WESTWORLD Episode 9: Thoughts, Reactions and Theories

I don’t think we’re going to be as loud as you now but who knows Am I considerably louder? no but but I think we are live if you guys want to to go to that page to see I was already on it so it should turn live any moment now. Like it should turn green for you It says the stsays the stream is online.. is offline on the screen itself Oh dammit, I need to make it public that’s what I need to do! Here…Start streaming..alright its public now What was the..? Why did you guys watch the preview? For next week? cause, why not? it’s gonna ruin it for you doesn’t it? No. Doesn’t ruin anything. Are we on? ahh..yeah..shh……. Yeah you’re on Are you sure? yeah! Because, I’m not seeing anything here Is it because you’re impatient? (They both laugh) hold on I don’t think we’re on Nima ok it’s green! it says live! I see faces. I see your wife looking at you on YouTube oh there goes it’s working. Alright so I want to start with the uh what’s that quote that we just heard? That um “Violent delights have violent ends.” Umm I just read today, that’s from Shakespeare Yup, there is actually a lot of shakespeare quotes threaded through OK. Mariah. Do you want to go first? What are you thinking? oh no no. I think that uhh a guest I should let you guys take the lead and I’ll jump in anyway. I think it’s appropriate As a WOMAN you should come after us (They both laugh) he’s kidding you know that I know Don’t say stuff like that man, she is going to hate you (She laughs) She does not hate me..umm so..we wait..what did you guys think I think that it confirmed a lot of widely circulated fan theories Like what? Time travel…bro well well you know like 30 years in time later The idea that Bernard is Arnold was circulated. Really? that was a theory? yeah it was actually really widely circulated through several different outlets I had no idea about that one The negative space in the photo that’s originally shown by dr. Ford to Bernard sort of raised some questions and I think the only theory left to confirm is the parallel timelines 30 years part No. I think i think what the Deloris sees at the end..is William well..he doesn’t confirm it right but she is like “William?” and he walks in and her..their exchange hold on. what? there’s that there’s a fan theory that the two timelines are happening at the same time which are 30 years apart and so the original timeline of course being Logan and William coming to the park in a position to be investors or owners in the company that sponsoring for its research and in the park itself and then the later timeline of William having gone “Black Hat” the way that they call it and turning totally evil and terrorizing Dolores and the other residents and it’s been sort of supported by various characters showing up in different timelines like the the host that originally greets him in the chestnut episode that sort of welcoming him to the park is now this like prostitute double agent for the the ghost nation and things like that so what’s the ghost nation? The ones that have the horns on their head right! yeah like Wade’s…not Wade’s Wyatt Wyatt’s man and that same lady was in that church Dolores goes into that’s fine though I But that’s fine though, I mean I’m okay but that doesn’t mean it’s 30 years apart though But it would make sense and I feel like they’ve been dropping episode or hints all season I feel like the you know the older guy with the black hat and William have a lot of especially in this episode when William likes you know changes a little bit right he you can see the same look the same pauses and stuff when he walks around her talks or the way he carries himself anyways I think it’s William have the same knife. I saw that picture online Really? see..that’s one I didn’t notice so go you But that could be just that maybe everybody had the same exact knife Except for thefact that when William is first welcome to the park he told that everything is bespoke and and made especially for him to his dimensions and well little things like that also the idea that if you look back in the the chestnut episode, the second one, you’ll see the park is brand-new and there’s like this big gleaming escalator and then if you look in the season when they go into cold storage that same lobby area that’s decrepit and filled with water and so it shows like a big lapse in time and the logos are different I was i was just about to tell you guys the logos are way different They are so here’s a couple of things I don’t like about that theory because you know how in episode 1 and then maybe episode 3 or something ford is talking to one of the first ever ever hosts The one that can barely carry a conversation yes the guy with the whiskey shot that’s very robotic. yeah yeah I know

so isn’t that hosts supposed to be 30-years-ago-host? and until now they are more natural? yes I totally know that and it would make no sense with if if the story with the two younger guys William and his friend Logan all the hosts are awesome but uh I don’t remember the main..the Anthony Hopkins character. Ford..Robert Ford he he does he keep saying like you know you I think he said in this episode for 2 to 3 years they were just in the park closed park to just study the the hosts make the matter so it in three years you can probably fix a lot of things ok I’m pretty sure they say that Delores is actually the oldest host Right. They do say that so she might have been upgraded since then right okay i do believe that there’s a timeline difference because i think that the selling point for me was that logo mmm their logos completely different and then they add an investor name to the bottom of it That’s right there was a completely different logo they’re all right we all know that the black hat guy later on is really independently wealthy and that’s a lot of leeway because he’s part of the company are right it’s definitely your board we find out later in this episode. Yeah So I’m okay with the time difference i feel like i was an obvious one now, right? like that’s not even a theory it’s there’s a time difference because now you mentioned that as that elevator thing because it was in this episode 2 and that the Hyperloop was in the same elevator shot so you’re right it is the same greeting area so that is true but my question is I know right my thing is is it possible that it’s so far in the future because it’s something i was reading on reddit a couple of days ago that it’s so far in the future that there’s no longer any pure humans left What you mean so far in the future? like like why just 30 years is what I’m saying oh I see what you mean because we we have not seen like the real world we we’ve just seen. so maybe maybe it’s in like the 2400s and Everybody is on some level like a host like some at some level mechanica I do have a. whats the word? umm A theory that actually runs counter to that I got a fact check if you will But that Robert Ford was involved in the original opening of the park itself and he’s still alive in this allegedly later timeline so it would have to not be so far in the future that it would be like after forwards alive ok so I do agree with that and that’s probably the only reason it will be true in the end of the show but my thing is A if we go so far in the future when we can replace parts of humans with mechanical parts are better this is gonna turn into a and he still rages externally though like don’t you feel that if you could like stop the march of time as it were that you wouldn’t just physically stop at like your internal organs that you’d also.. prevent yourself from aging May they didn’t figure it out until he was this age Maybe now he’s a hundred years old being old like that right remember they said they’ve changed the way they build the bodies of the host right that first are problematic and now they’ve come up with this natural way where it’s like bloody at the top and this still mechanical at the bottom right? yeah and I thought that was actually really confusing because he says that their humanity saves money and i think that it would actually probably be cheaper to keep them robotic inside like I would feel like it’d be a huge upgrade to make them more lifelike which it doesn’t match either way because you have the opening cinematic like oh excuse me the only credits? the hosts are built that way are they? they are because it home in enforce office there is one being built that way constantly isn’t there? Right but its just that like the muscular truly if you look at the muscles and the tendons and the connective tissue sure i could get that when you talk about like internal organs and the fact that they actually pump blood and the fact that they have liked twitches and things like that I don’t know I feel like it’s a little bit more advanced? ok so so I feel like Ok so so I feel like your theories… the timeline thing at first I absolutely told me Remy that’s not true but i believe that but why do you think it’s Will? why do you think will is Black Hat? because they at the very at beginning are talking about how the park is new like Logan and William seem to have a different frame of reference for for the existence of the park itself than the man in black does later on right? like he seems to be almost like cocky or I know it’s not the right word but like sort of arrogant in his familiarity with their world right? like that he’s sort of Lords it over them at every possible opportunity interacting with the hosts that “I’ve been here before and I know you and I’m superior to you blah blah” and if you go back. Who Logan? black pieces are becoming your 30-year yeah right haha and yes yes like this in

real built man yes mi similar build actually like and I think that it’s it’s sort of like the the arc that we seen so much storytelling now especially with like the days of the anti-hero right like Tony Soprano is the first major HBO into here all we’re seeing through breaking bad and all of these other series that have subsequently appeared that we don’t like are our heroes to be shiny and perfect we like a main character protagonist it’s a little bit screwed up and I think someone kind of switching and doing 180 really fits that Bell so so that the whole 180 thing do you guys think he actually did do a 180 I think that he was just putting on an act i think he murders Logan in the parking that’s going to come to light I have a feeling that’s gonna happen because also noticed that the bullets like later on when he’s the man in black the bullets bounced off him it’s a lot harder to hurt him right if you watch like the first or the second episode actually where are ya William gets shot or somewhere in the second order w it he feels that he’s like a big bruise and he’s like knocked on his ass and so on God many that they’ve really adjusted the host to be less harmful to the guest house I don’t notice that when did that happen I every watch these several times they’ll go watch it sunday night and watched again Monday morning with fresh eyes just to kind of you have met so sure we’re getting comments somebody said don’t call me Bill anymore which I think was part of the episode and then somebody else said logging is the same knife to stab Dolores that Billy used to carve out the rebel soldiers that the men in black uses don’t think Billy anymore that’s also we have people that love don there’s 18 people watching on the high is a camera yeah so wait the knife thing we were just talking about that earlier date they are using the same knife but somebody i was reading on read it says maybe the there’s a standard-issue knife that they give to all the soldiers for example like this like if those soldiers are Confederate soldiers they did have centered knife that was handing out to folks that may have changed yeah but wouldn’t go to the trouble like in the production why would they go to the trouble of putting i did thats all like on purpose think about it it’s a big show big budget yet I mean read that at this point it kind of show like this doesn’t put anything on screen other than to put it on screen so people like us go crazy with our thumbs hi Michael ok I Michael said hi again that’s very rude hey by the way I want to find out how you because ball if that’s the same guy an eagle all the hair look at you and I putting down there and he was running money check your drinking water out of the starbucks cup anyway sorry I of subject morning i get a cappuccino and a nice water nice i drink this all day um so I dammit that if that theory is true and we know it the episode before the finale than what the fuck is the point of finale well you know in Game of Thrones like it’s been known that the episode before last something good like drastic happens yeah game of thrones yet are we should do this weekend with the sleeves right behind that so that I think there because people love to watch before last episodes because it’s becoming a trend that something crazy happens then so something we learned a lot in this episode but there’s an art and stuff and and who knows what’s gonna happen next episode I just hope it’s even bigger of a guy I hope it’s probably gonna be a massive cliff hanger because you know that’s what they do now today hi Andy did it get it for season two so that makes me wonder where there are going now because I feel like this would almost be like a perfect series it was contained to one season you know they just build our eight or ten solve episode well like this amazing storyteller acta de novia the the newer the the young chick that took over that’s kind of bitchy but she’s cool spot she she tells the guy this is my wife she tells the guy in the black hat something along the lines as dot you know the owners of this business want to take it further than just this world so maybe next season is going to be different kind of world or you know maybe in the future that’s what we’re trying to do any military application obviously is the logical next step if you look at the way that humans behave i think it’s going to destroy is going to grow huge like that like she said the military and something windy / lightweight human no I agree that the hosts are going to be the goal because they’ve mentioned quite a few people have mentioned there’s something there they have a goal for the host to be other than just what’s in the west-world thing because they want to use that technology for something else but I think the show is ever going to leave like westworld so where did they go from here and only if you if you show all your cards season what do you have left my initials a lot like I really wish you two were more into video games because this like it parallels to of this story and the

portal story are really called portal portal is great yeah yeah yeah yeahs use the hose through place for old people dad I agree with because i do think that is that is my theory what his future world I don’t know but that’s a good name for it uh oh it’s um did theory that eventually host will take over the world I think that could be like that could be so that’s that’s AI taking over the world sure why not inside you is a good thing is that sort of like a utopian future where no one gets sick and no one ages is that sort of like I’m not familiar with future world someones you hate me having a future world is a second movie I never saw the second movie what’s the second movie read the comments left but um West was the movie back in the day yeah like Western psych way except it’s different now because in that humans were the good guys so future world is a sequel to this movie this old movie apparently that’s awesome we have homework to do any mattress where it’s going to have taken find can lure Lucy’s listeners are educating us on this thank you very much difficulty appreciate it ok we’ll watch it and what we can come back and talk about yeah it does i haven’t showered yet after I wonder if we can find it anywhere and and me masab on my hint hunting some shit and they have same robot designs all this is awesome i’m so excited we have a movie date coming up i guess i guess we proceed me are you coming too or is it just me my drink your job you guys should really watch leftovers yeah I watched it there have you yeah I did I actually am I lost interest partway through 02 I don’t want to give anything away but i’ve lost interest partly through the main character reconnecting with his wife when she’s in that cult right yeah after that I was just sort of like ok these people are all awful and terrible things happen so we how many seasons are us i don’t know i just remember watching like binge watching it really because I was so fascinated with it and I reached a point where I just felt like I couldn’t handle how dystopian that future was and I didn’t want to be part of it anymore maybe satin so I want to go back to West world that arm it seems like there’s something much bigger because a lot of the other hosts are we have realized already that they keep waking up after they die mhm it like a section and I do think it was spread through that voice code of violent delayed spring violent ends because she whispers it to write another host in that it was that comes out of order Arnold that put this neck and to what extent assorted actually what extent is for actually controlling Bernard who thought that he was right on his own what’s the word I’m I don’t know I can’t remember the word right now so what that’s another thing I understand you know the whole dramatic thing with for killing making for not killing so-and-so is that supposed to be dramatic because don’t they just get rebuilding kinda relaxed now well yeah but i think four is the only person to know that Bernard is a is not it’s a robot that means everybody’s gonna be like oh my gosh Bernard is dead they’re not going to fix it because I think the thing is human so it might be the end of Bernard / Arnold for reals no I think it’s also that for has a god complex and I think that him asserting himself dominance so you think these guys are you the audition Bernard absolutely because I feel like he enjoys having sort of a capacity dress fitting and he doesn’t have to get involved and he also can’t help but marvel at his own brilliance and creating burn art he seems to me like the kind of person that’s going to get like you know burned by the Sun because he goes to close like he just sees this genius flickr and he had to get closer to it maybe he’s like 200 years old but right I think you might have already gone too far what about doesn’t know right what about the two you know the the funny the two funny like you know guys that helped what’s-her-name the leader of the prostitutes are made for Terry and I sucker remains but who are funny guys the two scientists guys that you know keep it does anyone else think that he likes investors really really funny because those are old loony toons name is anyone else was there man out there in YouTube land because i think it’s pretty awesome feeling listen Spencer says i stir stir but anyways back and why do they keep helping her like I mean they’re just fascinated with what what’s going on with the one of them feels threatened and everyone feels fascinate every right yeah made it that’s that’s enough i guess i guess i don’t know if i still think it’s pretty thin like I think this is this point but she’s asking them to do is so out of

left field that look for them to lose their jobs or even for them to get in and severe trouble because of what they’re allowing her to do or enabling her to do is it’s a big deal is let’s take a quick second to thank everybody who’s watching us right now yeah this is pretty cool thank you though there’s like I think the fact to 10 second delay yeah but nina hasn’t figured out how to make that not how there’s no shopping gosh it’s YouTube good job youtube go you to thank you for this platform yeah I guess so so so maybe is in the same timeline though as old fort right no I believe that means in the we haven’t seen them together but I mean this could blow the lid off everything like YouTube I’m sorry HBO loves I’m kind of getting you to a point where you think that you know the answer and then saying haha like yeah your theories are wrong cell right well what it would say let’s look at both things who doesn’t make sense for her to be in you know the beginning of the park like 30 years ago if that theory of the you know what she’s going through now because she wasn’t the biggest her awakening right are awakening I who knows maybe it’s the third time line that’s happening in the middle somewhere maybe because it’s really hasn’t been tied to anything else we’re just seeing all these robots kind of having their awakenings maybe like HBO’s in it and isn’t a really potential place to to shatter our dreams if we find out that moves uprising is quelled and it’s called so far long ago that it doesn’t matter at all and that she just goes back to being at the Mariposa I think that would be really depressing but I also wouldn’t put it past the creator’s yeah to do that to us because if if Bernard is a different was a holster is a host whatever do we have no time to say nobody else is not a house we don’t have any confirmation either way I mean there’s series even that say that for himself could be a highly elaborate house that would put that would like that would like mean someone else’s on top of that right but it again it’s a gag that you can use like once I feel like if HBO falls into the trap of using this over and over and over of you don’t know whose human and that eventually just loses its impact kidd right right right look if like it’s like em night Shyamalan like that he does so many to us at the end of the movies that there are no longer that interest right unfortunately yeah like stick to one really really good one and leave it alone yeah okay so so here’s my question if maybe even possibly even at the same time as the future war dads and let me add that maybe that is at the same time as Bernard because they interact so it is at the same time true right so does that mean made no matter how smart she gets or know how elaborate her scheme get she still has that back toward at four can just happen to have any point just so i guess so yeah yeah because if he can control Bernard and Bernards in control of the other BOTS or whatever then yeah that puts him in a superior position ok I would be surprised if the next episode ends with with the Maeve getting really close and arts starting starting off and then not Bernard Ford and then for like it makes everything ok again you know in his own world so he’s not doesn’t feel threatened or anything and maybe the cliffhangers going to be like Dolores maybe it’s still like or that they we can maybe put her back in her loop and literally the last scene of the last episode the season is it’s her waking up again and going out to paint and everything is back and you have new people in the park yeah we’ll see what happens good i got to say i love that first episode Dolores and episode 1 is one of my favorite things ever her everything how architects story was amazing where she comes slowly more and more self-aware to sleep by little to do with the point where she smashes not fly mhm yeah I by the way I didn’t notice the fly thing first watching at all it’s for a second watching inotify think I was like a whole my gosh the fly right when they deliberately position flies around like that the host to to show that they couldn’t hurt anybody right because I noticed when I fly landed on the sheriff he almost had a stroke like the guy broke down it’s all twitchy ya got this ok it again like watching things on second viewing I feel like yields a lot more answers because it’s like you know what to look for so if you have these preformed theories i guess that I mean it’s unscientific it’s actually the antithesis of scientific theory that you search for things to support your you know your conclusion instead of yeah your thesis right instead of working the other way around and letting the evidence sort of grow its own story very interesting so i’m i’m intrigued now because I don’t know who is it it’s only named Lisa something that’s still writing or involved quite a bit

I don’t think Christopher Nolan’s brother is heavily involved anymore just probably with me same as JJ Abrams so whoever’s writing at this lisa lady she’s kicking ass so far she’s a really good i mean is weak he said that you felt like this was written by a child the dialogue I still don’t like because I’m saying obvious things that I think they’re going to say like more right but once again though their hosts and they’re programmed that’s true if that’s meant to be that way then then I will concede then yeah when they’re given certain attributes but that mean for all Ark of you know it’s not like did you guys ever watch lost lost got to the power that they literally every episode they’re just changing shut up by that’s why it did lost did not keep me for more than a few episodes right but this doesn’t see if seemed like you had the same feeling like it seems like they have shit planned out quite a bit right i did read once that they stopped filming actually for five episodes then in order to allow the writers to figure out their direction for the show for the show and so I think it’s entirely possible they sort of an open pandora’s box and then all these opportunities presented themselves like where this story could when they really have to get together and find out a cohesive vision and especially of course really a monetary gain they need something that will last several generations and sustain itself because again you can’t show your cards in the first season I think it’s the kiss of death anything that people are going to lose interest and good there are other series that have fallen prey to this idea of the keep using the same gag over and over so they’re gonna have to have this bigger more elaborate picture in the background if they’re gonna let this the series sort of grow as yeah and I the show did like you said they liked the show’s this showed so many other cars already even with this right this could be like you know how you were saying this could be a could’ve Venice one season only show i mean they could make a two-season only show they have HBO with their just like two detectives they have no reason to continue more than what it is because now we pay to rewatch shows that have aired years ago oh michael says Lisa joy is Jonathan’s jonathan collins wife oh I don’t know that ok so this thing I think that true detective honestly became unwatchable just because the second season couldn’t live up to the first season I think that if second season of True detective would have been successful they would have obviously greenlit for for future seasons not good the first one was so good that was all going out and not related at all yeah they’re not really this is gonna get married have invested too much and character development so far american horror story is the same kind of thing where the same format ok but it’s the same format right uh where it’s a different season different feel every time and there they’ve been successful there on you know six seasons I think right now so i think that you detective honestly just ran into steam and I unfortunately credit a lot of that Thun spawns performance I’m sorry season two is good isn’t Chili’s I felt that when people died in that show ya the last episode was good I enjoy is Johnson’s wife might be totally and guys yeah oh yeah I need and also gaming as a gaming you and I are on the same page so well I guess we’ll find out hopefully next week and if we don’t have to sit in suspense and if you guys a like sense8 because me man I and Mariah are super excited that music coming out we know they’re actually like today I I got him into sensate i was actually the one that watched it first I know this yeah don’t remember yeah that got a recast Kathy its which kind of I don’t know he’s like do we have sunshine of that just such a horrible sign for show but I know because you know it’s a horrible sinus massage I’m but I hope not and again i read online today that they they’re not sure obviously no ensure i guess except the creator’s if they recast him and reshot the scenes that did already been shot with the original actor or if they just changed actors happy though so what did feeling for a long time but here’s the thing before we forget him before we end it this whole William being men in black thing I get it i’ve seen the pictures when they’re next to each other anybody have an aspirin and I get all those things I just don’t see the connection between this will and the men in black that’s what makes this show interesting because now they can everybody if that’s the case if they keep proving if they keep showing like details that show that they might be the same person I want to find out how correct character development happens without go how does it become what they can see the beginning of it when he did I want to help that one soldier you thinking of it when he kills the whole you know army in this last episode no no you’re thinking of Teddy different character no no what we write the young William loses a shit

is not getting as it is what he doesn’t help that guy who’s like dying of thirst like he is so wrapped up in in fulfilling his own desires just to run off in the sense that with Dolores that he’s willing to leave a robot but still a man right who is dying and doesn’t want to give him water like that’s the beginning of i think a big turn and his yeah maybe but like he I think he’s there to like catch the bad people in charge because I think William is if he’s a good guys like we’ve seen him and he becomes men in black that means man likes a good guy unless you completely changed many black is a good guy on the on the outside world like I think that in one of the episodes two guys want to go to him and thank him for like their foundation oh yeah that’s nice like he’s obviously involved in big philanthropic efforts and he’s very financially successful then why is he in the game for what is he why what is this game and what does this mean that that’s the big thing that we figure out what event is it that hooked him and also what event is it that turned him because if he is the man in black which is a theory that I wholeheartedly support uh I want to see what that big event is that makes him one eat because he adores Dolores with such passion and attacks her so violently Wally I mean doesn’t he just kind of rapper in one of the episodes but i’m saying is that he gleefully willfully just is awful to her in his later years and we agree that the episode that was tonight is not the trigger for the 180 right I I think so yeah I think what it is something bigger has happened and I think it has to get them to Lord because they do whatever I don’t think it’s a trigger for 180 because Dolores gets cut up right and he’s like oh no I like that girl don’t hurt yourself yeah and there’s like I think that honestly damage if I had to think far enough ahead and no offense to gentlemen present but i think that looking into the rudimentary idea of the male psyche is that if they reboot for some reason Dolores while they’re still in the park indoors has no recollection of him and perhaps turns to another suitor obviously Teddy would be an eligible candidate right because she is hardwired to want Teddy that it turns him in his jealous rage he realizes that she’s unfaithful would really should just following her directive right and that might be why he study so much and why he’s willing to viciously attacked the wars so yeah Michael’s right we’re not sure we raped her like what you usually takes her into a barn actually invited him and yeah right down don’t know because maybe maybe William if he if he is men in black maybe he’s trying every time he goes to work he tryna make her remember things because he’s new witness to remembering things and maybe in this last like the look they had at the church the last scene there in this last episode she says william before she sees them she’s small she’s hopeful lets him and in a way she traveled in time because you know she she does that with a brain like she’s tapping two remember yeah and so the look that William more men in black gives her it’s a happy counter look and probably next episode he’s gonna dig in a be able to communicate on what’s going on with you know the bigger picture the park is what I’m hoping for because they go into the cemetery in the preview and stuff like that could be interesting so here’s the thing as far as writing goes my thing is when you set something up so big right that this guy is men in black you’re gonna have people like us who’s gonna fill in that gap with your own expectations of what the gap what the connection is going to be and for sure this is the case let’s figure out how to get to touch no matter what the next episode is no matter what the events are that’s going to make will the men in black it’s gonna be a letdown based on millions of people’s expectations of what they want that connection should have been so the existing I think the best thing for them to do is to make sure that’s not the same guy that I think that would be the biggest what I think what they’re gonna do is they’re not going to approve any time soon that it’s the same guy they’re gonna leave that open up in the air are so that people watch next season which has been affected like if you like a game of thrones and who is jon snow’s parrot story like that’s something that people pretty much know her seasons is this little baby thing where I’m excited about right now like who do you mean by people I literally found this out when Remy told me at the end of the last well if you read the books like I did it was kind of a parent when I really obvious i read all three inches away yeah i’m anxiously awaiting the winds of winter actually and I I was never a science-fiction kind of person and then Game of Thrones our Lord of the Rings got me in a game of thrones got me and I just fallen down the rabbit hole and I don’t want to go back I think it’s great so yeah aren’t you gonna watch the Rings again i am gonna watch later the Rings again for Christmas watch on nine hours so I the yeah it’s alright I’m over it now

moschino I publicly admitted this obviously on youtube it’s out there and I can’t take it back so sorry everybody he once you realize how important token was to our literature again it makes Lawrence a huge deal that I feel like I should watch it really watch it every year how much I can’t read the books well and it’s even like the way that it will use itself through pop culture like even listening to Led Zeppelin like the they talk about the mountains of Mordor and golem and all that stuff their music and so I think that it’s a cultural icon is well yeah yeah okay so one last thing doesn’t have to be last thing but Remy you said that will is kind of mean and messed up an inside but right you were mentioning things about the jealousy of Teddy one thing I realized that he never killed somebody out of meanness out of being like you’ve already know I’m William me back yeah cause he goes a little girl are you kidding he gets an experiment where he purposely guess to get an experiment to think I experienced something because I was right after he doesn’t know what we call is like a meaningful murder like that turn out like yeah it’s a robot you know so he doesn’t hear that’s why he would do that but still he’s done with their needs so he resets them that’s all he’s doing he’s resetting them so they can go back to the original thing he does that with them i forgot his mexican friend that he carries with him for like two episodes right skills right this is why i always oh that’s not approved at the time thing yes because he is mexican friend is also another character in the William and Logan storyline is correct is that there’s no no the ID and thing no I i think this is why i say thank you to google when i asked my pixel question good question i always say thank you and please you have a pixel i forgot i do you have a pic so i really love it but i always ask Google please and I always say thank you because one day when the machines become self-aware hope to be spared yeah you need to convince your husband of this because i do think we have a couple of issues coming up and we won’t get into this this is in our discussion but over the next hundred years one of the biggest problem we’re gonna have is how it’s going to treat a I because it should always be courteous I think that’s like it’s a practice just like the way that Barnard says that the the hosts are always interacting with each other i think that we should always say please and thank you even in small private conversation she does that with a pixel what I just said because I think that it’s beneficial to to make sure that were consciously cultivating kindness and it was mad alliteration but i think it’s true you’re good good thank you for being so kind hey whatever not important comment what if the host that are in a cold storage could be programmed do you guys think they could come back yes a good question and they’re actually uploading and divorces old father with information in an attempt to smuggle him out of the park which we didn’t hear anything about in this episode of dollars right but he’s going to have to be passable as a human in order to make his way out of the park so they are a date they said they pass the Turing test the hosts have already passed the Turing test which is deterring turning whatever Hardware you pronounce it that’s the test that you get the AI is possible right you’ve all passed that but if he has been say like he’s been scrubbed ride and all of that his his directives are gone and he’s just basically we got a hardware component without any software uploaded just right he’s a blank slate and are they gonna be able to pull this off i don’t know but there’s also the part where what’s your name again via the new hot a director with a black dress when she meets with men in black right when he’s about to like you know right die from hanging and saves himself he she tells him about this thing this plan that they have that he’s in onto which is securing Lee taking the information out right is already knows about what you doing kill or they’re gonna they’re gonna fire forward eventually it’s in their plan that’s the plan but that means men in black one sapphire Ford but he’s also in cahoots with the the new management that’s trying to like being information out of the park rusty what happened probably played military all that stuff is really not exciting for me i don’t really you don’t you don’t think that company i think there’s sir interesting yeah I think they’re setting it up for uh no I think company politics are interesting i think political like a thriller stuff is really interesting but I’ve been in corporate America for a long time that shit does not happen if the company wants something they just take it you haven’t we have a new question for Matthias right there makes them it’s like 40 meters cara cara hoping that right once know why nobody’s paying attention to Maeve i know and i think that’s a really good question in that she’s been given a lot of leeway where other hosts would have been immediately you know I’m shut down and take it out of the park and brightly sent off to cold storage is it did you

ever heard the story do you think yeah I mean that’s it that might be hiding i can be a different timeline but why I just why did those two guys letter lyrics investor ya again it’s a it’s the idea that was in fear was fascinated by still think that adds a certain point you look at self-preservation and you don’t want to lose your job anything that Sylvester’s a penalty or punishment for having sex with a host would be much less severe than his penalty for all of the subsequent infractions so I don’t there’s got to be a point where he’s got to go you know the original gets totally she was not his Morse trying to save this like a blister reputation reputation because what he’s doing right now is he’s gonna like Jay he’s jeopardizing jeopardizing the whole company right yeah and his career as well so it’s just sort of adding on it’s piling on what’s already awful that’s like when you make a mistake and you keep making more mistakes cover yeah hold obviously this is also yeah hold on matthias i think one reason that they could be not paying attention to her because she said she’s changed things but she hasn’t told anybody what she’s changed its only one of the it’s only the other guy that helped her that knows exactly what she’s changed the one thing that she’s she could have changed simply turn off her tracking so she’s no longer showing up at the radar of doing should within the within the map yeah I think sure yes go go touch on this house a gaming thing because that’s genius I didn’t do I think be no security I candid trees and wait i think means sorry house gave me just give us a second yeah she’s saying that maybe as part of part of forge new storyline I see that brilliant this time yeah i think that if he’s smart enough to sort of set all his little puppets against one another I feel like having them do the dirty work is certainly for will get out is what would he have one of the hosts kind of wake up like that because I think that it’s ups the ante and I think that it makes the perception of risk higher for who the guests yeah yeah but she at her goal now is to get out of the park with as many people as she could she not be his answer to the idea of them uploading information at the park perhaps that he’s got like a silent partner on the outside who is interesting made to so that may be that may be the bigger picture honestly is that if they’re gonna find if they’re gonna be in data out of the park that made herself will carry the same data out and give it to a competitive entity to sort of keep for division alive even if he were to be fired or killed or whatever no no doesn’t that’s intriguing yeah how the gaming what do you do you guys know what he means by did you guys notice the security guy counted to see Theresa deathbed in the theater I’m doing and I think that that the counter is it couldn’t couldn’t see 3 is a deathbed in the theater when she follows down the ravine or whatever i don’t know i think that that the Hemsworth guy has a lot of suspicions around the park and I think that it’s very telling also that even as much as he trusts that the handlers controlled the hosts he still carries a weapon we’re going to go into the party I’m which by the way i really liked a character i really like the actor and the thing is i don’t know if they have this episode 12 or whatever but in this episode every gun that they’ve had the tip is orange right yeah right which– switching real-world mean some toy guide oh yeah yes yeah I I don’t know either but I hi John thanks for your question that’s he’s got a good point what anyone else other than four notes that were not the same as Arnold I feel like most certainly yeah of course I feel like that the the big waves would certainly know it but i think that he is such a new staff I think the move the turnover is really high or they have some sort of arrangement because just for everyone as a citizen Omar because I maybe before it is such a megalomaniac that he has to surround himself with the subservient you know like trucks oh no oh yeah we’re gonna lose a lot of your feelings but my question is like you know when he killed when were not killed on Teresa yeah they should be paying back and there was another host being built in the same room yes if they had Matri to come back in the next episode as a host able to answer a lot of questions but they didn’t and she’s just sitting you know dead somewhere right so instead of choosing the community out I do have somewhat of an answer to that I think that for wanted to threaten the board and i think that there was a very interesting exchange between him and the other young board director I think she is and the young lady I can’t remember her name is Charlotte by the way Charlie if you guys are talking about the attractive black lady what’s your name back to start that she yeah totally sure I mean no she’s definitely not attractive

my wife was a mother hello ok I think that Charlotte maybe and in Ford have have to have this little tete-a-tete and he recommend area he said that in the past they’ve had this some difference of opinion before him in the board and that they do periodically sort of tease him I we have a few good comments for men in black nose Arnold according to met yes which maybe I’ve missed it but no he’s commenting on Arnold for okay and which means he would know any ok so and then the house of gaming has another one for his brother which is homework dancer at the eldest Emsworth uh saying that he could be a hosted because you didn’t see the signal you can really hear does seem kind of dump as a character the character yeah the security guy but the security guard picked up on uh sorry I was being used doesn’t look Dom okay I’m sorry he picked up on a Bernard / Arnold’s relationship for dalliance with Teresa so he’s aware observed true this job but no I think that it’s right that to point out whenever one of the the park employees doesn’t notice something that should be glaringly obvious I think that’s really great I to point out because it does sort of draw this line of like you didn’t see that you know it should have been very aware of an apparent so but the thing is like that security guy like you you know rain when you say he’s done like the thing with security like if you’re at the operations of any kind of security position like you’re good at what you do all right you don’t need to be good at anything else I know almost required not to be good anything else because you have to apply all of that to be good at observing people at all you know he’s not down those just say he does seem like you might be right i don’t know by yeah exactly are playing I think a little physical way like you know when we all kind of saw like okay Bernard seems kind of like a robot before we knew for sure that he was planning programs great was really obvious before 40 even pointed out that every time he’s thinking he does that thing with this class and you know what this shows doing a lot right before you know about to learn something you have like huge that it hints at it like that i’m talking a minute before it happens you know what that could be because our culture as a whole is going through it towards gamifying everything meaning get another game isn’t it like a video game a game as in you’re interacting with things and you’re rewarded for doing things right doing that it’s making you it’s knows everybody’s has Theory so it’s dropping those hands right before it happens so you can be like get those my theory and should happen oh I’m so smart like yeah you want to watch the society controls right obviously there’s something really important happening at seven p.m. on sunday evenings that were not focusing on which by the way this is the first show that I hate watching shit every week i would much rather just spend a whole day watched 13 hours of show but this is the first one that actually one watch it i’ll talk about it for when the remaining week the water cooler talk and you come back to this one game it doesn’t do that to you not really oh my goodness no that’s because I love Game of Thrones i would much rather watch all of it in one sitting then the whole bullshit thing we’ve watched one episode have to wait or this is that what’s going on I like that I’m energy like that better I’m starting to like that better like the you know the schedule that’s like I like this routine me and her love to sit down and watch Westfall together or we we purposely will ration things out we watch stranger things we limited ourselves to one episode tonight because we wanted it last year which was saying so difficult because we both were sitting there at the end of each episode just really just chomping at the bit to watch the next one we’re so excited to see what happens but i think that drawing it out and making it last was actually a better move yeah and give us a chance to really talk about our theories what’s gonna happen is on HBO works yeah I guess that’s how you show on amazon work on netflix does what I mean to flipping us off and netflix thing differently who’s the person that sign up with the user Arnold when LLC discovers that place what holds you know the place where else he gets taken back by bernardo because she looks up and she goes are not like she’s looking for Arnold and she’s asking if he’s there ok my ps4 called Arnold she asks like your knowledge is like and what is your good materials don’t worry about it no it’s okay I I feel you man my English sometimes is not so well english-as-a-second-language so are you ready yeah the work so so wait if I didn’t notice that i don’t mean I might have noticed i remember it but if Elsie did call out for Arnold that doesn’t make sense because she calls up or not the whole show because she she asked questioningly and the same it’s the same sort of incredulous like our know that Bernard says to himself when you use confronting forwards big family he asks like are you Arnold like everyone is looking for Arnold so I think I’ll just put himself to find a way to put

consciousness in some of these some of these robots and now they’re waking up like Dolores’s and I think he’s was able to put some of himself within these things maybe maybe a piece of his freaking grains who knows had the awesome i want you back like the whole lot of amazing about about what consciousness is and how I gathered but I’m kind of intrigued which but what I’d really like the fact that this show has a female writer and a female director for quite a few other episodes and the main characters quarter of them are females like they’re strong female leads every shot on this strongest female lead that they have their spending the least amount of time on which is made like she’s she’s like turning this whole place upside down but they are care about Dolores yes i do that feeds into unfortunately the cultural stereotype of the malting flower sweet girl sure I girl that needs to be rescued yeah and even that she said she doesn’t need to be rescued she keeps finding herself in situations where she’s not in charge you know she’s always we believe looking around going someone help me someone tell me what’s going on and maybe is like screw this i’m a charge which is hard for us to adapt to the society it’s a good thing but it’s gonna take some time I would almost be okay if if those characters they had swapped the actors em because i’m intrigued by both of them so let’s see what the other side is yeah I just don’t think it would be a real mind fuck if they find out that in the end maybe that’s just for it up it no doubt debt I’m really intrigued by that but a possibility of this whole thing happening because Ford wanted to security finds LC signal from the pad and doors for his brother went to investigate but when he got to the location you can see any Indians think he knows Oh like maybe he’s see maybe there’s a body there or something that he couldn’t see because they’re not allowed to see their own maybe that’s a date yeah yeah Robert is everything I did that Robert does know about Maeve Brent and I think it supports the idea haha LOL there’s one in every crowd had all welcome everybody welcome um no I think that Brent make for ya for knows about me but i think it supports the idea that he’s using her to smuggle information out of sort of his own backup to sort of counter the backup that corporate is doing now I need to get point which you know what’s funny about this whole backing up thing sit down Mitchell fuck up the interesting thing about the whole backing up thing is you mean although the guests right people like Bill Gates people like like Elon Musk all these smart people have been talking about this at least for the past year that if something like AI is built it needs to be cut off from the rest of the rope so that’s it you mean they’ll get your having a parent like not as far as a security thing like you have to like it needs to be built in a clean environment needs to be kept in a clean environment you have not access to the internet so that makes sense like not talking about it what do you mean human ever opens the door and inch and a is going to open it alright it’s a little bit off and I don’t think that were were trusted as humans to appeal to our better angels and keep it under payment if you guys don’t know there’s a famous youtuber named cgpgrey he has he has a podcast 11 episodes he talks about AI and he they mention the fact that yes the if if we’re going to build consciousness into computer at any level yes it needs to be built in a clean environment where it’s cut off from the and everything else because it does propose some sort of a risk if there’s a risk involved but he says as long as humans involved in that clean room one human just like this William character is going to be enticed by the AI to just connect the TV into the internet and it will take off with some say i’m just really that just ignore it he feeds the know it’s like if you if you give oxygen fire gets bigger just ignore it alright so we’ve gone on for quite a bit i think we’ve gone for like 15 minutes 54 minutes wow thanks for thanks for just kickin it with those guys yeah thank you we appreciate everybody’s feedback and now please keep us keep us in the know if you have new theories because we’re we’re all hoping you’ll be back here next week at the same time so subscribe will try to go live right after the show next week so that would be we went live i think at eight-fifteen 820 will try to go live right after the show ends next week is also subscribe and we’ll be back on this channel next week thank you everybody one more question we want to

take it right before we say goodbye do you think the house recruited when the park was first opened more humanely yeah unless unless they haven’t they haven’t implied if Delores has been upgraded like as far as her built em when the did say that didn’t say that they had the park operational for 23 years before they had guests come over so within those three years they had to had you know make sure everything at what was working well John is talking about because the three years they upgraded and they made a more natural like they showed the dancing all those things but they were also implying that after the apartment life when guess we’re killing host it was just a pain to clean up and rebuild caso de restructure them ok I don’t know if all the hosts have been upgraded to that new build because I never mentioned if Delores had all been upgraded because they keep implying that yeah she’s pristine she’s old she’s no she’s who she is like they literally treat the Lord’s like his old lady didn’t want to thank you the regulations young body and they treat her like this yeah it was weird to me too that she had mechanical parts considering that we’ve seen how the the they’re being built with this cool white clay or whatever who knows we’ll see next episode I guess we learn more but this was fun guys yeah thank you everybody for participating we appreciate that what the phones their phone the tablet for small-town opens I’m sure that there’s so many people the console big man I my nexus 5x is like almost too big for me now but they don’t have BF now that we want to leave there’s more people talking about alright see my most used to be so beautifully you could open them up see everything confirms that nice yes that’s nice and firm anything but yes that’s nice alright friends I think it’s time for us and say hey thank you everybody subscribe will be back next weekend we’ll talk again about the prize old which is so one more one more Bernanke what’s gonna keep going it’s gonna keep going welcome Michael goodnight oh why is Lord not on any 1i sensation radar she seems to be traveling way off her circuit she’s traveling with hopes she oh by the way one more thing she’s trying to find she’s trying to find that church or something she went there the first time to meet the real Arnold did you guys notice I mean it’s pretty obvious maybe i just notice things like that are very obvious but when they’re walking in the desert and some of the past episode you see the top of that church that the Lord is that so heavily so forward you pass by one yeah four covers that up parts of the covers the whole town up so maybe they’re gonna dig down there to find some some access point anyways maybe thank you see you next week same time thanks everybody are you getting on because i actually want to talk to me but all right everybody all right by your closing this nema