Rooting Transformer 300 (TF300T) on JellyBean

hi everybody and thanks for checking out another video here on Tim’s tech corner today we are going to take a look at routing ATF 300 a transformer 300 this is the Wi-Fi only version this is not 3G it is it’s actually routed right now but it’s not running a custom wrong and haven’t really done a whole lot yet because I know what I do the ROM I’m gonna do the flashes and this is going to become my main xB and incy device hooked up to my TV this is a Tegra 3 tablet it’s gonna be replacing my Acer a Connie of 500 which is Tegra 2 for those who are fans of XP MNC I’m probably gonna do a video on that coming up and the reason why I’m replacing it is because XP MNC requires the forked version on a Tegra 2 device you have to get the special version that can run and it loads an external player Tegra 3 XP MNC has its own player so it tends to play videos a little bit better today we are joined by Arthas – sleepy cat there’s the keyboard for it but I’m just keeping it hooked up directly down here instead to ensure proper USB connectivity so couple things you’re gonna want to get before you get started one down in the description is the link to the new and wonderful Universal drivers this is something that we’ve discovered from an ex-dea article and it works great for this device as it gives the machine all of the drivers then it needs to communicate both in boot up mode which is now in fastboot mode so you’re gonna want to get those drivers and you’re gonna want to install them once they’re installed go ahead and hook up the Aces be a USB and it will get properly detected so here we are with my handy Wood has become my major routing device Windows 8 tablet if we go to my computer and we go to properties and we go to Device Manager there it is Android device and if we expand the category Asus compatible ADB so it knows exactly what to do didn’t have to install funky drivers didn’t have to go googling around googly googly so okay there will be a link in the description to this particular guide this guide will tell you to install the barcode scanner free on Google Play go ahead and do that once you get the barcode scanner on your device have the TF 300 scan that QR code it will take you to the Asus website on the device if you follow these instructions it will say hey tell tell it that you are using an android for your OS and then go down to the utility section in the utility section will be some downloads and probably won’t be here in the history well anyway oh yeah I’d never mind I started it with chrome but downloaded it okay so once you scan the code with the back camera of the TF 300 it will take your browser choice and will take you to the download page once you get to the download page you’re going to pick Android to the OS you’re going to expand the utilities category and you will see the v8 bootloader unlock provided you’re running jelly bean so let’s actually go ahead and discuss this first this device when I got it is using the official jellybean bootloader see for point to what you need to do is you need to come down to about tablet and hit the build number seven times when you get to about the fourth tunnel saying three more attempts and you’re going to be a developer keep going and you get developer options once you get developer options you’re going to want to turn on stay away and USB debugging so once you’ve got all that done on the Asus website download the the eight boot loader unlock but we’ve got a problem can’t read the text but I’ll tell you what it says it says unlock underscore v8 dot re are now they’re familiar with your compressions we all know that

almost everything under the Sun kind of understand zip files now but re ours not so much something I like wait a minute what the hell am I gonna do with an R er file on an Android device well you’re not you’re gonna come over here to your handy-dandy computer you’re a routing device whenever you’ve got the aces up to and where the hell did my mouse go oh maybe my mouse is dying so okay you’re just gonna go ahead and minimize Chrome so you’re gonna go to here computer and you’re gonna go to however your transformer is listed then we’ll click on it and look at this sexiness I can get either the SD card or internal storage ah that’s awesome you’re gonna go into your download folder or wherever you downloaded it to to and you’ll see unlock underscore v8r er now I’m already extracted it and deleted it but using your our er compressor choice on your PC like when our er whatever go ahead extract the apk right here to the download folder and just leave it there ignore Sparky root for 10 Sparky root doesn’t exist it’s only for the Ice Cream Sandwich the exploit doesn’t work under jellybean it used to work for older devices you can try it it’s still fun but it’s not really gonna root your device so you’re gonna have that unlock the 8 apk over there so once you’ve got it in a PK mode somewhere on the tablet you can go ahead and close out of your connection to tablet and over here on the tablet if you were using your standard browser you go into downloads or actually take that back you’re gonna go ahead and go over to the Asus file manager you’re gonna go into your download directory and you’re gonna tap unlock v8 it’ll go ahead and install the unlock utility when the unlock utility is installed it’ll be over here you’re gonna want to scroll down and accept the agreement and you’re gonna say yes go ahead and unlock me it will reboot make sure by the way make sure you’re as close to a 100% charge when you do this it’s always always just safe practice like seat belt to the car full charge on the tablet or phone so run the unlock it’ll go ahead and reboot it will unlock the bootloader just let it wait and let it wait and it will do it stuff and reboot it when it’s necessary now when you come back from the reboot you’ll just come back to your normal tablet except now the bootloader is unlocked cuz thesis is being pretty decent people about this know the thing will basically say okay well you know you’ve worried did you warranty if you’re gonna unlock for you like yeah yeah I want great that’s for you so now you’re back up here well now the next step is you’ve got to get a recovery on the tablet since the bootloader is unlocked you can now push a recovery if you’re using this guide over here that will be linked in the description it will be talking about loading clockworkmod and it will say well follow this link install ClockworkMod well I chose not to do clockwork on this one rom that I’m aiming for seem to be aiming towards torque or team recovery projects so what you’re gonna do instead is you are going to follow the link to this page over here the tea wind recovery for 300 now there’s the tea on top and there’s the TG which is the one with the data plan on the bottom careful note if you’re choosing ICS for year two if you have ICS under device and you’re still using the 4.0 software use – ICS with download if you’re on GB it’s one of two things you need to do if you’re jb 4.1 find – jb in the downloads if you’re 4.2 official make sure you get the one that ends in 4.2 warning getting the wrong one will make your device itself in fire and i’ll start asking for an old priest and a new priest will start spewing pea-green soup so okay

scrolling down all the way to the bottom where the latest ones are as you can see it starts in 2012 and then it comes to 2013 so the latest JV 4.1 is down here 408 JB blog that’s if you’re running 4.1 if you’re running 4.2 you can see it right there so you’re gonna want to get this blob if you’re running the official 4.2 download it find out where you’ve downloaded it and rename it to torque that blob because you just make it a lot simpler to run your DOS commands if it’s called torque the blog instead of that long ass thing so once you’ve downloaded it get it into the directory on your computer where you have fastboot and adb you can get these files by googling fastboot dot exe means a dot exe or get the Android SDK you’ve likely have five different versions of them from everything else that you’ve rooted but you need fast food you need ADB so then you will follow these instance a install fastboot method and it gives you a nice little command over here copy this highlight this entire line and copy it provided you free ninja blob to Torp DUP love if you renamed it to Jack’s twerpy blob file of TF three awesomeness whatever just make sure you get the right file name and copy this entire command and then go out to a command prompt and paste it now I’m not in my fastboot directory because I’ve done all this but you want to be in the directory with fastboot done exe if you want to confirm that you’re talking to the device you can do fastboot devices now before you push this command before you hit enter what you need to do is you need to come over to the tablet and you need to power down so hold down power and you get the power menu hit power off hit okay here’s where the instructions vary a little bit and it took me a moment to realize what I was dealing with and solo from the earthís cat he’s not performing for you guys think so once it’s powered down you’re gonna want to hold volume down and power together this is how we get into fastboot on a TF 300 so it’ll be a little awkward to do this one-handed but holding down volume down holding power and when you see some text let go that’s it and you’ll probably hear your computer d c– this dinged because of the universal drivers it dinged because it’s recognizing the fast food on the tablet fancy amazing kudos to that guy who developed drive yourself you’ll come over here and I’ll say Rock or recovery Android wipe data the instructions say Rock USB enjoyed data well that’s not true you are in USB mode as a default that’s why it says starting fastboot USB download protocol you need to get past that part of the instructions and not freak out that the USB plug isn’t here you’re in it it’s been replaced by themself once you’re in this mode with rock flashing nothing happening and that’s all that you’re seeing up here is USB download protocol run this command it will push with the device not booted up so it’s essentially like taking a computer and like injecting something on the hard drive and it doesn’t matter the OS you’re like injecting a bootloader on to your hard drive so here you’re gonna be injecting TWRP onto the device when you run this command over here and we’ll say okay that I’m pushing a pushing done the next thing you want to do is back here on the guide page this will still be true so that’s the instructions for pushing clockwork ignore that but this line will still be true that fastboot reboot line copy this paste it to your command prompt and run it and then this command tells the tablet to reboot if you need to know how to paste on a command prompt

also you need to do is click this go to edit pic paste you cannot use windows control commands and adopts window so ctrl-c ctrl-v all that will fail you’ll need to click it so when you send the reboot command the tablet will come back up to its normal status you need to shut it down again when you shut it down you’re gonna need to come back over here to fastboot volume down power at the same time let it go the moment you see the text and your computer dings now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hit volume up on our ck4 recovery you heard the computer ding because it’s coming out of fast food now and once you pick recovery there you go you are almost home this is twerps recovery and it’s touch there’s the version 2.5 as you can see the tabla has been working this whole video so that means I flashed the right recovery and this is all touch enabled you can go to install and you can pick the zip file for the ROM that you have whichever one you load right now it’s set to the external card it was set to internal card if you want to change it you tap this pick the right one hit the back arrow I suggest the external card before you do it though backup your device before you make any changes because you could boot lupine if you screw up and flash the bad drum or something like that backup your device first and back it up to the external card now if you don’t want to do a ROM you just want to do stop but be rooted if you go here to remove and you pick system if you do not have root going on your tablet currently when you hit system will go okay wait a minute you don’t have a root going on over here do you want me to install supersu and it just says like cancel or swipe to do it just swipe and it will inject superuser into the system folder on the device when you come up and you come back to your tablet you’ll actually need to do one more thing I’ve already done it so you won’t get to see it but you’ll get a notification down you know here with your clock and everything supersu installer needs to run it’ll be down there in the notifications you’ll see something about supersu down here you’re gonna want to hit your notifications and click on it it’s gonna say hey you’re almost there but not quite I need to get you the GUI do you want to flash it or do you want to get it from the Google Play Store get it from the Google Play Store hit update it’ll update supersu Google Play and it will finalize giving you route on the stock OTA or the stock from Asus I’ve already installed root checker and to prove that before I get a rom on here that I have root access there you go congratulations you’ve got root you verify root so that is how you get root on ATF 300 I’m not going to go ahead and go through the rom installation procedure because that’ll take a while and I still have to double-check which one I want to pick but this is right now a stock rooted TF 300 running the Asus official software so as a quick sum up ignore Sparky root if you’re seeing instructions and you’re on jellybean for Sparky root you can ignore it it’s not gonna work for you anymore so we’re gonna uninstall that and that’s actually have super users there is because it injected super user doing the old exploit recovery method but does work so we’ve got to pursue installed you’re not gonna see it because it’ll be part of the system you want to do the unlock device which will unlock the bootloader you’re gonna want to push the recovery of your choice in my case TWRP once TWRP is installed tell it to reboot it’ll say you don’t have root do you want to inject supersu inject supersu come back up wound up finalize the supersu installation go back to recovery back up your device before you make any

changes then flash the ROM of your choice and you’re set to go so it’s not particularly complicated is it as easy as a one-click method from the nexus 7 no is it as hard as the reason that I’m holding to fill this where you’re doing wires 4s off and you’re pulling the battery cover off and you’re taking wires and touching lead good god it’s better than that so maybe I’ll do another video once I get a ROM on here and get some benchmark see how quick this device is it’s pretty nice I’ve read some reviews that call this thing cheap build because of the plastic on the back I like it I think it feels light even with the you I think it feels like you clamshell that thing shut I think it’s a really nice feel to it they made mistakes making me a little bit of back in the 201 the Wi-Fi and the GPS wouldn’t get quite as good of a signal so so far for when I know of this device it seems pretty peppy and looking forward to it being one media tablet so hope you enjoyed this video here in Tim’s tech corner and we’ll probably be looking maybe then Acer Iconia 110 next that might be the next project maybe a Lenovo IdeaPad 21:09 all the pad so take care everybody and thanks for checking out the video