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(suspenseful music) – When the doors shut, lights out, my cellmate goes to sleep The demons come – I’ve never been this nervous in my life Never Ever – [Guards] Get up – I was shark bait – [Inmate] Open the door! Open the door! – He definitely suspicious You know I’m like, oh (beep) – If you a snitch, you a rat, you gonna die (shouting) – This gonna be a long 60 days – You got lions, bears, tigers – It’s like being locked up in cages Animals in cages (shouting) – What the, call me a bitch again, bro – Call me a bitch and I’ll (beep) you up – All the inmates, they all take drugs All of them – Clean your plate! – It’s legit weed that the trustees bring in, and they smoke – It’s so much drugs – What makes you so much better than me? – What the hell did I get myself into and how long is this gonna last? – Jail will break you, man – I didn’t say (beep) to you – What am I doing here? I’s (beep) up in there (screaming) – Um – I’ll fight you like a real (beep) – I can’t (screaming) – Let’s do it, let’s just shut it down It’s over – There’s been a gang explosion here Atlanta PD had been tracking as many as 120 gangs, whose members are responsible for a huge amount of the violent crimes in the area And most of the suspects we see here in jail have gang ties – Atlanta Is known as a gang city – You could lose your life The streets of Atlanta are rough You could lose your life – It’s a lot of robberies, it’s a lot of shootings It’s a lot of murders – I’m telling you it gets real ugly Six one four hood, straight Blood (beep) – It’s kind of taking over Atlanta now, you know Especially in here (inmates yelling) (alarm ringing) – Everyday we’re dealing with murderers, gang bangers and inmates who have severe mental illness (inmate yelling) – Fulton County Jail is the face of incarceration in this county I’m Colonel Mark Adger I’m the Chief Jailer here at the Fulton County Jail Welcome to Jurassic Park – (beep) you! – Dear God, you better not (beep) up in Fulton County – This jail was under federal supervision because of dangerous conditions and overcrowding And on top of that, we were having a lot of trouble with our staff We’ve improved our conditions, but there’s still a lot of things to do There’s still drugs getting into this jail Gang bangers trying to rule the roost, and dealing with the high rates of reoffending that we see from the inmates that come here (inmate yelling) By having the perspective of somebody who’s been there, and done that, and that can come out and tell me everything about that experience,

only then will I get the information that will make a difference in how we manage inmate conduct Nine participants are going in for 60 days It’s a big place and it has big problems to solve So when those 60 days are over, I’m planning on putting in another group for 60 more days, to dig deeper, and to build on what the first group finds I think it’s a huge risk, but I like risk I think that’s the only way you grow You gotta get out of your comfort zone – Growing up, I knew the criminal justice system was rigged for African Americans I started to see how the police, and justice system treated us unfairly – It’s like they have no rights It’s like they’re nothing – You know, Martin Luther Kind said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” – The correction system, I think, is a sham, because it doesn’t correct anything In fact, it makes it worse – It should not be a vacation to them It should not be a retreat – You know, I support it, but I think it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to do – I’ve gone in with the, you know, the pressed Dickies and the boots I want to know how it is to go in with jumpsuit – I want to see how is it really You know, is it really that easy or is it, you know, really that hard? – If it was just one person, I would want to make a difference in someone’s life – Hey Stacy, doing alright? Good morning Anything that I do in my profession, I will never be behind a desk, behind the camera, anything of that nature I have to interact with people I love interacting with people I love talking and so it may get me in trouble with this project – So negative – (chuckles) I call it the gross age – More positive – Alright – Positive vibes only – My name is Calvin I’m 26 years old I’ve got my degree in social work, and I’m currently working as a special education teacher Many of the kids that I work with, unfortunately, they can end up in jail This will be a testimony to them It would be a testimony to let them know that this is not a lifestyle that they want to live This is not where they want to be They can see it through my eyes, and I think that it’ll impact them more than anybody, because they know me a little bit more personal than a stranger Hopefully I can teach them that you actually taking a step backwards and I know first hand Y’all ready to play some water? – [Children] Yeah! – Y’all silly Come on – I have a wife and three kids Don’t shoot me! It’s gonna be hard, leaving for 60 days, but this is definitely bigger than me What you drawing? – I’m drawing a rainbow – This is for my kids This is for the students at my school This is for Trayvon Martin This is for the Dallas Police Department This is gonna be for everybody – Participants will be housed in four South Four South is a medium security housing unit Four South 500 is a zone that’s populated by mostly young men – It just like being a sheep in a wolf world – [Mark] Four south 600 is housed with our older inmates They have their routine – That’s it right there – What I’m really interested in knowing is how well my staff interacts with the inmates, but I’m also concerned about inmates taking advantage of other inmates (inmates laughing) – These guys, they have the big personalities They have tempers in some instances, and when there’s conflict, they can blow up, and it can become an issue for both staff and other inmates – Yes, he be! – Here we go Look at all the time and money spent The term corrections is a joke, because I don’t think we correct anything I think the criminal justice system overwhelmingly needs to change because it’s not, it’s just not working It’s a factory that ruins people’s lives My name is Jon, I am 37 years old and I’ll be going to jail for two months voluntarily I worked in law enforcement for about five years I worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy

Worked as an agent with immigration and naturalization service Then I was a Deputy United States Marshall for two years I didn’t really like my time in law enforcement I’ve seen innocent people go to jail I’ve seen people that have lived their entire lives in the United States get deported to a country that they don’t remember, and I’ve seen a lot of entities make a lot of money, based on the illusion of security and safety – I know this is really important for you – Yeah – And I definitely, completely support you – I do believe that, in order to fix the problem, though we need to be aware of the problem, and I think the American people need to know what that problem is I want to be a spokesperson for that I want to be an advocate I want to be that hero that I set out to be all those years ago that I never quite accomplished – I’m just scared though I mean, you’re my support for everything I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you here (Jon sighs) – You’re strong, babe – Yeah – You’re strong – The I-Pod unit at the South Annex jail, where we house the females, can be just as dangerous as any housing unit with the men at the main jail They may fight with their hands from time to time, but they will cut you with their tongue, and a lot of times that hurts a lot worse than the beat down that they may put on you You need your girlfriend (beep) (beep) (beep) – Hey Pampering myself makes me feel, I don’t know, like a woman (laughing) – I was a corrections officer in a male prison for three years I know how that side of the door feels I wanna know how it feels when the door closes, when all your rights and freedoms have been taken away from you When I first started as a CO, I thought it was gonna be a easy job, but upon getting my shift assignment, I saw that they had assigned me to maximum security It gave me a different experience than a lot of other correction officers I wrote a inmate up one day for masturbating while watching me, and my next round that I made, he threw a cup of feces in my face As a person who has seen how the correction system is, I know things aren’t perfect I want to bring light to a lot of inequalities, and insufficiencies within the prison system Hopefully, it would, you know, lead to a prison reform Those inmates, they will find all of your flaws, cause they have nothing else to do But it’ll be different when I’m already in a vulnerable state because I’m in jail I just hope it don’t break me down Do not fear for I am with you Do not be dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand – [Woman] She did – The black community suffering right now, you know, so it’s like a mass incarceration, just locking us up, it’s the new, modern-day slavery My name’s Don I’m 36 years old Over there, over there, over there Me and my wife, we’ve been married for 17 years We got four beautiful children, three daughters and a son Put the ball up there – [Don’s Wife] Go! (laughing) – Two, two, two

– I am participating in this program cause I want to, you know, bring people on a journey You know what I mean, going in here and see through, through my eyes, so they see what’s really going on there I mean, they see how the criminal justice system, how the jail cell, how they really are I grew up in the projects It’s a bad environment My dad, he was in and out a lot of times, in and out of jail, you know what I mean? He was on drugs You know, selling drugs Seeing his situation, you know, it kind of scared me straight like, man, I don’t wanna go to jail I don’t wanna know what that feel like to go to jail, you know what I mean? You know I’m magic with the ball – Magic with the ball? – They’re building prisons faster than they’re building schools, you know what I mean A lot of it’s young black guys, you know what I mean, going in there to jail (family chatting) Might be the last picnic together for a while – [Don’s Wife] Yep – That’s why I’m enjoying every minute of this, you know? Taking it all in I’ll go in here see what kind of change I can make See if I can open people’s eyes up – [Don’s Son] Daddy, where you going? – I’m going away for a little while, but I’ll be back – But where? – Where? – Where, yeah – I’m going on adventure – [Officer] Alright y’all, come on, y’all – This environment, for someone who’s not used to it, is a culture shock It’s extremely hard It can be extremely difficult on the psyche, and it’s not a place people want to be to begin with – [Officer] Right here – If somebody’s first time in Fulton County Jail, they’d probably think, damn, I’m in trouble. (chuckling) How the hell I get myself in this place? You know what I’m saying? – You got a whole bunch of unstable, wild individuals in one room – Everybody in there All color, ages, black, white, Mexican It’s all of us in here We all trapped – Just scared, don’t know what cell you’re gonna end up in Don’t know how the room’s gonna be – There are unspoken rules Like the rules are just, basically, respect everybody else if you want to get respected If you don’t respect someone else they’re not, they’re gonna hurt you (people shouting) – It’s just like a war zone Don’t come here if you can help it – Y’all trying to get your attention Open this door! – Jail should be more uncomfortable There are a lot of things that I don’t believe that they should have In boot camp I wasn’t allowed to talk on the phone every day I wasn’t allowed, you know, TV I wasn’t allowed any of those things So, I feel they have a lot of luxuries that they shouldn’t have My name is Nate I’m 28 years old I’m a Marine I spent four years in the Unites States Marine Corps, two combat deployments to Iraq Just recently received my criminal justice degree, and now I’m pursuing my dream job as a Fish and Wildlife officer My goal, going into this program, is definitely to help the Colonel with stopping contraband I wanna try to get rid of all avenues that contraband is making its way in, whether that’s with the corrections officers or the inmates So, I want to get rid of all of that I’ll go in there and I’ll be known as Chef Boyardee – And then people will really like you. (laughs) – My fiancé Kayleen is the one person that knows that I’m going to jail for 60 days – [Kayleen] You’re so calm – Why are you worried about me? – It’s not a safe place – I’ve been in a lot of not safe places and I came out just fine – But you won’t have a weapon in there – I don’t need a weapon – You won’t have– – I’ll have my hands – Okay – Not really too nervous about going to jail It’s just kinda, meeting new people I wanna help the system be a better system – If you wanna be in that environment, you are assuming the risks that come along with it – I’m not a dangerous individual I’m not going in there flaunting that I should be the pod boss, or I should be– – I don’t think, I don’t think you’re a dangerous individual, but I think there are dangerous individuals in jail that can hurt you Just go there and come back (people yelling) – They locking folks up every day There’s no room in here – The men will be placed in a cell with one other inmate, locked down for up to 15 hours a day

– You’re not gonna get a breath of fresh air When you’re in this jail you’re in this (beep) jail – Female participants will be sharing a cell with seven other inmates There will not be any privacy – When you in a room with eight different females, and you got to get along with them, it’s gonna be some problems somewhere (women yelling) – Thank you, babe Thanks, looks good – Mommy, I thought it was time to eat – Almost I married an inmate So no, I’m not in afraid at all – Thank you, Jesus, for all the food, amen! (laughing) – My name is Jessica I’m 32 years old Rueben is my husband, and I met him on an inmate pen pal site Rueben was incarcerated for almost 11 years The very day he got out is when we got married He stepped into a role of a husband and a father to my daughter He’s still getting used to life as a regular person, even being out for almost two years – How you doing? You doing okay? – He was so used to being aggressive in that environment and surviving He still stares people down He can be abrasive, and he’s still aggressive So, that’s something that we work though on a daily basis – What you want to do is get your heart rate raised up Sweating is always good – Right I am participating in this program, essentially, for my marriage – This is serious Like, when you in jail, you don’t want to be, like, targeted so you want to show that you can handle yourself – Right – You don’t want to just come in there, and start looking around and, you know, like you lost – [Jessica] Okay You know, you don’t want to be a sheep – Gotcha – You want to be a wolf – I tell my husband all the time, I wish I could be incarcerated or go to jail, just to see what you had to deal with, or what you went through If I need to go through extreme measures to make my marriage work, I think this is it, and I’m willing to do it – All the issues that you’re dealing with in prisons, we’re dealing with here in this jail More dangerous, more high felons (people yelling) – People will think it’s a big ol’ playground, but it really not It’s really hell – We all want to go home We all miss the outside world and our family We all stressed out – That why I cant wait to go to prison I might be gone this week So I can get the (beep) away from this (beep) – He can’t wait to go to prison That mean he would rather be in prison to be in a county jail, where you get killed and stabbed at, than to be in a county jail There’s something wrong with that – I’m so petrified I cant even explain how scared I am, but with that scared, unknown feeling, is also a sense of excitement I think the criminal justice system is terribly broken in this country You can get caught with a tiny amount of drugs, and do 20 years, and then you can stab your girlfriend 60 times and get eight years That’s, something’s wrong My name is Michelle and I’m about to go to jail for 60 days My ultimate goal is to get my bachelor’s in criminal justice and, hopefully, my masters in criminal justice I think participating in this program is gonna help me a ton, because I’m gonna have that inside knowledge and I think that will make me the candidate that they will hire because of that Simone Renee Don’t say that I have a daughter Her name is Simone She’s 19, almost 20 She’s my best friend We tell each other everything – I know you’re always good but I want you to be on your best behavior – I always am – You are, you are I just need for you to tell me, I’m gonna stay home for the next 60 days, besides going to school and going to work I’m just gonna stay home – Unrealistic, 110% – I don’t play around when it comes to her If anybody hurts her, I would go to jail for real

– Sad, I’m gonna miss you for two months That’s a long time – What am I gonna do? – [Simone] What are you gonna do? – I’m just gonna– – [Simone] Are you gonna fight people? – You know, I think that I’m just a laid back, easy going person I don’t think I’m gonna have any issues – You know how you are If somebody is gonna say something to you, you’re not gonna be like, oh, cool – My daughter already told me, I think you’ll make it to week two It hurt my feelings Like, she doesn’t have any faith in me whatsoever? She thinks that I can’t do this? Oh, I can do this – When I first started working for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office 30 years ago, we were in a different facility The inmates were different I’m dealing with the children and grandchildren of the inmates that were in jail when I first started And they’re much more dangerous (people yelling) – Gang signs, gang bangers – I’mma just say we got kids in here You cant get no respect out of the kids – They got nothing better to do but just start trouble – You know what I’m known for? I’m a (beep beep) Blood One of the biggest Bloods in America Nine deuce, 92nd street I will kill one of these (beep) with no problem – The comfort that I have at here at home is incredible just because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want it and, you know, this is freedom I was born in El Salvador, Central American country As minorities, we work so hard and arduously to just not make it to jail, and here I am doing the opposite of what I’ve worked so hard not to do Look at you Not taller than me still – Almost as big as you – My name is Gerson I’m an inspirational speaker, and I mentor kids across the country at middle schools, high schools, and colleges and universities – What college are you? You even thinking that far ahead? – I want to go to Miami – Can I crash on your couch? If I can somehow bring to light the youth incarceration rate in this country, and get an army of mentors to say, we don’t want our kids and our children to go through that, then I’ve accomplished something Woohoo, donde estas, donde estas? You learn that in Spain? Right before my ninth grade year, my whole life changed, because it’s the first time that a mentor came into my life I’m at a park selling weed, and this crazy looking guy comes up to me and says, what are your aspirations? And as a, you know, 13-year-old know-it-all, I was like, I sell weed not aspirin And he just basically said, no, aspirations means, you know, what do you want to be in life, basically So, if it wasn’t for mentors, I probably would be in jail – Dying (laughs) My greatest fear is dying, you know? Like, I don’t want to be the first person on television history to poop their pants when they coming into a jail That definitely doesn’t seem cool – That’s it, here we go! (bell ringing) Pull it, pull it! Oh, you’re winning, baby (bell ringing) You’re a cheater – You can’t cheat – Incarceration in America, on paper it all looks good, and it’s supposed to work this certain way But then you inject people into it, and there’s corruption and there’s certain things that make it not work the way it’s supposed to My name’s Matt, I’m 40 years old I do HVAC, which is air conditioning and heating, for a living Also, I play some music Try to stay busy ♪ We were like brothers ♪ Side by side – Regular people get incarcerated for any reason You go to a wedding, you have a couple too many drinks, you drive home, you get in a accident You could be incarcerated for that You know, there’s been times in my life where possibly I could have gone I’ve said in the past that I was a rebel that never got caught Rebellion is definitely something that I enjoy I feel like, you know, you should push authority a little bit to make sure you keep that line, so that you still have your freedoms

You ready for me to be gone? – Are you ready? – I’m ready – Yes, I am – I’m ready My girlfriend, Shelly, definitely appreciates the fact that I’m trying to improve a system that any one person in America could find themselves in at any time It’s gonna be okay We’ve been through worse, you know what I’m saying? This is not a big deal – That’s true – I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem blending in People in jail are middle class, lower middle class, struggling I might blend in a little too much I might end up staying – This is our, the last supper – The last supper, to do our little bean toast here Give me a little cheep Bing! – Once I get in there for a while, I’ll be looking like a young George Jefferson The hair gonna be on the side of the head I’ll be looking real scruffy, you know what I mean? The face gonna be looking scruffy, you know what I mean, itchy and stuff, you know what I’m saying, but I’mma fit right in, you know what I’m saying? Like, what’s up I’m here – The sacrifice that you’re willing to take right now, means a lot to me It shows how much you really want to get to know who I am and what I’ve been through – It’s only 60 days It’s not like a year or anything, you know? – That’s a long time Nate – It’ll be, it’ll go by fast Definitely will You don’t have to cry It’s gonna be okay It’s definitely gonna be okay – Yeah, I mean, it’s very real now I don’t know, this is gonna be pretty tough – I love you I’m gonna miss you so much So proud of you – I’m gonna feel lonely I’m gonna miss my family more and it’s kinda making sad – Alright? You gonna hold down the fort, right? You the man of the house Alright – Okay – Not being able to be with my family, I’m gonna miss my daughter’s homecoming Gonna miss waking up to my wife every morning Miss a whole lot – Aww – This is something that is the greatest thing that I’ve ever done It’s definitely the craziest thing that I’ve ever done It’s probably the thing, you know, that has probably put my life in danger, more than anything else I’ve ever done as well – I love you – Love you too – Come back in one piece, okay – I will – Hold on Okay, it’s enough love to go around It’s enough love Alright, alright Come on, come on – I think I’m most scared that I’m not gonna make it through the 60 days, and that really freaks me out, because I’ll feel like a failure – Yeah, I’m scared – Bye, daddy – Anyone that’s not scared, really has no idea what they’re getting themselves into – Hey, man, we’re break, yeah! – Good morning – [Man] Good morning – I’m Colonel Mark Adger I’m the Chief Jailer at the Fulton County Jail I just want to say thank you for being here today You’re gonna be my eyes and ears for the time that you’re in and, hopefully, when you come out, you’re gonna have some valuable information for me – The intake area is an extension of the streets Some of them come aggressive and some are not But just bear in mind something can happen back there – Good morning – [People] Good morning – My name is Aaron Bell I’m a Chief Drill Instructor for the New Mexico State Corrections Department Are you scared? – A little – I would be It’s an environment like no other You guys are gonna see stuff You’re gonna see assaults more than likely You’re gonna see fights Response times in the facility, approximately 35 to 40 seconds You will have to fight for 35, 40 seconds before somebody gets in there – We have a lot of gang influence

The gangs are gonna try to recruit you They either gonna try to recruit you or exploit you You got concerns about your safety or anything, we got something that you can do, code words you could use to indicate that, you know, you need to talk to somebody First one being just putting your hands behind your neck, interlock your fingers, stand in front of the camera Don’t have to say anything, just, just stretch it out in there front of the camera and then, hopefully, a producer will see you and come to you and pull you out and talk to you And that won’t be unusual, because we’ll be interviewing actual inmates in this process So, you wont stick out at all when you’re pulled out to be interviewed You’re just like any other inmate that’s being pulled out Code word, if a producer’s in the zone, and you need to communicate all you have to say is, I wish I had more TV channels – How many of the guards know? I know you and her know The guards knows what’s going on in there? – [Kirt] No one – Okay – They’re gonna test you out If you tell somebody, don’t worry about my charges, I’m not worrying about yours, you’re pretty much telling them to F off You can sit here and talk all about it, but when those doors close, you turn around, and you got 40, 50 inmates, whatever it is, in that said unit, that’s just you You come in too hard, you’re gonna get some residual kickback If you come over and sit in a corner, put your head between your legs, you’re gonna be weak They’ll pick you apart But if you come in doing your own thing, tell them to back off when they need to back off, they’ll respect that – Gotcha – Any other questions for myself? You look a little concerned, ma’am – I’m gonna do something completely new and different I don’t know how to feel It’s mixed emotions Training made it real for me I knew at that point this was gonna be some serious stuff – There’s nothing for me to stop from these two people, and these three people getting in a fight, over something I got nothing to do with and I’m just watching no TV channels on TV So, you know, yeah, it’s frightening – This is gonna be a rude awakening for myself These people are gang members, drug dealers, it’s a pretty scary thing – Nate’s a former Marine He’s been to Iraq There’s probably not a whole lot that he hasn’t seen I have confidence in Nate I think he’s a natural born undercover – I can’t even eat because I’m just so nervous – It’s a natural thing to be nervous, you know what I’m saying? – Well, we’re not going to a country club, right? So, we’re going to a jail So, yeah I think it’s gonna be the biggest struggle of my life – I commend you guys for doing it I respect you all for doing it I sure wouldn’t do it – Yo, this (beep) is scary! – Yeah, I appreciate your honesty – Everybody’s like, oh, it’s gonna be alright Like, no (beep), it’s not gonna be alright – If you’re not scared right now, you should be – Hey Jon, how you doing? – A little nervous Ready to get started but nervous – Okay, that’s perfectly normal I just want to go over your cover story again and your identity Who are you? – My name’s Jon Thomas and I have been arrested for conspiracy and distributing controlled substances of the prescription kind through my ambulance as a paramedic – Okay Everything else is now on you, but I have confidence you’re gonna do well – Thank you, sir, and I hope that this not only benefits you, but everybody else in the country as well – Absolutely Jon’s strengths is gonna be his analytical abilities His prior experience with law enforcement and the military He has seen the dark side, so to speak He can adjust well – Jon, can you step over here by the vehicle Put your hands on the fender, feet spread Step back this way a little bit Alright – I already know what it’s like to work in a jail, but I haven’t seen from the vantage of the other side – Right here Alright, work your way in there Alright, excellent – My hope is that I can make everybody proud,

and do what I set out to do and hopefully make a difference There’s a lot of hurt in this country and society We need to start healing that So, I’m ready to get started I’m nervous, but I think, if you weren’t nervous coming into this situation, you’re putting yourself in danger I know that I just need to get my game face on, and just prepare for that first moment, when I walk in the door – [Man] Don’t say nothing, don’t say nothing (people talking) (beep) – Where you get this pen from? – [Man] Give me my paper, man – [Officer] No – You in one of the roughest jails in this, in the United States Absolutely (laughing) (laughing) – [Officer] What’s your first name? – Jon – Last? – Thomas – [Officer] Okay Turn your whole body and face me, Mr. Thomas (people yelling) – [Jon] People are howling and screaming This is just beginning It hasn’t even really started yet – Listen up, listen up Everybody to my left and right, let’s go Let’s move Take the hat off Yes Single file line Let’s go Listen up, if you have any socks, underwear, everything that you possess on your personal, you’re gonna put inside these bags I gave you, once you go inside to shower Here you go – [Man] Thanks – When I walk in and take my first shower, um, I look around and it’s pretty disgusting, but I have to try to keep everything in perspective, and keep playing the game and put that frustration aside – [Mark] What’s your cover story? – Um, shoplifting and obstruction to an officer – Okay, just stay consistent with that Do you have any questions about anything that we’re about to do? – No, sir – Okay – I understand that I’m going to jail, I’m gonna be an actual inmate, but at the same time, I have a job to do, and my mind has to stay clear – Alright, Jessica Face me, good Get in the vehicle step behind the rear Okay (Jessica groans) Okay, just standby (people yelling)

– Hang on Don’t be moving around here (people yelling) (beep beep) – Well, chill out, then, shut the (beep) up, come on, now – You can not tell me stop that, hell no – [Officer] I don’t want to do this to you – [Jessica] While I’m in the intake room, I started thinking about Rueben and his jail experience I understood where he was coming from – [Officer] Okay – [Jessica] I kept telling myself, I didn’t really commit a crime to be here – [Officer] You come on – [Officer] Ladies – [Women] Yeah – Pay attention, you’re gonna put your shoes at the bottom of the basket Everything else, try to at least fold them up, put them inside of here Keep your shirt on for right now, cause we not ready yet – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa – Yo, what’s taking so long, sir? (people talking) – [Officer] Mark, you going in there – Now fixin’ to close down the room Everybody butt naked, no draws Hey cutie pie – [Jon] Most jails that I’ve been to, they do a full body search with naked bodies before they come into the population That does not occur here It was shocking to see it that blatant You could smuggle pretty much anything you wanted (speaker chimes) – [Jessica] We get thrown into this room with, like, 20 other people and we’re all sitting there waiting (women shouting) It’s rowdy I’m agitated No one’s telling me anything – [Officer] Open 12! – [Woman] Come on, dog – [Officer] Hey, hold on I got a toothache Mr. Morgan, open 12 Miss Young, Erica – Thank you – Over here, ma’am – I cannot wait – [Officer] Miss Davis, Jessica – [Woman] You okay? – Being handcuffed and chained, it was humiliating We don’t belong in chains I just felt horrible I felt horrible – [Officer] Here we go, ladies – [Officer] Stay to your right, ladies – [Jessica] I definitely didn’t expect to be shackled together – [Officer] Inmate, watch your step – [Jessica] We were all handcuffed one behind the other – We good? – [Jessica] And thrown into this van like sardines It just was disgusting and humiliating – Two From 901 Rice street

– Nah, nothing much – Yeah, sure – [Producer] Alright, thanks man Ah a lot man, just a lot just – This is not for me This is not something that I, I wanna do – [Officer] Turn around, man (man yelling) – [Woman] The name of the show’s called 60 Days In (women yelling) – It smells like weed I’m gonna make sure that we don’t get caught I actively participated in getting contraband into the cells – These are not the Clark County people That was a whole bunch of white girls over there (people yelling) – [Nate] Everybody looks over their shoulder to make sure that they’re not coming for you – [Woman] Let her go – Everybody’s screaming and yelling (alarm blaring) – I will (beep) that little bitch – Everything is just (beep) filthy – I’m just worried about my mental health and my physical health – Some people mentally can’t deal with it You know what I’m saying? And I don’t know if I could really do it – I don’t know if I messed up the integrity of the whole entire program – I do not trust them – [Officer] Open 500! – Somebody let me talk to my mama