what’s happening ever on Luke mcguire here and welcome to this video in about 12 hours from now I’m flying out to the United States come into Las Vegas for a couple of days or Chris records 3c event I know a lot of you are going so I’m looking forward to meeting you there but I’ve got this video is about this video is going to be a really cool little inside training site let’s do because I need to stay up for another at least eight or nine hours because of the ridiculous time differences from here to the US so i’ll leave here at 11am i arrived in the u.s. at 6am on the same day technically where it will you know I don’t know it same day so basically I need to sleep during my normal day time to wake up during the USS data on which is going to be a bit hard to do as a hate sleeping on planes but anyway it’s worked out well for everyone here because this is going to be a fun video so what I would actually do here is take you through a really nice sales process of going from a disease so blow mean by that is going from creating a social media audience and fan page making it go viral taking that content and then sending them directly from the new actual fan pages and social networks to an actual sales page that is proven to work and what I mean by this is we’re going to be looking at how to do facebook ads that convert how to make sales pages at work and rather than just guessing and hoping things work i’m going to show you how to easily market research this so when you post it and when you do your ads and when you have your sales page set up you know it’s going to convert because a big issue i see a lot of people doing is they’re going to go ahead and I’ll have everything set up they’ll have a sales page but then I have lots of traffic coming to the sales page then it’s not converting why isn’t the traffic converting people ask it’s going to be a disconnect between the advertisements or the initial content to what the actual sales page is all about so we are going to be going through the mindsets of people are going on a journey here but we’re going to be doing this very very easy very very simply and we’re going to take advantage of what other people are doing and see what’s working to them and from everything from sales pages though converting to seeing what facebook ads that’ll work with other people that are not working to finding out what content is going viral in our nation we can that post that content and allow it to go borrow for us as well so we’re going to do all that now and we’re going to do it very very quickly because it’s a very simple process with the tools that I’ve made and some of my friends have made as well which i’m going to show you right now again this can all be done manually it just takes a lot more time i’m going to start off here with our one of my software’s called viral Autobots so if you want to check this out it’s called vile Autobots calm it’s forty seven dollars or refund policy and everything like that but I know most of you have that here have our Autobots in this group anyway so I’m that can be indiscreet guard that but if you want to go check it out it’s super cool software as I’ll show you right now and this is going to be the starting point to making massive viral posts and then sending a viral traffic to our actual fan pages so long story sure what bar water butts does this finds them as bio content in any niche in any market whatsoever it then that you are posted directly to your fan page from your accounts so instead of actually i’m sharing someone else’s post and then sharing the biology of their content for free it’s going to download the content post it to your page as if it’s coming for you it’s going to repurpose it to your account and then you’re going to be able to have your account go power from there so insane that i’ll show you an example of that right now so let’s start off with tennis and let’s have the mindset they’re going to send sell some sort of tennis product to be tennis shoes it could be tennis racket to be up to ebook on tennis and how to play tennis something like that so let’s go here in that when i type tennyson is going to pull the most viral content here in the niche tennis I’m then going to go ahead and look at tennis now and see what’s trending here it’s going to go ahead and ponder most blah all photos in this case but we could also search for videos but right now we can look at this image here what happens when better am a curious Nicki us as an Australian guy who is very young player loses temper a lot but in a bunch of other tennis players create a makeshift bowling alley and all their house tennis balls and that’s a pretty cool thing to post and you can see they’ve got a link to a video here or call to action to the video itself we could even post a video if you wanted to through here but let’s just take this picture here because it’s gone viral it’s got 4,000 likes from he has posted five days ago I can either hit post and borrow Autobots and post directly to my fanpage through the Facebook Graph API which again you don’t need to know what it’s bad it’s all automated you can do it from there but I always like to download my content see is simple one-click download download all this content easily and it saves it

and then post it to my actual account from my personal facebook because I don’t know if it’s a mental thing but they’ve done studies is when you post content directly yourself and schedule content directly yourself through the facebook platform you’re going to get a higher organic reach initially purely because you’re usually Facebook’s interface rather than a third party app so even if you use a tool like HootSuite to schedule your posts and whatnot closing on a facebook facebook takes away and some benefit of that and lowers your gate which I personally like to download and drag and drop but in saying that you can simply hit post and it’s going to schedule your content and post it directly here with this we can edit this content and whatnot but I’m not going to go to it by the detail there so we can then go ahead and go back and find any other pages related to tennis grab account content instantly let’s see if I’ve got any videos here I can simply download that and it will download here I can post it directly and again this is the content you see constantly in your news feed on facebook you’ll scroll through your Facebook you see the viral videos everywhere that are connected to a page that one of your friends is like to comment and on a shared and now because of that it’s appeared in your newsfeed so now I’m paying for that to be in a news feed like two ads do this is a free by our way to do so because we know here what’s gone viral in the past we can repurpose it to our Facebook fan pages for other people to them like comment and share to our pages that our message is sociated with the content goes well as well so again we can go through there find out what’s going on YouTube and stuff like that as well you get the idea but what I’m going to dive deeper into now because I’m going on a lot of you do what I bought says how we do a go from having a viral content to then making sales connecting it to our membership site connecting it to a sales page how do I know what’s going to convert what ads work lads don’t and what we can often do is either search what our competitors are doing just like here and see where things go to and what not we can go and find out what ads people are running by looking at our market and clicking on actual website and see what appears for us and we can even go share more about that may our stupid screen capturing software cut out there but it’s probably a good time because I was going off on tangent trying to show you lots of manual ways to try to find your ads are working your market but basically comes down to its very hard to see what woody competitors are doing a multiple social networks and see how you can then find out what works what doesn’t what’s what’s got getting the most interaction compared to each other it’s a very hard process to do which is why I want to show this really cool tool that came out today from my good friend Austin and I know a lot of you guys know Austin me Anthony massive online marketer and this is a really super cool tool as well called spy fire and basically what it does it goes out and spies on your competitors pretty much everything so on multiple social networks so this isn’t a posto doesn’t post content doesn’t find content that you can actually use to repurpose like well what about stars but this a really cool tool to deeper research things outside of Facebook for example are advertisements on multiple networks and again that does relate to face we can check out what competitors are doing with facebook ads for example let’s go Facebook ad tool here basically I’d search I can go in and search ads that are going to specific sites on anything and you can then break that down and see what has the most engagement what has the most interaction of what not I can go check out facebook interest to see what the because interest groups are on facebook at some tennis kids search goes and pulls the top audience groups and you might not think of a lot of these things they save i typed in dogs dogs puppy snoopy hot dog paris hilton finding out I relates to a dog but she hasn’t the time so I guess that’s enough that make sense there in multiple ways but you guys had the idea and this is a really good keyword research tool but when you want to create ads actually you want to convert moving on from there you can search a fan pages and whatnot but I prefer to use our viral Autobots to do this because it gives a lot more arm details that i find that work and you can insulate post and repurpose and share where’s here you can’t so you move that aside but for facebook ad research what oh this is great trending you can also see what’s trending on Google Twitter and BuzzFeed and this is real life time states stats or so pick do a minute to go an hour ago we can constantly see what’s trending on Twitter here so that gives us the option okay okay this is trending right now I’m going to go ahead and write a facebook

page and effective advertising that’s going to know target one of these things so how to be a single promo don’t know what that is about hottest 100 so in Australia hottest 100 is a radio show what I could then go and do is type go target people who like the hottest 100 here on Australia Day and then promote them there’s our actual CD when this comes later in the month now through an affiliate link item a profits with that because people go crazy for that you know what I mean I me I hadn’t even thought about doing that until I’ve seen this right now and you get the idea if you can constantly see what’s trending now and things are trending right now beings go through the roof when it comes to sales to that product another good example of Star Wars you should see the jump in Star Wars merchandise and figurines and every autographs and everything has gone through the rib since the new movies come out and it will die down again and then it will come back up with the next movie comes out and this goes in trends and that’s why it’s good to see what’s trending on Twitter again BuzzFeed’s included here which is a nice other way to see what trending articles are going viral so you can see what people are interested in what people find funny what people want to see and get that ties nicely with vile water but so you can go here and see if I join can see can you escape don’t know who that is I don’t know babe I got his name put into viral water bites because he’s training right now on BuzzFeed I for dead post content about him which I know will go well and I can actually post it through viral Autobots brainstorm if I can go pinterest I could then type something in like tennis shirts let’s see what column able time in tennis hearts since we did tennis tried to be 4i can then see what’s trending with tennis huts and these are for sale pages that go actual sales links so this can give you a nice idea of products you might want to sell in a specific niche and then I can see different designs and stuff like that what if i typed in like dog shirts i can see what dog shirts at the game for sale how many likes they’ve got on pinterest repin stuff like that I work hard to put my dog so I can take that shirt there I can go over to teespring calm I can create that exact shirt here for free again if you haven’t use teespring long story short you just make the design on there with a drag-and-drop editor you can make I can guarantee that this shirt here would be made on TV spring a lot of that one would have been this one would have been most of these would be auntie springing and see the pages are connected to and you can just drag and drop images with no code needed here and no money put out and as soon as you make 10 sales that will basically long story short teespring told you how much the shirt is going to cost once you put the design on there say it six dollars a shirt you can say you when it’s all over thirty dollars they then give you a sales page with this shirt as soon as it hits 10 sales or whatever you set the minimum cells to be teespring creates a shirt sends a shirt out does everything for you and then they pay you the difference from what you set the shirt sales price to be vers how much this shirt cost so you make the profit margin there and you don’t have to do anything else pretty cool they have a go over here to say the top niches and by Autobots find a dog needs here and then I’m going to clip a can and post dog content that’s gone viral is 17 year old dog happy birthday my dog actually just turned 10 a few days ago which makes him 56 for his species always thought it was 77 times or set 10 times whatever its age was are something like that but sorry seven times whatever his age was but my dogs actually 56 and doggies apparently to be exact for his braids anyway I could then posted this picture here with a link to my t-shirt that I know is converting because I can see well maybe not that one there but one of these will look it looks like it’s got a lot more interaction 424 actual likes here I could post this shirt I can make the shirt in seconds on teespring I can then find the content post a link to this shirt I can then find out what ads are converting as well through the app Facebook Ads tool here I can also see what’s trending on these other social networks as well so i’m not going to go through the mall it’s a very similar thing but it pulls really cool content from all over the place I’ve been then even church on teespring what contents going bowl here on this little t-shirts option here ecommerce I could

then go and shut the fly and view what my competitors are doing so i could type in tennis here let’s see what tennis products store zipper star people have made on Shopify merchant of tennis and again you can see how many visits dick gets lips worldwide rank is in and go in here and see stats and whatnot but you can see these are the ones that are doing the best and we’ll see what they’re actually selling and again if you haven’t used Shopify before I’ll show you here in a new charge just what it is it’s probably bit of information overload right now but i’ll go into a more depth case study of this this month sorry in the following month when i’m going to do a big Shopify free training for you guys to show you how you can create set and forget and drag and drop these sites and complete autopilot but it’s a really cool site that lets you create store funds that look exactly like this very simply and very easily you don’t need to have hosting there’s a lot of benefits to using Shopify to make really clean science it looks like peace without knowing needing so any code at all so this is doing quite well let’s say for example let’s see if there’s any dog stores on top of fire as well since we were running with the dog I think squeaker dogs dogs make me happy let’s see what this is about so the assign products for all different species of dogs so that’s a really cool point to mention here so say for example when you’re doing your facebook advertising it’s very important to dive down into sub nature so dogs is the main niche for example then we can have all the breeds under there like rotties spaniels else got it wrong again I’m gonna leave that donal ice with that wrong German ship shepherds sort that one again you get the idea so these are sub nature’s pugs french bulldogs so for example someone who loves french bulldogs is probably going to not like what will is so much but someone who likes what wheelers or pit bulls will probably not like small little french bulldogs or little pugs or something like that so when we’re creating these advertisements we want to be targeting people who actually like specific breeds of dog that relate to the shirt itself if you know what I’m saying so we can go a fan page with our viral content here sorry here we know it’s going to go by all it’s going to go ahead a lot of traffic a lot of movement a low energy we can check out link to our store and directly into the our update itself and push traffic to that link they’re saying if you love what we always real anal love you’re going to love this t-shirt or something like that then if you do even if we don’t want to use the viral content to direct them to the site we just want to create the viral content to make our fanpage go viral we can then advertise the audience we building the dog lovers or the dog niche and then once you’ve got that audience based there we can then segment that audience by targeting ads to the fans of our page and segments around so I’ll show you how easy that is to do right now I’ll pause it here for a second so in one of my facebook advertising accounts I don’t use my main profile anymore because I got banned from doing ads a couple of years ago which is very frustrating and still don’t know exactly why it did but I know how to not get their net these days and I’m showing you that a lot throughout these videos i’ll be doing so I mean create a campaign in this case let’s just go promote promote page will can even sit let’s just send people to the website I’d say I have a cycle ww overs calm demeanor that exists on my site but the arguments sake we’re just going to leave that like that for now now we’re into the ad sets in this well where I want to talk about interests so you’ll come down here a detailed targeting I’ve done videos on the actual facebook ads manager in the past and often Facebook changes its layout and they have done again recently so what we’re going to do is go here you can select a country where you want to go ghost rally on New Zealand and then you can see the audience size over here is 16 million people because we might be riding we want to target people who like pugs and who like french bulldogs so let’s type in here who are dogs as a main niche then that’s also say that they want to actually like dogs and also

from pugs so for example let me get rid of this here you’ll see initially dogs four million South foyer four million one hundred thousand people in Australia and New Zealand between the ages of 18 to 65 like dogs it’s gonna put bugs in that drops down to 4,500 people so that’s not that many i’m sure a lot of the dog lovers do like pugs as well but they’re not enthusiasts of that so when we try to go over direct sales it’s often a nice thing to test how it works when you go for a much narrower nisha like dogs and that like pugs if i remove this though and i can’t even type in pugs that’s still going to be a massive number here it’s going to be the same number because the other like pugs or dogs if i put in boating here in the same interest group you know it’s even higher up so people who like pugs all that like dogs all that like boating but say that there’s no point having boating in there if they don’t like dogs if that’s what i’m trying to target people who like dogs and boating so I’ll get rid of bugs for a second and boating and we’ll add it into healer the next interest group boating so you can see that’s taken it from four million 10 thousand a 1 million one hundred thousand people so these people like dogs and like boating so that’s a big featuring inside of the ads manager here that I wanted to push to you guys so keep that in mind when you’re doing ads that you can target people who like multiple interest and don’t chuck them all in the one box make sure you’re adding more again you can excluded people here so let’s type people who like pugs who also like french bulldogs or bulldogs then so if you wasn’t that 100,000 people then that Samsung a sure to consult worldwide that’s having United States and it’s a lot of playing around and see what’s going on maybe this is not maybe people don’t like these two animals together huh so there’s not that many people get to that so let’s take our Bulldogs let’s type in what’s another small dollar chihuahua that’s what they’re completely wrong let me pause and get the right spelling alright guys so I got the spelling right put the word pugs in and eyes they also must like chihuahuas as well that’s taken up to 50,000 people who like both but I take pugs out let’s see how many people it’s got when it two loads 19 400,000 people so so I wanted to target people who just like hugs and chihuahuas and they create a shirt or a product or a dog product for these specific bleeds of animals I could do that and then I can exclude people who like what wheelers so that takes it end of 34,000 people so that’s going to be a really um a nice little talk to you guys to come in here and use and they create a shirt for example it says chihuahuas are better than what we was or something like that and that’s not going to offend anyone because these people don’t like what wheelers they like chihuahuas so that’s a nice little example there and this can be used with anything you can talk to people who like tennis and learning rather than people who just like tennis because I like to watch it so then if you know they’re on their active and you can push that as well and you can exclude people who like so say I wanted to target people who only watched tennis but didn’t play it I could type in tennis here and then exclude the actual option of fitness so you can target people who are couch potatoes that don’t do any fitness that don’t like health and fitness and just but do like tennis and then most likely you’re going to only watch it there you guys get the idea and then you can go on to the following page and create your actual advertisement and whatnot not going to do that here I’ll do that in another video for you guys so you can see there but let’s put go back over here I despite by again you can go see what how video is a rank on YouTube and see what the top videos are you can do some keyword research and stuff there there is an SEO option again you guys know me I don’t do too much SEO so I’m not going to go ahead and jump into that there but it’s a nice option to see what’s happening in the SEO world if any of you guys are interested in that bear Spotify again guys come out today very Brittany like no one’s using this and it’s absolute powerhouse as you can see here the market research Tyler in with viral Autobots you can have the content here you can gather the most vile content you can then spy on your

competitors Facebook Ads what’s trending what your competitors t-shirt campaigns are what their stores look like what how many visitors they’re getting on multiple platforms amazon ebay you can see what is actually selling on these actual stores and actually then create your pages from doing that directly and actually create sales from the initial vile content to squeezing them through to other and offer a sales page actually works from an ad that we know works so you get the idea there again if you want viral what I bought by Autobots calm and if you want to pick up spy fire you would want to probably grab it this week because it is launch week Austin always removes these plots from the market after launch week because the only wants a select few people to jump on them I’ve got a bonus page here for you guys if you guys want to pick it up you can go through here and sealed extra bonuses I’ve made him hand out to me I reluctantly because I know it gets to that point where everyone wants free bonuses and stuff and you can’t give everyone free bonuses but I want to look after you guys so if this is for you you can go ahead here then click the button down the bottom here again this is connected to my affiliate link because I’ve got these bonuses sort of you guys and I’ll be doing some further training here for you as well I’m going to throw in a bonus video for some of my sales copy on techniques of how I write sales copy that converts like crazy so that would be a nice little bonus there but you can see i call this tool isn’t if you want to go to spy phi anyway and just buy it direct you can actually go and just do that because i push this product i recommend it look at their powerful it is just seen there and you can see the connection between the two there as well looking now it actually hasn’t even gone live so by the time you’re posting this you’re going to be seen this before anyone else does so that’s a very cool thing for you there so you can be the first one to jump in here and this launches and obviously a day one pricing is going to be the cheapest boy but again if you want to do this three search manually you can simply go out and look on Twitter and typing the hashtags and see what’s been working look on facebook look at your competitors manually if I wanted to find tennis pages i could go here and type in tennis and then i could simply go through them and say click on the link go through update by update and see what’s working see what’s not working the israel links i think that the actual pages that’s a picture itself but you know it’s really hard to compare when you come into heat art and then you can simply search for it’ll show you what the best content is not all of it will show you all of it but it’ll show you all of it in the best of the worst it’ll then let you down instantly poster download directly whereas here you need to open copy paste aid videos you need to get third paid tools and whatnot but again i don’t want this to get out of sales pitch for you guys i just want to show you i really needed a way that I’d be using blood autobots and a Spotfire as well and then if you tie that in with social Autobots having your accounts going out engaging with audiences on autopilot with facebook groups on autopilot you can even find this content here post it to your fan page and once you’ve posted content to your fan page you can then share that content to any groups you remember of so say for example this video here i posted today i’ll pause this i couldn’t then go share but let’s say for example I got a dog video and I posted on my fan page I ain’t go share click the share button I can then share in a group I can share this to gold coast my citrus and gold coast and like that these days groups on members of then I’m not admins i bark and share this video and let that go viral in these image market groups i could type in tennis i’ll see if i’m a member of antennas groups which I’m not but social Autobots type in tennis find a bunch the most bold tennis groups join them all on autopilot go to buy water BOTS grab your most viral content post it to your fan page got in the group directly post it to your fan page and then simply shared the video and type in something like let’s go abroad by swap and sell let’s type that this great guys if you love attention you will want to watch this ? ! it post it’s going to go ahead and share it into that group itself and that’s going to give traffic to your fan page as well and because the contents gone well it will go bail again we’re going to jump into spire fight and then use the actual research of his different pages competitors ads and then build a very solid funnel which again is Halligan a table for from point A to point Z and if you want to see me do this completely as well I’m happy to do that but again I’m on the clock right now this video has gone for 22 minutes already so if you want to say that I can go and do that for sure no problem at all and I hope you hasn’t enjoyed this video I’ll probably share it with us some of my

other facebook groups outside of the social Autobots group and future but I wanted to give you this opportunity now to jump in here and learn this and see how I do things right now as a inside way that I haven’t seen anyone else do this stuff give you the opportunity to get more robots here for again 47 bucks and also be one of the first to pick up spy phone again I’ll put the link below this video for that and you get all those bonuses really if you pick it up through my link and again I’m very transparent it will be an affiliate link below and but you’ll get all those bonuses if you want to pick it up it’s not an expensive product but otherwise go to decide to radically and pick it up there because I’m completely transparent and I wouldn’t put something out there to you guys if I didn’t believe in it so you can see anyway how cool this tool is so I’ll leave it at that and I’ll speak to you guys very soon most likely when I’m on but in Vegas and we’re going to be doing some very cool videos with some of the top internet marketers in the world by Chris red cord Mario Brown I’ll expect your alex katz we’re all going to be there i’m going to be bringing that live to you guys so hopefully you’ll feel like you’re there as well I guys signing out now sweet you guys again soon