Escape Your Dream 2 | Garry's Mod

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en Welcome to Escape – – I mean Gmod Escape Your Dream Part 2 Say hello to Kenny Kenny: Hello everyone. What’s up? Ready? Kenny: Y e s Shall we begin? We already know the rule! Go.. Press the button Kenny: You go first Security toom and waiting room C7: Can you read?! Kenny: It said wrong NO! It said waiting room Which way should we go? Kenny: Waiting room I see nothing Go Go! Kenny: This is not a waiting room Move back.. Move back Kenny: I hear the voice Welcome to C7 & Kenny: Move! Move! Kenny: That’s a head I can’t pick it up Kenny: Hello? Should I pick up something? Kenny: Are you guys okay? C7: I can’t pick that up. Kenny: Okay, I’m leaving Kenny: Really..?

I have no idea Kenny: What are you doing? Why me? Go Kenny: That’s a morning wood It’s nothing in here What’s that? Oh, it’s a bomb Kenny: Boom! Where should I put? Kenny: Try to put it on the door Kenny: Go upstairs Kenny: Let me see No one will ever want to know about that Kenny: Yes, I agree and I’m curious about that QR code I have no idea Kenny will try that one I’m curious over there Kenny: It said WTF, you really did it Kenny: Hello, I’m AirMan Kenny: Thank you for playing my maps Kenny: I love you and you should share Kenny: with your friends blah blah blah Shut up The key C7: Where are you? Kenny: I’m looking for you Get over here! What are you doing? Kenny: Get the key and go downstairs There were two keys! Kenny: I know! Four keys! Which one is real? Kenny: I got it

Move. You go first Kenny: Boom This area is clear Kenny: Go ahead Where is the door?! Where are you? Kenny: Are you ok? Kenny: I can see you I can’t see myself! Kenny: Fine, I will help you Kenny: Move little bit Kenny: Now, move forward Kenny: Turn around Kenny: Go right Kenny: Turn right Kenny: Turn around Kenny: Opposite way Kenny: Turn around Kenny: Kill me. Kill me Kenny: Hit me Now, I’m okay You go first I dunno. What is that? Kenny: That white thing is a keycard

Where Maybe, go to the security room Oh wait, I mean the waiting room No… We’re in the waiting room We’re going to the security room Kenny: We’re in the waiting room Kenny: What are the numbers? Eight yellow Six blue One green Four red What now? Kenny: I don’t understand I think the code is 6184 Kenny: No, look at the screen Fine, you type the code Where are the numbers? That’s what I’m talking about Kenny: Can you imagine if I host DJ night event

Kenny: and the room will look like this room People will become crazy Kenny: Thank you Three more Kenny: What are you doing? I can’t find one or two.. How many pieces left? Two more Kenny: Wake up. Please you cannot sleep. Blah blah I see something in this room but it’s locked Kenny: I know Kenny: Follow what it said on the wall

It’s over Ok? Kenny: Oh well. It’s over then Thank you for watching Please click Subscribe, Like, Share or whatever that will help me a lot See you in the next video