PAX Online Day 5 – Stream 3 – Goose Theatre

screen in fact that’s what I’m going to do right now I’m going to take this lovely mug of tea to drink every morning and I’m going to turn off my camera step away from my computer and said that I hope you have a great time at Pax online and I hope you visit AFK online what you can find through the packs website there’s an AFK page and there’s a link to AFK online right there and come visit if you need it thanks I have a great day I keep running out of HP how do I keep my health up from unconscious in the underdark unconscious thank you so much for your question I’m so happy to try to help I’ve really been working on my mentorship skills now that I’m taking care of the new C team recruits but I have to admit I wasn’t sure what HP one I asked my totally platonic friend palton what HP was and he laughed at me but he said it has something to do with like not dying so I assume it means happy and healthy cheese feelings but I definitely have lots of those because I am a servant of the morning Lord Lysander have you heard about levander if not let me know because I would love to tell you about him but anyway you said you keep running out of HP well I can’t honestly say that something that happens too much to me as a 12th level Paladin theoretically if it was hard for me to keep my happy healthy PCS up I would probably invest time and some good old-fashioned Adventurer self care sworn the oath of the Ancients myself I like to go looking for Rejuvenation in nature especially in the morning the sunset this morning was amazing the morning or really outdid himself I mean if that’s even possible but every morning I think it is because it’s so gosh darn beautiful and okay yeah but the the sunset this morning was amazing oh but you know how love is like a flower like a sunflower one time my professional acquaintance with a pen pal Omen want set me a pressed sunflower in a letter and I thought about how love like sunflowers always bears and fruit or seeds and from those thieves gross new life and new life is just like the dawn like what the end of the morning Lord is that amazing everything comes back to levander Banner with Banner with hey my name is Akash the car and I’m Ryan Ike and This Is Us calamity so before we get into anything let’s start with a little story those of you who were born or lived in North America for a really long time you probably know about Niagara Falls or does a choo choo choo set of waterfalls that spans the border between USA and Canada if you’re born anywhere near the border you have to go it’s like a tourism rite of passage but in the 1960s they turned it off core of army Engineers came together and actually shut the waterfalls off cuz they wanted to see if they could give it a face-lift and repair stuff around it so they took one of the biggest waterfalls in the world and just shut it off so they put up a bunch of stuff a bunch of barricades to block it and took something that had massive momentum and massive force behind it and just made it and that sort of situation is kind of what we’re dealing with right now whether you had tons of momentum before 20/20 or not a lot of things are on hold a lot of things are cost for flag of a better word and when so much is happening in

the world so much tragedy and turmoil and just vs is going on we as create 10 to wonder if things are ever going to continue if they’re ever going to get back to normal if they’re ever going to be better again so hopefully through this talk we can do what the engineer’s day with Niagara Falls after a. got Pawz they released it and everything went back to normal again and hopefully we can give you some ideas on how to get your way back to some degree of creativity for activity happiness Focus, whatever it maybe if we can help you even 1% then that would be amazing so let’s get into Who We Are and I’m Ryan and I’m a composer and sound designer for the work on things like west of loathing Reigns Game of Thrones and where the water tastes like the car I do sound design for video games of all time games like Destiny hyper light Drifter concrete Genie and I bunch of others and I also do a lot of public speaking in and out of the game industry to help creatives Thrive especially in times like these so in this talk we’re going to be covering to kind of Maine Broad topics the first is staying sane and focused during all of this and the second is staying or becoming creative so for those of you who have a creative location that you already do bring it back into your life making it more of a focus and making it so that it becomes a centerpiece of your life again if it did indeed Fall Away during all of the stuff that’s going on which is completely understandable so with so many people being hit hard over and over and over again all over the world how should we even stay sane how should we stay focused I should we even stay creative or thoughtful or imaginative if you’re anything like me and unless you’ve melted a plastic cutting board and destroyed your mom’s oven trying to make a Totino’s party pizza you’re not like me you’re better but let’s if you’re like me right now it feels like you’re constantly being pulled between the desire to be productive to live a balanced life and to help others during some possible time tending to it seems like a fresh personal or national or Global disaster literally every day being a creative freelancer is fucking hard and keeping yourself in a healthy mental place where you feel like you have all these factors under control can be difficult in the world doesn’t feel like it’s all in the part so well what we’re talking about here is always important for what we do it’s even more vital in this incredibly challenging moment comes out is kind of like being trapped under a car next to a shrieking anthropomorphic warthog monster really wants to show you pictures of his trip to Graceland a fucking suck you don’t really understand how it happened and you have no idea when it’s going to be over so what we talkin about here are ways that you can develop a healthy mentality around your life as a freelancer and then expand that mentality to help you not a to buy this impossible situation we’re all in but driving it and survived Beyond it’s another point I’d like to bring up is all about managing news and social media and social media we become happier we could come or saying we become more focused and that’s not really surprising to anybody but yet so many of us engage with it cuz frankly it’s addictive they wanted to be a detective they wanted to actually make us angry because that’s an addictive emotion and we want to keep clicking and do scrolling and getting making things worse and worse and worse for us so one thing I’ll say is that you don’t need to stay up-to-date on everything yes catch up every so often but you don’t need to be watching the news 24/7 or scrolling Twitter 24/7 to see what the trending stories are every single hour of every single day at yes of course you can catch up you can do what you need to do but just checking on the news constantly just makes things worse for you and makes it harder for us to act and harder for us to really do much of anything If all we’re doing is Doom scrolling all the time so obviously we limit our exposure to that but the main thing is not watching mainstream media and out of this audience I don’t think that’s going to be be to top of a because we tend to be a little more savvy than are weird uncle on Facebook is posting conspiracy theories all the time but it’s just something to keep in mind that means stream media makes its money off of making you an us angry that’s how they make their money and it’s something that we do wants to avoid day today because frankly we don’t want to stay informed from them if it means we’re seeing it through a lens of complete pessimism and in a lens that makes it so that they make money off of other people’s frankly misery and when it comes to social media don’t be afraid to just block on following mute everything and everyone my Twitter I’ve blocked basically every word in the English language and it is pure and clean but one thing I will tell you to do on Twitter which has been massively helpful on the right hand side there’s like a trending news sort of section and I change the country of that from the US which obviously all know is a garbage fire and I trained that to Saudi Arabia I

don’t speak Arabic at all and I have no idea what’s going on over there so now I see a bunch of news Michael’s over on the right instead of just a bunch of us nonsense I see a bunch of Saudi Arabia news that I can’t even read so it makes it so it doesn’t even permeate into me and caused me to get angry and doom scroll and make my day worse and worse and prevent me from becoming more and more creative and being able to serve people like you so that’s just a fun little tip for you so cash is absolutely correct about finding ways to be more choosy and careful about your exposure to news without completely checking out but I’m someone who really Hales political news because I really care about those issues and how they’re affecting people and the World At Large but I only got good at limiting my consumption to it this year I going to kind of engine on it and then feeling horrible 4 days to just checking in every now and then and still awful a but then I feel a lot healthier and happier and able to do my job because I’m limiting my consumption but what if you’re someone who feels that limiting your exposure to all the horrible things going on and all the awful things happen to people will also limit your ability to help how can you be a good Ally if you don’t know what’s going on all the time this is something I worry about a lot but there’s a huge difference between staying healthy lean form so you can pitch in and do what you can as an ally and taking in so much depressing news that you’re basically Dumbledore at the end of the Half Blood Prince when he’s drinking like that huge boil the poison a book I found out earlier this year was actually written by a cute dog who learned to use a typewriter and has no loud and regressive opinions about anyone’s gender identity what’s so near not all bad news the difference between hurting yourself and being healthy so you can help others is to take in all the horrible news Tactical but when you are engaged in catching up with what’s going on in the world note two causes that you care about the people being hurt or disadvantaged animals being abused environmental causes education the Arts whatever might be then I recommend scheduling a set amount of time every week 20 to 30 minutes is fine to me less as you need or want and set aside that time to actually what you can do to help you can about that time to researching donating to Charities supporting the things you care about even five to ten bucks is really helpful especially if you have the space to do a recurring monthly to sort of thing you can sign petitions and spread them around you could write a blog post highlighting an issue that you feel isn’t getting enough representation options for helping a person or of course limited right now but if you’re able a lot of homeless shelters women shelters in animal sanctuaries are actually offering socially distance ways to drop off donated items or supplies or even volunteer while still being mindful of Cobra and keeping yourself safe you can do more personal acts of service to from checking in on friends and family to see how they’re doing especially when two or more isolated to just doing a chore or making a meal so an overworked or over stressed spouse who’s is also suffering in the World At Large doesn’t have to if turning away from the news even partially for your own health feels like turning a blind eye to the chaos going on in the world right now setting aside just a little bit of time every week provided what is this just a bystander watching is a train Koreans towards the edge of a broken bridge for a few moments every week Spider-Man parts of the engine in casting out webs trying to slow it down no single web is going to stop it but altogether together over time you can lend a lot of physical and mental well-being the others while still preserving your own now when it comes to asking for help that’s okay that’s the one thing that we really want to hammer home here as that’s like the most OK thing in the world asking for help is actually a very Noble thing to do instead of keeping it all inside because no one can help you unless they know that you need something from your friends or family a professional whatever it may be and one thing we do want to make very clear is that you never a burden if you reach out even if it’s something that you feel isn’t a big deal like maybe you’re just dealing with sickness of a pet or something like that and compared quote-unquote to the rest of the world you may think so but that’s not so bad I’m not dealing with something as bad as everyone else that may be true and some level but also if you’re feeling it if it is sad if it is getting in the way of your day if it is making it so that you can’t function as well as you were then that is worth reaching out for it is a okay to ask for help even if you feel that the thing that you want help with isn’t as big as other things in the world even reaching out people will be happy to help you friends are thrilled to help you in those sorts of circumstances so 20/20 feels like being dragged to see cats in theaters accept the projector doesn’t work right so the movie on the moves at 1/4 speed and then freezes right when it was Albus spinning butt hole first into a mid-air cartwheel during this trying time I felt overwhelmed unprepared or just not able to

handle things a lot and ninety-nine percent of the time when I felt that way asking for help with her that was a friend calling my my wife someone I just knew decently well on social media that salt that we develop this unfortunate habit of trying to do everything ourselves in the one that doesn’t work when it falls down we try to fix it ourselves and you’d be surprised how often simply asking someone for help just is the answer if you’re worried about bothering people remember that like I mentioned earlier a lot of people out there actively looking for ways to help whether it’s globally are nationally or you know just interpersonal and the person who helps you might end up feeling really good to have gotten a chance so next time I feels like being trapped in slow motion showing of cats and cinnamon during it just consider asking the guy at the concession stand if you’ll just turn off the projector for you like I’m I’m sorry I just like I can’t do it Judi Dench is a cinnamon of treasure and they made her look like a fucking monster and I just can’t look at it anymore and Julio’s got you off and make the bed movie go away and you’re good so give it a try side of that coin helping other people as I talked quite a bit earlier when we touch done trying to be a good Ally right now a lot of us are seeing how difficult things are friends family strangers Etc in we want to do it we can help and that’s wonderful tell me a story should but I keeping remember is not to let your desire to help others turn into self-loathing and negative thoughts when you can’t sometimes we’re just not in a position to do much for others absolutely donate volunteer raise awareness of important issues start a podcast or video series to raise awareness whatever it is that you can do to help but if your life just doesn’t allow for those things right now and at times everyone’s doesn’t take the time to focus on you and what you need if you catch yourself feeling bad that you can’t do it all remember that will you can’t nobody can trying to keep your own work and personal ads balanced is already difficult enough without getting yourself up for not taking care of everybody else on your own so yeah even if you do to be a force of good and change in the world you still need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of other people now you’ve all heard of self-care we’ve heard those words put together a trillion times but I think there’s a little bit of murkiness when it comes to learning about self-care and Performing self care on ourselves when we do practice real true self care at least the better for your foot if it’s leads to being rested it leads to this feeling better overall but we tend to confuse self-care with Self Indulgence to rethink of self-care many of us tend to think things like oh I had a bad day something happened something on the way I was late for something whatever it may be how many 40 Donuts that’s not right healthcare that is more self it doesn’t really help us out of the city Jason that were in or doesn’t prevent future bad situations from happening as much as we can possibly control that true self care is doing something that will prevent some sort of problem will help us out in a situation in the future down the line was it be learning and watching helpful YouTube video talking to a friend talking to a parent talking to a real often we tend to mistakes that sort of self-care with things hanging Doom scrolling getting sucked into social media overeating like effing crazy even though I love donuts in one sitting no problem those two things don’t actually help us an often we feel worse after the fact to practice of self-care is deposit really think about what are the things that give you energy when was the last time you look up doing something that wasn’t work and you realize that more time had passed any thought I want to make clear that doesn’t have to be meaningful just restorative for you specifically so you don’t have to learn to meditate or scale mountains in your free time unless those specific things give you energy and you want to if taking up soap making and creating custom fragrances for all your friends causes you to get so lost in it that you don’t realize what you’ve done until you’ve been tuned yourself inside a Bath & Body Works of your own design I mean that’s great Counterpoint if binging 8 episodes of selling Sunset hep C recharge because watching Christine the human drama tornado put on a neon green heels and I drew an 18 franchise poor breakfast makes you feel like you could do anything go for it We fall into is that we spend our limited free time on things that don’t recharge us playing a game we’re not feeling any more picking up a hobby because we’ve been made to feel like that’s what we should be doing right now so think about what restores you will give you that energy back and do it so let’s summarize staying sane section the number one and make sure you manage your exposure to news and social media because that will help you quite a bit even just that alone number to you can be there for others without draining yourself you do need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others and number three you want to be intentional with your self care don’t want to just go in to Self Indulgence some of that totally fine I’m not saying eating a donut is always bad cuz I’ve

done it we’ve all done it we don’t want to always go down that path when it comes to taking care of ourselves so we talked about how to care for yourself how to care for others so let’s first talk about something that might feel even further Out Of Reach right now which is how do we make stuff talk to a lot of fellow musicians artists programmers writer since this year started in a, dark spot that we’re all kind of having is is it even worth that people need health care they need housing then you clean air and water and a hopeful future and it just doesn’t feel like my art matters now doesn’t doesn’t and the short answer that question but I can already feel some of you sing along with me is Animal Crossing forgive me I don’t remember who but I heard someone say that that game probably saves lives this year and as silly as that sounds I think it’s true they gave people living in the scary uncertain World a place where they could feel like they were in control a place it was cute and kind and colorful and you can make it into whatever you wanted the place where when we feel completely isolated we can still hang out with her friends and family and feel that connection place for my goddamn turn up never sell for more than 46 fucking Belle’s comp what do you want for me have I not given you everything in here and capitalism aside a game about cute animals as did that for people in a time of unprecedented crisis are is how we impact the world given what we do and you don’t know what affect yours is going to have like what solace is going to bring people so it absolutely matters and I would argue it matters now more than during normal times so yeah by not giving up we’re actually able to help others like Ryan was saying with Animal Crossing when people are trapped at home during a pandemic what are they engaging with their engaging with the work that creative people are making if it wasn’t for that stuff people would be way more bored bored and way more worse off than they are now so thankfully we have creative people for still creating despite all the stuff that’s going on and I hope that’s going to be you as well so remember you never really know what Comfort or Escape or insights someone else will get from your work and more importantly you don’t get to decide that for them if you quit just because you assume people have no use for what you’re making right now that’s exactly what you’re doing so how do we must have the energy to actually be creative when it’s just the Final Act of Ghostbusters happening outside your window all the time and no Sigourney Weaver’s not there so it’s basically pointless well you don’t have to make a huge Masterpiece in one guy that’s really important give yourself permission start small remember that 10 minutes of creativity a day just 10 minutes is literally infinitely better than nothing at all and we start small start really small even if you falling off of a habit that used to have rebuild it in really small chunks and you can use something that’s called tiny habits which is proven in psychological research to bring habits back up to speed or to start new ones completely from scratch and a tiny have it is really simple all the time you have it is is doing something so laughably small every single day that it’s impossible guitar and you want to get back into playing guitar well instead of saying OK my practice 6 hours a day every single day I’m going to get back to it I’m going to turn into it no that doesn’t work doesn’t work instead we say to ourselves okay I’m going to play one chord and that’s it that’s it for the entire day if you play one chord if you do one pushup if you walk around the block or take two steps outside whatever it may be win and of course the funny thing that will happen is that you play one chord you do one pushup you start to think the way more than that it’s stupid I could want to do way more it makes it much easier to go further when we start with a very small goal in mind that I recommend you do this for literally any have it that you want to build start unbelievably small to the point where you think it’s almost pointless to do that thing that’s the right size of tiny have it to start with and let’s say you’re not able to improve yourself at all let’s say you couldn’t write one more word when you get the day before it get down one more line of code compose one more know if you literally haven’t improved at all since the last time you tried that’s okay to forgive yourself and you try again you will get that snowball rolling as long as you don’t stop because you didn’t see progress from one day to the next so what are we discussed well for one your art could help someone a great deal without you ever really knowing how or where or why people need that kind of thing now more than a peaceful time so you making what you make is arguably more important now than it normally is and doing next to nothing is still better infinitely better than doing nothing at all and your productivity doesn’t relate to your worth as a person just because you may be on hold you may be positive maybe taking some rest you may be helping others whatever it may be that

doesn’t mean you’re the worst person for not treating all the time that’s not what we’re trying to say here trying to say is that if you do want to get back from that if you do want to help others if you feel you have the capacity to do that here are some some and how you start in a couple final takeaways I think it’s really important to remember that these times won’t last forever I’m not saying that racial Injustice or political upheaval pandemic is just going to disappear but people are fighting against these things and they’re going to keep fighting against these horses in overtime these things probably won’t go away but they are going to get better remind yourself that the skills are developing right now during this extremely challenging time are just useful now they’re going to serve you the rest of your life or other things are crazy out there or not you’re likely going to look back on all this and say it was awful it sucks there was something about Idris elba’s paint flipping through the air I don’t really understand the analogy he was making and that particular moment but the point is it was really bad and I came out stronger because of it and now I’m more capable of being a better more resilient creative who is more capable of helping themselves and helping others is this year is for a lot of people these sorts of hard times can really shape us into just a powerful mjolnir that we can use to crush all of our enemies in the future all seriousness it does make a big difference with those of us who do power through it as best as we can in whatever way is healthy for us whatever that may look like for you that will make us better people better able to help in the future better able to deal with hard times in the future and better able to stay creative give relief to others and even ask for help of others as well a one more thing please if you have follow-up questions or other unrelated questions or you just want to say hi please reach out to us we always offer and no one ever does it but we really are happy to help so feel free to hit us up if we can do something for you like Ryan said get in touch please so many people come to our talks and then say I didn’t want to email you and bother you know he was her contact info please get in touch we are happy to speak to you further so thank you so much for coming out thank you for watching our talk we really really appreciate it again please get in touch and we’ll talk to you soon

this is Mars an adventure game said before during and after the big bang Cosmic gunshot aimed at the heart of a god Rockets the universe into existence and must be undone explore the expanding Universe to discover Clues on how you might destroy the Big Bang and prevent this tragedy you’ll stumble through CD speakeasies transform energy into matter create far out Jazz duets discover what’s inside a gas giant track animals to primeval Woods watch Stars die is film Noir creation myth Kenmore at Genesis more game Com and help destroy the universe universe my name is Eve crochet and I’m the executive director of take this a mental health nonprofit that serves the game industry you may know take this as a Pax attendee in the past from r a f k room switch are a feature of in-person conventions and here we are at Pax online with a online and one of the reasons that so important is because just like in a regular can imperson convention a space that you can go to to relax and quiet your mind and take a a break from the intensity of the convention is important here to and the reason we care about this and the reason this is something even to talk about is because of online convention that only is it new it’s also pretty intense experience in ways that word I used to and so I’m here to help you identify some ways to take care of yourself stay calm and feel like you have your tools for self-care so I encourage you to remember even though packs online is a 24/7 convention for 9 days that it’s okay to miss things you will in fact Miss many things things it’s okay to feel like you’re not finding your friends you will in fact

not always find your friends online it’s okay to feel like this is strange Okay to feel distracted and it’s probably going to happen manager expectations and understand that this is a strange experience and a strange new way of working it’s fine it’s okay and take breaks walk away give yourself the opportunity to rest and recharge just like a regular convention the same basic self-care principles apply get enough sleep eat proper meals drink plenty of water and walk away from your screen in fact that’s what I’m going to do right now I’m going to take this lovely mug of tea to drink every morning and I’m going to turn off my camera step away from my computer and set the I hope you have a great time at Pax online and I hope you visit AFK online what you can find through the packs website there’s an AFK page and there’s a link to AFK online right there and come visit if you need it thanks I have a great day what

Warriors and Adventure game set before during and after the big

bang Cosmic gunshot aimed at the heart of a god Rockets the universe into existence and must be undone explore the expanding Universe to discover Clues on how you might destroy the Big Bang and prevent this tragedy you’ll stumble through CD speakeasies transform energy into matter create far out Jazz duets discover what’s inside a gas giant track animals to primeval Woods watch Stars die is film Noir creation myth more igenesis more game. Com and help destroy the universe universe

strange Okay to feel distracted and it’s probably going to


manage your expectations and understand that this is a

strange experience and estranged strange new way of working it’s

fine it’s okay and take breaks walk away give yourself the

opportunity to rest and recharge just like a regular convention

the same basic self-care principles apply get enough


eat proper meals drink plenty of water and walk away from your

screen in fact that’s what I’m going to do right now I’m going

to take this lovely mug of tea to drink every morning and I’m

going to turn off my camera step away from my computer

I hope you have a great time at Pax online and I hope you visit

AFK online what you can find through the packs website

there’s an AFK page and there’s a link to AFK online right there

and come visit if you need it thanks I have a great day


spaces are Round Table on asexuality and that entire

Spectrum in all of the greatest places out there in our world of

the TTR cheap RPG community

ourselves and then we’re going to jump right into it will start

off with Joey Buy my name is Joey pronouns are he and him and

I m o t t e r p c content creator on Twitch and put her as

nomadic next up is luciella

310 Scarlet my friends and she her and they even in from

Melbourne Australia I am a Russian Illustrated making

tabletop role-playing games

Sam my pronouns are they them and I’m a disability Advocate

and then accessibility director

with you and my pronouns are she her and I am a ttrpg content

creator and Community manager for the D&D adventurers League

I’m Lauren my pronouns are she her I am a game designer and

streamer and the co-creator of the TT RPGs safety toolkit

can see me around Twitter on the D&D Fitness #and also in my big

campaign that I just finished running for charity out on

YouTube and hopefully with some publish content coming up soon Welcome to our panel and we’re going to jump right into this as we have a limited amount of time to talk with you and I am just open up as a discussion so first thing I think we want to just chat about a little bit is just some of the arrow Ace and Demi sort of myths and stereotypes that we’ve all bumped into out there either in or ttrpg experiences or just a a creative content creator out there in the world so I’m going to start opening up for table and let folks sort of talked about some of the things that they bumped into or think that they’d like to just let people know more about being a person on the AC Spectrum first or I can just jump right in I’ma go first with the one with we are not robots I think a lot of people immediately think

a and think emotionless hope people who don’t know how to experience emotions or relationships or and certainly because of the whole spectrum that is involved with it how to understand romance or love and which is I think far from the truth for a lot of us while we may not have that piece of sexual attraction I know for myself it makes some of the other things even more meaningful to me I mean how about some of y’all yeah go ahead it’s okay yeah that makes so much sense and is the truest thing like I I love fiercely so there’s definitely kind of know at least for me there’s no basis in that in Motionless type of person like I love fiercely I feel fiercely I may not always show it but in here there’s always a whole lot going on mean I I come from I realize that I was on the Spectrum later in life I probably maybe 5 or 6 years ago that I might that I might be ace I consider myself Demi but yes like realizing it it it made a lot of sense realizing that that was something that might be a part of my personality like I mean is I’ve had relationships I you know at some point in the future might like to have more relationships but it’s just that I don’t necessarily need that physical part of it at least the sexual part of it cuz I love intimacy like cuddles are the best everybody cuddle everybody should cuddle I just don’t need that sexual part to be fulfilled fulfilled yep I have also been missing cuddles on romantic and asexual and the Stereotype that I actually do like my child Photoshop image of a but it’s actually the idea of a to be forever alone that you will happy endings run off to the sunset together or is he a sexuals like and in some cases need anyone else I’m an independent that stuff but I actually do like companions I like cuddling I like found family I cry a lot when I read friends and family and beautiful friendships sorry yes I’m a e i it’s a sexuality and I Romanticism and not about being alone it’s just a different type of wits all it is is not feeling attraction that’s rings so true I mean we’ve got three folks talked about cuz so I think it was the other ones I’m going to throw it over to Lawrence am enjoys your butt a salon X Burberry Touch starved because of that stair tread let me do all finds that as well Joey Sam or or Lauren actually I wanted to that like there is no one has experienced because I ate I agree that yeah a lot of times it is people like people who aren’t in relationships can be very touch starved because the idea of physical intimacy is related to the Romantic for the sexual but like a lot of times if you say all I want is representation the well-meaning allosexual the your life will be like yes more play tonic cuddling as if the idea of Ace representation is platonic cuddling when a lot of asexual people are an aromantic people end allosexual and Ella romantic people are Touch of verse and so the idea that like to represent an asexual or aromantic person is like somebody who just cuddles play tonically is not is not that like it’s very uncomfortable and also the idea that East people don’t ever have sex or can’t enjoy sex like split between like sexual attraction vs. sexual desire vs

like the nerve endings firing and sending chemicals to your brain like Parts about sex like I’m a gray sexual person which means that I experienced occasional sexual attraction but like that doesn’t make me any less a dad and a demisexual person or somebody who’s totally asexual I can actually speak on the touch aversion and I very I don’t know I’m I’m freshly out is a Citizens has been about a year experience for me is a lot of Education in and still learning and honestly that is a big thank you to all spot for being open about it on the twitterverse you had posted something else while ago and like it was like oh that’s a lightbulb bulb low so but I don’t know if my aversion to touch is because of being like a s t or based on Lake Ace however like things like holding hands and kissing and even when couples are kind of funny okay because there are you know there are people on the base you know Spectrum better are totally open to that and that’s the thing and that’s okay but there’s also some of us were just like I just like being in your presence I just like being around you and that’s good enough for me I mean I think when everyone’s a little bit here is just like all sexuality is it to Spectrum I mean Sandy when I chimed in Lake gnome actually it’s definitely a still like a learning curve kind of in I guess we’re figuring out exactly what I’m comfortable with and just sort of figuring out this new version of me like it’s what I’ve always felt like but I never had a name or anything for it so you know have that one clock you at 31 years of age is a fun adventure here to sort through like like you know the forever alone stereotype and or the robotics ISM that kind of thing I’m actually I am I need a long-term relationship I’ve engaged so that actually sort of those stereotypes made it harder for me to figure out you know who I am and that I am a just because I was very much stuck in those mines that’s as well but I’m I’m in a relationship almost eleven years now I don’t know it’s it’s definitely more of there’s no monolith or anything like that and I even oscillate wildly between sort of touch of version and not its changes like even individuals are on that spectrum of sort of oscillating between what we’re comfortable with and what we need is well I come in I can only speak to myself but what what you mean so describing around the fact that once once he knew your Ace a few things I think Joey’s Sub said that as well send a it like in a pasta it felt like a particular type of touch with it I’m probably still sex repulsed or at least partly 6 or the cuddling and the potato right now I don’t feel attraction that sort of thing I am quite comfortable with and I actually launch sorry that idea on indefinitely I think one of the most sorry please I discovered that I was a sphere Tumblr which is just a Minefield of a phobia was the idea that Ace people weren’t queer and because I like Sam M engaged in a long-term relationship for also almost eleven years so go us I am engaged to a straight man so for a long time I thought that I was straight and I

thought that you could be both straight and Ace and that is extremely isolating because I think a lot of a lot of these people don’t really feel like there is a community of aces around like we don’t talk about it as much because talking about being Ace means that you have to talk about sex and generally we don’t want to talk about sex I for a long time I thought I was straight and thought I was alone so I think yeah just the the myth that gets propagated that like these people are not queer that you can only be clear if your Ace and you have romantic attraction to somebody you know of the that is not a b that is not heteroromantic is is extremely damaging so that’s it that’s a bad Miss if you believe that you’re wrong that was something that I struggled with when I first began to suspect because I was engaged to to what we thought at this at the time was a straight man what would he would he he believed he was straight as a time and we now know that he is not but it began a. Of Discovery for both of us like you know I was beginning to feel very sexy for pulse because he like believing that he was a straight man and me and having that feeling that if I have a straight man this is what I need to be doing was you know and everything was fine and consensual and it was something that we were both you know okay with but at the time I was like I was beginning to feel that way and it was frustrating him and then I came out with that and it was something that you know just kind of began that Journey for both of us I cannot tell you how he hadn’t if I see is a beautiful rainbow of a man but like I struggled a lot with where I sit in the space like around the time I was beginning to suspect that I really was Ace I had gone to a conventional all the conventions now it’s like they give you the ribbons where is like you’re either a gamer or you’re an Allied and it looks like looking at a gamer a tour & Ally and and you know I’m looking at these ribbons and I’m like well I might be ace but I don’t feel like a gamer I’m going to take this Allied ribbon cuz you know that feeling that you know if people are not clear we don’t belong in the space it’s like I mean it is but like more instead it’s really isolated very much so I think yo I again I’ve liked your eye well I had self-identified I wasn’t really out until about 2 to two-and-a-half years going to first time I wore my colors were there is at Gen Con 2018 and that June was when I swear the first really I had kind of known my own identity probably for 5 or 6 years by that point but unless it really someone’s world was asking more probing into what was that point what was wrong with me though it was very much something that I was not trying to Advocate and bring visibility to but I think as I realize more and more just how little visibility there is and you again coming out later yo coming out in a public way later in life and even sort of discovering myself later in life it was it was interesting just just to see the number of people who still didn’t realize that there was an identity that fit them that yo they weren’t broken and that yo most yolk those people don’t even understand that there are sort of two different legs of Attraction both romantic attraction and sexual attraction and you the 3rd like that that I would love to bring more days with you is you aesthetic attraction and those three things you always a stool for a

lot of people to pillar all three things are in a line and they are inseparable but for a lot of us those are our three very separate things and can make it very confusing yo I’m home alone static I am a very much aesthetically attracted to the mail form which of course in 1980s South Georgia yo he’s gay if you like looking at guys better than you like looking at girls want to sleep with any of them so it’s I think that education piece to eat to go beyond even the romantic and sexual to rent romantic sexual anesthetic is still a huge transition that people need to make across the boat the queer Spectrum in even the straight Spectrum to understand that it’s okay to be yo straight but you by aesthetic yo that’s perfectly okay and it’s okay to eat at home or static but be sexually straight is still fine it’s just I think it’s a huge education huge education hard knowledge piece that is missing that I’m hoping that you’re part of us doing this and other folks go through all the different formats that we have can bring more attention to yeah I like to make the joke that we have a so we’re in this week in October and it’s a week long because that is how long it takes to explain the difference between remote and sexual attraction and then like if you want to talk about is that I could traction I think that’s like a whole other week honestly mean I know for me at least like sort of having that realization of there’s a difference just was mind-blowing and in my case at least that was very much what made things so where to start to collect in fall into place like that aesthetic and romantic attraction is not equivalent to a sexual attraction and I definitely think if that is something that just society as a whole can build on and especially just a pet something that more openly has like a thing I think would be wonderful are you sure yeah I think if we if we think about the lgbtq community and the words that make up those does the alphabet soup like they’re all sexual we have your homosexuals you have your bisexual you know if you’re pansexual pansexuals and then a Romantics are just like chilling in the arrow man in the room and this idea. Like everything about weirdness is related to how you experience sexual attraction I mean even as a sexual that’s how we Define ourselves by like how we how we experience sexual attraction when like when like it’s and it’s so ingrained it’s it’s so hard for people to split that up you are bisexual there’s a chance you are also biromantic but you don’t call yourself by romantic bisexual you just call yourself bisexual and assumed everybody knows that means for a man speaking of you know the lgbtq acronym that a just general PSA is not for a lie just you yeah like 3 a.m. that it could be and none of them are out you the quilt bag yellow shut up and let us talk had to get that one off my chest so absolutely actually makes for a good transition for us and just heard our next big topic that we want to talk about which all this being creators or doing creative playthings making content out there is yo how you yourself can write or incorporate Apes themes Ace Ace Aro and do my themes in to your work educating other people on how they can help have

visibility inclusion in their work and also we have a very intersectional group here amongst us and how that all can sort of blend together to help just your visibility in general I think that’s the biggest thing that we can take from that our first section there is just how alone we all felt for so long and even before the start we were talking a little bit about hey what’s a media that has has great asexual representation all of us were like so yeah I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there I mean who was Art haven’t heard from you in a while and I know you’ve been waiting all sorts of great stuff lately yeah I mean as far as like making characters in TT RPGs in portraying them as my default is Ace That’s in it when when safety tools are involved lines of veils usually like romantic stuff or sexual content is usually pretty veiled form like me but like other characters that have like go love watching other people have romantic life like it’s great get your smooches on it’s not for me and it’s not going to be for my character and it’s it’s certainly been interesting because the the thing when it comes to especially performing in front of an audience or you have a product or something that is in front of an audience the audience loves to adjust ship things to do to put people in ships to put characters in ships and that’s great I love it I do it too but if I’m telling you that my character is space weather here is a player or the DM at the table or somebody’s participating respect that like don’t don’t put my character in this other situation hoping that it’s going to you know Fanfare right like don’t do that don’t respect it like Joey by default my characters are black left-handed and Ace I’m so sweet is a whole other can of worms cuz when you consider character creation there’s so little black fan art out there are black art in general like you know we have to actually spend the money to commission people which is 5 time doing that but you know when you’re just thinking about what a character looks like like well I got to go find something that I can give this artist and then look like Ark but that’s beside the point as a romantic asexual or sexual which is an asexual who must form very very close bonds with somebody before they can consider you know romantic attraction or relationship for the romance but similar to Joey anything further than that is going to go behind that Veil or not happen at all depending on the relationship that I feel my character may have a different character so by default you know all that that is a a factor in in playing games with me and then when I write characters I try to make sure Romance so very so so often does not factor into anything that I write you know whether it be like one shots or or just any sort of kind of any sort of media where there is a character like romance doesn’t really factored in so but if I if I wrote it you can pretty much be assured that a good half the 75% of the characters are going to be a somewhat somewhat I think I’m a little bit of an opposite for this because I really enjoy playing characters who are intentionally allosexual were East characters who do have sex but for non attractive like not attraction reasons but it is always like very intentional because to me looking at somebody and being like I would like to do a sex with you sir is about as imaginary in my head as like casting a fireball spell is like it’s the same it’s not real

but it does have to be like a very intentional thing if an and I usually say I usually decide ahead of time this character is allosexual this character likes to have sex with people and we’ll have sex with usually everybody usually I don’t have like a in between its legs 0 or 60 because that’s just fun and interesting to me but I think for playing and Ace character the starter version is like to just not have sex or romance in your game and then it just never comes up but that’s not like really representation for me what is romantic is representation is like having uncomfortable conversations with potentially a low sexual partners about like I loved you but I am never going to look at you and want to have sex with you that doesn’t mean we’re never going to have sex but it means that this is something that where you’re going to have to work through because I never going to look at you and think you’re hot or I find you sexually attractive and we don’t like to have those conversations especially when we put sexual content behind a veil if we are using like a lines and field system all of a sudden that takes all discussion of sex off the table kind of have to be open to having awkward conversations if you fail because bailing sex beans I would not like to role-play the mechanical aspects of sex but it doesn’t necessarily mean that like I don’t want to ever discuss sex at all that’s the point that I had not considered previously and I do think the awkward conversations like entertaining as you watch two characters who have never experienced that are even to people who have never experienced that try to navigate that whole thing like that is it’s very good to watch it’s very. That is something that I had not considered and thank you for that come for me I haven’t really explored a lot of bisexuality in tabletop role-playing I mean maybe that’s something I’ll try and future of it funny to ask to behold just had this conversation games with being a is not a big deal where I don’t even have to be out because it is an assumed that you would have sex cuz looks like the wilbury vanilla sexual people actually have it upfront conversation about washer relationship would consist of and so to me it’s like when I think of media where I feel like as an asexual person I could exist in that well it doesn’t even necessarily need to have a sexual practice it needs to have a view on relationships which is quite ruler which allows different types of people to exist and I say for example Legend of Zelda which has no canonical Ace Wrap as far as I know our link is my head kind of butt it does have is a world in which platonic relationships are valued yes this is sort of cute sexuality and brunettes in that weld but it’s not so that that’s something everyone experiences and it’s sexual and romantic relationships are the Pinnacle that we all need to be working towards that’s not the end goal of those games and to me when I creation my own will to my games yes sometimes it’s about putting actual asexual characters in there and calling him a sexual but a lot of the time it’s just thinking about how those relationships all right and how and what that will values so I guess guess hope for sure whether things I’m exploring in my world right now is that in sort of the creation myth are the earliest races were the

doors of the Dragonborn in the Dragonborn where are very much along those lines reproduction is just about reproduction and it is a discussion it was a it was actually two male Dragonborn swear I love you Adam and Steve of this of this world and it is the who who wants to carry the X who wants to do this because yo we don’t know what Dragonborn are in these cases these sort of primordial Dragonborn are very amorphous in there even the way they thought they were dragons and they became Dragon board because they wanted to have this sort of more humanoid form to be able to interact with the doors and so then it was a who wants to carry the X uo do we want to have kids do we not want to have kids you know but their relationship was an even there not in any way based off of either gender or based on yoga sexual reproduction so even though they did reproduce of probably good idea I’ll give to maybe so I have a will but I’ve developed game time for cousin which doesn’t have marriage it’s specifically says in the rules as an insult to Anna Wintour husband married but marriage is some of these idea that there is a relationship by Rocky which doesn’t exist in this world and I am I made a visual novel where you have the option where character wants to just give you a hug and you have the option to say no to that everyone does so I think giving like parts of the fact that relationships don’t have to follow a particular passion to be valid yeah because for me at least it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve really come to terms with at least that that label of being Ace it’s only in the last year that I’ve been able to really start incorporating it into characters it’s I have been sort of experimenting with it subconsciously I guess before that you know like you do but I for me at least I mean I’m just going to say I’m freaking ship trash I love that stuff to you You know this misconceptions about what being Ace means sort of made me question that because I was like he and I loving trash you like Sam steak and stuff to let me I’m not really a sexual I don’t know now it’s really nice to start to get to explore that with my characters who also by The Faults Are Always a sexual either a romance sick or panromantic usually panromantic because that’s what I am and I’m still just sort of enjoying being able to explore that and see whose identities for me it’s the start of speaking leg I’m also somebody who loves those awkward conversations especially in like the context of role play like like I had a PC who is right now pretty much for a playing with their first romantic Crush like ever there is there very touch averse worse and they just had to ask a party member for dating advice and it did not it was so adorable a like like they also bad anxiety and it was just a really good start because like bad is that was not too much role-playing really necessary for that like that everybody pretty much just got a shot of likes and trying to navigate that very cathartic for me at least brings up a good point especially when we talked about this awkward discussions I mean many of us your role play is a way for us to sort of Tryon on some of these things that we’re going to or have already experienced and real life and either might have wished they’d gone differently or that you that awkward conversation that you get to have in D&D yo can help you a lot of us

a way for you to try on that conversation of a hey I am finding myself in a yo than just friends relationship with this person but I also need to understand who I am in the way then this works with me in order to have that relationship grow or to make sure that it’s not yo that there aren’t mistakes that are made or feelings that are hurt later on down the road I think something that I’ve never actually got to role-play as an experience but I think would be interesting to explore as somebody who does like to play kind of more emotionally heavy games that are less like haha this is an awkward conversation and like this is an awkward conversation that is hard and painful is the idea of unenthusiastic enthusiastic consent and like Shameless self-promotion I wrote I wrote up series of micro games for asexual sexual characteristic of romantic you can get it on itch. IO under starving soubrette unplugged but one of these games is about being in a relationship with a man out of sexual person who wants to have sex and it’s my personal belief that you shouldn’t be beholden to like one person’s desire or one or the other you know or or another person’s lack of Desire because that’s going to make both people unhappy and so sometimes you just do it even though you don’t want to you know you can kind of make yourself get there butt in that’s that’s a very it can be very trigger in for a lot of people it is something that requires like the right table at the right set of safety tool when we talk about sex in in role-playing games it’s always like a hundred percent enthusiastic consent and people talk a lot about like sex should always be enthusiastic 100% all the time which is true in a lot of cases but I think I think I can send his own part of a lot of these people’s experiences and I would love to find a way where everybody could like kind of safely explore Harder harder time in a game because the stakes are lower because it’s not going to ruin your your relationship I get it I also just want to say just because I know that there may be some people who watch this instinct think negatively about an enthusiastic consent that does not mean non-consensual know that that’s what you mean but I just want to point that out for people who are watching this and they think unenthusiastic can sit means that you don’t want to but you’re going to do anyway like that’s what it means but it’s not that you’re not being forced to do it it’s just it’s a it’s a it’s a little tricky who has been unemployed Susie Astic sickly consensual in in some things during that transitional period of my life it is absolutely not non-consensual you you will fight you may find one so you will you may find some enjoyment in it but it is not like all parties are still can send it even though you may not be entirely somebody really wants pizza and you don’t really want pizza but like it’s super important to them that they got pizza right now and you’re like okay I will eat the pizza and then you eat the pizza and it’s not bad it doesn’t make you sick you don’t feel like awful after you eat the pizza you just would have rather had something else especially when you really wanted a burger yet. It’s really complicated one which sexual people cuz I feel a lot of that conversation actually gets kind of dominated by know what I sexual people so it is complicated is complicated

well that’s actually we were going to talk about safety about safety systems in shipping so we kind of we jumped right through that one but no I think that life experience is how to get a lot of what’s missing and I think it’s the nuance at Lauren was saying earlier about even the safety tools yo there is the ok where do I put this behind a veil in a lot of times you end up putting a lot of things adjacent behind a veil as well sometimes to explore some of those uncomfortable spaces and it I don’t know how to and I’m actually really glad you since you two have more in here I don’t know the correct way to say that you sometimes neuter your experience too far how to say this correctly so I before I get myself into trouble every day and over the bike you needed line sorry about that Yeah I think think when you’re talking about safety and when you’re talkin about experiences people sometimes think safety tools are kind of like cushions to protect you from all of the bad things in the world so you only have a fun happy positive experience which they can be used for that and they’re great Wonder used for that but part of the reason People started talking about safety tools in creating safety tools was to navigate those kind of difficult experiences and there are some games that we play to be uncomfortable on purpose bluebeard’s bride is one that I can think of off the top of my head like that is a game that is meant to make you feel uncomfortable it is in the principles of the game and so so I think it takes the right table it takes the right set of tools because there are lots of tools and some work better for some people than others to figure out exactly how far you can go into these difficult conversations and uncomfortable moments knowing that you can always pull back later on yeah I can actually speak on that I only just recently had one can’t just one just one character that ended up having a romantic interest and it took 23 episodes about two to three hours each for them to even barely eventually have like that kiss moment and what what’s really interesting is is something we we discuss has a constant communication your lines your veils can shift all the time be active in a chat with each other be active as a group cuz you’re at your tables involves a GM is involved like is transparent as possible that allowed me to have that safe feeling right to be comfortable exploring something like that cuz it’s something I’ve never done before in a t t RPG game and then also it’s a Sci-Fi game like when you play Fantasy when you play Syfy like it’s not just like humans right it’s not just that’s the only thing that’s their like loving somebody doesn’t have to be physical the situation may not call for it the culture of whatever world you’re in may not call for it and that’s okay and it’s really fascinating an interesting to explore and I’m I’m just really grateful to have had a table that allowed me the space to explore that because they don’t have to be that love that that connection wasn’t going to be any more physical than just that because it didn’t need to be that the connection between characters were already there I think you’re bring that back to our panel and being are of an ace is the that communication especially when you do have an arrow or a sword any player who just because they’re to have that space place safe place but also that to explore some of that doesn’t invalidate or identity

and I know I certainly I’ve experienced through the years I think I’m the oldest amongst us by a lot but the yo there’s always the well you did this therefore you’re obviously not face you’re obviously not a sexual because yo yo you shouldn’t be even thinking about sex you shouldn’t even be your why would you you say you’re arrow but you say you want to hold someone’s handy and that’s a romantic thing there’s a seems like there’s always someone you owe the the yo one night with me and you’ll not you and I don’t even know how to say asexual anymore there’s always those people out there who know I’ve had that said actually more than once are there is I think there’s a it’s a very frightening place I think for a lot of us because we’ve had so many bad experiences with just opening the door a crack and suddenly it becomes proof to invalidate your identity and the new asexuals don’t really exist you know and so I think I said in another interview earlier this year just you just you holding someone’s hand can be the sum of the one the most dangerous things for an asexual because so many times before in our overly sex saturated culture yo you look at someone’s eyes too long you hold their head well that urine attacks yo 2 hours till sex to the sex I got from like a masculine perspective right yes that pressure to everything everything has to be sexual something is very wrong with you if you don’t find that person hot or you you haven’t done this yet don’t like for sure I mean yo it was very low high school college I mean basically truly it was easier for me to let people do asphalt think that I was repressed homosexual then that I wasn’t interested in having sex add this is the end of the night again with being gay was still a big welt in the 80s you were disease-ridden I mean it this was I was in high school at the height of AIDS and so not only were you gay and you know I was in south Georgia so gay going to hell and a Biohazard because even though I insisted I never been with anybody of course I was lying because everyone’s had sex or want sex and the gays were they have sex all the time because you know that’s what they do like I said to college it was sort of the same idea luckily there I was at an engineering school where I can just be Iggy can be studying all the time and yo a greasy hair and acne it so it was pretty easy and then I’m going to take probably my biggest challenges were when I did in my 30s Bo was there by Thursday before I start getting in shape and doing cosplay MN especially doing Fitness cosplay where I was doing your mini costumes that showed off my physique and showed off my body and the cosplay Community is very promiscuous I mean there’s a better Community that’s involved in that everything is just a lot of sex going to bed at 10 because I’ve been up all night and that I was doing been alone or usually had a room alone just inconceivable and and especially as man and that when I had women throwing themselves at me that I had nothing to do and then would have been for themselves at me and went had nothing to do with them them like I said it was from the masculine side it was I mean I was very convinced for three decades I was just broken by me I can tell you the number of times that I used to tell people it’s because I’m the psycho wedding in the relationship I think I’m broken I’m I cannot I do I don’t do well in relationship I don’t know how to Revelation because I’ve never been in a

relationship that wasn’t immediately sex-based so I think it’s really harmful to people raised like feminine or raised as girls as well because you know as a growing up as a girl I was cold boys only want one thing like that’s what they you know that’s what they hear and you know I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a little boy growing up hearing that you only want one thing and then not wanting that one thing that sounds terrible but it also is part A and there’s a lot of intersections about toxic masculinity in here too but it’s like part of the reason why you’re so you know as a as a fat person like I’m so weary around masculine people because you get this thing ingrained in your head that’s like they only want one thing they’re only talking to you because they want to have sex with you like and it’s it’s so bad it hurts everybody so late yeah and I went to a Catholic girl school when I did it at their best to tell us that everyone sexual the sex-ed where it’s like you cannot have sex until you’re married and then it is in Paris we could go on and on and on and on and on and on much and I’m hoping that we can all get together again cuz believe it or not we are almost out of time already I do when I have a quick chance to quickly roll around everybody and just any final thoughts that folks might have in our last about 3 minutes that we’ve got I just so happy that we got to have this phone conversation and I really do hope to that we can bring this with even work topics to share with Folks at another either, neither virtually Our Lives soon while we go down through through final final thoughts you’re not broken you’re not you’re not a robot I lived most of my life feeling those things and it’s not true it’s just not sure if you can still love and you could still be loved luciela lost thoughts will will want orange lips are amazing Pretty much create a list of things you want in a relationship things you will do in a relationship you can do that either for an actual relationship or for a tabletop role-playing game I think that’s a really good way it actually setting boundaries out front rate sent you can be a sand still enjoy your trashy romance novels and dirty jokes you are still a hundred and and 50% valid latia Sam Stoll what I was going to say to have an opportunity to talk to all of you Sam you and I need to talk cuz we got three probably need to talk like trashy romance and shipping and all of that needs everybody watching your version of asexuality Aro sexuality demisexuality sexuality is valid you see here there is absolutely no one way to be the way that you are and you know if you’re still finding your way you know you have there so much like you don’t have to be in that box that your you are beautiful people all of you the office Cathy work I do I think a lot of people aren’t sure whether there is and I always tell them if you think that your Ace you’re probably aced and if you think you’re a sad you call yourself a sin then you find out later that you’re something else that’s okay but like you’re allowed to call yourself something and you’re allowed to seek out other people who have the same experiences you you experiences as you and I recommend it I think my last words are just too remember that there are three legs to the attraction table sexual romantic and aesthetic and with that I think we’re going to say goodbye and thank you all for tuning in theoretically we were in the

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hey dr. Ken. And register here from Excel at salons in Brisbane Australia complex sign-in fun ways and at this stage we really focusing on cancer education from Panther themed Escape rooms to finish reality to a are tripping off calories in the project that I’m talking about today is Legacy Media Media set your favorite candy is I know firsthand talkin to the general community that does a lot of misunderstanding and call fundamental knowledge gaps what cancer is because cancer is incredibly complex strategy that we can be using to engage in a broader audience to take some of that cancer and more importantly about cancer for I really think I should so I can General the Queen the University of Technology really wanted to explore with it reality could be the answer serious games as a sorceress step to share some of the challenges week Monday cancer treatment and how all the time can they be successful I thought we decided we wanted to talk a couple cans of therapies we began to him at the different game mechanics and this is where we came up with the different treatment guns because I’m on chemotherapy therapy for malignancy Beyond your to expand it into a multi-level gang Andrea B doing this in conjunction with members of the community what’s up everyone and Welcome to our packs panel here called fight for the future how d e f g c can improve so I am your host David Gilson in here to moderator for this panel and no I want to get to know have everyone needs to do some cells here so I will start off with Alicia does Alicia ex life I’m 18 of motor I am also a professional commentator and a content creator consecrator that’s all there is to me alright big cheese cheese hello there my name is jakeem Big Cheese Johnson glad to be here with everybody I am your Entertainer for the night whatever you want to call me my life Your Entertainment I Catholic or hi my name is and I’m a professional sports player for economics gaming I compete in Tekken 7 and also a streamer and I also am now dating coach for Excel Academy Season 2 James my name is James Chen on one half of the ultra Den TV and I’m a commentator for fighting games and I also consider myself a fighting game historian of sorts of having blade fighting games for two decades now I kind of sore if you will ya good and David hey my name is David AKA Ultra David and actually I’ve been playing fighting games for two decades and James been playing fighting games for a decade longer than that I’m the other half of ultrasounds TV and fighting games and also an attorney who represents players and broadcasters and tournament organizers and teens in the SEC another person be supported but James on blast over here all right click menu pop up cuz I was trying to secretly mute David Bailey Button II

all right and I said before my name is David Gilson and I am the host for for our cats which is short for another retro-gaming podcast I’ve been around for over four years now content creator at large if you will be freelance writing and voice over as well and they do like a number this actually the fourth year in a row now it don’t tax panels for so a little bit of a better and I guess that’s to sort of thing so let’s jump right to itself soap base of the FCC has had a rough year with a cancellation of events most notably Evo and having his own me to moments with sexual assault allegations within the Smash Brothers community and even against one of the organizers of evocel the question I wanted to start off here before all of you is was 2020 the year thing seemed to go wrong for the FCC or did it just bubble to the surface and underlying problem that was always there I think that it’s always been a problem that’s always been there but I think there is always been this fear that if people speak that don’t get blacklisted or opportunities will be taken away from them so and I think especially with perm has been canceled they were kind of like all on this light beer you like slow spot right now we’re all come back home I think it’s all of reflecting I think there is people realizing there’s no change that needs to be had two people you know they’re banning together they’re realizing their needs to be things that need to be fixed so I think I like it was a bad place to be needed to happen and I think 2020 though it’s been very chaotic it was necessary so that we can start reshaping how the f g c should be I completely agree with cuddle I think that instead of seeing it as sort of I think it’s it’s the positive direction it’s addressed we need to go and if anything this is a good thing and when seeing it as the way it is like what’s covid-19 different story writer has an unfortunate situation that’s a very terrible things going on in the world and Fort Armistead cancel for those reasons yeah that’s terrible but when talking in relation to the me-too movement this is essential right unless it’s taken seriously things will not move forward right like I chose to back on, Terry before you both canceled because I couldn’t stand for it like it was something that I truly wasn’t aware of and my ignorance bothered me because once I became educated but what was going on around me like hey this is what’s happening like are you okay with that can you stand with that and can you work in that environment in the answer is no I couldn’t rights of me and other commentators were just be pulled out instantly players are pulling out teeth are falling out and it wasn’t just because oh it’s a movement is cancel culture it’s more than that it’s understanding your values of your principles hold Merit do they actually mean something and will you put that to the test or will you just say it for the sake of saying it let it be a passing phase phase what one of the tricky things about it is you know a lot of the people out there who are against this kind of thing call it cancel culture etcetera etcetera but you know I really don’t like I guess that kind of language cuz really when you talk about castles kind of negative it’s like oh you’re trying to prevent things from happening but what you’re actually doing by improving the situation by calling these situations out is there actually an enabling people to go because the safer we make the environment the more likely people will be able to go to these events and have a good time and to actually have the repercussions for people who do wrong things to do bad things that makes people feel safer I always bring up combo breaker or one of the biggest tournaments in the country as an example Rick’s Tire does a great job you know promoting welcoming in and making sure to keep everybody safe there and when you’re at the event you can see it like in it probably has one of the largest the female kind of like diversity ratio is like one of the more equal ones out of all the fighting game events and I don’t think that’s an accident yeah I think it’s also something I did gif her a good thought it would be a lot though is it Saturday we can advocate for women of the community is that people who tend to not be on the map feel uncomfortable in events right and come over Breakers amazing but Rick is an amazing person like aliens and CEOs amazing like there’s a lot of people running them but for people who don’t have influenza to the scene they feel helpless in a lot of these scenarios and then they have to turn to people who they know have influenced to make a difference and that is where a big disconnect happens and already talking to about organized about this book creating safe spaces crating boots or people can report not like not just injury booze but with can create say spaces so they’re dedicated his face is whether people who are neutral outside of the sea like counselors therapist or people who have during that’s a trauma that happened anything that makes

people feel safe even if there’s somebody whose brand new. The first word of it to someone who’s been a better in this entire time and that’s something I would really love to be in a sense of this is a time for to finally be done just because of what’s Happening Now as far as the year goes I think that it’s I just view it is very important and I agree with people saying that this is kind of stuff that has been there so they were some of the allegations go back 15 20 years so clearly it is a long term for a problem and it’s it’s very important right is something that we need to go through and I also don’t really think that it’s a coincidence that happens during Kobe X because as as you know you’ve got you to talk about us talking about this at events people feel the pressure to not talk about this sort of stuff right but when were all at home there’s no possibility of going to any major events they’re all being canceled their being canceled for the foreseeable future for the memo the sort of expected consequences are going to be last because you’re not you are less commonly going to be in those physical situations where you may feel unsafe where you may feel that these consequences could be placed upon you so it’s not it’s not to say that there’s no consequences for the stuff online interactions that are still quite negative but the us all sitting at home and thinking about all the things that we’ve been through and not being able to hang out with other people and not expecting the same for the negative consequences I think it’s part of why it all weld up in around the same time Right not just for that you see before game devs and four other Esports to like we’re all sort of in this this strange little mindset where we may be doing things that maybe we wouldn’t if we were traveling and seeing each other and worried about the potential consequences of like a normal year so I think that is super important and it’s nothing’s good about coronavirus to be clear to actually come out with the stuff that is stuff that they’ve been holding onto for a long time for sure I mean where I come in a lot of like of course we talked about backlashes James document why were people tend to stay awake cancel culture doesn’t negative connotation with it and when thinking about all of that in the case of Luvs come forward is there’s also moments where we’ve seen video evidence of this happening of people interacting with virus and physically touching the Met events we were not made aware of until now so it’s like it goes from allegations to being factual and at that point like what point do people look like this is childish mentality oh you’re all just on the a bandwagon to Hayward out holding people accountable stop like in also the difference between cacao and I said what’s up podcast and it’s like tearing something down that’s not okay in the making sure we create an environment is healthier versus putting somebody on a Podium right that’s very close to home for me because I actually had to distance myself I just I completely cut out my former co-host for my podcast action for very similar reasons actually at because of being accused for sexual sexual assault stalking things like that like during a during Pax Easter this year still all that kind of went down and you know I had to just kind of like you make a note that like you don’t had this distance myself exactly people understood as far as like you know his actions compared to my actions in the way of a brand of the show and all that stuff but it is why it is very important those who cannot speak up on these things and as soon as possible as well you know I’ll talk to you like it’s going to be different for different people like depending on how comfortable you are with coming out like a honey I’m like what I did you know what it is to happen to you or what someone they have done to you or whatever maybe but the sooner the better really because then that you know that holds a person accountable make more people aware as far as I what kind of behavior to look out for from people like that she’s out of your ass and your take on this as well some your kind of like more I guess I’d be Outsider looking in from the exit now you know about the of the FCC, like how I am as well so I’m really thirsty on your eye take are the FGCU believe that but how I how I look at this I really feel like this was the year of a rude awakening because people don’t understand this has been going on for years and people have decided to speak up about it not only because you know what’s going on with coded but they got fed up with the fact that I’m tired of being quiet I’m I’m tired of not speaking up I’m tired of not let

people know exactly what’s going on so when these individuals decide to speak up about it it was like okay now you want to talk about why you say anything a couple years ago why do you say anything last year was like because I can’t really speak on things until I’m ready and that’s how it is sometimes but when it came to the point they were ready to talk you can see why it wasn’t like it wasn’t like how to say bioheat expose all over I knew what I knew it know it was like this happen that person needs to be responsible and I need to you know they that consideration of what they’ve done apologized that person you know you can move forward or you can resign whatever you want to do by the end of the day you are held accountable for what you did or what you’ve done and if you don’t always have, before then guess what that guilt rolls with you for the rest of your life and it’s all in your head Zombie a black cloud and the fact of the matter is you have people that do tell all that he will know what’s going on and you have a whole Camp of course you’re not believing in them so they can see the person that is telling the truth while they are you know and embracing the person that telling a lie and that that’s why I was like this is why I can’t say anything because this will happen to me but I’ll be doggone if you let a counterculture stop you from telling the truth the truth needs to be told so tell it don’t don’t worry about the consequences cuz I rather I rather be camping telling people what happened to me then be no for you know not something will happen to me that’s that’s a bad thing because now you see a hold of yourself you know your heart is so much of the truth that you know if you lie about it nobody’s going to believe you when the truth comes out reveal it let it out like I mean I think people really justified in keeping that kind of information to themselves given the type of history that talking about the truth is kind of you know revealed the fact that when people have discussed in the fact that when I cancel culture in that group comes up like you know they’re attacking the victim there they’re pretty much scared into not wanting to talk so I think then when he’s a happened is at the core theocracy needs to be fine-tuning multiple way like making it safer for people to touch the reason why is hostile when it comes to people telling their troops and and that’s what little we’ve been happening is because nothing is because it’s more enabling then there is checking people in the end because it was accountability what’s happening is your people are left say what they want their last attack victims however they want there’s no there’s no sort of four door to it there’s no protection and especially like when Alicia was saying in regards to if somebody’s doesn’t have the same platform and their victim so what happens if it’s even scarier because they automatically think this person has no sort of notoriety or anything no sort of History notes believe in they’ll call him know by the call McLeod Shae so don’t call him but there’s someone instead of it being just hate this person took advantage me hey this person did this to me and this person has multiple people that needs to stop liking you know as I can get to see being hostile in situations like that just going to bring some with the next the next question I want I want ask would you consider the fgc to be inclusive and how could improve in this regard regard okay oh ivie people of color and like LGBT and it’s like you know we can say it’s inclusive but like are we are we really being real about it nowhere I’ve given reality inclusive inclusive right the most like let’s be real most men right I really couldn’t care less about like what gender is someone refers to me as but in reality it’s inclusive for people who feel included write the amount of gatekeeping in this community is disgusting about two people who use an especially people who are in positions of power and influential who use that and go hey I have literal Cloud Arbor I can say whatever I want I can be derogatory towards women I can hate on black people I can do whatever I want because what are they going to do to me right I’m so they can talk 8 so what can I what can they do to me is that still stands like it hasn’t gone away and to pretend that like oh we’re so inclusive is such as such a lie it’s such a liar that’s in the crazy part of that is that no matter how much we try to be like oh we’re more inclusive than likely cuz they are really toxic or more exclusive than like OverWatch cuz they’re really toxic yeah do a ratio comparison ratio comparison talk about how we have way less women in those communities by ratio standards

why do we have less women than them there’s a reason because we we aren’t exclusive towards women I went and what happened even today even today I was playing rates right it was the first message I get when I be somebody girl I want to eat your ass what the problem here this is take yourself out of the pan of course I laughed at the cameras do we all had a good time right cuz it’s whatever I’m not going to be like all up in my feelings about it because to me it it’s it’s an average Tuesday you know it’s an average Monday but at the same time it’s like when it comes to actual events it becomes too even commentating right be the first thing that happens is that you know people don’t care about your Merit even until the cuz I like that happened to be a lot when I first start was that people didn’t take me seriously as soon as I walked out like the first thing they would do is talk about my appearance it listen I’m a chubby girl who like cool what I love to eat and I also have to work out I do my thing right the first thing that happens if I walk on stage is like bam instantly, comments about how I look instantly about my appearance get called the n-word and DMV every single time I come in without fail fail and it’s like all like all of this buildup on your right and it’s in other like in Glisan other commentators of other genders other religions everything gets as well but when females get targeted they don’t even care about to call and of what I’m saying until halfway through and it’s like damn cuz I can say is at least one else walks up to the mic Always bad cold the dog at right but it’s like they don’t give it that beat and I’m lucky enough in the caliber communities like going to go in the making someone does that stuff to chat will like to gang up on them respect on it have you showed up brakes but still do that but the same time it’s like whatever those people who try out their first time write those women those people of color anybody right we’ll try that there. Why are they so gay cats when they’re just trying to make it just fine. You know move up what happens with cuddle walks on stage right how old was the best players what is the best players in North America even gets dog what are you kidding that’s that’s that’s not inclusive that’s not inclusive and I know that this happened brother genders and that’s unfortunate I’m not saying that always just women needle screw man I’m not trying to say that I’m trying to say that there is a problem though that’s my two cents teams I I talked about it a lot on social media you know that women have a hard time getting themselves into the community because they’re targeted in they have you know they’re treated badly and I get people argue with me all you know what we talked just as much Mac the guys you know I’ll talk smack you guys to it’s the same and everything and I said it’s not the same because you’ll see this happen all the time when you know like let’s say you’re playing at a casual station in a girl sits down next to you and starts playing you’ll pick your secondary character you’ll try to go easy on them in other words that you’ve already judged them before they sat down where is if a guy sits next to you you’re going to be like shoot how good is he I don’t like if you’ve never seen this person before you like how good is he I’m going to play my main character going to be all serious about everything you know the girl is Judge the instant she walks in the door and the guy you know is not and so if the guy turns out to be bad then you saw talking smack or whatever like that but you’re doing it based off of what you’re finding out but with with women in a lot of times you just you already have an opinion you already have a preconceived notion if you don’t know anything about him it’s kind of course sat next to you and I’m taking machine here like I better go easy on her she’s going to she’s going to kick your ass You know that’s just one of those things like you but your brain if you’ve never met her before when she sits down you’re going to be like old oh that’s cool a girl is playing and you know and that’s the kind of thing that we need to stop it is that prejudgment get rid of that preconceived notion that you know if a girl sits next town to you since down next to you to play a game you treat her just like everyone else oh my God how good is she had better be serious about the timer I mean like for me I mean I always kind of a call that the ain’t that cute mentality like a girl I try to come up as like I’m playing video games oh that’s cute do you know like see what you got in at like when they actually have you no skill like you’re like the only actually surprised myself and I faced those preconceived notions anyway

see it it I see it by absence so I’m a straight white man and I am not I have never been attacked on stream for being a guy and I’ve never been attacked on stream for being white have never been attacked on stream for being straight but I see my friends have to deal with that stuff constantly winner commentating or when they’re playing that happens all the time so that’s a very obvious difference for me I noticed the difference if I’m the one with somebody else who may be may look different in whatever way but I see you separately as well so those are some parts another part is that I am a Jew and when people know that most people are not sure it’s about it but the only time that I get attacked is on that point so I’ve never been on Twitter I’ve never been blown up for being a guy or why it would have never happened me it happens all the time that I get a tag for a being Jewish and just got to put the lie to the idea that there’s a inclusivity right because I’m in ends in sort of maybe three-quarters of my identity you might say I never been attacked the 1/4 gets attacked and it’s it’s the same for people who are you not as a sort of free from having to worry about the stuff as I am in those otherwise ways that the history of it is that you know when the arcade we we felt that we were being inclusive with each other that was not right right it was not right but we that’s of are feeling I remember it but with that inclusivity was boiled in exclusivity right that was an inherent part of it it was the section ourselves off as here with what we defined as inclusive not women right not gay people not trans people at that time either that time either it was it was a very delineator line and they were only a couple of exceptions in all of North America are people who did fall into those other categories who who were willing to put up with all the crap it was it was not many people and so we’ve continued to sort of tell this fable about how we are inclusive even though it was to find negatively in the first place and that’s now I think made it so that some people kind of cleaned up this idea that is inclusive in a way because it’s not allowing them to see that in fact there are these major ways that we’re not inclusive in that were in fact not of the great spot to be for many different people but if they’re blinded to that because they have the sort of nethys we’ve made that that she sees inclusive sees inclusive I’m not sure I know you’re a very very competitive guy yourself actually know and I know you love fighting games also your experience I guess with people within the f u c r lycos hardcore fighting game players kneel like whether they were inclusive towards you or not well fear what they don’t understand the hatred they can’t conquer I always go by that quote because if you look at the fgc g c male male so when you have a person of color a female or gay individual that takes over something that is supposed to be predominantly male it’s a Fear Factor is like older taking over what we going to do about this is her things that are a better when it’s like they’re taking her jerbs yet shouldn’t be like that because everybody some people are better than you some people have to accept that this person better than you you down like she needs show you no mercy like this is not Mortal Kombat you know but at the end of the day I see it is not inclusive at all okay because everybody everybody has a chance to do something within the FCC the only thing is people fear the fact that everybody you know wanted to be male dominant if any game that you play any game that you you you you see for yourself is not male dominance women women can play games than most men I seen it for myself I wouldn’t do for myself it’s the acceptance of women play in better and can you buy you something imagine what she’s doing on here she belongs in the kitchen or what was she doing that and beat you it is not like gaming is just for you know a particular sex or particular gender or particular race what not you know I like Sonic Fox I watch him play I watch him as a person play I don’t look at him being gay I’ll let him be any of

that because I’m not judgemental person to be judgmental and I’ll tell you in a minute I dare you to play him in any game fighting you know any game possible Street Fighter Skullgirls whatever it is he will put you on the floor and leave you there until you get rekt good game but but he’s a good Sportsman as well she’s is he your cheese by then yeah by them them like they then I’m sorry but it just be no lie anybody can play the game and anybody can be anybody can be victorious but it in a man’s in a man’s mind State they have to stop having this this this and their mind that it’s just predominately male they have to stop doing that end with the second that they said they start accepting whooping in gaming gay people in gaming trans people in gaming what he started step in that it will be a better place for the fgc fully agree with you cuz you she’s like respectively so though cuz I think that you had the right until when it came to this part by just don’t agree with it would be the way in which women are seen as separate when it comes to getting so for example are you talking about like all I can OverWatch and stuff that when you know oh she be like go do the dishes or whatever that’s not that’s not something that’s happening here that’s not what’s happening to women right now is a stereotype of what happens to women coming to a place of hatred right it’s really discredit what you’ve done is done so you don’t have the ability to do it it’s where you’ve done it and they’re still discrediting to the next degree cuddlecore winning a tournament what’s what do they do right it’s not a real major that’s the first thing that some people would say to her why that’s the thing right is at its place of hatred that’s so large that people can’t hold on to the value what they’ve done their trying to strip it away from them and that’s a massive degree of an issue right for example it’s like even where it’s like where I get an opportunity to commentate right original up until maybe a few months ago I always felt like I felt super blessed to get it, it, I still do feel extremely thankful but I earned it and that’s something that I can never could hold on my own because I was constantly being fed into the scenario where I believe that I given this opportunity know I heard it ironed it like any other person would have learned it in the same position I called dad taught me to email to Call of Duty World files at what point do I not realize hey you might have just been the spot is it a bean on constantly because she realized that I was being fed into this mentality that was like oh you if you’re given something it’s because you were giving it. Because you earned it and she’s like no no no you put in the work you’ve done this you made it here this is you write that kind of comes with like a system at play in that case that no matter how much other people even if they are technically the outliers that discredit you is that you still hold that you still hold the Merit of what you do but doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to the end of the day because it feeds on this weird pack mentality that does create an insecurity so it’s like to say it’s just like always it’s a it’s a it’s a towards you is more than that it’s something to build upon itself or they try to feed in fake factual information it doesn’t actually create a placeholder for the trying to pull up to tistics but actually don’t would relate to the conversation just because it justifies the means to their friends right and that’s the issue that we’re facing here like they discredit lightsaber answers they are and what you are are did they take all the credit for it but if you are and it’ll be light out of nothing you know and the end and that’s what happens and it sucks that they look at it that way because you earned it by Eric likes it wasn’t given to you like I couldn’t work I’ve I’ve eaten people in and you know best out of three best out of 5 I learned this position ever you can sit there and don’t play that. That’s just blatantly disrespectful you going to respect on my name and it’s crazy that you have to put in twice the word three times to work just to show that and you shouldn’t have to do that it’s a knee-jerk reaction so it’s basically a how to switch that unconscious natality if you will can I get people away from that mentality and I don’t know if it’s a generational thing about it’s

the second one of those things, takes time as like more Progressive viewpoints if you will ever take that so so I just want to come over actually two more about the online science things actually so they’re hardcore fans to call for all fighting games to adopt a rollback netcode model to improve the online experience do you agree with this and it what other ways do you think online fighting games could be better I don’t think anybody here is going to argue against roll back in your head the are rollback make sure there is no question experience better like Yaya Kodak throwback being you know that on every every game having a model for it would be great but not just that but more money put into these tournaments as well because we still have this problem where players aren’t getting paid that much and now that we don’t have tournaments offline I think maybe a lot of a lot of that money to me to be given to paying more of the like the top eight by top 16 because you know the pros and the players whatever or something in that work we’re still but showing up where like competing and I think now we need to start focusing more on like paying them or for their time and bring that entertainment as well because Amy didn’t have to be like in a physical seat repair to be entertainment by Duffy think that’s a really big problem still but it’s changing cuz there’s a lot more money being presented for players to earn online when you when you say it like more money being put into at the all-night ornaments are you saying like that money being put into improving like on letting that code basically and Leonardo proven on my experience I know I just mean like in online tournaments there should definitely be like bigger prize pools in general like a lot of money yeah if you got like topic and you’re like 7 to get like a hundred bucks that is a shame that should not be happening if there’s a problem with the commute I was saying like since we don’t have how much room is right now in the wild that money was probably going to like you know venues in stuff like that maybe we can get some of that two more of these all my tournaments are starting to pop up more so that we can start you know getting people what they deserve in that sense that’s not a thing he’s like part of that you think too because of like fighting games being a guest like more like a nice jaunt around so like there just isn’t like enough of money but like enough like I guess I interest would say like sponsors for example the kind of pudding-like you know I guess I bigger prize pools for like 20 minutes I look at other games that have like the tournaments and they have is Twitch Rivals and they have everything here to even Fall Guy you know it’s crazy how light Games was so much history like Street Fighter light technium like Mortal Kombat they don’t have a bigger price for what it comes to it like off light offline offline and online and I’ve been in advance which right was the world like the person come in 62 20th Place they get like two hundred bucks and it’s like how is it that these individuals that these tournaments top 8 at least get $1,000 stop at least and they go through plenty of people to reach top 8 is not like you want to fight fight B-66 people here and that’s that they go to a hundred thousand bite all the people hit a bike who’s going to make top 8 and the top eight only gets $100 that’s that’s that’s not that’s not even buy a quart of my plane ticket going back to where I came from disrespectful so I truly believe they deserve more than need to learn more and I feel like the companies need to invest more in to these players as well so it’s not just responds to themselves is the companies that put out these games and they make these individuals are making them a lot more popular than what it should be Studios sale sort of as as the tournament organizer or as the broadcaster you are bargaining for sponsorships based on like 10 different games that people are going to go check the washer so let’s play so you have a lot more people there who can give Eyes Forever your advertising and that’s like worth more money usually where I was online it’s really hard to do that you know your it’s it’s much more separated you can just watch the Texans stream where you can just watch the street fighters theme in there just like not related really just very different but then additionally just like from a legal perspective there’s

State and a province in Canada and several countries that means that have laws so that you can’t pay in money into a prize pot that then you are also paid out of and yet some jurisdictions consider that gambling so the way that many tournaments has gotten around that is by not taking in like not having an entry fee in the first place so the prize pots are much smaller than it’s just a bonus that’s given to the players at the end because you don’t have that like set of 4 use that goes into it in the first place so being online sucks a lot of ways but like one of them is that player prize pots are harder to be as large as you don’t have this like sort of Amalgamated advertising and you have legal constraints on it as well sucks understandable to you know a little bit about you know and putting the online play just for the FTC in general you know with outside of rollback netcode you know what other things that I’ve been talking about what I’ve been preaching a lot really is that I I really honestly think that I’ll playing fighting games online is kind of a miserable experience cuz and the beat you or whatever like that it’s just I don’t like it’s a very lonely process and I feel like I don’t know the answer I’ve been racking my brain for it for years on how to improve the online experience but I definitely feel like you know just ranked going up the ladder trying to get yourself stronger and everything there needs to be more to it to kind of promote the community environments to just give you more rewards cuz when you’re playing at all you’re doing is seeing your rank go up and down and it’s discouraging and it’s hard not think it’s a lot of work and like I said I don’t know what the answer is right now because if I did then I would probably have told everybody to this leprechaun or something like a second icode would be a huge boon for online play Improvement but there’s got to be more like Guilty Gear strive the beta came out they have those crazy floors with the rooms and you have the avatar my shopping and it was awful they can prevent it is so badly but weirdly enough I I get what the idea behind it is I like the idea I think the implementation was awful but I think if they tweeted it they could do something really cool with that but I would just like to see more developers experiment in that way trying to make the online experience more of a journey more like RPG instead of you just sitting in menus watching numbers go up and down you know I just feel like there’s got to be more to it that will attract more people to keep grinding in the rain too because you know a lot of times you play ranked to lose 10 matches in a row and you’re just like why am I doing this I mean Arc system works game seems to compliment that I can allow their games anyway as far as I can with locking of the lobbies be like you as an avatar, I getting funding had so I got a little Avatar as whatever so you’re basically like advocating against like that being the step in the right direction but he wants to go further in this case it better for sure yeah yeah I also like with like with a doll in mind is when one game that does it’s pretty well for like their own So far that I’ve had with it up bunch of friends we all do who are in the interests so I think I finally decide to give it a shot out of my 3D World switch off could refuse in a cup of 3D games can I play my God really Italy they’ve just leave planned out their game right you earn skins you earned them and it’s like right now in tag when the girl for even anyting Fire 2 Tekken 7 when you wanted to make a creation or make it make a character when you would actually have to like dried-out treasure battles are online rank is nothing get money to buy her numbers Mickey character right thing to do where is that that’s gone is dead right and that sucks because half the fun of playing these games is like seeing people’s cool custom going into ghost battle running until I can ease custom randomly for no reason like why are they taking away all these attributes that aren’t really it cost like effective to them like a trip is it bad for every single game until now and other daughter thing because I don’t rest now is implementing that which they didn’t have it before right so it’s like rather like we’re like for aggressing the more that we’re going forward because we’re scared of overwhelming but we currently have and then 4

games like a director’s list Warner Brothers money right but the same poverty here come on checking with one of these be best selling games of the year you can’t be like sleeping on that factor either just because they’re writing like fact that checking his one of the best fighting game selling fighting games and it doesn’t have any of that stuff is kind of the hard part right there cuz how do you like this is one of the things that you know when you work for a software company every time you’re like let’s put in this cool feature that people will enjoy you know the question was asked how much money will that make you know I always liked NRS they’re doing I mean they pulled out their neck cone and replaced it with robot netcode on their own you know I mean that was amazing but you know the funny thing is I always tell ask people this question if Mortal Kombat 11 does not have Frame data in the game how many less copies are they going to sell probably like none Des availability this is crazy like with with second we didn’t have free Ice Cream Day. For a very long time and we have to go out Kirby Norway and like upstairs was right we were already friends on the fly right but I happened was like they did and I did see a lot more people playing the game because we information was accessible them in real time they charged I think really worth stop people from kind of what would stop people from having access to type it in and that like casual way was the fact that like that information wasn’t available yeah I like your 50 characters right plus and then all those moves all those techniques and of the 3D fighting game and you have to consider the poor guy in the background and stuffing and you know but the moment that they added The Frame data make people feel less afraid I think they were like okay yeah now we can get more into this like this like it’s not like me getting better as more tangible now because I can we see the frames of everything so like I definitely feel like your friend and maybe better customisation blood moves cuz they’re trying to add mousse you know what I think you’re thinking that that will help. the online experience protection but I don’t think your music right now I don’t I don’t think would I know I think they need to talk about with some other Pro players bought the territorial mode bump that cuz the one that had a tad too was not it was not at all actually if you want people to take your game seriously and still have fun and get in more of an audience you really got to start considering what is making my our game last accessible to people Nobody’s been talked to animations or staggers or things like that anything works like any of the mechanics or anything up but let’s take that a step further let’s let’s Brooks if it’s what they need to do to but online is now people are at home and then we’ll try to learn mode give them it so that they can start talking like a really good what’s a juicy one and lamp tomorrow mode radio each mechanic like it’s all about y’all but listen to be more easier to convince your friends to buy the game if there’s actually a it if they’re being overwhelmed and in the first hour of them getting their ass beat by their friends and them refunding the game right now the time right now you so that actually Segways into until the next bus and I had actually in terms of how much is the Improvement of the FCC on the game developers so what do you think of things like how come the drum Studio Bandai Namco and others could do to help improve like like a flight to find a game experience what did that be offline or online like what like like what’s the honest I guess space Lyon like the I like you game developers in cells yeah it has to be on the game developers I mean we don’t have the

authority to do that kind of stuff it be super great if we pissed but we don’t have to hope that they will and I mean there’s there’s an argument of voting with your dollar but for many of us the games that we really enjoy are not the games that have all the features that we want right like you may be a huge Tekken Fannin realize like this is my favorite game but it doesn’t have a great tutorial it doesn’t have it on my place online play in I just don’t care about it and I totally get it for sure so boarding with your dollars not as easy in those situations because you are in a sense kind of like stuck already you’re by the package in this case yet yeah yeah and you are many of us are are sort of stuck in the game sort of sub-communities or in the in the publishers it’s what they want to do and and we’re going to probably play their games and that doesn’t give us a lot of Leverage argument to like use your leverage right don’t buy the next version of the game but like are you not going to play Mortal Kombat 12 like if your probably are there is a limited amount of Leverage that we have and that means that it’s on for many of us at least it’s on the developers do it now that our situations are things that game developers could do that would make me a fighting game fan who may not be I’m not a big deal to your head but maybe I’ll try out this next Guilty Gear if it’s the game that maybe he is more like the kind of thing that I’m looking for so I’m already in the FCC but like yeah maybe I’d try this game out if it has great online play it’s going to have to go back early so I’ll give it another look it’s not like I hugely expanded Market right there’s only so many people who play fighting games but at least it is a bigger Market you know so there is soap so me I was like not the major Guilty Gear Head like maybe I can do it for the games that you like pride and joy but the games that you really love your probably stuck with so it is on the desk in that sense I did notice that Westlake Community trying to get things kind of changed in regards to the development of games like for example a second cuz a lot notice it when we when you cure does it depend the game they aren’t really messing well with the normal mechanics of attacking and the traditional wood traditional way that they come on a little too strong if you’re going to rain something that’s been happening is it supposed to be like in regards to Leroy community was very vocal so you know know why couldn’t you know this is not work like he’s not like he has certain frames and none of these characters having like he always has turn like people literally bands were showing videos of real time situations would they were in games finally get to leave white players in the like a yellow damco this is a problem like look at literally was going after I hear that should not exist in your game and you know where there’s some weird one he hit by which singer with the character but that exists and with ma Cam’ron same thing that that that if he’s walking forward Milo doesn’t connect with his legs is that neither the things that you know yeah we you know don’t have tons of Leverage but we do have video and we have Internet and we have tweets we have to leave so you know I didn’t work because I remember in the Doterra that the testers like for Namco for second day person changed they had machine was hell’s we’ve tried both ways what is never existed you can always like walking to the left and but but but one guy on the team with the machine and he wanted to put it in there the community because they said hey but she must have all these other options that’s why we side beside walking beside lap so we can eat before the one that tells me this yeah they got that much changed they got it changed changed they would have been with we can use our voices did I really feel like it’s worth Russell husband Aamco proteins and development I don’t mean to say that if you’re somebody who’s like dedicated in one community that you shouldn’t be talking about it cuz we definitely all should be and I know that I know that like everybody on this call has been doing that for sure you should definitely be doing that it’s hard it’s hard to

have the financial leverage and I think in our situations and those caissons but definitely definitely be out there talking about it on the right path like there are more games that are putting it all back that code for example there are more companies that are at least talking about it even if their response is look it’s not practical for this game but we’re looking into it for the future future games like there is at least a general trend that it seems like it’s sort of all of our efforts and annoyances against them are actually paying off in some ways as we want to come play and I mean yeah you remember I mean I remember growing up in the 90s fighting games are not balance holidays are actually pretty good so at least they’re aware you know I’m telling yeah but I mean it’s a tough one because you know Years After I’m approved in the stopwatch version of a bear I’m telling you we’re still got Broken Dreams by swear I mean of the worst examples of that in in a while cuz Leroy’s were released as well or dare you the community me though is just you know cuz like you know we want to have our voices heard but you know I also want to make sure the developers when they make a game you know they concentrate on fun they concentrate on an idea of vision because one of the things that scares me the most is Street Fighter 5 season 1 because that game was like the reaction to the complaints about Street Fighter 4 and I feel like I kind of came out is a very weird game eventually it found its footing in Street Fighter V it’s taking a few years but is in a really really good place right now but I don’t know it’s like I want the developers to listen to everybody but then at the same time they kind of have to be. I don’t know I like not sure what the best way to do it is so we have about 5 minutes left here so I just wanted to 2% of my final question which is just kind of like yeah this is a very quick one for you all to answer who are some Heroes within the fgc you’d like to highlight here I like the highlight cuddlecore of an absolute unit okay That’s it that’s all there is in reality right it’s like you have somebody who is constantly putting in this tremendous amount of effort and yeah I know somebody who is so willing to do whatever you see to do whatever you see Bocas be putting in all this effort not just not just speaking things into existence but actually applying them right and that’s what that’s what life takes offense that drive and even on her worst days around the days where she might not feel like she’s fully at that at her top Peak Performance level be for anything right hurt her low days or so a lot of people’s best days but it comes to executing things and that’s incredible that bar that she has is one of a kind of you can’t talk if you don’t call that alleged I don’t know what you call that like come on come on give me Chicago I see some of you myself I would say Justin Wong not only has he been in the FCC for years but I actually sat down with this guy I talked to him was playing Street Fighter 5 beat the brakes off me but I got a few rounds in butt you know overall I eat taught me by some of the basics and some of the things that that you know as far as like fighting fighting games and puppies footsies 50/50 we we’ve fought a lot not just on Street Fighter by Killer Instinct Marvel’s Capcom 2 I want to know why even try to fight this dude on there butt Man by teach me the good the bad what to stay away from you know what the push for it with and you know that’s the way I will always look up so even though I wasn’t him

but did you view be amazed by some of the people that’s that’s younger than you you will be inspired by because they were brave enough to do something that you were afraid to do so you know Justin Wohl I would give you flowers to write all right so let’s try to make this about 30 seconds C Jackson cuz we are running about on a time there so California California DC ism support Networks so I trading partner shadow my my my manager Emily Ann Davis am Dave has been in my corner of the whole time we uplift each each other and raw trying to be the strongest versions of themselves and they always bring out the Best in Me and they believe my strength and they actually just need the courage to always do my best and always know that I’m worth something worth something awesome James for me I always have a course out of people that I was considered Heroes I mean I won’t go into details because I know we’re short and time but you you’ll know Ricky Ortiz is one of the biggest Heroes wear capes Michael Mendoza of course and then tasty Steve like three of these are three of the most inspirational people for me in the fighting game community are Dave Philip part of why we’re in sort of the mess that we’re in with lots of bad things have happened and not having talked about it enough is that we have gyros in there to see and we afford those people more control and freedom from consequences I don’t want that I don’t care Legends I want people who are a down to play games and talk about games and run tournaments and I think we should all just be treating each other and doing each of us are some sort of as people who should be we should be looking up to an end doing better and very inspirational for sure HyVee one is a lien sale from Kai’s End Game lyrics world secret society of death love dies in Excel to solve the murder of the ruling Council Batman outside of a walkthrough from C e fishing story correct who do you suspect a conspiracy centuries in the play known hour to test the past you simply investigate the crime in any order you want to come to your own conclusions so long as you put me up a list of fact it up with very excited to be taught some hacks we’ve been too shy before I had a wonderful time we had that one day in the future we can do it again in person Now PC and switch with special 20% discount we hope you’re ready to breathe life back into Paradise into Paradise

Pax online I will shake with atomic mass teams and their I’m here to show you how to get your Miniatures assembled so let’s Dive Right In and take a look you’ll notice that are Miniatures don’t come fully assembled so when you get in a Marvel chrises protocol Miniatures product or any hobby Miniatures game you’re going to see them come on a frame or come in pieces like this here this is our Thanos from Marvel crisis protocol game now the core tools that you will need in order to assemble your Miniatures are very simply a pair of Clippers and a hobby knife you can find either of these things that any hobby store or local game store at care products the last thing you’re going to need it is you’re going to need some kind of adhesive glue there two different options there is plastic Miniatures glue what you can find a hobby stores and works great on hobby products like more of a crisis protocol there’s also classic super glue super glue will also work just as well each has their own strengths and weaknesses Pollies have both on hand in order to start with this assembly system we need need clippy parts off the frame not every minute risk it typically comes with instructions that shows you how to do the bill you’ll notice that each part is number and that helps you identify which part you need to stick to which part the first thing to note is that you need to separate each part from the frame in order to do that you’re going to take your haughty Clippers going to hold them in your dominant hand your to find where the injection ports are for the pieces so you see you like the injection ports are here on the bottom of the feet or here on the back of the shoulder pad the best approach when clicking he’s off in order to minimize any damage the peace or any excess material coming off when you click to make sure that the flat of the Clippers you’ll notice how their dividend so they come down at an angle you want to have the flat of the Clippers press up as close as possible against the peace that you’re about to clip so you just going to come in here you going to clip and you’re going to let it go my Santa’s boots I need to assemble them the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take my hobby blade and I’m simply going to look for any excess material that’s left over from clipping the part of the frame and I just simply want to clean this off in order to put my thumb against the flat of the blade like this next time we can I use a slight scrapie motion as a push against material the best practice when assembling the two parts of before you put glue on them always dry fit so fit it twice before finishing it off the next step is to run the glue across the edge of the part number to take the other half using the dry setting that I just did I know how to get it up I’m going to put the Pro Parts together I’m going to press firmly for about 10 seconds go to the next one or something to clean Rent-A-Car glue when I run around the edge we’re going to continue to each different part until we wind up with a fully assembled Santos As you move through the different parts of the miniature you’ll start to see the character come together in fantastic fashion all of it is the joy of the Miniatures hobby itself once your characters assembled the last step is to attach them to their base so they are ready for the painting table there you go guys a completed Thanos the Mad Titan miniature all put together a line people is a quick tutorial on how to assemble your own hobby manager’s starting with our mad Titan Thanos I hope you all have a wonderful weekend be sure to check out more content coming your way during Pax online and we will see you on the next one next one

that’s all you got is this all you fat

you for coming to this wonderful panel are X Games as social healing I am your moderator Rafael Pokemon so better known as dr. be The Clinical Director of take this the first mental health non-profit to serve the game Community take this because it’s dangerous to go alone our whole mission is to educate people on Mental Health matters in DC dickmatized Mental Health issues to make it just a thing people that mean I’m a close the door so it I look like I’m a professional here in but yeah let’s take this has been doing what we do since 2012 and one of the ways we educate folks is through panels like this and let’s meet our absolutely fantabulous set of panelist and if y’all will just take a moment and introduce yourselves let’s go clockwise starting with dr. j j hello and thank you all for having me on the show I’m dr. J I made comic book Enthusiast I am a forensic cycle therapist I’m active duty with United States Public Health Service clinical professor and just really glad to be here I have crossed over into the world of gaming and just getting my feet wet so I am not a pro by any shape form or fashion but I’m excited about getting a couple podcast started that will focus on gaming and mental health and so I’m glad you have a boy here and be here today and coming from more from the mental health professional side Adam Davis you want to introduce yourself thank you my name is Adam Davis I’m one of the Founders Inn executive directors of game to grow I wear a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that uses a games of all kinds but most especially Dungeons & Dragons another role playing games in therapeutic groups we have over we will break a hundred clients a week this coming quarter of we serve internationally helping people become more confident creative and socially capable of playing role playing games and I’ve been doing it for now about 10 years old be talking about that on this panel that’s awesome that is absolutely

spectacular going continue in the clockwise fashion Raffi everyone so my name is Rocky I’m president of NYC gamers our mission is to uplift an artisan experiences of lgbtqia plus Gamers and folks about the gaming community and some ways that we do that is by hosting local events partnering with sibling organizations throughout the United States and Beyond at attending several organ conventions and events will we can do further Outreach and increased visibility FR communities yay and y’all y’all do some great work in the diversity Lounge at the facts events with like we’re having here yeah definitely I mean if it wasn’t for the diversity wild I probably wouldn’t even be at the platform that I’m at now shout out to Kyle Steven Porter organizer the first day of Lent and finally last but not least Genesee hey I’m just a great mini quiches manager at game publisher Good Shepherd entertainment and hosts of The Great area podcast I talk to developers about their inspiration and mental health in the gaming industry and run broccoli doesn’t communities are so this is Mike at Freddy who decides to join us to keep my mental health is good State during during oh we love furry friends. You know I hear that the internet hates cats and dogs and all sorts of things like that it never goes over well I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of comments about and again I’m dr. be a doctor of clinical Psychology and the the in the Clinical Director of take this for nearly five years and on top of that I also teach clinicians and teachers how to use things like Dungeons & Dragons therapeutically and I play with Adam Davis on a stream. RPG game called clinical roll with all of mental health types and we just have to sort all sorts of fun what’s what’s thyroid into this game this panel is all about breaking the stereotypes of gamers as anti-social shut in know living in the basement in perpetuity that we hate that stereotype but I’m curious what are all of your favorite bad stereotypes of Gamers as socially inept anybody anybody can jump on in with this one I love that starts with the word let’s talk about how we’re all actually very social would like an answer how far ahead and start so when I think of like a bad stereotype that amuses me I think a lot about how the social norms around gaming and Gamers is heavily gender right there’s this in compensation like on stereotype of it being like sis white men maybe not the most hygienic maybe not the most absolutely fantabulous set of panelist and if y’all would just take a moment and introduce yourselves let’s go clockwise starting with dr. j j hello and thank you all for having me on the show I’m dr. J I made comic book Enthusiast I am a forensic cycle therapist I’m active duty with United States Public Health Service clinical professor and just really glad to be here I have crossed over into the world of Gaming and just getting my feet wet so I am not a pro by any shape form or fashion but I’m excited about getting a couple podcast started that will focus on gaming and pencil help and so I’m glad you are have a boy here and be here today but we’re glad to have you here and coming from

more from the mental health professional side Adam Davis you want to introduce yourself give my name is Adam Davis I’m one of the Founders Inn executive directors of game to grow and we’re at 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that uses a games of all kinds but most especially Dungeons & Dragons another role playing games in therapeutic groups we have over we will break a hundred clients a week this coming quarter we serve internationally helping people become more confident creative and socially capable of playing role playing games I’m and I’ve been doing it for now about 10 years so we talk about that on this panel that’s awesome that is absolutely spectacular going clockwise fashion so my name is Rocky I’m president of NYC gamers our mission is to uplift an artisan experiences of lgbtqia plus Gamers and folks about the gaming community activities that we do that is by hosting local events partnering with sibling organizations throughout the United States and Beyond at attending several or conventions and events will we can do further Outreach and increased visibility FR communities yay and y’all y’all do some great work in the diversity Lounge at the Pax events like we’re having here here yeah definitely I mean if it wasn’t for the diversity wild I probably wouldn’t even be at the platform that I’m at now shout out to Kyle Steven Porter organizer the verse England and finally last but not least Genesee hey I’m just a great mini quiches manager at game publisher Good Shepherd entertainment and hopes of the great area podcast I talk to developers about their inspirations and mental health in the gaming industry and run broccoli doesn’t communities are so this is Mike at Freddy who decides to join us to get my mental health oh we love Furry Friends the you know I hear that the internet hates cats and dogs and all sorts of things like that it never goes over well I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of comments about and again I’m dr. be a doctor of Clinical Psychology and in the in the Clinical Director of take this for nearly five years and on top of that I also teach clinicians and teachers how to use things like Dungeons & Dragons therapeutically and I play with Adam Davis on a stream. RPG game called clinical roll with all of mental health types and we just have to sort all sorts of fun but what’s what’s thyroid into this game This panel is all about breaking the stereotypes of gamers as anti-social shut in know living in the basement in perpetuity that we hate that stereotype but I’m curious what are all of your favorite bad stereotypes of Gamers as socially inept anybody anybody can jump on in with this one talk about how we’re all actually very social we would like an answer just want to go to go first stop when I think of like a bad stereotype that amuses me I think a lot about how the social norms around gaming and Gamers is heavily gender their prey this Thursday in compensation like on stereotype of it being like sis white men maybe not the most hygienic maybe not the most conversations that are not around that it amuses me because I I go to all these gaming events and there’s very limited people that actually look like that and I think it’s ridiculous. We’re in the year that we are now and still whenever I try to look for that you don’t visibility in inclusion on a lot of mainstream media platforms I often don’t see myself reflected in the media and in the platforms that are provided write so I think that it’s interesting how this stereotype has been around for so long I’m even going back to like old school D&D stereotypes we’re talking about like the guy in the basement right the reclusive X-ray and yet everything that’s gaming in my life has been so extroverted and it’s been centered around folks who are your black Trans women who are disabled folks throughout my life being lgbtqia

plus right I wouldn’t be the game where I am today or not for my communities of lifting absolutely I got to see man I am so tired of being asked to heal every single time I join a game just because like I’m female I really I am much better the tank I am much better at the DPS you don’t want me to heal you really don’t what building am I traveling to sing around the anti-social game room all the games that that I play both professionally and personally are interpersonal like you have to be social to play a lot of the games that are now the games that we play like you can’t literally cannot play Dungeons & Dragons by yourself you could read the books I memorize the rules maybe learn about the lawyer but in order to play you have to be with other people and one of the things that’s great about games like Dungeons & Dragons or whatever kind of RPG you my leg is that they they reinforce positive and prosocial behavior is in a way that it’s hard to actually be someone who gets invited the games if you’re not social you know like that’s one of the things that is true and Rafael you know this as the way that we use Dungeons & Dragons are those games in a social life helpful contact is because they are pro-social environment it is exactly opposite of being an isolating or you know antisocial activity yeah I will Echo that aspect especially now in 2020 you know back in the 80s I’m dating myself but back in the 80s the idea it was you know you were in your basement it was a scrawny guy who you know was probably chalk White when it came outside or like you never got some we didn’t know who he was who’s that kid down the street kind of thing but that is so long ago that is not what they mean is today that is not what it probably wouldn’t but it was back then either but that was the negative stereotype that we had in so I’m so glad that we have these outlets now and again remembering the idea I can remember parents saying you don’t get off the video games you’re never going to make money doing that right how many folks are out there making money on video games or something along the lines with Jamie and the gaming industry how large is Cher that it’s out there now so you know I look at those stereotypes in my cringe when I think about it and Genesee you mention the idea of females peeing stereotype that girls don’t game. know or if you were a girl that game you were certain kind of girl you know and so I think a lot of that is blown out of the water now or at least I hope it is well in it up please the average age of a gamer it’s 32 now but people still seem to assume that if you’re a person who plays games that you should be you know it below 22 or something like that and if you’re playing Beyond. Then there’s something wrong with you and use them have an issue interacting with society and that you should grow up and you’ll find something real to do with your time as though it was not look at the gym in a way of you know interact with people or other legitimate happy to have I think that’s pretty prevalent and I’ll just even kind of beat that up a little bit you know I’m a guy and I’m literally you know I’m a guy who rides motorcycles who is out there doing a lot of prosocial in your of things I’m active duty you know I play sports things like that and I read comic books and one of my highlights right now is I’m building a new computer system to gain and to do something and gaming and it’s a poppy and no one would ever come up to me and say what what’s wrong with you all right why are you doing that right now and I’m so glad that that’s a different perspective today and that that’s something that’s a thing it’s a real thing I wonder if we can even breaking this away from just the strictly game stereotypes we can even break this to weekend expand this outward to fandoms as a whole whole I mean when we think about it conventions began as a way for people with at the time and Niche Hobbies to find each other to connect over this really in detail in his exhaustive book about the history of tabletop RPGs playing at the world that the first Gen Con was a way of people who largely communicated VIA mail to

meet up together together so it mean this is comic books this is Star Trek this is tabletop RPGs this is all sorts of things for people to meet and explore Muse Mutual interests so I Within within that we all work with the public in various ways we all encounter public perception of games Gamers Geeks fandoms what are the concerns about all of these things as anti-social activity used most frequently encounter it’s anti-social you are you are spending too much time with yourself and you’re alone with you being alone you’re not going to feel the skills that you need to tether transferable to a job or Society those are the biggest things I heard again with parents saying why are you playing those games if it’s not going to amount to anything you’re killing your brain cells that was I was actually said multiple times to kill your brain cells but you know that that just that key word of antisocial and that’s not going to transfer what you’re doing is not transferable to society and helping you become something of importance are contributing to society show me news to all of us that games can’t be a career and can’t contribute frying fully to society in some way but so what concerns that you here in your interactions with the public so in the work that I do my interaction with the public attend to be limited because people reach out to me so I don’t do a lot of like cold calling or anything like that and trying to get my pitch most of the time when people want to learn more about the organization of the work that we do they reach out to us as a sort of a selection bias there but there is still Sometimes some degree of a hesitancy from parents around some of it so for example a movie I talked about Dungeons & Dragons also runs Minecraft based groups and sometimes parents are still kind of a little bit curious about how Minecraft or other kinds of video games can support social interactions and so I do sometimes have to start a puncture the concern around the and when I have someone coming to one of my groups who is a just really exist eggs exhaustively excited about Minecraft I can put those those participants together and kind of you know seed conversation between the two of them by like you’re doing a little bit like wingman in around dropping some hints about Minecraft and then watch them cross pollinate and their relationships are formed so even if you are playing this game by yourself when you can then use that shared excitement and shared language then you can build community about the things that are exciting and it is that’s how we form friendships is through connecting over mutually interesting and usually exciting a phenomenon so even if one is playing the game by oneself you’re really building a language you can then use to build a community with and one of the things I’ve heard you say on panels in the past is that one of your measures of success in the groups that you run in the games that you run is if people are in fact connect outside of the groups and it did happens and it did definitely does we got a lot of the participants in our groups are sometimes come to us have never had never and never having had a friend before never had any been invited to a party or had any sort of meaningful social connection so then over time they will have a birthday party and invite their adventuring team You know to come over to their house for it for a birthday party or we have a Discord server that are participants can use them again and we’ve monitor at that we can watch them talking about did you see that new Marvel movie that came out or whatever it is and just slowly building the capacity to then be more social to have the the reinforcements from those relationships that remind us why other people matter to us because I know that’s a lot of the of the case with a lot of people who are socially isolated as they’ve lost the sword of connective tissue that reminds that’s why other people are enriching to our lives so then having a shared language of a shared interest around gaming you can watch it then they’re people who are in the chat right now or here because of a shared interest the people who are the back mean on the pre covid times would go travel to a Pax 2 set the stand next to somebody in line at waiting for a panel waiting for a game doubt it or whatever and to stay at the school teacher you have I like that game 2 that’s just that this how we build community around things we might do so though I love It clean of the max Effect series of the Dragon Age series retractable talked about it before we started recording like those games are meaningful even though I played

other than the third Mass Effect like all by myself when I can still connect with someone in like have a really meaningful connection around to that experience we got through playing Dark Souls or any of those like intensely solo experiences we get like really have meaningful conversations around the personal experience that it was playing those games I really appreciate you bringing up coded cuz I feel like so aside from the work I do with and gamers I also work with the New York City NC violence project as an advocate for lgbtq survivors of eyelid so I moderate a youth group every Monday for lgbtq youth of today 24 something that comes up often is having conversations with parents Guardians the nook one around limiting time around meaning of Gaming and my favorite question that comes up if I call why is it that they spend more time watching other people play games and playing themselves to fight fight and if I were you just ask me why I would like for my advice around limiting the time that they’re playing video games right and a lot of the conversations that we would have leading up to you know we were prepared for the quarantine and everything if I well now your kids are prepared for the poor and Seed because the government is encouraging people to stay at home and social beings. that you were worried we’re going to cause harm to you know the Next Generation now these are the tools that are promoting resilience and really connect keyboard ways. We be born and raised in the Bronx and seeing Alexandria ocasio-cortez playing know a lot of the concern around gaming be like an antisocial activity you know look at how the world’s lift on itself and made those stereotypes become the solution and wave that we’re reducing arm on on the topic of AFC did you see she just tweeted out she made silver to in League of Legends Shabbat you know Tennessee I didn’t realize I didn’t like was about to move on to my next question but I didn’t let you answer this question that was rude of me me hey I mean Gemini. I think comes out of gaming right it’s a shared group think about something you’re passionate about where they looking for answers on how to be better at your game with you just want to connect to somebody that likes what you like doesn’t matter what age you are there any of those things it’s just a thing that you can talk about that shared one of the as you said stereotypes are things that people say they have concerns about when it comes to gaming me that I hear most often is like you can sit here and be your playing this game all the time while they’re sitting there like on Candy Crush all day long or sitting there on MyFitnessPal you know at least of gaming like there is a follow-up what are the game inherently has multiplayer built into it or that there are tries to take you to a place where you could talk about that game communities are kind of built-in into gaming in a way that they’re not necessarily in the game of vacation of things like you know my fitness pal or Candy Crush and I think people that had this idea that somehow Gamers of estranged strange this strange or is that they can’t understand if they don’t you know aren’t really hardcore into hardcore into nsps or something but there’s a lot of commonality that we have across all of these types of games that I think you can understand if they have a chance to really break it down and talk to people people so I mean building on that a little bit more since all of us work with with the public in different capacities you know Rafi you you do some wonderful organization work bringing people together and I’m in a community setting with you know like experience individuals dr Jay and Adam you both do mental health work can Jenna see you managed 1/4 4th which is a 14 communities account but at least seven jumping off the the the previous question what are the ways that you see that people are surprised to find out games and gaming and fandoms even are more social than they realize idea coded so right now we’re really starting to see a lot of folks are surprised at how adept people are at navigating this social Distortion environment where we are literally not being not allowed to be social right now are encouraged not to be social but how easily folks transition and young people transitioned to being social because it’s what they do I use the example of my daughters and my son all the time I have one son is in

college and I have two teenage daughters and our house is like holding up her hit besides the fact that we were mad when we go where we go my kids are so used to being digitally connected with their social life there doing fine you know and it’s it’s the resiliency is was surprised it’s a lot of people right now and it’s just amazing to watch it and see it now I’ll be honest with you we’ve had parameters on are there digital world just because I think that’s possible parents we should do that however within all of the managing that we’ve done our girls are flourishing I would be saying my girls cuz my son is out of the house doing its own thing now but my girls are flourishing and it’s due to the fact that is social world that we live in the gaming or you’re looking at some kind of fandom it’s transferable to real life management skills and I think that’s what has been surprising people that this is truly something that has some gravitas to it and actually has has some make a mark on our side appositive mark it just a bill on that candy girl groups are in person up intellicode it hit and we transition am online just like every school transition you know every in person thing online and I was concerned about the how everybody would do transitioning into online groups from in person I’m trained as a drama therapist so I’m of course like really used to like getting up from the table and doing everything that I do is a game master and the kids adopted and they flourished like like it was not a big deal they’re all sort of you no internet needed so just to build on what dr. J was saying like the kids all get it they understand how to look at a face on it screen and talk to it in a way that it took me a little while to get accustomed to it and they have their used to having the chat that we’re having here and also the chat that is happening in the text boxes and doing those things simultaneously having three chats with different people while you’re talking to other people here and and it is with it’s amazing to see just how easily they adapted to this face because they’ve been building this these these skills that’s what’s going to be essential forward from the get-go so it’s been it’s been really fantastic and then moving online allowed us to table dancing were talking about earlier is now we can play with people who are not in the same room with us we should just extending and building that Community even farther I ran a group this week where I had someone in Utah someone in California is someone in Oregon and someone in Seattle and those are all young people who are it’s like better than a penpal until you can actually play with people in other places around the country and around the world and that’s that’s something that is really great to see that the young people especially having access to through the through there you know digital-native experience know digital-native experience Genesee what do y’all think so what you’re saying about how this seems like it’s something that people that are already gamers are equipped to deal with in a way that others might not be imagination is a huge Factor when it comes to gaming and meanwhile you can see sometimes little things on the screen a lot of X Games involve you you’re projecting your idea of what something is like and as an Avid Reader and somebody that can download a price for every time I look at my charts during the week for reading I think it’s a great way for you to be able to you know utilize that skill that you might not at in real life you know if you’re having a bad day or if you’re in a place that maybe you don’t want to be right now you can put yourself somewhere else you can have an experience you can’t have during covid-19 each other time in your life that’s different than where you are bound by location it’s really only limited by where you might want to take your imagination and what kind of vehicle you can use to get yourself there so I think you know as everyone else is kind of saying that really quickly to something they’ve already been doing but just in a different way rap surprising is like how how how do I wear this what I think of when I think of gaming and scary and like the stereotypes that a fence around it and I think I talked about this a little bit earlier I think about Ray and lived experiences and I think that posed to be surprised by how often there’s this intersection between exploring of gender and racial equity and identity disability and Jaden and like me for example I grew up playing Legend of Zelda my favorite game of all time Ocarina of Time as a like what 7/8 year old playing that game the protagonist is linked but I never saw a link of a video game character that had

a gender role it always on Bailey came off as androgynous to me or gender-neutral some way shape or form it wasn’t until I was older and I thought you were meeting into the lure that I started noticing that you were using him pronouns and I was like like whatever right it probably other games like Pokemon where they start you right off the bat like are you a boy or a girl or a guy love those games where you can jump right into being they don’t even care about and then you have like my youth group right one of my favorite conversations to have with them is like how do you navigate your own gender journey of the video gaming and they talk about games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing Dragon Age The Sims my favorite one was a fifteen-year-old girl from the Bronx who told me that her first idea or concept of being Trans in gaming with Miss Pac-Man because she didn’t know that the history behind this sad man was that it was originally Pac-Man right and then it was like Miss Pac-Man is this modded version that became the most popular X she would go on and on and State Pac Med Estrella that’s that shitt. Write and I think that it’s amazing how many opportunity are to be able to use gaming as a platform to be able to have healthier conversations around gender and and to be able to make it accessible not only to our you spell also to intergenerational community MBA degree of thought in terms of like women as well for me I gave me as a safe space where you have at the consequence for a because the communal beliefs you my behavior certain types of behavior except acceptable in certain areas but it’s a way to try out different aspects of your personality that you might not be comfortable with when the consequences are high right like in real life so if you’re sitting there in a game and you want to be a more aggressive person or you need a minute to think about exactly how you want to articulate something and you have that second for text to sit there and write it down you don’t have to just instantly answer something and you can be a stronger person or you know me you can be like a more aggressive person or you can be like that you know a very kind and sweet person if that’s something that you know you’re not normally allowed to do in life it’s a way for you to try on different aspects of who you want to be in a safe way that enables you dare kind of experience that and the feedback there of of whatever you’re trying and and kind of decide who you are and in a way that’s a little low consequence happy that it might be in real life so all is the numerous people here have already talked about the either people perceiving gaming as lacking real real skills skills what are y’all to say to that because you know here I am thinking about a D&D meme of how to put Dungeons & Dragons on your resume that you know I organize I organized group activities with some regularity as well as narrative writing and design as well as ruler tration within the policies of a group setting and took like the idea that develop no transferable skills skills so I’m going to I’m going to jump on that from the perspective of you know I have patients that I work with regular League I try to utilize whatever I have are whatever they have they have connected to to help them build maybe self-esteem or maybe a transition something else helping them realize where their skill-set why and gaming oh my God just did the strategy that it takes to play these games you know I I can pick up a patient right now who’s the older gentleman and he was sidelined as a pilot but he’s also a is it a DM game master a game master and he transition from being a pilot to going to the strategy room he’s active duty going to the strategy room and developing different kinds of strategies to help pilot who are out in the field do you think that maybe some of that strategy is coming from his his thought processes of being a game master would definitely say so you know I I see young kids maybe 15 16 year olds who are trying to figure it out themselves about I come to grips with where where where they want to be on wet they’re not the jock they’re not the most popular person in the in the school yet they have these specific skill sets that they’ve acquired through gaming over the last 10 years and been able to help them harness that into hey you know what maybe you can think about making a career

out this maybe you can think about game development I think about taking those skills in joining an organization like a Google or Facebook or Amazon and utilizing those kind of technical skills that you’ve developed so I could definitely tell you very evidence-based why’s that gaming skills transfer to life skills job skills it transfers to real life very quickly and competently Genesee I’m I’m curious your perspective on this especially given that you managed so many gaming communities like how many people do you see taking some of their skill sets in either moving up in an informal or formal manner the social hierarchy to community hierarchy and maybe even getting jobs out of it absolutely I mean leadership skills are definitely something that happens when you’re playing games especially multiplayer or either team games yeah you know me and I’ve told you this before about my desire to do this whole podcast series on how gaming has teaches you project management skills and other strategies skills and how that translates into real life my personal one my my depression story if you will is that you know if you’re spending for me I was spending a lot of time we too much time you know optimizing my characters in game looking at them and looking at their stats and saying all your supposed Village has the intelligence here here is my strength stats as spending a lot of time doing that and game and then feeling really bad about the fact that I was sitting here with my muffin top doing absolutely nothing right so there’s a way for you to translate that into real life soap for me that was a big kick in the butt of like hey I just met you to 15 hours this week off to mising a digital character that had that is great for a game game super successful while I’m sitting here you know if spaghetti armed and that kind of wasn’t if it is for me to get into physical fitness to get into karate to get my second degree black belt to become you know martial artist because if I could see my character doing this and kicking people with a real kick why can’t I do that and that’s a place for me to kind of take those skills and take that Dedication that I’m putting into this character and apply it to my own physical body so there’s a lot of translations I think back and forth between the digital world in the physical world if you choose to make that a priority it’s almost like a mitten maxing has a place it’s not a dreaded going after all I can talk about the ways that you know I do isn’t it for other people but I’m going to share a personal story cuz I’m inspired by the Genesee the sharing of personal story as well I literally think about my life and I met before in a pretty dark souls and post Dark Souls time there is like a moment when I was playing Dark Souls for the first time and a buddy of I put it on my Xbox and I hated it and I like one of the throw the controller across the room is so hard I act like a failure it was just everything just confronting all of my in a little demons on my shoulder whisper in my ear about how I couldn’t accomplish things and so I realized that was an area of growth for me that I needed to work on and I basically used Dark Souls III ended up I know I saved face while he was there a little bit and then later on I bought it digital download played it by myself and like I used it as a training for my own resiliency because that game will punish you and punish you and punish you and you have to incrementally get better and really utilize a growth mindset to overcome and every time you learned something it’s okay if left right where I almost got that the timing right for the Perry or whatever and it really is a grind and you have to be able to push through it and I I remember having experiences as a grad school student is in early entrepreneur when I was like feeling the pressure to give up right that feel like this is hard I want to do this I’m feeling like a failure and then sort of remembering in Conjuring up that feeling of like I’m at the campfire and I got to go back out again and I might come back to this can’t find my make it to the next camp fire but this is the process and I remember taking that dad likes her too dark souls ring of mind with me and that’s what how I got through grad school and how I got you know into the business world and so on and so forth was just thinking about the next campfire fire I want to play it never play the game before it’s so hard games to play at a time like self-proclaimed the competitive around his Petras alright and when I think it’s such as I think about problem solving and in doing so at a rate where it’s like if I can if I can do that while I’m Dreaming imagine what I could do in the workplace right when I really set my mind to it and one of my favorite things to talk about when I’m having this type of conversation is time management cuz I think

of speed running and I think of how speed running is such a popular sub jonra in the Gaming Community was such a huge fan base and I’m like if you could manage your time well enough to be able to almost break a game in order to either completed a within a given time or be the fastest person to get from start to finish right imagine what you could do if you were to apply those skills into your career or on the project you’re working on maybe something that is going on in your life that you know it’s like if if unable to manage my time a little bit more wisely or intentionally in can relieve some stress that I’m having around it so I love the fact that gaming has really cultivated it and I especially going to eat Shameless Plug & Shout out but I really appreciate you don’t work if I take this and game to grow and other organs that are really intersecting mental health with gaming and The Gaming Community because that’s what a lot of this is kind of like humility accumulating in to write like how we navigating these conversations around allistic ways to to play video games at the app lets Gamers while acknowledging that we are people right and that we have stuff and we need ways to be able to Stuart are trauma so where never talked about the idea that game skills transfer to real life skills that games help build communities that games help build resilience that games bring us together in many ways so why do you all think the sort of Big Bang Theory comic book guy you know stereotypes the games are exclusive you know a white sis hetero male domain why do you think these stereotypes still linger Mercurio cultural really don’t know I was going to say it’s worth we follow the money but that’s the different Channel thanks know I really appreciate you saying that I don’t because I shared this with some of y’all before but I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was 11 years old for it and I was taught by my uncle my uncle played D&D going back to advantages of dragons with a group of friends that I grew up in the Bronx they’re all black in Latin X and the way that the acquired the materials to play D&D players handbook the unguided all that was that if fell off the back of a truck right like that’s that’s the running joke but it’s like who in the Bronx was you know like especially during their era really had the cash to be able to buy it to have access to it to feel like it was something you could play it on you know my truth a Christian household pranks cuz of all the stereotype it all that I think that having had access to that and the way that I did really made an impact on me and the way that have this relationship with gaming and with the community-at-large at large so that’s just something that I kind of like want to name and I want to hold some space around because you never know who is on the opposite side of the screen video games or tabletop games what are there lived experiences what are they going through who are they are who are they intending to be why the aspiring to be dating is such a holistic and Saints days to be blind navigate is intersecting identities so what I think about that like stereotype of the Sith why I had a real guy you know positive reinforcement I like to think hey maybe be that this had a real guy is noticed this LOL guy you never know right I mean I used to think a lot of those things and then I learned and I was given access to the spaces and I learned that there are people like sonicfox who too old to play games and who look like me and who that’s why you got to be but I do and they really did paved the way for me to be able to have my own gender journey and coming out experience that I appreciate that though they’re amazing part of the issue of the issue is and I’m going to piggyback off with Rafi was saying as far as the falling off the truck and that’s the gatekeeping aspects right so if that game hadn’t fallen off the truck how would you had access and I think the problem we have with any jonra any fandom is that gatekeeping and keeping people out but we’re at a point now where it’s hard to keep everyone out you can you can access this environment in

so many different venues but I think some of the stigma is still there because of access I think you know I know you were joking Adam when you said follow the money but you know how expensive is it to get into gaming you know what’s the cost where do you have to go will you have to have me write you have to be able to be in a car and drive to a store have certain amounts of money freed up money to be able to afford these stacks and I think that’s an Avenue that is keeping the stereotype there although we are breaking them down and different backgrounds that are involved and you have to ask a question how are you there right and you’re like oh my gosh that’s kind of cool I kind of want to get to know you you look like me you’re doing some of the same things as I and you’re in this gaming environment that I knew nothing about me you know in the more that we open this stuff and we we make it more accessible I think we’re going to get further and further away from the stereotypes in the perspective that still linger that it only for a certain group or John real people think we’re getting better but I think I have to continue to make this accessible I didn’t go to a local comic book shop because I didn’t know about local comic book shops I didn’t know those were think they weren’t in the hood grown having children having a good career where I could find out about this whole world that existed but that’s not okay right that’s not okay it should wait till I’m at the time I found this environment was and I’ll be very transparent 2016 and I’ve already told you guys that I’m in my mid-thirties so do the math on that right like there’s no I had no exposure to the environment and so the stereotype would continue and now I have my kids who I’ve exposed younger than where I was we have to break those barriers that are there and an open it up the folks all over the place I’m so happy to hear that it fell off the truck in the Bronx right I wish I’m from St Louis the inner city to st. Louis omigosh if it could have fallen off the truck you know in North st. Louis that would have been so awesome now but there’s no comic book shop for the truck to go to what I’m hearing is gatekeeping I mean gatekeeping is a big in various formats whether it’s a social form of gatekeeping or a monetary form of gatekeeping gatekeeping gatekeeping is one of the root causes for the lingering stereotypes you know that We’ve joked about so how how to change that I realized that the huge question that is an absolutely huge question but I’m thinking about in the last couple years were starting to see major Studios to take quote-unquote risks with with making female-centric movies Wonder Woman we saw the huge success a black panther we keep that ball rolling to let it to make these oh yeah I see that shirt we see that shirt dr J but we how do we keep the ball rolling so we break down these social and monetary barriers to but everybody know that games are safe social it was in certain circumstances are good social space to explore identity social skills anything you want how do we do that that having the people make the games that reflect the people playing the game is a great start and where are they you know working on that one of things for me that was personally impactful I mean it was only a few years ago but it’s like hey female chef Camp Chef right like for Mass Effect okay so you know you can choose like who’s your favorite on the Citadel I don’t like to hear that you know certain movies don’t succeed if they have a female lead you know Black Widow accept her at like it’s nice to have that option it’s nice to have a character that represents you it’s nice to see yourself as a hero in a game and it’s nice to know that people are making games that you know represent you so it’s it’s important that the designers the developers the people behind the game are actually have the opportunities to make things that they like to make an an arcade kept themselves themselves

again I’m going to jump on that and say you’re exactly right the people we need to have access to be able to make the games right we need to get these kids and opportunities to see the S even an option that they can be a game developer and and you can go out and have a dream as big as you want right how are the people that are making the games now doing it they had these dreams as kids and then somehow they had exposed to it and so we have to have some exposure genre in every place in our society and make these things happen I’ll be honest with you I have no desire to to make this stuff right but I am a consumer of it so you take someone like me who I now have a little bit of means I can help someone get into the Jabra right I can back you I can say hey you know what would you need like right literally right now I back probably four or five different creators I purposely go out and fine folks who are doing their own comic books are their own story line for their own gaming the developing I’m like how do I get in with you on the ground floor I don’t want to do anything else that’s important and consume the content in front of those kids we got to get it all genres all areas all walks of life in society released kids know that this is an opportunity and and help him dream big outside the box and incidentally let me say this real quick I don’t want to take all the time but I literally told my wife last night we were talking about the death of Chadwick Boseman and she said anything to do with black panther I said they have a perfect opportunity shuri becomes the next Black Panther yes perfect opportunity shuri becomes the next Black Panther and going back to what you said about all a female can’t carry it we need to get away from there what are you talkin about I just got chills when you talk about that gosh what kind of black panther would she be right I mean know I just sent you that in so you guys heard me say comic book my entry into this one of the things I did for my my children was I said what are you interested in I will collect comic books for you as well what do you want what do you want to read you want to see someone that looks like you you want to read about somebody that acts like you act that comes from where you come from a literally we have to choose comic book area in my basement and it’s not just my comic books comic books for my daughter who’s probably going to be you know some kind of lawyer in N Chik Town entertainment house right and I got my Brainiac daughter who’s you know who’s reading comic books along those lines and then I got my son whose biomedical engineering comic books for him and I even got a few my wife’s not into it but she didn’t know that I’ve been buying comic books for what I think she should be reading too but and put it in front of them all right left of driving is so many things I could talk about hear my my background before I got into the my working hours in politics I’m like I think about this and some sort of like Grandeur socio-political context of like we got to get coding programs in schools for kids in every school for kids but is also somebody more like sort of radical Democratic things we can do just in the nature of the games we play eye doctor day you were talking about supporting infinite creators Raiders a whole host of independent creators in the tabletop world that are doing crowdfunding that are doing you know patreon Style support that they can get a lot of great things in the DMS Guild etcetera etcetera etcetera but even in did you buy the books and you play the the traditional games you can come modify everything and that’s the beauty of the of a game that exist in our imaginations like a tabletop RPGs are is that we can let the the space in our imaginative game reflect the complexities in the diversity of the richness of the Human Experience to actually exist in the world in n and let the car games like let the world of the game be as diverse as it is known as the players who play that game and I would say building on the rapper you said around build make me a safe space for gamers is is essential that’s what it comes down to you and you know just evens doing stuff like what are your characters pronouns is a huge transformative thing to see with players because they’re they’re having a reflection of this is a conversation we can have now about pronouns what are my pronouns then I can count on more than one hand the number of participants in his game to have come out to their adventuring party because they now have created a safe space and the

rest of the group is like cool yeah it’s it’s a it’s an awesome experience to see how the safe spaces that we can create really do help serve expand the table so what do I think we can do to make this world a better place have an extra seat at your table and bring somebody else in else in be inviting us support support ND creators creators especially the Indy creators who are breaking out of the mold of the stereotypes that were talking about invite people to your table and we maintain that’s how you know you know we’ve talked about how games are intrinsically social and we haven’t brought up the elephant in the room and that’s that’s toxic Behavior both an online formats and Eva not a no IRL if we’re playing at the same table as other people how do we avoid that how do we circumvent that how do we fix that to make it this is a conversation about Collective accountability I think my NYC Gamers hour Discord our Facebook group it starts and ends with our space agreements right and he’s our agreements that was crafted by stakeholders within our social media platform community members having conversations about ways that we can hold each other accountable to create Estates space but sustaining make sure that it’s something that’s a claim be safe by the folks who are investing in our platforms cuz it’s one thing I think that social media to be buried performative at times when they use the term safe space think it’s different when we’re having more intentional conversations around how are we getting access to books to clean safety and spaces it also collect of accountability right even social media platforms like Twitter whenever there’s something that’s trending because because a huge mainstream AAA title did something. The black community is saying that’s super problematic right being aspiring allies to the black community stakeholders with that are and and the black community at Large regardless of intersecting identities that you hold being able to come together and utilized Trending platform to hold game developers accountable but also the people who are playing those games and buying those games accountable that’s where it starts and ends in my opinion I think that it’s not just an Institutional issues also an interpersonal one you know I have like a I have my children family right but you’re trans a gender you pray and My Chosen daughter she’s trans Latina and her game is OverWatch she loves OverWatch and whatever she plays online she much prefers playing with her friends because that’s her stay Sphynx doesn’t change the fact that we still need to navigate how are we engaging with the Enemy team with other folks were on game chat when they see her for your tag and they use it as a way to be able to make transphobic remarks towards her or to use it as a way to disrupt herself carrot sustainability what she’s playing video games we we coming to that conversation away where we’re not restricting her autonomy to be able to defend yourself and to be able to reclaim her safety in the narrative but we hold our community accountable to make sure that this isn’t something that is persistent that it’s not something that continuously happens even if it’s us you know I’m five people at the same time reporting a percent are reaching out to a game development company of thing listen this happened and this needs to be addressed so that collect the stakeholder power is so important when it comes to that collect of accountability what strikes me that not only a even having a Collective Agreement like that isn’t an in and of itself of prosocial thing because it is in order to engage with your community you have a literal social contract and the ability to successfully navigate that and make amends when a transgression is mammy that’s the nature of any successful relationship right that it relationships don’t grow in the absence of conflict they grow through the resolution of it and being able to successfully do that is it is an incredibly prosocial thing thing that’s a that’s amazing what about the rest of what do y’all think about this cool things about gaming as that depending on the type of game

you’re playing your ability in the game is more important sometimes then the prejudices that exist for there was playing with you so if you really good at what you’re doing and you’re helping your team win and you are an asset that’s a way to kind of have an into allowing people to have the ability to change their View and change their mind about who you are because you’re actually benefiting their team and you know that that’s something that I think I’ve seen before when I’ve played but yeah it’s Rockies game like you can build these types of communities in the game itself I’m going to think that right does a really good job on it were talking about OverWatch the few minutes ago I love how if you’re insulting someone in chat it says things like Rosen good match or something like that like there are ways that it will you know edit certain things to kind of Foster a more friendly bout of competition and you know there are other games of course like you know League of Legends where you know you have community you know trials and arbitration and ways for people to you know of bring their grievances the community of self and have the community police that and decide how they’re going to you know what’s acceptable behavior for that community and there are a lot of ways do that but in the game and outside the game and India post game but yeah I know what those things are really important to consider when you’re making a game or when you be a part of a gaming community and how they actually perceive know the things that are important to you as a player the last question I think a little bit of that is going again echoing the idea of forming communities and choosing your community and echoing that it’s okay it’s okay to partner up with whomever you want to partner up with and it really pushing that concept and opening up the idea it’s okay if you don’t look like me or talk like me or have the same experience as I have her live in the same zip code I think that the more that we push that I think we’re breaking down barriers and I think that’s an unattended or unanticipated A+ oxymoron there any idea that we would be joining so many different types of people together for gaming you know about this before but I told you and I literally fuse together my biking world with my letter and quite and orange Comic-Con on the motorcycle you know go together and put it all together and it works and no one shoe tell us about what you doing and it pack Sturgis descent so we got just a little quickly we’re just about out of time but it in thinking of gaming as a truly prosocial activity if the audience can only take one thing away from this panel just lightning round real quick what do you want it to be Genesee let’s start with you I hate this take away you get out of it what you bring to it let’s just say that right like be open to the idea that Kami + communities in the people in games can educate you in ways that you would never experienced in in the area that you’re in you know for me like I’ve told her before like small-town Podunk Town nowhere where would never have had experiences that I’ve had in life if it was not for games I need believe me to meet people that are so very different than me and a very many different ideas but I do and even just as a career in gaming the option to pursue something that you love you know no matter even if you’re not you know in LA it is a great thing so does my tiny little nugget nugget beautiful the Fantastic wrapping let’s kick it over to you what do you want people to play with NYC Gamers our motto is ubelong so I think that that’s going to be the holding space that I have

for this one if you’re watching this listening to us know that you matter wherever your gender Journey leads where ever the roping take you gaming is always going to be an into space for you regardless of the circumstances amazing amazing Adam Davis I’m a build on what was already been said I think it’s important to have an extra spot at your table maybe it’s not a seat maybe that person is coming to your table that has their own chair but make sure that there’s a spot on your table for other people to join you I think that’s the lesson I would love for people to take away and that it’s on tonight about the game the benefits that come with it it’s about to play and just reminding people that the game is just a vessel and it is the play that is the thing dr. j take us home all right I want to say access access access I am a consumer and I want to be involved in all these different genres so allow us to have access all of us no matter who you are those who are are hosting these things open it up let it be acceptable to every Walk of Life open it up so folks can get in you be so surprised at how many people want to be a part of this world and with biscuits how much benefit from it so access access access that’s awesome well thank you everybody for being here I cannot say how much I appreciate this especially as we had a technical error the first time we try to record this panel and that was entirely my fault and everybody was being kind enough to record this again and bring all their wonderful insights real quick work and everybody find you on the socials dr. Jay will go to Med dr. J Dr that’s actually dr. J Lieutenant Commander you can find me there I see a 3/4 sites that will all link if you type in dr. J You’ll find me awesome and Davis and you can find me on Twitter at Sparks for sharks I’m going to learn more about game to grow at game Teo grow on Twitter Facebook and Instagram in our mental health trainer a package rabbit you can find me on Twitter atrophy Reggie Lewis stats are awfy Reggie Lewis like the star in the heart of the Leo constellation and follow us official NYC G or join our mailing list at emerge. NYC awesome Genesee you can find Good Shepherd games at Twitter at Good Shepherd Kent and me at gray area podcast grey and gray area podcast. Com and I MV doctor be on Twitter and the Pearly all the socials but really you should be following at take this org if you ever want to learn more about what we’re up to you want to support our Mental Health Mission with in the game Community both on the on the consumer and the industry side but thank you so much everybody for being here for all of you watching have a wonderful rest of packs online this is so Monumental that packs is doing this nine days on my but I thank you everybody and keep being awesome and social hello packs online and welcomes this very special edition of Niantic office hours I am your host my name is kit I just have to HR operations different Jenny’s into the game industry so I’m going to hand it over to us because in just hello packs online and welcome to this very special edition of Niantic office hours I am your host my name is kit I just have to operations

incredible lineup today to talk you through different Jenny’s into the game industry so I’m going to hand it over to us because in just a second introduce themselves but just at the stage today weather going to be hopefully persuading you all the different routes you can take to move into games I think once you’re participating as a consumer but you don’t necessarily have an obvious way in seem like a bit of a black box so what I hope you need today with a great sense of how all three different kindness is taken out oceans available to you so today we’re going to be trying to Trinidad I’ll head again I Global Laura Pausini game designer walking on Pokemon go designer walking on Pokemon go Anthony are technically lead manager to all of you to tell the audience a little bit more about yourself Trinidad you want to kick us about your role where you started as well hi everybody I am the head of diversity and inclusion at Niantic and it started way back when and Big Data Tech and I have a passion for people I have a passion for empowering people with information to help them change and and Empower them with the tools that they need to move not only are business forward but also making sure that it’s a macro plate for all people and honestly this is been one of the best careers pass that I could have ever taken and I didn’t get to the game industry by the conventional way which was like going to school or or just having parents in the industry or knowing people I knew nobody and honestly I didn’t even know what Niantic was when I started I mean that when I started but when I interviewed I was like go oh yeah yeah yes let me go for it you know and I didn’t know anybody in the company I did the conventional route of applying online through the regular sources that we used to search for jobs so I’m here I’m not going anywhere I’m addicted now I love the game industry I love the people how eccentric we are sometimes and how did we are but then also how creative we are and how much we we are just passionate about creating games that can impact people so I’m here thank you Laura so I probably have a bit of a winding path into the games industry it it really started for me when I was a kid playing video games with my brother growing up like that was always there life but I actually I was going to grow up to be a 3D animator so I went to school to study art so I have a traditional art degree as well as a certificate in 3D animation was going for that Journey the University of about University of Utah started a graduate program where they were going to focus on video games and stuff and we know you love video games will you come be a part of the first cohort for this graduate program program I got really lucky that the program teaches game design I went through the program and I still at that point I thought I was going to be a 3D animator my first job Hood Games industry was actually is an insurance in animation for Disney other video game studios while I was there they came over and reached out to me because they knew I was really pissed about video games and that I was a woman working in the industry and they were trying to make that work going to be a bit more female Focus for Disney Infinity I’m supposed to be doing with my life and said 7 plus years studying I need to make a pretty big career change so over the course of that and a couple of really awesome opportunity and support from friends in the industry I was able to switch to become a game designer instead and then eventually it that led me to my current role where I am a senior designer Acura is working on Pokemon go Daphne you want to share your awesome start yeah I also grew up playing games with my brothers and like I it’s

so funny because I never considered myself a game where I always considered them Gamers but not me even though I played alongside them all the time and so it took me a long time to like Embrace that as like a part of my identity no one can tell me nothing I’m definitely not. I did not feel this way but yeah my name’s was actually probably more like the most like traditional CS babe in the sense that I got a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and I got a master’s in computer science and I actually got into game a little later in my career in directly through doing like more framework see kind of work and so you know multiple positions that I had before Nyan I was actually like writing code that supported developers who built games as opposed to being the person who is building the game and that’s what ended up leaving me here and so you know prior to this job I was actually working at Apple and so I was working on What’s called the foundation framework it’s basically for anybody who’s worked an extra phone when you open up a new xcode project and you see import Foundation that was my team and so like millions of developers were using my card every day and I’m tired too that was working at a startup that was building an SDK that at the time was like revolutionary but you know now it’s kind of laughable but they were essentially just trying to get they got to check to see you to run natively on Android phones and so like our Prime customers at that point where like game developers and so we were still we were in the industry potential and so now very intentional choice to be like I want to be a want to be at the front of it this time I want to get her into different part of the stuff I want to actually be like making stuff that people can actually see and interact with and play with and not necessarily do you like the Wally behind scenes which is what I used to call myself and so it’s been really awesome working on Pico and being able to just like you know make some money players happy you liked that’s just a theory Austin awesome thank you I think I’m really interesting common thread. For all of you is that you didn’t write to his players like however you kind of to find yourselves and Sons of game is casual Hawk weather you will have that relationship with games but none of you went straight in and I’m curious as to before you are part of this industry how much of a sense of it did you have I what would you like of your knowledge around the roles available to you what it was like as a as a culture Me what waste your kind of what did you anticipate before you are actually a part of the industry yeah just an interesting like subset of text because it’s like partially a subset but also partially kind of its own thing right it’s it’s it’s weird they for Mama’s Little Venn diagram right and so you know I mean I’ll be play like the committee around being a woman and James and being a black and queer women and James is not great it’s just not I’m so like you know it’s a little nerve-wracking to to step into this and and feel like you’re putting yourself out on the chopping block every day but you know if it ends up being completely worth while at least a husband for me and Mike through this experience I wouldn’t have met any of you and y’all are absolutely lovely so like there are so many wonderful people in the industry that I mean we can bust a whole other channel with my share of difficult developers in my life to be able to work with people who are so incredibly smart but also super sweet and I just I I haven’t had to feel like I’ve been shielded from just a lot of the craziness that we see out in the media all the time so yeah that was kind of my impression going in well I’m jobs Atlantic has defied your expectations of course Trinidad what about you you will roll is in such an obvious like they’re not a game designer developer but you’re really integral. how Niantic functions and the how we all kind of walk towards this more inclusive and what kind of wraps and

sit and tell us a bit about your understanding of the industry before you were a part of this that I’m just a piggy piggyback off of what Daphne said I mean the game industry definitely has a bad rap like and I don’t know if it’s a bad rep I think for as long time it was it what is what it was and I hear stories horror stories about like Booth babes in the back back in the day and then just like at conferences and different things like that and I’m just like okay so coming in I know Niantic is one of those companies that’s a hybrid because it’s we have a platform and then we also Creed game so it was a mixture of Tack and gaming and it wasn’t your traditional Studio so coming in I wanted to defy everything that Daphne said you know I don’t I don’t want our people to have that negative experience of of coming to Niantic and saying I was just like everywhere else I want people to come to Niantic in and say Alyssa breath of fresh air breath of fresh air I like it yes we still have crunch times yes we still have a high we are asking for a lot of work we want you to produce that’s that’s just normal but at the same time we have a community where a family we trust each other we value each other with respect each other and that’s why we’re able to build such a great team of people who who lives in and really go above and beyond for our games it’s a little like woman fuzzy now Laura how about you what was your kind of understanding of the different roles that cultural of Industry when I was growing up which has several moons ago gamer it was definitely like my defining the hobby but at that point in time there were things like Dev blogs there were amazing conferences like Pat’s where you can see developers and gamemakers talks so void right I do video games against it and I love them and I played them but I have no real concept to where they came from other than I assumed somebody honestly wasn’t until I got to grad school and we started looking at all the options of the games industry all the different roles or texts you know expensive it wasn’t until we start a conversation a real industry to look into and my parents have always been super supportive but I know what else I’m going to work in games are like what do they pay you viable career path but you know is really great because I want everyone to know that there are passing to the games industry that this is a real job that they pass to do this awesome work and that like you know as turn down in Daphne like for a long time then the story’s been pretty small and pretty close to who is going to be a part of it and I think it’s been really great to work with women and people of different backgrounds of diversity in the industry of like this in seeing other panels and talking to other people in the industry is so important to just see how the industry is growing and then what I have something to add to what Laura said you mentioned something about the different roles and types and I want to remind everybody who’s watching that you can be an HR you can be in marketing you can be in legal you can you can be in facilities you could be in finance you can be an Ops like I just did some of the different pathways it’s like it’s like any other company you need a function and you need to be able to have all the different functions to move forward and in so don’t limit yourself if you were passionate about game design yes if you’re passionate about software engineering yes but also know that if you do not if you don’t know what your Niche is yet that this is your opportunity I would also add to Trinidad time and I think it’s particularly important to highlight that like one thing I find really interesting about Niantic and in Pokemon go in particular having worked and let the team bike Adam management level have several managers so many who have like that’s in the industry of you know with ranging years

of experience who have dealt with such like or riffic French experiences that passed game companies that like in some ways it’s like they brought their their trauma with them like in the sense that they never want to relive that again and they never want to put their employees are the organs do that again and so like it’s it’s interesting I wanted to highlight that particular point because I feel like French is considered a norm in the industry in a lot of ways and it’s been really interesting to see how like so many Niantic have bike fought back against adamant about it not being a thing here and anytime there’s even a hint toward the people start to get a little little Nancy and I like no we don’t like them you know which is highly unusual when you consider just like the reputation of a lot of other companies one And I think it was a testament definitely to YouTube peroxide who are watching this then not in the industry already sometimes it is hard to know what leap you want to make and of course how to make that leaves but I think that process if I like what is the thing that truly energizes you what do you really want to get up in the morning and do it hard and each of you have done it so I would love to hear ya I may be starting with you Laura because you had your light bulb moment and not meeting which I’m so jealous so I wish that my Craig came to me that you did I’d love to know a little bit about how you supposed to be what is the thing I really want to do and how you then pivoted that into workings games shirts so yeah like I said earlier I did I was in that meeting and I don’t want the meeting could have been going for 5 minutes before I was like this is like some time to reflect as I had spent so long training to become a professional on was a pretty big one but I I can be fairly stubborn so once I realized as I was aware my true passion was going to be I made the commitment that I was going to start working for Safeway at the internship I was at the they were supportive of that may help me start working on while I was there and then I started keeping an eye on all possible rolls that might be coming up that was in the area I was in at the time of the Salt Lake that opened up a three-month contract roll and honestly it like one of the biggest things I can say for anyone who’s looking to get into the industry and thinks this might be their path is start reaching out to folks in the industry like whether it’s connecting with folks on social media or on professional social media social media when does the scroll of a friend had applied for it and they actually moved him to a different role of the company and reopen the three-month contract and then when it reopened I applied and my resume and they’re like well she’s animator me she has an incredible potential do the game design test and you’ll see like I know her resume doesn’t match up but just take the half an hour to buy promise I’ll show you what she hasn’t had Josh not been willing to do you know up for me and when my resume didn’t necessarily 100% wine for what they’re worth yet I never would have got there that friend in the industry really made all the difference in that moment so networking is invaluable when it comes to getting a lot of it is about who you know and if you’re not reaching out this is got to be the most chill group of people in any industry have ever met. I was always happy to chat with people who are trying to get into the industry students before interest in taking a picture shift because we’ve all been there right we’ve all needed help from somebody else in the industry we all need one just one person to accept getting to know them I’m definitely going to pick up at thread a little later with everyone else about networking the world us they’d I think sometimes it’s you is the culmination of doing loads of hard work so the thing that matters to you and the thing that sells good in terms of just your integrity is the thing that sentence you getting a job what I was saying we’re my friend got me the interview had

I shown up and not been prepared they would have been like if we were right for you but I studied so much between the opportunity sure you’re prepared for Windows let’s talk about you because you obviously prior to working Indian eyewear program manager and I think it’s you’ve been trusting that you did you tip at it into your passion and you did not end game so tell us a bit about how you went through the process of reflection and how you kind of consciously moved yourself into the role he wanted so I worked Indian I prior to being a product manager so I’m when we got a quite like I work for DmC and then we got acquired by Adele I kind of saw the writing on the wall and I was like who I should probably get a job somewhere where they can’t fire me and and so I to Laura Network and had friends in high and low places and they some of them are managers know I hate we have this product manager role we know that this is not your I was a program manager at the time in dni and they’re like we think that you can do it are you willing to take the challenge and so that meant me moving cross-country so I moved from Boston to Santa Clara California and I worked on our data protection I worked on hardware and software and it was our bread-and-butter and I loved it in the beginning until I realize I was like I’m not really passionate about data protection I mean I know we need it but I mean I’m not changing the world and at that time I was like the lead of every ERG imagine in Santa Clara a leadership team but like I was they all knew that I was coming from the dni space and they’re like oh my God that’s so great you’re here it was fun but I just found that I was still doing that was my passion like I would do my work and then I would focus on developing the people around me and I I had a moment where I was like when was the last time I was genuinely happy with my work because at that time work for me was it was almost like I’d get it done quickly just so that I could focus on what I love and so I think at this time I took time to really reflect and I was it was the last time I was talking to my mom and she was like when you were doing d&i you don’t remember you were just like you would how the hours of the night and he didn’t care and and I was like wow like you’re right so from that moment on I only applied to DNA rules like I made a very specific decision to not apply apply getting hit up for product everywhere like Google thank you you know Facebook because they need product managers and also they need women of color in product manager if it was a shoe-in but at the same time I felt like that was a distraction because yes I love Google yes I love these big companies but I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and if you’re not going to accept me in that role then I can’t help you and so long story short I literally just applied to dni rolls and that’s how I arrived at Niantic it was so we’re going to talk a little bit more in a couple of minutes about exactly how Trinidad Go Ahead Tours Atlanta which is a great story one of my favorites but we thought before we do that that’s me tell us how did you say you went from walking Apple to walking in Niantic how did you cut a bunch of free reflect on what you wanted out of that transition and make it a reality feels house yeah it’s a great mission I have up until just before working at Niantic I had spent my whole career you know working in what lower in the stack and so I was always you know building the stuff that needed to do the work that they did that users actually interacted with which was great because it just like was a very interesting

vantage point I got to see up into what like developers needed higher up in the stack but I also was low enough to see into like the staff the part of the stocks below me so like you know into the actual heroes or like I worked with drivers at some point like I was I was doing you know and I that I did kind of ran the gamut and so like as much as I loved my work at Apple and end really did feel like the contributions I was making War real contribution I had a hard time I found the frustration of having a hard time explaining to people like what exactly I did and like you know I would be like on Foundation feel like I’m okay that’s cool and I’m like no no you don’t you don’t understand I’m like the reason why you have a rainbow is because I wrote that coat the reason why you have like a female professionals like Surfer who can be black is because I wrote the logic I love being able to two to you no work at that level and be able to to support Deb’s at that level but I wanted to switch into a role that was a lot more user-facing where my work was a lot more obvious and it’s like I can point to this thing and be like yeah here it is in the game you can see it very clearly I was really excited about that transition but I would add really quickly do you like since we were talking about like career switches and kind of that like when you realize I’d so I had mentioned earlier that I took a more like traditional CS route into games but what I did not mention is I took a very like weird route into say yes which was like I actually went to school one time I under Got a New York thinking that I was going to study fashion journalism and so like that was that was where I was a t and I moved to New York City I want to buy an egg and I was like I’m going to work for Vogue and this is going to be my life and it did not work out that way but it was just kind of funny because it feels like CS found me and a lot of ways and so you know like in Trinidad was talking about just kind of like you shouldn’t you have that anecdote of you know being willing to put so many hours until dni and like I kind of knew how much I love programming when I took like a solo trip to Germany won but had CS homework and ended up spending I was only there for 24 hours and I literally spent the whole day at a Starbucks working on building like a network local client and server and I just like had so much fun to play with my headphones on what am I doing but it was just like the best time ever I saw when we talked about like making his career I think often times people get tripped up on this idea of like fun your passion cuz it just feels like it’s very overwhelming things to do but I I do know turn that into for myself is just like find your joy like find where you have fun find those moments that interest you the most where you’re just like I can do this all day or like even if it’s not all day it’s like I could I would prefer to do this over doing this other thing and my pay attention to when you have those Clues sorry starting to unmute myself that you know what’s crazy I also saw fit in fashion journalism did the main take away is that if you want what for Niantic be a fashion journalist for sure amount of time and then just scooped out of the we will welcome you the part that and actually I was having a conversation with a friend the other day is looking to kind of give it a little bit and tons of the industry on the big thing is like how do I express live this experience that I have which I can see how there is a relationship that with the role I want and I have all the CDs interest in the world I want but I look at the job description and I’m not like an obvious fit for it but I think I’d be great how would you approach that don’t know how did you approach that be like they’re all kind of obvious parallels be you and your role are some tips on that application process indicator in the world when I can to Niantic and expressed interest in a game. I

had never worked on Unity like not at least not in a production Center bit that I have done on unity prayer was just like game jams on my own time it was in and it wasn’t even super expensive and so like you know they’re the team has to know what they were getting and bringing me on board cuz we’re definitely our Unity Shoppe and it was really nerve-racking at first it was hard to you know it was hard for me to justify even to myself that I deserved it because of that and I feel like that’s really where it starts I was really lucky because like and I know you mentioned will talk about networking later but like I had known somebody who was at Niantic already and liked they were able to put in a good word for me but like on top of that I think they’re also comes a point in your career wear your resume just kind of starts to speak for itself in the sense that like you know and I think Nancy has really good about this but other companies do this as well where it’s just like you know maybe you don’t have the exact qualities that they’re looking for and the list but they trust that you’re capable of doing the work because you have a history of doing great work elsewhere and so like magic was able to talk to look at my history of doing great work elsewhere and be like okay you don’t know this one tool but your programmer you can pick it up that’s what program is do they learn new tools so like we have full faith in your ability to learn new tools and I was really appreciative of that I remember like you know when I first first started at 9 like we had a internal hackathon and I wanted to do it because it was a good opportunity for me to like do a bit of a crash course in unity and I remember like you know it was using this like part of our platform that were you know really awesome but also very new and I was experimenting but a lot of it was also me just like learning how to like set up a Unity project and start from the end so after the hackathon you know they wanted us to like resent these projects to the whole company and like my it just was very easy for me to see very early on that like the quality of what I produced was like so much lower than my what everybody else and cranked out and I was also one man team versus like these other teams that were like three or four people or they were working on something for existing and I I remember right before that that you know all hands meeting I was on the phone with my parents 20 minutes beforehand in the lobby of the ferry building stopping because I was like my coworkers are going to think I’m stupid they’re going to think I don’t deserve this job like I said they’re going to want to fire me like I had my project with soda and my parents were like no like you just have to like it and you’re going to be fine and I was like everyone just going to think I’m so stupid and so I I remember like you know I put a smile on my face and I’m presented the hell out of that big and I was just like okay and I are actually so much so much Wonderful Life it was a great reception and actually Laura reached out to me it was like hey your idea sounds really cool if you ever want to flush it out more like come talk to me I can like give you some game design tips don’t necessarily have to have these are skills to be actually it really quick when you don’t have you been on the other side of Daphne story ever was blown away by what she was lesson for this industry is imposter syndrome is real it’s a it’s a real thing a lot of folks regardless of the role or the level at which they’re they’re all special when you’re starting a new job feeling like a trick them into hiring me why am I here I don’t know what I’m doing if you were so worried about it is so crazy cuz I’m on the other side I just know that those those moments of insecurity and fear they’re real but I just pushed through them and no one no one else would have ever guessed that you were nervous pushing forward and like one another as long as you’re doing your best it’ll probably work out work out outbreak a tiny bit but I also love that lesson and I try and look out for people that I’ve walked with it was just backed

themselves and they’ve kind of got will be a school and it was live a great walk I get it does kind of come together Trinidad I think the time just a little bit country is of time and I want to talk about in that way I can but I also really want to talk about you story of kind of how you go to and say I also think it’s pretty important to know that you did it fly right and so it took us three like what was your strategy and how did you demonstrate fit with the roll can make it short and sweet like I applied on a website and I got a call back and my first conversation was with one of our recruiters her name is and Angie and Angela humans to Angie though anyways it’s I’m not a morning person anyways I was just talking to her late last night actually Angela is amazing and in our first conversation she was like wow I can hear your passion like you you light up like because she asked me you know how do I add my interviews been in and out but yeah I just had a product manager interview and I think my tone was fake a light bulb and so just talking to her going to the process I met some of the one that’s real people that work at 9 intake on my panel and I was surprised when I got to the end where I had to meet with the CEO and that was where I needed all this preparation you know I needed to have a PowerPoint and show my 6 month plan I I mean I literally prayed over it I went to every single person that I love and know that I respect and said hey can you take a look at this can I present it to you can I show you I practiced and and even my mentors I sent them a rough draft house I hate can y’all see see you in my is like this is way to launch so you need to cut this down to five slices I was like what and I was I mean honestly that was good advice like understanding art like how we are at Niantic so you know cut it down down and so my diagram which was you know lovely which is like you know diversity inclusion equity and then you know Niantic Circle and there’s a heart in the middle which is being a pointing to it you know like all of our different I took the mission and Idina put it in like a diagram and then I put a heart and that was diversity Equity inclusion I said this should be the heart of Niantic answer and in my one-on-one with John I said in honestly if you’re not ready to do the work don’t hire me if you are not interested in actually seeing systemic blockers broken and change them I’m not the first person for you and I was on the best things I ever said and did because you know we talked about imposter syndrome in yeah that tries to sneak in but I was authentically myself from day one and I have been able to continue to be that because of being authentically myself during all of the interviews and and and you know not not code switching which is so easy to do when you’re used to doing it especially in Corporate America so yeah and and I will say this like to to forward into go move forward and two networking like doing my research of going on Twitter and and befriending people going on LinkedIn befriending people going on Facebook like and asking questions for people who are were in my network on what I should do because I’ve never been in this industry before that’s what helped me up like they lifted me as I was trying to climb and I can’t tell you how how invaluable invaluable how valuable valuable sorry I have it is to network even now like now in my position as Diddy and I I have external Partnerships and I’ve been able to act like I have a village in the game industry there’s so many people that I like I went to GDC I’m so many people that I’m like oh my gosh yeah we’re going to be friends forever you know and then going to two packs going to these consumers III and and just Energy the people are excited and when you find people who are become they become your village you don’t want to get rid of them and like I said I’m addicted I’m not going anywhere like you know it’s nice to be able to find another game in the streets like I’m not going anywhere

and it has no funds to buy Trinidad to my knowledge has Laura let’s talk about networking with you then because you mentioned it right of the beginning and a matching like if someone is wanting to get into game design now why should they go who should they be talking to you like what event should be they be showing up at yeah I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in game design to look at a couple of options there more traditional right which I right which was going to an epidemic program the best fit for everyone I think another really bad about is to be learning and studying and Building & Design building games on your own as well that’s also super valid I think the starting to reach out to folks whether I think your dad mentioned a few things lyrics on Twitter or a LinkedIn or going to local game jams are going to the local meet-ups for the games industry there’s a lot of different groups in the games industry to conferences and attending conferences related to the games in the streets and other great way just any place you think there might be folks who made games it start looking for the Box start start attending like I was mentioned earlier if you’re intimidated just a big group who love video games right at work really passionate about what we do but it’s a lot of people were just very thoughtful and kind and are excited to talk to people are excited and I can say for those of you who might be in the industry already like weather here mid to senior-level the best thing you can do is Mentor somebody so somebody reach out and they’re looking for advice there is nothing more bigger rating for your career has been talking to somebody whose brand new or is trying to break into the industry you know if you’re having a rough time fresh eyes and just so excited to take on the industry that just makes everything so much better so honestly like the senior please just Reach Out reach out and try to connect to you but it’s okay to reach out again after a couple weeks and be like hey just checking in again so you had the chance to get back thanks thanks follow up will send a can of final few minutes Daphne from engineering point of view why should people be going whether it’s been that working or finding job opportunities in the industry what Laura said like I think everything that you would do if you were interested in and trying to learn more about game design of Laura put it like you would do the same for engineering you would like children games if that’s the route that you want to take you with read whatever books you can if that is what works better for you as was going to put it lasted meetups lots of games jams like there’s there plenty of opportunities to go out and and meet people and just reach out to them yeah I mean you know I feel like I can’t cool well Trinidad keep me honest on this but I think we’re pretty much a Time we are okay well thank you everyone so much for joining and thank you to a wonderful panelist is Ben I think the lovelies catch up with you I catch up with you anyway but it’s been especially with you and hear from you right now if you are interested in getting into games do you check out all careers site I believe it is Korea’s don’t plan to where you can see what about other things across all of our locations globally and you are very welcome to reach out to any of us if you want any kind of chips right by you can find me on LinkedIn cuz I am go to the group of wild and and tell people where they could find you Trinidad why should people bother you or reach out to you I am I am on LinkedIn as well first name last name that her Mina but I’m also on Twitter at this is Trini and on Discord at this is Trini twitch you can find me at this is trany pretty much anywhere and this is training is just this is t r i n i was that Laura how about you I am also a LinkedIn full name is Laura Werner sofifa my profile a u r a w q call Aunt Daphne

also I think Jen. Neither Rose and I’m actually don’t use Twitter Twitter so incredibly overwhelming but I’m definitely on Instagram so you can find me a life is sweet good I use that handle for everything very inspiring I wish I had slightly more imaginative and those now and that is it does thank you hello everyone this is Kevin from Treasure Coast games here to give you a quick instruction to our game hamster scramble cancer scramble is a brand new Fusion between two familiars genres a platformer and a match 3 puzzle game it’s separate into two distinct sections and positive words up above and the platform stage in most puzzle games you just have the game board and fro pieces at it from a static location in hamster scramble however you have full control over a character in the stage below it is also here but the Hampshire’s will scramble the Hampshire’s enter from the top of the stage by a pipes running up the sides of the area and loop back up when they reach the bottom in order to make matches on the puzzle board players will have to chase down and catch the hamsters each hamster has a color in wincot becomes a ball of the same color carried by the player two-player can a man throw the ball at the board to try and make matches making match to send zorbs at the opponent’s board filling up a meter that adds alignment full movie of pain as far down work were hit the center line hit the center line the platforming and puzzles themselves are rather straightforward so I’ll skip the fun part swapping enhancer scramble making matches isn’t the only way to attack your opponent players also have the ability to swap into their opponent’s side of the stage for a limited time why are there can harass your opponent and just truck their game plan by throwing balls at their board stealing their hamsters for yourself or straight up finishing them off play can defend themselves from an invading opponent by attacking them which will knock their hands and stun them for a short time them for a short time finding the right times in positions to swap his key to getting the most out of it Randall had its own unique platform layout and mechanics such a slippery ice platforms and Bubbles that catch hamsters and carry them upward players will have to adjust their strategies depending on which stage they’re playing in in our demo here at Pax online up to 4 players can enjoy local and online multiplayer and Ford the game stages there’s also the hamster Village to explore and it tastes of the game single player content as well please come try out the game and have a great time at Pax online

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everybody I’m Raphael Pokemon so better known as Doctor be on the

Clinical Director of take this the first mental health non-profit to serve the game community make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook at take this sword will our mission is to educate people on Mental Health topics and that’s what we’re here to do today we’re going to talk about burnout especially in Creative professions know we hear the term burn out all the time but what is it we hear about people working too hard and it leads to burn out so they’re exhausted right we’ll burn out is more than that it burnout was just about over work we could take a vacation and fix it yes exhaustion from overwork is a big part of burnout but the second part is a sense of ineffectiveness you are not just overworked you don’t feel like you can do anything about it you don’t feel like you can hit your goals you don’t feel like you can you know do really anything right in your job more than that there’s a sense of cynicism that goes along with burnout you just don’t care anymore you’re not you’re not just a over worked and don’t think you can do anything about it you don’t care about your goals you don’t care about your fans you don’t care about even maybe why you started doing what you do in the first place nothing matters anymore these three things together combine to create a chronic psychological condition that we know is burnout what do we do about it some common strategies are the one yeah take breaks we have this myth especially in Creative fields that if you’re not constantly working you’re not going to make it or your you know going to lose your position but the truth is taking breaks actually makes your work better the research is pretty clear on this one that taking breaks allows you to work more effectively effectively another one especially for those of us who are working at home creating a sense of work home separation and there’s a lot of ways to do that maybe it’s only working during certain set hours maybe it’s not answering emails outside those our maybe it’s having a separate workspace I don’t know try it out get creative for you figure out what works for you a third thing especially if you are doing what you love for a job is having new things to do outside of work that have nothing to do with your job for me that’s cooking I love to cook and has nothing to do with video games tabletop games or mental health I love it creating measurable goals can be an effective way of fighting that sense of an efficacy maybe you pick three things to do that day and if you can hit those three things everything else is just gravy maybe you create weekly goals I don’t know again figure out what works for you but finally aligning your goals and your job with your values can fight help fight that sense of cynicism if you’re doing something that you that you know you’re morally not aligned with that can be a really hard thing to do so change your content to meet what’s important to you if you enjoy this please make sure to check out take this. Org for more mental health information and please enjoy the rest of packs everybody everybody hello everyone and welcome to you don’t look gay queer women in Esports I am your moderator for the next hour talk to him also known as keeper. So we’re all here because we love gaming right time for some of us it’s giving us careers has baby City as soon as you go online you have experienced toxicity it doesn’t matter who you are like women the lgbtq population and people of color that Texas city is much worse so and 18 survey it was found that up to 56% of women face toxicity on their gaming and what that means is that 54% of the time we were asked for sexual favors and almost 10% of the time received death threats so how we make about that 70% of the women

surveyed reported they avoided verbal communication and anyone has ever tried to play Competitive Gaming knows that informal verbal communication is essential so this gets much worse when you get into the medical field okay if you look at the top 500 owners at the end of 2018 top 500 East Fort Myers one of them is a woman top 500 some changes so before I introduce our panelists and before I turn it over I want to see this panel is going to contain Topix of homophobia transphobia sexism racism other forms of Oppression finalists analyst around and introduce yourself to give us a little bit background I am a a mechanic by trade but within the gaming industry I am a screamer and I focus specifically on gaming in mental health by play video games and on weekends I have a show where we break down a self Care Mental Health a sports broadcaster I also am a twitch streamer who plays a variety of games I’m Nana pierogi a lot of people call me Nana or pierogi I’m a twitch streamer I play a variety of games I play a lot of OverWatch offline I’m about to go pro in Fall Guys to know I’m just so good at it I’m also LGBT I identify as queer hey assigned Kendricks I my me East worth really work with advertising social media and all kinds of fun woman and I don’t strain stream I like write articles an interview on the moral support of 18 but I am not a pro player I like I said before I’m a medical doctor who treats video game shelf from the National Hockey League and I am the President of Esports a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the lgbtq population in Competitive Gaming dr. Sara Haze I am a geek psychology individual I also work as the vice president of queer women of Esports and in my spare time I also contribute to political content to take this and do some streaming in Friday places so we’ve established that you guys are all kind of cool and some of us have a little bit more important than others when it comes to guys a contact on in the entry to face toxicity no matter who you are but for certain populations it tends to be a little bit worse in others I personally experienced Texas Indian gaming and I love that question have you personally experienced and all of us I take with dead eyes of the camera like of course of course Miha have I can I can speak to that a little bit I play a lot of video games in general a lot of first-person shooters everything from CS go Valor in OverWatch and especially I would say I’ll bring up especially in first person shooters like this second that you just a comment like some can you make me a sandwich to much more things casual sexism in casual with racism and gods forbid but like my girlfriend say something in the background or I speak to her and then they realize that I am like a queer person as well because all of a sudden it’s like oh no more stuff to throw onto that I started I don’t like the person in Skyrim like literally just until I find someone time you turn on your mic because size bra do I have go make me a sandwich or do I have a boyfriend or you go back to the day what’s your Skype constant stream of harassment about either proving that a

woman giving in to their whims because I’m a woman or not being good enough at the game because I’m a woman doesn’t matter what I did what anyone else would say it was just a constant thing and then it turned into well if I want to enjoy the game baby my mental health or saving the game and all the times were faced with this challenge of you either play and deal with harassment most of the games that were into sports titles a game and watch yourself to excuse my new question because I don’t I don’t play a lot of mobas bra size isn’t included in your stats like people need to know this about me lyrics I started playing siblings and I pulled her money we got an Xbox and we got Halo DVR ddr4 like you played so much Halo with my brother and I was 13 I did not know better also the Twilight must have just started coming out so my username was like vampire girl they were like x’s in there so people knew I was a girl right away so cringy but like okay but as soon as I would say something on voice chat or even if people saw my name they would start voice chat right I wouldn’t play on my own account I would just play as a guest on my brothers and not using Mike and that we met 13 that was like 13 14 I started stop that I didn’t know what it meant I was pretty protected at that point and I was just stop using voice chat and then fast forward to playing OverWatch I haven’t used idling OverWatch for probably a year-and-a-half now at least I haven’t use voice chat up until recently it was actually after last panel that we were talking about how sometimes how can actually help and help other women feel more comfortable but like what country of song is playing hold you back from playing competitive or something I’ve never play competitive OverWatch because I’ve been afraid to use voice chat and for the first time I’m doing my placement I’m pretty sure I’m going to be running like for the first time I’m actually doing placement in OverWatch because if I have to make a call out or something feel comfortable doing that but it took a lot to finally get here and it’s we still have a long way to go so go yeah I kind of grew up the same way so as a kid I always games with my brother that’s how I got into gaming he had a console and I always want to be player to no matter how badly he did not want me to play with him and I loved it he played a lot of first-person shooter so that’s where I grew my love for first person shooters and as I got older I just started to play games. Had a community that were quote-unquote very toxic I play a lot of Grand Theft Auto I played first person shooters I played James that I still remember the first and I finally got the guts to turn on my mic the second I did I was bombarded completely with just messages the actually the accounts would not stop message me after the game saying how bad I was actually but that’s a different story I got death threats I got all these kind of things and ever since then I refuse to use my mic that was a nice thing on console and now I play on PC and I still don’t use and I just I’ve tried so hard to learn how to do it by my keyboard and call out shots that way but I just really wish I could use it without having that fear again I once had someone questioned whether it was a sad as I made it out to you because they couldn’t fathom the idea that I would be bombarded with so much negativity going for off and I handed it to them and they put them on and it was like near-instantaneous it was just a split-second all of the harassment started no one stopped hanging out and they took it off and I was like yeah maybe once in a while I’ll get a nice game where someone doesn’t say something as it’s like just lavatory or as bad as this but like yeah if I use voice comes

this is what I get there is no way around it and using voice modulator why should I have to change my voice to accommodate that’s in game perpetrated by somebody else you’d like I’m sure we’ll talk about it later but like the idea of not having competitive women in Esports where is it start it starts here if you can’t talk about it before you can go play competitive play how are you going to get the courage or how you can get the strength to go through all that abuse because you’re so passionate when we know that that’s what your face with you’re going up that’s part of why I didn’t even play I didn’t play MMORPGs I ended up writing my dissertation on individual I was friends with basically all guys because you know I didn’t want to be friends with girls because I wasn’t out and I wasn’t willing to look at any of that but you also story for another day I would I would play the games and just be tired and tired of the verbal harassment and tired of the like either hand holding or like oh my God I just helped Usher you to the winners Cherokee for a long time not playing any multiplayer games unless they were couch Co-op and it’s such a poor taste in everybody’s mouth it pushes people out of the industry when there could be a really diverse and Rich community but instead we’re all just kind of like nah nah fam thanks nah fam thanks Israel bring up really important topics that kind of lead to my next question so it’s really cool study was going around Twitter recently and it was a 2015 study on Halo 3 and it’s found that when women were present present skilled male players were much more likely to make sexist comments and higher still. do male players more more likely to respond favorably so it’s this concept of women poorly performing males tend to be more threatened by women they have the societal hierarchy and they want to keep it that way and when we was not favorable and voice chat and voice chat player game is the basis of any activities from very early on women are pushed out of voice chat because of the things that we all just mentioned in that leads to your them not playing at a higher level because you can’t use voice chat so aside from that you and all of your penis why aren’t there more women women I want answers an Esports was by Janine a special players and I would get the occasional interview with a coach Ashley like the conversation of why they weren’t women in Esports about the Team Dynamics they were worried about like what having a female would do to the other men on the team and will they be distracted and like the same level and having to like navigate challenging but having a woman on the team and having them distracted with lights flashing back to high school middle school with heaven forbid I would show my shoulder straps or my bra strap and I would have to go change because the men or the boys can handle themselves before we even get in the question of life you know why aren’t there women at the competitive level people are worried about what how the men will respond to but you know how to respond to having a woman on the team and that to me is like I don’t understand why that’s a problem like if we can have women in the workplace on a bus next to a woman or buying a coffee there’s no difference between working with a woman in an office setting vs working with weight on feelings are so heavily weighed over maybe there’s a woman who is good enough to be on this team and giving her the opportunity to just work with your biggest I would also like to point out that as a woman who is attracted to women I’ve never women I’ve never found myself like so distracted by a voice like a woman’s physique that I’ve been unable to function

how to push a button on my TV one when we asked where women you can navigate having a crush got the work done you still work together and you still get the eggs near me an Esports these men’s Egos and their inability to work with women or even try to is part of the problem or a personal opinion I don’t know Sports when you say you’re competitive Esports player you’re going to get looks no matter who you are some aspects if they’re like I’m a professional Esports player they’re like okay that’s cute so with that women come in and they say I want to be a part of this right away because within this community there’s so many times that I like all your woman there’s no way you are is good to compete or you can’t compete on the same level which is not true but I got Roblox there is also crazy Eastport is compared to other jobs people can’t take it seriously so there’s this other layer 2 hear women in this industry yep yep broad-scale gaming has this problem like being a member of the games industry in academics for example if you say I’m fine a research study on video games people will stop and roll their eyes I can’t tell you how many colleagues I have her like like trying to fight their dissertation chairs which is the person who’s in charge of like helping them finish writing and push it forward through to the university and allowed in The Graduate they’re like no one will take this seriously there’s no careers in this field there’s nothing you can do it’s just a pastime which by the way this week sometime in August 2020 there are now three billion people who endorse playing video games in the United States this year so I am USA may but I can tell you based on 2019 7 out of 10 United States households have a dedicated gaming Council on them so there’s it’s it’s a it’s a big thing and half of the argument is having to legitimize the field and half of the argument is having to add never mind the whole like a Sports Authority okay not even going there but then also there’s the bit about like even last week again August 2020 I saw it for an Esports Tournament entry send a team regulations no more than one female identifying team member protein team why explain that to me why in this competition there regulating the genders of the participants per team so hold on regulation was not important rules I’m going to call it was but it was a legitimate morning no governing body for Esports of the whole let alone game tiles and sell like valve barely stepped in when they need to write does when they’re pushed to the brink of collapse I can meet any rules they want and I mean on a separate but related issue when we do create things that are focused for people who identify as women can you get this backlash of why do women get the wrong what do women have their own their own sponsors like what is it thing the thing with why can’t men answer and then you’re like because we have regulations like that man had handle don’t have enough on her team manager that were met with this extreme backlash it was not fair and speaking as someone who played in an element only teams in Oregon do we do we love of course. You know the fact we would love to play co-ed we would love to play in a mixed team did next

tournament for the thing is is that in order to play at that high-level you need to have a tree to have a tree are you need to compete against people who make you feel supported and you don’t want to leave as soon as you join because people are making racist sexist jokes in the Discord chat you know like for me I was going to get very much do Esports before I went to medical school and the community guy joins two trains was terrible it was absolutely terrible so I left to grow and divide that ability to train together without having to worry about this stuff to touch on something that you said because it’s not just the sexism like there’s also very casual racism like within within gaming spaces I’ve had times when I am playing with people that I played with like online and all of a sudden one of them says a racial slur it’s one of those things were like all paws if you like you you realize like I know you can’t see me but you realize that I’m not white right like you realize that’s not cool and you just you just have to walk away and I actually had one person respond to me with something wrong why is it like that in front of you know it means you shouldn’t say that at all but like the like casual racism goes hand-in-hand with a casual sexism like I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the word fagg fagg I would bet that if we each had a dollar for everytime I heard that word when playing a game we would be so in my twitch chat like 2 days ago because I made the mistake of treating just chatting before I played ball guys like how dare you in OverWatch text chat to Ethan even aside from that because like outside of that being the one that looks straight on Berry Street passing kind of of what I was saying is they realize you don’t realize it applies to you I told you like I’m at an advantage cuz I’m like oh now I know what to ask what kind of person you actually are because you say those things because you don’t realize you should filter yourself in front of me but at the same time that can be exhausting and it’s like you don’t I don’t want to have to be exposed the apple cider people like goes back to what we were saying earlier you know online gaming is talking to everyone even if your sis white man you’re going to be the target of Texas City a multiple of those things all sitting here talking about it and drawing attention to it what do we need to do what can be done to make gaming to make Esports more inclusive for people who aren’t first the first most obvious thing that comes to mind is like for me it’s like I’m getting his wish I’m going to let other women know that I’m here but like for anyone who’s not a woman being subject to that kind of harassment that you even if it’s a text chat say something report them like because so many times I have gotten harassed and chat and like what the heck do you like why you got to be like that and it’ll just be silent like no one else will say anything and it’s like if you’re not if you’re not standing up for me I assume that you’re okay with that I’m assuming that you’re on their side and it feels really nice leaving and that’s part of why it’s wish you a whole lot better about using voice chat like I just feel a whole lot better about actual conversations with friends cuz I agree like I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to defend myself and getting those arguments and be like this and it’s exhausting and then I saw where are you guys like being a bystander is equally as bad as being the perpetrator because when you’re the bystander in that situation you are also the perfect because you’re not doing anything to change it and your stylist is accepting the behavior it’s accepting the abuse if it’s that thing and saying with friends by some guy friends where they’re like oh yeah and I like all y’all like I told like women and gaming is so toxic that you need to make it better and I’ll be like how many times have you started when you fertile friend of yours

jumped in not knowing the person accused in a chat with people and you’ll help you hear people say it like a dude like that’s not okay or like that’s not cool but then they go ahead and they just do that the same thing or like they just did told me to ignore it like is that what I’m supposed to do every single time someone harasses me seems to me like not working because that’s what I’ve been doing up to now that’s what we’ve been doing but part of the problem is that because we ignore every time we encounter it people just think it’s okay though I want to fuck it feel like there’s an element of even well-intentioned people be caught off-guard and like not really know what to say or something and I kind of understand a I don’t have a fight or flight response I like fries I don’t know how to react to things so I can understand that but after it happens once like you got to know what’s going to happen again you can prepare even just like simply I don’t like and it’s you have to think on your feet sometimes but it’s I can understand people don’t know how to deal with that because they experience in a lot but once you know what’s happening you have to wean yourself to deal with it as your friend if you actually want to be with you like right over the next 20 minutes going to come up with a lot of things fix this I were going to come up with some multi-step process is there going to take years but step one is B&L I don’t just be an ally don’t just like #he for she like when stuff happens with people I mean for people act if it doesn’t get easier from here right what are some other ways that you guys think we can and also maybe not saying you other ways to do you young that y’all can build diversity in this community community Straits of people that are game developers and have power right no one’s going to listen all the times your buddies your friends sometimes yes you know we are influenced are friends but when it’s so toxic like this those people have that toxic will go to another toxic community so one like we said establish a good community but within game developers and within these cultures when I report someone for saying certain time certain actions they need to take action every single time are words that we know an unacceptable there are times that they need to know what’s being said that we need to report it right it right company let these companies also I’m tired of playing a straight white dude and video games I know everyone else is and I know communities and games are starting to be better about that I need the KIRO to be in lgbtq Street like gamer just for once one character that is the hero and not the Side Story right the Pick n b and I don’t want to be like six months later by the way did you know that is actually gay and they actually know the stuff but it’s just not in the script Dumbledore problematic in so many other ways other things I think that might be important is to make connections with other like queer Gamers women of color like there’s like power and numbers and just making those connections I mean even when I’m playing like ballerina OverWatch and I hear someone who’s like a girl like afterwards like usually if if I will start talking in a game if there’s like another girl present or another woman present in the game she’ll start talking to it after a while we just like start talking to each other and then half the time like more than half the time we just end up being like friends after the game and then playing together and that makes for a much better experience later on and it’s also guys to gang up on you when you’re playing together and you shouldn’t have to but it’s it’s another way I’m sorry I just need to jump on this what are the things that I

recognized I was doing way like many many years ago So excited excited when I would hear another woman on my feet like I like it’s like you get mad so infrequently God there’s not a woman that I have someone at I would like to take a step back and I’d recognize it like that tends excitement in that type of like typing it up is like taking that leg NYC Sparkle like that other woman or bringing that down to the game as well and if you make this a magical like unicorns have experience or a woman feeling the same support them in game but also recognized that you need to be true or false charcoal with that knowledge you’re ready to drop on us like there’s there’s difficult things and then I’m going to take you on a journey for about a minute 30 seconds I don’t know if that’s a true amount of time that I’m going to aim for that when it comes to privilege and I say that knowing that I am am be prepared to become uncomfortable and be prepared to do this for the Long Haul by the way black lives matter POC lives matter not that anybody else doesn’t matter but right now we need to address the inequality that’s happening we always need to address the inequality that’s happening and part of the problem for you mentally is that it’s systematically base it’s built into the systems that we know is a society has passed down from generation to generation the words we use the way we conduct our business the way in which like juries are selected the ways in which house is sold the way in which we create voting districts there’s so many layers here so I’m not saying like it’s going to be be prepared to get uncomfortable stay uncomfortable and when on something say that I used a term that was offensive to someone else and they called me on it so that someone calls you out for saying something offensive Bay to be uncomfortable in that moment and feel the instantaneous reaction inside of you be defensive sometimes people mean to hurt people in that that’s just terrible but you don’t mean it in you use an offensive term when you’re unaware of wise saying it’s black and white is a fence ever using terms like different things different layers and if you don’t know the things I just mentioned please go Google them and change your language know that first-year defensive internally usually because you don’t mean to hurt anybody you don’t mean to be discriminatory and the way you’re trying to approach the world is with respect you or really sorry I’ll work on that behavior that word of that choice and sometimes it’s easier to be challenged by are privileged so this is going out to all uses hot white guys challenge other people don’t of course don’t just like don’t seem roll everybody else don’t White Knight your way into like I will defend all of the women in OverWatch are speaking up and you can see the Dynamics happening say something because it’s easier to swallow from somebody somewhere because we can always write things off with excuses and stereotypes when it’s not so it takes all of us that’s what real Ally show challenging yourself in your state blew my mind with that bastard I never heard it before good really good so you have to work yeah if you were if you and also if you’re getting uncomfortable that means there’s probably a grain of Truth to what they’re saying so the other day I was like patching a hole in my bathroom and I was painting and I went downstairs and my roommate called like you just got paint all over our floor and I was like no I didn’t like I was not friends but like I did not get paint walked all over the floor like I wasn’t defensive cuz I was like I know I’m right. Like if you’re getting defensive if you’re getting a feel uncomfortable uncomfortable there’s a grain of Truth right because we tend to get more defensive when we know people are right right after we put our defenses up so hard

about what they’re saying don’t respond with anger don’t respond with whatever Tennessee’s you’re going to have that the psychologist to explain a lot better than me you don’t just think about what they called things we don’t necessarily control our emotions but you can choose from to my sponge just make them you can feel angry you can feel irritated you can be mad at yourself did anybody else yes Kendricks things I want added like he is that defense mechanisms I think I speak for people a concept where if I allow somebody else a piece of this pie I don’t get any and so especially when it comes like careers or jobs or streaming or whatever it is a lot of that defense mechanisms comes from this person is only allowed more privileged with this person can have this job like I can’t get it done or I’m not as good if they’re better than heat and clearly I’m not going to be the best and there’s a lot of this like defense coming from you know there’s this idea that we have is one pie and if I give a person a piece of it there’s a lot of pies to go around like one of your friends or just because I’m a woman wants to get into Esports and you do to does it mean if you got the job you’re not going to be able to it just means there’s more pie opportunities and I think that if we are cognizant being defensive and recognizing that someone being better you than a game or a woman can also get that super crispy snack and a game but she did this game and you can learn from they’re doing something or they get that job it doesn’t mean that you are so cute I can’t wait you look at what rapper competition looks like turn your face towards the baking shows that happened internationally because they help each other finish third day show it’s improper competition It’s all the finish dishes are like because that is I’m not going to call it cheating but it ain’t clean and it ain’t pretty so chew on that too like if you are discluding people if you are excluding people you are choosing to limit and restrain and make special rules around who is even going to get a chance to compete which makes you a big fish in a small pond that too that’s good sportsmanship British Baker’s another is just to think about things from a regulatory side I mean we’re talking about those regulations in Esports or how we Sports is not regulated at all in my field if someone and mind you that science can be very sexist but my field if someone were to come up to me and be like lately like sexist put these kinds of blatant rules in place usually you’d have someone either complaining calling them out or just straight-up would happen like they’re still like it it’s clear that that kind of behavior is not appropriate and I’m not saying that science doesn’t come with its own problems because it sure does sure does do you select kind of discrimination at least outwardly is not appropriate but it seems like a nice Sports at least outwardly it’s still appropriate and that’s something that has to change Northern Arena vacuum 2016 Montreal which is where my mother’s family from I am half-french and you were there and I did all my research and all the teams and this it was CDC data journalist there in the sea I went up to the tournament organizers and was literally like who is different teams csgo players all the teams that were there they’re competing players on like literally was at Rocket League DotA csgo and I think I will f g c and he looked at me and he is like I’m going to listen to them and I was like to get it all together which mad respect close all the players and yet he’s describing me because I would lie on the only female that happen to work places where someone’s been like yeah I know you an expert and you can play this game 4 years but like I’m

going to ask Buddy over there and play csgo because I just really want I’m going experience only female soda is all about and I feel like that’s so important because you’re talking about nearly unconscious bias of people have and I would love to hear you feel like that’s also present in sports bra bra to talk about all of that but when it comes to sports I was scared to death on his way to get into this field and I know probably my family was thinking the same thing and no one thought I was going to get at least as far as I have gotten so far just because it not seeing it’s not known of it’s not it’s not expected which is sad rightly we should be any spaces we should be if you are the best you should be with the best if you work hard you should be right up there with everyone Sports man ever watched wants to watch NBA and WNBA everyone watched watched because it’s sucks I see it every day and fix it so what I think that bothers me the most is smoked engine is the longest and it’s what makes me happy what makes me happy and not seeing any women and don’t know specifically there was very very few women you’re all I did was I who got hired to be a pastor or an analyst for the desk host and I was like why things book all I’m sorry but I saw the most of the biggest percentage of women on like a directions staff was 13% 13% of their staff was women and normally it was one woman and that was it that’s all they had and it was there one token I likes a token because like honestly every day except from getting anywhere and sometimes I wondered issues helping him because it looks good for the broadcast to try to help thinking or yeah I want to try to analyze things could be really cool in the car and I’m sitting here going why aren’t you taking the same chances and the same opportunity to women who are in the same position or like I want to try this I want to do this casting it’s like I’m not gay but like the sexism and how obvious it is and then when I would point it out people just women are good enough yet and what is that opportunity that is granted and men over women every opportunity every opportunity there’s no reason it’s like a woman who’s who streams 7 days a week for 8 hours a day to there’s a huge lack of sponsorship in we don’t sponsor each other which means giving people direct opportunities so what’s positive looks like is on a macro-level if you’re in a position of power you’re the CEO your in the industry Your Game Dev creating opportunities you know it would be great great opportunity specifically targeted at exists opportunities specifically for these populations that are under-represented but he’ll a macro level we figured it out but what is it kind of look like on a micro-level at least talk to you later I mean everything from how you choose who you’re going to host or who you’re going to Raid 2 even as a viewer like when it comes especially when it comes to females streamers I’ll be things like oh well you know $60 is $60 to a game like that’s one AAA game which is hours of entertainment for me so being able to support either in or in you know retweets and chairs or in Word of Mouth telling people hey I really like her content let’s let’s watch it or as a streamer like doing things like hosting rating or like Coco streaming games like I

think that those kinds of connections are very important but also like you throwing your support in any way that you can you can call challenge I love everyone to do right if you watch Twitch if you watched however you watch Esports men and look at how many others right how many of those do you follow and retweet that are one group versus the other right not telling you please continue to follow them and support them with why haven’t you followed all those other people why is that numbers so I can tell you it’s not because there is a small percentage gaming I think I’m sorry go ahead I think when the things that from you over the years has been really helpful is doing that net working and doing that you know talking with other women in the space I think one of the biggest learning curves that I was thrown is when you work for organizations eyes at them through other women that I know who either there or like I have worked on teams that are 35 individuals and I’m the only female and I’m the only woman might be like financially I can pass on an opportunity that I know is completely toxic because I need to take care of myself first but also networking with other women if I see an opportunity I’m sure woman I know who or whatever type of work and that’s not to say that I won’t tell my male friends but there’s a sense of camaraderie where I know that other room also do the same thing for me because you want to see each other succeed and Crandon varmint where there’s more of us space and that comes from you know I’m learning that the hear that a lot of women are taught as kid with Just Another Woman is competition a child kind of like why I only had guy friends as women are competition that helping another woman get a gig or get a job or get a career to get The Next Step Up doesn’t lessen my impact is unless it’s my career advancement it just means that I’m helping other women get into the spaces yeah and I think I want to touch on something the dash and Kendricks both kind of tired none of us are saying like it’s just saying be a little more intentional like think about who you’re supporting and went when we talked about supporting other women other queer women people of color it’s not deserve our support simply by existing it’s a lot of women have faced a lot more hurdles getting into the field so it’s not like oh it’s just give them a boost because they like they probably face a lot of setbacks in their career because of that that sometimes just having like having a door open and that’s another advantage that I think a lot of people don’t necessarily think about in the industry I’m looking for jobs right now I’m seeing parallel to my own field so many people are like so I got my job cuz he missed connections I got like the connections make so much of a difference in so many professional environment and if there’s like the Good Ol Boys Club like this network access to to make a good ol Girls Club there’s a lot of networks that like maybe some women have pushed their way into have finally broken into when we talked about lifting up other women and looking up other people it’s because we have worked hard to make those connections that might want to share that not because we necessarily think are the Gators just deserve more like that’s not weird thing I just wanted to clarify have just a couple more minutes left so Topix they want to cover any any final thoughts they want to get across before we eat before you say goodbyes I mean I do would like to cover one more thing as Isaiah person we talked a lot about women today regardless of gender identity irregardless is actually

intuition yes there should be able to use a solution as well let’s just do blinds competitions we don’t know who any competitors what’s goes in a random number that doesn’t fix it that’s like saying cover up your bra that’s like saying don’t wear a skirt that shorter than your fingertips drink and then you wouldn’t have gotten no that’s not an acceptable response allowing people to exist as face with you without being stuck on what are they are they a man or the woman a woman doesn’t matter does it affect you does it matter who any of his preferred preferred life does it matter does it matter in your personal experience of Esports does it matter in your experience of streams does it matter will bring it up if it matters will tell you but unless it does it’s none of your business not to like rude I am I a man out there be services and I and I own that I am a lesbian is or if I had a dollar for every time someone told me I just hadn’t had the right I’d be very wealthy is well oh my God so actually something that’s very important that you liked you on that work I still find it difficult to say I was taught as a child that like just the word lesbian was like almost a dirty word and so I still have problem saying that it’s what I identify ask but calling myself a lesbian sometimes who sang the word lesbian closings it like we have all of this like internalized almost like self-hatred and sometimes that can make it hard like if you are in a game and you do here some shut-eye can make it hard to like even want to stand up for yourself because you were taught that like this part of you is bad that’s part of you is less than this part of you is not worth experiencing not worth allowing yourself to experience to live to be proud of and like when when we’re talking about this I think an important part of it is just being willing willing I’m being willing to own not just your identity but to fight others for it fight for your space that’s important we have to destigmatize bad and how weird would it be to like sit down and be like okay in this competition today Joe Schmo straight guy is going to compete can we have it so that every single time like you know some some like famous in sports player gets introduced they also have to say like he’s straight 17 and still a virgin the big bean masculine killing yourself educate yourself by watching panels like this we can tell you we are tired right we love doing these kind of things and providing these Ranch stop making me The voice. Making me educate you for something that is so teasing a Google found out that I’m lesbian this is not me to ask me whatever you want to ask me the mean you get to ask me about my sexual history doesn’t mean you get to ask me if I have a girlfriend it doesn’t mean you get to ask me if I’ll be a third I think what are the things to is understanding that day and then you’ll figure everything out and then though I won’t be by anymore more also recognize gender is fluid sexuality 5 years ago and then you guys just meet again they’re like actually I buy now that doesn’t give you like there is no conversation we had about how they got there but that doesn’t mean that I want to be called out its we switch to that or if I have to the confidence to use it pants be respectful be supportive and allies but it’s not your place to question and it’s not your place to send we ask because not we’re not listening conversation this isn’t me saying yes now the floors open ask you my sexual history try to remember that we’re individuals and we have autonomy but we also need perspective then I will give you the chance to say when parting thought cuz we are almost at a time there’s so much pressure is still messed

up saying like with being queer a lot of us I didn’t come out until like a couple years ago a lot of figuring it out so like if you’re asking these really like personal question we’re tired of answering them sometimes we don’t know the answer like we’re tired I mean it’s 20/20 we’re all tired up something to you I mean this applies to so many scenarios just listen just listen without the intent to like respond just listen to understand like that’s that’s what it comes to do very well said she don’t have to know anybody’s gender or sexual orientation in order to compete with them and it does not care to Berkeley make them more or less competition to you if you do know those things or jobs is we’re not going to tell anyone about that you all this is been really wonderful I just want to say thank you first of all he’s right now you don’t if this panel made you uncomfortable congratulations to making it 55 minutes in take those feelings and think about them the mods she will probably have done a lot of work during this panel Banning and timing out and using their powers for good and not for evil and lastly thank you to the five of you for spending your time educating others despite being so so very tired like we all are this is been very eye-opening so thank you all very much and I’m sure you will all be in twitch chat right now too so you know so if you want someone to follow who isn’t racist white men are some of these people are on Twitch so it that opportunity hit that follow button did you know you can link your Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime account but anyways thank you all so much for stopping by how do you spell group Hi-Five is dreamscaper and action Rogue lights coming to steam Early Access to this summer dreamkeeper takes action RPG combat and combines it with the endless replay ability of a roguelike every Slumber is a difference engine in an ever-changing world with a multitude of unique events and challenges play is Cassidy dive into her subconscious take on this real nightmares she wrestled with to dispel the darkness master of rich pants of combat system that her horse killed play use careful positioning exact timing pants quick reflexes to defeat photos with an abundance of combat option make your defense offensive use Quick reactions to dodge and Parry enemy clothes to create opportunities each weapon class in dream paper is unique allowing for a myriad of ways to approach combat ran the earth below your nightmare fire off of

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the challenges week Monday cancer treatment and how all the time can they be often we decided we wanted to talk about if we can’t have therapy is began told me that the different game mechanics and this is where we came up with the different treatment guns Machina therapy therapy and immunotherapy Plans going to lingzi Beyond it to expand it into a multi-level game and Libby doing this in conjunction with members of the community so if it sounds of something of Interest interested and if it’s a malignancy and sign up to be in touch for the more we want to take that game and then tested in randomized clinical trial tour bus leave if that’s reality is an effective way to teach people about cancer and more importantly can it get change or influence people’s behavior and reduce the risk of cancer darkmagic is The Wizard of Acquisitions Incorporated he is first and foremost I would say a stage magician he’s a performer so the spells that he has 10 not to be very useful not great for the rest of the party just because I can’t help a lot I don’t do a lot of damage but I can make people invisible I can make sure hours of Sparks there’s a lot of exciting to scare your players respectfully coming to you pre-recording for packs online discussing techniques of Terror as well as presenting method to safely scare I’ll give you one of your posts are panelists for this panel Mike Mike truck I do a podcast called Darkest Days radio been doing that for over 10 years very exciting and we talked a lot about horror tabletop RPGs and also joining me is Pete is going Pete are you guys going numb everybody I’m paid Amazon I am and australian-based gaming gamer and enthusiasts for a very long time now and I run a lot games when and if real life conventions happening around awesome and also joining

us is Crystal hello I’m Crystal I am a writer and educator and I’ve been with darker days radio for coming up on a year now I’m excited to be here and you also wrote some like Bach quotes about mechanics recently so you’re definitely a well-versed in all this so young for San Leon a professor for doctors radio and the spin-off show which is more about the Warhammer RPGs so I am I talk to you writer and podcaster handles so scientific writer and scientific research and software engineer absolutely so let’s go on first two of a kind of broad statement about just how to scare your players talking about her and also particular mechanics that we might enjoy so I’ll just keep things off right here when it comes to scare my players in a table top horror RPG I really like to explore moral quandaries so the players might be horrified by Blink choices that that NPCs make or terrified by decisions that they themselves need to make for example I ran into a D&D game recently where the player characters for trying to save a little girl who had been manipulated into trying to summon the ghost for father and you’re really destroyed them to start thinking about what they might do to try to bring back a loved one that’s really the kind of a kind of horror that I enjoy what you guys I prefer with your kind of horror tabletop gaming stories in Exploration PTI me ideas play a lot of world of darkness and a half wide a lot of vampire work quite well for werewolf as well hunted becoming the Hunted involved in our guest it to Danville light like you’re going to come with me and you know The Mortals eyes glaze out of them and they’ll come with you what I saw the like doing a lot is so give him a pliers a little bit of that because you know yet you’ll have a you’ll have your Immortal who tends to there will be a I can go back and show off physically very well you’re very much for the in the back of yep I’m a vampire that on them and yes you are a vampire yes you are a hunter butt there is something scarier out there or the Mormon peoples are real or Mortals who know exactly what you want to know how to exploit your floors so if you can dance on a fruit bat on them in the next thing I found in my experience the bat can really kind of amp up feeling a hore on the feeling of Terror sort of like when you know you should go on his giving you a hard time and you can be like you know you can easily dominate him right with someone from the second Inquisition who knows exactly what you are and has a false can or you can have us a yo yo yo pushing around something to unite or something the next time that Wiz the sheriff and see how well that works of our found it That’s that’s work very well for me when I was when I been trying to and and paw prints camoplast boil which is a scenario that kind of exact sort of sort of us set up at same structure where it starts at the Players think that they are just hunting another vampire’s going rogue or something but it turns out they eventually learned that there’s actually kind of like a multi-layered onion of people hunting each other through that tiny venture do love about that scenario either way it’s what happens bit stripped down so you have that has become The Hunted * over the course of one running is that guy awesome awesome and a crystal how do you like to scare your players I have done it accidentally before where I am I am II views that I’m not going to go into the whole story but I’ve used my mistakes before we’re I’ve set up players to two to do

something that is awful and then caught it later in context of the world especially with DND India at the sexually really easy to do with the monster manual and Mix-Ups within the month but one of my favorite things to run is I like to do similar to like Cloverfield suspense where you don’t see you only see parts of what’s happening with the monster you don’t actually see the full Monster or anything like that and it’s really hard to put together the pieces until right up until the end where it’s at that reveal happens and then you’re like oh oh oh that’s terrifying Chris how about you so I think more countries always a good one I think this was a discussion has recently on a different planet of traditional media for horrible Casino and ninja star, Raab arbitrary months to just popped out of nowhere self like a dungeon dungeon you’ve done some horrific months service round the next corner it depend on the Bayou have a lot of control of this game environment that you live in the other room and you set the the Tyrone the lighting sound are you really draw people with that sorry for me or is often more about the players bring to the game Rob them what you can show so it’s very Hitchcock stop where you don’t see the knife you don’t see the knife in the film but everyone thinks they store it so you better also suggesting cuz place will always have a far more horrific image in that mind. of what actually carry on so what’s discuss the load about storytelling techniques to kind of adds suspense and add Terror to your games and Chris was just bringing up not to use jump-scares new game and I was kind of thinking recently a Pax East I did try to do a jump scare I don’t know if he’s actually effective but it’s running Call of Cthulhu Mythos Mommy if you will was leaving a tattoo breaking out of it and I just slammed down in the table multiple times and it definitely got people’s attention of the table I don’t know if he’s really a good thing but some what’s let’s discuss had to cut it build that to spend so I can get those kind of fearful releases in your game so Pete how how do you like to add to Spence to your games and kind of build that up buildup that tension well I’m in this is this is where you find it and this is this is difficult to do with a convention but if you’re if you’re if you’re doing around so if you’re on time your best friend cuz I’m in the middle of Italy like couple of axes trailers that I’ve done we’re in a space the size of an aircraft Hangar it’s you and study thousands of your closest friends are all their the expo hall is banging away so I kind of feel like if you want to try to get suspenseful and scare people it’s not going to happen in that environment controlled environment completely if you can kind of you know you have control the lights app-controlled sound that you can get the house to yourself get anybody who’s not involved in the game so she can spare him in a little bit with Lighting and Sound like in particular in this sort of golden age of everything’s being Bluetooth controlled and can be controlled by your phone or by whatever you be really really surprised what you can get away with weave let’s just say you know I really basic soda to the Bluetooth controlled LED lighting around around the table and you can you can you find it seems there’s apps for this we had she had a barely audible heartbeat playing buy a speakers and you can actually see if you said that you if you so to turn it down or you can speed it up and slow it down and really surprised how well that works in San Jose can actually say people so to starting to get a little B on Ellen full with a little bit and then you know that they can ease off a little bit more as useful as usual to turn the speed up

and down on that would really suggest people to experiment with controlling the environment yeah yeah absolutely in contact with that Pete a little bit I think as it is a storyteller you really do influence the suspense in the tension quite a bit I was watching this anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion briefing this one but whatever there’s building tension throughout the show by the early episodes are there was a lot of like laughing and Goofy kind of anime stuff however as you get towards the end people just laugh less and less and less and there is there’s a real build up tension and then there’s one thing that happens and then for the rest of the show there is nothing fun about it is just just pure grading us in as a storyteller you can control that quite a bit because you know people laugh a lot when we’re playing RPGs especially horror RPGs he has a great way to relieve tension that’s perfectly okay you should definitely have a good time we are playing a playing a horror RPG however is a storyteller you can control things by just not laughing you know if you start to get into really serious scenes where something very traumatic is about to occur stop laughing even if your players are still kind of a few know saying jokes doing whatever if you don’t laugh if you just got to remain calm stable Stern go pick and they’ll realize that things are really getting serious at this point I was just a great way just build a suspense and tension Chris what do you think so yeah playing convention games very different you obviously because of the type of environment urine with you say the r v v device outside like UK game you to play games at so many people around you and you have people just coming up to try you’ve made it quite explicit this is for ages 18 + but you’ll still in the commuter room with many other groups playing games and you don’t know what that means you have to much you liked your tone you may want to be and you’ll say what you say like you can’t just have profanity switch in the context of the game May well work with the play is an agreed to certain things the type of content a description that you buy from a well work but in a convention year you have to draw that back in that means get creative with your with your use of language you know you should have a popsicle Monsters the creatures for ulcer the environments the scenes if you so good to begin with me write a few a list of 5 or 10 words smells sounds that some of that environments to really help us set pictures of the tournament of seeing people that creature think about the sound effects like that at Run play off the I did that today but you can maybe get Chrome what it feels like can maybe even, say hi to tell if you really want to get ways that might well working hard quite well when you’re dealing with things involved involve mental manipulation and breakdown of how do you sense reality within your own home was in your own gaming space I use soundtracks so I put together soundtrack Full my games that play in the background using music which has no vocals in that will vocals I don’t generally the native language of everyone’s playing in so it doesn’t intrude that will be on random it does mean sometimes you get practice and you just need to skip that track a classic is all I’ve got soundtrack for Warhammer 40,000 frosted glory and that’s a truck which is perfect if they’re like a bar and it’s the tortuga music from Pirates of Caribbean Resorts what all you do do things that help create an environment suit and a table and Inn always good for some players and you should be considering all the times I don’t hardly ever used table for my games everyone sound sofas and chairs in space with a TV with a slideshow Jerry Monette of images from in the Sky Sports images of the Warhammer 40K Universe with my music

Sheetz. Said she would like you to set the time Awesome awesome in Crystal how do you build suspense in your games I like to create a sense of urgency but there is artificial or purposeful and so as I’m getting closer and closer to the end or the the the big reveal playing as far as like controlling the banter around the table and stuff like that I will make sure that I’m asking very pointed questions of my character or of the players the characters as far as what they’re doing if there’s NPCs involve the MPC is or either continually getting agitated or trying to push along that sense of urgency to have more of a frantic seal and obviously this is stuff that I do very very very lightly with convention games and then I I do a lot more heavy with my my regular players so but yeah I love to to create that because it does give a sense of suspense and like artificial dread of oh my gosh what’s coming like she’s asking a lot of questions what’s going on yeah that’s interesting Crystal why do you go kind of easy on that increasing tension with convention games I can find that feeling of urgency is a great way it just kind of get to the action fast that I usually pre-convention games I usually when I run scenarios I do keep some hair down so that there isn’t so much of a build up for it cuz I don’t run Super Why on convention games and I don’t know those players extremely well so I want to make sure I’m great punches because some people don’t do well with that frantic of feeling or that fight or flight response and I don’t want to accidentally make someone extremely uncomfortable later discussion about safety mechanics in the like and it’s pretty funny scenario and it’s also useful for him games as well as your you don’t have as much time for setting up getting the cards to make choices to get them into the action served I typically start in media res so your problem know how are you getting to this location when stuff happens there already. died and the fight has already broken that Madness is already on going and it’s more about how she begins to solve a situation how did you get that how did you get that is often the last thing you need to think about point so real quick just kind of wrap up this section do you want to talk very briefly about some of the kind of hot new mechanic 7 coming out so I know Pete that a lien has been that you’re a really popular RPG lately for horror tabletop gaming and keep a little bit yeah absolutely I’m so distressed ice in Italian and I work a little bit similar to the hundred dice in Vampire quieter chance to run I lie in bed things progress in Italian keep ratcheting up stressed eyes and initially stressed out a success if you get a six that’s a success success are the most stress you all you got to get additional dice so initially you like rolling Wilderness more chance but ones on the stress start a bad mole ones were honest and you know it you wish her a cop stress the more likely you are to find yourself in a situation where you give you free cat you pull a Hudson oh you pull a Coleman and you just near catatonic to become a some really they’ll soda sit there and ignore me really really well they’ll be like if it’s something bad happens if I have a consequence from being really hungry or Consequences from being stressed you going to drop the bomb on me on Tuesday in a semi just terrible is going to happen to be constantly working to eat

around 8 convention games and I haven’t quite had a chance to get a to get a hug and can’t find anything but even then by did everything in their power to try to drop it back down interesting Maybe that’s the way all these guys have no idea and I need to find something to drink a terrible person or something you write out for you I’m friendly out but in particular on I-4 alien I mean like play that one and you can people will want to be able to try to slow down the action and to try to bleed off some of that stress and I didn’t give you the provisions for doing that you can stop and smoke a cigarette you can stop and drink a beer bottle thing you know we have to be a consequence for that Works once the films were once 11 Austin has a slow burn and then once things are moving very very very quickly and I need to slow down and take a moment be a consequence for that if I want to take things down two notches I like it yeah I think I’d say that’s a good point about it’s kind of how the the tension builds up with the mechanics cuz you need to look back at probably the first popular horror RPG Call of Cthulhu that has the kind of sending Sandy track which there’s obviously a lot of Life issues with how Sandy works and how how to represent things but from a purely mechanical sense as your character loses those Sandy Point send it gets closer to becoming unplayable more interesting character and something I really like to bring up when I’m going to be running a horror game so I can when I’m just kind of interesting mechanics and everything is I bring up that losing should be fun that’s kind of why we’re all here and it’s just a better story if you can kind of go in there and be prepared to have some rough things happen to your character Crystal there any other mechanics that you would like to highlights from a recent or old horror games Red Witch uses a Jenga Tower and instead of rolling dice as you do actions you pull from the Jenga tower Tower and when the Jenga Tower Falls you characters so it is artificially built in stress and there’s a visual aspect to it because everyone almost everyone has play Jenga and can kind of understand how that feels when you’re pulling something and you’re like oh gosh will my turn to die just from Bo try to do this simple thing and yeah I I love the the use of the Jenga Tower far as a visual mechanic I’ve even hold it into my D&D game One X we we were doing a long drawn-out chase scene and instead of continually rolling dice and it was through like an m c Escher Labyrinth ask thing so as the Jenga Tower fell the characters fell off the maze okay. Had to solve that problem gotcha nice nice that you might want to highlight real quick so most recently in age of Sigmar Soul which is a fancy Warhammer setting funky for 7 have doom doom mechanically doesn’t do anything with in the game I mean it could do and what is a measure of of the progress of the tone of the settings of Oz the theme increases as he get bad results from your device and things do you mean creases and what team does is it in forming the GM to the color the setting so you know things seem shattered screen darker in a cultist you begin to see a gathering in corners of Assisi

why you didn’t see them before they more brazen the skies above it actually that fire Royals across in the clouds begin testify demons in it so maybe maybe in the realm of shy shy know the moon of a ghostly version to be mostly from the well it was trying high leaving down painting a stinky gringo to that starts to informing the gym to push the tyranny of the game with in women dressed in glory We have a ruin which is essentially a pool with poison similar to Ross Rock Municipal points which place can use to be rolled ice and do stuff it again points that you can trigger abilities from antagonists and cause complications to be worse and as you see that pool rack up in size to play at the like something bad’s going to happen because when we come up to the big five he’s going to have a whole chunk of points to trigger you know I stream of corruption from the great unclean one something else though I will tell you one of my really favorite ones as always the deal with the Devil in in Metropolis you’re about to die you run out of points to spend to buy re-roll you could always make a deal with the devil and that basically saying you get to do some rerolls will you get so we can all desk but you are descending in corruption and I I approached increases your car to a game insert let’s just pull an internal or external mutation by spawn the corruption of a soul so we can get bills on the idea As your soul is formed it becomes most Twisted and tortured it manifests even have asked or have you look kind of similar to have corruption is in Warhammer fantasy so I know it’s like that Best Buy Rosa a fun yeah that’s awesome how did you meet sounds really interesting because instead of attaching be kind of degradation of the other horror element to a specific character it hatches it to the setting I think that’s really interesting I’ve not heard navigate me to a math although it might have been done in the past at some point so let’s move on over to the the second kind of real meat of this this presentation which is how to scare your players respectfully because we were talking about the mechanics movie like to do in horror games we’re also kind of be a little careful you know when you’re about to play a horror game horror RPG you’re okay of tacitly agreeing to get spooked but as you’re doing this you’re playing with your friends and you don’t want to get offended you want to be hurt and you specially don’t want them to be damaged from this experience so that’s what we really want to talk about here I guess Chris has a broad idea how do you scare players respectfully it the tallest appointments you the best kind of scares away you talking to people’s fears and somebody’s face these fits are I think you brought across population or from where they are or is it your country so you don’t have to take me calling out one person in particular that some face of potato chips a particular generation of people or people that have children maybe that’s why changing a lot of things quite scary losing a family losing your child. Loss of of Innocence but then you really do need to know your place because while you won’t tell a compelling story you may want to see wanted to be filled time to be real like it’s based in all weld butt darker you want to know what place think are acceptable Horus pause while in a wild boar Wild other colors baby very personalized special bond he’s real things they are not always acceptable at the table so you really need to know your place and that mean you really need to have a good discussion beforehand that the setting that the session 0 to find out what it is because it is interesting because actually they do want to explore these things because it allows them for some sort of catharsis Maybe so you shouldn’t just

I actually may well as a group we don’t mind that the important thing is once you establish that is you should check in every so often and and these people might hear yes. Might turn into a know I know might turn into a yes and you should just be mindful of that so well you do want to add a GM Run the game you want to run you play as want to play a game that they want to play in and that has to meet in the middle somewhere Middle is a bit messy and changes and evolves over time yeah definitely definitely said I mean that’s that’s kind of the the number one thing is to know your players however as Christmas when pointing out their situations where you might not know your players so kind of on the flip side Crystal how do you in convention games or things like that how do you kind of tackle this this issue issue so for me personally I used to EX card which I think we’re going to talk about a little bit later but that the EX card itself for will apply for any game you can use it at any setting at any table and it is a really easy comes up for players to understand another thing is kind of having a little prep for sessions it like a session zero prep where you talk about some of maybe like the content warnings of the game or the scenario that you were running can get a feel for ya’ll what the players are expecting and like for instance with pugmire you play dogs and cats madinda setting and some people can’t tolerate violence to animals so you do have to but they want to play the game because is the setting is very very easy to adopt for that so knowing that ahead of time is very important essential part of the game so making sure that if if you know someone doesn’t like violence to animals it is then that said I need Taylor what you are telling them to make sure that you, date for that that interesting so what’s what’s going to talk about a little bit Crystal so if you were to have a Pokemon game or if you have had one where someone does not want to have any violence animals how do you tailor it weighs about descriptions or do you just change the entire kind of conceit so usually what I end up doing is either I give the ability to describe what happens to the characters to the players and let them have some narrative control over that or if there is some sort of violence it doesn’t end in death it ends in being knocked out or running away to Comedy for that nice I like it and how do you feel about to be the issue of knowing your players give me insight into this invention standpoint Hannah TX caught up I pretty much want to a convention game without it now and what a family event is something to look for a matching game with her for a very short time I don’t know I don’t know anyone at the table so I’ll just saw this flat outside girl this is going to get doing this doing this doing this but so what got a rolly on in a red and green and I said so so Redbox this stuff is not happening in this game and I’m telling you right now it’s not happening and if you try to happen if you eat if you go there I’ll stop the game inside my what you doing and sexual violence or anything of that nature game inside piece R&R contact exist existing we don’t dwell on it you know when a person always protects their yes yes you do and grain is anything anything in the news with whatever General GameStop bucket is there anything you want in the end of Bucket please tell me now and I’ll tile of the game on the slightest loaded. I haven’t really had anything

United States if you if you can’t tell you no sexual violence violence against children simple definitely but he also time in a broader sense no stepping away from the convention center with your your long-term gaming friends kind of business is Chris was alluding to I think we all agree that it’s very good to have this kind of discussion 2 months to make sure that there was absolutely page this discussion about the sections each other for 20 years clients brought up you said I really don’t like so does the concepts of being tortured will be in a bit being locked up and being you know either mentally or physically I really like that and I was a little bit I was like my husband is a pie who played with on-and-off I get time for 20 years and I didn’t know that and you think you know you play is I would argue maybe you done and maybe even putting them in the situation we go right tell me what you don’t like you right you’ll find yourself learning some things that you probably didn’t and you allowed Gees never assume that you know you play is and as a benefit people you’ve known your whole life discussion is a wise where they even if it. 5 minutes and you got ya whatever but just you know any kids and you got it yep traffic light system cuz sometimes I think you’re this this thing like some people feel like like not swear you don’t have to try an entry to Moncton gameplay options is used is a used PDA used wheels on the us for a late is the Otay system so you can you can quit please indicate I’m cool with this keep doing hard today to play Warhammer talk to the hell out of me I’m okay but actually means I’m not and you should doll things back a bit and then obviously know he’s like no this is not for me and then I think Pete will you sing with me lines he’s actually kind of what is that is that where is it down of SpongeBob more about this is a hard line I don’t want it in my game where is there is more about you can suggest but it’s like it doesn’t appear on screen black many people like you or you just you know what it is in this case watch the Hitchcock thing we know you don’t need to go spend 10 5 10 minutes in excruciating detail about how you told you in the sky it’s too mind it being him and suggested that we just don’t want to spend time on it and I said that somebody else yeah yeah definitely so people who need to lie for mechanics and mechanisms and for real big God separation between the two is the kind of pregame discussions which we just kind of getting into with on your players as Chris was alluding to the kind of a mechanic so you can use during your game so quick want to reiterate some of those pregame mechanisms for discussion so you can have to let go hand-in-hand very well are the pregame surveys and also the the session 0 so session 0 is just usually your characters you’re doing character creation you can have a discussion with all the players and just kind of cover as Pete was mentioning these are things we don’t want to cover these are the moments that maybe wanted want to really explore any of these are the things that we we yeah I it may be coming up in the news quite a bit lately that we think that this game may be just like a modern horror game will be a great kind of story elements to explore and you can go along with that but someone else I also wanted to highlight is some

of these pregame surveys that Ben coming out so Pathfinder had a pregame consent form are they came out to think like 2 years ago and that uses kind of the red light yellow light green light system so that you can you can cover what people are okay with in-game what they don’t we Dora the Explorer Edition to that are friends over at your head of gaming have their own horror game specific consent form which I think is pretty much all of us have had filled out and I found this to be extremely useful during a convention games I’ve been using this with Gahanna gaming and it’s a really good way usually what I do with the consent form and then once they finish it then okay you can pick your character at that point and as a pick-me-up characters look at those I can review and see all right this is what we we can cover these are things that we can’t cover are there any issues with a scenario I’m about to run which has come up actually as a little anecdotes another adventure that Chris Rhoades has the potential for people to people to kill a ghost dog at the very end and I had several people say they don’t want to see you violent animals so I had to go do I get to do here and that’s actually the angle that they were going for in the adventure they’re really focused on that black dog that they were encountering that’s what I had to do is essentially be very when someone lunch the dog as a base be almost Fade to Black you had to give a very limited description of what happened but essentially came out that of course they the end of the the dark ritual that was going on this is the Monstrous dog isn’t it for a a specter or right this minute but yeah I understand yeah those consent forms I find to be extremely useful I know Crystal and Chris you’ve both fill those out for a Gahanna gaming sponsored thing that we’ve we’ve been doing that how you feel about them I absolutely love them and I highly recommend if you if you haven’t filled one out they do have it up on their website so you can take a look at it and it is very quick to to take a look at it and it helps you kind of build up the room in which you want to tell your story in there consent form which I’ve not seen on any other is that they cover mind control which is that loss of player agency and also just manipulation really does bother people and for some reason seems to be a core like Supernatural power mechanic and so many horror RPG that’s good to bring out pins something to watch out for in your horror games as well yeah definitely I think people initially when these surveys first came out that was a lot of pushback it was like know or if we let you know if it’s a vampire if there are certain elements entitled to it being a vampire the Masquerade game or I werewolf game or maybe. for that will be War that will be Blood drinking so this is an element of the players should expect like this game will be this I will have this that immediately I’m in or I’m out the rest of this is about cheating that dialed how people interact with the game and so it shouldn’t feel like it should be vampires many things there is a Baseline a you must be this tall to tell if play I mean that in the sense of a lot of degree of variability in what makes vampire what makes food makes Call of Cthulhu and that is what these sheets are more about is really cheating And I don’t see as prompt is ultimately you want to run again people want to play a game if you don’t meet in the middle you’re not going to run again game of these things is collaborative director he weighs put through these things happening Cinema there are people in Senoia Road Island how would a person’s wonderful a psychopath screen is because the director was basically traumatizing

don’t you don’t want to do that because you want to also build to meet you at least people’s come back and play the game that you were playing so you gave me were playing has more products made for it and has a wonderful long life and you can find me a pipe yet terrifying them in from toys in them you really on likewise you was a GM on not a vampire so if you could have player being grotesque Express insightful just because you’re desperate for pies does that mean you accept that there are many people game is at feel like they can be accepted that will they do is accept it because what are the play I like who I’m a game and you want a game or just like nope I don’t want you here if you’re going to be like that I don’t want my other place I mean to put up with you so it goes both ways as well yeah it’s it’s awesome so this whole thing where I liked by the people who are anti anti a and anti-b know what will what do you do when someone comes up to a table and I feel like one of these forms and and they said you can’t have anything they’re just going through all of the topics and said no to everything in this hypothetical scenario which will never happen you turn around in his presence I am very sorry I can’t run a game like that maybe this version of vampire I’m running today why isn’t for you gunshot residue convention can mention there’s no reason why you can’t fight and it’s not reason why if you’re setting up to so I had to run a campaign one of pliers turns around and says to you I want to run my butt without any of the vampyrism without any of them the elements that I want I want you to run the band pins for me and I didn’t know a guy who was like that that game in and you’ve been negotiated definitely so we’re kind of starting to run low on time. I really want to cover some of the end game mechanics that exist several people brought up the EX card and essentially what that is is it is a car they put the table has a giant x on it and anyone can tap it or grab it or Bixby say during a scene this is a no-go Zone and you can stop you can just be Paws talk to everyone and you can figure out what the issue was figure out if you need to do a rewind basement restart the scene or if you can just kind of Fade to Black and then just keep the game moving from there it’s it’s elegant it’s easy it really doesn’t disturb the flow of the game usually seems although I’ve actually fun facts I have never had anyone use the X card on me but I have not used the EX card on anyone but I almost did once I was I was like ready to Lunge for it and luckily the the story tell her how we’re playing like Cydia mist mist and it was like in the game store in the basement and the Storyteller I kind of realize like there was an issue because I think several other players at the table Raleigh wheel wheel like where this is going and he kind of elegantly just said like like to move on from here and that kind of prevent the issue issue but it’s it’s a mechanic and I find what I’m good at convention game some explain the rules of the game I think it’s really convenient to just slip the next car mechanic and just as though it is a rule of that game I really should be at this point for most horror games so it should just be a nation and having people just accepted as one of the core mechanics of that game that you’re playing or at least the game they are playing at the table at that time is a great way to just just headed there everyone except it and if you need it if you don’t need it awesome awesome so I think my question could be if anyone has any anecdotes of if you’re comfortable with it I’ll give him the EX card or anything like that I’m like 5 run it I’ve used it I’ve never needed but I’ve had lace five different people come up to me off to the games you know after the game and said thank you so much for having the xcaret I felt so much better knowing that it was there I was genuinely worried about some of the content and I love you certain things would happen to me while I was playing this game which makes me worry God what’s happened previously

happy with the X. It’s no big deal you explain it to people as you said you know during the Preamble Justice a big deal Smith I want to play you had any memorable experiences that you would be willing to share you don’t have to with an EX card did anybody touch it like I’ve never had it actually used but like I said I run very short cuz I’m to generate demoing at a booth and instead of like actual like running a game like a scheduled game so my my scenarios to be like an hour maybe an hour and a half at the most so yeah like I’ve never had anybody but I have had people who are like oh no I don’t play with that and like okay you can leave you if you consent to leaving my game cool also has with the ex parte card what kind of covered Fade to Black but you was the Storyteller can always just say let’s just which is kind of he’s out of the scene just move on to something else starting you seen with different content that’s definitely really used to do the live-action role-playing Community is also had some really big Innovations as Chris’s mentioning the can a pause negotiate on the check-ins are huge especially for live action role play because for a long time was really anathema in that Community to ever break immersion you can’t do that Just keep going keep going the entire time and he’s like people could like take a break step out that’s where the thing however they really wanted to sure that there was like a way for people in the middle of a scene to have a way to kind of guide how it was going and usually the way that they happen since you can just say like off game in the context of a lark Lark off game how you doing this is okay can we go this way and you just have a little conversation you know we just need to be a couple sentences and everyone’s good to go and keep moving there’s also non-verbal ways to do that as Chris’s living two do check-ins with a thumbs-up or at the okay sign if people are not okay then comes down and snow leopards me just leave the scene walk out of the place in the like which is really great way in the middle of a kind of intense tabletop role-playing scene to just check in with people use give me thumbs up make sure they’re okay but they also give you a thumbs up can just keep moving how do I feel like in the context of tabletop RPG is it’s a lot easier just kind of pause things pause things have that discussion do any of you have any extra insight into this word you know know check-ins in the middle of the game really I mean the most important thing is just the other thing is if you playing tabletop RPGs when you’re running a regular session of the game and or if you’re running a convention game that’s like about maybe 3 hours you’re not speaking to me breaks of that and that’s always a good point you everyone’s going to need to get a to the weather in private rank to check in and just yet the previous scene Justice reading the room about it’s not within game it’s not to break in the game I mean that’s what I would definitely do then then ask a few games with very short quotes checking in with the players is also if you’re running running them as a booth reason you’re checking in is all six major me is being really important for a reassessment that my wife run she minutes it’s even more especially when you’re trying to cram the best partner 3 hours to 1 hour Myspace which oil has some great stuff that works for them with a with a brake light socket is a good point where you could potentially wreck, seeing if you feel about seeing didn’t go as he wanted or maybe I mean the Stone Age the game anyway if you

got to tell them a piece of information that was really in jail for the rest of the game we have to run all the game so by all means rep, and I’m sure they do some stuff on the oldest recorded stream games that you say you because you know they wanted to deliver the best looking game possible for you and they only have a certain amount of time to film and cut and edit and do all the other stuff I have to do right here so we got a wrap it up real quick but I think I made your point that we all want to make is that you know in the context of horror games you might mess up and that’s a okay that’s alright I was like some juncture hoping to include a story of mine from way back in the day that we could all sit down and analyze but we’re not time for that but does you see what happened to you I don’t know just insightful inspiring points to kind of close this out on with regard to the horror games message not recovering or just breathing in their attention in the game you are working incredibly hard to essentially umastart bubble need something very very beautiful to be broken like that so just don’t beat yourself up too much if it doesn’t happen or if it doesn’t quite happen the way it will mean even you know awesome cool so I think just to kind of wrap things up here we can all just kind of let people know where they can find us I have basically no social media but I do this podcast are Keynesian are we can find a darker – days. Org I can to meet us at Darkest Days radio and we’re doing right now a pretty sweet wrath and Glory game Warhammer 40,000 setting over and I get henna Gaming’s twitch Channel which Chris is the Storyteller for and you can check out our contact there if you wanted to see Moore or hear more of the kinds of scussion we do a lot of Storytelling advice player advice and a like Pete to where can people find you can find me on Twitter where I am at page on NAS I can find me on Instagram where I’m posting all sorts of hilarious things and in the real world when you no longer walk down I am at most Melbourne by scamming conventions probably running vampire and alien awesome and Crystal where can people find you or even check out your work so you can check out my work at the geeky and other links to all my social media on there awesome and Chris how about you so yeah obviously there is ww.w you will find all Social Links from Back to the story telephone content which all of us but feet so far has written down but we will get peons I am showing future and that is okra content that covers stuff like secret frequency Falls which is like folklore myths Legends Pointe you gain all that original sin RS4 cross the darkness on setting materials acting like terrorists awesome very good and to all the viewers out there please enjoy your packs online and we all hope that you learned some really great stuff today during this panel take it easy