Electra Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Review – $3.7k

(bell dings) – Hey guys, we’re in Coquitlam, Canada, beautiful day, and we’re checking out the new Townie Path Go! 10D, and the 10D stands for 10-Speed Derailleur, okay This bike is new to me It’s 2020 model and pretty exciting because it’s got the Bosch PowerTube, 500 Watt hour battery pack, right there A lot of cool integrated features like the lights and everything, but the first thing that caught my attention about this bike was that they also have the Vale Go! 9D, its 9-Speed Derailleur That one is a little bit cheaper, 3,299 versus 3,699 for this bike So I was like, “what’s the difference?” They both have the down-tube integrated battery This model, the Path, they come in this nice high step, as well as a swooping step through that looks really beautiful, bunch of colors I think it’s kind of a, his and hers set up possibly, Whereas the Vale only comes in a step through And the interesting thing about the step through on that is, it doesn’t have the swooping like curvy look that the Electra is kind of known for It’s more rigid and angular, which is more of a Trek thing and Trek does own Electra So maybe they’re just kind of blending the two companies a little bit The biggest differences I noticed about these two bikes is that comparing the Vale to the Path is that this one, the Path has the Bosch Performance Line motor which gives you up to 65 Newton meters of max torque, 300% support Versus on the Vale you just get the Active Line Plus, which gives you up to 50 Newton meters of torque, 270% assist And I think one of the big things for me is that the cadence support is a lot lower on that one It’s 105 RPM whereas this one’s 120 RPM, but they look very similar I mean the casing and everything, even the way it pedals, there’s kind of this like clunk feeling when you stop that I’ve complained about a little bit with some of these motors in the past It’s not the end of the world and I’m looking at brand new bikes So perhaps that goes away, but it is something that I noticed This is definitely my preferred drive system right here Okay, because you just noticed it, it’s a lot zippier, it’s still very quiet, fairly efficient I haven’t range tested these, but the Bosch system does give you some feedback about estimated range They have the same batteries and everything, but this motor is just a lot more sporty, a lot more satisfying The interesting thing is this bike has quick release skewers nine mm front and rear So 100 mm hub spacing, 136 in the rear, but yeah quick release skewers versus the Vale they went with through axles like 12 mm through axles It’s just odd to me, and that’s a big upgrade That’s kind of like a mountain bike type of a part in Back here with the Path We’ve got a quill stem right here, which it kind of adjustable height and stuff, but 25.4 mm handlebar Bore versus 31.8 So the Vale is set up It almost feels more like sturdy mountain bike kind of thing Even the fork it’s like this hydro form tapered versus this is just kind of traditional Look It is an aluminum alloy fork, I was expecting steel And in fact, the fenders, these are also aluminum alloy, beautiful paint match, same thing with the chain cover Now this is steel and I’ve noticed that the chain will bounce around and bump into that occasionally and I hear like the clunker ding, and you could get some rust on this over time, but it does keep your pant leg clean The Vale has a nice, just a guard, like a chain ring guard, just like this one and it’s silver whereas this is black kind of blends in with the motor They both have a 40 tooth chain ring So again, drive train fairly similar You just get an extra gear here and you have a wider spread, 11 to 42 teeth versus 11 to 36, and a really nice derailleur here This is Shimano Deore with a one-way clutch So in the down position like this, it’s fairly loose, easy to remove that rear wheel for maintenance and servicing and stuff also makes shifting a little bit easier, but you’re really supposed to ride it in the locked position It’s a lot tighter, it’s not gonna bounce And this is more of like a mountain bike part that I’ve seen in the past So to see on kind of a cruiser bike for neighborhood riding and again, a Performance Line motor, this is the sportier set up It’s just, again, it’s sort of interesting that they chose this motor and this drive train for the frame that it looks a little bit more casual to me So anyway, the fenders do a good job in them being aluminum alloy They’re still sturdy, they don’t make a whole lot of noise, but they’re not gonna rust They could get bent compared to plastic, but they are so beautiful Just paint match like this, and then check out this rack 25 kilogram 55 pound max weight It’s got a flat surface and a nice little bungee loop at the bottom In fact, on the step through back at the shop I saw they actually had a double bungee So perhaps it comes with that and this one’s just missing It’s a nice rack! You could potentially mount like a child seat to this, or really loaded up with cargo,

versus the Vale, it has like these futuristic looking silver bars that they almost act more like fender support arms, and maybe Pangaea hangers versus an actual rack That’s rated the other one on the Vale It didn’t have any kind of rating And it had a Yeah, I guess it just kind of threw me off I was like, “Oh, what’s the deal with that?” Both of them do have a bottle cage bosses, which is nice, especially for an integrated battery design like this, the weight from the drive system is all low, centered Paint matched cover right here, which is another it’s nice But if you have this bike and the Vale, they’re probably gonna be different paint colors And then if you like swap the batteries or one person borrows one, you’re gonna be like looking kind of weird with a different color So that’s one of my complaints and I’ll get more into that a little bit later when we actually look at the drive system, very comfortable saddle really wide and kind of almost gel like it has these elastomer bumpers inside, which feels great There’s no suspension seat post on this bike, but there is on the Vale Both of them have a 27.2 mm, fairly standard seat post And this one actually gets a little bit lower because it doesn’t have the suspension element built in The suspension seat post is another feature where I was like, wait a minute, the Vale is like the slightly affordable model, but it has the suspension seat post versus this one you just got a really nicer saddle, I guess that the Vale has like a pretty firm saddle So for me, I actually prefer this set up better I mean, I guess I’d prefer this with a suspension post, but for people who want the lower like minimum saddle height, especially for the step through this is gonna be a great option And you can always upgrade this yourself and do a suspension seat post later Taller, this is kind of like a high rise handlebar that could be rotated, and that’s gonna bring the grips back closer to you So it’s gonna shorten your reach and give you a comfortable, upright body position Both of them have these like custom, slightly different rubber ergonomic locking grips And to me it was weird, they are slightly different I don’t know why they didn’t just use the same ones They look almost identical And then this one has nicer brakes, Shimano, hydraulic disc brakes, 180 mm rotors front and rear Whereas the Vale has 160 rear rotor Tektro brakes, which just isn’t quite as nice as Shimano in my experience, at least from a brand perspective and having a Shimano Deore chain and everything like that, that’s just the more recognized hardware The interesting thing is with Tektro and whatever else they were doing with the Vale, they took this magnet and this sensor and they integrated it back here And like there’s a little sensor built right on to the disc brake rotor So that’s the better setup Again, the Vale wins compared to this This can kind of get bumped out of position and maybe throws off the balance of the wheel slightly It’s a minor thing, but something that I noticed a lot of mountain bikes are kind of moving to that really integrated tight design So I was surprised that the more expensive bike didn’t do that, anyway, nice kickstand position It’s not gonna get pedal lock or anything Nice adjustable line kickstand down here too It’s right below that rack So you’re gonna have nice support for whatever kind of gear you’re carrying And then the lights Supernova is the E3 three LED rear light fairly low, so keep that in mind You know, it’s nice to have some lights up here I am wearing like an Avis helmet with an integrated light up at the top, which is nice They gave this to me by the way, which is cool and it fits well, I like it That’s why I keep wearing it And then we’ve got the Supernova, this is like the e-bike I think it’s 230 lumen headlight points where you steer nice aluminum alloy casing, but it doesn’t have side windows, okay So that’s kind of a bummer, ’cause you want side visibility too, especially if you get the darker frame So they’ve got this semi reflective paint going on little accents and then the reflective sidewalls on these awesome tires These are SCHWALBE Super Moto-X They have the performance GreenGuard, which is like three mm thick rubber layer that keeps it from getting punctured quite as easily Really cool size two 27.5 by 2.4 So you get a lower attack angle, ’cause it’s a wider wheel diameter and with a higher like kind of air volume for comfort and stability, a little bit wider, almost like a balloon tire here Really nice kind of a hybrid tread that could work anywhere I think these are just as great It’s a nice setup Slightly narrower, like a fenders on this bike too That was another thing I noticed I was like, “Huh!” The Vale, they kind of looks beefy It’s almost like how trucks and stuff these days they have all the extra, like just, they look bigger even though it’s probably the same chassis I feel like that’s what’s going on between the two I don’t have the steps through here So I can’t really comment on the bottle cage location, but I noticed on the Vale, they kept the bottle cage low, like this versus up high And considering it’s a step through that sort of threw me off So if you want the larger of the frames, you gotta get this one This is the high step versus the Vales kind of a in between And the smallest frame is the step through Path So hopefully I’ve not confused you guys too much These bikes just seem very similar to me

since they share similar battery integration And I don’t know, at the end of the day, this would probably be my choice I like that they also include a cafe lock right here This is also called a frame lock sometimes So for people who want to just like dash into the coffee shop real quick and don’t want to lock their bike physically to like a post or something, they can just go out to the bike real quick, stick the key in, push down on the lever on the other side, and that bar goes through, so people can’t move the bike, it immobilizes it And this bikes like 55 plus pounds, depending on if you get the step through the high step So that’s gonna be a pretty good deterrent And then when you turn it, it just unlocks like that And then you can pull the key out and then you can unlock the battery if you want to So that’s the next area that I want to discuss with you before I do really good charging location right here compared to the Vale, Vale, it’s on the side and it gets in the way of the crank arm Whereas here it’s on top and it just feels very reachable You still have to lean down low like this It’d be nice if it was up high for people with like kind of knee sensitivity, and you know, if you’re an older rider, it’s kind of leaning down, but you don’t have to take the battery off, which is nice You can just plug the bike right in They give you this nice 4 Amp charger, weighs about 1.7 pounds and then all these other dongles and stuff that has to do with the display that we’ll get to in a minute So they could have gone with a 2 Amp Bosch charger But I liked that they went with a 4 Amp, ’cause it’s just works a little bit faster It’s gonna keep you on the trail, get you more ride time, which I always appreciate So again, nice job on the charge port location I’m mixed on the key location ‘Cause see it’s on the left hand side of the bike, but the battery comes off on the right side So you’ve got to kind of reach around, find that that locking core, insert the key twist, and then the battery disengages Then you push down on this little black handle and pull it off So they call this the rib design This is a removal integrated battery kind of casing that Electra does that I guess they’re kind of borrowing from Trek Originally it was a Trek thing I feel like it’s okay But remember it’s like paint match So sharing batteries, isn’t gonna be quite as easy and it adds some weight like this handle and everything it’s 7.1 pounds versus just 6.6 pounds If it was the naked battery A lot of the other bikes out there they’re just using like a black plastic cover, which is gonna be easier to replace and lighter So again, for me, it’s kind of a mix You can see that it inserts right here This is also the 501 hour battery pack, 36 volt, 13.4 Amp hours, compared to, you know, there is a Bosch power pack, 625 So you’re like, well this expensive bike, why didn’t they go upgrade? And I think it’s because the frames, they wanted to be able to accommodate the step through frame and they also want to do this flat foot technology thing, which is where they shift the bottom bracket, the spindle a little bit forward in front of that seat tube And what that does is allows you to get good leg extension while you’re pedaling, but then lower the saddle for when you’re standing and just sort of positioning the bike at a stop sign, so, you know, just the theory here My final complaint about the battery pack aside from being kind of heavy and color specific is that you can’t just push it in and have it click on And I think that is possible with some of the those bikes and some of the other companies, the way that Electra slash Trek design that there’s adjust this metal bar Maybe it’s super secure, but it’s just not as Oh, we got a little visitor. (laughs) Look at the booties on that dog, that’s awesome So anyway, you’re trying to get this thing on You have to use two hands and like unlock it again and then click it in to hear it click Now we can turn kind of push it that last step and then remove the key So for me, that’s just like unnecessarily complex Maybe it makes it quieter or more secure I don’t want to complain too much, but it is a difference that I noticed that I wanted to kind of highlight with you guys, okay So I think we’ve covered most of the drive train a lot of the little extra features and things that I was noticing I want to point out that there is like an additional mounting point here on the fork Maybe for a basket Electra has a lot of cool accessories and stuff, but I haven’t really confirmed that Just that they have a bunch of colors and really only the two kind of sizes on this one That’s the high step or the step through, versus the one size on the Vale The last piece is the, let’s see, before we get to the display, (bell dings) nice little bell, and see this graphic They had a similar graphic on one of the high step bikes Like the actual bike frame looked pretty cool, really stylish, and let’s see adjustable reach on the three lever or the three finger brake levers And then on really nice Deore trigger shifters This is another thing for me So you can push and pull this, versus on the Vale, it has like Acera shifters or something and you can only pull, so you have to use your trigger finger like this, versus being able to use your thumb And I like to use my thumb for both So for me, that was like a miss, but this also has three steps in the low gear

So very nice, like really good drive train on this Now the display look at this thing This is the smartphone hub from Bosch with a universal mount right here So you can just put your phone in this, it pivots a little bit, that’s kind of cool And there’s a little USB charging port on the side This is micro USB, 5 volt, 1 Amp output And that’s why they have these little dongles So what I was talking about before, right? So they have a, it’s like USBC, micro USB, and then iPhone interesting thing is if you have an iPhone, they actually have like a standalone phone case that interfaces directly with the bike, you could buy separately Personally, I just use my regular phone case and it fits just fine in this universal mount A lot of people have like the little backpack, like the charging backpacks for their phones too So it’s kind of interesting And it’s only iPhone that they did that for I was calling Bosch asking about it and I was also I’ll get into more details I just think this is such an interesting contraption right here, right? Like you technically don’t have to use your phone for this That was the big “aha”, for me, it was a big surprise And at first I wasn’t sure how to turn it on And then I discovered there’s like this little button over here, you press that for a second And then the display comes on So we do have a little like gray scale, LCD display, and it’s super tiny, like if you’re way up here, it’s gonna be hard to see, but it gets the job done It’s actually pretty, pretty good It’s almost better than the Purion in some ways, aside from the size So the lights Trek has just like permanently enabled the lights on this bike, so keep that in mind Speed, it’s in kilometers per hour This is what I was talking about a second ago You actually can’t change the units with the display and the buttons here You actually have to use your smartphone and sync it with the bike using Bluetooth and then change the kilometers to miles if you want to So that was a bit disappointing to me You know, if you don’t have a smartphone, you might need to get some help from the shop And then over on the right, we have range estimates So right now I’m in zero level of assist But if I press plus we go up to Eco, it says 89 kilometer range with this 85% full battery I love that they gave battery percentage here instead of just the, you know, like five bars like they did on a lot of the older Purion and Intuvia displays And now if we go up to some of those higher levels of assists, like Tour, we have 55 kilometers, Sport and Turbo, Turbo is where we get the full capacity of this motor 65 Newton meters of torque, 300% assist, it’s gonna wear your battery down faster, but boy, is it fun? And, and yeah, way down to 39 kilometer range So yeah, you know, it’s trade offs and stuff, but the old, like Bosch acquired this company it’s called COBI and they’ve updated this interface to have a display the older COBI smartphone hub, it didn’t have a display, so that’s cool! It looks like there’s a light sensor right there and stuff So if you want to charge your phone and stream music, like you could listen to your music while you ride, or maybe you wanna use their mapping system and you can actually turn it on So it gives you voice directions, like, “Turn left at the light.” You can do that with this and you can navigate through all the different levels of assist and see your battery percentage and a whole lot of other stuff with the smartphone But you do have to own a smartphone You have to mount it there It could take a little bit of direct sunlight, which can be hard on the screens And this feels very secure, but it’s a compromise So keep that in mind This is one of the areas where if we compare the Path to the Vale, the Vale comes with its standalone color LCD like display It’s called the Kiox and it’s removable It’s got a little micro USB port in the bottom It’s a really nice display and it works great It doesn’t force you to kind of use your phone to get all the better readouts and have a larger display So that may be a deciding factor for people But I think a lot of shops for like a couple of hundred bucks, maybe they can buy the other display and swap it out with your I think this is cool And I like that you just don’t have to have your phone if you don’t want to That was, that was huge for me The button pad over here, it’s fairly clicky, easy to reach It’s got all these extra buttons left and right So you can navigate the SmartphoneHub And I think you can even swipe and touch it, but it’s nice that you can do a lot of that without taking your hand off the grip for safety, of course And then there’s Walk mode So there’s a little button right here It’s a little bit crowded with (bell dings) with the bell, but yeah, if we press Walk mode and then you hold plus, the motor’s gonna kick on, which is great for if you’re in a crowded location or you get a flat tire, heaven forbid, something like that It’s a good setup All in all, this is my favorite bike from Electra for 2020 I think it looks pretty cool You got the two different frame types, the colors and just the drive system is great I’m not sure about like the SmartphoneHub, but then again, it’s like, you want to charge your battery on your phone, keep it going, especially if you’re using it for GPS So I guess you can do that, but then you’ve got the slightly smaller battery

So it’s like, Hmm You know, a couple of little things here and there, but the flat foot design, the approachability of this bike is great And Electra just they’re known for making these awesome looking really reliable, cruiser style e-bikes and bikes in general This was one of the first like, you know, there’s companies out there like Pedago and stuff I think way back in the day, a lot of the people who are starting those companies took the Electra Townie and they would convert it to electric by adding kits So to have a purpose built electric bike, that’s so integrated, almost looks like a regular bicycle, weighs about 55 pounds Yes, a little bit heavier than the Vale, but with that nicer rack, and the better saddle, and bigger motor and stuff like that This is a real win for me So I think I’m gonna pack it up and we’ll do a little ride Okay, we’re in the highest level of assist, let’s peddle on! (chain clicking) Very satisfying and capable, even in a kind of a higher gear, normally you’d wanna start in a lower gear to get better leverage, but now I’ll do a little hill climb up here Notice how quickly it starts and stops as I peddle (chain cranking) Very stable with those wider tires, not getting like speed wobble, not a lot of frame flex, especially with this high step frame it’s working really well It feels very comfortable (bell dings) And I might shift the gears here So that motor, I mean, not only is it more powerful, but compared to some of the competition out there, it’s just very sensitive It’s measuring your rear wheel speed, pedal cadence and pedal torque over a thousand times per second And it’s listening for sort of the power from your pedal strokes, as well as the tension from your shifting and along the way, it’s trying to ease back if it feels like you’re shifting gears So it won’t mash those gears It’s called shift detection Something kind of unique from Bosch Look at that, that display is actually backward too So it looks pretty nice right now, as well Not hearing a lot of jittering from the fenders and stuff I might ride off road for a second (chain clicking) (tires pounding) Not bad, very secure (chain clicking) (air whooshing) Keep in mind, we’re in the highest level of assist, and that motor is just so quiet For me, that’s the biggest win of the new 2020 performance line motor compared to the older ones They had like a reduction gear and stuff that would kind of create like a wheeee! sound Let’s try to get up to that one 20 RPM (air whooshing) I have to shift down to do that. (gear lever clicking) (air whooshing) There we go, I think we hit and topped it and it worked okay! You know, you hear it kind of reeereee, like struggling to keep up with me That’s when you want to move to like the performance line CX motors that are really like high power, high speed to keep up with you for a city bike like this, something that’s kind of neighborhood oriented, this is just awesome. (air whooshing) Hey guys, from here you can not really see that 42 standard seal chain ring with that nice aluminum guard, or at least bash guard on the outside And then the chain cover I’m gonna be peddling along in the highest level of assist So you can hear the motor performing and listen to how quickly it starts and stops But note that sometimes when I stop pedaling, I feel like the motor kind of like clunks forward a little bit I’m not really sure why maybe it’s because it’s a new bike or something, but I’ve experienced that on a few of these systems And I like that you can pedal backwards like this and actually cycle the chains So you could do some maintenance and lubricate it without maybe needing a bike stand That’s pretty cool I’m just gonna shift through the gears, listen for the shift detection and maybe I want to ride across the grass, so that you can hear what that’s like rattling (metal rattling) The breaks are just fantastic You might’ve heard a little bit of tinkering there and then that was in the highest or the host gear I should say So the chain is closer there, but it’s also supposed to be tighter ’cause it’s stretched I’m gonna go to the higher gear (air whooshing)

(air whooshing) Pretty quiet overall, not bad I think that’s it you guys, for the full writeup on the Electra Path 10D as well as the Vale 9D I’ll see you back at electricrecordview.com I mapped out all the specs and everything, and I’ve got a cool little tool that lets you compare all those specs back-to-back If you’re trying to choose between the two, I welcome your feedback, comments, corrections in the comments I always appreciate that I love you guys, ride safe out there We’ll see on the next one! (birds chirping)