Agnipankh (2004) (HD) Hindi Full Movie – Jimmy Shergill | Sameer Dharmadhikari | Rahul Dev

‘Eagle Aggressor, surface winds 27010 knots.’ ‘27010 knots, got it.’ ‘Aggressor Control. Eagle formation Permission to take off.’ ‘Eagle Aggressor, clear to take off.’ ‘Aggressor Control, this is Eagle 1 calling.’ Taken pictures of coordinates 103.00825 NW Turning on next coordinates. Over Eagle 1, this is Aggressor Control – Co-ordinates confirmed You’ve reached the enemy’s air-space Clear to proceed. Next coordinates Piper warning, 4.5 NW Take evasive action. Over Piper 2! – Hell! Mayday! I’m hit – Eagle 1! Check engine parameters Aggressor Control, losing height Eagle 1 eject! – Sir, I feel I have vital pictures I’ll try taking height and gliding in – Sid, don’t be silly You’ll be unable to eject One never knows how tough it is without trying. See you all Base to Eagle 1 You’re losing control, eject! Sir, Eagle 1 is not on radar – Eagle 1, this is Aggressor! Can you hear me? Eagle 1, can you hear me?! Sir look there – What is it Pande? Sammy, will you keep boxing or come and congratulate today’s hero? There’s celebration outside. Sid has He has got back a missile-hit aircraft and become a hero?! First ask him why he was hit by the missile Dude, had you been in that plane instead of me your remains would be lying in the enemy territory. Why I was hit indeed! Take a walk – C’mon guys! You take a walk! – Guys! Come on. Grow up! Are you enemies from your previous birth?

Daggers always drawn! You keep boxing. And as for you I had told you to go home after the debriefing Aunty must be worried Go on, both of you. Carry on Hence I didn’t want him to join the Air Force Your turn – Half my life the father kept me worried, The remaining half the son will do the same Someday I’ll get a heart attack But who cares about me! I’ll get it Hello? – Hi darling! Hi sweety! Enjoying your vacation at home without me? No, just came back from a sortie – Are we meeting? Yes, let’s meet – Sure? Yes Ok say, ‘I love you!’ – Not now Please! – I can’t! Please! This isn’t fair! I can’t say it now – Please do! Understand, I can’t say it now! But you do love me? – Absolutely, ok? Ok Bye! – Bye! What? Your turn Whoever she was, must be wanting you to say something nice Why didn’t you say it? She was girlfriend number…? Dad, open-hearted people don’t keep a track of the numbers! Really? Son, your heart is more like a garden God alone knows what’s happening! Mend your ways If your mother gets wind of it, we’ll both go down She’ll say ‘It’s father who spoilt the son!’ Anyway How crucial are the photographs that you’ve brought back? Any guesses? I don’t know But I feel something vital will turn up The enemy’s activities are increasing The rest is up to the top brass Siddharth has done a wonder Seeing the state of his aircraft the ground crew were surprised to see him alive! He’s a great pilot sir A really smart kid I have complete faith in his instincts Once the photographs taken by him are developed we’ll certainly find something vital, I’m absolutely sure Activity on the border is increasing. If we get some proof from these pictures we shall get a free hand to prepare for war Tensions are rising in Kashmir sir This battle will surely be decisive I had a word at the headquarters A team of experts are coming from Delhi to analyze these photographs Let’s hope for the best – Right sir! News has come from Srinagar that photos were clicked by their pilot They’ll chalk out their plans based on those pictures But how will they plan for what they aren’t aware of? As in? Our smartest agent Fateh Afghani has already crossed the border Shankaracharya, get down Welcome back buddy! – What?! How do you do pal?

I was fine till you hit me! What do you eat madam? Shut up! Stop behaving like girls By the way, hope you’re in the mood to lose in squash this afternoon Forget it! We have a briefing at 1500 hours, no time to relax Shall we go? – Go? Give me the keys, I’m driving I’d first like to congratulate Flying Officer Siddharth Singh Oh no! Not again. – ..for risking his life to bring these photographs safely Thank you sir! Fellow officers, you’re aware that the clouds of war are fast gathering I wish to remind all of you once again that the onus of guarding the skies of Kashmir is on us Hence our air base will be one of the enemy’s first targets This is the latest map of the air base Here’s the entry, the quarter guard runway, control room and radar Zahoor – Sir? Arrange my entry in here at the earliest Yes Tahir? The weapons are already on their way and will reach us by Friday Charlie, I tried the cobra manoeuvre for the first time Gary was behind me. I went up, killed throttle and Gary was ahead I locked the missile from behind Poor Gary! Hunter became the hunted! Cobra manoeuvre on Mirage at that speed! The entire frame must have shook! Yes it did shake, but I What’s he upto for so long? Sorting his girlfriends’ photo album Forget him, you continue Sir, your beers – Thanks a lot! Hey Sammy! Wow! What? Don’t look. You’ve just returned to base. Why invite trouble! Who’s she pal? At least introduce us You heard that? He wants to be introduced to Angie What are you having? – Some beer! May I offer the lady a drink? Not a hard drink, but I’m sure you can have juice or something He’s dead! May I know which hard drinks do you take? Me? I have tequila So what are you doing there? Come here Hi! Flying Officer Kunal Tiwari Flight Lieutenant Anjana Rawat Nice…name! Please sit – Thanks Ramesh, tequila Let it be Angie! The one who stops drinking first pays for all the drinks, okay? I like that! Sure! Cheers! – Cheers! Gone! There he goes! Time to take him home ‘Manly hard drink!’ You want to arm-wrestle? Ramesh – Yes ma’am? Bill this to his account Take care of the guy while I drop the lady home. – Kunal! Drop me home? Do you think I’m drunk? Help him up! – Not at all Get a hold on yourself. Steady now – Kunal, are you okay? That’s enough, now let’s go home Why did you have to do all this?

He’s very heavy! – Kunal! – Had Vishal been there he would’ve made a poem on his weight! – When is our poet arriving? You complained that after the wedding work won’t give us time for our honeymoon I’ve got you to such a place, where work or no work the honeymoon will never end! Wrong. When did I complain? I won’t complain till my last breath! ‘You speak of your last breath.’ ‘I see you everyday and I breathe my last everyday!’ Superb! That was great When poetry echoed in the valleys of Kashmir I knew you’ve arrived Welcome! – How are you, Charlie? Absolutely fit! Hi Nupur! – Hi! How are you doing? Welcome! – I’m fine Nupur, you’ve known both of us since childhood Why did you choose this duffer? I tossed a coin and you lost the toss, what could I do?! Oh yes, I did lose the toss Enough! Pick up the bags and come! Excuse me, just a minute Flight Lieutenant Vishal Dev? Yes. – Please come with us You are under arrest What? – Is this a joke? There must be a misunderstanding No. We have definite proof against him What are the charges? Treason! Conspiracy to sell Air Force secrets to the enemy What?! No! Yes, it’s true I wanted lots of money I lost my senses It was difficult initially As the amount went up, so did the greed It was a mistake I never expected this of you All my life I had more faith in you than myself And what was her fault? What should she do? Tell her! Nupur I know that I deceived myself along with you Please forgive me I’m sorry. I love you Nupur listen! Nupur, get a hold on yourself please If you fall apart like this how will you deal with life? What do I do? Charlie you know I fought with my folks to marry Vishal What do I do now? Whom do I turn to? Whom do I meet? Nupur, despite everything, you’re a member of the Air Force family Today we had organized a party in the mess for you and Vishal People are sure to be there You must meet the AOC He’s the head of the family Good evening sir – Good evening ma’am Good evening ma’am We had gathered here to welcome you to the Air Force family Whatever happened was very unfortunate. Very sad You have our support If you need anything please Sir, what will happen to Vishal? Sawant – Well, in cases of treason it’s death penalty, firing squad But Nupur, get a grip on yourself Come here, sit down Take it easy now Sit down and relax

C’mon Nupur! Be brave Nupur I think you must divorce Vishal It’s better than being called the widow of a traitor And we can get married then What?! Guys this isn’t fair! You aren’t allowed to laugh in between Couldn’t you all wait for a while! Sorry Ma’am, it’s a tradition to pull a prank on the new bride and in your case it became a little too serious You mean ‘Oh weeping one, you know not how to cry.’ ‘These tears are to be treasured, not to be shed!’ Beautiful! Superb!! Vishal! And Nupur, this is Flight Lieutenant Sinha – Ma’am And Flying Officer Kuldeep – Ma’am They adorn the uniform of the Air Force Police part-time! Sorry ma’am! – Sorry ma’am! Charlie, I’ll kill you! – C’mon! It was just a joke All in good fun! Are you okay? Ok, cheer her up! It’s your responsibility – I will sir! Sorry ma’am! Boys, allow me to leave Enjoy yourselves! Sir – Thank you! Ok, good night! Good night sir! – Good night sir Good night sir Not like this. You’re a poet Cheer her up with a song “My love is my longing My love is my desire.” “My love is my longing My love is my desire.” “What life is this, if you aren’t with me.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My love is my longing My love is my desire.” “What life is this, if you aren’t with me.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “In your love, I can renounce the world.” “I can bring down the sky on your feet.” “In your love, I can renounce the world.” “I shall bring down the sky on your feet.” “If you want you can test me I’m your ardent lover.” “What life is this, if you aren’t with me.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My love is my longing My love is my desire.” “My love is my longing My love is my desire.” “What life is this, if you aren’t with me.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” “My heart is all for you My life is all for you.” Don’t be silly! I’m just asking you to meet the boy, not marry him But why should I? Don’t force me

Tell me, has anything ever been forced on you? Dad, you know I don’t like pilots I don’t want to marry a pilot So don’t marry him Our families have close ties There’s no harm in meeting him once Only I know the problems mom faced when you were in the Air Force Transfer upon transfer! No thanks! I refuse to live like a nomad! Fine. Look, he’s coming over tonight for dinner Fulfill this as a commitment So Samir? How’s your father? He’s fine sir. Today he called to Yes, he and I used to fly together – Yes Those were the days What happened? Any problems? I get bored with these tales of flying Really? – Really! Father may not tell you, but with all due respect flying and pilots don’t interest me much C’mon Surbhi! No sir, it’s not a problem at all To each his own And between you and me, useless stories of flying bore me too If I promise you that we won’t talk about flying and planes will you be able to bear my company for a longer while? Deal? – Done! Damn! They say the one who’s unlucky in love is lucky in cards I’m unlucky in both! Look, it seems a load of apples is coming this way What’s in here? – Some sweet apples sir Are they sweet? – Yes Come, show me – I’ll show him God knows where this came from – Open up Open it and show – Show him Open it Sir, the apples will be spoiled – Open it, will you! See sir, there are only apples in here – Yes but Have one, sir – Are they sweet? Let me see This is really very sweet If they’re sweet get a crate, my in-laws are arriving this evening C’mon, quickly offload this crate Sir, we are poor folks, please don’t do this Hence asking for one, not ten! C’mon, get it down! Sir, just take a few to eat Shut up! Don’t speak! Down with it! Please don’t do this sir – Down with it! Hey! You! Come down C’mon lets go fast, hurry up? Are you all right? – Shoot them down! Come on He doesn’t know any more sir He just knows that the RDX and other weapons have been brought in to attack an important building of the Army At the moment, we don’t know where and with you is it in Srinagar Alert all installations of the army and air force God alone knows where and when will these fools will target Tighten the security! Sir, patrolling has been intensified on the air base’s perimeters Fresh security measures have been added As security is Squadron Leader Sawant’s responsibility. – Sir I have given him a free hand. Sawant? Looking at the operation’s requirements I’ve shared duties with Officer Kunal Tiwari Sir! Security has been doubled but flying duties will remain unaffected Good! Carry on! So Sammy boy, about to throw up your breakfast? Breakfast? I won’t leave you fit for lunch! Shit! What the hell, guys Stop this now! Bloody hell! – Have both of you lost your mind?

Got knocked out by the shock of G-force, Sammy boy? This is called shock, Sid. Follow me Enough, you idiots. Land now I say! Can’t take the G-force! And wants to compete with the best! Struts about like a pilot! The best indeed! Never won a cycle race all your life You’re only good at bragging What? – Get lost! C’mon guys, grow up! When will you stop fighting like kids? Not in this lifetime! And by the way, they’re still kids! C’mon buddy, this is wrong! Bye! – Bye Look, you decide what’s wrong or right, I’m leaving I don’t have time to waste, ok? See you all. – Really! So time spent with us is wasted, is it? We all know where your attention is And listen, recite a lousy poem to Nupur for me. – Ok, I will! And where are you off to? – Jammu. It’s a VIP pick up You had to give me a book on tactical warfare yesterday, where were you? Nowhere, had some work What work, that you just disappeared? Nothing important, suddenly got a call, so had to go Father had suggested an alliance So I had to go to meet the girl here in Srinagar itself It was father’s old pal. There was the usual formality of dinner Anyway, I’ll get your book today It’s ok, I’m getting late What’s wrong with her? She has a flight, you have paper work, and I have an off today Making use of the lovely weather you put pen to paper while I go for a round of Srinagar, okay? That’s nice! Please take it, I’m sorry No that’s ok, you keep it Look, please don’t embarrass me You keep it, I’ll take another Uncle – Yes sir? Do you have another one like this? – No sir It’s not there – Here, keep it You’re embarrassing me again I’m sure it’ll look better on you Thanks, but no thanks I don’t take favours from anyone This is no favour. Yet if you feel so, keep the muffler and have a cup of coffee with me We’ll call it quits. No favours, ok? Coffee? – Coffee! Very nice. Life’s like coffee If you don’t relish it, it’s bitter If it becomes a habit, there’s nothing as good as this! Interesting philosophy Your coffee tastes bitter or sweet? In your company and this ambience, it tasting bitter is impossible By the way, I’m I don’t wish to know your name What? First you’ll tell me your name, then you’d want to know mine Then my number and address! Sorry! The deal was only for a cup of coffee, which we’ve had Do you believe in destiny? Maybe I believe we were destined to meet God, fate, whatever you call it, makes us meet for some purpose And the purpose of our meeting is just for a cup of coffee? Quite unbelievable – That’s your problem Sir Allow me – No! Remember, no favours! Here’s my share for my coffee. Bye! Bye, see you! Excuse me! If not number, at least give me your name If your so called destiny makes us meet again You may have the number as well as the name God, this is really too much This won’t do

It’s too bad Zahoor got caught It would’ve been better had these arms reached us without issue Yet all is not lost. And the rest? The rest of the items will be purchased from tomorrow And your reaching inside the base has already been arranged Well done I was passing by your house, so I thought let’s fight a bit Look Boss, this won’t do For the first time in my life I met a girl with whom flirting required an effort And the result? No name, no number, no address! This is cheating! You? – You again? I mean, you? I don’t believe this! Sorry sir! You, here? Why? I come here every Monday But you? No, actually, it’s just that you don’t look the religious type Religious type? What is that like? Someone like you? God, pardon my complaints I’m not as experienced as you What? Nothing. Actually my relations with god are quite friendly We keep connecting off and on So I keep dropping by here He also likes that I came here after you, which means you aren’t following me That’s a great coincidence If you permit, may I name this coincidence destiny? You and your destiny! God knows where it will take me! But for the moment it has brought me to you again Perhaps I may remind you of your promise Surbhi Dhar Nice name! Siddharth Singh 2 3 7 5 – Hang on! 2 3 7 5? 3 1 3 – 3 1 3 When I came here the sun was harsh Your coming has changed the weather. Anyway, thanks I don’t know if that was a pleasure We have fruit orchards, and deal in exports too. What do you do? Well, I am a Crazy pilots! What? These low-flying planes are a pain! My father too was an air force pilot But I’m sorry, I don’t quite like these planes and pilots! Intelligence reports reveal that Pakistan is preparing for an attack And they will commence it with an air raid The air raid will take place in the evening or night when there’s limited visibility In that situation how soon can we be ready for counter attack? In the words of Ex Air Chief Arjun Singh, “Within the hour,” sir Hello? Oh hi, Siddharth here Oh hi, how are you? ‘Sir’ sounds too formal, can’t we just cut to the chase? You’re a funny man So, to amuse you further can we meet today? It’s Sunday Sorry, today I’m going out Maybe tomorrow or the day after ‘She promised me a meeting on the 5th day..’ ‘..perhaps she heard the world lasts but for 4 days!’ Stop it now. Anyway we’ll talk tomorrow Tomorrow never comes! I’ll come today itself As soon as you’re free let’s meet up and chat You’re impossible! See you later, bye! Sweet girl! Siddharth, you didn’t tell me where you stay in Srinagar Where…I stay at the airport I mean near the airport Shall we go for a boat-ride? – Not today, maybe next time You haven’t yet given me your phone number Oh yes, I haven’t

Actually, all our phone numbers are going to change I’ll give you the new number when I get it Forget that. You must be helping your father in his business? I’ve just started, I finished my studies just this year But you still haven’t told me what you do What do I do? Well, I Just a second After 15th August it’s no longer needed It may get trampled by someone walking by You’re a very decent man, Siddharth Quite sensitive to a lot of things Don’t you ever change ‘Those smiling eyes which can teach laughter how to laugh..’ ‘..whose silent giggles quietly fill the heart with sounds of joy..’ ‘..those are your eyes!’ Great, superb! Had I not been lousy at poetry I would’ve never allowed this ass to marry you! What’s wrong with him? Hello! Base to Eagle 1! Come back! Yes, that was very good! Really? You didn’t hear the poem So what was very good? Do tell us What do you mean? I didn’t understand Even we don’t understand where you go off, where you return from these past few days Where do you vanish on your days off, absent-minded professor?! Sid is definitely in love! What say? Nothing guys You all are talking nonsense! She’s in Srinagar Well done brother! This I must see! He romanced dozens of them But this girl we’ll have to meet, whom he’s actually fallen for! You guys think it’s amusing! It’s a big problem man Why? Is the affair one-sided? Is it just you who We are yet to talk openly She doesn’t even know what I do Then tell her. It’s not as if you’re a thief! What’s the problem? She can’t stand pilots! What?! She’s crazy pal, forget her Shut up! How long will you hide it? You’ll have to tell her That’s the problem. She dislikes the very life of the services I can’t figure how Look, the foundation of any relationship should be on honesty Now whether she dislikes your profession more than she likes you that must be found out The later the truth is revealed, the more painful it becomes Decide to tell her everything about yourself honestly Siddharth, you?! Flying Officer Siddharth Singh at your service ma’am I don’t know if your dislike for pilots is justified But as my friend says, lies can’t take you a long way and I’m not used to such crutches Now the question is, will you come with me for a boat-ride or am I fated to just wait at the banks? Yes! “Silence is the language of lovers expressed through the eyes.” “I fell in love without being aware, my beloved.” “Silence is the language of lovers expressed through the eyes.” “I fell in love without being aware, my beloved.” “Paths of the heart, proceed to the destination.”

“My nights started becoming days.” “Paths of the heart, proceed to the destination.” “My nights started becoming days.” “You’re my love, you’re my obsession, you’re my life.” “O’ beloved.” “My heart sings only for you.” “My heart’s feelings never reach yours!” “My heart sings only for you.” “My heart’s feelings never reach yours!” “O what magic is this that awakens new desires in the heart.” “Dreams have become my friends now my beloved!” “Silence is the language of lovers expressed through the eyes.” “I fell in love without being aware, my beloved.” “Silence is the language of lovers.” “It is expressed through the eyes!” “I fell in love without being aware, my beloved.” Barqat Let it be Brother, if you could see and satisfy yourself Not me, but he needs to satisfy himself The car is perfect, brother You can have faith in us I have more faith in my wrath Barqat Any problem in the car will make me angry That’s fair, right Barqat? – Yes What is it my child? Not feeling sleepy? Father, I was thinking, pilots aren’t so bad after all Really? This is great news! The opinion your father couldn’t change all his life Samir did in just a few days! Smart boy! I’ll talk to him tomorrow itself I wasn’t talking about Samir dad Then? His name is Siddharth He’s very cute; you’ll like him If you like him so much, how can I dare to dislike him?! Call him But are things clear with Samir? Samir is just a friend dad! This album has autographed photographs of all his conquests

He has a strong aversion to love and commitment You might truly be in love, but what about him? Do ask him A well-maintained record indeed Mr. Singh Lots of pretty pictures kept very securely Surbhi, actually this You’ve got it all wrong I’ve finally got it right. Keep this You were angling for this, right? Add this to your record Just tell me my rank. At least I’ll know my position in the list That’s not the case, Surbhi What’s not the case, Mr. Siddharth? Is this not your album? Or are the pictures in it not of your girlfriends? Or was this lovely drama of love not for adding another photo to your record? What’s not the case? What you see is correct, but what you make of it is wrong I love you! Shut up! Just shut up! I don’t want to see your face again Hello? – Hello Surbhi? Surbhi, please listen to me dear – Go to hell! Surbhi listen to me Shit! Can’t understand what to do for him! What is it? You know Vishal, I feel so lucky Whenever I look at you, listen to you I feel it’s the result of some good deeds that I don’t remember There has to be a Nupur for a Vishal, isn’t it? Ever since I can remember I’ve set eyes on none other And yet till today, I just can’t stop looking at you Go now, it’s time for your sortie When you return, gaze at me as much as you want, ok? Are you ok buddy? Yes Come, let’s go! You’re off-course by 5 degrees Correct your course, Sid Sid can you hear me? “Shut up! Just shut up!” You’re off-course again! What’s happening?

Sid, are you ok? Yes, I’m ok You’re losing altitude What’s happening Sid? Eagle formation, you’re entering enemy air-space Turn back! Turn back now! Piper warning! Sid your missiles are blocked Pitch left Sid! Vishal wait! Shit! He’s hit! We lost an able pilot because of you! Despite constant warning you blundered and went off-course It was only bloody pilot’s error! There was no fault in your plane It was only you who You youngsters take this to be a game. It’s not a game Someone can lose his life, and has lost it! You should be shot I’m sorry, you’re grounded with immediate effect That will be all! Sir Siddharth Siddharth! Yes sir? The AOC perhaps overreacted Actually 4 years ago his son had also crashed due to another pilot’s error He was a very promising young boy He still hasn’t gotten over it I understand sir, but it was my mistake, and I must pay for it Great! And you feel this is your love for Surbhi! How can you love anyone if you don’t know what it means I was tired of losing to Siddharth I couldn’t take even losing Surbhi to him I didn’t want, like other girls, Surbhi too But somewhere down the line you knew that Siddharth fell in love for the first time You knew it, didn’t you? Perhaps. Surbhi too never said she loves me Her proposal came for me So I assumed that Love is never selfish, Samir Under the pretext of love, you’ve deeply hurt Surbhi You’ve also left Siddharth completely broken Samir Even you’re responsible for Vishal’s death to some extent

I know. Hence I’ll never be able to forgive myself Cursing one’s own self never mends mistakes, it only increases them Whether you want to mend yours or increase them, is up to you Thanks buddy. Whenever I open up to you, I learn something new Thanks! Thanks buddy You open up to me, but can’t hear what my heart says! Because India has turned a blind eye to the threat of war it’s up to us to cripple such a state in just a blow God willing by tomorrow evening our victory celebrations will start We are prepared for all sacrifice, brother Leave the sacrifices for the Indians We only want victory By revered Hazrat Bal, either Kashmir will not be with India or it will not be there at all! I didn’t lie to you but perhaps shied away from telling the whole truth That album I gave you of Siddharth’s had pictures not of his girlfriends, but of his ex-girlfriends I did give you the album but didn’t tell you how full of dust it was He’s slowly breaking from within Besides losing you he even holds himself responsible for Vishal’s death And today he needs you more than ever Nothing stands in the way of true love Not even trust Hail India! Guard room sir Group Captain Katju speaking Air Commodore Srikant is arriving shortly from Avantipur Air Commodore Srikant I have an appointment I’m sorry Sam Come here Sir Everything normal? – Hurry. We have little time Air Commodore Srikant?! Group Captain Katju called from office Fateh Afghani’s mission never fails What?! Groupie Katju? Damn! Groupie Katju got food poisoning last night. He’s in hospital Which way did he go? – Sir, towards radar installation Quick Rahmat, we have just 5 minutes – It’s nearly done, sir Here’s the car. Let’s go – Yes sir Indian Air Force! God willing, this time they won’t be able to defeat us Firing?! I think from radar installation Radar? Oh shit! Let’s go! – Siddharth? You sit in the visitors’ room, don’t go anywhere till we return Sir! Shit! C’mon! Sir! – Sir! There are terrorists inside! Give the gas masks – Kunal Sam throw it! The scoundrels are lobbing poisonous gas! In

Let’s get them. C’mon in! Oh no Sir, we haven’t received any signal from Fateh Afghani yet nor any news from the Srinagar base of their radar being blasted Our planes and troops both are on standby If you say, we can have them stand down Don’t even utter stupid suggestions Qureshi If Fateh has been unsuccessful we won’t wait, and attack right now instead of tomorrow morning Breaking news. Today at 5.15 pm Pakistan’s planes attacked 11 air bases of India At approximately 1700 hours today, Indian Standard Time Pakistan’s Air Force bombed 11 Indian air bases Flying Officer Siddharth Singh reporting as ordered sir At ease Saigal – Sir Siddharth, right now we need each and every pilot Due to the emergency situation your grounding is being revoked You may report for your flying duties immediately Thank you sir! This was the AOC’s idea, Siddharth Your track record is good and we hope you’ll repeat not your mistakes, but your success Yes sir. I won’t let you down Remember, here on the ground life has a second chance, but up there in the air death grabs you like a hawk! It doesn’t give a second chance Take care son. Good hunting Dismiss – Thank you sir! Gentlemen, as expected, Pakistan attacked at a time when we thought they would We are ready We have to hit them fast We have to hit them deep And we have to hit them hard Now, here, 60 degrees west the Pakistan has established a fuel and ammunition dump We shall fly in low from the west and attack! Eagle formation, steer course. 235.03, sector 7

There’s no enemy plane in your sector Eagle leader to control On Course. Target in 3 minutes Target in visual range. Fire at will It’s clear – Rip off! Rip off! That’s cool! Sam watch out he’s behind you Pop up warning Amit. Amit Sam! Shit! -We lost him Let’s get them Sid concentrate on the ground, we’ll see to the damage Yes! Oh no! Don’t cry Enough child! We all have to be brave There’s no point in falling apart Look here, look at me I’m his mother. Am I crying? No The father took off his uniform and the son wore it! I somehow knew, that’s why perhaps I was scared I used to fight with him too But never stopped him For he wouldn’t have stopped anyway But now, am I crying at all? No, because it doesn’t bring back anyone No matter how much you may call, no one returns! I can’t advise you how to bear a loss that is irrecoverable. But I fail to see why you all are assuming that Siddharth is dead No confirmed news has come yet but my instinct says that We both have been pilots

And you know that we pilots get a sixth sense My heart says my son will surely return Wherever he is, my son is alive From the devil to the deep blue sea! You never miss a chance at fun The rogues are spread all over like ants Those who fly higher get hurt harder when they fall, right? Bring him down! Come! The melody that’s in the strings of the violin cannot be found in any other instrument It appears you had taken off from the Srinagar air base What squadron? And currently how many planes are there at your base? Flying Officer Siddharth Singh Serial No. 30378699 I want the name of the squadron and number of planes Flying Officer Siddharth Singh Serial No. 30378699 It seems you don’t understand my tongue My name is Feroze Ali Niazi Glad to meet you Now if you don’t want any trouble on meeting me give answers to the questions asked of you As per the Geneva Convention – Geneva is too far from here and assume that we have impounded your passport So you want to die a martyr, and won’t utter a word

It seems his care here will start with the cooler I myself have got them made After staying in it for 2-3 days a pop singer becomes a classical vocalist Are you fond of music? Very nice! Open it What the Sam? Hell, you! So you’ve followed me here! VIPs make a grand late entry The advance party is sent for sundry cleaning What is this? Since when have you been rotting in this shoe box? Quite a few hours. The scoundrels even took away my watch C’mon out! Out I say! C’mon! Move it! You boys have not eaten for around two days No, three That’s not good. Come sit down Let’s have lunch together By now you may have recalled your squadron and the number of planes at your base My cook makes superb food, and if one is more hungry and thirsty, the food tastes heavenly! Right? Sit down quietly! They’ve made a joke of it all Will you have food? Or blows? Decide! Whatever you please, we’re your guests He laughs! It’s your place, your men, you can laugh But once we have our weapons we will take Lahore with the bit of Kashmir you have That’s all? Tired? We get more exercise in our first round of boxing It seems they are used to being hit since childhood But I know more methods of cracking people up than you’ve heard of! You will speak up, because I want you to Give them food, clothes and put them in room number 52 Interrogation will continue Go in! – Go in! Here’s food from a 5 star hotel

Who is this third plate for? For me Lieutenant Shekhawat. 6 Rajput Lieutenant Shekhawat? The 1971 war did end, but not for some like us Many like us since 32 years, have been languishing in jails of Pakistan Oh my God! You mean you? Yes, I was caught in the war of ’71 I’m a POW I heard there are 523 more like me whom Pakistan never released I can’t say how many are left now Have your meal War must be on in full swing All pilots must be required at the base, and we’re stuck here I don’t know what god wants – Don’t take the name of god! I’m having a tiff with him these days This is the limit man! Sid I wasn’t even able to apologize to you properly Actually Surbhi’s proposal came for me I even started liking her I was unable to bear it, and Forget it pal, it’s a closed chapter But if you must say sorry say it to the girl who loves you so much and you don’t even notice A girl who loves me?! What do you mean by that? Anjana you fool! She doesn’t look beyond you, and you don’t even notice her! Angie! She’s not a girl, pal, she’s one of the guys! Now you stop teaching me about girls The result of elders’ teachings and good fruit is realized later Why don’t you make him use his brains?! Ok – Yes? I believe you, but did Angie say so to you herself? No, but I’m not blind like you, understand? Ok.. But what to do now? How long are we going to be here? This you have to decide In the last 32 years I have attempted escape 17 times Once I had even reached the Afghan border Why I was spared my life every time, I don’t know Jails kept changing, efforts went on Every time I was let off with a broken bone What are you trying to say? Stop! Where are you running? Hide it – Stop! Sir, the washer hid cigarettes in clothes and brought for him We caught him He says the packets are with him Search him He is this jail’s smartest guy, ‘Mr. Fixit’ Anyone wanting anything goes directly to him What’s his name? – His name is Ittefaq The next time you’ll be dead Hello Shekhawat sir! – Hello!

Cells for the transistor? Fresh stock has arrived No. Ittefaq, this is Flying Officer Samir, and Siddharth You’re fresh arrivals! If you need anything, cigarettes, liquor, grass, just call me Interesting name, Ittefaq The person is equally interesting, hence never changed the name Another interesting fact, my parents were never interested in me All my life they told me I was born by chance. So I was called Ittefaq You don’t look like a military man Are you a Pakistani? Or Sir, I hail from a village that is between both the borders I’m neither Indian nor Pakistani I’m just a thief We’ll meet again, bye! Please return my treasure to me Yes Bye, Shekhawat sir Ittefaq will help you in your escape from here Escape, before your folks back home give up hope I still can’t believe it Everything happened so quickly So suddenly I couldn’t even get to know him properly If time is snatched away before time it pinches all the more You can at least grieve for Siddharth I couldn’t even tell Samir Samir?! Yes, I couldn’t even tell him that I now understand Nupur’s pain Perhaps Vishal rightly said that life is a parody of dreams shattering and hope lost In the entire area of 103 NW to 200 N the enemy has set up its fortifications and bunkers There’s no one specific target We have to carpet bomb the entire area in a night raid at 22:00 hours Any questions? Good Then let’s bomb the hell out of them Saigal and company are a bit too enthusiastic about carpet bombing They’ll finish whatever’s left incomplete by the Pakistanis Shit! Come off it god, there’s a limit to this joke There’ll be serious trouble, I’m warning you What do you keep muttering to yourself? It gets on my nerves To myself? You shouldn’t interrupt 2 sensible people talking? Sorry! C’mon! Enough! Keep quiet. This man is sleeping as if in a hotel, and you’re muttering like a madman Where have I landed! Here we can be killed anytime And you Sam come here Sit A man can sleep this way only when there’s no difference between sleep and death for him My muttering may be madness, but somehow I feel our time’s not up yet

We must escape from here, at any cost This is the jail’s outer wall There are 4 watchtowers at all corners that have searchlights and 24-hour vigil This is Niazi’s office, these are the jail cells; we are in this one Due to the bombings of the last war the cell’s walls became weak Hurriedly repaired walls are still feeble at places and this wall is one of those If we go through this wall, the outer wall will be about 40 feet away where the searchlight doesn’t reach One can scale it with a rope and escape But for all this we must make a hole in this cell’s wall And what better way to start than with the name of God! Here, take this The holy book? I’ve heard this advises one to labour quietly without worrying about the result Something like that Then open the book and begin work The result will follow on its own All the best In any war of justice there has been no greater weapon than the holy book The borders of India await you “In your love I’m finished, O’ God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O’ God.” “In your love I’m finished, O’ God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O’ God.” “Death eludes me, what to do?” “Can’t carry on with life, what to do?” “In your love I’m finished, O God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O God.” “Fortune was burnt in the flames of time.” “Before my eyes my world changed.” “Fortune was burnt in the flames of time.” “Before my eyes my world changed.” “The desire for life melted away like wax in the heat of sorrow.” “My life takes on a thousand miseries.”

“Can’t carry on with life, what to do?” “In your love I’m finished, O God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O God.” “In your love I’m finished, O God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O God.” “In your love I’m finished, O God.” “The soul has left the body, I’m finished O God.” Softly! Siddharth, look carefully if anyone’s there All clear – Ok. Come Hold this – C’mon! Hands up! Quite a good attempt Not bad Except for one thing, we aren’t fools We knew about this childish attempt of yours all the while Had I wanted I could’ve stopped this nonsense much earlier But that would be no fun How would you have been caught red-handed? It was good All fell in the net together Aziz, two of them belong to your clan, they’re pilots And you, I don’t understand what law of humanity has kept you alive here! You’ll never understand! You talk of humanity, just spell it out! Can you? For the last 56 years your country has survived on the leftovers of Indian humanity Else it won’t take even 72 hours to hoist the Indian flag from Delhi to Islamabad Enough of your attitude! What does your rule book say about shooting prisoners fleeing from jail? I don’t ask the last wishes of dying men. Take away this Indians! Shoot them Indians are lion-hearted, Niazi C’mon move fast Sid! – These look like important documents C’mon Siddharth move it! – C’mon! Move! Kill them! – C’mon! Come on, come on Shekhawat sir, let us out too, we’ll also fight with you

Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! God almighty! I won’t leave you alive! Kill the brute! I’ll kill you! The Lord be praised! – Hail Mother India! Rascals! Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! Long live Mother India! Go! C’mon move! C’mon Shekhawat Sir, quickly! We’re finally out! It’s wonderful, Shekhawat sir, we’ve reached! You rogues, you Ittefaq! Oh shit! Come on! Come on! Come on! What’s the problem? – Bloody hell! C’mon! Try Sid, c’mon! Hands up! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! Fast, else I’ll shoot you! Hands up! I don’t believe this

Vishal! You?! – Sam! Vishal! – Sam! Sid! I can’t believe this Vishal, this is Lieutenant Shekhawat, 6 Rajput He was a prisoner in Pakistan since 1971 Sir, Vishal We’ve also escaped from jail but I think they got information and – We must move from here By now they would be after us They must have – Yes? Heard the gunshots too Right Sir! – Sid, just a moment What is it Sam? He has a transmitter, we can try to contact our base Guys, there’s a cave close by that I found luckily I spent all these days there Let’s reach there and try to contact base The border is not far, before these guys reach us our choppers will come for us Ok, then let’s go, move – Yes sir Due to ejecting at low height I had a bad landing and fractured my leg How I’ve spent these days dragging myself! This has been my home for the last few weeks I have started moving around from the last 2-4 days Was out to kill a rabbit tonight when I saw those Pakistanis I felt some of our own men were cornered I didn’t know they’ll turn out to be my friends How is Nupur? “We are often very close Bound just by silence!” “Distances arise when I search for words!” “In a bid to form the words into a sentence you start getting lost!” “In the din of voices, and I..” Stop it Nupur! Enough! Why do you constantly give yourself pain? Your grieving won’t bring Vishal back! But he hasn’t even gone anywhere, he never does He’s visible to me everywhere, in all corners of the house, on each page This poem he wrote for my eyes! And this one for my smile and this on my pain What do I see? What do I do? Vishal! “Death is nothing but silent darkness.” “I’ve just gone to the next room, that’s all.” “Just away from the eyes not away from the heart!” Hello? This is Flying Officer Samir Kelkar here. Over! Hello! This is 3rd Grenadier. Over Grenadiers? Grenadier? They are bang on the frontline. Speak on This is Flying Officer Samir Kelkar, 51 Squadron MIG We have escaped the Pakistan POW camp and are now approaching the border We have vital papers on Pakistan Air Force movement Are you getting me? Over Yes Sir, loud and clear. Over I have with me Flying Officer Siddharth Singh and Hello? Can you hear me? Over. Hello? Hello? Shit! The battery’s dead! We couldn’t give our co-ordinates It’s impossible for helicopters to search for us, The enemy is hounding us We must leave, c’mon! Come on! Let’s go C’mon, let’s go – Let’s go Come Major, please be seated! A forward post of Grenadiers has intercepted a transmission

that shows Flying Officers Samir Kelkar and Siddharth Singh have escaped Pakistan POW camp and are advancing towards the border Yes! Great news! They are alive That was the good news The bad news is that transmission snapped before their position or coordinates were known Major Bhullar and his team from the Special Forces are conversant with the topography of this region They will help us in this operation Major – Sir Please start The pilots have ejected somewhere north west of the Pir Panjal Range If we presume that the jail they escaped from is in the radius of 200 kilometres even then it’s an area of thousands of square kilometres We’ve alerted all our forward posts I knew it, I knew that Sid is alive! He will definitely return Hence till date I have not mourned The army’s help is being taken to search for them, sir All that is humanly possible will be done “They sacrifice their lives for their motherland.” “They go to the borders smilingly.” “How pure is their patriotism..” “Their courage alone is our strength!” “God do oblige them with your grace.” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “They sacrifice their lives for their motherland.” “They go to the borders smilingly.” “How pure is their patriotism.” “Their courage alone is our strength!” “God do oblige them with your grace.” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “Times of difficulty are ahead, protect them from all difficulties!” “May they not digress, nor get stuck God show them the path!” “All have this hope in heart, despair will be banished.” “May they break all barriers, and reach their destination!” “God do oblige them with your grace.” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “God, you aren’t ignorant You have knowledge about each moment!” “We wish, we pray, keep them protected, O almighty!”

“The path is hard, the goal is far, you’re the raft as well the bank!” “With your grace, they will rise after every fall!” “God do oblige them with your grace.” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “They sacrifice their lives for their motherland.” “They go to the borders smilingly.” “How pure is their patriotism.” “Their courage alone is our strength!” “God do oblige them with your grace.” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” “Remove all their obstacles in a moment!” There they are! From the left! I’ll give you cover fire, you go back and take position. Move! C’mon! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Nothing will happen to you Just do me a small favour I don’t know what happened to my family all these years Please go to my regiment and tell them Lieutenant Sangram Singh Shekhawat of 6 Rajput died a soldier’s death He took all bullets on his chest and didn’t turn his back – Sir! Vishal! – Vishal! Go!

Vishal! – Vishal! Vishal are you ok? Let’s pick him up You guys leave me, go! Trying to save me will kill all 3! They are getting closer every minute – Shut up! You both will pick me up! – Vishal! Don’t be stupid It’s not a question of our lives We have important documents that can finish this war You give me your guns and go, I’ll stop them. You both leave! No way. We can’t leave you here – C’mon go man! We can’t leave you here Go on – Vishal! Go Just take care not to let Nupur know that you met me She has wept for me once, don’t make her cry again Ok get lost! – C’mon! “Death is not an accident, it is just a station.” “It awaits the next journey Just around the turn, all is well!” “Know then, your braves, for you the feeble, they fight unto their deaths.” “They lie hacked to pieces on the battlefield they never deserted.” “Know then, your braves, for you the feeble, they fight unto their deaths.” “They lie hacked to pieces on the battlefield they never deserted” Run! Sid, you go away You go! If I leave you who will I quarrel with?! Sid! You rascal!

So you got me killed? Target in visual range “Bodies are born, bodies die, one link snaps, another is united!” “Silently, quietly, the heartbeats just exchange bosoms.” “Between these breaking breaths and changing faces lies just.” “A soul. Soul that cannot be cut by a sword, nor wetly water.” “Nor burnt by fire! That which is unburnable, immortal and permanent!” “They hold the nation above differences of caste and creed.” “Neither Hindu, nor Muslim, they are children of Mother India.” “The nation is their life-giver, it is utmost for them.” “One who can sacrifice oneself for the nation is called fortunate.” “They sacrifice themselves for their nation.”

“We bow to such heroes.” “Know then, your braves, for you the feeble, they fight unto their deaths.” “They lie hacked to pieces on the battlefield they never deserted.” “Know then, your braves, for you the feeble, they fight unto their deaths.” “They lie hacked to pieces on the battlefield they never deserted.”