How I Shop Online Blind *Live Footage* (Custom Converse Fail)

(laughing) – I’m done with you Converse! I’m done! I’m so over this video (laughing) (upbeat music) Okay so in past videos and on Twitter I’ve mentioned that I was considering doing a video where I try to design custom Vans So you can see from today’s title I did not design custom Vans, I’m designing custom Converse When I went on the Vans website to test if it was accessible it was not And don’t you worry before we get to doing the Converse one I’m gonna show you why the Vans one wasn’t accessible A lot of you have also been requesting in my “I Tried Shopping Online” series for me to actually show you how I do it Which is what I’m doing in this video We’re gonna be trying to screen record on this and if it doesn’t work Mesa will be filming the screen on my phone I’m currently using the Galaxy S10 by Samsung I have a coral case on it and it is the like, it’s almost like, what’s the word I’m looking for? Somebody will comment it So I’m gonna turn the voice on which basically I just use the power button and the volume up and – [Digital Assistant] Voice Assistant on – I specifically before filming this turned the voice really slow because you sightees who aren’t used to listening to voices always– – [Digital Assistant] No not yet, put your finger on– – Oh my god it sounds so slow to me I’m doing it for you guys ’cause I want you guys to be able to hear what I’m hearing but it is, it is so slow So Mesa just got me to the Vans website You know just to make it quick So I could just quickly show you what’s not accessible I guess the screen’s recording so I don’t really have to show you the screen but I was playing with this a few days ago so I kind of know where everything is on the screen so I know the colors are down here but, oh look, it’s not talking So I’m guessing what the problem is is they’ve use PDFs, which is like an image And Voice Over, Voice Assistant, TalkBack, any voice program, JAWS, voice on ZoomText, like whatever accessible computer and phone program you’re talking about will not be able to read PDFs So right away PDFs are not going to be accessible So that’s why I’m assuming that’s what they’ve done here is just use PDFs – [Digital Assistant] Voice Assistant on – Okay so you can see – [Digital Assistant] Foxing heading two Double tap to activate – So it’s saying like double tap to activate but it’s not telling me what it’s asking me to activate So I don’t know what the button is it’s asking me to press I can scroll through the colors but I can’t, it’s not telling me what any of them are So if I was to design these shoes, like sure I could try to do this but it would literally be like a complete guessing game it wouldn’t actually like mean anything But it’s kind of a, you know, disappointing that Vans aren’t accessible because I was hoping to do a backpack and a pair of shoes (Digital Assistant talking indistinctly) Great so I can buy them, perfect, but I can’t do anything else Yeah you get it, this one’s not accessible So let’s move on to Converse and get design Okay so I’m now on the Converse website – [Digital Assistant] Custom Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Black Custom Chuck, Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Gray Custom – Okay so I’m going through the custom options So there was a High Top, a Low Top Like I said I grew up a High Top girl – [Digital Assistant] White – Custom Chuck Taylor – Wait – But like if you’re changing and customizing it why is it giving you all the color options? I’m confused (hand slapping) Now the phone is just like not talking at all This is the problem when you’re like browsing new websites or trying to use new apps when you’re a screen reader user is like not everything– – [Digital Assistant] Choose sneakers – Not everything is accessible and it’s just like frustrating ’cause you’re like well I’ll go here and hope it’s accessible – Patch, what’s that mean? – Custom Chuck Taylor Does it have patches on it? – [Mesa] Oh it has a patch on it, like a patch on the, near the heel – What’s the patch? – [Mesa] It looks like it’s a, it’s a flower – [Digital Assistant] Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Platform (gasping) – Platform! – [Digital Assistant] All Star Platform – Ooh girl, I’m so glad I looked through these – [Digital Assistant] From 23% – Oop! – [Digital Assistant] Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye Platform women’s sneakers – But I don’t want tie-dye I just, I don’t know where things are on the screen So as a sighted user you would just be like, “oh there’s the button.” Click As a blind user I’m just like moving my finger around the screen where I think things probably would be, where I’m like, “oh I feel like a tab would be “like up here in the corner.” So I just have to like move around which is why

prior to sitting down to film this video I knew that I wanted to check the websites out a bit That’s how I found out Vans was not accessible That’s why we checked out Converse So I did play with the customization on Converse prior to filming this but Mesa my assistant got me to the customization page Like I haven’t gone through this part yet which is why I don’t know where things are, so Once we get to the customization part I have a pretty good idea of where things are located on the screen Ugh double, double stacked sole that’s what I want, four foot ten girl here needs all the height Four foot ten and a half, don’t get it, don’t get it twisted – [Digital Assistant] Edit design – Found it Got it (tongue clicking) – [Digital Assistant] Outside body, outside body, inside body, inside body, outside body – Okay so here we have like all the options So I’m picking the outside body color And then to move the colors I’m just gonna take my two fingers and swipe like this By the way if you’re wondering how my phone reads emojis, I’ve done two videos on that so I’ll link those below – [Digital Assistant] White color link – I think I’m just gonna go for like a sleek white for now and I can always change it later you know – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – So I’m gonna accept – [Digital Assistant] Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye Platform, outside body outside, inside body inside – So now I’m going to the inside body – [Digital Assistant] Black color link Dolphin color link White color link – Dolphin color The color of dolphin I did admittedly asked Mesa when I was practicing for this, I was like “what, what’s dolphin color?” She was like, “it’s gray.” And I was like, “dolphins are gray?” And she was like, “yes.” You know there’s just things as a blind person you don’t know I can’t remember, like I haven’t seen a dolphin for many years and people when they talk about dolphins don’t often talk about the color so – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – Accept Okay so far my shoes are lookin’ pretty boring I’m gonna guess ’cause it’s all white But don’t worry girl we’re gonna get there Okay Mesa I’m gonna cheat Is the tie-dye pastels or brights – [Mesa] Yes pastels (snapping) – Yes Okay we want the pastel We want the tie-dye tongue – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – So I’m just gonna keep it as it is – [Digital Assistant] Tongue, tongue link Heel stripe, heel stripe – Heel stripe let’s go – [Digital Assistant] Washed lilac – Yeah washed lilac That’s right – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – [Digital Assistant] Heel stripe, heel stripe Lining, lining link – Lining – [Digital Assistant] Butter yellow color – Ooh butter yellow – Double tap to activate – Let’s do it – [Digital Assistant] Butter yellow color accept – Okay – [Digital Assistant] Lining, lining click Stich, stich link – Let’s go with stiching – [Digital Assistant] Washed lilac link – That’s what I want – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye black stich stich link Laces, laces link – Laces (tongue clicking) – [Digital Assistant] Egret link – They know exactly what I want to do for this – [Digital Assistant] Casino, cherry blossom – Cherry blossom I’m guessing is a like a light pink – [Mesa] Yep – [Digital Assistant] Light aqua link – Ooh, light aqua She gets me every time Maybe I’ll go back and make the inside light aqua since I really want that color somewhere – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in Rose gold – Yeah we’re going with rose gold girl mmhmm – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – I hope these turn out cute – [Digital Assistant] Laces laces, eyelets eyelets, tongue label, tongue label – Tongue label – [Digital Assistant] White slash blue slash red White slash black link White link – We’re going all white – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in Tongue label tongue label Rubber sidewall rubber sidewall – Rubber sidewall – [Digital Assistant] Double tap – I’m guessing that’s like the rubber base? – [Mesa] Mmhmm That’s what it looks like I think – [Digital Assistant] White link – I’m just gonna go all white – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in Rubber sidewall rubber sidewall Sidewall text sidewall text link Rubber sidewall, tongue label tongue label, rubber side, sidewall text – So you can put text on them which I definitely am going to – [Digital Assistant] Fierce fearless female, black print – Fierce fearless female Kinda love that a little bit but let’s see what our other options are – [Digital Assistant] Fierce fearless female black Raise your voice black print – Raise your voice – [Digital Assistant] Summer goals black print – Summer goals I means these kind of would be summer goals – [Digital Assistant] Summer time and the livin’s easy print – It’s summer time and the living is easy – [Mesa] Beach, oh S-Z-N- Like beach season, but it’s beach szn (laughing) – Right Short forms obviously my phone like can’t really read so Okay I like the first one – [Digital Assistant] Fierce fearless female – Yeah we’re going fierce fear, fierce fearless female It’s a tongue twister right there Make sure I selected the right one – [Digital Assistant] Minus none Fierce fearless female black print – Yeah – [Digital Assistant] Accept put in – It might be in black but that’s kinda cute It’ll be like the one bold piece of it I’m guessing it just lets me put my own text? – [Mesa] Mmmhmm I think so – Instead of like the fierce female thing? – [Mesa] Yeah but it looks like this might be on the actual shoe – Oh I kinda like it on the chunky sole though – [Mesa] Mmhmm – I think I’m gonna leave that

– [Digital Assistant] Sidewall text sidewall text – Okay I think I’m gonna go back to my interior and do that light aqua since every time I heard it I was like, ugh, my heart What colors are in the tie-dye? – [Mesa] Um it was like pink, yellow, blue pastel Maybe there was some green in there, I can’t quite remember – [Digital Assistant] Sidewall rubber sidewall – Okay so we stopped screen recording ’cause my phone was getting super overloaded and it’s like really hot now Um but I’m done my shoe anyways so you saw the important thing So I clicked done – [Digital Assistant] Send, add to cart Put in add to cart – Gotta click add to cart – [Digital Assistant] Runs a half size large women’s add to cart – Oh I didn’t select my size Good one Molly – [Digital Assistant] Converse official site 100% turn up the heat, heading one, Converse, HGTPS – [Mesa] Where it says Converse link, if you follow that all the way to the right like with your finger – [Digital Assistant] HGTPS colon slash Members get free shipping Converse – See this is why I don’t show you guys this in every video I shop on because like it’s this tedious And for my shopping like “I Tried Shopping On” series for all these different stores, some of these stores take me hours Hours I can’t even tell you how much time I’ve spent for these “I Tried Shopping” series Does it say if it’s my size 5? ‘Cause I can’t figure out where, to confirm that – [Mesa] Yes – Got it great – [Digital Assistant] Check out Shipping information – And we’ll say goodbye to you now I hope you guys had fun designing Converse with me Let me know other stores you wanna see me shop at next What you wanna see from me in this “I Tried Shopping” series And I’ll see you in a bit with my new custom platform Converse designed by me, a blind girl (sighing) I have a new couch And I have a new couch because it’s three months later (laughing) And it’s not because my shoes took three months to make Like I get it, I made custom shoes, it’s gonna take a while In fact it’s supposed to take like six weeks or less And the first pair did (laughs) (sighing) So We get the notification a couple weeks after we filmed all that stuff you just saw And it said, your package is being shipped And we tracked the package It like took a while They shipped this slow, this was no express mail They were takin’ their snail mail time And we see the date that it’s gonna come And it didn’t arrive So we’re like okay well maybe it’s gonna come back Didn’t arrive So we go and we check through the Converse website our info and it’s like package sent back to sender So we called UPS and we called Converse and apparently my apartment number was not on the shipping Which, it was And so Converse says that they’ve sent them back to their warehouse and there’s no way of retrieving them Which I don’t know if they’re just gonna destroy them which is a damn shame and a damn waste of product I really hope the stuff that goes back to that warehouse, that they can’t sell, like gets donated somewhere But unfortunately knowing the fashion industry I feel like that’s probably not the case Which makes me very sad And they said the only thing I could do is completely remake them and reorder them That took me so much time, so my wonderful assistant Mesa reviewed the footage and as she watched the footage designed the shoe So if I do open these and there’s like a detail off that you were like wait, when she was making them it was like pink stitching and now it’s purple or whatever – [Mesa] Then it’s Converse’s fault because Mesa did it perfectly (laughing) – Okay Mesa (laughing) I’m just saying they need to know the backstory just in case And you guys should just know because this was a nightmare Oh and they gave us a 20% off coupon for our troubles Thanks Converse Molly like losing any opportunity to work with Converse ever We placed that order and you better believe we triple checked that that apartment number was on our order Another six weeks go by (laughing) Mesa just like can’t handle this – [Mesa] No, I’m hysterical at this point I’ve lost it – Lost it! So another six weeks go by and we get another like Converse has shipped your shoes And so once again it’s like snail mail city And we’re trackin’ our damn package for the last like three weeks of my life It’s like it’s gonna be delivered on the 25th

It’s gonna be delivered on the 28th It’s gonna delivered, like it keeps like slowly pushing the date back And you better believe we continued to keep checking every day because we’re like, we’re not missing this package So we check yesterday and it said, attempt to be delivered failed because there’s no apartment number We call UPS UPS informs us that there is no apartment number and we’re like “well look, “even if there’s no apartment number “you should’ve just left it at my leasing office “like the instructions say “Because with it saying Molly Burke on the package, “like my apartment, the leasing office knows, “they would just bring it to me.” They were like” it doesn’t say Molly Burke on the package.” We’re like “who’s name does it say?” It says my assistants Mesa’s name And we go to the Converse website to our like shipping order information and it says package for Molly Burke Not Mesa Kronhaus So we don’t know how on earth this has happened (laughing) And so we get on the phone with Converse And thankfully this time the woman was far more understanding and apologetic and quite frankly baffled as to why this has happened Because she’s like, “I’m looking at your order, “it says the apartment number and it says Molly Burke.” – [Mesa] Her name was Melissa, she was really nice – Shout out to Melissa, thank you (laughing) So she’s like, “give me a minute I’m gonna go “talk to some people and we’re gonna try to sort this out.” Oh and by the way we gave UPS, we were like okay can you please They were like we’re gonna attempt one more time tomorrow So I was like please put the apartment number So they did and you could even see like it’s all blacked out now because you know safety But we could see when we got it it said my unit number but there was like another sticker clearly underneath it that they had stuck that over yesterday So thank god it was delivered But Melissa goes off, she comes back she’s like, “I hate to be a broken record, “it seems like it might be UPS’s problem.” Which is what they told us last time They were like it’s on UPS, it wasn’t us we gave them all the correct information And then she goes away, she comes back she goes, “Actually it does appear to be our fault “Thank you for bringing this to our attention “and we’re gonna work on how Converse sends over “our delivery and order information to UPS next time “Here’s a 20% off discount for your troubles.” So now I get another lovely 20% off discount So I really hope you appreciate this video ‘Cause it is has been a struggle and a half to make and without further ado we’re gonna open my shoes and I, I’m just like are these gonna be like size eight? Is it gonna be like daises? Like what have they done? (laughing) It’s not even packaged nicely, literally It’s just an empty box, they didn’t even have, there’s not even my order form Isn’t that weird? – [Mesa] Yeah – Like it’s literally an empty box That’s it, I’m like that’s not nicely wrapped But Oh my god I was like is there no laces? Did they not (laughing) give me laces Okay so it should be tie-dye, pastel tie-dye – [Mesa] Yes – And it should have stuff written here – [Mesa] It does It’s supposed to say fierce fearless female – It is yeah – [Mesa] It says ierce arless female (laughs) – Are you kidding me? (laughing) Are you kidding me? – [Mesa] No (laughs) – You’re joking? – [Mesa] No (laughs) – No you’re joking – [Mesa] Hold it up, it says ierce arless female fierce fearless (laughing) – I’m done with you Converse! I’m done! I’m so over this video (laughing) You best believe I will be calling Converse I just can’t believe it – [Mesa] We’re gonna call them and they’re gonna be like well the only way we can send a new order is if you just recreate it – Custom make them again. (laughs) I want a refund (laughing) I just want a refund that’s all I want I don’t want a 20% off code Save your 20% off I don’t even want a 20% off code with my refund I just want my refund That’s it I don’t Next month, you guys I came out with my own shoe line with Converse (laughing) – Okay what do these ones say? – [Mesa] Those are, oh no! (laughing) Okay wait Oh my god (laughs) It says fierce fearless female, fierce feaess – Wait is it just cut off or is it spelled wrong?

– [Mesa] No it’s spelled wrong It says F-E-A-E-S-S- (laughs) – How did they spell this stuff wrong? (laughing) Isn’t it just like a print thing that they like stamp – [Mesa] Yeah it should be – Like it’s not, I’m sure this is not hand painted Like how did they, like I thought maybe it was just cut off but it’s actually just spelled wrong – [Mesa] (laughing) It’s spelled wrong – Converse, Converse what are you doing with your life? (laughing) Just don’t offer this service (laughing) Let’s look deeper because hopefully that’s the only flaw Okay so it is a platform, they got that right Do they have the stripe up the back? – [Mesa] They do it’s lavender – Cute And then the shoe is white with rose gold? – [Mesa] Yes – And what color’s the stitching? – [Mesa] Uh purple as well, like lavender – Great and the inside? – [Mesa] Like a teal – Okay – Aqua something – And the? – [Mesa] Tie-dye – And the colors kinda go with the? – [Mesa] Yeah I think they look really cute other than the misspelling (laughing) – So as long as somebody doesn’t look close at my feet – [Mesa] Right – We’re good I honestly, I’m shocked – [Mesa] They’ll be like oh she’s blind she didn’t, (laughs) she spelled her own – It’s not like I typed it in Like it wasn’t a custom request It was like one of their options Like if I had done a custom request and I spelt it wrong like that’s on me – [Mesa] Right – Okay – [Mesa] This is entirely on them – And what color are the laces? – [Mesa] Pink – Okay good All right These are them They do fit They are comfortable I like the platform style a lot I mean they’re pink and purple and they’re pastel and they’re white so my entire wardrobe is pastel pink and purple and white goes with everything So these are like definitely a huge win for my wardrobe like I think they’re super cute if nobody looks too close I just don’t know where to go from here (laughing) Do you know what’s crazy too? When we called to complain the first time like Mesa was the one chatting to them and she was like, “just so you know “like she’s a YouTuber, “she’s gonna be doing a video on this.” So you’d think, like a lot of companies, right or wrong, a lot of companies will treat you differently in that circumstance Like they’ll go above and beyond, that extra mile, to make sure you get like your product really fast or they’ll like, but they clearly didn’t care whatsoever that this was gonna be shared with everybody Like they were like cool Which leads me to be like if they didn’t, if they messed up my first order and they’ve clearly messed up this order how do they treat everybody else? If you want me to test custom Vans, I know I said, or any other like custom shoe, I know I said at the beginning of this video that the websites weren’t accessible which is still true but if you want like I could do it say like, I could tell Mesa or something what I want and she could get them delivered And that way were not necessarily testing, like showing you how I do it but I’d still be designing it from my head and we’d be able to test if the other companies who make custom sneakers do it better than Converse And praise Jesus they better All right Future Molly popping in there with another update Wow Converse Just wow So you guys know at this point that they completely messed up the second order we made Now we had to make that order, like Mesa had to go in and fully recreate the shoe because remember they told us there was no way of retracing the design Keep that in mind here Now after we filmed this botched video reveal we called them and you best believe Mesa had a word or two to say too them And they were like we can’t give you a refund And they wanted me to send the shoes back So to go out of my way, I would have to wait for them to send me a return thing, then I’d have to go out of my way to return the shoes to them and then they could remake me some, or at that point they could give me a refund But they could not give me a refund without me sending the shoes back to them – [Mesa] So they could research what went wrong – They could research what went wrong And I was like okay well I can send you all the photo and video evidence ’cause I’ve got lots Anyways we had lengthy arguments, we went to supervisors then managers and all up the chain and around the block And finally after much negotiation, a lot of arguments and Mesa heavily pulling the YouTuber card, they finally agreed to send me a new pair

Here’s the thing, we didn’t have to remake them What? They said before that there was zero way they would be able to figure out my custom design So we had to redesign them But now no problem we’ll remake the shoes and get them sent off to you And on top of that there was no like oh this six week wait period ’cause they’re custom made They came to me within two weeks Converse I’ve got questions Here’s my new shoe We inspected it heavily, they are completely fine It says, what does it say? – [Mesa] Fierce fearless female – Fierce fearless female It says it perfectly on both shoes, both sides of both shoes All the other details are correct We’ve got the rose gold eyelets, eye holes, whatever they’re called We’ve got the purple on the back, purple stitching, pink laces, and the tie-dye tongue and the mint green, turquoise, aqua whatever you wanna call it on the inside Mesa said this tongue is significantly less tie-dyed and vibrant but I believe it was the same on the others as well, like one shoe had a more vibrant tongue So if you’re a size five and you want my botched shoes since I have to need for them comment below and let me know if you were to design custom shoes what would they look like? Would you go to custom order your shoes? Would you risk it? Okay back pack, back to past Molly to end the video out (upbeat music That’s it That’s the end of this video I have nothing left to say for you Converse But I’m about to jump on a call with ya Talk soon, bye