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Hello and welcome to another video off Great learning Today we’re gonna talk about one of the biggest competitors of farms on AWS That is Microsoft assured we’ll understand what a jury is why it’s getting so much of popularity What are the different service is provided by a short and how is it different from the AWS So without further ado let’s begin What is it Sure as you are is a public cloud computing platform with solutions including infrastructure and service Patron was a service dance off payroll service that can be used for service is such as analytics cultural computing storage networking and much more Fight for less expensively distort space Increase tremendously after conception Off ramps on AWS Cloud computing as a concept has evolved a lot since then You know more about cloud computing hit the icon above new players like Microsoft Azure Blue Flower IBM entered the segment to capture the untapped potential across the Globe Assures was released in 2010 on Asper a 2018 Gardner report It captured a market share off 13.7% behind Amazon with still rules at 47% Alibaba Cloud on IBM for next in line Now let’s look at some of the service’s off Microsoft Azure has a humongous 22 categories Off service is that it provides two different segments off the industry Some off the service is our a I am l on it Explosion databases develops I ot networking on many more Now let’s see some important benefits off my sufficient security Microsoft provides some of the most advanced security technology so you can be confident that your data is safely protected Microsoft that has taken major steps towards ensuring high levels of security within the cloud environment It hurts You Analyze threats in real time identify and react to suspicious user and device activity on your network Easier up management with a sure it’s easier to build deploy and managed applications An organization can launch a website or creatively rap and maintained infrastructure by customizing the cloud in privacy Withers Yard you own and control the collection Use on distribution off your customer data Microsoft provides in depth information on how Dale 100 Rita You know how they manage your later where it’s going geographically on who has the access on on what Don’s high availability Unlike many other cloud service providers Azure provides high reliability because of Microsoft’s vast global footprint with data centers located in all parts of the world As your can offer service level agreements guaranteeing 99.95% up tight That amounts to less than five us off downtown port Here cost effectiveness as your offers a pay as you go even plan That allows businesses to have better control over their IittIe budgets since the porch is only what they need Using a sure to take advantage off SAS applications also reduces the cost off infrastructure maintenance I’m management off your idea in mind storage it is known that Assure has seven data centers on delivery points It facilitates for faster content delivery optimal news or experience store any data and also share the data across virtual machines as required at a reliable on pastorate disaster recovery Staying online all the time Insurance customers for user’s trust the disaster recovery capabilities off azure like regional off global fail over options Rolling reveals on the hard cold standby moods gives a stronghold against disasters Now let’s see how assure compares to arms on AWS pricey both as your on time zone Arab West pricing models offer pay as you go structure AWS charges you on our li basis whereas as your charge you on a four minute places when it comes to short term subscription plants A John gives you a lot more flexibility in case of certain service Is ashore tends to be costlier than AWS When the architecture start scaling up Storied service is both AWS and assure provide long running unreliable story Selves is AWS has service is like s tree on TVs on Glacier whereas story service’s and assure are blocks of storage This story standard I’m it removes s tree and Charles high availability on automatic replication of frustrations

When it comes to temporary storage in AWS it starts functioning each time the instant starts and stops with the shore It uses temporary storage on page blobs for we involved Assure has locked storage option as a counterpart to extreme AWS In addition as you’re also provides two types in their storage hold on heart storage Database service is the data being generated these days comes in different formats Hence the databases that hold this data also needs to avoid it A blessing ashore both provide different database service is to handle both structure on unstructured data If you’re looking for durability AWS has Amazon RGs Where’s assure Has as your secrets over databases Amazon RD A Supports different database engines like Maria Devi Amazon Aurora My sequel Microsoft sequel Oh stress equal on Oracle where as it comes to assure sequel server database is based on secret As the name suggests networking service is Amazon Virtual private cloud animals creation off isolated networks under the cloud umbrella This animal’s users to create sub nets out tables Try with I p Address Changes on Network A tweets Microsoft Virtual Network As a counterpart BBC lets you do all the stuff with T C Does both the vendors have solutions to extend the improvised data center into the cloud on fire All options as well So this was a brief about Microsoft Azure We hope you like this video If you did please like share and subscribe to get regular updates about more such content computing is transforming the way organizations can zoom Computer service is according to a study by the internationally ago 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another An 18% see the plan to implement cloud computing solutions at some point And when it comes to cloud computing Microsoft is yours One of the leading cloud service providers is a collection off 600 plus service is that offer steams The ability to implement data storage email and many other I T solutions are flexible skill So given the importance of his yard and mine we have covered But this fully course Now before we go ahead with this session I like to inform you guys that we’ve launched a completely three black form called Great Learning Academy I have access to three courses such as E I Cloud and this is marketing You can check out the details in the description below Now without much delay a little quick glance at the agenda will serve understanding the is your landscape and then they learn about storage and compute festivities and Microsoft as you’re going out a lot about networking with as your feeling which we learn about as your minded service’s and finally will understand the concept off as your develops So let’s get started My name is that’ll and we’re going to start the model number one for Azure essential And the margin number one is as your introduction Microsoft has an azure offering which is Microsoft platform for Cloud It’s called Azure It’s an ever expanding service Is which offers a platform is the service it offers Enter infrastructure as a service and it offers software as a service We’re gonna talk about all these three things We’re gonna talk about the azure landscape of what you were gonna talk about the I s We’re gonna talk about pass We’re going to talk about SAS now Just let’s just quickly touch upon what What does the treat these three things actually mean So let’s start with infrastructure in the service and let’s try and understand what it means in azure when we talk about infrastructure is the service We’re basically talking about a set of William’s sort of fortune machines which are posted in the cloud and there you can actually push your content and run your service is and utilize the power of the cloud What it also provides you is the ability to create a virtual machine scale set where you can do an auto scaling You can scale up You can scale out You have the flexibility to be for fear Cloud servers You have the flexibility to scale out on dhe You can basically make maximize the usage off the virtual machines that you’re incurring the costs for Then the next category comes which is platform is a service This is where we’re azure offers you manage Service is now What does a manage service means when Visa managed service is as a as A As a company who’s basically utilizing the cloud space you basically are responsible only to produce the the applications which are going to be helping your enterprise What you do with that issue basically push those into the cloud and then you use that lot a cloud platform as a managed service Essentially you you do not need to worry

about the virtual machines where this cloud service is running You do not need to worry about managing the infrastructure on the art of scalability off the platform itself helps you do that in this category of platform is a service The other thing that that comes into the picture is the some platform is the service’s which are provided by Microsoft directly Now let me give you an example off What would that be For example as your service bus as your service bus is a managed offering from Microsoft for doing for implementing a published subscribe Patton This is one of the examples you also have as your storage For example if you want to produce if you wantto persist no sequel database in Cloud You can use Microsoft’s Cosmos TV where you can use it as a managed service and you can pay as you consume The third category that comes is the software is a service where the entire software is basically running in the cloud and you basically use it for improving the productivity of your company Now let me give you an example of what that software as a service would be So for example imagine that you have a company which basically has a need off managing in boxes Ah allowing people to use productivity tools For example Microsoft Office Microsoft Power Point at Sector What you can do is you can basically said have a subscription model wherein you can subscribe to office 3 65 and which is basically running in the cloud in Microsoft a shirt and you can just simply use it as a service based on a model where you just pay as you go So essentially if you are having five uses in your company who would like to use office 3 65 you can subscribe a five user license and you can use this as a service And once you’re done you can simply cancel your subscription and you will be charged on Lee for the amount that you consume Now that we understand what is the basic difference between I s pass and sass Let’s look at what is Microsoft actual What are the typical offerings that Microsoft Azure has as a platform Now there are various categories you see in this picture and this is a very busy picture that you see on the extreme left Inside you see the watchful machines which basically represents the infrastructure as a service and then in the middle you have cloud service is which again is part off The platform is a service offering from Microsoft and we’re going to talk in detail about all these different categories The third category that you see is absolutes which is essentially an AB service plan that you are that you subscribe to and you get a certain amount of computing Resource is located to you in the cloud and you can essentially deploy our applications in the cloud and then this This would provide you auto scalability and it will also provide the necessary resiliency off the cloud When when you when you run your business critical applications in the cloud now at the bottom what you see is a set of catalog off service is now These catalogue off service’s are divided into various categories Now if you can see it on the extreme left inside and the yellow it starts with compute then it goes to the networking Then you have identity which is very critical when you’re building a business enterprise applications The next category is media and Content Delivery network The next one is Web and Mobile and then you have the analytics and then comes the storage were in their various ways You can persist the data and cloud So all Microsoft offerings which are related to the storage are pretty much Lester down there now When we say compute what does that mean when we talk about computer were basically refering to the programs or the executive ALS that you have developed in your enterprise and you were born to execute that execute them in the cloud Now for example let’s say if you have developed a program which is basically processing the refunds for for your company what you can do is you can build that application You have the flexibility to either deployed on a virtual machine so you can provisional watching machine in National Cloud And then you can push your application inside a virtual machine and then you can run it on the cloud by putting a load balancer in front off it and you can basically scale it out toe five or 10 virtual machine based on the usage off your application And then you can front end with a Lord balances so that the traffic gets routed toe all the virtual machines that you have deployed in the club Then you have the category of cloud service were in You can basically share the computer resources with other other companies You essentially can build your application deployed to a cloud service and then share the infrastructure with other companies whereas you can maximize the usage off the cloud and at the same time you can pay as you can do The third category that you see in the computer is a service fabric which is a new offering from Microsoft primarily to give you an ability to provisional cluster in the cloud and and basically a sign off 3 to 5 or maybe even more depending on your needs You can provision that many north and you can centralize all of that management off that entire black from

from one service fabric exporter and you will be able to scale up scale down and monitor your applications which are running in the club Similarly you have the networking capabilities which are more around watching networking establishing an express route to facilitate the connectivity between your entre mice and your cloud Then you have the abilities like Traffic Manager which basically allows youto ad features like business continuity Now when I say business continuity I primarily mean that let’s say you have your application deployed in one data center and if you do some natural calamity that data center goes down your business continued He does not get affected So what will happen is when you put a traffic manager the traffic manager will be responsible for continously checking the health off your data center and the health of the service’s that are running on your data center And in case if there is if there is an error in that data center you can quickly flip it to the other era center on DHS Still continue having a maximize business continuity Then comes a category of identity management This is where Microsoft for wires you offerings like azure Active Directory which can actually have sync with your identity management tools of running on your own pra mice And then you have the Media and Content Delivery network which basically allows to deliver the content online and make it available in multiple geography Sze so that it can be provided toe the content consumers with minimal agency Then you have the options of developing applications from where Ben Mobile and essentially you can develop reporters You can write more by laps and you can provisioned them monitor the health off your mobile applications and so on and so forth It also provides you the category of FBI management gateway which is essential as an organization If you’re developing multiple AP Eyes Service’s which are going to be consumed from the platform you can essentially create a great way in front of these Service is and you can basically front and it with all the authentication authorization in all the policies that are applicable to your infrastructure This includes policies like uh enabling throttling at the D A B M management Gateway again You have features like Notification hub where you can enable push notifications for your mobile applications by using a centralized service call notification huh And then concert category off analytics This is where you know you can do the hard oop related You can establish her Do cluster you can do is the inside You can actually run analytics model using machine learning You could do stream analytics off the data which is flowing over the stream and so on and so forth You also have ah one of the offerings which is primarily around Internet of things for example event hub and I OD huh The next category is the stories in the back of and this is the category where you can it as your provides you a bunch of service is which allows you to store your content It can be Ah no secret database It can be an arty BMS It can be a plain fact fights Then comes the category More around the developer service is and this is where Microsoft enables all the developers worldwide toe actually do visual studio called Development Right there in the cloud The next category falls into the hybrid integration and this is where the things like Binstock Service’s and storage cues comes into the picture which actually enable scenarios which are primarily about and hybrid environment The next category is about the management which involves automation of the service’s automation and provisioning off your platform and so on and so forth Let’s look at the various patterns and practices that we follow when we develop applications for cloud because remember when you’re developing applications for cloud you’re essentially going to develop applications which are going to be hosted in the cloud and they have the ability to basically use the cloud and maximize the users of the compute resource is when I say that what I really mean is that if let’s say if your machine that the North Davillier actually deploying your application has got Let’s say folk four process is running on it It’s a focal machine You should have the ability in your application that it can maximize The use is there and it can actually use all the four course because you don’t want him You don’t want to miss out on the computing space that’s already available to you allocated to you and you’re already paying for it So you want to make sure that you maximize CSU usage Now in order to do all of that there are certain patterns and practices which are recommended by Microsoft which you can actually apply when you develop these applications And this is extremely critical when you’re developing applications in the cloud One of the example So let’s look at the cash is tight baton When you’re developing applications in cloud you’re essentially the developing applications Such a distributed across geography is one of the things that you can do is you can actually use a cash and you can use the cash aside baton which would allow you to provide a lonely tenancy application Syria consumers Similarly a circuit breaker breaker baton So for example if you’re developing an application in

the cloud which is a business continuity and extremely business critical application one of the things that you warned is if you are trying to consume an external service in from the cloud and if that service is down for let’s say Ah a couple of seconds that’s okay You may have one of your request that goes out may fail once may fail twice and then the third time when you re try it passes which is okay but there is a possibility that that service may be down for a longer period of time So let’s see if it is down for 10 minutes You do not want to continue bombarding that service unnecessarily and waste your iose while you’re interacting with the service So in that case you probably would use a circuit breaker Parton We’re in If you try Once you try twice you exponentially back off for some time Let’s say 10 seconds and then you try again and if it still is broken you would probably open the circuit which basically means that you’re no longer going to make that call for a specific amount of interval of time and then you again try And if that’s if if you’re able to talk to that service you will re establish that connection then similarly you have the compensating transaction pattern we’re in In case if you do a transit let’s say if there are three things If you’re developing a financial application for example you need to do a credit and then you need to do whatever it Now let’s see if you’re able to do a credit but you’re not able to do the debit You have to implement your application in such a way that you can roll back the transaction and you can actually do a compensating one And again you can go on to MSG end to read more about these these patents But I’m just kind of walking you through the brief off these patterns because they’re extremely critical when you’re doing the development There The other part for example competing consumers So if you have if you’re implementing ah Q base pattern you want to make sure that you read the messages off the queue as early as possible and as fast as you can now in case If your load balancing your virtual machines you may have five north sitting down in your infrastructure They all can read the messages Family You don’t really need that Okay again it depends Let’s say if you want If you’re building an application where the order or the sequins off message processing is important you may want to implement it differently But again it’s case to case bases and you will be the best church to actually do that won’t you All right so let’s get on to the next category You’ve got the even sourcing packing where and you know you want to basically push evens from your system and you want to keep the track off that in your in your database And then you can basically push all the vents to a storage and you can actually reconciling those to figure out what should be the eventual result The idea is basically to get an eventual consistency Similarly you have partners like gatekeeper health endpoint monitoring indexing table leader election at sector So what is it that why do we use clout What is the basic essence off using cloud The first thing that enterprise wants us They want to build ABS faster and easier They want to have They want to minimize The time for their resource is to learn technology And they wanted things which are ready to go and they can simply use them and then consume then And once they’re done they can simply decommission them Now there are various categories that you see on the screen you have build on pass wherein you can use existing frame books which are provided by Microsoft You can just simply leverage them and develop your applications And with minimal amount off learning cough you can actually develop Web applications and mobile applications using the frameworks which are there You just simply need to know How do you How do you want your societal look like You just want to know where your head I should go with your foot I should go What kind of see it says that you’re going to apply on your screen and that’s about it Then comes the Big Micro Service’s Patton where and you want to basically have single you want to identify the bounded context within your service is and then have that separation of concern in the service so that they can be deployed in isolation that stayed in isolation and can be ah made life are in isolation And then comes the next category which is the server Let’s compute now I’m not sure if you guys have heard about this time but this is something which is which is which is being used very frequently these days This is the server Less computing is essentially about You have a piece of code that you want to execute on the cloud And you what you’re looking for a compute So all you do is you write that piece of coat either either offline all you right directly in the cloud using the editors and you actually make it work So really from your perspective the only thing that you’re worried about this that compute execution and that’s about it The next category is building on I s and pretty Typically people would use this category You know when you have an existing legacy our legacy applications which which Europe Richard companies using and you wanna basically leverage cloud toe get the order Scalability etcetera So you were typically move your entre miso applications into the cloud and make them work there Then comes the critical part which is being very frequently used And it’s so what

you can say It’s in the market It’s called as your Internet of things Now it’s really not as your Internet thinks I only is something that you can do in AWS You can do it and g c p you can do it on all the club All the platforms that are available by the Radius Cloud renders Internet of things is about enabling scenarios like Connected Wake So if if I want if I own a new car today what it would be wouldn’t it be nice that I have the ability on my mobile application to actually just remote started Or maybe not just remote started but actually make it a little colder so I can actually switch on the air conditioner right there sitting inside my room even before I walk out and get inside my car The next thing is the azure marketplace and this thing is up This is important When you’re using Evan you’re into the open source world There are quite a few resources that are available in national marketplace which you can just use off the shelf where you do not need to worry about the open source nature off the platform or the application your building you can simply use as your market space marketplace And you can um you know provisioned them as a za past service All right so now comes the part Okay If we’re fine we talked about you know pushing things to the cloud Live raging past service is developing Applications in the cloud have doing cloud native development et cetera But how do we manage those applications when you put things in the cloud you’re talking about hundreds and thousands of’em such a running in the cloud How do you manage your infrastructure now The way typically happens in Asher is first to the actual portal 2nd 1 of the offerings which Microsoft for white is the application insights which is typically used by ah the web applications are the baby eyes that you develop Ah The next category is the Operation Management suite The third category fall s’more in when you are basically developing when you’re using for example it is not merely about monitoring your applications It is also about monitoring the infrastructure that is sitting behind your applications So for example let’s say if you’re using as your service fabric which is nothing but a cluster of virtual machines that you probation in Asher and you’re the sole owner of those machines and you have the full responsibility of managing those What operation management sweet allows you to do is is to manage their cluster by listening to all the telemetry that’s and that’s being emitted by the platform And it will provide you one stop dashboard where you can actually go and see what kind of applications you’re running Let’s say if you’re running containerized applications it would allow you to look at your doctor containers What kind of amazed they’re running whether they’re healthy or not What is the action that you need to take what kind of alerts you may need to raise in case if there is any issues all off that can be done right True from that one single dashboard $1 million question AWS forces Actually every time when we get into a conversation where we’re talking about you know choosing what render we should go for when we’re when we’re in the enterprise the two names that come to mind this AWS and Asher off course We’ve got Google Flout Platform as well but that’s still kind of evolving I would say now for everything there is a rational there must be a better way to choosing which cloud provider you want to go with Now there is if you look at AWS and if you look at Azure you would typically find that all the service is that you would typically used at their in Asher as well as their in AWS Now which one you should choose Let’s talk a bit about the Magic Quadrant that we have received That’s their released on May 2018 by Gartner Now as you see there are four sections to this You have the challengers you have the leaders you have the niche players and you have the visionaries Now if you see in the leader’s category you’ve got Amazon Web services You’ve got Microsoft and you also somewhere down the line you’ve got Google and then you have the niche players which is basically or for a specific field For example let’s say if you’re doing as your Internet of things or you’re into Let’s say Blockchain Then there are certain niche players which are there in the market For example Alibaba Cloud you’ve got Arkle and you’ve got IBM So they’re very niche players For example Look towards him now when it comes to choosing between Amazon Well Web service is worse is Microsoft I think from my perspective one of the key funda fundamental different that you would see in these two platforms is the richness and I s forces richness and pass Microsoft azure is typically more enriched and more detailed when it comes to platform As a service you would find tons and tons of service is which are being used across the world as platform is a service Where and you just subscribe to a service you use it and when you’re done you basically decommission that Whereas when it comes to Amazon they are highly configurable and you can

basically get tow the bottom off every single watching machine and you have the full control to that virtual machine So they’re more detail when it comes to the infrastructure is a sore spot Now as you see according to the Gardener Server report the market for public crowd is predicted to reach about $260 billion.27 to around $411 billion in 2020 So you can imagine the impact that cloud is going to have in the next upcoming years All right so let me just summarize what we have learned so far We look that we did a quick introduction to Microsoft Yeah show we talked about Ah yes We talked about pass offerings and Microsoft We talked about SAS offerings at Microsoft We looked at various service’s which are provided in each of these categories from Microsoft And then we moved on to the various patents that you should be using in the cloud when you’re developing applications We also looked at the comparison between AWS and Azure and we looked at what What What is What is more are enriched when it comes to one black form to the other one in the last module we covered Asher introduction and in this model we’re going to look at the azure portal and we’re gonna do a quick walk through of the portal All right so let’s quickly go to the azure portal so portal dot Asher dot com is a You are in for the azure portal and I’m gonna just select the user pic the user that I’m currently on the log on So I’ve just entered my credentials that I’ve got and this outlook account that I have I’ve got my azure subscription associated to it As you can see the azure portal is loading up and this is the front page off the actual portal Andi this is basically the dashboard Now if you look at the top you have the ability to search The resource is when I say resource is it essentially whatever you have deployed on the cloud Oh and as you can see it is basically showing me an alert that I’ve got a ₹9275 credit remaining Good that I know that All right so every time a new logging it will pop up in alert showing the the credit that’s left into your account Now as I said in the top in the search you can search for a specific resource You can search for a specific service If there is any documentation you can search for that directly from here And usually when you when you click on this box it will also lets down the last or the recently used service’s are the resource group that you created and we’re gonna talk about All these service is that you see here whether what you see on the right right column it basically tells you that type of the service whether it is a resource group if it is in ah Cosmos TB account and so on and so forth What you see on the left hand side is basically the navigation bar The navigational bar allows you to quickly navigate with specific service by clicking on it a TTE the top It provides your link where you can once you click it actually allows It takes you to the page which which gives you an overview off The service is that are available in Asher from Asher Marketplace as well as it shows you the listing off the popular links that you have now if you want to Let’s say if you want to create a resource group or you can just typically just type it here and it’ll start populating it for you and you can select that and it will show you Okay this is what this is what you’re trying to create And when you click on create it will take you to the page where it will allow you to create a resource Typically when we’re creating our provisioning our service or are creating a resource in Asher The first thing that you will have to do is you will have to select a subscription All the sources in a subscription are all built together So typically of with one email account you can actually associate more than one subscription So it is important that you speak the right subscription for which you want to create this resource and eventually get build on The next thing that you select is obviously the name of the resource What you’re trying to provision on you We will have to pick a name which is unique enough Depending on the resource that you’re trying to create it the scope of that resource will be defined So for example if you’re creating a storage account it will it will have certain rules in terms off You cannot go beyond 24 characters There are certain character you cannot put an uppercase character So those rules are going to apply depending on the resource that you’re trying to provision The next thing that you have to do typically and this is aptly cable for any resource that you would create in Asher What data center that you want to provisioned this resource in So this is where it kind of gives you a quick tooled If it saves choose the actual region That’s right for you and your customer And this is the place you would basically get to choose out off various as your data centers that are available for you Provisional resource Again this lifts gets filtered based

on the kind of resource you’re doing So for example let’s say if if you’re trying to use ah azure service fabric mesh which may not be generally available in all the regions So essentially what you’re going to see here is a subset off the regions where that particular service is available All right so we’re not going to create this resource at this point in time Once we get to the demos off service is we will eventually do that But right now let’s just come continue to go through the portal The next thing that you get here that you see is on the extreme right inside off this where And you actually see the user profile So you see the name of the resource or the counter where you have created that you see your email address and it also shows you the ability to sign in with a different account So essentially you can actually sign on with a different Microsoft account and access your others as your subscriptions that you may have off course It allows you to switch directories that well on I’ll talk a little more in the later modules about the the what does what do we mean by a directory then on the left inside as you see you are you have azure active directory You have resource group So when you click on these items and essentially this is a favorite lous So whatever items that you use more often they will start showing up there And you also have the ability to attack them when you create them whether you want them to be um shown up in the in the favorites thing All right So let’s continue going down Thea Other things that you see is of course the recent one So you can go to the recent ones and it will show you all the recent resource is that you have created it will show you the name of the resource It will show you that What kind of resource That you’re trying to trick it And it will also show you the last access time off that resource Of course you have the ability to clear all those resources And then when you go down I think one of the critical parts and I want to show you is the subscriptions Now every time when you have an azure account created for you it needs to be tied to your email address where it needs to be associated with when you go When once you have this azure subscription associated to your email account and when you log on to the portal portal U R L With that email account you would be able to see the subscription So right now I I see that I have this visual US studio Ultimate with a mystery in subscription enabled for me and it also shows me how much that I have bed so far and the status of the subscription that it is currently You can also go to the cost management and billing section which is where you can further drill down on on on the on the billing accounts You can actually do cost management You can you can put the check that Okay Once I cross let’s say ₹2000 I want to be warned I don’t want to go beyond a certain amount so you can control all of that from the cost management and the other links All right so let me go back to the to the dashboard Now The next category that I want to show is the monitoring Now when you provisioned when you start using the azure subscription that are various resource is that you were deployed in various regions This is once one place where you can actually monitor all your applications and your infrastructure from one place Now this will allow you to monitor monitor and visualize metrics It will also warn you if there are certain security risks that it see you’re probably not going to see those security risk in this monitor but you will definitely see those in the security center The security center actually monitors the entire infrastructure All the resource is that you have deployed And it is going to show you the security events and enable that for you again As you see you get a 30 day free trial Of course everything costs in this world So you’re gonna basically get a free 30 day free trial after which you will have to Hey if you want to continue using the security center again in case if you have a specific question on since you are a proud owner off an azure subscription you have the ability to go to the help and support and our seek for help for any specific service In case if you’re trying to use less actual functions and you’re having challenges getting it working for you you can actually reach out on the help and support section And depending on the seriousness of the issue and what kind of contract your company your enterprise has with the with Microsoft Azure you will have the ability to uh prioritize your your issue that you’re trying to raise Ah the other section that you see here is one of one of the most favorite one of mine which is the service fabric clusters So this is where you can actually create the clusters When I say cluster I’m essentially talking about a set of machines that you can you know you can have dedicated for you and then you can deploy applications and monitor your service fabric cluster All right So one thing I wanted to show you ah is basically the marketplace So in the markets place one of the critical things that you

see we talked about you know creating a resource group by click clicking on their creator resource button What you see on the market step spaces various categories on the left you so it basically shows you that gets started category it shows you recently created So as you can see I’ve recently created a natural gas mostly B which is a no sequel database You see that I have created a readies cash ah function app So essentially whatever you create more frequently and more often it would basically listed down there And then comes the computer which is basically oh are typically you know if related to the infrastructure is a service part where and you can actually prevent a provisional Lennox ever You can provision Windows Server 2016 Data Center You have the ability to provisional Quick sequel server just in case If you want to run a quick database for your POC it sexual you can actually provisions in production quality secrets of a database right there in the cloud and and and manage it from there Then you also have the other Service is listed down there and then the most popular one the air plus machine learning That’s another a separate category that you see on the portal which basically allows you to run machine learning models Train your models in the cloud it allows you to run Some cognitive service is for example whether Bart you can run computer vision in a lot of them’s You can use Microsoft image recognition features and check Tre Ah and then so on and so forth So you see the being searched at Spectra again Another another most important categories Intern Internet of things this actually enables you know on the business enterprise solutions which you develop in a I ot space So for example are connected home connected vehicles connected towns Ah Electra So all these categories are typically you would need one of the other service from all the static This is something that you would typically need When you’re building enterprise application for example you’re definitely going to have ever been to face So you will have a web category You’re definitely going to have persistently a persistence layer So you’re definitely gonna have some database Uh you may do some analytics any I am machine learning So you will accordingly choose one or the other service from there and then ah one of the new ones you see here Blockchain So essentially you have a bunch of ah ah pass And I s service is that are listed down here in case if you wantto host two of’em which are Blockchain enabled All right so in this module we looked at Microsoft Azure portal We looked at how we can browse through the portal We looked at the u R l How do we know what is a subscription and how do you log onto the subscription How do you create a resource in Asher our portal What kind of navigation options that you have How do you search for a particular resource How do you manage your cost and billing How do you manage the security of the platform Ah both pass as the less I s How do you manage your infrastructure We looked at security center What kind of events That you can possibly see there And And we look at the other details on how you can actually react to those in the later part of the course In the next model we’re going to look at the Astor at service plan we’re going to talk about How do you run Computer resource is in the cloud quick introduction about myself Ah I’ve been working in Microsoft for ERM last 10 years and I have a total industry experience off 12 years of it Measure My experience goes for last 7 to 8 years and during this time I have worked on multiple ah products like io ti io The edge are big data projects and so on So uh overall it covers pretty much most off the offerings that as your has and also I have seen the transition from a very early stage off measure to wear it history So the way we will uh do these mental sessions is I would like them to be as much in tractor as the can And my basic assumption is that you guys have gone through the recordings that have been provided to you so you might have some doubts that you want to clear or you might have a spa Pacific topic in mind wearing You want me to go in much more detail So that is something that we will take a first But if we don’t have those questions or doubts then based on the content I from my side will try toe tell you certain things which are very practical when it comes to the implementation or uses off those service’s or certain tools

That would be really useful for you certain design decisions that you might need to be careful about for a memory of working with pleasure or in general with cloud whenever it comes through Distributed systems So ah that’s that’s so we’ll try toe uh go true Ah this man decision Ah Vitek Ah I’ll open the forum for any clarifications Doubts that you have before I get started So if if you guys can put them on the chair that would be fine If you want to use my microphone that’s also okay Uh this is Shankar You patient Yeah I need some updates on the whole domain and update domains So when anything’s get created So the default numbers to before them in and one foot up freedom in its five is this by any chance the zhou gives us the capability to kind of increase those numbers Hi So uh before I answer that let’s quickly talk about what this fall domain and what is a great moment so that everyone is clear about this concept and you might have ah gone through this concept when you were reading about the vehemence scale said But in general also Ah it’s a very critical concept to ensure available to hire of liberty and reliability for any solution that you’re building now Uh what happens is like me shame a screen married with some white building So uh eventually let’s say I have to create a application in which I have Ah it’s a to d A replication And when I say to be recorded a three D replication which means it has a web Then it has in the back and a p a And finally it has a devi And I’m not going for many East solution as in I’m not going for Epps service and all Rather I decided to create my own V ems and I want to host the solution on those virtual machines So uh ah very rudimentary or a very If I go like 15 20 years where create a very simple solution would have seen you have a V m on Prem or rather a physical machine on pra mice And there you just on the very same machine You in stall exit Sequels are in the back and you have Sequels are running here You have Ah I have deployed and then you have a Web FBI deployed So everything is running out off one note and any request comes It’s being served on Lee within this physical box tomorrow If I have to scale out I can create one more such physical box sitting in my boundary off my enterprise And then I put some kind of floored balancing which can direct exactly these requests So either one of that dream on Lee thing I have to take care is I have to take out this Devi part out off the V m Because otherwise there has to be a synchronization between the two So I take Older Devi part and then I have multiple such Williams in Front Off which I have a load balancer running and that that is taking care of distributing these requests and so on now Similar thing when I have to do on measure So uh or any other cloud provider now I don’t have um control on Ah we’re that we’re Mr In control as in you still decide the region and all But if it would have been my own prim so in my own prime toe ensure that one off the VM is at least always learning What I can do is I can ensure that if I’m using to Williams and I have multiple switchboards I’m taking a very basic example I have multiple switchboards this remiss plucked into what The French switchboard this reinspect into a different sexual Similarly when it comes to the router I can ensure that both of them are not using the same wrote it and why so to avoid a single failure point So let’s say if power cord off my router is loose and this guy loses Internet and board of E EMS are connected to the same road Er In that case my both dreams go strong which means my application won’t be available for the duration until I fix it So this is this is about the failure and having a single failure point very move your obligation to cloud there Also you want to ensure that your application have high availability and resiliency that this fear VM scale said concept kicks in initially when it when is your lawns of’em It was on leader Veum and it was your ownership to create those Williams into multiple regions and later or the time they came up with the concept of freedom Scale said Now this resiliency and high Evel evidently is driven by two things for domain and a great moment So what This fall demon Fordham in four domain

is as your will ensure that all your Williams does not share a single failure point and it could be as simple list all my dreams are not data centers are big Rex right there just that ex image You have the artist sitting and so on So it it will ensure that if I have leads to Liam’s it does not share the same rec Maybe because same rec is getting the power to a common source or they might be sitting in a different locations all together So whether it’s powerful year whether it is you know router failure they don’t share the single failure point How will it help Even if one of them goes down due to some failure it will ensure the other one is a still up and running So if you if it ensures your all Williams are not sharing the same fordham in it It means that you will always have high every ability Ah it could also be that somethings physically something is wrong with a particular Veum something somebody I am issue or anything So in that case this particular ignored go stone But you still have this a pendant This is about four to me No what is a great dooming So uh of great domain is like you would have seen if you guys are using when those machines are even your move iPhones Right Time to time You get notification about upgrading your OS origin There is one type off of grade which is driven by your ah US owner It could be Ah apple It could If it’s iPhone or Mac it could be Microsoft of it is a Windows machine and soon so there are certain of grade switch at the lowest level Then there are upgrades that you want TOPE pushed through an application Right now your application is running on version We even now you want to push the version Vito So when either type of upgrades are happening one ways that I do all these upgrades together on all the notes I have If I have three notes off rep here let’s say and ah Windows They’re all running on Ah Windows Reims and Microsoft Game of with a security badge for example then that security beds gets applied on all of them together or if you won’t do you have made some minor changes our major changes in your application how it looks like and you want to move it from yuan to veto so you want to apply all those changes and they’re all going together Onley risk that you run in this case is if let’s say it’s a new security patch and whatever implementation that you have done has some US level dependency or the music You’re depressed let’s say block some specific things which your application has a dependency on If that happens then your application will stuff working and all your notes will be down in terms off your application at the same time and your high availability goes for a toss for that The also ensure for the head They came up with the concept off great domains Reading these three inside you have in there deliberately said they will be divided in upgrade dominance Let’s say you re one you Tito beauty three for example Now what will it be used for It will be used to ensure that whenever of grade is happening it will not happen at once to all of them Rather it will happen one by one First it will do it on u T One Once that you’re even a successful everything is fine Then it will pick another domain You Tito so this way Even if there is something wrong with a particular upgrade it won’t have impact across all your reum site once rather it will be propagated one by one So that helps you to find out if at all there is an issue Having said that I’ll also share a best practice with you And this is something that is coming from We have freezed this problem It’s a ah it happened in one of the production environment So one of the thing you should be careful about then whenever you are in a prod environment you should always turn off this auto Great So there is a sighting right If you’re running of’em based solution then you should ensure that in your production environments you don’t have auto grades on and you should always have a pre proud environment where you should have these orto grades on So whenever a new great comes it should go to your pre proud environments Only after you

have validated that this upgrade does not have any impact on your replication whatsoever That prison either you switch you swept report too proud or you manually go ahead and install these upgrades on the problem Women This is just ah ah one of the things especially if you’re using eyes And if you’re using the EMS that you have to ah take care on your own Now coming back to the original question which was around the many human number off council there are because I’d end of the day as your has to take care off creating these domains isolating these Williams from each other So they have some minimum number using which they can do it If you creative GM Slesin those numbers and it’s difficult to them to do that kind off isolation So they have these certain boundaries Ah not only for Reem skills that even if you go for let’s say service fabric I think that will come in weak to our victory And there again you created plaster off Williams So they’re also they have a minimum number off notes that you must use so that they can have discussed you’re up and running all the time They they have defined these numbers symptoms off minimum boundaries based on the feasibility off putting them and insuring them that ah they are always sitting in different fault domains and the different upgrade dome in skills can be created Does that answer your question Yeah it does Thank you But is there a possibility that we can increase the number I know they have given her the fourth number but can we increase that Say for example I have 50 of’em signed I did not want this twofold omens I just I wanted to be in four different tracks like four tournaments Can that be done Oh you mean ah Defining the number of full full domains and of the settlements Yeah You can actually do this So there are certain ways to do that You have something wherein you can manage And you can define the number off four domains that you want and there are rested Be eyes for Ah let me actually put you Ah there is a perimeter that you can give And if you’re creating it from C l A You can give I think that perimeter is a platform for domain counts So it is up to you You can actually do that Five is ah DeForest number If you don’t specify it then that number this five But you can give it a number that you want I’ll also keep giving you guys the immense strain documentation so that Ah whatever we’re talking if you guys want to really try it out on your own you have ah detail the you know step by step execution plan for that So for this one let me put in the I just ah open this link and ah this you will see talks about how can you choose Ah number off for your dojo means for their virtual machine skills And it also has cli command said you can use to Ah Do they Sure Thanks Yeah Next Any other question Gratification What is this resource group Action off Wonderful So uh basically it’s very important to understand how the azure ah has a hierarchy in dumps off for what is at the top label And ah very is Actually our resources are going in tone So let’s start All their question is under resource group I Let’s start from the subscription So you have the subscription at the highest level right now A subscription is ah whenever you get credentials So when you do log in you do Logan against a subscription What is a subscription constrict as your as different different types of subscription Think offer It’s not a perfect analogy but just to understand Think off for like Hot Star or maybe Netflix wearing When you going to try to purchase it will say Okay you can share it across to devices You can share it across four devices so depending on you take different type of subscription Similar livid In assured they have created multiple types of subscriptions One of them for example is like You get it I think 100 or 1 $50 free I forgot the exact Ammon but that is that is a type of subscription which is like free trial subscription So anybody who takes set subscription gets 1 $50 freak then they have some other subscriptions which might before enterprise Who is committing to very high end your consumption so they

might have negotiated with some You know um discounted prices off the service is so as your might have created a separate subscription type that if anybody has this subscription then the charges to them would be like 10% less Or maybe then there could be another time for Microsoft employees and so on So there are different types of subscription Now when you get on boarding you get one off the subscription If you are an individual let’s say you are I don’t know if you guys have taken the ah free account If all off you have taken the free account and you have taken off it citing that type of that one is MSD in subscription I’ll show you the one that I have But ah if you go to the portal and if you type in subscription you will see what is the type of a subscription that you have So there are multiple types Number one when you’re working for organization that organization pigs as your subscription and you use the subscription taken by your organization So that type of subscription that you have is something that is Ah ah taken by your organization on measure Within the subscription I have to create multiple solutions I’m organization I have multiple teams working on I have one beam which is building a date assigned solution which has like 23 ML models and so on other demons working on iron The solution I I am Ah ah company which have Lord of Devices in the market So I want together all the elements tree and do some analysis and so on Then I also have a portal for my end user So the third solution is wherein I have and use of hotels and all So basically in that subscription your multiple different types of solution that any organization is building on So you wantto have certain type off isolation if I show you the view like me actually take you to the port So for example uh this is ah is your bottle and I’ll give you guys a basic walked through off the portal What are the things over here with Section is what But if you look at it right issuing my recent resources and if I go toe all the resources So this shows me all the resources that I have now if I am organization and I have these kind of different different solutions I definitely want tohave a view in which I can see the resources for solution rather than having this kind of now as 30 member I’m working on the customer bottle solution and I have to come over here and I have to ensure I only touched the components related to me It becomes it makes it You know it’s not nice to look at it and from the security perspective also I’m looking at all of them and by X ray and I might you know ah screw up some other solution and so on So the source of constructors about within the subscription you can create multiple resource groups It’s a logical grouping Whenever you create any service in Azure you have to provide a source group name So let’s say created at the Source group and the 1st 1 I call did assign solution Second Resource Group I created I call it Customer portal Resource Group RC I created it 1/3 1 which I call later Some other application Is it You think you have something like solution means it’s something like a project in our messages They have different projects Can be No no no no I’ll come to the second dimension off it It is for now think off it as just a simple logical grouping that whenever you’re creating resources you are assigning those resources to a particle of the source group Now what will that do is whenever I have to see all my resources for a part of your solution I’m putting them here as a logical grouping What you said makes perfect sense based on whatever I have spoken so far that it looks like you’re creating a project And then you’re putting all the things ability to project inside this But it is a little bit beyond that No this is one thing that you can do with it The next thing what it enables you now is if I have to look at all the components for this particular solution I can just go to this resource group and it will give me a second thing That it solves for you is the security You can give access at the resource group level So even though I can I am a user and you have given me access to your subscription But now after logging into your subscription you can restrict my access to a particular resource group Which means when I re Logan only thing I

will see is anything related to this I will not have any view off out anything outside this resource group So that’s how you can control and the security aspect off it The third thing which is again Very very That is where I was saying Ah just read on that that 13 where you will use this resource group is Ah you would have seen any any enterprise level solution right You will have multiple environments You will have For example you will have deaf Then you will have Q way You will have ah part off if it is a solution You want to go party testing on you will have staging some people Call it pre prod some college staging and finally you have protection Now you have these 345 different different environments depending on the I need that you have on your solution there is environment where whenever you do any development you immediately deployed there through your c A safety pipelines ones heiress sprint and then you promote your solution took you away where in your stabilization is happening after reoccur ways Then you promote these things too Perfect government Usually you do perform and minus one but again these Ah the basic idea is for one solution I have multiple the frank environments So I have multiple different resources If you have a Web E p A your Devil VP a measure that you will create you will create Ah let’s say Web death Then you will create a Web que way Then you will create a Web perf and soon these are gonna be different resources So the other thing that resource group you use for is in isolating the environments within a solution So in this case if I have to create a resource room for a simple customer portal solution it might end up something like customer Porter is deaf then customer portal que oui customer portal but customer portal prod Now all that is sources Lated toe death will be sitting in this all the resources later took You will be sitting in this other thing that now let’s talk about the security over here so any any enterprise will ensure who’s following the processes that any day should never have access to that as your resources offer environment other than death If I’m a developer on the team I should never be going in touching anything on the Q Because Q environment is ownership off the que a lead or the test fleet so you can now ensure that all the developers that you have have access only tow this resource group This is those group exercises with peculiarly deaf team has only one responsibility That true see a city by playing their quarters getting deployed over here and then again through automated biplanes It is getting pushed to the Q But Dick will never go in touch any resources Similarly perf team ownership might be laying with the perfect s a perfect team barfly So you can restrict their access there and broad Usually it would be only customer and user or end the owner off that solution If you are enterprising you’re building the solution for your own Then it might be your product owner It might be somebody who is the you know technical point in contact for our technical owner of that solution who will have access to this particular resource group So this is how even within a particular solution you will create multiple in sores group You will use the resource group for ensuring that right set off people have access to the right set off resources and then you’re also logically grouping them together so that whenever you have to view you can have a quickly the last point which is very very critical So one of the major argument that you would have heard about moving to cloud is the cost right That was very initially when Claudio speaking in That was one of the strongest proposition that comes on the table that okay if you move to the cart plowed you will save course you will pay as you go and so on So that’s all fine But how do I see that How do I ensure that that is really happening now The source group in Azure also allows you to view the cost consumed by a particular resource Go For example if I want to see now it’s very obvious that you’re Devin Environment Resources would be running on the lower configuration Then your cue it then you’re But then you broke parole and parts are supposed to

be replica off each other in terms of configuration so that you know the exact numbers but you’re gonna see on the problem But Deb usually keep it really low So for example if if it is about creating of’em right in the day I might end up creating just to Korea while in Q It might before court but in perfect prod It might be a higher configuration So whenever you have to view how much cost tramping one is you can always get a cost like the subscription level But as somebody who is let’s sit up account manager for the subscription I want to see how much cost is my death themed resources Um adding to the total bill so they can always go and view the cost But the source You can view the cost for the source as well but at least that that a source group construct it gives to a very good picture that okay my death environment is ah costing me this much per month Mike your environment is costing me this much permanent and you can also set up alarm safe as organization I decided Okay for this solution based on my pre compute I don’t think my Devon ever mention cost me more than $1000 per month Now you can set up alerts there that if it goes well 1000 this particular source goes beyond 1000 Then please allow me It could be a simple case reference A developer has created a resource which is actually not required for my solution Maybe he created it for his own learning and he left it there So it is continuously incurring some costume So those kind off intelligent rip boarding and dumps off cost analysis is also something you can get out of these air source groups And um if I so right now I’m on the azure portal The first thing I talked about the subscription So if you go over there at the top on the search Ah if your type in subscription you will get this option If you click on it it will show you the subscription that you are in So this is a subscription visual studio ultimate with MSG And similarly when you will go your subscription it might be saying what It might be different This is a free one Ah for Microsoft employees So but your might be different at the end of the day Ah your subscription will be one off a specific type Now when you go inside this here you have the cost management Really and you can see that How much cost you are occurring Ah the cost analysis many are Excuse me when you’re doing this cost analysis that is there you can do the cost analysis and scope it on the resource group name If you see on the right hand side this one here I can see how much cost a particular resource group is Ah adding to my total bill So that is the third thing that you use it for doesn’t give you some clarity Yeah under strict thank you If next cushion So let me give you guys a quick overview off the portal How it looks like and we’ll come back to ah questions if there are more But let me quickly give you a quick overview how it will look like when you land in here So once you log into the portal and you can always if you don’t ever account again always going read our trial it don’t it We’ll ask you your credit card details and so on But it will be free for um I think 1 $50 And after that what it will do is it will stop all your service is until you accept pay as you go So ah rest assured that the thing will get detected from your card until you is specifically go and select bears You will after consuming all 1 $50 You know once you land on the home place this is the home page off as your Portella as your console If I call it so here Ah this is a mean we were in You’re seeing as your service is recent resources So recent resources as names suggest it is Your recent resources that you have visited are created Ah in the service is it just shows off Some random service is depending on the creation that you have done in pastor on Monday And so So it’s no less static view It will change depending on the individual user and the kind of resources like they’re creating one That Tobar there is a search So this is kind of ah global search You can search here a particle resource type You can search here a resource that you have created So this will just bring in all that Then you have the seal I hear this one If you click on this the society’s your shell and here it will allow youto render commands on the bash and the power shell So if you have to create a resource you can do it in couple of days When

it comes to measure either you can do it through ah cli from the portal all you can do it through armed template from your ah local power shell From there you can connect to your as your subscription and then created You can create a resource from the portal ju I also like I’ll show you how to create that That’s pretty straightforward But honestly if you’re developing an enterprise solution you will do none off double There you will always at least the best practices always to have your deployment through Ah your CCD pipelines so you will create infrastructure pipeline wherein you will use arm templates now These days state of form is also pretty popular because it is ah you know compatible with most of the cloud providers So either off them basically But it will be a template based deployment so that if an directional is pretty straight forward right if let’s say I have to create a ah reum and ah I created the V m using as your cli or maybe as you’re Greek And then ah after after a month I left the organization I moved to our different apart My indoors I’m no longer available for ah this particular project No again something happened and one more William needs to be created now One way of doing that is I would have added some documentation somewhere And then somebody else has to follow their documentation and redo type in the commands and or kam air on the portal and follow the steps And so on Ah number one It’s like a reputation in themself work Ah either you followed agree or the commands Second there is a chance Whenever you do work in this state there is always a chance off You know um missing some information kind of stop instead of that The very first time and you’re creating of’em you create a template Now the template which is either arm template or a terra form using terra form What you do is in that template you provide the configuration You provide the parameters you provide the arm template This combination off shootings One is a template Second is a perimeter And once you have done that now I can run it and the murder of times And it will just go ahead and provisioned my resources So if the same resource has to be provisioned after two months when I’m not available it’s only about running the pipeline which can do the deployment off their time template That makes your um it is more processor Allende It is more automated So that’s how you will do But for your learning and all off course you can always use them portal order See light Then comes the directory So in a subscription you’re gonna have multiple Ah directive directories That is what is something you can go from here This is a notification Whenever you will create a resource it will take some time to get provisions So all those notifications thought if there is any failure that as your wants to you to be notified So this is a notification center about the cost How much off Ah you know amount is remaining Credit is remaining for this month and all So that is all comes over here These are the sightings that even select the team and all for your ah portal Also you can select your de force you So right now whom is my default to you But you can select the dashboards in the dash roll You can Pinder favorite resources so that if I for example if I have to go to a particular sequel maybe ah which is sitting inside a demo resource group So now when I log in if I land in here how will I go there Either I can search for that’s equally with the name by typing it here Or I can go to resource groups I took on the source groups And then I select that the motor source group inside that I will find that or I can click on all the sources and their I do a search with the name So either I can do this or if I know every time I log in I must I have to go to this particular the source So in that case I can go for the dashboard of you and I can pin that particular resource on my dashboard so that as soon as I log and I can click on it and directly go over there So Nash worldview is the simply of you wearing You have tiles and you can pin your resources Ah the ah portal my new which is on the left hand one So you wanted to be dogged which means he wanted to be here permanently Verses You want to use it as a flyout Color teams and so on So this is your sightings which you can put based on your based health and then the feedback So

this is what you have on the right end site And ah this is where it shows you what if you have multiple subscriptions and all you want to switch between them Multiple user names even click on here Love about an organ from a different person on the left hand side is the fly out or the menu So whenever you have to create a new resource in azure you can create it through multiple ways I’m talking about now only agree if you’re using the power shell or the ah arm template that is a different thing Right now I’m talking about only graphical user interface If you want to use So with degree Ah As you can see you have created resourceful And here you have created resource over here And then you also have created a resource If you go to a particular resource group where anyone to create the resource For example if I goto cognitive now I want to create a new resource in the cognitive so I can click Add if I say this will again take me to the create new resources So there are multiple places from where you can initiate a new resource creation So let’s see the very simple one which is ideal republic from here or here you can initiate it from anywhere That experience is gonna be same Ah irrespective off from very are initiating So if you click on create any resource this is where it takes you This is ah you even think offered as a catalog or a library off all the possible resources No good thing about it is Ah I would otherwise also recommend you to just spend some time on this for you because this is more like ah it gives you what are the different options in Comes off as your service is that you have in the specifications So for example ah if we let’s see really we have computer Let’s go to compute now in compute These are the various things that you can do like you going to watch your machine You can create a coupon every service service fabric rever for containing a function absolute These are various offerings toe allow you compute Now it’s it doesn’t mean that all of them are can do exactly same thing No ofcourse not Each one of them has been there to do a specific type off thing under on the last day like the third week I will share with you two decision trees One tree would be for selecting the compute because there are various computer option available So ah as the individual whenever I am given a problem how do I pick whether I have to use a virtual machine Or I should use a service of requester or a community service or IAB service or a functionary Oughta Bet service So there is a very nice decision Tree published on a mystery and I’ll share it with you It’s more like a flow chart where it starts And then you say If it is a high performance with Florence on so it helps you and I it’s just gonna be a help But it’s not like you should rely on 800% but at least it will ah narrow down your options So when I will share for Compute other One I will share with you for the storage because incomes off a storage Also we have so many options available Cost mostly within your sequel Ah ah table a stories and so on So as your date Alex told How do you pick the right one So that is again a decision tree which will help you narrow down your choices But if you come over here and you click on any off the category from the left hand side at least you relay a fair amount of idea What are the different options you have every level in as you’re under that Or did you look identity Now if you have to create a resource you can search for the type directly If I want to create Ah ah I already have Let’s say I can just stop I would eat will give me the options What if you want to create Ah Epps Service plan So AEP service plan AB service environment So you’re going to a search Basically that’s the basic idea And ah are you get selected from here if you know exactly what you’re looking for So if you click on virtual machine for example So everything is ah going to be inside a resource group and ah one recommendation Anything that you’re doing for your training right If even if it is your own subscription try to create their source groups which are more meaningful to you I don’t just create a resource group for the sick off it because of this mandatory So for example if I I’m grating her source now it asked me a resource group I can either select existing one or Aiken Great And you don’t try to create a new every time if we’re doing a particular scenario If you are doing a particular hands on try to put everything for that hands

on in one source group That will also help you getting rid off all those resources That one So for example I completed a hands on ah virtual machines Now I want to remove all those resources because I don’t want to um get that amount deducted from my free thing Now I’m done with that So you goto that resource group and that once you can delete all those unspecific resources without impacting any other hands on that you are running right now So try to be very disciplined in that So uh one cushion in your first week content that you have There is one particular service Ah which which is not really a tie to a region like uh which which you You don’t have a particular region for that Can you tell me which service was saying It’s more like a global resource It’s not something that is regional It’s from the first re contact anyone Any guesses is its subscription I know Traffic manager I think perfect manager was part of forestry concentrate Yeah Okay so uh the reason I called it out very specifically is because ah there are certain uh aye mates again Convention waste But the loft times what happens is so traffic manager is one off Those rearrange your service which is like a global index Makes sense Also write traffic manager has to be global It’s not like I can deploy my traffic manager only in Southeast Asia or something like that It is ah global service So long off times there is a very specific and mention which is followed and that is any global resource that I have I will keep it in a separate resource room although it doesn’t matter Traffic Manager is not really tight torso scoop So usually when you create a resource group you also give a region and all traffic manager is a global service So I didn’t even Lord off people What they do is if I have a solution in which I’m using a traffic manager they will keep all other components off that solution in one the source group And they will keep traffic manager in a separate resource group Just a convention It does not Ah it’s Ah it’s not something like uh that’s gonna give you any ID one day General it’s more like they might name that resource group as global That’s it So that it is for them to know what are the global things I have They can go there and beauty that say but you can keep it even in the same resource group that you’re creating for other companies So ah you’re giving all these details You will find this experience pretty much the same except off for the input parent Just a subscription and resource group is gonna be there for all but other things For example here it is asking your virtual machine name region every level the options and so on But if I come back over here and if I try to create this time we’ll go from here And there we go to compute and in the computer Let’s say I go ahead and try to create as your function So in this case it will still ask me that resource group But now these retails are gonna be different So uh this experience is pretty much the same for creation except for you have to provide specifications for the type of resource you’re going to create And once you do it ah create It will start doing the deployment and you will be notified once the deployment is complete in the notification center So uh that’s how you created a source And uh um one side of sources created So let’s score do Ah one off the wrist source So if I type in I already here in the global search it will bring all the things lady toward the For example it brought in Iron T hub which is one of the service offered by Azure So if you have to create a new I already have you got any one type priority here Goto idea It will show you All that I already have is that you have in the subscription and you can click on add from here also So ah if you click on ahead from there it will directly take youto the irony of creation pace because now you were in the context of fire idea from where you click don’t ed It will also show again I happen I already it will also show you all the resources that we have So I have I every central demo app I have to I already have since on now if I click on one off them that I already have Whenever you click on a resource this is a view that you will see again you will on the left hand side you will help a man you related to that resource and on the right inside the contextual change as you will click on the items on the menu So overview it’s and most of the things in the men you’re

gonna remain pretty much the same specially the 1st 2 sections So over we will be there for everyone And in the overview it will tell you that a source group name you can actually move the source from one of the sources report that is so screwed by kicking on change Host’s name as in if if it all this is something which has a u R I If it is a Web a Web service you will get the host name over here What is a pricing What is a subscription and the tag So one more thing that you can do with your resources you can provide Tex you can add eggs and based on these texts you can actually inquiries based on these steaks you can see like a mind so Texas and underway to consolidate things even cost report you can generate based on text So the X is a construct that is used in a very highly process oriented organization where they have some meaningful checks that they want to use for Maybe there cost report or some other kind off operations Activity log is activity Log off this particle resource that could we like related to the deployments or some other activities that are happening at the resource level Excess control Ah this is a place where in So the spoke about giving access to the users on the source group But then you can also give access to the users on a particular source And ah this is where you do that Ah here You can add the If you click on you can do the whole assignment and then you have to Aah Select the rule Select the particle Every user You can do it through email address I don’t know if you guys have ah hard about identity management We’ll talk about that later Maybe second week But if let’s say I have this I already have I heard there was a bad example over here but ah ah let’s say I have a P I and I have a web Now My Web service has two exes The E p A So my one azure resource warns to excess and in the azure resource or D B is a better example in this case because between after a p A is still I would like to have that authentication through user context only But if my A p A Has to access the database so uh earlier if you if you recall there used to be a diamond you will have that sequel Connection String is stored somewhere in your Web contract file or upsetting Swell But those days are gone because if you’re doing that then you are kind off putting a security in the accord somewhere which is no longer a best friend Yes so for that there is a concept off many state entities that there’s also something you can achieve True Ah I am And we’ll talk about it in the second week Other things that you have over here is shared excess Wallace’s This is a very important thing that whether it is a cost must release equally v o r Ah son this bus Now what this shared excess policies is this is the same connection strings which allows you to connect to a particular source If it’s like I said it’s meaningful for your baby’s storage Use those kind off stuff But one thing here is if you’re grating a solution in which somebody is responsible for sending the messages and some other person is responsible for reading those messages So you should be creating Bos shared excess policies with the scope like ah somebody who is only supposed to listen to that message He should have known he or she should have only the receiver school The other one should only have the same school So all those things you can do through shared access policies than pricing Skilling and Point So I’m not going in the detail off all of them because ah Lord of them are gonna be different for different type of resources But ah I just know I want to give you a feel off how it’s gonna look like when you get into a particular source go back to the one account can hear more than one subscriptions absolutely onset is Ah yes and ah it’s like if you are added to the different different subscriptions you can So when you click on this right directory It will show you that if you can switch from here Ah to your different subscription or directories you can have multiple subscription tied to one particular account That is also true And again if that happens then from here you can switch to their different subscription directory The other question was around the movement off Iris Ah movement across the subscription Ah I’m not personally done That but s what has Ah I know that it’s possible Although I

will cross check this one and I’ll give you Ah ah certain answer in the next one Ah yeah But I think that it’s possible I’ll cross check on deck when Because I’m not 100% sure Okay I have a question you like Okay I’ll tell you in scenario busy Initially when we started using I sure us a platform for the organization level We didn’t have much of an idea about how to go work and all this stuff for So we created a single subscription and people called the resources in tow Indigent source groups Okay Now after a couple of months maybe 8 to 1 year then we come out with the supplies idea off creating a separate subscription for pre sales right saints than suffering Subscription for delivery team then separates description for customer facing environments on so far Now the problem is we have a parent Libya one set of infrastructure lying in the Cygnus description Then we have theatre separates a stupid for each business units and you know it’s deliver huge functions Now the challenge we’re facing is how we remove this source group one subscription to rather subscription which isn’t ruling the young you know subheds And I Piskun Yeah so that is a challenge We are in front of cars Uh you have done some research is on dhe You know if you could they were a little more study on those experts and that has no heart of gold is in next session That was being sure Sure So movement off Resource group is something that if you can see my screen there’s something that you can do The genius subscription But off course there would be some integrity is that we have to be very careful about so whatever you do is I tried If I know the case is straight if I can on this and I’ll share with you Also else I can think off our top off my mind for sure At least Bono do scenario which might get ah which might needs a specific consideration if we’re doing this kind of change But yeah I tried to share with you some best practices and some cautions around it for sure in the next doctor degree So that so a nexus has actually we were thinking in that Oh you know it’s ah are clever Theo realigning then their resources and do It’s alright subscription and the American source near the source group elevated their lead very different but the suspect filial description Yeah sure off course Okay so uh other things that you will be very useful for you guys says one off course is so these are the things which is very general things that I tried to walk you through so that when you get in here you are familiar If you have not yet used the portal But then if you go to them ah menu and Harry will find some things like security center and cost management So cost management we had ah ah Brief locally arrest Falloff Resource group discussion but it’s a very powerful thing If you won’t do monitor stuff especially if you’re the solution honor and a sawn then this is a very very powerful place for youto Ah set up some alert and notification for yourself Uh and I think there there is one of the top picking up coming Ah you know Ah tutorial that you have on this and then the security center This is amazing feature that they have on the portal Ah this is again one off one of the topic that do you have I know for sure and we’ll talk about it in detail at that time but uh it would be really good if you’re if you guys are creating any virtual machines or any kind of resources right Just try to click on the security center and uh try to see how you are Um how the health off the source that you have created is ah And then it will also have some recommendations and try to play around with it Like can you do something for those recommendations and John to do so It’s very straightforward If you are doing a V ums you can just go to computer and APS and within computer And Epps it has Ah vehement Sarah Worse and GM Skill set and so on So I’m restrict restricting it to Williams for now because I know a spot off Ah for

streak you might have created only bees Or maybe you know after service is because that was also there But then once you go wood here this is over you But you can select a particular when you can click on it Ah you conduct particular the source and then it will have its own recommendation list Try to read through So these are the things which will I don’t so much to your knowledge you will start One is getting the high level understanding But then if you try to do this kind of small small activities it will I don’t do some off the very you know detail concept to you Like it’s fine Of’em can Anybody can create of’em But what are the specific things I should take care when I’m creating the William Let’s take this example This is a disc Encryption should be applied on the virtual machine Now this is a very high one Liberty it might sound very obvious But when you were creating a V EMS how many off you thought about it So these are very small small concepts or constructs rather not even concepts But if you just go through them it will really help you to ensure that when you’re creating a solution for any enterprise or something you have those things in your mind So uh that that was around the portal And then uh I also want to talk about another thing that was part of frequent That is our ex You’re saying designs Ah specific to as your cloud And that’s I mean there are no specific target lecture designed for as your cloud It is always a distributed architecture that you create And then in that distributed our protection you will put in the service is which are specific to azure so components could be specific to Asia But when it comes to your design and your our connection ah it mostly be designed from a mind set off are distributed system And before I start there anyone off you have any questions from your and on the ah re lectures or designs on the distributive applications or for a sure that for that my trip I put it that Let me try to share oaths trending a mystery An article with you guys I personally like the Lord and I mostly recommended in all the trimmings Okay so let me for sports Ah I’ll walk you through it and then I’ll put it in the sun One thing it gives you it gives through eight of us to Edgers service comparison which is one part off it wearing it has 121 When I say comparison it’s not like pros and cons At least it gives you what is the name off a service in aid of Lewis and warders a counterpart service in Azure And then it has links So you can always click on the link and it will take you that detail off that individual service So this is one place where you can find that 1 to 1 mapping But uh the reason I open this is specifically from the architecture perspective and in this one you will find a reference architectures And in the reference architectures it will have things for high compute It will have thing for Ah big data So all different different kind of scenarios are mostly covered It also has this are really different architectures styles and guide So if you’re doing if you’re scenario is around big compute big data even driven micro service So these are all the different different And so if I click on micro service it will talk you Ah it will tell you what specifically is What are the benefits challenges and the best practices So all that thing is there Ah at the end there was When you go to the last section which is under technologies it will list most off the azure technologies And when you click on any off them there again you have a real friends are reduction for that particular technology So if you see if I could go on area in machine learning now inside a in machine learning it has again the difference Architecture saying there again you have subsections so you can This is a very very uh powerful document just lore of good insights But the best part I like about it is and which is very very practical like I have ah at least personally Ah free state A lot of friends Let me see Where is that Which is about nd pattern So when we develop their distributed applications right it’s ah so easy to miss out on those things And they are very nicely captured over here The decision Trees Also here Only the one that I was talking about right Ah technology choices So how do you decide which one to choose So this is a

decision Tree where And you have all the computes and then you start the best on your requirement You should be able to arrive to a part of your service I’m not saying that you should always just apply this but you should at least try it out based on whatever choice you have made that Okay if I’m if it is something which is coming similar with this particle flow Essel So you have this further data Esther also were in Ah choose the right data store for the rest Are also I’ll give us very similar our tree in this one It talks about east defended a store and in detail How do you said Where do you send It’s sitting somewhere Well I’ll find it out let you know in the next one But I think if you will also browse you will find it I forward the exact um title for that one But it is about fort Are the ah NT patterns when you are building a distributed application and that is um very very important especially And it’s not a specific that these are Alexis styles patterns and departments They are not specific to azure They are whether you’re building on eight of Louis G C p all as your or even on Prem distributed application These concepts are equally applicable in all those scenarios So when you go through a t least that design principles and our reduction I grands ah keep your mind open in themself That’s not something as your special What is that you’re a specific do is when you come to one of these even air Like for example If I goto Internet of things now here I say ah difference our direction Now in this reference our prediction The azure is specific Tings are ah the function of the cosmos treaty These are as you’re respectful components But if I have to build a similar idea reference Our director for AWS The things I’m in these service says well chance to aws service is or what also can happen is maybe eight of us provides a combination off a stream processing cosmos Libyan storage bill Hypothetically So this complete three blocks might translate into one single rope but conceptually thinks more or less remains the same Okay this is a layer where high volume of data has to come So I have to use something which can have high throughput because I have to handle high volume Now that concept remains the same irrespective off a cloud or on prem off a different type of float Doesn’t matter You have to have a high trooper unit there now cloud a micro ID unit one as I throughput unit But cloud be my provider Unit two It’s only defense that will be there So we I’m not ableto find that one but I’ll see where it is and I’ll share that with you though on the Ari lectures nowadays Ah my gross service is becoming a lot popular and ah I take a pause This I don’t think I have put in this stock and let me put this in on the check and then any questions that you guys have based on your ah previous experience or ah after going through the trainings that you have on the architectural design on the architecture from my end the couple of things that I want to cover is when you’re going through the course right Ah Laura of times you will see the that a particular objective can be achieved by market people Every level service is So let’s go back the white board Actually it’s forced to start with the one off the example why I am so much emphasizing on distributed versus ah ah monolithic So let’s let’s do a simple exercise Let’s say I have a single Lord and in this note I have my Rebecca I have my A b e i This is Web This is a B A and this is my DVD Or did we might be sitting outside I don’t have sequel server in starting over here So this is sitting outside No I make a call So the web vera goes to the a p a P a Goes to the sequel Give brings back the data and then I have in memory cache air So I’m storing all that data in memory case And whenever there is a change in that time invalidating the cash the very standard cashing right where a new cash in it averages highly used And then if it all there is update So that data you just invalidated the cash so that next time it takes a fresh copy from the database So in the monolithic application it works really find wherein I have all these things deploy on a particular note let’s say my application is about um um about user management So as

a user I can just blow again After Logan I go to my profile page and in my profile page I’m a bleeding my email address As simple as so the very first call I make is good user by I d for example and ah I passed the user i d One now Web calls the FBI a phx in its and memory were interred escaping and give a looper idee and profiling So it checks Do I have I d one If yes it it doesn’t go to sequel it will simply return back the profile If it doesn’t find one in its in memory it will go to a database get the profile put it here and also written that profile Next time when the call comes for one it may don’t go toe sequel It can return it back from you Second call as a user I do I update my email address so I update profile Now Now when I do a bit called a p A will make a sequel call to update my profile and then it will invalidate this cash so that now this would have been a stray later It’s still at the only male address It removed it Next time when I get a call to update get the user it will go to seek will get the fresh copy and cash that again this ravine a normal monolithic application Now let’s try toe do this simple Ah thing in the distributor’s application and with a very simple tune old So I have to knowns here I’ll just start from Maybe only this is my a p a leer in which I have two notes I have a sequel server sitting here in front of these two notes I have a traffic manager let’s see and our I’ll rather call it load balancer not traffic manager And this is a client which is a Web So ah user is coming in and he’s doing the exactly same thing wherein first he’s tryingto guide his profile So request comes from here And Lord willin sir sense of First Request for instance One this will call Instance One This is my instance 1st 1 goes for instance one instance one has it’s in memory cache instance to also has its in memory cache So right now there is nothing in there in memory cache So it goes to the cash it tries to find out anything for i d one No So it goes to a database from database It gets vector data in surgery called with I d one end their data and return back to the user profile to use it Perfect Then user says Okay you know what Now let me update the email address Very similar thing So he makes another call toe update email This time the second call load balancer is doing just a round robin So second call goes to instance too Instance to gets the call to update the profile It makes a call to see cool baby profile Get subjected It checks If it has anything in its in ma’am cash for anyone it doesn’t have anything so it doesn’t need to invalidate anything It goes back and save your profile has been updated after five minutes that I come speck a game and makes the third call toe again Just check the profile Now the third call goes in the third call It goes to instance one because it’s round robin so it comes over here This guy in its in memory cache has the previous stay later Now remember these are in memory caches so the in memory cache is within the boundary off that instance now Brooke and invalidate its own in memory cache But you can’t invalidate one in memory cache off on unless you ever done a very heavy synchronization logic which is always But the moment this request comes over here it finds the record for one in its MM cash It returns it back The only thing is this record that it has return is the previous leader which means it’s scaled it Are you always with me in them Self understanding The problem Yeah Okay Now tell me what could be the solution in this case in the distributed system how can we solve it They’re British Perfect So uh ah when you say Sandra Cash you mean creating one more Ah so one of the answer is Central Cash and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m assuming what you mean is having cash centralized like sequel server So anyone who is cashing is no longer cashing in memory but it is being cast centrally So when the first request comes again if we read in the same scenario the very first request comes this guy goes to the central cash to check If

he did I say if yes it will return their data If not it gets it from sequel server Put it in the central case Bend it on the request Second the quest comes for update Update goes to sequel And then this guy now invalidation happens on the central cash so that when the third request comes it will not find anything here and it will again get the fresh hope right That works No I have a follow up question If I move this proof central cash then it means I’m gonna in God a network called which means for every operation Now I’m saying I will have one network called tow The reddest are the I use the word racist because right this is a distributed cash or the central cash in Asia So I will have one network called here and then one potential and protocol for sequel Because if I don’t find anything here then I have to go to sequel So the moment I move it to the centralized cashing or it’s called distributed cashing your number off network call part request increases No the whole point off introducing a cashing is toe speed up your response How how am I helping with ah ah with a distributed cash Because it is actually increasing the nitro call So ah it will wanted end up increasing the late and see for my request serving any thoughts You understand right That if I use a sentry cash then I have to know make network call s O If let’s say it’s a very first request the first network all goes to cash a check If I have data then it will Don’t know Then second call goes to sequel to get the data it gets regulator Then the third call comes to cash to put that data and definitely to inspect toe the end user So it incurred three network call In the style of that if I would have been directly always going to sequel it would always be one network called So how Why would I go with the are distributed cash So when update Operation update both in in ma’am Cash How will you do that Because you’re update is happening Let’s say if so now we’re switching back to in ma’am cash So 11 suggestion is it can I update both in mem cash So my update is happening through no to now when I’m updating it it through No too If I want to update all in Mem cash which we say we’re taking example of only knowed one and two one is no who has to have a knowledge off north of one It has to somehow communicate to an old one and then you have multiple notes This is just too no one nor example wherein you might have five such notes You have to communicate to all five notes And then what is the guarantee that it will be successful in all five notes So it first of all building that communication is working for your solution Because whatever communication you’re gonna establish between all these notes is not your primary operation It is not serving the user That is something you’re doing to internally managing Anneli keep your cash in sync So you are just incurring additional compute cost for your housekeeping operation that will eventually have impact on the performance off your system Second because it is a gainer distributed operation there is a still a chance that your update might not happen to all the notes and then user might end up seeing a state So this is the correct solution like distributed cash is the solution to go But now my question is why would I use it Why would I use a centralized cash if it is gonna incur me three network calls to use it in comparison to one network call If I don’t use it There is something When I’m asking discussion there is one piece that I’m not talking about two What Where would you save Think off if you do this What is that you’re gonna save if I’m using case this is a Greek that it is sticking three Network All’s fine but at the same time if you always go to sequel server and if you have ever query or a store project you’re executing then there is a computer I’m associated with it which is the time that it is staking toe execute that first time you are incurring that time But from second time onwards you have that computer data available here in the cash So you are saving on your computer Time number one Number two If you always go to sequel than sequel

has I specifications to put it your request really start reading because it can serve only those many request stated time Now if for every computer I’m coming here I’m very easily gonna total instead of that if I have those computes which are not too much Indian gator cast in here than I am giving my seat Cool server Also additional breathing space which means now it can serve much at a much faster rate for the other requests So eventually you will end up saving time because you’re saving the actual compute time If you’re putting their data in the cash it is pre computed You are no longer doing any computer again It’s simply key value Pierre and read this cash is highly optimized in terms off tree willing putting their name So ah you even though network call might seem to be increased But your computer over here is totally gone That is the saving for you Having said that this is the most common ah mess up that I have seen in their distributed solution that happens like cashing part is something that is very easily and very you know Uh it’s not something that you will do consciously It’s something that you will do subconsciously that you will create a cash and you will end up putting so much off garbage in there When I said God is where do I mean why do you scarcely you use the cashing lier to increase the response time off your application No Ah let’s take example Let’s go back Um um let’s go back I don’t know Maybe 30 35 year back when there were not many Cordless was their mobile phones for not that uh that much news And there used to be only the landlines And if you guys recall I don’t know how many off you have been there at the time But if if those who knows if us recall there used to be a phone Derek Street But that will have you know four numbers off your town off neighboring down and so on So it used to be a very take phone directory which will have all these numbers Usually people will keep that phone directory beside the phone and on And then at the same time you will put some phone numbers that you use very frequently enough people in a you know in a diary off your own Or maybe in a posted guy Nothing So this is your phone which is normal Well phone this is a regular phone Pardon me for my drink so but this is a very big directory which is your sequel Debility that has all the data Now out of this directory I use only six numbers very very frequently I like use them every seventies So I keep those six numbers on this paper This is what I’m cashing Because I need this straight our Lord off times So I keep it in a paper so that I don’t have to go search for those pages I can just at a single glance got the data that I mean So that is what Actually the cashing is if you related to real time You do this a lot of times in your daily life You cash Lord off things off your daily use for the faster accessibility Only thing that you have to understand this So here it works perfectly fine But think off If this number that you have guessed if let’s say they changes every five minutes now if those number changes every hypothetically if these number is six opposed to change every five minutes then even if I guess them next time when I have to dial I anyway have Togo here because by that time it has been changed So I always eventually end up going into the directory taking now the number putting it here And next time when I have to del again I’ll go over here so eventually itself no use even though I’m cashing for the sake off cashing But whenever I need that data it is already invalidated because off its nature off changing so fast So the very first some rule off cashing is one If the nature off data is ah very dynamic Putting that into the cash is raced off time it is You are and you will end up increasing the cost Like in this case every time you anyway have Togo here Now additionally you are putting

I fold off noting those numbers down which you are not using even once because by the time you’re coming Ah back to excesses information It’s already invalidated So you always end up going here putting it here and then accessing it next time and you come here This isn’t validated You go here again put them back so you can crudely avoid catching that kind off later So uh data which is very dynamic and nature you should not cash it You will incur more cost Siqing If let’s say in the very same case I have five numbers that I use let’s say every two days every three days But then there is a six number also that I use maybe ah once in a year No If I use a number of once in a year I might need no toe Put it here One saying in here it’s okay for me to go with it because here my pace sizes fixed Now I’m putting these unspecific boundaries because maybe these boundaries are not there for a four number phone directory and your own directory case But these boundaries becomes very useful When you talk about software I’m just trying to draw an analogy So in this case let’s say my waist size is fixing This is only Paige I have read and I can cash my numbers So I have already put in five numbers there I have a space left for two more numbers I have a six numbers off pretty which I use once in a year You have to be due diligent about Should I put this six number here because I am even use it only once a year So it’s okay for me to go here and find out that number for once in one ear But I will rather leave this space and use it for something which maybe I might use more frequently in future Or if you put that number here If let’s say it is your excess time is increasing because additional Maria putting now your eyes has scanned through six numbers All might be hypothetical but that that is how the software thing says right So uh another another case that you have to consider what is a frequency act which I am accessing the state I Am I really needing this state of very very frequently Or it is like a ah one cinnamon once in 1/4 once in a year kind of scenario where And it won’t even make other friends If I go to the Kanto retreat which rather than putting it into the cash these are the things the third is where the biggest forced to our more about how you can ah end up messing off video performance using a cashing layer All the intent was exactly a posit Intent was to make it ah ah to increase your performance But by introducing that you ended up degrading it That herd mistake Unless you have done it Ah the talent and I’m gonna talk about Unless it is a decision that you have taken this will create a big chaos in your solution So cashing is something in this case itself This paper is my cashing lier If let’s say tomorrow I lose this paper I some I kept it somewhere I captured me on my phone And then next day when I came in I wanted to die alone I am not able to find it It’s not sitting there anymore I can always go back to the directory and I can make that phone call So and I can again take another paper and put that number again over here So my hair my objective my transaction is making the phone call If I have that paper with me I can make that phone call faster because I have that data cast But if I have lost that paper I can still make that phone call It might take a little longer than I would have done it with the cash but it does not make King my operation off making the phone call feel so losing the cash should not make your operations field cashing Lear is only a supporting their toe enhance your performance So many solution I have seen over the period of time goes casing Lear becomes integral part of the solution What does that mean That means that if that cashing layer goes down then the operation will feeling How does that happen That happens Because if Lex in this case itself there is certain people who don’t know about this directory at all They know only about this later They know only about this paper So in my home on Lee my parents

knows Okay there is a directory that I have captured here and then from that directory they have created this paper I only know that Okay this is the paper where I have the phone number I have no clue about this directory Now this paper goes I have absolutely no idea how to make a phone call It goes for a toss for me this kind of behavior that if you’re cashing lier becomes earlier on with your solution depends is very very dangerous You have to be very careful about so you have to watch out for it You have to And this is one of the independents also Ah that’s in that article Ah So how do you decide how to define the cashing and what type of data should go for the cashing in a distributed application It doesn’t mean that you will not use in mem cash at all Now venue cash things You will catch some things locally You need some things to be cast globally So you have to define the scope that things which are low Clete guest which can be locally kissed can still go in there Mm CA memory Ah Mm Cash The things that needs to be globally cast will go in there Distributed cash So these are some of the suspects from the design perspective is specific to cashing Ah that you should be careful about And ah at least really about it before you get into Whenever you’re getting into cashing design for your application don’t just go blindly Ah if especially if it’s a distributed cash real about it Read about your data Read about the pattern in which your data is changing and then take ah decision out off this what All I want to cash so that I can actually benefit rather than being extra for that any go oceans is a g l o R Have a confused too Yeah One thing Yeah So basically wanted He’s catching and then refreshing The casualties is absolutely absolutely so uh that is where a gash in validation is something that has to be very very total because that that can get doing a stalemate A position right now Ah for refreshing Although there are certain ah specific strategies For example Ah one is fixed Expiry wherein you say when you’re creating the cash in very Sauron in memory you can say I always want my deter Castrate Our Toby expired after five minutes So that is like as soon as you made and dream your cash And if you have made this is a time line This is where the sentry as we made after five minutes it will remove it on its own You don’t have to do anything This is like you are giving a fixed exploitation Then second nous traders use ruling exploration Rolling expirationist again I’m saying five minutes but excuse me it is five minutes since the time it was last used So if it was inserted here and it got used at the fourth minute then it will be expired on the ninth In between If it is used again again it will be keep on pushing that window So that is a rolling exploration we know But these are all exploration policies Other than that invalidating it whenever you are making an update is a very very critical point Because if you don’t do that right then you’re Ah ah complete and user experience might go for it us One more thing which is very very interesting That is because we had in our distributor system scenario rate So now think off it This is your a p I This is your database This is your cash These are all network calls right At the end of the day they are all ah distributed systems So I’m doing update so far Update I first went to the sequel update distant Then I went to the reddest We’re and I have to invalidate the cash and this network Caulfield do do whatever reason So my sequel is now up to date which means it has the latest copy my invalidation which means removing that record from Ah centralized cash has failed which means it has a spirit later So now what is the future of this What happens when the next transaction comes to guide their data It has older data It will simply get back the older later So these cases again there is a concept off compensation wherein you say You know what if I have Ah cashing used for a particular entity The criteria for a successful comet is a combination off these two if any off them fails I have to reward back the operation which was successful So go that are different different things that you have to take care of A new bridge

Oh solutions Or it could be that it is for internal uh it’s or internal users I’m finally when in if we 96% cases it is in sync But in 4% cases even if it goes out of think I’m fine because I will use a fixed I have used a fix expiry So anyway after five minutes this will get billeted on its own It’s like Max I can have a straight up for five minutes and that is okay with me Ah as application owner I’m fine with that so those are their decisions requirement decisions and mapping them to design Ah that that will happen But you are absolutely right Uh refreshing the cash or invalidating the cash is you Equally important Ah and indiscipline systems needs specific attention No Ah f service was Ah One more thing One more topic that you had and I want to talk a little bit about that as well Ah so uh I will not goingto ab service But I want you guys to think about how things are evolving in in terms off Ah ah Deployment off your applications So if I have to draw an analogy right Um um So uh there was a time when when Ah if you wantto travel by car there were no tech seasonal very first when the car would have been introduced It’s like if you own a car then you can go in the car There is no concept off rentals and all very initially m dot thing about So basically if you want to go in a car you have to own it Similarly if I That’s ah vm right If I want to deploy us service on the cloud I have to take a V m I have to put my service And But I have to own this room known as an I have to take the swim and I will take Get off all the things off this virtual machine in terms of the great and so on then would haven’t Ah excess services would have come And where and you know even though you want you don’t own a car But uh you want to go from you want to go to some out station you can off your school Get it Exhibit If you guys recall initially when these Texas services before this hula uber 40 or ah ah if you have to go to a mall or if you have to go somewhere within the city you will use orto rather than I mean they’re these Texas Randall’s won’t give you their taxi for the for going to the mall right They would be more for out station or you take them for hole day kind off the stuff Then came the olo But now low But I can take a taxi only for going to five kilometers or for six kilometers and the journey off The compute is very similar The last thing which is which we have now is a server less compute The first thing that we had was putting things on the William In between came the Ah ah EP service Web rule worker Roll guy No fessed up No When Isis server Let’s compute serverless computers You are not even paying for the V m or for the notes you’re paying for Compute that you are using So you don’t know where your quarters running all you’re giving a jury’s the lines off court This is the lines off court I want to execute as your says Whenever I will run the school I will charge you based on how much CPU late state has stricken Once your execution is complete I will take it off until you’d regard the next execution and you will be charged on Lee for the compute your court is taking to run That is a serverless computing which is where we are today Your as your function provides you settle this computing Reum was the 1st 1 in between comes Epps Service So F service is like uh in the er all over you have pooling right We’re in Multiple people can sit on the same car and ah uh excuse me Goto different Different destinations So initially Ah when I don’t know if you present about Web rule worker rule But that was the first menace to restricting that game in azure There If I have to create a Web a P I and I want to create three instances I have to create three volumes I want a great three We’re back screen stances I have to create three Williams Now this is a B E I This is AP Web If I need three instances I need three volumes It

was 1 to 1 mapping between instance and of’em Think about it If let’s say even though I have created of’em with the least configuration available even then the actual memory and the CPU that my court is using which is running on here is only 30% off the available compute on the William Then although I’m paying for three v ems but actually I am You’re using only 30% off So even if I combine all the computer I’m using across I’m using only 90% off one William But I will end up paying total off like Previa mes Although my actual computer would have been done just by a single year Same goes for a pH This was very initially the worker roll Web rule when it came in So there you have to create one instance means one we m So if I want to scale out create multiple instances from here So you understand of history’s right If let’s say I have these Mike my processes are very less compute Ah and dances Samos My memory is still If I want to create multiple instances I have to unnecessary pay and I will end up wasting so much of compute every level toe from there The concept came off AB service Now what does absolutists it ever service said You know what You only tell me how many notes you kneel and where is a conflagration of the note That unit for example I say I need three notes off a particular configuration so it gives me those three nodes now on these three notes I have to deploy multiple service’s or a single service It’s all up to me So again the same where AP a scenario where and I wanted deployed three instances off each What I can do now is I can have on each node one a p a and one web So this is my a p a And let’s sit This is my web So on three v EMS I have on each note my a p A As well as their weapons stands running My Weber was using lights The only 30% of the compute and my AP is also using 30% off the compute But now earlier I was paying for 63 m’s Now instead of that my work is happening just within three volumes tomorrow If I have to introduce one more application I can just fit in the replication in here It is all up to me I have that special computer available and I can put my application the way I want to This is what you’re observing actually does in Europe service you can create even if I want to a scale out I want to create Right now I have three instances off we’re running I want to create fourth instance I need not to send up another William in your one single William you can have two instances off happening It’s E X here the end of the day so it can scale it out within this boundary only Yes If you are overshooting the available compute then you have to create either another Veum at an under BM into Europe service Or you have to scale up You have to scale of the size of the VM available But if you have enough tapestry available then you need not to waste it Rather you can deploy either new webs or you can scale out existing gaps within those boundaries on Lee So uh any questions in the observance construct What about the charging So that’s a really interesting thing on now One thing that you have to always keep in mind Many service is always expensive Bender on ministry in betweens F service is always gonna be expensive than IBM So far Ah charging Let me share one more good piece for you Um this is something that you use a lot Ah and it’s very helpful if let’s say you’re building a solution and you have to find out how much I mean you have to estimate on the cost perspective Right So this is a pricing calculator Now Here How do you use it Here you have All the service is available So in my solution lights Sam using torture machine I’m using one app service One cost Mostly be You can just click on it And ah Then you can go where it will build a complete report wherein you can add things So in absolutist it will ask you which reason what is operating system windows were Cicely next Where is a key area Using all available

beer it will show And then the instance which is like I said you can say I need an old off this much configuration So what does the note size that you’re looking for How many instances and how many So if you have to calculate it for parliament so you will just for the number of our experiment and I think by default it puts a 30 days thing only and it will give you the cost over here No if you are taking a nap service with let’s say three instances for a particular configuration and ah let’s put it if I say three instances over here and ah I’m going with uh four course example So it is costing me $6237 late Sick Now in in these three notes I can put in as many obligations as they want I am not only thing I’m going to be charged this flag 6 57 That’s it It is not dependent on how many applications were running on these three notes It is all up to you You might run only one application You might run five applications That depends Ah how much compute extensive your replication is So if you are If you have like 20 applications and those turned the applications can we run with this computer Every level which is like three senses off forecourt and 70 with them And you can it can take care of her during the applications just from them As you’re well don’t charge you anything extra for that So uh but we are on the calculator Said this is a very good place to create Ah cost estimate for your solution wherein you can add all that Ah components that you have You can give the configuration in comes off Ah the tear that duration and so on And finally it also gives the option to shell It generates a link and you can just provide that Ling Tau your colleagues and they can open the same report or you can export and so on So this is pricing calculator for leisure Ah wherein you can create various pricing estimates off the ah off your solution cost What does it answer Your question around the costing off up service that it is dependent on the no type and instances It has nothing to do with how many applications Your building No And also the amount of Cebu Yes that is that isn’t so Okay in case off AB service you are taking Yeah in case off observance If you let’s say that now I have taken it as four course seven GB right Instead of that I make it one core So the moment I changed it to one core 1.75 GB the cost came down to 1 64 So the higher ah higher and compute machine you will take higher The cost would be And right now I am in the basic If I go to let Cece tender Then you will see here you will have even more options and better options If you goto premium the things will change Now you have four dingy real seven So does that mean you also are a species Are every refugee service is also It depends on the infrastructure that we are allocating and north actual city So I might be a kind off a locating That’s what may be using Yes you will which are so what is located You’re right now actual Scipio parties That is as your function Let me This is what is the server less compute So uh app service is something that you’re taking notes The only thing that you’re taking it one day service You have taken that much off Let’s call it infrastructure You have taken three north now on three notes It is up to you how much you want to deploy Depending on the available computer and memory you can exhaust it all So it is not restricting you to reply only one application or two applications So it’s more like you’re in a shared kind of thing where you can deploy multiple things on the same infrastructure when it comes to the as your function and as your function you have to dive soft plan consumption planning premium plan So in the premium plan you have instances But when it comes to the consumption plan in consumption plan if you see here it is There is no um Veum size are all associate ID It is more about how much is execution time How much memory size and how many execution permanent that is what will end up telling you how much you’re gonna Okay now I understand there have been concerns the instability of Wayne Exactly Truth for this How is it different from me going into the

system and getting one Yemeni like including Wonderful So uh it’s the same difference Where says Ah ah you doing service off your car Ah by yourself versus giving it to the you know service single So this is absolute This is a menace service Now what does what do we mean by many Service Many service means this will take care off putting any of grades on your ah notes and all But that is a very small piece The bigger pieces whenever you have to do the deployment right now as part off your deployment let’s say you want to create slopes you want to create Ah ah ah Death slot Curious lord or let me bring back the book So now whenever I want to do a deployment for a new service I want to have Ah I’m thinking over right name to explain it But let’s say I have goose lots created AB service lets you create a slot I have slaughter and slaughter beach Now what does that mean Whenever you do their deployment first your door deployment on slot A and ah if everything works fine Slot B zord is exposed to the end user slot A something which is like please broad you can call it This is your problem No In the minus service like F service you have things like we’re in You can first your deployment to the creep Lord validate things are fine and dangerous to the swept So that will Ah you kind of have pretty much zero down time And this is something which is your ah doing a pre validation before moving to the actual production Number one number two when you talk about ah f service It comes with your order scale out where you can uh either scale up or the skill You can do the same for the Williams also But if you’re creating of’em off your own you have the ownership of doing that here You can set the rules that if memory consumption goes beyond 80% although skill out So that skilling part is something that has been taken Get off Excuse me Ah by your absolutes you don’t have to Ah varia about it Anything behind the scenes about the maintenance off the VM is something which is no longer your very because there is also something that as your is taking the ownership that’s what the menace service is all about Now that could be from security tow Any other upgrade is something as your will take care for you when it is your V m Then those security pledges or any of goods is something which is your ownership So it is uh venue Do that deployment Right So let’s say you have a court that you are deploying now if you have taken a bm ah and you want to ah the deployment by plying send all the way there for F service It’s very very Ah hold elaborate mature because there’s something which is Ah many service used very widely So those things have matured a lot Veum Now then you should you must use them If you are in a scenario we’re in Let’s say you’re doing a lift and shift off existing application Your application is turning on on Prem and you want to move the replication very very quickly to azure or do any of the cult provider you don’t have much time You don’t want to do any changes in the court It is pure lift 10 ships So that is when you will go with the Williams But if you’re willing of brand new application and ah you have be sent enough budget you would rather let all these things to be taken care by azure Otherwise you have to have your own infrastructure team to take care of the V M And so on another thing you get out off the boxes load balancing so in the APP service If you have created three notes there is out of box load well and service is coming for you We’re just taking care off load balancing across these notes If you’re using a virtual machine having that load balancer becomes your own ownership Ah you have to take it off Introducing custom don’t do means so Then you have created an APP service and let’s say your organization ABC and you want your you are to look like abc dot com like a portal lord abc dot com In the service Custom domain integration is very very quick It is just ah from the portal You just have to upload the certificate and Jordan when you’re doing the VM All those fancy nous is something that you have to take care So many is there’s always about Ah as you’re taking care off most of the things behind the scenes and making your you can now focus only on your court

its deployment and so on Other things would be a lot easier for you when you’re going for the V M Then you have to put equal attention to your court as well as managing that infrastructure But from the course perspective that would be Lord more cheaper if you go with the most of this start ups a few see most of them will always create of Yemeni Start from there And over that time if they see the value in terms of their business then they will start moving to the many service Does it answer devotion Yeah Thank you Okay So uh I think we are Ah two minutes over So ah next week we’ll start in a similar way We’re in first will go through the questions that you have and then we’ll talk about the week to contain Ah so if an any cushions or any other doubt that you have you know one question Yeah Is it safe to say if it all my web app is working fine And William it’ll also work on Absolutely No no Ah the reason Is she okay Yeah And the reason is maybe because in vm you had all the liberty right So you might have installed certain things there whichever depend Your app might have dependency on certain things It will be very simple things with you in stores there because you had the complete control on when you move to F service the moment it becomes a menace environment you don’t even have the ah log in ability You can’t do our dp on any of these notes So if I call you have created application for which you have to install something on the VM You might have to ensure that Ah how will you handle those dependencies over here So it’s not a blank statement that anything which is working on the PM will work over here Okay it might but it all depends on what our dependence is secure Okay shop Thanks Opened the floor right away for questions from the second week off Quentin feel free to use your Michael Put down your questions on the check So do you have any uh outstanding oceans or any topic that you want me to go in detail from Your last streaks contains in that case and ah give up like oh based on the content off Week two I’ll give your overview of various things and I try to cover some points which are important But before that I think ah there was ask around subscript moving resources to subscription So uh some best practices and owns I’ll put up couple off links which talks about some prerequisites and some but I don’t think themself How do you manage your subscriptions So let me just pull in the links That will be useful in case you’re looking for moving the resources that talks About what What other things that you should have in your checklists before you decide to move them in terms off supported resources Which resources that support migration or not or the data centers where you can migrate or not So those are the kind of things It has a checklist and then it all says Ah ah see like a monster do that Okay so uh let me talk about uh no secret things first Did you guys get a chance to go through the country like hell you guys going through There’s your costs More street areal Yes August’s good So no uh let’s talk about some of the real world Ah not scenarios but the problems or their decisions that you have to take related to especially M document because most right now which could be rich in make or break your solution So let’s just start with the very basic fundamental Ting It’s ah when you talk about cost must rewrite itself Distributed Devi Now what do I mean by this tragedy billets severe talking about a sequel Serval So sequel sir Where is Ah At the end of the day that sequel server is running in a box right It could be on your left of you have in store later Or it would be a V m in azure somewhere eliciting now the moment I say it is running in a books which means this book says a specific course number off course memory So this boundary is a physical boundary in logistical

servers and storage and running within which you can put multiple even great multiple databases No If you have to scale it out you ask for up Like you you move from people to Pito Pito Petri which keeps on increasing the conflagration off your Veum off Ah that deep Start increasing the ah physical boundary off this which means since straight off four core it might make it eight cold and 16 car and so on But the point is the the data that can grow the computer you can have has this physical boundary and you have option to scale out But that this scale out This uh moving up in the like a getting a better We um reading a veteran Better compute That’s how you skill On the other hand when you talk about distributor Devi which is like cosmos So there what you’re saying your data is not sitting on Lian Just one note Your date a sitting in multiple notes No it could be three notes It could be five notes It’s all behind the scenes And whenever you’re putting any data it wouldn’t be like it’s not replica off each other these three So some off your data would be sitting here Some of your data would be sitting here in some off Your doctor would be sitting here and tomorrow If your data growth then off course just multiple notes could be put in on dhe You don’t have to do anything It’s all taken care of A Sure but now it’s not like very comes to compute You have compute from all these different notes coming together for you You have data sitting in these different notes Similar concept can return with Sequels every discourse charting You can have this sequel server Scharping implemented but Ah that requires some additional school sandal So now I’ll come back here and I want to ask you as a question this is This is how cosmos destro’s studied a behind the scenes right It will restore it in multiple nodes and street off everything sitting in one single Oh I have triggered a query and have to Let’s say the street of you’re talking about There’s um ah ah it’s implied It are mean Let’s AIDS data analytic toe states So Ah we have some agriculture data for daily Then we have for ah tilling Ana on da Punjab trucker In multiple states we have this traitor I want to get the detail for ah Daily for example No If I asked if I triggered it where you were here their data might be sitting in any off the note which means a query will be executing in all of these north And then we’ll be aggregated and finally El Gato Here it is all sitting in a single machine So I triggered a query Greta gets executed and I get mail put Then why do we see that this is faster Because this requires multiple machinists were executed Then somebody has to aggregated And finally I will get out here in this case it a single machine which is doing all those things all day sitting over here only So it’s still if you see documentation and all it will see that you use your cosmos for faster retrieval Faster operation What makes this thing faster Do I didn’t want Can you protect Yeah What I’m saying is there might be people divided picking one huge task in the smaller one and you have multiple It’s a beautifully executed today So instead of having one key task to set us up having multiple smaller tough being executed Okay But this is later This task isn’t not a bulky This is a simple a select star uh from table Very street Name is this and it has only 20 rows one for each distaste It says it’s a very simple task There is amount of relays also that not that huge So in that case how is it because here for executing a very simple task with stakes let’s say one millisecond here also it takes one millisecond only because their task it’s so

simple But here I have to search for data in all the notes So it’s more about that particular date I don’t know where it is sitting so I’m searching I’m running that radio each node and then I’m aggregating that is here I know Already resting on Lian single eyes it because ah off partition Keilar The related data stored together with each Nord Absolute So I wanted to take a race to the concept off by Titian Key Basically So now what Whatever Ever saying that data is stored in all the old sandal they disconnect But uh unless you have Ah So uh whenever you put your data in Cosmo says your costs most There is a concept off partition key which is very very important And I think last time we told we discuss the partition key right Like not exactly in context context off maybe cause most But we talked about partition curate last week I was noticing decision Okay anyway so ah the partition key concept er’s what as your says it says that you can partisan your data based on a particular key or based on a particular property present in your document and what I get into you is if I have These are different notes on their data from each partition will always we co located which means the flights in the very same example that we took earlier If I decide state name as my partition key So I say my partition key is the state name or state If m putting that does the state in my document So what it will insure is all the documents which are off deli are always school located which means are always on one single All the documents off Malala would agree on one single lord Karnataka would be on one single Doesn’t mean one note Cantor Multiple partition it can have So maybe daily as well as one job are sitting on the same note No Tomorrow Punjab data grows Contributor grows in such a way that now it can’t accommodate This note can’t accommodate both the partition data So what it will do Is it to Louisville Insing It will take one complete partition Either it will take a plunge are completely out of this note or it will take daily completely out of this No but it will never Ah it will never break data from one partition across multiple nodes No holders that help if in the very same query that we’re talking about earlier in the rare condition if I have state is a goto one job it won’t go do all the notes No it know that it knows that Okay State is how you have partition your data so it keeps a track internally off Varia petitions are sitting It will come and run your query on Lee on the node where you have one job to do sitting what does make it faster earlier when you when you have to run the same grade in a single box in this box you had data from all the states and then your computer off one machine So data from all the states means total later let 700 rose I’m still keeping it very very Is smaller Mursal that it’s easy to understand if I have 100 rose in total and I have 10 rows from each state’s or total canister data 10 rope out of state The query right I’ll run here will run for 100 rules But now in this context if I have done my partitioning right which means my query Burton is by state and I have created straight as my partition key When it has to render query it has to run it There are only 20 records sitting here because there are only two states and it has a computer off the whole machine with it So it makes it faster because on dub uh somebody mentioned divide and conquer in between it is sort off it But you have to ensure that when you’re dividing it on what basis you’re dividing because if you divide it on incorrect partition G it will become a mess for you I’ll be off partition key Is that the query pattern that you have What doing my query Burton query Britain is like

most off My queries are always based on the street For you it would be most off your query They’re always based on a city or are employed your But whatever you’re this specific scenario is what you have to identify Your query patterns and something that is mostly present in your rear condition should be your partition key because the moment you have that when you trigger a query immediately it narrows stone tojust one partition Really Tester executed rather than running it across all the machines if you don’t have in your rare condition if you don’t have the condition which is for your partition give Which means if I triggered a query select star from this state of where Cities head Robot Now I have done my partitioning based on the state But my query contains were cities ical toe head robot So it wouldn’t be ableto point It was single politician Now in this case it will go and execute this in all the north and then aggregated And that query would be slower off course So that is one off the thing that you have to be really careful You need to do your due diligence we’re in Ah what should be my ignition key so that I can take maximum everyone dish off costs must be so Any questions So fun you need to maintain a partition and key mapping Also write something No that that’s something that as your take surfer So let me actually I assure you So right now I’m in AA Cosmos Well so it costs more TV and ah here if you see there is something called great Explorer This is really handy Like using this You can see all the documents that you have hang You can Also If you want to create a new TV from the portal you can create it from great explorers Okay Welcome Make let it connect So uh yeah but we don’t have to maintain any kind off mapping It is something that as your does dessert for you One more question Like when we say partition key getting more combination Like in this case you know major state of the partition be ableto have like state and secure partition No As in uh you can’t have that combination based on to properly So for example if this is my document if let’s say this is my Jason document that I missed roaring in this I have the city and I have the state desire to properties that I have No If I want to create a partition give based on state and city combine I can’t in a when agreed the cosmos I can’t say two properties there If I have to do that then what I might have to do is in this document I might have to have a column created on my own like pre calculated column which could be city underscore the state No if you do something like that and uh put these now this becomes one off your attribute or one of your property in the documents So now you can create a partition key for this but it might not be very useful if you’re Korea’s either city or arrested So Ah when it comes to partition key you can only selective one property from your document Which electric act as a partition But generally no sequel supports the composite right Yeah So basically what you can do is on top off that you can do all the indexes and all that you can put in Ah let me So let’s say a create a new containers No Ah If you if you see this one whenever you create a partition key where in Ah you have Ah um whenever you create a new container a new collection let’s say you have to create a partition key In that case if you don’t create it ah just sticks By the fourth it does it on its own But here the last one We’re in New York thing Partition key This is where you give the ah give your spastic property based on what you want to do Partition So in this case this document has address inside that dress there is a good ah ah property in the documents are just doing with John address slash zip code Instead of that it could be whatever we want In our case let’s a state on

city So that’s how you develop Are the Sinchi now on top off that you can declare you Nikki’s over here You can do some indexes also But when it comes to the partition Kim cause most there is you can declare it Ah I mean there can be only one property which you can declare this party stinky Understood I think you can have like one primary key But we have moved Yes yes Then the question is if I use the Nikki in the club will be efficient Yeah Index So the it will is still going Run on all the partitions basically But because you haven’t accessed so it would be more efficient than it would have been otherwise of our dish of partition narrows You mentioned that if you use the naan partition is any other columns then the coding the slow right Yes So the reason of off Okay let’s talk about it one second If you have your partition Kenya we’re condition that narrows down immediately The scope off the execution right because now it knows exactly addition to which it goes If I don’t have the partition key in my query we’re condition It means the scope off execution is going to be completely now even though that is the case if let’s say nine were condition I have city instead of a state state is my partition key But I have used to Dean my were permission and I have created index on the city So if I have created in exile necessity my result will be faster then having knowing that Xander city But it will still be slower than also having straight as part of the same query Where tradition Yeah got it certain But the one you mentioned we can achieve from here Like if I give partition key plus uh yes yes Then I can achieve so Which means yes if you are Yeah If you give when you say partition G in the query only rate Like recognition Yeah Partisan key I’m the you Nikki Yes the director So that would be the best case scenario So usually gross partition queries is something that should always be avoided So uh the reason I wanted to talk about this partition key concept is because Lord off time what happens is when you’re designing across most maybe you will create a partition g just ah you know maybe being stolen If it is a device that you will circle device ideas a partition order Feliz employee that you might say imply ideas A partition key But uh you love times we don’t do our due diligence on partition key should be more based on how I’m gonna quit this state are rather than how I wantto store the state And also one more thing that you have to keep in mind This Ah ah that’s more like organic verses with me Yeah So it you might have seen already I guess Let’s say ah I create a bar graph or off My partition did This is partition one Did I When I said You die It’s a volume Now this is partition through data This is partition three data and this is the volume I have volume of data I have in each partition And in this case let’s say I have on this day of days off Samos State guy nothing And this one is Delhi This one is uh Diamond Lardo This one it’s got an article you know instead of this If I go and in Ah Incan Ah in Karnataka I have within the state data I have data from 10 cities in Devon Lardo I from five cities daily I have only Delhi data Now Instead of this I decided to make it a partition Waste on city instead of a state lets it No If I draw a similar Biograph then I will have 10 plus 5 15 plus 1 16 16 bars But in that case if let’s say for Delhi this is the deli data for all other cities This is

something like this very small leader Now in this case I have imbalance in my ah politician My one politician has huge amount of data My other partitions are related Lee smaller all right The only impact it has is they’re the query that you run for daily would be a little slower than the queries that you will run for other cities So another thing that uh that is the best practice as in uh you should target for is a partition give which gives you a balanced partitions It’s not like someone is two huge The other partition is too small Because if that is gonna happen then you will see our Ah you know your query times depending on that size is so it won’t be Ah if you’re replication use this Sometimes the replication would be too far Sometimes it would be a little slower depending on which politician you’re quitting on right now So that second desired behavior But the foremost is getting the right partition key for you so that your queries are not going Ah across the board One more thing that you need to know is if you are doing a lot off objects So okay let’s say I have this document here which has 100 fields This has already saved it Cosmos Now I have to just a bait The free number 99 which is like sisters So currently the status is Ah ah pending and I have to update this a status too active If I have to do the same thing in sequel server I will just write update certain rate Ah very Nell subdued the stable sect All of 99 is a cool toe active where whatever the ideas ideas is I’m really working on a column in cosmos If anything that you want over there in the document you have to fetch the complete document make the foundation in the document and then give it back You can’t You can’t say that okay There is no way there is no AP I exposed by cosmos TV using which you can say I want to update only this property The only appear that you have is that takes the complete documents so on for ablation So even if you have to update a single property you have two fresh the company document dude adaptation and then put it back What does that mean If the kind off data that I’m planning to a store in cosmos TV if I have too much off minor updates and that if I have a lot of upgrades which are on a particular property and it’s still I’m going for cost more than it might not be the right to test it for me So these are some of the things that you you should consider and ah the injector So once you have your partition candle defined here after that in there did explode Right now I have two collections Basically camera freelance answered it I think some documents for example in the camera feed if you before any collection if you go under items it will show you all the documents which are currently store So here it issuing me all these documents and ah in this case device ID’s What is my partition key So it will know where Show you the information As in where This What is the internal partition for this device I d on Lee You you need not to worry about it That there’s something is your is taking care for you It will do all your documents as it’s and then internally Very But it is a student there It is seeking care off it that it restores all the documents off Representative on it One place verses other So any questions so far Yeah one Swati way The first example Like where you have your people partition by state for itself You know we didn’t stay there with him in a different city as you explain So if my energy is kind off qualifying within the state a specific city safe example state is gonna cities bangle or something like that Yes So that gets also it will That is perfect The rest perfect See the only reason why we say that it’s always if your query has a partition key Now

what You’re the aquarium talking about this It has a partition Give it is a straight and then on top off it It has additional filters So that is how it should be because of movement You have a partition key in your were condition Now it is always targeting a particular partition Bitter That is all we’re trying to achieve Instead of that Grady going and running in all the notes I want to run it on Lee for the partition that I wanted If I have one off the clothes in my were condition which is my partition key Then it identifies the partition on top off top off that I can have multiple Close that this fine You could have any other clothes on city You could have one more clothes on data type agriculture or anything else That is perfectly fine But the moment you have that partition key you immediately cut down your target documents with a you know considerable percentage because now you’re targeting only one specific partition Okay so that iss sub closest will not make much difference Right Because I completely yet yeah because it’s only like the partition key which is actually making us like forced execution Yeah Yeah So So what happens is inside closes again You can have So if I have to get data off head robot let’s see Right I want to get the data off head robot So now one ways if I write were cities Hyderabad State is Dylan Lana the other ways that I say we’re cities head robot Between these two the 1st 1 would be very fast because in 1st 1 I am telling as your cosmos that you know what You don’t have to go into a blind search across all the data that you have Instead of that I am telling you a very targeted data site on which you have to perform the search with just for a straight till and Lana because that is what my politician is now let’s seven partition Also I have lower of data and I won’t go further Optimize my query and I mostly credit on the city So now I can create indexes on the city and I really still need the partition If I say her drop a city is head about and the straightest still going on and I have created indexes on the head robot then it would be further It would be even more faster But you need that when we you have large while you want Later you would like to create those and yeah agreed Okay one more seriously This is a party tradition selection Will you have us them equally condition based on this But what sort of partition truly like a different age already filled with But let’s say for example I have a partition created on the reporter you date or something that that that I’m finding a fitting end of rage is like reporting Is that then first of March So you still do the part Simply like normal I am mrs Here So basically Okay so uh you’re uh Cosmos is not cold Read a story It is a hard eight extra number one So what is our data stored Order the story that it s strawberry would be pudding Most off your transactional little 86 Goldie Restore is very opening your data which is our pipes Why I’m going there in Italy now In my course most let’s say I decide to put 15 days off data Okay And every all the damage is older than 15 days is being shifted to a big data store in this case a sordid aleck story Idealists No I have to depths off reporting one is more like live reporting And the other one is more like Ah reporting which is you know Mastroeni Our data reporting six months later reported that I will drive from here his life day Very boarding will be something which will come from here No dis reporting when I’m doing so I have ah ah reports late sick There is a time for later on the reports that just fine which will decide what is Ah Do I need it Only for today or last seven weeks or last 15 weeks The last three days within this boundary Basic Now what is this report on If we take the same example wherein I have ah state elects

saying I’m doing reporting for ah every status sending some some kind of information on our daily basis And then I’m doing the report Let’s say it’s a population information So I’m doing the reporting on Ah that that how much population got edited and all that stuff for now daily basis If I have partisan key state again time is your time is Ah one off your documents property right which is your time This is one of her documents property But your partisan key is not your time Because if you create your partition key and you try to do the boarding on top of it it would be a mess If you’re doing it from a course most TV you will end up every day Your it will be so slow because it’s always gonna go across multiple petition So if you have to do to your reporting on top off course Monster be Ah you should still create a partisan key which is driving your report data That is one If you have to do it on top of course Monster Otherwise if you have option then you should move this traitor And do I structured like into us equally be kind off thing they’re in You can You can use various later very spy planes You can move this date over here and then report Do your reporting on top off By the way a matter of factors end up power to be I don’t know And what is there is off today Yes Oh around a month or so I checked her and the cosmos TV was not It wasn’t preview Basically the Bob will be integration So it is Ah the data stored that you have to look for reporting You might still do it with cause most of you might radio custom reports are and there might be some other tools which can support it But in that case you’re partition He can never be time Because if you are creating a partition keep time and you’re putting that in cost mostly relates every 30 minutes I’m even keeping it a more consolidated that I’m pulling every 30 minutes Even then every single time you will try to run the report you will go to multiple partitions which is gonna completely screw up your report time So uh instead of four time range has the partition key you should look for uh it wouldn’t be only that time for the right time is a fritter on top off the type of guy you want to show So you are xx Cicely excess straight And here let’s see I have some Um so I have Yes Xx is here and I have my excesses No And here I can see last one day seven days and so on Hey And accordingly I get the data and we’re m showing numbers Population Let’s say here I’m showing them Ah ciggies And I have another figure called stick I’m I might be making it to most simplistic but I’m just trying to give you an idea that if I have this kind of charge we’re in I have a straight for that I have time for returned I have city here and then I have a number in terms of population So if I select a state and then I also selector time that Okay this is it I’m Rainey I’m looking for Get me all the city’s off that particular straight And how much was the population Or it could be a line graph to show your you the changes It would still be faster because you have this state over here which is your petition G If I pick if I get rid off this and if I just tried to do things on the time range it will screw it up Totally because it will go to every single politician in your query and your graph flirting time will become extremely slow So you should not look for this time range as your partition kid Brother you’re partition He would still be something which is mainly focused on the data They should be just another Ah we’re condition in your quickie And does it make sense So can we Can we change the partition key later on Point off No Okay So like in the initial time Like when selected a partition key If that is making our federal level reasons that worst So that means we need to scrap their tender rebuild That the complete Yeah you have to create a

new collection and then do the migration because initially we don’t have like data one hole it is going to him That’s what makes it even Yeah that’s right It has to be You have to have long discussions that what is the query Better And what does kind off did I look like So usually if you do that kind of discussion if you spend I am due some white boarding You will be able to narrow down to a point where and it should be fairly fine But if you just go without having any thought around it you just take one of the unique key from your ah from your ah documented protect Then it will surely miss a bit then Other thing is when you get this experience straight there 234 different costume on Stevie’s wherein you have created you have created the partition cans on After that it might be it might become Lord is here for you Then you you look at the great desert You us exactly right side of questions and you would be able to come up with to that partition key fairly quickly But even then if foot it doesn’t matter what I do talk about a curse which is ah love times It comes out of performance testing when your product is involved Testing that is when there’s a universe performance off cosmos is very slow Now you start looking for fine tuning it One of the thing that you ah check for fine tuning is ok Do I have the right politician cure known So if you find out the exact time No I don’t have that isn’t You decide Okay I’ll just migrate or Loretta with the new partition Okay so now let’s ah move food and yeah you know has any question toe When one more question I have the Cuban can All the data directly to one partition He will be stored in a single lord Yes So let’s say uh or the build off came that nor goes out of capacity So how does it handle the situation Yeah behind the scenes as your will move So that’s what I was mentioned in the beginning That if I have data from daily and one job sitting in the same note Now data from Punjab let’s say grew too much that both off this gun still in the same note So behind the scenes are literally Louis It will move one off them toward a friend No it might create a new Nordic might See if there is something beckons in the existing notes it will move it there But all that it will go behind the scenes I I got that But in this situation you have to stay data sitting on one Now What’s up with Joel I have the Liberator City 10 definitely skill appear Then it Willis skillet It will It will acquire more storage Okay Okay So uh the other thing is you would have gone through with the story Hugh And as your service was So what is the like Internal operations Times like Ah a zoo is taking that really compare toe secret later So how it might taste like because here like it has to take it off Or internal operations Also right click Well yeah but those operations are more like the sea Well I’ll tell you how it does It is every part Most of the partitioning things are based on hashing only so the way it will the only thing that has to take care for each carries to identify the partition Right now Ah there it is a very minimalistic oppression because all it does is it knows you’re partition key because there is something you have given it the time of your collection creation So it creates ah hash out off it So let’s in my partition g the state now for the state I have put in documents for ah daily job it be insolent So it creates hash out off it So far it’s just for example 30 hash It could be some of the officials So let’s say it created a hash And this is a hashing hash number now Ah whenever a new request will come which has a state in the query it will just create the hash off this guy and match Really I should point it So it is a very ah it doesn’t interfere too much of your performance What is the oppression that we talked about which is about rebalancing off politicians and all that operation is not like when it is doing the rebalancing At that time your queries will be slow No the way does is it will if it has to move things from this Noto this No it’s not Ah garden paste This copy in peace So first it

will let everything which you’re running Ah really continue running here while it is just doing the copy to a different place Once the scope this country that is only two Let’s start pointing this partition to wear and break this link So it is Ah honestly no sequel you use for higher performance results were in your excesses much faster and second is off course Ah wherein you you don’t have a divine scheme And your ah let’s say data for my document is coming from 10 different places I have 10 different sources and I don’t have any control on the kind off scheme other day will sing and ah I don’t want to invest my time in always re designing my table and you know taking care of rate of migration and sequel and so on So I decided to go for it No secret that even if they’re two more new properties tomorrow It would be fine It really just step in there and then on top off it I might have created Ah ideal operation which is putting the state indoor Ah you know in tow into another stroll for me which is more structure I just think it So now one more two more topics which you had were like stories Human service bus So changing Before you start I have a question Yeah I just want to clarify A are a bit confused on the storage Akon How it is for example beloved the store the major’s videos How this can be linked to the application and also no this kind of things whether it is available in a degree it’s also are we don’t see such kind off storage Akane separately except accuser there Yeah we’re storing the major’s separate in aid of years I’m not sure uh insist on this Ok ok so a loveless part Honestly I’m also not very sure but I can check that and get back to you next Generally such and generally we store it in the No no no no no no So generally when you if you have let’s say I have images I have videos I have a pdf Excel have different have off data All of them goes to basically your big date Esther if you have this very idea of data right Yeah Now in *** when we say stories abound in a storage account you get blow Beautiful Sherry recused And you also know idealists which is Ah a Jordy Daleks store that is as your big gator That is also something they marched into storage account itself So they’re saying it’s storage Account is one place we’re in You can come in You gonna store You’re different tape off later And so Ah how does it Why do we have different different constructs their will to have blow by to have a file share and ah Oh sorry Final store and then cues Why do I need to have those type of things Why can’t I have simply Okay this is a storage account and you can dump whatever you want to do on dump here in excess It leaders and each one of them has their specific rule quickly So fight is here No Uh the file share has wanted one Does that You can mount that on top off a doctor image which means let’s say let’s take the example wherein I have cameras sitting in opera mice and from that cameras I’m getting camera feed and I won’t owe a detect anomaly I wantto detective Let’s say it’s ah ah it’s a solution for ah human safety So which means it’s a construction site and everyone who is in the construction side has to wear a helmet and has to wear some gloves It is the kind of solution if camera identifies anybody who is not wearing a helmet or a glove or glasses it should reserve element should let’s say a sense um email or something like that So when I have to do that my cameras capturing the images that image is coming to me and I the my construction site is does not have a very good bend bend wit to talkto cloud So I have to look for ah doing all this Ah analysis or listen machine learning on the pra mice only And so my camera captures a photograph I ran my ML Morton based on a male model I get a result whether it this guy I should raise alarm on or that and I take care offer That is one piece of second piece off Whatever daytime capturing I want to do my model retraining on top ofit Now

in my own Graham one of the very famous a vision that you will use their our technology will use heiress a case Any guess You have created your boards You can mount Ah file share on top off your parts off What do you can do it It becomes so easy that you create a storage account There you have a fire this year and in the final shared you’re mounted it on the board which is sitting on Prem and you’re putting your images there And whenever there is a connective ity it will just sink those images saying those images to the cloud So there is just one of the youths case I mentioned But like that there are other use cases wherein you are eventually talking about sharing the files and all Scuse Scuse is a construct which is little accused me excuse right where you are putting their tang than you’re putting that in the queue and it is first in 1st 0 more gender question weakens I already have a sad with bus which is again a Q Why do I have with you in a storage accounting Let’s actually goto stories Your country So as you can see you a file share that we just struck the boat We have ah date Alex storage and tables And then we also have cues so Ah the original question That was US divorce I think around there you can see the tables This itself is confusing You let us take the simple one was all the No sequel RCR Very much everything Have tables Know why this is a protection for storage of counting table Yeah Yeah yeah yeah Okay so in the tables when you store the data again this is entity we’re in So when we say tables here So one more thing in in Azure or me I’m not very sure about eight a blues But in azure you will find so many offerings which are kind of off Ah looking like similar to each other But if you go in the detail you will find that there is some difference There is some difference in the type of few skills that should be used or what s best trick and one dessert that they bring to the table Now on Discuss when your document tables in the storage account What does it table says That it has to have again a partition key and a crook These are the two things using which you can clear your table data It is like no sequel In times of that it doesn’t need to have a predefined schema which means if my date average is coming into the contains name on the idea off and tomorrow if I had gas cannon going you please If you’re not speaking tomorrow if I decide to have one more data column coming in call one Call two It will just keep on a pending them So it is in this stable a restructure We’re in you You don’t have to be restricted by a predefined scheme Might will just keep on a pending the schema and you can define a partition key and Roky Now your queries will be based on the partition key and the rookie in case off tables This gave him the tables is something which is not something It is one of the oldest thing that there But the uh uh Kida in induction off no sequel D B and all the uses off tables has gone drastically down The only scenario I remember wherein I used the table so recently was around storing some devices State which was like a one drove for Easter is kind of a thing for that view stables but uh otherwise the user’s off This has really gone down So uh yeah you have to do that comparison And uh I understand that when you’re saying that Okay we have tables there and then we have no sequel ing the sequel They are there They are similar or they are different but they are therefore specifications give you another example Very same mistreated So you have this used a a surgeon You have those taxes I couldn t o d the nicest So another construct which

which might seem very confusing Excuse because the service bus also has the same constructed this cold storage rescues And now here we are seeing the story excuse So if I duplicate this and uh so if I go to the service bus ah which is totally different from stories here Also if you see nineties you have something called cues And in this storage also I have something called cues No why do I have two different cues within assuring Where is how do I use it So the basic difference is that when it comes to the service rescue the number off messages you can have in the service bus queue has had at one point in time has ah hard limit You can’t have more than these many messages in the service bus queue and the size off each message cannot exceed 2 56 giving So this is how the service was cuming against itself It says that you know what If you’re tryingto get in the skew your height cannot be We’re on five feet because that is the ceiling limit for me Yeah as an individual And at one time I can accommodate only 100 people so I can have only 100 people in my queue and each person cannot have a height off more than five feet translating it into the devious data size It is stupid this ex KGB individual message and overall there is a limit on The number off message is now in the very air We talk about the stories you store issue says that you know what I I have unlimited Q You don’t worry about number off messages It is very very high I can accommodate very high volume off messages but each meth assize cannot expect for Kitty So in this case the size of the messages Just forgive me in the service weather size of the messages to 56 Gaby how does this so far we’re talking about in Gabi’s Now let’s try to translate it into a real word solution How will it differentiate How will it differ if I have like say even based system where in I just trigger events and to introduce resiliency I decided to introduce a cube So it’s more like you’re writing a letter to somebody and in this in that later you’re just giving a command name that go to shop Do this do that There’s only thing no other details you need You just need to shoot that common name in that letter and that letter goes in electric box from marital with saying to the person we’re supposed to do it Now that letter box can be a store issue because the message that you want to sing is a very small message at the same time because it is a even driven design You will have large volume off interactions happening through that you So your volume could be very high Your individual message size is very less very low because you’re not sending Lord Off Maitre d Kendall you have really finding when names using which you are triggering it so they deserve your stories You might be a good trick On the contrary If we talk about the scenario let’s say I’ll dysentery were in devices sending the its telemetry data Now I have to store that telemetry data somewhere Ah let’s say I want to put that telemetry data in the cosmos treaty But I also want to introduce a resiliency Leah In this case I have to use a Q which can accommodate bigger data because telemetry data from the device could be more than 44 k before Sure that is one second in this case because when you talk about I would be you are more like ah well time processing off their days what you are implying towards So as soon as the messages coming most likely it is immediately going to be processed which means you are not worried about the total Bulent As soon as you’re entering in that queue you are going to be exiting the cube in the near Ariel time so there will always be It’s up You know it’s certain Think you rather than uh getting a story at any point in time So you are not too much worried about the hotel lent that the Q can accommodate Because you know as and when menses are going in they’re getting process So you you will end up using service mask you in this case So these are different Both of them have their different type off a specification which makes them suitable for the friend kind of scenarios At the same time

I also want to call out that I think now Microsoft is also doing a kind of consolidation in terms of their service Is so ah 11 example of that is this as your date Alex to write It used to be a completely separate tingle year So if I say in the big dater We had blub weird as your did a lick store There were two separate service is that you have to create from the portal and so on Now they are bringing both off them under the story’s account This is one example of consolidations Second example of consolidation is as your monitor So in azure to see your logs you have ah application insights and you have as your logs Now they decided you’re in there saying we are consolidating everything under a service scored as your monitor So I believe there is a certain consolidation already going in going on But it’s still a few of the service’s that looks they’re competing to each other or confusing Might have a specific reason for their existence Yeah Thanks Uh I have ah related question together Blob You give example on the surveillance camera but I give you another example If I have an item I have the image of that item also So if they want to store a certain document um I think beloved I need to go for love are not attached to the dogma nor how it can be done Okay You mean if you have to store a document across multiple stores Yeah you can say it’s Duckman Have the text string and also have a blob column Then how do I structure it Okay I was I was speaking on your study so basically I have a big data sect I mean ah in which I have some meta data than I have video I have images I could have A pdf alternates all of this I have such multiple data So it has I d one There will be I d to which would have all these things and it will have a separate reduce separateness separate Pretty afraid No I want to restore the strata So let’s say created a cost money be in the cost Merely reactivated a document in the document I have all these meta data and then I have really really friends And I have a measure Friends and media In these videos and images I’m uploading them in the block in the cosmos Really I’m just putting their reference You’re in that so that if whenever I read this document and if I have to load that video I know exactly that you are all from which I have to get it So it is a U R A of this video in the blob No Why Why am I even introducing Cosmos here Why can’t this completing warns it in the block The reason I’m putting glass more serious if let’s say I have ah their friend And this same data that we talked about is is my back end data I did I have to show this material That’s and then I have a button like clear video show image Now if I have this kind of requirement then I need to retrieve this state I might have Ah table you were in in this table Bill I’m showing all the ideas and the names you click on any off that you will do that You tell Paige there any chose you made a date and then ah video and image But so this becomes your transaction read everything You have to query it and you have to get it faster So that’s right I wantto keep this in the cosmos TV Wild A link for image video and maybe attachment which is a pdf is ah stored in those at that strains are stored in the globe In this document I have a property for each I really link I have image link I have a pdf link and here after a stirring that in the blob I have abated it with their ur eyes which is like Ah unique resource located right Eso you click on that when I have to query that from the blob I will just use this and I can get that radio And this is what I stood in the cost Most TV soap It’s not in most off your cases and most off enterprise level project It will always we gonna be always gonna be a combination off multiple latest stores Another use is that you will use blow forest Let’s I don’t have any video Really major Pretty If I have simple playing the dates Ah just a date ever just coming

in But you at the end of the day you want to do some archival offered it right Whether it is your secretly we already watts mostly bu you don’t wantto keep your data growth on organic very just growing and growing and growing over the years And then you say Look after five years Um I did I so huge No that use you keep on scaling up your sequel maybe just to accommodate it But instead of that can I have a predictable size So I can do that by having a proper archival policies Which means that uh moving that data out off your primary hot stories And where do you move if you move it to a place which is cheaper because you just want to keep this straight in there so that tomorrow if you want to do any kind off analytics you have your detail You’re not losing it So that’s again You might go for the big day tester because they’re cheap in terms off for price Any of the store Large volumes off data But yeah ah industry area where you have multiple different types off object yume mite You will end up putting those object in a different store Giving away friends link in the original reader site and then storing this could have been a sequel Also I said cosmos but he will have it in a secret Also were in one column is well you link You are another columnist image lingering in the less very are updating both legs Oh my question is okay If you’re storing as one dog man it’s one partition key for all the data Ah yeah My question is okay if you’re supporting us one dark memento the this referring and everything The part when we were away fighting it the partisan key needs to take the reference Ah ling and has to go for the blob storage or ah ah cost more DVD to fetch the details Right So how would the performance then No Okay So when I said in this case we do linking all What I’m saying is I have one day they’re coming in in that data which is coming in I have a video I have of image I have a pdf and I have a meta data now like this I would love And this is my think offered as wonderful like that This is my one row this row Each row has some meta data some video some imagine some pretty If if this is my one row how do I store this throat So for restoring this Roy is what I’m saying I will not store my video in Major pdf Ah here instead off I will extract out these three things from From the Radovic is coming in I will put them in the blob And in my role I will replace that video with the link to that video No it has matured it as well So my cosmos TV or my secretly We has the meta data along with these links My query pattern the partition keeping that you brought up right now this is Let’s say it’s a bit off my dear So what What do you quit it mostly based on But it will be based on the partition key No not in terms of partition came saying Okay I want to show the item details including the picture or something Okay so you want to show the item details Now Let’s say the ah I have Ah For each item there will be one the called always or you will have multiple records for item According to this one we keep one record which includes the links to the image Yes According to this they’re really when the court for item But let’s say I have created I have I don’t take me for example I’m just taking the example because I don’t have the complete understanding of that bill off material But let’s have a degree ALS on top off each item and I created a degree is a politician key I put her taking Now I have to pull apart eclair item to show the item name item prize item image and the video also which might be that item heard advertisement and then a pdf which might be some research that was done under title So I fired a query Where and I say Ah we’re your degree is X which is my partition gin this case and I am name already Whatever you want to use for is I want I didn’t this sweaty you fight under scary I’ll get back their data And in this state I will have the item attributes about name description price on And then I will have a link wherein I will a video link I will live image link I will have Really if link Lex you know whatever Lewis and Michael because all this presentation is so this is let’s say a p A This is your Web that makes a body to a B A

To get this data for this item FBI goes to cosmos Get this traitor back Now hear What disappear will you As an extra step ist it will go to Blob Store And here it has a specific link of these items It will go to blob gagged the data from the blow for all three of day this entity and sang this entity back to where where it can be displayed The performance performance Okay so very sick performance in the know secretly we date uh especially fitting the images Yeah So betting with blob it is It’s gonna be faster You there is again I can share with you the true portside End of the day Every service that comes in comes with a true put But here you can do some kind of design considerations for example then I give this data back to the end user Do he Uh as soon as data is coming there doesn’t immediately need the video link or first he goes through the details then usually clicks on the redoing So what do I mean Do I have to make these calls to the block and then only saying the data Or can I just say this state of back And whenever he clicks on the link that is when I just ring the blob so that if there are only 20% users who are clicking on the video link why do I make remaining 80% of it Get the remaining off the data just because I want to send back revealing in the very first place So those are these are more like um optimization czar scenario based implementations that you will get into the 22 Do lazy loading or should I get are lettered at once Do I need to call all these different sources in parallel or do I have a secret shall dependency But if we’re talking about this individual transactions they should be really quick It should not ever impact and share that truth But uh ah true Would details also with you Okay Thanks Any any other questions Okay So ah another topic which was there as their own logic caps Ah Now this is a very interesting one Let me show you if for anyone off you have heard about ah this stock right So Ah it’s more like orchestrator that you had mistook was Microsoft Project for orchestration And now they’re saying that if you wantto move things let it orchestration in the azure cloud Ah logic Absence of a Wherein you have different activities you can Bill liked review have lord off out of books connectors and so on So let me just go to one of them So this is how it looks like this is over You paid you Erin you have details around them Ah lovely caps and indium self Yeah in dumps off What is that A source Gruber and so on But then under development tools is where you have something called a logical designer So this is ah like you would have Ah it’s simply building that tree and building the flow chart And then the float already will have a decision Tree will have iterations And if I click on new step right you will see their Lord off out of books actions that you’ve been put in So uh if I we we talked about service bus or let’s say even if I say so if I want to say in the email or ah exporting mails delete even delete email So these are all out of box activities Twitter for that matter If you won’t do let’s say toe sentiment analysis on the twitter So you want to get the Twitter feed and then only ever do is log in with your twitter account and then you can I do get for lords get following get home line users These are various things Secretary AP exposes So for all those things that rotary pay exposes you already have activity created there So you don’t have to Ah right Much of the court Let me check if I have that So uh here for in this case let’s I just selected this starting point that whenever a nude we dis posted for this particular account this logic careful we triggered automatically It has created a hope that Okay whenever new tree dace posted its

continuously pulling that is there a new to it Is there a nuclear tweet And the moment exceeds a new to it It will start now once a new treaty it’s posted So this is uh in one century this poster you might want to lose sentiment analysis right So that is Text Analytics is if I want to do And in the external itics even though you can detect the language off that tweet you can detect the sentiment That is the sentiment positive or negative So during election slits I won’t do to us in different analysts off the three self a particle politician handle So I can just It will take me hardly you know 5 to 10 minutes to create that And then once I have this I can put this state I endure secretly were anywhere I wantto pulled in and I might have a nice b reporting running on top ofit So logic collapses Essentially um ah orchestrator Wherein you have Lord off out of box Aah Aah Activities And it’s really easy to ah put them in together and then create more like the sentry orchestration And it is Ah ah whether it is fetching data from your let’s say you have Ah aah Sales for system or you have an injury r p system and you have to bring data from there to your database Now you will use area five planes for that But if let’s say you have some requirement wear And you have to do some third based authentication which is something you can’t uh you are not able to do with your area five plane there and you can take help from logic It’s over there So uh uh it’s it’s really easy to use And um it’s pretty common if you’re using more like um multiple different systems are trying to create integration with multiple different sources You eventually might end up using Ah something from logic It’s any questions on logic apps that you would have gone through through Next thing is uh on called very of service is now This is one of the big guest strength that you will see in Microsoft Azure and that the way they have done their democratization off eh Where does democratization off means is that um even now like you know that if you if you have to bring mortals and all you have to have understanding off how did a science works which is a complete core extreme You you have to spend time learning data science and there are data scientists who knows how to do feature engineering How tobe a mortal and so so what Microsoft dirt was that they had large usual rooms off duty right And they build some of their own ML models Now they said you know what We can enable you to be ableto bail animal model without even knowing Gladiator Without even being a data scientist this might have its own limitation in comes off the maximum Ah the maximum secrecy that you can get out off it where at least it won’t block you from doing certain things It will enable you to go ahead and create a modern try toe you know a complete your end or an application and so on So let’s see Ah Custom region A is uh in the first place I want to take you in which is the which is very win created mortals for Emel classifications are absolutely image classifications and so on So now I’m in customers and all you need is you you need to have your trial version and uh then you can just go do custom reasoned or a and give your credentials that you are using for the logging into the portal and you will then appear Ah here If you see you you can create a new project And in a new project all you have to do this you have to give a project named descriptions now the source and then project type whether it is a classifications or object detection what is the difference between the two Ah classifications like you say You know that you look at somebody and you say that person that I’m looking at is a man which seems to be over 25 year old and so on Like you’re trying to classify him Detection is the person that I see there is such a So now you are detect You have absolute detection that you know exactly who he is or she is in classifications It is

not about the identity It is more about classifying them with the attributes that you think they have It could be a it could be gender It would be uh something else But it’s not a pinpoint identification about the identity off that person and then classifications types These are mostly take But it was the single track so I I won’t go in the eye What I want to show you is ah how you can very easily create a model using the custom vision And what are the different things that you have to consider while creating the model is something you can really about like What is there tagging thing So taking is more like if I look at the image and I said This is a pill image versus I say it is apple or apples You want to give that multiple names so that next time that image comes your model will give those all those tags that were associated with it And then they have given you domain So it’s like if you’re trying to build a model which is a general one or it is later toe food so basic you do you wantto classify or identify food items for sizzling marquises retail and then the compact version off each one of them So for doing any of this for creating a food Emily moral how cool it is that I don’t need to know anything about Emily All I have to do is have to select whatever my brother criteria I’ve fallen and then I sick create project and then I’ll go over here which I think I should have some images already created then it will bring you to displace It wouldn’t have any of damage This is something I get it So except for the model pain where you have bananas and apples you will land on the speech What you going to know You can go You can take on air images and in the images you can select the images that you want to add Those in wages will be applauded after the images are uploaded You can give tags so you select the image and you can add attack to the defense In this case let’s say edit Detect banana I ended the banana attack Two different types of banana images This is This is also banana So I added the tag banana Then I did a full tack toe all the different ex off a pole images And once I have it I can hit on training Now it will ask You want to do quick training where One string Let’s say I want to do a quick training It’s saying nothing has changed from the sense of previous training which means what does that mean That I have Neither did any new image I have Noah removed A major have not updated attack so let’s Ah yeah Let’s delete this one Okay so I deleted one off Durban Animation Now I say I want to do a quick training so a uh it will do their training And then after doing that training it will actually tell you that training is complete It will also tell you what are the various numbers that you use in the ah did a science world in terms off the recall And I don’t know what is a pianist Lee performance and precision But for me Ah without being a data scientist I have kind of created a model And now I can test my model and I can see how it is working So if I go toe test and ah let’s try to find out So let’s see Ah we take I’m age which we have not used So I don’t think we have used Let’s try this No If you look at the predictions here it says the probability of this being a policeman it was saying the probability of this being a banana 0% I didn’t take this specific image in my If you this is like how Freedom Neverland If I go back to my training images I don’t have any such image But I trained it I told us that you know what These are all Epple images So apple looks like this And banana looks like this now after their training when I gave it a maze which I didn’t train it on but it was able to predict that disciple based on the training set have been done So and that is I didn’t have to write any court All I have to insure us I have no idea off images I have different zoom labels when I’m taking the images different sort of backgrounds But using that you’ve been just created an animal model and ah another thing which is

great about this is you created the model Now what Eventually you wantto either publish it so that somebody else can call the smaller and do the scoring so you can click on published right here and it will create an end point for you It will deploy your model right away and you will get ah en pointe you are using which you can now sang the images and get back the production Or if you wantto actually deploy this model somewhere else I don’t want to Ah if I don’t wantto ah expose it in the cloud instead I want to take it to maybe on Prem or I wantto deployed somewhere else Then how do I do that So for that what we have to do is if I go back here you have this Ah export functionality But it is only for the compact dooming because they Ah if you have noticed the compact domain than you won’t be able to export it In this case you will be able to publish it And ah resources in the same reason as the training Please Jack if you have protection resources Okay This is about having that eye protection resources but let me quickly Creator Compact one So this is a very handy one for if you have to the camera feed example that we’re talking about right there were saying that I have to do the um analysis on PRA mice I have to put these models on the same site where cameras are sitting in You can very well come here You can get Lord’s offer majors off the people working You don’t really need the exactly same people All you need is different images off a person wearing the helmet not wearing a helmet looking sideways looking down looking up with helmet without a helmet And then take those images as helmet alarm Burr says Let’s say perfectly fine now Perfectly fine means that it doesn’t need alarm Helmet alarm mean sick need salmonella So you going do their training The more number of images you have the better your mortal will betrayed and like it’s different Zoom labor’s different The strange different angles All that put them together can give you ah good model Ah that you can actually go into place So any cushions any questions This on this new data it is not 19 really tied up with the database for a provision for that any data which is not Oh you mean if the problem is I ran a test on if let’s say it couldn’t find it right Yeah No it won’t do it Automatic So usually what happens is ah those images that are coming into What you’re talking about this every training scenario idea Yeah So Ah the great work says Let’s say this is a source so much all your details coming in This is your ml mortal In between you will have sommelier It could be a p a or something Let’s say which is making a call to the similar mortal Now you send the image over here This guy went to M m more DeLay Memorial gave the prediction This guy gave the production back to this Now when we’re doing the prediction it won’t be 100% right right I mean for good 100 wasn’t even 80% Accuracy is like too much So the way it works is you will always this store your image that you’re getting from here to let’s say a file share are in the blob You’re storing the image and then you are also storing data in the sequel or in the course most William you have your image You are I and you have the protection We’re done back from ML service So now all the all the calls that you have made to your email service are getting recorded in terms off your image and in terms of their prediction And you could in our guest We’re only talking about production in terms of Apollo but a number different It’s returning something else Also All those things that recorded here No you have Ah retraining frequency decided Usually you let’s say you say I want to retrain my moral every six years Oh sorry every six months So what does that mean If the same image that we sent it’s Exley Apple We know that because we can see and as a human I can tell it Okay it’s a pill image which is half eaten But let’s say my model would have predicted it is banana so I would have that image You are sitting here and I would have it that it got predicted as banana Now after six months or after one month when I’m doing a retraining what’s gonna happen I will

bring up all the images and I’ll bring up what that model return me so it will show me that image Because I have a store that image in the blob and it will tell me or more dollar donor does banana Now what I will do is I will go And then I will egg this image and I will say you know what This is not banana and this is Apple and I will read Drain it There might be five more images for which I don’t even need to do retraining because they’re all fine So it’s more like you store all the data and protection And then as a data scientist you do retraining at the time off free training you will upload some off the images and then give them eggs and then do the reaching But it’s not the automated process wherein every time you send the image it is auto medicating it No it won’t do that because anything I missed won’t actually help unless after eating them as you do the train like you click on train button It’s a pickle file which is Ah ah level the hard off This whole production will not be updated Does it answer tuition Yeah Okay look So uh let me see here now I created anyone wear and I said Ah it’s a compact one and all and ah Lego saying you will line up to the same pitch on the difference would be that you don’t have any images So now ah you can barely measures You can do that tagging and then you can do the training And if you create a compact when you will have option to export and in the export it will ask you you want to export the smaller for a docker container or you want to export it with tensorflow in different things But uh that’s how easy it is for custom vision So similarly there This is not the only one Ah if I goto so when it comes to the text analytics they have ah things like languages Keefe resident sentiments Now ah language is what is Where is the language that is being used in a particular text Key phrases is more like identifying the so key phrases used a lot with the boat I think in the cognitive service you you will have gone through the board Key phrases use their a lot sentiment we talked about it can tell you if I say Ah I am really happy we’d ever joining is going It’s very positive sentiment If I say I’m not at all happy The way this training is going then it is a negative sentiment so it can identify ways on the world’s happy not happy Ah those kind of things It will identify the sentiment and it can give you that sentiment So ah if you look at it it is And uh they’re pretty good documentation around all these things bit in Ah you can actually I want to show you from where you can do that trial thing Try to find it out This is ah slag So this tells you all the a p I said the hair and you can actually try them out So ah port any are putting me are important You can dry or does a P A’s So ah kee phrase this Yeah I did one thing like around uh I think 56 months back So I have a raspberry pi and I created Alexa like functionality on my pirate And ah if I ask tell me what is the time It will tell me back in the West Come on That right No time is this I if I ask tell me a job It was telling me a joke and so on So when I did that that is when I realized that it is so easy because off all these cognitive service is the way I did it In that case I’ll show you how is it becomes because they have given things out off the books So you don’t have to spend time on our reinventing the wheel so they never I say a voice Come on Bye has its microphone which is capturing that voice And then from here this is if this is my resume reply The first call I made Waas toe speech to text This is again it’s feast to text E p A as your a b a So based on whatever command I have received I got back there text So I heard that come on in the text Now let’s they tell me that time So I have tell me that time as text Next thing I had a board running in here Now what it will do is it will take this text and it will find out

And that in Dent now intent in this case is getting that time So it will Then there was the court which will get that time Ah the time Not now And then it will again free Ah there is a predefined sentence basically within It will say that time is and it will put in that time And then it will again go make a call text to speech This audio that comes in what is played out off the pipe So using a speech to text extra speech and then off course board you can build that functionality very very easily So uh leg that there are But this is really powerful in terms off how they’re moving in their cognitive space even for otherwise Also if you look for the ah tools which you can use to build animal mortal like a mail service and all they’re also pretty good So intent is also sentimental analysts No no no Intent is not sentiment annals Intent is more like if I’m tell ng you uh can you please tell me that time so intended is intent You can relate I intend to a command so I hear the commanders tell me that time time piece So the way it works is now I can ask for time in 5 20 different ways I can say please tell me that I’m What is that I am right now Time Please I can ask the same thing in different different ways So what you do is you say OK I’ll give it a name I’ll give it a name Let’s sit dame Ask time This is my Indian now what are the different ways off me Asking off somebody to look for the same time I will list down all of them I’ll say tell me that I’m please Where is the damn right now or what are the different ways you can ask this And so these are all different ways for you to ask for this Intense I list this round I’ll give it a name and then I will do what Dreaming So what will happen is with this training whenever you say any off this sentence it will point you do the saving thing And now that I know all of this will result in the ask time in tank my court forgetting the time is only on the ask time So all these sentences are converted to ask time because I have trained them using thinking Does that answer your question Yeah they’re script yet I think it’s best because instead you need toe We find something like addicts Larry Like so uh can be Can you predict No In this case they in turn will be like a dictionary Right Intense Our uniqueness So uh when you say actually let me see if I can show Yeah but good very sir Dictionary Ah you need to define in different ways for each meaning on each intent or something Right So here ask Time is a Camaro So similarly the NATO create you have for me I tell me a joke tells you could be another one And there are different ways in which you can ask for it Right So Ah so there are different ways in which you can ask for it and ah for that you do that reading you use training toe actually Ah find out the intent rather than if I create a dictionary Then in that case every time somebody says something I have to actually go and ah look into their Dexter Instead of that we again use an LP natural English processing So like and I eventually work in this really sorry iPhone three works in these Internet way right Yeah I think most of these guys working I’m this way Only a justic Um and they would have large and large amount off on which they’re trained You didn’t So even when I did this uh I assure you this is uh uh yeah So and they have also given these library So you have seen Alexa or ah Gloom They have a specific lighting right And they renew Say Alexa Ah blue light girls Or when it is doing something when it is getting turned on a different light comes and goes Those libraries are also exposed So I used actually that Alexa Late led Payton which was auto box available You can just get this library And if you use that then the experience

the lighting experiences also exactly the same How you get it from Alexa So anyways there on the board internally used the Louis toe Recognise tainted All right Yeah So uh that internally my abusing us I am not very sure about that He had This one was um I think it will be because um but yeah Ah I’m not sure about their internal implementation much but I think it will be here in this case It was if you see this trading conflict Yes And training data So this is where you have This is a text This is I don’t I don’t need any entity So I’m saying please tell me time intent would be Get time Tell me that I am intended We get time Time intent is good time So I’m trying to give it all the text for which of which I’ll tyto particular intento If you do Howdy It means anything That’s great Header intent is great Hello And during this great height and the street So Ah that’s how you have given a lesson then And the dame Maneater uh starts It will do a quick it will create a quick and I’ll be mortal out off it so that whenever I pass it any text it can tell me the intent And then I have that intent map to the special command So uh and then the commander does Like if I’m saying telling me a joke Right So uh let’s say yeah So tell me a joke It’s simple I created a collection off redefine jokes and all I’m doing is uh randomly picking one sending it back And then I will make a call to extra speech which will just convert this into audio And that does audio I will uh you know bring out off the raspberry pi speaker in case off actually elects our Siri I feel Lord off this would be happening on the device itself Like now Like a speech to text extra speech For all that It’s a nitro call But in these devices I believe Lord of this could be happening on the device It’s so any questions go Okay So if we don’t have any more questions let me quickly ever look Att Augmented servant Less compelling deductible Last time course Most Israelis I think cashing Also we talked about last time And uh uh next week is gonna be more around There is lot of a stuff for your dinner next week contained So what we really do is instead of talking about individual components I would try to ah tried toe you know navigate you through Ah I already entering our design so that you will get to see how these components are working together with with each other And then we’ll also try to take up any questions from the previous two weeks Contented ve if you guys have any No fu you have any Any other questions Did you have for no sitting on the last question Yeah Good Um how do you Because uh studying on other wares and trying to compose the terminologies for example in AWS comes like weepy See them sub night on dhe You know the region and available his own all the states right So I’ve been trying to compare in a zoo finding it difficult for example subscription I understand the resourceful images groping logically or the resources But is that everything we can compare our material to Dio I shared the um M s gen document last week which has this 1 to 1 comparison Can you check again Because I asked because No Okay give me a second and this would it Subscription is equal to a region so I have just ah put in this open this one And here it is exactly I think what you’re looking for that every single service not I think most of the service’s ah it has given a name What is it called in Ah a cz your versus what is the name in the ah eight of us And then it also has links so that you can just click on it and you can go to the specific details of that particular the subscription in most of the most

truthful one The one subscription Some officials there were witnesses Exactly Understand Subscription is a construct we’re in It’s more like uh and think of it as if you take a Netflix subscription There are options to take a tour device subscription or 40 by subscription Similarly subscription is a construct were in ah there There are multiple subscription type So visually studio menstruation is one subscription type There could be another subscription type which is created by Microsoft Therefore premium customers because if you have that subscription type then your charges are discounted Likes the the way you’re getting chance it might have another subscription type created for restaurants That subscription type has some additional discounts because its restaurants who are using it so subscription is more like Ah ah construct which is offer typing defines how you’re ah ah details about your region region As in you can put restrictions on top of subscriptions saying that in my subscription I can have The source is deployed only to this particular vision so you can have those kind off Ah restrictions put in on your subscription on the type of service is you want to be able to be deployed and you can manage your costing and all using your subscription so its exact level that it is It’s more like a contract jewel thing from Microsoft site because our East subscription type they have some unspecific ah things to offer in terms of pricing and all from your ring Once you are in a subscription type you have a complete control toe Manage your instance off that type for example What type of service is can redeploy but Data’s introvert regionals those things So that is what the subscription is It is Think off it more like different types off contracts So that’s not scrupulously very based on which location and Logan No it won’t subscription Like it already with the most doing only one subscription rate Know yet subscription So subscription is a global construct It’s not based on the location Your subscription is Ah So have you created a free account A zoo Every account Yes but I haven’t tried it But in the demos from almost there only one correct Correct Because he’s a subscription is like I said Netflix Right now if you have taken a Netflix subscription for four devices and now inside that if you’re using it on first device or the second device of the 30 ways it is the same subscription it won’t change depending on your device that you’re using it on So as your subscription when you have a gun a subscription it is that the azure level Now all these data centers and all that thing comes under the azure So you can whether you’re using data center A B or C it is at the resource creation time Let me share my screen back So if I let say subscription this is what my subscription is right Visual is truly already met with M s t No Then right now at the subscription level There is nothing called data center It is Only thing is you have subscription and status You have current course which is your current come consumption and other things Now when you create a resource that is when you select digit ascended you want that resource to re created him What do you can do is at your subscription level you can create certain rules wherein you can say that in my subscription I want anybody to be able to create resources only in North India that you are putting that rule as a subscription administrator on your subscription so that anybody else who is using your subscription in your company If your enterprise you have border subscription you are based out off India and you want all your resources to be created Only India data centers So when you get the subscription from as your debt won’t get come with this limitation It is something you have to create a custom policy on top ofit But you can be well off any time you want But a dined off the day subscription is more like like I said it’s a contract In your case if you have created a free account Then you get 1 $50.100 dollar words off Um amount

free with that Right So that is a special subscription type Anybody was creating a free subscription All of them are reading subscription off dead part of your type So that’s it But under that subscription you can create multiple the source group multiple resources and ah each resource can sit in a different data center as long as your subscription Edmund which is you has not put on any restriction in themself No you can’t deploy in This results in this street isn’t okay You mentioned that on I think the resource we’re creating the resourceful really defined judging region and get a center in one business group I can have my people The General Absolutely Yes Thanks I have seen the idea A member of the local location which is the region but the data center like we especially the available is in this Reese was fine No no no no You don’t space that you you specify only the Yeah Okay Thanks Legs start vendor idea And uh ah before we talk about the different components whether it’s even enter with stream analytics Our idea Percy let’s see what this is Conceptually were This concept is and ah um what are there different Thinks that needs to be there for you to build up good are the solution So when we talk about our dudes essentially Internet off things and Internet of things is about you have ah world wearing devices are also connected to each other So you might have multiple devices here and then uh you have a cloud over here so God give me a sec So your multiple devices and then you have cloud and from the devices you’re getting telemetry data Hang on that telemetry that you can do a processing and dumps off You can create your machine learning mortal So protective maintenance you can do alerting depending on what kind of data you’re getting in phone But suddenly why Why this I really concept came up and it was there for quite some time But ah right now it’s on the forefront and more and more companies wants to get their systems on warded as I really solution on the club One of the primary reason is if you have multiple millions of devices sitting on the Freeland gathering data which today is very local to their device Thing off your car Think off your motorbike autobus There would be so many sensors in all these vehicles which are capturing log off data and all that data is very much local to the boundary of the bus Like that data is captured some off It might be used to buy the dashboard to show your fuel is low Maybe some of the car show where is there running average speed and also some of that sensor that is being used to show on your dashboard But Lord Me Jordy barred off It is not even shown anywhere And even the one which is shown on the dashboard is very local It’s not captured anywhere else Now cloud the moment Cloud came into play Cloud said I have so much of computing so much off stories that I can capture all this If you can capture all list elementary doing sang it over then I have stories to historic and I have mere in finite compute to run any analysis of double for it And that’s where this marriage extracted becoming my reality and companies have started thinking over off How can they sang their telemetry later or to build So for this telemetry later to go over to the cloud this device needs to talk to the tail It needs to talk to our end point Now you have You could have millions of devices You could have only 1000 Device says you would have only 100 devices Depends on the weather You are manufacturing Blanked Uh all you are Um ah car manufacturing company Worse is you are a medicine manufacturing companies We have different different scenario of course but I did End of the day You need something which can talk to your devices And whenever we sit talk if two people are supposed to talk to each other Dear God certain things said it has to be there for a proper communication And one of the most important thing is language So unless both of them know

howto talk how to speak a common language the conversation we’ll need 1/3 person which could be a translator But if both of them know how to speak the same language they don’t need anybody They can just stop resettling Ricky taking on a very similar concept Where Device has its own protocol beg it uses and in most of the cases you will find it is an impurity The reason So Ah when we say communication protocol mut the reason it is being used for Muslims because off it’s very low memory or compute footprint It’s a very lightweight protocol which store straight up Just inform off I mean the packages the back it goes do the device and comes from the devices in the form off Jason That’s sort of a lotus and it requires very less memory So given the device is real estate is anyway Small hardware companies are having their own by tell to reduce the size of the device And when you try to reduce the re illustrate off a device off course the chips that have been used a Kappa sister that are there you have to compromise somewhere on that and then your device You can’t expect a device to have a computer like a laptop off course You can’t expect it to have that high off memory So devices sensors has the limited memory and compute the for that you need a protocol which is also very light to it and I’m good to differ It’s in pretty well now if my device stocks and goody I need to have someone who understands some beauty all let’s make it even blank If my device stocks like separable X then I need somebody here who understand SEC protocol X So that’s where most of the cloud providers have come up with Their own service is so as your has I O D huh And what this I already have I would have is a place where you can register all these devices Why registration Think off your company wherein you go to work So can anybody just walk into your office or once you get a job after that you get Iike are it could be our eye sensor that they have put in It would be a finger sensor or it will be just a chip leader on that card But that is what allows you to get into the company Prum eyes only when you go through that authentication door will open and then you can go through very similarly nice pretty Have you have to bleeder disturb your device Once the device is stirred I would be have will give you back a key And every time device wants to connect wired me up It has to present its device i D Anke And then I would be a real match If it is a valid device idea in key combination then only it will allow your device to connect also on the protocol If devices stalking ex I already have should also talk X If I already have doesn’t know how to talk X then you have to have something in between which will work as eye doctor And that is a guy who will translate from X to y and y two X assuming that I really have Doc’s wife So when we’re talking about protocol there are three protocols that are supported by already have which is M Q t d M Q p and S to T P s and ah least I have not seen any scenario where in your device will be talking something else These are the three protocols which will you will use mostly but the U N If your device is talking some of the protocol it’s perfectly fine because you can have a translator who will do the job for you Any questions So far So uh let’s quickly go to the portal Ezzell and for creating idea from the portal It is very similar to how we have been creating at the resources wherein you just come over here click on create any resource and then pick on I already huh Aziz You might have some I already have Solar research agency Yeah so from there you can create I’ll be have by just writing the name and so on Now once I really have is created let’s have a look What All we will see over there So uh there is something called a I ot devices under explorers And if you click on a Iot devices it will show you list off all the devices that has been added to this idea Right now there is just 20 ways that I have read it But you can egg mudo assist from here It is in ah enterprise solution You will never do all these things from the portal So I already have service exposes and points using which you can do device of destruction device connect Come on Control for all of that You can do

all these things programmatically but I’m just showing you from the portal how things are gonna look like So if I go and try to add a new device I can just give a device i d It has to be unique within this I already have your device It has to be unique within the silent ear And then authentication type is like symmetric He’s a key wherein it will generate a key for you India was that gets part of your connection Otherwise you can also use ah certain based authentication in which case your device Esther has this certificate So if we select him a tricky and if you say order gender keys and I click one say then you will see this device will be added and I would be have will take care of generating the symmetric key Now if I again go back with this device I will have access to the connection is strength So this is a connection string using which I can connect from this device So I only help I just have to use this connection string and then Azure has its own Astri case as your devices streaky which you can use and you should be able to connect directly to the I’ll be up and then you been saying messages and receive messages So other than that there is one more thing which is shared excess policies So in the shared excess policies it is about whether you want to give somebody a permission to just registry devices or you want them to give permission to send messages to devices and so on Now I’ll tell you a real world scenario which we went down So four of Ah large car manufacturer we revealed a solution on Io ti which was about more about controlling your car from your phone When I think controlling your car it includes things like you should be ableto turn on your engine Turn off your engine NFL living in a very cold city So before you get into the car in the morning for going to the office you want the temperature inside the car Do we warm so that it’s more comfortable so you can just turn on the A C and car from your while you started breakfast Oh and by the time you get in It’s already warm You can also scheduled Thing says in every day I leave off the site eight o’clock in the morning so I don’t want to start our the future everyday at 7 30 I rather want to schedule it so that like I love it It starts every on its own at 7 45 And by the time I reached there it’s all nice and comfortable So it was that that kind of solution We’re in one Silas car and here you have I already have been behind the scenes There were many more as your service is but I’m going to focus more on this boundary So uh how does all this work isn’t like I said before this soon the car there was a device That device Ah the internet on the device was true Mobile chip sim Basically Now how does this device connect with idea Because it has to be registered So how does registration take please So the manufacturer off this device whenever the river every day like end off the lead they will have list off all the devices that got manufactured so they will take that list and then from the cloud solution Like I said I only have exposes I in points So there was a service sitting which had a p a n point and they will send the data to the same point This service will make all toe idea to register those devices over here Now do I says God resistor But it is still only devices They are not yet freed in into the car So a device got registered but then it does not be a trick it into the car So we we need to know this combination What does the device and what is a car It is coming up So whenever and for car also we we need a valid list off first So then there was one morning joint exposed This will get list off all manufactured vehicles and then whenever this guy’s in stall in the car it will send a message because it knows how to connect It is already registered the black device As soon as it gets installed in the car it will send a message to I O’Dea with its device I d bless cars Michael identification number And that is then you can do the mapping in the behind the scenes and from their own words You know whenever

a message is coming going from bitch wake up because and user like a user when he’s tryingto done danger known Or I want to see that elementary off the scar You don’t know this black device i d The only thing he knows is his vehicle identification number So unless you have that mapping you won’t be able to do so If somebody is trying to start the engine he’s saying Some commando I already have no for I only have to send it Come on to the right device It needs to translate that win into the device I D Then only it can send that message to their device So uh this is a prerequisite and usually this this is also automated step It’s not like something happening man Well it’s more like where is the manufacturer for dirty Why It says they will be sending a feat to a particular end point and from there you might have a job It will be just speaking of the freed and doing the restoration of those devices and I already have And after the restoration instant you can have the communication strategist any questions I’m asking How does this connection between that I ordered the wise on the I R T hub happens So it is happening over Internet only So in this case specifically if I talk about like I said it used the mobile Same So there would be it would be connecting to them a while to power It is the first off And this is your irony huh So this is how there was a hop off Why not in this case But at the end of the day your device has to be Ah It needs to be able to talk over Internet It has to have Internet capability connecting your internet capability Then only it can connect variety of sod Yes it will be kind of a symbol is the device It could be a sim based in the car of force and the car It would be a sim based There is another thing that ah ah So for some legacy cars right we’re in Let’s say you have previous model of this device So now ah Car manufacturer doesn’t want to go end update all those cars and street they said all the new cars will come up with the new device But for the older cars let’s even if it is not giving the complete functionality like new car But let’s see what all we can do So then the old device that we had If I market angry in the old device you tell the capability to connect over Bluetooth So what we did was that we created a mobile app And as soon as you sit in the car at that time you can connect your mobile with this device and then threw your mobile You can send that elementary later But now here the limitation is in this legacy car Only thing that can happen is all your telemetry can come to the idea But idea cannot send you back the command because for you don’t receive the command you have to be physically present inside You can receive only or mobile phone is approximate mobile phone is working as a proxy for you So it was like for those legacy cars It was telemetry only kind of solution If you think off our manufacturing playing in the very similar fashion And this is a very common solution which is called Device Gateway So Lexie no If you move it from the car and we talk about the manufacturing plant where in your multiple devices like it is very complex in comes off the kind of sensors that you have over there and so many off them would be really old hasn’t when you talk about the capability in terms of connecting and all they would be really really old And it might be very expensive that nobody wants to just go ahead and replace it only because they have moved Y Okay so uh what other back bonus which which is like if I have all these devices which are not capable of talking over Internet this guy knows how to connect over blue Dude this guy knows how to connect over land This guy knows some other near field connection likes it All three of them knows different ways off reminds because we’re talking about manufacturing unit on reminds you create a device Kato It is also called I ods Now with the new technology earlier it used to be called to escape Now this guy is someone It could be our laptop But what We are desktop This guy’s something who again connect over Internet So there might be a leading cable Ah from the road Darryl and cable coming in and all And now this guy can establish connection with the i o T Have because it has Internet capability All of them will talkto this through whatever they’re more of communication is So this guy can support all these fertile calls for connection as well as it can talk over Internet So this becomes aggregator Now there are two buttons One The message which is coming from device A It will send that message to idea but device a identity Only

one which is coming from device Be it will saying that message with device Be identity and see with device C i D Other ways In this case you will have one Every message will be either from a or were from seeing that is It works a segregated like it says all saying message every you know 15 seconds And if index 15 2nd I get one message from a one from even from Seo Woo from a one from the one Francie doesn’t matter I will create a Lexie Uh Carrie and I will send all those messages to get so these are different Different patterns basically Ah which are used And Ah So uh yeah but for car or for move anything which is mobile you will probably need something which can like a same kind of solution So each of these device let’s say in the car you’re having um foryour dirty ways or fire 20 ways And you have you have Ah your ah ha be wise kind off thing in a car which can interact with each of these I o t And then send it to send a message to the I already have So each this will be walking I p base Right Each of this device Yeah So basically the way it works is in the car You won’t call them our device in the car You there is only one There are multiple devices But out of those there is only one which can connect So I would be a great I t Yeah because we call it I had to devise You already call it I would do device now Everything else is sensor Basically everything else is merely a sense How does this communicate with this guy This communication happens through campus So uh see and canvas were in all of them would be sending their date over the canvas And this guy has all the logic So this this particular device is more Ah um I was really bored resourceful than all other sensors Even if you think off your rest very by right if anyone off you have worked with raspberry pi So in the raspberry pi you can attach a human reticence or temperature since our display button all those sensors that your dish they are just simple sensors and your by borders of one which has actually some computing from memory So it knows how to connect with them It knows howto gather data from them And finally it can do Ah aggregation It can talkto idea what it can do Any other communication effect So it’s a very similar thing Does that answer your question Yeah So uh now before we moved we went up and come on I would touch base a little bit on machine learning part over here because that is becoming more and more indicting In the last session we talked about Cognitive Service’s but now but we’re that this Ah we’re in Microsoft has given so many out of books things for you to use in your real world projects But here now when it comes to for example like political maintenance kind of things so you might have your own models created for that and ah ah if I give you another real world problem which is like like say my company’s into uh our drilling for finding oil so always reels right Oil rigs if that’s reflecting the column So if this is your ground level then your oil rig would be it would be very deep right And it will be sorted that there you won’t have ah Internet and so on No I have Ah I have devices who are doing this thrilling Or maybe some other devices which are being used over here Anger uh I want to do some kindof ah predict not really protection or I want to run some kindof ml mortal and using that ml mortal I want to control how these devices are going to be So think off a car Think of for Dynamo Scar It’s like in my order Noma scar I have cameras Now these cameras are capturing Ah life feed And as soon as a camera sees there is a road block it is continuously taking the image But there is multiple machine learning models and the moment it street is goingto a model which sees there is a road block this guy gives the command to apply the brake or take a turn Similarly I’ve learned something very similar over here where there are some cameras which are taking the freed and based on that I want them to control my motor parameters And so Onley challenges No let’s make it even more simple So tell me one thing If you go for

our car driving school right where the new you’re going for a learning lesson and become a big two packages the first packages you will be sitting in the car and the trainer who is gonna train you will also be sitting in the car with you And uh you will keep on giving you instructions and so on Ah while you’re learning to drive back is number two You will be sitting in the car alone Your trainer would be sitting at his home and the two off you would be connected through him A wife phone So in the second case you will keep on telling him that Okay Now I see somebody crossing the road And from there he will then tell you Okay slow down Put the brake And so on Which one of these two will you liketo Ah go for if you are going for a car training Garland 1st 1 very similar Is the case with this all by Odeon ordinance So now when you talk about or Dynamo scarred what we’re saying one option is my autonomous car I have all the sensors which are taking the data and then it descending that data to the cloud And somebody on the cloud is doing the analysis which is your trainer sitting at home And then after doing the analysis it is stealing back What do apply a break Take the left take a right and so on So this is if you’re autonomous Scott is working based on the cloud analysis Then this is exactly what you just know denied for instead of that you would always like to work your order Thomas Scott Also in the first fashion Where in your trainer Your decision maker is sitting on the car itself And who is this decision maker Essentially these are going to be many many animal models It could be complex algorithms and so on So what we’re talking about that’s all that intelligence that was sitting in the cloud I want to bring down all that intelligence on the car Off course I have to ensure that car has enough Ah God s capable devices Who can run these kind of computes But that is fine I have to pay for it because I want to make this Scott Autonomous Second thing is I need to have a way to deploy all these things over here So that is where we will not go into detail of this But I’m just telling you the world so that you know that I owe the edge If you have already heard this is what I owe the edges all about which is ah it literally means bringing your i o t to the edge and edges of farting device So here you are trying to bring all your intelligence compute capability on the device itself And this could be because you want a decision in the near real time It could be because your device doesn’t have a capability to talk over Internet So there could be 34 scenarios in which you will do that But that’s what essentially I o t s and dot conceptually Willis any questions on this So uh now I come back over here on the portal in dire t have and ah what happens Oh coming over here again So what happens once you receive a message Once I would have received some message from our device Then what Where does it go How does it eventually Let’s I have to put this message in a database That is what my final target is I want this message to come and be stored in here How What happens between this I already have and the state of it So from I already have your message will go to our even tow you enter Is the default endpoint off I appear so from marriage goes to are you went up and from the event of to the state of Israel Multiple ways you can have as your function You can have a stream Analytics s a job running Ah between your uh you went up and database but the default and point that I was talking about is if you see over there in the standings there is something going to build an end point Now this building and point means this is a point that is based in the moon duplicate diary Have you don’t have to do anything else It is the default 10 point which comes along with the authority of so built in and of the movement A great irony ever even come by the fall gets created behind the scenes for you You You are not being anything extra for it You are only being s for the idea charges But all your messages that you’re sending you will see those messages get Think you will receive those messages from the ceiling of the desert default and the reason it is story building in point is because you can create your own

custom in points and you can send your messages to your customer in point says so But if you don’t know that this is where you will get all your messages by default Okay so now from you enter creating as your function or a jurist Stream analytics is again Ah as your function you can create it in see shop no bite and java And then you’re as your extreme analytics is also something If you want to create it again come over here and you can say created a source and search for extreme analytics shop and then provide the ah quite important you should be able to create as your extreme analytics So um it’s a azure extreme analytic job is very very easy to create and configure But there is only a couple of things that you should annoy Bo Day which is Ah yes is one of the thing which is very very native to Asia which means it can’t we integrated with things outside of pleasure So if you are using a jury stream analytics you kind of have our dependency off using measure This is one of those components and ah otherwise up It’s very easy to use all you have to do if you see on the left hand side in the joke job apology you have to do Ah inputs outputs queries So queries seven which will do that information for you Input seven from very want to receive the data So if you go to imports you if you say a rest streaming in port you can add a even a wire table The blob stories It’s only inputs that you’re gonna add are actually coming from azure outputs is a place where you want to put this state are so in the output you will see a big list You can put it in secret little vase stabilised stories Service wasn’t so there is a big list stuff bigly stuff out could ah that is every level for you but yeah so you can use a stream Ah analytics Ah for for moving the strata from even upto Ah si Querida base of power bi I or a service bus So any notions on this I I’m not going objective here is not to cover everything related to Ayodhya No but it it’s more group give you overview But more than that to answer the questions that you would have heard from the after going through the contents so is there any concept Anything that you want to ask later toe I already have our even tow Yes Sofia So keyboard we will some over in Ah I think another 10 minutes Should uh this uh this uh smartphone Sorry Prom scenario Ongoing Okay so I’d like to understand Like how does it comports Like smart home for example you have It’s these refrigerators and everything And people went the land to home before home Come on when they switch on like a scissors from the delights of all right before the devil Yes So yes Yeah So the way it works is we’re in your devices If let’s say this is your a c and ah this is I o t For example Now your devices connected over here This is something that you’re so if ah smart They say if you talk about right when you turn on the scene the manual it is certain that you have to connect your a c to the WiFi And how do you have to do that Or legs there When’s your A C Is connected to a WiFi and observe this This is um ah bare minimum condition You will see any smart A C you will find that it has to be connected to a WiFi for it is not connected to a WiFi You won’t be able to turn it on using your mobile phone So once the race is connected to a WiFi the court is returning the chip that one’s wife eyes detector and you’re able to connect Then you have to connect to a particle It’s not It need not Toby as your eyes It could be eight of Louis I did solution ALS so But you have to connect Why the solution or it could be a custom service is created by maybe Simpson or whoever is manufacturer off that easy But eventually it connects to a service Now you have been given a mobile app This mobile app knows the sec Ah hee I don’t know what they call it in the language of faces but like for the card it is vehicle identification number Very similarly let’s call it more a

lemur which is unique across all the aces Now your mobile will show Ah well ask youto ad Or maybe if you use the same log an idea and all the mapping between customer and the par chest mortal So if you use your customer Indian sawn it will start showing you your model number that you purchase and ah the move My lefts that have been created for these things they have So every model will have its own featureless strike Now a C model M one might have five features while ist immortal m two might have n features if I have purchased a mortal M one than I should be able to do on Lee those five features while if I have taken himto I can operate on 10 preachers All those things are taken care even at them awhile uplevel wherein you will be shown features As for your model So this is score usually the skull feature product mapping and ah in your back and as well as in the old friend And wherever you’re showing it to customers you have to do this mapping so that you’re not chewing any unwanted information Now if I have m one it will show me those five options These five options could be a simple Estonia racy on aura reduce the temperature and soon all this is not a city of more I’m talking about a mobile app in a sea remote Also I would have the same things But when I’m using the remote I’m using this near field communication I’m directly talking toa easy But when I’m using my mobile app I am not directly talking to a C I don’t have a way to directly talk to Izzie and I owned every limitation in himself How much proximity I should be in tow Have that communication We’re using them over a remote You have to be in a certain proximity But if you’re using them a while for you don’t have that imitation Why Because your mobile is never talking to your air conditioner directly This is not how this stalking your um a while is always stalking toe a cloud solution which even before it goes to up service called hired it will have some other And going to a germ a while would be sending this Come on So your mobile Ellis truck into a service riches and talking to oh I ot and I only when we say i o p two device connection it supports It doesn’t only support device to cloud communication It also supports cloud todos communication which is called sea duty So when you’re tired he receives a command saying that I need you saying that Come on Done on device I d one it will saying that command over here Now how does it work The moment there is um So ah in your device they would be using any any provided that you’re using There would be a sticker that it is coming up So in that s decay You can actually um say if I receive a command with the name turn on then this is what you have to do So anyway for your remote you would have return Whoever has ah ah is a manufacturer of they see they would have that c chord somewhere sitting which will say it from the remote You get this command and do this from the cloud Also you will have a line off world which will receive the commands received The message is coming from the cloud and there you will have a check If the common name is turn on then do this boat Whether you’re getting it from a vial or from cloud both of them are doing exactly same thing But this communication is enabled through cloud to device which any higher resolution whether a jury of Louis or even if you build on your own device to cloud and cloud device complication are two things that which is called bi directional communication that ah your service will provide a capability off Does that answer your question Yes Conditions should be always connected with the Internet with a wife a year So that’s what I’m saying If you if you talk about any smart eh see once you turn it on you will see and on the men will The steps are returned for turning it connecting into wife And another thing if it is not connected to a WiFi you look at your move my lap it will pay you It’s awful And it’s not only for days even for printers Right The smart printer sandal You will see that all normal while device If you go to that tap it will say it is offline right now So the meaning off off Linus it is right now not connected And how does it get detective deniability have I’ll show you so for example if I go back to the A I ot of I already happened I oldest Wilson are Same idea is a part off fiery solution So I already have his essential leader service offered by Azure which is ah Which is a guy who can connect all

the devices It is your interface for device communication but I already have a solution Will have lot many more components It will have one idea but will ever even double can have a service Worse it will have a p A service is notification Service is it will be mixed off Lord of Service is But yeah it will definitely have our idea because this is a guy who actually talks to the device Basically I already hub Um take the information and do the analysis and then show the cooperation No no no no no I already have on Lee Takes the information all it takes Information Yahoo And listen Yeah who doesn’t Delicious Yeah for analysis You have to use other service is so Ah that’s short For example if I come back here right this is a device This is irony huh No I think off idea is a good people No you’re a I ot of is getting the message after getting the irony of it Does not have any off its computer wearing you can do analysis or even write code to do the analysis No it does not have any testing on Lee Thing it has is it says you know I can talk to this guy and then you tell me where you want me to deliver this message by default I have even come to which I can send this message But if you want it to be delivered somewhere else tell me I will drop your message there That’s where my responsibility and I have I did not open your message I don’t know what to do this with this message I’m simply delivering your package to your desired location So this location could be a even though it could be a service rescue it would be a sad business Stop it But this is also not analytic service This is again a messaging service Even though it is a place where you’re gonna have messages sarees less is a place where then you can have messages infront off This is where you can have your analytics going on So from even have you can put your messages into a big data story you can put it in a blow You can put it an idealist And on top of that you can run your analytics by using lights data bricks and that your data bricks is running analysis every one sinner day kind off scenario So all you can ever look Lester or you can have a spark because this is a streaming um ah solution Right So in this park you can have your extreme analytic Cecil so you can have a spark Lester which is doing the analytics for you But analytics is happening somewhere here Idea is only responsible for establishing this communication and then moving that message to you in your event of or a service bus So let’s say I take an example off temperature control in a car this divi divis on the left hand child before isa device Ah which senses that there is a temperature increase This will forward this in this well anyway forward information toe irony Hub already huh Um Irby helps senses that there is Ah There isn’t time even know I I already have doesn’t already have does not sense even help senses that there is a no no even even have also has just a message This guy whether it is a spark or data bricks is that I who will sends all the stream analytics you end up is also think off You went as a cue off messages Think off service as a cue off messages even does not open your message It is simply ah extreme messaging that from you end up you can get a high throughput in terms off messaging So even the Walter does not open This layer is also just a message you earlier in the Curia don’t open the mess is somebody who is reading from the curious processing the message Yeah All this entity just exchanged information only spark in this case and realizes that he is There is a temperature it and then it will change our course Correct You actually Absolutely Now you brought up a very few eggs What do you mention Absolutely All that is perfectly fine It could be a spark It could be a criminal It exit would be Has your function anything which have the compute capability Now let’s say the very same example that you have given it is off furnace In the foreigners there is a temperature sensor And if temperature shoots beyond next degree then there has to be a corrective action No if lets a dis complete thing we’re in your message coming in and then getting processed and going back if the time it can take is not acceptable by the time for ness can explode Because if it goes we’re not certain degree Celsius

It needs a response It needs a corrective action within 10 milliseconds Let’s Yeah this is what I’m looking for And then I’m talking about this solution which also has unpredictable part to it which is my network So network thing could be unpredictable how the network bandwidth is behaving at that time And once my network whenever it has crossed then I have 123 components while processing the message and again while sending back I have to come through the same point So this might not be a solution that you would go for instead this is there You would rather implement I ot edge know what desire th i rd ages You will always keep on sending your data to the cloud But the decision making which is happening here either on this spark or as your function that decision making compute unit is something you will deploy on Prem rather than being deployed on the cloud Because in your case you can’t take a head It could result in a very high damages And you’re your ah non functional requirements is that if it goes beyond 10 milliseconds this decision taking goes beyond Emily seconds and it can have use repercussions So you will not go this route in steady will go with the IRA the hedgerow We’re in only this unit whichever your main decision making unities rather than putting it on the cloud you will make it sit on them on the Yeah i o t s o i o d A is Actually what it does is ah it can be installed on a device which has a computer and also now in the market You will see Lord of Devices are coming Which are I owed the edge ship in which I read ESPN store But what I owe the edges I would be a just nothing But it’s again a software by Microsoft So if you install I will be a software on the device What What it will do if this is a device in which I have hired the edge Now here I have I already have So if I show you the idea of right there you will see automatic device management There is a section which is for Irby Edge Now if I have to put a hold on Dyer is like we’re talking about the forest scenario So for that decision making let’s save created I’m l mortal In the ml mortal you will give current temperature pressure 56 perimeter and accordingly it will give you back Turn on turn off It will They could give you that decision Now I have created that model back model is right now sitting in the azure It is frustrating measure and I have to deploy that model on the device and there could be many many devices I have a manufacturing plant I am a big manufacturer off something and I have like 76 manufacturing plants across the globe In each manufacturing plant I have multiple furnace So I have to deploy the small elect multiple places Now somebody says you know what Deploy the model on all these places Mentally it will become a it will be unmanageable Furnaces is still something which I’m not going on a large crown But think of the same thing for automated car autonomous car There would be millions and millions off course and on the street And if you have to deploy a M l model on the car and you say you know what All that has tripled in manual it will become impossible job So what this idea is does it has a software running on the device which is called I would be a different time and this guy’s connected to your idea And if you have to deploy any cold on the device you can trigger that deployment from the cloud And your court gets deployed on the device as it gets another doctor image So eventually you will create a doctor image over here and you will tell i o t have that I want to deploy this mortal on Device one and Device one has a i ot Estrin time You are not talking to device on directly You’re only talking to I only have device one is talking to I would be of Iraqi Estrin Time is installed over here So I already have entirety Ezrin time talk to each other and gets your code up and running over here It is not as simple as I’m talking right now but this is I’m talking intellect Say 25,000 treat overview It has a concept off Bob Somewhere in your different models can talk to each other It has a concept off gateways relatives I would be hub more doing in bed So there are multiple things but essentially what it does for you is it gives your aging and that is in descending on

the device That agent is continuously in touch with your priority hives Whenever you want to do any new court deployment on the device that agent knows about it because you create a new deployment and idea and then it facilitates that Gordon abdication Or here you did the expected Damon off Absolutely Yes that’s right Okay Personally you were talking about the offline off No TV So what happened to some of the corn Yeah so we’re going is still unknown up If you’re uh it’s he’s not connected to a WiFi Then your mobile device will simply say it is offline and it won’t be able to turn it on So there are But I was tell you about scenarios were in You still have to do things even though your devices offering so practically what happens is this is your eye ot have right Whenever you’re I already have has to send them a sister device A message comes over here now if device is offline which means this connection is not there So I only have cannot send your message to devise their desperately So there are two ways one in your mobile itself You tell the user that right now device is offline so I cannot send the message In that case your user from here itself won’t be able to send a message to the idea That’s like a smart render the apse Most of them like SP print If you see it will tell you the rice is currently offline so I won’t be able to send up ring But let’s say the other ways you you never stop a command from going over here So you And now I’m talking about I don’t think that they will do this in a C because it’s not that Ah ah It’s ah it’s It’s not required there It’s not that kind of scenario But like in case off goddess the example I was giving the real world example I tell you how it was there So in case off car ah if in the night you have turned your car off right so your car is currently off off means it is all its sensors are down It’s running in low power morning soon and at that time it is not Think off if your mobile device is um there is a power several more and in the power saver more You can’t make calls because that takes more battery So similarly in your car device when it goes to that low power mode it it stops that connection It stops any continuous connection So I have a card and this is I o d And this is a mobile tower No this particular connection is broken in Ben car isn’t LPR flow power more hel p m but in the morning I have to send Ah start Injun message God is right No not connected User sends a message from them Awhile Message comes over here It does not even teach i ot the earlier before I ot message comes over here this guy checks whether what is the status of the device in the idea of you can see the status of the device so they’re disconnected or not This guy tries to Jack Where is the streets Off the device it gets disconnected So what It can do what they did Actually it’s not again Ah heretical thing It’s actually Ah practical example So what did used to do is if your car is disconnected it will send a SMS which is called rika pessimists and break up SMS is a pretty common terminology that there’s not a specific to this You will find the certain login most of the iady scenarios So even though your car is in low power mode your SIM won’t be having ah continuous connections travelers But it can receive SMS so it will send a Vaca pessimists Now what That wake up SMS will do as soon as car receives the wake up SMS it will establish a connection And after sending the week a pessimist it will wait for let’s say 30 seconds or 60 seconds and then trigger the command By the time the car would have received the wake of estimates it will connect itself in Your command will show So uh this is one off the pattern which is very commonly used Most of the odious scenarios were in You have Ah ah criticality off waking up device Even if it is off Yeah you guessed it The doesn’t have power It’ll not taking up with all the more Devon’s No If so if it is all dead If it is in that if it is in a reason where there is no Internet Oh sorry There is no network for

example like video mobile phones Also sometimes you go through a tunnel wearing there is no network right So if it is something like that then nothing can really Those are the scenarios you going do it that is beyond your handling But ah it does If it is in a region where when you have network wherein it doesn’t low power more you can connect But if you say okay my car is completely Doug It’s still I want to connect You know that kind with them Okay Yeah I think uh that’s correct Let’s move Tokyo Um so uh before we take unspecific cautions let’s quickly get over the off people for this cable Think off evil as your ah locker So you create lockers in the bank wherein you put in things which are really costly So skilled is very similar thing for euthanasia There used to be a time where in if let’s say you have to connect to sequel you will write the connection is string in your code and then your board would be hosted somewhere and it will run It will connect with sequel Losing That connection is string in stone But putting any kind off see creates or connection is strength in your court is no longer acceptable practice It is a security one number So you all there’s a service given to you by azure which can store these secrets for you or certificates for you And whenever you need them you can get it from there So uh if we go back over here and Ah Now if you look at the key world in the sightings there are DC Great sense are difficult Most of the time you will use them for secret Skis are like If you are encrypting the cramping your data then you can put those encryption decryption keys over here Sorry Difficult side If you want to store any of your certificates you gonna store that door there Secret is more like for the connection Is strength slated stuff That is what you put in secret And ah you can also give here in I am You can give a specific X Is there any question So in I am when you’re holding a user Ah at that time you can give excess around so you can give excess for your key world contributor monitor and so on And then here also you have something or excess policies So in the excess policies you can add a particulary user or a particular service to access your key world And you can tell if they can access on Lee the secrets or they can access your keys or certificates and what kind of oppression they can do like they can get the keys they can list a bit So these are various operations But what is this useful for So if I have ah If I go back over here and uh here I have a service Ah I have an upset of this And in this EP service from this up service I have to connect to Mikey World So they connect to my database now for from F service to connected database I need Of course I’ve read of this Connection is strong There is no other way You have to have that connection extreme But I’m not keeping that connection string over here Instead I decided to have a key role And I have that connection is stringing the keyboard So whenever you have a connection district to people you’re lucky name So I have given a key name like Sissi Call Underscore Con Is it going to disconnect Ministry So for me to get that connection a string I need to connect to the keyboard No for connecting to the key world Either I use a key world secret and all and stored those keyboards secret or plants are difficult inside my app conflict or because my at service is a resident off azure So I come over here I create ah minister identity for my app service And then I create excess policy And in this excess policy when I have to select the principle here I will select my app service And so that app service I will give the permission to read the keys from the keyboard So if I do that then I don’t have to go and explicitly provide things inside my absolutes Because now I am giving my app service permission on the key world from the portal itself Both of them are sitting in azure And as you’re a dick and take care of doing that authentication for me baby twin My service is rather than me putting anything in my app conflict So uh

uh yeah I think there are some questions as well on the key world Please go ahead with the questions Sofia Oh my question is answered in the explanation Okay Okay Okay I know Kristen Yeah going through my customers as theirs Can I manage My keyw are my one Prum eyes So they want a man is accused So in that case how does it work The second question is I should say that the story is by the forties injector on They use Kim or so do I need a tow You know secure Uh that started when you go or implement a keyword Traditionally Yeah You in four stories Right Okay so this is s o coming to the 2nd 1 first This is not just a specific to a story any Ah any data store that you have in Asia rather discuss most sequel stories account any any persistent stories that you have as your says that I always put your data encrypted and ah ah this is so Now the question was if a Jonas saying that I always keep your date encrypted Is there a need off doing something else Then we send protected at two types off Encryption one is B Why Okay which is called Bring your own key and second nous menaced So by default you get menaced What is menaced You don’t have to take You don’t have to worry about Aniki You are just sending data 01100 Whatever your days as your has a key which is menaced by a sure as you’re is using that key to encrypt your data before putting it into the detest Oh so it is doing the encryption for you You are No it’s You’re not even very devoted There is nothing visible to you in terms off key or anything Whenever you try toe Ah retrieve your data as your is taking care of decryption So you are nowhere in the patrol You are not giving any keys Everything is Minister I assure that side escorting managed 2nd 1 is be right Okay which is bring your own key So in case off bring your own key What happens This process off beta 0110 getting encrypted stored in database then getting decrypted before you get it remains the same with only difference that the key which is used to do all this now deck is not something which is minister by Asia That is something that you are giving Do as you’re that this is a key I want you to use for doing encryption and decryption You are taking the ownership off roading Yorkie And if you use B y Okay then your key sex in the cable So if I take you back to the portal And uh sure if I have any secret databases that let’s see No I am looking for it here But in the meantime so this is uh this is how ah basically the difference between the two is wearing If you are doing bring your donkey Then in that case you are taking all the ownership and ah it is more like you You’re taking more fine control off the security off the encryption off your data voices If you’re doing the menaced encryption if which is a default one in that case as your is taken care off the encryption for you So Dex essentially little difference And Lord of times it is driven by the Wallace C off your company Like every company has their own security policy And ah Lord off times it is driven by the security policy off their company that how is that a lot of bigger organizations that I have seen most of the lame they would like to go ahead with bring your own key because they have the Met your security teams who are goingto take care off managing the keys who are going to take care off rotating that he’s so they would liketo use a B y okay And ah yeah If maybe you are Ah startup company If you don’t have met your dedicated security you might want to 100 overto azure and ah ah let them do the key encryption for you Does it make sense So that scenario you love

the skills are well Tiki’s at 13 bays on the give I will look forward Go have our dedication from the skilful with their own probation That’s o s Okay if you’re if in this whole scenario your sequel server is on So everything that I say is doing that when we are this I was explaining right I have the sequel server in Azure and I have this cable off course is also in Asia And and there is a select me actually created because that will make it a lot easier And uh when you actually create the venue enabled a sequel server then it will ask you it will ask you what is a key was name and what is a key name that you want to use for Ah key encryption So let’s quickly see that while you were doing that any other question on the key world So I don’t have ah course available for creating it I have to get rid off some off the course But anyway so basically if you if you create a sequel server there you will see whenever you select for of minus key you will get it I have always Janet with the sequel server in the cloud If you can put your email ID in the check what I can do is because for on Grimm ah I have to take out that information that how will it be How will it behave from for on Grimm a menace to keep with the keyboard in the cloud So if you can put your ah email idea on the check what I can do is I can forward you some off the ah information on on Prem scenario specifically Yeah any other questions on the key world So ah now one more concept that you should be aware off ism and its identity related to the keyboard only And this man instead identity is something like ah ah for a app service world I only covered it but I want to call it out specifically so one way earlier even when the people came in initially And if any of the service want to put anything in the keyboard and then tried to access it for that they have to connect to the world And for that connection they have to keep sardine things later To give a word in your conflict they have to have the certificate client certain store So which means our rear your keeping things slated to sequel connection Now you are keeping things Lady Toki board So what is Minister identity Many stridently Same concept we’re in as your states When both off You’re my residence Why Why do you need to be here as if you don’t know each other at all F service is also bring me The world is also within me via Does ab service needs to keep things later Toki world for making the connection Instead of that I have something or majority have service will create its own managed identity and it will give that minister identity access on the key world And now you don’t need to store anything Unspecific Toki Wall over here rather than on leaving you need of course is a key role to you All right which is no secret like it is only that you are just as good as something got extorted by dot com So you have that you are a and if you have excess if you have given access Ah if you have given access to a minister identity to the key role in Azure then I will allow you to connect to that particular you are and perform the operations that you are entitled to in terms off Whatever excess you have given for retrieving the keys are for ah adding the new keys whatever that excesses So that’s a minister identity construct It is not available for all the service’s but they’re making it Ah slowly and gradually they’re making it available for as many as they can So it is therefore app service It is therefore as your function Ah and I think 56 more But it’s still a lot to cover No a cz your de VOCs Ah so as your develops is um I’m sure Lord if you would be already familiar with the develops construct so ah develops essentially is ah process in which you try to bridge the gap between your team Who’s gonna maintain the solution and the team who is developing the solution And you You do this by automating your processes by streamlining your processes and so on And as your develops is one off the tool

which is Ah very popular You can lease thereby going toe dev dot as your dot com Just a second I’ll toe Ah you have ah pipelines as an ah see I silly pipeline score depository And you also have boards to monitor your progress and so on I’m trying to see if I can Ah so this is Ah this is outta your develops Ah ugh I looks like and on the left inside if you see you have over you boards riposte by blind test plan and our defects The things that will be most common like if you are from que extreme than afford the test plans Otherwise as a developer ah you will lose the Lord proposed by places are defects and over So what do you use A place where a new polio victim documentation it’ll mean is repose in the repose is This is very a great repositories And the pipeline is where you have Ah you can create your CCD pipelines Now one thing there was a question as well at on the surface to connect to the has your develop So if I go toe let’s say create pipeline and I used a plastic editor over here Now in the these are the options that you get for your pipelines to be created on So in terms off source these are all the source that you can use for if you are using on Brumby offense Ingalls there is a migration part within You can move You’re the f s to as your develops And if you need that I control why do that Documentation restocks about step by step how to take care off that migration But using that you can do that Ah and move your go Do the A CZ your de VOCs created by planes over here Similarly within azure develops Also it’s not necessary that your court has to sit in as your repose You can create a biplane on the great tub Bit of enterprise server subversion It supports Big bucket coward as well and it has this other great Well if you say a connection you can give a good deposit to you are ill And so So uh these are the different sources that have been supported And this I selected the classic editor This is the older version But now if you want to call it with the new one then if you come over here you will see that you should do it in the animal So basically you select the one that you want to use and then you will eventually create ah Jamel file rather than a u ey But you have bulldog sense available Then comes your release pipelines So ah you can create your release pipeline as well And you can have your CIA and City pipeline invigorated with each other as in whenever a CIA is executed then your CD will get executed You have lord off before template So few have as Europe’s service Essentially just you apply Ah you don’t really have to do much It has already agenda task for you that this is a task that can do the job for you All you have to do is select you’re upset with name from the ah Azure That word is a service name on which you want to do the deployment and the subscription off course So there are many default templates There is a very rich marketplace If I click on air that task you will see these us There are so many to us which are there in the marketplace and most of the common stuff that you’re looking for you will find that task already every level for that know whether it’s related to deployment or it is slated Toe See I part off it but you will find most off it already present Then there are concepts off task groups Deployment groups of these are again the reusability within the pipelines itself Rather than repeating that task you can create a task I think off it as a reusable unit If I have to use 56 us at palatable by planes So I create a task up so that if it all I have to make any change tomorrow Ah are any change in future then It is a single place change kind of stuff He wanted himself for your cold right You have so much control in terms of processes that if you are creating a branch there is a concept called branch policies so you can go to brunch policies and here you can What of restrictions In terms of you can say ah court Can we check in only after a minimum number off 2341 Devere has reviewed it even on the review comments How do

you want to behave if you want to reset the review once said Our new changes and so on can Onley allow the margin There are lingua items on Lee allow When all the comments have been resort Morse types you can add the bill validation policy That march can happen only after bay is successful So you you can add automated Ah like whenever a PR is created our boom it likely it will be saying to start inside off reviewers So you have Lord off control over there You have control on that Ah on what kind of permissions you want to give 30 members as well so you can go to project sightings and in the project settings Actually you can If you go to the teams you can give specific permissions you can create a multiple team says you can create a development team You can create a cure team and you can give Define the access control on the team and then a specific members to that team So if you go to the permissions by the fall we will see it will come with Bill Administrator These are the default ones Demo team is on that I think I would have created But all other are the default ones And ah if you select any off this you can abate the permissions And these permissions are again ah listed in the same way Like you have the functionality over here General and Boards Analytics Tess plans So you have a control on Ah the access management as well Okay so coming back over here Ah Vicky’s also very powerful thing which is like for keeping all your project documentation So it’s no longer Ah it’s It’s more open source mindset Right now it is Ah Ricky fits into that It’s something wherein you have living documents It’s not a version you created two months back and now you are working on a new words in and so No it is always a living document You created a document of modifying it And uh everybody is uh it’s a living entity at the end of today so ah boards is more for project management Project managers were in You’re going to find your sprints You going to find whether you want to use a scrum or Cambon and then you can run queries you can ah see the board symptoms off your progress off work items and so on So this is used a lot by the for the project management and proposes for your cold sandal by planets for your CS silly s planets for your cue execution artifact dysphoria If you want to Publisher I devil let’s say you have multiple injured pulling my groceries are directional or you are being a composition wherein you ever called be Respublika is the packages and you have created your own package depository So all other teams are supposed to take packages from there so you can use our defects and you can create a freed everybody else and connect were freed from there or it is also used If you want to ensure that nobody is using the package is publicly available You want doing force that only after the scrutiny off those packages happen by your organization you can use them Then also you can actually create your own field over here Um yeah That’s uh that’s kind off of you There was a question on the f s to ah Thea vest Raise your hopes I’ll I’ll give you the ah document There is a step by step Ah they in which you can actually do the migration from ah GFs to as your devils One more thing Um ah Sonar Cuban doll The quality tools that you have read the popular quality tools All of them can be very easily integrated toe as your devil So uh you you you can just read them It’s part off your CIA spy plane and it will start giving you report around deck You can do the stiffest One say for example has a central on prayer Okay so it’s really want migrated to is you’re actually but I want as your closest to be used to connect to this thing on prim PF A source who pipelines like to build on gender the seasonal Oh so you just don’t as your develops Ah ah See a CD by plane for on Mt if it’s okay and our defense is that you are right now using So you would have already had the pipeline’s All

those pipelines are currently hosted Ah like how have you created those pipelines Oh Security and being the oldest manual bills in off Oh it’s not It’s okay So that the FSC are not using the automated makes The recommendation with the F s is about actually toe migrating toe as your only these on dream scenarios I um So I have worked on the data migration per se but these hybrid ones speaking unless you exposed the porter to be outside you cannot do that You know that is that that those are the prerequisites said you have to do like because at the end of the layer as your develops is something which is not on him It is sitting on the cloud and for it to connect And in this case that you’re talking about for see a CD by plane it will pull all your court from there and then it will do the bill on the cloud and ah Then it will publish it So the your packages to freely and soon from very R rest of the floor will trigger So you have to expose that port And uh uh Laura companies hesitate to do that But technically is something I’m looking for That this hybrid scenario Sure there’s still be uh whether it is even supported or not If the positive is available online then I think you know But in this case of this spear for Santorum so online it this fall If your boys available online then it is off course the river But the scenario we’re talking about is that you ever tfm on brim So you have a T F s server which is sitting on for him And only thing you want to take a one page office as your develops I’ve plans feature You’re not You’re not putting your cord in the azure develops triple your court is still sitting in your T f s But you just want your pipeline to connect to your fee if s like the road building published our defect in your city who take it from there Yes I understand that correctly but you have developed So this is also which can be you know the same pipeline features available on their also right Yeah that’s what I just that sort of has that currently when you’re using the GFS there are using already using the uh by plants because even with the best you can do that But I think that include has women Manu Elise What Yes it is already done You can leverage the biplane feature even in no no in those our instances Any particular reason you’re looking for only Claude is the question that they just wanted to know Like way can wait This is a service is to pull two point deficit victory And you can see as long as the as the port is open and the repositories exposed You can You can of course Stuart a question I will put it There is a part of my own frontier That’s the can’t You can get the lettuce into the building here See It can Like I said the only only differentiator is whether you’re depository is exposed to club So that opening I mean from coming Okay there you can open it Then there’s no problem at all Like a clear how mentioned that How can I build a biplane like here It is asking me So afraid to hear I’m looking for a source which connects to mighty if something Yeah basically you’ll have a good report You order which will get you will be providing They’re dirty Berlin in the see when you build a biplane Basically there are two biplanes One is the release in the on the basic biplane Basic Piper And you just have to give the depository you are in it will pull the thing and all the other things are available just like that Right Like any other label which is But it’s not a good actually That’s what Well it’s not a good get on Its normal are defensible Yeah it’s a mom So there is I think if I remember correctly just give me a sec Theo Fess bridge which was created by it was created Regular tub only Good GFs bury something like that day Yeah I think this is so So this is Ah this is something which has been Ah it’s a good devil In the end it’s a solution for Ah good B F s kind of bridge solution which which creates a communication between the two But you know the kind of scenario that we’re talking I have seen not dysentery but very similar thing when it comes to the sonar Cute So a lot off organizations they had their coats sitting on from on da Then when it

came to sonar cube analysis either you have to have on prime servant or you can have it on the clothes So what’s on r cubed us It will pay for your poor and Bennett will run analyzers So if you have your port if your organization is ah you to security aspect ce not letting your code sit on the cloud there is a very uh no probability that they would want their coats to rebuild on the clothes where I’m trying to say it is This is on Grimm boundary And if I’m saying I want my coat Toby sitting on Lee within this boundary and anything that’s good goes out of this laundry is only the packages that gets deployed in Asher but the corn based and the package creation all that is happening within this boundary I don’t want that to be exposed outside And once the package is buried then for the final deployment on to azure service it might be going out but otherwise it will no not leave this moment Now if that is the kind of some it could be due to a security or it will you do something else But if that is how it is then the probability is very low that they will They would want to have scored still getting checked in here But this scored then going over here on the cloud for building then bank aging and then getting deployed Because not the moment you do that Eventually Ah better way would be to first my greater t f s to get itself and then take it from this Okay I know I’m just bouncing And one thing like Bill T f B c deposit Okay Mmm So is it something It was interesting that you’re okay So uh let’s connected And actually I’ll stay back on the call so that we can click of a rest of the things and Yeah so uh then uh eso this is mostly on the level Sparred with him You can do the management you can now armed template send All right that we talked about earlier Ah when you do as you’re develops there are when especially when you talk about the pipeline So this is CIA solidify Plans were just continously integrating your core and doing their deployment But now you also talk about infrastructure as a food and what is in fresh extras quarters All there’s your components that you’re creating all of that All that creation should happen from the court So it should happen from terra forms or from up template so that it does not have a manual dependency in terms of three creation So you usually create one more pipeline which is called infrastructure as a cool So I you see is what the discord eventually But this will be a CD pipeline and it will take all your templates and it will do their deployment And I can under city pipeline and number of times and every time I run it it will end up building my infrastructure So ah that’s sorting for sexual aza Good is and it’s um um most of the match your organization using Ah and it’s very handy Because if there is a disaster or if if something has gone wrong or you want to spend up the same environment in the Friend Data Center then all these things come in very handy Okay Ah no On the as your service fabric as your service traffic is again it is one off the computer offering from Asia And ah this is a cluster waste computer offerings Ah when I think Mr Based you might find it similar to the APP service But there is one underlying difference at El Pollo So in venue create Ah ah service several cluster You define the number off notes and you define the type off north So again you say I need a ah it core 16 GB than machine and so on and how many off them I need So you created at Leicester for yourself now Similarly nap service also you used to tell what is Ah ah type off the M in terms of computing memory and how many instances how many nodes do I own So you’re doing the very same thing over here But in case off service you used to do that and your responsibility used doing there You don’t have ownership to men is these notes It is something as your is taking care for you But when it comes to service

fabric you have our DP toe All these notes you can do R V P over here and you are taking care You are managing your cluster You are they in care off putting the baby you’re digging Get off Not putting them So now that you can do our baby you can have a complete control You can install ding sound a perfect so with the at your service A fabric you have more control in terms off infrastructure No it can have it said one day just can have explicit one basis So at one day just like off course with the more control you have over control off installing certain things if there are some predict with its spirit software said we have to put in You can do that Ah granular control you can take on basically one pages are Eun If we are going for a very simpler straightforward kind of scenario then you will end up spending Lord off effort in this which is not worth it Because you you are You’re working towards a simple scenario where you just start to like the old host right You don’t really need any kind of fine control Ah in that case if you go with that service maybe you will save you can complete the same war in 3/4 of the time that it will take you to do that with the and said with fabric other major thing that you have to be really careful when you service fabric is the security aspect Because if you guys recall the NSC rules and all that we talked about when you create us assessed Lester you have to take care off creating those and Nancy rules You have to ensure that when you’re creating a cluster in the cluster you can also create the friend pool types Actually it is calling no type So I have decided to take three notes off one day and five notes off another diaper for mayor Let’s call it five months So three notes I have taken off type when I’m think type here type is always ah particular compute anger memory So this is for my friend Bang This is for my back No creating the and as usual for days then creating than is usual for this Putting these things in a sub net and then in a V neck all that is something beyond networked Apology is something that you have to define You have to take care but you don’t need to do if you’re using ab service So I have used the rest of it But that was on asleep Ah don’t Five years back we’re in be used it But after that once absolutes came into play Ah personally I have no use service African any of the solution It’s always either ab service are the as your function is which is being used for mostly So one more thing which is very very specific about service fabric is state full service biggest the feature that you won’t find in absolutes or anywhere else So if you have a scenario office straight full service then you must use observance of service fabric What is the state full service so far any service that we talk about like a p A service as your front you know anything that you have returned so far in your career you will always say OK I have a court and I have that data So I Mai Ko knows how to access this data Whenever I need it I get connected to my data store get the data process it or whatever logic I have to execute Give it back This is the standard way Right now what is a spate Full service state full service sees I keep your court and data on the same note Let me keep them together Let’s not have a distributor To some let’s not have a network called toe Get your data So it essentially says If I am a note I will keep your court as well as your data your date I’ll keep it on my desk and I will keep on doing that application so that it is not a single note failure kind of scenario but a state full service is a service we’re in You can keep that data along with your court and there again you have to do the partitioning So in the state full service your partitioning logic also consent to plea very new partition your data so that if you have multiple instance there’s so every instance will keep its data for the displaced partition and the court will be sitting here So whenever you will execute it is no longer making a network Paul It can access the data right away on the very same old This is what the concept off state full service is And this state full service construct is available only in service fabric Any questions that

would take over the repair of the champions of Yeah it is But it does come with its own complexities So basically if you are going with the state full service service is it is very popular in micro service Again the state full service Uh the thing is the backward compatibility the forward compatibility does kind of constructs waas lot off maturity in the team and the design So if a team has the maturity and if they are ah if there ah in terms of design very much we’re in the think off these my new details they can go ahead and do it But if it’s a team which is not that mature than using this might create a bigger problem than going with the simplest tickle the problem is many of the customer demon lord alone Your application that you’re the same box They point out that this is not okay So like maybe let me correct myself This is not really our venue said database It’s not really a sequel or any other state Full service subleases Gord End Data Right now we are not talking about a sequel databases You might still have a person suspended a store where you can keep on sinking this So every 15 minutes I might be singing it with up was a standard That’s true but I have Ah so think off it More like you have the disk right in your laptop You have your disk Now if you’re running out on Sola por If you’re running a program which is creating files and putting it on the desk for reading files showing images from that disk it is very similar to that Only you don’t have to go and it’s not like it’s not coming up with the order resilience signal So when you create a state full service you defined in the murder of replicas for each off this I want to replica or three replica So the data here will be replicated across those many notes so that even if there is a failure you have the secondary which can become the primary and uh do the job for you It’s Ah there are a lot of big solutions which are running and using the state Full service I can’t name I know one of them It’s like I said I worked out I can’t name that but here it is a pretty good ah option And it fixing good with the Arctic election and design provided the team which is implementing is really mature from the customer point off you from security and all Ah this is if you are If you meant to say that keeping did a store and did uh hold on the same machine is a security risk is what you’re trying to say for them are keeping them destroying you Yeah the business is business Yeah so it’s like if you’re doing a micro service are Alexis right Like I have a user service I have ah ah local service I have Ah Ah Hey man in service So have these A small a small service is now If you are doing a true microsurgery is what you will do Each service is individual slice which means you have the service you’re ever soon Dada you have the service You also have its own it Now instead of doing that I created all three of them as a state Full service is because the state over here is now You have dissected user service has data which is only specific to usurp remain Service says they’re savages on the special equipment There could be 1/3 service which is like say call it a mapping service Mapping service is a service with the estate of which is joining the payment and user But now that I haven’t dissected instead of going through with this ah with two different layers for daytime or I decided to use the state full service and there’s a state full service I created a cluster and in the cluster I created five notes and in the five notes I deployed three State full service is when is the user One is be maintained other than his vehicle I deployed three instances off each but which means here in this five note in one note I might have user as well as payment running and and doesn’t know what I might have payment as well as user as well as Waco Learning subway security will

be shared Your resources will be shared But now I am not having separate databases for my transactions My transactions are happening from the state fully be only although every 15 minutes I am dumping my date estate to a poor suspended A store And this state a story I’m using for trooper possess one for analytics And second to restore a backup in case off a complete data center Go stone Okay Any other questions Okay so um I’ll put up my e mail lady here in case Ah you have any Anything that you want to discuss later on So this is my email lady And if you if if there is any scenario that you come across and you want some maybe point symptoms of documentation you need some hands on pointers Ah feel free to reach out to me There might be some delays in the response but I’ll surely try toe respond back to you No for the Ah yeah for anybody said You guys have That kind of brings us to the closure Uh and on the good part to please a step back on the bridge Let’s discuss it and ah yeah for uh good if there is any cushion So yeah I think for the rest of the topics Ah Ah at a high level I tried to cover if there are any concepts I tried to put it through But if if there is any other special question to shoot me an email Ah wish you guys all the very best for all your future And they’re worse Thank you Okay so thank you Thanks a lot Ah Okay So Prague Misha for the ones related to Yeo Think you said this link that you have put in leg That’s this progress the link which you sent It’s more on the devil So what I guess I e I talks about death but only thing is we goes against as your pipeline state s s o just to explain I think so Because I’ve been using it extensively Ok see that is the absolute and the wops cloud Right So the develops over has all the functionality off off my plane And it can also talkto you know even any entity Officer Positive Also so yeah So if you’re using Ah you know that develops there were installing a local machine It should be possible to do Are you know what we are like Leverages the piper unfortunately also And also doctor that he was defenseless You know that it was it Okay But I have taken this because I think you are also interested in knowing how to do that right on so interesting How part So I have taken it I’ll find out demonstrate documentation around it Ah which can give you ah step by step by to do that for any collect to you To your email Sure sure So I had one more question in Europe So So in my company we’re trying to see if we can have access tried for like you know for discussion So for example in over India setting access rights So what we’re trying to see is if we can have a specific Ah you know only give for discussion You know rights to people eh So what we’re able to see is only contributor or you know we are able to give us a leader or some other rights which are dead But if you want to give very limited functionality we didn’t find it a bit And you know from the projects sightings if you go so like Michele Bachmann screen Yeah So basically um this is this is Ah this is a list with you again huh Come again So if you look a cure there is like I don’t think he can edit something or you can you know But there’s nothing like only for discussion Ah there is a discrepancy really made on the weekend All in the Volk item If you see basically they’re coming Switch people right Right Just call it a discussion Okay No no no no Yeah So big discussion is just a one off the the work item That is just one part off a trick Now you’re moving you say just for the discussion Essentially you eventually that discretion is abating The work item Also if you’re putting any information there is doing a date off the work I damn in itself Okay now bad kind off grand alerting where

If I want to say I don’t know and don’t give any other day but discussion No it is not okay But just so that I understand what is the kind of scenario wherein you would want to do that Soviet Some people like documentation team except all right so where we don’t want them to be changing the different fields of the work item So basically they should not change any status or anything But they have rights too Only you know comment on their daughter You know like if that is some deadlines even mentions that some of these questions to be happened some questions to be released So they are not owner of the work item they just contributor in terms off discussions which are that Okay so uh in that case just I think it’s ah it should be a matter of time There in uh team gets understanding off what specifically have to change But in the meantime you can run a query which is last changed by and using that very AKI’s maybe on a daily basis Or you can put it on a dashboard you can track whether if it all there is any change which is not wanted going question waken attachments I’d like for any Yes So you have attachment You can So if I go again if I try to create a new task Ray so head if you see you can put a link and that that’s my link is about you can link it to any of the other item in the VSO Ah sorry As your develops and then a testament is where you can put their testament Okay So any other questions Just just some explanation about how we could leverage So when we say about biplanes on their different agent pools Ah so off course can they be like you know Carol builds in a sense like presently the cooling system happens right It depends on the other So if you have multiple agents then it can happen in Paris So there are two uh two ways in which you can achieve the palace And basically one is Ah uh if you have everything is re fault right then if you only one agent with you then off course or you will have to wait But if we have more than one aging then 88 elephants Number of virgins is a call to number off a little bit Said you can achieve that does want Now the other thing is which is a little bit more than once that we didn’t wanna be within one bird So let’s say I have ah sequel server which is uh Aah Aah Why uh Shard X equals of what I have So what does that mean I have ah multiple databases These are copy off each other There started but they have the exact same deck back So their scheme eyes Exactly Same Now if I have to update the deck back if I have introduced a new table that knew that bag has to be deployed in all three now this this deployment this part off a single pipeline singles really pipeline So one way is that I do it for 1st 1 That backpack deployment then the 2nd 1 Then the card on this is step number one A step number two Step number three Now if I do this it means I’m sequentially doing it the other ways If I have let’s say five agents I still keep it as a single pipeline But I can rent these three tasks in parallel So if you if you look at your biplane configuration that you create Ah if it would be a relief I plan for example And uh you know any selector Yeah Get the same team So in here If you uh come to agent right there in the parallelism you have auction off men versus my big configuration We’re worse is multi agent now what is this small big configuration in multi configuration In this case for example wherein I had to deploy it into three different databases right so I can declare a variable called sequel Devi’s This is a very evil name in the variables in the pipeline variables I declare a very well call sequel Libby’s right here and there I provide these three sequel database names Comma separated to each other Now after that if I come over here and in my agent configuration multiplier all you have to do is you have to just say my people heiress sequel DBS which is nothing but your variable name that you have declared maximum number off agent If I say too now against this variable I have given comma separated values off three databases What it will do It will automatically dissect those three comma separated into three individual values and it will rent wetter time although they are three

values But because maximum number have given esto so it will do that that bag deployment for two at a time and as soon as when it’s street will do it for the next one If I make it three all three will run in pelant Only thing you have to be careful about this If let’s say all stirred this is step after that bag deployment There is a step in which you have to do sequential things Then in that guest you have to egg a new agent So any anything If you have given a multi configuration for a particle oration than all the tasks which are under that agent will be run in parallel So if you have something like a tree if I build a tree over here which is ah like this that I start I can run it in three parallel branches Then I Marge back again One branch three parallel branches march back And so this is my agent one This should be agent to this should be a gentry This should be with none configuration This should be with multiple configuration Political But there don’t see really only write like a one will happen for ST Oh then 80 Absolutely A one A two A three hour happening serially and didn’t even than anyone working party Absolutely One more question Sorry if I’m if you are going So I see I have this one more One more like when you said about you know these quality tools You know that’s good support But at the same time there are some quality tools Like for example we’re using clock works which has a in Donald license with an object broke Right So we cannot leverage the clothes The instance for that Yeah that were forced to use ah local local machine a local agent and then try to find it so that but at the same time what we’re trying to see is how we can leverage something like Docker for doing it you know for because now the use cases for every branches which is happening in the past from the develop over you want to you know run the spy plane So you know what we’re trying to see is whether we can leverage that part All right so how do you like I don’t want just to you know from your thoughts How do you go about doing that Something like this on a dock Yeah Ah for doctor I mean Doctor has a pretty good support over here in dms off Ah building I’m is pushing I miss to a CR pulling the image All those things are has a pretty good support You have marketplace tasks already there Ah but my challenges like my license will be there only my my network So including Dr Everything has to run my my uh bedrock honesty Yeah Yeah I e s o uh basically you are You have a cord and you are eventually are trying You are eventually trying to build a maze Right What is it just to give you See there’s a leg left by plane which is going on so it pulls us So squatters in chlorate shelf right there upstairs You’re Yeah but now ah leave One other tool of calamity tools which we follow is in the look like the licensing this company gene within the premise J So for that I need to branch out come to a local machine on go back You know for that stone can happen So this tool the tool What on earth is doing It’s only ah it’s similar to like also not cooperate Okay look best quality metrics It is generating a lot of people but only that it’s a it’s a license after it So I have to branch inside my network Yeah back But at the same time I want you all to Britta Parallelism like like we mentioned Right Because if there are more than like if there are multiple low you know Oh people trying toe in off the branch levels Developers are trying to go on wells I don’t want it to happen Seriously I’m trying to see if I can do it properly Yeah so uh see uh this is um uh huh I mean ah one off the challenge Very similar to what you’re saying Before the sonar came on Cloud this is around maybe 23 years back They held on crime only you have to put on prime service And even though your court is sitting on the cloud it has to Ah fetch Elect code and then it will run that analysts on Prem And then you will get the dessert So we also ahead very similar thing with this on Al que itself But now that they have come on cloud that the let’s take enough Even in that case a couple of things that might help you is if one is like the marching the bills So for example Obey got feud and then another baby uh came over Then it takes their off more zing them automatically that is I think one of the siding said Does Zach ending eso parallel religion One more thing that we used to do is now in your case the tool that you’re talking about which is running on Prem How much time does it take to

run the execution So you’re the challenges like like you said right Because the source quarters and Cloward now each time I needed replicated that you see and so school being quite big great but that that’s that’s something that s o oneness strategy that I tell you what we for loading This is something before Lord for good one Yeah I guess so We Venice See I believe which is your continuous integration There is a disadvantage to this And there is a one day just now you’re seeing a bill is something that you have multiple developers right You Stella But every time they’ve created will request your c I gets triggered You know your C I bring should not take a load off time if your c i a ballistic in lord of Time it means it has an impact on the efficiency off your developers They have to wait for that duration for the check in And if bullets are getting cute than their check ins are getting killed and that duration is a victory there every day So what we did in our kissed the sonar Cuban I’m talking about It used to take around 40 to 45 minutes But a baby that was that I’m reduced today So what we did we took it off from the CIA instead of that be created a delivery and daily Billie BU student every night around two AM So every night at 2 a.m. This bird will run and the sonar Cuba step was part of this Billy It was not part off my CIA So which means every day once after Del Period when I know uh team is probably not working That is the time I was running this world which will come to on Graham pick the cool dude analysis It might take its own sweet time Maybe one are And give me the results The advantages It makes your check ins faster much faster and develop our efficiency increases This advantage is the court quality of you that you are getting is a delayed view Which means at 2 a.m. Is what you are getting the view for the last working day What happened until 12 PMF team is working till 12 p.m now Next day whole day What is happening You will come to know only in the night I too am But then we had second the process toe Ah capture it which is like every day As soon as the bill got run it will send you the best report And in the build report you will get if there are any shoes with the poor quality All of them used to get their signed immediately and then you have to ensure that they are all fixed s part of her other work that you’re doing for the next day so yeah Yeah that that is a big It’s like chicken I mean you have to somehow balance out right for us because our deaf team was around 60 member people And with 60 members people you can’t afford to have a big duration off this long It will create a mess So uh that’s why we had to go with this road But this is one of the example I can quote which is very similar to the problem that you have Show show Thank you Thank you So uh thanks Thanks guys Uh and yeah Again Wish you all the best Thank