Happy Together – The Best and the Worst Special [ENG/2016.06.02]

Happy to be together on “Happy Together”! – Hello! / – Hello I heard that the guests we’ll meet today are the best and the worst in various aspects of the industry Myungsoo, what are you best at? I excel in entertaining the viewers through TV shows – What are you worst at? / – “Happy Together” (He’s worst at hosting “Happy Together”!) (Myungsoo isn’t himself on “Happy Together”) What about you, Hyunmoo? He’s good at finding apartments – Right. / – He excels in finding rental apartments, but he’s terrible at dating He’s really bad at dating secretly – I admit it. / – All right Saeho, what are you good at these days? Many people say that I’m good at skipping events – That’s right. / – Why are you here today? Why did you come here today? – Shouldn’t you have skipped it? / – I agree I couldn’t because I’m part of this panel You’re known to skip all events and appointments You could have skipped today as well to amuse the viewers That would’ve been impolite You shouldn’t have come today – But… / – Someone’s here – I can’t even say a word. / – Who are today’s guests? – The line-up is amazing. / – Welcome – Really? / – Hello – It’s Heunggook! / – Oh, my! – My goodness! / – Heunggook is here – Wow. / – Kim Goeun is here, too – Hello. / – Welcome – Goeun, I’m a big fan. / – She’s stunning – Ikjune! It’s been so long. / – Welcome to the show – Please have a seat. / – It’s been ages I can’t believe Goeun is here. Please have a seat – Thank you. / – Heunggook looks cool today – Today, / – Heunggook, you look really cool the master of variety shows known as the “Cheat Code of Variety Shows” is here with us. Right? – Master Heunggook! / – Yes, Master Heunggook! – Wow. / – Do you know what “cheat code” is? – Sorry? / – What does “cheat code” mean? I just want Saeho to be successful – He cares about Saeho. / – You called him many times recently – Well, I do call him often because / – Yes this fellow is a loyal friend I guess he wants to express how grateful he is for our friendship He keeps texting and calling me By the way, you look like you’re dressed for autumn Aren’t you sweating now? Summer is just around the corner, Heunggook – Did you catch a cold? / – You’re dressed for autumn I visited a temple earlier Today is Buddha’s Birthday – It’s in the mountains. / – Oh, I see You’re one of the hosts, so you should ask questions, too – Show us your wits. / – I’m not a host – You’re one of the hosts for today. / – Really? – Yes. / – Does it mean I’ll get paid more? (Will I get paid more?) – They said yes. / – We’ll treat you to dinner, too I’ll introduce today’s guests one by one Gosh, this actress is finally here (Let us introduce today’s guests to you!) Who are you? (“A Muse” from 2012) I’m Eungyo How did you get in here? (She’s the actress who surprised us like a lightning) From auditions to Best New Actress awards, this natural beauty has come in first place in many things Introducing, Kim Goeun! (Her eyes without double eyelids are beautiful) – She’s beautiful. / – She’s very attractive – I’m so honored. / – She’s a natural beauty – She is. / – I’ll just admit the natural part – Don’t be so humble. / – You are very beautiful You don’t need to be modest. You’re really stunning – She’s charming. / – I know – Your face is also natural, right? / – Of course (He obviously hasn’t gotten any work done on his face!) I could sue you for theft, but you’re so young That’s why I’m not suing you He comes last among Wonbin, Kim Soohyun and Yim Siwan However, he’s the most handsome guy among these ugly friends – Introducing, Kim Heewon! / – Yes! (He’s the most handsome guy among his ugly friends) I’m busy today (He appeared in) (“Breathless” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love”) He’s definitely one of the grimmest-looking guys in Korea, but he’s actually a film director who also acts Welcome! He’s good at making his colleagues become popular, but he’s the worst at participating during shoots The master of variety shows – Introducing, Kim Heunggook! / – Welcome! (The master of variety shows, Kim Heunggook!) – You’re in your second prime. / – You think so? – Thank you for acknowledging it. / – No problem Everything you say makes people laugh – Really? / – Yes – Many people have lined up. / – For what? – I made Saeho popular. / – Who lined up? – They’re all asking me / – They want an opportunity – to make them popular. / – Seriously? Even if we say that Saeho owes all of his popularity to Heunggook, – it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. / – Of course not – We’ll talk about that in a bit. / – A little later – I see. You’re saving it for later. / – That’s right It’ll be the highlight of the show, so we’ll talk about it at the end – Heunggook is hilarious. / – I think that Goeun is nervous right now. She keeps doing this – with her shoulders. / – She must be nervous – She took the anxiolytic remedy. / – Really? When she was talking to me earlier, I smelled the herbal remedy Did you really take it? – Yes. Yooyoung suggested / – Yes, Yooyoung was here – that I should take the anxiolytic remedy / – Right before the filming starts Yooyoung took two of those when she came here – Didn’t she doze off at the end? / – Yes, she did She overdosed and looked spaced out for about an hour She said that she even hallucinated Heunggook, among these three guests, who do you think will benefit most from this show? Who do you think can become super popular? This young lady here is very pretty – Right. / – She seems so pure and clean – What was her name again? / – Do you know who she is? Do you know what her occupation is? She’s a celebrity (Of course, she’s a celebrity…) – The master of variety shows is / – Yes – starting to put his skills to work. / – That’s right – He’s incredible. / – How many times do you shower?

(How many times do you shower in a day?) Well Don’t treat an actress like that What kind of question was that? He probably asked her that question because she has flawless skin I’m meeting her for the first time today, – Seriously. / – and she’s really flawless – She is. / – Goeun, – is this your first variety show? / – Yes I see. Please say hello to our viewers (She’s looking around) Please say hello to our viewers (Which camera am I supposed to look at?) – She’s confused. / – You can look at any camera (She didn’t know which camera to look at) Hello, I’m Kim Goeun I’m happy to be here – Nice. / – Great job – Talk shows could be intimidating. / – That’s right But I heard you wanted to be here Is there a specific reason? – Yes, I’m a huge fan of Jaeseok. / – Seriously? – Wow. I’m a big fan of hers, too. / – Is that right? Yes, I totally am. From the film, “Coin Locker Girl” to dramas she was in, I’ve watched everything she has done (Even Jaeseok has fallen into Goeun’s charms) (Goeun debuted through the film, “A Muse”) (She portrayed the innocent,) (Mysterious 17-year-old girl) (Who captivated a 70-year-old poet with her charms) Park Haeil is in that film, too. To men, her character reminded many men of their first love Goeun told us when she was introducing herself Starting with auditions, you’ve come in first place in many things I heard you competed against 300 people Yes, I only found out when I read an article about it Didn’t you get all sorts of Best New Actress awards with “A Muse”? From the Blue Dragon Film Awards to the Grand Bell Awards, she won in all of them It’s a little late, but congratulations anyway It’s the lead actress of “A Muse.” Kim Goeun. Congratulations! Congratulations The award goes to Kim Goeun from “A Muse.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations! (She won the Grand Bell Award for Best New Actress) In the film, “A Muse,” Kim Goeun I heard you kept asking the director why he cast you – Did you ask him yourself? / – Yes I auditioned for the role at the end of their auditioning process and ended up getting it You happened to be at the audition Did you follow a friend or something like that? One of the film’s crew members was a senior from my school I went there to see that friend and met the director I had a long chat with the director that day The next day, he told me, “Just prepare to do a few lines.” It didn’t sound like a big deal at all But when I went there, I found out that it was a big audition It was the very first audition in my life I also didn’t think that I’d be going on an audition that day Considering the circumstances, I thought I didn’t mess up too much During the audition, the director asked me if I’d want to be in the film if he offered the role – What did you say? / – I said, “I don’t think I can do it.” That’s what I said – What did you say? / – Why? Well, it was because all those things happened in a span of two days It’s not that I had been preparing for the audition either I didn’t know much about the film and didn’t feel I was ready for it You all watched the film, right? – It was quite shocking. / – That’s incredible (“A Muse”) (She had to embody the concept of pureness) (She also portrayed the complexity) (Of a young girl’s sensibility) That’s why I was hesitant, and I declined the offer Then he said he’d give me some time to think it over He must’ve really liked you He must’ve really wanted her for the role That’s why I kept asking him while we’re shooting the film You wanted to know why he picked you I asked him why he was so certain about me What did he say? He said he liked that I seemed to be full of curiosity You also looked innocent and pure Usually, when people pass the auditions, they go “Thank you so much!” “I’ll devote everything including my soul.” – That’s right. / – “Please trust me.” – “I’ll devote even my soul.” / – His “soul.” – “I’ll be loyal to you!” / – People don’t say that That’s impressive By the way, I also knew about that audition because all of my friends who were starting out as actresses auditioned for it – Is that right? / – They badly wanted the role They all tried their best, but they didn’t get the role Those who wanted it didn’t get it That’s usually the case though Whether it’s a test or an audition, those who accompany their friends get noticed – You should set your mind at ease. / – Right Good things come to you when you’re at ease You didn’t participate in the audition? – No, I couldn’t. / – Why not? – I didn’t… / – Why not? Why didn’t you audition? (Why didn’t you audition?) – I just… / – Stop it already – You’ve done enough. / – You should stop because you might lose TV commercials I’m getting so sick and tired of what you do Hyunmoo said he’s sick and tired of you – I think… / – It’s only been three weeks – In my opinion… / – It’s only been three weeks I’ve seen Heunggook on other shows In the middle of this conversation, he’d go, “I’ll get going now.” “That was fun.” You leave just like that – He always leaves early. / – He does Then he always says this before he goes, “Guys, I had fun today.” (He’s always a happy-go-lucky guy)

He usually leaves in the middle of shows like that Could you show us what you usually do? – Let’s say that you’re leaving now. / – Can I leave? (He means it) – No, you can’t. / – You can’t leave now – You want to leave, don’t you? / – Just re-enact it What do you do when you leave early? “I’ve done my part for today, so I’ll get going now.” – Okay. / – He gets up like this – We won’t stop you. / – And before he exits “Thanks. I had fun today.” We won’t stop you I’m actually going to leave – Lock the door. / – Okay – He’s not actually leaving, is he? / – I think he is (You’re not) (Actually leaving,) (Are you?) – Look, Heunggook. / – I didn’t leave I can’t leave because of Goeun I heard that the actress, Youn Yuhjung, strongly recommended you for the role as her granddaughter (In “Canola” released in 2016, Youn Yuhjung) (And Goeun portrayed a grandmother and a granddaughter) Are you pooping? Then you should’ve called me Why did she recommend you? Because you’re a good actress? Or was it because you’re friendly? It could’ve been because you’re polite – Because you’re pretty? / – You’re very shy You have to promote yourself these days Did you say she has to promote herself? That sounds ancient People talked about it 20 years ago – 20 years ago, indeed. / – We’re the new, unique generation I used to hear about the importance of self-promotion – in high school. / – I meant to say Consider it as a part of self-promotion. Don’t be shy I’m not too sure either, but I heard that she talked about me after she watched “A Muse.” I know you’ve also worked with Jeon Doyeon – and Kim Hyesoo. / – Oh, that’s right You’ve worked with many senior actresses Were you okay with it? Yes. With Doyeon, I feel comfortable enough to talk on the phone late at night We chat about what happened during the day – Really? / – You must be very close with her What about Kim Hyesoo? I visit her often at filming sets – Is that right? / – You’re close to senior actresses When you talk to Hyesoo on the phone, you should tell her about me What do you want her to say? Tell her that I miss her Do you know Hyesoo personally? I’ve known her for a long time – How long? / – How did you meet her? I met her when she was in high school That was in the 1980s “Swallowtail Butterfly” came out I met her and her mom together But I don’t see her around nowadays – When was the last time you saw her? / – So Ages ago – A few decades ago, right? / – It’s been a few years – Excuse me. / – If that’s the case, – you two are strangers. / – No I saw her a few years after that, and she gave me a big hug I can’t forget how sweet she was Please tell her that I said hi Okay, I will She really knows me. You can ask her Everyone knows you Heewon here is considered the most handsome guy among my ugly friends It looks like you’re becoming more handsome these days Welcome to the show! Where have you been? Where have you been? You should’ve joined us sooner! (Heewon revealed this incredible face) (Three of our hosts participated) (In “My Ugly Friends Festival”) Didn’t you get more female fans after appearing in that show? Yes, I think I got many new fans – I know you did. / – Yes – After being on that show, / – Yes I gained many female fans in their 20s – Really? / – I gained many new female fans – Is that right? / – Have you dated girls in their 20s? – No, I haven’t. / – I see They just like me as What are you talking about now? (What is he asking?) – What are you asking him? / – What makes you realize the increase in your fandom? – I get many fan letters these days. / – I see – Oh, really? / – You get fan letters? I’ve been getting many letters He gets fan letters! It won’t last though He doesn’t think it’ll last Soon enough, – I think the buzz will die down. / – You think so? Do you think you’re handsome? Or – Doing a show like that is scary. / – Why? I was like the only white stone among the black stones That’s why you stood out Did you just call us black stones? – Wait a minute. / – Did he just belittle us? – He said we’re black stones. / – Are we your doormat? – How dare you! / – I’m sorry to bring this up, but when I first saw Heewon on the show, I thought that I could beat him – On “My Ugly Friends Festival.” / – Yes – Let’s talk about Ikjune now. / – All right As you all know, Ikjune is a film director – That’s right. / – You rarely appear on TV shows I heard you haven’t been on any variety shows for four years Which show were you on four years ago? I appeared in “Strong Heart” and “Come to Play.” – I see, “Come to Play.” / – Yes, during that time Both shows no longer exist “Strong Heart” and “Come to Play.” – “Come to Play.” / – He did appear on the show I’ve been suffering from panic disorder for the last seven years – Really? / – Yes. I took medicine today, too – The herbal anxiolytic medicine? / – No – It’s a prescribed medicine. / – I see At a glance, I can tell what he is best at Heewon passed the title on to Ikjune He gets a free pass for all villain roles We imagined Heewon’s face when we think of any villain role, but now, we imagine yours Don’t I look pretty though? (Is he too pretty for a villain role?) – Well, I just… / – You two are neck and neck I think it’s time for you to take your medicine What is he on? I think his condition is gone. He’s funny

– I must say that he’s a great guy. / – I know His condition has been cured He’s super excited today I’ve seen blogs with lists of actors best suited for villain roles He’s always at the top portion of the lists Right. Heewon would be there As in “The Man from Nowhere.” – He had great presence. / – Are there such lists? There are about 100 actors on it I’m in the middle of the list – Ikjune, you also… / – Where am I on the list? You’re in the top part You’ve also played many villain roles, right? – He harassed many famous actors. / – That’s right Hey, you idiot His life has been ruined because of that witch You really should’ve helped him instead (The future Captain Yoo taught him a lesson) – Get off me! / – Don’t show up in front of Jaehee – You little! / – I’ll kill you otherwise (“It’s Okay, That’s Love,” 2014) This is his dream – You appeared in his dream. / – Yes (He portrayed) (Zo Insung’s older brother with mental disorder) – You’re a great actor. / – It was your first time – working with these two, right? / – Yes Were you scared of them at all? They’ve played many villain roles Because of the villain characters they’ve portrayed, I thought they’d express things in a rough, wild manner – That’s what I thought. / – Yes Ikjune was shyer than me when we first met We weren’t able to talk much because we’re both shy You weren’t able to talk? What about Heewon? He can’t drink at all Heewon can’t drink at all Yes, it was really unexpected That surprises me I’ve seen Heewon at a billiard hall the other day It was my first time seeing him in person I thought he would hit me with his cue stick when I walked by because of his image in movies I kept imagining that When I first met Heewon on variety shows, – I thought he’d be quick / – Right? – and agile due to his image. / – He seems very fast But he’s weak and really bad at sports – He really is. / – Yes He’s the frailest among the actors who play villains – That’s right. / – He really is – He’s a weakling. / – He looks strong though He’s really weak You’ll ruin his image if you say that – He’s really weak. / – He’s quite frail (Heewon rides a rodeo bull on “Infinite Challenge”) Ready? (Get ready!) (He falls off as soon as he starts) (He’s physically weak but looks strong) Among us, what rank would he be in terms of looks? Wouldn’t a woman be more qualified to judge that? What do you think about Heewon’s looks, Goeun? Where do you think he stands? – Be objective. / – Go with your gut and be honest Rank him amongst everyone here – Take off your sunglasses. / – Judge just the face – Don’t include popularity. / – Good Where does Heewon rank? (What is Heewon’s rank?) (He eagerly anticipates) He’s around third or fourth place – Third or fourth? / – Wow In this room? Amongst these guys? (His pride is at stake) Look again Third or fourth place is lower than I expected (He’s insulted) Am I in the top three or four? (Am I in the top three?) (Heunggook gets greedy) Who’s above Heewon? – Jaeseok is first place. / – Yes, I’m in first place The society’s made him handsome – The society made him handsome. / – Wow His good reputation makes him seem handsome Have you seen him without glasses? His nose and glasses are stuck together – Take off your glasses. / – My nose? He buys the glasses with the nose stuck to them – Show her. / – I’ll show you, Goeun Don’t frown. Just show her What do you think? (Oh, my goodness) Just show her your face (Jaeseok’s natural face is revealed) (This is his real face hidden behind the glasses) – Is he still in first place? / – Be honest – Are you surprised? / – His reputation – makes him handsome. / – Does the ranking change? Why are you covering your face? She’s really shocked Goeun, you must have been really shocked His nose is stuck to his glasses Goeun? Decide again Let’s do it again. Everyone, take off your glasses I’m wearing a wig – Take your glasses off. / – Take these off I’ll take them off (It’s a natural face competition!) – Everyone… / – Remove your accessories We’re going to compete with our faces only – His face isn’t ordinary either. / – Let me see Wow! You look handsome (He unties his hair as well) He looks good (It’s the director’s startling transformation) Are you Hispanic? (I think he’s cured of his panic disorder) Goeun, go ahead and re-evaluate Be objective (Hyunmoo and Saeho are confident) (When it comes to their faces) (Ikjune and Heunggook both have facial hair) Do I have to rank everyone? – From first to last place. / – Go all the way down – Just go for it. / – Go ahead Goeun is ranking us (Heewon is the handsome one among the ugly guys) (Who’s the best-looking?) (She sighs)

– He’s in first place. / – She suddenly – Wow. / – I don’t want to be in the last place (It’s an unexpected result) – He’s in first place? / – Ikjune is in first place? (Ikjune is the most handsome guy on this show) I’m losing faith in her Who’s in second place? Goeun, who’s second? Let’s do something else – Who’s second, Goeun? / – Really? – No. / – Heunggook? Are you only picking those with facial hair? Is she ranking from last to first? Is it first to last? She’s a pretty good person (He grins) Give me a call some time What do you mean, “Give me a call”? Who’s in third place? (Who’s third place in looks?) – He’s in third place. / – Heewon’s in third place? I’m insulted I’m stuck in the middle What’s your basis? He doesn’t understand – Even if we continue, / – Yes it won’t make a big difference Right Heewon, you’re an older man, – but you’re single. / – Do you want to get married? – Lately, I do. / – Lately? When do you think of that? When I’m eating I always eat alone Let’s eat together (Let’s eat together) I eat alone, too – That’d be a big consolation. / – Of course – That scared me! / – Where do you live? I’d better get it together He might not want to eat together with you (Heunggook takes charge of the talk show) – Where do you live? / – Me? Where’s your house? – I live in Jeongneung. / – He lives in Jeongneung That’s too far because I live in Gimpo now Heunggook is married to a former Miss Korea Heewon has to get married soon Give him some dating tips – He needs to meet a woman. / – He’s in his 40s He probably has a girlfriend already – He’s just acting like he doesn’t. / – Oh – He has a girlfriend. / – Can you tell? – He does? / – Of course. People who say that Do you have a girlfriend? He’s not making an eye contact – There’s a reason why he’s weak. / – Yes (Is there a connection between health and dating?) He has to meet his girlfriend He should be healthier then When he meets his girlfriend, – he will lose sleep. / – He’s busy dating and working It’s really tiring to work and to have a relationship So, do you have a girlfriend? – Are you seeing someone? / – He has someone It doesn’t make sense that he won’t – I plead the fifth. / – Wow – I’m happy for you. / – That’s great – That’s good news. / – A while ago He’s really good Didn’t you have coffee with a lady on the terrace at a cafe in Gangnam? When? It was about six or seven months ago Are you making things up? – He got caught. / – That was in the middle of winter Why would you be on a terrace? It would be freezing then! (Terraces are great for the freezing weather) Who sits on a terrace in a freezing temperature? Who would do that in December if it was six or seven months ago? Why are you making things up? I shouldn’t have said anything – He was thinking about it. / – He was nearly caught Heunggook is the master of variety shows He took Saeho under his wing Why did you visit “Happy Together” today? Saeho is a big hit right now. Afterwards, he was the first – Guest? / – guest to appear on my radio program That was really loyal of him. I was grateful I’m getting a lot of calls from reporters What kind of calls? They told me there was an uproar I asked them what it was about, and they told me Saeho went viral They keep asking me about it, so I kept talking about Saeho It came up while we were on “World Changing Quiz Show.” – Then it went viral. / – I know Saeho, you have to buy a building now Why are you saying that suddenly? It startles me when he responds like this He’s so happy for me and encourages me This began on the program, “World Changing Quiz Show.” – That’s right. / – Yes You were talking about Ahn Jaewook’s wedding, right? Why didn’t you come to Ahn Jaewook’s wedding? – Who? / – Ahn Jaewook I don’t even know him. How could I go? (Everyone burst out laughing) Why not? You’re both celebrities Wouldn’t it be rude if I showed up? It first started spreading on social media when Choi Minsik’s movie, “The Tiger” – was released. / – Right – It was released then. / – On the movie poster, it said “I wanted to protect something with my gun.” – It’s a line from the movie. / – Right Someone started a parody based on that It featured the baseball player, Lee Daeho It said, “I wanted to hit something with my bat.” – The title was “Daeho.” / – Yes Next, there was Jung Sungho “There were a thousand faces I wanted to impersonate.” The title was “Sungho.” Then, there was “Saeho.” “There was somewhere I had to go” “even though I didn’t know.” That’s how it got started Then, Lee Eungyeol appeared on “Happy Together” It wasn’t intentional, but he happened to ask me if his – first love was in 2001 or 2002. / – I remember I answered, “How would I know?” Was your wedding date the day of your first date? I think it was in 2001 or 2002

– Is that right? / – How would I know? (Is it something I should know?) (It’s not my fault that I don’t know these things) That joke ended up overlapping on social media You’re known for being treated unfairly All of a sudden, it started appearing on the news Taeyang posted, “Why didn’t you come to our concert in Japan?” That’s right. Taeyang replied directly on my social media account – Cao Lu also replied. / – Many people did Cao Lu wrote, “Why didn’t you come to my parents’ wedding?” Hyeongyeong started to contact me She said Jo Seungwoo asked – why I hadn’t come to his musical. / – I know The Big Bang members Even Big Bang? G-Dragon also asked why I hadn’t come – It was on the news even in Japan. / – In Japan? Someone I know in Japan told me that it was on the news They must’ve been taken aback How would they know who I am? The Big Bang concert was on the news Japanese people probably think that you’re rude and that you refused your invitation They probably wondered who Cho Saeho was – They can look you up. / – A while back, Manchester United football player, Louis Saha – Yes, Louis Saha also mentioned it. / – He did I had never known him before – He mentioned you? / – One day on social media, – he said, “Where is Cho Saeho?” / – Wow! – Really? / – Yes “Where is Cho Saeho?” I have one question. Where is Cho Saeho? It didn’t become an issue at that time – It was just funny. / – At first, – I thought it was funny. / – We took it as a joke – I thought it was a funny joke. / – Right Then, Park Myungsoo called me Myungsoo’s name appeared on my phone screen and I answered it – Hello. / – “Did something happen to you?” “Why are you the first” “on the real-time search engine list?” “Did you do something wrong? Did you get into trouble?” I told him, “It’s not that. It’s for a good reason.” “Oh, so you’re not in a trouble?” “Okay then.” He felt sad about it I wasn’t sure if he was grateful nothing bad happened He was just curious – why your name was on the list. / – That’s right I mentioned this before, but these days, if any entertainer comes out first on the real-time search engine, – we get anxious. / – It usually means trouble – “Why am I the first?” / – That’s why Coming out first without any news can be nerve-wrecking “It’s so unexpected. I wasn’t doing anything.” I heard you are being used by self-governing bodies as a marketing tool From Police Station to the Flower Festival Well, I didn’t see it myself Some college students ask, “Why didn’t you come to our festival?” “The flowers are so beautiful. Why didn’t you come?” – They ask all the time. / – It all happened in a year – That’s right. / – It’s pretty amazing There’s someone who actually attended the wedding – Ahn Jaewook’s wedding? / – I went there Wow, Kim Heewon attended the wedding Why didn’t you come, Ikjune? – I was… / – I asked why you didn’t come (He has a wrong expression) I wasn’t able to get married Why didn’t you come? Are you trying to create a character for him? – He doesn’t know what to say. / – You should reply Why don’t you say anything? – Try it again. / – Try saying it to Goeun Kim Goeun Why didn’t you appear on my radio show? Because you didn’t invite her (What should I do when you didn’t invite me?) They don’t know how to talk back – Why are they like this? / – I missed the chance It was a chance for them Kim Heunggook, why didn’t you come to my wedding? (Kim Heunggook, why didn’t you come to my wedding?) I went with my daughter No, you didn’t come – Wasn’t it held at Shilla Hotel? / – Yes I went with my daughter. He’s such a bad guy All of a sudden, he became a bad guy – He turned him into a bad guy. / – He was there At that time, my daughter came from United States for holiday She was young and she didn’t want to go, but I brought her anyway Some reporters even took pictures of us Look it up online Wow! – He really went there. / – There is proof – Do you see? / – Wow – I did attend your wedding. / – He did – He did attend. / – My goodness I am sorry He really did attend it (Heunggook brought his daughter to Jaeseok’s wedding) He even took his daughter Heunggook, I am really sorry – I was really… / – No wonder, you looked down on me You turned Jaeseok into a bad guy I am sorry – You’re so bad. / – I was just kidding – I attended with my daughter. / – You really did Look at that You’re good at making people laugh these days – Yes. / – Do you think you have any weak point? Weak point? – Your worst point. / – What kind of question is that? She was just reading out her script Heunggook is angry – But Heunggook… / – It was my first question today Heunggook, you ask even meaner questions I think his weak point is I don’t have any weak point His weakness is he can’t focus during recording He can’t film for a long time – He hates when it’s long. / – He does – He said that he’ll just do one hour / – Yes – because it’s Buddha’s birthday. / – Right So I told him there will be another one next year I have three temples to visit later I only went to one so far You go to three temples? And I also need to film “Saturday Night Live.” – You’re busy today. / – You’re like an idol singer

– I am an idol singer. / – You really are I’m a Hallyu star (I’m a Hallyu star) What do you think of I think Heunggook is bad at remembering idioms I think you don’t really know them Triplets were born but he asked, “How many years apart are they?” – They’re triplets. / – They were born on the same day “How many years apart are the triplets?” The parents told me she gave birth to the triplets When I asked the question, they didn’t say anything (They were silent) – Really? / – Yes Ikjune really likes Heunggook Among the guests today, his reactions are the best – He’s really charming. / – I agree – Heunggook. / – Ikjune also has – I have a moustache, too. / – a moustache – People with moustache are nice. / – Really? There’s no bad person who grows out a moustache That’s right. Why did you shave? – “Why did you shave?” / – “Why did you shave?” (It will become an issue again) “Why did you shave?” He’s never grown a moustache though He never had one – I’ve never had a moustache. / – Really? For 47 years, Myungsoo has never grown a moustache “Why did you shave?” I have hair on my armpit though I don’t really have much hair – Just now… / – Yes Ask something nice “That was fun.” – His time is up. / – “That was fun.” It was really fun though – “That was fun.” / – I heard that Ikjune is a huge fan of Myungsoo I saw Myungsoo on TV sometimes There are some actors who talk honestly They do not always follow their scripts They say what they want Myungsoo is like that, too He never follows the script He still has the same page open from the beginning He is just like me, isn’t he? And today, meeting Heunggook Are you mesmerized by Heunggook? I think he’s really charming What is so charming about him? He has a moustache We’re like brothers The way he speaks, – he seems so free. / – I have a free spirit (Heunggook is a free man) I think he will become very famous With “Breathless,” you went from the bottom to the top One of Korean independent films is taking over international film festivals There is an independent film that is getting many awards in international film festivals he borrowed from people around him In the end, he used the deposit from the house he lived as a guarantee to accomplish his dreams I heard that “Breathless” won 23 trophies I spoke with the writer and I counted again It turned out I’ve won 38 trophies – Great! / – Wow! You received a lot from overseas, right? – Yes, most of it were. / – What was the biggest award? In International Film Festival Rotterdam, which is held in Netherlands, only three movies are chosen for the Grand Prix every year – “Breathless” was one of them. / – Wow When I went there, there were horse poops everywhere – Horse poop? / – Yes I was on my way to the festival and I stepped on it – Really? / – The horse poop was really big It must be good luck I was with my friends, the actors and the filming director Then, we just went there and received the award It is really related to the poop During the first reading of the scenarios with the director, a bird pooped on me It is indeed related to the poop It means good luck if you step on poop When flies come into my house, it’s almost impossible for me to chase them out So I grew a lot of flies at home Me too. When butterflies come in, – I let them stay. / – That’s right – I’m grateful to them. / – It’s the same for me – and for the grasshoppers. / – That’s why – I’m so grateful to the insects. / – Right You may not like being asked this question You worked so hard to make your movie and you received a lot of love and respect from abroad How about in Korea? It’s quite good – Is it? / – What was that? Heunggook expected a different answer from him – He’s upset now. / – He wants a different answer Heunggook came up with a great question but In Korea, around 126,000 viewers watched it in the theaters – It placed first in P2P website. / – That’s right Emma Watson said one of her favorite movies is “Breathless.” – Really? / – At that time, I was beginning to receive profits from my movie I was receiving about 300 dollars per month In the month when Emma mentioned my movie, – I received about 3,000 dollars. / – Wow – Because of Emma Watson? / – Yes It will be good for my income if people keep mentioning it like this (I really like it) You should send a message of gratitude to Emma Watson Hi, Emma! Thank you Together, movie? Made, okay? Thank you

– “Made, okay? Thank you.” / – “Together, movie?” – He asked Emma to work together. / – Yes – You’re a director / – He asked for a collaboration – but your English is terrible. / – It was okay Ikjune, you became a movie director because you were good at dancing. Are you good at dancing? No. I was once on a different show Do you remember the show called “Kkureogi Contest”? – That’s an old show. / – Yes It aired when – I was in middle school. / – 25 years ago It was similar to a dance audition program My friend got the second place at the end of the year When I was drinking with them, I said, “Since you guys are on TV,” “I will try to become an actor.” It all started with that, but I ended up directing movies Wow If I think of it now, dance did help me to become successful – Are you good at dancing then? / – Not really There were so many good dancers I was just standing next to them and copying their dance – I heard you’re good at Squid Dance. / – What is that? It’s nothing. It’s just something I dance at home after shower, while looking at the mirror with underwear on We should see how you dance Could you show us a bit? There he goes – He really looks like a squid. / – He’s good Look at that dance – He can dance well. / – He moves freely Look at that body roll – He’s a dancing machine. / – Seriously Ikjune, you’re a dancing machine My goodness (He flips like a squid) That was amazing He’s very light on his feet People who don’t know him will think that he’s a famous choreographer He seems like a man who majored in dance That was amazing – He is a great dancer. / – He has many talents Goeun, I heard that you spent your school years in China Yes, I lived in China from age four to 14 – Really? / – You were there for a while – What was the reason? / – For about 10 years It was for my dad’s work (The family relocated for her dad’s work) I lived about an hour and a half away from Beijing There were no other foreigners in that town There were no other Koreans – Only my family members. / – The only Koreans there – Hyunmoo speaks Chinese. / – That’s right Please say hello to each other in Chinese (Hello) (What is your name?) (Kim Goeun) (Who is the ugliest person in this room?) Well (I mentioned it earlier) (Tell me again) I asked her who the ugliest person is in this room She said that she mentioned it earlier – and pointed at Myungsoo. / – But (He got attacked in Chinese) That came out of nowhere I heard that life in Korea was suffocating When I was in seventh grade in China, I learned the alphabet and “What’s your name?” In Korea, I was expected to translate English sentences I didn’t have good Korean skills back then When the teachers taught about verbs and such, I gave up on that subject – The grammar was too complicated. / – That’s right It was one of the things I wasn’t used to It also surprised me how students study at private institutes after school – It must have been hard to adjust. / – In China, the nature taught you No, I did go to school in China She just didn’t go to private institutes after school Which part of China do you think she was in? – She wasn’t in the wild. / – She wasn’t in the jungle I was imagining the plains of Manchuria (Goeun of Manchuria) Did you encounter any reverse culture shock in Korea? When someone told me something, I observe their facial expressions and actions For example, a friend told me she didn’t study for the exams (I didn’t study at all. I’m ruined…) – “I didn’t study at all!” / – She said that, but I later found her crying over one mistake I felt really betrayed You must have been flustered “Isn’t it a good score” “if you hadn’t studied for the exam?” – That was the thought I had. / – You have a point Things like that happened often Hyunmoo must have done that I have done it countless times Even if I got a nosebleed from studying all night long, I would say that I hadn’t studied – Right. “I am in so much trouble.” / – It was a ploy to fool everyone Was there anything else? I saw water-soluble markers for the first time – In Korea? / – Yes Are there no such things in China? Don’t they use brushes to write? What? – It’s not the Ming Dynasty. / – For goodness’ sake – Don’t be ridiculous. / – Listen (Memories of writing brushes) It’s like asking if she rode horses Chinese people use a lot of brush pens – I used a fountain pen in China. / – A fountain pen – A fountain pen? / – Using a pencil or a pen was considered to be impolite When I turned in assignments, I used a fountain pencil – A fountain pencil was used. / – Yes I saw the OMR card for the first time in Korea The teacher told me to bring a water-soluble marker, so I bought a regular water-soluble marker at a store – You bought the regular one. / – Yes Then you’d get a zero I scored zero on that test – You actually scored zero. / – Yes Taken aback, I consulted with my teacher, and I could mark the OMR card again – with a test-taking marker. / – What was the result? Were you the top of your class? – Did the results differ? / – I don’t remember

I guess her score hadn’t improved a lot The water-soluble marker wasn’t the problem That wasn’t the biggest problem It wasn’t the problem of a water-soluble marker My textbook for mathematics was kept brand new You didn’t use it – She and I are similar. / – It’s unexpected from her My mathematics textbook was always looking new I mistook my mathematics textbook for English textbook – Why? / – There were a lot of alphabets Y and X – Sine, Cosine… / – I was so surprised I see I would like to know how well Ikjune did in school Everyone is laughing already Your dance skills tell me you didn’t study much Did you play around a lot? I was someone who neither studied nor played You were a nobody I probably came in 59th out of 60 students – It was the same for me. / – I was unremarkable I entered a two-year college after my military service I had to take a performance test for Seoul Institute of the Arts The day before the test, my friends bought me drinks to congratulate me on my upcoming discharge Since I had to take a performance test the next day, – Goodness. / – excused myself early on Three men approached me on my way home They walked towards me down the dark alley and my intuition told me that they will give me a beating (I am the best when it comes to intuition) – You get that gut feeling. / – Definitely – It happens. / – You get that hunch – Those who experienced it know. / – You realize that you will get a beating It’s a gut feeling They said to me, “Why did you swear at us?” I told them that I did no such thing They know you didn’t. They were only picking a fight – They were picking a fight. / – Right They started to beat me up I had to protect my face for the performance test I begged them not to hit my face, but they didn’t listen – That’s too bad. / – When I returned home, I had a big bruise on my face I was drunk and I rolled an egg over it, hoping it would go away the next morning – How many people were you against? / – Three people – Three people? / – Yes – How did you do on the test? / – They’re bad guys Instead of asking me a performance-related question, they asked me what happened to my eye It was upsetting I had to study hard in the military to enter the university – Did you get in? / – A college in Gongju accepted me I was 12th on their waiting list – I did get a scholarship once. / – Really? Goeun, you go to a unique place when you get stressed out I like places with great heights – Really? / – Yes I like open places Many people have a fear of heights. I know I do I don’t have the fear of heights – You don’t? / – No? You asked the director to raise your harness “Memories of the Sword” relied heavily on wire work stunts The director jokingly asked me if I was enjoying the height – What did you say? / – “Yes.” Have you ever done a bungee jump? I have done it many times You did it behind your mom’s back That’s what I heard Really? It’s a secret Your mom doesn’t know Does your mom punish you? I kept it a secret I once told my parents about bungee jumping, and they hated the idea so much An accident happened where I wanted to bungee jump – It was on the news. / – Really? I decided to keep my bungee jumping habits a secret – from then on. / – My goodness – Did you try skydiving as well? / – What is that? Yes – My goodness. / – She is smiling (Grinning) I can’t believe she is smiling Not many people are like that The man looks more scared I was so happy Don’t you get scared right before you jump? – No, I love it. / – Isn’t it terrifying? Among the people I skydived with was a man who has a fear of heights He was right behind me Since heights don’t scare me, people don’t believe me The height you are at when you skydive is incredibly high – It’s like being on an airplane. / – Right It’s a height you cannot fathom The man told me that he didn’t feel fear – It’s less scary? / – because of this reason Do you get frightened when you’re closer to the ground? I don’t get frightened Just hearing about it is scary I don’t understand her I heard that the fall feels like a bug in your navel – My goodness. / – You feel uncomfortable It must feel like your organs are shifting – I hate that feeling. / – What was it called? Have you tried bungee jumping? – She already talked about it. / – Yes, I have – She has mentioned it. / – That’s right – Bungee jumping is scarier. / – That’s right – It’s scarier than skydiving. / – Really? You said you go to places of heights when you get stressed What stresses you out? I don’t often realize when I get stressed If I have a bad day or experience something distressing, I spend some time on the rooftop I usually go to a karaoke Your friend, Sungkyoung told us

that you can sing very well Sungryoung did? Kim Sungryoung is too old to be her friend We are talking about Lee Sungkyoung Sungryoung is the former Miss Korea It’s Lee Sungkyoung, not Kim Sungryoung Please sing without the music Would you please sing? Shall we give you the music? I know what it is – She is very shy. / – I see – I can be very shy, too. / – Then I will sing first – That won’t be necessary. / – Why not? – You don’t have to sing. / – It’s okay Let’s sing “Swallowtail Butterfly” together (Out of the blue) What? Excuse me. This isn’t a team dinner – “A team dinner”! / – Let’s sing – All right. Sing a bit of the song. / – just a bit – Go ahead. / – I will sing a bit of the song – All right. / – It looks like Ikjune really wants to join us That’s a good idea – I got him. / – This is the opening performance Give us “Swallowtail Butterfly.” I’m one of the best singers and the president of Korea Singers Association I forgot how the dance went Here we go (Heunggook brightens up the atmosphere) (Dancing) You are doing great I hope “Happy Together” becomes a hit (I hope “Happy Together” becomes a hit) (I hope my movie becomes a hit, too) (Swallowtail butterfly) ♪ Swallowtail butterfly ♪ (Nice) ♪ In a flower garden ♪ (He is talented at singing live) ♪ But nobody ♪ (With his voice, he brings out the feel of the song) Let’s sing together Get ready for a fall Here it comes, Ikjune (Let’s fly together, the director of “Breathless”!) (Falling) (Let’s fly together, the beauty with a sad face) (Falling) (Everybody) One more time! (Falling) ♪ Hide behind the clouds ♪ Thank you (Heunggook is the best) – My goodness. / – It was the best – His dance was better before. / – That’s right He used to be all over the stage – Ikjune danced really well. / – That’s right – It was great. / – I like Ikjune – He looks happy. / – It was great – We saw the opening performance. / – That’s right It’s time for the finale – Give her a round of applause. / – This is great Let’s go! – Sing us a song! / – Go for it! ♪ When the rain is blowing in your face ♪ Wow ♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪ ♪ I could offer you a warm embrace ♪ ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ – Please sing a bit more. / – Please go on – Please sing a bit more. / – We love your voice – We should play the music. / – I know – May I sit here? / – Okay – All right. / – Go ahead – Sit wherever you want. / – I will sit here There’s always someone who prefers a corner seat at a karaoke – Goeun seems to be that person. / – That’s me Now that the president has sung, – the new recruit will sing. / – She’s the new recruit Newbie, sing a song – I sit like this at a karaoke. / – All right President Kim, the newbie will sing (The section chief and the president share drinks) (She calms her heart and sings) Sing a bit louder ♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪ My goodness ♪ I could offer you a warm embrace ♪ – This is nice. / – What a nice vibe! ♪ When the evening shadows and the stars ♪ Her pronunciation is excellent (President Kim compliments her) ♪ And there is no one there to dry your tears ♪ – She has a nice voice. / – Seriously ♪ I could hold you for a million years ♪ She needs to release an album ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ – You did a good job. / – She sang very well A great idea entered my head She can sing very well She should star in a movie like “Begin Again” or “Once.” She’ll make the perfect lead She can play a role like Keira Knightley’s You know that I am the president of Korea Singers Association, right? The annual fee is 180 dollars Can she register at Korea Singers Association? With my signature, she can She can register What good will that do for her? Goeun sang beautifully on “Happy Together” When the show airs, her life will change She’ll get a variety of job offers Anyone can predict that much She’s already getting a variety of job offers She’s busy turning down offers – Really? / – Yes I thought she was new in the industry It matters which era you were born in

I think she has a face that’s sought after in this era – She has monolids. / – She was born in the right era Monolids are in style – Goeun appeared like a comet / – Right? just as monolids became trendy Hyeongyeong’s charm lies in her long face – She has a long face. / – Why do you say that? – Is she sad? / – She just looks sad – I look sad even when I smile. / – Right Did misfortune befall your family? No, it’s not like that Goeun is a beautiful name Who gave you that name? My dad did When I was born, the nurse said, “She… She’s a princess.” – She was quite flustered. / – Why was that? – My face had that effect on her. / – I see My dad told me that when he held me in his arms, I didn’t look as pretty as he had imagined He had high expectations He wanted his daughter to grow up into a pretty woman – That’s why he named you Goeun. / – It means “pretty.” Have you ever wanted to get plastic surgery? Perhaps you wanted to get a double eyelid surgery At one point in my life, I wanted to get it done – Really? / – A double eyelid surgery, right? Yes, I wanted to get it done when I was in middle school I am glad you didn’t get it done It would have changed your face Back then, large eyes with double eyelids – were popular. / – What kept you from the surgery? My parents didn’t let me get it – Your parents didn’t. / – Right And… What was the word? My friends could create folds in their eyelids with glue and a hair pin However, it didn’t work on my eyes – My eyelids were too fat. / – The trick didn’t work You have beautiful eyelids “My eyelids were too fat.” – My goodness, she is pretty. / – She’s so pretty – She’s a natural beauty. / – She hasn’t changed – How incredible! / – She’s so pretty She has a charming smile – She’s a natural beauty. / – She really is Did boys give you letters and gifts? – Sometimes. / – Of course they did I heard that Goeun was very popular – at her university. / – She was the queen – I heard about it. / – When she was in college I heard about the popular girls – in Korea National University of Arts. / – Right The reporters made that up Who are the three most popular girls? – You are one of them. / – Park Sodam? Park Sodam and Lee Yooyoung They are the best I heard that the boys were crazy about them – That’s not me. / – I am serious I bet she ruined boys’ lives I heard that boys lost weight from being lovesick because of her (Lovesick for Goeun) They were driven mad with love – I heard all about it. / – Is that so? – I heard, too. / – Right? I heard that so many boys were driven mad with love They couldn’t win her over no matter how hard they tried – No, they couldn’t. / – That’s why they lost weight – They became lovesick. / – That’s right Goeun, you have nice skin I heard that you follow your own skincare routine instead of going to a dermatologist – Really? / – What is your secret? I used to know nothing about skincare After the drama shoot, my skin broke out from wearing makeup for too long Her skin broke out! That’s when I searched for information on skincare on the Internet I heard that celebrities use one facial mask a day That’s what I heard, too – Really? / – They use one facial mask a day I see I thought using a facial mask a week was enough Now that I learned about it, I have been following the routine Do you use a facial mask a day? – Yes. / – What do you think of it? My skin has improved Have you thought about using two facial masks a day? (Have you thought about using two facial masks a day?) – That’s too much. / – She has never thought about it Some celebrities use a sheet mask in the morning – Really? / – Yes And use another one in the evening Saeho is the best You are great Let’s use three facial masks a day (They made a promise) When we were talking about facial masks, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Heewon’s feet are – They are beautiful. / – They look delicate – Look at them. / – His feet look delicate Yes, his feet look delicate I use facial masks on my feet Please show us your feet He has beautiful feet My goodness Gosh, he has pretty toenails as well They are beautiful His feet are – There’s no dead skin. / – No, there isn’t How are his feet so pretty? He must have never done hard work I doubt anyone has done more manual labor than I have – Really? When? / – Yes I did manual labor for three years when I was in Australia I also did it often when I worked for the theater (How does he take care of his feet?) For some odd reason, I don’t get calluses – Really? / – I did a lot of manual labor He has long and beautiful fingers as well – I don’t get calluses. / – They form on your face (Do calluses form on his face instead?) Why do you say that? Heunggook’s words have branded Saeho – as the “Professional No-show.” / – That’s right An unfortunate event occurred when you entered the military You entered the military with Kim Raewon Back then, I didn’t have a lot of work That’s why I decided to start my military service An unknown number called and asked me if I have heard the news An article was released

saying that Kim Raewon and I were entering the army together My upcoming enlistment made news because Kim Raewon is famous I was told that Military Manpower Administration has prepared vehicles to prevent accidents I was also told to give an interview I wondered why they were asking me for an interview – It was only happening because / – Together? Kim Raewon was giving one It occurred to me that I should go early Even if I was unpopular, I was still a celebrity I didn’t want to see reporters leaving me to see Kim Raewon Kim Raewon’s appearance would cause a commotion I came up with a plan to get there as soon as possible because those reporters weren’t after me anyway I said, “Thanks to Kim Raewon that I am being interviewed.” The reporter laughed – and the interview ended well. / – I see It felt strange to have my hair cut I hope this message reaches my parents Salute! The man we have been waiting for, Kim Raewon is finally here Leaving his fans’ farewells behind, he gets into the vehicle the boot camp has provided At this moment, an unexpected situation occurred Even though Saeho has not gotten inside the vehicle, it left without him Saeho had to run over the entrance of the boot camp – It must’ve been hard. / – I felt so sad – My goodness. / – Exactly You must’ve felt sad – Many people were there to see me. / – Yes – Did you get in the car? / – What happened was, I was talking with my friends – about things / – I see like military life. Then, suddenly people started screaming – Did Raewon arrive? / – The Japanese fans screamed – Raewon’s name. / – I see – “Raewon!” / – Saeho You don’t have to say more. You’re adorable – Finish the story now. / – Anyway, – Raewon was… / – Don’t talk about him Talk about yourself now The story hasn’t reached its climax – I’m getting to the climax. / – Is that so? – Yes. / – Anyway, Raewon arrived – He finished his interview quickly. / – I see He said he’d do his best and left right away My friend told me to get in the car because it was about to leave I ran to him and said, “I had to get in there.” But someone from the boot camp stopped me – Right. / – I said, “I’m Cho Saeho.” But he still stopped me, – and the car left without me. / – He didn’t know you – He didn’t recognize you. / – That’s right They didn’t let you go in the car. Did you have to run? I ran to the entrance I couldn’t keep up with the car I thought they’d stop and pick me up, but they didn’t – Saeho. / – Didn’t Raewon say, – “Sorry for leaving without you”? / – He had no idea – Raewon didn’t know. / – I see – We cheered each other up. / – You did We promised to be good friends We were assigned in different units, though – I see. / – That’s how the story ends – Saeho’s words were famous. / – Yes Saeho, why don’t you promise to attend special events? Even if you don’t know them well I can’t be there uninvited – That’s weird. / – I said it because – Saeho was right. / – I mean That doesn’t make sense Be there even if you’re uninvited Why would he attend if he’s uninvited? He wouldn’t even know the venue – What are you talking about? / – This could be news – Don’t be ridiculous. / – Saeho He should be at the premiere of “Canola” for the stage greeting – That’s good. / – Exactly – Good for you. / – It’d be funny I wasn’t in the movie but I’ll go up on stage and greet the audience It’ll be the talk of the town – He should be there. / – Dress up like an old lady – Are you having a film premiere? / – We already did – You did? / – You should have another one – Attend the premiere, Saeho. / – Let’s set the date – It’d be great… / – Wear that outfit – Do you want me to wear these? / – Wearing this? – Attend the premiere. / – Wouldn’t that be rude? No, it would be great to have you – I’d be happy to, but… / – Goeun – Goeun will invite you. / – I’ll be there if I’m not busy on that day Please invite him, Goeun – It’ll be on a weekend. / – On a weekend – It’ll be on a weekend. / – I’ll wear this – Be there. / – I will – host the event. / – That’s a good idea – I’ll host the event. / – That’s a good idea Just greet the audience See? I made them uncomfortable Don’t host the event – Do you really want me to come? / – Don’t host – Oh, shouldn’t I? / – Just greet the audience – Why would you host the event? / – I’ll just go there – and greet the audience. / – That’s right It’s funny when people invite me to special events like what they did and when I accept the invitation, – they suddenly look confused. / – Don’t worry Goeun really wants you there. Don’t you, Goeun? Yes, I do. Could you please come to our premiere? (Goeun invites Saeho to the film premiere) Goeun, are you inviting Saeho alone? What about me? That’s not fair. I made this happen You’re not his manager Are you attending without me? – What’s he talking about? / – I’m sorry, but it’s not like I’m from the film distribution company Are you going to sit with them while they’re talking to the audience? What are you going to talk about there? (Where are we?) I’ll tell you something interesting – It’s true. / – Please go ahead Saeho said he didn’t know Ahn Jaewook well I talked to Jaewook on the phone – You did? / – Yes I asked him if he knew what Saeho said on the TV show He said he knew about it. On the TV show, Saeho said he wanted to attend Jaewook’s child’s first birthday party – That’s right. / – So I asked Jaewook, “When is your child’s first birthday?” He said it’s February next year – It’s a long way off. / – It’s a long way off You must maintain your popularity until next February

Heunggook made a good point You could be invited if you – maintain your popularity. / – That’s what I’m saying You should maintain your popularity until then Otherwise, you wouldn’t be invited But he has to wait He won’t be popular that long – Do you think so? / – Yes – The way I see it… / – To be honest, – I’m under pressure. / – I see People might misunderstand me, – but I do have a busy schedule. / – That’s right – I go overseas often, too. / – I see But what I said became the talk of the town Heunggook said I should attend every event for a year This is a great opportunity for Saeho You have to win every award at the end of the year In that way, you can maintain your popularity until next February (Saeho can attend Jaewook’s child’s birthday party) – Okay? / – You should talk in private – It’s important to me. I’m sorry. / – Our guests look – bored. / – Talk about it later privately If he keeps doing this, his popularity won’t last a month Please discuss it later in your waiting room We’ll talk more about this later privately Okay. “That was fun.” – Was it fun? I wanted to… / – Hey – Jaeseok. That was fun. / – “That was fun.” – Please let me say just one thing. / – Go ahead There are many people I’m grateful for – But I’d like to thank… / – The one who posted it Someone posted their video clip – Thanks to the video. / – EXID became famous when a fan posted a video clip – The fan filmed it himself. / – That’s right I really want to thank the person who posted – about me on the Internet. / – I understand I’d like to meet that person I don’t know who he is, but Saeho should thank the fan – personally. / – I really want to do that That person made Saeho a star I was pushed up my career peak (Saeho is at his career peak) – I’m very grateful. / – I’ll get going – I think I can leave now. / – You don’t have to leave I’ve done enough – You’ll be rich. / – You don’t have to – Okay then. / – It’s like an Internet broadcast – Heunggook. / – That was fun Please watch “Happy Together” – Please say it with us. / – See you later That was fun – Goodbye. / – Have fun (She bows to Heunggook politely) He really left Heunggook stayed with us briefly, – and left. / – He’s in a good mood – He’s very excited. He had fun. / – That’s right He’s very happy that Saeho became popular It seems like Heunggook has the ability to leave – while recording TV shows. / – Right – I envy him. / – Me, too – Let’s start talking about us. / – Okay He’s been waiting for this moment He kept cutting me off Speaking of which, Heewon, I was wondering – in your opinion, who are good / – Villains in films? at playing as villains? I always think it’s Kim Sungkyun He’s great, indeed – He’s… / – He starred in “The Neighbors.” – He was amazing in that movie. / – That’s right He looks evil Does he look evil? His eyes look really scary – He sat exactly where you are now. / – He did? – I saw him on this show. / – Okay He was wearing glasses to cover his eyes There’s Yoon Jemoon, too – Yoon Jemoon is good. / – He’s great, too I met him a few times on my TV shows Even in real life, – he doesn’t smile a lot. / – That’s right He looks like angry Joo Byungjin Angry Joo Byungjin? He looks like an angry Byungjin What’s the worst villain character – you ever played? / – Among all your villain roles I think it’s my character in the drama “Misaeng.” – Lee Sungmin starred in the drama. / – Yes – That’s right. / – It’s the worst villain character When I filmed the first scene with Sungmin, Sungmin couldn’t say his line after I said mine (Lee Sungmin gave up acting because of Kim Heewon) It was the first day we met But I talked to him casually You had just met him I asked Sungmin, “What’s the matter?” He said he couldn’t go on because I was too scary It was a harsh character – Please give me my salary. / – That’s D.O Heewon really looks like a villain You said you’d pay me 3 dollars and 70 cents per hour I never said that – Oh, my. / – You, punk! – Oh, dear. / – Goodness Heewon is hitting D.O. so hard My goodness Come here How dare you! – My goodness. / – He actually hit D.O – It must’ve been… / – You really hit him, right? – Yes, I did. / – How many times was it filmed? We filmed the scene three times I think we did it three times You apologized right after that – You apologized to him. / – He should be on stage I didn’t know who he was (Heewon didn’t know that D.O. is a member of EXO) I didn’t know who he was I thought he was an actor. So I played my part Someone asked me if I knew who he was I said I didn’t and he told me that he’s a member of EXO I asked why it matters. He said if I hit him, the fans of EXO would be mad – He told me that. / – Did your friend tell you that? – But I thought… / – You were just playing your role I thought his fans won’t be mad about that Of course, they wouldn’t be On the contrary, EXO fans were very happy about it – Is that true? / – Absolutely It was because I hit him hard, – that made D.O.’s performance stand out. / – Right

They said D.O. did a great job in the hitting scene It was him who created a great scene, not me You just got criticisms – They don’t even care about you. / – Exactly They didn’t mind me hitting him They said D.O. did a great job in the hitting scene – The fans were happy about it. / – I see Could you reenact the scene with me? Just think you’re mad at me There’s no reason to be mad at you I stole money from your wallet (Saeho says he stole Heewon’s money) – He took 50 dollars. / – It’s true – He took 50 dollars. / – Heewon looks a bit angry I saw him on a TV show and he was boring – He’s boring. / – He also dresses poorly What should I say? If you keep going, I think I’ll lose control Oh, my. He scared me so much He was scary The three of them have done lots of part time jobs Goeun, what’s the noodle part time job? Did you work at a noodle shop? – I served as a waitress. / – I see I worked 10 hours a day – Wow. / – I served noodles in stone bowls – Really? / – It must be very heavy The shop was popular, so people waited in line It must be delicious – She was an online shop model, too. / – Is that true? You must’ve been successful The job didn’t suit me – Why? / – It’s hard to strike a pose They usually do photo shoots at crowded places – like Garosu-gil. / – It’s a good place – Hongdae is also a nice place. / – That’s right – We went to Samcheong-dong, too. / – Right I saw some people doing photo shoots there I had to do poses on street – That’s difficult. / – while people looked at me – It makes you feel embarrassed. / – Yes I kept changing my pose But it was too hard for me So I asked the photographer to – take snap shots instead. / – Make you look natural? – I prefer physical hard work. / – You do? Hyeongyeong, it’s hard to pose for magazines When I was a model, refreshing images were in fashion Natural looking poses became trendy recently – That’s right. / – But when I was a model We pose this way these days You can just do what you usually do That looks natural That’s how they pose these days When I was a model, models would pose this way (Monthly Happy Together) – I used to pose like this. / – In fashion magazines – I see. / – They don’t do that anymore – You can just do few poses. / – I had to look cute Hyeongyeong, you can pose the way they do it now, right? – Of course. / – Right Just walk around and turn (She pretends to be natural) You don’t look natural It wasn’t natural It seemed rather old-fashioned There’s this “Song Hyekyo pose.” If someone calls my name, I go That’s old-fashioned – It’s the old-fashioned pose. / – That’s right – That’s not true. / – That’s still in fashion Is that how models pose these days? I wouldn’t know She wouldn’t know – She seems bothered. / – Indeed – She hasn’t seen the pose before. / – Exactly I heard your father helps you a lot in choosing a movie When I find a movie I want to act in, I show him the scenario – Is that so? / – Yes Did he see the script of “A Muse”? – How about “A Muse”? / – Yes, I showed it to him – Your father… / – What did he say? My father and I always share books Both of us read the original novel – before we read the scenario. / – I see Both of us enjoyed the novel very much – I got the scenario after a month. / – Wow – It was her fate. / – She must have good instincts Before showing my dad the scenario, I told him that I got the offer Then he said, “No!” and he went to his room – He already knew the story. / – That’s right How did you convince him? I didn’t – I was sitting quietly. / – How did you play the role? I understood why my father didn’t want me to do it, and I was afraid to play the role About 20 minutes later, he came back He looked very worried He said, “I think it would be okay.” – That’s amazing. / – It only took 20 minutes? – Yes. / – What changed My father said, when he read the novel, the girl reminded him of me for a moment I’ll get going Goodbye (The girl with an innocent image) – As he read the novel? / – I see Your father was concerned about the love scene But he decided to let you do it That’s unexpected I thought she tried to convince her father by saying she really wanted to act in the movie But she didn’t convince him and he gave his approval shortly If your father came back and told you not to play the role, would you have given up? I think I’d have given up – I see. / – I see You listen to your parents She always listens to them, that’s probably why her father gave it another thought I always put happiness first I do set indefinite goals for my 20s But I don’t plan everything for my future

Many people are interested in you lately – Yes. / – There are articles about you – You must be feeling the changes. / – Yes Do you feel pressured or excited? After being famous, I got harsh rumors and misunderstandings There were false reports, too I was upset about it So I asked some people why there were misunderstandings about me They told me, those who really know me – would know it isn’t true. / – That’s right So I decided to stop worrying about it When I was dreaming of becoming an actress, I used to tell my parents not to expect that I’ll be a famous actress – whom everyone adores. / – I see – I always told them that. / – You did? Having that expectation, might make them disappointed. So I told them not to I think my father changed his mind because of what I said When he said I could play the role, he told me to keep my words I’ll do my best to become a good actress Please watch out for me (Instead of being an actress whom everyone adores,) (I’ll try to become an actress with great skills) (Please watch me grow into being a great actress) Heewon, how do you choose a role? Do you ask your mother too? No, I choose the role myself – You choose it yourself? / – Yes They’re not good scenes to show to my parents “The Man from Nowhere.” Heewon is right – That’s funny. / – I understand Did your parents watch “The Man from Nowhere”? They watched it a bit later They can watch it on TV – They watched it a bit later. / – What did they say? They said, “Get along well with others.” – “Don’t fight with others.” / – I was told to be nice “You should be nice to others.” – We reconciled. / – You were the villain We would like thank these three guests and Heunggook who had to leave earlier – Thank you. / – Heunggook I’ll call Heunggook later to thank him – Okay. / – Saeho – Yes? / – Can we see you next time? – Of course. / – Okay – At the “Canola” premiere… / – “Canola” premiere Will you attend their premiere? – I’ll talk about it with Goeun. / – Okay – That’s good. / – I should check my schedule Saeho has a busy schedule If you attend the event, it’d mean a lot to them We’ll be back with so much joy next time – Thank you! / – Thank you (See you next week!) “That was fun.” “That was fun.” (Next week) – Today will be more fun. / – Right Each of our guests will bring another guest Please welcome, Seol Hyun and Chan Mi of AOA I feel like I was born to be good – Is this true? / – Of course You’re lying We’re here together but we’re not very close – He’s actually rich. / – Stop it What’s wrong with you? Wouldn’t it be helpful to you if he becomes successful? I hope we both fail I don’t think I’ll ever be successful So I hope we both fail Why are you here today? I’m here to tell the truth I’ll tell you the truth (“Macarena” by MATILDA)