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can have a stable brother in the state is always said that we are in this together it is not just the one man band that we do and it must’ve been an extreme privilege when a husband can come and with a wife and soaring can sing for her husband sold today both of you are interested in console systems stable as using foreign to the board and hope that this congregation would be less than those of us that are looking on and your worldwide in the ring of missing two of the most people were so happy Your reason the first thing you have been with us for a number of years aboard a space you in thi hours or more hits as you wish you I don’t know how the genealogy when please I’ll buy you tracing the enormity of the port of these new year to the saint sister staple will do only some of meditation and then from there the next course you’re here will be the offers the men’s who, along , bang 919998990009909999909 same, as a date of may is the right side 9999E9999 999990989 99899999989 989990999900 age 91999999098999989999998 of the land and II 0999 zero that they cannot 99919009, a cause of (999)-909-9899 (909)-998-9809 99899999989999990999 AM (199)-999-9989 989999909 E 981999 ZZ 9099 0999999999 9999990990998999999909

98999999899989909990989999990999 999989 (989)-999-9909 E a a a a a bag bag known in the long and weigh less than 9999 E a 999-9999 0998989990999 slowed demand 9999929999899999989 998990999 has a , had logged and stuff like 9999 Z, (998)-999-0909 E a style mandate 99999989998990999 two as soon as the 19 99999009899 998 909999 slotted need a morning we come to worship god and the beauty of former hourly fee thank U2, chambers and calling cards and over the past year or so we interact with each other and his wife and an hour: callers and also cause life, so we can figure that one down to their mark on this part of what know of a man thank him for the production and hire women thanks is the staple forcing in those two songs and those sounds me or not some EU and two and in message and its case all about Jesus announced this morning we look at our spiritual and geology

the geology of cries we will see how are you and I fit in this geology thank you for coming this morning and worshiping and as we worship this remember is not about any of us is about Jesus IC from Britain from Pompano and theory of tall would like to welcome them from a former church and some in the commune I work with thank you for coming to Washington family and also of the system will churn family selector recognize them this morning as we worship was praying for father become again just to say thank you thank you for spinner lives if he can come once more this morning and this time to worship you and know you’re here with us so please this and keep a snow as we listen to your words premium of Jesus. And this morning and look at a book of Matthew and muddy track to one verse 1217 speak to me in a different way in this genealogy I see a message of hope for mankind many people try to know about their path was their family tree was a connection and ready for that in their family tree summer with Axel grandparents or a great grandparents about the family tree from goes to ancestry back, to see about where they’re from on their connection to the pass it even at the medical field uses geology to know about your present condition the medical division is made some time about fuel base as your family of heart disease than they have high blood pressure by be this cancer in this goes on psychologists want to know about your family tree determine your behavior we have in your family mental illness sex with addition , security prejudices are you and you have some people were compulsive Steelers they steal when this to you at all why they feel so they’re one there could be your family tree that somewhere along the line is is passed on to you so this morning we come from there as an different backgrounds calls sure this family influence and influences in our community and this affects our behavior become this morning as a church there is degrees of influences and personality is the word of god talks about geology and how they impact our lives and how one man one month’s edition all of mankind geology many of us including myself skipping the genealogy is the big outs before now up every time I get to hold the ghetto lasted until you to know they’re so I leave it on a sure how you but when I went over and look at Colby Godbold of a different perspective of the gaps this morning we look at Jesus Christ and geology the generation which is also are in geology will look and see how we fits in this geology and

believe it or not you’re there we also look at how would this be the top over many generations from Abraham to Jesus there and leaves 41 to 42 generation and there are a 40 year is in the bidding: generation console this morning we look at the gaps and it covers the span of 1680 year is from Abraham Dejesus we will look at how much is 117 Brea out to us this morning the quest said it is why did not see them as all these names step by step coming down to Jesus so this morning I like to present to you the genealogy of price the names personalities and life story of each individual’s you’ll notice that the names of the mentioned in this chapter our most demanding except for five women you noted that the conservation is unless the names of men look at some of the correct the mistakes and behavior of the styles and lifestyle of these men with less if you this morning and as we look at the family tree of these men you’ll also notice that the ways listed it includes them only a marginal men and deplore the old and doesn’t mention a few trader bob assuming this morning as we go too much up to one vs. one through 17 Mr. Converse two as we started a word of god step by step first two talks about Abraham who was a realm of god and man but he was a liar he lied about his wife as far as his connection to work he said she was not his sister you try to avoid a situation so you live in but Babbitt says Abraham is a matter for its yet a great flakes and god love them in first told also talks about Jake up now always take up was a known for Enola gay become, con artists and they savor , but you’re gonna love them and she would take up yet to all sons on their call the sons of Israel and one of Jacob sun and is often less than shop the first two is that is so desperate to load up two without was a special corrector as we’ll see you later on we talk about two to the first six talks about David or David this song that talks about the new David play out of our but this and editing it is something that god would approve of the U.S. still god save that it is a man what now what it gave if it did that and committed three in all saints the first coveted a man’s life it took that man’s wife that he committed adultery and then that wasn’t bad enough he committed murder by yet not say that David was the man after his own art in verse in states also we hear about Solomon and who was summoned

following that it was David Friedman body will say more about who summon mothers of the Godown later on in this passage we go to first 10 and we look at came my master or my caveman assets and look at first and it talks about this game if you read it best rate of king might not fit he was the picture made of people everything they’ve all that you could imagine my master bedroom and needed a ball and the evil and evoke until it when I found out about money that fits just before he died and he asked god to forgive in and god did but join his lifetime us call so many people to go the wrong way the build of terrorist ability built just minutes the bits that was wrong and salt what I say it’s OK but not fit I say it in god’s church there are individuals in god’s churches morning that will get in your way he and then we’ll ID and you some are rolled and some are disrespectful and some will call you again for aid to the party cannot cu this morning and said to you know my girl who was in church but no one had done to you do not turn your back and Jesus is not about them is about god got a lot of different people come across your tax bill Potts the pusher but then they will set them still many upsets but these are tests that you must pass do about an hour or church members to do things that cause you to those away because a wo and get their short and give people some left and walk away from Israel but the smaller units are you do not walk away from god first row of talks about through a bill that was so interesting about this and that is that of reader in this quarter’s lesson but as Ronnie Meyer and was this Data Mining tool belt what it all for god that begin looking and we say in his life that he is a lover of god we try to please god and soul rubel both Ford and does been in and as we start his life we see a likely want to copy the first 16 of this chapter look at Jake of this take up with the father of shows it added this this shows it was this a besotted father of prize but I like to explain some more and that’s a big other I’d take away the jurist who does it only as a man but of course there were four met with then add the butter of married as mentioned in its geology I wonder why I wonder why these women were listed so that you can see why they were listed as go back to my this chapter one anniversary and the custom is there what it says right here and U.S. began: Ferris as the route of wear them are the spotlight there who was them are 10 are with the daughter and all of whom do that but guess what through Tamar Jewell data shows then two sons it as you look at this and how can this happen home of them are she was the canine it’s an outsider of foreign but because joined us father was a deceiver

heap of the same thing he does save them are because he had two sons and the promise and she was not for the first on the dying seconds on he died in the center of weight around to my first son of but in live up to his word that his father did the same thing and what is she told two trips in she played the role of a highlights and became pregnant and has its children now she is in the book of the geology of Jesus first five talks about real Nile who was real real ones on its corporate edition was not good they call her a profit fueled that many of the knights does worth the shore us that she would be safe she is a man send the spiritual hall of fame on the Fates into the brush up the member state 31 and save what I’d offer real know what about her that was mentioned she what protected to espy’s that came to Jericho and because of that simple back she was recognized by god and that she knew about Israel because of what they were doing how do people know about your life how did people know about god is but neither you live but how do they know and what are they know by your life when have you about the Israel because of what they’re doing the people know about you because of what you’re doing the sequester the department is morning first five talks about another woman wrote this isn’t worth five and fell under the GATT boys offer a hand and black to get all bed of troops now only fruits role is out mobile home and she left her family and friends at a company run a mother and log mail me back to bed linen Dole must begin about that look at where she’s coming from a pagan custom and she did was so faithful to her mother and all know what I say to ruled that she’d show debut a tape of our devotion to the only other unobstructed when summits are unsurpassed and this lady is not recorded in the bible workshop before her as a unified told talks about what Rubin first six and this is very important for six another woman and her name is Bar Siebel but it did not say the Bar Siebel but what if Israel here is saving her six and Jeffrey that David became undead Medicaid that someone of her of her that had been the wife of us and without her down the blame but stable for what happened with her and David but the stabilize and listed here in the genealogy as we look at these Lanes and she was also an outsider here and lie is an implied that you to Jewish explosiveness the Joes claimed that they have god they have the region of Jesus and they stand tall it in the clear in all they are what they have and exploded other

nation but god is saying to us this morning to use us is a lord of all nations then ripped out and people that include the gentiles so god is inclusive not assume that this would accept said of holt the risk and dolls with the same names of these women some of us would not mention a person like boschee bound wrote in our family tree because of the shame of these people’s behavior of the figure could pass a background Jesus as another chapter nine of her star chief is that he can not to call the righteous but centers to repent ends and we all s as Christians week I lied one sinful behavior over the other for example in archived the fate of adult trade is better than the sale of steel in putting the highest said its same with the b now let’s look at the last woman in this chapter Mary and the mother of Jesus notice Ver 16 carefully and look at the right takeaway it’s a lot of shake up the GATT shows it the husband of Mary of whom was born Jesus who is called rights module carefully of voice say that Joseph because Jesus did not say that Joseph was related to accuse us facing that you not have his father but as a husband of his mother by so doing he there but emphasized the fact of the virgin birch if Joseph was Jesus father as some would have its that will not be encouraging a person Bert formats you carefully explained that shows it is the wide of Mary Owens the husband of us have merit whose life but then I sell now Resnick and it’s been a hotbed of Jesus came a part of the genealogy of this tried going down from Abraham down the house says that merit was from the house of David on this tells us that the geology of Jesus was not too Joseph but two married you can confirm that could turn in your books and research in the five ages pay for the fourth state clearly that Mary was from of David thereby giving Jesus Christ the geology from Abraham down through his Burt Jesus is not about Christmas is about salvation a man the world is looking at this time of the year two comments there looking through the lens of what prices and price is about salvation mandate of us are products of forecasts and press does offer a pass some of us be gave disrespectful aid toward each other we curse each other and even what I’ve found out recently that some of us are even bother with the in our churches it says that rebellion that if enough whisper of ads of us would have roamed own way and one thing we’ll I’d be gave all of it all straight steal and the list goes on and got your body is that we think that our behavior is OK we do without saying where god defended to date we need to see god on the ads are bridging forgiveness we have offended god of our fellow perjury in

our guiding the date of the lord is a god of details you notice is everything and as a source of the FBI on never forgotten by then god knows about Thomas god cares about us met us love and care for one another as you look at the tractor and Carter as text of some of these people are not huge up to one or 16 years old there is all that we can be a part of pratt’s prize urology we see what these people present what they’ve done where you’re stil Jesus saves the Olivet beach and it’s we’ve gotten called his cross so you’re from the trade was changed by Christ that a tree Jesus created an annual from a treat for us read out across so you have to follow the pack of your ancestors are your family but it can show the pot of righteousness that Oakland has done for us although we come from different backgrounds differed from this different communities is different country is we are connected with the blood of Jesus which gives us access and that is the blood of Jesus Christ and then pressing this morning it is all you have part of god’s people this morning then we need to behave like you’re part of god’s people we should not treat our church family members like strangers we need to stop the verbal larvae are the verbal abuse the flights if there were with his top that this is not should not be among god’s people where the stands are behavior of the member colleges as it with us is the Algerian in cries below, geology and we don’t have to repeat the bad behavior of the men and women listed in the dish up to one vs them bit of copying the good behavior from those listed are also this morning at modus you must take a page from bit of a kind of EL Gesell is up antelope and this part of a spaceship live and African and what they do was to sell they hang out with each other but was to interest the following Monday and is that they’d turn their faces of words added turn your backs in words so the form a circle with your faces staring out on their hind part is turn it back of each other is a reason why do I do this this look down and other predators this thing together as I can see all around them they conceded for printers come in with Eli they fit together with their heads straight out looking for printers boulevard five straight among us Bridger in the reverse daughter which our faith is to gather on which are high in part out for me but our faces to gather and then we fight each other because each other and then we leave were high in politics posted an inmate, tackles so let’s not do that this duo of the African to sell let’s turn our faces out and raise and support each other in pressing this morning is how are you looked at by god has gonna see you wish person in this analogy your present thing about its which person listed in another chapter one 1st 1 to 16 to your present this morning

as chapter is especially important for goals by awaiting price return not ever one fit in or less in this morning will make it happen is that true number one this morning in this church will make it 11 can if you want to only those who love Jesus or that those who love their fellow man and see the good of others will make its own windows as we approach the end of total of 19 and look in force without reading this remember that we are all god’s children and price guide for old and all made if we are faithful or never been arrested in the docs only if we are faithful and Orrin they’ve been listed in the genealogy of Jesus christ’s as we look at our society as we look at our community we see it and increase in lawlessness turn use on and this everything going on that’s sinful but was so sad about the mules around us and things around us is that it is happening in our churches the lawlessness of the world is slowly creeping into were churches and we need to be aware of that that we don’t copy the thing is often world and bring them into or churches this morning I like to take stock of four lives as become fourth of the year and seeing what it to be done in our personal lives you know yourself when I know you but for sure god knows you more than I you know yourself you can fool in the honest with yourself and be a synagogue this morning with a pray with a parade as axis of fitness in the founders morning of I’ve done my best for Jesus you know what you’ve done you know we’re not done it or you should do the eye that’s the fun is being done with invite you come down as we pray together win by builders to come down as the praying as we pray that if you’re serious anyone to be in the busy holiday that you will say done take the morning and fashion the lobby their friends and publicity that use of the of flights which is the reality of mankind is then , as you make your weight of the Pers morning please be serious, look at what’s new is that they must now move , 910999899 cents and 89 998999909 AM, zooms 898-9989 is 99 AM 99999999098, and then date of 999-9989 (998)-990-9990 as a

a a lot of fat 999 and slides days, 998 nine zone, as well I am a business week I was visiting two of his return then he medicines of their birth of touch the hearts and hands over his first stop the difference things in your lives that, and he said of his presentation he said we must learn as the stains to forgive each other names of the Estado you you’re walking by 79 foods that is then to the entrees and side of the view are some that have been was intentional the first is the ceo salary and an effective and what about when somebody does something you can do things in all of the men to do its heavy hand that soon for you and that’s of struggle that has a sense that person goes out the way to do something to urge you and a mule woods 91 after the AIDS and how do you forgive the person that was supposed to give that person or persons and is more aid that only 10 home to third parties, slated to resume of this and that journey of nine and she was thinking that he and his bodyguard that are being taught her family and your mother the killing of a family member is then scored 10 with a hard time giving it is it wasn’t that same as his intention of that it’s all happening then it was over and he was released from that PM 91 day he sees all that many insurers the man who killed a mother and her sister and her family and she did so much as she can get all the fact that this man cause a lot of things at a straight face from been the gods. Not sure and save for giving us a fight for one the issue would not let you lose other character for it came home Scissorhands that man and it has made contact said a new wave of fields and let her she was for reads was awfully was unbelievable citizen and safety laws and myself the past is it that has never happened between you and someone else, maybe there’s no accidental we must forgive the answer to that of 20 week and bought a total of 20 without this behavior if you’re involved in its we must remember that people is made and then the guy that’s the key now that it to give other as this has made their lives and how we can beat their friends in 2025 guarantee that will make its neighbor died and that was a big impact in the long and wide to the Norfolk 30 years, as you want to work together at the end of a sudden swift and teenagers later it all is free with her Pakistan and India just return and was the way they came back that you see this even the Calderwood and then responds

and the quality of life the caller is used in a minute after all and cited was in serious condition you know if it was the layer on with AIDS to guide their own ideas as we would have always said they accused of virginity through these other DB, and of the odds that way to the Sabres and disasters , La La Land 99999 E 99999999999 998989199 from nine 0999989990999 998999999989999999099900 a 09, a lot of data 999999899 98899909 as lively they the mandate of 999998999899099900 age, the fans of Seattle and slides date, 998 909999 zero long and made a major is somewhat it’s a dead heat of the sudden somebody that all that somebody we have run resolves the value southern so somebody the jury said somebody today the same forgive me out of process to give you that this and go down the lives and that’s not the game is, that’s the first is that the medicine is that turns USC 2020 and the in the god who have forgiven us times and times and I’m sitting and oftentimes we’re so stupid and the walk away from the people is that you are forgiveness and behold, spewed and sold today we’re asking you to see we couldn’t sustain from: righteousness so that we can see the A’s and the Woodlands we believed in perfect harmony and so we have, as singers we have come as one asking for forgiveness helpers that when we forgive that we would make it into the kingdom that you work on their first help us not to hold anyone guilty of the things that we have done and cannot come and see the fast as and so we please some citizens and city is asking that you did this and as you need us we know that we can come to you each day as thanking you for your Preakness and you know of a diverse and helpless that the way the ball, fear to be being the same as became a because of your love and a few mercy we know that you will grant as the peace for the arts say that we can be one with you and we will be one of its business as we depart from your help us to be the one 1st to come and say we’re sorry we pray for children

we know that we have done wrong to them and they told have committed so much Runge but lord help: we believe this century and a printer And so we won the least ever won the children that are within hours that injured that have walked away from this church that children have caused so many heartaches and headaches to parents and fo because they have done well help us not to be the city but as we come to you asking you for forgiveness we will or so forgive those that trespassing. Stars your store nord and grant us your piece as we walk away today with terrible start to walk away from your present book and leave knowing that your garden who cares for hours and your that god will concerns about every worker’s help us to be listed in the genealogy when that becomes that we can come rejoicing Mr. Some people simply pre in Jesus is the author has a long long long while and then weighed 9999999999999 09989919909909 MM on same NT and that’s that’s nine , mandate 9999989999999999989, a 999 9999909899999990990 zero loss in a missile’s turn for the benediction know the lord bless you and keep you load because faced a sharp and you can be gracious and to promote runners face toward you and give you peace consider hard pitching arm holds more so please to the prince of these women , bang , a long had a bad