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welcome to the gcn tech show this week we’ve got a bike frame limited to just 10 pieces because the world champions but we’ve got a new gravel bike we’ve got your bikes we’ve got your upgrades and we’ve got concept boys – ha this week we thought we’ve talked concept bikes that never made it the shop floor now when I think concept bikes I think imagination that runs wild and normally that is exactly what happens and very often as well the actual designer involved is from outside of the bike industry which is a good thing because then they’re less blinkered if you like of actually what a bike should look like if yeah our eyes I agree but I think we need something else to give us a bit of hand I think if you get the laptops in how do you have any pictures of the bikes enough screens maybe critique them a little bit as well in a positive way because big fans of innovation are we yeah come on in John first up the BMC impact which was released way back in 2014 Eurobike and when you look at it now doesn’t really look that it’s that far out of reach of what a modern bike might look like in a year Atene no I mean the concept itself was actually a brainchild of told me a field car I think is the name who worked at BMC at a time and well the wheels firstly are just attached on the right hand side so it’s the kind of enemy if you like the Canon Dells at the lefty system see what you’ve done there the bar and the stem is a bit of an amalgamation of the new Civello s5 the current hope track bike and also the simple on pride bars because the way that this stem comes up into the bars integrated GPS as well yeah I like that as yeah I mean they’re like nondescript the handlebar angle I don’t like that much no I can imagine that being particularly comfortable there’s no actual no there’s like a kerb on the bar either it’s not for a purist on you the seat post as well that kind of takes inspiration as well from that split style stem because it’s just two blades of carbon with a saddle up on the top so tasty looking a bit a kid I can’t think of it being that air really because you got two [ __ ] are the one but hey what do we know oh sorry integrated drivetrain cover yeah it looks like it all almost could be hiding a motor in there yeah I mean that’s nice innit um I mean one of the most interesting things about that really is just the pure integration of everything on it five years ago that was a almost a pipe dream if you like ya know like I said that frame is what we see yeah the parent being ya know in lots of cages and everything he’s not a million models away from that is that when you exclude the forks and the bars and the drivetrain it’s actually not far – yeah and the seat post yeah and Sweeney’s yeah alright it’s gotten always going yeah but still I think that’s a really cool one to start with and I’m gonna back it up actually with the trek Zhora aka 2026 so there’s aura that was shown off in 2016 and well it’s a bike which is gearless seat post lists and seemingly break leave alyssa – yeah this was sketched by Jonathan Russell who clearly let his imagination run wild because we just look at it yeah the results speak volumes don’t they I mean it’s a it’s a great-looking bike and we don’t have too long to wait for either did we just pop six years yes 2026 is what it was also known as is not far away no I mean I love the fact it’s got belt drive on it now whenever we see designers come up with new bikes they always seem to have a belt drive on it but I personally can’t see it being used on the top of the range Road race machine which that I guess that cats agree yeah purely because it just hasn’t taken off yet I mean it’s great for commuters yeah I think but low maintenance yeah exactly that and you’re not gonna get a grabby chain from it but it always seems to be the problem with the weight of hub gears and everything yeah so it just doesn’t seem to I can’t see that happening why the keys is a hub in a row can they just be in the bottom bracket then we could use any will unite probably something do it maintenance and the weight as well I did yeah it’s been confusing one isn’t it I think it looks good it does have brakes though John they are gesture activated on the bars which i think is pretty cool so presumably you put a pain face and it changes gear and you put a help I want to break and hip pulls the breaks for you automatic I jest your control how cool is that yep built-in lights front and rear and the wheels they actually look really cool that they means like like a car wheel yeah it’s like a pentagonal and triangular shape structure and they look like the Ford Focus ST wheels yeah yeah actually yeah but estie’s alright two and a half turbo yeah it’s a great looking bike that would you ride it I think I would yeah it looks like it might become or the fact I would just have to get to learn how to ride it without well with the gesture control I think that’s the only one thing which is

throwing me off right now just fine and John the rail concepts this is one that you find isn’t it it’s a positively retro looking specimen compared to the other ones that we’ve got here this was first released way back in 2010 which is quite a while ago now designed by sixth designer founder even salida yeah I mean this bike it looks like a bike we would see these days and it yeah I mean it’s like a specialized bench McLaren and Avenger vias sort of mixed in together and this is the result of it you knowwe know in a way I can sort of see where you’re coming from yeah there’s a few things I can’t get over but I’m gonna start with this ridiculous looking bottom bracket standard which completely never caught on yeah because they’ve not even released a picture of it on the bike No look at the size of it wildly oversized this is gonna be incredibly stiff you again and how many splines is that on there before you can I don’t know a lot you take water line that yeah probably about 40 splines needle roller bearings – it looks great I think it is because it can’t be very Aero not from the side because you got no you know hole in there for the windscreen traps I must be why they got the jury’s crank set in it for the pictures feature that’s nice that to me is the best listen track set of all time yeah it’s a great great crank set now something that has come to fruition is the integrated bottle cages let’s face it because it’s on the BMC time machine Road zero one I think that’s quite a long name on that bike but yeah the new BMC interestingly their concept that we showed earlier on the impact that didn’t have the integrated cages so rail they were sort of what step ahead yeah a few years ahead it’s not familiar as ahead in fact but that is I mean there’s something about it I really like yes and there’s other things about it I don’t I quite like the integrated rotor covers so it’s very similar to what I might see on I think it’s lose it parley they do that one of their bikes we got that you know bottle cages will you mention just a little bar instead yeah exactly cuz she’s quite good for a one piece of uni like that yeah one thing I don’t like having ridden a bike with it and I like weight an absolute ton like 10 kilos was a fact one that also had a head she very similar to this oh yeah there’s an external head tubes yeah yeah greatly to me in theory but in practice just not quite yeah we’re seeing a lot of bikes with that though name we are seeing more and more bikes mean the other design they they have which is on screen right that has that kind of curved seat tube that has a little split and then with even a diagram to showing the air flow around it but I mean you can now see that crank yeah I mean concepts are wonderful but this is something which we want to actually pose to you the viewer have you seen a concept bike at that that you really want to come you know be on the shop floor let’s face it yeah ask you question I like that right hot tech now first up actually we need to announce a winner because we had a poll on the app a couple of weeks ago and we asked you which of the two new Trek bikes was most Aero of course we have no statistics or anything like that to help you along the way or any findings or results or anything but the results are in now the results are in favor of the Hope Lotus GB track bike 59% of the viewers or voters went for just that I’ve interests you on which would you choose that or the Pinarello if you’re gonna ride a hope yeah I well I just think that Team GB in their obsession looking for things marginal gains it’s probably the fastest bike in a pursuit been a bunch race probably not the most suitable cuz you’re probably giving the people behind a baby no no yes I just wonder what that the CTA’s would do with the handlebars and things like that looks fine to find out what it’s like innovation I love it yeah it does not war something what team Bahrain McLaren the newly neat named team Bahrain McLaren have this week launched their twenty20 team kit made by the Cole and they’ve also released pictures of their new bike as well let us know what you think about both of these Dan and they’re quite different to anything we’ve seen for a while yeah they are and also the squat dinner names in 2020 they’ll be racing only on this break so another team so that’s growing list isn’t it exactly yeah last year it was borah Hansbrough and the cocooning quickstep there’s anyone yeah Trek yeah they were all on this all year yeah another one I would never see another team as well I think if you’re gonna continue to grow and with you know good reason – yes now also the bike of Rowan Dennis a new recruit to team in EOS for 2020 a last-minute recruit they’ve shown images of his new time trial bikes of course here’s the world champion and Wow it looks alright but what do you reckon understated it is you know if you’re world champion the bike has to go really overtime go like Cipollini what would he have done one white with rainbow stripes everywhere yeah exactly but let us know what you think of it up there we’re gonna have another poll top right hand corner and also in the app as well let’s know should they have gone wild and wacky for Rowan’s by yeah it’s not very it’s not very any AUSA’s it let’s be honest no no they prefer to sort of just dump things down a little bit are they yeah don’t blame it really no no they should have gone wild Yeah right and battling they are launching another new frame set this time the mirasta karna I’ve probably said that totally wrong but hey I’ve done my best it’s gonna be built from

Columbus SLX tubing which is probably my favourite steel tubes every time because when you look inside of the tube there’s this real sort of like conical design which is where they reamed out the tube and everything now the bike is gonna be limited to just ten pieces each one of course will be individually numbered and custom-built to the owner specification after meeting with Giovanni battlin himself you know what I can really know how to do these custom bikes and the detailing is just unbelievable so the fact that they’ve used a traditional cable guide onto the bracket shell as opposed to just one of those rubber bonds or one of those plastic inserts she’s really makes it very extreme especially for a custom bike yeah they seem to really know what for me they seem to just tick the boxes when it comes to like you know steel bike but made these days nice now it’s been a while actually since we’ve talked about this but there’s a new gravel bike this time yeah Canyon Grail al has been launched al standing for aluminium and well it takes a different look let’s say around the handlebars compared to last year’s launch of the carbon-fiber one yeah actually think this might be the bike to go for of the two Oh comes with five in the range and all available in one bite or two bike yeah and they are available there’s two two more to women’s models and prices start at 1200 pounds well that’s the reason I think it’s more it’s the bike to go for it’s more affordable and it’s not about handlebar I’m controversial finally then a fan of the channel Bruno Vanna Bergen has sent in some pictures of a bike which he’s been customizing with some magical moments of Frank Vandenbroucke Asst 1999 season and while the artwork on it is simply a beautiful must have taken serious amount of time to do that yeah the attention to detail and also some of the finest moments of that 99 season that reduced in the big ring for Al to stage win yeah you can see Michael Boogaard they’re chasing him with this big teeth that as well cartoony yeah really great yeah all the red over shoots that was a personal highlight always climbing on the drops – and my favorite Jersey of all times of World Cup leaders Jersey yeah yeah the bring it back yeah actually bring back the World Cup it was a good thing yeah all right we’ve had a few unboxings recently so we need to announce the winners over to mr. Opie i results in job yeah would you like a drumroll or not okay what we give it away though we’re announcing so these physique winners are as follows and they are gonna choose from the tempo over curves or the arrow we’ve are to pass drops yeah the rolls off the tongue badge on yeah what Randall hit a guard from the u.s. to do camp rigor from gb Zachary Mont Alto and Barry Stevens well done to all of you nice water we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of those and we’ve got a Kennex on boxing when it’s real that we have yeah Romero Romero from the USA gone on top into the shipping and we’ll get that Act II scene lucky people out there doing stuff is already nice lovely stuff who doesn’t love new stuff it this time of year it’s all yeah boys five winners it’s now time for screw riding upgrades by upgrades about the show where you submit before and after or even during photos of any upgrades with your bicycle related material yeah I like I like the during pictures John yeah I mean yeah exactly before and after anyone can do that I mean you might just pop down to your local shop we don’t like cheeks do it no we don’t right first up though we’ve got to announce the winner from a couple of weeks ago we had Alexander and he was up against Fernando and are you gonna do drama yeah yeah god it hurts the fingers they make Alexander wins with that funny-looking Colnago get in touch with us over on Facebook and we’ll send the cap back to you that way yeah before we go on then to this week just let you know if you want to submit your photos make sure you use the app or the upload at all both of them can be found in the description below easy to find the links right let’s move on then this week we have Daniel from location unknown because you didn’t include it Daniel Daniel naughty anyway Daniel purchased this chaparral TT bike and had a lot of plans to make it into a drop bar conversion apparently it was a weird fine for Daniel and you couldn’t find any information on the bike you know I really bugs me when you see something and you can’t find out anything about the brand or the builder and you search around or even an event in history you know yeah riding with two broken wrists that are by tracing you can’t find proof of anywhere yeah in joke right now Chris is trying to find some evidence of something you claimed to happen but it never did anyway so this bike it’s got Columbus oversized yell cheering another great tube set it’s got Jouret 7800 shifters 7700 crank set there one of the old opportu link ones I love that yeah and be compact bars Chris King headset yet the bike autographed by jim mccarty apparently no idea who that is so there’s there it is before if either enhance the price of the bike or ruined it completely exactly no idea who Jim is

there’s the TT bike there is afterwards with the signing and there’s jim mccarty looks to be playing a guitar right-handed player i love the log from the top tube to the seat you’ve jump yeah extended c tube i should see it on head tube there’s one of two riders ed we’ve been gone almost a famous one for that yeah and has that els thicker isn’t it a nice upgrade the best most comfortable saddle ever made honestly if you can buy one of those buy it because they’re no longer in production oh it’s not the TT one like the heavily padded arioni yeah yeah yeah that is that she isn’t it I think Wiggins used that well he’s a man right yeah I bought two of them a couple years ago I use them on bikes all the time there we go right anyway nice bike huh yes lovely yeah I like that white peas yep against Jack from Oslo and you’re like no this time Jack wanted to retro and bought himself a grammar bike on the cheap for winter and gravel you see a right thanks use the inspiration which is very nice of it with that gravity bike oh yeah that’s good buy that one a vintage hard hell is a little bit long Jack did the maths and find a smaller frame giving the same reach stack and wheelbase to get his ideal gravel geometry a long weird-looking seat post is required though why me wait for one of those because my little boy and I have his bike thank you policy place that doesn’t look safe right right mostly built from leftover bits and the cheapest parts on either eBay that he could find Jack hasn’t waited yet he reckons he’d be surprised if it was on the for teen kilograms she could God by 32 pounds isn’t it yeah that’s quite cool it has got all bi spider two’s I swipe this do not when I used to work for a big online online retailer we should sell hundreds of those Isis like a pro tires and we wondered what on earth is going on apparently there’s kids running around trying to skid and get them to spark no yeah apparently Wow see bird you’ll believe anything but we did sell thousands order a specific seat post is scary it’s a bizarre super I want one of those in a track race once using it in line what like for it was a car 150 mm yeah bars look so wide they do like monster do you remember Blake’s monster cross bike yeah from GM BM y a big white bus quite a lot of that job yeah I thought I loved the old you know that we’re marrying you to do that with their bikes and it does yeah walks oh yeah nice nice cool it up turned on some newspaper you’ll get a right turning off putting those wheels getting sent looking white backdrop yeah last he post he’s scary oh I guess they’ll give you loads of flex yeah it would be like suspension that thing wing it stuffing it that yeah I don’t know what I gave for no it’s a really nice bike but it’s the seat post this just a lot of it just you know maybe drop it down a bit yeah Daniel from a location unknown or check from Oslo I don’t I really don’t know who to go for well lucky it’s not on to us John yeah no vote up there and that’s hot corner yeah and also on the apps who you can get involved couple of very good upgrades this week right it’s now time for probably everyone’s favourite bit it’s my favorite isn’t it like you and Hank the pay reviewer animals when you get in the air we do the bike vault it goes absolutely wild now if you’re unaware what it is basically you submit pictures of your pride and joy and then we rate them either nice or super nice now you can use the app you can use the uploader tool you can use probably all forms of social media but those are the two places generally where we’re going to find them so what happens in Chris if someone gets rated with a super nice G go bike is a super nice really shocked me then I knew he had the bell there obviously but I didn’t know why we was gonna do it it thanks mate okay right let’s crack on the first one this week is from NK SK Chun 85 magician 85 in Hawaii that is beaut I’ve never been to Hawaii no no why not traffic’s like white like to go yeah hot lights are going i still watch Dog the Bounty Hunter you ever seen that didn’t he die oh okay sure I remember seeing I didn’t know that but anyway dr Matt hunt oh great program and it was based in Hawaii woman and it’s a specialized first up you cranks wrong position I was gonna go with what stunning color the frame was and then the backdrop is up yeah this point yeah I know but yeah we’ve got point out the obvious but is the cranks aside that is such a good photo is good photo is a lovely lovely bike yeah what is there to be nice is it well I

mean I is it super me it is but I’m not fussy about cranks I’m pretty fussy about and also I can’t see the rear valve is its unwavering who’s got a really long Darby second a so long it’s being confused for a spoke no I don’t know yeah do you know what dream to bring the bell mate yeah well I regained my hearing all right how’s the P with these Kanako c64 doesn’t weigh you’re from a lesser I’m afraid no a brick wall he’s got four wheels and a record and chorus mix I say what the the paint job on that it looks like brushed by the dirty brushed aluminium does it it does yeah almost looks like someone’s just drawing it on a piece of paper yeah with a pencil saddles that it’s one of those position of all short stubby stands is it that everyone seems to use these days right of ours Brian Barbara yeah that’s nice yeah a very really square stem at Arthur that’s a quick release and even open though oh yeah pranked in the normal position Camp Rock stories still do it that way yeah a little button nowadays yep even though days they probably a pattern they’ve got on it I imagine I actually really like that paint job I like the paint job too it’s a very different problem are gay yeah the problem is mate the farmers aren’t lined up the cranks aren’t lined up the yeah a little ring there gave me some alms yeah it’s so it’s a super nice frame though it is but the whole package is just a nice I’m afraid next up is budgie diesel from Bharti Island in avid Aran North Wales I’m sure you say that slightly different as well either way 2016 Scott addict SL shrim group set zip well it’s 2 o-two that’s a really nice-looking bike isn’t it barb it’s thira no biggie small was its small big small e bigs well it is biggie smalls if you go the other way around I still get so confused when this referred to is out I thought he’s a wrap stuff from the 90s you made hip hop music ironic a youngsters right back brake cable that hangs cables a bit too long as well isn’t it if this was shot from the other way and you’ve got just a few of the basics lined up literally it be I’m pretty sure that’d be a super nice but rules are rules safe nice bite yep no it’s nice right Wow next up is Nathan Phillips again with Springs Colorado USA minor BSB I’ll take with groupsets FSA cranks physics hello and a gold chain guys are super nice look at that doll though this is super nice it’s a dog in it and it’s it’s just perfect the dog is just there like and what basically isn’t it that’s what the dogs saying is just like them what is that is that as good at your bell ring gets for sue yes yeah it’s a bit soft and finally we got Terry Q with a specialized venge Pro 2019 model yeah I do like that yeah I like the fact that you’re the nose of your saddle matches you I is that like a it’s an iridescent saddle mmm looks like it and the lettering in the word specialize on that don’t you max yes Oh slightly the view some of that is it when Dweck’s yeah pain as well I have yes I can chose wet wipes that I’ve got somewhere and it’s like a roll-on deodorant you like screw it yeah it smells amazing smells amazing and one of the fun things is as well what you do you apply it and then you sort of run through from memory a bit of degreaser right and it sort of makes it less solid so it’s like a a bit more sort of molten if you like and it gets all in all the nooks and crannies but if you don’t do that and someone rise behind you and you ride along you could spray them with bits of this colorful wax yeah no yeah no yeah it’s I like that that’s cool you know at that point you can easily say cool story bro I know exactly thankfully bar tape looks either really dirty yeah or like it’s reflective why some way do you not think it may be tied into the saddle and the less room yeah it’s really funny about that come on what valve caps I mean I’m not fine at valve caps why as well to some people don’t do it in the windows when I leave them on because yeah this even though it won’t happen because the the core the core is a valve cause of brass they’re not gonna get seized in place but there is a possibility would cool story bro thanks mate anyway nice real super nice okay I just said that to me that’s Steve nice you’ve even got proper bike stance you yeah you’ve you know effort yeah right more by fault next week right there we are

another tech show in the bag but well we’ve got a bit of a news flash a different way yeah it transpires that dr. bounty hunter is not dead I’m trying to fight back a laugh because it’s still quite serious his wife died yeah sorry about that and condolences to dog yeah right okay we do hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s GC intention well next week is gonna be on Boxing Day so well god help us really because we could be in a right old state there but we will do our very best to present to you another gem of an episode and as ever remember to like and share this video with your friends and don’t forget subscribe to the gcn tech channel and also click the little notification icon because what happens in kris then you get a notification every time we make a new upload yes absolutely cracking and don’t forget check out the gcn shop at shop top global cycling Network comm and while for two more great videos click on me and