GTA Online Let's Play – Part 20 – MURDER IN THE MOUNTAINS

I wish she said she wanted to do skydiving but you want to do skirt I mean okay go on The Cove she wants to do this guy dive in hydro could have been for I don’t know what I don’t know what this is we have to actually fly the plane because that would be a problem time of day noon weather rainin weapons no confirm Soulwax FM no thank you just turn this off skydiving in that race I think it’s a mistake but it’s a good mistake I’ve never done this before by the way uh-oh here we go you go do you do you ever you have a parachute okay she says she has one Pitts okay 500 on myself done a born sunrise blue red C sides I don’t know what these are but I’m taking black bro love go I hope she bet on herself as well to make things interesting Chris what is that inter no I don’t know what that button is what is that button and I miss what the shoot was what was the shoot how do you up in the shoot mouse button go oh space ball it’s baseball come out I’m out you’ve opened your cue too soon come on what Facebook alright alright come on go go this is not working all right checkpoint mist lapped open up oh shoot okay open the parachute oh there you go you have to open parachute okay so W to dive and gain speed and is to sustain and slow down Wow Wow whoa what is all of this Q and E – ear break five points and lift ship for precise landing whoa man picking up some serious speed here please I missed it oh I missed another one I shouldn’t have bet money on myself I’m a bad bit a bad bit turn shop to an airbrake stop slow slow it break it in a break again it’s so disorientating like I don’t know how to get there okay I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it on the way around I got this on the way around oh snap amidst it got bad that’s the way we want to go don’t dive don’t dive oh my god on the actually people that can do this kind of thing clearly I’m not one of them I can’t even know how close or far I am from these things yeah at one I’m going straight through perfect nice pick up some speed here the daddy would pick up some more speed a break a break a break hang left where is she this sucks it sucks she’d rather be shooting people that’s what she said skydiving this isn’t skydiving there we go there we go I’m making progress now that’s it that’s it I think my ibid might have been well-placed 100 century it but I think I might be in the lead Wow I got the hang of it I got the hang of it now I think at least we can have a nice romantic time on the beach when we done right in the rain because I could rain on for no reason at all when Quentin you have I’m 105 precise landing incoming whoa but I pull up pull up no no no pull up oh that was a terrible landing I didn’t even get you in here DNF Oh God score zero ha ha ha like Timothy oh but they paid us good for it right I still gave us money did you win all right who’s neither of us finished us that space ball how do I not even know what space balls icon is I’m not gonna vote

like on this one spacebar dislike they are more of them by the way look now just just giving us those back to free mochi sit good good thinking that was terrible that was seriously – he’s gonna put us out there in the wilderness now oh yes it is is she here too I’m coming I’m coming although so we made some seriously good money with the with a little job that we do a big job and it’s just a quick job that was fun good cash it’s like equivalent I would say almost to the amount you get from a heist setup this speech really with the point to you you’re also gonna go on a road trip at some point we’re gonna get a nice car and we’re just gonna take off into the distance see what’s up see what’s out there hey here’s a big dinosaur I feel like we should probably come to this diner together can we go in there I don’t think that if we can hold on thank you no money hello look at that real fancy walk can you see this red circle on the map in front of you by the way apparentiy there’s a big red circle right here I’m gonna look what it is quickly we’re in it now we’re in it to be ready nothing is happening yet strange I was just to distract the cops circle or is that Oh take out gang members and look for crates containing loot and see any gang members or crates why would they be gang members in a construction site in the middle of the night oh my god did it come gang attack she’s not yeah she just ran out of the room for a reason and I have I have little faith in myself we’re stuff like this is come soon so maybe maybe just find a place to park like right here turn the lights down them up oh my god here they come this movie is pretty great now there’s like a whole bunch of them down here somewhere I just think dots everywhere I don’t see any people here I need night vision problems that was a headshot sick Wow Wow Wow he’s not happening I’m just getting shot up and I’m I’m the trees not seeing anyone I’m just shooting in the dark scream in the dark at the door here we go here we go take it easy take it slow is she still in the pouch is good this guy seemed to be killing themselves okay I need to get out like I don’t have a proper gun shop in there dude you need more than a medic you need them more okay so the heavy pistol is pretty decent it’s beyond pretty decent it’s it’s actually great I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to kill anyone but I’m doing a reasonable job at taking them out first person who sees you in the car too much action Oh company’s a gang attack help me get out of the car shoot them I’d like to run out of all sorts oh here they come here they come it’s a K out and apparently we need to find crates of loot as well so come with me on foot and let’s do this these gang members are pretty terrible at what they’re doing so we should have no problem taking them out if I would you know I’m shooting told you sit till I wanted it okay so we must go down maybe keep it confined okay now I’m taking way too much damage

here you could cover cover cover big be the core but close the cover behind the car just shoot them from back here that guy’s not did a shotgun is that really the only choice I have pistols bitter you’ve seen any more of them you see any crates containing loot it’s supposed to be crates containing loot I’d find a crate containing loot I’d be very happy I see one more gangster on the other side it’s get in the car and go get him I think it’s just safer in the car and if you have any ammo for that use your pistol then you can use that I got the headlights off so we’re gonna be sneaky one dude left see if you can spot a crate before you shoot him the distinct crunch when we drove over that dude this is great right here this supplies crate doing it you wanna check it out pointing you easy at me there’s a dude like right here though I don’t think we can take out the romanian in a minute okay hit him tossed gang attack post okay total kills 22 headshot seven that’s that’s a lot of headshots there’s so much to do in this game now do we get anything special committee let’s just have a look around the area okay they can’t see receive giving us nothing our trip so beautiful here though I think they gave us nothing I just picked something up there I honestly think there’s nothing here some did well here’s some cash fifty it’s probably a whole lot up on this side cuz I killed a bunch of them here for veggies they for needy spawn oh there’s some money it’s not a lot though okay so I think we’re done here I’m going to chicken check up there I’m gonna pick up with a call and get back off we probably gonna head back to the city and these are lights what you guys can do is one teller which car she should get okay cuz just loved it I think a woman woman I’ll come pick you up okay you can tell her which cut which car she should get I’m already thinking of my next vehicle because I want something with slightly more top speed okay that’s probably that’s the best way to put it because I went on a heist with a wild coyote okay and Wow it was embarrassing I’m right here by the way kind of embarrassing how slow this is when you out on the highway when you like me to drive from this city all the way up here somewhere then it just takes forever cuz this car that reaches its max speed in a matter of seconds back to three seconds and then just like it just goes at that speed that doesn’t increase so I’m thinking of buying something new for myself at some point but it’ll probably spend more expensive she however doesn’t really have a proper starter car yet she’s got the salton or a sigh or something like that not sure was cool you guys saw it the orange one and she could upgrade that if she wanted to it’s gonna be ugly but she could also just get a brand new on you know they don’t know what you guys think they don’t know this place also if you wanna join the crew you can request an invite every day or so we will just check if there are any invites and we’ll invite the players that requested to the proof and maybe we’ll do stuff together you know at some point I don’t see why not you guys can come show your pimped out rides and pimped out characters to us could be fun and also to keep in mind that I think for the most part our voice chat will be turned off just because it gets a bit chaotic you know I mean if I’m playing and not recording then fine I can put it on and we can talk but if I’m busy recording it gets a bit much you know I should turn the headlights on this is dangerous so we done check back here soon for more let us know what you think of our Bonnie and Clyde adventures I’m anything about her character I think it’s beautiful of course I mean obviously I do she’s my wife and what car she must get honey like an apartment let us know what you should do together we’re gonna drive through this tunnel then we’re gonna be done

okay examined rifle while shooting people maybe go once it what did I miss the tunnel with odors it wasn’t real odors the other side okay let’s make up to stars now oh oh oh oh ultimate challenge stop shooting it’s robbed this store well we have to do this put the money in the bag wrong way wrong way she’s driving go past him go past him look at that bobbing and weaving like a professional whoa that guy he had a number 23 stars you got this yeah take it yeah I was gonna say ticket to an over-the-road maybe oh my god we’re safe here right getting to push or something I don’t know are we gonna go on foot are we gonna go on foot we’re gonna hike our way out 50 took the car let’s get out Oh get out now get out I’ll get up now get up now and run on foot we’re okay we’re okay up the hill come you strong aren’t you you can you can hope you go up this hill I can do it I can do it I’m going oh my god David yeah I’m up I’m up into the hills the quad Ilana I can’t I can’t go back if I go back they’re gonna see us didn’t the brush in the bush in the bush in the motion in a bush stay in the bush stay in the bush oh my god they just pulled up here they haven’t seen us yet so I do have my shotgun ready we just lost the cops in a push well done well done wife all pointed you to celebrate put your gun away please if they see that kinda gonna shoot you Wow they’re just walking around you’re like fools none the wiser look at us look at us look guys this this world could be ours yes well done wife well done well that was great okay up the mountain cliff Allah Allah I was about to finish the video but this is no way to excite him you’re gonna find a nice spot to pick them all my character is so slow this better me train in my stem in our hardcore I’m preparing so slowly up this hill jeez it’s like Max is right he is like really swinging those arms up up up there’s something up there by the way something up there come come that’s maybe not the best hiking outfit you got on right now but I think it goes faster if you jump here we are nice nice Wow this view oh it’s beautiful can we not like rent a bike or something call a chopper to drop a bike off for us the bicycle or motorbike or any anything like literally anything would be great aren’t you just aren’t you just curious now as to what that little building is up on the mountain I’ve never been up you have you been up here I’ve never been yeah my dudes actually not bad at running whoa whoa do not fall look he’s gonna fall gonna fall not bad at running up mountains that’s where these three is running up the mountain oh yeah I think we’ve kind

of reached the plateau of possible it easier I think that it’s it’s well wait hold on I take that back we’re gonna get to watch the Sun rise together from the top of the mountain I can see it I can see it happening she still with me not if I leave her behind she is she’s over there I love this point in nonsense I’ll get there first and set up a nice little romantic picnic spot which is not it not really possible in GTA but it’s something I’d like to do hold on hold on hold on I think we may be in luck thank you may be in luck I ain’t gonna work I can’t bring it right now ah damn you can’t bring me a car here we’re obviously too far out a kind of crappy mechanic that I hire not willing to to go the distance for me I’m pretty sure that at some point you could like have a bike race down these these mountain passes here this is beautiful this is great kid now new clothing nice and sweaty now that it’s really bloody I like it perfect date with the perfect wife this wife what did I love you I can challenge you to impromptu right look I left blood on the back that’s why I love it not afraid to get dirty that’s our next look look look woman stop that’s our next challenge over there next time we’re going up that mountain it’s much bigger okay much bigger this is a little Fitness run for the day it’s magnificent this is glorious and she runs funny well I guess I run funny too but still I swear sue a house up here did I mistaken that mistake myself was there not actually something because we’re about to be at the highest point no there’s got to be something but there’s really gonna be nothing after some fear it is there it is okay we could potentially skydive down this that’s obviously not gonna happen like why would we do that oh there’s a there’s a parachute hold on hold on hold on hold on okay I have a parachute I bought one at the store you take this one take this one and then I’m gonna check my key bindings quickly to see how to deploy it tell you what it is one second do you know what it is a craft parachute here it is parachute deploys if when you’re in the air if you click did you pick it up you should come pick it up open press press tab and hold it in and if you’ve got a little thing like bottom right of your weapon wheel it looks like a little space car do you have one okay she’s got a parachute then good so now how do we do this do we just jump cuz I I feel like just jumping could be hazardous to our health but it might be the only what might be the only way huh yeah well I’m happy we can’t climb up there if we get on the rock hold on no we can’t get up this is not gonna help either just need we need a cliff basically to jump off I think this is it okay are you ready okay shift to run right we’re gonna get a run up and we’re gonna we’re gonna jump off that cliff don’t jump too early because you might mess it up and I’ll meet you at the bottom like wherever we end up maybe maybe we choose a spot first or then I’ll choose a spot that beach down there so see where I’m pointing straight just straight where I’m facing there’s a beach you’re going for the beach I’ll jump first if you’d like here we go here we go hold on I’m getting a run up here Circle whoo yeah what what there’s someone there oh maybe this is where we jump hey hey I’m just trying to fistfight he’s right hey fist fight me you to kill me one more punch and I’m dead oh my god that’s why she’s stronger

than me curb stomp in the hiker wait hold up we can’t let his friend get away right I got one bullet and I missed pity chase him down I should take my time and AMD you caught you can’t let him get away I’ll shoot me with a flee again wait this is it I got him no worry Tori don’t worry he will not he will not escape our murderous clutches unless he already has you see him oh you joke serious there is hey okay get the pistol odd it can’t this guy escaped right heavy pistol what if it tells the world about us if did he’s so gentle okay I’ve done it wife there’s nothing to have to worry about I killed him my mental state level may be rising but I still love you so none of it matters okay now we’re gonna have to jump off this piece here this is perfect right here we’re gonna head down that way and then if you see down there okay down on that side is a beach I think that’s a beach down there whatever that is on the point that’s where we’re going okay down there let’s do this and stop falling okay I’m still alive my wife did I’m gonna try it whoa I just heard someone shout okay so it didn’t work we are obviously not very good at this da da my characters are stupid hold on and jump jump jump jump jet okay I’ll join her in hell soon enough cuz my characters rolling all the way down this hill I’m up in my head I’m did I’m sir I’m gonna die I’m gonna arm did look I don’t think you’re allowed to do the parachute in yourself I think you need to do it in the mini-game but we done okay we finished you can check back here soon for more you just want to like share it to all now the good stuff join the crew if you’d like flirt with my wife if you’d like but she’s beautiful just do it she’ll shoot you if you if you go too far I do spawned randomly on a trail up in the mountain here she’s born I’m done okay all of that all of that that I just said happy that