5/21/13 Foxborough Board of Selectmen

good evening welcome to the Fox well boys luck meeting from May 21st 2013 the agenda tonight is citizens input at 7:00 p.m 7:05 Chairman’s update 710 public hearing UMass home games of at Gillette Stadium 7:25 Michael Johns veteran agent status of crossroads veteran’s district 745 Jack off let Roger hill from the DPW director status and repairs in the common gate o’clock Mike Davison reform the racino Review Committee 8:15 tell me and Jack Kemp echo status on the sexual abuse prevention policy then we will have action and then we’re going to discuss to negotiate with non-union important irani we’d like to address wherever you’d like to sit rainy scones finance director just wanted to announce that the Assessors real estate database is finally now online and and live it went live on on Friday there was a awful lot that went into that it was about four years in the making we didn’t have a mass appraisal system in the town and so we went through a process to get best to breed a product to value property so we have that and then we had had to scrub all the data because there are data elements that that we had to bring in from property record cards etc so it’s quite an exercise and then we had to create the electronic shapefile so you can drill down in the map and actually check it out it’s pretty cool yeah it is pretty cool so just a couple of brief items on it it is online you can look up your property online you can see the assessed value for tax purposes as I think chairman pointed out a few meetings ago know that the the valuations are from a year and a half to two years ago for tax purposes but but it gives you a three year history as well on assessed value on ownership and sale price each properties valuation characteristics are also listed with the property along with a picture and a diagram of the dimension so it’s a pretty robust offering you’ll also find the Assessors database on the home page for now as well as on the Quick Links on the home page and on the Assessors webpage we’ll update the database every year after each year’s after each year’s tax tax rate setting process you know typically December January is also very useful information on the Welcome page I would encourage everybody to you know to read that prior to going into the database is a neat feature on there you can create a butters lists as well there’s a way to do that pretty pretty easy pretty intuitive and it’s not official of course unless it’s certified by the assessor’s office and then if you happen to do an a butters list where you amount of property that’s been redacted you know Public Safety officials properties are redacted you won’t be able to get the butters list and you’d still have to come here or shorten your showing your radius and the last thing but probably most importantly is that now that this information is very readily accessible to everybody you know online we would greatly appreciate you know people to take a look at their property and contact the assessor’s office if they have disagreement you know with the characteristics on their property which you know drives their value again the whole goal of the Assessors department is fair market value valuation of your property for tax purposes correct any qualms no one very nice Thank You Ronnie thank you thank you anybody else for citizens input okay see none short Simmons updates more of current events coming up and June 1st we have cleanup Foxwell day with Dooley disposal June 1st if you haven’t heard that and you want to get involved please contact them I guess Dooley’s disposal like they have a little website up paper website you can put your name on there and volunteer sign up right there great thank you Jim and then Founders Day fundraiser the boot drive is this Saturday from 7 to 1 make sure you get your stick and throw some money in the boot and also this weekend is Memorial Cup Saturday and Sunday it’s a very busy around town and the Memorial Day

celebration will be Monday and Bob does that start at 9:00 crate starts at 9 o’clock fall by a ceremony on the common it’s always well attended we’d like to see all give for that and then Founders Day is June 8th and the night before June 7th is going to be 250th anniversary on the common for the calming meeting house jackoff let’em show will fill us in on that shortly so that’s all I have so 45 seconds early can we go we’re gonna wait – 710 being 710 with the clerk please read in the public hearing note so you mask home games at Gillette Stadium it’s motion okay hearing notice the Board of Selectmen acting is the local licensing authority pursuant to Mass General Laws chapter 140 section one eighty one in section 183 a and chapter 136 section four town of Foxborough revised general bylaws article 5 section 6 and also stadium rules and regulations will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday May 21st 2013 beginning at 7:10 p.m. in the Andrew a Gallo jr. meeting room 40 South Street to review the application sitting submitted by NPS LLC for the 2013 University of Massachusetts home games these events are proposed for Gillette Stadium applications for these events is on file at the office of Selectmen all interested parties are welcome to attend Board of Selectmen phosphoryl of Massachusetts this was submitted by the rain brew thank you to pies please come forward stadium advisory here come forward have a seat please once again as usual names the wreckage or Dan Murphy at the Kraft group George Bell stadium advisory okay sure so this is our application for the 2013 UMass home games there’s six home games this year last year there were five UMass the second year in the Mac the mid-american conference the games first event is September 7th and last game is November 16th is two games in September two in October and two home games in November game start time is either noon or 3:30 about 15,000 people estimated each home game we only use the 100 level in the East Club tickets are range from $10 to $50 parking lot opening time is two hours prior to the event parking is included in the ticket we will not use we’re not using Putnam Parkway same as last year and anything over about ten eleven thousand folks anticipated will park across the street in the p10 log I just noticed that um if these games are on Saturdays and the Patriots games are on Sunday CD group them just to you know concentrate activity on a particular weekend we didn’t it just it just happens that way in fact it you know those there’s only one weekend whether it’s not a back-to-back of that there’s only one run yet and saying it happens similar last year these events are are small in size as opposed to the full Patriot Games the next night right just question about the indemnification agreement oh yeah yeah it’s all set the motion makes the assumption that the indemnification agreement will be signed and an insurance and all that will be in place prior to June 30 as is the case with the other licenses that the board already did for events that are occurring partially in this fiscal year and parsley after July 1 so that motion embraces all that didn’t dick elements end and agreement around this is the motion but it’s not the agreement that has this but does this reference that agreement what agreement this is that email that dick elements Center on that copied the board the indemnification agreement that we’re using right now I’m sorry you’re asking John is it in the package well is

that what we’re going by this would be laughs this is and if we are going by that agreement shouldn’t this motion reference that agreement I think we’re still on last year’s a good prior agreement yeah it does that the applicant shall be June 30 2013 executed provided the town of fogg wrote an indemnification agreement in a form of substance satisfactory to an approval avoid that is that is in it that’s going to be that agreement the epicenter our guy thank you we Sandra nodding her head that means yes thank you the rainy Jim that’s it George anything to add no we’ve reviewed it and actually most of the discussion talked about future security which we’ll be talking about with the Patriots application but it was very happy to hear from chief O’Leary that he and director of security at the stadium are already working on an enhanced plan the new levels that come out of local events so I was happy to hear that we recommend for approval based on the satisfaction of the town public safety people that the Manning level I know the fire department’s looking at it level two which is consistent with the Revolution games and chief O’Leary talked about there I guess are a couple of games that I’ll probably be a bit higher attended as it main mean is the first game in in September so we hope to get a lot of folks from Maine coming down and then the homecoming game in middle of October right so you know and he’ll because last year that there with the homecoming there’s buses and you know alumni which is great and just to alert that it’s a potentially a lot of activity at Patriot place as well as inside the stadium we voted that for to recommend for approval if if there is a new level of security is in regard to the games and that chief O’Leary would like to institute could this license and and he could this license be conditional on any new security plan not a plan that’s in place right now but any additional security dan don’t you guys use have meetings prior to the games it is yeah it is so it’s ongoing I mean whatever is around Reba’s okay it’s a public hearing anybody audience wish to be heard in this matter see now to accept a motion motion to close the public hearing for the UMass home game such a wet second any more discussion balls in favor another motion I’ll make a motion make a motion I move that with the assent of the applicant that the applicants of NPS LLC to hold the 2013 University of Massachusetts regular season six home games at Gillette Stadium on September 7th and 21st October 21st and 26th November 2nd and 16th of 2013 be approved subject to the following conditions one that the applicant shell by June 30 of 2013 execute and provide to the town of Foxborough an indemnification agreement in the form in substance satisfactory to the approved by this board to that the applicant shall by June 30th 2013 obtain in place liability insurance for said events insuring both the applicant in the town of Foxborough and a foreman in substance satisfactory to and approved by the Board in thirdly number three that the physical license for set events shall be retained by the board or its representative and held in escrow pending the applicants compliance with condition one in condition 2 above second discussion 17 pass to one do a few action in this you go before we do the crossroads just to make sure everybody’s aware we’re with it everybody’s here that wants to be involved so we’ll go to action just for a couple of minutes even get a couple all the way the first thing we have an interface minutes for May 30 so it’s a little meeting we had prior to

the minutes from second more discussion five is six paragraphs the amount is nine thousand nine hundred and seventy five dollars just for the record just note that the meeting was held at the room Waterboro High School room 105 anything else motions may decide to accept the amended minutes all right more discussion all those in favor okay next item is Jeff Giardina recreation director exception acceptance donation of $2000 in the Masonic Lodge to help families who may need financial assistance for their children to attend summer camp program you I’m gonna make all these as we just want to make all these votes absolutely you feel pretty sure okay I move that the town accept the donation of $2,000 for the Masonic Lodge to help families who may need financial assistance for their children to attend the summer camp program this is going to the Recreation Department actually it’s from the Recreation Department no Manik Lodge oh it’s to the recreation department and again our gratitude for this donation second more discussion all those in favor thank ya thank you very much and Jerry’s Cirillo Boyd and library I move that we accept donations to the board and library gift fund from the following one 300 dollar donation from the Fox 4 Alliance Club to 500 dollar donation from Harvard Pilgrim health care the children’s department at the library and 3 a 250 dollar donation from the Foxboro JC’s for the renewal pass that the Children’s Museum in Easton thank you very much second more discussion all in favor once again thank you very much Robert E Raymond the other one was about address this is this is just on the same address but that’s the company address right okay I move that we accept the hackey license renewal for a license expiring on May 21st 2015 in the name of Robert E Raymond second more discussion all those in favor again James Oliver 5 we know the move that we renew the appointment to the southeastern mass commuter rail task force for a one-year term expiring on June 1st 2014 naming James Oliver second more discussion all those in favor I think 500 again bill cunningham big hauling productions I move that we accept the request for a one-day beer and wine license for a stand-up comedy show featuring Lenny o’clock on June 1st 2013 this is requested by Bill Cunningham of Bay Colony productions second more discussion I’m question three it says if the applicant a dining hall of an incorporated educational institution authorized to grant degrees yes I know what does that mean say that again it said I’m reading it verbatim is the applicant a dining hall of an incorporated educational institution authorized to grant degrees I know the dining hall of a college no yep this is and and he says yes we’ve had many of these I mean I just think that’s kind of a bizarre question I’m sure okay this is this is a probably four to six of these a year proofs and they’ve never had an issue so well no I just never cut my eye when I saw the answer answer and then I reread the question again I’ve got that I’ll make sure seems enough okay any more discussion motion

made and second all those in favor when David Fisher Foxborough Founders Day I move that we accept David fizzbuzz request to hold Founders Day parade on June 8th 2013 second discussion all those in favor and nobody will you come back Cavs Berra Building Commissioner is Bill here he was really um Kevin you want to elaborate on this I know we put it on hold last year I mean first week accepting the dispute assigned by Law Review Commission signed by law committee is an ad hoc committee that was appointed by the board some time ago to look at the sign by lon recommending changes to it the master plan which is being done by the Planning Board is focusing on the sign on the town signed by long considering changes to it also considering if it should be a zoning bylaw versus a general bylaw right now it’s a general bylaw so the sign bylaw committee feels that until that work is done which won’t be later this year or early next year they don’t want to propose changes and end up potentially proposing something which is contrary to what the master plan proposes so they’d like to be disbanded again they’re an ad hoc committee you know I mean they’re not needing to haven’t met for some time but they’d like to be formally disbanded and then depending what the master plan says reformed if necessary well the Planning Board may end up at giving you a recommendation so the master plan so until we know what that’s gonna look like they don’t feel appropriate bringing anything forward any questions yeah just a few glad you so that means anybody that’s currently on the signed by Law Review Committee they would just feel nullified and then if they were gonna reorganize you’d have to totally understand even when new people could be appointed right okay I move that we accept the disbanding of the signed by Law Review Committee until the implementation of the town’s master plan when the committee will then reorganize this was submitted by bill casparo the building commissioner second more discussion all those in favor okay when I got three more let’s get them done number nine squad burns invitation of scouts Court of Honor it’s not a motion on this one John it’s just an invitation invitation yeah this is from 11:00 to 4:00 I’m not wrong Luciano’s like do like Lake pavilion code after that it’s it’s exciting that he’s um our seas getting this known each other since kindergarten my daughter see 15 16 16 I might even be almost 17 but um 16 I’ll try and get there I’ll be out of town until that morning very early but I will try my best to get there is anybody on board definitely going Lorraine Jeannie and Jim I will get there but we’re all two o’clock in the after this in time for the vote absolutely all right so it seems like we might have a quorum there Kevin post a meeting yeah I have kids no that’d be great I know everybody here attended but myself a couple this weekend thank you very much that was duly noted by Senator Timothy yes usually oh I’m sorry so late you know so that’s an invitation all and we can all make it and number 10 Chris someone tell kalto mass electric company request for relocation any questions on that motion absolutely okay I move that we accept the request by Chris montalto of the Massachusetts Electric Company for installation of a pole in a four foot by six foot concrete foundation on Chestnut Street across from hole nine three one second more questions I was a favor by ball and then post elections being scheduled anybody get a chance to look see if you come flex your birthday first communions anything else that’s coming forward down the road you might just take it under advisement I mean nothing stood out to me that I was gonna be conflicted to me but the only suggestion I have is before Town Meeting we usually meet every week and it seems like the last couple of years we end up meeting every week and adding it in there anyway so why not just put it on the schedule if we know that Jimmy is saying that to be the month of April yeah we’ve got to

think we did that this year and last year in the year before we’ve got actually added quite a few meetings this year I think we probably had 18 more than what was scheduled originally those are kind of sporadic wind right and we get overloaded but the ones before a town meeting we always have you know can always cancel a meeting but what I’m finding out as people didn’t know he had the meeting cuz it wasn’t on schedule okay anybody have an objection to that and one April 22nd I think that’s a good idea what about school vacation week in February that’s let’s see that’s the beginning of yeah that this vacation would start on the day before the 17th or the Friday if you want to get official I don’t have any objections to it everybody Jimmy ok young be saying canceling one of the 18th maybe think we moved it this year want to move it to the 11th possibly happy nice to have a meeting that’s not during school vacation hey so move the agent and we’ll add one for the 22nd of April anybody else conflicting John okay so do we need a motion for this no okay all right they’re not actually meeting postings we just published the calendar Michael joins a veterans agent anybody also wants to come forward to discuss the status of the cross road veterans Dijkstra I’m Michael thanks for inviting me all right obviously for the record Diana I’m like Michael John’s that the director of crossroads Veterans Services District how would you like to stop well did you have some questions out of the gate or do you want me to just give you a kind of a timeline rundown on where we’ve come and where we stand now I’m not sure what your intention was when you put me on the schedule um just to get an update on well at that point I don’t think it was disbanded at the time we asked to the meeting was it so I guess now it has been disbanded the the four towns have three towns have pulled out of the districts okay yes actually from my point of view I’d like to know from this day forward how do we move forward if you have any plans or suggestions or you need help with it sure the the district is in full effect through the end of this fiscal year so we remain eath Hobson and myself remain the two VSOs was so we’re still understaffed as we have been since November trying to pull off a closeout of the fiscal year we had asked for some temporary help the evening before Mansfield pulled out of the district we were told the dough is you know used money in the money in the budgets would be looked at to get us some temporary assistance to help us close out by the end of June which is a difficult time a year for us so anyways we’re still short-handed we still have work to do while everybody’s looking to we’re all it’s gone our separate ways we’re still in the in the trenches doing our thing it’s been a long and difficult process it’s been an experiment one that should have succeeded and and what I want to do is I guess leave here leave you with some lessons learned if that’s okay in case this processes ever revisited so that we can do it better does that make sense sure okay so about 17 to 20 months ago there were initial meetings with four town managers and I was invited to attend those in the initial search and looking at the concept there was a lot to be gained there were a lot of obstacles to jump over but one thing that I noticed was it was there was some disagreement on the initial setup of the district and I think that has come back to haunt us in the end and I think I’ll come back to that as a lesson you know as we move forward if if we ever should enter discussion of a district again what I mean by some disagreement is to town managers that at that time were the

employers of the VSOs namely Kevin Pecos you know my direct superior and Bill Ross who was the direct superior and town manager of Mansfield of John Hogan yes thank you you can keep it I thought it was water so I mentioned that because the disagreement that started was not personality not fighting but it was how to set up a district and the state does provide us a way to do this for towns to collaborate and that is you put the employees into a district structure and that that district structure builds the town’s so Kevin and and Bill Ross felt this is the way to go and and the other to town managers happier with you keep your employees you pay them you do the upfront class and then we just pay you later so somewhere along the line the Mansfield Town Manager you know change so kevin ended up you know kind of being the lone man out with you know i think want to line up with exactly what what the state lays out his guidelines as a statute to do this so we go ahead and we start the district we’re off and running we’ve got two employees we’ve got a director who who was a couple years from any time and two years from retirement and was probably put into an uncomfortable position but he made his position known he didn’t like the idea of a district they didn’t want anything to do with it but the mansfield town manager’s position was if we’re doing a district it’s my guy okay so we went into it with that okay so that was another I guess problem I that I saw that came back to definitely to haunt us we hired a third via so we got up to full staffing we had a little bit of clerical help and then fast forward to November of last year our director took a fall down a flight of stairs took a serious shoulder injury which put him out of commission for five months and I think the way we started with the director and I mentioned this stuff because it does directly apply to lessons if if you go back to a district in any form whether it’s veterans or not the the director at the time okay John Hogan this is my office these are my things you don’t need access to my computers you don’t need keys to my office those sort of things that worked okay until he was out on injury for nearly five months okay when he came back and retired on the day that he returned you know we weren’t any better off and it was a struggle to get keys to get access to get computer to get files for people we were currently serving people that he had started claims like he didn’t remember a lot of what he’d going on as I probably wouldn’t either if I was out in the hospital only for several months but I guess for that reason I would want people to be able to to jump right in and do my work to carry on so plus and minuses of a district pluses were that we lost an employee that could have been me that fell down the stairs okay we lost an employee but services never stopped all four towns kept getting services at a at a decreased level but nobody stopped so that’s a big plus one of the succession plans one of the you know reciprocation mutual aid sort of benefits of the district the downside I just mentioned if everybody’s not fully in on access you know to to files and etc so here we are in last month in April it had been seven months that we’d been short-staffed and Easton who had been rattling this saber a little bit but I didn’t take them serious I didn’t think they’ll go to club they had been discontent our director had been covering that town and we all have our our our strong skill sets and are not so strong with skill set he struggled to win over a town and a veteran population that didn’t want anything to do with the district in the beginning I think it was achievable you did not do it and he was absolutely unwilling to let someone else

cover that town which i think was a big part in east and eventually plant there are other factors in Neela’s finances whatever Easton pulled out last month the district was not done we still had a strong district three towns committed to this district the price of services would have gone up a little bit because now it’s three towns splitting services and we would going to that third person that we were gonna hire just a part-time higher price would have gone up a little bit ours would have been spread not quite so good but still a strong district and my recommendation was and would continue to be let’s keep our eyes open for a fourth partner because it made sense that was April 30th we sat with the four town managers the the district representatives all appointed by the the individual town boards of Selectmen and an agreement was was reached where the town managers would would agree on salaries which became a central issue for quite some time basically from February to April on not not necessarily just the number although that was part of it but who sets the number who sets the salary rate and who makes the appointment of the employees so this is important it was critical I think it killed us in the end had we stuck to what Bill Ross and Kevin pecos had initially said this is what the statute allows in setting up a district there would have been no question the district board which which these are the four people that represent all of you and the three of the town’s they have a democratic process to do that to settle it but there was some contention so at that meeting what happened was that there was an agreement where the four town managers would get together agree on what would be reasonable salaries for the employees and they would bring that collectively to the board the district board of four members they would vote on it and either accept reject or amend it just following that recommendation the district board voted unanimously to to go with that and then about 22 hours later Mansfield pulled out and I learned that in The Chronicle the next morning I was shocked I called Kevin he was shocked I called the town manager and the district rep in in Norton we were all shocked so that’s what we are future Foxborough is going to be fine what I need is I have an appointment from a district board before July 1st I need an appointment by the Board of Selectmen to continue my services or to bring my services back here to serve Foxborough only so that will be the one thing that continues services and then we haven’t skipped a beat we’re in good shape the veterans the community should know that my salary is not going to cost any more than it did before we went into a district the services will be no less than they were in the district and and we should be in good shape in fact I think box broke came out of this least harmed of all any questions so are the cases in motion right now where you’re helping up case in Norton or helping a case in Mansfield and how are all those gonna wrap up are they gonna be messy to wrap up no they’re not gonna be messy and yes there are a lot of them we have we have a lot of cases between federal state and local work the two of us have got a ton of work the way it’s gonna wrap up is June 30th 30th is our last day working in the district July 1st the state is cutting off access complete access to Ethan or other employee and myself that means I won’t have access to work in Foxborough all the three other towns Heath will not have access to work in any of the three other towns until an appointment letter is sent to the state then we’ll get access for that particular town so that’s what will not let us have a lapse in services so I guess the message and the letter was sent out I saw copies of them to the other three towns your services to the district you from these employees ends June 30th bang hire hire somebody full-time will join a district so it’s messy in the sense that there are a lot of people left hanging the human sales that question yes the

human side of it is is very messy entangled and there are a lot of people that have developed relationships and you know Trust is big with traumatized veterans coming out of combat to build the trust as a long process and then to get dropped as sometimes does happen when you’re separated from your unit say medevacked out of a you know out of a combat zone and then come back and start building new relation that part of it the human side of it is going to be really messy the the technical the legal side of it is very clean this the Stata said crisply you guys are done so what happened after that date you’ll pick up all of the Foxborough caseloads yes I’m yeah that’s correct um crossroads had applied for a grant yes what’s the status on that and what will be the status have you ever received the grant no we actually in late February that was the last week of February we received a letter that we did not receive the grant and what it was it was a challenge innovation state grant and there was four million dollars available to apply for technology to enhance districts and regionalize approach within the state so we had applied for 192 thousand dollars to enhance technology to bring on consultants to actually solidify us as a district and bring us to what bill and Kevin were initially envisioning which was a full-fledged legal district not a hybrid anymore and so we did not get that okay so that’s a new issue that’s a non-issue that was something we were going to reapply for in November but that that grant pool was cut back after we had applied from four million to two and a half million and there was I think it’s about twenty five thousand dollars given to one place out west for veterans and they should have a couple of quick lessons if you want me but if I’ve run out of time that’s that’s right hey hey and this one she just want to run down just some thoughts that I had that I thought were worth sharing with the board in the community yes is there are there any funds related to this district that will need to be distributed as a result of it ending no actually there are no funds in the district because a pure legal district was never fully established there are no there’s no money in the middle but at the end there’s going to be bills going out particularly from the town of Mansfield in town of Foxborough for our services rendered and you know overhead no those debts reimbursement from the member community towns and so a lot of that reimbursement will actually come back to Foxborough which was part of the initial plan and the math to to become an efficient eventually a cost savings system the salaries for the employees are budgeted by the respective towns that hire them and then back bill proportionately according to a formula we agreed on a chapter 115 veterans benefits are paid directly by the member communities from their own budgets and then 75% of that’s reimbursed by the state correct okay so these are the thoughts I had for myself choose partners wisely ensure compatibility and trust comply with the law period ensure all partners participants staff advisors know the facts recognize and prepare for the complexity of a multi Tonkin collaboration we knew it was going to be complex going in it was much more complex than than I realized you know doing it again that would my eyes would be a little wider give new districts processes teams and systems time to mature and succeed this is this is something that we didn’t do we wasted a year we had someone whose intentions were good whose service was honorable but who didn’t really fit the bill as far as directing a district a multi-talent district and so so we really because of the complexity and because we wasted yet we never matured so what we had is a wasted year and then several months to get going it didn’t happen need to let things mature start off firmly start off with the right

staff in place and realize that district staff may be different than town alone staff as far as management complexity financial complexity it’s just more to it and I know I’m speaking mostly the obvious I guess this is a note to myself speak up early regarding concerns and reinsure resolution get some other resolution between what I saw in the paper one time was cultural differences I don’t know what that means but I would say maybe philosophical differences or maybe just approach differences next time around whatever kind of a district those need to be ironed out early because they did in a way come back to haunt us identify assumptions and revisit them what I mean here is I think that four times four boards of Selectmen for town managers a couple of VSOs and a lot of people assumed savings and better service and and I think those are good assumptions if it’s staffed properly those needed to be visited in steps along the way to see are they bad assumptions or good assumptions and then move from there don’t rush or rut don’t rush or be rushed into partnership what I mean there is Easton and Norton were in trouble they were in extremis because they shared a vesl and we found out through having two VSOs cover four towns for the last you know seven months or so if you can’t do it in your hours and you can’t meet all the needs and it’s frustrating and it brings you to the breaking point so those two towns shared someone who retired unexpectedly they were an extremist but we made it worse is one of the town’s kick-the-can a long ways down the road until the state said you will do something now so there was an opportunity for us to as an opportunity for Mansfield but I think that their urgency shouldn’t become our emergency conventions established a really list rakaat to be the all in or all out Kevin said it firmly I believed what he was saying bill ross was on the same page at some point he changed and and thought no halfway and maybe save some more money well I think it wasted more time establish the district board before operations I think that’s important and that’s something that I guess I didn’t see coming it’s the state gives you the steps and the some guidance on establishing a district they don’t give you quite as much on here’s how to run a district and I firmly believe now that we should have an up and running board before we started in the operations focus on the core mission effectiveness then efficiency I don’t think the the the focus especially from some places should be efficiency first and then well if we if we meet the mission fine I think I think over here I think we did a good job of staying focused on the mission get veterans involved in the dialogue and process early that was something that we did very well and if we were ever to approach this again it’s something we need to repeat because we had veteran buy-in from from the onset ok the district board formation and the hiring of a director that’s going to set the compass to the compass for the direction of this system of this district and that needs to be established generally I believe the board should be veterans I believe the boys should not be selectmen and the reason I say that the selectmen are the ones that are the elected officials and they are the really the decision-makers in Seoul thing and it’s important that they choose the right people to be the representatives to represent the town and the veterans in the district the problem we had was we had four towns in four different Board of Selectmen meeting nights Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday were out and it’s hard to schedule you know a district board meeting on on Fridays or Saturdays we struggle with that a long time so I don’t think it should be selectmen for that reason for the scheduling reasons they’re already busy some districts use the town manager I have the board’s appoint the town managers as the district reps I’ve seen that in other districts go well and in some districts not so well if they’re if the town managers are on the board they’re the

reps selected by the board selectmen then I still feel strongly that at least once the person on that board should be a vet and at least one poor person on that boy should be a non Town Manager and on board of selectmen there’s a lot of reasons I feel that way but I think that sets you up for success and centralized admin might have been something that served us well yet a satellite services so all towns are getting services but bring back the administration the funding that sort of stuff to one location and then if that’s done then I believe that that district moved away from the towns that central district should adopt one towns benefit plan one town’s bylaws one towns wage plan and use that towns treasurer and then you’re not building bureaucracy you’re using what’s already been built and it’s consistent for all the employees in that district and then the last couple of things the district vision should be published early on as well as the mission and the goals before operations and then if the parties can’t agree on the above then I would say we as a party member should go no further if if a district could meet all those conditions are you still a proponent of districts do you believe they have you know in our future I don’t know what it’s gonna make happen again but you believe if they could bring more value to your services top question is wall tonight no no it’s not actually with with two out of the three employee slots filled in this district we kept the boat afloat we made things happen if we had ever filled and I got to tell you my coworker Heath Hobson was the absolute best partner you’d ever want to have he’s a combat injured veteran that’s not what makes him good he’s dedicated hard-working honest as the day is long quick learn smart highly intelligent and empathetic if we have a third person like that staffing this district absolutely I would be in favor of joining a district I would I think we could get the mission done better I think we would have a succession plan for when I retire for when I’m sick when I’m injured vacation the succession this duplication I think there are a lot of benefits in addition to you get highly experienced and trained staff as opposed to the high turnover rate in a lot of places we get somebody they come in they learn the job in like in Vietnam by the time they learn the mission what they’re doing they get pulled back and there’s a high turnover in in my profession so that would that would help with that and then down the road through working smartly and efficiently then that’s where the cost savings come so yes I would if it was not correctly yes I would not a long list of things that you would recommend right and the reason I put that is because the other three towns as they pulled out of the district as they withdrew they all mentioned we will this doesn’t put it out of consideration in the future and so I would imagine that you know it’s got to be on some people’s thoughts here even if we’re gonna shine now if people are thinking about it I want to put out these lessons while they’re fresh in our mind yes I would support it I’m very happy to come back to Foxborough work here have less migraines and get back to business here but I wouldn’t put it out of consideration for the future well thanks for that summer I think that’s gonna be helpful thanks all right great son we appreciate that and I think you know these types of consolidations are always very difficult whatever industry you’re in because someone always has to be the lead and it’s hard for people to give up control it’s just a natural aspect of that so I think your points are really well made can I comment on one thing you said which I should have hit before control having that District Board as the as the body that makes the decisions takes that control away from one town manager and we did we did struggle with that the town that had the director thought they had control and they they really did not recognize or respect that all four towns had a buy-in and I think that was important and I think that’s something that crippled us for a long ways this is something that’s been bothering me from command you you you’re very adaptable and you’re changing and you’re going

forward again but when we say we’re doing this or any town is doing is for better service and to save money isn’t it the case and I go back three four years ago when we were looking at Walpole the reason that we were doing it is because if you want to call it a an unfunded mandate from the state based on population you needed to move into a full-time VSO position whether you wanted to or not is that correct so it was that the catalyst for all of this that the state said you need to expand to a full time and if you didn’t then give the option to consolidate with other towns is that how this all started that’s partly correct what happened was that what you said is correct as far as towns over 12,000 population have to have a full times veteran service officer a director of veteran services and full-time means covering at least all the hours that the town hall is open usually it’s 40 hours which is more than some time halls open more than this one um or join a district the one thing that that I think we and foxpro didn’t realize for a long time was that that was always in place it’s always been that way there was a grandfather clause that somebody who was in there part-time could stay in there part-time until they retired so you know had Carl retired ten or twelve years earlier or whatever we would have had to to comply with it back then so it wasn’t a new mandate okay so out of the four towns obviously we’re over the 12,000 any of the other three towns under the 12,000 no I really know with a smallest town of the four with a small okay right so okay so that so they don’t need to do this again to get a full time they have full time to stay in the way they are they are in the Prosperi provincial and it’s very difficult from what I reach out to the other unless they have to right so I’m just looking forward you know a few years from now is there another catalyst that would say Foxborough has to do this with Walpole or playing Bill at Mansfield or what so we could we could keep the way that we’re doing it fund it and keep moving until something changes absolutely it and that law hasn’t changed for a long time if I get an appointment letter to continue my services June 1st and and beyond there is no need to for any change I do my job veterans get serviced I think everybody will be happy if they’re not someone will hear about it probably you guys first and then I’ll hear about it and George I’m sorry July first your joy first so that there’s no other change needed so if you know if it’s in the best interest of the town to stay as a single town VSO then there’s no change needed I think that that was what I was getting to it I’m looking five years ten years down the road type so no and I don’t I don’t think there will be any any change on that okay thank you thanks for the time that you’d put to to debrief us I guess don’t call that thank you oh yeah yeah thank you Mike the information you provide it’s been very good but it’s also I think reassuring to the veterans that we still have a very good veterans agent in place and with the letter that you’re reappointment whatever technically has to be done I think we can reassure the veterans and their families that veteran services will be provided in the same manner that they have been provided for less fuses and thank you very much thank you and yeah absolutely people should be reassured that you know I’ll actually be spending more time here than I have over the last you know since the director was injured in November so they’ll see if anything an improvement I’m sure Kevin do you draft that letter and bring it to the board selectmen so that we can approve it at our next meeting I’ll have to check I wasn’t prepared for that question mr. Selim I can I can check the manager act and find out who the appointing Authority is I was aboard the board is so yeah in past years Sandra has drafted a letter for you oh okay brought it here sure we’ll have that for you in a next agenda great normally either a one or three year Michael I’m sorry but the keys last name its Heath like their candy bar H Oh Eve Hobson and if there’s a town out there looking for one dynamic you know terrific veteran service officer they should contact so basically you would be the only employer to challenge this point moving forward at that point that’s correct in the veterans department because I’ve met Heath before I’m sorry I thought was Keith my partner Colin Keith four months now I apologize just for clarification

um can I ask you had said that you’ve been cut off from this by the state regard to veterans information is that the crossroads community are you as the agent from Foxborough oh so right now you have earlier right yes oh as of June 30th as of June 30th no not as of the date when the other three towns no absolutely not in the other towns they still get our full services through June 30th and they still pay their full fee through June 30th and what is being cut off by the state is Heath’s access and mine to the state computer system that we use to to track cases so we would not be able to cut another check for a veteran or provide them assistance in that way because because crossroads district will no longer exist so we don’t have an entity so I have to come back and be an employee of the town of Foxborough again right okay anything else Michael thank you very much I can tell it’s been a very emotional climb for you I can tell you in a long time you know what we appreciate thank you for your time I am is a proper for the board to make the appointment now for Michael since I it’s I’ll call ya make it emotional we entertain a motion to make Michael the veterans agent a flourish it should we know the particulars I don’t think it’s that I know I think you’re presuming that one you’ll take it the salary that all that stuff is the same but I think I don’t mind you know emotionally doing it and I don’t think there’s any reservation on the board to do it but I think it precedes the paperwork okay I don’t want to put you in a spirit for us to appoint you and then find out it’s not satisfactory to what you need and we put you on the spot does that make sense I I’m perfectly happy to to wait or do it I don’t care what’s gonna change really is is not not a lot I’ll go back to the old salary that I had here which is you know determined from whenever that was so I will take a pay cut I recognize that I understand that and the emotional strain that goes along with this probably worth it Mike I just didn’t want to put you in an awkward situation that’s I’m playing it the way I thank you my George Leonard you room through all these wrote the first thing is I believe the vote should be taken here to just enjoy themselves the town of Foxborough with a veteran’s crossroads all three other channels have taken the planning boards painting boys the Board of Selectmen have voted to move off of it so before you want to hire somebody that is still being paid within the Crossroads I think you should declare yourself as just enjoying just removing yourself from the board you’re the last member of the prize roads the board agree with that statement I think I don’t think that I don’t think there is a crossroads for us to disassociate ourselves with it’s gone the regional agreement provides that members of the district must notify the other members of the district prior to May 1 so May 1 has already come and gone we if they were a district left if there were other towns in it then we couldn’t withdraw at this point we wouldn’t and the reason is because the budgeting is already done that’s why that provision was put in in fact Norton’s vote was really ineffective because it came after May 1 it was purely symbolic Mansfield and eastern thoughts occurred timely according there’s actually 60 days prior to June 30th which I believe occurred on April 31st or something like that so we couldn’t withdraw but as a practical matter the crossroads veteran district ceased to exist the moment three of the four members indicated they weren’t there Norton there was symbolic because the the statue of Chaplin 15 provides that members of the district must be congealing contiguous as the only two remaining towns Foxborough and Norton we are not geographically contiguous therefore we cannot form a district so even if I mean technically if we were contiguous across those would exist for another year because Norton did not take the vote in time that’s a practical matter it ceases to exist so there is no vote to take unless you want to do it

also for symbolic value and I don’t know just before you let it mean to cut you off I just didn’t want to put no I but if there’s a benefit with morning they coming in giving some confidence that yeah I think what I have to do for you Mike obviously would have my recommendation I think he’s an outstanding via so but I want the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about the salary because I don’t think it’s as straightforward as might be represented and so I want the opportunity to sit with him and talk and make a recommendation back to the board on what the salary should be I don’t agree that he should go back to her it was a year ago where the salary was at that time because had he not been the district via so in the interim his salary would have changed and so I don’t think it’s fair to say well sorry you gotta go back where you were so I that’s what I think he and I need to have a little discussion about okay you guys do the math and I appreciate I appreciate Mike’s candor and honesty but I just think that that has to get considered in fairness he has to be brought and made whole to where he would have been had the district not been formed and he had been name of the director of it okay one more bill blob sorry bring the mic to him James I get up blob is well he’s getting up that I’ll just introduce and Bob is the chairman of Fox Bros veteran services Advisory Committee as well as the initial Foxborough representative he was appointed by this Board of Selectmen initially when that when the district started and then after his extended surgeries he asked to withdraw in the the board would through him and and then elected to to a point all duma to be the follow-on appointee so uh thank you I just wanted as Fox was represented for the board for the first six or seven months I just like to thank Mike and Heath for their work that they’ve done since November they have both been putting in fifty to fifty to seventy hours a week to keep this district up and running and I will say that that’s one of the things that I feel that this district failed was that the district director was against this district from the beginning and he in my opinion and some of the other members of the board he did everything he could to make this district fail we we had talks with him many many times the board and the board did to try to get him to start acting as the director of the district and that never happened so I do want to just really come in Mike and he for their work that they did they’ve been remarkable and I as the veteran services Isaac chairman for the town and our veterans we definitely you know think might needs to stay on here as our veteran services officer I think it’s pretty much you can read votes like I can it’s pretty animus I think this board wants Mike in the town and the veterans to stay and I appreciate everything you’re doing if I could change topics for one minute boy here we got an exciting Memorial Day celebration plan can we get positive now and absolutely I think he’s up here also to make an invitation yeah I do want to officially invite all of the Board of Selectmen to the Memorial Day celebration will the parade will start basically kickoff at 8:45 is one of the American Legion Post and kickoff the period officially at nine o’clock approximately 9:30 the parade will finish at the foot of the common we have some I think we have a great keynote speaker four years ago Pat Mitchell just before he went to the United States Milliken Military Academy at West Point was our keynote speaker for the Memorial Day celebration he graduates the day before Memorial Day from West Point and he will be our keynote speaker again this year one day after his graduation as the second lieutenant in the United States Army so I think yeah I think we’re going to have I think it’s going to be a great celebration for the veterans and we’d

like to just invite all those Boyd and I liked I know this is going out over the air so I’d like to just invite all of the citizens to place come show you support for the veterans and please come out for the parade and the celebration on the common great thank you very much now next we have Mike Davison and some of his committee members from the racino Committee to make a get those yeah what ice jumped 1gr Coughlin Roger Hill DPW director status and the repairs in the common good as usual for the records need everybody’s name Roger Hill DPW director Jack ought to let Tom historian gentlemen who would like to start I can if I could start I could probably clear up a lot of your issues right off right off the bat Jack I know you had had some issues with the tree that was planned the tree on the common that we replace right across from the bandstand yeah Jack had questioned when the tree was going to be planted on the common we had planned to plant that tree last fall later in the fall but then hurricane sandy kind of left us a little bit behind so I planned on planting if this year first thing we could get out and of course winter was a little late for us so we only got out there probably three or four weeks ago so in the interim ayodhya flagged the tree at the nursery and when they pulled it out of the ground I wouldn’t got it and it’s has since been planted which was probably like three weeks ago as far as the monument that you’re looking for that used to be on the old mailbox Island across from the Historical Commission when the state did the center of town that thing is just lost it’s it’s it’s not to be found anyway I’ve looked everywhere I don’t ever remember getting into my hands so if you can have one made up have all that information ready to go I could order that in the morning what it was the the tree when planted in front of Memorial Hall many years ago was in memory of light at Bristol who died in 1976 so when the downtown revitalization came somehow the the tree was taken down and we’ve never seen the monument sense the marker so finally you know I spoke to Roger about a replacement I said it can’t be just any tree or any old location I mean this was prominent space and as luck would have it a tree had to be taken down right officer of the bandstand on the common so this tree is now in that honored position so I could order that and we bought the tulip tree yes which was her favorite tree is favorite room so I mean that all worked out well but but also that program we have on the common Friday evening June 7 at the start of Founders Day weekend celebrating the 250 since we first directed the meetinghouse propriety to becoming it down we’re gonna dedicate that tree okay that night so we have some members of the Bristol family there and just make it a special occasion yeah be nice to have it back what time you are you planning for that yeah this is 7 p.m. 7 p.m. thank you on the another issue you had was the lights up there 3 weeks ago this is all part of my normal spring thing that I do on the common I kind of go check the lights the benches you know and that type of stuff three weeks ago I had replaced all the glass and all those lanterns I went up there Monday this week after all the activity on the common and there’s like four or five panes that are broken again well I’ve been in contact with commonhelp for hire right I gave them the glass in there replacing the panes while they’re cleaning your globe they’ve been up there all week yeah in there and they’re gonna do the chimneys in the lanten’s there’s one lanten down at the bottom of the common that the

door is gone and a corner post is going I’ve never got I was going to ask you if anybody turned it into you I’ve never seen it fortunately yeah so we’re gonna have to have that fabricated I kind of went on the web myself I was trying to look for some channel that’s what we could do it ourselves but when I talked to commonhelp feiiow they’ve got somebody that that can do that for us but at least we can get it illuminated and then yeah it’s illuminated it’s all you you really wouldn’t notice it unless you got stood right there and looked at it so the lights are all being taken care of and all the low voltage lights around the memorial are they gonna take care of those so that’s all done the granite post that you had over near the post office that unfortunately got hit with the loader or a Holland snow this winter what I did with that is I had one more granite post left down at the highway garage it was a line post so it has holes on both sides I put that in there temporary really until we can come up with some granite pose so that’s all set the barrels the barrels were done probably three weeks ago right for the flowers I had been in contact with the guide in club before I just got this letter on Friday so I didn’t even know any of this was going on except we’re basically the common fence or the barrels the barrels I called the guy in club up and said hey you know that’s like seven barrels no no no that’s done under a separate program but once I saw the barrels returned would do it in a then notified that there were all different volunteers I got in club two and I notified them to also that yes yeah but they’re worried and we bought the barrels we bought the tree you know it doesn’t come out of the common fund or anything so that’s all set and last week I went up there and I fixed all the bleep the benches any slats that were broken any cement that was degraded on the legs or replaced everything so all the benches are all set the Commons been mulched so been aged I’m just kind of waiting out towards the end of week to give a final mowing for Memorial Day now we can get to the common fence itself Roger and I have been working at it for probably five weeks the issue we have in here is a lot of the small foundries just don’t exist anymore so we’re having some trouble we have a guy that’s kind of picked up all these small foundries that’s working with us that we’re trying to get somebody that will be able to forge that common fence for us that’s the purest you are or I know you wanted an cast and I would like to see it a cast also because I’m sort of a purist when it comes to that common thread so I have been the keeper of that fence for 40 years you know but as a guy that fixes that fence we’re looking at a few other options we’re looking at aluminum maybe you’re gonna paint it that way if it does break we can here Liaquat mild steel something happens to it we can weld it the cast is so poor nowadays that you can’t well that it just blows a pot on you just explodes when you’re trying to well that you can heat it you can do anything you want to do with it but it just you just can’t weld it back together anymore but those are just options we even looked at like ductile okay to see if because there’s some flex and that’s because obviously in the wintertime you know this granite post might go up here this one might lean that way so you got a little pressure on that fence there’s three sections right now that are broken I don’t have any sections to replace them as I have one section at the garage that I’m saving in case of cago is totally through that I can replace the section with we talked to these people from East Joe and today they have a found a foundry in Connecticut that might help us out with this is coming up to visit us on Thursday morning and he wants to look at the pattern the thing about I also wanted to let you know but that Whitman foundry still exists that’s where we had the fence forged the last time of four years what happened with Whitman foundry the last time we had the sections Forge I couldn’t get the pattern back they were using the pattern obviously there’s another fence someplace close by it in Connecticut and they were forging off of our pattern for that fence and it took me like six months to get that pattern back and I I ended up finally just going there and forcing the guy to get the pattern out he told me it was in a good storage place it was for medically sealed it was across town it was in a beautiful building where it wasn’t getting hurt or come to find out it was

in a pie on the back of the shop and when I picked it up it had holes in it the casket you know the casket is around it it was all cheap then took it back to the garage it was missing one of the kawna scrolls actually what we did with that is we had one forged it over the summit out of alumina and we blended it back in we epoxy doll the chips on it as you know I don’t know if everybody knows but that pattern that we have was hand-carved by Archie Hannah right in like nineteen seventy two seventy seventy two yeah he worked on at 71 and 72 yeah so that enabled us to make new sections of fence exactly as I made the originals in 1857 and without that pattern is priceless to that fence so I really have an issue of sending it back to Whitman foundry so we’ve been trying to work around Whitman foundry and find something else the other problem we’ve been having is to find some a granite place to make those posts Fletcher doesn’t exist in they’re out of business and you know it’s well we’ve got you know calls out there we’ve got you know feel as though we’re trying to get somebody that can make those posts and if I recall back when we had the last sections made for that fence they were around 2022 hundred dollars well we need like right at this point probably there’s three totally broken ones pieces chunks missing out but there’s cracked ones it’s like we’re gonna need like eight in order to have a stock you know that if something happens and there’s probably eight granite posts I’m guessing you’re talking that job there we were trying to figure it out one of those granted posts have got to go 2,000 2,500 bucks you know what I mean but now some of those posts that are that are just slip yeah but they’re still standing yeah can they not be pinned I’m gonna get I’m gonna stay in there you know you have to take the whole fence apart you know it’s worth pinning them you want it to look you want it to look good you don’t want it to be all crooked when it goes in there you know that’s I had we had thought about that I thought about trying some kind of an epoxy on it but realistically you know how to do a right like we did back in 72 when we did the whole side on the firehouse side it would be nice to get the grant now if I if I made one thing that has to come out of this loud and clear trans Park Department in this town of Fox PO dozen incredibly good job on that common as you your guys did on Memorial Hall the other day I mean they came in and absolutely manicured the grounds and trimmed all the things and I’ve been working with Dave on on the common matters since 1971 72 72 yeah and I have nothing but the the grace respect for him and the guys and when we were illuminating Memorial Hall how many times did you bring the cherry picker up there and whew yeah yeah we could move the light this way a little bit try that light tray and he’d been fabulous but now here we are at this point in time we’re talking well number one these these fence sections not going to be repaired for Memorial Day they’re not going to be repaired for found aside we’re also talking the possibility of fabricating sections out of different types of metal now I brought up the subject of those broken sections September 14 2012 Friday that’s but back then Roger came back very very quickly saying they had trouble with the castings and they would really like to go to a substitute metal I pointed out to them with the deepest conviction that what we did on that common in 1971 or 72 was one of the greatest outpourings of citizens in this town that you’ve ever seen now the fence had been injured broken numerous times by cars the metal was brittle you couldn’t weld it anymore and L tracks highway superintendent came to me as editor of the paper and said would you support me a town meeting to get some money to a new section of fence a new patent to make fence sections and I said al we need new fence sections we get a week redo the common we got to get back to standard but I won’t support going to

Town Meeting in 1857 that common was laid out as you see it today by a people’s effort private citizens coming forward saying let us do this for the town now I’m a great believer that we should use history as our guide so when we come to 1971-72 we repeated that citizen effort and you would not believe the clubs and organizations little kids having neighborhood fairs everybody doing something and to put money into that fund and from that fund Archie Hannah came forward did build a pat and we covered his expenses but then we had enough money to put in the replicas of the lanterns and even enough money to take the temporary name tags off the World War 2 tablet after all those years and make it into a bronze casting so when it was brought up last year both Roger and and Kevin mentioned disappointment and the castings and the need to go to alternative types of manufacturing sections of fence and I just said to me I think this is just a violation of what the people wanted so badly and spent so much money to do I mean we finally had to ask people to stop sending in money that’s how generous they were when that story broke cold turkey to the community on a Thursday morning and the forespore reporter dick legee at flexible federal was going to collect the money when that Bank open that morning the line was already out to the sidewalk and going down the street people wanted to put money into that so I think we have a matter here of the people’s trust I think that we have got to find a foundry somewhere they could make these castings and I just wish that if we had really put put ourselves into this back in September we’d have some repair work done babe I know that when when you it’s just my you know when I look back and I I’ve gotten these sections before maybe six at a time four at a time if a car’s in a section you you you get another one those things they take a long time you know you’re not talking like sending that pattern over here today and getting it next week you know you’re talking months you know and that’s that’s an issue you have there since the same thing with the granite posts so you back in that day Jack we we built up a little stock of the granite posts you know we we had like six or seven extras because we had the money to do it and we had the extra sections is a fence built at the same time but you know it’s all gone and now it’s but it’s gonna cost a lot more money you know to bring that back and also everybody it’s got to understand that fence is a labor of love to put back together it’s a it’s it’s got to be done by hand it’s all manpower there’s no backhoe digging a hole yet those granite posts have to go back and the only thing we do with the backhoe as we pull the post out and put in lay it pulls back in the same hole we crawl in the hole dig it out with the shovels put five or six guys on the sections because they weigh like 400 pounds of piece a piece and that’s how we put the thing back together it goes back together physical labor in it and it takes time so even when we get the materials to put it back together it’s not something that I’m gonna be able to send my guys up there for a month to work on it’ll be okay it’s a rainy day and we’ve got a little bit of time let’s go put a post in let’s fix a section so you know that’s that’s the way it’ll have to work and nowadays because I mean I’m just I’m just like totally overloaded with work right now you know there’s no question the the existing fence the POC that’s not broken does that have a natural life to it I mean is the weather going to corrode it other elements just going to fail all the time well there’s still some sections here their derivative since 1857 the snow is a shape yes right but if something should break that section right now it’s so brittle you can’t rubble it you can’t yeah those sections explode if somebody wants him win the partner that got a reason I was looking for alternatives while back was go down that road I thought we’d decide we were just gonna stick with the original like Jack said his convictions were wrought iron so we need to stay focused on Rhode Island cast I’m sorry so that’s what we should

pronoun focus nvm alternative in my opinion alternative Steel’s aluminum’s and then as far as you know it’s been a yeah we haven’t even kicked the ball yet Roger I thought we were gonna have some quotes a couple of weeks ago on a Friday and that’s what you told me and we had the guy come in we asked him to search and find a foundry that could do this he got back Whitman found me first mm-hmm and David’s really opposed to going to Woodman Valery and then I got the call this afternoon at Beaufort floor I see an email from the guy and he’s the guy I’m hoping is gonna be able to cast these he’s coming up here Thursday to look at the pattern or probably you you know go ahead with him if he’s at least get a price out of them now as far as the pattern goes maybe I’m not correct but you take a section down make a sandcastle hey we don’t have don’t have to take a section down the pattern is in a coffin that’s probably is what is this table right it’s a full-size of made out of wood yeah woods laying on a piece of ply where the two sides there’s two sides of pattern it’s it’s in a giant coffin we put metal scraps and it’s all secure and safe and that’s why yeah so this one that’s why you can’t just it’s like I said the jack that thing is crucial to that fence that’s priceless but one side of a patent gets pressed into the sand in this big box here and the other side press into the sandia the two pieces are brought up and hot metal poured through a point into the top and it goes down into the cavity caused by that mold going into the sand that’s exactly how they did it I I am NOT one who stubbornly cling to any Dogma but this to me is one of the greatest examples of people coming forward and expressing their sense of history to this town and I mean I got this all these faces go on going past me here as I think back with the tea people who who worked so hard to make that happen and I just I just hate to think that we’re gonna give up on that process that we try so hard to to preserve it isn’t easy it’s nothing like god don’t talk about it being the least expensive way of course it isn’t but how many sections do we have to replace I mean we get a lot and we got backlog now but I mean in the general run of things how often does one get broken if somebody does come through the fence do we get an insurance claim out of this thing sometimes yes sometimes we don’t fix hundred twenty-five thousand in damage then we check were allowed to spend the check immediately for the on the damage that was done if it’s over twenty five thousand it has to go to town meeting for a procedural vote yeah but but no I mean Dave over the years good grief you and I have been through yeah now you agree with yours but you know the cast the the cast I in you know that would be my my thing also I it’s just that you know as a guy that fixes that some it’s not crazy to kind of look at other other ideas sometimes we don’t even know what was gonna cost you know I don’t yeah as far as I I was when I was talking on Roger ice as far as I’m I’m kind of a purist on that fence myself you know what I mean and I know how you are it’s just I know it’s heavy I know it’s hard to work with but we’ve done it for years and you know I gotta have a thing with a toe so Kevin yeah let me just reassure Jack and the board and the public I don’t remember ever expressing any opinions about the fence because I don’t know anything about I wouldn’t know aluminum from cast on if you put it in front of me but in any of him let me make this clear going forward we’re not gonna do anything down there unless Jack approves it so presumably we’re gonna find another foundry we’re gonna do these castings just exactly the way they were done we’re gonna have to get some money to buy a bunch of these I think and that’s the way it’s gonna be and that’s the end of the story now if for some reason that can’t happen then there’ll be a discussion with Jack about what do we do and these other ideas but I just want to reassure everybody plan a is we find a foundry we do these castings exactly where they’ve been done

forever we own we thanks to Dave retrieve the mold so we’re in good shape there just so there’s no ambiguity going forward okay and just so everybody knows when we when we first started looking at this place I went to I said let’s call the foundry over in Brockton I’ve been there for years they do they do manhole covers they do all kinds of castings and all the found runs in this area hired under the umbrella of East Jordan he’s Jordans a worldwide firm and they do castings and they’re there their guy is the guy who’s searching out one of the father’s they control to be able to do these castings that’s what he’s doing for us right now he’s finding a place where they can do them and the guy in Connecticut seems at least on the surface he might be very interested in doing these and we’ll find out Thursday how interested he really is just looking for another foundry under the same guy because he hasn’t stopped looking I’m gonna pull the day of mold down I’m gonna open it up so that this guy can see it it’s like it’s almost nine feet long it’s 86 by like 32 so it’s a it’s a hunk of Steel you know what I mean in a lot of these places I’m dealing with stuff that big anymore you know so it’s it’s like the blacksmith shop isn’t out of the pageant’s like the stonemason people I was gonna find them yeah yet finally it’s interesting that patent is so many inches fall larger than the fence section because the metal Springs has a cool I don’t know if you remember Jack born first not putting it in that those first sections of fence we’re like a half an inch too long to fit into those between those posts and we couldn’t figure it out for the life of us and then at you went back and and actually readjusted the old and we ground fingers off trying to get the you know some of the fence to fit back in there you know we took Reinders and grind as a grind I remember that for weeks so recreating the the physical form of the fence for making the impression in the sand some pieces were wood some pieces were made from castings of chunks of fence that had been broken over the years and he would make plaster castings of those and for mrs. Hannen went without the use of her oven for days on end because he was cooking up common-sense posts a piece in there and it’s it’s an amazing I might also say they’ll mark that people one of the other issues is a stone the the posts we had a post get hit a year and a half ago and partly consolidated underinsurance fired up first to replace it prorated it doesn’t look right they they actually measured a base of one of the old posts but then when they built the new posts they taper down David it’s on the bottom where it’s in the ground up to the top and they’re not taping the tapers are comes from the top of the ground at from 11 to 10 a genesis at the top ground level to the top they tape it it from those close to 7 feet tall and the other thing they tape it at the whole length of the 7 feet so it doesn’t really look so you couldn’t fit right you couldn’t use a post like that in inline you could only you can use it on an end but you can’t use it in line because it’s gonna be too narrow when you say you’re gonna make you contact inquiries are you contacting gravestone companies quarries contact the gravestone company like I told you they’ll make anything we can do that they made the monuments for the 9/11 memorial the reason we went through the stories is that’s where the post came from the original post came from Fletcher man the replacement post came from Fletcher Fletcher built every bit of granite in Massachusetts for many many years that are out of North Chelmsford and they got a huge glory out there I know family business but I don’t find it in everything of walls but there’s moss and breaks they made them on a little monument I think they can handle those posts you know any questions from the board because we move on okay well this obviously this is gonna take a long time to complete the project is this something that could be completed like before next year’s Founders Day and so that this could be part of next year’s activities a rededication of the comment the same way we’re celebrating the meeting house this year yeah it’s it’s all about how fast can somebody produces stuff I think you know as far as us putting it in we’ve got time is he good for sections well those sections I that wouldn’t be the issue it would be the issue of all

those granted piece you know those ends that’s another thing you’re gonna know about this that’s attractive this fits very tight together and in fact when they put two sections together between the granite posts it takes the whole tree crew to push and the two sections and to get them straight and then you have to tie them you know put the clamps on job good job it’s a tight fit but that’s why it’s lasted since 1857 because it’s so good well made but after two whole years of that saves a common effort we finally got to the fence we got the lights we got all the things and the very very first time the first night that those lights were going to come on in the common my wife and I had to be out of town on a family thing so we got back to town very very late and we’re coming up Main Street we could see the lights so there we are like a couple of kids dancing down through the middle of the climb and celebrating now by the time you get the common fixed up again my dancing days short answers we can certainly make that the goal and yeah – that is the physical I don’t believe one quick question David yeah a lot of times you look at the pictures and you go around the common the car pulls up to the curb because it’s a it’s a 30-degree angle if they by the time that they hit the curb what about wheel stops preventive we’ll just put some wheels I know they’re having in the winter wheel stops on the parking spaces we haven’t had that a couple of you know since that tall turbans been put in there years ago when it was the low cement around there you know we had a lot of issues with that but you know since they redid the center of town and you got that high granite I think the cause bumped that before they before they ever six days another kill 62 hours for giving longer yeah the cars are shorter like he said no just go wheels it now is when we get 29 inches of snow the loader operator it’s not the same guy was doing it last year operated around the corner yeah any more questions from the board yes thank you everything together all right behind Mike Davison and his casino committee would you come forward please Jeff for a second okay great yeah I corrected that I was told to correct the grammar in my and L so I did that correct this a couple spelling errors so I apologize up front and better hand outs Mike just for the record he’s helping you Kamiya – yeah my name is Michael Davidson I am the chairman of the racino review committee Janet Kennedy Volvo rook Bob’s my vice chairman and Michael yep working it sometimes I gotta do one thing at one time okay the purpose of tonight is to give the progress today we met with the planer each developer the last Tuesday of the 30th of April they’re proposing a 1250 slot machines which is the legal limit for slot machines under the provision they are proposing no hotel space or entertainment facilities to go with us the developers of the local racetrack owners and there’s no change in plans that their timer the prior planer each developer whose name I could not spell and did not bother to try and doing this out here we engage the town planners review the planer each traffic study and they’ve engaged the local planning or the MAPC to look at the effects of plane Ridge on the development of Foxboro they expect that to begin in early June when we get some more information sherrod has also been very kind and put together a table proposed impacts on the town and I might add that she’s been very helpful and in this effort we have drafted the RFP to hire an outside consultant as we were tasked to do and we delivered that to the town manager on the 17th of April we’ve begun analyzing what we’re doing is we’re trying to get competing streams of information so we can get as much information to you guys as possible so no other will get some from outside

consultant but we’re also independently looking at the impact of twin rivers on the community of Lake in Rhode Island its surrounding communities Janet went down there on a recon mission to Twin Rivers and she’s a couple things she wants to say about that good evening – good evening to everyone I took a trip to Twin River a couple of weeks ago and I will tell you my findings I went all the way up route 123 to Twin River when driving some places had traffic mostly south Adelberg because that’s what BJ’s is and you know the little mile and people go into where the Christmas tree shop is when I got to Cumberland Rhode Island no traffic I went up the roads 123 which is like Lincoln woods I went this way years ago when I took classes at CCRI all the houses are still round plus the farms and the stores and the eating establishments everything is good in good condition I didn’t see anything run down before I went into twin river I pulled my car down the street and went looking to find people to see if they had any complaints I found a few people and asked questions no one had a complaint about traffic or crimes they all said Trin River has had no problem at all that was established like in 1947 as the horse track so I went down to Train River and tried to make a friend who’d give me some information I found someone who worked for them for about 25 years I’ll just call him Joe Joe told me they only give out free soda coffee as drinks on the floors of the slots they have 4700 slot machines they will start to have table games soft opening in June big opening probably in July right now the Rhode Island lottery is in charge when the table games start the Rhode Island State Police will be in touch they go by the host laws in the tip plus all the service service have to be certified and tips they have retired state and police offices at all entrance to make sure no one under age is around in I walked the floors and everything was in orderly nobody was acting up they have people who watch everything going on when I pulled into the lock there were a lot of mascots and Rhode Island cause I did play the slot so I could get a get the feel of the mood of the people and their reactions mostly seniors some my age everyone was having fun I didn’t see any planning streetwalkers any kids being left in cause of people stealing Twin Rivers is by 146 and 295 but it is in a you know by people’s houses unlike plain Ridge that is on a state highway thank you what we’re doing the second half of that is we’re gonna create a list of questions sent through Kevin and the Fox for department heads so we can get an aggregate of the effects of Twin River over time the effects of say any criminal activity drunk driving and any negative effects so we can so we can map that over time as Twin Rivers has been developed so we can have some idea of the effect of what a racino would do to the surrounding communities understand it’s not a one-to-one mapping correlation in the regards the Twin Rivers is so much bigger than what planner just proposing and again they’re going with table games and like I said Twin Rivers has entertainment there’s a little bit more of a larger complex however it will give us an insight as to some of the effects we may have in this town that’s our next step and it’s where we’re going to can start working on probably next Tuesday we did review it was very Health Review the prior research and Gaming reports that were done when they were looking at putting a a horse track across the street from the stadium and the one thing that really jumped out at me and you can see is that a prior reports called for establishing these social services for problem gambling prior to the establishment of gaming Hall it’s one of the three things in you know sort of give an advance of one of the three things we’re looking at that’s probably the may impact this town it’s probably the hardest to measure but it does seem to be an overall effect that you know when you put these kind of facilities in the slot machines that the problem gambling does seem to increase or as I put it it doesn’t it doesn’t like grow up overnight what it does is it makes people who are sort of predisposed to to that kind of addiction to sort of it gets worse well we tended the plane route some planners from Plainville meetings there’s more coming up as you can say and we spoke with several members the Gaming Commission Bob’s been leading

that effort and know what they can say about that Bob price to speak more eloquently than I can but they appeared to be changing their minds almost weekly something it comes down to every time I send them every time I send an email with a list of questions we get a new draft of whatever I talk whatever our email suggestions are our questions are then three or four days later we get a new draft of different things that we’ve addressed so it’s a it’s a it’s an evolving thing and I think it’s going to take a long time before they realize what they’re going to do it’s it’s very interesting the next the next steps we’re gonna work with Kim take us to finalize a consultant RFP he promised me he would get that he would get that done in the next couple of weeks and we’re going to interview the addressing consultants once the responses are received again we’re going to work we’re going to formulate our questions work through Kevin in the department head so they can ask their counterparts in Lincoln Rhode Island and the surrounding communities what the effects were to their towns and their communities so we can have a good effect again over time of of what a given establishment could do to a surrounding community some plain rich community means coming up ones coming up tomorrow the consulting finance will be presented I know myself and Janet’s going I think Bob may also be going so the three of us will be going to that and then Monday in June 17th the plaintiff Planning Board is meeting to discuss a slot permit as far as the slots update the timeline for the planners development and this is all preliminary as Bob indicated the situation is fluid and talking to various people who include the developer the situation seems to be slipping to somewhat to the right though zero in for that term it means the schedules advancing or the dates are slipping to the riders you get it’s getting later later June a one execute office community agreement in June that’s town referendum right now is tentatively scheduled for September 10th October 5th they submit the phase 2 application that will include who the people are for the surrounding really consider the surrounding communities to be the mass Gaming Commission Awards the category to license in December 2nd and if they do when they plan an open in fall of 2014 there are four initial locations Plainville rain and box bar on Worcester but the Box first Luckman have refused to negotiate with the developer so now we’re down to three having said that my committee operates under the assumption that plain image will be built therefore we don’t spend any time speculating on well is it coming here or not that we just assume we assume the worst case scenario and that way we can we can better prep for you can give you better advice as to what the town should do the potential effects in the town thus far the committee has is we have three leading candidates they’re horses if you want to use that upon pun was intended traffic DUI and social effects to be perfectly honest the effects of these are unknown at the time and they may not be large or as we’re discovering they may be masked by other developments those the city of plan Ridge Sharon Watts was good enough to point out that there’s a proposed Madison Street development put a market basket in there and a shopping mall so that may the traffic going to that will be much greater than any traffic Fiat that was planning for a plane trench so you know and then DUI is it’s hard to say really there’s a couple different things going on with that you know clearly we have an issue in Foxborough with Patriot place there’s some issues that actually have a lot of liquor licenses the developers seem to be fairly serious about keeping the dealer they don’t lose fairly serious about keeping a DUI problem that long minimum because they are the same people who own the track now and are going to continue operating the track and they want to keep their reputation as I said also there there’s you know there will be some social effects from problem gambling to that kind of thing and that’s our report up to this far do you have any questions thank you just one quick question and thank you guys I know you took our request seriously and how many on the committee in that nine eight no there’s there’s now six one one is resigned due to she’s over committed although I still need to get a resignation letter but one is resigned says now six well thank thank you all feet I know you

guys been to the developers and the other towns what are we expecting or what are you expecting tomorrow when you say the consultants findings I know they they looked at a consultant to look at the regional local traffic I I really don’t know this is just going to be an information gathering phase for us or we’re just gonna see what they’re going to present as to there’s a they have some reports published I have none and not had time to read them but um we’re just going to gather the information and and report that back problem I guess is going to be this is the effect on the town or this is what the different effects on the town are going to be they don’t seem to have done much to the surrounding communities they did present or that the developer did go to Mansfield North Attleborough and I believe Wrentham yeah and the quote was he went to the town managers of each three towns and the quote was from the Plainville town managers who is this guy and why is he here we seem to be the only town that’s taking a proactive stance as to what the effects are going to be so we just were just gonna gather some information and see what it is okay thank you very much better answer for you or was it Jen yeah the consultants that are meeting tomorrow are they going to be the trap obey the traffic consultants I believe they’re the canal I believe they are the consultants the general consultant for the town as to what the effects are on the town of Plainville if they put slot machines in there similar to how do I put this similar to okay not to bring up that subject but if they were going to build a casino across the street from the stadium we were going to hire consultants to see what the effects of the town were going to be yeah that was the same on you right there the general impact analysis so I was just wondering I know one of the concerns the town of Foxborough was the route 1 area especially when there’s Patriot Games or there’s activities at the stadium that we all know can block a you know tie up traffic in and in the concern of people that I’ve speaking to is that people coming from the north direction south on Route one I’m gonna see how this traffic and then they are going to stat GPS in other ways coming through the neighborhoods of Foxborough and that was a concern and I was just wondering if if plane Ridge had asked for the concerns and if you had submitted that kind of scenario that they could maybe work on because that’s probably the most important thing that people are concerned about I live off Spruce Street and I have that concern myself and I asked that question and he didn’t really seem to care the developers representative said that that wasn’t part of their overall problem it had you know it was more of the town of Foxborough on the town of Randall’s problem because I said have you ever been down Mira mashi Street and gone over that one lane bridge and he said no I haven’t yeah well maybe a written concern was submitted would would well I I came out right out and asked them if we were going to be considered a host community yeah our surrounding community and he said you’d have to prove that to us yeah so we have to prove for them that we do deserve to be on that list and we can petition once they submit their second phase of the application if we’re not on there we can be we can petition it and then there you know we we get to present ourselves to the state and then they make a decision yeah yeah you presenting gears that that would be the town would be presenting yourself through the through the selectmen or in conjunction with your committee that’s correct what we would do is we would make recommendations to to this board and you would present and you would either act in those recommendations or you know or not as to whether we are at a surrounding community or not what we’re trying to do is is build a base of information at least you have a factual objective based study so we can say look this is why we think we are surrounding community and this is the effects of the town and this is the effects in the town we’re trying to do that in a an objective rational fashion you know you know we did talk about the the effect of stadium games of stadium dare excuse me game days on on on traffic to do show off some of those side roads they do limit access to that and there’s um and there’s you know clearly what they one of the comments they said is is our business goes way down in game days it says you can’t get in or out so that was a they just considered that those

lost days however you know Bob is correct there there will be an impact to those this first Street and and the South Street in that entire region of town preliminary reports have Bob talked to the chief of police and and and they seem to indicate that that was going to be service concern and and like I said it’s it’s not only a serious concern for the gambling but you know there seems to be a good deal of development that’s starting to happen in that region so no matter what happens whether plane Ridge gets in my opinion or the plane Ridge gets the license or not you’re still gonna have a traffic issue which is kind of unfortunate but that’s what it is I think you know I noticed I had I had the opportunity to necessity dried getting off from 495 and drunk driving up Route one and I was amazed at all the fossil sites on the undeveloped properties all along Route one so that error is definitely going to be developed in you know this is great so it’s already standing the nice nice part about is is through Sharon and the MAPC is is they’re gonna they they’re going to look at the effects and they I have an email that says they’re gonna look at the effects of the traffic due to plane rage on the town of Foxborough they haven’t got there yet but they’re going to they’re going to after I believe immediately in early June so I’m looking forward to that and then push forward on that I’d get a little bit more you know what we all think it’s going to be an issue I agree it’s going to be an issue and again I agree it’s going to be an issue other planners cousin or not unfortunately but we’ll get some objective data from from the local Planning Commission thank you alright just a question about the consultants so the RFP that you’re developing with Kevin is that for Fox Bros version of the general impact because yes that is so that will take care of all those yes that is yes and that should be funded by the state correct if we can it’s well we’ll put it this way we can we can petition for funding from the state and I’m actually looking forward to the committee identifying exactly how that process works but I don’t know if we necessarily would get enough money to fund the RFP now we’ve got an idea of what we need there’s a very small pool of money I think it’s fifty thousand or something like that it’s very small for all neighboring communities so I don’t quite know how that process works but hopefully the committee can dig it out and then any stopgap funding in order to make up what we feel we need for an analysis I try to scrape some of that out of the budget and if there’s any shortfall after that we’d have to get a town meeting boat so you know it’s gonna be a dynamic process to figure out how to fund it depending upon how expansive the request is and what the quotes come in at really appreciate you guys coming in okay good not a problem sort of thank you thank you look forward to seniors again when you want to meet when we have when we have more solid information probably as we devolve later another summer we’ll come back and and and brief you on that information and if you need a board if you know there’s a schedule of meeting like you do tomorrow night if you want to advise the board that I’m sure you know I’ve gone to a meeting with James I’m sure somebody else might want you know okay well we’ll try to keep you informed of any future meetings so even if did you get the time and a location of that meeting tomorrow night it’s uh it’s seven o’clock at the woods school on route 106 at a route 106 in Plainville I’m not really sure that it is but I’ll have to find yep yeah okay right okay right for you to 152 yep okay I know and that is a public meeting it is a public meeting yes that’s correct you have a quick status report on the sexual abuse prevention Paul’s yeah just to recap the board asked that we find a subject matter expert we did as has taken some time because we had some folks that were on board and then couldn’t and back-and-forth but finally we got someone I don’t want to mention the name tonight but we’re going to have this person meet with you I believe your first week first meeting in June might be the second this person actually is a national lecturer in their way I believe

tonight on a national speaking tour she’s already done some work on the policy amending it that we’ve incorporated those changes so when this when this person is available will present the board with the new policy that will go out Friday but prior to and then she’ll meet with you and go over those changes we’ve also identified some training module Vicki Lowe and Cynthia both done some great work this is an online training module it covers a couple of hours so right now we’re figuring out how we could do this with employees what it costs you know all the logistics of trying to do it but it looks like it’s even more on point than the darkness to light program which was excellent but this looks like it’s even more on point in terms of indicators effects steps to prevent the abuse and a lot of other related issues so this looks like it’s even better level of training so we’re still working through all that that’s what we’re doing and when it’s on your agenda we’ll have a lot more detailed information and a new policy for you to look at to you come about Kevin it goes on the agenda if we could have that policy not packet sure in fact you can review it before when will it be ready will it be ready next week yeah we can actually send a tea next week we should be well in advance it’d be nice to have a hot coffees too I mean did you can leave them in our packets for sure be great any questions from the board something that was mentioned at the last meeting I’ll said that all out town employees have taken the darkness to light program and I get a lot of calls after that is that the case Indy could you cover the mic so people I sound like an echo back there I’m sure back at home for all that six people whichever you like was it all the six people that are watching us you know it was it was said that the second step is you know this manual on how to identify or how to see it that all the town employees have taken the darkness to light program and I’m finding out that a lot of town employees have not taken it and a lot of people are offended listening to that is that a misunderstanding or is only certain people that have taken yeah I think it I don’t know how it’s misunderstood and I think it was offered to all of the employees funny let me try this cuz I don’t think think you were here and we did it cuz I think was last year yeah I mean you may know better than me um but my memory is this I believe we we offered it to all time employees now a lot of town employees are what’s called required reporters I may have the term wrong but mandated reporters and they receive a much higher level of training so any and among those mandated reporters teachers rec workers police and fire they receive a much higher level of training in as an overtime implication for some of them to attend any training so I don’t think I don’t frankly know if any of them attend or not teachers I think they did have a presentation during their in-service we offered a program here once or twice twice and I know we had a lot of I think all the department has attended quite a number of the non Department had staff attended so you know I mean that’s that’s what I recall it was like I think it was a year ago so I my memory may be a little fuzzy but that’s what I can remember I’m just say we need to be a little sensitive because it was stated that all the time all time employees took the course or the training and we were the only town in the state to do that well I think I’m the one who said that and what was reported back to me by the fellow from the Y who does the training I could be mistaken if I mean it’s been a long time so I didn’t know what a question was gonna come up but I thought he reported to me that no other town had made the level of effort that we had made with the offering it to all town employees doing it on town time this was all done on town time you know we said we had to do it in a way so that we didn’t close the building in order to do it because that would shut down operations so which is why I think we did two sessions we split it so people could take one session or the other and we could still keep all the offices open

but if there was an employee who wanted to take it and wasn’t given the opportunity that’s news to me because my directive to all department heads was to offer it to all town employees now because of the nature of the training I don’t think we can require an employee to take it I may be mistaken in that but I don’t think we can but as I say we had great participation and I’m told the school did their own thing and had tremendous participation and I think Vince I think was his name Tony I’m sorry Tony calcia I thought Tony told us that we had made basically a more extensive effort than any other community so that’s about when I know but if you need more detailed information we’ll be happy to get it well I did attend one of those sessions and I think what he what I recall him saying is the community itself they were a lot of participants by the community he didn’t say the town employees or anything like that and they were the the session I was in I think it was maybe one person that that I can remember too had anything to do with town government town government in the rest we were in our own program yeah I mean but I’m just saying in and the rest of them were mothers and in a couple of fathers thrown in yeah his goal the YMCA’s policy goal is if I’m again if I remember this correctly is to reach with the program I believe ten percent of the population the notion being and I attended the training myself the notion being that’s the critical mass if you can get that many people who attend the training and understand it then it has a multiplier effect in terms of awareness and prevention and I believe ten percent was the critical number so what I had offered to Tony was the availability of as many town employees to kind of jumpstart this thing is possible because obviously with a with a substantial number of town employees involved we’re well on the way toward that goal of community awareness and then the Superintendent of Schools that Spinelli made a similar offer and I think between the school employees and the town employees who attended we had a tremendous head start in reaching the Y’s goal in terms of total percent of the community that sees the program and I think that’s what Tony was commenting about the very cooperative effort that we made but again a year ago yeah you know that’s the best I can remember but you know probably best to talk to Tony see what Tony has to say thank you okay thank you Kevin for the update okay we’ve already done action tonight so go into executive session to negotiation with non-union personnel and then come back into regular session solely to adjourn for hair motion so moved all those in favor roll call Jim yes Ginny yes yes yes it’s not you movies Mark Sullivan yes okay thank you very much thank you you