Teaching and Learning tools – Russell Stannard

very much for coming I’d like to say to start with a special welcome to other British Council offices which are viewing this through a livestream and so we should have audiences in Pune Ahmedabad Hyderabad Chennai Delhi and a very special welcome to our newest British council office which is in Chandigarh and this is the second in the British Council series of talks aimed at ELT professionals working in India today is our pleasure to present Russell stanard he is the principal teaching fellow for the master’s program in ELT at Warwick University in the UK for the last 11 years the British Council has awarded the English language teaching Innovation Award known as Elton’s were short and the Elton’s which are sponsored by Cambridge are the only international awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching and Russell Studdard won the award for innovation in technology in 2010 for his website which is teacher training videos calm which he will tell you some more about and Russell’s presentation today looks at some of the most popular and practical tools from his website which teachers can use to enhance their English language teaching at the end of the presentation M we’d really like to hear your questions not only from the audience here in Mumbai but also from our audiences across India so there are two ways that you can communicate with us number one if you are Twitter savvy you can use the hashtag which you can see on the screen here can you see um which is hashtag TL tools so you can send your questions on Twitter using this hashtag or if you’re in council office you can find a member of staff and they will communicate your questions to me and so I hope you all enjoy the presentation and I look forward to your questions at the end thank you very much passport yeah we’re going to change the microphones okay it’s exciting you right hi my name is Russell stanard first of all I just want to say what an honor it is for me to come to India’s my first time I was really I was so excited that I left the hotel and left my computer in the hotel this morning and to go back again because my head is everywhere I’ve waited to come to India for many years I’ve been invited to India many years because actually my best friend is Indian his name is Suresh Mathare and we’ve worked together on many projects and there he is my main man this is a project that we worked on together and this savage there so he’s my closest friend and I’ve been a very tight member of his family I was his best man his wedding in England he lives in the north west of London where there’s a huge Indian community he lives in Southall some of you probably even know Southall well I live very near to South where I live in Harrow so it’s all it’s very strange me being India because I thought it would feel so different but of course it’s actually very similar to that part of the world was a huge great Indian community and so it’s really

really special for me to come and Savage has invited me many times but it’s never worked out that I could actually come over with him so this is my first visit and really big thank you to the British Council for inviting me right today’s talk okay I’m going to show you three technologies that I think are absolutely fantastic and I’m going to make this talk really practical I’m going to show you real examples of what my students have done and what you can do with these tools and I promise you I’ve been talking to some of you in the audience I’ve got a good idea what you’re interested in and I’m sure that at least one of the three tools that I’m going to show you today will be of interest to everybody in the room these are three tools that are incredibly popular that is the teachers all around the world are using them the three tools I’m going to present one is called my brain shark crazy name the second one is Jing which is probably in my opinion the best piece of technology in education ever and it’s free and the last one is called present me which is a tool which I began using this year they’re all slightly different they can all do many many things and as I said I’m going to try my best to make this as practical as possible so I teach just very quickly wire my teacher the University of Warwick I teach technology in language teaching that’s my expertise but I also like the other side of teaching that is teaching with minimum resources I kind of living in two worlds using lots of technology or using no technology at all and just using flashcards books and and photocopies so really that’s the two opposites of what I really interesting and I run a website called teacher training videos calm is completely free and the idea of that website is to help teachers to use technology and so what I do on that website is I provide the teachers with free videos that show them how to use different technologies if you’re a teacher and you’d like to start Blagh with your class or you’d like to do a podcast with your class or you’d like to use jing with your class you can go to my website you can watch the video which shows you exactly how to do it so the website is free i’m going to show you an example just so that you can see how useful the website is so if i just give an example here so this is teacher training videos calm and all of these are links to videos that demonstrate different tools that you might be interested in using in language teaching or in fact in general education not just for languages and if you click on any of the videos what you see is something like this so this is the one for blogger it the same thing will happen something’s looking at my computer screen and i’m explaining you how to use yoga example equals account then you just simply need to sign in and once you’ve done that then page the blog so i’ve just signed in and here we are on the open page rust and arts block so the idea is that if you’re a teacher and you want to start to use technology you can go you can watch the videos the videos are free and i take you step by step right through how to use these different technologies websites become very very popular has about a thousand visitors every day so please make use of it it’s free and it’s there really too just to get more and more teachers introducing technology into their classes the three most popular videos are the ones i’m going to show you today jing mybrainshark three of the most popular videos on that website Jing has been viewed more than 100,000 times a hundred thousand teachers around the world have looked at my videos on how to use Jing so you can see how popular the tool is right let’s get started and just come back to the presentation about me that’s the website

and we’re going to start with at all my brain sharp and I’m going to explain my brain shock is so interesting my brain shot is a free tool you just sign up and ask you all the students can upload PowerPoint a word file a picture or pictures or a video and then add their voice to it so if we want to get our students to do speaking practice we can get our students to go to my brain shark they can build a picture or upload a PowerPoint presentation and then add their voice my brain shot squashes them together and makes a link so if it’s the student the student can go home do the recordings practice their English and send the link to the teacher or if you’re a teacher and you want to send some material to your students you can go on my brain shark upload a presentation and then you can simply add your voice compress it together everything is automatic it’s very easy to use and then send the recording now I’m going to give you an example of how this is being used so let me explain my situation I’ve got lots of students who are developing their English for English for academic purposes and so what I try to do with them is that so is that better is that better can I get back to dancing now yeah good right okay so what I try to do what what how I used a torn it’s not the only way how I use the tool is that students who are studying English for academic purposes they can create a PowerPoint slide up load it onto my brain shock add their voice and then send me the link I can click on the link listen to them recording and then give them some feedback so it’s really good for aural skills it’s really good for developing their aural skills now it doesn’t have to be higher level the students can upload a PowerPoint presentation but they can also upload just one picture if it’s low level and they’re just described a simple picture okay now I’m going to show you an example of this tool first and then I’m going to come back and show you how my brain shot works let me just show you an example this is a real example from a student of mine let me just check if I can if I’m logged in one second okay so this is student and the volume is not very good on this I’m sorry but this is a student her name is Michel she was studying with me English for academic purposes she knocked on my door said Russell Russell tomorrow I’m doing a presentation on Internet security in English I’m so scared can you listen to my presentation I said I haven’t got time go to my brain shock upload your presentation add your voice send me the link and I will listen to it and give you some feedback and that was the very first time that I used this technology now the recording level is a bit low I’m sorry but you can just see exactly what she sent to me I got the link I clicked on the link and this is what I listen to and if you have any questions keep it until the end of my presentation thank you my presentation can divided in two parts the first part is the introduction of the security and the policy the second part is the solution to these problems okay let’s move on so you imagine that imagine me you know suddenly getting a recording Sentiments speaking English and I can listen to

that take some notes and send them back my feedback now I can actually send the feedback directly I can just write underneath here if I want just write some comments and then send them directly to my to my student now this tall in this example you can notice that it’s a PowerPoint presentation it goes from page one to page two automatically I don’t do anything but it could just be that the student uploads one picture and adds their voice and then sends the link to me or if you’re getting the students to work for example peer review perhaps one student sends a link to the other student this tool is free and also the students can take that recording and put it in bed it into a blog or into a website they can also take the recording and embed it into their blog or into their website or into Moodle if they have a virtual learning environment it’s completely free and the students can do recordings of up to 15 minutes long now I’m using this tool a lot some of my teachers have done it the other way they are making presentations but they send to the students it could be used for distance learning or for blended learning it has a lot of potential what I’m particularly impressed with with this tool is that it compresses this file very small we haven’t got a fast internet connection and we’re using a dongle but it’s okay and that’s one of the things because often and the same thing in England you have fast internet connections some places you have slow internet connections but generally the technology here works very well it’s one of the most reliable technologies I’ve ever used in terms of the internet we’re making enormous use of this particular tool students at the beginning of a course I get them to make a PowerPoint presentation and talk about themselves talk about their lives talk about their families their interests and do that in my brain shut and then send the link to me now I’m going to show you a quick video just show you how easy that tall is to use it’s free you sign up you have an account I’ve got pages and pages of examples now of students working let me just come back to my presentation all the websites are found in 2011 I think this was very favorite my brain shock and allows you to upload a PowerPoint presentation or a word document or a PDF document or a TV show or a video and just add your voice to it and then you can share it on the internet and again and send it on the mouth now a quick you log on and show you how to do this it’s slightly more difficult on mouths you and I very rarely still a very very simple talk to you such as lucky so I’ve just logged in it’s free the websites free when you sign up you can add a 15 minute video was announced a quick example if I was to how to upload a video so this or a PowerPoint and click on upload content to do this and what I’ll do is for this example I’m going to use PowerPoint where you can upload video you can upload a picture you can upload document as well as I’m going to choose add voice and PowerPoint so I’m going to click on this one here and what that is is that now will allow me to also as click on there they’re nicaragua there and I’m just going to grab a PowerPoint presentation that I want to use no I think I think if I remember rightly or I go to my talk I’ve got a presentation to you I’ll grab this like this one here now all I need to do is wait while it is unloaded either now I don’t need to put in any additional information if I want to add a description or on or out categories or house I can do this just helps it makes it easier to find and all I need to do is just wait for the iron file to be uploaded no I’ll just wait for a couple of seconds and then we’ll come back to the video okay okay once it’s all done it will say that you’ll file and reverted and now I’m ready to add my voice click on the next button and I choose this one here boys I’m going to use my my microphone add my voice to the PowerPoint legislation yeah I click here on my casket and it’s just going to tell you that you need to connect as always with these things you always need a neck growl or browser so the the flash player to connect to a camera and your mic so just you hear just say continue it’s

just warning them that you need to do that allow just wait to say allow and it’s ready now I can start to add my voice to the nose factor called and now I’m going to start with the first page I can jump to any page I can’t win this one I’ll just do the first one now and so imagine now that I’m a student and I want to write my voice then I just simply click on the record button here hello my name is Russell and today I’m going to talk about something class feedback with screen capture which is one of the areas that I’ve been doing a lot of research with University of Warwick where I work now now once I’ve done my record any fun happy with it I can click on site if I’m not happy I can just click on retry and do it if I want to preview it I can click here and it will just quickly flatback and I can just listen when I was Russell and today I’m gonna talk about so if I’m happy now without a new click on save and it automatically goes to the next screen again click on the record button so in my presentation today for some time a little bit about myself and my work and then afterwards I’m going to take you through using screen capture and explain some the experiments that I’ve done that I don’t love laughing I hope to say you now one Tony Moore you can obviously go on and you’ll see again now that we’ve said 15 seconds or 10 seconds we don’t have to add all I to every single slide once we finish we can just click here Andy and people look together the audio that we just created and the slides and it is now ready to play back now now there it is there it is and if we want to know we can click and listen it will just take a couple of seconds hello my name is Russell and today I’m gonna talk about so you can see how easy the students can add their voice to have have one presentation don’t forget I do the same with a picture or the same with a video or the same with a word argument you are now what we can do afterwards share is we can share it so if you’re the student and you want to send her send it to your TA shadow just one thing to remember you need to have to make the presentation active by clicking on this button area that’s very important because when you make it active that means that you’re allowing the presentation time shared by other users and now a key scenario as a student share that way with my teacher I just click on the share button button and I just put the email address of the person I’m going to send it to so if he’s being sent to my teacher and okay so you can see just how easy that is the students can upload a PowerPoint presentation they can add their voice they do it slide by slide or picture by picture can do it with Word or PDF or PowerPoint and then they can share it they can share it an eye will receive an email and when I click on the email I can play back the recording so I can get my students and they don’t have to work on their own they can be working in pairs they could be working in groups doing a recording together if you’ve got big classes maybe it’s not possible to get one recording from every student but maybe you’ve got two or three students working together maybe they’re doing an interview maybe they’re doing a group work activity okay and they record the activity and then they send it to you you can listen to their recording and give them some feedback on their oral skills so this is particularly interesting for developing aural skills or at if you’re a teacher and you want to produce content for this since learning course teacher training material etc now I’m going to show you one last example before I go on to another tool recently what I’ve been doing is remember my job is to teach teachers to use technology and often I do lessons where the teachers my teachers are using technology and afterwards I get them to reflect what did they think of using the technology did they practice their English a lot was it interesting how would they change the activity this tool works really well so I can be doing a lesson with my students and then give them some questions they go home upload the questions onto PowerPoint or inter into my brain shock add their voice and then again send me the link I can listen to their reflections now I’m particularly interested in the area of reflection because I like reflection as an idea students reflecting on their lessons teachers reflecting on their teacher practice but often I find that if they do it written they don’t do it very well I actually like the idea of the reflections being oral now you can’t do

that with very low students of course but with higher level students you can get them to do their reflections in English or with teachers particularly so this is a teacher who’s done a lesson with me done and is now reflecting on the lesson on what they learnt and this is a really interesting example of how mybrainshark can be used I’m just going to play a little bit of it before I move on to the next tool and just close that one down old time out God ah I think it was just about to timeout because I’ve had the open for so long and let me just check if I can get it working okay so this student’s name is Cecilia well she’s a teacher she’s doing a master’s degree course with me she’s a an experienced teacher she’s done a lesson with me and in that lesson we were using technology now she’s gone home I’ve given her some questions and she is going to answer her questions using wool washer and she sent me this link I’m just going to play it to you now so he starts the questions first question I gave her okay so she’s describing what happened in her group how did her group work together now in the past I would do that as a question now I would give him questions did you like working in the group did you practice your English a lot did you interact with the other students in your group how did you organize yourself those are the questions that I asked and I find that when I do that I don’t get a lot of information back when I do it orally it’s very different I got back an enormous amount of information from Cecelia about her experiences working in a group so I see that tools like mybrainshark can be used in many different ways they can be used for getting the students to do oral work they can be used for the students to do reflection they can use the teacher trainers the trainees to do reflection they can be used for teachers who want to provide content on distance learning or blended learning you can do recordings of up to 15 minutes now mybrainshark at the moment is the second most popular tool on my website when I discovered my brain chuck immediately I had literally hundreds of people emailing me to Russell this is fantastic this is what I was looking for I want to get my students speaking and now I can get them doing the speaking at home this is one of the powerful things we’re not asking the students necessarily to do the speaking activities in the class now we might get them to practice in the class but we actually get them to do the recordings at home and that is really really important so that’s the first tool I’m showing you today it’s called my brain shark and if you go to my website you can watch those videos so if you get anything today just go to the website watch those videos and it will remind you how to use mybrainshark okay when it come on now to what is undoubtedly in my opinion the best piece of technology that I’ve ever used I’m going to give you a quick talk about it and then show you lots of examples of how I use this tool okay Jing is a tool that allows you to record the screen of your computer it’s a free technology that when I click on it everything that I do and everything that I say on the screen is recorded and that is how I do my website if you remember I showed you my videos at the beginning teacher training videos comm I record myself using my computer Jing allows you to literally click a button and record the

screen of your computer as a video you can then share that recording now just think for a minute I saw that technology for the first time in 2000 I saw a screen capture software and I thought to myself well I can record the screen of my computer so if my student sends me their homework I can open it onto my screen turn on the screen capture software and record myself correcting my students homework and then I send it to them so I could make a video where the student could listen and watch as I correct their work and that’s actually what I did I had a student in 2006 who was doing a distance course with me they sent me there si I opened it onto my computer screen I clicked on the button and I simply recorded myself correcting the students work and I sent them the video and almost immediately the student got back to me to wrassle this this is incredible i I can hear you I can I can see everything you’re doing on the screen I can see my work and so I began to do a series of experiments using this screen capture software now I’m going to play you an example just so you can see exactly how this would work so let me just quickly show you an example these are real examples from work that I’m doing at Warrick University this student I’m going to show you now she has written or think is he actually he was written an essay about using blogging and the students sent me the essay I open the essay onto my screen I marked the important things then I turn on the screen capture recorded myself correcting the students work and sent them the video just going to show you how that would be in reality the interesting point here you’re making about the number of blocks that are actually used in education particularly the number of blocks are actually completed and used as part of the formal assessment and you’re taking kind of anecdotal evidence here but I suggested if you look at the blancher an article that I put in the reading this you’ll see that there are actually some statistics about the number of blogs that have been used in education and particularly those blocks that we necessar I definitely think you need to look at that just coming down as well to this part here you said that your the blog that you do is assessed can you provide a little bit of information about the way that the block is assessed I’ve been particularly interested to know what what you use is the criterion for actually assessing them look around be very interesting okay so imagine getting your feedback like that imagine receiving that imagine your teacher going through your grammar and explaining the mistakes that you’ve made this is both visual and aural the student for the students it means you can provide a lot more feedback in quite a short period of time because to try to write as fast as I’m speaking would be almost impossible in fact I’m using about a hundred and fifty words a minute so if I do a five-minute video I’m giving 750 words of feedback and the visual information to my students now I’m going to show you one more example and then I’m going to show you how easy that’s the really important thing how easy this technology is now some of my students when they do the course with me in technology they have to do a blog they have to keep a blog and it’s really hard to give students feedback on their blog because you can’t see it but with this idea I can open the students blog I can turn on the screen capture recording I can record myself correcting the students blog and then send them the video so let me just show you an example of how we can use it to give feedback on the blog

okay so I’m I’m making I’m opening my students work onto my screen I turn on the screen capture software and make the recording and I send her the video she gets a recording of me correcting her work now we’re not limited only to the examples that I did there imagine for example you were teaching a class and a lot of students were making the same mistake you could open up Microsoft Word right a few grammar rules turn on the screen capture and do a mini grammar lesson explaining to them look you’re making a mistake here everybody make one video send it to the whole class so the whole class gets feedback on that grammar point you could use it for vocabulary maybe you notice that in the lesson that you did today seven or eight of the students or 10-15 of the students are making similar mistakes you could record yourself saying the words and then send that recording to the students I’m going to show you how easy that would be to do let me just show you the tool that I’m talking about the one that I’m going to show you is a tool called Jing Jing is free it doesn’t cost anything at all there are other tools but I really like Jing because it works very well it’s very reliable and it’s very very easy-to-use let me just show you how easy it is to use Jing and think a little bit about how you could use it in your classes because it’s got so many possibilities let me show you so if I just close all this down a minute here is Jing is at the top of my screen I literally I can just mark out an area I want to record so I’m recording this area I click capture video and now it starts to record and everything I do and if I open up something it doesn’t make any difference Jing will still record it just records that area of the screen and if I mark anything on the screen then also that would come out as well and if I just click here stop it and play that back still record it just records that area of the screen and if I mark anything on the screen then also that would come out as well it might disappear so let’s take an example let’s imagine that I’ve taught you English today and there were some problems in your lesson with the with the pronunciation of some of the words I could go home go on my computer simply write out the words that you are having problems with and then record myself giving you some feedback let me just try and show you an example so I can go let’s imagine I go onto onto here and so I’m going to write vocabulary and I’m just going to write a few words so we put accomodation and we’re put in to resting and then we’ll put Pro file and then we’ll put package so let’s imagine that these were the words that I noticed in today’s lesson that you had problems with so I go home I put those into a word into word and now I’m just going to make that bigger so it’s nice and clear so sorry hang on what did i do there I want to go back to that’s it so I’m going to open up Jing I just mark that area that I want to do the video click on the button and I’m just going to get through the feedback okay just want to go through some of today’s lesson first one accommodation accommodation the stress is on the fourth syllable next word interesting interesting the stress is on the first syllable the second next word profile profile the stress is on the first syllable last word package package now I could even do a sentence so I could say yeah I’m looking for accommodation in the Mumbai area so I could actually give an example sentence could do anything I then stop

it and the recording is almost immediate next word interesting interesting the stresses on the first a little the second things were prone now what I could have done actually even better let me just go back to the home page is that it might have been a good idea first of all to just accommodation to actually strip mark where the stress is interesting and actually just gone through and mark the stress on the words and then done the recording so if I come back again so easy just click on Jing mark the area now I’m just going to do a quick recording okay okay first word accommodation accommodation second word interesting interesting boom video is done I’m going to call this video vocabulary and maybe you’re thinking well how are you going to send that to the students this is the powerful thing how I’m going to click this button here it says share via screencast.com I’m going to click on that button now if I’ve got an internet connection you will see now that that video is being sent and there it goes and this is quite a slow connection we’re not using anything particularly fast here we could upload loading that video because when you have Jing you get one place to save your videos okay and what happens is it sends the video up to the Jing server and it sends you back the address the URL where you confine that video and to make it easy it puts it into the clipboard of your computer so you don’t even have to do anything it’s just told me it’s ready and that means now that incredibly if I was going to send you an email close and I explain this again okay watch this dear student here sorry here is your feedback paste okay it was put in my clipboard automatically I don’t do anything Russell I send you that email and if you click on that link you can play the video so I can make a video in a few seconds upload it onto the Jing server I can’t up until not to move too much I have to stay in the same place upload it onto the Jing server send back the link to me and then I just open an email and share that link with all of you you can click on that and listen to my feedback could be a grammar lesson could be vocabulary could be telling the students what to do for homework could be lots of things could be explaining the homework to them there’s loads of ways that you could use this tool now let me just do that again because I want to make it absolutely clear and remember you can go to my website and watch me using Jing if you forget how to use it you just go to the website and the most important thing is Jing is free ok these tools and there are other nice one screencast o matic screencast-o-matic but I love June because I like that you click the button the uploads the video to America I think other knife is America this way or this way I’m not sure about anywhere I’m guessing is this way yeah so we click on the button upload the video to America sends us back to India the URL we open an email and share it with our students that’s easy let’s just do that again because some teachers get a bit confused because it’s so easy so I’m just going to do it one more time and these it is so easy that people get confused let me just show you so a mark here click here mark the area click this button here Mike on blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah do the recording and then I’m going to give it a name so we call this vocabulary 2 or lesson 2 or whatever you want and then I click share via screencast I click that button and you can see now the video is on its way to America ok it’s going to take a while it’s a bit slow if you’ve got a faster connection it’s really quick when I do a university it’s about it’s straight up but it’s not bad it’s not bad I’m the smaller you make the video the quicker it is if you do a really big video of course it will take longer now what’s going to do is once it’s loaded it will say ready and when it’s ready what will happen is it will get tell you that you know now that the video is in

the clipboard it’s been saved into the clipboard so if I now opened up and said to my students dear students mini let’s imagine that I’m doing a mini grammar lesson mini grammar lesson paste Russell there it is they got it now you might say but Russell what happens to the video after what about the video you made before that disappeared no because Jing you can go to your history can go to your history and there are all your recordings and here they are so I can go back to any recording I made if I want to click I can delete the recording if I don’t want to keep it anymore I can just delete it okay and just delete the recording if I want to listen to the recording again I can click here and that is view the recording so any of the old ones I made I can just simply click on here and then anyone speak Spanish okay right so we’ll do that in a minute anyway I’m not the only other thing I can do if I want to get the address again then I click on this one here share and it will send me the address of that video so if you’ve got a student and you forgot to send them the video feedback or the grammar lesson from last week you just click you click on view and it will give you again the address and then you can send that to the students is that nice yeah got a lot of potential this idea created enormous publicity for me absolutely enormous problem it was in The Times newspaper The Guardian the independent I did a report for the government it’s grown and grown and grown I’ve literally presented that idea to about 20 25 countries around the world we call it video feedback or screen capture feedback and many many people are doing it and it’s not only useful in language teaching it could be history it could be geography it could be anything that you want to give the students feedback for or you want to present content to them however and this is really interesting I’ve got a lot of feedback from America when I come up with this idea and the Americans said to me Russell this is really good idea but you are always using Jing Jing is free give Jing to the students get the students to use Jing you know I hadn’t thought of that I was so into the idea of feedback I had realized of course the students could use gene let’s imagine another situation let’s imagine for example that I just had a Spanish lesson and in today’s lesson in the class we were practicing talking about somebody famous I’m a student I’ve done my Spanish lesson we’ve done some practice with done some vocabulary around describing a famous person I’m going to go home so this is my home now ok that’s America this is my home ok so I’m going to go home and I’ve got Jing on my computer and my homework from my teacher is to talk about someone famous who I admire so I’m just going to close down let’s just go off and go up to my pictures so imagine is my homework I’m going to find some pictures now got some pictures of some people here and didier drogba I’m a DDA drop as a famous footballer who used to play for my football team Chelsea he’s my hero and so I’m going to talk about Didier Drogba now I’ve done my homework in Spanish I’ve been studying very hard and I have to smite each has told me choose one famous person and talk about them so I open gym I mark the area and I start my recording when our key telephone photo with Didier Drogba is included Chelsea when our ex who got over Chelsea Yahoo I got on the keeper in 3rd gear but a Paramecium winterice antipático política mente bla bla ba Baba I start talking I do my recording that if I’m not happy I can do it again if I am happy I can just listen and so if I’m happy with my recording I just simply click on share the screencast the video will be uploaded not to my home no to America ok send me back the link and I will share that with my teacher and my teacher can listen to my Spanish and tell me if my Spanish is good or bad

suddenly we could use Jing in so many different ways so it’s not only teacher to student it’s also student to teacher it could be a grammar lesson it could be feedback it could be the students speaking maybe for example we got a timeline 19 17 1975 19 18 1985 the students doing a recording talking about their life in the past maybe it’s talking about their typical day put the time 9 o’clock 10 o’clock and they do a recording one of the things that I say about this idea is that I do a lot of practice in the class to prepare the students but tell them to go home and do the recordings at home now it’s not always possible some of you will be teaching students that I haven’t got internet connections you might not be able to do this but I want to tell you one thing I had the idea to give feedback to my students with screen capture in 2000 it was six years before I actually did it for the first time because I didn’t know how easy the technology was I was in a presentation I saw someone using screen capture I thought wow that could be brilliant for feedback I had the idea for six years six years later in 2006 I did it for the first time and that might be the case with some of you you might not be able to go back and do this yet with your students it might be something that’s going to be one two three years away you might be able to do it in some private lessons you might be able to do it in just one class but a moment will come when you might think wow I’m going to try some of Russell’s ideas I’m going to try to use my brain shocker I’m going to try to use Jing and I think you know let’s keep that in mind it might not be today but it might happen just like for me six years I walked around with the idea while screen capture would be fantastic for feedback six years later I realized that technology was so easy I clicked the button mark the screen record myself talking send it to my students I thought it was difficult to use so Jing has got really a lot of potential as a tall and just come back to the presentation in it jump for it so haven’t opened it in the middle of it so gene can be used as I said teacher-to-student quick instructions going over marking screens going over questions mini grammar lessons but it can also be used the other way in other words we can get it for students students to show us their favorite website students to show pictures of their favorite music band or favorite actor/actress favorite sportsmen to show pictures of where they visited they can use it in so many different ways they could even if you wanted talk about a video if you turn on a video and gene the video and add your commentary there was a teacher in Brazil that did some experiments where the students played the video of someone scoring a goal in a football match they had to turn down the sound Jing the video and add their own commentary for example so remember gene just records whatever you do on the screen it’s a fabulous toy it’s got so much potential in teaching and that’s number two right the last tool I’m going to use talked about today and we’re near to finishing is a tool that’s called present me now present me I must say it’s only just started it’s been around for a little while and the technology is getting better and better but still this does need quite a fast internet connection my brain shark and gene are pretty good if you’re careful you can do recordings on a fairly slow internet connection but this one present me does need a good a good internet connection but it’s a very interesting tool because the students or the teacher can upload a PowerPoint presentation or upload a word file or upload a PDF document and then add their webcam now this has got a lot of potential for example if you’re practicing for exams you can imagine that you get the students to upload the question on the left-hand side and then it on the right-hand side of the screen the students can be in pairs or in groups doing an interview and that can be recorded and then shared with the students now I’m going to show you an example just so you can see the example

I’m going to show you is a student called Jonathan who did a recording again it’s a reflection you’ll see that I sent Jonathan the questions he uploaded the questions in to present me and then he added his webcam so you need a webcam obviously most laptops have a webcam or you can buy webcams incredibly cheaply these days but you do need a webcam if you want to use this tool but the power of this I think is particularly for example actus for oral exam practice students working in twos or threes that have the questions on the left-hand side and they’re working in twos or threes doing the recording for example it could be a job interview scenario one of the students is doing is the interviewer and the other student is the interviewee and we can get students to practice their aural skills of course the same technology can be used by the teacher the teacher can upload a PowerPoint presentation with their webcam and then send that to the students as well so this is an interesting tool the technology is not as good it does require a faster internet connection but let me just show you an example first it’s going to close down a few okay you can see Jonathan here he’s one of my students on the master degree program I’ve sent him the questions I want him to think about and he is gonna do his recording and as I said this does require a bit of a faster connection I hope is going to work I wrestle this is Jonathan now I’m going to talk about feedback and reflection about the wish’ activity the first question is what type of language processing took place well the activity was taking place for example it is a lot would you read a lot our task was to recommend some places to visit in Madrid after realizing what text was about my three other group members and I decided to work in Paris but there was responsible the museums in Madrid okay so you can see exactly what happened here I’ve sent Jonathan some questions he’s done a lesson with me a group work lesson and I want him to reflect on the lesson I want him to think about the lesson I want him to tell me what he learnt and so he’s gone home I’ve given him the questions the questions are on the left and Jonathan is on the right now if we were working safe were practicing safe or first certificate or perhaps for even IELTS or thought or fourth advanced or pet or ket exam where we want the students to work we could have the students we don’t have to have one person on the camera we could have two or three people on the camera and the students simply can upload the questions that you can provide or they can make the questions and then they can add their webcam and it works exactly the same you can share after click the share send the link to the teacher the teacher can listen to your recording and give you some feedback on your oral development again this could be the teacher doing a mini lesson doing a mini presentation that they want online the teacher puts the PowerPoint presentation up and adds their voice now present me is really easy I want to show you how easy it is just to finish so you can actually see how the Tool Works I’m just going to show you a quick video that shows you how present me works but this time we’ll just add your voice to them but add your webcam and I’ve been using it a lot for reflection and feedback from my students so I’m just going to log in and show you very quickly home now I’m logged in what I’m going to do is I’m going to upload a PowerPoint presentation and then add my webcam to I’ve got my webcam set up so I’m just going to click here on proceed and it will move to now ask me right first thing I need to do is upload files and we’ll quickly go on and grab a file from my computer just a simple PowerPoint presentation so I’ve chosen one hand click on this one to back interactive whiteboards and now I just gotta wait while that’s loaded and it loads very quickly it owns you again you’ve got fast internet connection that’s very very important and now all I need to do once it’s ready is to record so I click on this button here and what happens is on the left hand side you will see the PowerPoint presentation and on the right hand side I can add my webcam and add my webcam so I’m going to just again as usual ways have to use flash with these things I will require

flash there I am on the screen now and I can start to record something to come this button here and it will allow me to start my recording okay so you can see how easy it is to do it breaks the PowerPoint presentation down so you can click on the first slide add your voice click on the second slide add your voice when you finish click on save and then it says share click Share send the link to the students or the students send the link to you or the students send the link to another student for feedback if you’re doing for example here feedback this tool needs a bit more time I think that you’ll find that slowly they will get the technology better and better as they call its streaming technology to allow the video to be compressed more and more mybrainshark has really done a good job of compression this one is getting better I checked it about two or three years ago and it was very slow now it’s a lot better it worked today and we’re using just a dongle here which is not bad at all so it’s really something to look out for because it has particular potential when you want to have someone on the screen if you think that’s important and for example for oral practice for example actus it might be that my brain I’m sorry that present me is a really interesting tool that we can use in that kind of situation okay so I’ve presented to you today three tools just going to finish come back a minute to my presentation all of these tools do something slightly different mybrainshark allows you to add your voice to a PowerPoint Jing allows you for example to provide feedback to your students or to get your students to do speaking activities and and present me allows you to use a webcam all of these tools have potential both for the student to use and for the teacher to use and all of these tools you can take the recording and put it into a blog put it into a website put it into Moodle as well so you can embed this content into other sites one of the reasons I like these tools is that they’re so versatile they can be used in so many different ways feedback speaking reflection distance learning the flipped classroom will talk about the flipped classroom in America when they’re talking about the flipped classroom they’re talking about doing more of the learning content online so that you can spend more time in the class processing and using the language you’re not presenting so much and all of these tools can be used in a flipped classroom scenario and just a couple of references I’ve put there you can find these on my website anyway but if you want to read the article about the feedback I told you that I got a lot of publicity from the feedback idea then this you can find this article on my website just go to my website and go to Russell’s feedback and you can read Russell’s research into feedback you can read about the the idea that which started in 2006 but it shows you how slow these things are is that now it’s getting very popular so there is a man in Norway whose name is Peter Madison who just published a big article about using Jing for feedback in different areas of the curriculum not just language teaching sociology history geography etc and there’s been another article in the UK just last year in the Guardian as well about this particular idea of using feedback if your interest knows if you go to my website if you’re interested in any of these ideas you’ve got the videos for my brain shark you’ve got the videos for present me you’ve got the videos for Jing I’ll quickly show you where they are so if you want to learn any of the tools I’ve showed you today you can simply go to my website and I’ll just show you the best place to go is to look for Russell’s top 20 videos and you’ll see that Jing is number one and you’ll see my brain shark is also there if you go to Russell’s recommended videos you will also see that present me is just down below okay so if you’re interested in any of the things here it is if you’re interested in any of those videos then you can watch them they’re free to watch if you like the idea about the feedback then

just click here and you can read all the articles or the newspaper publications about using video feedback as well so please make use of that there’s also a newsletter if you want to sign up you can follow the newsletters we love this on the website as well so I’m going to start there so please make use of teacher training videos comment you want to and just to finish with um would be nice to answer some questions if anyone’s got any questions so can i perhaps start yes thank you very much okay would anyone like spots many questions yeah probably the best thing is wonderful yeah I think I’m allowed enough or before you consider much educational technology that goes long way my question is coaching okay is there a maximum size coming to the Narmada besides of the video that you upload on your own so there is a maximum size okay the question so what you obviously this is their trick everything is free you get two gigabytes of video space after two gigabytes you have to pay now two things number get two gigabytes is quite a lot so you can do quite a lot of videos but obviously when you start doing too many you can delete the videos I showed you just go there you’ve only got three things view the video get the link or delete so you if you get near to your limit you can delete the videos but remember if you get your students using Jing everybody will have an account and everyone will have 2gb bytes so it’s very unlikely that you’ll have any problems if you use it a lot like I do then you know I pay I think it’s it’s $20 a year or something like that for some more space there is a limit but it’s quite generous it’s a good question it’s a really good question and of course they they have you know all of these tools have a trick they’re trying to get you to use in this case they’re trying to get you to use other technologies that they’ve got but Jean as at all is great and you’ve got that limit of two gigabytes right I think one bigger you can’t make you can’t you do a Jing on your iPhone or something you could play your Jing back but it would depend it will depend on what applications you got on your telephone I think you’ll find that with iPads and iPhones there will be a different technologies I think there’s I think I’m guessing now I think there’s one called screen jump screen jump that you can use on an iPad so I don’t think Jing is suitable for an for an iPhone or an iPad it’s very much for a desktop application for a PC or for a Mac you can use it on both alright thank you very much really yes I don’t know if you can embed into Edmodo you can definitely put the link into any more honking you can share the link now if it model takes embed code if it does because I can’t remember I like it model I use it myself but I don’t think I use that model I normally share links on that model yes you can so you can share a link from present me a link from Jing or a link from from mybrainshark all of them yeah yeah I’m not sure you can embed you can definitely embed so I don’t know that can you embed in it model alright if you can embed in your model the answer is yes okay if Ed model takes the embed code there is no problem you will see when you make a recording that you always have the choice of embed or share link so choose embed type the code paste it into ed model and it will work okay ed mod is a fantastic tool I really like ed model and it’s free yeah yes it’s really good one yes good good question thank you actually I’ll check out ed model I didn’t realize you can embed in that model okay good thank you hi hi sharp when you will show you how to put the comments over this the students can see it my only concern is that I just hope it’s completely this coming previously because I do not think students were like anyone else either feedback so are all of these websites yeah do they have complete privacy so that it’s only them yeah really it’s a really good question and really

important you got to let let’s take my brain shock you can make I have one account for all my students so there is no privacy amongst them they can see each other’s work that nobody else can see it because only my students have the password so I have one account for my class and everybody puts their videos into the one account if you do it that way you have total protection from the public but no protection from the Indo students now in my opinion that’s okay because I’m trying to encourage my students to leave feedback on each other’s work in fact one of the things I do is pair the students so that one student is looking at someone else’s recording and the other student is so that they’re giving feedback to each other if you want you could allow every single student to have their own account as well and the only way that anyone else can see their recordings is if they make them active if they make them active you when you make the recording you have to click a button make active if you make active it becomes public if you don’t make it active nobody can see it but the problem then is the teacher can’t see it either so my opinion the way I work with my brain shock is I do one account for the whole class the old students in that class they know the password they can access the account and they can see each other’s videos but nobody from the public can see them because they don’t know the password that’s a really good question it’s really important you know this security issue is very very important some students are very protective of their information and data of course I tell them that wherever we put onto my brain shop should just be banaue information about their lives don’t obviously yeah I mean that’s another thing to keep in mind but it’s a really good question because mybrainshark by default nothing is public it’s the complete opposite of Facebook you must activate it otherwise no one can see it so I like that in other words the default setting is total protection you decide if you want to make something public on your account thank you we have a question from Twitter and so Remy in Chandigarh would like to know can we share those videos on our computer and see them later without an internet connection okay what I can do is I have a special presentation where I’ve uploaded I’ve uploaded the videos to a website I can share that link with the British Council then you can access them so the answer is yes about it we’ll have to do that later if we can share can we share out to everybody perhaps we can put it on to Twitter we can share it on Twitter so right okay No so if you use sir in that quick case now the answer is no the videos that you make for example with Jing if you save it on to your computer it’s in a special format and it’s difficult to watch you need a plug-in so it’s always easier to upload the video onto the onto the server and get the link you can’t physically download the recording if you like Jing but you want to download the recording then you need to use it another website a different tool is called screencast-o-matic screencast-o-matic screencast-o-matic works in a similar way to Jing but you have two options you can share the video on the server like Jing or you can download the video as an mp4 file so screencast-o-matic is another alternative to Jing and on my website there are videos to show you how to use screencast-o-matic as well screencast-o-matic is another very good tool so if you want to download the videos it’s best to use screencast-o-matic because it allows you to download your recording to again you can do recordings of up to 15 minutes Jing only allows five minutes the screencast-o-matic makes longer videos it doesn’t work quite the same way but it allows for longer videos it’s a screencast tool but you can also download those videos onto your computer and therefore play them on your computer if you want to it’s very similar to Jing but it has that extra feature okay any more any more questions anyone would like to ask me anything else about my brain shark will present me orgy microphone mybrainshark my brain shark has a mobile application so I think you can download a mobile application and use it on an armored smartphone but you can’t load download my brain shop onto

your computer okay only on it you can use it on a mobile phone you can use it on a computer but the same thing the recordings that you created our online it’s cloud computing cloud computing you can’t physically download the recording you can download the PDF but you don’t get the audio yeah you can download the PowerPoint with no audio though okay anymore what what you mean by can you use Jing live streaming now now now it’s something that you’ve opened up on your screen you’re doing the video and then send it back to the students yeah that would be quite technically quite difficult I mean in theory you could because remember anything you do on the screen can be recorded but it would be quite complicated so in in theory you could do that but it’s not really made for that process that that’s not really what setup okay yeah gun gun definitely okay obviously this is this this you know we’re not when I first come up with a video feedback idea that was the first thing that teachers said you know they said will Russell on small groups it can be fantastic but if you’ve got 40 50 60 students but listen what I was saying to you earlier in the first example I gave feedback to every student yeah so I was but if you remember the second idea was that I’ve been teaching you today I noticed that you’ve got some general problems with your vocabulary I open up I make one video and send it to everyone I’ve been teaching you today I’ve been marking your essays I noticed there’s a problem with grammar with the present perfect I open up word document I record I do some examples of the grammar point and I do one recording and send it to everyone I’m not suggesting that you only use Jing for feedback on an individual basis I’m suggesting that you could do general classroom feedback for example if you watch my videos you’ll see on the website that I had an example I had about 20 students they were doing presentations I took notes of their presentations I went home and I wrote out the ten most important points I made one video of the most important problems in the presentation lesson and sent that video to everyone so I accept that on big classes you probably can’t do this but what you might be able to do is if you want to give general feedback to the students on vocabulary or grammar or something that’s happened in the lesson you can make one video that you send to everybody okay so your if you go to my website you’ll see that it’s a really good point and of course it’s right if you’ve got really big classes it’s probably not possible okay of course the other thing is that you could use Jing again the students using Jing for peer reflection marking each other’s work there are various people experimenting with that here as well so lots of people doing different things with so yes really good question good any more questions regarding present me Jing or yeah from Jing in fact we go back to again you can just upload straight to YouTube you can do a gene recording and directly upload to YouTube yeah from Jing not from present not from present me and not from mybrainshark now but from Jing yes click the battle straight up onto YouTube yes good question really good question yeah yeah very important I mean to me that’s a really awkward gene allows for five-minute videos only okay but that fibers is very important because actually in the research we’ve done doing much longer than 5 minutes of video feedback is actually too much it’s incredible the amount of feedback you can give to students one of the problems I had in the research early doesn’t really talk about research but is that some of the students if me rustled it was just too much feedback what I do now is I focus on four or five important ways and I’ve just kind of given feedback on everything I tend to focus the feedback maybe I look at the grammar maybe I look at the organization maybe I look at the content I tend to focus the feedback a lot so that five minute limit for feedback is quite good if you use

screencast-o-matic you’ve got a fifteen minute limit okay so it’s longer but again after a while they make you pay for more space they vote there’s always a trick yeah of course they’re going to make money as a business but I mean it there’s still fantastic tools so yes we do yeah well Robert you definitely can obviously the thing is with Jing right as a tall is that it just allows you to do the recording you can’t redo any editing if you want to get into editing then you really need to use a more sophisticated tool my videos that you see on teacher training videos comm I use Camtasia now Camtasia is not free Camtasia is a higher end but but with Camtasia you can do loads more you can have you know you can have hot spots on the screen that people can click on you can have arrows pointing at things add quizzes you can combine screencasting with video but to develop materials with Jing is you can do it a little bit and there are people that have made mini grammar lessons using Jing but if you really want to get into screencasting like I’ve done then really to use a tool like Camtasia Camtasia but Camtasia is not cheap I mean Camtasia is a good product for a school to buy not not for individual teachers to buy but a school could bike about a hundred and seventy dollars but it does an enormous amount I mean it’s a very sophisticated video tool it allows you to do screen capture combined it with video etc etc so for basic materials development you can use Jing but if you want to do something more sophisticated than you would probably need to use something like Camtasia there are other products as well contains just the one Durai you any more questions yeah I mean that’s what you have to do obviously if you’ve got a longer recording I mean if you again the same thing if you use Camtasia there’s no limit if you you know if you’re if you really want to invest your money I mean obviously I’m crazier my thirty minutes long so of course if you want to you know you can do lots of short videos if you want to if you really want to get into what my suggestion to you is to start to use Jing get to get with you and then if you really think the investment is worth it then spend the money on something like Camtasia there are other products as well it’s just that’s the one I use there are other products screencasting is very common it’s becoming very very common and then with the more sophisticated products you can do much longer recordings okay but you know the pay phones Camtasia Camtasia see am tas i a camp camtasia from a company called TechSmith camtasia any more questions gunnin one really good question really good because that would be fantastic now you can just have the one webcam so you have the one webcam with two people sitting together for example but you can only have one webcam working at any time okay so it doesn’t take more than that alright thank you please go yeah Ryan nice okay answer your questions if you’re interested in more alt research that we’re doing you can have British cancel India website there’s lots of information about upcoming events and awards for teachers for fashion research and also by our directory of ELT research that we’re working on at moment on the shelves over here is a selection of the books from my library the British pencil library um I had a special section for TLT professionals like yourself so please feel free to have a look and help yourself to that thank you very much – thank you madam Cheers