KnifeCenter Exclusives – Great Gifts for 2020

Hey everyone, David C. Andersen here coming at you from the KnifeCenter. Now one of the things I really enjoy about my job here at the KnifeCenter, I get to be part of the team that specs out our exclusive models and with gift giving season right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the coolest things we’ve got on our shelves right now in our exclusives program. So let’s check them out. I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to show you today and it’s not just for other people to maybe you yourself deserve a little bit of a gift as well you know for putting up with 2020. So let’s let’s go through let’s let’s check out a few things and I’m going to start on the less expensive range of the spectrum with our KnifeCenter exclusive version of the Luna light from real steel, which we’ve got right now at our introductory price of just under 30 bucks. Now this is a slip joint knife it’s a non locking design, but it’s just a great useful little design, no matter what kind of locking mechanism, it does or doesn’t have really nice little blade shape it’s D two steel so you got a good amount of edge retention, especially for the money and the length is just is about two and three quarters of an inch long so it’s under the three inch mark by just a little bit. Very easy to take just about anywhere. And like I said, I love the shape, and I love the geometry it’s nice and thin to begin with and then we’ve got a full flat grind. This is just ready to slice all day long. As you can see we’ve got a black coated finish on this plate It’s a smooth finish too so it’s not going to impede that slicing action it’s not rough, like a rough powder coat that can get a little, little gummy when you’re running through certain materials. But the other thing that that black coating is going to give you over other versions of the Luna light that are out there is a little more corrosion resistance because D two is not technically a stainless steels kind of a semi stainless in between type of steel. So you get a little more protection there. In addition to look in addition to looking cool against the white g 10 handles is kind of the the Stormtrooper type of look the white and black pocket clip here on the back too if you didn’t see that so it’s going to be easier to carry than some of those old school slip joints out there that may kind of float around in your pocket banging into some things this nice subtle deep carry pocket clip is gonna keep it where you want it to be. It’s not gonna be too noticeable from outside the pants pocket either Even without a lock there is one kind of passive safety measure built into this knife. And that’s right here on the ricasso of the blade you can see there’s some jumping right where your index finger would sit and essentially there’s about an index fingers width of steel right there. So if you do happen to be cutting something and the slip joint pops past its breaking point, then at least your, your index finger is gonna be there a little bit to keep it from closing too far so that’s a nice little, little feature that they’ve included here And then when you do go to close it. It’s got sort of a two thirds one third stop as opposed to a true half stop like some slip joints have. That’s another good safety measure so you don’t close the knife too fast and kind of pop it, and then finish the rest of the way. And you can hear when I do that it sounds real good too. It’s easy to open you don’t need to use your fingernails because you’ve got a nice set of dual fillers there real easy to pinch, just with your fingertips and open it up real cool knife here, Luna light from real steel. I feel like the vibes of that a little bit but you want some more reach, we’ve got a couple more from Real Steel This is the G five metamorph there’s a bunch of different colors out there. These two particular ones are exclusive to us here we’ve got orange and black g 10 handle options with black blades and the blade steel on these is going to be a Sandvik 14 c 28 n. So it’s much more stainless than that D two, but you still do get that smooth black coating more for aesthetics, in this case, but this is one of my, my favorite steels especially on the budget end of things And these are decently affordable. These are both just under 50 bucks right now while we’re filming this anyway. But the reason I like that steel is it takes a very fine edge, very easily and holds it a decent amount of time as well this is not just going to cut a few things and you’re going to feel like you have to sharpen it, but I really like that find the fine carbide structure that this steel has because you get that very fine, just scary sharp edge without too too much effort. And then the blade shape itself is very useful about three and a half inches but it’s nice and narrow, so you can do some real fine radius cuts with this fit into some tight corners so to speak, got a lot of piercing capability, and a lot of pretty strong cutting capability to because, as the edge goes out towards the tip there’s just a little bit of a hint of rise, but not so much that it’s going to make it easier for the tip of the knife to slip out when you’re doing long cuts through something like cardboard or something like that. This knife also has a deep carry pocket clip right side only. And we’ve got a hidden lanyard point there at the back as well which is nice We’ve also got a lock on this particular model it is a liner lock with a nice inset liners there. But the other thing you’ll notice is that it folds up nice and compact to this is very narrow very easy to carry not taking up too much within your pocket. And part of the reason for that in addition to just, they

made it that way, is this is a front flipper design so you don’t have a flipper tab sticking out the back. So what that means is you’re going to be able to take your thumb and kind of flick or slow roll that blade open very easily with just one hand. Alright, one more from real steel and let’s say for example you like the the profile of that metamorph but you like the simplicity of the slip joint on that Luna, well we have the G slip, to take care of that need right here it’s in the, the metamorph family. It’s just a slightly different shape and it is a slip joint version check that out. So this knife gets a bump up in a few materials as well, which is why it’s a little more expensive coming in just over 63 bucks right now. But the first thing the most obvious thing you’ll see is micarta handles we got a natural micarta looks very nice on both sides. It’s a little bit of a matte finish to it so it feels just a little bit grippier than the G 10 which is a little bit smoother and also being micarta if it happens to get wet tends to feel a little bit tackier while it’s wet but then it’s gonna dry out just fine so you’ve got more grip You’ve also got an upgrade in the deep carry pocket clip here which is a wire clip. So it’s even more of a subtle look on the outside, versus those black ones on the other two knives, and it’s reversible on this knife too so this is going to be great for lefties or righties, which is great because there’s no lock bias on this because, like I said, it is a slip joint got that same kind of two thirds one thirds, half stop. “Half stop” you know what I mean, as well as those those dual Fuller’s to pinch that blade open also got a crown spine here and a crowned back spring going all the way down the length of the handle and that terminates there at the end you can see we’ve got a hidden lanyard attachment point on this knife as well. But in addition to those handle upgrades we’ve also got a steel upgrade here Vg 10 stainless which just seems a little bit more premium again full flat grind kind of like that Luna, starting with decently thin blade stocks they’ve got some really good cutting geometry. Nice stainless capabilities and just an overall really cool and really classy looking knife Alright, we’re gonna come back down underneath the $50 price point for a few more knives and talk about some Swiss Army knives, which is a great gift for pretty much anyone out there, even non nice people will appreciate a Swiss Army knife for just very cool things And we’ve got a few exclusives, have some certain models in there. Alox aluminum handle scales which normally come in silver. We’ve got a few here in red and black, you can only get these particular models in these colors from us. And the first one, coming in at just about 27 bucks, is the Bantam, which I am a really big fan of this particular knife because it’s only got two implements in it and they cover a lot of ground with them but as a result. Just look how thin that particular knife is only a couple millimeters thick, you really slip this just about anywhere works really well in the fifth jeans pocket that watch pocket that is in a lot of men’s jeans out there, but really you can. I’m sure you can imagine quite a few places you might be able to stash this little knife. I’ll open the blade there, and it comes in just under that two and a half inch marks a very nice, very nice little size for a small pocket knife like this, simpler stainless steel is going to be pretty easy to sharpen won’t hold an edge super super long, but it is going to be very easy to maintain. And some excellent cutting geometry on this knife as well thanks to very thin blade stock, and that full flat grind is just it’s just going to slice it’s not going to get in your way when you’re trying to cut. Then on the other side of this knife, we’ve got the combo tool, which does a couple of things as you might imagine from a name like combo tool. You may be familiar with a lot of Swiss Army knives will have a can opener and a bottle opener two separate implements this one can actually pull off both of those tasks and I actually, I was a little skeptical The first time I tried one of these where there really could, but yes it absolutely can do both of those things, and you’ve still got the little bit of a little wire wire stripper there at the base, as well as the tip that can be used as a flathead screwdriver, and even locks, or doesn’t lock but it even has a very snappy half stop, not so much for safety in this case because you don’t have to worry about an edge but you can actually for certain things that may be a little bit stubborn Obviously there’s a limit to how much torque you could put on this, but you do get a little more leverage onto a stubborn screw head if you really need to pop something loose. And then instruments makes a really satisfying noise when you close it as well. But that is the Swiss Army Bantam from Victorinox We’ve also got the Pioneer x, and not just exclusive red color but we’ve also got exclusive black color on this particular model, both of them really nice, but again the red especially, I mean the silver models out there certainly look fine, they look really good actually But there’s just something about a red Swiss Army knife that is iconic, and the fact that you can get these particular models with the stronger aluminum scales they are more durable than the, the selladoor plastic red Swiss Army knives, but you get that strong aluminum Aluminum in this vibrant red. We’re just thrilled

to have these as part of our lineup. Now the red model comes in at 45, the black model at about 50, and what you need to know about this knife, what makes it special. It’s a little bit larger than that Bantam but the original pioneer, which comes up with fold out the set of tools that that has is essentially, you can kind of draw a direct link from this knife, back to the original Swiss Army knife in that what is it the late 1800s had essentially this set of tools they looked a little bit different. Back in the day, but these are the modern incarnations of that original Swiss Army knife. You’ve got your main blade comes in about two and three quarters of an inch, a little bit longer than that Bantam but same great characteristics to it. You’ve also got the separate can opener. or sorry can opener over here, and bottle opener on this side with two different sizes of screwdrivers on their tips and that that wire stripper. And then you’ve got a nice awl over here, it can be used to punch holes and things it’ll sharpen up real nice so you can maintain it and keep it sharp over time, works well as a scraper Also, that was the, the kind of the original set of tools. Again, looks a little bit different Back in the day, but the Pioneer x packs all those things in and add one extra tool, make sure I’m opening from the right side. The ever so handy pair of scissors which makes this, It’s just a great upgrade and the fact that it’s still just 45 bucks is quite nice These are also great for EDC both of these are great for EDC obviously you got a little more capability there. But let’s talk about another model as well. That is going to be a good option for hikers campers bush crafters that sort of folk will really appreciate the new farmer x in our exclusive red color. These come in at about 60 bucks right now. And essentially what you get here you get all the tools that that pioneer x had plus one other additional on top of that, and that is a small wood saw, which works really great in terms of small multi tool saws Victorinox and to maybe slightly lesser extent Leatherman, but the two of them with this salt included there is really kind of the one to beat in terms of utility until you get into some like larger tools you know what I mean. But they work really well for the outdoorsman out there, the spine of this can even be used as a striker for a fire steal the awl can also be used for that. But you might want to save the edge on there. So the fact that you’ve got nice crisp spot there to do some scraping, it’s more utility than just the saw cutting capability, and again in the outdoors. That red aluminum handle is or the aluminum construction whatever color it is is going to hold up more than a red, red selladoor handled Swiss Army knife will of course all the farmers are do have aluminum you’re not going to find a version of those and selladoor, but you take my meaning, these are just solid robust little tools. All right, while we’re talking about kind of outdoor activities. I’ve got a version of the SOG Aegis AT here. That is going to be a great option for folks who like to camp hunt, or just generally go about in the outdoors and want to take a good folding knife with them And this knife is actually when we’re filming this right now is on sale for about 70 bucks Now this blaze orange handles you can only get here at the KnifeCenter, and that is a great color for this type of outdoor oriented blade. There’s plenty of length as well even for folks with slightly larger than average hands like myself, there’s plenty of links there to grab on to even if I was wearing a set of heavier work gloves which I certainly recommend if you’re really putting a folding knife to use in the outdoors. I’m still going to have plenty of length here. Even if my finger goes on top of this, this lanyard point here it doesn’t actually get in the way, in use. The advantage of course of having the all that handle real estate is you’re going to have a very secure hold, and a very strong You can put a lot of strong power, I should say, behind the blade itself which is d two, but over three inches about three and an eight, and you’ve got a really good slicing geometry here it’s kind of a theme a little bit I like to show people things with with good cutting geometry, what can I say decently thin blade stock it’s not super thick, it’s nice and wide with a full flat grind which means the geometry here is going to be very good again it’s a knife that’s not going to get in its own way, when going to cut some things, plus that drop point shape. Like I said useful for hunters you’ve got plenty of belly there, if, if you do like to take a folding knife hunting this could be a good option for you Just make sure you keep it clean because this is an assisted opening knife as well so there’s a little bit more going on underneath the hood to take care of. But it’s also going to work for campers bush crafters, if you don’t mind a a flat ground knife for your wood carving. It’s going to be great for that sort of thing. Of course I mentioned, assisted opening here. We’ve also got SOG’s XR lock which is the crossbar lock design you’ve got that bar going across both sides of the tank

Not only is that a strong locking mechanism, but it also makes the knife fully ambidextrous which is very nice you can access the lock from either side. You’ve got a deep carry pocket clip which is reversible. And then you’ve got a safety as well that’s going to lock the blade in the closed position mounted ambidextrous Lee on the spine as well. are mounted for ambidextrous use on the spine as well. With that, engaged, you’re not going to be able to open that blade. Click the safety blade pops open very easily. And again, this little bit sticking up is not enough to get in the way, when you’re actually using the knife. It’s just for, especially for the price, even at our regular price of 85 bucks. It’s a very satisfying knife to really put through its paces. Let’s say you’re, you are the person you’re buying for is a little less of an outdoorsman and maybe more of a gentleman. Got a couple of cool knives here, new versions of the CJRB Rhia to show you, which is just a fantastically classy and satisfying little knife to utilize got two versions here, we’ve got a pakkawood version for about 55 bucks decently affordable there, and a marbled carbon fiber version for a little bit more it’s about 75 right now, so not astronomical still both pretty, pretty decently affordable I would say in the grand scheme of things, but the carbon fiber version, both of them really do but the carbon fiber version looks great. You got a nice shimmer as you move things around There is a little bit of a pattern milled into the top so you’ve got a very fine texture there gives you a little bit more grip, and that will also help you notice the, the contour to the handle scales, themselves, you’ve got a little bit of radius so it’s not chunky in the hand feels very good, and then here on the back, we’ve actually got a milled titanium pocket clip which is an upgrade over the standard versions of this knife, it just looks very nice open back to construction on this knife is going to make it very easy to keep clean And you can see here there’s a post here with a lanyard or a drilled hole drilled through that can be used for a lanyard attachment right there. So you can add a bead or accessorize if you wish. The blade steel here is what’s really impressive especially considering this knife starts here. Just over 50 bucks. rpm nine powder metallurgy steel which CJRB and ArtisanCutlery their their parent company came up with as a budget powder steel, and what they’ve done with this they’ve essentially created a steel that’s going to get you the edge retention of D two. So you’ve got some, some good capability there, but it’s going to be easier to sharpen, and it’s also going to be stainless like truly stainless unlike D two which is, as I said a semi stainless So it’s really impressive they’ve been able to pull that off. I’ve been testing one of their earlier prototypes of this steel for a while, and I’ve just been extremely happy with it. Full flat grind on this knife as well a little bit thicker so it’s not quite as slicey as some of these other designs, but it’s still not gonna trip over itself when we go to do some good cutting. So overall a pretty good design, even on the face of it, but it’s one of those kind of intangible things about this knife that is really a really, really a thing that sets this knife apart does have a liner lock as you can see, but that thing that I that I’m talking about is the action. No flipper. This is a thumb stud only knife, but we have ball bearings in the pivot, and they’ve arranged the thumb stud just so and the action. Feels assisted but you don’t have that resistance of the spring when you’re closing the knife, it is extremely satisfying to flick open, doesn’t matter the price of any knife, this is right up there with its excellent field that’s carried through to pretty much everyone I’ve ever pulled out of the box from all the way from the less expensive versions that come with the simpler materials, up to these exclusives right here, truly, truly special and understated little knives they really they show you what they’re worth, not through how flashy they are, but just from how good they feel in the hand So now with the, with the peckerwood version of this knife. It’s actually the perfect transition to our next set of classy knives. And those are our Spyderco exclusive family, all with pakkawood handle scales and a laminated hap 40 blade. Got the dragon fly here which is going to be great for pretty much anyone out here it’s a good size two and a half inch blade fully ambidextrous dexterous with its opening and its mid mounted lock back with a David Boye dent, as well as a deep carry or not, not so necessarily deep carry on this particular design but you’ve got that subtle white subtle wire, carry clip that is reversible to either side. The cool thing about the dragon fly, of course, is you’ve got a full four fingered grip, even if your hands are on the bigger side, but it folds up nice and small and that’s thanks to that finger choil there that really lets you use part of the blade to grip onto and put that smaller sub two and a half inch blade some heavier work. Now as for the blade itself that hap 40 steel at the core of this laminated blade is a powder metallurgy steel with some good edge retention

but it’s not stainless, so we’ll patina a little bit over time. And that actually is going to look really good against the pack of wood handles Packer wood, of course, is a man made material that is made from actual wood, but it’s stabilized essentially in a way that’s going to help help it resist cracking or warping over time shrinkage that sort of thing. So it’s going to be more stable long term than a natural wood could be, but you still get the nice look of natural wood, even get some variation from knife to knife as well. This particular Delica I think looks really cool it’s got a few darker stripes going on, just creates a more striking look but you still have kind of that classic vibe. And really this whole line really does marry the classic and modern vibes into kind of their own thing there’s not much else out there like it, especially so with the, the really big guy the police 4 model. This knife along with the delicate and the endura has a standard steel pocket clip not the wire clip and this particular one doesn’t have the David Boye dent but what it does have is a nice finger oil here on the front, not so much so you, so you can fold it up smaller, like the in case in the case of that dragon fly, but more because in this case the blade here is almost four inches long, so they give you that choice so you can choke up and and use that length, a little more delicately or a little more precisely on some of the smaller cuts you might be doing, or you can choke back and just power through some, some bigger tasks Now the police for of course is a little bit different than the older police models that choil is just the first change they made, but they’ve made the blade slicer than ever before, got a good sweep going on, you get a natural distal taper on pretty much all of these knives because of the way they grind their, their blades are these the blades on these particular designs anyway, so it gets narrower or thinner out there near the tip for even more efficiency. If you’re not quite sure how large that police model is a hold the endura up on top which is already a fairly big knife and you can really see that that police model is leaving nothing on the table, it’s just a lot of blade and a lot of fun The police 4 comes in at about 224 but if that’s too much either too much blade or too much money for you. The series starts with the ladybug model, coming in at about 78, and this one kind of stands on its own a little bit, almost apart from the rest of these, because there’s no pocket clip at all on this this is a straight up key chain or fifth Jean pocket knife, but same materials overall you’ve got the, the pakkawood you’ve got the laminated hat 40 blades, they’re just really cool. And even though it’s a smaller knife and you only have about a two and a half finger grip, they’re shaped just enough so that you are going to have a pretty decent hold on it. I wouldn’t recommend this as your go to heavy working folder. But if you had to press it into some slightly bigger cuts. At least it’s not going to be something that will slip out of your hand. Next up, I’ve got a couple knives that are still gentlemanly, but also a little bit more. They have a little bit more of a high tech feel to them. And I’ll show you the pakkawood one first, as well as marbled carbon fiber just like those cjR bees. This is a knife from ArtisanCutlery like I said that’s their, their parent company, and we just got these in at the same time as these rheas, hence the, the same material selection right here for the time being, but this is the small archaeo and this is a non locking knife, as well it’s not a slip joint though these actually have a detent bar on the inside that interfaces with the blade a little bit. So it makes a very easy opening and closing knife, without a slip joint slip joints can sometimes be a little bit stiffer, none of these were But one thing you can do with this type of mechanism, you can’t do with a slip joint is you can actually make it a flipper. So that blade flips open, very nicely. But apart from just that cool factor and there are a few more things inherent to that I’ll get to in a minute. Again, just a classy knife Nice narrow profile looks good in the pakkawood here with the gold accents on the pivot collar as well as the pocket clip and the Backspacer they’re really really classy look, and then still a classy look but verging into that high tech feel a little bit more is the marbled carbon fiber version with its blue accents Also classy looking and especially good contrast with the marble carbon fiber, are the Damascus steel blades on these knives, which is a Vg 10 based Damascus so you’re not giving up so much in performance to attain the good looks, of that Damascus a good balance in terms of those two different two kind of different goals of any knife blade steel, and it’s a great pattern for piercing nice for a, for day to day stuff you can do some fairly powerful cuts again, especially for a non locking knife If you’re concerned about the safety of a knife like this, just like the real steel that I showed you first there is, there are some passive as well some active safety measures here. Now the flipper there The thing that flipper tab is going to do for you is again provide a nice spot to, or

a nice place where if the blade were tohave to pop open during use your finger is going to prevent it from closing further, really appreciate having that and then further than that. A nice steel pin which can be inserted into the side and fix that blade into place so it doesn’t have any chance of budgeting, and I’ll see where to pull that out but why would you do that, if you just put it in Now you can also use that pin to lock the knife when it’s in the closed position as well so it won’t open accidentally. And speaking of closing that brings me to kind of the other thing where this style of detent or this style of detent knife really shines, is you can flick it closed as well. And there’s just something really, really satisfying, even more so than some titanium frame lock flippers out there, of being able to flick flick flick flick flick open, closed, open, closed over and over, and it’s definitely not going to annoy the people around you, and it’s going to give you a lot of satisfaction. Oh, I didn’t mention prices on these hundred bucks or yet just under 100 for the, for the pakkawood version and about 120 for the marbled carbon fiber. Now if you’re buying for someone like I said yourself or someone else who really appreciates just high tech feeling things This next one is probably for you or for them is our exclusive versions of the Kershaw Bare Knuckle folder. Made in the USA these come in at 120 bucks and we’ve got two different versions. Both of these come with a CPM 20 cv very premium blade steel on each of them They’ve got a lot of performance a lot of performance for your dollar as well. And we’ve got the earth brown color on the bottom here, and they champagne gold at the top, that’s the bare knuckle champ essentially for that champagne version, but these are really cool knives, as I, as I said, I have a real high tech look to them very flowing and modern really nice blade shape. I really enjoy it and get some powerful cuts with the modified wharncliffe here. Good cutting geometry as well with the high flat grind. And the thing that really makes it special is the sub frame lock now essentially what this does is they take the lock bar or what would be the lock bar on a standard frame lock. Cut it out and they can mount it to whatever material they wish here at the back. And what that lets them do in this case, it lets them bring that cool aluminum color onto the back, but it lets them have as big a contact patch, with the Tang of the blade as a full on frame lock wood as well so you still get some good security from that lock. It also got a deep carry pocket clip on this knife that is reversible so you’re gonna you’re able to carry it nice and easy nice and deep a little bit larger in the pocket but certainly not as large as that police model, but definitely not hard to carry at all. kvt bearings are in the pivot of this knife got really resoundingly good action on these. Sometimes they may take a little bit of breaking in these this knife has a little bit of a reputation of being a little bit stiff at first, but they do tend to break in. If they are, but they’ve been getting better about that most of the ones I’ve held lately, right out of the box every time that just feels very, very good. That’s the pattern I really appreciate overall three and a half inches of 20 cv for 120 bucks. If that doesn’t sell this knife to the nice people out there that know what they’re looking at. I don’t know what else will I mean it’s just, it’s a phenomenal bargain in terms of the performance, you’re going to get for the, for the money yes there are cheaper knives on this table, but I doubt you’re gonna find better edge retention for this kind of money on this table or in a lot of other knives across the board, just very cool. Kershaw bare knuckle. Alright, that’s all I’ve got to show you today from our KnifeCenter exclusives collection, but we’ve got even more on the site that didn’t make it into this video so we’re going to make sure to leave a link to our exclusive section on our website down there in the details of this video. In the meantime, keep looking out there we’ve got new stuff showing up all the time, and like, and like I said I’m part of the team that builds some of these things out, and we’ve got some really cool stuff upcoming as well even before the end of the year that I think you guys are gonna want to see so keep your eyes peeled there. And if you want to get your hands on any of these knives, like I said, we’ll leave links in the description And while you’re over there at the, make sure you sign up for a knife rewards program, because if you’re going to buy one of these knives, either for yourself or someone else might as well earn some free money for yourself to spend on your next knife. I’m David C. Andersen from the KnifeCenter signing off See you next time