Malice and Mystery Below | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 119

MATT: Hello, everyone, and welcome to tonight’s episode of Critical Role, where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons ALL: (hollering) We play Dungeons & Dragons! SAM: Zop a doop a doop MATT: Before we jump into tonight’s episode, and I slowly bleed from one nostril from whatever that wall of sound was, we are going to get through some announcements, beginning with our two sponsors, the first of which is D&D Beyond. Sam SAM: Hit it, guys Tonight, we’re in the holiday mood, and so we’re going to sing you a holiday Christmas carol (to the tune of “Silent Night”) ♪ Violent night ♪ ♪ Holy shit ♪ ♪ Matt’s going to kill us ♪ ♪ We should quit ♪ ♪ Our fate is tied ♪ ♪ to the roll ♪ ♪ of the dices ♪ ♪ And all our stats ♪ ♪ on our tablet devices ♪ ♪ Convenient all night long ♪ ♪ Praise D&D Beyond ♪ Why don’t you join in with me? ASHLEY: Okay SAM: This time LIAM: Oh god ALL ♪ Violent night ♪ ♪ We’re going to die ♪ ♪ Matt makes baby sounds, ♪ ♪ Willingham cries ♪ ♪ Round the table, ♪ ♪ group of best friends ♪ LIAM: Oof! ALL: ♪ It’s such a shame that tonight’s how it ends ♪ ALL: ♪ It’s such a shame that tonight’s how it ends ♪ ♪ Most of us aren’t gonna live ♪ ♪ Most of us aren’t gonna live ♪ MATT: ♪ Roll for initiative ♪ (laughter) TRAVIS: All the angels lost their wings SAM: Happy holidays from D&D Beyond MARISHA: Aww (cheering) ASHLEY: Yay MATT: Well done, Sam SAM: Some of those words we could hear MATT: You finally got one LIAM: Man, happy TPK, everybody ASHLEY: Yay, TPK MATT: Oh boy Thank you, D&D Beyond And our second sponsor for tonight is Skillshare So for those who aren’t familiar, they’re an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people Skillshare specifically offers classes designed for real life and all the circumstances that come with it, including graphic design, creative writing, music With membership starting as low as $10 a month with an annual subscription, Skillshare is a great way to learn and explore classes to unlock your creativity for social good And as a special offer for our audience, the first 1000 Critters to join Skillshare by following the link, which is SKL.SH for Skillshare,, Skillshare SAM: It sounds like a Cardi B thing MATT: Could be Go to Will get a two-month free trial of a premium membership So check it out if you can for yourself, and thank you guys for supporting our fantastic show (cheering) Got some announcements here. Marisha, if you want to go MARISHA: Yes I have an announcement that I was aware of (laughter) Narrative Telephone returns for a story told by Laura Bailey Little holiday story, with special guest Mica Burton, everybody (cheering) Catch the episode on Twitch this Tuesday, December 15th at 4:00pm Pacific YouTube on Thursday, December 17th, as always I did it SAM: You did it! (laughter) MATT: Well done, Marisha MARISHA: Thank you MATT: Well done MARISHA: Thank you MATT: Great, and Laura, you had some things you wanted to mention as well LAURA: I did! I have– it’s specific Keep an eye on our social media accounts, and check out our US, UK, and Australia stores to see what’s new! I think there’s new stuff in there, I’m not sure You can sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all our recent merch launches Are they doing this because I’m not doing very good job announcing our stuff? I don’t know, but we’re saying this now (laughter) Yeah, sign up for our merch No, nope, sign up for our newsletter Cool announcements, SAM: Did they tell you, like, you got to stick to the script? LAURA: They didn’t tell me that. But– MARISHA: They just took away her script LAURA: They just took– (laughter) No, they didn’t do that! Because I love holding up the stuff! I’m still going to hold up stuff This is just– this is just right now, because, you know TRAVIS: “This is just right now.” LAURA: Who knows what’s in the store right now? Things are coming in like crazy time. It’s crazy (laughter) Don’t look at me anymore. Look– Matt! MATT: Thank you, Laura. I got you LIAM: Remember, when times are tough: This is just right now

TRAVIS: This is just right now MATT: This is just right now All right, I believe that concludes our announcements MARISHA: Oh good MATT: So Let’s go ahead and jump into tonight’s episode of Critical Role (water bubbling) (thunder rumbling) (explosion) ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical, Critical Role ♪ ♪ Critical, Critical Role ♪ ♪ Mighty Nein, Mighty Nein ♪ ♪ Roll the dice, roll the dice ♪ ♪ The adventure begins ♪ ♪ They were always beside you ♪ ♪ Your nerdy best friends ♪ ♪ And the DM to guide you ♪ ♪ And they rise from the flames ♪ ♪ for the battles ahead ♪ ♪ Villains beware ’cause you’re about to be dead. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ They got magic and flair ♪ ♪ They got falchions and cunning ♪ ♪ They don’t see over there ♪ ♪ There’s a monster incoming ♪ ♪ Inspiration is waiting ♪ ♪ Rise up, don’t think twice ♪ ♪ Put your fate in your hands ♪ ♪ Take a chance, roll the dice ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical Role (roll the dice) ♪ ♪ Critical Role (roll the dice) ♪ ♪ Can you answer the call? ♪ ♪ Dig in deep in your soul ♪ ♪ As the legend unfolds ♪ ♪ Now it’s your turn (your turn, your turn) ♪ ♪ To roll ♪ (fire whooshing) (dragon roaring) MATT: Welcome back. So last we left off: The Mighty Nein, following and now slightly ahead of the tracks of Lucien and the Tomb Takers, making their way from place to place across Foren in Eiselcross, seeking elements they’re gathering before eventually heading towards the central Aeorian ruins on this portion of the region You delve into your second Aeorian ruin, located as A2 on the map that you were given by the late Lady Vess DeRogna You made a small friend, one outlier, who had already gone into this ruin, but the rest of his group had not returned in days Leaving him to fend for himself in the shadow, you began to explore aspects of this particular excavation You found a terribly ruined street, and it looked like a arcane dome; sealed within, Aeorian citizens, still frozen in those moments of cataclysm Then, following your spell, locating a directional blip towards a possible threshold crest within these ruins, you went and eventually discovered the entrance to some sort of Aeorian laboratory, which was covered in shattered glass and fallen implements, and with some spell help through Caleb, able to ascertain some of these ancient language bits that were previously misunderstood– or not understood by any of you You managed to fix one of the doors and hit one of the arcane-based button prompts on a nearby pedestal, causing the door behind you to slam shut and a door ahead, where you were planning to go, to open up Where a horrible, baneful cry, began to echo through the chamber Snuffing the light and hiding amongst the room, you all watched as a terrifying beast began to lumber in Its strange, somewhat muscular, but sagging, elephant-like body, helming the front, a smooth, slick, cherub-like, bulbous human baby face in the front, clouded over pupil-less eyes, a mouth that split open in the center, filled with teeth, as numerous human arms, small, reached out for whatever was nearby the front of its toothy maw (laughter) MARISHA: Own it! MATT: Out the front of its forehead, you saw dangling a tendril of some kind At the end, a bulb of glowing light that swung as it entered, and as it began to step into the chamber– LAURA: Rancor it MATT: What’s up? LAURA: I want to Rancor it Slam the door down on it TALIESIN: Yeah, Rancor it MATT: Okay So I guess that’ll be what kicks off initiative, then SAM and MARISHA: Yeah MATT: So Jester TRAVIS: We’re not talking to it? LAURA: I don’t think we’re talking to it ASHLEY: But it’s a baby LAURA: No, it’s not a baby ASHLEY: I know LAURA: It’s got giant human arms coming out of his face, too MATT: You hit the button and the door behind you (creaking)

The other door does not close SAM: What? MATT: When it slammed shut it, dislodged again from its mooring, how you had to fix it to put it back inside, when it fell it once again, it managed to get itself wedged TRAVIS: Oh shit MATT: So as you hit the button– LAURA: We have to fix it before we can MATT: — you hear the (door creak) on the backside and the creature suddenly (grunting) glances in your direction I need you all to roll for initiative (yelling) TRAVIS: Oh spicy baby LIAM: There’s no cheat code for this Someone’s going to die MATT: No cheat code TALIESIN: I don’t like that LIAM: Shit TRAVIS: What the fuck? LIAM: Damn it TRAVIS: Oh, it’s not bad LIAM: I hate rolling high initiative TRAVIS: My initiative sucked in this campaign MATT: All righty, so TRAVIS: I miss Grog MATT: 25 to 20? MARISHA: 21 TALIESIN: 21 LAURA: Ooh. Oh no LIAM: 20 ASHLEY: 20 for me as well TRAVIS: Caduceus at the top? LAURA: Caduceus and Beau So probably Beau then Caduceus MATT: What’d you get, Caleb? LIAM: 20 MATT: Okay, so 20 and– ASHLEY: I rolled a natural 20 MATT: Plus? ASHLEY: Plus three, so 23 MATT: Oh, so TRAVIS: Yasha’s at the top ASHLEY: I’m going first MARISHA: Yeah ASHLEY: Okay MARISHA: She rocks MATT: All righty 20 to 15 LAURA: Oh, 18 MATT: 18 for Jester. There we are TALIESIN: We are top loaded SAM: ♪ (sings with music) ♪ MATT: 15 to 10 TRAVIS: 14 MATT: 14 ASHLEY: Oh boy SAM: Oh boy MATT: 10 to five? SAM: Eight MATT: All right, holding up the rear there, we have Veth TRAVIS: So Yasha, Beau, Caduceus, Caleb, right? LAURA: Yasha, Beau, Caduceus, Caleb Jester, Fjord, Veth MATT: Correct MARISHA: Me and you are both flanking the door, right? ASHLEY: Yes MARISHA: Yeah, dope MATT: Yasha, you are up first ASHLEY: Sentinel bitches MARISHA: Sentinel bitches MATT: So ASHLEY: Okay MATT: As you stand there, as it enters the space, you look over towards it Make a wisdom saving throw for me LAURA: Just from looking at it? TRAVIS: Oh fuck SAM: It’s a bad– ASHLEY: Oh no! 10 LIAM: Shit MATT: 10 With your weapon ready, as it comes in, you glance over, and as the light of the lure hits your eyes, your arms fall SAM: But you had initiative and she was– aww ASHLEY: It’s okay, it okay. I mean, it’s a thing MATT: You watch your– you move half your movement towards it TRAVIS: (gasps) (loud scream) This is real bad! This is real bad! MATT: And you are stunned until the start of your next turn LAURA: Oh no, oh no, oh no MATT: You guys watch as Yasha just walks out just dragging the weapon behind her, looking up at the lure and just stands there LAURA: We got to fix Yasha’s brain LIAM: It’s going to eat her like a hoagie SAM: How many times have you been possessed? MARISHA: Beauregard, start of your turn, make a wisdom saving throw MARISHA: Oh yikes! ASHLEY: — it’s just a stupid wisdom! LAURA: Did you do it, too? MARISHA: Oh yeah, he’s said started my turn I make it TRAVIS: Matthew! MATT: Yeah, as you look over towards it, and begin to see Yasha walk, you look over at the lure TRAVIS: You need a hug ASHLEY: Oh no TRAVIS: Say it. Say it MARISHA: That is going to be eight total LIAM: Oh! TRAVIS: Oh shit MATT: You look over and see this happening to Yasha, and you begin to dart outward to help her and then your eyes catch the light on the end of its lure and you also– MARISHA: I have good wisdom, too. I just rolled terribly MATT: Yeah, you did TRAVIS: Oh my god LAURA: Oh no, what is going to happen? Are we all going to die right now? SAM: Dagen! Dagen! TRAVIS: Shake it up, we got to rattle the cage. Let’s go MATT: Caduceus You’re up next Caduceus hasn’t seen any of this, by the way TALIESIN: No SAM: Wait, why? LAURA: Because he’s behind the wall MATT: Because he’s behind the wall over that side What are you doing, Caduceus? LIAM: Pretty close because the wall between– TALIESIN: One second TRAVIS: Oh boy TALIESIN: I was not prepared to be going so soon So I was not quite together with this LIAM: And it’s pitch black in here other than this thing’s eyeball MATT: Other than the light that you can guys can see just faintly scatting– scattering not scatting (laughter) Scatting and quiffing a little, if you will (laughter) TRAVIS: (farting noises) MATT: Scattering across the floor, you can see it catching the edge of some of the rubble and debris on the floor across from the edge of the wall, but you do not see anything beyond that A couple of shadows that stretch across as your teammates move TALIESIN: I’m going to stick with my early plan, and I’m going to cast Antilife Shell MATT: Antilife Shell, okay TRAVIS: Oh man LAURA: Oh god, oh god, I’m terrified right now LIAM: Is that light dim light or bright light? MATT: Huh? LIAM: From the baby? MATT: From the baby, it is a bright light within 15 feet and dim light within 30 LIAM and LAURA: Okay TRAVIS: Dude, this is a problem ASHLEY: So glad I rolled a natural 20 on initiative where it doesn’t mean anything MATT: I’m so sorry ASHLEY: (frustrated noise) MATT: It’s a 10-foot radius, you said? TALIESIN: It’s 10-foot radius MATT: I will say– this’ll be your shell So that’ll be your antilife shell there TALIESIN: Cool LAURA: Ooh, cool TALIESIN: I was going to go invisible and look around the– Well, I was going to start moving around the corner, but I suppose I’m going to turn around the– I’m going to keep my distance and see what the hell is going on

TRAVIS: Does it move with you or does it stay in one place? TALIESIN: It moves with me TRAVIS: Great TALIESIN: I mean, I was not going to head towards it, I was just going to keep distance– MATT: Where do you want to go? TALIESIN: Like towards the stairs just to look, TRAVIS: Should he look at it– TALIESIN: And what do I see? TRAVIS: — that’s not bad Move that fucking payload towards it MATT: There, as soon as you get to that point, which you are now invisible, but with your antilife shell around you, you just move to the side You can see the light on the edge there, and you see both Yasha and Beauregard, just staring up TALIESIN: Oh shit MATT: Like, right in front of it, as its mouth is like, (growling) So that’s your action, that’s your most of your move, you still have five feet there TALIESIN: I’m going to back up five feet MATT: Okay TALIESIN: And tell Caleb what I saw They’re out of it, it’s moving towards us, it did something. I don’t know MATT: And with that, it’s your turn, Caleb LIAM: (stammering) MATT: Jester, you’re on deck LAURA: Mm-hmm LIAM: Caleb just stammers for the first five of his six seconds and then lights up the driftglobe with the Daylight spell MATT: Okay. All right So light begins to fill the chamber around so now you have a much better view and anybody else who does not have darkvision has a much better view of the entirety of this room LIAM: Bright-bright, it’s daylight And I will scooch forward a little bit, even though I can’t see him anymore A little bit like Caduceus did so that I can try to– Yeah, I’ll move straight forward MATT: Okay How far? LIAM: I’d be in that bubble, I think That’s as far as I would need to go to see, to peek to the left and once I saw Beauregard and Yasha, I would stop MATT: About there is where you would see them LIAM: Yeah, I will stop right there MATT: Okay You got it LIAM: Oh boy TRAVIS: Yep. Well, we’re in it, let’s go Here we go MARISHA: This is the second fight in a row that the– MATT: So that’s your movement MARISHA: — melee people have biffed it MATT: And the action would be the globe, that’s right So yeah MARISHA: And the clerics had to save our ass ASHLEY: It’s super fun MATT: Jester, you’re up MARISHA: Yeah LAURA: Okay I’m going to have my duplicate step right up to baby MATT: All righty SAM: Baby dupes LAURA: Touch it and cast Inflict Wounds at 6th-level MATT: Roll for an attack. 6th-level, yeah! LIAM: Yep MARISHA: Oh no TRAVIS: Say it MARISHA: No, no, no LAURA: Natural 20 SAM: No, no. Bad TRAVIS: Could be bad SAM: Well, there’s magic stuff MATT: Well, here’s the thing Here’s the thing, here’s the thing First off, it is a spell with an attack roll, which means natural 20 does double damage MARISHA: Yeah MATT: So, on top of that, I need you to roll a d100 for me So roll 2d10 LIAM: It’s going to be random– this is Wild Magic shit TALIESIN: Side effects are going to happen LIAM: Yep, could be good, could be bad MARISHA: Please be good LIAM: It’s a slot machine TRAVIS: (fingers snap) LIAM: (slot machine ticking) LAURA: Well, wait, hold on, because I don’t know which is which So I’m going to reroll and roll, like, a percentile, yeah MATT: Yeah, percentile die LAURA: 63 MATT: 63, all right So I’ll explain what happens So go ahead and roll damage for that Because the spell goes through You reach out with your– I’ll say your illusionary duplicate reaches out and touches it You watch as its hand reaches out, the magical energy gathers around your hand, and then at the same time mirrors on your duplicate And as it touches, it vanishes from your arm and instead (whooshing) spikes to the body of this creature You watch as these dark black and purple almost like bolts of lightning arc begin to through and as it does, you watch skin and flesh begin to split as it just works its way up its body LAURA: Okay MARISHA: Roll high LAURA: Okay MARISHA: Roll high LAURA: Hold on, hold on, I was paying attention to what he was saying, so I wasn’t rolling MATT: So what’s the damage on that? Is it 3d10? LAURA: On a level one, so 8d10 (howling) LAURA and MATT: Times two That is a lot SAM: That’s sick damage LAURA: Nine, nine, 18 Nine! MATT: (chuckling) Okay LAURA: 27 MARISHA: Nein! TALIESIN: Oh! LAURA: Nine 35, 39, plus eight is 40 Two SAM: Seven LAURA: What? SAM: 39 plus eight is– LAURA: 47, plus six is 50 One MARISHA: A hundred! LAURA: No, 53 MATT: 53, so 106 points of necrotic damage ASHLEY and TRAVIS: Whoa! TRAVIS: Jester! MARISHA and TRAVIS: Holy shit MARISHA: Oh MATT: Yeah, wow. (laughs) Yeah, so It burrows through its body and you hear it

(groaning) beginning to screech in pain as it begins to rear up its hands for a moment, and all these magical butterflies begin to just swirl around it TALIESIN: Oh, thank god MATT: And just add this weirdly beautiful mystique to the atmosphere around this horrifying abomination TRAVIS: That’s the effect. Okay, okay, okay! MARISHA: That is the most Jester thing TRAVIS: Yeah, it is! MATT: As soon as you rolled it, I was like, “Yeah, that checks out.” SAM: Wow MARISHA: Inflict deadly, corrosive, necromantic wounds, and also butterflies MATT: On brand LIAM: But it’s a baby MATT: Do you want to move at all on your turn? LAURA: Yes, as me, my person, I’m going to run and try to get on the other side of the room, like behind Caduceus MATT: Six. That’s about as far as you can make it LAURA: Yeah, that’s about as far as I want LIAM: She died in the attempt LAURA: I’ll say on the other side of those stairs, I’ll do just a straight line. Yeah MATT: Right there? LAURA: Yeah MATT: There you go That finishes your go, Jester MARISHA: That would it be the worst LAURA: Okay MATT: It is now the creature’s turn MARISHA: Trip and fall SAM: Watch out, Beau and Yasha LIAM: Hit your head on the same ASHLEY: At least we’re, like, Sentinel stunned MATT: So MARISHA: Yeah ASHLEY: That’s not good LAURA: Did have to roll a con s– No, it didn’t because it’s a light source MATT: The creature, at this point, after the blast of the impact and pain that it takes (growling) (retching) And you watch his body tenses and wretches And this spray of caustic bile goes firing out in front of it LIAM: Oh Spit up ASHLEY: And it just misses us MATT: No ASHLEY: I’m just kidding LIAM: It gets right between MATT: I need you both to make a constitution saving throws ASHLEY: Okay LIAM: That’s good for Yasha ASHLEY: Yeah TRAVIS: It is such a crazy looking mini “Mini.” LIAM: Beregerd MARISHA: 16. It’s okay MATT: 16? ASHLEY: Same MATT: Same? ASHLEY: Yeah MATT: Both fail MARISHA: Yep, yep, yep ASHLEY: Cool, cool, cool MATT: You both take 42 points of acid damage as you’re both just coated, and it begins to singe and burn You watch as smoke and steam begin to rise off of both Beauregard and Yasha, as their eyes blink and you feel yourself, the pain rising up It’s also going to begin to move forward, and is going to trample past both of you SAM: Whoa LAURA: Oh, you guys can’t hit it MATT: Both of you are knocked prone unless you can make– Oh, you are stunned “Automatically fail strength and dex saving throws,” so you’re both knocked prone LIAM: Just in the bile on the ground MATT: Correct ASHLEY and MARISHA: (sigh) MATT: That finishes its turn SAM: Oh MATT: All right Fjord, you’re up, and Veth, you’re on deck TRAVIS: Sure Does it trample into my field of view from that wall position? MATT: Yes, and between the light source from the middle of its lure and the bright, daylight source the globe that Caleb trotted out there the entire chamber is lit, so you have a clean shot on it TRAVIS: Can I use my bonus action to cast Hexblade’s Curse? MATT: Yes, you may LIAM: I’m going to cast Hexblade’s Curse! MATT: Hold that for me, if you don’t mind TRAVIS: And can I use my movement to try and run back towards you and get behind this table MATT: Right there, yeah TRAVIS: Yeah, cool And I will send three Eldritch Blasts LAURA: Three Eldritch Blasts MATT: Go for it TRAVIS: Jesus That’s a 20 MATT: 20 hits TRAVIS: All right That is a 29 MATT: 29 hits TRAVIS: And a six– 26 That hits TRAVIS: Amazing, amazing No 20– 22, sorry 22 MATT: 22 hits TRAVIS: Okay MATT: So three hits, go ahead and roll damage ASHLEY: ♪ (sings with background music) ♪ TRAVIS: 12, 27 38 points of force damage MATT: Nice, all righty

So as you jump behind, leap behind the table skidding, hearing the sound of stone and broken glass shaking off your boots and hitting the wall behind you You spin around and throw all three of your Eldritch Blasts forward. (whooshing) Each time (impacts) impacting on the side. With each blast, it leaves a dark spot and the small crater where you can see some of its dark blood pour out the side It takes the hits, but right now it’s still looking around and getting a feel for the environment around it TRAVIS: Cool Yeah, I’ll take a knee and just try and put as much of my body behind the table MATT: You got it TRAVIS: Just because there’s puking terribleness MATT: You got it, all right. Veth, you’re up Top of your turn, I need you to make a wisdom saving throw for me, please SAM: Oh no How come they didn’t have to? MARISHA: Where are you? MATT: Unless you would like to avert your gaze SAM: No, I’m aiming MATT: Okay TRAVIS: If you’re within a certain distance from it, is that what it is? MARISHA: Yeah SAM: You don’t– MARISHA: Where is Veth? LAURA: Where is Veth on the board? SAM: I’m hiding between a cage, I think MATT: Yeah, you’re over here SAM: Yeah I rolled a 10, but this is a wisdom saving throw, so that’s 16 MATT: 16, does not make it SAM: Oh MATT: Wait, no, 16 does, you’re right, you’re good So you’re good TRAVIS: Oh boy MATT: Sorry. So yeah, you succeed on the save You feel the draw for second, you wince your eyes, and shake it out of your head You’re good to go SAM: Then from my hidden position– I believe I’m hidden MATT: Yes SAM: I will shoot and fire MATT: Do it SAM: I roll once And I got an 18 plus a lot So I’m sure that hits, 29 to hit MATT: That hits SAM: And then– so this is sneak attack damage And, in the previous game, before we wrapped, I had said that I had cast Voltaic Bolt MATT: Yes, and had that prepped SAM: So it’s all prepped, so Oh, these are all twos, okay MATT: That’s okay, just the adds some balance to the other spell that does 106 damage in a single round SAM: Great, so that’s– Almost done, sorry, lots of– TALIESIN: No, take your time TRAVIS: Yeah, we’re all figuring it out SAM: 40 points of damage MATT: Nice LIAM: Boy. Boy MATT: Woo. All righty Are you staying put or are you? SAM: Probably knows I’m there I’ll just bonus action shoot again MATT: Go for it SAM: This one’s a 18 to hit MATT: 18 misses SAM: Ooh MATT: Or more so it hits its hide, and does not penetrate more than like half an inch, and then just sticks out before wobbling and falling to the ground. (crashing) No effect SAM: And then I will– I guess I have some movement I’m between the two cages, right? MATT: You are, yes SAM: Can I just– Can I use half my movement to, like, climb up on the side of the cage? MATT: If you want to SAM: Yeah, sure MATT: All right. That’s easy SAM: I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way up, but MATT: It’ll get you to the top and that’ll be your movement, I’ll say SAM: That’s great MATT: About a 12-foot cage TRAVIS: You can give him nine hit points back I was looking at the wrong thing MATT: Oh, good to know TRAVIS: Yep MATT: Okay, perfect All right, so does that finish your turn, Veth? SAM: Yes, it does MATT: At the end of your turn, it’s going to use one of its legendary actions LAURA: Oh no MATT: As it’s stomping through, you’re watching, it’s taking the hits and still reeling from the impact It looks around, it is horrifying, but also looks confused and a little like– LAURA: Oh, does it have a baby mind? MATT: It just looks confused and angrily spins back in this direction LAURA: It looks scary as balls, y’all MATT: And it’s just going to use its grasping arms SAM and MARISHA: Grasping arms? MATT: Yes. Because you are stunned, you automatically fail on the strength save So Beauregard, as it spins around, the cluster of human arms that are constantly reaching and grasping for whatever’s nearby, three of them grab, pull you and start holding you near the side of its mouth And you are now currently grappled by the creature TRAVIS: Okay, all right ASHLEY: Okay, okay TRAVIS: Maybe it just wants to cuddle MATT: That brings us to the top of the round. Yasha ASHLEY: Okay MATT: You are no longer stunned the top of your round ASHLEY: Wait, do I roll a wisdom? You can do that, or you can try and avert your gaze now that you know the effect it can have on you ASHLEY: I’m going to avert my gaze MATT: Okay, so you do not take– ASHLEY: I’m afraid roll wisdom MATT: You don’t take the wisdom save. You’re good However, you have to keep your eyes closed So you’re considered blinded for this entire round ASHLEY: Fuck, okay Okay I don’t know what the right thing to do is here TALIESIN: Is blinded just disadvantage on attacks? MATT: Blinded is disadvantage on attacks and automatically fail any ability check that requires sight, and attack rolls against her have advantage ASHLEY: Interesting

LIAM: Oof, oof, oof MATT: You are still prone, by the way ASHLEY: –wisdom saving throw. Say again? MATT: You still are prone by the way TRAVIS: So you’ve got to get up LIAM: Suggesting ASHLEY: Okay, so I am going to, just from the ground Oh fuck MATT: What are you doing? ASHLEY: Okay, so I’m going to try to stand up and– MATT: Half your movement to get back up on your feet TRAVIS: What’s your total movement speed? ASHLEY: 50 MATT: So 25 feet of movement still MATT: Okay, so Can I try to sort of pull Beau out of there? MATT: If you want to make an opposed grapple check with the creature, yeah ASHLEY: Oh SAM: Blind Yasha versus the baby ASHLEY: That’s at disadvantage? MATT: Because you are blinded, yeah ASHLEY: Because I’m blinded TALIESIN: Wouldn’t rage un–? MATT: Rage gives you an advantage, so it’d be just a straight roll ASHLEY: Yeah, so I’m going to rage now that I’m standing TRAVIS: Yes, you are ASHLEY: Okay, and– MATT: No, it automatically fails ability check that requires sight, but it doesn’t require sight if you know loosely where she is If that’s what you want to do, it’s your call ASHLEY: You know what I’m going to try to– I’m going to try to cut off this dangly bit Yeah, I’m going to try to cut off the dangly bit MARISHA: Fuck yes MATT: Okay, all right ASHLEY: Okay MATT: So TRAVIS: Just like Starship Troopers ASHLEY: That’s a natural 18 MATT: Well, here’s the thing You have disadvantage on attacks because you said you were– ASHLEY: Raging? TALIESIN: With raging MATT: Rage doesn’t give you advantage on attacks Rage gives you bonus to damage ASHLEY: So, but I have, okay, let me do it again LAURA: Come on, big money ASHLEY: So bad That would be 11 MATT: 11 ASHLEY: Okay MATT: You go to swing towards it and it just goes wide As it’s moving around now, it’s looking like it’s both confused and angry and hungry and it’s just like a wild animal You don’t know what’s going to happen As you swing with your blade for your first strike, it just moves out of the way and it finds nothing ASHLEY: I’m going to try again MATT: Go for it ASHLEY: Okay LIAM: You smell that pain in the air? ASHLEY: That would be a 22 ASHLEY: With disadvantage, don’t forget ASHLEY: With disadvantage, damn it That’s a natural one (groaning) SAM: That do wild magic? LIAM: No, it’s not MATT: It’s just a physical attack While you are not stunned by the lure at front of its head, in keeping your eyes closed to be pulled in You’re just swinging wild in the air and not able to find purchase with your weapon, unfortunately ASHLEY: It’s like being back at a birthday party trying to hit the dumb piñata MATT: I know ASHLEY: Okay MATT: That finish your turn or you want to move? You still have 25 feet of movement, if you want MARISHA: Right ASHLEY: I’m just trying to figure out if I should move or if I should stay LAURA: That’s amazing TALIESIN: Remind me, does stun drop concentration? MATT: It does TALIESIN: Okay. Good MATT: I had to learn that from research and the internet yelling at me going, “It does that!” I’m like, “You’re right.” ASHLEY: I will stay? MATT: Okay. That finishes your turn Okay At the end of your turn, it’s going to use its other two legendary actions to attempt a swallow strike on the grappled Beauregard TRAVIS: (yelling) Oh no, you’re getting swallowed?! Don’t do it! Woo! LIAM: That baby’s going to eat all the glizzies (laughter) MATT: That is a 21 to hit MARISHA: 21’s my AC MATT: Oh shit Yeah, that’ll do it. All right So first the hands fold you over You’re being rolled over as they grab and pull you into its mouth, the jaws close in As you begin to regain your senses, all you see are these two fleshy walls of teeth close around you like a horrible, organic iron maiden And as it does, you take– LIAM: They’ve fire brigaded her TRAVIS: Real bad in there, you guys MATT: 22 points of piercing damage TALIESIN: And? MATT: Plus 19 points of acid damage LIAM: Oh my god LAURA: Is Beau going to die? Is Beau going to die? Is Beau going to die?! MATT: And you are swallowed TALIESIN: Fuck MATT: You guys watch as the mouth closes around, the neck pulses with muscular tension, and as the mouth opens once more, Beauregard is no longer within its jaws So that brings us to– SAM: No more-egard MATT: — Beau’s turn MARISHA: No mo’-regard? Oh no. (sad laughter) MATT: Well, Beau– Beau, here’s the good news You can’t see the lure So you’re not stunned by it MARISHA: Great news. Silver lining right here. Yeah TALIESIN: Goddamn it MATT: The bad news is– MARISHA: Now I’m just sane as I’m being swallowed TALIESIN: Oh god, how bad is it going to be? MATT: Actually, it rolled pretty badly TALIESIN: Oh, thank god SAM: Babies poop, like, five times a day MARISHA: Yeah, you’re right. High metabolism SAM and MARISHA: Yeah ASHLEY: Yeah. Ace Ventura your way out MATT: You take 15 points of acid damage from the–

MARISHA: Wait, what? Again, why? MATT: — from being within its stomach, as you are now being digested But it’s your turn. You can do what you want freely SAM: Does that kill you? TRAVIS and LAURA: No MARISHA: 16 points? TRAVIS: It’s getting real gnarly, though? TALIESIN: 15 or 16? MATT: 15, I believe TALIESIN: 15 MARISHA: 15? TALIESIN: Yeah MARISHA: I have 11 hit points left MATT: Oh shit Okay LAURA: So if she doesn’t get out by her next turn, she’s dead on her next one SAM: She’s got– MATT: She’s unconscious She’s got, she’s got a plan This is Beauregard we’re– TRAVIS: Don’t you duck face, Matthew! You’re married to that! SAM: She can do monk shit! Crazy monk shit Just do some crazy monk shit LIAM: Reach your hand out of that thing’s mouth Get your hand out MARISHA: Can I hit? What can I do? Can I hit him? Am I– MATT: You can punch from the inside You can do all kinds of things You can still try and fight your way out If you do enough damage to it in one round, it may regurgitate you MARISHA: Okay MATT: But you are restrained so your attacks do have disadvantage because you’re currently within its body TRAVIS: Oh boy LAURA: What about– MARISHA: Okay TRAVIS: Maybe it’ll puke you up, man Remember the kraken? Hey! Remember the kraken? That’s how we got it to– It started puking us up every time I’d be like– MARISHA: Yeah, with damage TRAVIS: I was doing the Drax shit MARISHA: I probably couldn’t light a spark in here, right? Probably a little too damp to light something SAM: Firework action? MARISHA: Yeah LAURA: What about your gauntlets? Would your electric gauntlets light a spark? MARISHA: That’s a good point If I use my electric gauntlets and I’m inside of it, would I take electric damage? MATT: Probably not, but who knows? You can try SAM: Acid’s pretty conducive MARISHA: I got 10 hit points left, I don’t want to try Okay Okay TRAVIS: (laughs) MARISHA: Okay ASHLEY: Ugh, I have ungrappled you LIAM: Oh shit Shit MARISHA: Okay Okay Okay TRAVIS: Yeah? MATT: Okay MARISHA: Oh, I don’t know, I have no idea if that will work MATT: Caduceus, you’re on deck TRAVIS: Nobody does TALIESIN: Fuck off TRAVIS: Nobody does LAURA: You can do it, Beau You can do it MARISHA: Who knows if this would even work TALIESIN: I’m not built for this right now Okay Should’ve a breakfast. We’re going to get our asses MARISHA: Oh my god. This is dumb I’m going to be really mad if this doesn’t work Can I reach for my equipment? Can I pull something out? MATT: What are you trying to pull out? MARISHA: Pouch? MATT: Just a pouch? MARISHA: Uh-huh MATT: Sure. Okay MARISHA: It’s my pouch of suude MATT: Okay MARISHA: And I think I have, like, 10 doses MATT: Are you going to take drugs for your final moments? MARISHA: No. Can I dump it out in his stomach? LAURA: (gasps) MARISHA: Because you have to, like, after a certain amount of dosage, it gets really hard to save from that, right? MATT: Yeah MARISHA: To like– Is that a good idea? MATT: Give it a shot. Try it out TRAVIS: Its metabolism has to be super fast LAURA: You’re giving drugs to a baby TRAVIS: Doesn’t it take like 30 minutes to kick in? MATT: No, this is MARISHA: I don’t know. It’s magic drugs It’s really powerful magic drugs LIAM: It’s fucking awesome. It’s great ASHLEY: I love it MARISHA: I have 10 doses LAURA: Use it all MARISHA: And I’m going to dump the whole package into his stomach MATT: All right. That’ll be your action this turn MARISHA: Uh-huh LIAM: Super fucking creative MARISHA: That might be a terrible idea MATT: Okay SAM: What’s the effect? MARISHA: It’s like if you have one dose, it adds to your sorcerer point damage But I think with each additional hit you have to roll on a table MATT: Do you have noted what color it was? LAURA: What color the suude was? MARISHA: What color? I just have “suude” written down It was that giant pouch of suude that I made sure Veth got back for me from Vokodo I’ve had it since like the beginning of the game SAM: It’s not like PCP that’s going to make this thing, a killing machine, right? MARISHA: I think I stole this from The Gentlemen or something (laughter) LAURA: You might’ve made it stronger LIAM: She’s about to die Of course she would try anything MATT: I don’t have the specific details or anything or what color it was There are three different colors of suude So we’ll just say brown suude SAM: Sure MARISHA: Do you remember? What are the colors? MATT: The colors were brown, red and blue, I believe TALIESIN: Oh boy MATT: So MARISHA: I feel like it was, I don’t know Maybe, look, maybe you have it MATT: Let me look at the rules for suude real fast Give me just a second SAM: There’s suude rules? Did you make these suude rules? MATT: I did SAM: Wow MARISHA: It was a bunch SAM: Suude Rules, by the way, is the worst Road Rules spinoff (laughter) LAURA: Jeez louise TRAVIS: Road Rules SAM: Road Rules TRAVIS: Oh man SAM: I don’t think I ever actually watched that show LAURA: Is Road Rules when– SAM: It was a spinoff of Real World LAURA: Road Rules was the– okay The Real World was the very first reality show. Right? TRAVIS: Real World vs. Road Rules MARISHA: Somebody. I stole this from someone’s stash and it was really good, expensive shit So I don’t know what that means MATT: So yeah. So it has to be a constitution saving throw to maintain consciousness And for each dose they take

within an hour of the original dose, the DC goes up by three and it’s 10 doses So that is a DC, a 37 DC, LIAM: That’s an auto-kill MATT: Just going to roll for fun SAM: Does it– MATT: It fails with a natural one, hilariously (laughter) MARISHA: Babies have a low tolerance to drugs SAM: I learned that the hard way (laughter) MATT: ♪ The more you know. ♪ TRAVIS: Babies have a low tolerance to drugs TALIESIN: It’s just whiskey in a bottle MATT: Oh no, no SAM: Come on, hold your shit (laughter) MARISHA: This is conditioning (snapping fingers) LAURA: So what does it do? LIAM: I feel like I better say: Please don’t give your baby drugs LAURA: Yeah, don’t give your baby drugs SAM: Do we need to do that PSA right now? TALIESIN: We’re saying no, right now SAM: Please don’t give your baby drugs TALIESIN: Yeah SAM: That’s fair MATT: Now the rules for suude are based on a human physiology SAM: Oh, okay, okay MARISHA: Sure, sure MATT: So This is definitely not a human LIAM: That’s fair. That’s fair MATT: And this definitely would not suffer the extreme consequences that a suude overdose would necessarily So MARISHA: It rolled a one MATT: I did roll one So it is going unconscious for 2d4 rounds MARISHA: For 2d4 SAM: 2d4 rounds LAURA: Oh wow! MARISHA: Is he going to barf me up? MATT: No, but somebody has to pull you out Which can happen when it’s unconscious or unable to respond So ASHLEY: Okay MATT: (growling) LIAM: I was wrong. There is a cheat code MATT: Falls onto its side, unconscious (laughter) MARISHA: Help! LAURA: Do you have to roll for how long it stays? SAM: Beau must taste like shit LAURA: What did she do? MARISHA: I’m a hard pill to swallow MATT: Three rounds LAURA and MARISHA: Three rounds? MATT: Two and a one, but MARISHA: A two and a one? Okay LAURA: That’s still huge MARISHA: Okay. Okay. Okay ASHLEY: Even if we attack him? SAM: 18 seconds to pull her out of there MATT: You’ll find out TALIESIN: I’m going to– you’ve got a dupe there and you’re strong I’m going to hold my turn to heal Beau When I can see Beau SAM: I’m going to jump down and rush over to help LAURA: But you can’t do anything physical She can only cast spells SAM: Then I’m going to go in and I’m going to dive in the mouth MATT: Okay LAURA: Can we tell– will we know, like– LIAM: But we’re out of sequence LAURA: Can we tell the baby is unconscious? MATT: We’re still doing sequence here TALIESIN: In that case– LAURA: Okay. So Beau could– TALIESIN: I’m going to hold my heal SAM: Hold my heal MARISHA: Okay TALIESIN: Because, worst case scenario, even if you’re unconscious– MARISHA: Okay TALIESIN: Yeah TRAVIS: I mean, it’s unconscious. They’re autocrits, right? LAURA: She’s not unconscious TRAVIS: No, no. The thing’s unconscious LAURA: Yeah, we get autocrits against baby Within five feet, a melee attack is an autocrit against an unconscious creature TALIESIN: Well, we’ll be– Beau, and then SAM: Get over there LAURA: Okay, yeah MATT: Caduceus, you’re holding a– what spell? TALIESIN: I’m holding a– Eh, where’d it go? Sorry. I’m losing my mind Where’d it go? I’m losing– I’m holding a Heal spell MATT: Oh, Heal? Okay, got it LIAM: Me MATT: Caleb, you’re up next LIAM: I pull out the lodestone and grip it in my arm with a finger full of dust I just let the drift globe float And I’m holding my turn for when I see Beauregard out of the baby, and I will cast Disintegrate once Beauregard is out of the baby MATT: You’ve got it. Okay Just double-checking here for– I’m pretty sure And I think I’ve forgotten in the past, too Holding a spell while you’re holding it It does become a concentration spell, even if it’s instantaneous TALIESIN: Oh, I’ll drop that shit MATT: So it’ll drop your thing. Just so you know TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: Okay And you are also back no longer invisible TALIESIN: Nope MATT: There you go LAURA: Oh, that’s what that was I was like, “There’s a crystal in the–” TALIESIN: Thank you MATT: All right. So that finished the Caduceus’ turn Caleb’s turn You’re both holding spells Jester, you’re up LAURA: I have a question MATT: Yeah LAURA: Is his eye dangles still bright, or did it dim? MATT: No, it’s still bright TRAVIS: It’s still bright MATT: Yeah. Nothing happened to that SAM: Does that mean we have to roll for wisdom to save? MATT: Whoever’s closest to it, maybe. Depending SAM: Okay. Okay MATT: Which, actually, to that point, before– because I need to keep track of that since the light is still up Could I have both Caduceus and Caleb roll wisdom saving rolls? TRAVIS: What’s the radius on the light? MATT: You don’t know TALIESIN: 14 MATT: 14 is exactly what you needed LIAM: 25 MATT: 25 So you guys continue your turns. You’re fine TALIESIN: Please, someone pull her out of there LAURA: Yeah MATT: All right So Jester LAURA: I don’t know if I can get all the way up to the baby LIAM: We’re a ways away from that thing ASHLEY: I’m right there, so I can– LAURA: I’m going to take my coat off and run towards the baby and hold it up in front of my eye

Like, hold it up in front of my face to try to block the light of the thingy as I’m running towards it MATT: Okay Put you about there, I’ll say TALIESIN: Double run? LAURA: Yeah. I’m going to double dash if I can MATT: Double dash. Okay So you’re going right up next to it? LAURA: Yeah MATT: Okay LIAM: ♪ Double, double your refreshment. ♪ TRAVIS: Shit SAM: What are you holding there? LAURA: My coat TALIESIN: If you can get all the way, are you going to–? LAURA: I don’t think I can get all the way MATT: You cannot get all the way LAURA: Okay. Yeah. My goal is to cover up the the eyeball thing with my coat as he lays there MATT: Okay That finishes Jester’s go. It’s now its turn It can’t do anything, as it is unconscious However, it does get a save to try and see if it can get back up LAURA: (gasps) MATT: It does not SAM: Oh MATT: All right. That brings us to Fjord Veth, you’re on deck TALIESIN: If you can get there real quick, that’d be great TRAVIS: Yeah. I mean, I can, but if I get there and I fail a wisdom save, I’m just a mannequin TALIESIN: That’s fair TRAVIS: Because of the position he’s laying in, is the light lying in front of his face? So his ass would obscure the light, or is it a–? MATT: One way to find out TRAVIS: Got to find out Fuck it, there’s nothing else to do All right. I’m going to use my 30 feet of movement to come towards him as far as I can MATT: 30 right there TRAVIS: And I’m going to use my– what the hell’s it called? My Relentless Hex to teleport 30 feet right up on his anus MATT: There you go If you want to, you can go ahead and be there TRAVIS: Yeah, whatever is puts him between me and the light MATT: You got it TRAVIS: Do I have to roll a wisdom save? MATT: You do not right now TRAVIS: Okay MATT: Because it is prone, unconscious, and from a logistic standpoint, right now you cannot see the source of the light TRAVIS: Should I just try and hit it? LAURA: Just hit it right now. Hit it TRAVIS: Okay. Fuck it. I’m going to– I’m going to take– LAURA: Use your [Inaudible]! TRAVIS: I know! I’m going to use– I’m going to take a swipe with the Star Razor MATT: Yeah. Go for it TRAVIS: Which is a natural It’s an instant crit, right? MATT: As long as you– Let me see here LAURA: As long as you hit it MATT: You have advantage on the attack roll, and as long as you hit it, it’s an automatic crit TRAVIS: That’s a natural 19, which is already a crit MARISHA: But see if you can get a 20 LAURA: Oh, it doesn’t matter TRAVIS: I crit on 19 or 20 MATT: Yeah TRAVIS: And the second one, let’s just do the first one TALIESIN: Yeah. Just take it, TRAVIS: I’m going to pump a 5th-level Divine Smite into that MATT: Jesus Christ, go for it LIAM: This is going to be massive TRAVIS: Okay (squealing) Okay Okay. Where the fuck is that thing? Divine Smite TRAVIS: He’s missing his chance to pull you out of its anus like Ace Ventura, though TRAVIS: Yeah, you assume I could even do that MARISHA: But he could have ten miles– LAURA: But I don’t think you can reach the stomach from his butt TALIESIN: There might be three other people in there MARISHA: There could be 3 other people in there? TALIESIN: Just waiting TRAVIS: It’s a max of 5d8, not 6d8 because it’s not undead or anything? MATT: Correct SAM: It looks scarier on its side TRAVIS: 6d TALIESIN: I can just see into the mouth TRAVIS: I should do the ten first Jesus, I’m from freaking the fuck out MARISHA: My heart is pounding TRAVIS: 18, okay ASHLEY: Yeah TRAVIS: I just broke that SAM: We’re just baby crazy (laughter) MARISHA: That’s one way of putting it LIAM: It’s just like we planned it Let it swallow Beau, who murders her from the inside Everybody piles up MARISHA: I was saving that suude to maybe assassinate a member of the Cerberus Assembly, but this works LIAM: Right SAM: Sure TRAVIS: So that’s 40, 40 points of damage, doubled SAM: You could OD on it MATT: For the dice. Modifiers aren’t doubled MARISHA: He was making you roll for that shit– TRAVIS: All right. So MARISHA: — for Scanlan TRAVIS: So it’ll just be 35 points, doubled MATT: So 70 plus modifiers TRAVIS: 75 MATT: 75 TRAVIS: On the first hit LAURA: On the first hit MATT: Okay, that’s a lot of damage TRAVIS: Okay. I’ll take the second swipe MATT: Go for it The shock of pain does awaken it from its unconsciousness LIAM: There it is TRAVIS: Okay. Okay. Okay MATT: So it’s still prone So you still have advantage on attacks, but the second one is not a crit SAM: It’s like that– TRAVIS: Oh, it’s so close again 18. Plus, plus 10 Yeah MATT: That hits TRAVIS: Okay MARISHA: Really hoping it would do more than that MATT: Yeah, the suude rules are based on a humanoid creature TRAVIS: Should I just dump it? Should I just dump it? LAURA: Yeah, at this point dump it TRAVIS: I’m going to dump the other 5th-level Divine Smite into it Okay MATT: Go for it TALIESIN: It just might do enough damage to get him to throw you up. Maybe? MATT: Well, the damage has to be from the inside to get it to throw up TALIESIN: Out of idle curiosity I can’t change targets if it’s rolling close to the end of my run LAURA: Hey, at least, you know what– TALIESIN: Can I switch if I’m about to burn? LAURA: At least it was just the baby’s turn So we get all of our– TALIESIN: As long as I’m casting and I just don’t see if I could just like, if a spell’s coming

MATT: I’d allow it TALIESIN: All right Thank you LAURA: But he does probably get legendary actions SAM: Throw a bunch of healing potions into its mouth and hope that one lands on Beau LAURA: Hits Beau? That’s smart TRAVIS: 43 points of damage MATT: Damn! (laughter) All righty TRAVIS: 43, so MATT: That finish your turn, Fjord? TRAVIS: Yes MATT: All right LIAM: Pull her out MATT: Veth, you’re up TRAVIS: It was 113 SAM: I guess I’m going to try to pull her out LAURA: Oh god, baby’s awake MATT: Actually no, because it– it did get its legendary actions back on its turn even though it was unconscious. At the end of Fjord’s turn, since there’s not much else it can really do at the moment LIAM: Oh god MATT: It’s going to use one legendary action to– because it just can’t use that because it’s prone– to grasping arms strike against you, Yasha ASHLEY: Okay LIAM: Maybe you’ll be together MARISHA: We all float down here SAM: Oh boy ASHLEY and MATT: (chuckle) MATT: I will say, because you are technically still blinded, since you didn’t look at the lure last time and it’s right in front of you still It says it automatically fails any ability check that requires sight I will say, because you’re a crazy barbarian who’s raging And are you, at this point [inaudible] I’ll let you roll against it to see if you can resist So go ahead and roll a strength saving throw for me with disadvantage ASHLEY: Okay MATT: Which you have– Well, not– yeah, saving throw. Do you have advantage in strength saving throws while raging, or is it just ability checks? ASHLEY: Just dex I have advantage on the saving throw MATT: Right, but for when you’re raging, is it just ability checks or is it–? ASHLEY: Oh, oh, oh, oh, sorry, sorry, sorry MATT: It’s okay ASHLEY: Let me check SAM: Double check ASHLEY: Gain advantage on, yeah, strength checks and saving throws MATT: So yeah So it would just be a straight roll, so whatever you roll ASHLEY: Okay. That would be 21 MATT: 21? You are not grappled (various sounds of relief) SAM: Oh, nice MATT: You feel the arms pull at you, and as you do, you just shrug them off and put the blade in front even though with your eyes closed, you sensed where they were coming and managed to keep them at bay LAURA: That was such a Jedi ASHLEY: Yeah. (whooshing) MATT: All right Very cool. Now it’s Veth’s turn and then we’ll be at the top of the round after that ASHLEY: Okay SAM: I will jump down and run over there How much? Hi. Can I get there? MATT: Well, first, I need you to make a wisdom saving throw SAM: Sure, sure Easy enough, 19 MATT: 19? You’re fine LAURA: Yeah MATT: (chuckling) What are you doing? SAM: I’m going to run over to its gullet, its toothy maw (laughter) LIAM: Go get him, Brenatto MARISHA: Ugh LAURA: Oh god LAURA: It goes so poorly MARISHA: I know SAM: So before I dive in– MATT: Yeah? SAM: Have I used all my movement and what do I need to do to get in? MATT: 25 feet you’ve used SAM: Okay. Do I need to– is it movement to get in? Is it an action to get in? MATT: It is an action to reach in and try and resist to pull the creature out So that’ll be the end of your movement You won’t be able to pull her away from it, but she’ll be out of it LIAM: Yeah SAM: And– LIAM: You’re right there SAM: — can I drink a potion as a bonus action? MARISHA: While jogging? MATT: With all that you’re trying to do on this round? I’d say no SAM: That’s okay MATT: Yeah. You’re doing a lot this round SAM: Sure, sure, sure I’m just not the strongest person TALIESIN: Just roll well SAM: Yeah, I’ll just roll well, guys TALIESIN: Man, it’s so simple MATT: I mean, that’s D&D LAURA: Just roll a fucking 20 SAM: Bless? LAURA: I can’t– SAM: I’m going to bless myself (laughter) That’s what you do, you touch your heart MATT: All right So you’re trying to push in and grab a hold of Beauregard SAM: I’m going to reach in and pull MATT: All right. So it’s easy for you enough to get inside And you can see, like, pushing past the teeth as they scrape, as you squeeze your way in And it’s this horrible, gnarled flesh flaps that you have to pull apart and squeeze in And as you push your way in your feet are just sticking out You guys watch as Veth almost entirely vanishes, actually the only person who sees this would be you, but you don’t see that because you’re blind Nobody sees this You remember this (laughter) This is what the mind’s eye of the audience sees Is Veth’s feet kicking as you reach in– ASHLEY: What’s happening? MATT: — as Beauregard is currently– SAM: I’m going to yell: I’m going in! As I dive in MATT: There you go You do find Beauregard’s arm I need you to make a contested strength check SAM: Strength check against a baby? How hard could it be? TRAVIS: You got this LAURA: Natural 20 SAM: Just my strength? MATT: Just your strength. Add your strength modifier SAM: 12 (groaning) MATT: That does not succeed SAM: (yelling) It’s not moving! MATT: The good news is– MARISHA: Veth! MATT: The good news is you got 113 points of additional damage from Fjord’s turn The bad news is it woke it up and now it can resist being pulled out SAM: No problem, no problem MATT: But you are now– SAM: Sure MATT: — prone, and partially in its mouth SAM: Sure. I’m holding on real tight

MATT: Okay. You got it That finishes your turn. Yasha, you’re up TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: Are you– Are you keeping your eyes closed or are you going to risk the wisdom save? ASHLEY: (sighs) Wisdom save MATT: Go for it. Make the roll SAM: You got to look ASHLEY: I got to look SAM: You don’t know what the fuck’s going on You just heard me run by you And it’s crazy MARISHA: Come on, please Natural 19 LIAM: Yes! (cheering) ASHLEY: Okay MATT: With your penalty, it brings it to? ASHLEY: 20 MATT: There we go, just making sure ASHLEY: Plus one MATT: Resisted. You’re good. What are you doing? ASHLEY: Okay, okay, okay MARISHA: I might live ASHLEY: All right, all right, all right Well, now I got to pull both of you guys out So let me– MARISHA: Do I have your arms? Do I see Veth? Do I see a little– MATT: Yeah, Veth is holding your arm You don’t see anything right now, but you feel Veth grabbing onto you, and you can just barely make out that there is somebody trying to get you out of it MARISHA: Okay. I’m full on gripping Veth’s arms MATT: You got it ASHLEY: Okay. So real quick SAM: Hope you don’t slip! ASHLEY: Because I’m so angry, I’m also going to let out a battle cry MATT: Okay ASHLEY: So everybody, you know, you get advantages on attack rolls and saving throws MATT: Awesome TALIESIN: That’s a bonus action? ASHLEY: Bonus action And then I’m going to just reach in and try to pull Veth’s ankles, hips, something Anything I can grab to try to pull them all out MATT: As you grab Veth’s feet, go ahead and make a strength check with advantage because you are raging and because you are eyes open on this LIAM: That halfling over there ASHLEY: Nice. Okay LAURA: Wait, advantage, advantage? ASHLEY: Plus advantage Whew. Thank goodness I rolled a one and an 18 So 28 MATT: You had to beat a 22 TRAVIS: (whooping) MARISHA: A 22 MATT: So as you reach and grab, you put your feet up against the side and pull on Veth’s legs and in a full-on– a sight that you can only imagine, you pull both the halfling, Veth, and your friend, Beauregard, from the gullet of this terrifying abomination, leaving both Veth and Beauregard prone on the ground, but not within its stomach TALIESIN: And boom! MARISHA: (gasping) TALIESIN: Boom goes my dynamite TRAVIS: Yes. Just your– LIAM: Healing and death TALIESIN: 70 points MATT: You heal 70 hit points MARISHA: 70 points? LAURA: And you were holding Disintegrate LIAM: Disintegrate goes off MATT: Yes, it does TRAVIS: Fucking awesome ASHLEY: Come on! SAM: We reverse birthed a baby (laughter) TALIESIN: It’s a teammate! MATT: All righty And what’s what’s the save against it? LIAM: Dex MATT: Dex? Okay Not great at them All right. It will use one of its legendary saves to succeed LIAM: Oh, so no damage MATT: No damage LIAM: It goes shy or bounces off TRAVIS: Wow MARISHA: What level were you trying to do? LIAM: 6th-level TRAVIS: Nuke LIAM: I wasn’t going to go higher It’s better to do it twice TRAVIS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah LIAM: Up one MATT: Yeah. All righty LIAM: Fuck MARISHA: Lame MATT: Beauregard, it’s your turn MARISHA: (deep sigh) Okay TALIESIN: Actually, we’re together Can I go first? MARISHA: Oh, yeah TALIESIN: Just ’cause? MATT: Sure TALIESIN: All right Since we’re both– MATT: Well, I will– TALIESIN: Oh, your dex is higher MATT: Her dex is higher, and I usually go with that circumstance And since you guys aren’t coordinating because she literally just got pulled out of the inside the creature, she wouldn’t know to wait. So, Beauregard, go for it MARISHA: Okay. Dripping stomach acid and bile Super pissed off Stand up, pull out my staff and I’m going to just start trying to gouge its eyes out MATT: Go for it LAURA: Do you have to make a wisdom save at the beginning of your turn? MATT: You do SAM: Oh, balls MATT: Unless you want to avert your gaze LIAM: Yeah, you do. You got like 50 hits LAURA: Yeah MATT: Your call Do you want to risk the wisdom save, or do you want to choose to keep your eyes closed and be blind for the rest of the turn? MARISHA: Well, I also have attacks on all saving throws right now, right? MATT: You have advantage on all saving throws MARISHA: This is a saving throw, right? MATT: Correct MARISHA: So I’ll do it. I’ll risk it MATT: Okay MARISHA: Realistically, I just roll above a 10 I rolled a natural 19 on that one, and that one’s gone, but that’s a 19 MATT: You got it. Okay MARISHA: Okay. Okay MATT: So I imagine you get up first It’s right in your face Literally. It’s, like, shining and you’re like, “Get out of the way!” and just go to town on this MARISHA: Yeah. Just full on my grip goes around my staff and I just battle baseball swing at its face MATT: Go for it MARISHA: Okay First attack 27 MATT: That hits MARISHA: Second– second attack Natural 20 MATT: All right MARISHA: So first attack TRAVIS: What’s for dinner MARISHA: 14 damage MATT: 14 damage

MARISHA: Second attack. Please be an eight It’s an eight! 18 damage (laughter) TALIESIN: All of these are advantage, too MARISHA: Yeah, yeah, yeah TALIESIN: Fuck, I’m sorry MATT: Wait, so you rolled an eight So it’s doubled to 16, plus your– MARISHA: Plus… Oh, you’re right 16. That’s technically 28 I’m wrong Not 18, 28 MATT: Not 28 What was the full modifier on it? MARISHA: Sorry. Sorry. Plus 10 So 27 MATT: Plus 10 damage? MARISHA: Yeah, on my Belaborer, because it gives me a plus two to my attack and damage MATT: Correct. And then you have five for your dex That’s plus seven, right? MARISHA: Yeah Well, then why is that not right? SAM: But why? MATT: Double checking the damage on them MARISHA: 1d8 Okay. Okay I was already adding in the damage I was already adding it in Okay. Okay So yes, but I guess my unarmed strikes are what’s plus six Not my staff MATT: Well, you can do with the staff attacks, too, but just saying that it’s plus five with your dex damage and then whatever the weapon’s damage bonus is on top of that, which should be two with Belabor, right? MARISHA: Yes MATT: So it’d be plus seven MARISHA: Plus seven MATT: Correct, so it’d be 23 damage MARISHA: So I was one off on that, 23 damage MATT: What would be the first strike, then, that you rolled? MARISHA: Let me fix that It would be minus three MATT: Okay, gotcha MARISHA: Because I was adding this wrong MATT: Love it. Okay. Good to fix that now LAURA: Mm. Yes. Obviously TRAVIS: Carry the one, and– MATT: All righty. That’s your action? MARISHA: Yeah I might as well try to Stunning Strike it, I guess, if he’s alive MATT: Okay, he’s alive MARISHA: Yeah MATT: He’s starting to look rough, guys TRAVIS: Don’t you lie to us MATT: Okay TALIESIN: I mean, he looked rough when he showed up MATT: True. True It does not appear to have an effect on it MARISHA: It can’t be stunned MATT: It doesn’t seem to have an effect TRAVIS: Oh boy MARISHA: Okay. Bonus action Pop pop MATT: Go for it SAM: You have to do, what is it, the five S’s? MARISHA: Yeah SAM: (rhythmic shushing) MARISHA: Okay. The first one is a 25 MATT: 25 hits, yeah MARISHA: Second one is a 23 MATT: That hits MARISHA: These are– okay SAM: ♪ (sings with background music) ♪ MARISHA: That is the first strike is, lordy Plus– is 12 damage and 10 damage So 22 on that. Flurry of Blows MATT: You got it. All right MARISHA: And Extract Aspects MATT: Okay. Good to know This creature, of its odd physicality and biology You sense as you come out of its body both of the experience being inside of it and now being able to connect your chi with whatever its spiritual energy is You can sense that it is resistant to fire, cold, and lightning MARISHA: Resistant to fire, cold, and lightning MATT: As well as bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing from nonmagical attacks MARISHA: Okay MATT: It is immune to acid MARISHA: Yeah MATT: And it can not be charmed, stunned or frightened MARISHA: Okay. Can’t be charmed, stunned, or frightened SAM: Just like a baby MARISHA: Okay (chuckling) Charmed, stunned, or frightened Okay. All right So I just say like: Avoid elemental shit and stuff that fucks with its head LAURA: (whispered) No, it’s a wisdom MARISHA: It’s a wise baby MATT: That finish your turn? MARISHA: Yeah MATT: Caduceus, now you’re up TALIESIN: Okay MATT: Actually, at the end of your turn– TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: — because I can do that SAM: Legendary action MARISHA: No! MATT: It’s going to go ahead and attempt– Yeah. It’s going to attempt another grasping arms against Veth SAM: Against me? MATT: Yes SAM: No problem LAURA: It’s got a taste for you, Veth It wants you back SAM: Yeah! MATT: Because you’re right there So I need you to make a contested athletics or dexterity Acrobatics check, your choice SAM: Oh MARISHA: Is this an attack? SAM: This is a check, save? MATT: A contested check SAM: 20 MATT: 23 So you are grappled by the arms SAM: Wait Wait MATT: Wait TALIESIN and LIAM: Wait MARISHA: Rogue shit SAM: That green A that’s next to my acrobatics I finally looked it up It says advantage on escape from being grappled Squat Nimbleness MATT: So roll again TRAVIS: Yeah! SAM: 22 MATT: It’s one below (laughter) But good try! Good try TRAVIS: It was one below MATT: Yeah

(laughter) TRAVIS: Shit! MATT: So Veth, you are grappled by it All right. That finishes its legendary reaction Your turn TALIESIN: Do I have to make a saving throw or are we cool? MATT: You are– TRAVIS: “Or are we cool.” MARISHA: Is that Caduceus talking to the baby? MATT: You do, unless you choose not to. You do have advantage on it TALIESIN: Yeah. I’ll take it MATT: Go for it TALIESIN: I got shit I want to do TALIESIN: 18? MATT: 18 is fine, so you are good TALIESIN: Okay 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 I’m going to step just so that Veth is within 30 feet of me MATT: Okay TALIESIN: And I’m going to cast One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four And I can see Yasha, I believe, over the top of the baby MATT: You cannot see Yasha right now TALIESIN: Oh, shit That– that sucks MATT: Yeah, you can only right now see Veth barely, Beauregard, and Jester’s duplicate, TALIESIN: Other than the other kids MATT: And the people around you I mean, as far as that side TALIESIN: How far would I have to go to see, uh– I would have to like step another 10 feet, wouldn’t I, to see Yasha? MATT: Yeah TALIESIN: How far have I traveled already? MATT: 10 feet TALIESIN: Okay, I’ll step forward until I can see Yasha, which was either five or 10 feet MATT: Okay. That’ll put you about there TALIESIN: Is that 10 feet? MATT: That’d be technically 15 TALIESIN: Oh shit MATT: Yeah. It’s tough It’s blocking your path for the most part TALIESIN: Sure. Okay. Fuck it This is how the game plays. This is how the game works MATT: Okay TALIESIN: All right One, two, three, four, five, so– So I’m going to cast– one, two, three, four, five, six, seven I’m going to cast Bless at 5th-level MATT: Okay LAURA: Whoa TALIESIN: Everyone gets a d4 with saving throws LIAM: Everybody? TALIESIN: Everybody MATT: Nice LIAM: Good, good And we have advantage on saving throws, right? LAURA: Yeah MATT: For this round, yeah TALIESIN: d4 to saving throws, d4 to attack rolls LIAM: Okay, good TALIESIN: And I’m going to take whatever I’ve got left to back the fuck away from this thing MARISHA: Great MATT: You’ve got it SAM: Hashtag blessed MARISHA: Hashtag blessed, blessed TRAVIS: Back yo ass up, Caduceus TALIESIN: And, yeah ASHLEY: Hell yeah MATT: All right, and you’re backing up what? TALIESIN: As far as I can possibly go I want to get away from that eye I don’t want to see it. I know what it does MATT: That’s as much as you can get right there with the movement you used, to get close enough to get Yasha in that blast wave, so TALIESIN: All right, then I’ll– yeah MATT: All right. We’ll say that, because I do not have a seventh one that this also represents Bless on you, Veth All right That finishes Caduceus’ turn. Caleb, you’re up Jester, you’re on deck LIAM: Okay So the bless is a d4? TALIESIN: d4 LAURA: Yes LIAM: d4. Okay So I have to– first, I will– I’m not going to shut my eyes MATT: Okay LIAM: So I’ll make the save MATT: With advantage, plus a d4 on each of them LIAM: Do I roll a d4 for each 20, or for both, or I don’t know MATT: Just roll one, and then LIAM: Fuck Well, that could do it 11 plus– 20 MARISHA: Yeah, yeah MATT: 20? Yeah, that’ll do it LIAM: I forgot that I get to add nine Okay. So I will back up 20 feet from this thing, 15 feet, let’s say MATT: 15 feet there LIAM: And I am muttering and moving my hands through the air And I reach my hand out and focus on the eyeball dangling from its face and try to use Telekinesis to rip it off and throw it down the hall SAM: Whoa MATT: Okay. Go ahead and roll a d20, adding your intelligence modifier to it ASHLEY: Do you get an advantage? MARISHA: Oh no MATT: Not for this one, though TRAVIS: Say it MARISHA: What is it? LIAM: It’s not– neither of those things So adding which? MATT: Adding your intelligence modifier LIAM: 15 MATT: 15 Not strong enough to pull it free from its head There’s tension there And you feel like if you were to continue to try, this is definitely possible, but right now with everything that’s going on you’re just having a hard time focusing and concentrating on it from the distance you’re at and how much movement is between you and the creature But you’re trying, you’re trying you’re trained onto it The rest of you watch as its floppy dangler is now taut, and being pulled like it’s on the edge of a fishing line MARISHA: Oh, hi, I’m Floppy Danglers LAURA: Ooh, I’m Floppy Dangler MARISHA: (laughs) MATT: All right. That finishes your go, Caleb? LIAM: Yeah MATT: All right Jester, you’re up LAURA: Okay. I’m going to cast, because this is an attack sort of thing,

a Guiding Bolt at fifth level MARISHA: Up the butt MATT: Go for it You do have an advantage on the attack because of Yasha LAURA: Whoa, that was way cocked MATT: Well, actually at the top of your turn, I need you to go ahead and make a wisdom saving throw, or TRAVIS: Avert your gaze LAURA: I should reroll I shouldn’t go based on the twenties I just rolled Right? MATT: Correct But first, roll your wisdom saving throw with advantage because you do have her thing LAURA: Right. That’s what I did So seven plus– eight plus 10, 18? MATT: 18 is fine LAURA: Okay. So should I reroll my– MATT: Now you reroll your d20s for the attack LAURA: Okay It was really good before and that sucks because this is not as good as what I– TALIESIN: You also get a d4 LAURA: Huh? TALIESIN: Attacks get a d4, too MATT: Yeah LAURA: Sure. But 11 plus 10, 21 MATT: That hits LAURA: All right, so that’s 8d6 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight TALIESIN: This thing’s fucking scary, man MATT: That suude fucked up its action economy pretty bad MARISHA: It better. That was good drugs TRAVIS: Don’t do drugs, kids MARISHA: Don’t do drugs TRAVIS: Just carry them on you at all times in lethal dosages MARISHA: Yeah, yeah LAURA: 33 points of Guiding Bolt radiant damage LIAM: If you’re a giant baby, [Inaudible] LAURA: Oh wait, I also get a d4 to the– nope. Just kidding MATT: Yeah. The next attack that would already have advantage likely gets advantage already So much advantage We’re just stacking advantages You can fit so many advantages in this baby LAURA: And I’m going to use my movement to back away from it MATT: Okay You can do that LAURA: Yeah, ’cause my duplicate’s still up there, so MATT: Six, like around there? LAURA: Yeah MATT: Okay You got it That finishes your go Now, can– actually, at the end of its turn, it’s going to use its last legendary action to also attempt to grapple Yasha ASHLEY: Okay MATT: So I need you to go ahead and make a strength– this has to be an athletics or a acrobatics check Your choice MARISHA: And these aren’t considered attacks MATT: They are considered– it is a grapple action LAURA: Advantage? With advantage? MATT: Advantage, ’cause you are raging ASHLEY: Okay Ooh Okay. Okay Okay. That would be a 23 MATT: 23 Or actually, no, sorry. That’s to escape it This is just a strength saving throw So what would– which you would roll even higher, because you have the bonuses for that So you’re fine You’re fine. No grapple You got it. Now we’re back at the top of its turn and oh, hey, it’s conscious It can get up and do shit again MARISHA: No! LAURA: Fuck TALIESIN: Bye, half your movement MATT: So, it is (laughter) LAURA: It’s so big MATT: I need to roll, see if that comes back It does! Okay MARISHA: It’s got a tail TRAVIS: What comes back? LIAM: I want my baby back, baby back TRAVIS: You rolled to see if what comes back? SAM: The spray that’s going to hit me on the way out? MATT: Yeah. (chuckles) MATT: So ASHLEY: You’re prone? SAM: I’m on its lips MATT: It’s going to attempt to back up SAM: Okay. Take your shots LAURA: Oh yeah TRAVIS: I mean, if it gets out of TALIESIN: It’s also– it’s also got– it can’t be that fast and it just burned half its movement TRAVIS: Yeah, right TALIESIN: And is Beau prone, or is Beau up? MATT: Beau would’ve been up, actually LAURA: Yeah. She got knocked over when he stood up TALIESIN: So that’s a couple of attacks of opportunity at least MATT: Yeah. It’s not a very tactical creature, unfortunately TALIESIN: That’s fine MATT: So both Yasha and Beau get an attack on it See if you can TALIESIN: With a d4 MARISHA: We do? MATT: Yeah, because it’s trying to back away from you It feels a little pinned in right now MARISHA: Okay, with advantage, right? MATT: Because you still have Yasha’s ability MARISHA: Yes, yes, yes, yes It hit for me 23 MATT: 23 hits MARISHA: No, sorry 19 plus 10. 29 MATT: Yeah, you hit. (laughs) You got this. You got this. Yasha, what’d you get? ASHLEY: 24 MATT: 24 hits All right. Damage for both of you and it does not move That pisses it right off MARISHA: All of my shit is weird Plus two bonus to attack and damage rolls MATT: All right It’s going to go ahead and make a– He’s going to make a bite attack LAURA: Oh no MATT: After you finished your guys’ damage here MARISHA: Oh MATT: You roll for damage for the attacks you guys hit with MARISHA: Right. I rolled terribly It’s nine damage MATT: Nine damage Yasha?

ASHLEY: Wait, I accidentally rolled 3d6 ’cause I added the divine It’s only 2d6 MATT: Correct, only 2d6 ASHLEY: Okay Um, okay. That’s the same amount Do I add my stuff for the attack of opportunity? I don’t know why I’m forgetting how to do all this right now because I’m nervous LIAM: 12 days of [Inaudible] MATT: I think that’s on your turn I could be wrong for now We’ll just say no. We’ll say it just standard attack ASHLEY: 7 points of damage, yeah MATT: With your rage bonus and strength and everything? I feel like it should be more than that ASHLEY: It doesn’t seem right Sorry MATT: That’s okay No worries ASHLEY: Spacing out MATT: Well, in the interim– TALIESIN: This is what you’re doing now It’s like, that’s good because that’s one of my least favorite photos Well done MARISHA: Are you trying to go this way? LIAM: It’s a pretty good photo of you TALIESIN: t’s always one that has– ASHLEY: Sorry, 11, 11 MARISHA: Yellow is a nice color I like that you’re color coordinated TALIESIN: No, the yellow is definitely LIAM: He’s very sunny in it MATT: At its closeness, it’s now, after having Yasha pull them out and being bludgeoned around by the other people– and it’s a little– it looks a little bit scared and confused. Let’s see who it goes after One, two, three. Let me roll TALIESIN: Yeah MARISHA: It’s coming for me, isn’t it? MATT: Yeah MARISHA: Sentinel, bitch MATT: Well, she already used her reaction MARISHA: Oh wait, she can’t And then Sentinel on Sentinel doesn’t work! Okay MATT: Yeah MARISHA: All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah MATT: Which actually, double check something on that ASHLEY: It’s 22 points of damage I’m sorry MARISHA: Am I able to, when he backed up, could I do– spend a ki point to get a secondary reaction and get another attack? SAM: You can do that? MARISHA: It’s something I rarely get an opportunity to do Yeah. And I tend to save my ki points, but this is a time MATT: So, sorry So what were you saying? MARISHA: When it backs away, and I was able to get my reaction LIAM: You two really killed MARISHA: Can I use my Mind of Mercury to spend a ki point and get another reaction in this moment of him backing away? MATT: You can MARISHA: Can I do that? I know it’s a little past, but MATT: Well, you already tried to hit him backing away and kept him in place You do not get the attack on somebody else who’s being attacked to also has sentinel But this is Mind of Mercury, which is I get to spend an extra ki point– MATT: Oh, that one? MARISHA: — on one extra reaction MATT: Right. And you can go ahead and use that extra reaction to? MARISHA: Attack Right? MATT: Can you? You already did your attack LIAM: Worst product placement ever MARISHA: Just move on and I’ll look at the ability I rarely use this ability It’s your– yeah MATT: Regardless, you’ve got the extra attack, for an attack opportunity for trying to move out of your melee range and it failed, too, because you guys locked it in, correct? MARISHA: “Once per turn, if you’ve already taken your reaction “you may spend one ki point to take an additional reaction.” MATT: Correct. What’s your additional reaction? MARISHA: An attack Can I not do that? MATT: What’s causing the extra attack? MARISHA: Him– me using Mind of Mercury and him moving out of my range TALIESIN: Oh, no, I get it MARISHA: — to get the attack MATT: You already did the attack to help him move out of your range You couldn’t do that You guys both hit them, did damage, and locked him down with Sentinel TALIESIN: It’s– okay MARISHA: But I can’t– when can I spend my– when can I do this with Mind of Mercury, to spend to get an extra ki– like, an extra reaction Is it not now? MATT: Anytime, like this MARISHA: But I’ve already done it MATT: But the circumstance here is that you only get to attack it again if she didn’t have Sentinel because you guys– your feats cancel each other out where you get the extra attack against somebody that’s not you MARISHA: Okay LIAM: In theory, there could be another enemy up against you and– MATT: Correct LIAM: — 10 seconds later, you could have used your reaction to hit somebody else moving away from you MATT: Correct. Or if he was attacking Veth instead of, you know, you or anybody else then you can use your Sentinel feat to then attack them with an additional reaction MARISHA: Okay MATT: Yeah This is just one of those fiddly circumstances– MARISHA: I see MATT: — where, because it’s targeting you, you don’t get a reaction to attack it back MARISHA: No, yeah, yeah, yeah I just didn’t know if I could double down on that initial one, but no MATT: Yeah, you can’t trigger two reactions from one trigger Yeah. If multiple things trigger, you can spend more reactions MARISHA: It’s rare that that even comes into play, so LIAM: 7,000 rules MARISHA: Yes. 7,000 rules. Sorry, go ahead MATT: It’s all good. So! ASHLEY: There’s, um, an additional four points of damage with mine I’m really sorry MATT: All righty TALIESIN: You’re good MATT: We’ll get there guys We’ll get there MARISHA: We’ll learn how to play D&D in five years MATT: Nah, it’s fine All right, so it’s going after you LIAM: Die LAURA: Well, that’s what I love that even, like, this far into this many campaigns, we’re still coming up on rules that we’ve never– MARISHA: Experienced before LAURA: Yeah. It’s cool MARISHA: Absolutely MATT: Exactly. So it’s a 24 to hit MARISHA: I mean, it comes with a textbook. That hits MATT: Okay (laughter) MATT: All righty TRAVIS: It does. An intimidating one at that MARISHA: Yeah MATT: That is going to be 19 points of piercing damage MARISHA: Thank you TALIESIN: You’re welcome MATT: As it bites down onto you and then you also take 13 points of acid damage

TRAVIS: Boy MARISHA: Can fuck off MATT: In addition to its bite attack, it gets a free grasping arms attack MARISHA: Yeah, sure. Of course, it does MATT: So go ahead and make a strength saving throw for me TRAVIS: Beau, what’d you say to it? TALIESIN: Still have advantage, or? MARISHA: I don’t know MATT: Yeah, you still have advantage LAURA: Man, babies hate you, Beau MARISHA: It knows. It knows Strength saving throw? MATT: Yes You have advantage on it, because of the- MARISHA: Oh, thank god Oh, it’s worse! (laughter) TALIESIN: And the d4, and the d4! MARISHA: Oh no, no, they’re the same! And a d4? It’s not good Okay, okay Eight, nine, 10, 11, 16 MATT: 16 does not succeed, unfortunately TRAVIS: Are you going in? MATT: No, she’s grappled LAURA: You’re not going in yet, you’re not going in (laughter) TALIESIN: Wow, it’s glowing LIAM: What? TALIESIN: That’s amazing ASHLEY: That looks really MARISHA: Why am I glowing? MATT: It’s the grapple MARISHA: Oh, it’s the light I thought it was something else bad! MATT: All righty LAURA: Why am I glowing? MATT: Now it finishes its turn. Fjord, you’re up Veth, you’re on deck TRAVIS: I’m going to stay in its melee range and move around towards the front of it MATT: Okay. Are you going to– TRAVIS: I’m going to try the wisdom MATT: Go for it. Roll for wisdom save, with advantage TRAVIS: With advantage MATT: You get to add a d4 to it LIAM: Fuh-jord TRAVIS: 16 16 plus two is 18 MATT: 18 LAURA: With advantage? MATT: Yeah, he rolled advantage. Yeah, you’re fine TRAVIS: Was that okay? MATT: Yeah TALIESIN: And a d4 TRAVIS: Great So I’ll move around to its front and I will take a shot at chopping off tentacle-eye stalk-thing MATT: All right TRAVIS: With the Star Razor MATT: Go ahead and roll for an attack It has a much higher AC, but you can attempt to TRAVIS: Okay, and I have advantage on this still? TALIESIN: And a d4 TRAVIS: And a d4 MATT: It’s like being attacked by Clippy everywhere It’s awesome TALIESIN: The one thing I need MATT: It’s great TALIESIN: What I’m doing Keeps me from doing any other spell MATT: That was awesome TRAVIS: 27 plus two, 29 SAM: Wow! MATT: That will hit Go ahead and roll damage MATT: Okay, 29. First one LAURA: Chop it off! TRAVIS and LAURA: Chop it off TRAVIS: That is 13 13, 16 LIAM: (like Clippy) It looks like you’re trying to sever a baby’s eyestalk TRAVIS: I’m sorry 18 points because it’s plus five for Hexblade’s Curse MARISHA: (like Clippy) I have a template for that TRAVIS: 18 points of– MATT: Slashing damage TRAVIS: Yep MATT: So as you swing with the first arc of the blade you watch as it severs mostly, but it’s still holding on The light’s starting to dull a little bit, flicker It’s– You’re pretty close, but it’s not quite enough to fully sever it TRAVIS: One more, one more swipe MATT: All right. You got advantage MARISHA: C’mon, Fjord TRAVIS: That’ll hit, but I’ll roll another one just to see Oh, that’s even higher Yeah It’s 33 to hit MATT: That hits. Go ahead and roll damage TRAVIS: Okay MATT: It was a 25 AC to try and hit that thing LAURA and ASHLEY: Wow TRAVIS: No. Yeah. Eight plus 21. 21 points MATT: Pulling back the second swipe You leap a little up into the air and as you bring the blade down, you’re not even sure if you hit, you just hit the ground there And the light adjustment changes in the room as the shadows stretch and go long as you watch it hit the ground and the light fades out of the bulb on the ground (cheering) LIAM: My man ASHLEY: Yes TRAVIS: Amazing MATT: So that is no longer a worry for you LAURA: Cool. Which is good because Yasha is about to– we’re about to lose that advantage ASHLEY: Yeah MATT: So that finish your turn, Fjord? TRAVIS: Relentless Hex That’s only once a day? I don’t see– Bonus action Five feet cursed It doesn’t say any, like– could I do it again? MATT: Should be limitations on it TRAVIS: Yeah, there should be, right MATT: Let me double check TALIESIN: This has been a nerve wracking fight MARISHA: Yeah MATT: Pull it up here TRAVIS: I don’t see a limitation It seems like only something you could do once MATT: No. It lasts as long as you– I think as a bonus action, you can just teleport back to the target TRAVIS: Okay, yes, I’m going to teleport back to its anus (laughter) MATT: Ah-noos TRAVIS: (explosion sounds) MATT: There you go TRAVIS: That’s my turn MATT: All right. End of your turn, it’s going to use two legendary actions LAURA: Two?! MATT: Yep LAURA: Two?! MATT: To attempt to swallow you, Veth LAURA: No! MARISHA: Wait, are we both grappled? He’s got both of us in his baby arms? MATT: Yeah, you’re both grappled MARISHA: Oh no TRAVIS: I would’ve tried to pull you out, but I’m Fjord MATT: That’s a natural 20 LAURA: No! TALIESIN: Canceled TRAVIS: Can you cancel? MATT: Yeah, you can, because you see it TALIESIN: Canceled MATT: Aw. I never get to have any fun (laughter) TRAVIS: Grave clerics, man MATT: Ah. Next campaign: no grave clerics (laughter) No, it’s totally fine TALIESIN: Fair. Fair MATT: It’s totally fine Well, good. So it’s not a crit on you SAM: Great MATT: I can’t wait to make NPCs that can cancel crits on you guys

I haven’t done that yet All right So now, you take, 18– No, sorry. Plus six would be 24 points of piercing damage SAM: Can I Uncanny Dodge this? MATT: I mean, you’re grappled I think you can, yeah, still SAM: Okay. I’ll Uncanny Dodge that MATT: All right so you take half that SAM: Okay MATT: Plus That would be 20 points of acid damage SAM: Sure, sure, sure MATT: Which is also halved, technically, because that’s all part of the same attack SAM: Oh, okay. Great TRAVIS: Great MATT: However, because you were swallowed, you also take an additional– Okay, that’s rough TRAVIS: Uh-oh LIAM: It still has two legendary– LAURA: You’re still swallowed, you’re definitely swallowed? LIAM: Yeah, he just made it not a crit MATT: 25 points of acid damage SAM: Sure, sure, sure MATT: And you are now swallowed by the creature LIAM: And it still has two resistances left. Doesn’t it? LAURA: Yes MATT: Yep LAURA: I know, that’s why I haven’t done certain spells on it LIAM: Yeah. Yeah But until we do that, it’s got them LAURA: It’s not going to lose them MATT: You are restrained You guys watch as the creature now, hurt, it lost the lure on the front of its head It’s looking panicked, the arms just stuff Veth into its mouth as it closes its jaw and you’re on the outside of it, (roaring), opens up She’s gone MARISHA: (groaning) SAM: I still love babies, though! (laughter) MARISHA: (groaning) MATT: Veth, it’s your turn SAM: Oh, it’s my turn MATT: At top of your turn, you begin to take digestive acid damage LIAM: No, no, no, no LAURA: God MARISHA: Where are you? LAURA: Yeah, where, where are you? SAM: I’m fine TALIESIN: That’s Sam for, “I’m fudged.” LAURA: Yeah, “I’m going to die.” LIAM: He’s about to die (sighs) MARISHA: Yeah. He’s got that tension He’s saying he’s fine, but it’s not on his face MATT: 25 points of acid damage SAM: Fine, fine. Totally fine MATT: All right. So what are you doing? SAM: Miles to go TRAVIS: “Miles to go.” SAM: I got to get out of here, right? TALIESIN: That would be helpful SAM: I’ve got to somehow LAURA: You got any suude on you? MARISHA: Don’t waste it It’s better elsewhere TRAVIS: What did Pinocchio do? TALIESIN: We’re all going to need it when this is done MARISHA: Exactly (laughter) SAM: What are all of these empty vials in here? (laughter) MARISHA: Scoop it up, scoop it up! TRAVIS: Go out with a bang (laughter) SAM: All right. Looking through my equipment I got a flask (laughs) I got TRAVIS: (like Veth) Flutternutter! SAM: I do have Fluffernutter Don’t think I’m not thinking about that MARISHA: Do you have some fireworks that I’ve given you? Do you have any extra fireworks? TRAVIS: A hydra inside– SAM: Could I just try to force my way out? Just curious MATT: No, you either have to do enough damage to be regurgitated or somebody else has to try and help you out, as seen SAM: Got it MATT: Or do enough damage to the inside in some way to upset TALIESIN: You could sneak attack it LIAM: Sneak attack on its…? MATT: If you could give yourself advantage on the attack roll, then yeah SAM: I’m sure I don’t get– I can’t shoot a thing LAURA: You still have advantage because it isn’t Yasha’s turn yet LIAM: It’s occupied with MATT: It is, but you’re restrained, which means you’re disadvantage So it should just become a regular attack LIAM: Oh, so there is no way to get advantage because of the restraint MATT: Technically right now, yeah LIAM: Oh SAM: Unless I hide (laughter) ASHLEY: You can’t see me! SAM: Wait, but if– restrained So there’s no way, even though it’s engaged with my allies and stuff LIAM: The restraint is canceling SAM: The restraint cancels all that shit MATT: I would say, technically, you are not using your friends to your advantage to angle for a rough spot because you’re inside of its body SAM: Yeah LIAM: Fuck SAM: This makes total sense I’m still looking through my equipment and not really finding anything I have– I wrote down rotten drug fruit from, like, months ago LAURA: Oh yeah. We got drug fruit. We had acid fruit I got one of those, too SAM: Yeah, but that’s like, months old LAURA: It doesn’t matter MARISHA: That means it’s more potent MATT: That shit is gross One of your pouches has, like, that dark soggy bottom to it (groaning) That you just kind of don’t mention LIAM: Yeah. That fruit now has fungus growing on it, so it’s two drugs MARISHA: Yeah! TRAVIS: That’s definitely got some damage to it MATT: What are you doing, Veth? What are you doing? ASHLEY: Kill him SAM: Man. I got nothing TRAVIS: (as Veth) Fluffernutter (laughter) LAURA: Yeah, do it SAM: I can just stab him MATT: If the panic takes hold for too long, I’m going to have to move on to Yasha SAM: I feel you If I Fluffernutter, I’m going to blow myself up. Right? So I’m going to take out that Corecut Dagger and just swipe MATT: Go for it. So make an attack It would be with advantage and the disadvantage So it’s just a straight attack roll TALIESIN: With d4 MATT: Correct SAM: With a d4 Might help. Doesn’t really help

LAURA: By the time it got to him– SAM: 18 MATT: 18 Unfortunately, as you try and carve and cut through, the stomach lining of this beast is almost as strong as the exterior of its hide And as you try and cut and carve through, it seems to slide and not make much of an impact on the interior SAM: Makes sense, makes sense MATT: Unfortunately, it does not work SAM: If I had done the thing, I could take a second attack, but I can’t MATT: Not with the dagger, you can’t SAM: So, and that’s it MATT: That’s your turn SAM: I think so I can’t take a potion as a bonus, right? MATT: I will say of this, you could, because all you did was swipe with your dagger once. Sure SAM: Think I’ll take this potion ASHLEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah MARISHA: I thought you were fine SAM: I will– I am right now, but in the next turn, probably not TALIESIN: That’s not how any of that works SAM: 10 points of healing TRAVIS: Hey! MATT: Great LIAM: God SAM: Now I’m okay MATT: Yep. And don’t forget you also mark off your… yeah SAM: Oh shit MATT: Yeah LIAM: Fuck MATT: All right. So that finishes your go At the end of your turn, it’s going to use its last legendary action to attempt to spin, now that it has free arms LIAM: Oh, it’s dancing MATT: The arms are now going to reach back towards you, Yasha ASHLEY: Okay MATT: Go ahead and make a strength saving throw for me LIAM: Come on, you beast! MATT: With advantage TRAVIS: It’s just reaching for the ladies Like, it’s just looking for a mom ASHLEY: It is Okay, so MATT: It’s running on instinct TRAVIS: Aw, that’s– LAURA: No! ASHLEY: Still the d4? TALIESIN: Still the d4 TRAVIS: It’s looking for a mom? ASHLEY: Okay LIAM: Are you my mother? ASHLEY: 27 MATT: 27. You’re fine You manage to just dodge out of the way Now it’s the top of your turn, Yasha The bulb at the front of his head has been cut off You don’t have to worry about it It’s all you You see Beauregard currently wrestling with the arms on one side of his mouth. Veth is vanished The rest of your friends are beginning to gather around What are you doing? ASHLEY: Okay I don’t think I can pull you out because the baby’s not– SAM: Don’t worry about me, I’m fine ASHLEY: Okay. So I’m going to take an attack at the– I’m just going to start swinging around his neck area, trying to stay away from the tummy MATT: You got it. Go for it ASHLEY: Okay, um. (nervous noises) Okay That would be– Oh wait, I didn’t get to roll again So that’s– TALIESIN: With the d4 ASHLEY: With the d4 TALIESIN: Yeah I will keep saying that until everyone murders me ASHLEY: Yeah! Okay. So 18– Okay 29 points 29 for– MATT: 29 does hit Yep. So go ahead and roll damage on that, prepping for your second attack Beau, you’re on deck MARISHA: Oh lord ASHLEY: Okay LAURA: And you’re grappled? TALIESIN: You can still attack when grappled LAURA: In its arms? MARISHA: I can still attack, though I just can’t go anywhere TRAVIS: He’s not, like, healing? MATT: No, he’s looking rough ASHLEY: 28 for the first hit MATT: 28, nice ASHLEY: And I’m going to roll again to hit again TALIESIN: If it– again, that’s only if consciousness drops LAURA: I’ve been collecting them ASHLEY: 25 MATT: 25 hits Go ahead and roll damage ASHLEY: Okay Let me do Savage Attacker It’s the same ♪ (frustrated notes) ♪ 17 points of damage MATT: 17 points of damage Ooh, he’s looking real, real rough TRAVIS: Oh, real, real rough. Real, real rough! (alarm wailing) (laughter) MARISHA: It’s the real, real rough alarm MATT: Now without the distractions around you just rage instilled in your body, you just begin hacking at the side of its shoulder and neck And as you do, you carve huge slivers of its flesh out that hit the ground, exposing muscle beneath, an odd old meat grayish tint to it as it sloughs off onto the ground You’re feeling good ASHLEY: Okay MATT: All right That finishes Yasha’s turn, unless you want to move TRAVIS: Take a bite MATT: Just go in If you’re not moving, then Beauregard, it’s your go ASHLEY: I’ll stay LIAM: Punch the shit out of it MARISHA: I’m going to punch the shit out of it I’m in its face, and I’m just going to, you know Brody in Jaws with the spear, just like as he’s got me in his clasps Wait, do I still have advantage on these? MATT: No ASHLEY: No MARISHA: First hit Ooh, 24, Second hit Not great 13, but I have a d4 LAURA: Oh right MARISHA: 15 total MATT: Only the first hit hits MARISHA: First hit. All right SAM: Only the first tit (chuckling) TALIESIN: The question is, do I do damage or do I do emergency? MARISHA: 11 damage? TRAVIS: On him? MATT: 11 damage, all righty TRAVIS: Her TALIESIN: Be okay MARISHA: Pop pop MATT: All right. Flurry of Blows. Go in MARISHA: I’m just, yeah, like

Try to slide my staff in my belt And at this point, I’m just furious and I’m going full on claws to the eyes MATT: Go for it MARISHA: Just trying to gouge out his stupid baby eyes MATT: There is one eye within reach MARISHA: There’s one eye within reach, 18 MATT: 18 does not hit TALIESIN: With the d4? MARISHA: Nope 22. I rolled a four MATT: That hits MARISHA: That hits and then this is 12, 22 plus a d4, 23 total ASHLEY: Yes TALIESIN: Support class MATT: Don’t forget your first level spells, yo Some of them really scale well MARISHA: Yeah, they do Okay. First hit Oh, I said unarmed strike MATT: Yeah MARISHA: Okay That was– that was good That was an eight. So Sorry, 20 Sorry. No 13 damage on the first one And that was a seven So 12 damage MATT: 12 damage. Nice So as you reach up towards the one eye that’s in reach, you punch up there once, and the eye seems to almost split against the edge of the fist With the other hand, you reach up up and gouge through and one of the eyes is just ruined MARISHA: Full-on tiger claw MATT: The interior jelly viscera begins to leak down the front of its face and its mouth opens once more as it goes, (deep-voiced baby crying) MARISHA: I just take whatever breath I have left in his grasp and I just say: Fucking kill him! To the rest of my team MATT: Caduceus, you’re up. Caleb, you’re on deck LIAM: Okay TALIESIN: All right. I’m going to hit him with a Blight spell LIAM: Yeah, murder it MATT: Which one? TALIESIN: Blight MATT: Blight, okay Constitution save? LIAM: Finish it TALIESIN: No It’s not a constitution spell LIAM: Well no, what’s its save on the spell? TALIESIN: Oh, it’s– I’m sorry Constitution save MATT: There we go TALIESIN: Sorry. Yeah (laughter) LIAM: Finish him MATT: It’s a 16 TALIESIN: Nope MATT: All righty TALIESIN: 31 points of damage MATT: How do you want to do this? (cheering and applause) TRAVIS: There we go LIAM: Cad kill MARISHA: Cad kill TALIESIN: I’m just going to– I’ve had enough of this, I’m panicking I’m going to just stab my staff into the ground I’m going to just stab my staff into the ground The hand around the crystals just going to get a little tighter on the crystal I’m going to look weirdly necrotic that I don’t normally do And just a beam is going to hit out and just start sucking all the moisture out of this thing SAM: Ooh LAURA: It’s Galadriel when she goes dark MATT: Yeah TRAVIS: Ooh MATT: As Caduceus is doing this, and you watch his hair began to rise up a little bit around him from the necrotic energy, his robe around him just flowing slightly A wind that is sourceless seems to be blowing past him as he does this And as the creature turns around, (monstrous crying) you watch as the eye that’s currently dripped the viscera just suddenly turns to mist, the liquid and blood that’s pouring out its wounds begin to just dissipate, like it’s being cooked from the inside And as it begins to stumble towards you, its first arm falls on the ground Its ankle buckles. The other one (impact and gurgling) and you watch as the skin begins to crack and flake away Eventually, the other eye just turns extremely hard and then crumbles into dust, its two empty sockets now looking towards you It takes its final fall onto the ground And as its skin begins to pull back and crack at all the corners, it is no more SAM: Now Matthew, did he pull a Sam Riegel and also kill me? MATT: No SAM: Okay (laughter) TALIESIN: That acid is probably gone, though MATT: Hmm. Hmm The inside is not [Inaudible] ASHLEY: Can I try to? MATT: It’s not yet your turn Caleb and Jester and Fjord all have their turns right now to react to this as it falls to the ground Veth is– you are released from it You fall back on the ground, no longer grasped by its arms But Veth is still within the creature What are you doing? LIAM: I can’t see the map or where I am TALIESIN: I also would’ve backed– MATT: Oh, you’re over here LIAM: Yeah (inhales) Man TRAVIS: I mean, we’re running over and trying to pull Veth out of its mouth, right? LAURA: Yeah. You can get– I don’t think either me or Caleb can get there in time, but you can I’m going to hold my heal spell as well MATT: Okay LAURA: For when Veth pops out MATT: You’ve got it Okay TRAVIS: Yeah. I’ll run over and pull open the upper lip and shove my hand in there and see if I can find Veth MATT: Okay So you go ahead and your movement to get around over there would be, since it is on the ground TRAVIS: From a-noos to mouth MATT: 25, 30, you can get there You will have enough I’ll say as your action Yeah You have just enough to barely pull Veth free of the mouth But that’s the extent of it, I’ll say

TRAVIS: Okay MATT: So as you reach in and yank her out, it’s odd because now that the moisture’s been drawn from a large portion of the outside of its body’s immediate layer, when you’re trying to reach through, it’s like trying to push through dried bush It cracks and splinters as your arms go in and you, (grunts) yank Veth out Coated in the– SAM: Oh, there’s no roll or anything, it just happens? MATT: No, it’s dead There’s just no resistance beyond just– SAM: What is this strange, small twig that’s grabbing me, this tiny little piece of TRAVIS: (deep resonant voice) I’ve got you, Veth SAM: Oh, oh That was a TRAVIS: Everything’s going to be fine SAM: That was a body– that was your body? I thought that wrist was just– TRAVIS: Those are my pectorals pressing up against your face SAM: It was so skinny TRAVIS: I have you. It’s okay Here SAM: Oh my god TRAVIS: I’m going to clean you off a little bit (laughter) SAM: He’s just wiping my face with his giant hands (laughter) LAURA: The duplicate’s going to go up and touch Veth and cast Cure Wounds at 5th-level MATT: You got it. So go ahead and roll a heal on that As the rest of you are taking a moment to breathe from whatever this terrible, unexpected encounter was We’re going to go ahead and take a break (oohing) MATT: It’s been a little bit We’ll be back here in a little minute to see what the aftermath of this encounter is and what this now-open chamber it stemmed from holds and has in store So we’ll see you here in a few minutes Now experience the ultimate way to play, by sitting at a table with your friends with your face in a screen Progress! D&D Beyond Log in to explore strange worlds and fantastical cities, thanks to a company based in a really boring one, that handles all the tedious math and reference stuff for you, so you can finally unleash the epic quest you’ve been crafting since middle school on your friends Or just do what most people us it for, cranking out endless new characters while they’re bored at work I could finish these spreadsheets, but what if this paladin owned a horse? (romantic music) Perfect D&D Beyond. Play with advantage It was the night before Winter’s Crest And all through the Xhorhaus All the Mighty Nein was stirring Not a creature was stirring The Mighty Nein was stirring. Even a little mouse It can’t be mouse (chill music) Hey Critters, Laura Bailey here Let’s see what’s up in the Critical Role shop This holiday season, give the gift of effortless style I mean, the Traveler always says, impulse purchases are a good decision It’s so cute, I can’t handle it The cuteness, it’s overpowering! These holidays, you know, they’re just around the corner This is, this is a lot of stuff, you guys We have like so many cool things right now Ooh, look at this! Look at the details, ooh! So click on over to the Critical Role shop Don’t worry, there’s a few more minutes in the break You still got time Like a symphony playing to an empty theater, Critical Role dines alone without its audience Yes, that validating and most enthusiastic congregation on the other side of the fourth wall And what is this fourth wall separating the viewer from the creator? A portal to an often sought point of connection, or the Twitch subscription zone? On the rare occasion that you miss the live bacchanal boasted by the rag-tag group of thespians on Thursday night, you may always view the show on demand in the shadow land known as the Twitch subscription zone Picture, if you will, the necessary pieces to complete a jigsaw puzzle, but it’s up to you to choose how it will be solved You could, of course, subscribe with your debt rectangle, but many more divergent paths lie before you Perhaps you found yourself in possession of an Amazon Prime account You would then wake up to discover a free Twitch subscription each month for a channel of your choosing But this artifact demands renewal, for you must re-subscribe each month to quench its unyielding thirst One need not walk alone

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Recovering from that unexpected encounter

with the terrifying beast that now lies dead and drying in the center of the laboratory floor What do you do? SAM: Loot the body MARISHA: Fuck. Yes SAM: We fuck? MARISHA: I mean, anything right now to feel alive TRAVIS: Maybe not fuck MARISHA: Yeah, okay ASHLEY: Well MARISHA: I mean TRAVIS: I don’t know if there’s much to loot SAM: We could take some meat in case we get hungry later LIAM: I do. I’m picking up its– TALIESIN: I wouldn’t eat that LIAM: — oversized eyeball MARISHA: I don’t know where the fucking came from TRAVIS: Can I– MATT: Both of the eyes have have dried LIAM: The one that Fjord cut out? LAURA: What about the–? MATT: Oh, sorry, you mean the bulb? Yeah. You can totally take that LIAM: Yeah LAURA: Ew TALIESIN: Yeah, that’s actually good MATT: It’s about that large Like, when you get up close to it, it’s about the size of a cantaloupe, and there’s still about maybe seven to eight inches of the stalk attached to it that is severed And you can see that its dark, purple-brown blood that has now splattered on the ground beside it It has no life, but it is definitely carriable LIAM: Then for the time being, I’m going to take the stalk

and tie a knot on my belt MATT: You got it, cool LIAM: Let it hang there TALIESIN: That’s a good idea LAURA: That’s really gross, Caleb TRAVIS: I’m going to run over to the door that opened and unleashed this terrible thing and just peer into the hallway 60 feet MATT: Okay ASHLEY: I’m going to stand beside Fjord MATT: Okay. As you both square off and look down This is a similar corridor to the one that you came through to enter here It is a little larger than 15 feet wide, and about as tall It is metal lined top to bottom The floor appears to be stone or marble without texture to it, necessarily, and about 30 feet in, you can start seeing elements of the walls that are heavily cracked and some elements have fallen in You can see, similar to the previous passage way, some cabling and beams of some kind have crumbled in a bit, but a lot of them been pushed by this creature making its way through And you can see where it’s carved through brute force its way through this hall LAURA: I’m assuming that that fight didn’t take more than a couple of minutes total MATT: The whole fight was less than a minute LAURA: Wow. So my Locate Object would still be up MATT: Well, is it concentration? LAURA: Probably MATT: I’m pretty sure it is And when you summoned your– LAURA: Oh, my duplicate MATT: Your duplicate, it would have lost it LAURA: Yeah, you’re right LIAM: I wouldn’t mind taking a breather here if we feel like we could afford it ASHLEY: I mean MARISHA: Yeah. Why not? TALIESIN: Sure ASHLEY: Yeah SAM: Short rest? LIAM: Yeah LAURA: Short rest LIAM: Yes, please MATT: All right You guys can set yourselves up for a short rest Use your hit dice to heal up if you got them Get your spells back MARISHA: Oh yeah, Caduceus is there anything that you have that might want to help with that? Or, you know, Jester, I don’t want to assume LAURA: I mean, if we’re taking a rest, why would I use my spells to help out with that? MARISHA: Exactly. So Caduceus? TALIESIN: How down are you? MARISHA: To half A little over TALIESIN: Technically, I can keep healing after she’s burned all of her hit dice, right? MARISHA: I do have full hit dice, so I can go there first TALIESIN: I’d say hit dice first Because that way, if you do go down again, I can just pop you back up Whereas hit dice are– this is all that they’re good for LAURA: Yeah. Yeah That’s what I meant, Beau Definitely I will do the same if something happens to you later I want to be able to help you, you know? MARISHA: Yeah, yeah, yeah TALIESIN: If it makes you feel better, I’ve always got the one where if I hit somebody and they’re unconscious, they just (explosion) You know, they’re just way better LAURA: I’ve got the big bad guys packed as well TALIESIN: Somebody needs to like hit hard, so LAURA: Right TALIESIN: Yeah LIAM: Just for transparency, I’m going to use Arcane Recovery to pull back my 7th-level spell MATT: Can you– LIAM: Slot. It’s– Yeah Half your level rounded up MATT: Rounded up? Okay. Then, yeah. Go for it TALIESIN: How long is a short rest, out of the curiosity? LAURA: An hour TALIESIN: Okay, great I have an eight-hour spell still up LAURA: Nice. Yes Death Ward, right? TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: “But none of the slots can be 6th-level or higher.” LIAM: Oh, can’t be sixth or higher? Thank you for catching that MATT: No worries. I was wondering about it I think it was one to 5th-level are the limitations on it LIAM: We are sleeping in the dome tonight, people TALIESIN: That’s okay LAURA: That’s okay LIAM: You two were in rare form You decimated it LAURA: (intense powerful noise) This was pretty impressive That was the most I’ve ever done on something like that for sure SAM: You mean damage? LAURA: Yeah SAM: It was very impressive MARISHA: Yeah. I feel like between this and the worm I’m questioning my, you know, usefulness, but it’ll be great LAURA: What are you talking, Beau? SAM: You landed some solid biffs and bams LIAM: Oh yeah, just to make you feel better, I did literally nothing the entire time I think I saw you smacking it in the face a few MARISHA: That does make me feel better, thank you Yeah LIAM: You two, though, are good with babies (laughter) TALIESIN: Putting them down Just really doing some damage LAURA: Yeah, what? LIAM: It can be hard to put a baby down They would just keep getting back up LAURA: I’ve heard LIAM: Yeah MARISHA: I spent a lot of good drugs on that baby LAURA: What do you mean? How, how, how? MARISHA: I, you know, I had that whole package of suude That was a lot of suude, and I thought maybe I could take it down from inside when I was in there, but I think it just knocked it unconscious for a hot second That’s it LAURA: Yeah, yeah, yeah! ASHLEY: Yeah. That’s why he fell over MARISHA: Babies are resilient, turns out LIAM: Yeah. Well, at his sort of girth and density, I imagine that was more like a microdose

MARISHA: Probably, yeah. You’re not wrong LIAM: Got the job done, though You’re here, breathing LAURA: That’s right, worth it MARISHA: I’ll find more drugs I’ll find more drugs There are more drugs SAM: There’s more drugs out there MARISHA: There are, you’re right It gives me hope SAM: Yeah. Some something to keep going for LIAM: The drugs will come out tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar. Right, Yasha? ASHLEY: Yes. That tomorrow there will be sun LIAM: Yeah ASHLEY: Yeah Wait, question, though SAM: Drugs ASHLEY: There will be drugs, sorry, but that’s a specific kind of drug that I know about SAM: Oh! Sun is a drug? ASHLEY: It’s, mm (chef’s kiss) Delightful (laughter) SAM: Canon TALIESIN: Canon ASHLEY: Wait, what is this? Is this SAM: The baby? ASHLEY: Was this made? TRAVIS: The elephant baby? ASHLEY: I don’t understand LAURA: I think it had to be This isn’t natural Right? Did they make this here? Has it been alive this whole time? ASHLEY: Is this a biological weapon? SAM: Yeah, maybe they made it here Have I heard of such a baby before? MATT: You can go ahead and roll a history– Well, history or arcana, your call LAURA: Would it be in any creepy, scary stories Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books that I have in my collection at home? MATT: No LAURA: Damn SAM: 22 MATT: You have no idea LIAM: Well, there are books on the infernal and all kinds of strange oddities across the planes This could be anything TALIESIN: I think it’s a lot of things LAURA: I read about this lady once who had a spider that laid eggs in her cheek And then they exploded out SAM: Out of the outside of the cheek? LAURA: Yeah. Like the eggs hatched in the cheek, and the spider eggs went everywhere TRAVIS: This is amazing Aren’t we on a bit of a clock? SAM: Oh yeah LAURA: Yeah. Well, we’re resting That’s why we’re, you know, we can’t do anything But I’m assuming it’s been about an hour now ASHLEY: How long– MATT: Sure, we can jump ahead ASHLEY: How long would it take if I were to cut and take the spine with me? SAM and LIAM: Oh my gosh MARISHA: She can make more bone harps, like eight more bone harps TRAVIS: That’s, like, a cello MATT: If you wanted to take some time, you could carve some bone out of it The spine is heavy I mean, the entire creature in its own right weighs well over a ton or two ASHLEY: Okay, we don’t have time I just was thinking this would be– I saw his body and it was like, “This would be a beautiful instrument.” MATT: You can carve some bone from it, if you’d like, yeah ASHLEY: Yeah, I’ll take some bone LIAM: Xylophone? ASHLEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll take some bone just to have SAM: Some baby bone? TALIESIN: You can certainly dry it out now MATT: Yeah SAM: Has its skull fused yet? Because it’s still a baby LAURA: What? Can we just not? LIAM: Wow LAURA: I don’t want to actually think of it as a baby, okay? SAM: Oh, I’m sorry, it just had a baby face, and so LAURA: It also had lots of arms sticking out of the baby face It was not MARISHA: Yeah LAURA: It was not a baby MARISHA: And a weird bulb that was very entrancing SAM: I thought that was the umbilical cord TRAVIS: It could be super old I mean, this city is the beginning of time city It’s been here for forever MARISHA: Yeah, but we’re in a laboratory TALIESIN: Are there any bits of this door that explain why it’s being held up or anything or this door just comes out of the wall. It’s not really– MATT: It raises up TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: And based on the previous doorways you’ve encountered, it looks like it probably has some sort of heavy chain and weighted mechanism that lifts it up into the ceiling And since it raised as the previous one closed, you assume that there is some sort of weighted connection between the two of them TALIESIN: Boo LIAM: Yeah And to be clear, these people who existed a long time ago, everything that we have read said that they were rivaling, if not surpassing, all arcane ability today They had immeasurable power So while it was a long time ago, it was not the beginning of time They would have needed much time to have achieved this sort of sophistication with their skill LAURA: (nervously) Mm-hmm MARISHA: He’s not wrong Do I see any signs of dead adventures? People that was with… I– Iver? MATT: Go ahead and make an investigation check, if you’d like to MARISHA: Or even when I was in the baby? LAURA: Should we cut open its belly and see if we can find other people? LIAM: Hmm MARISHA: Natural 20 LAURA: Yay! MATT: Okay SAM: Wild magic MATT: As part of the short rest as well, as Yasha is carving through, you together guide some elements to try and expose the contents of its belly Its physiology is very odd and elements of it don’t make sense For one, the stomach only has an inner point

There is no real functional digestive tract beyond the stomach TRAVIS: There was no ah-noos LIAM: It’s like an owl. (vomiting) MARISHA: Barfs everything out Okay MATT: And within the stomach, you do find a scattered, digested remnants of some bone that still exists, though it is mostly dissolved You can make a medicine check, if you’d like to, to see if you can ascertain the nature of whatever creature these bones originally came from LAURA: Could I help out with that? MARISHA: Yeah, can I have Jester help me figure out who these people are? MATT: Whoever wants to go ahead and make the check Or you can both make it LAURA: I got good medicine MARISHA: Yeah, with advantage, you go twice Jester. What are these bones from? LAURA: 29 MATT: 29. These are definitely humanoid bones The rate of dissolution on them says that they have not been in the stomach long Probably been a few days LAURA: Mm-hmm MATT: You probably see enough– I mean, who knows how much is been gone and just these are the remnants of it, but you can see elements of bone here that lead to at least two people TRAVIS: A previous party TALIESIN: No undissolved magical weapons MATT: Not within here, no TALIESIN: All right MARISHA: Did we get an indication from Iver of how many people he came with? LAURA: Yes LIAM: It was four or five, I thought he said LAURA: Yeah I can’t remember, but he did tell us MARISHA: But Caleb remembers LIAM: I don’t remember. I think it was four or five MATT: Yeah, I think it was five LIAM: It was five, definitely I remember everything MARISHA: Roughly five people Okay. All right, well LAURA: A couple are here MARISHA: Bad news for Iver LAURA: There might be a more bad news up ahead MARISHA: Yeah Or maybe an ally LIAM: Maybe MARISHA: I am not hopeful LIAM: Is everyone feeling ready? LAURA: Yeah. I certainly don’t want to allow the Tomb Takers to catch up with us, so TALIESIN: Let’s move TRAVIS: We move forward TALIESIN: Everybody all right? SAM: Yep! MARISHA: Ye– Ye– Yeah TALIESIN: All right LAURA: Are you fully healed, Beau? MARISHA: For the most part A few scrapes, but I’m fine LAURA: Okay MATT: Okay. What is the marching order going forward? You can stand four in a row in this tunnel, so LIAM: I’ll be in the front row, then MATT: All right, who’s in the front? LAURA: I’ll be in the front as well SAM: I guess I should be as well in case we see anything trappy MATT: All righty, and who else? MARISHA: I’ll be in the back row TALIESIN: I’ll take the middle. Anywhere in the middle TRAVIS: I’ll do back row SAM: I’m trappy MATT: So that’d be Yasha You got to be in the front or the back ASHLEY: I’ll go front. Yeah MATT: All right So you continue down this extended hallway Further down, you can see heavy dents in the metallic walls, points of catastrophic impact that caused elements to just bend inward and some of the metal to actually split You can see, behind it, stone and elements of cable that also are now severed and crushed The trauma in here shows that there was major impact from inside here and also structural damage from a heavy impact, probably when this piece of the city fell to Eiselcross originally About 50, 60 feet down, you begin to see the occasional blood smear on the wall Like a hand print that just drags across Another place you see a blood smear across the ground that goes on for about 40 feet before vanishing But you see no sign of bodies MARISHA: Oh boy MATT: Continuing on for almost a hundred or so feet, the hall opens into a new room of sprawling size but in absolute disarray Similar in architecture to the previous laboratory that you had your battle with this creature in This room, however, is heavily damaged You can see major sections of the ceiling that have fallen in due to the structural damage and collapse And there are large beams and metallic pathways that were once raised, have now fallen to the ground and clattered You can see there are stone tables that are crushed and there is broken rock and instruments that are bent and destroyed and just tossed everywhere With what little bit of light as you progress in here and begin to incrementally see, you can see there are, to the right and left of you, open doors, roughly the size of the one that you came through, to small enclosed chambers You see two to the right and left And– do you want to continue forward? LIAM: Those are open doorways? MATT: They are open, yes LAURA: I am going to– how many do I have left?

TALIESIN: Want me to put a light in there? LIAM: I’ll– fump. Globule LAURA: And I’m going to cast Locate Object one more time MATT: Okay Continuing forward As the light drifts out, you can see now these additional doors, there are a number of them and there are varying sizes, but they are enclosed within They are similar to prison cells There is no window or door on the inside They are more like containment units, but they are open LIAM: All of them, okay MATT: You see shards of glass around you and debris And Caduceus, Beauregard, and Caleb, with your passive perceptions, you also see signs of a deadly confrontation You see melted bones, bloody smears, shreds of clothing left behind amongst the debris and rubble MARISHA: And you said they looked like jail cells? MATT: I mean, it’s the best thing you could equate it to Because there was a door, and there was no other exit from it There is no window or anything MARISHA: Cages LAURA: Test subjects MARISHA: Test subjects, yeah LIAM: Is there any writing like we have encountered previously? MATT: Make a perception check LIAM: Okay LAURA: Do I have a general ping in my brain? MATT: You do It is below and a little ways to the right, beneath the chamber MARISHA: (quietly) Below and to the right LIAM: 20 MATT: 20, okay A couple things catch your eye One, you see a glimmer of some sort of shiny metallic rod that’s maybe about 15 feet off from you that’s partially buried and left underneath one of the cracked tables You also see a bit of sky blue colored cloth that stands out against the rest of the debris, about 20 feet ahead of you You can see it’s right next to one of the openings to one of those chambers And it looks like a piece of the chamber door has fallen over, and you just see a little bit of this light blue shawl that is peaking out from underneath it TALIESIN: Is there– go ahead MATT: You do also see further in the chamber large, somewhat green-frosted or the remnants of green-frosted glass containers that immediately remind you– MARISHA: Of Halas? MATT: — of Halas and the Folding Halls LIAM: Yeah. Same size thereabouts? MATT: Larger LIAM: Larger MATT: And broken. The glass is shattered, and some of them are tipped over and broken on the ground Towards the back, which you do finally see an end to the chamber about 120 feet in This is a large massive warehouse-type interior You see two that are still solid, unbroken At this distance, you can’t make out much beyond that You can see there is a panel in the center of the chamber between these that is not ruined that does seem to have some sort of writing, but you’d have to get closer and through the use of a spell to probably read it LIAM: Right, yeah First thing to do is read before touching So I will cast Tongues on myself again MATT: Okay LIAM: And approach that writing MATT: Okay LAURA: Do we hear any kind of movement in the room? Is it silent in here? MATT: At the moment, right now, if you’d like to make a perception check to listen, you can TALIESIN: I also want to see if those bones look like they were acid melted or something else melted MATT: Okay MARISHA: And I’ll make my way to the cloth LAURA: 24 MATT: 24. Okay TALIESIN: 27 MATT: 27. Listening out and keeping your eyes peeled, you do not hear any movement It is still, eerily so, in here The only sound you make is the sound of crunching debris beneath the boot falls of you and your compatriots around you But because the chamber is so large, and because there’s so much debris in the way, what faint bit of an echo there would be is absorbed by the surrounding irregularities You were looking towards–? TALIESIN: I just wanted– one of the things I wanted– MATT: Oh, the bones? Make a medicine check for me LIAM: Also, note, I meant Comprehend Language, not Tongues MATT: I assumed that’s what you were referring to TALIESIN: 17 MATT: 17. The bones you do find do appear to be acid dissolved TALIESIN: That’s good MATT: You were inspecting the shawl? MARISHA: Yes MATT: Okay You go towards it and you can see now it is stained with blood and torn, peeking out from underneath the barrier And from glancing, it looks like there is a crushed body beneath that piece of metal MARISHA: Recent blood? Is it brown and dark or is it fresher? MATT: It’s– it’s brown It’s congealed, but it’s not entirely dried It seems a little bit fresher than what you’d expect in a place so ancient MARISHA: I just shout out to the rest I think there’s a body still here And I move closer towards it MATT: Okay TALIESIN: I’m going to move closer towards it, too, and detect undead

MATT: Okay. You do not detect undead LAURA: I’m going to head over that way as well MATT: Okay You go and you can see that bit of cloth material, there was a shoulder and you see a little bit of hair It’s still pinned beneath the– the metal plate that has fallen on top of it MARISHA: Yasha, help me lift this ASHLEY: Yep. One, two, three MATT: Okay, go ahead and make a strength check with advantage Or you both can do it MARISHA: Advantage MATT: All right, go for it ASHLEY: 28 MATT: 28 TRAVIS: Damn MATT: Easy enough to do. You get up and shift it over You hear the (screeching) as it grinds across the stone (heavy impact) And when that hits the ground, it hits with a heavy impact You do feel the (thud) echo throughout the room a bit A little bit of dust settles a bit from the ceiling TALIESIN: I’m going to be on high alert MATT: Okay You do see the partially crushed corpse of a woman, wearing fine studded leather gear, half-elven, and the rest of the shawl that you see that is torn and bloodied from part of the torso, you can see that it’s just gashed open Does bear the mark of the Cerberus Assembly across the lapel MARISHA: Shit TALIESIN: Get that rod, too, while we’re here MARISHA: Cerberus Assembly LIAM: It’s the annex TRAVIS: The annex? SAM: It’s the– LIAM: — the assistant, Zana LAURA: Ludinus’– MARISHA: Oh, this is Zana LAURA: Can I search her? SAM: Search her for a wallet– MARISHA: Letters SAM: ID MATT: Sure, make an investigation check SAM: Student ID LAURA: Investigation, I guess I should– should I do this? Or should I make Beau search her? MARISHA: Is it perception or investigation? LAURA: Investigation? SAM: I mean, I can do it LAURA: I mean, I said I was going to do it, but MATT: Yeah, go ahead and make a roll You can both do it SAM: You go LAURA: No, I have terrible investigation SAM: You’re an expert detective! Here, take my magnifying glass LAURA: Oh, thank you MATT: (laughs) LAURA: I didn’t even Guide myself MATT: To be fair, the other hand was a little occupied LAURA: 15 MATT: 15. Okay. Looking through, you do not see any coins, per se There is a small shortsword that is sheathed It doesn’t look like it gets a lot of use You do not see any other weapon, though there is a sheath for what looks to be almost like a rapier or a long thin weapon on the other hip This individual is wearing fine leather armor For the state of the rest of the body, especially given some of the recent encounters you had, and the the damage that the physical torso and head has sustained, the armor is fairly impeccably kept MARISHA: Any documents? Any notes? LAURA: Not that I could find, but she’s got some really cool armor MARISHA: Did you check her cleavage pocket? There’s always a cleavage pocket Can I check and see if I find any paper? Is that different enough? MATT: Sure. You reach through the front of the chest plate to where the cleavage would be and your hand finds an open cavity MARISHA: Haaaaah I just pull it back, a little freaked out MATT: Your fingers find– (squishing) and you pull out and your hand is just covered in coagulated blood MARISHA: Gross, gross, gross, gross I walk away SAM: Wipe it on something, wipe it on on the wall MARISHA: I wipe it on Caduceus LAURA: I’m going to start searching around for that other weapon I’ll say, she had another weapon It was a long skinny– SAM: I’m going to take off the armor LIAM: It was a rod LAURA: It was a rod? LIAM: Oh, you’re talking about that, but the DM also mentioned a rod poking out LAURA: Obviously it was a rod, but I don’t know that But Caleb, you would LIAM: I called out everything MATT: Right LAURA: Oh, there was a rod! MATT: Sure LIAM: No, I’m at the panel you were talking about MATT: Gotcha. So at the panel The phrasing there essentially translates to “Hunter Development List.” MARISHA: Hunter Development List MATT: And the bottom portion of it is missing It looks like it has sustained some damage and some of the stonework is cracked and removed from it But what you do see beneath that, you see a phrase that says, Absorber: 0-072 MARISHA: Zero dash zero seven two? MATT: Correct MARISHA: Absorber MATT: Beneath that you see: Nullifier 0-038 LIAM: Don’t like this MARISHA: Nullifier LAURA: Yeah, no, this sucks This is stuff that fucks up magic LIAM: We just killed the absorber TRAVIS: Keep going MATT: “Subject” is the next one 0-002 LAURA: Ooh MARISHA: — dash zero zero two LAURA: That’s an early one MARISHA: Yeah it is. Subject– MATT: And that’s all that remains on that panel LIAM: Okay, and are those words

by buttons of any kind or they’re just– LAURA: Ooh, I bet those are the other doors ASHLEY: Are there any numbers on top of the doors and things like that? MATT: What was that? I’m sorry ASHLEY: Any numbers on top of the doors or archways or something like that? MATT: Going and keeping an eye out, you do not see any numbers marking the doors, no SAM: How’s that armor look? Can I get it off that body? MATT: Yeah. You can get off that body It’ll take you a little bit, and it’s not going to be the cleanest armor It definitely smells of decay SAM: I’ll work on it MATT: All right LAURA: I’m going to search for that rod that Caleb pointed out So I’m going to go to that rod that Caleb pointed out MATT: Okay You pull it free And it is a solid platinum thin, almost like a cane, like a walking cane, that has interesting cap engravings in the top and bottom, but it seems just solid and simple, but also very beautiful in its simplicity It’s lightweight And it looks to me made of platinum LAURA: Ooh! I’ll do a little song and dance with it SAM: It could be magic LAURA: I bet it is! SAM: Do something like a– LAURA: No, I don’t want to accidentally cast something with this. It could be super dangerous LIAM: I cast Detect Magic MATT: Okay. The rod that she is carrying is indeed magical As well as the armor that you are removing from the body LAURA: Oh, grab the little strap to tie it to your waist She has a harness for this thing MATT: You also sense strong magical essences coming from the two unbroken glass containers on the far side of the chamber MARISHA: Yeah. Can I make my way– ♪ make my way ♪ to the test tubes? ♪ MATT: Sure MARISHA: Thank you SAM: (piano from “A Thousand Miles”) TRAVIS: Were those test tubes long enough to hold said elephant baby? MATT: Not quite that large, no But both of them look to be between 12, 13 feet tall and about say eight, nine feet wide TRAVIS: Cool, yep. Great Great, yep Gotta take attendance sometime here MATT: As you both approach, and the light helps you clarify the details You can see the interior of the glass, much like the shattered ones around, definitely dirty You can see there is old, long built up whether it be bacteria or some sort of fungus or just dirt has gathered in splotches on the inside of the glass But you also see shapes of something within, and it appears to be liquid-filled And as you get close, you see within one glass tube, the one that’s to the left of where you’re facing, a vaguely humanoid bipedal body of a dark yellow jaundiced color, standing– or would be standing if it were standing, about 10 feet tall But it is currently hunched and just elevated within the tube Its elongated arms, and then these massive clawed hands, while a terrifying serpent head sits on its shoulders Its eyes are closed in some kind of torpor Its torso, you can see, seems to bear nearly a dozen odd slits, like horizontal gills across it, and in an odd pattern And as you look over it, you swear you see one of these slits twitch faintly To the right, you see another tube And within this one, it holds a quadrupedal panther-like creature, nearly the size of a horse that is curled up on itself and just drifting and leaning against one side of it You can see it has these heavy claws, though they’re currently not extended, and a weirdly colorful patterned body that has elements of maroon and teal It’s weirdly unexpectedly colorful And you can see where it rests suspended It has a thick fleshy stalk of a tail that seems to emerge from the base of its pelvis and it curves underneath it And at the end of it you see an eyeball about this large, lidless, within there And as soon as you see it, (squelching) it looks towards you MARISHA: Oh my god LAURA: They’re like awake, they’re awake?! TRAVIS: Underneath the pelvis? Or on the tail? MATT: At the end of the tail TRAVIS: Oh god LIAM: Is there any labeling, numbering– LAURA: An eyeball on the tail?! LIAM: — or anything on their vat or anything? TRAVIS: And it has a head, right? MATT: You approach and look down, and at the base of the– at the base of the one that has the eye at the end of the tail– let me double check on this one, actually LAURA: Oh no LIAM: One of these the subject and one the nullifier? MARISHA: The nullifier? We have absorber, nullifier, subject LIAM: You were just absorbed in that last chamber I’m wondering if that was the absorber LAURA: That could be the subject TRAVIS: If it’s displacer-based, it could be LIAM: Who knows MARISHA: Who knows MATT: Okay. Yes. So the– LAURA: Please don’t break out MATT: The panther-like creature underneath the glass, you could see while your spell is still on there, it reads, “Absorber.” There isn’t a number; it just says “Absorber.” LIAM: Okay

MATT: The one that has the serpent head and the elongated arms, it says, “Nullifier.” MARISHA: So, okay TALIESIN: Let’s just keep walking very quietly MATT: As you are this far in the chamber, you do see the end of it, as the far wall, it comes to an end You can see there is a heavy crumbled mass of failed structure that has just fallen in and blocked any further access From when you glanced around, you haven’t noticed any sort of other exit doors prominently displayed LAURA: I don’t like this room, you guys SAM: Nope MARISHA: Me neither TALIESIN: There’s been no floor grates, no–? MARISHA: Ways down? MATT: If you want to go ahead and take a look, roll a perception check TALIESIN: 30 MATT: 30 TALIESIN: Good roll MATT: You do not see any floor grates, and as they’re having these conversations and glancing about and futzing with armor, you begin to do the Caduceus scan of the environment As tall as you are, and seeing what’s around there, you begin to crouch low and glance beneath some of these fallen tables What you do eventually find, near the far right end of where the heavy structural damage is, you see underneath one of the stone tables that is partially lifted to one side, an opening in the wall about two feet by two and a half feet, very tight, but it seems to be an angled tunnel It’s large enough for a singular person to– of your largest sizes– uncomfortably fit through, but fit through LIAM: Veth? SAM: Is that the direction that you felt the object? LAURA: Head down and to the right Is it in the right direction? MATT: It seems to be angling in a somewhat similar direction LAURA: Yeah, yeah That’s where we should go LIAM: Well, let me finish what I’m doing here You handed this to me While Caduceus scanned the room, I started in on Identify for this rod MATT: Okay LIAM: So if we can wait another six or seven minutes TALIESIN: I think we can maybe start sending people through, since it’s going to be– LAURA: No no no. Oh, I mean– TRAVIS: We just don’t know if it’ll slide and then that’ll be it TALIESIN: Fair, fair SAM: I’ll go MARISHA: You still have my goggles, yeah? SAM: Yep, sure do MARISHA: If you lose those, I’ll break your pinky LAURA: I’m going to Guidance you before you head in there Just so you get a, you know, a little help on something SAM: Thank you TRAVIS: Do you want a rope in case you need to be pulled up? SAM: Yes, definitely TRAVIS: Great, who’s got rope? LAURA: Oh yeah, we should talk quietly. Wait, the tubes TRAVIS: (whispering) Yeah, here’s 50 feet of rope ASHLEY: (whispering) Okay MARISHA: (whispering) Why are we whispering? LAURA: Because of the tubes! MARISHA: Oh TALIESIN: It twitches weird, I want to notice MARISHA: I think I still have rope TRAVIS: By the way, do we see any sort of flush or not flush buttons that were in the previous room? MATT: Glancing around here, you see things that might’ve held a similar structure, but have since been shattered This isn’t some extremely button covered panel room Everything here is generally much more reserved and deliberately placed in smaller spaces At least from what you can gather of this strange Aeorian layout But you see a couple of platforms that probably served a similar purpose, but they have been wrecked LAURA: Does this room seem like this was the hangout place for giant baby elephant? And it’s just ravaged the room because of it? MATT: It kind of does LAURA: Okay MATT: You can see some of the side chambers that are open those cell-like chambers would be large enough to carry a creature like this TRAVIS: Just so we’re acknowledging it, right, if we move forward and if someone does happen to catch up to us at this point, we will be ahead, and they could, in theory, take these two things out of the cages and send them after us We don’t think there’s anything worth doing to them while they’re in there? SAM: Could we open the cages and convince them to be on our side with some sort of magic? MARISHA: (laughs) Yeah LAURA: Could we just ignore them and hope that’s– TRAVIS: We could tell them to run the other way LAURA: If they’re anything like giant baby, I don’t think they can be reasoned with TALIESIN: I think this is exactly the sort of thing we shouldn’t touch SAM: Fjord is very persuasive, Could you have any magic that could control or command them? TRAVIS: Yeah, in theory LIAM: Just as an idea, as I’m tracing circles around this rod, could we maybe all go into that little tunnel and break them out and seal this passage after us so that they are left for anyone coming behind us? SAM: Smart thinking LAURA: Sure, but then how will we get out? LIAM: Can you shift stone around like you’ve done before? LAURA: I mean– LIAM: You shifted in the way, could you shift it out of the way? LAURA: Well, sure. But then we’d have to

fight them when we come back out TALIESIN: I think better just to leave them alone LAURA: I think we leave them I think whoever it is that releases them in the future, they’ll probably have to fight them, too TALIESIN: I’ll leave something for whoever comes next LIAM: I can also leave a wire up, to let us know if anything follows SAM: Wait You don’t have– at some point, one of us had some sort of glyph that we could put on something TRAVIS: Oh, what about the Intuit? TALIESIN: Yeah. I have Guardian of Faith TRAVIS: That’s lit LIAM: We haven’t discussed that That’s a lot That is a lot SAM: It’s a big bomb, right? TRAVIS: Well, kind of It is a bit of a Bouncing Betty, but it’s not like a bomb LAURA: Oh, I don’t have the glyph prepared today TRAVIS: It’s like a pause button SAM: A pause button? TRAVIS: It’s like a 300 foot, (boom), everything stops TALIESIN: It’s like an EMP SAM: Stops? LIAM: Are we talking about the same thing? TRAVIS: I think so LIAM: I’m talking about the thing that we just found in this structure TRAVIS: With the triangles LIAM: It releases a massive wave of psychic damage against anyone in a massive amount of space You could hit an army with this thing TALIESIN: Including any of us as well TRAVIS: And it stuns them as well TALIESIN: I can leave a Guardian of Faith SAM: Well, we can’t leave anything that, like, if someone walks in the room it would explode the cages and release these things Because we don’t have that glyph thing, right? LAURA: No, sorry SAM: I could rig something with some engineering know-how and a little bit of spunk TALIESIN: I could just leave a thing that takes about a minute to put there and we could keep moving SAM: Okay LAURA: Yeah, yeah MATT: (laughs) Or that. Sure, we’ll go with that TALIESIN: I can make something in six seconds LAURA: Oh yeah. Let’s do that We can also hide this little tunnel, so that anybody coming into this room won’t be able to find it right away SAM: Great LAURA: With a table or something TRAVIS: And before we go, we’re waiting on the rod in the armor, right? LAURA: Yeah SAM: If you want, you can start sending me down now LIAM: The way this thing works is that we could leave it behind and– LAURA: The rod? LIAM: No, I don’t know what that does I have been casting a spell I can’t say this MATT: Yeah, you’re concentrating So you’re casting Identify? LIAM: Identify, yeah MATT: On which one, the rod? LIAM: The rod MATT: The rod, it acts the same as a Wand of Fear does, but it has been enchanted into a rod-type object So if you look up a Wand of Fear– LIAM: So it’s a Rod of Fear MATT: Yeah. Rod of Fear LAURA: What’s the difference between a wand and a rod? MATT: A wand is smaller and can be used as an implement You can use a rod, too, as well LIAM: It’s like a flame dagger and a flame sword MATT: It’s a variation to a similar idea LAURA: Cool, cool, cool SAM: Oh, can cast– TALIESIN: Someone being fancy LIAM: But this thing, now that I’ve finished, could be left here or some other time And the moment our pursuants enter its range it will go off, whether or not we are here Depends on if we think that is a big enough– MARISHA: That’s the time bomb? SAM: If we set it, and it doesn’t go off because no one follows us, can we unset it and use it again another time, or is it one use only? TRAVIS: That’s a good question It can be psychically triggered, but– LAURA: This is so– the range is so far TRAVIS: Three hundo SAM: But Caleb would set it off with his mind TALIESIN: 300’s a long way TRAVIS: Yeah, you want to save that shot MARISHA: I agree TALIESIN: Yeah SAM: Can it be reused? MARISHA: I don’t think this is it TALIESIN: No, it’s a one off LIAM: Well, if it doesn’t go off, it can be reused but if it goes off, that’s it MARISHA: We’re about to face something extraordinary in Aeor Who knows what we need TALIESIN: Let’s save it SAM: But if you leave it and put up your string, you’ll know when someone comes in the room and then you can decide to use it or not. Right? TALIESIN: Or they find it and take it LIAM: I won’t know who or what LAURA: Yeah. You wouldn’t know if they come in TALIESIN: It just seems like not enough value for– TRAVIS: We’ve only seen Molly use, like, a couple of those glowing eyes What if he’s got a Disable Intuit eye? Then we’re like, “Oh shit!” LIAM: I also don’t think this would be enough to take out Lucien in one shot TALIESIN: I think it’d give us 20 seconds, tops MARISHA: Yeah, 20 seconds we want to be there for, to fully maximize it Right? LIAM: I think this might be better if we were facing a horde TALIESIN: Yeah SAM: Doesn’t it take minutes to use? LIAM: Spend one minute SAM: Yeah. We can’t use it in battle It’s a preset thing that you have to put– MARISHA: But if you know LIAM: We’re being followed by five or six very powerful people LIAM: We’re being followed by five or six very powerful people I don’t think that this is strong enough to take them all out in one shot LAURA: I think it’s a waste of the item SAM: Okay TALIESIN: I’d like to get moving now MARISHA: It’s great for an ambush when we know that we can be there for it

SAM: Okay TALIESIN: Are my eyes doing anything? MATT: Nothing at the moment, no TALIESIN: Okay LAURA: But you can do something TALIESIN: I can leave something It’ll be obvious that we’ve been here, but I can leave something It’s not a lot, but it’ll annoy them SAM: Why don’t you guys start lowering me down on the rope? ASHLEY: Yeah. I’m helping with the rope TRAVIS: We’re doing the butt, behind the butt MATT: Okay So for you, it’s relatively open space You don’t feel cramped necessarily, but it is at an angle that gets a little bit steep within the first 10 or so feet And you’re lowering yourself now, down, down, down, down How long is the rope? TRAVIS: 50 feet MATT: 50 feet You hit a 50-foot end of the rope where you guys give it, and it’s still going And so you either have to add more rope or slide ASHLEY: I’ll take out– I have extra rope, so– SAM: I send a message: End of the rope, got any more? TALIESIN: Tie it and– SAM: You can respond TRAVIS: Who’d you send the message to? SAM: Oh, to Yasha ASHLEY: Oh, hello. Stand by Take out my 50 feet Okay. Keep going MATT: At about 110 feet down, you can see as you’re following it the straight angled arc downward You’re glad you have a rope Because the slide would’ve been scary, especially when you begin to see the shaft that you’re in just open up, like it blew up from the inside and it just falls down into a chamber SAM: So I’m at the end of the rope again? MATT: No, you still have more slack to go, but you see– you can now see approaching quickly where it just ends and opens up into something below You can see beyond about maybe 15, 20 feet across, this slide continues, but something beneath it just blew up or fell out and opened up the base of this duct SAM: All right. So I’ll look out of the duct and see what’s below in the chamber MATT: What’s the darkvision range on that? SAM: 60, I think? MATT: 60, right? Okay. You look down and all you see are the tops of trees SAM: Trees? What?! TALIESIN: Oh my god, we’re in the fun ball SAM: Where are we? TRAVIS: Boy, it sure feels like it, doesn’t it? MARISHA: The tops of trees SAM: I’ll send a message to Yasha I found a room– ASHLEY: Oh! SAM: — full of trees You can reply to this message ASHLEY: Wha–? She’s in a room with lots of trees TALIESIN: Well, that’s weird SAM: Didn’t this happen to us once before? TRAVIS: Yasha, did you say trees? LIAM: The temple where the fruit is from– MARISHA: Yeah, speaking of the fruit TRAVIS: Oh, the blood fruit LAURA: We should head down, too, then. Right? TRAVIS: How, how Can you send a message to–? SAM: Caleb can TRAVIS: Or should we just shout down damn thing? LAURA: I don’t want to yell ASHLEY: Can you hear us? (laughter) MATT: You do hear Yasha’s voice echo down and above SAM: I can hear you Should I go in or wait for you? You can reply to this message TRAVIS: Ask her how far it is LAURA: Tell her to wait, tell her to wait ASHLEY: I can’t s– wait! (laughter) LIAM: But the spell lets you whisper back ASHLEY: It does? LIAM: Yeah, briefly ASHLEY: Oh, I didn’t know that SAM: Yeah, you can reply to this message TRAVIS: Keep yelling back, it’s great (laughter) SAM: Yasha, to clarify, you can reply to this message MATT: It’s like shouting at the grandparent with a hearing aid in They’re like, “No, I can hear you.” TRAVIS: (old person voice) “I said–” ASHLEY: Okay, uh, wait right there That’s what I’m being told to tell you Be careful Just hold on a second LAURA: It’s a life message Is like Sending LIAM: We can’t blame her, this information is in her Blindspot (laughter) ASHLEY: (cackles) Okay. What do we do? What do we do? LAURA: We should head down MARISHA: Okay. Let’s lower people down ASHLEY: Okay. We’re going to come down there I don’t know if I can still reply SAM: Nope ASHLEY: But if I can– SAM: Nope LIAM: I pull out a wire and say: Listen, just stall for 10 minutes Don’t go anywhere I’m putting up a wire And I start to ritually cast Alarm and I’m putting up the silver wire at this passageway that we’re all going into MATT: Okay ASHLEY: Should we tie another rope? LAURA: I’m going to head down TRAVIS: The rope? LAURA: So there’s a cleric on both sides TRAVIS: The rope? LAURA: Yeah TRAVIS: But h– do you– She sees the tops of the trees? Like, is she looking down and it’s like hundreds of feet to the tops of trees MATT: Looking down– SAM: 60 feet MARISHA: Is there a landing? MATT: Correct. You can see the tops of trees

Some that are a little bit closer, some that are further away, and some patches are just darkness beyond that you do not– they’re beyond your 60-foot visual range TRAVIS: She’s fucking up there, bro MATT: But, I mean, the closest tree is about maybe 40 feet below you MARISHA: Is she on a landing? MATT: No, she’s holding onto a rope SAM: Air-conditioning duct– MARISHA: That’s different LIAM: Yeah, this is like a nursery in a spaceship TRAVIS: She way up ASHLEY: Should we tie another rope? LAURA: Yeah, but I don’t think we– MARISHA: I don’t know if we have any more TALIESIN: I think I have a rope MARISHA: Do we have any more? I know I’m using mine You’re using yours LAURA: If you have some, Caduceus, that’d be clutch TALIESIN: Apparently don’t have a rope? TRAVIS: Pitons, or what are they called? SAM: Pitons? MATT: Yeah, pitons SAM: I mean, I can make it to the top of a tree, no problem But you guys said to wait TRAVIS: How many people can you Feather Fall? TALIESIN: Nope, don’t have a rope MARISHA: I was going to say, I could slide down the wall I could maybe get down there MATT: Funny bit of a trivia I learned what pitons were because of 2nd edition D&D Climber’s kits. Because they give you pitons and crampons, which I didn’t know what a crampon was, and for the longest time went like– (laughter) LAURA: I mean useful, always MATT: But, you know MARISHA: Good to have a few in your purse for whenever you, you know, aren’t expecting things LIAM: Is crampon more accurate? (laughter) MARISHA: Yes. Yes it is LAURA: Heck yeah, I feel like MATT: That was the problem Anyway! What are we doing? TALIESIN: So we can– LIAM: I could ferry us down, too, if I dropped down the rope a bit and turn it into something I could carry people up and down LAURA: Oh, right MARISHA: I mean LAURA: It– yes MARISHA: Yeah TALIESIN: Or we could take the rope a little further down after it’s untied and then– MARISHA: I’m good at– I’m good at rock climbing and sliding on walls. Let me go TRAVIS: Yeah, go for it MARISHA: I’ll meet Veth down there TRAVIS: We’ll take the fourth piece of rope as well So we have 200 feet total TALIESIN: I do not have a piece of rope LAURA: I feel like I said I already went down TRAVIS: Okay LAURA: I did already go down So I’m just holding onto the rope above Veth now But you can still– SAM: Oh hi! LAURA: Hi! You didn’t mention that you weren’t on the ground yet SAM: Oh, well– LAURA: So, you know SAM: Oh, I did, but Yasha just didn’t convey it MARISHA: As I’m sliding down doing this one, I say: Don’t fucking blame it on Yasha, okay? Don’t blame your communication problems on her, okay? And then I– SAM: She intimidates me, that’s all MARISHA: Well, th– yeah, same. Okay? (laughter) Same SAM: I just find myself tongue tied MARISHA: Yeah. Ye– SAM: Where are you going? MARISHA: I’m going to try and see how far this is LAURA: Are you hanging from my shoulders at this point? Because I feel like you are MARISHA: No, I’m hanging from the lip MATT: Okay. So here’s the thing This duct is big enough to carry you one at a time TALIESIN: Yeah MATT: Veth is currently the blockage, and then there is Jester, and then you’ve come in here There’s no way to get around MARISHA: Oh, I thought I was trying to squeeze around MATT: Not enough room SAM: Before you go through Jester, you’re close MARISHA: Oh no SAM: Where do you sense the ping? LAURA: Well, the thing is, Caleb took a few minutes to identify this awesome wand– rod that I’m now holding So I have no idea where that ping is any more, but– SAM: So is the goal to get to the tops of these trees? Because I feel like any one of us could do that LAURA: I think that’s the goal SAM: Or I could Feather Fall us all MARISHA: I– uh You’re in the way MATT: The rope is dangling free, like– because you only have a hundred feet of rope, and about 70 or so feet is where you came to this breakage There’s 30 feet going down and it’s– SAM: I’ll start climbing down the rope, LAURA: Oh, well, then I’ll keep going MATT: So you start climbing down the rope and you get to the end of the rope and you’re about 10 feet above the first tree that’s beneath you LAURA: It looks a lot closer now SAM: And it’s the top of a tree, so it’s not very strong TRAVIS: And it’s like darkness underneath Like, it’s trees and then darkness SAM: You want to do this first or me? LAURA: Are you hanging on the lip now? TRAVIS: Could be a sequoia MARISHA: We’re both hanging from the rope right? SAM: I let go, and I’m going to try to grab the tree MATT: Okay. Go ahead and make an acrobatics check LAURA: Oh my god TRAVIS: They’re not trees SAM: 27 MATT: 27, okay. The tree just splits– TRAVIS: The thing. (roaring) MATT: You maneuver yourself a bit to swing and then release, tumble a bit in the air and grab for the top of the tree They’re not pines It’s a little bit of a tangled mass of branches in this canopy And as you reach and grab for something, it’s like hitting a bed of fall time leaves very hard with sticks underneath it So you hit, grab, and you’re like– (groaning) You do take– MARISHA: Did you not experience that lie as a kid? MATT: Four points of bludgeoning damage, just from the impact But you are now holding into the canopy of the tree As soon as you hold it and glance around, since there is no light source in here, you’re relying on darkvision You don’t get any spectrum of color, but you are seeing that at least the branches are very pale in your darkvision And the leaves are very dry Like when you hit and you grab, you don’t feel the same flexibility

and bounciness that vibrant tree and plant life has It seems like the branches are just stiff, and the leaves are frail, and just fall away Like it’s petrified SAM: Oh, interesting MATT: Something like that SAM: Okay. I mean, I’m here Do you want to come or are we waiting for people? LAURA: Was it a long drop? SAM: No, it’s just 10 feet MARISHA: But you’re in the tree SAM: Yeah, I’m on a tree now MARISHA: How tall is the tree? Can you see the bottom? SAM: Can I see the bottom? MATT: No SAM: Bigger than 60 Oh, and you’re blind, aren’t you? MATT: Well, it’s not so much that it’s bigger than 60 It is too dense for you to look past You are at the top of a tree, looking through its canopy, and it’s too dense for you to see SAM: Want me to climb down and see how far it goes? TRAVIS: Yep, by yourself, go LAURA: This is so dumb TRAVIS: Adventuring party SAM: Why is this dumb? TRAVIS: Adventuring party. Great! We got it MARISHA: Do you want me to try and jump to the tree and then you can go? SAM: You cannot see MARISHA: I can listen to the sound of your voice and have faith SAM: You’re going to jump, and use your hearing to catch? TRAVIS: Echo location MATT: Daredevil this shit MARISHA: Yeah! LAURA: Can I call up the– Can I call up the– whatever that thing is The tunnel? MATT: Yeah TRAVIS: The chute SAM: The AC duct? LAURA: Yeah, the– Caleb. We need some light Use your baubbles LIAM: I’m busy with the wire TALIESIN: I can head that way LIAM: And also I can turn into a giant fucking owl You crazy people LAURA: Oh, so can I SAM: I mean, I could just climb down the tree MARISHA: I do have the rest of the celebone, if you want to at least see LAURA: Oh yeah! I got a celebone! MARISHA: Here, I crack out the rest of my celebone LAURA: You’re brilliant MARISHA: Crack! And I throw it down MATT: You watch as the raves start TALIESIN: ♪ (humming upbeat music) ♪ MARISHA: ♪ (beatboxing) ♪ MATT: You catch it, you said? SAM: Are you throwing it to me, or just dropping it to see how far it goes? MARISHA: I am blind so– SAM: Cool, you threw it MATT: She threw it TRAVIS: Anything that’s down there is going to be like (whooshing) MATT: So you watch now as the celebone, blinking, falls into the canopy, and you hear the sound of it (impacts) MARISHA: Did you catch it? SAM: Nope MARISHA: Okay LAURA: I’ll pull out another celebone MATT: And you can very faintly see this very, very muted, flashing coloration below the canopy TRAVIS: Way down MATT: So it did reach a bottom MARISHA: Do we see any movement blocking the light? Like cutting into it? MATT: Oh, there was so much canopy you have no fucking clue Like, you can just barely make out that there’s light down there right now There’s just hints of it It’s like someone had a disco ball in their in their bedroom at another apartment building, and you could just barely tell that there’s a light moving TRAVIS: Hey monsters, we’re over here LAURA: I pull out the disco ball right next to us So I’ll pull out another celebone and just hold it like a light stick MATT: ♪ (techno beat) ♪ Wherever you guys are TRAVIS: Why were we whispering? What was the point of whispering if we’re breaking out the fucking rave sticks? ASHLEY: Yes, hello, Nott, I’m making sure you are okay Does this work? (laughter) ASHLEY: She’s not talking to me any more I don’t know what’s happening MATT: She’s– That is hilarious ASHLEY: Just think it always works? MATT: I love it. I love it ASHLEY: Hello? TRAVIS: What’s the matter? She doesn’t hear you anymore? ASHLEY: No, I think there’s no service MATT: Walk 10 feet this way TRAVIS: Something’s terribly wrong ASHLEY: Can you hear me yet? (laughter) MATT: All right, so you’re coming down the tree SAM: Stealthily MATT: Stealthily? MARISHA: You keep grabbing your earlobe for no reason MATT: Okay ASHLEY: What does this mean? I don’t know. I thought it would help MATT: Make a stealth check with disadvantage SAM: Sure MARISHA: I think it’s better connection MATT: Which, because you have advantage anyway with your cloak, it would be just a straight roll. So just– SAM: Well, I rolled twice MATT: Well, roll once, then SAM: 27 MATT: Okay. So you feel confident in the quietness of your descent Go ahead and make Go ahead and make an athletics check SAM: 24 MATT: 24 athletics. Nice You manage to deftly make your way through the clustered mass that is this tree’s canopy The center portion of this tree seems to warp and bend in odd ways and the branches scatter off and tangle And at the edges of them, you can see them beginning to wrap around and knot with the branches of other nearby trees at different heights There is something unnatural about this Make an intelligence check for me SAM: Oh boy LAURA: Oh no SAM: Nine MATT: Nine. You keep climbing down SAM: Weird MATT: This is weird But about 80 or so feet of climbing downward, you find the floor And as you glance out and look, it’s like the floor of an actual forest It has a soft underbrush and you can see where numerous leaves and elements of vegetation have grown this soft floor between the trunks of this forest

That’s about it. You don’t see any rocks It’s odd because it looks like a forest, but it’s level, like there aren’t variations in the hills It isn’t a natural hillside or anything It is a level floor with a forest landscape built over it, it seems And you don’t see rocks or any other non-tree oriented– SAM: And the ground is dirt? MATT: Do you climb all the way to the ground to check? SAM: (hesitant) Sure TRAVIS: It’s pitch dark except for her goggles, right? MATT: Correct SAM: Well, there’s also a disco ball LAURA: And the celebone MATT: Yeah TRAVIS: Yep SAM: I guess when I’m just above the ground, I will cast Mage Hand and dig up some dirt with it MATT: Okay. Do so– There’s no dirt necessarily on this top layer It’s mostly compost SAM: Compost MATT: Though it’s very dry There’s no moisture, or at least very little moisture you can even ascertain from this as the Mage Hand pulls it and lets it fall SAM: And I’ll Mage Hand over to the disco ball, to the celebone and pick it up and just bring it back to me Do I see anyone watching me or anything? MATT: Make a perception check with disadvantage because even though you have darkvision, at this distance, you’re glancing beyond that range SAM: 14 MATT: 14. You don’t see anything SAM: Okay. I’ll bring the celebone back and sort of shove it in my– MARISHA: You can turn it off SAM: Oh, you can– MARISHA: Yeah, yeah SAM: I don’t have these I’ll turn it off MATT: All right SAM: Okay. I’ll cast another message It might be too far I’ll just cast it to Jester this time Hey, Jester! It’s like we’re in this weird, like, man-made garden thing It’s not a real forest, but it is. It’s really weird We need Caduceus down here. He knows about this stuff LAURA: Oh, good idea Did you see if it’s actually dirt on the ground? Did you see anybody? SAM: I saw– It’s sort of weird compost dirt It’s all just super dry No people LAURA: How big are the trees? SAM: I think they were like 80 feet? MATT: The one that you went down was about 80 feet, but that was also one of the highest ones here There are others that are smaller You saw some as you went down that maybe went closer to 60, some 40 even The one that you’re on right now is an outlier for its height, comparatively SAM: 80 feet max LAURA: Well, that seems pretty far Do you hear anything down there? SAM: Just you, baby MARISHA: Are there people? Did you find a village? How big are the trees? MARISHA: She says that the trees are, you know, like 80 feet She doesn’t see anybody MARISHA: That’s a big-ass tree TALIESIN: Are we rolling yet? LAURA: But she wants Caduceus MARISHA: She wants Caduceus? LAURA: Yeah, because it’s apparently– MARISHA: Why didn’t she want us? LAURA: — it’s like– well, because– MARISHA: I mean we’re here LAURA: — we don’t know about nature the same way that Caduceus does, you know? MARISHA: Well, I mean, it’s a tree LAURA: That’s true MARISHA: I could look at it and say it’s a tree LAURA: That’s true. I mean, I could say that, too MARISHA: Okay. Caduceus is slow as fuck, so while he gets down here, I’m going to go on and go SAM: This is the episode we all turn on each other (laughter) TRAVIS: It’s this cave, you guys! MARISHA: I’m just saying he’s got, like, a staff and his robes and he– LAURA: Right MARISHA: So I’m just going to at least go down there with her LAURA: Okay, yeah. She needs help MARISHA: So that she’s not alone LAURA: Be stealthy, but Beau. You’re pretty blind MARISHA: Yeah, but I’ve got chroma lights flashing from you LAURA: Here, take my celebone MARISHA: Okay LAURA: Just in case you need another one MARISHA: Okay LAURA: Okay I haven’t turned it off, so it’s just like rave coming from your pocket MARISHA: Just, yeah LAURA: Okay, you go down I’m going to just call up through the tunnel again, as quietly, I’m hoping that because it’s, like, a tunnel, it’ll echo the noise up MATT: Okay. What are you doing? LAURA: (whisper scream) Caduceus! Veth needs you! TALIESIN: Caleb, how close to– MATT: I bet this– I’d say about this time you’ve finished up LIAM: Okay. And you’ve been up here with me the whole time? TALIESIN: Yeah TRAVIS: Me, too ASHLEY: Me three LIAM: Okay. So the wire’s up We are still pretty close to those two big vats though, right? MATT: You’re– yeah, about 20 or so feet from them LIAM: Yeah. We should go down TALIESIN: Yeah. I figured you first, so that you can catch somebody if something stupid happens ASHLEY: Veth, we’re coming down I figured maybe you didn’t respond because I called you Nott, so we’re coming down in just a moment Please stay safe (laughter) Okay LAURA: Oh! Don’t forget to block the entrance! MATT: You hear a (thumping) TALIESIN: We’ve got to move right now MATT: You glance over and you can see just in one of the containers that one of the creatures twitched TALIESIN: Right now MATT: And then goes back to sleep ASHLEY: Time to go MARISHA: What now? TALIESIN: Right now! Shh, go, go, go, go, go! MARISHA: Okay, while they’re doing that, I’m going to hop to the tree that I can see

in the flashing LED light MATT: At the bottom of the rope? Yeah? MARISHA: And I’m going to (grunting) And then start to dope monk shit my way down MATT: Make an acrobatics check for me as you ♪ (singing dramatic music) ♪ MARISHA: EMS TRAVIS: EMS MARISHA: Yeah. Okay. 18 total MATT: 18 MARISHA: Sorry MATT: Easy enough to do from this distance You go ahead and land with a bit of a crunch and an impact Once again, shaking some of these dried leaves free MARISHA: I turn off the celebone MATT: You would still take two points bludgeoning damage, but you Slow Fall, monk, you’re fine MARISHA: Slow Fall. Okay. Yeah Do I see Veth? MATT: No, Veth is nowhere in sight MARISHA: I don’t see Veth? MATT: No SAM: 80 feet down MARISHA: No, I’m down– Oh, I’m on the tree MATT and SAM: You’re on the tree MARISHA: Okay. I go the rest of the way down MATT: Okay. You go all the way down? MARISHA: Yeah SAM: I’m hiding MATT: Yeah. You don’t see Veth You have the light of a rave stick– MARISHA: (whispered) Veth! MATT: — to look by and you don’t see Veth anywhere MARISHA: And I click it off. (whispered) Veth! I’m here! You bitch I know you’re fucking down here, you bitch (laughter) (laughter) (laughter) SAM: I’m going to try stealth and sneak up on her MARISHA and TRAVIS: You bitch (laughter) SAM: 27 MATT: She has no idea where you are SAM: I’ll give her a wet willy MARISHA: Come on! (laughter) MATT: Yeah, you got wet willied MARISHA: (frustrated groan) LIAM: And DM, you described one of those things as waking up and in its little hot tub? MATT: Or you saw it twitch in there and it just hit the glass tubing and you heard a (thumping) ASHLEY: Caduceus, I’ll hold the rope Go, go, go LIAM: I’m so tempted to fuck with that– Okay I start going down the rope MATT: Okay TALIESIN: I’m next. Guardian of Faith, and I bop out TRAVIS: What about the armor? Did you take the armor? MATT: Okay LAURA: So Caduceus is the next one down? LIAM: Veth took the armor TALIESIN: Yeah, after Caleb LIAM: Didn’t you take the armor? LAURA: So wait, Caleb is coming down? SAM: I gave it to you to identify it when you get a chance LIAM: Oh, so I got it LAURA: I’m still hanging on the rope TALIESIN: Yeah SAM: Yeah. You don’t have to do it now LAURA: I was going to help somebody that needs it, but I don’t think Caleb needs it TALIESIN: So yeah, on the way out, I’m just going to drop this sudden shining armor with a shield with the crest of the Wild Mother on it And like where the head should be, it’s just this glowing amethyst rock And it’s just going to stand in front of the– about 10 feet away from the– five feet away from the– MATT: It just sits there This quiet sentinel of divine energy TRAVIS: What? LAURA: Nice! TRAVIS: What is that? ASHLEY: That is so cool MATT: Guardian of Faith TALIESIN: Yeah LAURA: But somebody is going to block the tunnel, right? Like, to make it look, like, not obvious that we went down a tunnel, like put it– I’ve been saying it! I’ve been saying it TRAVIS: Yeah, we’re going to grab a bunch of shit and– LAURA: Like a table or something. (pigeon coo) LIAM: We just put a glowing guardian in front of the tube LAURA: Not in front of the (pigeon coo) Yeah, but not in front of the tunnel SAM: The (trilling) tunnel TRAVIS: Well, one of us has to hold the rope ASHLEY: I’m holding the rope TRAVIS: At the top, okay ASHLEY: You guys go down and then I’m going to– TRAVIS: Just slide? ASHLEY: Get a table over to cover the hole TALIESIN: The guardian’s not like right in front of it It’s like 10 feet LAURA: Yeah, yeah LIAM: So here’s the deal. I’ll go down the rope I will lower down it hanging above I will use my transmuter’s ability just to turn myself into a giant owl So I’m now flying around the rope and I will take people down one at a time as they follow after MATT: Okay TALIESIN: Is there an across, actually? SAM: Here’s my plan, Beauregard LIAM: Is there a what? SAM: You lie down on the ground MARISHA: Fuck! What? SAM: Sorry. I’m right behind you MARISHA: Fuck! SAM: My plan is this You lie down on the ground– MARISHA: Can you at least stand in front of me, so I have an audio reference? SAM: You lie down on the ground I’ll use an image spell to make it look like your head’s gone So when the others come, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, she fucking died!” MARISHA: Oh, like– okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah SAM: You’ll see who likes you and who doesn’t really care MARISHA: That’s a weird ulterior motive I was just here for the prank of it And then you made it– SAM: All right. We don’t have to do it MARISHA: It’s a good prank, though SAM: It is a good prank MARISHA: Let’s workshop it. It’s a first draft MATT: As you all begin to bunch up, what is this rope affixed to, by the way? Now that you all have– LIAM: Just Yasha MATT: — crawled into it So Yasha, you’re the last one holding it? So you’re holding the rope for now it is like three or four people dangling from it where you turn into an owl and begin to carry people down LAURA: Yeah. And then– LIAM: Yeah, one at a time for Fjord and Caduceus And that just leaves me flying beneath the hole in the ceiling and going for the slip and slide ASHLEY: Yeah LAURA: I guess I got help, too, because I was just dangling from the rope this whole time LIAM: No, I let you fall MATT: Okay. So you do notice– LIAM: I thought she went down already MATT: — the rope is no longer holding any weight It is free of anybody else, it seems What would you like to do? ASHLEY: Okay, can I try to cover up the hole that we’re in with, like, a table or something?

MATT: Correct. Are you taking the rope up, or are you anchoring it to something? ASHLEY: I’m going to take the rope up MATT: Okay. So you pull the rope back up and you pack it away ASHLEY: Yeah. And then sort of try to get MATT: There’s plenty of debris here to pull and try and, you know– LAURA: Yeah MATT: — wedge into that space a bit ASHLEY: Cover it up, yeah MATT: Pardon, yeah LAURA: As you like– ASHLEY: And then– LAURA: — fall down the hole ASHLEY: Yeah, it’s okay I’m going to start shimmying down the hole MATT: Okay It is a tight enough space to the point where you have a little more resistance than most would I will say, because this is– Roll an athletics and/or acrobatics check on this one ASHLEY: Okay Natural 20 TRAVIS: Oh yeah MATT: Without issue We’re like– this is like a reverse Bishop in Aliens Where you’re in that tight space and just working your way down as you go About 70 or so feet before you begin to look over and you can see where the duct comes to an end abruptly and where that opening space is And as you get towards it, you’re able to wedge your arms on the side and glance over and you can see below (fluttering) the flying owl that is Caleb ASHLEY: Psst. (hooting) LIAM: (hooting) ASHLEY: Ready? LIAM: (hooting) MATT: It’s a heavy impact for you, but you manage to right yourself for the most part LIAM: (panting) MATT: All right With that, you’ve all been lowered down into the trees and you all begin to slowly climb down to meet, I assume on the bottom, beneath the canopy or are you staying in the tree? LAURA: Well, they’re already at the bottom I assume the bottom MATT: Okay SAM: Come on down, guys, we’re all here waiting ASHLEY: Climbing down TALIESIN: All right MATT: So you all climb down Do you revert form? LIAM: I think I’ll stay in the branches above them MATT: Okay LIAM: For the moment MATT: So you stay just flying in the space here, and as you like fly around, you get a view of the space The chamber is over a hundred feet tall And as you begin to peruse and scan the tops of this strange, man-made, subterranean, now arboretum, hundreds of feet from side to side, probably anywhere from 250 to 300 feet from one end to the other, but it is this gradual domed arboretum-like chamber, a contained interior forest Caduceus, what catches you odd and makes you feel the shiver down your spine as you climb through this tree, is the way that it’s twisting, the coloration of the leaves and the branches: Very reminiscent of the Savalirwood, specifically the corrupted portions of it It’s oddly welcoming because it reminds you of home, but it’s the least– the least thing you would expect this far from it TALIESIN: And it’s the worst thing to see, right? The worst part of home to see right now MATT: Yeah TALIESIN: We’ve seen this before TRAVIS: Where? TALIESIN: Savalirwood MARISHA: Your home? TALIESIN: It’s so similar, but something’s very wrong They’re dead, right? These things are just fucking dead MATT: If you want to try and inspect, could make a nature check TALIESIN: Why a nature check, damn it? MATT: Because this is understanding of nature TALIESIN: I’ll wait. It’s just freaking me out Until we’re on the other side MATT: Okay TALIESIN: Stuff’s just hitting me wrong LAURA: Do you want me to try to talk to them? TALIESIN: No, not yet MARISHA: What is it? TALIESIN: It’s just– This is just casting a shadow on me I’m not ready to look at this yet Let’s get a little further in MATT: Okay. You all, except for Caleb, gather at the base of the tree and you now stand in the midst of this lightless, oddly level forest You can see quite a bit ahead as the canopy ends anywhere between eight to 10 feet above you, and since it is a level field, aside from the occasional or the eventual blockade of overlapping trunks, it just looks like an endless row of semi-natural columns that themselves warp and twist a bit before they climb up into the cluster of branches and leaves Your feet hitting the floor has a soft spongy feel almost as you step across the underbrush You feel the cracks of fallen branches and twigs of long-dried and partially decayed vegetation

But you sense the decay here is somewhat stunted There isn’t enough moisture and enough specific nutrients to maintain the sort of fungus or continued cycle of decomposition, which sets you off as well TALIESIN: Detect Undead MATT: No undead TALIESIN: All right MATT: Which brings you some comfort Glancing about, there are a lot of elements of this, the layer of the trees, the shape they’re taking It feels like you’re in a weird parallel version of the Savalirwood TALIESIN: I know it’s about 300 feet, how far? I figure like three quarters into it, I’ll try and talk to one of these MATT: Which direction are you guys going? You’re in the center of the chamber, of a large circular room TRAVIS: Wait, it’s dark, right? LAURA: I can cast– Yes, it’s very dark TRAVIS: Let’s light it up TALIESIN: I’ve got a little light going on MATT: Okay LAURA: Can I cast Locate Object at a higher level? MATT: Yeah. You can cast any spell at a higher level It doesn’t necessarily mean it has a higher effect, but you can burn the spell slot to still use a lower level spell LAURA: Yeah, I’ll try. I’ll do another one Fuck, I’m using a lot, but I’ll do another Locate Object MATT: Okay. Closing your eyes and concentrating you– Between the darkness that is your closed eyelids, you see that green glow of the Traveler’s presence begin to swerve and then draw your attention off the right-hand side of the path you guys were traveling And as soon as you glance over, and open your eyes, you can see that green glow has become a faint blue And you know that direction is tugging you towards the threshold crest that you were seeking LAURA: It’s over there SAM: Let’s go MATT: All right. Are you all traveling standard speed? SAM: Stealthily MATT: Stealthily? All right. Everyone make a group stealth check for me LAURA: Blessing of the Trickster– MATT: Except for Caleb, who is flying around LAURA: — to Fjord TRAVIS: What does that give me? LAURA: Advantage on stealth rolls TRAVIS: Thank LIAM: Is the tree cover too thick to be flying like 20 or 30 feet above or would I just be in the branches? MATT: You would just be in the branches at that point It is– All the trees are And it’s odd, the more you look at it, their pattern of placement is not random like a normal forest It is geometric They are all spaced intentionally from each other So their canopies all collide pretty intensely LIAM: Okay TRAVIS: 14 MATT: 14. Jester? LIAM: All right, I’ll drop it LAURA: Eight MATT: Eight SAM: 25 ASHLEY: 23 TALIESIN: 20 MARISHA: 20 LIAM: 20 MATT: Okay. Okay So eventually Caleb catches up with you and you all together began quietly, slowly, but quietly making your way in the direction that Jester is leading Moving through, looking from right to left because of that odd geometric placement, it does feel like intentional columns, to a certain degree, because of that continued pattern As you maneuver and keeping your eyes peeled, nothing else seems to move No other sounds beyond the crunching of your feet, even as careful as you are, pressing forward into this dark expanse After a bit of travel, you begin to see the far walls of this arboretum begin to approach There in the stone, you can see these carved arches that are more just there for design purposes, but one of these arches is open It is a hallway entrance And you know this to be the likely direction you should travel This hall is two by two So you would have to travel in pairs Who would be the first pair in this marching order? LIAM: Is there no writing on the outside of this archway? MATT: There would be writing. Do you still have– LIAM: It lasts an hour, so I’d have 30 or 40 minutes left MATT: Right. And it’s not concentration, correct? LIAM: No MATT: So yeah. You read it It reads “Threshold Vault.” MARISHA: Threshold Vaults SAM: Pretty clear MARISHA: Yeah TRAVIS: Maybe vault means lounge SAM: ♪ Two by two! ♪ LAURA: Caduceus, have you ever tried talking to the corrupted plants in the Savalir? TALIESIN: No, I… I think I’ll I’ll try once we’re all in the tunnel LAURA: Okay TALIESIN: I’m worried LAURA: Do you want me to try, too? TALIESIN: If you could be there as well, that might be a good idea LAURA: Okay MARISHA: Why did you never try talking to them? TALIESIN: I don’t know Things are different now Once everybody’s in– TRAVIS: We’re here, yeah TALIESIN: I’m not touching them, either If you can hear me, I am so sorry And if we can help,

we will LAURA: I’m going to cast Speak with Plants from the necklace LAURA: I’m going to cast Speak with Plants from the necklace MATT: Okay LAURA: And see if we can hear anything back I’ll just reiterate what Caduceus said as well MATT: Okay You convey this message to what you think is likely going to be nothing to respond But as you speak to the first tree, you sense a fragment of his essence reach out back to you in return And while, much like the language of trees are wordless and but a series of slow emotions and thought, and but a series of slow emotions and thought, this comes to you nothing but malevolent hunger, and desperation this comes to you nothing but malevolent hunger, and desperation It reaches towards you, and it’s like pulling your hand back from a hole filled with insects You are repulsed by the emotion that tries to connect to you This (wheezing) And as you withdraw, you almost like slap the pouch away that you utilized to make this connection There is still life in these trees, though nowhere near the semblance that you’ve grown accustomed to TALIESIN: No, let’s… We’re done Let’s move. That’s enough LIAM: I’m going to quietly nudge my way to the front if we’re going into this tunnel I’m going to throw up Detect Magic with Comprehend Languages still going because both can be happening, and I’m going to apparate Frumpkin down in front of me and say: Just 20 feet up, quiet as you can MATT: Got it. All right Who’s with Caleb at the front? TRAVIS: I’ll go with Caleb at the front MATT: All right. You got Fjord and Caleb Who’s after them? SAM: Should have Jester close to the front so she can point the way? Right? LAURA: Sure. Yeah, I’ll go behind them MATT: Okay. And who’s next to Jester? SAM: I’ll go next to Jester to protect her MATT: All right LAURA: Thank you, Veth MATT: And then Caduceus would be in the rear, so probably would Beau and Yasha after that SAM: Unless, Fjord, you’d like to TALIESIN: I’ll be keeping an eye behind us MATT: Okay LIAM: Caleb’s eyes are just wide as saucers trying to see any writing, any arcane sigilry anything that is bad for us MATT: So. Different from the metallic rectangular hallways that you traveled through by the laboratories, down here, the hallway has a natural stone feel It has a simple elven flair to its curved arched ceiling above you And occasionally it’s segmented with a decorative rib that travels from side to side over top This area seems to carry a little more of an aesthetically pleasing presence of an aesthetically pleasing presence This hall, as you step into the cold marble floor echoes (footsteps) You instinctually keep quiet and be careful, keeping eyes out You don’t see any writing. You don’t see any labels A little ways ahead, you begin to see a T-intersection where another hall intersects with this And as this hall continues onward, you can see a set of stairs that descends And since it is lightless beyond the light that you carry with you into this chamber, Caduceus, you do see a faint, familiar blue glow, barely visible just beyond the stairway ahead of you TALIESIN: There you go TRAVIS: And the stairway is beyond the intersection? MATT: Correct LIAM: So there’s a left and a right, but we can pass that MATT: Yes LIAM: Towards stairs, okay LAURA: And my spell is guiding us– MATT: Guiding you across and down the stairs LAURA: Okay TALIESIN: Careful for traps LIAM: I place my hand on Fjord’s shoulder and go into Frumpkin’s vision And just have Frumpkin (footsteps) up to the intersection and look both ways MATT: Okay. Go ahead and roll perception for Frumpkin TRAVIS: Come on LIAM: Just look, cat! Just look! That is a 13 MATT: 13. Don’t see anything one way or the other LIAM: Okay TRAVIS: Just darkness? MATT: Just darkness LIAM: Okay. So far, so good LAURA: And you saw the blue light down? LIAM: Yeah MATT: Yeah, so there’s the intersection straight ahead, and the stairs descend downward and you see a faint,

a little bit of blue light coming up from beyond the stairs TALIESIN: We’re both on track LAURA: Okay TRAVIS: And as Caleb and I come up to that intersection– MATT: Does Frumpkin traverse the intersection? LIAM: No. Waits there MATT: Okay. So Frumpkin just waits there LIAM: You want to look right, I’ll look left? TRAVIS: Sure LIAM: Okay We have better investigation than Frumpkin, so I’m going to look up the left hallway here TRAVIS: Yeah, we do like the one eye LIAM: Yeah TRAVIS: Around the barrier, slicing the pie LIAM: Detect Magic still up, writing, all that MATT: Right, yeah Detect Magic. As you approach towards that intersection, you sense a faint magical barrier that can entirely encompasses that T-section hallway ahead of you LIAM: Okay. So before we even get there that I catch that vibe MATT: Mm-hmm LIAM: Okay Is there a school connected to it? MATT: This would also be Abjuration LIAM: Okay MATT: I imagine so; let me double check SAM: So, like, we can’t go forward? LIAM: Well, something will happen SAM: Oh TALIESIN: Is there are Dispel Magic in the house? LIAM: Yeah, there is MATT: Sorry, Evocation is what you would get from this LIAM: Evocation? Even better I will cast Dispel at 4th-level MATT: At 4th-level. Okay Go ahead and roll a d10 and add your intelligence modifier LIAM: D… d10? MATT: Sorry, d20 (blows raspberry) LIAM: Total of 16 MATT: 16 As you concentrate, try your best to extend your intellect to unravel whatever weave holds this barrier ahead of you Inspirational cleverness hits your mind and you envision anchor points beyond this intersection, hoping this wall is not infinite, and if there are anchor points, it means there’s a weakness where the two meet, and that’s what holds this wall in place As you release the Dispel Magic, you watch as the barrier vanishes ahead SAM: Cool. Nice MARISHA: Okay SAM: Excellent TRAVIS: Well done LAURA: Nice, Caleb LIAM: Okay Inch a little closer and do what we planned? TRAVIS: Mm-hmm LIAM: Okay LAURA: ♪ Inch a little closer ♪ TRAVIS: I’ll actually summon the sword as well and (whooshing) kick it off MATT: The light glows now. You have multiple light sources helping even further your vision in this space And now that you have more light and you glance up, you can see the heavy cracks that run through the stonework of this hallway Everything here, even in its beauty, still has sustained severe structural damage from the impact of Aeor long ago And now that you have that visual perspective with your sword now lighting it up even further, further instills the question of just how well this all will continue to stand and for how long TRAVIS: Hmm MATT: But– MARISHA: And we’re just still in the hallway No chambers, just– MATT: Just a long hallway LIAM: Left and right And forward and down MARISHA: And forward and down, right TRAVIS: Yeah, we’re doing the– LIAM: Fjord and Caleb are going to do– TRAVIS: Yeah, we’re going to slice the pie MATT: You’re getting the sense that a lot of this city, at least the areas you’ve seen, have had open, open regions, but the open regions have been buried and covered and so what remains are enclosed chambers and the halls that connect them So what’s left is this odd labyrinth of things that have– structures and chambers that have resisted the weight and test of time So you approach the intersection You cross, there’s no barrier, no issue TRAVIS: Is it just darkness in each direction? MATT: Darkness in each direction TRAVIS: How far can your globules go? LIAM: Well. Well, well, well If I do globules, I can’t sense any magical threats I will lose one so TRAVIS: I could just (whooshing) one in each direction SAM: Sure TALIESIN: Between the two of us, we should be fine ASHLEY: Hey, um. I can make light SAM: What?! Let’s see it TALIESIN: Prove it (laughter) ASHLEY: Foom! TALIESIN: Where have you been keeping that? ASHLEY: I just realized I had it (laughter) I was like, “Am I looking at this correctly?” MATT: Yeah, that’s right ASHLEY: It just says– LAURA: You have Light? You have the Light cantrip? ASHLEY: Yeah. I have the Light cantrip MATT: As part of being aasimar ASHLEY: Not sure how I missed that this whole campaign TRAVIS: Awesome MATT: I always figured– TALIESIN: You can like pop it on anything ASHLEY: I can pop it on something? MATT: On objects, yeah Like glove, or your sword, or something like that MARISHA: Comes with the textbook ASHLEY: Yeah, I’ll pop it at the end of my sword MATT: All right. So the front of the sword begins to glow LAURA: Nice ASHLEY: It’s like a flashlight LAURA: Yasha, that’s clutch! MARISHA: That’s really cool

LIAM: I should have thought of that. (whooshing) Fire in my hand MARISHA: Look at you. You’re a trendsetter ASHLEY: I– Thanks MARISHA: Yeah MATT: With the additional light and with the sword out there as well, you can see that both sides of this hall end about 35, 40 or so feet beyond on each side, and you can make out, with what light you have, that there are detailed glyphs carved into the top and bottom of each of these sides, which you envision would be the anchor points for this wall that was previously there TALIESIN: Okay LAURA: Let’s keep going. Let’s take out this crest TRAVIS: We’ll go to the stairs LAURA and MATT: All right MATT: Stepping down the staircase, the familiar blue light begins to fill the chamber before you, as you come to a nearly identical room as to the one that you previously found in the ruins of A5 MARISHA: Oh MATT: The same stairs that descend into a somewhat round chamber, the somewhat curved balcony to the right and left with some faint railing where it descends curve– where stairs curve around it into the center of the chamber or there’s the central stairs that go to the middle You see the large, carved, faintly glowing glyphs that reach across from the center of the floor, to the far wall and up the wall, and there, atop and in the center, you see embedded, the large, glowing, blue threshold crest SAM: We got it MATT: And that’s where we’ll pick up next time (groaning) TRAVIS: Not yet, we’re don’t MATT: (chuckles) We’ll pick up from there next time as you guys have located your second threshold vault SAM: Are we going to break it or take it? TALIESIN: We can’t break that thing LAURA: I feel like we should try to break it TALIESIN: It’s magical LAURA: If we take it they can take it from us We should destroy it SAM: No, we should take it because then it’s a bargaining chip LAURA: No! They’re going to kill us and take it SAM: Then it means we might get to see the city come MARISHA: Shit, I have so much more I want to do TALIESIN: Break the armor first– TRAVIS: We’ll decide, we’ll decide MATT: You got time, you got time to figure out what you’re going to do while we await our next episode MARISHA: Fuck! Okay MATT: All righty. Well Thank you all for joining us tonight We will see you next week Don’t forget we love you very much And is it Thursday yet? Good night