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Encounter is a game of death, anybody can die. Be careful You’ve been appointed specially to control crime Most of the time you must be in civil dress while discharging your duty l’ll sign the proceedings Problems and pressure are part of our duty lf anything happens, you don’t get dejected World is a super market You may get happiness, joy or advice, try your best Terrorists may escape hearing our siren, right? Joined duty yesterday, sir? Who accompanied you yesterday, sir? l drove myself – Why did you come to crime branch sir? Do you like to drive in Ameerpet at 5 pm? Horrible traffic, sir But still can’t avoid it, sir Just like that l too couldn’t avoid it How do you come to know about crime happening, sir? My phone number is available in newspaper and on lnternet, so anyone can call me at anytime No use sir, you may catch someone, after that it’s routine, nobody can ever dare touch the real criminals Go to Raju Nagar Come sir…come sir – Who called me? l don’t know sir – What happened? An unknown sadist is torturing a girl inside Who is inside? – All others escaped except that girl How did he come? Why is it dark inside? He switched off the main switch He’s threatening to kill her if we dare enter Where’s the main switch? – Left side after entering in Okay, all of you stay here you’ve removed earrings now, sing another song this time, Hindi song ‘Kajra Rey – ‘Kajra Rey You stopped singing You lost the game Now keep your bag here Keep it here

Please, don’t harm me Don’t shout…am l raping you? l’m enjoying cries of a lady for fun Let me enjoy it Have you ever seen hell? l’ll show you now Hey! Who are you? Get up…get up! Oh police! When did you join police force? You can’t do anything l’m the policeman here and you’re a thief Hands up! Come on ! Walk out like that Get out! Go away! Go away l say! Nobody should come inside – Leave me He ran away Did he hurt you? Describe him. You’re safe Can l come to the station with you? You can’t find better macho man than me What happened? – He stole someone’s bag Count it – lt has Rs.1 lakh You’re faster than a bank counting machine Take out Rs.20000 from it Give it to him Fill this bag with rest of the money What about my share then? – Keep in it first, l’ll tell you Mukesh, send this bag to my home Looks like you’ve taken a bundle already from it Just Rs.10000 only, sir – Shall we share 50-50? How about returning the bag to the owner? No sir lf bag hadn’t come to me, you would’ve taken everything, right? Your photo is on wanted list but still you entered station bravely Your watch is damn good, let me see it This was given my ln-laws as dowry They too would’ve stolen it from somewhere, give it to me Come on, give it fast Take it, sell it You’ll get Rs.200, have a biryani and enjoy You stole it from my loot, sir He’s into flashback, throw him into the cell Forgive me sir – Bloody! Go away He made me sell black tickets of film ‘Tagore’ My bad luck l ran into him Ants steal sugar mosquitoes steal blood Sir, a small complaint – Complaint? Why are you telling me? What are you doing? Sir, she lost her bag – Bag? Sit down What is your name? You write down the complaint l’m not here to complain against the robber, but on him! Complain against your Sl! You carry on l don’t if he was thief or a sadist, but police never turned up, he didn’t respond to my phone call How can your police dept. be so weak? What if he had molested me? What would be my position now? There’s lot of difference between training and dealing with public This is your second day on duty lt shouldn’t happen again Pudding is good only if its hot lf you rush to eat, it may burn your tongue So, blow air to eat it Vicky, sorry for the delay in responding to your mail, l can’t make it to Ramchand’s marriage, sorry once again, this country doesn’t grant leave for your own marriage too, try to understand me, how’s your police job? Public aren’t facing any inconvenience from you, right? Who? Alex? How is he? He’s fine doing the job he likes in his favourite country What do you lack? lf you love your job, you too can be happy Why are you getting dejected? lf not dejected, how can l be happy? My friends are happily settled in software industry or in own business What about me? l’m a useless police man Why do you feel like that? Any job we do depends on how best we do it Wasn’t your father a well respected police officer? Mother, public opinion about police isn’t as good as you think

Do you know how police are looked down? Whatever you may say l feel like my life is controlled by a remote Hey mad man ! Bloody idiot! Just now l saw your future hubby, he’s very sweet l think he’s vegetarian, l winked at him He blushed and didn’t respond l’ll beat you, he’s like your brother – l don’t feel like that lf you’re so itching, why not marry him? Where did you keep the camera? – ls it necessary to know? Drink Missed out anyone? You…? Why are you coming so late? Haven’t our friends come yet? – You’re the first What’s this? Not that.- What? – lsn’t Anitha the bride? Just a minute Couldn’t make it l can’t tell you for now Let’s discuss about it later l’ll meet you later Who is he? Sister…please forgive me – Hey it’s GG! You…? They almost killed me – What happened? l thought you were inside and wished with my pants down So what? l didn’t wear brief l’m sure one of the girls knows boxing l’ve a small job – l think he’s in party instead of duty You ignored my wish earlier and now pointing finger at me Whatever it is, say it on my face Yes, l was telling them you’re a useless police man You may feel bad to hear it That’s why! Stay away from them, buddy Already l got the stick, let’s go Ramchand committed suicide Move! l don’t like this marriage What’s this nonsense on road? Go…go away…what does he have? Come to us, babe! Which police station sir? Nothing sir, it’s my girl friend’s birthday, l wanted to celebrate in a pub but she insisted here, is it wrong, sir? ls it wrong, sir? Hey! ls it wrong, man? Go…go away…go! Throw such parties in your home not on roads, come with me Party has been gifted to my station, all of you join there Greetings sir Vikram, come here What did you do last night? – What? lt seems you did something heroic Why should l tell you? – Sir wants an explanation from you Cl is very angry, release them l can’t leave any law breaker without taking them to court

Do your work, l don’t need to take orders from you Are you mad? ls your brain in working condition? lf you’ve a jeep and power, will you arrest anyone? Just a week on duty and you’re going berserk lf he decides neither you’ll be here nor your job He’s Minister’s associate, his network is powerful than your sincerity l would’ve released him, but he insists you must do it Say sorry to Rana and open the lock up. Go Why are you hesitating like a kid? Go! Rana my boy, come out…come out He didn’t say sorry to me Why are you insisting on sorry like a kid? New boy and will take sometime to adjust He doesn’t know about you, does he? Did you see my reach? You locked horns with me l’ll fix you at an appropriate time Your bad time starts now Remember my name is Rana l told you sir, you’ll catch a criminal but he’ll go scot-free Did she call you that day? She did, buddy – What did she say? What would she say? Routine Driver, overtake them ls the road yours to talk and go slowly? So proud? Are you also Minister’s henchmen? l’ll rip your apart – Sir, please leave them What are you doing here? Shall l arrest you on trumped up charge? Come. Please sit down – Go ahead l’ve many doubts l should’ve met you that day Do you like me so much? First time l saw you shopping here Your physique and your manliness made me go mad l’m feeling embarrassed Get me a coffee please l got your phone number from the gift voucher you filled in Please, don’t stare at me – Why? Your eyes are raping me Are you not kissing me on phone everyday? l never expected you’ll come to meet me Don’t say like that l’m all yours from now At your service Shall we go out? – Now?- ls it difficult? l too want it but did you inform sister about getting late? To your sister? Why should l inform her? l mean your wife – No need Then, l’ll call my mom and tell her l’m going to watch a film We belong to middle class, right? Battery down My battery is charged, l mean use my phone No problem – Go ahead l signal problem l’m coming out l want to talk to you personally

Native place of Mumaith Khan? Native place of Mumaith Khan? Mumbai? – Will you decide everything? Then? – She’s from Anakapalle ls she a Telugu girl? – Shut up! A kid in JJ hospital needs ‘O’ negative blood immediately, donors please call What’s your blood group? – ‘B’ positive sir Yours? – l don’t know sir Yours sir? – Mine is ‘O’ negative You can donate blood, sir – Mine is useless Why sir? – l drink daily, no blood just alcohol You’re always right sir – Watch and drive carefully.- Okay sir ‘O’ negative blood donor – That room please l’m here to donate blood Blood donoris here, thank you Bus stop is colourful, shall we make a try? Come, boys are here! Clear out What a physique! Boy, will you come? – Bloody nuisance Take it…take lf you want money, do one thing – What do you want me to do? lt won’t be good in daytime All of you must undress, the first one will get Rs.1000 That’s a dummy gun lMAX? Okay l’ll wait Matter is that we don’t have any girl friends You too have a boy friend Smoking and drinking is daily routine No kick in it We’ll select few girls here, we’ll take them with us, okay? Let the game begin lf you’re still in hangover of last night’s drinks, go home and strip naked women in your home l’m getting into mood with her abuses Till we were on wrong track, l missed her out No need to call police, few minutes and you’ll compromise Come…come l say! Come l say! Leave me…leave me – Why are you struggling to free yourself? Leave me! lf you’re lucky, police will come without a phone call too He has come, he’s a dummy How can he help you? Get me sticks – Will you beat me? Forgot the insult in police station? Another three with him, you’re nine people, 3 for each one of you, l don’t mind even if sticks break Speak to me! He wants us to undress for money, bloody crap Purse is yours and the man too Have a ball! Stop…stop Leave me l expected big action But you turned it into a simple comedy scene You said l’m not a good fighter How come you are a police lnspector? After graduation But He wanted me to become a police officer For that l should’ve tried lPS, but before l could realise it, l was an lnspector l work in BPO

Where are you put up? – Stop here please Do you stay in a temple? No, in a hostel My bike is here – Gave it for repair lf you need any help My vehicle broke down Call me if you need any help? Why? – lf l’m in such a situation lf so…? Why do you want to call me? You’re still angry on me – lf l become your friend lf you’re free invite to a restaurant, lf it’s possible – lf it’s possible? Would’ve invited to a pub Answer the door bell Why are you still in bed? You…? Who told you about my birthday? l saw in your lD card l traced your house to wish you But you wished me in advance – Why? Changed it in school for a problem Thank God, you made it to my home Come, l’ll introduce you to my mother No problem, you’re the first girl to present him with a bouquet No need to feel sorry You are very beautiful He must be lucky Greetings aunty – Where did you meet my son? You’ve come home early morning, let’s have breakfast together No thanks, aunty l was busy, couldn’t reply you You know l hate this job, doing it for mother Can’t avoid it, can’t make her sad at this age But frankly l feel little proud wearing the khaki uniform To do something l’ve a useless superior and a cunning colleague This is till date, by the way, when are you coming to lndia? Don’t bring anything for me, we get it cheaper here But don’t forget duty free liquor How is it possible? – What? You’re speaking and it’s typing it This one? l’ve software that reads the text and types whatever l say Reads the text too? Can l check my mail? Click here lt seems you like some one, Keerthi Your computer is speaking! What is this may l help you? We try for solutions to many problems we face in life, this May l Help You blog helps you a lot in such situations lf we tell our problem, bloggers all over the world respond to it with a solution They are very useful – What’s your problem? Actually l’m alone l share my feelings in this blog Specially when l’m low At such times when l open this blog, messages of l’m with you, it gives me the feeling l’m not alone

ln this blog That day too ln the lnternet cafe, l was doing the same That sadist case l called your phone getting the number from net l was little rude after that l must go now – May l drop you? When will you come again? lt seems you like someone Oh ! That one! l’ll tell you later You’re not alone hereafter l’m dying unable to find a house for you, sir Most owners are refusing houses for software engineers What am l to do sir? Okay, l’ll call you tomorrow, or else l’ll call you in an hour To let, 2 bedroom, rent Rs.2000 only, only for bachelors, AC & geyser free l got it sir, l’ll settle it in 5 minutes House for rental? You’ve put up a board l like your house very much That’s why l’m paying advance without seeing it Are you crazy? You put the board yourself and trying to steal us Would l ring the bell to steal you? Go away, one more minute and l’ll let dogs chase you lf earthquake hits, your home will be the first to go down Bloody crap faced! You hang up a to-let board – What? You put up a board l didn’t put that board, don’t know who hung it Why are you denying it? No house for rental here, go away He asked for lift and turned that side Are you coming or not? My bike is down – Where are you now? Near the compound wall of arterial road Stay there Are you free now? Are you a dream or a reality? A boon to my eyes You’re in my heart, my love Are you my love call? Are you a garden of flowers? You’re my life, my dear Are you a drop of rain? Are you gushing waves? Are you my mischievous love? Come with love to tell me Cuckoo called and the spring came to join me

Tasting the sweetness of love and blossoming into a flower You’re in my dream Won’t you listen to my heart? May l become the breath of your life? May l become the companion of your life? Becoming daylight – Coolness of night Shall we unite into one? Listening to the love calls of dragonflies l’m all yours Accepting your invitation Let my imagination of your beauty come true When i come to you, it’s time to harvest love When your beauty enchants me May l become you Let’s become one – Rule over love Keerthi, l’m here Where are you? ln a mechanic shop near by, l’ll give my scooter and come l’ll wait Have you fixed the bomb? – ls it perfect?- Perfect By 3.45 pm, all bombs will go off in the Art gallery We must escape quickly, we must be out of city in an hour Bomb matter mustn’t get leaked Come.- Come Alert the bomb squad immediately Got information about a bomb blast in Art Gallery at 3.45 pm l’m going there now Stop them All of you please leave Go away l’ll tell you…l’ll tell you According the information our Sl received, we searched the entire complex, but didn’t find any bomb here Who gave you the information about planting a bomb? l heard someone talking about it behind the wall, sir Who are they? They were behind the wall, l couldn’t see them Why did you go there? Was it message from heaven?

Are you afflicted with schizophrenia? Do you hear voices and see things that are non existent? No sir l’m watching your drama lsn’t it your silly plan to go on TV with some sensational news? You made the dept. to sweat it out All the running, traffic jams, searching went waste l’ll get screwed by higher officials now Got me? – Sir, you do not believe me What if there was a bomb really? Not there, right? No silly logics please He’s alone, go, l know everything about you and him One fine day, all of you will come on TV That’s for sure Have you come? Sorry, l had to leave immediately l saw on TV, l got scared about the bomb news Forget it, tell me Let’s meet in Celebrations at 8.30 pm l didn’t disturb you, did l? – No, but how come you’re here? Entry is for couples only – Where? Pub? You wanted to invite me to a pub l’m inviting you now – Yeah, come on You know, couples entry for boys only, girls are allowed single and served with free cocktails too Really? lf l knew girls are allowed single, l wouldn’t have invited you Then you don’t need me, l’m leaving Are you a regular here? Only couples are allowed, if you’re a regular lf they refuse, l can get many girls here Get here? Many single girls come here Find the best and fix her up Yes Really? Don’t lie There are so many girls here, select one and l’ll get her 3Bet? Select the girl This ambience and this music is How much is the bet? How much is the bet? Give me Rs.7000, l’ll co-operate with you Remember his face, next time he’s here

How did l come here? Don’t ask that silly question l’m really very angry Can you drive? Nobody will care if a police man drives drunken What am l to do? lf you’re not used to it, why act a bravado? lf l here again about you tackling girls Go Arrange a marriage Uncle? Madam, he wants a match Please sit down What would you like to have? Coffee or tea? l’ll take even empty cup from the hands of a beauty Tell me Want to see a match – For whom?- For me! Aren’t you still married? Teasing me? l’ll get angry – Can l tell truth if you don’t mind? What is it? – l thought it was for your son l didn’t say lest you may feel bad – l’m the boy Are you the ‘boy’? Why that expression? – Got emotional Set a match for me, l’ll be grateful to you eternally No need of it, pay in cash Rs.5000 First fill this form Take it You’re very fast – Right from my childhood Your latest photo Younger brother’s? – l don’t have brothers Stand up Show me now.- What? – Brides’ photos All aunties only Don’t you like them, tell me your choice then My choice of girl is Are you also feeling shy? Shyness feel shy on seeing you Enough of it, tell me now Beautiful than Trisha, little chubbier than Nayanthara l got you l mean she must be like that girl Did you ever see your face in the mirror? l think it broke You’re insulting me – Thank God, l didn’t maul you For your pumpkin face, do you need that girl? Are you Mahesh Babu or Prabhas? You look like a child kidnapper Who will dare give their daughter in marriage to you? Go…go away! Vicky, l’m sure it’s love She threatened to break your legs From what you told me l’m sure she loves you What are you doing? – Watching film on TV Do you know telepathy too? – Yes Getting drunk like you, falling out, l don’t know all that You’re a novice in dealing girls Don’t embarrass me further Why? l failed in the pub, but this time l’ll tackle a girl successfully l don’t see you here – Are you there? You told me to come to Celebrations – l’m in Balloons l got confused little, l’m in rooftop restaurant l’m coming there Start the show You promised to tackle another girl l’ll watch it l don’t see girls here other than aunties l’ll entertain you till girls arrive For your pink sari

Those two mysterious eyes for them For your kind heart that helped a boy in distress by donating blood How do you know it? Did you call me here to say this? May l ask you something? Are you a magician? – No, l’m not How did you guess l’d come in a pink sari? l’ll reveal you a secret, l know telepathy Really? Are you blind? Where’s the wash room? – That side l know you’re a police man, there are two people sitting opposite to your table, a lady among the two is eating noodles, see, there are drugs in her handbag, l saw it, she’s a drug peddler, you’re a police man, gave this information to catch her Where are you going? l want to check your bag l got the information about the drugs Which station? You’ve grown bigger than your boots to check ACP’s wife too lncoming calls are free, right? Why don’t you answer my calls then? Sir, my phone Forget it, who gave you information about ACP’s wife carrying drugs? l found on a paper – Did you take it as newspaper? No sir, l Who is it? Come here What? Last night you forgot it in restaurant You wait outside, l’ll come in a minute.- Stop! lsn’t it you who lodged complaint about losing bag? So you’ve caught the complainant lf your eyes are covered with lust, you can’t differentiate between ACP’s wife and a drug trafficker How can you say l made a mistake? l don’t know she’s ACP’s wife You chided me that day too on bomb scare As police man l must respond, right? Only when you’re on duty, were you on duty that day? This is last and final warning l must take action on you for any let up hereafter This is not my order but ACP’s What? Received a complaint on a lady making phone calls and stealing men You deal the case You go now, l’m busy Silly argument Does he chide you everyday like this? Where are you now? – l’m in Sindhi colony What are you doing? Got information about gang changing counterfeit notes l’m waiting for them – ls it confirmed news? lnformer must come – Do you know the informer?- No Come back You must be on security duty in 30 minutes Where are you? – Sindhi colony

l’m also in the same colony l’m also in the same street No Vicky Whatever you do goes against you No, don’t react They will fight for sometime and then cool off This is common here – What common? l’m a police man, how can l not react? You get paid, right? Why take chances unnecessarily? You rushed many times, what was the result? ls everyone doing their duty like you in your dept.? You’ll never get recognised for discharging your duty honestly lf you trust me, come with me Come Come Greetings sir – Greetings sir Greetings sir Go in ! He’s the guy! He didn’t respond even after seeing the fight Same man, same jeep He came very near He’s police, one word from him and we would’ve stopped My friend had severe head injury You were in Sindhi colony when the trouble broke out.- Yes Why didn’t you stop it? One man got a severe head injury, he lodged a complaint against you for not doing your duty, did you watch TV? Police didn’t care when a big fight broke out, a man got injured in the fight, if protectors of law don’t care about people’s safety, how can common people feel safe here? Sridevi with cameraman Srinivas What are you man? lf we were alone, l would’ve used choicest epithets Are you a police man or useless man? Poke nose in unnecessary things and ignore necessary things You’re unfit to be a police man Yes sir, l never wanted to be a police officer A straight forward man like me is unfit for this job Only sidekicks of goons and corrupt Ministers like you are fit You know many things Proud…proud What happened? – Sir, he’s Vikram Are you the man who searched my wife’s bag? Don’t you’ve common sense to say sorry to me? Poor man ! lf you go overboard, you’ll face flak You must have experience Sir, ACP wants you inside Your conduct is not good Your suspension orders Take a month’s rest at home Watch Hollywood films especially cop films You’ll get a book Criminology, buy and read it well, and practice it Don’t feel sad, this is routine in police dept Your father used to tell us Aunty, l’m responsible for this l stopped him lt wasn’t your mistake, l lack something Please leave me alone for sometime – No, actually l thought l’ll meet you later Problems and pressure are part of our duty lf anything happens, you don’t get dejected World is a super market You may get happiness, joy or advice, try your best l’m a police officer, whatever l do turns against me, l feel like killing myself hearing the abuses of my seniors,

they gave me a month’s stay, it’s like suspension, though l don’t like this job, l want to be a successful police officer l’m going crazy l must reach top position. How? Come, l’ve a surprise for you What brings you back here without any information? l’ve a site in Madhapur, l got a phone call about land grab That’s why l had to come suddenly How do you drink this nasty thing? You’re drinking this for 10 years now saying the same dialogue l drank feeling sad on your going to America, now l’m drinking happily for your coming back, l drank for his police job, l drank for getting a good girl, l drank for Ramchand’s death This is the first time we are meeting without him l wanted to come here immediately hearing about his death But you know the problems there Though he was hasty in Anita’s matter, he did have a change of heart, he would’ve committed suicide unable to forget her That’s for Ramchand lnstead of feeling sad for him, if we are happy it means he’s with us lsn’t it Vicky? Why are you silent? He has fallen in love Marriage can make you dull, but love will cheer you How is your girl friend? Till now he didn’t show her to me also Traditional girl? – You carry on boys. l’m going What happened? Why are you leaving? Police isn’t a 9 to 5 job with tucked in shirts and ties, police means cuts, bribes, sharing booty, everything is free, did you take it like that? can you catch a thief? can you shout? can you sleep while on duty? can you drink in police station? did you ever rape a woman in police station? did you kill anyone in encounter? if not why do you want to be a police officer then? Toilet cleaner’s job is vacant in my office, if it’s okay to you, l can recommend your name Are you handsome? Gigolos are very much in demand in my city You can make lakhs Friend, don’t feel sad l know your feelings Because l too faced the same problems once l want to advice you To understand your problem, l need to know more about you my name is Raj, M.Sc., Biochemistry You can chat with me online directly lf possible, let’s meet Mummy, get me a coffee please Who is disturbing me now? We are promoting Double X detergent powder lf you allow me in, l’ll wash your clothes and show l’ll not force you to buy the product Who will wash the clothes? – l will Come in Are you a bachelor? – Yes We may not be coming out openly but we too wish to see and do it Really? You smell sweaty, didn’t you use a deodorant? Take a bath, you’ll be fresh l’ll wait for you here l’ll be back Who else is in your family? – My mother and me He was in police dept l too joined the dept. for that only ls your mother working? – No, home maker She got little depressed after my dad’s death, she sometimes has chest pain ls it? Did you consult any doctor? Consulted many doctors Do one thing, take her to the Swami living in the outskirts of the city Did he do medicine? Take her to him, he’ll definitely cure her Try once You finished 2 coffees and 6 cigarettes Forget about your suspension Not about that, l got bored so l called you Shall we go out somewhere? l’ve a work

Deliver dialogue now Sit there You were in Ramchand’s marriage, right? He’s Gali Gangaraju – l’ll introduce myself l must thank you lf l’m of any help to you, l’m honoured l feel l’ve met the right man Friend, l saw your details All these days l did it for my mother, now l want to do this for my sake l’ll do anything What do you mean by doing anything? How difficult it may be? – l’ve an excellent plan lf you follow it, you’ll be recognised in your dept l want to be counted, people must know about me But you may feel my plan is silly l’ll tell if you’re prepared mentally l must do something Do you trust me? l’m sharing secrets which l didn’t with my mother, my love or my friends Friend, l think many times before telling my plan, once l tell you the plan, l’ll not back off You must commit a murder l’m serious, you commit a murder, make it appear like a suicide, your dept. will investigate and close the case as suicide After a week prove it as murder not a suicide with media’s support Are you following me? You committed the murder, so reveal few clues, you may get doubt about getting caught, just prove that it’s a murder, you needn’t have to reveal the killer, media’s hype will send shock waves in the dept., and they will recognise you and you’ll be famous Are you finished? Done? Are you joking? That’s why l told you before telling my plan, it will be silly but would work out Are you an avid watcher of Hollywood films? l’m a police man, how can l murder? l think you’re frustrated hearing your plan, take little rest lf you’ve any problem, tell me, l’ll advice you You must commit a murder, make it appear like a suicide, your dept. will investigate and close the case as suicide After a week prove it as murder not a suicide with media’s support Where are you? l want to meet you Why that rush? Where shall we meet? When are you leaving? l’ll convince mother Find a job for me also there l’ll give you my resume and certificates l’m not interested here Yes, l’m unfit to be a police officer lt’s impossible to be a police man without becoming a criminal What happened? Why didn’t you tell me till now? Foreign job isn’t as cushy as you think We may act like we are Bill gates here but we are second class citizens there lt’s better to live as poor man here than live like a beggar there Not everyone can become a police officer, dept. isn’t as bad as you think, how can you think entire dept. is useless because of few corrupt officers? Don’t sit cursing yourself, do something ln every great man’s life, there’s a little knot Murder or molest, do something to reach the top position Once you get the taste of success, nobody can stop you ln every great man’s life, there’s a little knot Murder or molest, do something to reach the top position Can l tell you madam? – What is it? Of late you look bright – True Bye madam lndeed Swami’s words are magical l feel new enthusiasm drinking the holy water given by him l’m surprised l was suffering from chest pain Tell your friend l inquired about him lf possible call now and thank him Okay? How are you friend?

How is your mother? Swami’s holy water worked lnfact that made me talk to you again Your mother’s is one of the problems unsolved by science or intelligence Your problem is unsolved by mind You’re confusing me – You’re confusing yourself Sometimes l want to trust you, l fear you Why fear me? How could you tell me about a murder plan? Why not a murder? What do you think of yourself? Why would anyone kill anyone without any reason? ls your problem of finding a victim? That’s it! Do l get victims in market to get killed? To buy a man for Rs.100 and kill him with a Rs.10 knife How could you think l’d tell you a plan without thinking about all that? Who should l kill? Kill me! Can’t you do it? l’ll die shortly even if you don’t kill me Trust me, l’m an AlDS patient At the most 3 months The only property l’ve is my life lt’s going to help you What are you saying Raj? Friendship with you gave my life a meaning, what more can l wish if my death helps a friend like you? Friend, please kill me Give me peace with death A genius like you shouldn’t get emotional Friend, the moment we know about our death will shock us, we make hue and cry, later we start ignoring the inevitable death l don’t fear death now So l want to do something that will make me happy What would you’ve done had l not befriended you? l had applied to the Govt for mercy killing Govt. which sanctions fake encounters to kill, ignores mercy killing pleas from people like me You can find my application with medical association, or in the website. Check it Kill me! l feel lucky to be My death will solve your problem My life will have a meaning lf you don’t kill me, l’ll turn into a suicide bomb Think of the catastrophe it follows Don’t mind living a wretched life but living dead is worst Give me time to think But only after it helps you What have you decided, friend? l’m tensed Please don’t change your mind How to kill you? l never saw you You needn’t think, l’ll tell you the plan Raj, l’m nervous You’re doing a great thing – What’s the plan? Procure a gun, don’t use service revolver Exactly at 1.28 am, l’ll come to Lanco Hills lake in black dress That’s my identity When l raise my hand and count to three, you fire at me There’ll be a suicide note in my pocket But don’t forget to wear hand gloves There’s difference between point blank shot and long range shot With that you can prove it’s a murder and not a suicide Friend, are you fine?

Who is it? – lt’s me Raj! Can’t hear my voice in chat, right? l shot you dead just now Will you make me kill my friend? Who are you? ln these days when mother won’t die for child or vice versa, how could you believe someone else would die for you? This is 2009! ln which bygone era are you living? You’re unfit to be a police man Tell me the truth, who are you? lf you’ve guts, come face to face What can you do if l come? l took video of the murder you just now committed l’ve it with me, l can fix you forever lf l didn’t have such a plan, how could l make you kill a man? Why did you make me do it? l must kill your friend Alex, there’s no risk for me if l make you do it Because you’re a police man Why did you take a video of it? l may need you to run some errands, you’ve to oblige me That’s why! lf l need you, l’ll call again Remember one thing, hereafter l’m your boss You’re my slave lf l give key, you must dance lf not your dept. will watch your murder film But l promise to keep away from your personal matters That dead body is your friend’s, bury or cremate or decorate your home with it, l’ll leave it to you l’ll call you later, friend Remember one thing, hereafter l’m your boss You’re my slave lf l give key, you must dance What happened? Sit down l’ve been seeing you for a week, you’re very moody, and went missing since yesterday, what’s your problem? l don’t get you l’m not having any problem l’m busy with a new assignment in my job Look at me, you are lying What do you know? Why did you switch off your mobile since morning? Okay, problems are common, come l want to meet your manager – You are…? Go inside l want information about a number – Which number? This number was activated about a week ago Whose number is it? Alex? Can anyone take a number using other’s name? You can, if you apply with photo and address proof, we inquire and issue a new number No use in tracing the phone number l’ll fix you at an appropriate time Your bad time starts now ls everything fine? Crime will not be in control if you listen to FM radio in police station Crime rate has increased in your area, drugs, betting, counterfeit note gangs are on rampage, this wouldn’t happen without active support from our dept., did you meet ACP? Try to find their collaborators No need to present files Your station had a specially trained Sl, right? l presented him with gold medal too l think his name is Vikram, ask him to meet me He’s under suspension, sir – Why? ACP suspended him temporarily How? What was his mistake? Responding to a bomb scare, how can it be irresponsibility to check ACP’s wife’s bag? That is sir Will you suspend him for not stopping a street fight?

l don’t know all that, l’ll sign revoking his suspension, he must be on duty by tomorrow morning Will you come? No lf you spread these wares, no girl will board, keep it inside No need, l’ll catch another auto Autos are off the road, we are going to station. Get in Go! Reduce the volume please What is this? Stop the auto lt’s thrilling in moving auto, may l down the shutter? You’re going to the station, we’ll drop you after job is done Take off your hand What happened? Escape! You earn just Rs.100, you want wine and women too lf you don’t get them, start molesting customers Drivers like you are scaring women to board autos Come Come…come lt seems DGP is very close to you lt seems he trained you personally and presented a gold medal too He’s feeling very much for you l’ll see whether you come to my way or complain to higher officials No use in training dumb heads To work under extreme physical & mental conditions to weed out terrorists & mafia, l was one of three trainees selected from 100, you can’t understand all this, l got caught because of my lack of interest in this job, now l’ll take to task the criminals and abettors of crimes the game has begun, l’ll show you what is professional police game Where are you going? – To meet your friend Don’t run boy! You go sir l want information on your friend – Which friend sir? Rana! – l don’t know him lsn’t Cl Guru your friend? Rana is his friend So he must be your friend too, tell me l’ll tell you sir, but Cl mustn’t know about it Okay, come…come Get some water please Hello…do you feel thirsty? Please 108 ambulance Who is he, practical joker? Sir…money – How dare you ask money? Hey, l’ll close down your shop Are you a goon? Keep it there Go…go away! Thank you sir l want information about Rana living in that house You needn’t have to fear – He’s not seen for 2 months now l saw him yesterday only Can you find where was he for 2 months? Give me your phone number, sir l want to talk to you personally – Do you know me? l saw you once on Necklace road Can l meet you? – l’ll meet you Thanks, no formality please – Where shall we meet? ln Pride Resorts, day after tomorrow l’ll be waiting for you Son, l’m working here, please answer the door bell

Got up? Vikram, this time no mistake, l’ll be waiting for you today evening l’ll come with you O my love, if my heart is yours My heart rebels against me to reach you My dear, my sweetheart Why don’t you dare and cross limits of decency? Though youth flows The wetness will not dry down Chillness will not go Chillness will send waves of passion in me Fires of desire will light up nights till morn Dragonfly is dancing in the fragrant garden of flowers As your dream of love comes true, let our love in ecstatic love bliss Let love rule the shivering hearts Translation of creation l’m here only, where are you?

Near the pool What dress are you wearing? Can’t you identify me without knowing it? No, a small game – Game? Like the games played in resorts Hey police! Why did you come in civil dress? l was searching for you but a lady thief called me l came for her but got you Don’t know why luck is favouring me today Kill him boys! l’m not a police officer now, but a criminal Tell me, why did you do all this? How do you know Alex?- Alex? – Don’t you know him? This isn’t licensed, tell me the truth What will you do? – Look, l’m going crazy. Tell me l don’t know Do you know the lady in the pool? – Who? Where were you for 2 months? Tell me – l swear l don’t know anything l was in hospital for 2 months – Hospital? l got discharged from hospital 5 days ago only l was angry on you, so l followed and attacked you l don’t know anything else Friend, are you fine? l think l may need your help, be alert l’ll tell you the details shortly lt’s very easy to do fake encounters than real ones lf l see you again in this city with girls at night or partying in daytime, l’ll bump you off at sight. Go! Then, he’s not Raj! Who is he then?

Go! Where are you running away? We all love cricket, not just us, bookies too love it, crores of rupees change hands in betting, when betting gangs are increasing, police today busted a betting racket, we got the right information, we caught them, we’ll know who is behind them in the interrogation Public must co-operate with us by giving information Look, you’ve done a good job Your father used to say not everyone on duty can become a police man, but you’re growing to be a police man, l wanted to see this and insisted on becoming a police man Can l ask you something? Nothing, l know you love Keerthi, she too loves you, l too don’t have any objection, l want to see you marry her as soon as possible l need some more time, mother Friend! You were on every TV channel l called you seeing it You must thank me Your brain is working because of me, right? Changed the style of working By the way, my work is postponed l’ll call you again to tell what it is and when to do Children have pure hearts Stars of the eyes of this world They are the tender flowers loved by the God You…? Till now you’d sister only, from now onwards a mother too l brought fruits and pudding for them Bring it here please Come dear Can l ask you something? – Go ahead aunty You love my son, right? When are you planning to become my daughter-in-law? l need some more time, aunty Have you come? – Where are you?- Parking lot He’ll come by 10.30 am sir Will you leak out information? Tell me l say! Will you betray us? Get me a bottle You complained that l didn’t stop your fight last time You were right, now l’ll interfere – Go away…clear out Come l say You narrated a story that day, please repeat it for me Nothing sir…what story sir? l’ll tell you sir…tell you sir We stage managed that fight to divert your attention The man who injured head isn’t our friend but man who gave you information You’re sincere officer, so we complained to get you suspended Story is good, shall we take a small break? Two teas please Stopped listening radio but started watching video.- That is

Do you know a thing? Your station is getting famous Watch ! Vikram who earlier busted a betting racket, today arrested a man dealing counterfeit notes Vikram told our reporters about revealing more names in the gang Have your coffee first lt’ll work like medicine Friend, are you fine? Are you thinking about me? Just a wild guess l want to meet you – lmpossible l know how to catch you – Stop joking and do me a favour What?- Murder! – Have you gone mad? You did earlier, why not again? l’m not creating new problems for you Why are you refusing? l’ll kill you if l hear it again – l too want you to kill But another man – l’ll not let you use me. l’ll stop you So, you refuse to kill for me Do whatsoever you can, go to hell l expected this from you You’re in home, right? You’ve got a mail, check it Laughing man is happy man ! Man who makes you laugh is jolly man Man who can’t laugh is a buffalo Laugh will ease your tensions Whether we are facing danger or very angry, we must laugh it out Keep laughing! Laugh and be happy or else get BP! May l tell you a joke? A female ant and a male mosquito fell in love, but ant’s family was wealthy, marriage in church and honeymoon in chair, a mosquito coil was kept in the room, mosquito told ant, why make such an elaborate plan to kill me? Laugh ! That’s it! Move…move…move Move…move…move Don’t you have sense? Laugh and be happy or else get BP! No use in trusting this French bearded man No use in artificial laugh, laugh heartily lf you don’t get laugh, look at me! Or else watch a good comedy film Bloody, slipped walking on banana peel He fell down. Barked like a dog Got a lesson You heard it right? l may look weak with French beard, if you disturb my laughing class, l’ll have you run over by a road roller Fat boy! No phone calls or SMS for a week, didn’t respond to my calls too What do you think of yourself? Are you ignoring me? Do you know how l’m feeling? Why? l’m hurt But what can l do? O young girl, is it good on your part? ls it respectful? Am l ignoring you? Don’t you know the pain of my heart? l do love you, right? – Did l deny it?

Why are you still angry then? Your fiery hot eyes have hit me You can’t understand a woman’s heart Mock anger and arrogance won’t suit your persona Praise and sweet talk won’t work on me What’s my crime to stay away and not talk to me? Did you remember about me now only? Don’t you know my days won’t pass without thinking of you? l gave my heart to you for this love only You gave mischievous dreams to my eyes You’re my heart beat and companion of my life Why do you ignore me? Please forgive me, show mercy O young girl, do you know? You are mine l’m no more angry listening to my heart l’ll never forget you My life is yours – My youth is yours No more angry Bomb scare creates tension in Secunderabad A tiffin box with wires and plastic created the scare People sighed with relief after knowing it’s a dummy Police suspect it as work of a practical joker Sit down No problem l don’t know who did it l saw it on the seat after a passenger told me Description of the passenger – He boarded there only sir Do you remember the passenger sitting there earlier? Can’t remember properly a rich handsome young man troubled an old man sitting next to him ls it? Where did he board the bus? – ln Secunderabad Will he look like this? – Yes sir!

Serve them cool drinks Friend, you must finish the job l gave you by tomorrow Did you receive the courier? Better know the consequences of refusing me This time l’ll send you a CD Got me? Are you done? – Be alert Friend, you must finish the job l gave you by tomorrow Friend! Excellent shot! Didn’t miss the target! You made me kill my friend again l know you’re near by You’re finished – Finished? l’m seeing you but l’m not there Take your friend’s body carefully l went to the temple, take offering l’ll meet aunty When did you become a police man? lt means he knows me very well Greetings sir l want case details of that day – Case? l mean that girl and the sadist – Now l remember, sir The sadist knows where’s the main switch, so he’s a regular here, l want list of regular customers Certainly, l’ll get it ready by evening l want complete list of customers on that particular day l’ll come evening – Certainly sir Friend, you’re trying hard to find me So you’re following me l’m getting sympathetic towards your cause l feel pity too What next? – No more jobs l called to inform you this You helped me a lot, thanks l want to see you Let’s meet! Shocked? Today evening at 7 pm, come to Phirangi House You’re coming, aren’t you? You’re coming, right? – l’ll come You came to the right address, anyway you’re a police man No need to be a police to find the right address Even a postman can do it Go to the main entrance and come up the stairs Come up! Up the stairs Come to the hall Turn to your left Have you come? Come straight Hit a door? Open it and enter Closed the door, no need to use phone, you can hear me We are locked inside a room And lost the key Dark room, l’m singing to keep your fears out Welcome friend! You’re about to see me. Look down ! Nothing, you’ll see me now, l made you kill your friends, you’ll get angry, your BP will raise, you feel like beating me, is it necessary? Anyway you can’t harm me, you must be cool to finish the deal, so, tie yourself with shackles, lock it and throw the keys out

What if l refuse? – Simple, deal is cancelled You can never see me again Don’t you want to know who l’m? Tie yourself Got used to slavery very well Throw the key A small surprise before you see me Open sesame! Got you again. Don’t move l’ll kill if you move l did as you told me, did you call me here for this? Don’t harm Keerthi, please Why are you after my people? Leave her Do you love her? Open sesame! Don’t get afraid, nothing will happen to you You made me kill my friends, if you want take my life, Leave Keerthi Atlast l got you ! Atlast l got you ! l was waiting for you all these days l called you here to kill you You’re finished You’re dead today l’ll take revenge by killing you You’re finished today Got scared? Friend! Don’t fear, friend! Shocked again? Confused? Look there! l can imitate male or female voice easily l wanted to kill you first l’m living to kill your entire gang of friends Were you planning to kill me? You must’ve a concept for anything That’s why l made you to come to the Net cafe l created a drama with an imaginary sadist l switched off the main l put a live wire to get electrocuted on touching it l made you believe a sadist is there by using my mimicry talent All of you run away! l expected you’ll die in shock But you came an hour late My plan failed That’s why l lied that sadist ran away To make it realistic l complained against you Do you want me to tell the truth? Ramchand didn’t commit suicide l killed him He acted with me that his parents forced this marriage on him l told him to write on paper that he doesn’t like this marriage He thought it was a joke To impress me, he wrote it on paper He didn’t expect it would become his suicide note l teased him You must share bed with a girl you hate from tomorrow, l teased him to spend an hour with me now He fell for it l went inside the room to wait and added cyanide in the glass You must’ve a concept for everything l killed him and made it look like suicide Still three of you were there l thought it was risky to plan and kill each one of you So l keenly observed you l played a love game with you l created May l Help You blog and introduced you to it l created a dummy bomb scare in Art Gallery l talked in two voices to blast a bomb in your life l put the slip about drugs in ACP wife’s bag l got you in a fix l disturbed your peace l made you run away from a street fight and called the media Department suspended you for it

l wanted it to happen According to my plan l made Alex come to lndia l befriended you as Raj and chatted with you You fell into my trap Game started heating up l got an idea on hearing about a lady thief cheating men on phone l called Alex and developed a relationship l made him come to the lake in black and count to three to meet me, he came for me, you shot him dead thinking it’s Raj, l videographed the entire sequence From there l turned the game into a war l called GG too using phone Why are you so mad on girls? l told him to come in an Arab’s get up for fun He came, l made you kill him Now it’s your turn – Why? Why are you after our lives? Why do you want to kill us? – Yes, look there! Can you recognise the girl next to me? That’s Anitha! – Anitha is my sister Once you went to Araku along with Alex, Ramchand and GG What? – Won’t you come then? Wait for 10 minutes, l’ll come back What’s it Ramchand? – Still didn’t get me lsn’t it boring in AC rooms, beds, pools and star hotels? But here, crawling like snakes, sweating it out, and when grass pricks you, nothing is more thrilling than it, you must’ve a concept for everything – What is this now? lt’s this that’s why anywhere and anytime What are they doing so long there? Come on boys! Had it? Who is calling now? Want to have it? – What? She hot! Best offer, each one of you’ve a blast Hey, she’s your girl friend No way, l’ve hundreds of such girl friends But l’ve only you three friends That’s why this offer Will l marry her? She’s just for sex How can she agree? Does she know it? She’ll know it now – lf you insist we can’t say no Got it? She’ll be drowsy, she may not know who is it Am l a prostitute? Don’t come near me Am l a cigarette to offer everyone around? We’ll cheat you with love Will you come to anywhere with us? Why did you love me then? Drink it, you’ll not know the difference between me and my friends Sister, where are you? – ln Araku.- What happened? Ramchand cheated me – Why? He and his friends – What happened? Ramchand is a sadist, you couldive behaved like humans? Will you rape my sister dastardly? She killed herself in shame She told me everything before dying That’s all l decided to kill you all But l didn’t have any means – Except my voice l used it to target you lf l kill you, my sister’s soul will rest in peace No need to explain you all this But still l told you Do you know why? l expected you’ll come with gun Didn’t expect you’ll walk into death trap yourself?

Sister! l killed them! Killed all of them Shocked? Filled it with dummy bullets You were furious to miss if l was bleeding or not May l tell you a secret? They too didn’t die lsn’t it shocking? Now l’ll tell you, listen to me Your mimicry plan was excellent ln the frustration of suspension, when l entered may l help you blog and chatted with Raj, l mean with you, l didn’t guess Your meticulous plan had three mistakes, l’m not a fool to trust your suicide-killing pact, should a an AlDS patient die? l acted to gain your trust and take you to a hospital You asked Alex to come there and count to three, don’t you think he’ll tell me that? l got another doubt on hearing it from Alex, l suspected link between the girl and Raj who told same plan to two people l asked Alex to co-operate to nab the gang l used dummy bullets, and acted out killing drama, okay, we too put up a good show, gang would’ve been finished had we caught you then, but you called me on phone immediately, l didn’t know what you were expecting from me, that’s why we too prolonged the game GG too co-operated But didn’t expect it wasn’t a gang but you , a girl seeking vengeance Calling me here, but got caught, you told me about the reason to seek vengeance, l too waited for the time to tell your plan had failed l called GG and Alex here Technically you killed Ramchand, Don’t worry, it doesn’t have cyanide l thought about it last night and talked to lawyer also, you may get maximum of 5 to 6 years l’ll be waiting for your release – Why? l want to marry you – l didn’t get you You’ve a reason to kill Ramchand l’ve a reason to love you The trial starts tomorrow Whatever the sentence may be, l’ll be waiting for you l forgot to tell you one thing Do you know what had happened that day? Ramchand introduced Anitha to us that day only Alex, you go Why are you startled? Didn’t get my concept? Anitha is your girl friend, not a call girl We can share many things in friendship but not everything After all this if you marry her, how can we face her without guilty? Let bygones be bygones, we’ll leave now You come back carefully with Anitha Come on boys Ramchand was humiliated and left Anitha there only When she got up, she would’ve suspected we all had her l too didn’t know about Anitha’s death till you told me This is Ramchand’s diary, l read it yesterday, he’s a sadist, so he wrote about it also so death for death, you may doubt how can l love who wanted to kill me, but you fell in love with me really, l saw real love in your eyes when you hugged and kissed me No girl can kiss so passionately a stranger You loved me without your knowledge May be revenge would’ve overshadowed it Now it’s clear There’s intelligence in your plan but no professionalism Mother knows everything

l’ll meet you regularly. Okay? They are involved with gangs of betting and counterfeit notes l was great doing solo, l joined them and got caught You’ve been promoted as Cl, how did you suspect police involvement? All are humans, weakness is common to all lf media too helps us