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Guddu, don’t just stand there Did you install the flags on both the sides of the road? Yes, it is done Okay, come here Did you get all the things we need? Yes, I did – Check everything and tell me The scarf has to be tied in a few minutes The flag-post has to be put up But Master isn’t here yet He will be here. Sitaram sir always arrives on time once he gives his word Hello, Master! – Hello, Master! Hello, Master! – Yes Hello, Master! – Yes Sir is here Start the fire-crackers. Hurry up Hello, sir! – Hello! Please come. – I hope I’m not late No, we have time. Please come Please come, Master. – Hello! Priest! Put the garland around his neck. – Yes Now start the ceremony – Okay, Master Bring the flag-post. – Yes, sir Hurry up – Go bring it. – Go quickly Yes, bring it. Keep it there Be careful. – Here you go, sir Be careful Put it down gently. Be careful Come on, put it into the hole Now fill it up nicely with mud. – Yes Be careful Priest, you can start now Everything went well? – Yes, Master What about those funds? – It will be done today, sir Get it done quickly and give me the report. – Yes, sir I will go now. Okay? – Okay Master! Master! You haven’t taken any contributions from me in the past 5 years Please accept my funds this year and let me join in I’m ready to suffer punishment for what I did Please let it go He was rash with his words You are older to him Please forgive him I can’t forgive him Sitaram knows to punish, not to forgive Did you forget what he said to me that day? If you don’t have the money to get the work done why are you a master over us? Fulfill your responsibilities Sell your house or mortgage it in order to do your work But at the end of the day the work should be done Instead of doing your work, you put up a committee to collect money in order to fill your stomach Isn’t that what he said to me? He said it once and someone else will say it again So what’s the use of this committee, society and trust? Do whatever you want but leave me out of it I will visit the temple to pray to God like the others and I will give a donation if you ask me for it How can you Listen! It doesn’t matter who started the work It is important that the temple construction is completed Hey! – Yes, Master? I’m leaving. Good day Shiva! Hurry up! Bring the car Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up Master! Master, if I said something wrong Master became angry and left I will keep the money if he doesn’t want it Move aside. Get out of my way We came to the temple and we offered the prayers We brought the Master here and did all the hard work And we have to leave? Does this seem fair to you? What did I do? Why did you interfere in this matter? What will you get by defending that man?

Now complete the work I should complete it? – Yes. Are you scared? We all are busy managing our own families How can you and I finish the temple construction? Master has been doing all the work in our village for the past 5 years You had to mess up things by opening your big mouth Let it be. We can discuss this tomorrow with him He is not a man who says one thing today and says a completely different thing tomorrow He sticks to his decision once it is made He won’t change it even if he loses his life He won’t care if he or another man loses his life over it What should we do now? I know what to do Only one person can do this now Who is that? I think it is going to rain Quickly gather all the red chilies Today Kaushalya will surely get wet in the rain You are mad. My daughter will not get wet in the rain She will come back running as soon as it starts raining Keep everything inside Keep the towels inside Huh? Children, look! Look! Yeah! Not a single drop fell on me What are you doing? Leave my hand! Hey! Leave me Dad! What is it, Arjun? Dad! Dad! Something really amazing happened today The rain was chasing me I didn’t want to get wet so I ran with all my strength The rain was chasing me It was an intense moment I was running so hard that I reached home without letting a single rain drop fall on me and I didn’t get wet at all After all, whose daughter are you? Sitaram’s daughter Did you see how talented my daughter is? She is your daughter because she didn’t get wet but she would’ve been my daughter if she got wet Alright, go bring me a cup of coffee Go on – Hey! You! Hello, dear! Hello, dear! – Hello! Just a minute. I will call dad We came to meet you Okay. Come in – No, dear. We are fine There was a small argument in the temple Master immediately left his post as the Secretary and said that he won’t do this work He left all the reports and walked away Please persuade your dad, dear to take up the Secretary’s post again It is true that my father loves me a lot It is true that he will agree to anything I ask of him But if my father doesn’t like something I won’t talk to him about it Please listen Please don’t force me I can’t imagine asking my father to do something he doesn’t want to. Forgive me Oh dear! Suresh isn’t here yet He will come, mom Yes. Every year he will ask me thousand times a day about going to Tirupati But he never comes I’m sure he will do the same thing this year too What is that work that is so important to him? Yes. He doesn’t have any relatives too. He lives alone He should come on time What are you saying? Am I not his relative? He also feels sad about this We are his relatives and you.. Darn! Okay. Sorry, mom Okay. Okay Listen, where is the ticket? I kept them safely, mom Really? Where did he go after leaving his bags here? No, mom. He’ll leave the car with the driver and come back. Don’t worry Okay. Okay I’m sure you sent him to do it You are.. Time is up and the train will leave any minute Suresh promised that he will come, mom He will definitely come No, mom. Suresh won’t come He didn’t promise me Quiet. He will come – He won’t come He will come. – He won’t come He will come. – He won’t come There he is! “Wow!”

“My name is Carolina.” “Hey, Carolina!” Hey, Carolina! “Hey, Carolina!” “Hey, Carolina!” “Hey, Carolina!’ “Hey, Carolina!” “Aim your target at me.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Tell me how to embrace you.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Come, come, come, to the compartment..” “..where a beautiful girl waits.” “She is simple gorgeous She has a killer body.” “My heart has been restless ever since I saw her.” “Aim your target at me.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Tell me how to embrace you.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Know that I’ve been shaken ever since I saw you.” “Accept the fact that you have wounded my heart..” “..like a knife dipped in honey.” “There is no other girl like you in this whole world.” “I have been searching for you everywhere, my darling.” “My darling.” “Why are you afraid of telling me your feelings?” “You are the only one I love.” “I promise you.” “I didn’t dare to touch you though I was with you.” “Maybe you are not in my destiny.” “I won’t leave you now I will be with you forever.” “I will embrace you and make you mine.” “Hey, Carolina!” “Hey, Carolina!” “Hey, Carolina!” “Accept that I won’t get a kiss if I’m not brave.” “Know that I won’t be scared or shy now.” “My heart is intoxicated with your love.” “My heart is in love with you, Carolina.” “Carolina!” “Men become your admirers after seeing you.” “They lose their peace and sleep because of you.” “Carolina! Carolina!” “I didn’t dare to touch you though I was with you.” “Maybe you are not in my destiny.”

“Aim your target at me.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Tell me how to embrace you.” “Carolina! You are very lean.” “Come, come, come, to the compartment..” “..where a beautiful girl waits.” “She is simple gorgeous She has a killer body.” “My heart has been restless ever since I saw her.” “Carolina! Carolina!” “Come to my life I love you, darling.” Hey! Sanjay! Geeta! They all have arrived from the city Hey, children! – Be careful. Be careful Hey! – Wait! Slow down. Slow down I think Prameela has come from the city Be careful, children Hey! – Be careful, children Slow down. – Slow down Come here, children Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! – Oh dear! Be careful. Grandpa will get hurt He was okay when I saw him last year Now his tummy is out I think he is having twins I will slap you Did you hear what he said? Prameela, how are you? What happened to grandma? – What is this, grandma? She was 72 kilos last year, but this year she is 92 kilos You are right You should’ve come two days earlier, dear Yes, but we didn’t get tickets – Come inside Actually your grandfather has been waiting for you since last week He is very excited to take you all to the temple He will really enjoy doing it Uh Suresh! Why are you standing there? Come inside! I’m sorry I was so excited to see everyone that I forgot about you I’m sorry I just stood there because I didn’t want to disturb your happiness Keep the bag here They will bring it inside Okay. Okay – Come in How are you studies going on, dear? This is my last year. – Hmm If you pass that is. – Grandpa! Grandpa has passed in all the exams long back Grandpa, tell him to stop! Grandpa! He is my friend Suresh I brought him along to see Tirupati Bless me, grandpa May God bless you, my boy! Suresh, you received my grandpa’s blessings I think you will be very successful in your life now We’ll see. But what did you bring for this grandpa? Oh no! Sorry, grandpa Please, grandpa I completely forgot about it What are you doing? He is such a sweet kid Why are you troubling him? You should be ashamed Grandma! Don’t scold my grandpa Hey! Why are you scolding my grandma? Hey! Why are you scolding my granddaughter? Hey! Why are you scolding him for me? Huh? Why are you polluting the atmosphere? You are the Village Council Give the verdict quickly Don’t just sit there and see each other’s face Decide something quickly Stop! Mahindar Singh has humiliated Neeta He did it on purpose Since he has humiliated her, he has to marry her And if he doesn’t marry her, he has to pay a fine of 20,000 rupees to the Village Council What do you say? – Yes Am I right? – You are right Are you okay with it? – This is injustice If I marry the man that has humiliated me what if he humiliates me again after marriage? I don’t want to marry him I beg of you I don’t want to marry him You sinners! Why are you doing this injustice? It is a crime to get this girl married to him Village Head! Change your decision! Village Head! My grandson has returned from abroad Now he will finish all of you “A tiger! My grandson has returned as a tiger!” “He will destroy his enemies.” “He will thrash them He will smash them.” “He will break all their bones and tear them apart.” Hi, grandma! Hey, Pradeep! How are you? – Superb! Pradeep! Your son is calling me Let me say hello to him Hi, dad! Son, you said you will return tomorrow Yes, dad. The flight that I was travelling in had a problem They started the flight without filling the tank with fuel Oh no! – The flight landed in a nearby village So I took a lift home. Why did you gather such a big crowd? Are you distributing pension to everyone? I’m giving them my judgment, son Judgment? – Yes When did you study law, dad? I didn’t study law Then did you become a senior lawyer’s assistant and practiced the law? I didn’t practice anything Then did you have a tea stall outside some court? What is he saying? Quiet everyone. Our family has been giving judgments to the villagers from many generations Oh I see! Now I understand what is going on What is the case? Mahindar Singh has humiliated Neeta Oh, a rape case. – Yes What is your verdict? – I gave a superb verdict What is that? – That man has to marry her Wow! – It doesn’t stop there He has to pay a fine of 20,000 rupees

to the Village Council – Bravo! – Thank you! Neeta, what do you feel about this verdict? What kind of verdict is this? I don’t want to marry that man. – Oh Okay then, Mahindar Singh! What do you have to say about this rape case? This is very common in my life So you raped her? – Yes, I did The Village Council’s verdict is that you should marry her They said I have to pay a fine of 20,000 rupees if I don’t marry her Oh, so you will pay a fine of 20,000 rupees to escape the punishment for rape? No. – Huh? I already paid 20,000 rupees to the Village Council So you did advance booking to commit rape? – Yes If you get out of this you will continue to rape women The whole village is afraid of Mahindar Singh Mahindar Singh? – Hmm Listen, everyone! In order to correct Mahindar Singh and to stop others in the village from committing rapes should I give you a verdict? Yes! Yes, please! Yes! Don’t interfere with my verdict Mr. Village! – Village Head! Whatever The whole village is with me So wait for my verdict You look like a hero Want to join me? Let me be the villain – Sorry. Sorry. Sorry Mahindar! There is only word in English that I don’t like Sorry! – Sir! Sir! Put it down, sir Is this okay? – A little more down, sir Is this okay? – A little more, sir Is this fine? – Oh God! Run, rascal! Run! Never take advantage of a helpless woman How is my verdict, dad? What did you do? – I shot Mahindar Where did you shoot him? – That’s what I told you It was wrong on your part to do that Crime will decrease only if the punishment is severe Can you repair it or not? Master! I think it won’t be possible to repair it Huh Okay, I will take the bus Master, will you take the bus? Should I go walking instead? – Okay, Master Get the car repaired quickly – Okay, Master Excuse me. Will this bus go to Coimbatore? – Yes Hello, Master! – Hello! Hello! Did you get hurt, son? I’m sorry. I didn’t see you First you push a person then you say sorry Some people! He said sorry What is your problem now? You don’t know what really happened No, son Please be quiet I said I didn’t see you I’m very sorry Hello, Master! – Hello! Hello! Sit down Hello, Master! – Hello! Sit down So, uncle! How are you? – I’m fine, Master I’m getting my daughter married I will come home to give you the invite. – Oh! Please do come. – Don’t worry Everything will go well – Thank you Yes, hello! Excuse me. Please tell me when Coimbatore comes I will get down here, Master – Okay, go ahead Uncle! Your bag Oh dear! What happened? Sorry Are you happy now? I fell. I fell down. Are you happy? Actually I unknowingly No, I hurt you with my hand unknowingly But you put your foot in my way on purpose I didn’t do it on purpose I know you will say that But I also know that you did it on purpose. To take revenge I forgot about that long back Please don’t misunderstand me Hmm. I perfectly understand you You are wrong No, I.. – You are wrong You are wrong Oh God! He cluttered the whole drawer Crazy! Crazy fellow! He shouldn’t have left that crazy man so easily I should’ve told dad earlier He should’ve slapped that man in the bus He should’ve apologized to dad Why are you so worried? Yes, I’m worried I can’t help worrying if something wrong happens with my dad My dad is very important to me My dad is everything to me Okay, dear. You are right You are getting late for your college. Will you please go? Oh God! Please help me Oh God! Please help me Please help me Please save me from this danger Please save me from this danger Help me, God. Save me Help me, God. Save me Help me. Help me Oh God! Please help me Excus

Hey! Look at her Look at her People traveling in cars are so arrogant No, no, not everyone is like that Sometimes you meet good people too My dear princess! Is this the effect of yesterday’s religious lecture that came on Sun TV? No, no, I was on my way when I saw a car speeding towards me I was very scared that it will splash muddy water on me But the car just passed me without splashing a single drop on me Wow! After seeing our Miss Universe he drove the car very slowly without splashing any mud He is such a gentleman Hey! Don’t scream What is she doing here? 4440? Excuse me It is definitely 4440 My heart just stopped after seeing you Just one glance at you and my whole world stopped My heart became restless after seeing you My heart just melted away with love Something something is happening in my heart My heart is racing to love you Hello! What is it? – Hi! How are you? Wait a minute I don’t know who you are what you want or what you are saying. Who are you? You are 4440, aren’t you? 4440? – Oh, I’m sorry Didn’t you recognize me, sir? Do you remember that day you drove the car without hitting me with the car oh sorry, without splashing muddy water on me What am I blabbering? Sir, actually What are you talking about? What car? What muddy water? What? Did you forget it so soon, sir? Didn’t you wave your hand? I told you. I don’t know you Is this how you talk to a stranger? Disgusting! As soon as you see a man in stylish clothes you come running to him saying that I met you there and you saw me there You are joking, right? I’m not that type of girl. Really What do you want now? Don’t you really remember me, sir? Yes, this is my car I was the one that drove without splashing water on you What now? Oh dear! Why did I invite this trouble into my life? If I had known about this, I would have splashed muddy water on you that day Why are you saying that, sir? I came here with a different purpose and you are saying such mean things to me What do you want to do now? I just want to thank you Is that it? – Yes Okay, go ahead – Thousands of thanks Thousands of thanks? – Yes Millions of thanks. – Hmm? What else? – That’s all Then go. Hmm He is such an arrogant man Thousands of thanks Hey! Hey! Hey! What were you thinking about? I know. I know You were thinking about that girl Who? Me? She would be thinking of me Lies don’t suit you I’m telling you the truth She would be thinking of me or at least talking about me Yes. 4440. I saw him What? You saw him? Tell us what happened ĹKaushalya! They will laugh at you if you tell them the truth.’ ĹTell them the exact opposite of what actually happened.’ ĹDon’t miss this chance Make it very interesting Hey! Tell us! You won’t believe me if I tell you You will believe it only if you see it with my eyes Then you will ask me where he is Suresh! Where did you meet her and what did you say? I see her every day at the same bus stop When I looked at her while I was talking on the phone I saw her coming running towards me Then what happened? I was very shocked Everybody was looking and he came to me as if he knows me very well He stood very close to me What did he say after coming close to you? Can you tell me your hobbies? Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, flirting with girls I don’t like any of these He put his hand on my head and took an oath I didn’t ask him any of these details Please don’t mind But I want to ask you something When will you wear such dresses? Sometimes modern clothes I don’t really like wearing a watch, chain, ring or cooling glasses I’m very simple He was literally begging me But why was he begging you?

Why? To thank me She wanted to thank me for driving the car without splashing muddy water on her that day I said alright, thank me and be on your way He immediately turned towards me Then she came close to me Then he started shivering I became really tense after seeing that My hands and legs started shaking She came even closer to me I was afraid of what he might do to me Then all of a sudden, like a crazy woman she What did she do next? He hugged me and kissed me Really? – Yes Why? – Yes. Of course I asked him Then he said This is how we thank in our village – Interesting Stop it! Grandma! Grandpa! Auntie! Uncle! Grandma! Grandpa! Everyone come out and see this! They are lighting fire-crackers here Auntie, hurry up! Come! Why do I hear fire-crackers at this hour? – Who is doing it? Who is lighting fire-crackers? – Oh dear! Find out who is lighting these fire-crackers Who is it? – Don’t stand here and ask questions Go find out who is lighting the fire-crackers Grandpa! – Oh God! Please go stop them I might go deaf very soon. – Oh no! Yeah! – Huh? Grandma! Grandpa! Did you get scared? This is Kaushalya! – This is our Kaushalya! Yeah! Looks like someone lighted fire-crackers in the house Who lit these fire-crackers? Mom! – Yes? Who lit these fire-crackers? Who did it? Kaushalya came home Kaushalya? – Yes Kaushi! – Who is she? My relative’s daughter She lives here in Coimbatore She came home Oh! You lit fire-crackers to welcome her? Yes. That crazy girl lit these fire-crackers We didn’t do it. – What? Yes, she lit them herself and came out laughing at us Huh? She lit fire-crackers for herself? Very interesting No, you can’t catch me You can’t catch me No, wait Wait. Wait a minute, Neelu Neelu! Splash girl? 4440? I’m imagining things What if it is true? No, it can’t be. – Oh my God! What’s wrong? Why are you both screaming? Nothing.. He.. Suddenly I saw him.. I got scared I.. I got scared – What? Do you know Suresh? No, no, I don’t know him Okay. Kaushalya, he is Suresh I know. – You know? How? No, no, you introduced him, right? – Hey! Suresh, this is Kaushalya – I know Will you say that I introduced her to you? No, your mom told me about her Hello! – Hello! Hello! I’ll see you later – I’ll see you later too Over. You are gone You are dead, Suresh You thoughtlessly cooked up many stories about her You even lied that she kissed you Suresh, you are trapped They both are talking to each other. Run away That’s enough. I’m on a diet 8 to 10 fermented crepes are my limit, Shankar Suresh! Where are you going? – I’m eating Wait! Do you think we will snatch your food? Come on, sit here and eat with us Don’t feel shy, Suresh Kaushalya is just like us A very jolly person I already experienced that What is in this box? Oh no, I forgot. Fried pastries with coconut filling Mom sent them for you Superb! Thousands of thanks What? Thousands of thanks? Hmm. Suresh taught me that – Quiet Suresh! If this is her reaction about this word imagine how she will react after hearing the car matter Geeta! What are you doing? There is no car matter What car matter? – Forget it. This is between us

Please, please – Don’t be tense, Suresh Tense? – Kaushalya is our friend What is the car matter? It was raining heavily The roads were filled with water The hero was in the car I mean our Suresh The car was going through the water with great speed There was a girl ahead On one side was the car and on the other side was the girl The car, the girl, the car, the girl.. What can be done? The car came closer and that girl became tense What would you have done if it was you? – Me? Can’t you shut up? – Exactly. – Oh What will she do? The car is coming towards her and the road is filled with water, so she will stand aside Do you know what that loser did? – Loser? Suresh! Is this how that loser was standing? – Then? Then? The speeding car slowed down after seeing that girl What did the loser do after that? She thanked me and left What did you say? – She thanked me and left Suresh! The real kick is the way she thanked you What did you say? A kick? – Yes, a kick As soon as she saw Suresh she hugged him tightly and kissed him. – Oh no! ĹYou sinner! You demeaned me in order to exalt yourself.’ ĹKaushalya, don’t spare him Get ready to attack.’ You are shocked, aren’t you? Yes, I’m shocked – I was shocked too 4440! You are dead. – Uh What else? – What else? That loser is following Suresh like a crazy woman She watches him from here, from there sometimes from behind and sometimes from ahead She became totally crazy for Suresh – Listen I think her whole family is crazy Hello! – No, I Sit down. – Hmm I kissed you, right? Did you say it to brag about yourself or did you say it because you wanted it to happen? – No Huh? – I was just joking with her Huh? – But I’m very sorry for that Sorry for what? Why are you saying sorry to a loser? No, I didn’t.. – You bragged about yourself, didn’t you? She will hear you – Is this a game to you? No, I didn’t.. – Grandpa! Oh no! Please! Please! I just said it as a joke Are you scared now? – Yes How can you say such big lies? Oh God! Such a big lie! Oh God! How can you say such big lies without any reason? No, no Oh God! I won’t lie even if someone pays me millions If I have the option to lie or to jump in a well I would prefer jumping into a well than telling lies It’s not that Okay. Anyway, I forgive you because you didn’t splash dirty water on me that day Now go. – The plate.. – Hmm Huh? – Go Pradeep, what is happening to me? I bought glasses for you from Clarity Opticals in Erode What do you say now? Can you see clearly? – Yes Alright, I’m bored. Entertain me ĹI wish to live again today I wish to..’ I’m in a hurry Sing the song that I want ĹMunni has suffered disgrace for you, darling.’ ĹMunni has suffered disgrace..’ Now you sing it Is this your favorite song? Yes, this is my favorite song Sing it ĹRamba, ho! Ramba, ho! Ramba, ho!’ You are very advanced, grandma ĹOh dear! Hush, my little girl.’ Wow! Someone else started singing after hearing you Come, let’s see who it is ĹOh dear! Hush, my little girl.’ ĹDrink this poisoned milk and die soon, my dear girl.’ ĹIf you are born as an orphan in your next life..’ Ĺ..Mother Earth will accept you, my girl.’ ĹDrink this poisoned milk..’ ĹThe one that is giving her poisoned milk..’ Ĺ..you will now go to Central Jail and eat dry bread.’ I’ve been noticing you since many days Are you giving the baby slow poison? Yes, I’m going to kill her by giving her poisoned milk Go ahead. I will make sure you are arrested by police Oh dear! What should I do now? What the hell are you thinking, you old woman? What should I do now? You are killing babies? Small babies? Don’t run! Don’t run! He is not letting me kill her by giving her poisoned milk, sir Oh! Dad, are you the man behind this? Yes, it is our tradition to kill a baby girl with poisoned milk We’ll be left with nothing by the time we raise her pay for her education and get her married. Get lost Oh I see. So you hate girls Would we have women like Indira Gandhi Mother Teresa, Kiran Bedi in our generation if our ancestors thought the same way as you? Our Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has saluted girls I say that girls are in no way inferior to boys Moreover, Vijaykanth IPS

He is a man Forget it. I said it in the flow Don’t argue with me It is our tradition to give poisoned milk to a little girls and kill them I want to kick your decision Hey! – Mr. Vul Village Head! – Yes, I’m glad you reminded me otherwise I would have said something wrong You can go ahead and give poisoned milk to little girls But let me remind you that you forgot to give poisoned milk to one girl Shall I give it to her now? Go ahead Who is that girl? How old is she? Just 71 years old That means she is an old woman You are right I want to give this milk to her Oh God! Oh no! Drink this milk, old woman Die, old woman Run away! Run away! Die, old woman. Wait. Wait Let’s run away Son, go back to America Let our Village Head take the decisions here Who are you to say that to me? Don’t let this thumb go here Or else you’ll hear a sound How can the thumb go there? Here you go – But I didn’t hear any sound You will hear it now, rascal I expel you from my house and this village too This is the decision of this Village Council My grandson is not going anywhere Get lost. Don’t irritate me He is giving verdicts like a judge in the High Court The men that follow him are mad Aren’t they, grandma? Son, did you really fill it with poisoned milk? Stop it, grandma This is not poisoned milk. – Then? This is medicinal milk that helps to alleviate swelling in the joints and body pains. Drink it up I want to apply it I want to apply it Why are you kids fighting? I have ten fingers left Start applying Kaushalya! Kaushalya! – Hmm? I forgave you that day Your friends are here to meet you – Friends? Girls named Preeti and Rani Preeti and Rani? Did you meet them? Yes. I made them sit in the living room Oh no! I’m trapped Sister! Sister! Wait till we finish applying henna. – Hey! Hi, Kaushi! – Hi! Hi! How are you? – I’m fine Come, let’s go outside and talk Hey, what are you doing? – Come on Why did you apply henna on your hands? Is it a special occasion? No, no, the kids applied it on my hands How is your vacation going on? – It is good Come on, let’s go out Wait, listen to me Come on, let’s go out Wait, listen to me I need to use the bathroom urgently Let’s go out – What are you saying? Sorry, sorry – What is wrong with you? Ever since we came you’ve been constantly saying that we should go outside and talk That’s what I’m saying Let’s go outside and talk Oh God! I think that man that kissed you did something to you What? A kiss? That man in the car. 4440 4440? What actually happened? Please tell me Don’t you know the story? You didn’t come to college that day. I will tell you Okay, tell me Why are you stopping me? It will be fun Wait. Why discuss that now? Let’s go out and talk She is trying to stall the topic Tell me what happened That 4440, he came close to her when he saw her Do you what he asked her? He said ĹDo you know me?’ She said ĹNo.’ He said ĹI’m the same man that drove the car..’ Ĺ..without splashing water on you Your superhero.’ And you know He is the man that asked us to wait here for you Who is he? I’ll tell you. The man that you were discussing till now the car man, the loser man, 4440 is none other than me Huh? So sorry! – Kaushalya! I just remembered that I have some urgent work We were going to leave now Right? – Yes, let’s go Hey! I lied that I saw a white crow flying in the sky You lied that you saw a white crow flying with a child What did you say? I never tell lies Not even for millions of rupees The daughter of the truthful man Harishchandra If I’m giving an option to lie and to jump off in a well I will jump off into the well There is a well nearby Show me how you will jump into it I’ve never seen such a girl in my life The word shameless is not enough to describe you You are the grandmother of all shameless people Disgusting! Hey! Hey! What is this? What is this? Huh? Oh dear! Gross! I really love you Love? Kaushalya! Wait! – See you Hey, wait! Hmm Please don’t come closer No, no, please.. No

Time to run Your kiss. Kiss me with love Kiss me with love on my lips You too give me a loving kiss I love your sweet kisses Kiss me, kiss me and melt in my embrace Become one with me slowly and sweetly You are the only one I love My heart says this time and again I feel very shy and nervous, my darling I feel very shy and nervous, my darling Your kiss. Kiss me with love Kiss me with love on my lips My body is on fire after you touched me I’m incomplete without you, my darling I reside in your heart, love I started blossoming after I met you Come and satisfy your desires Take my hand into your hands, my love Your kiss. Kiss me with love Kiss me with love on my lips Your soul and my soul will become one soul

Don’t trouble me at nights, my darling The rain is setting such a sweet atmosphere This rain.. This atmosphere My youthful body is craving for your touch I’m here waiting for you, my darling You too give me a loving kiss I love your sweet kisses Your kiss. Kiss me with love Kiss me with love on my lips Suresh! What are you doing? Today is Mother’s Day So I’m wishing my mom Oh! Is she your mom? – That’s what I’ve been told What do you mean? They’ve been showing me this photo from childhood When I asked if she was my mom they would say yes At least I have mom’s photo I don’t have even that in my dad’s case I always prayed to God that he shouldn’t create any kids as orphans Keep these flowers there Grandpa! Grandpa, what is going on? I see that the whole house has been decorated Is there a special occasion? Prayer For what? Prayer for God’s blessings, son Even if you don’t find any flowers in Coimbatore you will find them easily in our house The whole house is infused with the fragrance of flowers And the whole atmosphere becomes pleasant We pray to our ancestors so that everything goes well This is my sister Her name is Vijayalaxmi She led a healthy life till old age and then suddenly one day she left us to go to heaven This is my aunt Her name is Saraswati She died as an unmarried girl at a very young age She is my younger grandpa’s wife Her name is Mandakini She was very beautiful Mom She is like my daughter too Kaushalya! Are you happy now? Let’s go. Let’s go We should start the prayer They are going to start the prayer Hurry up Don’t shout. Come here Give it to me Why are your eyes moist, son? Are you thinking that you have no family? Our heart is the source of all our sorrows If anyone asks you who your grandfather is tell them that it is me From today, don’t call her Sanjay’s mom Call her mom Call her grandma Say that she is your grandma Yes, son And from today he is not just Sanjay’s grandpa he is your younger grandpa too All the members in this family are your relatives This is your home, son Are you happy now? Now your mother’s soul will be at peace This is not a city, this is a village

You know about our family but still you dared to act in this manner Such things are not allowed in our family Don’t you remember where you are from and why you are here? Make arrangements to send her home Ask him to get ready You have to leave within half an hour If you delay even one minute, the auspicious time will pass We’ve to talk to Kaushalya’s father before that and give him the gift platter to finalize your wedding Grandpa! I was so scared It is true that I don’t like love marriages But if my granddaughter loves someone, I will like it Suresh! Were you scared? I was just joking Brother? Suresh! What brings you here? This is my friend’s village I came to visit Tirupati What are you doing here? I came here for some work This car was on sale I did some bargaining and bought it Check and tell me if it is in good condition How much did you pay for it? 115,000 rupees Model? – Model 98 Is it diesel engine? – No, it is petrol There are many little things that have to be fixed Two tires are damaged too The engine is okay. It is not even worth 75,000 rupees and you paid 115,000 rupees What are you talking about, Suresh? I already paid the advance Go and take that advance back Ramu! Do I need to say this again? Pick this up and keep it there What is it? Didn’t he give you the keys? Master, I gave him the keys Then why are you here? Somebody told me that the car is priced too high Who said that? He is a friend from my town If you want to sell it, reduce the price.. – Hmm! Give me the money – Here you go, Master Take this You can take the car for free You are giving it to me for free? I’m not a beggar Hey! Let me make this clear to you If you don’t take it for free, I will destroy this car Why was he talking like that? He was very angry Don’t worry He won’t break anything Hey! Kaushalya! Your father is here Dad is here? Hey, Suresh! Dad is here! Come on! Hurry up! Kaushalya! – Come on! Come! She is my mom

Dad didn’t come? How are you, Gayatri? Welcome! How are you? I’m fine, uncle. – Good Father! – Come here, dear Mom! – Did you forget your mom after coming to grandpa’s house? How are you, mom? – Come inside, dear. Didn’t son in law come? Why didn’t you call up home even once? Didn’t son in law come, dear? – No, father Didn’t dad come with you? He told me to get ready and said we will go together He went out on some work I don’t know what happened there but he lied down saying that he is in a bad mood I asked him what happened but he said you go ahead I won’t come with you. I said okay How are you, darling? Didn’t you ask him why he is upset? Dear, your dad’s moods are always changing I never know when he is in a bad mood If I ask him what happened he doesn’t say anything If you want to know, call him up and ask him yourself Dad, I’m Kaushi here How are you, my dear? – I’m fine Why didn’t you come? – Did your mom reach? Yes, just now Why didn’t you come with her? I.. Actually dear, I was What’s wrong, dad? Why do you sound so upset? Dad? Hello! That.. That That man is playing games with me He constantly provokes me He is giving me a hard time on purpose I don’t know what to do What are you talking about, dad? He is.. Does your dad care about money? – No, dad That man.. That man said that He humiliated me before my men – Who is he? That.. That same man from the bus, dear I should’ve.. I should’ve burnt him to ashes in that bus But I let him go Who is he, dad? Why is he doing this to you? Why does he take up fights with you? Has he lost his mind? Is he crazy? Should I come there right now, dad? Hey.. – How dare he fight with you? Hey.. Kaushi! – Don’t let him get away with it, dad Kaushi.. – Why is he bent on picking up fights with you? Kaushi, forget it Forget it. – Why? Why? Why are you getting upset, dear? I didn’t want to tell you about it Don’t worry about it How can I not worry about it? Listen! Sitaram doesn’t care about money I’ve taught a lesson to many such men I gave him a fitting reply that was like a slap on his face Listen, dear! Enjoy your stay at your grandpa’s house in Tirupati. Don’t waste your time worrying about this Don’t worry. I will come there in two days. – Hmm What hmm? Hmm? Say okay. – Okay, dad Look at me carefully, grandma This is called skipping Now you jump Forget about skipping, son We are living on the streets because you fought with your father Grandma, I want you to tone up your body so that you get a chance to dance with Madhavan Don’t you want to do it? – I feel very shy Grandma, why did so many people gather there? Yes, it is very Come, let’s go and see Yes, whenever we see a big crowd we have to get a closer look That’s our culture. Let’s go Let’s go You will get married soon Now you may go, dear Dad, are you sitting here to solve the Kaveri water problem? Hey! I’m not your father, you are not my son. Get lost I always had this doubt in my mind Our colors don’t match Is there a problem in our family, grandma? Shut up Ask him what is going on here What is going on? I want to say something. – Tell me Last night the Lord appeared in my dream all of a sudden I have everything I need The Lord appeared to me out of His own will. – Okay Four acres of land should be circled in from the point where I’m standing now and a big temple should be built Money should be collected from the public and alcohol and goat meat should be offered to the Lord The Lord gave me the duty to collect money and offer up things to Him What are you talking about? How did the Lord suddenly appear to you? What about the temple and the school for children that are already present in those 4 acres of land? I asked about it I was told to remove the school as there won’t be any buses going there It will be an insult to the Lord if we don’t do as He said Yes, it will be an insult to the Lord. The school should go You sinner! How can you ask them to remove the school? I won’t spare your life – No, don’t worry. Just say yes Wait a minute. What is your decision, Village Head? I can’t take this decision Why, dad? Our ancestral mug that was used to take such decisions has gone missing. – Huh? I can’t take a decision without that mug Oh! I have only one decision for the lost mug and the suddenly appeared Lord Shall I say it? Say it. Say it. Say it Head! – Call me Village Head Whatever. I will give you a decision right now Everyone move back – Oh no! Run! Run! Run! You stole the Village Head’s mug and named it Lord? You ruined my business? – Darn! The government distributes cycles to disabled people You will get that cycle this year – How is that? Like this. – Run!

This superhero can’t ignore the future of small children A tiger! My grandson has returned as a tiger! He will destroy his enemies He will destroy his enemies He will thrash them He will smash them He will break all their bones and tear them apart Listen! Listen! Listen! Arjun! Is everything alright? Hmm What happened? What happened? Master! I think our dog is going to die Oh no! Arjun! Arjun! Who did this? Who did this? Someone hit him with a car, Master – Who did it? Oh God! Sorry, I didn’t do anything on purpose The dog came in my way You came in the way You. You came in the way This is the third time you’ve interfered in my life You feel like laughing when you look at me? My anger looks like a joke to you? You want me to shout in my anger but I won’t shout I will chop you into pieces Look, you are mistaken You are wrong You are a bad person Everything you do is wrong That’s it! Listen to me! Leave before someone else dies If I see you again, I won’t be responsible for my actions Leave! Get out! Oh God! Be careful Little more, grandma Why are you troubling her? Please eat Here comes Suresh Give him cake too Why did you suddenly bring cake? Suresh! – She’s giving cake to everyone because she passed in the exams Eat it. – Stop it Eat the cake. – Okay Master! What is this car doing here at your in-laws’ home? What are you talking about? Master! This is the car that injured our dog What rubbish are you talking about? Master, I remember it clearly The same black car And the same number 4440 The driver of this car hit our dog, Master I think the owner of this car is sitting in your in-laws’ home Feed her. – She will get angry Feed her – Feed her, son. Come on, feed her No You know how to love him but you won’t eat from his hand? Go on, eat it No. – Why just love, we’ll get them married too. Feed her He is feeling shy What are you doing here? – Dad! Get out of here! Why did you come here? Oh no! What are you doing? – Get out! Didn’t I tell you not to show your face again? What’s going on, son? What are you doing? Why are you beating him? How did he come inside? Hey! Get out! Get out! Listen, brother! I brought him to see Tirupati You brought him? Don’t you have the sense of deciding whom to bring home? What are you saying, son? Do you know him? He is our guest He is not a guest. He is a monster What are you talking about, son? Throw him out of the house! That’s it! Suresh! Tell me what actually happened, son No, grandpa Kaushalya also knows about the car incident Kaushalya, tell them about Kaushalya? How dare you take my daughter’s name? Stop it, son. He wants to say something. Hear him out I don’t want to hear anything Kaushi, I told you that a man humiliated me, didn’t I? He is that man, dear He is the one that has made my life torturous You are mistaken He is a very good boy He is a good boy? He is a murderer. A sinner Kaushi! He hit our dog with his car and killed it I swear, grandpa I didn’t do that on purpose Shut up and get out! Brother! – Please don’t do that, son Listen to me. I’m not a bad person You are a bad person Get out! Get out of here!

Brother, stop! Brother, no! Leave him alone, son! You can’t make rules in this house Let him go I thought this was my home I thought you all are my family I was under the impression that I’m one of your own We are your relatives We gave you our daughter Consider it dead Our relationship of 22 years has come to an end because of this dog here I can’t stay in a place where I have no respect And neither can my daughter stay there. – Oh dear! Let’s go, dear You have managed to break my family into pieces I thought you are a monster, but you are worse than that See the movie column Which is the closest one we can go to watch? There is news about Abdul Kalam in the next column Won’t you read that? – Who is he? That’s true Give me a pack of cigarettes Superhero! – Hmm? Get me a job in America – What did you study? I failed in the 4th standard – Well done There’s a gatekeeper’s job in Bill Gates’s home Will you go? – Let Modi do it You have a lot of SI. – What is SI? Super Itching Grandma, want a cigarette? – Do you want a kick? Why do you look dull? Didn’t you go for a morning job? You made me sit behind on the motorcycle saying that you are doing a wheelie and then threw me down You broke my back My stomach is paining today and he is not giving me food Food? You will go to sleep if you eat food It is full of carbohydrates I’ve made diet food for you Show me the plate. Now look Will you feed me stones? – Stones? Don’t like a manual laborer This is called Kellogs Say it. Kellogs – This is just roasted corn Correct. Exactly Nowadays they are selling it in a modern packet It is full of proteins The women in the cities don’t have to work these days As soon as someone asks them for food they put Kellogs in some milk and give it to them Now old people will have to eat them too Say it in a microphone Everyone has to hear it Grandma, look! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! You have a double engine Don’t you have brakes? Did you bring all these kids from Tirupati in this double engine cart? Shut up! These are my kids Your kids? – Yes If you see from above, this looks like a kids’ fair Shut up! Don’t cast an evil eye on my kids My wife has gone home for another delivery What if something happens? – Huh? She is pregnant again? – Yes You sinner! Your vehicle and home, both are overloaded Don’t you know anything about family planning? Our government has been distributing contraceptives for free all over the state Go away. – Why? The same government has been telling people not to use those contraceptive methods The government is telling you not to use contraceptives? Yes. – Are you telling me the truth? Read it for yourself since you have eyes Huh? Don’t use plastic That is a different plastic and this is a different plastic Get lost The politicians of India need to educate them first Otherwise the population will go from 1 billion to 10 billion Their mind is also like plastic We can’t change them, grandma Forget them What plastic are you talking about? How many kids do you have, grandma? I have 12 children including your father It is too late. It is useless to explain it to you, grandma It is useless to put fertilizer in a barren land In America, this plastic is Did you see Nandu? – He left with his kids in the vehicle His wife has delivered twins Is that so? Did you help with her delivery? Not just this one, I delivered all her kids with my hands I will give a big prize to these hands. Lift them up Don’t listen to him He is very dangerous Shut up, old woman He has returned from America So he will definitely give me a reward Yes, sure. Lift your hands up A storm! My grandson has returned as a storm! A storm! My grandson has returned as a storm! His enemies will be afraid of his message of death You came here to meet me, Kaushalya

I’m very happy about that Thank you I should thank you, Suresh, because you endured all that humiliation for me and my family I should thank you for that Kaushalya, I didn’t do anything wrong I know, Suresh You can never do anything wrong But your father is mistaken about me Be a little patient He has a misunderstanding He will realize it very soon He is just like you, Suresh He is a good man I don’t know what went wrong Everything has been going wrong between you two from the very beginning But my dad will forget his anger for me He never refuses to give me what I want He will definitely accept us, you’ll see I need to tell you something, Suresh I want my dad and you too I love you, Kaushalya Listen! What are you doing? Open the door! What happened, mom? You went to meet him, didn’t you? Why did you go to him? Listen! Please open the door! Dad.. Dad! Dad! Open the door! No, dad! No, please! Listen to me. Open the door No, dad! Please don’t do that I will never meet him again I will forget him, dad I will never meet him again Dad, no. Please, no Please forgive me, dad I will never leave the house Dad, please. I promise you I will never leave the house I will never talk to him Master! Master! What are you doing? I’ll never see his face again Master! What are you doing? Please don’t do this, dad – No, don’t. Please don’t do it I will do whatever you want I promise you Master! Open the door. – Dad, no I will do whatever you want I beg of you Dad, no. Please don’t do that Dad, please don’t do that No! Dad, no! No, dad! Master! Master! What are you doing? Master! What are you doing? Master! Come with me! Come with me! – No! No! Master! – No! No! Master! Why did you do that? Dad! Dad! Dad, I did a mistake I will never do that mistake again Please forgive me, dad I will do whatever you want Dad! Dad! I swear I will never see his face again, dad Dad! I need you You are more important to me, dad Nobody else is Dad, I will do as you say Tell me, dad Tell me what I should do, dad I will die if you don’t talk to me, dad. Dad I will die if you don’t talk to me, dad. I will die Why are you putting yourself on fire for a mistake I did? Put me on fire Put me on fire, dad Calm down, dear You are my life. – Dad I’m not saying that falling in love is wrong And I don’t want to stop you from loving someone But he is a bad person He is a very bad person And when you love a wrong person your love becomes wrong, dear Forget him Forget him, dear Let’s see what the newspaper has to say, grandma

Chop down the Sardar’s hair There will be nothing left if we chop down the Sardar’s hair There is a difference between hair and head, Sardar Why are you talking rubbish? Hey, come here! What is going on? They put a garland and a neck cloth in a bull’s neck Did he win the elections? Super Subbu! This is ĹVatta Kattu’ ĹVatta Kattu’? – Yes. – What does it mean? Stopping the bull! – Oh I see Everyone with a garland in his neck will take part in this game The man that stops the bull will be the winner and then he can fight with the bull Oh. Then he will fight alone with the bull? How will he do that? They will release the bull and 10 to 15 men jump on it So the man that gets thrown down is the winner He looks very calm now How does he become so violent in the game? First they make the bull drink alcohol and then beat it with a stick This bull’s game is not a joke You will fight with the bull after making it drink alcohol? If Menaka Gandhi finds out, she will take it away We will give it to her if she gives us a good price Oh God! The owner of this bull is a poor man He has to feed his children Let it go Brother! We’ve been training this bull for years That’s why this bull is strong The man that stops the bull is the winner Men used bulls in olden days But nowadays we use more tractors You guys wait for the tractor to come in full speed The man that can stop it with one hand is a true warrior Pradeep, stop joking. Don’t interfere in their bull’s game Many things need to stop in our country Half of the problems will be solved if we shut our mouths It is useless to talk to him Our game is more important to us, let’s go Yes, the game The game is important. Carry on You will not understand the point even if we show it to you on a 70mm screen What is this 70mm? – It is a big screen, grandma How big? Did you ever open grandpa’s ĹDhoti’? Gross! Don’t talk dirty things I didn’t mean that I’m telling you how big it is Let’s go! Let’s go! Hurry up! Hurry up! Let’s take him to the hospital He is injured badly What is this? Why is there a big hole in his stomach? He got gored by the bull in the game His intestines came out We are taking him to the hospital You removed your brother’s intestines out for a game Go on. Go on He is wasting our time Ignore him. Let’s go, come on Wow! There’s a danger light on your backside The bull gored my backside You ran after the bull, that’s why it came after you The bull gored your grandpa’s backside too His backside? – And once in the front too Uncle? Please come, uncle Welcome him. Welcome him Hello, uncle! Please come in, have a seat Please sit What is it? Why are you talking to me like a stranger, son How else should I talk to you? Just say what you want to say I have to go out Don’t keep the other day’s incident in mind and don’t stop coming home Brother might have said a lot of things to you in his anger Please forgive him We all come together as a family every year and worship the planets We have to do that ritual this year too Please come to our house with your family I’m not a puppet. I’m Sitaram If I swear not to go to a place, I never visit it again in my life I’m leaving Why are you crying? – Don’t you trust me? What are you talking about, dear? How can you say that I don’t trust you? You are my life. Sitaram’s life How can I not trust you, dear? Then why aren’t we going to grandpa’s house for the prayer? Answer me How is that connected to this matter, dear? You refused to go because Suresh is there, right? I’m your daughter, dad I will go there as your daughter

and come back in the same way If we don’t go there, they will blame me for it and I can’t bear to take that blame, dad We will go to grandpa’s home for the prayer if you wish to It doesn’t matter who else is there You are right. It doesn’t matter if there is a dog there That is our home, dear It is our family ritual We’ll definitely go. Definitely Hey! Call my father in law Son in law is here Welcome home, son. – Yes. Hello! Welcome, son. – Yes. Okay Please come About that day I didn’t come here to please someone I came to please my darling daughter. Let’s go, dear Hi, Kaushalya! How are you? You know, yesterday Suresh uncle showed us a cassette It was superb. Absolutely superb We don’t know how he made it Now that you are here you have to tell me how he made it. Let’s go I will come later. – Let’s go Prema, go play Your sister arrived just now Please come inside – Okay, let’s go Please come Come on, dear Kaushalya! Suresh uncle gave this letter for you Look! Sister is here! – Hey, Gayatri! Did you read it? Suresh, I don’t want this letter Just open it and read it, Kaushalya Listen, Suresh! After what happened, I never thought that I will come back here, meet you stand with you and talk to you or that we will be together here in Tirupati God has been merciful and we have to be content Suresh! We have to be content with what we have We can’t ask for more We can’t forget our family Please don’t give me letters, talk to me or look at me We love each other and our hearts know it There’s no need to write or read letters for it Please read what I wrote, Kaushalya I came so far to talk to you and you are asking me to read the letter Is your love hidden in this small letter? Fine, then I’ll read it. Okay Kaushalya, I was so worried because I didn’t know if you’ll come to Tirupati or no But now I’m relieved We should stop seeing and talking to each other so that there won’t be any problems in the future We will live our lives with a smile on our faces Let’s keep our love for each other hidden in our hearts My love is with me like a shadow

My love is with me in my tears My love is with me in my tears We’ve been separated by little droplets of rain We’ve lost each other somewhere in the clouds The little drops of rain are shattered Just as the clouds gather together in the monsoons our destiny will bring us together again My love is with me like a shadow My love is with me in my tears The day I saw you I lost my heart to you What has happened to me, oh my darling? My body and mind are not in my control, my darling You are the moon of my heart You bring joy into my life, darling Your hair is such a pleasing sight to my eyes You rule my heart, my love My heart follows you around like a shadow I will be your shadow forever and ever Just as the clouds gather together in the monsoons our destiny will bring us together again My love is with me like a shadow My love is with me in my tears My love! My love! Where did you go? Without you the night seems much darker There will be light when we meet each other Flowers will blossom when we see each other again My love! My love! I can never forget you Let me assure you that I will be in your heart My reflection will live in your eyes My memories will be in your heart forever You’ve been away from me for so long When will I meet you again? I can’t live without you Come to me Just as the clouds gather together in the monsoons our destiny will bring us together again My love is with me like a shadow My love is with me in my tears We’ve lost each other somewhere in the clouds The little drops of rain are shattered Just as the clouds gather together in the monsoons our destiny will bring us together again Should I shoot like this? If you shoot like this, I will have to take you

to the graveyard and burn your body Turn it around and shoot it Now see in the front What can you see? A tree branch You see a branch? God, please forgive me This poor farmer has no other option left Okay, now aim it and shoot it What is this? The tree cried out, grandma I forgot to tell you that there was a man standing down That’ why I told you to aim it properly and shoot God, why did you save me? I’m glad you shot the rope and saved his life Why did you save me? What were you doing? Why did you try to kill yourself? I have no food – You don’t have food? You are a farmer that feeds the whole nation and you don’t have food? How is that possible? The whole land has become dry There is no water to cultivate the land All the wells and ponds are dry We’ve had no rains for the past two years And everything has become so expensive So what? The prices of cars have come down Cars can’t get me pesticides, my friend Yes, he definitely has a point there Okay, I will give you an idea Why do you want pesticides? Use cow dung, vegetable and food wastes as fertilizers The cow will give dung when it will get some food We will have vegetable and food wastes when we have food to eat Oh dear! I’m lost for words now Okay, let me come to your route Do you drink alcohol? – He drinks one full bottle How much does it cost? – 40 rupees How do you know that? Stop it, Pradeep. I feel shy Do you smoke cigarettes? – He smokes all day How much does that cost? – One packet costs 25 rupees Grandma! – Pradeep, don’t look at me like that I can’t shut my mouth Listen, farmers! Come here! Come here! Listen to this man’s story He is facing many hardships Whatever little money he gets he spends it on himself without giving any money to his family Instead of improving himself he wants to kill himself and leave his family as orphans Tell me if this is fair You have so many dear ones here Did you share your problems with them? How many times should I tell them? I have told them a thousand times already Yes, that’s right Poor people. You don’t know the right way to do cultivation Farmers like you make up the majority of India’s population This land has been called the ĹFarmer’s Land’ from ages If you had cried out as one united family many rivers would’ve come out to support you But you will never become a united family You are still divided because of castes, religions professions, political parties and so on Let me tell you one thing If at least 100 farmers come together from every village you can easily gather money to cultivate your lands You can fulfill your wife’s wishes and give your children a good future But instead of doing all that you sit and cry that there are no rains this year and kill yourselves Give me that Now remove this noose and throw it Hey! – What? I thought I will listen to your rubbish for a while But I couldn’t tolerate your stupidity anymore Mr. Village Head! – You said it correctly for the first time Okay. Settle down into your position Yes, as if you earned a lot of money for your father I will settle down here. Idiot Son, you have opened our eyes with your words We all will work in unity now But you won’t be here to see our progress What? What are you saying? I wanted to hang myself to a tree or drink poison Since poison is bitter I mixed some color in it And you drank it, son Sinner! Why didn’t you warn me about it earlier? Something is wrong with my stomach Take me to the hospital You let him drink the poison? Take him to the hospital Take me to the hospital Take me to the hospital. Hurry Let’s go. Let’s go Oh God! Take me on that cycle No, he won’t be able to pull two person’s weight Where is the hospital? We don’t know which way it is Shall we go this way or that way? Don’t take me to heaven First tear that politician’s poster Tear that politician’s poster? Don’t talk rubbish! Tear his poster, you fool! Selvin Hospital! Selvin Hospital is this way Yes, it is this way. Take me there They stick posters on the hospital’s board Let’s go. Let’s go They are determined to kill people Wow! This is very beautiful Who brought this? Suresh uncle! I didn’t break it on purpose It slipped from my hand and fell down I’m telling you the truth No. You don’t like him at all And in that anger you broke that flower vase I didn’t break it I didn’t break it It is true that I don’t like him But for that reason, I can’t do the despicable deed of breaking a vase brought by him You got upset when we said that you broke the vase But you constantly accuse Suresh of being a bad person Will that not hurt him? Did you ever try to think how he endured all that? Whatever has happened between you two till now was a misunderstanding, son Yes, son. Forget everything that has happened

Don’t drag this matter Just forget everything Let it go, son He is a really good boy Give it some consideration I thought about it He is a wrong person If you feel that I broke this vase on purpose I don’t care He is wrong and he will be wrong in my view forever Hmm? Ghost! Oh God! Run! Ghost! Beat me! Beat me! Beat me! Pour this But sir, this is ink Just pour it. Come on He wants you to pour it Just do it. Why do you care? I’m going to select flowers Looks like you are very busy today Who is going to get trapped? Tell me. Tell me Beauty. Beauty Who are these men? They are volunteers from our village During a horse race, when the crowd gets excited and comes forward, these men scare them and push them behind And the crowd backs down They get to see the fair and also do a job. How is it? He wet my clothes Oh dear! He is very naughty It’s okay. There is one well at the back. Go wash yourself Okay, mom Hey! Hey Suresh!

Suresh! Oh dear! Move! Rascal! Let him go! Let him go! What are you doing? Let him go! What is this brawl about? What is going on here? Why don’t you tell me? If you don’t know anything What will he say? I will tell you He was talking rubbish about you It is true that you and I have some disputes but how can he say those things about you? When I tried to stop him, he said he will continue talking I said I will beat him up if he continues talking Then he raised his hand on me I couldn’t let him get away So, I punched him Son, is he telling the truth? Open your mouth and tell us what happened, son Master! He is quiet I’m sure he spoke against you He is a very respectable man in our village How can he talk against him? There’s no use talking about it Beat him up and finish it Wait. Let him go. Listen to me Move aside. Stop it You started beating him up before I finished talking Then what’s the use of me standing here? That’s not the case, Master Our Master is a pivotal man here This man spoke against him Is that right? Maybe he did a mistake I apologize for him Forgive him Forgive him. Forgive him Master, let it go It is useless to drag this matter Maybe he did it unknowingly You don’t have to apologize for him. Let it go Come on, move. Come on, leave Let the others live in peace You come running when you see someone in trouble Come on, go Tell me. Tell me what happened Why are you crying? Tell me the truth You went to the well that is behind the temple Then you screamed all of a sudden I asked you what happened but you were silent Tell me the truth Don’t try to hide it from me Suresh doesn’t talk against anyone He can never talk against your father Don’t cover it up by taking Suresh’s name Tell me. Tell me the truth Why don’t you speak? I gave birth to you I know everything about you

Don’t hide anything from me Tell me. Sp Will you tell me or not? Tell me. Come on Look at this, mom Manish’s son did this to me because of his old dispute with dad We will be disgraced if the villagers find out about it That’s why Suresh hid the whole matter The people at the temple beat up Suresh without knowing the truth Master! Master! Let him go! Master! Master! Master! Master, don’t kill him Your daughter will be disgraced if he dies Nobody knows about this matter now But they will come to know about it tomorrow I beg of you, Master Spare his life for your daughter Spare his life, Master Spare his life Apologize to him. Catch his feet and apologize to him No, it’s okay What is done is done No, it’s okay. Hey Listen! I punished this dog for what he did A wrongdoing is wrongdoing no matter who does it I also did a mistake. Forgive me But you I did a mistake Forgive me. I’m asking your forgiveness from my heart Just because I asked you to forgive me don’t think that I forgot what you did I’ve written it down on my heart that you are a bad man You can’t erase what I have written there And it can’t be erased till the time I die Remember this How are you now? – Same as before How many fingers are these? – One These are two fingers Why did you say one? I can see half of everything, sister What are you saying? We’ve operated your right eye What? You operated on me? I was admitted here because I drank poison And you.. You operated on my eye? Nurse, I had a problem with my eye but you did an operation on my stomach Sorry, sir. We did a small mistake We operated on your eye instead of your stomach You sinner! Is this a small mistake to you? What would have happened to me if I was admitted here when my life was in danger? Who is that doctor? Pradeep! Pradeep! Where is the doctor? He is there. – There? Eat quietly or I will give you to this one-eyed man Such an insult! I won’t spare him! No way! Why did you hit on my face? I swallowed the thermometer It will come out when you go to the toilet Doctor! Doctor! Doctor? Doctor Raju. MBBS. FRCS, London Yes, what can I do for you? You already did something to my eye, doctor Why, doctor? I was admitted for stomach ache Why did you operate on my eye? – Is it? – Yes Doctor! Doctor! You passed your intermediate college Your results are in the paper Huh? No, doctor. Did you pass your intermediate college now? Sorry. Please don’t say this to anyone I told one lie and made one adjustment You also please adjust with one eye Tell me this, doctor Can you adjust with one leg? Why are you asking me that? Just curious Will you adjust? You have to Adjust? Oh God! No! There’s no need to panic I gave some advice to the doctor Grandma! This black person sitting here is my dad, right? Son, you’ve lost one eye and opened hundreds of eyes I’m a changed man now I’ve donated all my wealth I have one wish. I want to click a color photo with you There’s no use. You will still appear black and white in it Shut up. Don’t joke. Listen to me I want to visit all villages with you and help people My son has changed Wow! Super Subbu! Super Dad! A storm! My grandson has returned as a storm! A storm! My grandson has returned as a storm! His enemies will be afraid of his message of death Munni Bai will be performing at 1 am tonight People from faraway villages are coming to see her Come and see Munni Bai’s sexy dance Why are you shouting in the mike? You won’t get a single order here Let’s go to another place

I won’t do that – Then let’s play cards That is just a waste of time I have XXX rum. Let’s have one peg That just intoxicates the body Why don’t you suggest some other intoxication? I’m waiting here for someone If you look at her, your eyes will be intoxicated If you smell her, your nose will be intoxicated If she smiles at you, your ears will be intoxicated What if she touches you? Thousand volts electricity Who is that sexy woman? Our Munni Bai Listen, beauty! Come to me Give me a loving kiss Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop If you are with me, my queen Everybody will be jealous of your youthful beauty Your eyes are killer and your style is deathly All the men are wounded Go away, you crazy man I won’t come to you Don’t be silly Why are you acting crazy? I won’t leave you I will twist your hands I don’t care if you get scared or run away You can’t catch me. I will run away. Listen, you crazy man The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The rains are here, wet me, drench me We’re having fun of our lives You sway and move like a vicious snake I’m like a lightening I will make you pay Fall on me like I’m being struck by a lightening Listen to me, o you thirsty bee I’m a crazy butterfly Listen to me, o you thirsty bee I’m a crazy butterfly The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop Come with me Don’t turn away from me Show me your seductive smile I will make you crazy for me Don’t do that mistake Don’t be crazy Don’t do that mistake Don’t be crazy The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop The clouds have parted Water is leaking drop by drop When the groom’s parents come to meet the girl

for the first time, the girl’s mother is very happy But the situation is different here Give me the flowers, mother Yes, he suddenly brought a family and made them sit in the living room What can we do? Here, fill coffee in this Nothing is happening as I wanted it to Brother is being stubborn Poor Kaushalya, she can’t live or die. She is helpless I feel pity for her Here, dear. Hold this Nobody wants this, but who will explain it to him? Who will stop this? I’m an unfortunate woman Turn around What can we do? Go. Go there and stand Everything is fine Come here, dear. Keep it there Take their blessings May God bless you, dear! May God bless you, dear! Mother, talk to him – How can I do that? You can talk to him. Please go You’ve raised girl in a very good manner She is my only daughter We raised her with a lot of love Please have something It would have been nice if you had brought your son along We could’ve finalized everything Listen, we accept Kaushalya as our daughter in law There will be no change in it We will go home and discuss things with older ones We will fix an auspicious time and come here next Friday Okay? – Okay We’ll take your leave now – Let me come with you Greetings! – Greetings! I will see them off Wow! Anything special? What brings you here suddenly? We have very special news We have fixed our son’s marriage with your granddaughter Kaushalya Are you happy? – Yes Who is he? – He came with Prameela to see Tirupati This wedding will be grand just like Tirupati Please come We’ll take your leave. – Okay Greetings. – Come this way Okay. There are girls in the bus Take them safely I will go home now Go now. You talk too much. Go Master! Suresh is talking to Kaushalya’s father in law I’m sure he is badmouthing you I’m worried What if he tells him everything? If the groom’s father breaks his promise I will show them what this Sitaram is capable of Please sit. – Hello! Hello! Please have a seat So, did you fix a date? No. We make plans but God has other plans for us I didn’t understand Maybe we are not destined to take your daughter home as our daughter in law What’s the reason? Every father has to submit to love I knew it! I knew it! I knew that you were going to say this. Call that man He is the one, right? He is the one that defamed my girl and made you change your decision? What are you talking about? You are talking nonsense without any reason What nonsense? Didn’t you meet him and talk to him? It is true that I spoke to him, but not what you think He didn’t say anything bad about your family I don’t know why you are so upset That day after we left from your home suddenly my son came up to me and said that he loves another girl and wants to marry her What can I do about that? It doesn’t matter what me and my family likes He is the one getting married so he should like the girl I can’t help it if others get hurt or get upset about it We have decided that we will get him married to the girl that he likes The happiness of my children is more important to me I swear. This boy has nothing to do in this matter I hope you will forgive me I’ll take your leave now Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Did you hear what he said? There is nothing wrong in what he said Those who love each other don’t speak bad things to cancel one’s wedding Let me make this clear to you Kaushalya won’t be happy with the boy you choose It is better to get her married to the man she loves This is my wish In this generation, men blame others for their mistakes But this boy endured all the insults from the villagers and didn’t say a single word because he didn’t want to disgrace your daughter Kaushalya

Are you upset because of his maturity? Son, you say you Kaushalya more than your life What happened now? You finalized a match for her but they rejected your girl Where will you find another groom and how will you that? You are wrong, brother You want to exact revenge from Suresh but you are exacting revenge from Kaushalya If something goes wrong, you’ll lose your daughter You will lose her mother too And we all won’t be alive to see this tragedy I beg of you. Sit alone and think with a calm mind Ask your conscience what is right and wrong what is bad and good, then take a decision What is the name of the boy that is at my in-laws’ house? Suresh, Master Ask him to meet me. – Okay, Master Please come, Suresh sir I’m not educated I don’t beat around the bush I’m a straightforward man I don’t know why, but I still feel that you did something to break that marriage proposal That’s not true, I didn’t I feel that. I feel that And once I fix something in my heart, I never erase it I don’t erase it till I die You are mistaken about me I’m not like that You! You came with a family to tour Tirupati You trapped a girl with your words She believed your words but her father didn’t like it He told his daughter that the man she likes is not good and that girl obeyed her father Did she meet you after I told her not to? – No No, right? No, right? So what should you have done? You should’ve packed your bags and left You should have returned home But you didn’t Instead you settled down in that house You should be ashamed Listen to me I will not get her married to you At least not in this life and not in the next hundred lives Why do you hate me so much? Why don’t you like me? What did I do? What is my fault? Who is at fault in the fight between a snake and a mongoose? Nobody So what is the reason for the enmity? Nothing, right? But still the mongoose kills the snake and eats it So I’m the mongoose here and you are the snake We will be enemies forever I will be in my hole and you stay in your hole You are the only person that doesn’t like me You are the first person that I didn’t like Okay. I have understood that you are good Everybody in the village likes you too I’m saying this to you for my daughter’s happiness Suppose I get my daughter married to you for her happiness I won’t be able to live without her after her marriage She is my life. After marriage we have to meet each other talk to each other, I’ll come to your house you’ll come to my house We have to sit together and share meals We have support each other in good and bad times We’ve to celebrate festivals together You have to come running to me if I’m in danger and I have to come running to you if you are in danger I have to cry if you die and you have to cry if I die but all this is not going to happen Before coming here I didn’t know what a relationship is and how precious it is But now I’m starting to realize how important it is

I don’t know if this is going to come true or not But I want to tell you one thing What should I do to make you like me? Just say it once I will definitely do it. Trust me I will do anything you ask me to do Give your life Darn! He asked you to give your life? Who is he to ask you to give your life? How can anyone ask you to give your life? Who knows when he or she is going to die? He is asking you to give your life but who knows when he is going to die? What are you saying? Please don’t say such things He is our son in law Son in law? First he needs to learn to be a human being Then he can become a son in law If a man can’t understand someone’s feelings he can’t be called a human being You people never get angry with someone But today you all are cursing your own son in law And I’m responsible for that I won’t be able to forgive myself if I stay here any longer So, I’m leaving. Don’t try to stop me, grandpa. Please We all had such good plans but everything went wrong What can we do? His anger for Suresh is justified Kaushalya’s love for her father is justified Suresh has a heart too But nobody understood his dreams What can we do? I wanted to get you married to Kaushalya and give you both a happy send-off But God didn’t give me the right to do that Forgive this old man Please. Don’t be sad for me, grandpa. I had nobody You became my grandfather and grandmother and showered me with so much love Grandpa, I’m leaving now But I will come back I will come to Tirupati every year whether the others come or not, grandpa Suresh! I will get your ticket The train will come there Wait there for me Give your life Give your life Kaushalya!

Suresh! What are you all doing here? Don’t say anything, son I couldn’t say anything about Kaushalya We can’t live in peace here if we send you alone Please listen to me Take Kaushalya with you Listen to me Let me handle her father Run away with her, son This is wrong. This is wrong, grandpa. I will never do this I can never do this I found such a loving family after so many years That’s why I stayed here till now I can’t accept this proposal without Kaushalya’s father’s approval, grandpa I can’t accept Kaushalya without his consent, grandpa I’m sure I committed some sins in my previous life and I’m paying for them in this life I was alone and your family’s love kept me here Kaushalya is your family’s happiness I can’t take that away from you It is very difficult to leave Kaushalya I feel as if I’m leaving my breath here I experienced so much love with Kaushalya in just a few days and it is so painful to leave her and I can’t imagine how painful it will be for her dad I don’t want to give him that pain, grandpa No, I can’t do this Don’t think that Kaushalya’s life will be ruined without me Nothing of that sort will happen She will forget everything in some days, grandpa His love for Kaushalya is more than his hatred for me Good will defeat evil and love will defeat hatred After seeing how much you all love me I feel that it is better for me to leave I couldn’t prove that I’m right even after all my attempts If I take your advice and run away with Kaushalya you all will become bad in his eyes I pray that all of you live in unity after I leave I don’t your family to break apart I’m just sad about one thing, grandpa No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t prove to him that I’m a good person He still feels that I came here to break his family apart He thinks I’m bad but I’m not what he thinks He views me as his enemy but I will always view him as my father But one thing will not change, grandpa If I get married to Kaushalya, it will be with his consent and until he