Total Network Forensic Solutions from Decision Group – 2012

here we just present the total network forensics solutions from decision group and all these the network for relative solution actuaries are developed by decision group rd teams at this moment um there are around 11 network birthdate solutions from decision group and we also offer three different kinds of a training for different purpose to our audience in the the first product of from decision group networkers a product actually it is Det tective it I tative entry it is the fraction product from decision group is the past a solution for auditing and record keeping with the ISO 27001 a in a HIPAA and also you can use this detective for Network behavior management you can monitor or the Internet activity inside corporations or organizations and for the law enforcement authority staff they can use it a check for the tactic forensic analysis and the cyber investigation basically inside the e detective they are cabo soft modules for different functionality the first one a tree it is the first module to take network data packet we call the ER sniffing module behind the US Navy module there is sick a module Cody a decoding the coding module they were trying to read the headers of data packet and with the information from the header it will try to collect or the payroll together for the third module reconstruction module reconstruction module basically you would try to reassembly or the payroll from the data packets based on the sequence numbers and conduct the data reconstruction after you reconstruct the original data contents you will try to save into the database with the header information and into the media file with the payrolls and the last module actually is a report utilities based on the data inside the database as well as the media files that rapport utility will provide the capability of analysis based on these data in terms of time-stamped IP address and the keywords so that’s the whole entire infrastructure Insider E detective and also this devices can provide a very effective defense for the data linkage protection and the lawful interception as well as the network forensics it is the best network forensics solutions in the world the next one actually is the wireless detective on the difference between the wireless digital and the ed tech tip actuary wireless detective is target on the wireless Wi-Fi network because of the physical nature of the wireless network usually the capture ray will be very low even below fifty percent but decision group over a unique design we use the ax multiple set to intercept Wi-Fi radio frequency by this way are the capture ray of the Aqua file data packet will increase to over ninety percent and also the wireless detective also suppose different kinds of a wireless LAN like a 20 of a 02 point 11 a PG even n by different antenna and it also provides the automatic WEP key cracking functionalities also arm this

portable devices actually they can provide Oh in one function from the data captures module tilt the report utility it is the very convenient portable devices for the police military intelligence and also the enterprise auditors and for the illegal dick department to collect the contact informations from the wireless network and it is also the powerful smallest forensic device in the world the next actually it is the e detective devices basically it is for the law enforcement management facility and also complies with the ets i TS 101 671 as well as ET SI es 2016 71 basically we provide the decoding capabilities on the network traffic and with the output data format a compliance with the xml standards in predefined way by this way our system can take the data directly from the mediation platform and after decoding and save in the reconstructed data format you will also output data with the xml description files and to the backend system for the further analysis in the law for law enforcement management facilities last be a major purpose of the ET tective air EMF product the next one actually it is Enterprise Data Guard system this system basically is used for the intranet monitor so it will not target are the most common protocols on the internet basically it will focus on the common protocol inside the internet such as a database sequel command and email activity and the file servers activity and also it includes some central monitor utility for the skype basically this system is used inside the enterprise we did appropriate deployment it can detect or the activity between the server form as well as the current PC so it will keep all the activities records of the database transactions emails and some others important transaction with the amarr server or VoIP servers or skype activities with this Enterprise Data Guard system the legal department or the auditor department can easily a monitor or the employee Network behavior in order to prevent a business talk issues next one is the data retention management system basically the data retention management system is used for the enterprise or the government agency with multiple eat detective or ed GS or the WT system in front and this system can centralize all the data collected from the FRA n ET tective or WT systems so all the data will concentrate in this system and for data retention for more than six months periods basically in the enterprise auditing Department they need to keep all the data collected from from n ET tective for around two years through three years in order for the auditing Purple’s inside the enterprise for the law enforcement agency basically they also need the data collected from the from n a detective for the criminal database especially for the criminal

patent and license they can compare on the data from the network with the accurate captured data so they can easily conduct the criminal patterns so let’s do a purpose for the data retention management system basically you can store up to 16 terabyte data in one single system if you have more than 16 terabytes of the data you can add a more data retention management system only is the data retention management system can work in parallel together so provide a customer the best data storage for text mining or data mining or for some other link on the lysis so let’s the functions of the data retention management system the next one is the centralized management system especially for our organization with the multiple office branch office in different area or if for the country Rea authority they want to monitor multiple ISP or telecom service provider they can use the central management system in their back-end comment and a control center with these centralized management system or the user can lock on within single sign and access the front end data collector such as a detective or w d or e ggs or ed Q s system with all these the data they were the centralized in data retention management system so the user log on from the centralized management system can also convert the data management from the drms system by this design it can also provide lot of a function and also integrate with the backend a command in the control system so our solution can provide an consistent and the unified platform for they military intelligence or for the law enforcement authority or for the centralized data center inside the global enterprise next is a detective coding centers basically in the real environment lot of enterprise auditor or their staff from law enforcement authority sometimes they were get the p kappa the raw data file directly from isp or from the attack on service provider basically they can use a detective decoding center to fit in all these the pecan file our system will read the file and will conduct the data reconstruction process and reconstruct or the original content based on the applicable feeding so it can also suppose as many protocol as a detective thurs so let’s see a major function in the purpose of it detective decoding centers the next one is a powerful HTTPS ssl interceptor for this product basically we profile this product try to intercept or the SSL or TLS network traffic by the way of men in the middle attack with such kind of the functions we can easily decode most of the ssl protected network traffic and also we also provide some customization service if the customer needs a certificate replacement so you would minimize the confusion of the N subscribers the browser side so that’s the way a decision group HTTP sssa our interceptors provided for our customers the next one is the VoIP detective VoIP

detective basically it is the target on the voice over IP traffic basically in the economy’s over IP traffic there are couples of the Codex insights like gee point 7 11 g point seven two secs shipping seven to nine and I OBC basically this is a group VoIP detective can suppose all is called em if if there is unsupported a Kodak we can also change the embedded code X to fulfill the customer expectation this is also part of the decision group customization surface for our important customers next one is our very excellent in portable software we call the forensics investigation truck is basically it is the base on the window base software you can implement forensic investigation took it into your holdable laptop or into your PC so with these kinds of the software you can easily contact the traffic network traffic content analyzes for the auditor when they collect or the pcap file they can also use this software to easily understand what’s the contents inside the network traffic for the purpose of audit and also for the government officers or the law enforcement authority they can use our system in the view to conduct a network forensic analysis and cyber investigation it is a very convenient to use this software in terms of a convenient and economically so that’s the functions of the forensics investigation took it and basically it is a very common in the college especially in some network forensics psicosis a lot of college use our software for education Purple’s never investigation Trickett’s never investigation took is is a very powerful devices provided by decision group this devices provide is the network traffic interception by two ways one is through the a wired network and the second it is through the wireless network so he combined both the functionality of a detective and while this detective basically it is also very common with us for the law enforcement authority as well as the private investigators basically by this devices on the user can intercept a local network traffic and in the meantime if he want to intercept wife I’ll never he can also use the multiple while for adapter USB connectors with this devices to intercept the wife of traffic and the most important function this system provided a tree it is the interception capability are the https SSL traffic by man-in-the-middle attack so it is a lot of functionalities it is the very powerful weapons by law enforcement authority to conduct the cyber investigations in the field the next is the training program provided by the decision group the first one is the network packet for a second analyzes training basically or the decision group network for six devices

provide unique venues and the rapport utility for our customer and audience but basically you still need to have a full knowledge of the data packets as well as the original contents presentation so this training program is for the users of decision group Network forensics product to let them fully understand what’s the contents they can perceive from our solutions and also what kind of data analyze these utilities provided by decision group Network forensic solutions so you can be use this the data analyze this utility to contact or the data behind the counters that’s a very important especially especially for the enterprise auditor as well as for the Aerie EA officers so that’s the major purpose of the network packet forest and rice is training it can be three days training up to five days training so after them to training or the attendees will have the full knowledge of the network of forensic analysis and they can easily perform their job with the decision group Network forensics sisters the next one entry is an extensive training program about the cyber crime investigation basically in this investigation we will provide a lot of useful material for the military intelligence there as well as the law enforcement authority with the contents of the cyber crime investigation skill with the feo I key at the telecom as well as the cyber online services and also we covered with the National Taiwan Central Police university also provide a lot of legal process behind the cyber crime investigation in order to protect the human rights the both importance we will offer systematically methodologies of the data analysis on the cyber crime investigation and we also led that students or attendees to understand what’s going on about the common ideas distance and was the witness and how the cyber criminal tried to penetrate the protection of Information Security and Baha’i at the end of this training program we also provide one day workshop to let that ended up in familiar with the skill delivers in the classroom so this is a very good very intensive for training programs for the enterprise auditor and the military intelligence staff and the law enforcement authority officers the last one is the national security surveillance the training physically it is the six hours the training program for the senior management team in the National Security Agency of the estates in this course we will give a very clear presentation about was the national security for the acai bird world and was your target and how do you conduct the initial security through the internet surveillance and the most important what’s the emitted ology and how you deploy your net worth the balance based on your country’s demand we also offer

case the study from different countries and pro at the cause so it is the purpose of this training program for the Atheneum management of the National Security Agency’s the Nexus lie um basically we provide a detailed information about what kinds of online our protocol or the decision group never forsakes solutions suppose at this moment are more than 180 network protocols of our system can intercept and this number is accumulating month by month because there are a lot of new online services and the online protocols appears on the cyber world so from the table you can see our system can intercept over the edge generic email we can also talk it more than 21 where males in different geological regions and we can also target on the most common instant message true like msn icq QQ google talk for the way page web ftp and the web video our system of course can intercept all these online services even we can talk it on the most common ftp services as well as a lot of a p2p utilities for the tail net also film co IP services we just talked about and the most important we also talked it on the social network service like a facebook twitter plug and the next day h3 um the most important service is now our rd team are targeting actually it is the mobile online services from the iphone or enjoy smartphone um in the next truck models there will be more land 20 or 30 s mobile online services will be in our pocket interception list the Lars is the database at this moment our system can tuck it on couples the most common database for interception on the echo command so I just give a brief introduction about the protocol interception list the last 1i sister give you a very brief introduction about the decision could basically a position group was published in nineteen eighty six at this moment as the 26 years experience in ICT industry in the beginning decision group only design in the manufacturing industry automatic controller cars for different application and the Purple’s in the year 2000 decision group sit on the second businesses department code the networking software business department and here now there is the top years past so inside a decision proved they are 54 somewhere in the house where engineer with a party entity and the temerity degree working on the network forensics up where we also have seven different branch office in the world tech water is in pi-1 we have rental office in Singapore coppering the market in ASEAN countries we have offices in China copper the China the Greater China market we have office in Canada called

cover the markets in America we also have office in Germany covering the market in Europe we also have opposite in Japan in the public and we also we have surfaces centers in Hong Hong to cover most of our important customers basically this entry group marketing strategy is a very very simple we only doing business through our partners so we try to recruit three different kinds of all partners one is OEM otm customers and the second is the citizen integrators channels and the last one is the Alliance of consulting firm legal firm or training centers in different regions so let’s the brief introduction about decision group thank you for your patience