May Commencement 2019

[PIANO MUSIC] [SIDE CONVERSATION] AUDIENCE: There, speak of the devil I just– hi Hello Good morning I love you guys I see you every day I love it [PIANO MUSIC] So do you see Elizabeth? [SIDE CONVERSATION] [PIANO MUSIC] [PIANO MUSIC]






[APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: Good morning Welcome to Bradley University’s 2019 combined graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremony Please remain standing and join in the singing of our national anthem followed by an invocation Leading us in the national anthem will be Dr. Kerry Walters accompanied by Miss Molly Sloter [MUSIC – “THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER”] KERRY WALTERS: (SINGING) Oh, say can you

see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? [APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: Calvin Butler, 1991 graduate of Bradley and chairman of the Bradley University Board of Trustees will deliver the invocation CALVIN BUTLER: Let us pray We are gathered together to celebrate the outstanding achievements of these young men and women We give thanks for the strength and perseverance given to them during their time on the hilltop We thank our Creator, our God, our Father, for all that has brought them to this day We give praise for their families, for their friends, and for all who have supported them, so they may achieve their goals and go forth to accomplish their dreams We are grateful for this great institution and the dedicated faculty and staff who have taught and mentored these graduates, preparing them for productive and successful lives For these and the many blessings which we have received, we give thanks In gratitude, we pray Amen AUDIENCE: Amen GARY ROBERTS: Please be seated This is too long an event to stand up the whole time Distinguished guests, family, and friends, on behalf of Bradley University, our Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, and on behalf of the class of 2019, I’m honored to welcome you to the Bradley University Spring Commencement ceremony As a 1970 alumnus of this great institution, it is a pleasure to be with you to celebrate the accomplishments of these fine young men and women And as I say, it’s also a pleasure because it’s rare for me to stand in a room full of people almost all of whom are happy [LAUGHTER] So please allow me, first, to introduce those members of the platform party who will not be actively involved in our program today Please stand as I call your names and remain standing And please hold your applause until everyone has been recognized First, we have several members of the Board of Trustees with us today You’ve already met our board chair But in addition to him, in alphabetical order so no hidden message can be implied, Mr. Gary Burk, Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Kathy Holst, Ray LaHood, Gary Peplow, Kevin Schoeplein, Mike Scimo, and Doug Stewart, who is our immediate past chair Our honorary marshal and macebearer for today’s ceremony is Dr. Dean Cantu, professor and chair of the Department of Teacher Education Dr. Cantu is also this year’s recipient of the prestigious Putnam Award for Excellence in Teaching Next, I would also like to introduce to you some of the members of the University Administrative

Council I am proud to work alongside these exceptional and dedicated people every single day They put their hearts and souls into making Bradley the very best it can be And they make my job so much easier– Dr. Justin Ball, vice president for enrollment management; Miss Pratima Gandhi, chief financial officer; Mr. Jacob Heuser, vice president for advancement; Ms Erin Kastberg, vice president for legal affairs and general counsel; Dr Chris Reynolds, vice president of intercollegiate athletics; and Mr. Nathan Thomas, vice president for student affairs Please help me to show appreciation for all of these trustees and campus leaders [APPLAUSE] I also want to recognize the faculty– those who teach, encourage, mentor, counsel, and do whatever it takes to make sure our students walk across this stage fully prepared to succeed in their lives and careers The faculty is and has always been the heart and soul of Bradley University And they are among the most dedicated and hardworking educators I have ever known They are committed to the success of each and every student who enrolls at Bradley And they are what make Bradley so very special Will all those members of the faculty please stand and accept our gratitude and appreciation for all that you do day in and day out? [APPLAUSE] As many of you know, we no longer have outside speakers here to give commencement addresses So you will not have to endure those long boring remarks But you do have to listen briefly to a few of us Bradleyites, including me A Bradley tradition at our commencement ceremonies is for a member of the graduating class and a member of the Alumni Association to speak to you So first, it is my honor to introduce today’s representative for the class of 2019, Mia Rivecco [APPLAUSE] Mia is a Taylorville, Illinois, native and is a double major receiving her degree in English and organizational communication today Her next step is the Chicago-Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology Mia’s list of accolades is long Among others, she will graduate summa cum laude, is a member of the honors program And she’s a member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society She is president of the Orchesis Dance troupe and student admission representative on campus And she’s had three internships, which is student engagement and experiential learning at its best I am pleased to introduce to you today’s representative for the class of 2019, Mia Rivecco [APPLAUSE] MIA RIVECCO: Good afternoon And thank you, President Roberts, Provost Zakahi, Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, friends, family, and loved ones who are here with us today And of course, good afternoon to my wonderful peers, my perseverant classmates We’ve seen each other laugh, cry, occasionally doze off in public, and eat ungodly amounts of queso, but here we are Class of 2019, we made it Reflecting on my Bradley experience, I realized that the person I am standing up here before you today is not who I thought I would be four years ago or even two In 8th grade, my middle school had us write letters to our future selves to read upon graduation from high school At the ripe age of 14, I knew, just knew, that I would be getting ready to go to college in Chicago, would find the high school sweetheart I’d marry, and be a collegiate cheerleader– wrong, wrong, and not even close It was like I was painting a picture of my future with my head down, scared to look at the blank canvas

When I read that letter, I couldn’t help but laugh at the naivete of the young girl who wrote it I decided to write a letter then to me today, 22 and graduating college But this time, I took a different approach I anticipated being a completely different person When I came to Bradley, I had the idea in my head that this was my chance to start over This was my chance to be someone completely and totally new I came to Bradley a biology major on a premed track, full of zeal, ready to take the world by storm at 18 I knew, just knew, that I would be heading to medical school, ready to move on to bigger and better things But of course, I would still have that high school sweetheart by my side This time, the picture I had created was not one that felt natural, necessarily But one that I had forced onto the page because I thought it was the picture I was supposed to be painting of myself Over these last few years, friends have come and gone, loved ones were lost, new dreams were born, skills sharpened, passions discovered To put it simply, we’ve grown In fact, a lot has changed We’ve seen the election of a new president of the United States The Cubs won the World Series for the first time in over a century Brexit happened I still don’t really know what that is The Lydia Statue was hit by Speed Racer Baker Hall became Baker Hole became a shiny new building And we’ve changed too What I’ve discovered in my time at Bradley is that the goal was never to become a new person, but to become better versions of ourselves, to find our talents, unearth new interests, to discover how we can best serve one another and humanity, and maybe, just maybe, stumble upon our purpose along the way Now is the time of endings that lead to new beginnings Maybe you don’t have it all figured out I sure don’t But I do know that I’m moving in the right direction, taking the steps I’m supposed to be, following the path I was meant to walk So as we go onward, ever onward, I hope, for all of us in the class of 2019, that we continue to grow, and change, and improve Through our time at Bradley, we have learned so many valuable lessons beyond our coursework We learned the power of persisting through an all-nighter, or maybe two We learned how to meet new people and navigate a team We’ve been instilled with a new love of learning Maybe, as you move forward, you don’t want to see any more graph theory problems ever again You may not read any more Shakespeare And if you have to label the anatomy of a cat ever again, you’ll scream But I hope that in these past few years, you have found a field that feels like home I hope you found a career that you can build a life around and be excited to wake up for work We’ve taken this time to become the us we want to be I am confident that the class of 2019 is going to walk out these doors today and make the world a little bit better That’s why we spent our time here, not to check off some credit requirements and leave with a piece of paper Through our experiences at Bradley, be it in a classroom, a professor’s office, a student organization, or an internship, we have started painting pictures of the lives we want I think it’s a bit too bold to say that we’ve all got our pictures finished, framed, and hung nicely on the wall But that’s OK As long as we’re painting our own brush strokes, creating with colors that we love, we can feel confident that we’re going to end with something to be proud of So class of 2019, whether you’re only a few strokes in or buying the frame, we are in control of our future Let’s make it a good one Congratulations [APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: Thank you, Mia That was great And now, I would like to introduce our alumni speaker Barbara Guthrie is the president of the Bradley University Alumni Association She graduated from Bradley in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering Today, Barb is the vice president of corporate social responsibility for Underwriters Laboratories She serves as the chief strategist, responsible for developing and executing the overarching corporate social responsibility

strategy for the company After Bradley, she received her Master’s in business administration in 1991, completed the Global Leader Program through Northwestern University in 2008 And she attended the Yale School of Management Executive Leadership Program, also in 2008 Barb was named the Underwriters Laboratories Distinguished Member Of Technical Staff in 2009 and named a UL Corporate Fellow in 2014 She will carry on the tradition of welcoming our graduates as alumni members of the Bradley family and, I’m hoping, future donors Please welcome, Barb Guthrie [APPLAUSE] BARBARA GUTHRIE: Thank you, President Roberts On behalf of the Bradley University Alumni Association, it is my distinguished honor to speak to you today As you all go forth– oh, what the heck, you are all Bradley graduates You got what it takes Congratulations, class of 2019! [APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: I gather from that, we should just go home Well, thank you, Barb As I mentioned previously, we have dispensed with an outside speaker It is our view that these ceremonies need to be tolerably short and the time spent should be focused on the graduates And I also confess that I’m inclined to that approach by a painful experience I had after high school, when I and my 819 fellow graduates were regaled in 95 degree heat for almost an hour on the evils of smoking [LAUGHTER] So now, we forego an outside speaker and focus most of our time and attention on these graduates It is, after all, their day However, the price you have to pay for not having to listen to a lengthy speech is that you have to listen to me pontificate for a few minutes about Bradley But I promise, I will try to be brief, not as brief as Barb The theme I want to focus on is pride– pride in yourselves, and pride in Bradley University And to kick that theme off, I first want to recognize Bradley’s national champions– [APPLAUSE] –the 2019 National Forensic Championship Speech Team [APPLAUSE] I guess because speech competitions do not fill arenas with thousands of screaming fans and do not get any television or other media exposure, even phenomenal success tends not to get the attention it deserves Yet, arguably, the skills demonstrated by collegiate speech teams are as much at the heart of what universities are all about, if not more so, than any other type of intercollegiate competition So it is fitting that we celebrate and proclaim loudly our pride in Bradley’s National Championship Team And by the way, Bradley has now won over half of the national championship speech tournaments over the last 40 years, making it the most successful team engaged in any type of intercollegiate competition ever So eat your heart out, John Wooden [APPLAUSE] So, for example, this year, the University of Virginia is the National Men’s Basketball Champion, and Baylor University is the National Women’s Basketball Champion, and so on And Bradley University is the National Speech Champion, numero uno [APPLAUSE] And five of the members of that championship team are graduating today And I want to recognize and thank them for their efforts and leadership, which has done our great university extremely proud These seniors are Megan Magee, Greg Huber, Matt Friedhoff, Jack Ellis, and William Kyle Powers Thank you for these great national champions [APPLAUSE]

Expanding on this theme of pride, I also want to say to all of the graduates here today that I hope that as you leave Bradley and move on to the next chapter in your lives, you will take with you a great deal of confidence in yourself and pride in your alma mater Bradley University is truly a great institution of higher learning There are literally tens of thousands of Bradley graduates all across the nation, and even the world, who have parlayed their Bradley education into positions of great responsibility and leadership The education you have received here, and the credibility, respect, and prestige that comes with it, empowers you to succeed at whatever you choose to do and to become a leader in whatever endeavors you choose to pursue, whether it be in politics, government, private business, education, nonprofit service, the military, religious organizations, sports organizations, et cetera Wherever your life journey takes you, your Bradley education will serve you very well This is no small thing or a simple adage that a university president pronounces at graduation Earning your Bradley degree is a magnificent accomplishment that places you among the very top percentage of people who are prepared to tackle the challenges of a world and an economy that are changing at a breathtaking pace You have not only acquired the technical knowledge that has prepared you for immediate success in a particular career field But you have also acquired a much broader and, ultimately, more useful set of skills that will enable you to lead and to adapt as many of the jobs of today fundamentally change or even become extinct Why is this so important? Stop and consider for a moment what the world and workforce of tomorrow will look like And may I say upfront that some of the things that I’m going to mention may seem far-fetched But I promise that while all of them may not occur in my lifetime, they will almost certainly occur in the lifetimes of our graduates today Or at least– and let me digress for a second– at least in the lifetimes of almost all of our graduates today We do have one graduate, I think, sitting way in the back, who might not see all of these changes It’s 75-year-old Martin Suppo [APPLAUSE] –who is out somewhere in the sea of 20-something graduates And congratulations to Martin for him living his dream and getting his college degree But I digress Back to considering the future Consider the following, where number one, all or virtually all vehicles will be autonomous So everyone who drives a vehicle for a living today, like truck drivers, cab drivers, delivery people– excuse me– chauffeurs, et cetera, will not be needed at some point in the not-too-distant future Deliveries and transportation of physical things will increasingly be made remotely, by remotely controlled or autonomous airborne vehicles, like drones Two, rather than going out to eat in restaurants, people will be able to order meals online and have them delivered to their home by drones People who are traveling or just prefer to get out of the house will find that they will order their food on a tabletop computer and have it prepared and brought to the table by robots So the need for humans servers and food preparers will be minimal Three, virtually everything that is physically manufactured will be made by robots So almost all human labor working today in manufacturing will not be needed Indeed, even the robots will be made by robots Four, video conferencing will become so sophisticated and efficient that the need for in-person meetings will usually be unnecessary So business travel will be greatly reduced, resulting in the need for far fewer people in many travel and hospitality industries, like airlines and hotels Five, despite inevitable political resistance from the fossil fuel-based industries, eventually energy production will be virtually entirely renewable or at least non-carbon-based, dramatically shrinking or even eliminating the coal, and oil, and gas industries So all the jobs currently in extraction, refining, distribution, and retail of these fossil-based products will disappear Six, and perhaps most intriguingly,

the health care industry, as we know it today, will be completely transformed, right out of Star Trek and Dr. McCoy There will be machines and magic wands that will detect every type of disease, simply by having patients stand in front of them And people will be, someday, wearing clothing that contains little microsensors that can alert us to the very first warning signs of diseases, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and the like– all meaning that medical diagnosis will be completely transformed All the technicians that, today, run diagnostic machines, like X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans, and those who draw blood, and who read printouts, or work in the blood labs will be unnecessary And because we will detect diseases so much earlier than we do today, treatment will be much simpler And you can go through this exercise with respect to almost every area of the medical profession, and imagine how the jobs of today will either become irrelevant or radically changed and more complex, as artificial intelligence advances to almost unimaginable sophistication All of this also means that because of earlier detection, and diagnosis, better treatment, and the discovery of cures for many of today’s most dreaded diseases, people will live longer and have longer careers And I daresay that economic forces will also require that people work longer And retirement for our graduates today will come in their mid-70s or later, not in the mid-60s as is the assumption today All of this boils down to the reality that having the skills to adapt to the fundamental changes in the nature of jobs that will occur in the future will be critical to having a productive and successful life For the vast majority of you, the job you start out with will only be temporary And you will likely have several different careers before you finally settle into retirement And because of your Bradley education, you will be especially well equipped to handle these many transitions that you will make I’ve seen all kinds of data and estimates that highlight this reality Regardless of how precise these estimates are, they unanimously reflect a clear direction in which our world and our economy are moving One estimate I saw recently is that 60% of jobs that exist today will not exist 20 years from now And 60% of jobs that will be needed 20 years from now, do not exist yet today And most of the shift will be in jobs that, today, do not require a college degree toward jobs that do In fact, another estimate I’ve seen is that by 2040, which is 21 years from now, over 80% of all jobs will require a post-high school credential And roughly 2/3 will require a college degree of some kind There may still be a few job categories, probably mostly in maintenance or construction, that will not require a college education But increasingly, earning a decent living in the economy of the future will require a lot of education, a lot of sophisticated technical knowledge, and an excellent set of skills that will equip and enable each person to reinvent and transform themselves so that they will be prepared for the newly emerging jobs that will replace many of those that exist today The need for these skills is hardly new It has always been the case that success in life and careers turns much on what are called soft skills as it does on the hard skills that most associate with a college education Raw information and pure technical acuity can be drilled into students everywhere and, in fact, today, can be accessed and almost infinite amounts simply on the internet, even though half of it’s probably not true But what makes someone successful in life and distinguished leaders from those who struggle to achieve are these so-called soft skills, like the ability to maintain focus, to listen carefully, to compromise, to collaborate, to have empathy and grasp what others are thinking and feeling, to keep perspective, to manage time and stress, self-discipline– in short, those things that enable a person to have good judgment in dealing with the people and situations you will inevitably encounter And as I noted earlier, these skills will become infinitely more critical for success in a world of the future where artificial intelligence is

driving change at a breathtaking pace And it is these soft skills that distinguish a Bradley education and empower its graduates, you, to be successful And this is why, even as higher ed today is generally going through a dramatic transitional period, at the end of the day, Bradley will always continue to thrive because it offers students a well-rounded education that provides them with a complete repertoire of both hard and soft skills, enabling them to live successful, productive, and happy lives So the education you have received here, and the credibility, respect, and prestige that comes with it, empowers you to succeed at whatever you choose to do Wherever your life journey takes you, your Bradley education will be your ace in the hole So be proud of Bradley and what you have accomplished here I promise you that you are well prepared for a lifetime of success And as you pursue your lives and careers, wherever you go, please tell everyone the story about this wonderful university here in Peoria, Illinois Sing its praises And then stay in touch with us And give back to Bradley in whatever ways you can so that it can continue to be as great or greater in the future as it has been in the past And that is the end of my preaching for today [APPLAUSE] I assume you are applauding the end part and not the preaching part [APPLAUSE] So now, let us begin the bestowing of degrees First, we will confer our graduate degrees Dr. Walter Zakahi, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, will introduce the candidates Dr. Zakahi WALTER ZAKAHI: Will all the candidates from the graduate school please rise? [APPLAUSE] President Roberts, these candidates already holding bachelor’s degrees, having met the requirements established by the faculty and the executive committee of the graduate faculty, and having achieved notable progress in their special fields of advanced learning are presented for their appropriate graduate degrees GARY ROBERTS: On the recommendation of the dean of the graduate school, in accordance with the requirements established by the faculty, and by the authority of the Board of Trustees of Bradley University, I hereby confer upon you the degree for which you have been recommended by your faculty, with all of the earned rights, privileges, and responsibilities pertaining thereto WALTER ZAKAHI: The graduates will now come forward to receive their doctoral and master’s hoods and diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr Jeffrey Bakken, dean of the graduate school We will begin with our doctoral students First, our Doctor of Nursing Practice Graduates from the College of Education and Health Sciences All other graduates may be seated HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Jorica Latreece [APPLAUSE] Barbara Jean Whitaker [APPLAUSE] Antoinette Fregoso [APPLAUSE] Natalie [INAUDIBLE] Hassoun [APPLAUSE] Deborah Ann Koopman

[APPLAUSE] Robert John Lucia [APPLAUSE] Sapna Makhijani [APPLAUSE] Nickolas Allen Rhoades [APPLAUSE] Jennifer Lynn Stanisch [APPLAUSE] Taylor A. Vipond [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Also from the College of EHS, we welcome our Doctor of Physical Therapy graduates Please come forward to receive your doctoral hoods and diplomas, and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr. Bakken HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Augustus Duncan Glab [APPLAUSE] Alec Nelson Hirschauer [APPLAUSE] Megan Kathleen Byrne [APPLAUSE] Kristen Kay Busch [APPLAUSE] Michelle Leann Eckhoff [APPLAUSE] Keegan Saxxon Ross [APPLAUSE] Kayla Jean Bumpus [APPLAUSE] Amanda Marie Baker [APPLAUSE] Skyler Ross Dunham [APPLAUSE] Kelly Elizabeth Ditmars [APPLAUSE] Hetal Janek Patel [APPLAUSE] Philip Michael Rinehart [APPLAUSE] Alexander Ann Ping [APPLAUSE] Clint Tobin Sestak [APPLAUSE] Ethan Skyler Turner [APPLAUSE] Clara Christine Tostovarsnik [APPLAUSE] David Joshua Walsh [APPLAUSE] Caitlin Ann Busch [APPLAUSE] Roshan Narasimha Devarakonda [APPLAUSE]

Meghan Leigh Cotsones [APPLAUSE] Caitlin Marie Pribble [APPLAUSE] Zachary Matthew Schneider [APPLAUSE] Tiffany Summer Springsteen [APPLAUSE] Carly Michelle Slagel [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Now, from the Foster College of Business, graduates, please come forward to receive your master’s hoods and diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr. Bakken HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Daniel Barton [APPLAUSE] Charles Joel Barchett [APPLAUSE] Ryan Tyler Dodge [APPLAUSE] Neha Chari [APPLAUSE] Thomas Alan Browere [APPLAUSE] Allen Yao Chen [APPLAUSE] Mark Harold Brayne [APPLAUSE] Bethanie Couri [APPLAUSE] Zachary Andrew Carnes [APPLAUSE] Brian James Fiedler [APPLAUSE] Brett Haslett [APPLAUSE] Alexa Emily McCray [APPLAUSE] Trent Edward Hopple [APPLAUSE] Eliska Petrová [APPLAUSE] William Alan Kennedy [APPLAUSE] Lukas Prade [APPLAUSE] Matthew Jacob Langdon [APPLAUSE] Horacio Salinas Enriquez [APPLAUSE] Bryant Scott Lowe [APPLAUSE] Jennifer Agnes Schultz [APPLAUSE] Hannah Laine Mangan [APPLAUSE] Andrew Joseph Shadid [APPLAUSE] Jesse Dalton Parm

[APPLAUSE] Julia Marie Tippey [APPLAUSE] Michael Thomas Tadros [APPLAUSE] Qijuan Zhang [APPLAUSE] Gabriela Zavala Navarrete [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations [APPLAUSE] Please be seated Next, graduates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduates, please come forward to receive your master’s hoods and diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr. Bakken HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Elijah Thomas Guy Sowers [APPLAUSE] Anna Berlinger [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Stephen Bonich [APPLAUSE] Sai Kiran Chowdary Bodduluri [APPLAUSE] Andie Chrystl Miller [APPLAUSE] Surya Teja Talluri [APPLAUSE] Lavanya Aluri [APPLAUSE] Timothy Joseph Krock [APPLAUSE] Aravind Kumar Reddy Sontireddy [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Next, we have our graduate from the Henry Pindell Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts Please come forward to receive your master’s hood and diploma and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr Bakken SETH KATZ: Alexandra Dupont [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Next, we have our students from the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology Please come forward to receive your master’s hoods and diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr. Bakken SETH KATZ: Sadit Maharjan [APPLAUSE] Ahmed Gasim Ahmed [APPLAUSE]

Kareem Khan Mohammed Abdul [APPLAUSE] Mohamed Ali [APPLAUSE] Bala Ganesh Raja [APPLAUSE] Karuna Sri Namburi [APPLAUSE] Nikita [APPLAUSE] Ghada Zreik [APPLAUSE] Leelu Nitish Vemulapalli [APPLAUSE] Sai Avinash [APPLAUSE] Srikanth Reddy Mandala [APPLAUSE] Michael Scott Carlson [APPLAUSE] Kushal Desai [APPLAUSE] Gowthami Odeti [APPLAUSE] Mary Vandana Merugu [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Graduates from the College of Education and Health Sciences, please come forward to receive your master’s hoods and diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dr. Bakken SETH KATZ: Rachel Dawn Banaszewski [APPLAUSE] Lauren Elizabeth Berry [APPLAUSE] Laura Marie Bally [APPLAUSE] Ryne Christopher Bonn [APPLAUSE] Emily Noel Bosma [APPLAUSE] Lori Linnea Bowman [APPLAUSE] Lane Elizabeth Chapman [APPLAUSE] Jessica Michele Depke [APPLAUSE] Matthew Gregory Coates [APPLAUSE] Anna Dusza [APPLAUSE] Kimber Fawley [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Niamh Markham [APPLAUSE] Kirby O’Brien

[APPLAUSE] Thomas William Payne-Brewer [APPLAUSE] Elly Elizabeth Peterson [APPLAUSE] Alison Emily Pendergast [APPLAUSE] Kayla Danielle Powell [APPLAUSE] Margaret Ann Sloter [APPLAUSE] Edith Vaughn Stolz [APPLAUSE] John Ryan Westerberg [APPLAUSE] Shane G Young [APPLAUSE] Anna L. Bell [APPLAUSE] Bianca Brown [APPLAUSE] Sadie Lee Dabney [APPLAUSE] Clinton Matthew Gossmeyer [APPLAUSE] Michelle Marie Mathis [APPLAUSE] Heather Noelle Maughan [APPLAUSE] Katelyn Elizabeth Mills [APPLAUSE] Sara Jane Ratliff [APPLAUSE] Kathryn Joyce Dorsey Yesis [APPLAUSE] Emily Anne Holingsworth [APPLAUSE] MacKenzie Rae Jones [APPLAUSE] Michelle Renee Matzke [APPLAUSE] Annalee R. Moody [APPLAUSE] Robert William Smith [APPLAUSE] Alexandra Mary Spain [APPLAUSE] Lindsay Rae Wiggs [APPLAUSE] Kristine Marie Coy [APPLAUSE] Aimee Lynn Field [APPLAUSE] Courtney Denise Lee [APPLAUSE] Elveka Remy [APPLAUSE] Amber Rochelle Dean [APPLAUSE] Raven Shanice Williams [APPLAUSE] Alyssa Sue Busch [APPLAUSE] Christine Deliva [APPLAUSE]

Lindsey Grys [APPLAUSE] Joanna Lynn Gullickson [APPLAUSE] Kari Michelle Hoffman [APPLAUSE] Bailey Breanne Kuntz [APPLAUSE] Miriam Merneigh [APPLAUSE] Rhonda Lynn Misfeldt [APPLAUSE] Corinne Lorraine Owen [APPLAUSE] Michelle Ann Rohde [APPLAUSE] Jaime Michelle Parkes [APPLAUSE] Taneeya D Vanterpool [APPLAUSE] Elayna Marie Fehr [APPLAUSE] Jazmin Z. Bailon [APPLAUSE] Alina Schmidt [APPLAUSE] Morgan Elizabeth Harm [APPLAUSE] Ashley Ann Bocek [APPLAUSE] Emily Nicole Merklen [APPLAUSE] Danielle Paige Torry [APPLAUSE] Collette Leonor Ulivarri [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations [APPLAUSE] Please be seated Gary Gary You’re next You’re next GARY ROBERTS: Let’s give all of our graduates a round of applause [APPLAUSE] The candidates for undergraduate degrees will now be presented in the order that they appear in your program Again, Dr. Walter Zakahi, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, will introduce the candidates WALTER ZAKAHI: Will all the candidates from the five undergraduate colleges please rise? [APPLAUSE] President Roberts, these candidates majoring in programs of the Foster College of Business, the Henry Pindell Slane College of Communications and Fine

Arts, the College of Education and Health Sciences, the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have completed the work prescribed by the faculty and are presented for their appropriate degrees GARY ROBERTS: On the recommendation of the deans of the respective colleges, in accordance with the requirements established by the faculty, and by the authority of the Board of Trustees of Bradley University, I hereby confer upon you the degree for which you have been recommended by your faculty, with all the earned rights, privileges, and responsibilities pertaining thereto [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: The graduates will now come forward to receive their diplomas and be congratulated by President Roberts and their college dean First, from the Foster College of Business, interim dean Matthew O’Brien All other graduates may be seated at this time LEE WENGER: Jocelyn Carolina Bonilla [APPLAUSE] Carolyn Eugenia Casillas [APPLAUSE] Molly Rae Cohn [APPLAUSE] Reece D Weber [APPLAUSE] Andrew Benjamin Lanson [APPLAUSE] Tyler Evan Saper [APPLAUSE] Justin Robert Giordano [APPLAUSE] Alexander Christian Jecius [APPLAUSE] Jacob Stanley Buchnat [APPLAUSE] Zachary Miller Burrows [APPLAUSE] Benjamin Michael Piper [APPLAUSE] Richard Arthur Rolbiecki [APPLAUSE] Bryan Katz [APPLAUSE] John Patrick Marshall [APPLAUSE] Ryan Alexander Rueckert [APPLAUSE] Nikolas Hess [APPLAUSE] Savana Peterson [APPLAUSE] Natalie Rae Grande [APPLAUSE] Alexis Maria Franco [APPLAUSE] Kamila Achi [APPLAUSE] Lizet Zuniga [APPLAUSE] Claudia Grace Cummings [APPLAUSE] Jaqueline Oseguera [APPLAUSE] Laura Garcia Quintana [APPLAUSE] Rory Van Dang [APPLAUSE] Elliot Fabian Palabe [APPLAUSE] Katrina Elise Spitzer [APPLAUSE] Brian Matthew Schrimmer [APPLAUSE] Benjamin Michael Cilano [APPLAUSE] JF Garon [APPLAUSE] Luke Daniel Shadid [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Patrick McMurray [APPLAUSE] Christian Joseph Dominguez [APPLAUSE] Chloe Morgan Horton [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Marie Salmon

[APPLAUSE] Gabrielle Dylyn Taxer [APPLAUSE] Emmely Kae Walker [APPLAUSE] Christopher Anthony Conrad [APPLAUSE] Brandon Eley [APPLAUSE] Noah Paul Lasutschinkow [APPLAUSE] Nicholas William Scheri [APPLAUSE] Andrew Connor Pyne [APPLAUSE] Zachary Michael Emerson Broughton [APPLAUSE] Friedrich– sorry Alexander James Friedrich [APPLAUSE] Sarah Ida Heiger [APPLAUSE] Lynne Renee Fischer [APPLAUSE] Parker William Richmond [APPLAUSE] John Franklin Akers [APPLAUSE] Claire Nicole Carani [APPLAUSE] Tracy Lynn Krohn [APPLAUSE] Joshua Logan Mann [APPLAUSE] Tyler Alexander Ngo [APPLAUSE] Kyle R. Job Kyle R. Job [APPLAUSE] Charles James Tobin [APPLAUSE] Maliq Hassan Mistar [APPLAUSE] Savanna Jane Stear [APPLAUSE] Drew Swise [APPLAUSE] Claudia Arriaga-Morales [APPLAUSE] Robert Griffith Watson Jr [APPLAUSE] John Bernard Montez [APPLAUSE] Thomas Alan Browere [APPLAUSE] Mar, Harold Brayne [APPLAUSE] Trent Edward Hopple [APPLAUSE] William Alan Kennedy [APPLAUSE] Matthew Jacob Langdon [APPLAUSE] Bryant Scott Lowe [APPLAUSE] Michael Thomas Tadros [APPLAUSE] Jesse Dalton Parm [APPLAUSE] Hannah Laine Mangan [APPLAUSE] Gabriela Zavala Navarrete [APPLAUSE] SETH KATZ: Vanessa Lea Markert [APPLAUSE] Tyler Michael Doolan [APPLAUSE] Ka’Ron Joharii White [APPLAUSE] Robert Rudolph Euliano [APPLAUSE] Alexander James Bojdak [APPLAUSE] McKinley Elisabeth Johnson [APPLAUSE] Jessie Danielle Curry [APPLAUSE] Esmeralda Santillanes [APPLAUSE] Greg Huber [APPLAUSE] Jack Coborn Ellis

[APPLAUSE] Alissa Marie Schovanec [APPLAUSE] Hanna Victoria Alexander [APPLAUSE] Abigail Julia Ihrke [APPLAUSE] Taylor Ryanne Kellum [APPLAUSE] Charlotte Anne Kirkeeng [APPLAUSE] Bailey Nicole Hammond [APPLAUSE] Jacob Scott McCartney [APPLAUSE] Matthew William Telli [APPLAUSE] Sharon Sarah Lauren Taylor [APPLAUSE] Olivia Carmen Centeno [APPLAUSE] Simran C. Saini [APPLAUSE] Katelyn Ann Welsh [APPLAUSE] Kara Marie Schram [APPLAUSE] Jordan Marie Latimer [APPLAUSE] Drake Robert McCarty [APPLAUSE] Joshua Ewing Mosher [APPLAUSE] Drake Chauncey Bushong [APPLAUSE] Michael Thomas Mounce [APPLAUSE] Sam Michael Range [APPLAUSE] Imani Tenyce Evans [APPLAUSE] Kadie Lynn Klauer [APPLAUSE] Rachel Ann Jesen [APPLAUSE] Gabriela Julia Prylinski [APPLAUSE] Said Dardagan [APPLAUSE] Nathaniel Charles Gibson [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Angeline Valdez [APPLAUSE] Anne Marie LaHood [APPLAUSE] Kassidy Lynn Lessman [APPLAUSE] Myranda Jo Weide [APPLAUSE] Zaire Jamal Doss [APPLAUSE] Lynsi Ann Frederick [APPLAUSE] Jonas Perrin Elterich [APPLAUSE] Bonnie Redington Vigland [APPLAUSE] Troy Richard Carlson [APPLAUSE] Branden James Mounce [APPLAUSE] Samuel J. Kiesewetter [APPLAUSE] Camryn Billings Seignious [APPLAUSE] Jessica R. Lack [APPLAUSE] Joshua Joseph Adler [APPLAUSE] Roberto Carlos Torres Guevara [APPLAUSE] Harsh Bimal Mehta [APPLAUSE] Isabella Ann Heidenreich [APPLAUSE] Andrew Stephen Hughes [APPLAUSE] Patrick Kenneth Winkler [APPLAUSE] Mariel Lourdes Singson [APPLAUSE] Jacob Keith Lee

[APPLAUSE] Brandon Michael Vonachen [APPLAUSE] Roj Mizeras [APPLAUSE] Alex Jordan Nanninga [APPLAUSE] Jesse Joseph Nusbaum [APPLAUSE] Kelsey Elizabeth White [APPLAUSE] Megan Louise Davis [APPLAUSE] Marina Suzanna Stüdy [APPLAUSE] Vivian Li Crowell [APPLAUSE] Brett Haslett [APPLAUSE] Zachary Andrew Carnes [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Graduates from the Henry Pindell Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts, please stand and come forward to receive your diploma and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dean Jeffrey Huberman LEE WENGER: Brittany Elizabeth Gibas [APPLAUSE] Well, thank you very much But I need that Max Anthony DeCuna [APPLAUSE] Nicole Ann Joseph [APPLAUSE] Katheryn Wehrman [APPLAUSE] Amy Ann Trompeter [APPLAUSE] Julie Claire Lucia [APPLAUSE] Madeline Anne White [APPLAUSE] Natasha Ann Lee [APPLAUSE] Lucas Matthew Auchstetter [APPLAUSE] Grant Redman Early [APPLAUSE] Kathleen Fredrich [APPLAUSE] Katherine M. Lynch [APPLAUSE] And escort Katherine Joan Folan [APPLAUSE] Michelle Amy Chow [APPLAUSE] Briana Karry Payne [APPLAUSE] Audrey Maureen Simmons [APPLAUSE] Kelly Catherine Sofian [APPLAUSE] Samantha Caroline Concklin [APPLAUSE] Roa Mannaa [APPLAUSE] Peter Daniel Arzola [APPLAUSE] Luke King Doxsee [APPLAUSE] Quinn Michael Weber [APPLAUSE] Ramiro Tovar [APPLAUSE] [? Christine ?] [? Moon ?] [? DeLattre. ?] [APPLAUSE] Lily Suzanne Stein [APPLAUSE]

Hannah Jo Stiff and escort [APPLAUSE] Karalyse Nicole Hagan [APPLAUSE] Nathan Michael Carroll [APPLAUSE] Alexander Perez [APPLAUSE] Lauren Claussen Rainey [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Christopher Kelly [APPLAUSE] Gage Steven-Clark Bright [APPLAUSE] Bryce Christian Steenstra [APPLAUSE] Josiah Zane Ulrich [APPLAUSE] Caleb Brian Weisman [APPLAUSE] Andrew John Freeman [APPLAUSE] Benjamin John Gibson [APPLAUSE] Patrick Snyder [APPLAUSE] Jacob Charles Masters [APPLAUSE] Jacob Wetzel [APPLAUSE] Cody Scott Schindler [APPLAUSE] Nathan William Fischer [APPLAUSE] Mark Ideler [APPLAUSE] Kudakwashe Masunungure [APPLAUSE] Andrew John Pelarinos [APPLAUSE] Rachel Nicole Plasch [APPLAUSE] Kelsey Anne Chapman [APPLAUSE] Courtney Elizabeth Caldwell [APPLAUSE] Kayla Marie Sierra-Lee [APPLAUSE] Let’s see Alexander Douglas Scranton [APPLAUSE] Hi Katie Nicole Habryle [APPLAUSE] Julie Jeanette Kestas [APPLAUSE] Duncan Katlack [APPLAUSE] Hannah Joy Wolkowitz [APPLAUSE] Sarah May Hanelt [APPLAUSE] John Joseph Posth [APPLAUSE] Nolan Robert Ruthe [APPLAUSE] Hannah Suzanne Gudeman [APPLAUSE] Hannah Marie Thebeau [APPLAUSE] Rachel Elizabeth Kendziora [APPLAUSE] [? Catherine ?] [? Patricia ?] [? Mendham. ?] [APPLAUSE] Cooper Labbett Kaplan [APPLAUSE] John Tasker Donahue [APPLAUSE] Alexsandr Heber [APPLAUSE] Grace Elizabeth Smith

[APPLAUSE] HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Casey Granberry Stark [APPLAUSE] Brianna Deene Kastner [APPLAUSE] Alexis Taylor Benson [APPLAUSE] Adeline Marie Swartz [APPLAUSE] Imani Tenyce Evans [APPLAUSE] Megan Michele Riley [APPLAUSE] Jetta R. Taylor [APPLAUSE] Lizzy Sophie Young [APPLAUSE] Jack August Phifer [APPLAUSE] Edward Hodgkins Wick [APPLAUSE] Carley Wilday Chana [APPLAUSE] Jillian Elizabeth Gaydos [APPLAUSE] Alyse Marie Holzkopf [APPLAUSE] Kelly Ann Christensen [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Todd [APPLAUSE] Stephanie Marie Zuccato [APPLAUSE] Victoria Grace Williams [APPLAUSE] Christopher Isaac Watson [APPLAUSE] Niyah Nachole Hudson [APPLAUSE] Gage Robert Anderson [APPLAUSE] Matthew Scott Allers [APPLAUSE] Garrett Parker Lantz [APPLAUSE] Joseph William Lax [APPLAUSE] Eric Allen Robertson [APPLAUSE] Trevor Kory [APPLAUSE] Austin Gene Dahmm [APPLAUSE] Jakob Michael Plotts [APPLAUSE] Ryan David Shereda [APPLAUSE] Matthew Donald Kauerauf [APPLAUSE] Kayla Danielle Hallowell [APPLAUSE] Krista Rose Broom [APPLAUSE] Connor Gregory Kelly [APPLAUSE] Rachel Marie Ardelan [APPLAUSE] David Shadid [APPLAUSE] DaVanté Emann Johnson [APPLAUSE] Alexander F. Williams [APPLAUSE] Marquis Maurice Murphy [APPLAUSE] Katlyn Wilson [APPLAUSE] Lluvia Iris Lopez [APPLAUSE] Zavier Aime’e Simmons

[APPLAUSE] Alyssa Nicole Pietrzyk [APPLAUSE] Margaret Dorothy Rebekah Sturm [APPLAUSE] Trevor Clayton Baty [APPLAUSE] Sophia Sydney Fishkin [APPLAUSE] Joseph Michael Scimo [APPLAUSE] Andrea Jeannine Peralta Jabson [APPLAUSE] Matthew Scott Friedhoff [APPLAUSE] Megan Magee [APPLAUSE] Wiliam Kyle Powers [APPLAUSE] Kristin Drew [APPLAUSE] Meghan Anderson [APPLAUSE] Misa Nagase [APPLAUSE] Ilene Rosemary Weber [APPLAUSE] Nelson [? Gutierrez. ?] [APPLAUSE] Alexis Hammerton [APPLAUSE] Amanda Karin Marie Freund [APPLAUSE] Ruth Anastasia Bertram and escort [APPLAUSE] Taylor [? Jakari ?] Musgrove [APPLAUSE] Luqman Lundy [APPLAUSE] Antoine Pittman [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Graduates from the College of Education and Health Sciences, please stand and come forward to receive your diploma and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dean Joan Sattler [APPLAUSE] LEE WENGER: Lily Suzanne Harding [APPLAUSE] Margaret Mary O’Mahony [APPLAUSE] Emma Lynn Bjorklund [APPLAUSE] Liana Rose She-He Pavese with Duke [APPLAUSE] Cira Marina Davis

[APPLAUSE] Hayley R. Haynes [APPLAUSE] Casey Megan Kirsch [APPLAUSE] Sara Piller [APPLAUSE] Gabrielle Christina Juarez [APPLAUSE] Malini Ann Wijesinghe [APPLAUSE] Lindsay Haight [APPLAUSE] Ashley Nicole Lucas [APPLAUSE] Taylor Ashley Prellberg [APPLAUSE] Samantha Marie Giese [APPLAUSE] Jessica Jo Goble [APPLAUSE] Katherine Arvia Breen [APPLAUSE] Ryan Lutker [APPLAUSE] Alexis Ann Nystedt [APPLAUSE] Mary Catherine Thon [APPLAUSE] Jaclyn Marie Werle [APPLAUSE] Jordan Nicole Sicard [APPLAUSE] Alyssa Ann Fijalkowski [APPLAUSE] Brianne Mackenzie Robinson [APPLAUSE] Lexie Ann Marx [APPLAUSE] Mariah [? Lena ?] Riggenbach [APPLAUSE] Courtney Florence Cronin [APPLAUSE] Molly Louise Bingman [APPLAUSE] Ariana Rose Moschini [APPLAUSE] Nicole Alexandra Stolarski [APPLAUSE] Michelle Anne Rodcay [APPLAUSE] Cassandra Paige Whiteside [APPLAUSE] Amanda Kay Mapes [APPLAUSE] Shelby Marie Anderson [APPLAUSE] Rachel Elizabeth Mary Brown [APPLAUSE] Rebecca Zaragoza [APPLAUSE] Rebecca A. Sidlowski [APPLAUSE] Madison Jade Kielsmeier [APPLAUSE] Zoe Nicole Forte and Millie [APPLAUSE] Grace Ashley Elbl Emerson Grace Ashley Elbl Emerson [APPLAUSE] I’m sorry Allison Hailey Freehill [APPLAUSE] Emily [? Lynn ?] Russell [APPLAUSE] Georgene C. Dernekxis [APPLAUSE] Keara Elizabeth Hurley [APPLAUSE] Megan Alexis McLain [APPLAUSE] Alexis Brianna Lovell [APPLAUSE] Jacob Henry Dehne [APPLAUSE] Katherine Kurowski [APPLAUSE] Marie Christine Berlinger [APPLAUSE] A’Quira Francine McWilliams [APPLAUSE] Jennifer Morgan Kiser

Jennifer Morgan Kiser [APPLAUSE] Alyviah Durham [APPLAUSE] Bianca Cleofe DiVincenzo [APPLAUSE] Julia Kelsey Holmes [APPLAUSE] Madalyn Nicole Deval [APPLAUSE] Kari Rosina Kroos [APPLAUSE] Rachel Mary Romano [APPLAUSE] Madison Noelle Hranka [APPLAUSE] Makenzie Jennifer Gray [APPLAUSE] Brianna Rose Heyer [APPLAUSE] Payton Alexis Roche [APPLAUSE] Francesca Saban [APPLAUSE] Robyn Alyse Polisner [APPLAUSE] Olivia Nicole Vonachen [APPLAUSE] Abigail Brunstad [APPLAUSE] Austin Riley Bell [APPLAUSE] Mitchell William Janssen [APPLAUSE] Isabelle J. Batty [APPLAUSE] Noah Silber [APPLAUSE] Hailey Howard [APPLAUSE] Allison Taylor Van Buren [APPLAUSE] Michela Marthe Fucarino [APPLAUSE] Maura Kathleen DeBosko [APPLAUSE] Linnea Noelle Lesch [APPLAUSE] Samantha Michelle Rardin [APPLAUSE] Kayla Dorothy Lincoln [APPLAUSE] Lauren Leigh Germino [APPLAUSE] Brianna Rose Moehling [APPLAUSE] Jacopo Barbarani [APPLAUSE] Jacopo Barbarani Bradley David Elliott [APPLAUSE] John Michael Bravo [APPLAUSE] Emily Dawn Morehead [APPLAUSE] Lauren Kathleen McCarthy [APPLAUSE] Melissa Ann Jacobi [APPLAUSE] Payton Elizabeth Teel [APPLAUSE] Katherine Elizabeth Opperman [APPLAUSE] SETH KATZ: Allison Grace Bulmahn [APPLAUSE] Emily-Ann LeCrone [APPLAUSE] Sabrina Cichowlas [APPLAUSE] Meghan Danielle Flynn [APPLAUSE] Katherine Frances Vandeloo [APPLAUSE] Taiylor Elizabeth Tagliere [HORN BLARES] [APPLAUSE] Taylor Marie Winiecki [APPLAUSE] Cailyn Rose Laskowski [APPLAUSE] Sarah Anne Miller [APPLAUSE] Madelin Morgan White [APPLAUSE] Erin Kaylin West [APPLAUSE] Rachel Leigh Gardetto

[APPLAUSE] Molly Kate Whiting [APPLAUSE] Lily Ida Mae Weiss [APPLAUSE] Mina Elyse Fedderly [APPLAUSE] Mikki Huynh Tron [APPLAUSE] Ana Velazquez [APPLAUSE] Jocelyn G. Rodriguez [APPLAUSE] Tiara Renee Rice [APPLAUSE] Walanda Jenise Flowers [APPLAUSE] Alisha Danielle Taylor [APPLAUSE] Zakyra Ector [APPLAUSE] Loreal Louise Anderson [APPLAUSE] Nunu Ashley Idemudia [APPLAUSE] Kelsey Walker [APPLAUSE] Daija Taylor Hurks [APPLAUSE] Nycole Lozano [APPLAUSE] Allison Elaine Sheetz [APPLAUSE] Julia [? Therese ?] Dunne [APPLAUSE] Danielle Ciara Neville [APPLAUSE] Megan Elizabeth Denlinger [APPLAUSE] Emily Paige Allhands [APPLAUSE] Alyssa Marie Young [APPLAUSE] Richard Carl Groh [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Hazel Danecker [APPLAUSE] Juliana Patricia Gioia [APPLAUSE] Megan Kathryn Cameron [APPLAUSE] Erin Maureen Enright [APPLAUSE] Kaylin Elizabeth Tate [APPLAUSE] Sydney Elizabeth Wilhelm [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Grace Irvine [APPLAUSE] Hannah Hollinger Murray [APPLAUSE] Megan Elizabeth Kumlien [APPLAUSE] Kaitlyn Marie Markey [APPLAUSE] Emily Anne Bilecki [APPLAUSE] Dana Nicole Searle [APPLAUSE] Malia Reyes Distor [APPLAUSE] Madeline Marie VanderVinne [APPLAUSE]

Carissa Lauren Dambacher [APPLAUSE] Alexis Ann Eckhoff [APPLAUSE] Kathleen Aimee Paxson [APPLAUSE] Amanda Rose Arvia [APPLAUSE] Allison Kathleen Bailey [APPLAUSE] Julia [? Isabelle ?] Melnick [APPLAUSE] Bridget Mary Forde [APPLAUSE] Bailey Renee Wagemann [APPLAUSE] Alana Ivy Shapiro [APPLAUSE] Alice Kay Koshevatskiy [APPLAUSE] Emily Jane Koshevatskiy [APPLAUSE] Andrea Therese Rossi [APPLAUSE] Megan Dianne Leguillon [APPLAUSE] Naeva Elana Groenewold [APPLAUSE] Dzeneta Dujkovic Melissa Hernandez [APPLAUSE] Angelica Agatha Zbiec [APPLAUSE] Aileen Mary Blough [APPLAUSE] Grace Maria Godfrey [APPLAUSE] Alyson Marie Bourret [APPLAUSE] Savanah Hailey Crull [APPLAUSE] Olivia Victoria Malinowski [APPLAUSE] Ashley Glaum [APPLAUSE] Ariel Elizabeth Casper [APPLAUSE] Rachel Cecilia Spires [APPLAUSE] Megan Elizabeth McDermott [APPLAUSE] Margarite Donnelly Olson [APPLAUSE] Patricia Kania [APPLAUSE] Barbara Mae Cremer [APPLAUSE] Alexandra Lillig [APPLAUSE] Sarah Danielle Shaw [APPLAUSE] Shunseere Shunia Kent [APPLAUSE] Alison Lynn Morr [APPLAUSE] Gabriella Joan-Anne Stoner [APPLAUSE] Brooke Nicole Thompson [APPLAUSE] Allison Havens Turner [APPLAUSE] Brooke Alexis Nussar [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated

[APPLAUSE] Next, graduates from the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology, please stand and come forward to receive your diploma– [APPLAUSE] –and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dean Lex Akers LEE WENGER: John Eric Schulz [APPLAUSE] Baylor Howard [APPLAUSE] Erin Marie McManus [APPLAUSE] Glenn Richard Janiak [APPLAUSE] Kenneth Anthony Vonckx [APPLAUSE] Jacob Briar Phillips [APPLAUSE] Erik Anders Guetz [APPLAUSE] Laura Adeline Seitz [APPLAUSE] Caleb James Backstrom [APPLAUSE] Neil Vincent Kosman [APPLAUSE] Ryan Michael Simpson [APPLAUSE] Nathan Blake Armando [APPLAUSE] Camden Richard Wylie [APPLAUSE] David Leland Timm [APPLAUSE] Alexandria Hope Dickey [APPLAUSE] Nicholas James Stenerson [APPLAUSE] Isaac Jeffre Smith [APPLAUSE] Shelby Aften Galatioto [APPLAUSE] Ayman Nimer Abdelalhaleem [APPLAUSE] Grant Douglas Hischke [APPLAUSE] Cody Michael Gastel [APPLAUSE] Joseph Robert Davenport [APPLAUSE] Ryan Christopher Rembert [APPLAUSE] Steven Straka [APPLAUSE] Robert John Reichert [APPLAUSE] Kyle Robert Smith [APPLAUSE] Eric William Maybach [APPLAUSE] Riley Joseph Beekhuizen [APPLAUSE] William Michael Bosworth [APPLAUSE] Henry Daniel Umlauf [APPLAUSE] Morgan Fredrick Fields [APPLAUSE] Jonathon Richard Jellison [APPLAUSE] Dylan Matthew McKeever [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Le [APPLAUSE] Darius T. Gray [APPLAUSE] Michael James Murphy [APPLAUSE] Cody Louis Esposito

[APPLAUSE] Robert O’Malley [APPLAUSE] Leslie Katherine Garcia [APPLAUSE] William Anderson [APPLAUSE] Reece Joseph Bachman [APPLAUSE] John Patrick Greifzu [APPLAUSE] Jordan Tyler Ingram [APPLAUSE] Christopher Matthew Leonard [APPLAUSE] Alanis Nash [APPLAUSE] Adam Gordon Holler [APPLAUSE] Reiner Danan Lintag [APPLAUSE] Katherine Ragon [APPLAUSE] Francis Anthony Levins [APPLAUSE] Caleb Dell [APPLAUSE] Alex Michael Jaeger [APPLAUSE] Joshua Seelye [APPLAUSE] Sean Morris [APPLAUSE] Eric Matthew Jones [APPLAUSE] Dakota Rodwan Adra [APPLAUSE] Clay Addison McKinley [APPLAUSE] William Ryan McDermith [APPLAUSE] Richard Alan Sidlowski [APPLAUSE] Megan Sue Mattus and [? Macy. ?] [APPLAUSE] Dennis Gessert [APPLAUSE] Ryan Michael Treanor [APPLAUSE] Eugene Vitvitskiy [APPLAUSE] Stefan James Nelson [APPLAUSE] Alex Graika [APPLAUSE] Slade Christian Jewell [APPLAUSE] Jacob Alan Stopa [APPLAUSE] Zanne Ngatchou [APPLAUSE] Neel Patel [APPLAUSE] Samprati Vijay Shah [APPLAUSE] Andrew Alan Zuckermann Aaron Michael Provido [APPLAUSE] Andrew Kalina [APPLAUSE] Mitchell Juchems [APPLAUSE] Michael Dovel [APPLAUSE] Tareq M. D. A. A. Alsaleeli [APPLAUSE] Ali M. E. SH S Alsulaili [APPLAUSE] Ahmad Alenezi [APPLAUSE] HELJA ANTOLA CROWE: Jacob Kahn Wynne [APPLAUSE] Kaleb Dean Campbell

[APPLAUSE] Colin Andrew Killian [APPLAUSE] Carson Michael Piedmonte [APPLAUSE] Erich Anton Kohberger [APPLAUSE] Maria D. Anton [APPLAUSE] Jacob Chioni Kupfert [APPLAUSE] Courtney Jean Burns [APPLAUSE] Justice Ashley Chow [APPLAUSE] Catherine Adaline Downen [APPLAUSE] Heather Rose Hawkins [APPLAUSE] Allison Karen White [APPLAUSE] Hannah Tobin Abbott [APPLAUSE] Benjamin Michael Ringel [APPLAUSE] Matthew Gregory Lauer [APPLAUSE] Bryce Nehrig [APPLAUSE] Reginald James Rappis [APPLAUSE] Adam Sak [APPLAUSE] Jacob R. Weck [APPLAUSE] Riley John Litwiller [APPLAUSE] Tyler Alan Nafziger [APPLAUSE] Ian Sutherland [APPLAUSE] Eric Joseph Statz [APPLAUSE] Kyle John Roth [APPLAUSE] Andrew John Barnett [APPLAUSE] Abdallah Sami Sweidan [APPLAUSE] Michael David Sloniker [APPLAUSE] Daniel Joseph Gulino [APPLAUSE] John Patrick O’Connor [APPLAUSE] Vicente Camarena Jr [APPLAUSE] Grant Frazier Leenerts [APPLAUSE] Olivia Divine Carrizales [APPLAUSE] Daniel Laurence Brichetto [APPLAUSE] Andrew Hill [APPLAUSE] Benjamin Robert Olson [APPLAUSE] Matthew Anthony Richey [APPLAUSE] Michael Patrick Richey [APPLAUSE] Brock Lyle Sutton [APPLAUSE] Logan Garrett Welling [APPLAUSE] Matthew James Kern [APPLAUSE] Tyler James Kauffman [APPLAUSE] Dennis Reiner Mayer [APPLAUSE] Artiom Radionovich Sivachenko [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Martin Markewych [APPLAUSE] James William Greaney [APPLAUSE] Aaron Charles Shaffer [APPLAUSE] Jack Thomas Blank [APPLAUSE] Ciaran Patrick Kavanagh [APPLAUSE] Stephen Anthony Jackson [APPLAUSE] Gabriel G. Garcia [APPLAUSE] Julio Garcia [APPLAUSE]

Patrick John Nichting [APPLAUSE] Rosario Joseph Nasca [APPLAUSE] Ryan Scott Hampsey [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Jason Mrkonich [APPLAUSE] Daniel Enrique Soriano [APPLAUSE] Devon Anthony Simmons [APPLAUSE] Benjamin E. Neuendorf [APPLAUSE] Mitchell Gould [APPLAUSE] Alexander Vincent Ciaramitaro [APPLAUSE] Daniel Philip Gardner [APPLAUSE] Ryan Joseph Lynch [APPLAUSE] Thomas Somenek [APPLAUSE] David Michael Spayer [APPLAUSE] Alexander Charles Louis Moser [APPLAUSE] Mitchell Ray Rupert [APPLAUSE] Noe Hernandez [APPLAUSE] Rafael Chavez [APPLAUSE] Shonderian Kentrell Parham [APPLAUSE] Michael Stuart Kowalski [APPLAUSE] Timothy Daniel Meyle [APPLAUSE] Jordan Todd Sodini [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated [APPLAUSE] Graduates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please stand and come forward to receive your diplomas– [APPLAUSE] –and be congratulated by President Roberts and Dean Christopher Jones LEE WENGER: Christopher Thomas Moshage [APPLAUSE] Logan Tyler Monast [APPLAUSE] Natalia Sobery [APPLAUSE] Emily June Benson [APPLAUSE] Antoni Michael Mitchell [APPLAUSE] Joseph Michael Brennan [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Andrew Hancher [APPLAUSE] Coleman Terrell Mullins [APPLAUSE] John James Markey [APPLAUSE] Abigail Lynn Riggenbach [APPLAUSE] Alex Robert Stocker [APPLAUSE] Blake Stanley Glueck [APPLAUSE]

Mark Nathaniel Hernandez [APPLAUSE] Ruben Alejandro Aguilar Aguilar [APPLAUSE] Linsey Ann Huegel [APPLAUSE] Syra Renee Daniels [APPLAUSE] Yavianiz Rosado [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Violet Dinger [APPLAUSE] Taylor Leavon Stewart [APPLAUSE] Kayli Marie Gorrie [APPLAUSE] Bailey Rene Thompson [APPLAUSE] Rebecca Diane Schindler [APPLAUSE] Gwendolyn Ciera Cox [APPLAUSE] Jessica Ann Bonomo [APPLAUSE] Megan Susanne Saunders [APPLAUSE] Kerri Ann Predovich [APPLAUSE] Jacob Scott Morris [APPLAUSE] Claudio Gildo DeBon [APPLAUSE] Joseph David Woodruff [APPLAUSE] Matthew Lee Barber [APPLAUSE] Joseph Albert Larson [APPLAUSE] Maya Pan Shu Rockwell [APPLAUSE] Brahim Gacimi [APPLAUSE] Thomas Edward Callahan [APPLAUSE] Michael Van Hoang [APPLAUSE] Lucas Alexander Langkamp [APPLAUSE] Ethan Michael Daniels [APPLAUSE] Sarah Elizabeth Simpson [APPLAUSE] Katie Lynn Wolfe [APPLAUSE] Simon Richter Goskowicz [APPLAUSE] Bradley Aaron Quid [APPLAUSE] Austin Tyler Lair [APPLAUSE] Kelemen Tarnok Lee [APPLAUSE] Niall John Gallus [APPLAUSE] Nicholas James Marselle [APPLAUSE] Samy Nasser Batha [APPLAUSE] Sydney Cecelia Ruggles [APPLAUSE] Valerie Quinn Glossop [APPLAUSE] Katlyn Nicolette Smigielski [APPLAUSE] Timothy David Acker [APPLAUSE] Madeleine Peterson [APPLAUSE] Sarah Diane McMillan [APPLAUSE] Dora Khalil Khoury [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Brianna Wright [APPLAUSE] Evan Parker Jones [APPLAUSE] Jonathan Conner Staats [APPLAUSE] Clayton Charles Fyfe [APPLAUSE] Eric Robert Olsen [APPLAUSE] Alveena R. Saeed [APPLAUSE] Mariela De Jesus Jasso

[APPLAUSE] Nina Mariani Puccinelli [APPLAUSE] Charmin JC Hibberd [APPLAUSE] Alexandra Catherine Wyman [APPLAUSE] Megan Michelle Ramsden [APPLAUSE] Joseph Petersen [APPLAUSE] Zachary Ryan Nolan [APPLAUSE] Jacob Timothy Halstead [APPLAUSE] Victoria Hyrczyk [APPLAUSE] Camryn Kirkham [APPLAUSE] Arlene Carlos [APPLAUSE] Taylor Anise Baker [APPLAUSE] Amina Brenae Frazier [APPLAUSE] Joseph Andrew Pellowski [APPLAUSE] Alan Loys Yepsen [APPLAUSE] Omar Tarek Ellaicy [APPLAUSE] SETH KATZ: Brooke Jacqueline Engerman [APPLAUSE] Gabrielle Casillas [APPLAUSE] Benjamin William Schlusemann [APPLAUSE] Ra’Von Robert Gibson [APPLAUSE] Liam Reagan Patt [APPLAUSE] Kevin Bernard Lynch [APPLAUSE] Emily Ann Wilzbach [APPLAUSE] Samantha Kalina [APPLAUSE] Bradley Joseph Vogeler [APPLAUSE] Brian Christian Cheline [APPLAUSE] Megan Grace Moskowitz [APPLAUSE] [? Ellie ?] [? Dunne. ?] [APPLAUSE] Morgan Christine Lain [APPLAUSE] Nicole Ann Koronkowski [APPLAUSE] Sarah Nicole Isacksen [APPLAUSE] Kirstin Patricia Schnabel [APPLAUSE] Mia Rose Rivecco [APPLAUSE] Oliwia Los [APPLAUSE] Andrew Jordan Kahn [APPLAUSE] Mary Anne Mae Carroll [APPLAUSE] Steven Ronald Charles Stoner [APPLAUSE] Tessa Rasmussen [APPLAUSE] Meghan Tyler Eggers [APPLAUSE] Rachel Kay David [APPLAUSE] Emily Catherine Young [APPLAUSE] Catherine Rose Parello [APPLAUSE] Abraham Nimrod Barrantes [APPLAUSE] Lukas Lesny [APPLAUSE] Hannah Marie VandeVoort [APPLAUSE]

Kevin Michael Collins [APPLAUSE] Daniel M. Pavlik [APPLAUSE] Jason Andre Smith [APPLAUSE] Anjelica G. Velazquez [APPLAUSE] Kali Noel Dodez [APPLAUSE] Jennie Catherine White [APPLAUSE] Alexander Chance Fleming [APPLAUSE] Naomi Evangeline Tornow [APPLAUSE] Rebecca Rose Meier [APPLAUSE] Gabrielle Grace Hogan [APPLAUSE] Raegen Jackson [APPLAUSE] Luuk van Bree [APPLAUSE] Peter Joseph Hanley [APPLAUSE] Evan Garrett Sturt [APPLAUSE] Jack William Donovan [APPLAUSE] Daelyn Rose Marie Ghelardini [APPLAUSE] Amber Mercedes Mayo [APPLAUSE] Robert Jonathan Stewart [APPLAUSE] Kage Austin Kowalski [APPLAUSE] Bryan Matthew Warja [APPLAUSE] Max Arthur Picray [APPLAUSE] Emily Margaret Brown [APPLAUSE] McKenzie Taylor Ruyle [APPLAUSE] Hannah Rachel Snidman [APPLAUSE] Arianna Faye Lasko [APPLAUSE] Gabrielle Amelia Clausen [APPLAUSE] Alyssa Lindsey [APPLAUSE] Brittany Marie Garst [APPLAUSE] Ashley M. Roberts [APPLAUSE] Brycen Siegfried Fischer [APPLAUSE] Braden James Carius [APPLAUSE] Timothy Ronald Mason [APPLAUSE] Amanda Maxine Auge [APPLAUSE] Sandra Kiara Shanice Brown [APPLAUSE] Nicholas Benjamin Bailey [APPLAUSE] Jaclyn Therese Conway [APPLAUSE] Lauren Estelle Deal [APPLAUSE] Emily Michelle Korman [APPLAUSE] Madison Sprague [APPLAUSE] Dominic Philip Colombi [APPLAUSE] Jonathan Richard Bokel [APPLAUSE] Joseph Luciano Amato [APPLAUSE] Joseph Patrick Norton [APPLAUSE] Molly Kaitlin Ely

[APPLAUSE] Shelby Lynn Robletto [APPLAUSE] Loc Le [APPLAUSE] Michelle Lynn Peppers [APPLAUSE] Barrett Mardee Winston [APPLAUSE] Samuel Peter Gerbic [APPLAUSE] Torri Kristen Wyzgowski [APPLAUSE] Peyton [? McKenzie ?] Brott [APPLAUSE] Alexis Elizabeth Cook [APPLAUSE] Adam Ryan Bitar [APPLAUSE] Danielle Rae Segerstrom [APPLAUSE] Brooke Ann Huffman [APPLAUSE] Catalina Mary Dominick [APPLAUSE] Dustin Tyler Love [APPLAUSE] Martin Suppo [APPLAUSE] WALTER ZAKAHI: Congratulations Please be seated GARY ROBERTS: Thank you, Martin You make me feel young [LAUGHTER] We have one more order of business to attend to We have an additional honor to bestow upon two of our graduates And to do so, I call upon– call to the podium, Lieutenant Colonel John Cross and Cadets Catalina Dominick and Dustin Love Colonel Cross [APPLAUSE] JOHN CROSS: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen Today is truly a day of celebration, not only for the graduates of Bradley University, but also for our two graduates from our ROTC program, their families, and friends After a four-year journey here at Bradley, and with the loving support of their friends and family, Cadets Catalina Dominick and Dustin Love will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Army [APPLAUSE] Lieutenant Dominick will serve in the active Army as a medical services officer And Lieutenant Love will serve in the Army Reserve as a military police officer Cadets Dominick and Love are graduating today with bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice sciences The oath of office these commissionees are going to take is steeped in tradition, dating back to the days or Continental Army The oath they are taking is similar to the one that George Washington and his officers took as they led our nation to independence Today, our officers lead the army in protecting and preserving those same freedoms

for future generations to come The oath holds officers accountable for sound moral judgment and leadership Officers are given a very special trust, a moral obligation to lead the young men and women of our armed forces and to preserve the very independence and freedom of our nation At this time, we will place the rank of second lieutenant on the shoulders of our cadets After this, I will issue the oath of office Will the family members and guests of Cadets Catalina Dominick and Dustin Love please join us on stage? [APPLAUSE] Pinning on the new rank for Cadet Dominick will be her sister [? Simbria ?] and [? Simbria’s ?] boyfriend Alex Stone Pinning on the new rank for Cadet Love will be his parents, Mr. and Mrs. [? Dennis ?] and [? LuAnn ?] Love [APPLAUSE] At this time, I will issue their oath of office Raise your right hands, and repeat after me, I, state your names, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States in the grade of second lieutenant, do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic And I’ll bear true faith and allegiance to the same And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter And I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion So help me God Congratulations, Lieutenants [APPLAUSE] Well done At this time, we will now conduct the first salute ceremony for Lieutenants Dominick and Love During this tradition, new lieutenants receive their first salute from a non-commissioned officer or soldier of choice, a soldier, someone who has had a significant influence on the officer’s life and development In return for this honor, the newly commissioned lieutenant presents the soldier with a silver dollar This silver dollar serves as a reminder of this occasion and carries forward a longstanding tradition of the professional relationship between officers and their soldiers, a relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and confidence Second Lieutenant Dominick will receive her first salute from Master Sergeant [? Christy ?] [? Romer. ?] Second Lieutenant Love will receive his first salute from Private First Class Trent Fuller [APPLAUSE] Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our commissioning of the Army’s newest second lieutenants Congratulations to all the graduates today And thank you for your continued support of our nation’s services [APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: As we conclude these exercises,

I want to thank our readers today They have a very difficult job of pronouncing our students’ names And I’m assured they get almost all of them exactly right So thank you to Helja Antola Crowe, Seth Katz, and Lee Wenger, voice of WCBU over there You guys are great [APPLAUSE] And speaking of accomplishments, I just noticed Dr. Reynolds, we need to add 2019 to a couple of those places up there [APPLAUSE] So now, please stand and join in the singing of the university’s alma mater, “Hail, Red and White.” The words are printed in the front of your program When we are done, please remain standing until completion of the recessional by the platform party and the faculty Congratulations, again, graduates I wish you the best of luck [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – “HAIL, RED AND WHITE”] KERRY WALTERS: (SINGING) Lift up your hearts and sing Lift up thy light Let all your voices ring Hail, red and white– red for courage, strength, and might White, for purity shining as a beacon light to the university Go onward, ever onward Let courage and truth prevail to Bradley University All hail, hail, hail [APPLAUSE] GARY ROBERTS: And there you go Are we ready? [MUSIC – FRANZ SCHUBERT, “MARCHE MILITAIRE OP.51, NO.1”]