021 | Top Ways to Stay Ahead of The Curve With Sales, Marketing, and Life Balance

All right Content coalition, family In this episode I have Caylin White, the head marketing buff at WP Buffs We actually interviewed Joe, her head Honcho over there not too long ago, but this episode is a lot of fun We talk a lot about like wellness and well being in business, but we do talk content marketing and some of the main points that I’m really excited about would be at about 11 and a half minutes She talks about um, making your sales and your marketing more customer centric and basically how that’s going to change the game in the effectiveness of both of those things At about 15 and a half minutes, she talks about the number one thing holding your business back from massive success in your content marketing strategy And then at 19 minutes, and I love these, um, she’s going to give you one thing to implement in the next 48 hours to get clear goals, to declutter your systems and to say audio suite chat shows too Terrible habits So I have to tell you there is a little bit of an audio issue on this one I’m so sorry We had a mic problem but there with it because the content is awesome and you will definitely, definitely enjoy it I’m Shaina, I love dogs I trip a lot and I happen to have a knack for making already sweet videos for businesses But the more videos we made, the more questions I got about how video and other content can be leveraged to make a bigger impact in their marketing I mean 44% of marketers say that producing content is their biggest challenge Get content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound and produces three times more leads Now I know a lot but I certainly don’t know it all So I made it my mission to talk with content, kings, queens and bosses to learn as much as I could about crushing content marketing And I’m taking you along with me Welcome to the content coalition Hello Content Coalition Welcome to another episode and today I am here with Caylin white of WP Buffs We chatted with her head Honcho Joe and you know we didn’t want to leave Caylin out cause she’s super cool, awesome Like it’s the whole crew over there Super Cool These two I got a chance to fit to like actually meet and I’m so excited because she heads up all of their marketing efforts It’s funny because we send up all of our guests like tell us what you want your bio to say in this list is incredible I’m just going to read it because there’s no way I’m going to like pretend to wing this marketing and growth manager, influencer outreach specialist, energy enthusiasts I’m going to swing back to that because I’m curious to see what that is Sales girl, avid artists, life lover, public relations guru, wordpress above organic Italian high five DMZs Um, organizer, Okr, amateur life coach Aren’t we all? I’m semi professional gamers Smile generators, Sunshine, sucker and lover of all things creative I think that’d be pretty sweet I should put it out to the world I think you must have a really large business card, um, to set all of that on there What is your busiest energy and Theseus? What’s that one? So what does that to you? Oh my goodness Yes So I would say that, and I often times get this even from my own teammates, that I think the energy sort of that we put out, we get back And so working on that daily is not easy You know, it’s a, it’s one of those things where if I am depleted of energy and I’m not sort of centering my cheat, not to get too hipster earth girl, but, um, if I don’t send her my own energy, I can’t give it out and I can produce, then I can sell and I can’t mark it And so when people always, always ask me, how do you maintain such a energetic lifestyle? And all of a sudden it’s like literally lists of things I have to do on the daily basis It’s not just like I wake up and I’m like, yeah, let’s take on the world It’s legit A lot of work And so I’ve kind of got it down to a science and I share it with the people that want to get energized That’s awesome So let’s dive into some contents on stuff Um, so while we, I literally your first question was how do I balance a high volume sales career mentally and emotionally? And that I think we segway pretty well I think we nailed it and they think we nailed it Um, stress Yeah The, the stress of being sort of fast paced was, was new, but it was like kind of fun and exciting You know, it was like, oh my gosh, like all of these, uh, these fun with it But then all of a sudden it was like, Whoa, I have a lot to deal with I have to make sure I keep up physically and mentally so that I don’t power down, um, because I don’t have time Right And so, um, for those people who have not seen those episodes and have no idea what WFP does, can we give the, the Sierra Bridge version of what you guys do and why you’re so awesome? Yeah, we can talk about them and stop talking about me Um, so when you pee bumps us such an awesome company, uh, Oh, 24, seven wordpress maintenance support, optimization, uh, such a cool team Honestly, I have never worked with cooler People will promote We’re global, we’re all over the world And um, Joe Howard, the head buff is just a wonderful entrepreneur and business minded individual

I’m learning from him every day Uh, it is just so amazing to not only learn about wordpress but also the community I don’t know if you’ve tapped into wordpress a little bit, but I was seriously thinking that going to some of these events and learning about it, that they were going to be these nerds that didn’t talk, like sitting, you know, just like, and they are not at all They are like the coolest people I’ve ever met on forging these relationships The first time I met my team in real life It was like getting together with a high school reunion People from years ago It was just a such a natural, a good vibe that, um, I love how they attract that through clients and partnerships and all these fun things They are just my kind of people So all of them are positive thinking people too And it was just like the world was like, nope, you guys are gonna go together right now and we’re good So, uh, so how long have you been with WP bess? Um, almost a year now if feels like way longer Uh, but yeah, so they found me last year, uh, and uh, as soon as I interviewed with Joe, it was just kind of like, we ended up talking way longer than we should and it was just like this, this awesome kind of back and forth And I just kind of knew it was just like, wow, the, I really want to see this company get to the next level They were already huge when I came on board I mean, they were really rock in the space and my job to come in was just to level it up and to see how far we can take it And that’s still, you know, on a daily, like we’re just migrating and subsidies such amazing ways that, uh, I’m just excited to be a part of it Um, I was really geeking out at learning the whole wordpress space too because I was, I was like an intro person where I was like, I could set up a site and then put a template in there and make a picture, put my pretty, yeah, right Like normal people And I’m like learning code now and like I know I was like, I know where things go So it’s really, really good for my personal knowledge Two but just nice So obviously being in the wordpress space, like there are constant updates and having to keep up with what’s going on in tech in general Um, I assume that that same mentality has to shift into marketing So like what do you, that seems like an overwhelming task to stay totally up to trend on everything that’s going on Like how, first of all, do you do that, I’m assuming, but like, you know, and then how do you do that? What are some of the things that you make sure that you consistently are doing to keep up with what’s going on? Great question Right now as we’re speaking, it’s probably changing and I’m missing out on something literally right now Um, so a couple of things that we do, well, first Joe has uh, gotten me WP 101 I believe is the course Um, so I started there and I’m so excited because I actually in the course already So I started there and I started just learning about the basics of wordpress and how to manage it from the backend Um, so I’m kind of slowly going through those courses Um, also we go to word camps, which I’m sure he mentioned I’m word camps are awesome where you actually get to kind of learn about the people and what they do and all of the different moving parts Um, and also we are kind of in cahoots with the DEV team of wordpress So like our CEO Nick is awesome and he just kind of always is learning about what they’re doing behind the scenes A little bit about the updates that are coming and you know, like when we’re blew up the world and all of the things that happen there, we were like ready for it And really learning about it Um, and I also just kind of take my time and read articles and listen to podcasts I actually learned a lot from the WP Mrr podcasts, which is jealous and, uh, enjoy, just kind of learning about the people behind the scenes But to me as a marketer, it was like, if I don’t stay on top of this, I’m not doing my job So it was like I’m constantly reading articles and being in the wordpress space, there’s like probably 25 or so wordpress news on Twitter that I follow It’s like a never end It can be a full time job just keeping up with the news itself, but it’s fun stuff Uh, and it’s all being in a, in a really positive direction I personally feel like wordpress is going to take over the world I mean, it’s going to be, I mean, I cannot think of a better, you know, website platforms, CSS, that’s, that’s better Um, so it, it makes sense that they’re always evolving I just think they don’t realize all the ripple effects that they affect when they update or when they do things It’s very, uh, it very much affects like the whole community And so, you know, learning about it is like a one step forward, you know, and then you’re like, okay, all right, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll learn more tomorrow and by tomorrow it’s already 10 more things Um, so yeah, I think being social as a big part of it too, I think just being in a social community, I mean my Twitter chat is always open My Facebook is always kind of open Um, and a lot of our team members will just like literally put news and updates and slack And so I just read those articles and stay up to date But I feel like I’m 90% there most of the time

Um, sometimes we’re, we’re even ahead of the curve and we can send out news to our clients, which is nice too So like to keep them up to date That’s awesome So then the same question essentially, but swinging into like marketing So how do you stay up to date on all the new trends there? Because obviously you have to relay all the new info, right? And also you need to speak to this crowd in the same language Um, but then also it’s just sounds like a crazy job to be keeping up with the tech and then keeping up with marketing trends too So where are you going? What are you doing to stay up on marketing? Yeah, so this is like 12 years in the making for me Like I started marketing when literally you weren’t knocking on doors I’m like Yo, pamphlet and a flyer and probably like a poster board of things you handmade with glue sticks and stuff So this is like sort of where I started and now 12 years later it’s so digital and so in your face that literally from one day to the next you could be doing the wrong thing and still be stuck in your comfort zone So you know, a lot of what I do and a lot of my education comes from actually hubspot I know we’re a big fan and they have these amazing certifications and at their academy And so I started there even now, I think maybe six or seven years ago where I just started doing email certification courses, content marketing certification courses, and I would learn and pick up gems and things and say as a human and as a consumer I would like that for me And so, oh, I would say to myself, okay, now that doesn’t work, you know, that I wouldn’t do or okay that might work where I can actually get in their inbox or you know, a pop up might work or you know, maybe I’m introducing something new in a newsletter, but I always ask myself if it, if it doesn’t work on me and I’m pretty savvy Although, you know, like getting through a marketer’s mind is different than a regular person’s mind, you know, is it really sort of the right path you want to take? And I’m talking to Joe and the team literally now about changing the mindset from customer ready or you know, talking about myself and sort of a PR style to literally being customer centric and thinking in their mind And so I oftentimes will just kind of read articles from anything, ink, Mashable, and just see, you know, the success that some of these awesome entrepreneurs have had And it’s literally every time it’s the same process where they’re not talking about themselves, they’re talking about them, they’re talking about their customers all the time So all of our email marketing is, is what is your problem and how can we sell you and what’s your one wordpress site like? Not like, Hey, we do 20% of a and we’re always here for you And we, we, we and we’re awesome It’s not like that anymore People don’t want to hear you talk about yourself anymore It’s like I always equate this to your best friend when you’re talking to your best friend You’re telling her story And she goes, oh well wait, I have a story that tops that And you’re like, wait, wait, wait, oh, sorry mommy, you want to talk about me from it? That’s how I equate marketing And like digital mindset is just, you cannot think about what you can for them You have to think about what they need And not even in like a pain point kind of way Not like you are going to die with our services It’s more like, you know, I care about you as a person and your website and I want to see you thrive And the way that I come across them, all of my sales calls, which we do zoom video calls just like this, and I look them in the eye and as soon as they start talking about our services, I actually will kind of like turn it around on them and say even more about them and how like what’s their website and what’s their passion And as soon as I understand their story, that’s to me marketing and sales like accomplishment Like if you can get, you can pull out someone’s like really heartfelt story behind their website and why they want to see it grow You want to help them and not the website, like you want to help the person behind it And so all of my marketing and all of my mindset and learning is always about the person So it’s like that’s the way it’s been since, gosh, I started this whole journey Uh, and it’s gotten me pretty far because I think people see it, you know, I think people say no, she’s not just trying to get the sales number in She’s not just trying to hit a quota, you know, like she kind of actually was really interested I mean, you know, she learned my name and she understands my, you know, my whole story And I think that that’s, I think if you can stick to that with marketing and sales, you can learn about the different avenues and go social and do email marketing But if you are not really about the person, you’re not gonna, you’re gonna suck at it Right Well, and you know, it’s funny what I, I did a lot of video production for businesses and strategy and everybody would constantly be like, I need this video about how awesome we are I need this other video about how cool we are And I would get to a point where I’m like, stop, just stop it Nobody cares Like, what kind of content are you going to give them that they’re going to be interested in that will then get them to a place where they do want to learn a little bit about you They care about you don’t just hit them in the face on Facebook with an ad

talking about how awesome you are Nobody cares Knock it off You can, I love that That’s your, your main go to is just making sure that you are like serving the people who you want to be in your community using your service Because ultimately, like in any business, you should be providing something that helps, yeah In their business, their life, whatever And you should be passionate about that And that’s the case Then you need to invest in who the people are that are, that you’re trying to cater to and like provide something valuable too So, so, and, and I think content obviously is king right now, but it’s saturated And some, I look at these, some of these blogs that people, right, which is adorable and they talk about themselves and the the first thing they say is me, me, me and I just you two now And then you think about the things that you personally share on your pages, right? So the things that big Shaina happy and like why do you share them? Maybe it’s a dog video falling over or maybe it’s a military story that makes you cry Like whatever it is, you feel it right here You fit, you felt it That’s why you shared that you didn’t share it because you want to support that or you want to do this You shared it because you felt something And the emotion behind that is literally marketing and sales one on one Like that literally is like some people just can’t, they can’t really get to that point ever And they just feel like automating things and consistency is key But content should really be about the value that you can bring in the emotion you can evoke from it You know, like literally 2019 where anyone can make a blog and put it out there and you really shouldn’t, you should have this awesome like end goal in mind of reaching these people and bringing value to their lives Not just kind of selling your own product, press releases or for, you know, like if you have an award you won, give it to a press release But if you want content out there that’s really going to resonate with people You have to talk about the people and what they want and really, truly like think about and things like It makes me think of Buzzfeed, right? Buzzfeed So fun That’s so exciting Random things like emojis that are running around like I love it Um, and it’s because it’s fun and exciting and that’s one of the things I love about WP office is when I started marketing with them, they let, it allowed me to be me They allowed me in to be able to put emojis in my, in my emails and respond with gifts and like, you can really own myself, like making fun of myself I was like, yes And the more I did it, I was like, Joe, are you sure you sure I’m allowed to do this? You know? And he was like, yeah, keep going, keep going And it was just like, you’ve gotta be kidding me I’m allowed to be me for the first time in my career ever So, and I’m telling you, I’ve been through, I don’t know, you know, tons of jobs where it was like got to act a certain way, get to be a certain way You cannot be yourself You got to represent the company And it was like finally I had someone that said you’d be here crazy Caylin self and you’re going to get more sales and it’s totally working That’s awesome I love, that’s why I liked your whole emo the very first time I met you Your realness shines through, you know people love that Thank you I appreciate, I’m kind of, you get to a place in life where you’re just like, Oh God, if I can’t just be me then what’s the point? What is the point? I had a shy shed that a few like years ago and I was like, well, it is what it is and it’s obnoxious So you like it Great And if not, then well, I’m sorry Not really Sorry Actually not, sorry Yeah, exactly All right, so, um, lastly I want to, one thing we ask everybody I ask everybody is to give one implementable action item that somebody can do in the next 48 hours after listening to this Um, it can be anything This can be like wellness, it can be content, um, whatever you want, but it doesn’t, it has to not require them to have like a team of 30 people or like send $1 billion Hmm Okay Free and by yourself Got It Um, okay, well I would say, uh, it’s time to stop and evaluate two things You need to evaluate what you truly want as like an end goal Some people are just kind of going and they don’t really know what they want Like I have this literal vision board It’s here of the things that I want And I literally checked things off of that board that I’ve gotten already It was like, I didn’t even realize I was still working towards it, but it’s there So I think if you have a goal in mind, literally write it So that would be like number one and number two, evaluate your own habits and see where the negative is creeping in So if you don’t realize that, say you wake up in, the first thing you do is complain, you need to rewire your brain to say is before my feet hit the ground, I’m saying thank you for the day And if you are doing other kinds of unhealthy habits where you know it can be infectious in your life, like I don’t know, partying too much or not getting enough sleep or eating 19 cheeseburgers, change it Don’t just say you’re going to change it,

change it so that you can actually be the best you So evaluate your goals and evaluate your negative side And I think you might do little tiny things that will kind of, we have a big picture for the future That’s amazing Great advice of you Do you have Darren Hardy’s living your best year ever? I do Okay I use it too It’s like right here We have, we have that one and the pomodoro planner is just the same Yes I’m going to, I know we’re going to throw links below to those because this changed my life like it is It teaches you how to implement habits like this, hobbits that will take you towards those goals and it breaks down your year into quarters, months, and this, you know, it’s, it’s incredible having an accountability partner though because you can make excuses for yourself all day I’m learning that and Want to know why I will say I love about it is it takes you out of the digital world for just a second and it literally has you use a pen and paper like, yeah, like I kind of love that it’s not just a digital calendar with a reminder and a pop up in a thing Like sometimes we get, we get overwhelmed by those things, but literally eight physical piece of paper and Pencil sometimes can still be very, very helpful So I love that for sure Awesome Very cool Well, Kaitlin, thank you so much for, for spending some time You’re awesome I love hanging out with you via, so hopefully some of my good positive vibes Yes Awesome Well, thank you and thank you everybody watching and listening and we will see everybody next week He’s so much for checking out this episode of the content coalition Now, whether you’re listening or watching, make sure that you subscribe to the Youtube Channel and to whatever platform you’re listening to it on because you’re not going to want to miss out on the incredible things that I’m learning with these amazing content marketing pros So make sure you subscribe and we will talk to you next week