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major funding for kpbs evening edition has been made possible in part by anderson plumbing heating and air proud to support the mission of kpbs and privileged to serve san diego clients anderson plumbing heating and air helping homeowners maintain drain heating and cooling systems since 1978 and by the conrad prebus foundation darlene marco shyly and by the following and by viewers like you thank you good evening it’s friday october 9th thanks for joining us i’m maya trabulsi and we begin tonight with another political candidate facing questions about their taxes this time it’s city council president and current current congressional candidate georgette gomez kpbs reporter max rivlin nadler has details and reaction from the campaigns during the first year that council president gomez was in office the now congressional candidate simply failed to pay taxes on her 2017 council salary the admission was revealed after gomes released her tax filings in an effort to get her opponent qualcomm heiress sarah jacobs to reveal her own in a statement to kpbs gomez admitted that she had made a mistake on her own taxes and has now filed an amended return she said she takes responsibility for the oversight jacobs did release her own tax returns last weekend showing millions of dollars in income mostly from her family trust she’s paid over three million dollars in income tax over the past three years jacobs whose grandfather erwin jacobs is a major supporter of kpbs said that she believes the wealthy should be taxed more and especially for capital gains where the candidate derives most of her personal wealth in a text message to kpbs will rodriguez kennedy the chairman of the san diego democratic party which has endorsed gomes said that while it was unfortunate to see the incorrect filing the council president was transparent and transparency even to one’s own detriment is honorable gomez is now the second candidate from a working class background in recent weeks to have their financial filings fall under intense scrutiny last week city council candidate calvin barrios suspended his campaign after he failed to disclose 80 thousand dollars in salary from a labor union in his financial disclosure forms maxir linadler kpbs news recent polls show the race for the 50th congressional district in san diego’s east county is neck and neck veteran and former congressman darrell isis is squaring off against former u.s hispanic chamber of commerce official and east county native amar campanajar kpbs reporter matt hoffman takes a look at both candidates i’m trying to teach you the best i can and i’m trying to be honest but that’s fine well i’m trying to keep you honest the race for the 50th congressional district is heating up i look forward to having you as a constituent constituent when i return you know my uh my two years i can’t say the same because you don’t live in the district but go ahead i do live in the district republican daryl isa and democrat amar campanajar have had some tense exchanges during recent forums he has great ideas but i can answer the actual question i already answered the question oh good that’s why you’re responding to it after serving in congress for 20 years most recently in the 49th congressional district isa is eyeing a return to capitol hill he stepped down in 2018 after regular protests outside his office in vista he was then nominated for a position inside the trump administration i make no bones about it as a conservative the other district that i represented became very difficult but i stood my ground my two-year sabbatical has certainly given me an opportunity to rest so i i’m i’ve never been more excited about the job the candidates are vying for a traditionally conservative seat once held by duncan hunter the district currently has no representation hunter resigned after

pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds the district covers much of east county and goes into temecula 40 percent of voters in the 50th are registered republicans while 30 percent are democrats still former obama white house aide camp in azshara was able to grab nearly half of the vote in 2018 and is now running for a second time voters need to know that i am a consensus builder you know i’ve managed to piss off both sides of the party both parties so i’m doing something right on the things we agree on i want to go far creating jobs apprenticeship programs camp and ajar sat down with kpbs to talk about the issues while isis campaign did not make the former congressman available for an interview i said did address many issues in public forums and debates one of them was how to help businesses affected by the pandemic both candidates agree that the state should not be deciding who gets to stay open and who has to shut down but isa does not want to see any more forgivable loan programs while camping azhar does the idea that we’re going to throw another trillion two three and three trillion of borrowed money uh in order to keep people at home i think that is foolhardy it is inconsistent with what the what i’m hearing small businesses are telling me they just want to reopen what i’d like to do when i’m in congress is make sure that these loans for small businesses are going to those who are employing people and need it the most california governor gavin newsom recently issued a bold executive order to tackle climate change all new cars sold in the state will have to be zero emissions by 2035 but camp in ajar says the state has energy issues and points to recent rolling blackouts we need to make sure that our energy policies meet the demands right now we don’t have the supply especially in those peak hours when the sun is setting people are going home we’ve done a good job with solar and wind and biofuels to have energy development but we’re not good with the storage yet isa agrees storage is a problem and wants to see investments in energy alternatives like nuclear and pump storage we need to have be more innovative we need to have large storage capability or we need to keep other systems on board we’re prematurely shutting down nuclear which is of course zero emissions the candidates have sparred over health care and how to lower costs for americans in order to reduce the cost of health care we have to reduce the cost of health care not try to subsidize insurance the basic goal is competition tort reform fda reform these are the three things that will work i don’t believe in single-payer just the opposite campaign azshara did support medicare for all while running in 2018 but now he says it’s not affordable and he doesn’t support single-payer healthcare have your private insurance if you want it half of americans have it but then create competition to lower costs and increase the quality of care introduce a national kaiser non-profit plan give people the opportunity to buy into medicare a little bit earlier through the end of june isa formerly one of the wealthiest members of congress has raised 8.2 million dollars of which nearly 6 million was donated or loaned by isa himself during the same time camp in azshara has raised just over 3 million dollars matt hoffman kpbs news democratic congressman scott peters and republican challenger jim debello pose a stark contrast to voters in the 52nd district which spans much of coastal san diego county kpbs’s amita sharma has more four-term congressman peters touts his work on pushing for the 750 million dollar san ysidro border crossing expansion and a new training facility for navy seals as well as supporting programs to reduce veteran homelessness peters says this district is one of the 10 most educated in the country and does not support president trump unlike his opponent tech entrepreneur de bello he will not state a single dis policy disagreement with donald trump he says he doesn’t like his style but look donald trump has caused a lot of hurt to this country i oppose him and my opponent does not i don’t think the voters of the 52nd are going to put up with that debello doesn’t believe humans are the main driver of climate change he says abortion should be available in cases of rape incest and when a woman’s health is in jeopardy he also favors replacing the affordable care act he said this about peter’s my opponent regrettably hasn’t passed a single bill that he’s personally authored in eight years during his entire incumbency he’s been a career politician de bello says homelessness and the flow of sewage from the tijuana river are among the region’s top problems amita sharma kpbs news kpbs and ucsd hosted a forum featuring the candidates for san diego mayor assembly member todd gloria and city council member barbara brie one area where the candidates disagreed was transportation brie poses plans currently under development for a big expansion of public transit specifically underground rail which she says is too difficult given san diego’s

topography the future is going to be urban air mobility it’s going to be autonomous vehicles that are electric that are small that are going to go on smart highways so they can go more closely together it’s going to be about putting good jobs closer to where people live gloria says he doubts those futuristic technologies described by brie will benefit everyday san diegans he told the moderator kpbs’s andrew bowen that he supports expanding public transit this could be a part of a local economic stimulus package that puts thousands of san diegans to work and andrew i think we both know that the attitude of later later later often becomes never in san diego that’s why leaders need to set a set a goal set a path and start working toward it and we should start that now and you can watch the full forum by going to the kpbs youtube page change is coming to the san diego county board of supervisors as term limits push out longtime incumbents kpbs metro reporter andrew bowen looks at the two candidates vying to represent district one in south county supervisor greg cox a moderate republican has represented the district for 25 years the district includes san ysidro chula vista and coronado after the november election it will be represented by a democrat either ben hueso or nora vargas vargas serves on the southwestern community college board and works as a vice president of planned parenthood of the southwest she says the covet 19 pandemic has made it clear the county needs leaders with direct experience in health care when you talk about health care we’re not just talking about medical health care or mental health care right we’re also talking about making sure that people have access to food housing security and transportation all of the issues that really are the basic needs that our communities have to have in order to be able to have a good quality of life state senator ben hueso says his long record in public service including five years on the san diego city council and a decade in the state legislature shows he knows better how to make government work i have not only worked hard to represent my constituents but to actually get things done and i’m running because i have a strong record of getting things done of using this system to help improve the lives of the people of san diego andrew bowen kpbs news and eager to get back to his campaign president trump is planning his first rallies since his covit 19 diagnosis the trump campaign says it will host an event tomorrow at the white house followed by a rally on monday in florida the president’s doctor said trump would be able to safely return to public engagements as soon as saturday dr anthony fauci says the cdc’s guidelines allow for patients to return to public life 10 days from the onset of symptoms and after two negative tests 24 hours apart i have to tell you i don’t know what those values are but from the time frame he would be within the recommended time frame of the cdc of allowing you to get back into circulation 10 days from the onset of symptoms the next presidential debate which had been set for next thursday has now been canceled president trump had refused to attend after the commission of on presidential debates changed it to a virtual setting if you haven’t already check out our kpbs voter guide the online resource is customizable to the races on your ballot with candidate statements and our reports to help you make your decision you can find the kpbs voter guide link on our home page at and we just got the latest corona virus numbers from san diego county 377 new cases and two additional deaths were reported a record 19 community outbreaks were announced yesterday and that means at least three cases among people who live in different households in our ongoing series about the county’s coveted data kpbs health reporter taran mento says the significance of counting outbreaks has waned the university christian church bells are a familiar sound in san diego’s hillcrest neighborhood but there used to be another melody ringing from the sanctuary the san diego gay men’s chorus rehearsed in the space for its upcoming broadway concert series but the group went quiet in march executive director jeff heine says they cancelled rehearsals as a precaution there was still a lot of of unknown there was an unknown quantity to this this virus back then the show was delayed until next year we wanted to be safe the last rehearsal was

10 days before governor gavin newsom ordered all californians to stay home that directive goes into force and effect this evening butkovid was already in the door four course members would later test positive and become one of the region’s first community outbreaks it hit me hard because i was like oh you know you really hope it doesn’t happen there have been hundreds of outbreaks in san diego county since then and officials track those clusters to measure how much covent is spreading outbreaks are one of 13 triggers the county uses to determine public health restrictions but a kpbs review of the triggers found it’s a complicated and evolving system for example there should be no more than six community outbreaks in a week but we’ve exceeded that number for months the san diego unified school district initially said classrooms wouldn’t reopen until we met that goal but both county and school officials are re-evaluating this metric for the gay men’s chorus news of covet illnesses circulated just days after practice was canceled a singer would post something on facebook saying that they were home sick not feeling well heine eventually contacted the health department he said he was told the info helped them link the cases together if they’ve been told to stay home or if they have tested positive we have their names already you’re just helping us to connect the dots county health officials connect a lot of these dots at one point staff confirmed 40 community outbreaks in a week there are fewer now but still more than the threshold and the county’s dr wilma wooten is giving the metric a second look obviously we knew as things would open up that we would have more cases so we have asked two entities to look at modeling to determine going forward if that number should change or remain the same that was a month ago county doctors wouldn’t give an interview for this story but a spokeswoman says they’re still reviewing the threshold in the meantime parents have pushed san diego unified for a clear reopening plan it’s not acceptable but other parents are pushing to reopen only when experts say it’s safe uc san diego’s dr howard teres is advising the district on when that is he says he acknowledged early on plans could change the school board just okayed sending a small percentage of students back to limited in-person learning next week it doesn’t worry me to open schools more than we are now in the sandy unified school district um if only community outbreaks especially the type of community outbreaks that we’re seeing um is still not quite yet up to par meanwhile all four san diego gay men’s chorus members have recovered including one who was hospitalized heine says he’s not sure where or how kovid was transmitted but he thinks at least one singer contracted it from his job in the medical field we believe that’s where he probably caught caught it from and not necessarily with the chorus at all a county spokeswoman said linking an outbreak to an organization or a location doesn’t mean that’s where transmission occurred but the chorus rehearsal space is still empty god i miss it i really miss it the course did briefly reconnect in june at balboa park they recorded a socially distanced video to them singing somewhere over the rainbow passersby recognized them heine says after canceling two seasons of concerts and profits the experience lifted the chorus’s spirits i think for the people who gathered too i mean it kind of gets you wondering well what what would stop us from just going out into the park and just singing christmas carols in december or wandering around or things like that their return to broadway show is scheduled for april but it’s unclear what the data will allow then right now live theater is not part of any phase of the governor’s reopening plan taran mento kpbs news and kpbs will continue to report stories on the region’s 13 triggers as part of its ongoing series you can look at all 13 data points using the kpbs trigger tracker at stand down is an annual event where homeless veterans get services haircuts and a place to sleep for a couple of days but as kpbs reporter jacob ayer shows us the pandemic is changing things this year the clothing collected today and over the coming month by the veterans village will be distributed at stand down which takes place on november 22nd the non-profit is striving to reduce veteran homelessness and joblessness in a time when both are on the rise across the nation according to the organization this is the 33rd year or stand down this year of course we have to do things a little differently but we’re still super excited so what you see now is a part of all of the prep work that actually goes into stand down typically stand down is a three-day two-night event where homeless veterans

and their spouses are provided food clothing showers health and legal services and a place to sleep but veterans village has had to adapt to serve veterans during the coven 19 pandemic many veterans have been impacted by the current pandemic this year this is especially important because they’ve lost many access points so many opportunities to access services to access free clothing and food and things of that sort rather than cancel stand down the nonprofit will provide a drive through or walk through event to support veterans when they need help the most the non-profit plans to make it a single day event this year where they will deliver clothing food and resource information to some of san diego’s homeless veteran population and these are service members who you know who who have supported our country my entire family for military folks it’s what brought me to san diego so you know it’s our way of saying we see you we hear you we care about you veterans village of san diego has served veterans since 1981 and the annual stand down intervention event roughly serves 800 people every year jacob air kpbs news president trump is once again pushing for a new corona virus stimulus bill after calling for an end to talks earlier this week today the president signed off on a roughly 1.8 trillion dollar relief package to be presented to house speaker nancy pelosi but house democrats don’t want to go under 2 trillion and republicans don’t want a bill over one trillion senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he doesn’t see a deal happening before the election sdsu’s marocopic weighs in on the impact in the friday business report president trump has kind of come back and talked about a piecemeal plan and today he’s actually moving past the most recent republican offer of 1.6 trillion to 1.8 trillion both sides tend to agree to support the airline industry with 25 billion they both have agreed to help small businesses with about a hundred billion dollars and there’s also potential agreement on extending those federal benefits that were six hundred dollars down to the four 400 level that’s kind of what’s in play at the moment where there’s a huge disagreement at the moment are in helping state and local governments that’s a big part of the democratic bill and the republicans are looking more for supporting businesses with business liability issues federal reserve chairman jerome powell the day the president announced that he was going to pull out of negotiations said fundamentally that a stimul a relief bill is not just important but is necessary to ensure that we continue our economic growth without it we can slip back into recession and the economy can slip a little bit out of control even businesses that are allowed to reopen are having trouble staying open and that includes a major movie theater chain regal cinemas closed its u.s locations today california allowed movie theaters to reopen a few weeks ago at limited capacity but the company says it’s just not generating enough revenue regal is the second largest chain behind amc with eight locations in san diego county we are enjoying some cooler temperatures right now but don’t get too used to it marvin gomez tells us when the hot weather is expected to make its comeback some accuweather’s marvin gomez and here are your weather headlines as we head into the weekend temperatures will be on the cool side across most of our area we’re going to be talking about the patchy drizzle especially along the coast and even into the valleys as we head into tonight and even for the early portion of our saturday and some gusty winds for both saturday and sunday across the mountains and the deserts here’s a quick look at the satellite and radar imagery in the last couple of hours most of california still has been dealing with the dry conditions but there you can see some of those clouds that are off towards the west of us over on the eastern side of the pacific and some of those clouds will be rolling into california as we go through the weekend we have a piece of energy again that’s going to be moving in tonight bringing a few more clouds the marine layer will be very thick out there and that could also give us the potential for some of that spotty drizzle temperature wise escondido cooling down to 64 tonight oceanside coming down to 61 in san diego we’re going to see those temperatures into the mid to upper 60s as we look at our saturday notice across northern california we have a front that’s going to be arriving and it’s going to bring us some rain for some of the higher terrain out there and again keep in mind across southern california we do have that strong onshore flow and that’s really going to give us that thick marine layer eventually getting opportunities for sunshine into the afternoon temperatures coming up to 78 degrees

across escondido mount laguna only coming up to 64 degrees here’s a quick look at sunday most of or a bigger part of the southwest looking at cooler temperatures and here in southern california again those gusty winds will continue especially into the higher terrain and for the deserts looking at the coast here’s your forecast 70s for saturday and sunday then we are warming up again into the early part of next week inland areas also looking at some 90s for monday 97 on tuesday much warmer into the middle of the work week in the mountains we are in the 60s and getting back into the 70s next week and across the deserts looking at 94 for saturday 93 on sunday and once again triple digits for next week back to you after more than seven months jury duty service resumed today pre-pandemic 350-400 people are typically summoned to the central courthouse downtown now that’s been reduced to about 20 percent of the usual capacity to allow for proper social distancing and just as before jurors do have the option to delay their service for financial reasons being a caretaker or having a physical or mental condition defense attorneys are concerned about their clients getting a fair trial based on a smaller pool a jury of your peers which represents a cross-section of the society racially ethnic gender-wise diversified in terms of age and demographics is hugely important and trials are scheduled for tuesday which is when jurors who have been summoned will have to report it was a season to remember for the padres but sadly their run for the world series fell short losing to the dodgers last night 12-3 in the division series fernando tatis jr tweeted a message to padres fans saying this is just the beginning this was the first year the team reached the playoffs since 2006 and you can find tonight’s stories on our website evening edition thank you for joining us i’m maya trabusi have a great evening major funding for kpbs evening edition has been made possible in part by anderson plumbing heating and air proud to support the mission of kpbs and privileged to serve san diego clients anderson plumbing heating and air helping homeowners maintain drain heating and cooling system since 1978 and by the conrad prebis foundation darlene marco shiley and by the following and by viewers like you thank you you