Transformers: Top 16 Strongest/Powerful Transformers (Movie Rankings) 2017

(Epic Music) (Mechanical Sounds Effects) With Transformers The Last Knight seeming to be the climax of the live action Universe and Bumbelebee’s solo film going back to square 1 this is the perfect time to see who’s the strongest alien in the robot slug fest “I’ll take you all on!” What’s up you guys my name is RBG and to commemorate 10 years of Bayformers I wanna present my top 16 list of the strongest Transformers In this upload I’ll be explaining why each robot has earn their specific spots, from their abilities, to their kill counts So without further ado let’s jump right into it Number 16: Ratchet Although he’s a pacifist combat medic, Ratchet can still throw down with the best of them Coming in around 20 feet tall with a wide array of accessories, Ratchet is armed with a heavy machine gun and a saw that’ll leave any Decepticon licking their wounds He also has an assortment of other tools at his disposal; in the movie, he uses a red laser to scan and try to calibrate Bumblebee’s voicebox and he has an enhanced sense of smell “The boy’s pheromone levels suggest that he wants to mate with the female” As seen in the 1st film he’s surprisingly agile for his size According to the Transformers Movie Guide book Ratchet is one of the few Autobots that could conceivably give Megatron a decent fight one-on-one before being dismembered and fed upon He can also tow up to 300 lbs over his own weight in vehicle form He may not be the strongest Autobot but the years of being at the heart of war makes him a worthy contender on this list Number 15: Barricade Barricade is one of the major antagonists and a central Decepticon in the first film He was even the very 1st robot to speak He is a hunter/scout of the Decepticons, choosing his vehicle mode to easily hide among the humans as a symbol of authority His persona appears to be that of the cliché “bad cop”, as he fiercely interrogates Sam Witwicky once he locates him “Are you Username: Ladiesman217?!?” “I dunno what you’re talking about!” “Are you Username: Ladiesman217?!?” He mainly elongates his arms to reveal these weird spinny spikey bladed wheel nunchucks in his hands and uses them as close-combat striking weapons He also has a long chain with a wheel on the end that reveals a set of cybertanium blades which form a large blade wheel But these awesome perks couldn’t get him higher on the list and that’s due to the fact that he hasn’t necessarily put in work in regards to kills If I can recall, he only has 1 kill under his belt where he aids a fellow Decepticon in the brutal execution of Que It seems like in every film he shows how gruesome he can be shortly before he becomes cannon fodder Like seriously this guy gets his ass handed to him in the worst of ways From an aesthetics standpoint he may seem to be 1 of the most powerful especially given his attendance record in the films Back by popular demand Barricade returned in Transformers: The Last Knight, having survived and being kept under surveillance for years since the battle of Chicago He features a new vehicle and robot mode with an arm-mounted gattling-gun and a pair of knuckledusters with the words “Punish” and “Enslave” written on them, as a throwback to his original alt mode But the new upgrades didn’t prevent him from being incapacitated by Grimlock midway in the movie Number 14: Sideswipe Say what you want about his somewhat bland devil may care dialogue and minimal appearances, Sideswipe is 1 of those characters that steals every scene he’s in As soon as he makes his onscreen debut in Revenge of the Fallen he shows the viewers that a Decepticon can be taken out heinously in the most stylish way possible Using his wheeled feet to maneuver, Sideswipe somersaulted over his 1st victim while shooting at him, finishing them off with a blade right down the middle of their alt mode like butter “Damn I’m good.” He later aids his mentor Iron Hide in killing the dread bots in Dark of the Moon but after that movie he mysteriously vanishes creating theories on if he survived or got killed by Cemetary Wind There’s nothing more that I can say about how awesome Sideswipe is I just hope we see him again in future films Number 13: Jetfire Jetfire is 1 of those intricate characters who I had a hard time deciding on where he should be ranked on this list If he was in his prime he would’ve easily made top 5 but since he’s aged way past that point he comes in at 13 Originally serving the Fallen, Jetfire is one of the few Transformers to remain on Earth since the dawn of humanity However, when the other Primes confronted the Fallen, Jetfire realized his mistake, and was teleported to an unknown location He fought many other ancient Decepticons there and eventually went into stasis after his victory So as you can see, our boy Jetfire was a legend who could throw down with the best of them including the Primes But like most living beings his body went south After years without a proper source of energon, he’s practically falling apart He’s got rust in places he didn’t even know he had But he’s still a fine asset, powerful and able to activate a space bridge to teleport across the galaxy This is slightly offset by the fact he’s so old, so passengers will mostly likely be in for a bumpy ride

According to the biography and statistics published on the Hasbro web site, Jetfire is 50 feet tall and his main weapon is a battleaxe In the film, he also has a missile launcher As a comical emphasis on his old age, he carries a walking stick that transforms into the front landing gear of his jet mode In the film he can project hologram clips from the palm of his left hand similar to how Optimus Prime did in the 2007 film though his eyes As I mentioned earlier if he was in top top condition he’d make quick work of any Transformer who tries to challenge him But we still get taste of his immense power through his combination with Optimus Prime Number 12: Drift The former Decepticon assassin who’s adopted the Samurai tradition After the original wave of secondary Autobots from the 1st 3 films were wiped clean from the roster, Drift became an instant favorite of mine He had already become a recent fave after his recent introduction in the IDW comics especially with his story driven backstory Whilst this incarnation of Drift differs from designs of the G1 IDW comics incarnation, he has some similarities such as being a samurai and a former Decepticon, however the part where he was a former Decepticon is not mentioned in the movie but it is brought up in Rise of the Dark Spark video game and the AOE toy line Despite the dark times upon the Autobots, Drift remains calm, dignified, and thoughtful, often taking time to practice his swordsmanship Leaving the Decepticons didn’t automatically fix everything, though Since he’s turned over a new leaf you can find him spouting haikus while meditating but his evil assassin way can easily resurface, making him a blade swinging manic “No hate. No anger.” “Get off you maggot!” “I’ll kill you flying rat!” But those crazy antics and lingering rage come in handy on the battlefield If you enjoy watching character like Sideswipe do their thing, then you’ll love absolutely love watching Drift lay waste to Decepticons with grace Number 11: Shockwave This Decepticon’s making top honors simply based on the collateral damage he caused in his 1st and only film Emotionless, coldly logical, utterly ruthless…killing is all Shockwave lives for It’s rumored that he was gonna be the main villain of Dark of the Moon and judging by his menacing appearances throughout the film, I’m obliged to believe it Like his original incarnation he’s armed with a hand cannon, a multiple rocket launcher and a blade, and during the film he commands Driller, a massive and powerful Cybertonian animal I really loved his solid hard shell design, it’s like he decided to stay in his original protoforms because he absolutely abhors humans and their technology I think he’s killed the most humans out of all the Decepticons after he destroyed that building in the Chicago incident Number 10: Starscream The most duplicitous and cunning villain in the series, Starscream is 1 of those Decepticons that deserves the top spot on the power scale Right off the bat he demands attention when he single handedly launched an attack that crippled Bumblebee as Ironhide realized too late who the fighter really was He proves that he can be aggressive in his pursuits where he targets Sam, destroying every obstacle in his way I know he doesn’t always exhibit some the brave qualities of his captain but he’s smarter and knows when to retreat when things get hot “Not to call you a coward, Master. But sometimes cowards do survive.” Starscream is armed with a rotary cannon, missile launchers and a saw Don’t let this cowardly Dorito shaped antagonist fool you like he did that squad of F-22 Raptors in the 1st film He can easily blend in transforming in and out of his alt mode performing some kind of jet judo shit It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see our treacherous villain overthrow Megatron It would’ve been cool even if it was only for a split second Number 9: Ironhide The Autobots’ cantankerous but noble weapons specialist, Ironhide is considered 1 of the toughest Transformers out of both factions He’s really 1 of my favorites on the list who I wish didn’t get killed off He is a tough soldier who has sustained many injuries. His right eye has a large scar surrounding it Before arriving on Earth, he sustained a broken ankle According to the tech specifications of his toy, he was built during the Battle of Tyger Pax and is one of the oldest Autobots Ironhide is armed with shell cannons which he occasionally likes to flaunt every now and then In Dark of the Moon, he has a new rifle and a new rocket launcher invented by Que/Wheeljack The weapons in Ironhide’s CGI model have over 10,000 pieces each According to an interview with Industrial Light and Magic, Ironhide’s guns alone have more pieces than some of the other Transformers in the films Although he’s old, he’s still hard He’s probably had enough replacement parts to build a small army, but Ironhide doggedly refuses to roll over and die for anyone “Class dismissed” Number 8: Bumblebee The youngest of the Autobots, Bumblebee is very immature, short-tempered, hot-headed, impulsive, reckless and impatient as he often lets his emotions or temper get the better of him But on the battlefield, Bumblebee is a capable fighter Out of all the Transformers he has the second highest kill count, even beating out Megatron on the score board He is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most powerful of the Autobots So strong that he can manage to hang tick for tack in a battle with a mind controlled Optimus Prime If you would’ve told G1 fans that he would be in the upper echelon of Transformer power levels, they’d probably look at you and laugh

this resurgence of popularity in the Bey films I have to say he deserves it you see bee is one of those robots who continuously evolve in each film he’s featured in not only from an aesthetics point but from an artillery one in the first and second films bumblebee is armed with a plasma cannon that is capable of selective fire and from onward in the later films he goes into a cosmetic overhaul thanks in part to the records he has a stealth fourth battle mode in which he can use weapons in car mode without fully transforming and still being able to see the driver and passenger in age of extinction he goes into an extreme makeover after he half-heartedly scans a 2014 Camaro concept car after acquired a new armor he has this weird spiky arm mounted ion blaster similar to the one Megatron used in revenge of the Fallen he’s also fitted with these retractable guns that shoot out clustered missiles finally in TF 5 he’s given this unexplained ability of being able to blow himself up and reassemble himself he also has a hammer that can easily be mistaken for the forge of Solus number 7 Grimlock back when paramount and Hasbro announced that they were gonna be releasing a live-action Transformers film Grimlock was one of the most demanded Autobots fans wanted to see make the cut unfortunately for whatever reason whether it be for production cost or lack of proper setup it took them four films to finally make an end considered a legendary night in the former trophy of lockdown this giant horn t-rex is a force to be reckoned with after the Autobots escaped with the part of the ship holding them Optimus releases the Dinobots for backup but in order to gain their trust he’s forced to do battle with the down–all black king himself we leave you despite a submit size and strength Grimlock gets his ass handed to him submitting to Optimus Grimlock allows often used to ride him into battle into Hong Kong an Asian destroying the ksi Decepticons and protecting the sea this version of the Autobot behemoth is largest in the previous incarnations equipped with a spiked fist that doubles as a Mason a huge mallet his general approach is to smash at first and worry about the specifics later this attitude extends to is all about companions who are expected to meet Grimlock standard of strength he also possesses the ability to melt each a seal for any Decepticon with his fire breath number 6 Megatron / Galvatron now I gotta admit throughout the entirety of the BEI verse Megatron has to be one of the most disappointing aspects based on his status and the TF franchise alone he should be much higher on this list but due to the unconsciousness ease in his power I had to rate him a little lower initially I felt like he may have been way too overpowered at the witnessing him easily outdo Optimus in the first film but in the following sequels he became nothing more than a secondary minion to the main boss Kurt just like the Fallen Sentinel Prime and even Quintessa seemed to play a larger role while Megatron hung out in the back I guess you can say that it made sense for him to play second fiddle to those mentioned since they were a highly prestige crimes I mean I have to give him credit he did successfully kill Optimus in the second film if not for a brief moment and watching him gain the upper hand over his former brother as Galvatron kind of made me a fan again in the last night I felt like he would actually do more but he just kicks off his why he’s down and runs off like a little bitch you turn your back on Cybertron now you will watch but anyways everything else to love about the big bad Decepticon daddy is still kept intact as I mentioned he’s just as powerful as he is vicious and the simple fact that he’s managed to survive this long just goes to show that every dog has a stake in the first film he uses a signature ball and chain and he’s able to form both his arms into this sick cannon and revenge of the Fallen he takes on more of his ivw traits transforming into a tank that doubles as a Cybertronian jet he also wills his signature arm mount at Iron blaster three years after operation firestorm and he definitely fallen Megatron finally adopted a earth farm instead of using the arm blaster he uses a shotgun now Galvatron I’d rather not talk about since he doesn’t really possess any actual weapons except truck muscles and his transformium transformation yeah but in to5 he gets he out of this world upgrade that takes the best features of the previous films he asked his Cybertronian jet mode back along with his arm blaster and he now wills dis gnarly battle axe number five sendou prime the legendary warrior thought to have been lost long ago and his Optimus Prime’s direct predecessor mentor and father figure his intentions were to restore Cybertron to which former glory but as the war dragged on he was driven mad by desperation causing him to turn against his ideal as an allied with Megatron of Decepticons I personally loved this version of Sentinel his overall design concept puts me in the mind of one of those traditional Japanese mechs like the highly praised Gundam series and his beard makes him resemble alpha Trion unlike his animated counterpart he plays more of a villain in the live-action movies it was he who taught Optimus the ideals of freedom to all sentient beings Sentinel his arm

with a shield a double bladed prime max blade that can be folded into one and a cosmic rust cannon that causes any metal object that it hits to rust into oblivion we witnessed the effects of this devastating weapon that it was used to kill Ironhide shooting him twice in the back and once in the chest are you from beauty he is truly a heavy hitter he that makes Megatron look like a little beeyotch in certain scenes in this door without miss he seems to have lost his touch but he eventually overpowers him and severs his arm I believe if he was just a tad bit younger and Megatron hadn’t interfered Senna would have ultimately succeeded in his plans of restoring Cybertron number four the Fallen the rogue prime formerly known as Megatron us the Fallen would gain his current moniker by turning against his six prime brothers he’s immensely powerful he commands mystic in tropic arts and when at for strength he can unmake creation at his focus wheel he asked the ability to teleport and generate a shock wave upon reappearance but this power is only revealed after he drains the energy from the protoform hatchlings on the ship to regain his strength poor babies he’s only with a void center and he has telepathic powers also this guy had to make it in the top five because he has so many abilities that puts his Decepticon minions to shame it looked to be a dark time for the Autobots considering he was literally going to harvest the Earth’s Sun but thankfully Optimus Prime was able to gain the matrix of leadership and combine with jet fire to take him out number three locked down an extremely powerful relentless heavily enhanced ruthless Cybertronian bounty hunter lockdowns not to be played with I vividly remember seeing this dude in transformers the animated series he proved to be a pretty formidable antagonist especially for prowl but I never imagined you to see him in the live-action films he’s in the top 3 because he’s not really a good or bad guy he’s a bot on a mission whose scuffled with the best of them lockdown holds himself above the autobot and decepticon war and sees both sides of squabbling children he doesn’t think much higher of other civilizations across the galaxy particularly the humans but he doesn’t mind working with them if there is something good in it for him that’s planet we I was saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend I also ever say I don’t care and it looks like it had to be a good business move because thanks to a secret deal with cemetery Wynne he was lucky to obtain one of the new Knights Optimus Prime he’s one of the dirtiest fighters and doesn’t really care what he has to do in order to fulfill his contract eager to destroy entire planets if necessary lock-on is also an obvious looter who feels the need to keep his victims belongings whether it be weapons ships even sparks his robot mode slightly resembles Optimus Primal appearance and Beast Machines but also features a scar on his left face and he is capable of turning his helmet into a gun and he uses a hook at some time in the past lockdown captured the legendary Dinobot knights and took over the night ship this guy was probably one of the toughest to take down since he seemed to be well versed in combat it took bumblebee and even the aid of the humans to help optimus lay him out number two Quintessa the mysterious Cybertronian sorceress who claims to be the prime of life and you created the bracelet II Transformers she has a staff with the power of Cybertron but her Knights betrayed her and stole her stuff and hid it on earth after Cybertron was destroyed and dark in the moon Optimus Prime arrives at the barren planet where he was coming for questions on why his creators want him back now one could argue that Quintessa was easily able to capture Optimus Prime and turned him into Nemesis due to how weakened he was on his journey but how exactly would she’d be able to do this with Megatron and all the other robots that follow her I mean she has to be some kind of ass-kicking fembot right she was easily able to subdue Optimus with this word MK ULTRA electrotherapy she was the closer to destroying the earth in destroying Cybertron so she deserves the number two spot Quintessa also appears to have the ability to create blue balls of electricity and throw them as projectiles and although her plan was ultimately thought that she was able to survive in disguise herself as a human Esther has plans to destroy the horns of Unicron number one Optimus Prime did you even have to guess now I have to admit originally Quintessa was gonna be number one on my list but since Optimus has seemed to pretty much endure a buttload of punishment to his body and psyche throughout the films he gets numero uno dare do you forget Who I am the last prime of the dynasty of primes wanted the Knights of Cybertron keeper of the matrix of leadership and the narrator of the series Bey Optimus is built tough he gives a good amount of intimidation while giving off that sense of traditional heroism of the character as well as bringing a sense of humor anyways Optimus is shown to be exceptionally formidable in hand-to-hand combat in fact the only ones that have been able to defeat him in combat or some Megatron’s Sentinel Prime in lockdown and most of Megatron’s victories were caused because Optimus was already worn down after fighting someone else he’s also a formidable swordsman with his early John blades he was able to kill Megatron with only norm and a battle axe within 15 seconds as shown in a third movie Optimus Prime was also able to decapitate the trailer but

it makes short work of shockwave any Transformers movie guideline book it said that Optimus has an enhanced healing factor and the second movie a badly damaged Optimus Prime was healing during the time jet virus parts were combining with them it’s also said that as long as he possesses the matrix of leadership he’s damn near invincible this is further indicated by the way he was able to survive a sword through the chest from lockdown in the fourth movie unlike his other incarnations who seemed to be more merciful this problem is not one for second chances and is willing to consider any action that might lead to victory and that pretty much completes my list I had fun making this video and it was something I wanted to do for a while but I wanted to wait until the movie verse got at its highest in regards to power levels if your favorite transformer didn’t make the list and you feel they should have leave their names in the comment section below please make sure to rape that like button if you enjoyed it and if you absolutely hated the video or hate me for some reason click the thumbs down button also if you like the Transformers videos that I present and want to see more subscribe and hit that notification button to stay updated but anyways this is your boy RBG signing out on another video I’ll catch you guys later peace out