#39 FORTNITE – Love To YouTube HQ San Bruno

breeding zeros I’m Hercules double-oh-seven Oh today we’re playing for tonight I don’t know if you’ve heard yet or not but there’s been a in San Bruno there’s been a shooting at the YouTube headquarters I don’t know all the details about it but I do want to do a moment of silence for them I do no matter what the situation is there you’re still figuring stuff out so if you can or shouldn’t do one moment of a silence thank you you all right so please make sure you hit that Bell icon if you haven’t already do you notified air for my go live Twitter Instagram and snapchat on my Twitter I did post a link to a live feed of what’s going on so if you do want more information about it you can go to my Twitter it’s at Hercules double-oh-seven I’ll also have any questions about anything about my setup or about what I do or anything personal you could always personal message me private message me on Twitter if you do want a shout out or something of that type do not ask for it in the chat asked for it in a private message and it will talk about it so thank you guys so much coming and watching I don’t have the sponsorship option the paid the super chat options or the ads on my content right now I have to get up to 4000 watch hours I have 3000 right now so every time you come in and watch it helped me greatly just by sitting and watching cuz that adds to my watch time for that so until then the only way if you would like to donate is in the description there’s a link you can use the PayPal link so that way I can help me keep this up and going so let me switch over so you can see everybody in my party all right they can hear you guys now just well you know and we’re gonna be doing some day or shoot out a beautiful tribute to their by the way I don’t know about beautiful the thing I just did a moment of silence just respect respect well you know you don’t know what you what’s happening until you know for yourself though I don’t I hope that never happens to me or anybody that I know the rough situation I agree you carry and that happens you you can defend yourself we just that’s playing pub G yesterday I’m just this game is way easier maps are smaller the people are worse there’s a lot of really crappy players and it’s really not easy to hide everybody’s just kind of out there let’s see about you know it’s [ __ ] let’s go prison [Applause] you’re vegetarian yes I am yeah I kind of hung it up on Twitter why not thanks I’m kind of weird I’m a vegetarian but I believe in the Second Amendment and I have a beard I’m okay with hunting I don’t care I didn’t stop eating meat because of animals I stopped

eating me for health reason I’m not I’m not against hunting I mean you’re not like I’d rather you go hunting and get your own animals then and like let companies grow them in boxes beneath the stairs I have knows I have it was like there’s somebody comes out throughout your V yeah they’re all over the ISIS pick i’m how you eat the stairs I’m coming bro be careful I think there’s more than one well should you got it in Hillsboro I need Hills yeah I keep off running sorry about that you know I was so close to dying right there that’s good we’re gonna break the test form underneath day don’t break the chest from underneath I’m not I got nothing for you yeah I can’t I don’t see any [ __ ] enemy I see southeastern building you’re right right to your right yeah he’s on the basketball court yeah I have no gun oh there’s a bunch of guns here and I don’t care I’m out yes yeah but if see if he does go ever gonna get my kid [ __ ] killed all I have is this back in this jumpy grenade really a bullet that’s it I got a bunch of bullets I 48 sniper bullet the fire I only get any this has been raided find me a gun

I have a feeling everybody likes sniped off some random direction charlie this is so spooky not seeing anybody and watch when you do see someone like right after that team there’s gonna be like five ever five other teams and [ __ ] coming I swore me they just turn my game volume up a little bit

there’s a squad right there see them building I wish I had an actual sniper sounds like you’re shooting [ __ ] lasers there’s a lot of squads around the problem I have is that they’re in every direction and I have a long way to go [Applause] there was a medkit was a big red Dalton I guess we’ll try that again

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well you thought wrong we last one I’ll go live in GD just love gardening spectate me I’ll avenge you bro this way that guy he was in there is everything okay quality beef cheese keep whatever is them is very good I’ve start telling you invite them to the party

I’m sorry I’m distracted eating cookies I can see that okay like strawberry three different flavors not one with strawberry this one’s coconut I seen this before never hand him no it’s because it’s blue the green screen cuts it out a little bit yeah there’s my last one to see it I just hate it I just hate them all he told you he he send the same thing to me in vey well already some invites yeah yeah are you doing yeah here in a bit ensues like sniper shootout score can we do you like regular squad yeah I guess usually have problems loading you if it doesn’t work then change your ginger location like your servers yo Hoshi Hoshi are you alright you lay you labor oh did you add 2.3 KN did you subscribers you lost 10 subscribers down oh [ __ ] hey try to join then see spectate [Applause] did you really shoot it [ __ ] you invite me again this didn’t work for me it’s not working okay there abstract yeah I’m trying

I like a stream like the bro she’s like going you just see that [ __ ] what you know wha your support the stream in this lake stream labs.com yeah when you click on it your face is just like how do you copy the link did of what I hear nevermind I got it I got it are you like she but I got it now it’s youtube-dot-com forward-slash Hercules double-oh-seven thank you excuse me so pretty welcome to the Lyceum okay dude [ __ ] this I’m just gonna restart my game it’s not working sorry my dog is a big crybaby do i afford upon my games not dude i’m picky on my game and it’s not turning on waiting it’s so much I want to be in a match yes in a match not sitting in the lobby hello manager 31 nosy I really mad about is I paid for the [ __ ] campaign versus gamer they didn’t give me anything [ __ ] special now they want me to purchase on the hook and battle pass abstract what’s happening I don’t know okay it’s working now I’m logging

in them I wasn’t letting me load up my game they launch and I just BAM a mmm my day has been okay kind of boring ready let’s go angry Joey there we go you [Applause] all the way up there no that’s dude boys can’t he what are you talking about you know you should get I got a shot echoes bang when I hit the trigger bang bang

but it sound like a demon I’m your daddy [ __ ] Hercules I got you a present bro she said she liked the trigger huh she liked me pulling her trigger yeah Brooke here take this I gotta go yeah can you give me some healing dude I’ve nothing in my 16 health I mean I fell out a [ __ ] tree oh why Julian on the tree I didn’t mean to on the trees I’m sorry my dog was just standing on the couch where other demons here let me play the game good I love how it sounded I love how it sounds like I’m chugging like a [ __ ] huge bottle of wine but it’s like a small ass little mason jar I left it on the side where they’re not crackin I got better just read your Herc you said you jumped the shield up here yeah second floor of the mansion here you weenie the roll out bro I got a purple berry go it’s a purple sniper yo it’s a purple sniper it’s a scoop your main man Topsham head through a 360 noscope that’s your ass you’re gonna die [ __ ] you gonna die back thanks for gangster AZ I got a silence to Z I’m gonna shoot you from go scorn us you ain’t gonna see me in the shadows I’m gonna shoot you [ __ ] it’s gonna be silent sign them guys oh you did I don’t know doing this game where’s the llama oh my god where is it I want to see the loser do I didn’t know they put in multiplayer do they just like teleport yeah all right I’m going to open it all right I’m jumping you need this the

storms going to melt your skin and deteriorate your bones it will just pop out your weapons in your head I’m gonna put a bullet in your head what do you have what do you mean drop I have two uncommon pistols I mean don’t I want a shotgun Oh they let me he just got me from the top of the [ __ ] hit the one dude for 75 years old there’s another team coming there’s another team coming up on herself bandages her yeah gameplay they knocked me and ran right past where you are I know what do you mean you’re running the opposite direction of them intentionally dude they’re gonna all kill you anyway so at least we would have had a chance

didn’t matter he didn’t come in and work with a team as with us it’s close dude that does he retains me of the most people don’t [ __ ] stick together I’m tired I just got overwhelmed harsh ready up yeah since matchmaking cancelled does it say that for you guys thank you so and that’s what look you checking my waters and all I have money and you’re in orange chicken with rice bless you bless you I’m still I’m still waiting for it to cancel matchmaking okay dude hush there we go there we go there we go there we go oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah there we go yo sup aide hide their hide how’s it goin he said little card hello dinner with chicken winner dinner chicken winner dinner chicken winner’s dinner niche chicken winner dinner I’m thinking we go crazy how shy go Justin but we’re working like he said is me not even the waters ever get lower go over why do you get lower okay we’re going greasy now that’s what I said that you were listening I already said that but you weren’t listening someone marked yeah I’m okay yeah then he said okay yeah we can go greasy you’re in listening right yeah he said his name is Aiden he can hear you Oh oh thanks that girl was easy

she’s a ho know what yeah I know he’s Brees adoptive life learn a lot about you and sports shop you can’t you put a bunch of smiley faces yes sure how long have you guys been dating her [ __ ] with you that game we just say that we love each other kids we do okay he was timed out for five seconds for spamming Oh there’s many shoots there’s many shoots right here bang right and and it’s late right here what is it jewelry that was saying that yo whoever visited my last you hey what’s up dude you legit left Oh blue burst that’s not blue I have a blue that is I picked it up yeah I have livers all right hurts don’t drink that soup yet you should address the many times Joey Joey left though you could add 75 armor I have been drunk Alliance : so you have like something my Badham all picking out cake drinking juice what kind of juice hello you know how he’s coming off some flavors Huggies his diapers bro know like the little courtesan McDreamy kittens hello drink hugs yeah Oh hug sorry don’t got him over there yeah anyone have like don’t be sorry it’s a pot does it automatically the bot is a [ __ ] bully I love sometimes he does all the hardship oh you’re gonna oh yeah yo who’s purple yo Herc bro we got to go bro how’d it go bro Oh yo how you do you have a microphone you can tell us what you’re doing communication skills and all that great I got a med kit for you though for us just in case we do get that I have something I’m gonna get touched her cases oh yes for people-watching you know I got zero people watching me because you know I had one he said [ __ ] you like – and he put a middle finger emoji Judy yes I swear and then my butt was just deleted as opposed because he cursed yes what good shaking

[ __ ] no [ __ ] no [ __ ] good [ __ ] dude good [ __ ] thank you where else we get [ __ ] crosshair coming up on us not sure Oh God he’s on me she is oh [ __ ] you know I guy on the left this should be to your right there’s a hurricane you know eating putting the Chinese still there bro hey bro yeah they’re gonna stick with me I got a long but yeah we’re yeah what are you you said you got a launch pad yes sir some everyone though hi we still got like half of their I’ve materials also if you run out bless my ears they quit out nobody shoot shots to our left yeah and I still got enough materials I have 207 brick I got 233 so I’m gonna head like 500 but give me thug on now mm-hmm northeast side so watch out for this trap in this side [ __ ] car you gotta feel the faster dude how many were on us you can tell they don’t have a lot of practice building sorry

I’m usually a bush rookie okay as everyone going no skins are she’s like nah bro I yeah I think it would piss more people off though if they thought you were a noob and you killed him Xbox sucks yes any game yes yes yes yes yes just yours yeah it’s like the second time it’s happening to everyone even you it’s happened to you and only you so far in here no it just happened to mr. Hirsh I know he’s asking if you want to chill next weekend yes Mitchell avoid matrix if you want better graphics and go on YouTube and look of Hercules do want to know what’s my youtube dyrdek there that’s my that’s you just tell me calling the guy who said hey o7o this [ __ ] getting salty yo his name is shin jumping how’s it going buddy oh good I just got like a major [ __ ] I’ve been popping bellies manometer layer I said yo there’s quite a few people going here but we let so be a [ __ ] these people up all right well I’m gonna god there’s somebody in the building shame oh there’s two guys on thank you I don’t have a gun yet [ __ ] me with the pig ass dude [ __ ] him both are like two ATP I know one is dance pumps and [ __ ] yeah so we healed so it’s just teammate that I dropped I

want that kill it’s why he’s my only one angry where are they yep on the great right here to my left up there son of us right where the woods potato they sucked wasn’t even my dog yeah he’s in the background right now sake walking oh he just laid down yeah on the green screen okay like what the [ __ ] are you talking to me [ __ ] he’s my uh my livestream once you guys want to go family I don’t care chicken Aki yeah that’s a bunch of you drop us oh it’s now you’re gonna test them do that gay that’s gay yo like man all her [ __ ] you’re taking 90 of another stepper for me nothing you have nothing I need again and he didn’t get I saw someone drop over at the worst thing there’s something know long somebody says somebody’s yeah somehow I can give you a gun right here

it [ __ ] my here we go there’s a guy the left of you guys he’s over by the he’s right in front of me all that’s gonna hurt there in the quarry what [ __ ] it was just used to cause the kid who killed me is that from the house hurt bill another one in there the dark voyage a I got one I got the blue and Cohn upstairs sir Herk you want to go get down and get that loot since you’re no I just got started a second of you there’s someone keep an eye on you see that show pot in that little [ __ ] uh-huh yeah over there yep where [ __ ] right there I place that trap the last guy must’ve took off he’s got many shields there’s a bunch of Lube oldies every year I have already have one and all right I got one hunting rifle one bolt on say my crossbow and I got four bandages I’m thinking I’ll take you both I have to bolt or where is the circle still so I mean really we should just get back me ever getting chilly so here’s that it’s up to you

I just got ya we use from this direction there’s form on north northwest ish there’s a crossbow so I could have been too close or too far and that’s someone I see I see one nod Northwest he’s far though far this [ __ ] thing will shoot get this thing I’m pretty pretty far if I got strap-on behind are you kidding me other [ __ ] did he just get how the [ __ ] I just died you see how I died is I just [ __ ] down didn’t hear a gunshot or nothing are you kidding me how the [ __ ] did he just get [ __ ] I just died there was no sound I just fell over there was no gunshots out a sex abstract ready yet abstract bro tell me people replace you but he said I’ll be a second he typed it into the life shoes second is that good I really need an air conditioner for this [ __ ] room because it’s hot as [ __ ] here you can see my fat my fat charlie laying next to be on the ground I’m back you double [ __ ] of [ __ ] when the guy killed you what do you want did you get just loading to a game no I were waiting for you to ready yeah I’m ready to uh pin it on reading me so

I was worried angry Joey ready up again Comfort her down on the ground and put a pillow on it and everything for him and he still refuses to lay on his lays in the [ __ ] green screen me it is sniper shootout yeah man why didn’t rifles man the funny thing is like a majority the battle is actually up close because everybody has snipers and everybody’s name sucks potato this got single headshot additional epic of the gun [ __ ] he said and you said no what has a actually I’ll do it I’ll do it I when I die okay sorry you have a gun there’s a gunner oh come on it [ __ ] hit the wall what the [ __ ] where my shop hitting the wall [ __ ] oh my god really there we go dude these [ __ ] windows are pissing me off cause I get hits but they hit the

wall maybe getting away with these you just wouldn’t want we just go upstairs David ooh if chief oh and there’s ammo crate in there also do you need em all right yeah you heard that are you how’s the traffic not get him again how the [ __ ] he gonna eat the trash white that’s [ __ ] gay dude he doesn’t even know it’s there because he still has some [ __ ] destroyed it I don’t understand how he [ __ ] ran but he went through it twice I didn’t rifles man the funny thing is like a majority the battle is actually up close because everybody has snipers and everybody’s name Sox potato jimpad oh oh hi that was awesome slot that one kid dude so hard I’m sorry I was saving that in my videos there live stream it’s feeding in there Mike anchor Joey ready up remember disconnected is what it just said everybody did ill hash her cranium abstract ready up [ __ ] oh no it’s in matchmaking cancelled what the hell

did you guys it’s a sign we’re supposed to take our Expo servers from outside into the weather sweet it’s raining out is it raining yeah all dude we’re definitely have a snow day tomorrow let’s go bro there’s no snow on the ground and now there’s at least 30 inches sorry centimeters not inches damn hell yeah I’ll be on tomorrow right now it’s 74 degrees tomorrow it’s going to be partly cloudy oh it’s gonna be cold whole dish hello Ava why hello Elsa liar who dropped in Tilted Kilt hotel kill yo holy [ __ ] I’ve never seen as many people this is [ __ ] nuts they’re trying to snipe in the iridium for my umbrella what the [ __ ] yeah I got two minutes for you I got three he’s like brah get dead you got a gun I dunno yeah here take this this are you all right let’s go out here and die I kind of wanted to destroy that building [ __ ] I dropped my controller on my

table let’s give a guy in this you’re right I’d your of your back I’m gonna coming yep and II was [ __ ] sneaky yo bro watch out watch out there’s traps up here no material what’s up let’s see where I’m stuck watching out there [ __ ] traps all over that real so when you got those stairs be careful because they gotta show up right on it and there’s a chest here and the trip there yeah I got I got mini 3d bro okay oh [ __ ] – how did I just die I said there’s a bunch of SAP’s up on that roof no I said first watch now that’s beers that

everything visible Paul weird how everything even campfire footstep you have a trap I got a lot remember they can do it they can break that drop you oh [ __ ] No that was one [ __ ] creepy crap crappy way to go out man that’s oh [ __ ] no that was one [ __ ] ass I’m creepy your sub good echoes tonight we’ll take a tear old girl you can see yeah how’s it going bud oh pretty good do we lose another this game by the way oh and this is sniping so that’s worse okay I got snipers [ __ ] it’s all right ready yeah yo so charger invited a bunch of people and because no one wasn’t coming no sorry bud you can sit the party in soccer no I can jump no I can I’m so sure like literally everything literally I’m not gonna I’m getting just spray and pray I just pray and pray that’s why I’m kind of screwed yes that’s why you use all hunting rifles and you keep jumping and switching to shoot and then jumping it switching chargers watching now I just I mean you

could just make your full inventory the hunting rifles and just switch between them that would be spraying it’s whatever hey so tell me about the shooting in YouTube it’s gear Oh Oh from what I know there was a woman but they don’t know the reason and they haven’t stated how many people died no one died no one died well separate the shooter sharing yourself yeah did they find out why we get so close I can get to second I just can’t get that final like come in second I just do this every time you die you open the chest that I just took everything out of it [Laughter] I got you something better for you yeah where’s your I want the crossbow we got to try to help not today I just I just your [ __ ] running around with snipers you just not okay these [ __ ] they took off running is a snipe and end up ghazan

it’s okay we can do it we’ll do it next time what the abstract ready what the [ __ ] drugs are bad drugs are bad I gave this time we fee to get it and when you win alright alright alright we give this one [ __ ] tomato but you just tell me when to jump i lr gaming go suck a fat [ __ ] [ __ ] you are a piece of [ __ ] I hope you die in a shallow a small painful death you should never be allowed on the internet for real for real bro are you gonna [ __ ] shout your own [ __ ] out of my [ __ ] channel [ __ ] you bro unlike where I’m getting shot out hell yeah double-team he had a gun these have any bullets there’s a chest in here I got you here police in seven wouldn’t I want to drink the big one first what’s up bleep we take everybody out in the made of

time I’m gonna check out the tunnel we did yeah that’s I can’t anybody asks I’m right here no I don’t hear the chancel there’s no chest in here prays and then I guess well I have his crossbows I’m really [ __ ] I’m just picking all up oh we’re in circle we are there’s a bunch of [ __ ] over here and there’s an egg for what yeah I don’t even have to ask my batteries just died in my controller I read it replacing how long do you think this livestream they go where’d you guys go [ __ ] so I mean you guys want to get one shell out here stack it be cool if they made a shotguns only one also oh yeah you’re oh you’ll probably see the whole thing I mean if not it always gets posted up so I mean if you’re just watching watching my live streams even if they’re pre-recorded like if you watch them later on it still counts towards my view hours so I always appreciate that I need to get four thousand watch hours I need an additional thousand off of what I have once I hit 4,000 watch hours then I can get my sponsors back you want me to do your favorite bro every night before I go to sleep I’m gonna put your streams on I just have my phone on watch the live stream if you go to the playlist and just click on the livestream playlist I’ll go through all of them that would just keep going through them I would have really loved that I’d make me so happy because I’m so mad that they changed that dude and I bet that that lady went shot up

YouTube because they changed that [Laughter] probably not but it made me quite upset about it but it does seem like something someone would do right like the most mother [ __ ] change the rules on my ass and I lost all my [ __ ] I just dropped it I just dropped the hunting rifle into ramp I hit the one of the pink ones they’ll skip below astronauts week you could pick ax in my hit him the paint one has low ass help me oh come on that’s my fault I potatoes go [ __ ] you [ __ ] good job hell yeah get all my resources I had a lot of would you shoot this is by the Bell enemy keep covering isn’t that right bro I think so yeah it’s an enemy on the Mount I know they’re doing on purpose I think it’s just easier to hit them than me yes I had to build all the way back things for those resources circle move that’s what they ran off the circles coming in and said we got a ways to go I

don’t want to stay in the circle I I don’t want I’d rather get shot yeah getting come by the circle is like a diary because I wanted it’s it’s lunchtime I don’t run in the straight line that’s what happened to her well yeah I’m hungry I’ve got food on my mind you forgot the woods well enjoy your lunch look at you little baby oh I forgot to say watch my live stream while you’re eating first Herc must be and then hit while you’re on your walls and second I’ll hop in the next game if I can you said press being hit wide that brings me back to my baked egg recipe wait do you plan on yeah bumper I didn’t he put a compact barrier in the way I’ve been playing since they came out with it you’ve always just spent in the way I’ve always seen the B and the Y down by the pickaxe yeah I always leave it on pickaxe or stairs get that one you guys saved your friends needs not you the reload of so long recording that and I’m also reporting that kid o’clock I had bricks no I had metal setup and he shot me through my face like he didn’t shoot shoot the water anything just shot right through her face I wasn’t even peeking up that’s my knees like freaking is I forget fast you know what the kids disappear he’s running like really fast okay well oh yeah hey you go homie victory that [ __ ] base might have like a jug jug or something you really need a grand average in here and such my – awesome Oh minis and big minis first minis first minis first you’ll have a hundred suit all right you already have some I didn’t see you got the other once about that rifle ever send me out get out of this storm don’t have inventory for him

I like these trees though no no more bandages it’s 15 or 14 your footsteps he’s right there wait wait wait you don’t even know no better than that there’s bears trap pbut wrap up I can’t hear he’s done he laced you very far imagine uh flank it’s nice on the brick it off the pyramids get off pyramids save you I hate that I’m the only one left because I’m not girls game trust me switcheroo ha building back to walls jumping bull the floor and then build another wall right there and then build a stair up that way beauty only has like a little bit of space amount now he’s pushing his pushing dude doesn’t last you [Applause]

not like I run run and then I won’t wanna run and I’ll keep running I didn’t mean to put I was trying to start building and I changed back an accident again special for all these years these abstracts no plan it what’s up awesome your mic has like a buzzing – are you charging the controller hello my copyrighted music a lot and clear for everybody is here there we go it was something like so you know I’m live streaming on YouTube and they can hear everything you say automatically ok my YouTube blows [ __ ] alright yeah Gaming I guess with somebody welcome back back your charger your echoing mic muted can’t play my colleague added music remember it hears no you can play you can play Pandora and like our radio stuff on your xbox you’ll get copyrighted for nine different years does it have you tried it before no I didn’t load there for a second I was just an umbrella with no person on it I know sometimes my game looks like pop G Malayan long bar I’ll land mansion

now that’s right off you said you saw somebody what direction your long Martin what it’s dead thank you she went out by the truck there over by the Sun going towards the woods there’s a guy going towards mansion got him oh I shot him in the ass I don’t know if he was part of the same spot or not but he he came from over here senator they you know yeah oh yeah yeah kill myself just shot through my wall the charging huh how’d you die where were ya kid shock is in the woods all right yeah you see him you know get away from me I found him we’re heading for the bridge heading for the bridge did you kill him it’s not the same guy

the guy on the bridge with me I’m gonna recruit me we’re having a oh you just knock them you just knock him he just fell through the hole I’m coming on I’m out of here yeah we got to go back where we were at before yo Mike get moving it’s on us yeah I’m comin comin comin I got bandages on charger you’re acting again my kid just every down yeah I left the chest back in that house they killed us hey [ __ ] it back we’re back I only eluded the the attic of this old house cause I was trying to help you guys now there’s a launch pad coming back very nice [ __ ] how do you get small have you guys been getting it’s supposed to be only a long-range weapon I wouldn’t call the hunting rifle a sniper he doesn’t have a scope on it but it is a ranger I had a big shift for someone and I slept for you Mike come here Mike come get this well Gabby Oh grab a water you’re gonna come get this stuff is it gonna leak man that’s why you keep a bucket next to you what’s up buddy well then I only drink

bottled water give me one I can’t drink out of the faucet I mean I would if I had to but I mean like yeah like there’s a thing where they keep up with the best water you but the fact is I’m number one tear through the list either either way though they still put bleach in it to clean it and that’s why it tastes weird Florida has natural spring waters horrible maybe it depends on what Ricardo Florida do you know Florida has national Florida and speeches sorry y’all looking after dip here yeah but I bet it if you go near there wouldn’t hear the springs are at probably near like probably near like Disney and [ __ ] they have better water because there’s natural springs that run from I’ve been to Disney a lot of times I’ve also been to Universal City world Universal is better than Disney well Universal is more for adults or Disney’s more for kids Disney’s more family based it’s gonna be like Universal like at night they have like girls walking around with jello shots and [ __ ] like partying there could be a drop right here you start walls about I’m trying to teach you to force on top hit that one then one beside it may come right there you have a hundred percent shield used to listen to so much music on YouTube and then I’d like a mix and everything and they’re not just all gone cuz I create my watch history I use a google play circling circling gaze on my phone Google Play Music works better with voice control did I listen to it in my car so I can be like okay hey car no you know you said I just say ok Google next song we’re play or a stop or pause or a girl I use a lot of GPS because I moved

there’s enemies northwest stairs right there in front a little floor send with ease right in front of her how the [ __ ] they not hit him I hit him once I never see someone getting knocked out by [ __ ] building a wall that’s [ __ ] that was smart as hell on this part no he built a wall on him to make him get stuck behind wall there oh that was hard you built your you steel yourself stuck I thought they built it alright so thank you so much coming and watching I’d really appreciate it please make sure you hit that thumbs up hit the bell icon so you get notified every time I go alive and I’m really trying to get my watch hours up so if you can you could also go back and check out some my other live streams I have a playlist that’s all my live streams all together all different games or you can select specific games depending on what you like to watch um if you have a smart TV or smart phones all that kind of stuff you could pull up YouTube on there and you can watch my channel it really will help me I just need watch hours so I can get my ability to have sponsors and be able to have super chat and things like that um you know it’s it’s really frustrating I’m probably about 800 watch hours away now so it’s really important to me I also Twitter Instagram and snapchat if you ever want to talk to me so many messages I’m gonna I also post pictures of my daily life stuff my setup so thank you guys so much and I’ll see you guys later you