facebook: the movie (Official)

prosím you missed your cue again lon due to bleeding my myspace profile wait why would you do that it’s too mainstream now everybody knows about it yeah talk it’s like my nuts oh dude oh that is the last straw wait what my mom she added me as a friend yeah bruh that’s weird bro your mom is turbo ha I got a picture no no I’m roasting what come on I think of it uh vomit I’m going to the bathroom BRB Oh oh hell no hey sweetie what up though you check this thing out man oh who did that to you man who did that to you me pee pee dudette what you gonna do peanut you’re gonna man up and you’ll mall up nothing [ __ ] get that [ __ ] man install the colors photoshop that [ __ ] muscle took a class at City College straighten windows fist around this [ __ ] man look efficient straight I met look at that Oh get this moment I’m giddy it’s kind of nice to me quitte martyr [ __ ] back home want a beer let’s knock the box and daddy sweaty on the way over no thanks I’m good very listen Barry I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I go hey Barry’s da what the hell Barry listen your page was logged in at my house last night can I sneak a peek at some of your messages I’m not babe yeah no no babe who’s Susan and who’s Julie that’s right mister there was seven seven girls in your inbox that you hooked up with in the last week break I thought I could trust you no the berry me I need some sweet loving makeup look very big what the ass very for the ass what what are we I mean are we dating are we friends big status babe it’s complicated well peep this maybe we should take a break what no yeah the Sun I love you but very bare where you going oh hey wait no what do you want run away who is that dude mini feed stacy is taking a break with Barry I am am he who Stacy Stacy mcCormick like my biggest crush the hottest girl have ever say see you your honor is a friend last week just look at her page whoa bro we’ve just been invited to Mario’s 18th birthday bash

RSVP bro RSVP confirmed now watch your sideburns yeah it’s like dick gasps whoo huh very just bad have a girlfriend totally don’t dump that hosebag when we go well I get off in 20 minutes okay make out a little tag uploading this right now dude there’s like 700 people on the Facebook group I made for bleed my tears that’s awesome dude what’s with your hand I’m trying to grow my hair like you guys can you tell it’s my hand really yeah yeah Oh No hey boys eat it right home I’m a designer for you mom go try okay I’ll see you back at the house I know why mrs. process what’s wrong it’s early guys I saw tech photobooths morning make it out with Barry oh I love her man broseph boom your heart I had the concert tonight and you’ll win the girl and writer Apollo right we’re emo yeah I got some real graffiti for your [ __ ] yeah do that yeah get all up in there because I know that’s a big old dingdong for your last right there boy look at that masterpiece oh man here we go wait what’d you say they believe everybody ain’t looking long run I gotta run the King Stach Rock peanut oh hey guy sweet huh oh [ __ ] Mario birthday I got to get that [ __ ] gift hmm this will be the best birthday party ever yeah now we’re in the heavens do tomorrow you’ll go yeah mmm oh why did you invite anybody else for a little soiree absolutely I put an invite out on Facebook don’t imagine many people are gonna show those party send yo an invite to Mario’s birthday party dude just for this to everybody know this guy [Applause] No Oh oh man you’re like with two or people can progress party I’m so sweet dude I know I’m pretty freakin excited

she’s whoa crazy we believe this Oh bro oh you got a moocher no charlie where’d I do don’t you keep my cool man keep it go no Jimmy there Stacy I’m gonna poker up loose mouse [Applause] right right yeah oh my god oh my god I’m so sorry well then oh no it’s okay that’s a really cool shirt though oh thanks yeah I’m actually going on next year oh my god me too Jesse oh my god you gotta come here checking Facebook and your rock look I’m really sorry about your shirt it’s nice to meet you though my boy oh my god her name is destiny what come back did you want a Super Bowl attention high performing their very first concert tonight Rochester high zone I’ll bleed my tears club for you Susan are you this is now sorry kicked you in the face you okay yeah I think I’m fine I know your phone me tears made the ink smear Oh what are you doing so up Stace this is Julie my cyber last night yeah I recognize your face having fun with my boyfriend sorry Steph is on Facebook last night looks like you guys are on a break so why don’t you just go back to the mall here they’re having a sale on [ __ ] makeup oh well your status says you’re a [ __ ] Julie enhancing updated last week you’re a dirty turbo [ __ ] updated 15 yeah yeah well you’re a boyfriend steel like psycho hose beast updated when you came out of the womb didn’t even have computers back then it was 1989 of course they did yeah but probably not face book face Yeah right but she’s crazy can’t fight neato hey so how’d you get out of jail yeah I got out of jail I pooped on the floor then I ran away spray paint some Ding Dongs on my house she showed them [ __ ] who’s boss yeah it’s shoe time [ __ ] trying to get a job at Applebee’s oh oh hell let’s beat his [ __ ] he drive an [ __ ] that ain’t him now I’m out of gas damn gas

price clean him up oh shoot what are you doing man you update your facebook status update yo you got hit my aunt Jordan filled with concrete these two limited editions what size it is no seven alright hell no Petey’s getting away on foot good evening who you on Paul diamond stone from Columbian Records where is bleed my tears oh we’re right here boys I saw your stuff on Facebook and it’s good it’s damn good I want to offer you a five million dollar contract a world tour and your face on every lunch box in America what do you say party’s over tiny lights we got here oh the culture piece for everybody everybody here that’s what you’re getting through my feet MIP Ryan going back to jail I know it might be play-doh shakedown damn hey box okay we’re screwed gets me quick hey stop underage drinking first look I think they’re smooching well then teenage lovebirds teenage lovebirds as you were as you were Wow that was that was awesome you just totally saved us yeah that was pretty cool uh so what’s your name oh um Cody Cody Wilson oh it’s nice to meet you Cody I’m destiny look this is gonna sound really really dorky but do you have a Facebook page or anything yeah of course I just search for destiny Taylor you Rochester high network I can do that I will add you as a friend all right well you know you can message me or whatever I like dorks whoa dude just good we gotta go right now the cops are after me okay over gotta go fight oh hey Cody this is for you destiny Herta whoa whoa what is it I’m destiny what give me begging dirty movies your girlfriend you’re down here I’ll studying here I’ll see you in class later you