% with about the money was about what’s right and wrong via Latinos, the magazine you more Chinese do I sell the phone number for the strip malls proposing to Tuesday’s fifth of the guys are one and about the China thing a coach if you watch the news why was happening and said the edited version of the night the press is called for what he keeps saying the viruses from China and truck no’s because it’s from tying not and have had no big if you have a 101 would like to save some time ’cause it’s a giant not have yet

the problem for them as does a call that everybody’s all watching others live now and the zone that somebody said more trucks numbers moved up 12 points because people get to see what he actually said and then watching others later that day because they have nothing better to do still oh my god he did say that and the like of the more moderate on what else is not true and targeted into today does our board on you to miss revenge game are friends of its hair dyed are that we’re said Thomas I’ll serve them where she alone and let attention to come in the first game on to begin peace on Alpha they really should only guy was a real more his numbers look bigger the money to put my my effectiveness numbers wouldn’t have to put up on a clean, but a video of the R we’re talking about all we talked about 11 of the last week to get deleted they are OK I try to talk revenge of the fact that Georgi is hacking video series event as Edell of using final push because it went bad inning as mad as I am in the total pistons to market and he went to zero@: was gonna happen in this come from years of wisdom at bing bing the gun used where I’m no when you’re stepping over the line to one individuals c are whether it’s right or wrong guy doesn’t matter you think goggles that of a dog like to do an VR we play this game I’ve known over the next – fifth to write controlled by who this is what I get into the problem for a site just a public servant in and set aside the Altair that’s why wh the column ideas are does anyone has raised a com slash 533 to four pager anybody can read it because I know there are more work and not participate the conversation they are fifth and what will flow 50 am with that the deadly molesting them a login everyday some guy I had a lot of 362 top hat and talk and ACM duck alliance for 56 months up and the reality is one that ends September

to grow to read the end of October of my MIC 111 migraines got so bad I could not log into the game and participate III turned it over Lillian and I’ve told everybody into 9136 days of this is not for you guys for me to be in ch Ann and I was told the monitor the update that everybody respected where she sees a phenomenal strategy player are in ishii’s lurking in the lodge at right now I hope she comes over 533 of the blast you will have four and injured at the game w of fifth they did anyone that Nike team up on purpose of the RT that kept the only do one of the guys of Brawley than a live chat: for the Saint James bay now I did know this but if you downloaded for fonts 99¢ today about certai a figure out how to get some money and some point to speak but is free on the PC to one Tuesday three new to join the server and from the bilge are dirty that how cool is not as African and the fifth and sixth you’ll then you’re not lie just because you attempted to steal that are the are any room that I meant is live to the job done to your guises room then you can that tribe work something out of hand until then, with a little gary’s young peoples of you wanna talk with the other people were alive you can this server is gonna be open for you guys to use that to the restriction of other slots I put it right , I’m a expanding empire league, for the number slots and channels are it’s a huge advantage in KB cases some point that we have done this in the past we’re gonna hit this is limited because Allred deployable into a tunnel to make a man of the im Manfred read strikes me as a person who spent a long time ago and a whole lot of talking of no doubt you cannot what was going on that have I missed it, the remote on the line Yevgeny undersea five to move and I think there’s enough Time Ltd. like other 14 days are some it’s not a hard look your seat 22 you can be seen 22 and five days it is and really not the hardest if you’re also on CE 22. Enter anything below sea 26 start a new kingdom play every day the new boss of stuff that are there to watch a castle them out of money that you wanna spend just plan on 50 bucks annual DC 20 for $50.00 and I’ll go in which to buy nothing was to not somebody else’s for right in the local right to get some gold and incensed that goal of building seminar showed us us to the goal of some unusual layers o are listed below 60,000 older long

been up and events center on an official meeting started 9 minutes into the war a center OK one by the subscription to the 19 bucks it’s worth it all the speed of short of getting golden speedups are many years and one summer day construction speedups via bus and are 222222222 like this if you watch them is the best I’ve done a whole world how not to spend I’m not a banning enough lusty but I’ve got the number one question I got was how I spent $2200 effectively now a day and a stunning $22.00 I did spend a dollar dollars the are the two get to jump up and now I could on the same thing for $600 but not while somebody was set, so the provocative manner which is Chinese patrol that was running around the kingdom randomly j but when there is a reliance may drop tags if you are mass of crab and all my fourth, the ruling sticks it still your mass that yet as the front row to pick up a turtleneck lenient yelled he cannot cut a cannot acknowledge is out there but over here the la there’s a doubt the bond with a call to achieve the goal try its 499 that the key to 30,000 goal for leveling a castle see 20 which is as your little league is a gold Internets and it’s eno you can say that goal to build even bigger troop law, but every day are I like to turn around for everyday and whenever I’m shor I would say busing hammer, two tires going and when one of them Santiago click OK upgrade stables are short on 110 higher than 1 I used to fill in on the timers are and they like the speed of stuff I’ve done some Mana so showing you what I did is not a good example because I’ve done a lot of stuff to protect my alliance, and to protec as ritchie’s point RBI: the ads I don’t ever intend to be the biggest time ad for king , bought mail ego, start never were solely to Russell I was bought, and I tell you right now my credit card disagrees the R – old and a lot about earth- digest purser onto are debt as it is not an outpost run explain them earlier you don’t have to jump up the steepest SQL either sell some room to grow u does come the first event you want some new ones much for east as you can get to let a great time the Corning and make the most that you got that renewal that get worse shells do we have a raw deal but added that the old speaker the newspeak camera and locate a committee of what is the fear on getting launching speak

its anonymous guys II don’t know you all are the are gonna tell you guys don’t use your own menus user screen and are just in case of iraq’s elite squad, screen of someone that this unit , 40 , 1 to 2 12 doctors than all the guys I’ve I’ve got this setup on stereo three be in other words will show a month ago street journal are right click set up a little head on the screen school to be an run the real plot a now, setup again before some sun so I just are creeping my less on out, Lustig like he said, last they are so there’s a lesson about that doesn’t augur as talk and talk to seize roundtable be a site I’ve now I don’t know that’s come across on the two were not whether not the case that actually guess you can bring attention was a working dinner will like Sophia like that but at earth would I’m already slowing the source to run just because a little circle to fend for that is funny , not my impression that night, I’m going all the ladies tubular showers and I wish of cellist a grounder are accents for king and we get thousands of years as for accent that I have a 32nd delay so I can watch the chat is too was going on before goes live decently to some stupid that’s something on your end the fifth and yet he had the up that upheld a state that would have thought of a tool of people who know how to work to change state and help each other up and I think what you realize what a speaking do for you strategically to have real time comes because while we’re talking to others and the R and then all of a polish and film so no insight were doing it but we to say just Dorothea to let you know we can use it and not to tell you a quick look at the click of a movie left expressing a drama following all my guys get wind of season tickets for committed to it, keep my nephew can go blind earth via but I can do that by the ghost of a new look and a keyboard Rex reed online while there’s a there’s somebody ever turn from Selma was the that that dagger expo 0.1 am doing this for the summit can participate without giving up the privacy

sold the team that HP doesn’t negate your privacy can see New York and oriental pearl date of this panda overlap king text of what that means that unable to reach of year but I think at the strain going out model right now due to kills me about it not be but being in stereo but I am not a try at some 0.0 upgrade the stream back to stereo again and see if we can get the people are listing like to sell a percent of the table as you guys hear what I hear two and selling people are sitting around me then the hour I would like for you guys to experience as well that we’re just not there yet I’m learning as I got you for either by says the year to shell out there for everything but quite frankly those guys to the novel to go talk about for some re Chamorro word whistler let on that , some of sees his laurels your boyfriend that patrons for some excellent Alcide group I’ve I got a three day suspension within mutiny and Georgi and I have a feeling that the reason they did that was because I was whoever third legislators that, in the Frick in the blacklist on Georgi that’s a dumb move not because you’re a combat but we promote people playing your game you’re stupid to try and stop us from doing that are right now I am any times the traffic that Georgi can produce on some of its stupid not to be like miss at least advertise for free within the game while you’re getting free advertising outside the game you scuttle people who came to map properly fit of just put you in context companies to fire you for having that part of the of I’m not your girl I got that we should use up to somebody has none of the guys in here slept with anybody the R at fifth and that has what I hear anything like might look what I’m thinking speak rest no kid here they think it’s because she is a scene like going up and we’re damn thing at a crash and the Kings kickoffs not a good start to that as a thing of the crash of a militia of fans half bookmarks can I hear you now knew what to do is think suddenly decided it’s time to play a much options and

one was corner promised me are hearing them at all keys to know stuff is broadcasted me another banker me on the screen OK I must only none of them button that turned around the turn of a slowing down of anybody hurt you will, but here are internal volume up and down and I’m a student leader, down by the women should ban on touching chip of the talking myself everybody else can hear me you guys I could hear you guys at something that would have I got hit the mute button all time, coffins unblock you guys out that dirty charities wants to talk live , tasted 30 the R and tell critically and Chris, make sure you don’t have an open mike are nothing new for polish up to here is a blow every 12 oz girls , so you Roche Abel fifth that the fact that half of that and tugged a cell and grabbed me a best of the portable model so that the guy here is I don’t have to go far have to leave for another year is a story that the per and those are one and one is accusing KingCo last that long that only a fifth to Tuesday that its that the of net that could take cucina cucina make the snake they are geared curried the R all morals pictures updated she’s got your nail it looks for the provider gap as like a one else played twice if they are being held hostage be a Wells would you like to come over Rogers raiders that that unlike its easy out for the day is over but you can stick around the R -at nineties and

sees Elisa noses like okay I don’t know why and what you think and ones like a duck could have pulled back a little bit the art play like that helped the CCS funny alike are the are getting speaks with the laurels via says she’s always gotten the merger they are for use at who we got there I had this is the family that of the film yet because I’m still weighed on permissions the the other thing is slowing down everybody’s ability to work at Holman send out an e-mail saying yes subtly that is slower than dirt when it should be faster than everybody else that’s to be true every time he understands he’s a sleazy only 3% of the audience out there is an actual real women the are so it is a true minority and as well as like the women can’t game discover so fueled the a bit I’ve I’ve always had more women in the lancers to most people That’s because one , to try the curve down visit the sense of humor detected that conduct two creeks females creeps females are the four for free shipping mails with exceptional one he has that at life-and that they are at the end of file via his visit Dole rated on you to four reasons they are half but to put that on shell they were looking for a while some other guy who’s the boss a skeletal delta Burke get out of the right to have all yeah with the leverage of the third and fifth one TD list of routed through fifth that if have an earth- OK ST a I you guys keep livelier of I’ve got two-and-filled fifth five E I looked, walk away from my a screener for second, to tools are now within reach, he fifth

if that that if -and to laugh , laugh that the end of talk about guards OK I tell us about guards on this new setup for for new king of guys of a start what were you talking about a guy can cause is not restored to really is not the of the quality of the team faded and I will have until Tuesday to also better here’s the thing about people that technology but the fact the matter is Apple’s Kodak’s have been no wrapping this thing for audiences for cover I could not stand when apple so if we let everybody is someone from the same room on the mascot will better with apple to stop better feel ’cause my watch videos on how to shoot cut minute there’s always a good rule double cures all the tricks of maxis software extraord were you Gotta do to control your audio before and then the literally turns as an apples the best thing to the letter after ever only deal to close a deal that you could see that that seeks to close to my life as he left this is what we’re here when you guys have an open mind or whoever speakers turn up in Sunday’s Sund that’s that’s the thing that the two got learn about feedback loops and needed to become full technical and you get all these people wh the the yellow summit ’cause are ignorant is like yelling summit because their deaths is not the deaf persons felt the key here is often in a person’s fault the right

knee and hip, but if they are that the as far as that goes Mike Reid said there’s no difference between me and why I just got us how essential to a lawsuit states because earth is it in its new to make told Michael Jackson yet and what got me on this one was they promised my ability to turn around and put videos out for you guys in the team speak and if I can get 1500 views per month then the event servers are not sorted of the team’s six ers’ become a wash for what it cost me to give you free event of king features so if I are but right now I can figure out how to get the views into the teens people exposed to be an so one could figure it out and we get this thing up there to $20.00 a month per hundred people in pain now will become $2000 a mont you know that 10,000 people a 4000 ¥2000 people are we to be moored in a space for the makeover and Archie and just say OK for live in this one and a celebrity you start to speak are disk quite frankly I don’t like the fact that the Chinese are going games and their monitoring the chat for monitoring the rooms built your game charter to charge but they literally get a little spiteful and their reactions when they find out that somebody isn’t paying money that they thought they should pay that they are center making more money the other way so are to that and I got game companies game developers who are asking the promoter games I’m not comfortable promoting game jet are because I was sees Rogers raiders had 150 and 60,000 members before I do that and I need other info into tiny people from a camera, you know the tutorial order she was smart as you to be fun to watch on you to the R go go for the R of a long 200 yes slaw Rosenman wants to lift tale of the air bearing chats someone clean and this as Allies in a way I looked up false expectations for somebody up for the disk and jump and then flown to suffer I will promote you from Rogers raiders for free when I get out is the advertising Rogers readers which is not there right now to us, so I had to turn your ties and offices bill that I’d change the theme I got some missing piece of code in there in the gulags are blowing out to the web site so I just turn off the apps I don’t wanna disrupt user experience for dollars I’d rather not have the dollars to are the RI can always get the dollars later if I got the people, but because we did a good job so are the only legal promoting channels and doing stuff like that are the reason for that is is you get bigger I get bigger which you it’s not and is not a zero sum game is on a bear trap people go to your challenger channel league that took a lot of stuff I have a feeling that of a person without will pull me out of a water OK to be I’ve been trying to find that person for a hero you know it sounds like me and self destructive the momentum that doesn’t work that way the RI can promote us a promise of a guy you need to be yet team speak loaded there are Stacy Olson Stacy forties and Laura Laura hill and

it takes if six to one in a cassette is free to the compare us up front, she got a computer you got some are I’ve got an article on the website four you know now the things that you do I get is 2 to 1 by better the better mike you can’t I ran this for the first six months this has said is crystal clear it’s a $70.00@ R that might overhear on the other hand where give up their deal to me one flick I don’t like doing this but this is the way you and then the editing software three the R the other thing that I use for promotion which is the two body are that’s 50 bucks a month what I’ve been paying for that all on snuff us to pick up enough referrals exposed three unwanted june o the up but that computers for a gang, GE Doty figure Dana reed as governor phone and he’s like a like a kid like record video and play faster on the phone and to listings of the same time the city only link up there was one the record office phone the public were shared OK of garden on a dusty I didn’t skip the topic of sight jump, jump back in a slow start on my cards or supplement Edward Woodbury really hard and really slow OK they threw says the last time I got a buildup they threw 11415 new guards at the system they RE Seems like too many fifth S and that is still in that split for the developers are listening that overlap was paid for yet to make a decision in a new kingdom I love the vampire thrills of with everything else that fixes the problem baffled 6 to 1 are trying to think of some other fix the crime figure out your own w with the four walls so that you can overlap those events with it ’cause you don’t give a damn what, crackling to my bag anyway s sure that all point of all

get a VIP is very critical note of it that’s one of things I got on the spent some time updating building forms of because farmers aren’t as easy as it were update not the tiny two but I wanted to accelerate I1 is safe for weeks OK a teams can take the four weeks before that the snuffed they use the remote roles to push us and we are says start early I don’t like the idea I taught us a look that is to department’s inside the gaming company that we’re talking each other in the ring conflict with each other so but I threw money of the forms so I spent a little $100 on myself I spend another $300 for other cracked they had nothing to Georgi up that just more longs lives of I need to be able to log on and two xy and see for filming and me having farms is very important for that up because IE lose a lot of time where undi setting up for filming and I Gotta go back and have all this other buffer to throw in here are my goal to my bag The of the size that I I don’t blow gold speed hitting somebody from across the map the R is that I must endure 1000 gold I’d like troops via and since it’s as technically where I spend most of my goals in the troops or I buy I are assessed and I try not to keep 130 just in case ideal old run one happy and had that little time of ’cause I will speak march and hit somebody and let it roll that button sometimes are tells why are you still not on the shells and here yet to be a fifth of fifth- the above that of keep- fifth that some of question of the of the day of a fifth of the vents and then a job you like to get some 1. were all adults are like it doesn’t mean you have to be the most for he tries to be that personally are via its up nine days is that since there’s so much some of us showmanship are as if that OK some are as for the guards are hard to do but quite frankly guys below patient with pride of they were always the hardes it looks like too many guns and Lori, got a reality check and they’re going back to read balancing the game so some of the stuff gusted to cheat to get too caught up in this area that air this area and I think that somewhere around june July the game players are going to be evenly matched and they think they think they got away from four closed fist after always gonna go up there always have come out it was for easy if you didn’t pay for these people sleep indoors as houses the gun dusters for king that yachts to put fuel and so that they don’t get money back so this does gonna give up financial gain for this at some point are solely on the rolls and shells minus

shells as a completely different person in your photo them before The paved roads and say what the jury leader pitcher Pedro I think I’ve seen posts near schools be a switch and the high the IE slowly everywhere you look to forget from morales a store raid on her calling an open mike the advent of them I can we talk about it, guys educate if you guys can set up to 2 teaspoons of the one getting into topple biggest lesson on the watch as their empty lot of them have stay up past 17 speak via I’m sure there’s some over-all an article in I’ll do some stuff each cassette upon the things words and do a video that’s an on how the senator to use it properly for you to join an ongoing people to sign a legal 1 to 1 and one people, purpose Idaho flee and know that if we are as force against my will have to leave and I was in 423, four to be a broad a one or serena’s from his brow may be a common thing that the law are like it should try to use line was that she she looks like she’s from all serena’s she might be alive that don’t make sense is more broth the R slough as we teach Omaha GS over and the are the least you do low pay and loose on a beginning of the smart enough to use than loose eye motion runoff that they are then the Phillies Americans talk to some 0.5 are people should live mitchell’s that’s one reason when shells on UCI I talk to gels on Tuesday the other day in which you hear int and I say this a lot in techs were you guys are as I say what you heard is not what I said and I mean that when I say that is no of effort via yet it’s an untenable because I’m on blocked them and so when you leave things black people start in far as I was in the month a it that’s not how people think the face or what I have people their age of days I literally start sorting you buy courtroom of h the RA it’s and it’s it’s up to criticize a putdown but it it helps me engage you all your level 20 points to one of just talking circles and be right in the conversation than it did that point, just an end to the end and that’s why we don’t let along with the president of the R and

CIS obvious else it you’ll see that North Korean that just died, rebuking the move might be getting a return of the less like al his little sister might take over it’s about time we had a woman Dicaprio could have one believed that the little thriller via y -the left and neck as we talk about it for four for battlefield treatment your talk about damage reduction and the reality is that a debatable thing that we have made them out and prove that could this is one of these things in order to prove this during a KB K when we got some 7000 stat monster where we had the entire majo getting the same guy that we know we’re gonna lose everything being with that would be hell I would have to test that theory , who wants to lose all their foreign troops to test my theory the ISO it would be nice an old bug has 14 guys to give up their entire Marches a couple times a couple of a windows and a Sony Kings and the smell of my exit to be able to sit there but I’ve never had the ab the same people to understand look for a loose ball to report a new flick of the mathematical certainty of this before we do was jazz I don’t have the R bit of a snack talking all the chills and that’s not talking details lacks even defend along with via not not I said today that can include via she was working before and we talked again. That’s that’s why some of actually hurt her knee flexion and then I believe your leg so there’s a trust issue taught well you got you know it what I know is the timing winchell’s one around everybody decided to drop tags and act like an asp, that’s people look that’s that’s people ordering the rules are the standard and are I don’t play lawyer I’m playing a game about playing lawyer no more as a standard yes ma’am insurance the R Salameh let shells tell everybody personally that that she would on board and with that cracked and to place via his four twenties get a bad Rep got a better education and last night we were dealing with all the scallops and the taxi NL swee CR Kay was turnaround would like to 420 points up with 421 to 01 K list with 420 mix of all 420 and details of the head of the T bit of soul that the CIA for the 420 12th that to

happen if Colin at we got one person 30,000,000 iron open 1100 million nine open the cleanup season season our Allies are seeing it now I’m back that she’s going that I bet if I put that kind of hybrid upgrades in the end of names and that the dead and that no all: 60 W and plays daily turnaround grabbed him misters and are you here that Mr. Slicing and in trouble and a receipt of which might send my sense of my head by you’re in the EU to channel the have attained speak on conducting speaking a trend half of recovery mode and today are and I am not ignoring your asked me about my health issues I do remember that a blac they are shadow came in what my eyes looks like, and he says he’s she did not look at the battle of the forehead killed by a recurring code are well I did call it off as my fault lines reared on anomalies, journals that the R but apparently went over the cells are in astral support half I hate to tell you guys as an independent and sound so cocky when I say that it’s not going to be the team effort that I got built over I’ve got so many players who can distract in moving move Marches and bounce around and know how to do it that to not look at the dam power numbers to think about when a fight with us because are not building that to the numbers don’t mean squat the up- I was screwing up a wall today because I did know I had to be a big number: shot the first and last 10,000,000 of the first ID team and spec minor ship and the shot al and I could I could actually put smiles tops off this week and five trying via bustle of its path of the golden goals is to be up their high enough that the Kingdome the people who don’t know who are watching the channel totals of the don’t play the kingdom chat room, and it’s the no they’re not looking around that’s the one to look the leaderboard ago and 90 plus not gone are the listener her in the drop in tags in part of the dns but that’s as and when every has won acclaim this time it’s because the trees if I did when this time I could never reached that OEMs the are blood got two months before the first take a tour we have a common enemy and then the kingdom can call last I Gotta prevent boredom and that two months if I’m going to turn around a set of rules and st so we got the weekly are one thing they were doing from all different in that some of the game also want to but then we also hav the under-the honig if you provoke a good war so as not one holes all 100 miles live now well if you scout and our eyes were bur and then if you want in combat then you’re out mail to soul of those castles around the wolf yesterday that number dropped open your way through the eyes and you like to sell from bubbles next two where everybody in the kingdoms, look is as if you one of them that you

VR IE sitting there in the top of the power board do not leave my soul form bubbles that supports the outback because I can log a never been so that have giggles as I am a trophy everywhere I go in the state title and a new world this year were done his everybody wanted on the discipline, static port for their lives its I’m gonna change by needed new world they are so it’s I’ve taken all these things I’ve learned last two years with troubled four and we’re trying to develop this ability to communica to gussy the emphasize the word teams and community more are in that I’m paying a pocket of his team’s big League of the KB K mart on NT SP were in a move like a unit and I mean officious one the R for a fee as a guy with the flick and where does the following night, got a nice phone bank of Idaho – column yet it is sad that he was used just kicked a 41 years of the hour says just talking ship casey’s was to they are the I would love to give for furry is from the light generation I love the game on here is the younger guy who really does talk said some of the night at idle talk to the couple times in and we’re just watched and talking like the guys the ivar like Galli can I like to kill audits and that’s just a that’s not have actually talk to and talk to and I like the way Sierra PAC seasons ago as a good communicator is a VR yen but he he he watches me religiously sure I’m sponsoring as a strategist than half the ship date for the half of the favor those who don’t know of that that first time with the Maya java memoranda of things like I’m not ready for this I would plan on blowing this money just like I was gonna spend the same amount of money no matter what I everybody Ellen for the fund plus people listen to what I’m telling right now we do have one great big guy who spends a lot of m you have 100 people underneath goals than 40 bucks because they think they can hi, that they got an already seen in my lives che because not your expected me to play your game OK, played my game, do what I do and for those who don’t know I’d take the money that we build upon you to channel things like t charity system where I provide a service that is free to you but I earn money back for having done it and get down the taxes and things like that of the hours I dedicate to this I get more money back from the IRS for the hours of of why the movie some of this is business of its commitment to the game but don’t ever think the forgotten about the of the get help concrete des first reaction force of his lungs, Bernard day one which got the word about as a second wins, come in there which may be one of 20 guys you never know the outcome, Starr says, but only at its but it’s if you’ve ever watched any my videos like to be USC’s I called my 36 together my mobile bees all my CE 24 see 25 to 26 is taken a crack policy forties and should like how the hell you guys keep winning we would start at having USC videos we’d see as number six bottom of pure and worked for 20% above the number two guy

and number one spot don’t worry about losing often, the guy that crafted an idea to open all put out there because of the few pe where we may not start K.K. and killed 10:00 AM or seven days, did get ready and added as a more realistic our first engage it’s a tougher fight but one estimate steam tactics all may be tougher fight everybody’s coming more event because were to take one tower the time we I can run multiple alliances with this not that I don’t have to be limited to 100 guys I can 13400 guys one time and then Nis 34 novels guys running luke’s that’s the beauty of it and then when we grow little bit houses still need some growth will take some losses in the mail only growth I expect a step two alliance is so when III year from now I want to work a 5 to 3 pop up on the on the UMass against navigable shipwreck with dealing to be just a force to death of someone down all of you that raptor to get so tired winning via of the ideas and that’s one of things I have a problem 362 we had it would cu waiting to get into the alliance to participate and by that endures least it was so slow a certain point that no one got any points on nine lewd days and I have people that stay online for the entire 8 hours and never got to dissipat and I8 hits in the back of my mind for the new strategy the new development how to like it so that all the people were paying play the game can get participants he participation participation of theft from a business tax point on the glories looking for the same thing they just don’t know their business model does not reflected at this point with us for the other game developer sure come at me trying to promote their game they want to take on what I’m doing but I’m no if we are successful and Kay 533 the share do what I wanted there’s a game in the world I would talk of launching it’s an OK undone use line or Ciskei and I think the skins and working pro the R and that’s the best round on shifting what we’re doing on Rogers raiders into if you go there indoors 50 games to choose f so we keep saying a word in an all but we had acted out waste in player vs. player in spite pay kids and kids are learning how to behave alone ships from the game are alike that I unlikely that enter society Are you not one of these kids who talks with the jimmy game winner say a lack of use would do it He did your mom will be called, via a bunch of the Iden II do that with known if you held by a nephew mouth off the one time a city like your sixth look for good one and 17 ye why you don’t talk to them in the R and my my my nephews for king makes martial artist is all right , big kid to begin the mailing list of close with a minor facial data when missile shot right by stations faster on the R handler crashed and I can speak rest all seven garbage slider in Okinawa all rights of an idea let that I doubt that got hot than sheriff’s star baseball Pearl Harbor day we give up the IP hand of a lot, but as it was good for a two to 0.0

earth would start of the from people on to felt I use that same analogy my own head of the couple who led them to take the fifth and that’s just dismiss that them via to that they are yet all this is an Edison one client shells is here because it’s easy as the other she is the number one alliance in cheesy are five number one wants and she doesn’t have any wheel control when people wrote that at the same time she needs to know that we would support her she yet you put a big player because they’re just being a big the coming months I had a brush and 1 to 1 the I don’t belong I don’t need somebody says, because when we started in the KB case those guys like 11 or 2 to 2 that’s as good as poison water the RN and not everybody’s losing African troops ago in the hospital because that guy decided he knew he was doing are because he watched some other video or somebody acted like an invalid for a superhero are the mechanics of the game in a cha well said Glendening and a two month in terms of UK one people often the mural hassles self that will wind up being quite players six months from now solely when you when people are testing in this game and it’s all one line and message in my yeah it’s it’s we’re investing in this game that in your investing in game one to run people off before they learned to go along the one the problems I know we do this and you see record your we we get so forehead on some teams we have to get much power are so that it yet. We would we want your players to get your point we realize that we’ve run roughshod over you it’s not done that away its it that teams fault that the random me in my key are in if we want the hassle Z company just coming week, number one I would like to try the one and one I hate the fact that I get 60 players or hundred players to work during USC, from two boxes or to give them a fluke for what justifies what they did during a 24 hours are some time and then I got sick and then we’ll play there enough literature that to be thankful for TNT another one are to play together that’s II want to do that but the same time I got into the question to real slick Willie scored more points than he did a commodity tha of my point level on USC is always well as I’m busy taking the crab, somebody not for 10 said that’s our I did not ignite the DB are fifth that deal that’s effectively by the bee and that when USC the sprawling were all go to assembles that that that the guide us assume there and pla

IE I cannot tell you how much of the committees of the of how it’s doing yesterday that you complain about the old politics all quite frankly whoever the most popular person in the room is or the most powerful person in room one ever pass and I thought pop singer had tends to be with committee thinks like then you’ll hear me say this and over nor deni the are the days since it’s bad game that way are you on this a tractor for second III have a chat question earlier this afternoon on tests and to talk about my health OK guys and for those who are just joining forth with the music but I got looking young but my looking is in check are but I get the I’ve got to go to another test that had been scheduled yet because the scope of thing domestic and the love I Alway back to the because I I’d literally get a headache and Serb leading into my eyes from the blood pressure that’s this building up in there an are my eyesight actually clear the R F but just six months ago you guys never saw it on my my glasses on because I had these 35 inch monitor center funny and not actua as far I mean it’s it’s the flies that close and huge are that that is what is the R but the same time I was scheduled to die in 2007 so I’m always on borrowed time the I was told that t the of this because I don’t take what my doctors tell me at face value I’m just escape more reading African a study from a john Hopkins as they are and quite frankly I’m more likely to ever read the study that my Doc are because I have a offered as a question to read a study from the top teams and no it gathers ones that ship and when gathered Los amigos objects but the fact the matter is I actually get an endangered sold as a Dr the Fokker soft but my problem in the Dea system and for those who don’t know when you’ve been watching the news talk about the the VA shut down all Health Care for veterans completely R.I. I am not allowed to go see my Doc now that being said the 70 that she died of old folk song that’s because all folk songs bunch of Prodi worthless people in there people who are of lost your mind so much that there would not hard to handle I will guarantee you that when you seemingly talked about moving patients from one room together the other no kidding those doctors and nurses one of people that I the R because are low cost and three nursing homes is probably the worst places ever to work but the moving of people rattling random the allowing people with disease to go to all public courtroom when random and that’s the individuals offer via the cause that problem so separate the two thought processes when you think of a stack of w nasty about an hour ago a deal to sell their they are one to lead me to let it was a question asked in chat right in a stuffy tosses in the basement district meets with good the oven dish we tell a concurrent user in a tightly just things on tender viewers are any ice all some people last week hour ty the comments is a polite chance a total of device you’re on but

to like the comments of our four ever wears a live chat is matched them but you don’t differ paced different based hour or listlessness killed on that topic and of Camas was a plateau wonders of the OK -one years we have fought early in the kingdom because the boredom factor of that with one deer’s that there should be one are added to the game with a person is a music from losses like, like a kingdom hospitals type deal until you have that wander all the hits you take go to the kingdom hospital right itself lead over the reason being is that a lot of everybody in the Kingdome to go up after the guy with that one juror during the first couple months and they could be one of the goes away as the first couple months but it could be that there’s a KB fund two chase and where this becomes more money for Georgi as I go, teleports idea you know there should be no losses for me had known that should be no losses for him taking them don’t try and sell the troop training sp be happy with the Teleport gold right because it’s a Denzel aspect that have been retained to the game and it becomes a low bid, which use: Europe schoolyard civic where how I must check lets you are you what would you say the word bells are you one of the trolls or are the dissection of those called news that the pledge as a sponsor cut and the classes sponsored a gas mask onto the league as Ms I can’t parse Disney money every month for two of Clarence you c a day of the update of the butt of taking any money goes that goes to the charity of all thinking it would be a form of me and my body is heats one, six days of racing years as a question to editing or a brain moderates and working in a linear fashion as for the joke about Ehrlich of the top is is gonna touch the bus around fluff up I can’t believe how many people listen back to this appalling cast that that’s an amazing number that is the time better to do the long drive worker whenever do this and back to the second contest during the week are torn att a it’s fun for me on a one-character does that III spent so many years talking and from the troops 01 When I was active duty military ID on the ship for five years the average first, nine months so I was the expert and everything import shop and therefore I’m th a ship’s assault team was was set is and the beach assault force that are those leaders for that stuff is there was anything goi with your people were for extra week when we swing halos and 40 miles an hour droplet to time a look at your feet while you’re s I’d just got to the point where do the training in which a good buzz also the ships on row welfare officer so I was the guy in charge parties via an island called news back and a man I threw some for king also parties my average budget and $185,000 for free chips are dying every are the are the of the Golan in my country boy me and was a kid like I would have bought some kids went on the blunder alive, bob ’cause I come cheap school have minded and waste money

they threw such a fit when I show them pigs on appearing, countered that the storm the guts of the ocean, the of the unite the c them in the freezer again cases could as women still beach picnics world needs fresh or we would do things like we bought some my deep sea fishing poles and we will look to slow a break on the back of our shipper should such huge door you can literally deep sea fish off the back of a ship Turner seal beach picnics the ideal check up on the deep sea fishing bulls I mean we had to the point where everybody on the ship was having fun even the via noon to and then we have the ideology dog which was the ship’s event they want to buy a new minivan and I should not let me just that appealed and allow the taken this a RR R for 64 bit block day and we had the lead the wide tires on the back of the total to 424 were in deposit action add a supercharger up the middle of this than we breaking the R -I just II but we do work for me in the military the 514 letter words you can use a scant I still believe were you can always be done as well if there’s an unwillingness to try the a and in which in which case I’ll be here with a chain I don’t do that work at the change, talk to people to come to triplet so we translate what I do in their likes of the cost and then when I got end of where when unless the military network three semiconductor the average customer they called me was paying 1000 bucks are that he’s losing $1,000,000 and are was quit me down some always t so there was that they get a life skill and then with the migraines assault got worse and late nineties I come when the mouse cells and then I got my start getting the I’m talking senators and congressmen as he just at the plenary comfortable and for all the people are thinking about getting into doing the huge influx are just startin be able to criticize yourself to enough to know I can do that better and into the better you guys see me add that the Simi Adam Stuckey Simi learning of the assembly CD and a stuffed are cases because I’ll sell for one day last week via an you I’ve got a goal and so was about achieving the goal Aloysius are idling cheek as migrant get a diploma gauges for them to underwrite Wilson and Wanda topics today with a timeout that the book missing; part two feet and if that I was at home by as much as watching the stream lives via Chubais and too much in a city she was a stream of the R could hear today show, which said that more tension I was rushing and those rows of freedom and it will fit in yet , and respected in airship and I respect their civil tongue when you get reset all is forgiven take sure shipped back to usual sauce 30 points and tops estimates say that the CPR the 1,000,000 power see 43rd story everybody in that alliance is cannot fly under the sea 40

test and I say what you gonna do the customer first the R so we get the air in Haskell bigwigs ID) the side of the hosted an unspoiled purpose the a who was then was the this too will not affect I can think about because are in for Kings all a minute to a light years in which a top box these guys are bought securities and duplication at OK the radio you could even up bought the message that I have that much a year and half and 362 summer as part of our literally key ending the same game trying to sell us the duplication act that are that so there’s a there’s a dearth yet again so sixfold get Georgi lock them out the up and get a lay-up I do not understand what you did and Liam they they they locked are a revenge game are out with a suspended when the pace at which you’re using duplication at said but I spent two OK and a given two and was then spent and use that but in a new 110 and this sport midweek he’s the leader of our file once we burn last night light old Eugene that you were are are hacker OK to go back and look of the credit card until yet he’s not are via yours are bought are the are I’m not using duplication acts I will never use duplication acts because my audience doesn’ I would make more money than you to if I put out the Helena duplication that technology that you to the band within a week so anybody telling you they know the hack on you to it as a liar there not to be there long to get some money out that some of the scan disk is some money ID and now are and I would I did engage in a conversation with the government guarantee you western union was, the involve some point yet that’s the norm for the for the service to come play the game but if I sell efi see somebody has got an unfair advantage because of the doing I’ve run the numbers I know which can can do it’s like the Santa clause there’s all video on the Santa clause court that I had m it took five days to buy the court did somebody hit me with a five star Santa Claus within hours that somebody using a duplication the R Div a banner block the account no Dia the fact that Georgi doesn’t clean up its community that’s what its customer service should be doing but you always wind up in the game of me while they blocked my speech for three days because I’ve told people I was going live gathered as wanted to get play die I had I had saving Casey a number of people Casey eye strain to belong on the up and up if it yet wanted its eye up with that I do know that what happened that day at the same time if you guys seen the case say I’m trying idea I’ve literally gone down to that led to the FTC the city that Methodist head of the a list of

we had a guy those who’s the guy that jump from shells alliance our alliance to 25 via Saint Michael he put for sale depot for sale as council any skill that SAI Il Ana city spent and I said I’d I’d like to live I told him I told it well that certain later, told in the case as a jew spell sale wrong the way you spell that is what happened your money at what to say if huh, but if it fit of the bed that half of all the Lagos it was I was I was loves to laugh at myself, like all mandela’s clever the IE of the key have been idle for us into the script that’s what happened but slept in your money gets stuck in a spasm and all of his acco hits were 50 up for sale that happened your money via the media for fifth man borrows like active in Casey and weak to download the happy and Stacy to that the navy sells well and Wallace Affleck that a site that’s a little tech went out of one star athlete that some of the sentiment about the line chat a live chat via a Saturday night stay see drag as an orchard of one london’s good and stable and worry on that they are she did no damage your strong one I know I’m the one I’d I’d say right now that the people who own the gun used tag is stolen fr are Aidid realize that wind was such a big deal with the guys and should be lowering the like that one of my computer is that monito tonight from yellow item to that of doing a RI am too much to gather had separated and I can’t test via discord is to but there’s nothing that comes out of China. Monarch people’s speech and the problem at what is its it does not monitor you like does Twain’s I’ve uninstalled it twice and reinstall my computer buyers

identifying what ever programmed base it on my computer to reinstall twitch automatically I deleted twice on my computer of the twitch is trying to compete with you to this works just fine are , Stacy feminist will not everybody, once a similar motion to buy what one might integral to the bay is in another am someone else if it all on the bus rider say similar proposal screen you guys keep telling the house was PLC of a keeper another runs out see anybody and your house to receive us a check mark that means of people in their front rows are unexpected will join to double click the java joint diamondbacks channel as lucky as, Washington up on it right and Japan are there to 10 after the wonders of some follows may be a mom was see all its that the expansion is only when I’m in the channel at something from this fall to check markets fall to pull channel closer watch window and I know you can join the team speak, Archie Gotti speed up of annual audit of routed you can talk to the 212 bits do what everyone about that and everyone a drag you down and we’re on the conversation if you want to double up to that are the intent and dirty shares of year member of the spoke up yet I thought so your lead three talk about your beloved icon on the record as a worse yet via the chosen to them in a get from them that I have issued as a sense of identity issues where for some reason my pen door, will not play over blue jays couldn’t play over for king cable up to my other in responses are OK so it gets its mike my cheeks are no

cash not that’s as bill fitch issue some talk prints to man for anybody who followed my video are not using the class path. Pretty are catacombs doll forgiveness and I shoot: should the tour , and all right, just wants to put all our allotted as well I, went with what I was doing before or just before liquid where pass four pieces of 45 and some see four crests I’d I’d been dumped with catacombs by now are but the with this assassin as I think I need to step the ability to kill the craft, somebody so yes III think my choice and Chris and my choice of the patterns that both of first and then have unloaded , when I move on to win again to learn more as a problem. It’s aware president of 1000 times to write down stacking up the a articulate the maybe, but it’s it’s hard to write was a dozen, I yeah me to to afford to waste to restore the create a sleazy then III told you earlier not you shouldn’t need a lot for us so you need your boss and childish and we’re talking about not enough attention that while it is spent on money spent on your own from one to say that Dr That midst of procrit and the like it down in the of

I’ve found someone to hit a DC oh or not to signal because it’s got a bit discounted time a zealot in Alabama in a bid to be worth it refers are and one of the chip that a mute David summit held if you’re if you’re if you’re one hand as a sign as odd as far as I’m concerned that floated as nationality Alec lecture on that he had a sense it’s a legitimate thing for everybody complained run when all you try to keep us from playing are working th you were the type of player wants to play castle vs. cast via if you wanna play the game that way they threw too much stuff into what is an excellent strategy the R but the ad got the people who want peace more simple mind like I wanna spend money and when their summer that the strategy but not all that for the I think it’s a I think it might be working strategy will find out they don’t know how these things work out until people start lawyer and the role the above the standard but I think the standard the Harter is cheated and then this is once a week in local politics toughest of liquid to discredit standard my car is allowed to export so many for oak a great the standard don’t tell that the bull this device that device missed advice on the caller are by the way your body and politics all makes OS Devices are it is there’s there’s the reality and then there’s the money on are using want to make it less money some Cohen due to block of outlook and four segments of the slightly used us a standard than the whole community knows it’s all of an unexpected committed I could I get I expect the community to do more than say they use this guy’s breaking the rule for not m the other role is there for everybody, the standard is there for everyone the up exactly nothing but the fit so when of somebody violates the Livingston I expect that alliance not that Allies need help and forcing tha I might chop alliances over to the lancet, it’s an OK all major rallies the up but they’re gonna do the work to protect themselves as a sparkling the gay saw no hope and that you a week we don’t just do for them but we do with it via ’cause they need to learn these things as both are not learning from July Koreans if they can also for migrating kingdom that th in my question is at this point how to make sure that the top 10 in the kingdom because of Saint Jude zeroual is good active player so that everybody’s an UNC I want all 1000 about 1000 people that you play AC on center

so that’s to be a: if you look at some point so, make sure a live server 10 has 100 people were 60 are better to show up to USC and it would challenge so that your key guys are looking to live as well give their feet with the added to the fifth if it I am out of their knee of the of the bubble the thought was out there buying somebody’s up that that’s either buying the others and auto bubble bought the letter, but that’ yet it’s so here it right and then are with the speed of the open is far broader consequence of the fifth half of toothed taft them that was the aisle your audio players wanting to participate in combat rule and see if that was that was good could pack tech teaming if 16 people for USC this auction us to lose a lot via just as we get the state acacia : all although the mailing address is OK that that the difference is where the moral lines are cheesy OK can we start with SGS SGS doe their close to as I don’t want as close to us is a Costa Rican and frankly clinic with us when they came he starts it might be behoove them to not be so can close to us to ease when we came across outline of their a ’cause Archie Dunham dollars and

earth guess what you’ve seen in the loaded and this is one of several met yet a network that would have been able to compartmentalize your alliance of which are Allies does it with the kingdom easy to its key the RA of them at the Smac talking that you see in Casey becomes a problem during KB K Cohen with a guy gave kicking you let go play myself because you can understand that for 8 to 10 hours here we have to work toge the R and as it got a lot of them are forced go up I had taken the site so could be as I wanna be informed what happened but the same time I don’t need to be the decision maker that it’s going back the R block all are 5¢ tankards and then you that tells a taboo for players and ethics is just too much and what happens is you are five to some nice person but one would have to its do you wanna score over the other 50 people in your lives because you get modem is a question asking for that you you have to know why you’re boring after loading them not because you dislike with the gator how they said it or that you do the eye for your carving out the cancer for gross winner that take that it says so the other are 5533 listen when you go to work with me is like when you’re talking your lives and you say things like that all of the nestle that you would unduly says that in the way you do he’s got a plan for us to do well later was figments was quite bring with it and you don’t have to trust me but you should trust the fact that I have your best so what if something doesn’t work out what if I have a plan that assault ship that poker face I’m going to ship to just immediately

has now there’s a fact that this is not work either because people refuse clopper eight people and show while we don’t have enou dozen factors that can cause whatever the are perfect fought in my head was of how this is gonna go all Sunday’s dozen factors screw a perfect are you know it’s a bleach when you when you have the font then there’s reality loss reality and some of the data just the tip t what we don’t have in this game as a wry wit call came are but honestly summit can buy that spawn the are in and everybody knows all he’s the guy makes the rules I can promise you 533 there’s gonna be a set of rules that every game will follow every key word of different Kings every two weeks or we’re talking heads midway but every game is gonna have the exact same standard for the community is suspecting gets the same 13 make it to be thinking tha are but you know it’s the center of roles that that that have for a high because the first king gets, screwed over records that I think I’m gonna turn around in and push that I’m an old the crown the first two rounds not amid all the crown the first two rounds and then we’ll work out and to set a standard to Howard king should act OK I know what a scene for king Kings turnaround tossing the are so and really set the standard for when to turn the ball some of which is absolutely important in Congress so so everybody knows what they know sorghum have always new players and ago when does this come on I don’t want people to go pa the R I’m gonna as its I’m gonna come by and ago by the first to cracking rounds with setting up how to maximize kingdom grows with with the schedule are in that as a free ride

but you want talk about cosco a sea of a look at CS: recent wide that if they can’t let young care how big you think you get up if you think it is critical goal robust air the a-one a deal with the liquid to other body also cared about how much you spend on stepped you are not buying other people from GOP we’re not attacking players are a number not there for supplies to it and I Gotta get the patients tackle it all while I want fo it may not come to that might be the board factor the kingdom at it may happen to find that if the continued by a large 5334 been 9766 AC green the same kingdom is the key in the im I read it the are a few invite me to be your buddy guy don’t care are not want look from dissent from from up there as I know I got one year the seat for the business aspect as a business aspects as I got a promote more people don’t wanna come to channel daughter said must not still need a the up and I’d like some people that are from other countries of the nuance that you kingdom to get out of steam speaker can speak some Eng a joint as the eye because we’re not trying to purchase the public that Georgi set this timetable of events that their events are set up in such a fashion that we have to schedule around there are planned schedule and sell events for week in school and a bit of all of the earth- the R to the problem with that is the problem with that their schedule vs. our schedule stuff is it does allow for bigger pool of players the pool gets it is is being restricted by the time constraint of events they are they don’t doubt for that

that god raiders raiders the other riders there’s sex Texas Tech see what surname, CCS fringes charges LG an alliance and I just went down a monster those Mexicans must be close 71 climbers until GM has a I can tell you right now forged well are 71 climbers I can say right now that anybody within 150 climbers of us on the first K you’re gonna get cups packed just our I figure there’s a lot of Lodi-up call building a farm alliance where I recommend you don’t even have your farm alliance with the 5850 clopper some meals and topia worried about going out to t you’ll get level seven tiles in your level five tile area if you keep it all year alliance does was posted to sew LG and one trend on the other is less year are all farmers, deplored I would imagine it’s easy for receipt of fifth for the orient and we appealed a legitimate a busload was one fact , I hate to see the merge is early belt I know that a gun to Glory is down on traffic compared to a year ago almost half a year ago are so you see these Marches in the kingdom hall faster I’m hoping we can develop a community effort here that has to go up to number about the products you see more money but little and twice the up but the 99 upgraded to forgive and was a dollar, the a Richard appreciated that half via sitting right each around stalkers are waiting for that while the daughters along a party got the will for words and Greg Mitchell got the castle now see what I can do is identify those corns I got I got 21 dollar Koreans live on the recall, scorns a northbound three of us and an eagle final score that physically, he and

the other mature are some of life for all of the seven walked off with a VR goods are actually over my mom’s house but I want them 20 years ago when I and I just need a lot of plays a storm of time and I put in my closet with one veteran an old house and are having physically put them in my he had a problem 1520 years for the three are but three of 50 bucks apiece, why give those corns away two people who become are a million members spend a dollar a month and a one to turn around its neck spot the next giveaway to be those clients Robert a prescient man they are , you are any member they should do all in charge of some of the published up: charges twice for the via the heavens for a the guys are given money to say they’re not getting anything special that has given the mind of the charity th to join the membership, steal a dollar way that you have to spend on the game or more guilty when complainers to 20 bucks please do the fifth and half for Cuba that if F that chronicle fifth-and fifth and jalapeno stopped for $2.00 and up theirs is the holding of that and FT , fifth and sixth and this is the center on us to the citizens of this is a new and that the F fifth will say what we deduce to her own computer to her on here and then you guys by like a tool pack is enough so that you can see two cycles together whenever of an up-and that that sift up out of sorry to say is that they can warn you that

if all my gosh my wife I live she’s trying to get-together 21 years and she’s just now give the public eye would become a better that I’d be lying if she’s 50-fifth, and he does want almost more, murdered away with it shows have exactly theft no ideas with them were to watch one of the list of them at that everybody is on the on the challenges watch it was do some mouthwash and are I swallowed it doesn’t want thinking that can save for in the navy Isa studios like, I do god’s drink and a basis point is six packets Listerine you know you’re not sick that may be right that I love that I will lead to a division that I’d sell we got clout here and Casey who’s looking for small ones who like to talk about merged guys gave 533 is going to grow if you wanna grow with it jump in now it’s not that hard your castle of R II honestly spent about 100 bucks of their pursuer dear all one quickly I don’t think you need to spend that much I really think that 3400 dollars will get you into a good purser said two months are in the whenever gear comes after that will be after a few guys see iron video much and Dr. Cotton balls as 1 pound pounds bottles via Michael haddan of tea nines for both marks the 29 March school student was going to redeem speedups plus more speed up the score bills for two nights ago second or 2 to 9: I transmit the wild as I have mentioned health and long time as we are only six months might be contacted off the web site and one I just opened up half the ER, speedups like in all my speed of sound for expedition so a $100 open up all that stuff but it did not open up intensive care for some exhibition, so this is the difference between ol two try and control people like me and my you really got us spend to overcome the throttle and Michael of you want to throw $300 are that informs yet again Yet, it’s

as open and his expeditions become such a point to and we saw Lycoming 234 months ago I got some are where they just are OK show now tha the dump laws as guys I’d get the IOC one to see three video last week to impose up and Gaza Glory when there and changed the star package called playfully within three days of the post of video of the Zito are key for conclude that I could put a list of day and one that that’s their company the way, I get what they did they slowed it down even more , not even post and I actually think as new players, the game I think this company is slowly getting the point of development for the understand that they want some than stop letting somebody by someone else but I think it too slow and are now I think they really need to target their customer support you simply , with yesterday’s was that if the above to go shot and a flush OK are you buying the Getty center team speak at these shortages could you just a make it go all the way to elway in the game was called for a house there back via we’re still holding, concurrence. I have 30 days of rehearse we ice you know what you want your are a loss model L , OK, became close via one more of faith is not seem like the same thing as one bottle who earns its fifth of via a law student OK I am working on and reach him

a theft yet I actually think reaches one level higher meet this point a contingency plan for I get your refund if they are : become a constant gift gap but III just I it’s a really is far from the truss other people but III gave the trust there because I am filled the wizard are yet to come at night I don’t feel is indeed a sauce and it’s getting a sense of somebody’s got to treat us to have a batch of this walk away to have to something evil on the way out the door you know yet , as via are so I set out new look as the 298 tax and no we set up 404 tax as last time he and I can get very good response be ons are apt to tell it, console and owner to 12 : tell me how to for king tech call from take hold of turned left to lift and are understood that if that that was checked that fifth if that the lot the last time a lever to

buy some of the scope couple years ago my birthday and that we were aware of my guess place and there was one week a dazzling this full bar has a hole in the senate as a bar code you need and there was while some liquor diesel page sent to a newly opened and we can all down and my last birthday out there are two years ago we were drinking everything that was that like the fourth of the ball left and my local hoses crazier than half the 40 mile slick with as little brother is like four years old and I the are these the low back rent crazy VR and the we were treated and ranking in treating the royal icing but disarmed leaving here and the RI woke up on my parents file on the next morning the R crack pipe and stock for can drop in the eye and we’ve gone through not only all below four flicker but had gone through the high dollar stuff like the $300 balls colleges and ship the R everybody in the family was just absolutely and utterly calmer from two T just for their help true alcoholic and a world of the dupes of water now a bottle of one tonight solid one of my letter of that and fifth we had this problem we had this problem down with a margin call we have just we have this problem down and the American legion and order and the bartender center slickers of the water backwaters for the po but within what they didn’t know was you’re talking about people have been drinking for 40 years and expressing, round drinkers people drin of crown drinker will know you’ve added a shot of water to crack and every like this this this is and that they were headed by coming here one day I’m in there like a mother like a real well and they had me a crime that was a water down and they can even tell me why I was drinking was drinking and the guy was ever called we knew their water to shoot down the RV and the others like an eagle crack a new bottle open like o Ira De La creme but it doesn’t take a lie is like they just don’t cut the own concept that people get their really truly like what they’re drinking crowd drinkers tend to like th but on the other day

you to pay what we were in are as in the loving content of loving to New Mexico I went into that the all subs in there and you could tell what the market for this little quick stop was because they had A talent of crown lawyer royal liquor apple in encases a palette of cases In a quick stop gas station like locate these people are planning for the cold of all, that’s for Kim everybody’s good winner in alike and I’ve never even had a simple, reliable they are but it is what is the college guys go, of I’m trying to figure out how to enabled all products and services I’ve tried to grab six people including other countries for that if you don’t let that makes a good old and MX is referred to as something you like to do all of a subtle coverage of th that the that magic is that kids are better part or lease knock out the back window for that someday I would be surprised for long Taiwan to get some for cannot talk all sponsors are that would be nice if we got a call sponsor object is up about All-Star, forgive money every week we just I just I just had this discussion was without borders to launch his own game and we we talked about are me promote the game started in june and the novel launch of data some were on December and are a symbol of you guys can understand that IE do not need to be the face of gaming are I feel I can set a standard to wear another influence of this more entertaining are candy the face and with the market via 97% male I really think any deposit may above woman who can get comfortable yachts become fulfill a stored and you Gotta be done, taper your expectations all these guys like RR once they are shipped are the guidance Boston for wall of the catholic church’s website are identical to one side look, I’m terminated sorry but he was over the hope yet and I played without power by the year it’s li john are not sent me ask why this one was not the button over the item hole you know what I got his personal phone number I’m awake and I’d wake him up in the middle for tonight : should cities to me like a book gallon bucket all city like a book of the spokesman of the treatment of the Koll real leader fifth Terri Jo Ann on its I’ll get to get whatever leverage whatever makes that you to move money I don’t care are all say sex is racist and homophobic things as far as the the wide generations concern and quite frankly, doesn end of the day I give a damn are their whole motivator they’re there that are homosexuals in the navy

idea caught the either homosexuals in the navy was an ad in the two not as to not tell it’s not like we knew they were but I don’t give a ship their they’re that their but pirates the other than existed the buyers would like all I am a little II had when I add 1. I’m I had like two of the type guys are gay that were like there’ve been racks expedite as I walk chided a Miata ship via the up its Iran the casino was a navy Cerritos Wilson would keep quiet be lined up to $1000 RT, should we are a mess of areas as phone calling in the middle of waking it all got to cheer up his worries that effect midnight : I am not listening to something via the schools like what the flock is this guy colony in the 94 days of interest on you guys given way too much for commute two monkeys out party only gave the goodwill subscriber number OK they are yet to tell word of rhinos like for two new yorker so much that they are for a long, Cinemax is it a man by you to I needed regularly : I’m actually got a bunch of minors ask about it and I know like unable the famous and he’s different and added that to the point where try to push other people up there to be it I are by our Allies a control large mark portion of market but when you look at the close of market I drove 40% then next guy cont OK so this one is one of ideal I die I do and I had I think it can I really need him in king of 533 working with me in the same lights and it has his perspective of what he lied to have his perspective on what he is that he did it depended on the Fritz hearers his his expressive knowledge is completely independent of me I went out on a chase desk while because he was independently what even though he is moved away from the Glory ideas for a way I want whenever game he’s promoting to make money I wish even read articles and let the pop you as rise of kingdom’s as of rise of kingdom’s is probably one step up in community level than I did was bigger things – the update is bigger things but are that’s one thing toward us who was at stud he was the business manager of the business of El and

I’d no one, short for one talked with him on the phone and stuff like that were in line to warn has lofty ideals that in my opinion all our college ideals they don’t land in reality and some point you Gotta stop preaching what you think you’ve been talked and start preaching what you no UC are disks bears vs. knowledge you know which been taught college and how things work in what you interact as knowledge doesn’t mean it’s experience are and if it expresses was to get shortly after he so it is a bullish or to warn II feel that born when he deals with me he thinks he’s going to convince me to forgive what I know in favor for what he’s been talked are you know it’s I’ve been dealing with online customers from 20 someone years up but in my experience with online people is idle when she something that doesn’t work it doesn’t work is the person said that are home to do what they want to the eye and if they don’t want to know what I’m doing that I’m not doing it right the eye and so I had to I learned every day about how to interact better with customers and unfortunately I get on teach what I think I’m no about communicate with an R again becomes down the aisle 160 ECU I’ve had this problem or I’d like to see things and as a matter fact today’s market the one here fax it upsets them that they are a fact it was Serb said all thought goes out the window that it’s a proper use of the right way and I Gotta remember that I’m in charge of the big organization and the business and work your parole that the way we grow despite making the people listen and interacting and we’re doing things that help them at the end it’s all about you’re not coming back to Russia for some help and it’s just a fact the are you it’s there’s no way to get around that fact and I’ve I’ve explained to a different game developers if you don’t give me an API to build what we see is a calculated for them to glories I believe that calculator nodes glories should be click here put my username, kingdom in edit and their five Michael of Kent we go through some third party verification process and then that march winds up in your game you like it go back to a webpage to go back to the game to go back to web page that to I know that some point it when you get that capability built into my website at that point where we see problems with your game or where we see problems with how the communities working we can address and a lot easier than we’re doing now I have to fight every single corporation ever single dollar every time I sp because what they think they know vs. what I know don’t match and it’s a classic battle the differences are not given up you’re not paid me there’s no weighting outcome to fighting because until we took ~ ~ are in the same room whopper able hearsay information on seeing and here’s information that they are s I Gotta differ planned because you’re right your number for showing some different than once in the till I can see the facts I can’t change the play I’d never stuck around with them, one last of the than naval force be with you might be alive because it’s an event along with that all may but a decade of the Glory I got explained one thing to one ticket that I hope people appreciate that it’s it’s a trend of vases not impulsive

that I do put some thought into that I sit there I take long drives out bicycle medical visits with the 34 hours and I spent 3 h I have some ideas to click the unsubscribed but three times and still get these mails Eric OK are left alone to some mail and getting them I get so you guys to get newsletters like a newsletter at application on the thing of it he this guy saying he scored a secret three times and still get emails so anybody else’s kidney anybody’s good health is good enough for me from the web site that’s not supposed to I apologize and id I can text you I can talk to live other thing I can to begin receiving the waist and that the oldest system no demand for inter since last November they literally took over control of me a bit my ability to turn run in the value so I’m working on picked to fit up the middle of the glen Craig fat side a spot the muse about I heard about a Dallas poses any OS a good, god mom over your head will see an All-Star team for the walls that a defender to be fair I did invite cream to this Kingdome is assured of Saddam pointed out that if I did know I did ask anybody from 362 to come join the Ins teenager 312 to come join me the eye until it and tell if I knew that look like as can be good idea has turned out to be such an honestly I don’t remember better start I really I remember the start I don’t know her better one that’s been outstanding in 533

52 ID I don’t make it hard because I don’t honestly and this is a waste it’s hard for them on saracens call was that I could give them the are the out one lead to legal yes have a right to write in all honesty at the same time I’m not saying we’re OK so their outside my rules are nearby saint jean said that the same time by the same time IE don’t wanna become their personal trainer of two answer question every 5 minutes a week and next that is a fact I eat but no one was you said though you said something like Miller the sale of me which was the name of Miller’s Castle 362 with a time of the island off a cough Miller the a-half that an he has been no no is this the slick is always trying to maneuver meeting and you what club right at me what I love that as a Miller of Ferruzzi analyst Mel Miller has been stalking the system 312 days are because the guiding shrinking who would be the most cases but tricking one ably 18 then I would allow it and I was an insult Rick king because he thought he was gonna be in charlie’s number one alliance are five and one take the case to the insulting part of him was we’ll get halfway to get arrested swept through its leadership and people will come is what we do what we did as a guy’s a mime charge you live that way you let tricking be the guy in charge because he was the number one guy and wants and his idea sucked he was getting a skill switching halfway doesn’t help anybody because not everybody to follow me at that point and it would become a lack of three or 4 hour fest in KB Casey afterwards to go like he would cover this super nice guy and Case and they all I don’t know why everybody so hostile. Meanwhile for the rest away from the ones paying attention 3:00 AM the most he just said Dick who had a marketing plan is all come down to a the event

a bunch of people learn that stauffer man Lyle Ernest RI just don’t implement this time I see it ICL fact it was it works great for the wide generation who don’t know any better but at the end of the day I also a sadistic fish on the people watched live video as their plus forties and they’re not why generation people so they want reality was that true permit up a good kick them out at oak aging OK are lit with picked along context , I just I’d takes a direct line twice up, WI USA and let her know that she’s a logical Ana tech people are all the clinics of your fours up because she is a cheese is number two without of a gift if that’s what was up yet really wanted lucky Daschle’s these these are four to eyed at

where the hell is walking a mile I checked of what one might mean Guys II take it off and conspiracy theory should hear the sat November there has been 8 to 1 lane on the ability to communicate with people freely says something are I can not send out emails without it being A span issue even though I have followed every single rule and long on how to authenticate an e-mail from my server that I see it that e-mail to that person and it’s been an issue I GI it will other countries old more from the U.S. is I just emailed a guy who need a Madrid as I’ve tried to get my name off your list three times I know why my servers e-mail and three times a piece clicked on subscribed are so Percival had only a member of my website if you want to know for a newsletter from a song out to your reason to a gay you and so the desert I haven’t you guys are stocking are one or two your four should you talk to your force about that stuff because their schools are down as therefore should be one to 20 loss on the fight for the R815 for Phil Lichter and serum show was B Wright and we’ve got what it will light and an at the same time where we’re a nation today are forth like all you can run it like all of force if I’m not there should be runni that communicate the community should note that the schedule is more important than ideas are fighting I am not the end of appeals last word essay on how this community runs I’m the Intel below where this community is going not what we’re doing it a day off

we OK so were watching the right, weiss’ like we got him ordering top 25: for homemaker and would I have what we’re about 20 they way you are five room and said well the top 20 is and that they think they can hit the anybody they want to anytime they wa and no one’s allowed get them back located, said that’s not my role the word I ask and the weed is now she and my lights so my roles are the world’s the R A in that they can sell conceded in text and Ida one tips of concealing one saw about me in there with the role I’ve put in plac I’d try to make sure that the rules are designed around groups are and so I guess we could watch what I do why I’m doing I am a whole fleet providing leadership in gross IIII want that to the the core of everything I do and not the major offset a mime in the mistakes and some Point I’m it really is what I’m trying to accomplish and all times and the up I get she days I did a drug and painter five for six days a the output that saw that sub yielded I’ve been at the end of the Akita formalizes a wily dns all day and today the nice I can compartmental deny I can fix that I can’t accept it all matters that if he added the late bill yes you one of my first Air Force you want for sharp force of life of via the eye it’s it’s the R you have this is Soo see I said and I see yeah I said a nice to that that that if that that that gift to that day selling them to item for lee Bowes of fifth in this

dispute that it and 36 to one of things I did was I had an or four system at 1. on that was all ballots up personalities the overly aggressive g its passage aggressive guy that the persons who are alone open mike the up but surrounding yourself by different points of views is a good balance system if you’re going to be our five whereas I got guys like we’ll understand what you’re burning all my team only because you’ll have a key I hate to be that belittling to you that you don’t have a team if you don’t know why attack to the one here guys with acacia to that a member of your teen the eye if he doesn’t know that that one OK the then you failed as a leader and if you’re coming on to me about that I’m the tally and I don’t care that you failed as a leader not everybody that the teams themselves to be in charge because they bought up, Lyons is a leader the of its I’ve I’ve got a separate demotion from the reality DL leaders are ones like now Willis and ask for money to buy the R but but which one can do but it is devoted to the won’t stop do what he’s doing the of I’d like it if you wanna be the guy that says well unless the stock to but if you don’t put a stop to it now you have to deal with the other economists [looking better we are via right to own a comment late 1920s and tried some balls are with the awesome again to soar to live on for king county coroner I I bet on squat had to reduce load NASA I suspect it’s been a big bob has gone but that GM I suspect as for compiling her a bauble a suspected the body somebody was always too was something I know are reset : do you doubt that this would allow four to 04 0.09 the summer rally and somebody half to 55 F for not doing that that if the

Wallowa can provoke midsummer be stupid and then they stopped the it is different because my right now , begin the cure option right now are a buyer If to care case OK to say that they threaten the tour at heart of a flashlight was up with weekly Turgeon for body to them but but up to them what your case top of the catalyst or worse cello budget for 25 big of a looped fifth of the end of students, 15 of the end of the reason ago that there’s some of the offices of this so that are available on a ship , the of the art what do the courts who are where is

tempted to do again to do to a deadly guys were five men of all the way it all in wonder of the Il theirs are leaders farms or systematic three men are nonetheless I that course called it all to this is: he’s he’s bobbled the ball down the dom mind of all that’s a big guy to he’s got some good stuff that one of some seven am I at am up into schools as $100,000,000 loan more weak 150 bucks to spend 50 bucks for no other reason than to the skin you talk about a corner of with no desire to half that of that watch the whole holders for an awesome and he’s got some good stats of fluid blood to see eights and east of the questions quick and easy baskets or 3¢ to get via to have various of DOS attack fifth half of the head of actually TR guy keeps waiting for a 420 come rescue and it’s always tough we need you to cross the line caretaker us one last time I say care court day cross a line today which is under 24 hours a day-to-of- that’s exactly right, but that has a has a five-bite me-that already have researched along tree can no bowl although their alliance leader has opened mansions of the Ira – high one of the number one in the killings not to your kids I lost all 101 troops over 52,000 Destiny Ross and a earth have given

are looks and reported up a close attention : was all that’s what guess what I’m on my second of I’d pay among my beast airship of earth , needed yet the plane called Ku just leave us for little people long to producing two million Ira today on a farm got little people you’ an old Michael outlets happen so we have 1.50000009 122 K , look and she was going on for king of the catacombs spare must be open and are open and they got lots that are opening up packs them that they can ship them for 021 week into our street had to dig our weapons are all that’s why we get more weapons away in the eye of all the guard weapons and wildfire of top level of sorry Chechen CIA was shipped more urgent much troops would be to limit them to march to a recent calls a scout, see what is not for troops on cop killer troops I’m I’m taking these guys off the leaderboard a kingdom kills the are that this is an alliance that wants to play the works little more game until the war game shows up on the front door then they wanna play the diplomatic that all he’s he’s battled extricate an indoor side that we have a bowl game three W is overheard the same time it’s a daddy’s on a ship was so that my one of 1 mile on a cross a line with the looking for an excuse to burning three W. Thomas

but he doesn’t control table runner miles of fact or fiction for their overburden eyes they have no excuse to burnish pure theor that it often takes too long to burn the four touchdowns to 2 to 2 but the reality is tier came in at half the members quit the game was that they would say wild, do I wanna do when I log on and why they’re the same people that go all the lost 12 troops along the mile bike ride my bike of cactus deal for Doug Overton 9 ho are whenever the lame excuse to be low 12,000,000 for for king how much march capped are one step at a much they spend that much money at nine and 10¢ first when the first back and got him the sobriquet the mill ’cause a half a dozen years of the Fairwood for collide to you and happy mother and mother stays like in three weeks or new fat and that right front of me and training program and it must run off the ball on bubble for king

casinos and Renee was still a wonder when you really have much to do it their their power swordfish and because of some Reeboks and this is the problem hat with people go to a Liverpool, botched insid because you can’t play 15 council wants but you can buy 15 the council wants that to your case care case bubbles are going up mail to food or hash tech took you create the R to the week if it had spoken man gave it I’ve , the funky creep got blocked by due to lack of funny guy best able to grip the ball into a block of blowing up off a queue hill of Crete to that cafe at what is this by saying that utility for its merits of use it for you which one of the S then we did is like met in the morning for most the country and we’re like 42 Marines to double their viewership to the Serbs br to head off to the Golan I’ve been to realign the key to that if all of ocean

road. So and IE fifth for the fifth half against the fish that fifth to eighth and fifth half will pay the like their stuff and the draught ads why did the law was a testament to pay why are we doing to spark men receive loan and again. Harvey’s fully only crack nannies got out of the resource is open to all and I will I will burn the troops up all followed up with four more Marches for review or did get some over myself here of all the bubbles that’s the deciliter the kingdom of the reliant Richard F think that you burn a castle them to see their true selves that was a good laugh for half pay a sales council test this was called the plan and

FM and CC to speed its easy to have a ride on the screw ourselves over days of I’m not looking summers, from my can do it alone who was an open mike love coaches of that just happened she she has strayed into it or not and that shall have bright Brian big if you have read every one of several minutes off the creeper are getting some of the end of a group house I lose 4000 power on a zero loss for content

all have to be a end if the leaders of Greece and left fifth left and left to lift act and act and act and tear cays, La Montana castles and all their lives and and that of hand to get out of 51362362 blows up to that that that that because of I would find it funny

and if that kept Scars a lack of relief : a book and an All-Star war over there with the units are out looking for 362, has no comfort to report something of a back burner has look and am looking for that vote for NAFTA half to one toledo’s easier didn’t come patrol reputation in the a response to and I know of anything over here not that far summing up the charts as I haven’t seen for student labs are known for some reason half of the 50-fifths of the fifth of the fifth half-fifth of the fifth of food and that its they did, did they and they have to drive through every time I-AA of frightening thought the driver of a of have fat and 1/2-day I can and can’t let go of movie wasn’t the ended the was one of the ado where’s my cart

that if that ball three was the drive through four was a cell phones to first 52 in the first met and that if he can keep the trap of call that he was personally and most these people listen right now are not hold on to know that the s , there’s nothing next month as free it’s not free to taxpayers. The same name that if via 2 to 2 we have lost the use of some U.S Status of the nine million to less, scrutiny over conceded something we had agreed to get together physically go kill them before a committee lines of idle boast castle has pitched one wants to collect one of the house , how this, control to create much ado boss to something else until the one part of one just burned all of us just pass unlike we’re still OK , made the right of -care of funds during the same thing To my eyes on her Was OK if that he he threw Kay 140

PM some adult the kingdom just to some are chipping me know I’m sure not mail from homes where one’s of hell us in the background , oh my gosh is to get through the number of people in the PMA African amazing effort on balance, the hand and left fifth Simpson that soon and arson records and use it for Congress to one or incest are , of fear half and we have had on how the gun control the fast and they are well at this for details like I’ve screwed up here we are one the Il three

I always got away some in creating the county open the balls with 40 to 70 Washington to death that if he come so quickly swept the switchboard was too long to deny his own is always a wall is a wall and for the help you this whole scheme personal computer for its delicacy got the old movie referred to wish it had the day of ’cause we’re bringing the crab, everybody and quite frankly drama as good as some believe the Frick alliance be a hit in rubber neck and rubbernecking at all and got half I were a year- like those are spawning may up some ways: if that a five-fifth and for that to stocking this is next level be on abuse I got to a day of is a bit of a little Italy look for 21 to 22 years patrols , of

guest is says he from kingdom 140 and the Russian as are you from kingdom 140 and a teller shore via Burton of money stamp of indulging in polls come back with a clear in tomorrow will script of the work of four of 1/2 were stopped in tights to continue to chat a well , let me a yell if the council of life hold my gosh, we got here in scouts, no one years are seeking 148 hours to reach 2222 quite frankly for a day, were via fish are a lot say what I am going to call this is this our own off into one call the confers to another to worry our own back to the next of kin to reporters for each one some broken right accepted was one of the whose their use washer spot sprawl Gucci are

the digest ideally loved our noble we’re gonna do that anyway are folks this is why we want to put the the communications force out there and II don’t know why we’re live chat fill down so fast is like a sieve when I heard one step and did register my brain are of what she sent a porter’s it to a new homes as windows of we’ll deal with this tomorrow that figure was going on and like this and I don’t know that it’s anything to do with what we have here is to be some separate beaches trigger the fall of wills tools and as it is appreciated everybody only in the stream now think you were issued one and stream and stream running