The Four Bad Boys and Me FULL Episode 8 | Kaori, Rhys, Jeremiah, Maymay | Listen To Love

Candice! Principal I’ll get straight to the point There is only one source of the leak… because the same copy was passed around And according to a confidential source… you were paid to steal the test answers Did you know you could go to jail for this? Principal, Candice is innocent It’s me Don’t believe him It was me. BOOM! It’s not Troy, Principal It’s me Don’t listen to them It’s me… It’s my fault Now, Principal Since you don’t know who really did it, I guess you’ll have to expel all of us Listen to Love presents The Four Bad Boys and Me First things first! The leak was traced to a page called Xavier Ninja And miss Candice Gonzales, someone tipped us off that you’re Xavier Ninja Yes. I’m Xavier Ninja But I’m just using the page to do other students’ projects I never used it to upload the answer sheet Hm! Well, doing the projects of others is not something I would endorse But the truth is, I will never know how many kids ask their parents or sisters to do their homework So I will let that slide for now But the theft of the answer sheets?! That’s a different matter! That’s cheating! Then can you explain what happened here? That’s me Jeydon! No! Quiet! Miss Gonzales Continue Mr. Lopez My friends are just trying to protect me They did nothing So, just you? Yes. I’m the one who should be expelled Oh no! Is this true?! Is Jeydon really the culprit? I’m so confused! Jeydon I find that hard to believe You’re not even applying for the university What’s this about? Really? I’m just being Jeydon. That’s it I don’t buy it But for the meantime, both of you will be suspended What was that for, Jeydon? Why did you do that? Did you really do it or are you just messing around? Jeydon, tell me the truth! This doesn’t make sense Can you not think about it, Candice? How can I? You’re important to me! You know, you’re the one who doesn’t make sense! I don’t make sense? I was ready for the Principal’s punishment! I didn’t need your help Wow. How proud You needed me at that moment You’re just too proud to admit it! But why does it have to be you? Me? I’m a lost cause… I can handle another scandal And me. What about me? Not you! You deserve more! The scholarship College in Australia All your dreams You know what, Jeydon? Sometimes I feel l can’t trust you Then there are times like you’re the only one I can rely on Jeydon, tell me the truth! I’m so confused! I’m just someone who loves you I gotta go, Candice Jeydon… Candice, is that you? Oh! Why are you crying? What happened? It’s nothing. I’ll go upstairs now Someone from school called

You got suspended What’s happening, Candice? I need to know Now you know how it feels to be left in the dark It hurts, right? What If I don’t want to tell you the truth too? You think I just didn’t tell you for fun? That I just wanted revenge on your dad? When Charles found out that… that your dad had another family, he caused trouble at school That’s why he failed his classes! I don’t want that to happen to you You’re too young to know the truth I’m not a child anymore! When I found out what Charles and his friends knew, even if I was young, I understood Maybe you’re right The sadness was too much for me I also understand why you told Charles and his friends not to tell me Even if that ruined our friendship At first I thought they were the untrustworthy ones But now, I get it! They were just doing what you told them to! Ma, I’m old enough! Why can’t you trust me?! I didn’t tell you because… We’re not his first family He had a family before us The one in Australia But I trusted him because he said he’s already divorced Is that why you kicked him out? Because he already had a family? I didn’t kick him out! He chose them! He said he realized he loved his first family I couldn’t tell you that! But I want to hear daddy’s side of the story as well There! A ticket to Australia It’s from my cupcakes and your brother’s deliveries We were going to surprise you for graduation Mommy! And don’t worry about your daddy’s health It’s just like your chronic asthma He used it to win our arguments or to get something from me I hope you get to see your dad Hear him out But don’t be blind Don’t worry You will always have a family to come home to We love you! Hi, Lucky! What? You have something to say? You want me to realize something? If not, I’ll call dad Hello, dad? Hello? Hello? Who’s this? It’s me, your daughter. Candice! Candice! How are you? I miss you so much! Why am I not surprised that you’re here, Stacey? LMK, Jeydon. Why? What you did was wrong! And you know that! It’s the reason you’re here, right? And yet you took the fall for her! Why? Why would you take the blame for her?! Is that how much you love her?! Does it even matter? Why are you being the good person? Aren’t you supposed to be the bad guy?! SMH! I know you’d do the right thing, Stacey What if I don’t? I know you will Haaaayyy…Things are really getting serious Can the four bad boys and Candice recover from this? Ma! Oh! Why’d you bring your money plant?

I thought it’s for feng shui? I realized you were right It’s not doing well in my room Can you help me take care of it? Will I become rich with that? It might! It worked on me! Okay…I’ll help you take care of Lucky On one condition Help me bake! Ma… sorry ma Sorry. Sorry Give me a hug – Part 2! Ma, sorry I know… don’t cry Sh**! There’s too much drama! Hey, Charles! Come here! Give your sister a hug! Okay… Come here Candice! Let me hug you! I’ve missed this so much And she’ll have a boyfriend soon, Ma… Charles, can you not?! I guess I’ll leave now! Oh! Where are you going? To Jeydon’s Jeydon? How is he? Wanna come? I know you want to… Ma! Charles is teasing! Are you gonna come with me or not? Your choice Bye Ma! I’ll go ahead How’s suspension treating you? You haven’t left your house! OMG. I’m bored AF Stacey’s acronyms are getting to me Have you talked to Candice? Nope! I’m okay We fought because of this, you broke the bro code, then you’ll just give up?! Anyway… ’ll never get her trust again Bish! I knew that you’ll be here! Tiffany! I miss you! Miss you! But, ummm… Troy kind of made the ummm… kind of made the first move I know! He’s courting you already, right? Courting? What’s that? Joke! It’s weird that you’re being called to the principal’s office again Really? What is it this time? Beats me Just tell me later what happens, okay? Bye! This is it! Don’t be too nervous, Candice I’m sure the school board investigated the matter already Just go into the principal’s office and get it over with Good morning! I was told the principal was— Stacey?! Why are you here? OMG! You’re so stupid! I just saved your ass What? I admitted to the principal about the cheating scandal FTR, I did it for Jeydon. Not you For Jeydon Well, he wants to take the fall for you And I can’t do that to him I cannot say thank you, Stacey What you did was wrong You deserve to be suspended Well TBH, I do deserve it And my mom will take care of the little scandal I did I don’t want to be the reason you and Jeydon fight And uh… Candice I just want to say… after Jeydon did it, I realized I couldn’t force him to like me, I cannot squeeze my way to his heart I got so used to manipulating people; I thought I could do it to him Perhaps, sometimes it’s better to just be nice Thank you, Stacey Annoying… You’re welcome! Now, whatever Get out of my sight Miss Gonzales, Principal Macalintal is ready for you! Okay! Candice! What happened to your meeting with the principal?

My suspension was lifted But I still have to do community service As long as I stop being the “Pirate Project Maker” And since they made a false accusation, if I get into the university, I get a half scholarship! Congrats, Candice! Seriously? Cool! Me and mom’s hardwork was worth it Is this goodbye to “Xavier Ninja”? Goodbye Xavier Ninja! Ummm…Candice Did you talk to dad? Finally He apologized for leaving us So you’re still going there? You’ll be leaving us? Why? Are you going to miss me? I’m going, but just for a quick visit Good. Give my regards to dad Open up You have a visitor Visitor? Marky? What’s with the look? Disappointed it’s not Jeydon? No! I just want to apologize, Candice About that kiss Why’d you do it? I just thought it would bring you closer to Jeydon I want to push you together to make you both happy So weird! But, why? I knew he was gonna pass by And I don’t want to say this but you two looked hopeless I knew he was just waiting for you, but I wanted him to make the first move I wanted him to step up Why help him and me? Why do you care about his happiness? You are both important to me And the truth is, I was the first one to tell the group I liked you He broke the bro code, but it is what it is He really loves you So…it could have been us, huh? Is it weird? I sped things up though, and what I did was stupid So, I’m so sorry Candice Friends? Friends So, what about Jeydon? Thank God it’s Friday, Xavier High Warriors! This is your DJ, DJ….Zari! How’s your day been? Seen your crush already? Not yet?! Don’t worry There’s still time! You’ll see them! Hey! Hey! Heeey! Welcome back, Jeydon! Did you guys behave? Obviously… NOT! So back to our old ways? Right! New day, new prank What will it be for today? Hello. Mic test Is that Candice? OMG! Is that Candice? (What’s this about) Sorry, Xavier Warriors I asked DJ Zari for a favor I’ll be quick. I promise! Jeydon Jeydon “Doraygon” Lopez. (Oh my God!) Shhh…Listen! You told me before that the one thing you wish existed was a time machine So you could go back to the past Do you really want to? Even if it’s just pretend? Pretend that we’re in a time machine? ‘Cause I want to as well I want to go back when you were always by my side Even though you’d always tease me I want to go back to when I doubted you and take it all back Can we go back to the start? I’m ready I’m ready to trust you again

Shocks! OMG! It’s Candice! (Oh my God!) This is so cute! And here I thought we were the only pranksters Jeydon, you’re being called to the guidance office. Hurry! Not again! What is it this time?! Don’t ask questions and hurry up! Go! You’re such a good actress, boo! Boo? What’s that? You love me already, don’t you? Don’t ask me who I love It’s like asking what your name is Stop it! I’m blushing! It worked? I think so. Look at me! I’m smiling! Oh no! I think I’m catching feelings for you! Wait. I have something for you Here White envelope? My letter? Nope! My reply to your letter Hurry up and open it! OMG! I knew it! You also like cute pandas and cute puppies We have so much in common, Troy! You’re cute, you know? You know, a lot of people say that Maybe I’m really cute. Aren’t I…boo? Did you just call me “boo”? Now I’m the one blushing You’re blushing because of that? We really have so much in common! (I know right?!) Ma’am I have an appointment with the guidance counselor Miss Manes, you called me po? What? I’m doing a vlog here I didn’t call for you. Don’t disturb me! Okay. I’m sorry (So there it is, guys!) This is the end of my vlog Candice? Happy you got your revenge? It’s no big deal Oh, Jeydon Marky said you have something to tell me? Well… are we still inside the time machine? You’re choice Where do you want to go? I want to go back to when we were kids Is that okay? Now or never It’s episode 8 already! Candice Ever since you gave me that “doraygon” stuffed toy, I always knew that you were the one for me But why did you always tease me? That’s the rule When a guy teases you, he likes you But you know Jeydon, I don’t want to go through the time machine I don’t want to go back to the past I’m happy here In the present I learned something important I learned how much my family loves me I got to know the real Jeydon By the way! When I was about to get the answer sheet, you texted “pssst” What’s that about? That means I like you More than that Mahal kita! Te amo Saranghae I love you So much! Okay, okay! I love you too! You love me? Don’t you want me to? I said I love you! Bad boy Baboy (pig)? Why did I become a pig?! I said bad boy! Bad boy! You’re such a “Betty”! You said pig! Don’t you dare call me Betty! Marky said I was pretty And you believed him Can you not mention Marky Why? You jealous? I’m not jealous Whatever! “Whatever” your face! Whatever to you too! The two of you still fight like cats and dogs even if you confessed already You two are something else But it’s cute!

I’m jealous! IKR! Show-off much?! My God! And this is your DJ Zari saying, This is the end of “The Four Bad Boys and Me”! I don’t want to be a narrator anymore! I want to join you guys! They don’t even notice me. Look at them! They’re so happy while I’m all alone! Let me join! Can you guys call them? Bye-yee!