USC MPH Online – Admissions Requirements and Application Process

Welcome to the master of public health online programs admissions requirements and application process webinar presented by the Keck School of Medicine of USC I’m Rebecca and glazy and I’ll be your host today first I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us before we begin I’d like to review what you expect during the presentation to cut down on background noise we’ve muted your phone lines so you can hear us but we cannot hear you if you have any questions please type them into the Q&A box in the lower right hand corner of your screen and hit Send feel free to enter your questions as you think of them well answer as many as time allows at the end of the presentation a PDF and a recording of today’s presentation will be available shortly after the event here’s a quick look at what we will be covering Brian Lehrer ash an enrollment advisor will introduce us to the program the Keck School of Medicine of USC the admissions requirements and the application process lastly we will end the presentation with a Q&A session now let’s get started hello Brian thank you for joining us today and thank you very much Rebecca and thank you all for coming in and spending some of your time with us I look forward to speaking to the unique features of our online Master Public Health Program with you we’ll be covering the following topics during our time together pursuing a graduate degree why a master of public health with the University of Southern California what you can do with this designation choosing the Keck School of Medicine we will go over what makes the Keck School of Medicine important in a leader in research and education throughout the world and finally how to submit the strongest application and the steps involved in doing so the mph program at USC was established in 1998 while the online version has recently launched in 2013 the mission of the mph program at USC is to assist in creating healthy communities by preparing graduates to lead and collaborate with others in organized community efforts across a variety of settings focusing on disease prevention and health promotion amongst diverse populations the core curriculum consists of 47 units there are three specialized tracks among these are biostatistics and epidemiology health education and promotion as well as global health leadership we will also be offering a practicum in the program the core courses are 20 units the track you choose will consist of 20 units as well and your practicum will consist of seven units in total there are 47 units in the program classes in the core curriculum consists of the following foundations and health education and promotion health service delivery in the u.s principles of biostatistics principles of epidemiology environmental and occupational health and learn and epidemiological approach as well as our practical in terms of track horses in the biostatistics epidemiology track you can expect to have classes such as the following data analysis using the SAS software infectious disease epidemiology program evaluation and research data analysis using the sta TA software as well as chronic disease epidemiology now this track is perfect for folks that are public health professionals who wish to remain on the forefront of improving community health the fields of biostatistics and epidemiology provide a variety of opportunities in the public nonprofit and private sectors health departments government agencies research and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic medical centers insurance companies and nonprofits working to fight disease and promote health all need people with training involve sistex and epidemiology in terms of the specialization in health education promotion classes would fall on the following lines program design and evaluation intervention approaches for Health Promotion and disease prevention organizing and mobilizing communities for global health education in public health as well program evaluation and research now health educators today may do anything from working one-on-one of patients and their families to help them understand the patient’s diagnosis and course of treatment to developing a strategic campaign for smoking cessation in a local community or even in a private business a few of the title’s health educators hold our health promotion specialist health educator public health educator health coordinator or corporate wellness trainer in terms of global

health leadership track courses might include the following culture and health and international perspective introduction to global health global health research design and evaluation global health law and human rights as well as program evaluation and research making positive change with universal impact is the ambition of today’s global health leaders USC’s mph online program helps qualify you to join the ranks of those making a difference for people around the world whether area of interest is infectious or chronic diseases mental illness health consequences of trauma violence or or displacement maternal and child health the establishment and implementation of effective and efficient healthcare infrastructure or dozens of other areas of public health the USC mph online program prepares you with the skills and tools to lead the way in global health advancement putting knowledge into practice is what drives public health so prepare professionals for advanced careers the mph online program includes a practicum that combines a leadership seminar with field training our practicum consists of 300 hours of structured supervised professional experience at an approved agency completion of hours can be done locally or globally students choose a public health setting in their desired field such as a local health department research center or medical laboratory and practice leveraging new knowledge for guided hands-on experience the practicum hours can begin after student has completed their core programs core requirements in the program now to give you a sense of our faculty the folks that shape and develop all of our curriculum we have dr. Samet pictured on the left he is a leading authority on the health effects of smoking and air pollution he has worked actively to promote tobacco control worldwide and has addressed some of the most critical issues in environmental epidemiology particularly in relation to air pollution now he was recently appointed by President Obama to serve on the National Cancer advisory board in the center we have doctor cui sono he focused on health policy and health services and evaluation research access to care for low income uninsured governance and operational safety net providers including public hospitals community-based clinics and health centers as well as health needs of vulnerable populations including the homeless dr. Cruz pictured on the far right is a co principal investigator of a state California funded project materials development in tobacco control she has been involved in research projects and health communication diversity and in teaching administration for the academic programs at the Keck School of Medicine USC as well as the mph program are accredited regionally by the W AFC the mph program is accredited by the Council on Education for public health USC is also consistently ranked within the top 25 of the nation’s best national universities now a master’s in public health opens the door to many career opportunities some examples will include a health education specialist a patient education coordinator a grant writer chief administrative officer of international affairs program analyst epidemiology analyst researcher and data analyst you could really end up work in a small community-based agency your state Public Health Department or the World Health Organization it’s really up to you now I just wanted to spend a tiny bit of time speaking to the University of Southern California is love the Keck School of Medicine the USC was established in 1880 we are located in Los Angeles we are one of the world’s leading private research universities there are 17 graduate and professional schools we boast over 340 master’s certificate doctor and professional degree programs USC has approximately 17,000 undergraduate students as well as 18,000 graduate and professional students we also have more international students than any other US university USC’s Keck School of Medicine was established in 1885 we are the oldest Medical School in all of Southern California we’re located on us C’s health science campus just east of downtown Los Angeles the Keck School of Medicine is home to the Keck medical hospital as state of the art okay academic medical center compromise of the cat hospital of USC formerly the USC University Hospital and the USC NORs cancer hospital we have two world-class US owned hospitals and our

staff by more than 500 physicians who are faculty at the renowned Keck School of Medicine USC is also partners with nearby Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Keck is also home to several research institutes among these are the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center the Zylka neurogenic Institute the Eli and Edythe broad center for stem-cell research in regenerative medicine as well as the cardiovascular theoretic Institute and the Institute for Global Health now in order to be eligible to apply to our program one month possess all of the following a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution a GPA of a 3.0 or higher transcripts from each institution attended a minimum GRE score of 153 on verbal reasoning and 144 on the quantitative reasoning three letters of recommendation as well as a statement of purpose si the statement of purpose I say is a brief historical statement that will describe your reasons for pursuing the mask of public health how agree will enhance or transition your career and what you plan to contribute to the field we will also require a professional resume additional materials may be required for international students please make sure to reach out to us concerning what specific materials were required for you before applying in terms of applying to the school simply go to USC edu once there click on our admissions tab after this click the admissions graduate apply to USC select part 1 this is us C’s online application system and also create an account now please make sure to write down your username and password so that you can access the application at a later time if needed once you see this page simply click start application on the biographical information page please fill out all applicable information as it pertains to your biographical info all questions followed by an asterisk are required to enter in if you have a maiden name or had a change in your name please make sure to phone that information space asking for this if you attended schools under a different name that you currently have there is a good chance your transcripts will be issued with that name this will make it easier for us to locate your file once your transcripts have arrived on the contact information page you will enter in all of your contact info as it pertains to your address again if a question is followed by an asterisk you are required to fill that in Pio boxes will not work we do require a valid home address on the application information page please notate the term you wish to apply for also notate the college that you’re applying to in this case it will be the Keck School of Medicine notate the specific program you’re interested in this will be the master Public Health online next you will select full time after this will lastly you’ve ever applied to us see before on the financial aid page you will give us some info as it pertains to whether you wish to utilize financial aid eighty percent of our students do receive some form of financial aid and our dedicated financial aid officers are happy to help you to receive funding to pay for your education if you are electing to use financial aid please fill out your FAFSA and contact our financial aid department at two one three seven four zero one one one one option two now please inform the financial aid officer that you’re going to be a student in the online master public health program with the Keck School of Medicine please reiterate our minds Department our students are considered special programs so it is important to get you speaking with a person who is aware of the certain circumstances related to online students on the academic background page please fill out all of the applicable info as it pertains to your undergrad and graduate GPA s also include any honors publications or scholarships you’ve received please include academic probation info as well as your high school and collegiate info please make sure that you are listening a complete and accurate academic history any gaps will slow down the processing of the application and thus impede the admissions decision on the test information page please include all information applicable to the GRE if you have taken the GRE multiple times please only include the best received score in each field category if you have yet to

sign up for the GRE please see the link to schedule a test date and find the most convenient location and time in your area please make sure you have the correct school code if you don’t send to the correct school it slows down the admissions process our school code is four eight five two if you have already taken the GRE and have not requested this course be set to USC please make sure you do that as soon as possible on the employment information and resin Paige please upload your resume or if you wish to skip this step for now Lister to most recent employers current or most recent searched on the additional pages questions page please share with us if you have a u.s. see a lump a member if you are employed by USC and/or how you heard about the program on the supporting documents page you can upload your statement of purpose essay if you would like you can also upload you upload your unofficial transcripts for review both of these steps can be skipped for now if you would like we will need your official transcripts from all universities or colleges attended for a final review of your file as well as your final statement of purpose essay on the recommendations page we see the guidelines for letters of recommendation for the mph program we need a total of three all three can be professional if you have been out of college for five years or more if you have been in college in the past five years we ask that at least one of your records be from an academic professor on the added recommendation provider page you will follow all the recommenders pertinent information we would need to provide the names addresses phone numbers email addresses employer information title a position and the relationship to you once you have paid your application fee these recommenders will receive an email with a link to fill up a letter on your behalf they can also upload upload their letter once they have received this link on the check your application page we will review if you have missed any part of the application that you have forgotten or did not properly complete any section that shows red is incomplete and must be corrected before your application can be submitted an to recap our application checklist covers following your online application your uploaded professional resume your uploaded statement of purpose draft an application fee of $85 once your file is ready for submission we will ask that you have your statement of purpose final draft your three letters of recommendation all official transcripts for any schools ever attended your scheduled GRE test score or your submitted GRE scores as well as your completed financial aid forms now please make sure all official transcripts from any colleges or universities you’ve attended are sent in attention to your mph enrollment advisor the USC central processing center 50 North West Point Boulevard fifth-floor Elk Grove Village Illinois six zero zero zero seven transcript sent to other USC addresses may cause significant delays in the application review process so it is imperative that you sent to this address now here are some very helpful links that you will likely use beyond just the application link we have the FAFSA link the financial aid office and phone number USC’s financial aid link as well as our GRE link and again our school code for the GRE is for eight five two and again folks I’d like to thank you very much for your time today and I’d like to pass this back over to Rebecca thanks Brian now it’s time for our Q&A session I’ve invited Jasmine and Sylvia who are also enrollment advisors to join us and answering questions please say take some time now if you haven’t already and type your questions into the Q&A box in the lower right hand corner of your screen and hit Send for our first question will the sta TA software be given to us or will we have to purchase the license Jasmine Clarke can you answer this sure I’m with that software it is something that the student will have to purchase

it would be the same as this you know you would purchase books for class as well so that would be up to the student to purchase that software Thank You jasmine is there only one start date for the online program Sylvia could you answer this no actually we have 300 points each year currently we are looking at applications for 2014 summer’s term and fall so there’s still time to apply for both Thank You Sylvia is the GRE required if I hold an MD degree Sylvia can you take this as well well GRE waivers typically are not granted in some circumstances where applicant holds a MD or a master’s degree then the request is put through the Provost office but GRE waivers are not guaranteed so please speak with your enrollment advisor to start the process thank you on average how many applications do you receive each term and what is the acceptance rate jasmine yes it really varies depending on the terms as some are more popular than others but the acceptance rate for the online program is around 70% thank you how does the final clinical community aspect work for the online applicants work is there a set list of businesses that have partnered with this program Sylvia actually we have a very diverse student body all over the country and all over the world you’ll start working with the practicum coordinator once your foundation courses are complete and so while we do have some agencies that are approved in the LA area again the practicum coordinator can help you locate or work with an agency for approval loli thank you what is the tuition for the program Jasmine I’m here at USC the cost per credit hour is around one thousand five hundred and thirty six dollars and this is a forty seven credit hour program thank you do I need to take the GRE if I have 15 years of experience Silvia accidentially every way we’re not typically being granted but based on previous academic experience in addition to your work experience please request and speak with your enrollment advisor to start the process to request it but based on work experience there is no guarantee what is considered full time attendance jazzing full time with the online program is considered two classes and so majority of our students doing the role as full-time students so if you’re taking two classes you would be deemed full-time thank you can I take classes on campus and online Jasmine we would prefer that you would choose one or the other so if you are interested in the online program we would definitely prefer that you stick with the online format what if my GPA is less than 3.0 Sylvia and I’m going to say because we work with students who have such various backgrounds academically and professionally speak with your enrollment advisor about developing strong application based on your strengths and experience before apply great thank you do online students typically take one or two courses at a time jasmine well like I said before majority of our students do you take two classes at the same time we do have a part-time option for some students to take one class but again majority of our students do go full-time taking two classes a semester what are the differences between the on-campus program and the online program Silvia actually the curriculum is the same online as it is on campus so only the delivery is different are there acquirements to be online at a certain time of day Jazmin with our program being so flexible we do not require that the students be online at any specific time throughout the day and the student will have full access to all course materials at all times so you will not be required to be online at a certain time drop week do I need work experience in public health to enter the program Silvia there is no specific work experience requirement due to our practicum component our village for all our students to leave work ready so they can’t hurt but it’s not required is their career placement available Silvia

we do have a Career Services Department with USC to assist you in the job hunt probably a good idea to get started prior to graduation so you’ll be able to reach out to the world will my diploma say USC online Jasmin your diploma will actually be the same diploma you would receive if you attended the campus program so it will not say online masters of Public Health it will be the exact same diploma at our campus students receive its financial aid available Silvia financial aid and ever is there for those who apply and qualify whether you’re looking at traditional federal funding military benefits employer support we have a financial aid department here to assist you with the process so yes great can I take this camp this program on campus Jasmine there is a campus option for the Masters of Public Health Program so um depending on on which would fit best for you either online or on campus your choice how long will the application process take sylvia typically two to four weeks to complete your entire application unless you are an international applicant in which case sometimes there’s additional documents needed but two to four weeks and along with that how long does it take to get a decision two to four weeks once your file is complete are there prerequisite courses for this program Sylvia what is required is that you have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution there’s no scent major that is required again because you’ll have a practicum in there to prepare you so no is there a graduation ceremony jasmine well all online graduates are invited to the ceremony held on campus so if you are interested in actually participating in the ceremony you can definitely do so and how long sorry how will I receive materials for the courses our textbooks online jasmine oh well it’s up to the students who purchase their textbooks as well as software required for the program so you will get your textbook list and you will be able to purchase that purchase your books as necessary thank you our last question of the day was I haven’t been in for I haven’t been in school for over ten years who should I use as references Jasmine if you’ve been out of school for 10 years or more you can definitely request professional letters so just reach out to your employer I’m a manager anyone of that level and they can write a letter in your via thank you I like to thank Brian jasmine and Sylvia for taking time out to be here today this concludes today’s webinar remember if you think it’s time to apply or have any questions please contact your enrollment advisor their contact information is on your screen now they will also have a PDF and a recording of this event and be able to send it to you within the next week thank you again and have a great day