Greetings from El Profesor Cañedo!

okay well hello Happy New everybody and welcome to another fun-filled a spring spring semester it’s see it’s the evening before the the opening day and i’m sick and the other on me of the man running via show so to speak the sort of the the guy behind a curtain like like The Wizard of Oz and broken my ass throw whatever term you wish to use and I’m really happy to be excited to be with you guys for these next few months as we examine the various various trends themes people in in the scope of modern United States history will be going from the from the from the years right after the u.s Civil War up until up until modern times so anybody and everybody who is it who’s up within that range from william mckinley and theodore roosevelt on through present-day people of Bill Clinton George W Bush and of course brocco obama will be looking at the met many people along the way and I’m really happy that that you guys are going to be with me as we as we get going on this on this ride so to speak okay well in this introductory video I’m going to go ahead and spin the fight at a time going over up not just the classes up up in just a few military that’ll be coming up in the rock roughly about the second part of the video but of course I’ll say a few things about myself my interests of my my background what I’d like to do when I’m not of the professor edit bro facility oh and in Africa Africa do that bit of course i’ll say create a few things a few things about the class this will be the first of many videos that throughout the course of the semester i will have a lot more more detailed videos in which i described these diversity diverse assignments especially especially some of especially the writing assignments also what you have to do with the with a podcast assignment so we there’s an assembly yep do well get access to I to iTunes i’ll talk about that in just a few minutes and we also have a bigger discussion us on a discussion project which won’t kick in until the end of the semester I made quite a few change from the from the fall semester class III dropped a few things I I brought in a few thing for fault its purposes the scope of the the scope of the class itself has largely remained unchanged since I started doing more of these on life sections of this class dating back about five six of six years ago alright so I’ll talk about the puffiness let me go and say a few things about about above about yours truly and and and and to do that let me say that the defense teaching this class also have a section of the California class txt 124 going on the semester also do a lot of work over at the San Diego Mesa College so I’ve got two sections of of Chicano Studies 141 aim which is the early part of the Chicano Studies sequence and then also have Pleasant Southwestern College in the the early Mexican American Studies classes basically the same thing I’m doing for up for Mesa College I’m doing for cell phone from college too and in those classes I get into a lot of the of the Aztecs to my arrival of the Spaniards onto onto things such as the US us-mexico war essentially a topics which create the formation over we know today as they either the Mexican American people or the or the Chicano people for the most part i tend to use those terms interchangeably as for estimate for askin for my teaching interests like my background a native of southern comfort name of the Southland born and raised in national city actually my elementary school of middle school high school was in the south bay I’m a graduate of a fill top high and after graduation I went on to what I went on to UCSD where I might be as an anthropology and then after that I went on to Senate mistaken by animators actually in Latin American Studies my teaching interest the topics I’d like to get into it’s a wide range of topics like i like i said a few minutes ago whether it’s the the Aztecs the Maya early Mesoamerica aura or topics such as the manifest destiny the 1850s topics which would show up which relate of course to the issue on a weight class and on to and not tomorrow talk especially up especially labor labor based based issues Oh the works of people like Walter Reuther and difficulty better you defame the Mexican artists whose works really touch such a pot a lot of a lot of being such as labor and industry we’re going to see quite a bit about me better a little bit later on about the halfway point of the semester and I got and I’ve got and I’ve got a couple of items in the class virginity to music which I’ll touch upon in just a few a few minutes while I talk more about the talk more about the parameters theta the guidelines to the scope of scope of the class as for oxide interest like i mentioned music so let me go and safety things about that since

I’m a product of 1980s of course all the rock and roll dia the heavy metal or the hard rock whatever can wish the use of the era whether it’s a rush def leppard Bon Jovi Motley Crue Iron Maiden Judas Priest I’ll offer at all of that fun stuff that stuff that definitely grew up with but also like a lot of the 7d stuff so whether it’s up early early to mid 70s Aerosmith a deep purple beat the Eagles is easy talk of Steely Dan all of that stuff I’ll a big fan of that too but but over the past couple years I’ve got into more of the US and really older classic stuff I’m talking about the I’m talking about jazz the people like a John Coltrane Charlie Parker the longest nut luck stan getz dave brubeck all of that stuff and I’m not going to touch upon some of those up some of those guys in just a few minutes here so I so just the bare with me for that as I talk more about the if I talk more about the class Oh as for a row as for pitch as for a fuzzy friends I have several i have i have three cats two of them like to be outside but but there’s one can come in here all the time that’s Mike’s my silver Persian she’s probably sleeping right now but I’m sure in the course of the semester you’ll get to meet her and probably so my other friends as as I also like to record a lot of these of these videos outside outside my patio and there’s also a also am also a cane a canine pal that’s uh that’s of that that’s might not like my cocker spaniel I don’t know if you get to meet meet him during the course of the intercourse of the the semester he does get along with a widow with with one of the cats so like I thought so I tend to keep keep those guys to us are separate let’s see what else i should mention oh oh i mentioned few moments ago that I was born and raised in the south bay in national city so so San Diego area I know very well I know the area well mantar luck but after don’t live at sedgwick county amor i’m just uploading riverside county i’m in an area called the french valley which is the north of temecula east of Murrieta it’s an unincorporated patch in riverside county which is roughly bounded by where via a roughly bounded by the 79 of the french valley airport and also lake skinner to the two to the east so for those of you who traveled to places like meryl valley helmets and maybe you’ve taken via the 79 from temecula my area is roughly but a third of the way along 79 between the Temecula and hemant I’ve been out here for about two and a half years now so even though it’s definitely quite a change quite a culture shock from from national city where I live virtually my my entire life I really enjoy up really enjoy out here and and I don’t mind at all being you might say in a semi-rural there but I do go to San Diego quite a bit especially if I have on campus class which i don’t have this semester but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a couple of sections coming up for the for the fall semester and of course I still have a I still have some I still be together with a few of my high school friends and I and my father is down there Sedgwick County to be without me in the East County but we get together quite a bit in places like Oh in chula vista east lake otay ranch those areas the technical submission about myself one final thing sports are you probably most of those of you who were hockey fans that may be noticed this I’m definitely big fan of the detroit red wings I go to Detroit once a year every other year and when I do go if it especially consider fault or the spring I try to check out a game and I was lucky enough to go back there up back in November this past November I’m having to see two gangs of there and I’m actually going to going back to the Motor City in April oh and I’ll tell you more a little bit more about that trip as we get further into until late march into early April but that trip actually has to mention to work toward another class i’ll talk more about that and the playoffs should be going on so if the wings are in the playoffs got a roughly be about the time of the first round I’ll have to try to sneak in or well nuts again but of course the pain pay my way to it to check out the checkup and first-round playoff game but I like the Ducks too I benefit up big fan of the Anaheim Ducks oh so if there’s going to be a duck’s up right when it’s a Stanley Cup final I’ll definitely be a quite quite a happy camper or so to speak baseball and look they kind of the Tigers but I like like the Dodgers two I know those new project participants aren’t exactly too happy about that but being up in Riverside County and getting all the Los Angeles news for two and a half years of I guess you could say that all the new the Dodgers kind of a kind of overtook maybe Maya memories of the Padres oh and of course a lot of my high school friends aren’t you happy about not too happy about that that I becomes sort of a turncoat but oh but as long as I haven’t made the Tremaine the transition to to being a Raiders fan

then they’ll bill don’t forgive me for for that up speaking of football not only a big football fan per se but I do like I do not like like the Lions I’ll just appointed lost the playoffs but looking forward to seeing do bigger and better things coming up in the future and basketball another big basketball fan per se pistons aren’t that good they had a pretty good winning streak but I do like the Clippers I like them a lot when they were in the San Diego back in the days wind up when will be free was placed so those of you could have knowledge of basketball of bus history we’re talking about going way way back with which those guys were around effect the Clippers have been out of a standing but for over 30 years so they can imagine that you might say that M profesora is dating himself in that in that respect so that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s all I pretty much want to say about me that’s improv ahsoka in a nutshell of but undoubtedly as we get further and further into the semester you’ll hear more about me with either these of each of these these future videos or when I post things in the announcement section in blackboard alright so that takes care of the introductions in terms of what I’m all about so let’s go and find out more about what the class tell about and let me see if I can try to fix the lighting here bit here because uh because I think that kind of looks like like a film like a film film noir here that it looks like most like a something from the 19th for dessert early was 1950s the 1950s film okay that’s a little bit better but for up we’re for future videos I did I 10 I tend to fillmore these videos during the daytime oh it’s only in rare occasions when I felt at night and this is definite one of those rare occasions all right let’s find out about the class and to do that I’ve actually got my little look a little mac book right here off to my left so I’m going to go get and look at look at my macbook so if you will also watching this video on a on a desktop or laptop and maybe on another computer or your mobile device to look at the class then by all means go ahead and do that but right now I’ve got the syllabus kuda are already linked into blackboard so awesome up when you went to go into the class when you are going into blackboard of course announcement to be the first thing first thing that you see so right now the very measured that’s your up the video right now he’s embedded within the opening day announcement or but but like i said i’m in the syllabus section right now so so quickly go over the all the main points and then get into more detail about the assignments the quizzes the final exam all of that fun stuff so of course overview of course make sure you’re in history 109 there is the section over 77 92 there’s a there’s a bunch of me and when I was in Washington DC for conference at the Library of Congress this is in january of last year course goals student learning outcomes basically the objectives that we’re going to be we’re going to be trying to try to address here course directors of course undoubtedly make sure you’ve got a high-speed cable or if you’re still using the dsl make sure you have a really good deal hug good good good good connection if it fan fast connections because undoubtedly you don’t want to have something slow especially something as ancient as a dial-up I know when I first taught some of these classes these online classes back in two thousand thirty two thousand four I was actually using in some cases of dial-up modems for some of those for some others were / know some of those early classes so it was definitely interesting experience that that’s definitely been considered to be a bare-bones a type type of thing when it comes to what trying to convey information but thankfully those days are long gone we’ve got a lot more a high-speed stuff to help deliver this up to well make sure that the the information the topics are delivered in a lecture at rapid manner all right textbook there’s only one what book you need to worry about unfortunately have a copy with me but make sure you get volume 2 of hubo America by up up by Rosen wat Rosen bike up and up and several up several other offers that’s this has been my standard book for the better part of about going on six seven years now so I’ve used it for quite quite a while actually no reason to change so definitely oh you should have no trouble finding a copy copy of this via the be the cover features some of the some of the female workers the Rosenberg the workers during the World War two ERA so it’s a very a distinguished up a very up strike strike and cover so again make sure you get the football game to don’t get volume 11 with us of course for this 2 108 class which almost like to be doing in the fall semester so just get volume 2 approval of America and that’s it in terms of which have to buy it for resources for four the class all right let’s go ahead and talk about the assignments again I’ll go over these assignments quickly I’ll give you a quick sketch about them in future videos I’ll give you more details in terms of what each assignment is all about specifics parameters due dates

expectations what to do what not to do those types of violence those will be future in subsequent videos alright your first in terms of writing assignments you have a three main writing assignments and what I’ll do is I’ll talk about two of them and then I’ll talk a little bit about the other up the other assignments the discussion assignments the journal assignment the the quizzes and the fun then I’ll come back and talk about the third assignment up at the end at the end of that set B Cup and the reason I have i’m doing a little bit out of order is because this is this a third assignment is something new and unique and quite you might say dramatic but i’ll save that for i’ll save that for later person we talked a little bit more about the video of the of the degeneracy the basic assignments first we’ve got a book of your son and so what that means is that during the course of the semester at the end of each chapter group of America is a list of suggested readings these are rough oh these are books which which focus it on specific topics pertaining to that particular chapter that we look at so for instance some of the earlier chapters in the group of America pertain to topics such as early industrialization after the Civil War some of the early titans of industry like andrew carnegie john d rockefeller noble era of course had Henry Ford and Thomas Edison isn’t it is in that mix and of course the Native American wars the Indian Wars so events like that would happen at winded me up and other tragedies which the fell the Native American of people these are some of the topics of books that you’ll be seen at the end of each at the end of each chapter likewise want to get toward the end of the end the end of semester we get into topics like the 1980s 1990s you have books pertaining to Ronald Reagan George HW Bush the end of the Cold War Mikhail Gorbachev and of course Bill Clinton of terrorism 911 george w bush and of course finishing off where the emergence of Barack Obama and intellect in 2008 so you got a wide a range of topics to choose them so what I want you to do is at the make sure you choose the book from the suggested readings at the end of any of the chapters from the middle of America text from time to time I’ll give you suggestions in the announcement in terms of well I like this look everybody this is good what to check up this is good one too I highly recommend that one blah blah blah so i’ll be there from time to time but again your job is to make sure that your book is from the suggested reading list in group of america that’s at the end of each chapter so once you get ready too much use your topic then let me know it let me know as though and as soon as possible the due date for this thing’s not until the end of semester so thursday may 21st you got plenty time to work with but always suggest that maybe after we come back from spring vacation in at the end of march into the beginning of april start thinking about your topic and then let me know which show which one you want to pursue so i think ideally if you let me know about maybe up about a month month before the due dates that’ll be a good time frame so again more details about their in the assignment section i have for a writing assignment and for all the main assignment there are assignment worksheets in PDF format download all of those so you get a better idea as to what each of summit is all about i don’t think i need to give you a separate video about the book review it’s really self-explanatory so the assignment worksheet pretty much covers all the bases in terms of what you need to do all right okay the second major writing assignment is called the EBSCO article review and this one is due a bit early this is due at the end of April what you do is you go to the year why don’t you go to the of grossmont college lrc the library website and go to the database section and from in a database section go to EBSCO or EBSCOhost as if it’s full name what you do is you go into EBSCOhost and you find an article from a notable or scholarly and academic journal a magazine and in that magazine final article ranging the scope of modern you assist doesn’t matter what the topic and they get but be about the Native Americans the captains have been to steering and Rockefeller Carnegie and then a Hedison foot for any of those guys or if I’m get into more of a war topics such as World War to World War One Vietnam Korea the Cold War that of course more of a political conflict and even into a more modern things such as a terrorism 911 al Qaeda Osama all up all of that stuff undoubtedly can find something in along the along those lines what I will do for you in the next step probably about the second or third week of the semester is make a separate video about about how to use ffs co-host so again at this point I’m just start thinking about a topic and then waiting for me to come back and about in about a couple of weeks with the hill with an EBSCO video in which i’ll give you more parameters in terms of what you need to do but and this is one of the this is due up a little bit earlier in the semester so this is at the end of april

of 24th oh and this is and this like lithography is also going to be worth fifteen percent of your class grade ok i’ll come back to the third item assignment in just a second here so if you look at the syllabus right right now with me you see something there pretending to to it’s jazz let’s hold off on that right now let me talk about these other elements first and then i’ll come back to this jazz of thing alright podcast journal what you do is up and it’s very important everybody watch what you need to do right now is make sure you’ve got an account with itunes so obviously those of you with with max this is that there’s no problem at all oh you can get up yet itunes up you get itunes nope no problem those of you with pcs you can down it up if you can get download download itunes tu tu tutitu your desktop or chart et al to you or treat to your laptop what you need to do is you go to the inch of the exception of called iTunes U iTunes University and you’re good and you’re going to go look for video for the for the topics the iTunes a you section pertaining to the school Harrisburg area from the college that’s a community college in MLS in the pennsylvania where the capital of harrisburg is located there is a professor named by the name of richard mosse who has a lot of the podcast in which he provides excellent comments and discussion about up about things which relate to the class so to make a long story short you’re going to listen to the professor embosses podcast and then comment on them and then write about your impressions in the end up in the history podcast criminal section so if you look at the course menu off off on the left you see between are between where it says discussion forms and grossmont lrc database list is something called history podcast journals your to go into that section and then type in your answers your findings your thoughts on these various podcasts in that area so in other words write your answers to up right right your work inside blackboard it’s up the journal section don’t send me any files in PDF word or pages format do them with a writing service but but journals is different and what I’ll do for you is 20 another week i’ll give you another video in fact to do about it that i may provoke for the you 110 my class in the fall semester i’ll have a video for you toward the end of the week and that will give you more insight in terms of what you need to do so don’t get to look at you confused about the podcast journal stuff just yet watch my second video watch the bit of the note that i’ll make that out release for you in just a few days and then look at that to get confused about what i say in that video then definitely check with me and a hull clear things up for you but again the board point everybody is make sure you’ve got itunes loaded on your computer whether of course dealt with with math yet itunes know probably but if you’re using a pc then definitely make sure you download an itunes software to your computer or better yet if you don’t want to do that then any of your friends who have macs and a buck off that it’s above our their computers just but but just please make sure you’ve got access to itunes for the rest of the semester okay quizzes let me talk about the quiz and the final up there’s going to be 15 quizzes throughout the course of the throughout the course of a semester what was going to be a practice was called a prologue quiz it’s just too gets you give you a few little things in terms of my style of questions all these quizzes are multiple choice of so there’s no true false no short essay no matching identification it’s all multiple choice for all these quizzes oh so what’s going to taking the probe uh quiz then up then the quizzes after that all of those counts so there’ll be a quiz for per week you’ll have a week in which to look in which to complete to complete your answers i bet that is you’ll have a week time from in which you cannot type in your engine so you can you can take your quiz of any time from LA from Friday night that is after the day that I release the quiz or until the following thurs there’s a Thursday night which is one day before the quiz curried end so in other words you’ve got a one week window order to take the quiz but they want to start the quiz and you have a two-and-a-half hour window to complete the quiz so mr. what I’m saying everybody you have a wonderful time in which the quiz it in which each place is open open for you to take but once you start the quiz you’ve got two and a half hours to complete the quiz all the quizzes pertain to topics from google America and other items like PowerPoint programs all-powerful books are in the course documents section they’re all in PowerPoint format but if you want quizzes I’m sorry about the powerpoints in PDF format let me know I’ll modify them for you and I’ll make sure that PDF is available for it for you as well some of the powerpoints are in PDF format I changed some of those last semester but again if any of you want PDF of a format instead of PowerPoint please let me know

give me a heads up constantly metrical professor section and I’ll fix that for you up as soon as possible okay but again getting back to the quizzes you have 15 throughout the course of the semester each quiz has 35 questions the two-tailed the total points for each quiz is almost a hundred points I couldn’t go 435 to a hundred so the closest I came was ninety nine point seven five so or not up so so I apologize for not getting to 100 but it’s close enough to 100 so it’ll come it’ll count up for our purposes each question counts as a 2.85 points almost 33 points so the reason I have had this number I’ll get you more about in Japan up and just just just a moment here but of these 15 quizzes again 35 questions for each quiz it’s the average score of your best 13 which goes into the tabulation so if you have a if you got up you have 13 quizzes in which your scores are in the 90s one quiz is in the 80s medical asst is in the 70s but the quizzes that have the the 80s and 70s total those get tossed out so so it’s the best 13 in which your scores are in the 90s that goes into your final grade calculations and your average quiz grades going Everage going to be fifteen percent of your class grade that is the average of what you’ve got on your 13 best quizzes you can describe your final exam it’s going to be comprehensive and it’s not going to be due until way at the end of the semester that almost the almost into gym so Saturday May thirtieth that’s a due date for the fun looks then and there will be a video a hug more info about the final exam coming up in February in fact oh you’ll have access to the PDF copy of the final exam of way ahead of time so at least the two months before the final exam is a fun allege that examines do so we’re talking about but above middle part of March you’ll have access to the youth to the final in PDF format oh and and the file is going to be worth twenty percent of your class grade but again more few details about the bubble exam i’ll talk more about that in just though I’ll coming up in next month and then and of course more so right around spring break time frame it’s when i’ll have the final of the final read ready for you ready for you in PDF format Oh participation a few things about that they’ll get into the this stuff this jazz just jesting a participation there’s going to be a up oh it’s going to be what I call a big 30 foot victory of discussion forms I’m going to have three big topics three main topics which I feel have much relevance relevance to us history and culture we’re talking about integration of course still a hot-button issue plenty of news about that I’m sure as the new Congress get gifts going there’s been so many quite a bit of talk about that so immigration the US auto industry and also 19 eggs popular culture by way out of music videos of those are the three topics in which I want in which I want you to give me your ideas your thoughts your perspectives on all of these and all of more information about this all have separate videos for for these topics much much later in the semester we’re not going to do these uh these things until until the very end in fact it’s in May in which the due dates for of these three topics are so let’s not worry too much about this right now everybody will talk more about this as we get closer up roughly about the Africa back from spring vacation into early April then I’ll give you more details in terms of what you need to do work for these there’s not going to be in the original discussion topics I used to have that before in something called town hall but I drop town hall for this so for this semester I’ll bring it back in some in some fashion maybe in the fall or next spring but I felt they kind of a i would say outlived its usefulness but I want to revamp but I do not quite a bit with the with with with this class and all my classes if I feel that something that’s been around for too long needs to go back into the shop a so to speak to get to get up adjustments to get up modifications to get tweaked whatever I do that and that’s what I did with town hall so we can discuss your targets I drop those but I kept the big three topics and again I’ll talk more about all of that stuff after we come back and spring from the spring vacation okay i know my video was running up close to half an hour so let me let me finish up with this last up that last assignment the last newest side of the big experiment i’m doing is though is there’s going to be a summit in the class based upon the ax series that the legendary filmmaker Ken Burns I’ll put together back in two thousand birds of course as many of you know he did the Civil War pro series back in nineteen ninety then full of them with baseball missile in 94 is the third of his trilogy and we’re going to watch the entire 10-part jazz series so starting with roughly about the fourth or fifth week I’ll have 11 installment free for you to watch the

videos are quite long so definitely spread out spread up up to watch watch it in a bunch of 15-20 minute apportions up throughout the course throughout the course of the week I will have a study question stony transferred for each video and and it’s fortunate that you watch these videos because there is going to be quiz questions questions about the ax program in the quiz still you definitely need to know about you a lot of these guys are whether it’s a whether it’s john coltrane whether it’s Louie Armstrong Duke Ellington of Ella Fitzgerald Billie Holiday serovar stand up Stan Getz Dave Brubeck of the list Callisto goes on and on but don’t worry buddy I’ll be with you every step of the way as we get going on this up and at the end of at the end of watching all over all of these ten parts of the right of a sign that just to do is you have to compare and contrast two of the episodes so doesn’t matter which to you choose from from the Tim we’re going to watch you can compare themes from episode one which talks about Louis Armstrong’s early days going up into New Orleans ax of getting his start in the in the 1920s admitted compare that to an episode in the 1950s that talks about Dave Brubeck the the ryzza of cool jazz West Coast jest at that time so doesn’t matter which two episodes of the tenth you choose your call just choose two of the ten write an essay which compare and contrast themes ideas topics are artists styles of any other elements whatever whatever you wish and then and then write an essay up about that of course all the parameters are listed in the assignment worksheet and this thing is going to be on Friday Friday may eight so about a week after we finish watching all ten parts of the jazz series that’s when your assignment of where this is do battle net more details about this in a separate video later on the semester in fact once we get started with with the jazz of series coming up in about 3-4 weeks from from now I’ll have a separate in which I talk about all of that stuff and then at the end of the syllabus is the is the assignment schedule so all the key due dates and then of course policies and grading structure at what everything is worth in terms of numbers up keep in mind I don’t add up all your blackboard points and trying to figure out your grade I use what’s called a weighted total I’ll explain more about how that work from a gift or the end of semester but again that’s really important I can’t emphasize this enough don’t add up all your blackboard points to try to figure out your grade every semester it seems that the I get individuals who try to challenge me become because of the grace but i have to remind them what did I say about a bunch of gray oh did I did I say at the beginning that you add up all your place they have to go back in the syllabus and and of course and of course my from a little bit and of course the individuals are mistaken so please don’t talk mm and then trap everybody don’t end up all your points it’s i’m using weighted total i explain how that works in the syllabus but i’ll gladly gladly say more about that as we get close to where the end end of semester all right most video right pretty long oftentimes my introduction videos do run quite long but i feel it’s important to cover everything as much as possible whatever it be till I seem I seem to miss I’ll gladly clarify you can contact me by a message for professor in blackboard or up tomm or post your concerns in the end discussion board in the in the main forms in the general forum section or the gorkon send me an email from my croak do micros smut mill but I what everybody’s games habit of using mass district professor use that section to contact me up that’s the easiest and fastest way in which in which I up in which I guarantee that i’ll get back to you in a timely manner when you write to me I’ll reply drink during the course of the regular school week within a 24 hour timeframe usually it’s in the mornings in which I reply to everybody so if you send me a message say on a tuesday at one-thirty p.m. don’t get mad if I don’t write back to you by tuesday at 11pm most of up I will I will a ninety-nine percent of the time get back to the following Wednesday by nine or ten to ten am all the announcements will be posted between eight and eight and ten am doesn’t there’s no set time but it’s when the two-hour block in the morning for eight to ten in which the announcements are set and I think I’ll go in to stop talking here but again i hope this video covered all the bases about the classes about like i said i’m really happy to be with you guys for these next next few months and i’m looking forward to to try and try new things like this so like this jazz island but i’m keeping a lot of leak modeling old elements from previous stuff previous semesters to try to maintain the continuity I’ve had furrow for the past month for the past few years with its class alright so that’s it from here that’s it from my phone headquarters the best wishes to all of you this semester with you guys like the class and i’ll talk to you guys again many many more times as a semester