The League of legends Ranked System Explained

hey what’s up guys on I’m here to talk about the League of Legends rank system and I’m gonna start out with a little bit of math here Louie ledger string system is pretty heavily based on math the question that you’re gonna see right in front of you is the math if you make a loss and it’s a little bit confusing but basically what it says is if you lose it’s based on your performance and based on how much you win and how much you lose and the summary of it is the more you win the less you’ll lose LP y so it kind of makes sense and it’s set up to where you can’t lose more than you win so on if you win a game you’re always gonna get more than if you lose a game and if if there’s some if you lose more than you won a huge us one last game then that’s one of the very few anomalies that happens and that typically only happens when you were on a team that has a just overall higher MMR by a landslide and that is um that usually doesn’t happen that is like a one in a couple million games so that’s a really rare situation but for the most part you cannot lose more LP than you gain that’s just a fact and here’s the equation for if you win this equation is based on of if you win how many times you and how many times you lose your ball kt stuff like that and it actually makes a lot of sense this equation and they could all make sense because they don’t want you to they don’t want players with a 50% win rate to stay there they make artificial inflation is is what riot calls that that is actually a quote from riot it is artificial inflation which makes sense to me that they would want our official inflation and to be very very honest every e low is a low hell it doesn’t matter what you know you’re in it’s evil huh nobody nobody goes through an Evo and says man this was really easy every low is a little I’m plat five I have a silver Smurf honestly getting through Silver’s eel oh hell it’s it’s eagle oh hell for me I’m plat five I’m good every every Hilo Izzy low hell getting through gold was eel oh hell getting through bronze in season three for me was a low hell and then why would I just want to is this graph proves it by the way I have a graph that’s global Global ranks and it’s the percentage of people that are in this and so the whole reason that the bronze is dropping off like it is here and it’s not as high as Silver’s because the majority of people who are prawns were bronze last season and getting bronze two seasons in a row especially after the master rank was introduced is really difficult because most bronzes were like bronze three there were mid-range bronze they weren’t all bronze 5 and so mid-range bronze the MMR difference is pretty much equal to what now silver 5 is see it such as which is uh which is why you see it’s silver 5 is up there and then this makes sense because getting silver is much easier now and getting bronze is actually quite difficult now for anybody who is new to ranked or who was mid range bronze last season it’s pretty difficult but this graph proves that every low it’s a low hell because you see if you go from the silver to the gold to the plat to the diamond to the master you see more and more loss there’s not as many people this graph clearly isn’t even it has a flow to it and the whole point of that is that there each and every one more people just give up because they can’t get through it and that’s the whole point is it’s supposed to be you know how you get through one hell you’re just stuck in another and people say alright I got where I wanted to be I don’t want to try anymore that’s the thing every low is a hotel I’ve been the plat I’ve been in diamond D though I can say this much they’re terrible players and all of them there play like players and master tear it’s really what it comes down to it is who has the time and who has the effort to put into the game so every Ulloa seal oh hell ello hell is no excuse for being a low rank it just comes down to do I play ranked enough and do i with standard skills and it’s about practicing with it yes there’s a skill difference between gold and platinum but they both have Evo hell and it comes down to do you really want to win when are you practicing in them so to get the gold and platinum in all reality is not that difficult if you practice for it but if you’re a casual player solder is where you belong so where is a good place for you it’s not it doesn’t mean you’re a noob it just means that you’re a casual player which is okay honestly next week next season I’m going back to gold because I’m moving towards being a casual player I’m kind of done with the whole ring scene and then the next graph this is basically how to win a game this graph makes a lot of sense to me it’s the psychological needs you need the fire of you need to buy items you level up champions arenas and masteries and summoner spells you need to feel like you are prepared or that you are

preparing for something because you don’t if you don’t feel like that you’re not going to win no matter what and then you need safety you need more jungle help map awareness and avoid death so that’s the thing a lot of people they just run in and then they die they don’t ward they don’t ask the jailor for help or the jungler doesn’t help and you need map awareness this is such a crazy thing when I play in lower Hilo people move pretty predictably so you can tell where the enemy team is pretty much most of the time or where a good portion of them are and that’s the thing is a lot of people don’t have matte furnace and that is such a key thing to have in this game because you know I’m a queerness you’re not going to know where they are you don’t know where they are chances aren’t they’re gonna come to kill you it’s as simple as that and it’s it’s really the best thing that you can do if you keep getting ganked where you keep dying from outside forces outside of your lane and you have laying down you just need to pay attention to that mini-map and pay attention on other people which I know is rough you shouldn’t have to pay attention other people’s lanes but it’s what you got to do for that soloqueue experience and then esteem no we’re on to love and belonging so global objectives teamfight and team movement the best thing that you can do in soloqueue is move with your team all right you need to move with your team or make sure your team knows what you’re doing communication is is a 100 percent key so if your team doesn’t know that you’re not going in or that you’re heading Tom then you should not leave under any circumstances you need to make sure that your team knows that you are leaving and that a team fight will be a bad idea so that’s the thing is you really need to communicate it gives if you’re like nasus or hero Dior and you’re gonna split push or something your team absolutely needs to know that you are going them up that you are going to split push and that you will not show up to the team fight because you are getting objectives so all they need to do is hold so what you really need to do is communicate and then esteem team’s energy positive feedback honestly qpm in ranked you’re gonna lose it’s as simple as that VM and rank you’re gonna loose or you’re not gonna earn the win it’s one of the two positive feedback is always good as well because you tell somebody oh you could have done this better or I would build this against that if they get mad they’re not making themselves better as a player it’s as simple as that but if you get that feedback and you get mad you’re also not getting any better as a player you got to take other people’s advice because they play the game as much as you do and then pretty much the top of it is just win okay and then here I have a graph of what rates used to be a long time ago and then it was just bronze silver gold platinum diamond and this was when a ranked made more sense so the thing is rank changed they had a Challenger the Challenger was pretty big difference added a pretty big difference so the jump from bronze to silver was much bigger it was much bigger so is gold and so all of this was pretty big difference and one thing that I’m gonna get into right now because I want to talk about duo QE duo queuing has caused an inflation in every break and every rink in all ranks do a queuing his cost inflation of bad players which to be fairly honest is just flat-out truth is cost inflation of bad players people who do owe to you most of the time there is one good player there is one bad player pretty much what do queueing is most of the time lower low that’s basically what it is so you have one player who is silver one you have one player who is silver five the silver one player wants the silver five or the bronze player to play with them so that way they get matched up against the lower people and therefore they win easier because at that point they already know how to carry you don’t get silver one not knowing how they carry typically unless you were being carried but into acute in my opinion is not really earning a rank it is really just getting inflated into a ring so duo queuing in my opinion is not okay if you’re a bronson you Duke you out I understand that because Bronson currently a current meta current league of legends as a whole is actually the ELO hell because all that’s left in it is trolls because silver is now what bronze used to be and what bronze used to be wasn’t mostly trolls it was actually the majority of the people who play the game so now basically bronze is mostly trolls so to be fairly honest if you do a Q out of bronze that’s okay if you do oq silver to gold that’s not okay you got inflated but let’s say you and your friend are both silver or something and you both do Q I would say it’s okay he both have relatively the same amount of scale because then all it is is one less feeder for you which is good it’s good it’s raising your chances and I understand that but if you play with somebody who you know is much better than you are even if they are the same rank all you’re doing is you’re getting

inflated into a rank you don’t belong in which in my opinion is not okay and then I have a chart here of all the MMR’s before before the whole changes and in this chart makes a lot of sense it basically has some pretty standard jumps between ranks which differentiates skill pretty easily you can tell who’s who’s skillful and who’s not really and to be fairly honest bronze bronze meant something back in the day because bronze had a minimum of 850 you know what it used to be well not would it you sleep in you know that how is bronze is like has a minimum of zero MMR you can have zero MMR and be in bronze now which I like it I don’t think there is a player out there who has zero MMR but as it’s impossible but it the leak system does allow it so if it were to happen it would be allowed to be in bronze so there is a minnow of zero MMR in bronze nowadays and this chart makes sense because there is actually a huge gap between bronze silver and gold and Platt and Platts and diamonds so you can really tell that these players have different skill levels which makes sense and then here we have the new system which is standard bronze silver gold platinum diamond master Challenger the master Challenger changes what really screwed off the League of Legends rank system and you’re wondering but why would the new rankness of the legal issues rank system well all it really did was add another tier 2 challenger and you know what that means since you added a new rank you didn’t boost up challenge or one more rank what you did is you boosted everything else one more down and that means that bronze is worth much less and silver is worth less and gold is worth less and platinum is only worth 50 less so basically silver and gold and bronze are with much less than what they used to be in Platinum and Gold are practically the same so basically everybody bronze silver gold their rank is very much so not really worth anything which is very sad because back when I played season 3 gold meant you were good at the game you know what you’re doing you weren’t a pro but you know what you’re doing and nowadays you can be gold and you can be pretty bad at the game um and I mean it’s just because the MMR difference is big enough to where bad players can get in gold and honestly that shouldn’t happen there’s too many people and gold and platinum and diamond who don’t belong there if we go back to the graph there is a large majority of gold players are in gold 5 um which is you asked me it said something if the majority of players are in gold five and gold five is what bronze not bronze but what silver one used to be around then it makes sense because silver players who were silver are now gold when they didn’t really belong Engle and that’s the little egg explanation for this year is that gold five isn’t really worth gold anymore neither is gold for to be fairly honest I guess that higher end goal is actually gold and the higher end plat is actually playing diamond didn’t change enough for diamond not to be diamond I mean there are bad diamond players still yes but diamond is still diamond because the MMR change was not large enough for it to be significantly different skill oaths so let’s go back here and then we’re gonna talk about I want to talk about counter picking real quick for all you guys out there who don’t know what counter picking is counter picking is probably the smartest thing that you can do honestly low elos don’t do it they don’t counter pick they see somebody and they say well I’m good at this champion if you want to win rate to get good on a lot of champions all I can say is that you need to get good a lot of champions because you’re not gonna win with that same champion every game what you need to do is you need to find a champion the counters most in meta picks and get good at them and then play a couple side champions that are also you’re also really good with the counters certain other in meta picks because as long as you’re playing the champion that you want and not the champion that is good with your team and good against their team you’re gonna lose a majority of your games so that’s that’s pretty much what counter picking is and then right now I would really like to discuss this there was a huge thread it says and this was a guy complaining about why the league system is flawed and yes it is fun it is extremely fun but most of the ELO hell bitching is a complete lie there really is no eel oh hell other than bronze right now bronze is the ELO hell but every other elo is pretty close to justice man so he says the system after your provisional matches which it uses to determine your rank assigns you to a small area where thinks you belong and attempts to force you into this

position the entire time you were playing ranked you are attempting to defy this prediction this is not true actually the game gives you a rating the only time the above applies if you are losing very frequently start winning frequently then the system will initially not think that you are as good as you are playing in hold you down a bit however the system will just after a little while also the division you are in is completely arbitrary because of the promotional system you can be bronze 1 and play against diamond once the hitting a low score is what matters and this is true this is true preseason 4 update you cannot play in Stein players even even being bronze 1 now but you can have the hitting a low of a diamond player and it will not allow you to play against diamond players but he’s at this this point is right and this was point another guy made and he is absolutely right it’s it’s the hidden Ehlo that matters and it’s not it’s the rank system doesn’t push you into where thinks you belong what it does is it gives you player Center at word thanks your skill level set and if you can beat them it says ok his skill level is higher let’s try something more and then if you lose that game it’ll put you with the thing before and he win that game you keep going up and because of artificial inflation looking at those two equations there no matter what happens you will gain LP and then he tries to come back at this point the game promotes win streaks and luck not consistent play or improvement until you reach the higher tiers this is true to a certain point and I I do sympathize with you but it’s not necessarily true if you consistently win more than 50% of the time you will move up if you constantly lose more than 50% you will drop and you stay around 50% you’ll roughly stay the same frustration might be coming from you being at a place where you are more or less even with everyone else you are playing with and maintain roughly a 50% win ratio and on advancing or decreasing although I will say that if you go on a mass win streak you will be promoted faster then if you don’t but if you go on that win streak and then don’t be along there you will drop anyways and this is true win streaks do not decide where you belong in the Liga legend rank system if you get anywhere on a gold or silver or bronze those ranks don’t really mean all too much now because they can’t decay and it basically says you want a win streak and you got in that ring so to a certain point yes this is true but to us to an actual like a meaningful rank like platinum diamond the higher guys this is not true at all because you have to consistently win to be able to keep your LP up like I’ve been in plat I win consistently I have a good 68% win rate and that’s because I belong where I’m at and that’s because I’m a good enough player to win the games it’s not because I’m a heavy carry or I go at lucky and I go on win streaks it’s because I play consistently and I play well and I play with a team because if you play on your own and you play like you’re gonna carry the game and hire you those chances are you’re gonna piss your team off and they’re gonna think you’re a bad player so yes if you are in a lower rank when streaks are kind of lucky and they are kind of based on that it’s not really luck if you know how to carry yourself la vela which there are a few champions Peak Tram you know that we’re talking about that games basically anybody can carry with okay and says because it’s so hard to advance the populations are so skewed matchmaking cannot possibly work properly except the highest levels of the system okay this is makes sense but there’s no evidence behind it so what you’re saying would make sense if they were basing their rating on a bell curve but they are not which is true so the system is working as intended by advancing people who consistently win and demoting people who consistently lose leaving the majority of players near the bottom and the people that are truly good at the game near the top which is completely true you consistently lose you don’t belong in the higher tiers it’s it’s just that simple it’s not saying oh you’re worthless no it’s saying that you just don’t win as much as other people it’s just it’s just a simple truth okay and then he said this point number four and these are these are all the excuses and all these things that people are saying is wrong with the system but it’s not really because players are rated as a team and not as individuals there are many factors out of their control that affect the rating beyond their own ability further increasing the effect of luck and win streaks this continues until higher tiers where players are far more consistent with each other well let’s say you how you are a good player that means you have four chances of getting a bad player the other team would have five chances so as long as you play well consistently you statistically have a better chance of having a better team than the opposing think that is true so if you blame it on trolls this and that chances are the enemy team has a better chance of adding more players if you are good so you can’t really I don’t you can’t really blame it on trolls to be fairly honest okay so why does this affect player behavior I will agree that the rating system affects player

behavior in a largely negative way but not for reasons you think it happens in a highly competitive game like this people care like these people care about and find value in their ratings as people value the ratings they are more likely to be aggressive or negative when they feel like someone is hidden our advancement that’s true people get mad when they lose masters part of that’s just part of life you’re not gonna be happy when you don’t can move forward so why does this serve higher ranked players well the game at higher elo the games that hire you lo are not closer if someone at high you low makes a mistake and haunts them for the rest of the game which is true if you make one mistake early you will even that mistake will follow you because you see the results of it you see what happens and a lot of LOI EULA players really do you have it oh it was so long ago it didn’t really make that much of a difference no thinks that small no things that small make a huge difference they have a huge impact on the game if someone at LOI low makes a mistake it largely doesn’t matter because they don’t capitalize on these mistakes this allows a games at lower load to drag out and gives teams the chance to come back more frequently than they do in high or low if example you can first but on a higher you low game you will lose Lane unless someone helps ya which is generally pretty true I mean it’s hard to come back after first plot if you get if you don’t get outside help at a low a low game you can die a couple times and snow in life which absolutely true there’s a reason why players in high elo have weight lower skill weight lower kills who are at the end of the game then their lower ego counterparts do it’s because high elo people do more with kill so they don’t need more kills to do more and then they’re talking about why don’t we remove promotionals from divisions well see the thing is if you were to remove promotionals you be allowing players who go on those win streaks to get lucky in the move-in and that’s the thing is you need a player who consistently wentz you need a player who is like me who has a 68% win rate to get through those so yeah it makes sense why you would want to remove them and have them for league promotionals only but you need to win 2/3 of the time or 3/5 of the time for a league promotion which in my opinion is pretty fair it’s it’s fair and it gives people that don’t deserve to be in those ranks from just bouncing into them and keeping up LP gains for Victor’s are always great and they help you lost from defeats that matter what your win ratio and sceptered in the case of strong upsets which is true running players for being nice helping other GGC with RPE yeah the honor system it was really a big system and they give away free skins this year and they ban people and they give people IP boosts all the time if you don’t know this right does reward good players and I’m not defending don’t worry I am NOT defending right we’ll get to a video about that later some sort of solo rating system independent of teams this miss places priorities the point is to win the game you have a bad score but our majority a major factor in to winning the game why should you be punished proxy cinched was an example of this well see that’s the thing you’re not it’s a team game if you’re doing well but your team isn’t you don’t deserve to be treated like you’re doing well because your team isn’t it’s not about you winning it’s about the team winning so if you think that you deserve some kind of reward for winning no I think your LP loss should be less which by the way it is if you win if you have a positive KD or if you provide a lot to your team if you have a lot of sales like delete or not it does track this your LP loss is less yeah yeah yeah and then basically they tried to say that the community has only been getting worse which is a line I would just like to say that it’s it’s a flat-out lie since season two we’ve had on ER chat bans tribunal team video so you haven’t seen videos check them out yeah I mean it’s just to be fairly honest most players don’t belong where they are these days most players don’t belong and that’s just because the right system has been out of date I would say out of date they have been putting a lot of pressure in ranked for players who don’t belong where they are in ela boosting is a huge deal these days is a massive deal elo boosting happens all the time so if you ask me the riot rank system it’s really bad and it’s not bad because good players get trapped it’s mostly bad because bad players get put up I mean they need to fix the bronze issue where people get stuck in bronze because a lot of people get stuck Brasa

don’t deserve bronze and then they need to fix the issue where bad players get up by raising the MMR for silver and gold back up to what it was to be honest that’s the only way to do it because I don’t I know bronze feels worthless right now because it is it’s as simple as that bronze literally contains the zero value it can be the value of zero like the value of bronze can be between zero and one thousand one hundred and forty nine yeah that’s right that’s in Creighton that’s crazy isn’t it yeah and so you know what I needs to do is I need to raise the value of silver and gold back up and raise the value of bronze because that’s raised but lower the value of Bronson that we getting in Bronx is harder and that way getting to silver is harder and getting into gold is heart I don’t know I just I play in gold and I play silver games on my Smurfs and I play with gold people on my Smurfs as well and honestly the games that I play I feel very disappointed because I don’t need to play them seriously to win and honored last season season for season three free mastering gold was where I belong gold was a hardy low it was hard to win I would have to try but ever since the change gold has gone down the value of gold has gone down and so is the player quality so cool I don’t feel like any of them we were earned the rewards really the majority of gold players don’t earn the rewards because values gone down and gold isn’t worth that much anymore so really we’re saying the good gold players getting the plant this season are really high-end gold so yeah that’s my opinion on bronze well bronze the rank system and everything about it let me know what you think in the conversation let me know if I missed any points because man I tried to strike them all here there were there were a lot of things that really riot could fix so they have a feedback tab and if you just spam them up they’ll take it into consideration because to be fair eel oval isn’t real the only play that place that’s really uol’s bronze everybody else climb up it’s pretty easy it’s not that hard so yeah I wish you all luck in your ranked adventures and if you do oq’ you’re a bad person remember that you