Wrong By Ignorance Can Be Forgiven

Well good to have you a man we want to treat our visitors welcome, but you know, we’re glad to have you a many man All right. I’ll tell you what if you have your Bible turn the First Samuel Chapter six Verse number seven for Samuel Chapter number six and verse number seven Now therefore make a new card and take two milk kind on which there have come no, yoke and tie the kind of the cart and bring them calves home from them and Take the Ark of the Lord and lay it up on the cart and put the jewels of gold which she returned him for a trespass offering in a coffer by the side thereof and send it away that it may go and See if it goes up by the way of his own coasts to Beth Shemesh Then he hath done us this great evil But if not, then we shall know that it is not his hand that smote us, but it was a chance that happened to us the men did so and took two milk kine and tied them to the cart and shut up their calves at home and they laid the Ark of the Covenant or Ark of the Lord upon the cart and the coffer with the mice of gold and the images of the inner odds and The kind took straightway to the way of Beth Shemesh and went along the highway Lowing as they went and turned not aside to the right hand or to the left and the Lords of the Philistines Went after them unto the border of Beth Shemesh father bless your Holy Word now the night Lord It’s your word the Living Word of God quick and powerful searches our hearts Divides asunder the soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow the Holy Name Father. Amen You can be seated Beth Shemesh means house of the son It tells us therefore that we have no ideas how Far apostate that these Israelites were living here We have no we don’t have any actual way to know but we do know this We do know that the Ark of the Covenant of God had been in Philistine land it was taken in battle and they carried it off and the Philistines had it and they passed it from one city to the next after Dagon had a Had had a terrible time dealing with the Ark that’s all I can say they gave up their faith in Dagon And so they sent it from one city. There’s five Philistine cities five of them Goliath was from the Philistine city of what? Gath he was a Philistine Goliath and therefore he was a giant being a giant he’s he’s probably a direct descendant of what happened in Genesis six when the sons of God saw the daughters of men and Giants were in the earth in those days. And also after that we find Giants mentioned all over the Old Testament I believe they’re foreign Giants a man. And if you believe our troops you’ll believe that over there in the Kandahar Kandahar province of Afghanistan, they killed a giant and a choir I have different figures on how big he was eighteen to twenty feet huge he had taken up one of those troops and impaled him on a on a spear and he was in a cave and So they kill this thing. They put it in an aircraft carrier airplanes and big Transport airplane and they brought it somewhere. I don’t know but for for very different reasons They’re keeping that hidden from the public So we’re not were dealing with here. We’re dealing with we’re dealing with a very perverse Society they’re ignorant They they they had heard about what had happened when God brought his people out of Egypt They’d been warned and they knew what had happened. They believed it they believed it and they believed that it was a moral issue That’s about all they had. It’s obvious from the text that the Israelites had not Interchanged any kind of communication with them about their faith and about the God of Abraham Isaac and Israel the Philistines were just like the moabites ammonites and all the rest of them They were not the source of truth. But God’s going to use this thing to show us something. It’s quite remarkable What happens they have the Ark and they’ve had it for about seven months. They make a cart They’ve been having all kinds of physical problem. They’ve been suffering nobody’s dying, but they’re suffering God had made their life miserable and so they built cart and as used to just read they took cabs away from these Two Milka Khan, and the natural thing would be for the for the cows to go back and find their calf But instead they set their face straight ahead To beth-shemesh and they knew by that that the God of the Hebrews

Was doing this and so they so he carried they carried the the ark when they got to Beth Shemesh They Israelites Knowing much better knowing far more eminently more Looked into that Ark Looked down and gazed upon it and God smote tens of thousands of them that day and they said who can stand against this Holy Lord, God so they took at the house of hood of Kirchhoff Jairam and there it stayed until it was taken later and David danced before it as he took it into Jerusalem didn’t make it because the ark Slid ona on a hot. What was it on this time? He is on a cart just like the Philistines How is the Ark’s supposed to be carried those? exactly States and So they had already broken that and in in ignorance they did that and it slipped and use’ which was a good man Because he was from the house of Kirchhoff Jairam. He was from the house where the arkad stayed for 20 years and Yet God smote him dead right on the spot So the question I posed to you last week was Why did God not smite the Philistines dead and why did he allow them to live? And why did he smite the Israelites dead? There’s a reason for that There’s a big reason for it turn first Corinthians chapter number 10 First Corinthians 10 with me tonight and verse number 19 First Corinthians chapter number 10 and verse number 19. What say I then that the idol is anything? Or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is anything In other words, it isn’t anything it’s something that’s carved out with the hands of men, but you don’t stop there But verse 20 said but I say that the things which are Gentiles sacrifice They sacrifice to devils and not to God Now watch this and I would not that you should have fellowship with Devils Though the Ark is or no the idol is something that was carved either from a tree or a stone or Something of that nature and they bow down before it and they worship in itself, there’s nothing there, but The thing is what they had on their mind and the purpose in making that Put them in jeopardy with God and they began to worship demons demons Devils. Will they’re opportunists and Any opportunity they have they’ll seize upon it. Alright So bottom line is that it is some folks have the idea Well, you know, I mean, they’re just ignorant pagans out here worshipping idols and stuff like that. No, it’s more than that There’s a whole lot more going on than that You see they don’t know folks These pagans don’t know when they think that by By by carving out something like that that they can worship one of the gods and this is why they have so many different Idols, they worship so many different gods many of them are mentioned the Bible Moloch for example is mentioned in Leviticus Tammuz is mentioned where the women are weeping for Tammuz Some of the men about 25 of them. The Bible says have their back turned to the Ark of God and they’re worshiping the Sun You see this is what makes it so egregious it’s the fact that when you know And you should know and then you then you continue on in rebellion because that’s exactly what you’re doing You’re going to be held accountable for it. You’re going to be held accountable for it and the children of Israel were held accountable Because they knew better they knew better. They were not ignorant pagans They knew better and therefore God judges you for what? You know now here’s how James says it James says it like this He said for a man that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him. It is sin See that isn’t that quite a remarkable statement? For him that North to do good and doeth it not to him. It is sin Therefore when knowledge comes in it brings great blessing and great benefit. It really does It allows you to to fellowship and draw close to God And it’s a wonderful thing But it also brings responsibility with it. And I’m afraid this is what’s happening to church in this country It has four-second the truth and turned away from the truth of God and whether they turn to then if you turn from the light what you turn to Exactly you turn to darkness. So if you turn away from the truth, you turn to a lie, because there is no medium No middle ground You see the one way or the other he said is either for me or against me and Christ made that statement So what you have here in the book of in the book of 1st Samuel for whatever reason for whatever reason? We don’t we not may not necessarily

Ever know the full reason of it, but I want you to notice what you what you get into here in Samuel. What’s the what? What is the the book that immediately precedes Samuel? Ruth what precedes Ruth Judges, and the Bible said every man did that which was right in his own eyes in the time of the judges That’s how it finishes the book. All right. So in other words, they didn’t have a teaching priesthood They didn’t have a king They didn’t have the instruction Like they should have had it essentially left into the hands of the prophets like Samuel He was a prophet of God and and and the priests Supposed to be teaching the Word of God. What did he do his two sons? Hophni and Phinehas were what there were apostates They were sons of Belial the Bible says so the teaching priesthood had failed in doing what it should have been doing to teach the people and That’s not to say all of them were ignorant of it. But many of many of them don’t death were I mean after all folks Would you know would you believe it if they knew they were? Dad right on the spot you think that with that they if they knew that they were going to look into that Ark When that Ark was carried folks it had it while only the Levites could go get it and they had to put a rod through It to carry it on their shoulders and it was covered with badger skins so nobody ever saw the Ark except the high priest and After they set it in place and put it in the tabernacle and he was privileged to go in behind the curtain and stand on the dirt and There he could look over the mercy seat and he would take blood and he would sprinkle it on the mercy seat and that blood was the representative representative of the blood covenant that God made with Abraham and then he Reaffirmed it with Moses the children of Israel were brought into a good relationship with God God says I will bring none of these diseases on you that I brought on the Egyptians If you keep my Commandments and serve me, there’ll be no disease He said I’ll send you the former rain in the latter rain. You’ll be free of your enemies I’ll bless you. You behead the head of all the nations. I’m gonna do all of this for you And what do I ask of you? Just serve me? That’s all he said but here’s the problem of all the gods in the Old Testament there many of them I mean I just scratched around They were everywhere and they were in Israel, too, and they were and they were they were being affected by idolatry Now God’s gonna write a Bible Okay, he’s gonna write a Bible. He’s going to establish the truth of God in one location and it’s not going to be a mixture with Moloch and with Tammuz and with And Bale and any of the rest of them, it’s going to be a pure truth of God on Mount Moriah and That’s where God says I will meet with you on that mountain so can you imagine what it would be like if Israel had allowed all the if all these foreign countries to come in there and And add a little bit of their faith with the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you know taint it just a little bit What’s the Bible say about a little leaven? Leaveneth the whole lump. This is why we have a Bible 1400 BC God said Moses write up and the first five books of the Bible – what’s called the Pentateuch from five and that’s the foundation for the rest of it and In high schools of higher criticism now, especially in Germany where it started over there. They teach back in the 1800s they taught young men that the book of Genesis had as many as seven or eight different authors and One author would write so far than another one right so far and you if you ever read that anywhere Always ask them always try to find what they base that on Because they have never found anything except the book of Genesis. Are you following me? They’ve never found a J and P and all the rest of them that are supposed to be writing so I’m what I’m focusing tonight on to get your attention is is that this has to do with the purity of The word of the Living God for that time for these people you see before Before the Canon was completed The Canon was completed about 90 AD when the Apostle John wrote The book of Revelation and the last gospel was written probably about the same time Which was the Gospel of John so we have some important things here, though I don’t you to look at with me tonight, and I think they’re very important Because the Bible says here that we would have no fellowship with Devils Now look over here in the book of in the book of first Corinthians chapter number 10 first Corinthians 10 19 and verse number versus I’ve already read 20 look at verse 21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord and a cup of devils you cannot be partakers of

The Lord’s table and Of the devil and a table of the devils see the purity again See how he wants this separate you see how he you see how the Lord through the Apostle Paul is putting emphasis on the fact that We don’t need anything that the New Age the Hindu the Muslim Witches or anything else. We don’t have any we don’t have any need for anything they say We have the absolute truth right here The Bible it is absolutely. Well. That’s what does that mean preacher? It means that if this if pagans have an element of the truth and many of them do they’ve got some of it They’ve got some of it But whatever they have or whatever they’re trying to teach will be judged by that book So in plain words if they deviate in any way whatsoever From the Bible they’re wrong I’m sure well, that’s dogmatic If you believe it I do you ask an electrician sometime Well, are you really sure about how you’re supposed to do this once you just try this? Why don’t you try to do positive legs together? Yeah, go ahead and you’ll see what happens Yeah, you see an electrician plumber mechanic anybody they work by certain standards and laws and they know What’s going to happen? They know and they don’t violate that and you get into big trouble Now it should look at something else here in the book of ezekiel chapter number 8 verse 14 We have women weeping for Tammuz and we’ll get into all that but a moves they’re waiting for him because he died and they’re trying to bring him up and it’s A it’s a it’s a farce of the resurrection Ezekiel eight 16 yet 25 men worshiping the Sun Saul He’s called in the out here in the pagan world the Sun God And then and and then in the first Kings chapter 18 verse 26, you have the prophets of bale I think the way they pronounce is Baha. You’ve got the prophets of Baal and they are cutting themselves and They’re bleeding in the blood is gushing out and they’re jumping up and down on top of their altar and say oh bale hear us Oh bale hear us and Elisha the prophet of God and his name is Eli Yaa, in other words Elohim is Jehovah and Elohim is a generic word That means God and so they’re Jehovah is God. That’s what Elijah and that’s who he was That’s what he showed up for He said if he said if they’ll be God worship bail if jehovah’s god worship Jehovah, and that’s what the Mount of at Carmel was about it was a confrontation Between a pagan God and the true and living God But not to call you attention to this They got very serious about what they do They get emotional about what they do. They come to the point where they shed their blood as a matter of fact, they can do things like Over there in the book of in the book of Exodus when when Janice and Jam breeze Their name is not mentioned in the Old Testament, but it’s mentioned in the new these were court magicians and when of course, you know the story you’ve read it where the rod of Moses became a serpent and they did the same thing But somebody said well, they just pulled the wool over there. No, I don’t believe that I believe they did the same thing Of course his serpent ate up their serpents Showing the superiority up. What I’m trying to say to you is that there’s power in the occult world there’s power in it and they make promises to people and Hollywood is full of people who say that they made a league with the devil and the devil’s kept his part of the bargain. I would want to be part of that would you I Wouldn’t be someone when they when I came down to draw my last breath Satan stops son comes by and says I’m ready to claim my property I’ve made a bargain with Satan the only one that can break that is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ He can break that now when you look at this you see You see therefore that The fellowship is not with the stone or the wood and they’ll always tell you this They’ll say it is what they represent That’s what I’m worshipping. I’m worshiping the spirit behind Because I took that would I cut it down. I cut the tree down, you know, I carved out this thing in stone I know I did that with my hands and then I set it up But I’m not worthy really worshiping a piece of wood or a piece of stone it represents something and It’s what’s behind it That’s what they worship and they do and this is why Paul said for contains 10 You can’t drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils You have no fellowship with Devils

See what I mean? In other words, you don’t have the fellowship with Devils that you have with a Holy Ghost if you’re born again, you have fellowship with the Holy Spirit a Man, look at first John 5. He talks about that fellowship all the time Koinonia is the greek word. It means that we share something in common that’s between the two of us and we do So I’ll give you a list few things in here tonight and I will try to talk about something that I think’s very important because I did a little digging into this and I’ll tell you what, I found how many have ever messed with a cuicci board? You don’t have to raise your hand All right that Ouija board was made in a factory Sewer whoever works in that factory probably goes through that how many how many of them a day? You know, they handle them they package them and they ship them out and then the stock stock man in the whatever retail outlet He takes it up and he puts it on show and and yet in other words It goes through the hands of a lot of people before it finally winds up where you can go buy it And then you go buy the squeegee board and the kids. You know that while we’re just gonna play games. No big deal It’s just a game Well, there’s nothing in the board But it’s an opportunity of the Spirit Because it’s a rebellion you’re seeking to know something that you can’t find out from God Every time Satan Has a place in your life it is where you’re doing something in rebellion against the known will of God necromancy What is that that is communicating with the dead who does that mediums do that? mediums necross is the Greek word for Dead and necropolis is the city of the Dead they got one right over here behind you within a strong hung Stones Throw Necropolis necromancy to communicate with the dead I hear people talking about that all the time now My mother came back. My father came my husband came back while they they said things that only they would know No demons, no You mean what he said? Paul I know and Jesus I know with who you Remember that sons have skee-ball in their book of Acts. All right Well what they saying is I know Paul because I watched him I followed him and I know Jesus I know who he is. You see the connection Ouija boards get you in trouble How do you remember the little thing where they put this two sticks like this? And it was Charlie Charlie remember that deal? They had it all over YouTube. I watched a couple of them and the girls playing game they were play game not nothing to this is nothing and so they put it down there and they said Charlie Charlie and the stick started turning And there was no reason for it to turn and boy You never heard the screaming in your life. Like you heard from those girls. I Mean, they’re doing some screaming heavy-duty screaming. You know, why what they thought was a joke Had a spiritual reality to it. You can’t play with your cult world. You can’t play Paranormal investigators. This is big now In other words ghost hunters all over TV all over YouTube all over social media Haunted houses. You know how close we are to Halloween don’t you? It’s coming up soon and All that word Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve which is a witches turn it’s the greatest day of all the year for the witch and then of course witches themselves and New Age movement Talking to a man. Yes, right here who was in the New Age movement? Vlad he was born in Romania folks How many of you know what Romania is famous for? That’s it, Count Dracula He’s called Dracula the Impaler That’s right Count Dracula. And that’s where they have the vampires. So you saw well, that’s crazy stuff you kiddin You ought to read the newspaper? Here in America. You got kids sucking blood out of people all the time You got pee you got Churches of Satan rising up all over the place and they’re vampires They drink blood So no, that’s not a that’s not a not a joke, but he came out of the New Age movement But you know why I came out of the new agent started as an atheist In Romania started as an atheist Came out of the New Age movement When you heard the Word of God, is that right? Amen What happens folks is very clear. The Word of God is more powerful Than all the crystals and all the projections and all Astral projections and all of that the Word of God is a powerful thing folks It’s powerful Why the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit and is a discerner of

the thoughts and intents of the heart the Bible reads you better than you can read it and vodoo dolls voodoo, brother You know all about that you go to Haiti and that I think that’s the home lipu do but it’s not limited to Haiti But I’m sure it’s big in Haiti and they’ll take a doll and they’ll curse somebody with that doll yeah, they’ll put a curse on it and They’re gonna curse you. Well, if you’re not born again, they might be able to pull a curse on you but if you’re saved by the grace of God They cannot curse you because they have to curse Christ in order to get to you because my life is hid with Christ in God I’m accepted in the beloved and they’ll come and they’ll and they’ll they’ll they’ll they’ll try to intimidate you Evil spirits will try to play with you and intimidate you and make you think they have power over you all you’ve got to do Is look at that thing say in the name of Jesus and by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ I don’t belong to you. You have no power or control over me leave And they will leave. I was reading a thing not too long ago, you know about UFOs, don’t you? they’re everywhere UFOs all over the place and Sure, they are the the federal government now is admitting that there’s some UFO activity out there because they got all these pilots that arson They showed a video the other day I think they’re naval pilots and these pilots are up here and they lock onto this thing and are talking to each other and they’re Saying and you know to paraphrase a good night, man, what is this thing and then they see it move It’s speed and then all of a sudden it changes direction and they know it is not of this world So federal government mentions it but here’s the thing. You have people have been taken captive by UFO Inhabitants, they’re taken captive and they’ve been all kinds of weird stuff goes on read a little further into it and you’ll find that Christians all they have to do is plead the blood of Christ and that thing is gone What does that mean? It’s demonic That’s what it means. There are no little green men coming from up there There’s nothing up there Nothing right here on this earth. It’s all TV shows. They’re terrible. They’re Terrible video games They said that one of these murderers down here either in in Texas or in Ohio, one of the other I think it was Texas was a big video game Played with video games he’d shoot people on the video game Then he teeny went out here in real life and and and you know satisfied his bloodlust that he built up playing video games What do they do? They come along and they want to outlaw guns. Why don’t you outlaw video games and Instead of gun control have a heart control That’s the problem. Not the gun. I’ve never seen a gun. I like the guns. I got all kinds of guns Preacher does yeah, I like him. I mean, you know last military And I’ve shot everything in the world just about and I’ve never seen a gun shoot anybody There’s always somebody behind it pulling the trigger You don’t have anything to fear from a gun. It’ll lay rot where you put it from now on won’t move and It’s so sad books Acts chapter 19 verse 19 The Bible says they burned curious arts showing you how prevalent the occult world was at that time When I went to Charleston, South Carolina, I think two years ago We went into the home of an attorney and I’d never been in a place like this in my life He had stuff from everywhere in the world He had full-length Like mannequins, he had paintings. He had he had ambulance ambulance Amulets, that’s what it is. He had he had all kinds of religious stuff and plainer words when you walked in that house You got a first-hand view of all of the world And I’m gonna tell you right now but in my skin crawl out and it’s just one of these times I said What am I doing in here? It’s like that time. I went to New Orleans, Louisiana. I was gone in 30 minutes. I Got out of the car Took a breath looked around. I looked at my wife and I said we supposed to be here And I left There’s something to do about discerning If you have the Holy Ghost in you, he will discern what you’re around a man a man So all this home in Charleston, South Carolina, I mean a lot of that stuff was beautiful. I like old stuff That’s probably one of the things that lured me I mean I had no idea what I was about to get into what I was about to see and I Won’t be going back in there. Now how many of you’ve heard about the Amy Amy touval horror? They made a movie about it. All right, I did a little research into this thing I’ve always wondered what happened Well a young man by the name of Dafoe

Dafoe took a rifle shot his mother shot his father and shot his three siblings to death shot him to death that is indisputable that Happened. He’s still in prison. He murdered five members of his family About a year later a family moves into that house They sell them that house at a very good rate Because of what had just happened in there a year before so this family moves into this house and Then the stuff starts happening. All of this wild stuff all this demonic activity Phantom flashes he gets up at 3:30 5:00 in the morning the father does and he goes outside Because something’s compelling him to go outside. Then he finds out that that’s the very Moment That the mother and the father and all the children were murdered at 3:35 in the morning all kinds of other stuff Things appear and thing they disappear and so it was a it’s a horrible thing. I dug a little deeper and I found out that the People who live there and had all of these experiences The daddy was into the occult world our soul He used to walk through the house Calling on demons naming them by name now All you gotta do is read into some secular literature and you’ll get all kinds of demonic names if you want them They’re there and he walked through the house and he called these names out and it was then that this stuff started happening What it is he summoned the power of hell Now here’s what’s important They left they stayed there 28 days something they stayed there about a month and they fled Because they couldn’t they couldn’t take that anymore. They fled from the house they’re gone. And so eventually they sell it again and the people that move into it Don’t have any problems whatsoever Now I’m hope you’re like me that’s the last place I’d want to live There’s a house I’m not going to tell you where but there’s a house within five or six houses of this church Where one man shot another man to death on the porch that happened about 20 20 25 years ago And I’ve wondered about the people who live in that house Wonder what’s going on in that house. You see here’s the thing spirits Wait for an opportunity and if you give them that opportunity They will seize upon it So what should I do singing to yourselves in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in your heart to the Lord? Read God’s Word and pray. You have the Holy Spirit in you. That’s God You have power and authority over this garbage and use it. Not a lot of Baptist preachers scared to death You mentioned the word demon and they’re scared to death to talk about it confronting a demon but sometime in your life you may have to You may have to I know a brother up here in in Kingsport He told me he went to Chattanooga and down there they used to have it was a it was a hub for the train train industry the train line and So he they converted some of them into into hotel rooms And so he stayed in one one night in a hotel room inside one of these cabs Nice what he told me either he’s playing games with me, or he told me the truth. He said preacher He said that night something came into that cabin and that Thing came toward me And I had to believe to plead the blood of Christ and come against it for that thing to leave me alone He said it was a horrendous Wicked spirit that had come into that room. Now, you know what this is what’s called? Alarmism you scare people to death with stuff like this But like I say to you one more time, you never know in this world what you’re liable to come up against remember? You’re a Christian if you know the Lord Jesus Christ You you you have power in you and you’re standing on a blood covenant and he can’t cross that blood line Satan cannot cross that blood line and you are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God So if you have to call upon the Lord talk to this thing and tell it it does that you don’t belong to it You may have given it plenty of room before you got saved But once you’re born again You don’t belong to it anymore and plead the blood of Christ against it and it will have to leave you It’ll have to leave you alone. One of the things that characterizes these last days. Is this doctrines of demons? They’re very religious there’s no doubt in my mind that I have seen it here at Temple Baptist Church in 43 years pastoring a number of demons demonic experience because spirits Active in this church. I’ve seen them. I’ve witnessed them you you’re your bill card

Well used to say he was my pastor when I got saved Good man down at 3rd Creek Baptist Church and bill said bill card Well used to say if you’re gonna shout shout hallelujah, but walk straight when you hit the floor You know what that means, don’t you in other words if you’re gonna shout make sure your life is shouting to In other words, you better be right don’t put on a big display a show. Don’t get all emotional Unless there’s something real in your life. Have you ever heard an old-fashioned preachers say that an empty wagon makes more noise? Than a full wood Is what’s that mean preacher? That means that if you’ve you know, a lot of folks are real emotional and superficial then I’m not against shouting fact of the matter is I think with churches can use a little shout out Every once in a while a man We got some folks at Shout here. And I think that it’s I’d rather have that than a funeral dirge Wouldn’t you even bring a casket in here? Well, yeah, somebody got something I mean, have you ever watched him at a football game? Good night, man and all else going on out there somebody’s got a little pigskin and they’re running from one end of the field of the other and Yeah, I’ll tell you what something that will tickle you to death is to log on to YouTube and pull up Andy Griffith I think it was him It’s been about a year since I watched it, but he plays the part of an old country boy an old country boy That’s brought into the city and he’s taken to a football game He’s never seen a football game. He doesn’t know anything about where he is and He but but he tells it the way he sees it Have you seen that one? I can’t see its funniest thing you ever heard You ought to listen to it. It’s quite a thing You see the way he talks about that football and what goes on with it I thought this is remarkable in it something that God’s people have to be some beat to death and so sad and Well, if I got a long face that means I’m holy hell does it? The Bible said rejoice in the Lord always again, I say rejoice a Man, I’ve had to die. I have to deal with these things. I have to deal with them I do I mean, I’ve been at this a long time they come at you But I and sometimes I have to personally encounter them and when I do I’ll come against them in the name of the Lord Jesus plead the blood against them and say listen I don’t belong to you. You have no authority over me leave and they’ll leave they have to because what you’re doing is You’re saying verbally who you are and what you belong to So what I mean you remember the Lord set about making a graven image me remember that do not You can make an ark You can make it. You can make a you brace an altar on the outside Laver You can make candlesticks you make all of that, but do not make an image of me Number one. You don’t know what it looks like The Lord Jesus Christ is the God man. God manifest in the flesh and If you if there was some way that you could make something that was a depiction of God Then how quickly do you think the devil would counterfeit it? Yeah Don’t make anything of me and make no graven image and that was a big deal with God don’t ever do it So from what I gather from this text Is that God will go along with a man a long way When he’s ignorant, he doesn’t know anything, but then God will hold you accountable for what you should know He said you’ll know the truth and the truth will make you free If a man desire the truth, this is where the word comes in when I read that Bible, I’ll read that Bible that Bible is reading my heart at the same time and It’s saying you really don’t want to know the truth You’re trying to find something in here to bolster your argument to support your your your spin on the scripture Just open it up and let it speak for itself You may not understand it. It may not be pure Baptist doctrine the way you see it, but it’s still the Word of God believe it and that will be the foundation for you dealing with any demon with anything is coming down the pike and God bless you for it Father in the Holy Name. I pray now you bless this folks gathered in the house Thank you for this opportunity Thank you. Lord. I pray if said something tonight useful and worthwhile in the Holy Name a man