Astronomy in South Africa

see some some life you don’t need everybody thank you for joining our instructions it’s a very special occasion terms of thinking about astronomy and happy to be in share this with you in cape town but also with our community around the country particularly the Astronomy community I think ever vested interest in this particular conversation that business here is initiated we are the lightest that we’ve come to this point I think it’s a combination of a long journey and hopefully the departure of a very exciting new journey into the future for sana so we hoping sounds that this will be the beginning of something great and it’s all look back on this event few years down the line and see their award that you’ve seen the rewards of the efforts that would be going to be putting out a couple of years dhat joined the United about three years ago when he was put in charge of a very very difficult the Astronomy restoration project before you Clea well and I think from my side but certainly I’m sure from the community side as well he is then it should be still good job terms of getting the conversations they come back and getting the momentum and the work back on track he just important for us to make sure that astronomy forces air when the interview to being held for the deputy CEO of astronomy many of you around the table were one way in one way or another involved in that process but I think it became clear to us in an interview process that nithya had won the confidence of the Astronomy community and had won the support of the Astronomy community in terms of the contribution you can make even if was elected to our fav this position and we equally delighted that joined us in a full-time capacity assignment not in a firefight FS when we forge ahead with the astronomy initiatives in this country course now that is yeah a full-time it means that the gannett have to her or Denise participation a little bit it would be you slightly is strategic and oversight he knives to dig his way in with operations and his aunt Vivian so I figure out exactly what’s happening different parts of the different business units of astronomy but I’m sure he’s completely competent to do that and we all look forward to seeing the results of his efforts pointed a very short while ago we thought it would be important than useful for him to share with the astronomy community as a point of departure for a conversation these views on what should be happening and also be happening in the sauna so nithya I think without any further review over to you and with the court to hear it what’s yep status thank you very much I’m allowed to spend this evening with you to show you my thoughts but my vision astronomy in South Africa and but first we let me thank this genre community is adequately leadership for the support that you’ve shown me in the confidence that you’ve had any other talk to you it’s not been in order to get the easy journey but I think we can look back and say we’ve done and rather well and that today we’re poised to something very special in terms of astronomy so thanks to to astronomy and certainly thanks to NRF within an RFLP has aggregate of support and particularly to velvet who sadly is really in our revenue will be heading over to the UK didn’t as you know in Alberta would like to wish you all the very best in your future endeavors I’m here to talk about my visions astronomy in South Africa this is being stream larvae alive and I’ve got to be close your microphone yes I’m kind of restricted to a point do bear with me can we get my presentation with thank you still up

good my vision astronomy thought I think I’m sure that if a scientist Sir was asked to speak on his or her vision for astronomy in South Africa the individual will give a very scientific presentation I’ve caught them not share the capacity of a scientist of now about to invest in a futile so I’m here they as a manager and and so I’m here to really speak component of view of being being a manager of astronomy with images the natural Research Foundation so the basis of my presentation is really along the lines of what I would like to achieve in the mid to long-term future in this drama terrain but because there are many different plays with astronomy in South Africa and you will know that all too well it’s a fart from there’s no other discipline that that has the attention of the government from the ministry in particular we’re very often you would have a minister engaging very directly with with senior astronomer in the community you don’t have that with other other scientific disciplines it strongly really has a very special place in the South African part of the care environment the many different place astronomy many different voices astronomy in south africa the director-general and you have many other individuals at the level of Deputy Director General’s within DST and other other officials as well let’s speak very eloquently about astronomy and digital within NRF we have been a record we have the executive we now have the strong Advisory Council the course abroad astronomy community has many different strong voices and strong personalities to expressing particular views around astronomy since this is where I would say that my role the way in which I see it is really long line what I would like he achieved in the mid to long-term future posts on amines are that we’re noticing very well that the many different strands that need to be poor together in two very large extent I see my job as a as a diplomatic one that said an extremely important aspect drawing the various different threads in the different conversations together to forge a common coherent view about astronomy in South Africa so my vision system is what I will be talking about but furthermore the whole concept of the sub agency is still a new one the sub agency has the tilt of agency is being used breathe freely today within the community within government but what precisely does that mean how is it conceptualize it’s to live imagine that we are formulating and under discussion and hopefully today to the course of conversations and we will continue in the future through town meetings and so on we will begin to firm up precisely what that means but by and large ring which I see this is that it’s the subway agencies still very much part of the NRF it is astronomy is managed as a separate program which is program 5 and it’s a holding structure in a sense because Minister pando in a previous time did advocate for the establishment of a separate agency when Minister honeycomb came and already said notice that the NRF board also had a view in said well lift if this astronomy up as a different agency with a view to being open and flexible and as the environment changes we will need to adjust accordingly so that’s the way in which I really sub-agency as a body that has the potential of eventually eating away from the NRF but hopefully enough of my time scale over the next five years I think that will be an enormous effort to do and you will know too well that’s setting up the sands of space ages it was a huge effort that recorded a lot of down time in terms of setting up systems and so on I think we still need to stabilize the environment and set up government systems and set them up robustly well enough before we begin to to think about a separate separate organization so if there’s one word that encapsulate my vision of astronomy in South Africa to word a difference given the large scale investments that we are that government is making in this very special discipline I think we can afford not not I think I know we can afford to being world class in particular niche areas whether it be it be particular science areas or engineering disciplines or choosing activities as well I think this this ring is coming very central that we aim to be world class in the in the subset of of activities that we choose to pursue within within the field of astronomy and along the line that I’ve indicated the research that we do the teaching human capacity development but also from the very very relevant in the context of today’s discussion from the point of view my being the deputy CEO also want the management system that they administered as we set up to being world-class and supportive of environment in which we are working because from this menu of excellence I believe that we can make the impact that

is expected of us from this logical investment in astronomy impactor that I oversee the socio-economic and political impact along the line that you know all too well with the Jets those issues are on transformation the extremely important so which human capacity development impacting on on our educational systems in South Africa we’re dealing with extreme difficulties and in terms of attracting bright young minds into the FTM as subjects in astronomy the importance means an important channel of genius after optimism is a useful term to think about it strongly gives Africa a real good opportunity to feel proud of its accomplishments and we have the geographic advantage of opportunities Donna me and by developing the discipline completely not just within South Africa but broadly within Africa we have the opportunity of retaining of reclaiming afro optimism which you could result in terms of astro optimism a whole range of other aspects as well so the real point is is is for us to pursue excellence in terms of astronomy in all of its battles when I talk about excellence I do really want to talk about quantifiable excellence from the point of view of the saw agency I want to be looking at this very carefully one sucks you really understand South Africa’s international standing in the field of astronomy not just something in terms of opinions but also in terms of quantifiable data so we want to defining the rich niche areas and developing developed critical mass around those niche areas and for us to understand the productivity around those missionaries I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be punitive I would think of understanding the productivity of a particular activities within astronomy as a means of of us understanding precisely houses that we ought to be directing resources are quite on the country if I think for example that is not sufficient activity in developing the RBI related time and we understand and appreciate the fact that this is extremely important in the context of the avian then clearly this is not something that we simply cut because there’s not sufficient activity quite in the country the opposite has to happen that we need to resources appropriately the only luminous quality research publications clearly across the entire system government is currently commissioned crest which is a Institute at stellenbosch center that looks at these various different metrics and assisting us to where we had did have a discussion on this at the last town meeting so you will know that est is already working on on developing system that will measure particular output astronomy and in Oracle continue with managing at and faces going forward on philippine number of graduates in the shop here in order is rated research is an extremely important parameter that I want to be monitoring particularly within our national facilities I want to encourage many more scientists to gain the NRA created with international national facility you want to have a more optimal use of our national facilities government 3 NRS is investing significantly in our infrastructure and really we do want our infrastructure to be utilized optimally obviously it goes without saying that our infrastructure also has to be current and relevant and keeping up with changing changing trends so the corresponding point to consider is that we must continue to invest and modernize our original developing is strongly very broadly within Africa and and I really thought that began in Africa warning excellent and and here the long-term strategic plan has an important role to play that process is coming to conclusion and hopefully by the end of this year we will have a final document the document is also final review currently with the community and I astronomy a bargee Council has been set up it’s a new innovation of astronomy it’s been in existence since the beggining of this year and it’s working marvelously I will say a little bit more about that later on but through the astronomy Advisory Council the sub agency will have optimal input and advice and supporting in the man in which the fish sandwich rolled out multiwavelength astronomy is an extremely important driving force of astronomy in South Africa the long-term strategic plan has the term multi-wavelength embedded in the title because things much more seriously about ways in which we will cooperate between the different wavelengths regimes to first approximation multivalent astronomy South Africa really refers to optical and radio but of course we have a small and bursting gamma ray community in particularly if the CTA doesn’t it come to namibia I think we need to support that particular activity as well but as a at an appropriate level I’d say a little more about that little later on

it as well but the other aspects of astronomy they groups of individuals working extra astronomy and collaborating with international grouping and we want to support that as well but there is no decree from in ERISA thou shalt do multi with astronomy a lot of folk really come to me and say you know we’ve jumped on the bandwagon you’ve heard this term and now everybody’s going to do this obviously multi-wavelength astronomy wait makes sense it’s noteworthy that if the CTA doesn’t it come to namibia or well currently we have heads which is the largest a gamma-ray telescope currently in a region of radius of about 500 kilometers we have the world’s largest gamma-ray telescope this southern hemisphere largest optical telescope and soon to be the world largest radio telescope surely we should not be working in solid we’ve got to work at a exploit that that advantage in terms of the interest infrastructure that we have but also in terms of the personnel in the capacity that we build around these projects so that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts so that’s what I’ve said there let’s go only if we looking at multivalent astronomy what are the pillars for multivalent astronomy so total this this this diagram here and in these blushes here really represent in many ways aside that the community the rage astronomy obviously is growing considerably that could be the case in the future if you worried about units is amusing I’m just calling these buckets of proton so that’s what astronomers are usually hustling for lots and lots of boat on this is just proper you officer examine for a moment because of always being a little bit of our deck along the way the ladies look at our other endeavors in terms of multivalent pastrami let’s look at our investment in international other international telescopes what are the person what is the possibility of South Africa investing in infrastructure outside the boundaries of South Africa well of course we’re doing that in terms of the ABN that is one project that we are building infrastructure outside our boundaries with the gallery telescopes in Namibia we have participated at a relatively low level but in principle we are contributing to the the operational varies at at in terms of maintaining that particular telescope and our commitments could well increase issues at CTA come come come to fruition in Namibia but bases are gonna run a little blog here meaning that i do not think that beyond those projects that i’ve mentioned that we have a great likelihood of investing significantly in a telescope project outside outside our boundary because that’s the change we have strategic partnerships developing what the india recently we’ve come back from a visitor union we are talking about infrastructural gold projects that could be at the level of instrumentation maybe not quite a telescope we tend to be rather gross all this baby but want our is nestled come along partner with us so long as the body the telescope’s enough in our backyard so I just wanted to mention it I do not see this as a huge growth area it’s natural open time though there’s an awful lot about our heads it turns out that have opened are many people to download it and I’m not so sure that we’re making good use of international auction time that does business including telescopes that belong to me though international archive those assess data that’s already being being processed in some with somebody else’s project really but data does doesn’t exist and very often data is reset it and good signs can be accrued from that especially be using utilizing which with those techniques are ways in which you can can monitor data so that holds an area that’s 11 can can exploit people will access to more formal photons from mobile program computational and theoretical though there are areas that i would like to see developed we are very strong computational groups that are beginning to develop to you in south africa and nesting area that I think has has a lot of people grow this come online radio optical in JAMA then before I leave I have highlighted optical as an area that it has been a historical advantage of course a optical Astronomy has there almost two hundred year history in in South Africa and once the ratio community has grown significantly aren’t fully aware that the optical community particularly SEOs is currently on the enormous financial stress and i would i would say i would say that this is an area that is receiving attention I believe that wall street is growing at a phenomenal rate we need to ensure that we do not undermine all or relegate our optical activities because that has historically been our strength you jump us are making our Africa good so even those are the different political multi-wavelength astronomy there needs to be some kind of glue that holds that together let’s just have a slow this a little bit i think if we focus on scientific problems before we begin to get hung up on instability in telescope issues then that is one way

in which we can ensure that we build a truly truly multireal community talk about the suns and let the science drive the interactions and collaborations and then go on looking for your your telescope facility that will enable you to to achieve that let’s go obviously you to the managers of the sub agency to forge multi with this coming and I want to secretly start with consolidated HDD I do not think that it helps us that we have a fragmented a TV program is if cave multivalent is kind of problem along there’s naps and a whole range of other things into the long-term strategic plan I expect that more funding will be available for fall for HDD including african development that comes through very strongly in the in the long-term strategic plan so consolidating all of that under one umbrella and have an APD astronomy role in a CD for optical separately from gamma separately from from radio would be with the desired out our colleges consolidating the signs engagement programs as well it does not help that the various international facilities are separately represented at the sands festival each year we need to have astronomy but presented and that’s much more efficient and much more holistic and cost-effective to our i would say having a more unified approach to our international engagement the devotional absorption already mentioned before it’s an activity that’s only beginning to take root it seems to be fairly how should i say that the different opinions on this and i’ve talked a good deal about this meant amongst many different folk there’s certainly a group of individuals that feel very strongly that this is the way to go and i support that idea is in principle I can see the usefulness of this and I would like to encourage that it’s led except that the virtual observed activities grow in South Africa this certainly a number of influential focus in different about this are normally earlier those who are strong components for this to work even harder to get your get the communities for behind you needless to say theoretical and computational astrophysics an important binding force for Maya multi-wavelength astronomy and they’re educated anything that is a matter that is currently being talked about a good deal that determines used rather loosely but large basically you’re dealing with terabytes of data he divides i suppose and peter scale computing and pitcher flux and all of that and and the tools that you need and the program that you and that you use and their whole concept of using data of such magnitudes are produced a different scale of challenges and of course the essay is consumed by that but so with the alice st and so with other other projects as well so just hitting our students in the area of big data would be would be very important the picture worth a thousand words that you can complete that sentence it comes to be is an extremely important are important means of of building up a multi-wavelength community because no matter what measurements you go out in the air go on to do in whichever wavelength resume that you choose to to work in you will almost always need to have spectroscopic data for a variety of different reasons whether these people of the distribution field or just the chemical composition of the gases that you looking at and that is that is one way i would like to see us having much more spectroscopic support for the radiation article in there is that the ability within South Africa let me come on over then to talk briefly about optical radio and gamma this is very much senator research as we all know I’d like to see that replicated elsewhere system especially in the way in which we set up our other natural facilities we will be looking very seriously in the near future will fit enough the South African radio astronomical observatory and chan is that have been set right here I would like to see continued in terms of focused attention on on a CD can’t engage with it so on even in the class SEOs concerned Oh optical Astronomy is concerned the the community is argued very strongly for a putting up the so-called gaps we have the one medical telescopes and we’ve been growing in and modernizing that way modernizing means that we replace some of obsolete equipment and of course we have 10 meters across telescope but that’s the soldiers obviously being overloaded with a number of jobs that could conceivably be done using a 4-meter craft telescope so this is an area that the rate of SEO Ted Ted Williams has has always fought very strong and we support the need for such a Bonita class telescope particularly if it can be couples and spectroscopic a lot of radio and gamma salt of is in a very fine state currently after many years of challenges

signs that they’re salted in a highly productive state some of the smaller partners are having a difficulty reaching the financial obligations and we would like and we’ve begun a process of planning for the medium to long-term strategic goals also salt in terms of improvement in strategic air grateful for the telescope currently the main challenges are securing the financial sustainability of the telescope and infinitely stronger commitment from all of us all partners we are currently seriously looking for a new major investing salt and government is actively engaging with its strategic positively in this regard the idea of a salt large telescope have the police durable telescope isn’t the offing it is something that we have talked about every great ideas go to start a great projects go to start up with an idea where the conversation next be real currently we certainly have the expertise to actually in South Africa to set up such a a telescope and in taps with one or two partners we could well we could well achieve this I don’t think that South Africa alone could it could do this but now they do I think it does an odd part our partners in the telescope of this sort would be would be very productive I think we’ve got to learn from experiences with our current soul so this is something that is only cars and I encourage the community to to think further about how this could put into the astronomy landscape in South Africa radiat showing me what can I say there’s an awful lot that there can see but let’s just kind of crystallized this down to a few basis point the goal that I have and I’m talking about my vision medium to long term is that will be built their commissions on schedule without hiccups that is a plan that to help music projects would be groundbreaking and transformational science that’s what we certainly expect and music will be maximally you so much for our essays on to surviving son in this regard that hope is that makeup will be integrated into sk at the breeze and learning role in at the very beginning let me give us something ordered 60 past eight years of quality sensors on on meerkat in so far this case concern the hope is that sample that sk will be fully funded and both them commission that asking for an awful lot for them just here to talk about the very high level issues related to the estate project i do think that we will have Nobel Prize winning I’ve quality science done on South African Solon and rapport with you to discovering that I yes not imagine the moment you develop a telescope of this magnitude removed us is a completely new regime in so far discovery the concern you want to find totally unexpected results are keen to understand what the International sk model is going to be that it’s still on the discussion that it discusses the tech space of a is gained national board but that will have ramifications it’s about the way in which we may roll out our radius phenomenal governance that still I the South African radius atomic absorption writing about it this k project i should mention it continues to be driven stategic ly by the DFT it’s really a very complex structure based in ras k is technically speaking and leaking speaking a project of the NRF all opponents are made by an RF reporting and so on and budgets approved by an RF but really DFC has a very strong hand in driving this because of the international dimension so there is a very complex matrix structure that is in place but as FK matures into a rage Islamic Courts of G so too will be with all the pendulum swing and an hour it will get you involved in sk but but currently there is certainly a subset of aspects related to their share project that the sub agents you will have a very strong hand in ACF consolidated HDD for example just complete driving radius strana me as it’s time to begin debate in South Africa that is that is certainly the AVM but our 40 matches that that concerns the DNR X of agencies astronomy or you have some they still have enough stress genomic I saw that irradiated Astronomy Observatory how Dario is an important part of this discussion the moment we talk about a single stopping radius phenomena surgery you got to keep in mind that we already have a radius monocle subtree west of Pretoria and so very naturally be as the merge of these two entities come into play and that has to be managed extremely curved and will be a match that we will be we will be considering over over the coming coming here in so far the hardest concerned in my view extremely odd for us to continue to support the activities they even though heart-related sounds really is completely out overshadowed by SK related fun but keep in mind that heart is an observatory that is located in the central part of South African as we try to strengthen astronomy in the north this provides every ideal opportunity

for training for getting connected with our University from the north and also connecting up with with our African tsk partly countries at least 44 for now in the past behavior and project is concerned at this time I should recognize Michael gala gardania’s cannot be with us here today but remembers a significant role that is play in terms of championing ticularly the avian project and I think the old image the duplicity the street completion the space the geology program is intrinsically a part of heart r AO but the x significant overlap with withstand the signs and the way in which I hope to manage that that conversation is to to encourage very strong cooperation between between the two between the two agencies that standard exam the NRF is always going to be a gray area between space science and astronomy does not help for us to steam our case is very strongly and and I would be looking at memoranda of understanding currently we talk about the radio astron project we talk about the Russian satellite laser ranging systems though their aspect that touch on both and the related work as well as hard and we have the expertise at heart re oh and i believe that we’ve got to find the way in which this can be achieved optimally and effectively and cost-effectively especially and in a way that really promotes science and then i’ll be looking at ways in which we can forge strong ties between stands up and astronomy pretty good particularly the comics are captive and has been talked it would deal about recently i admired you that it’s been an awful lot of money that’s being spent on cap 7 150 billion rand ayn rand’s at least and clearly it is going to cost money to continue to run kappa 7 into the future but my recommendation is that we continue to use it at the very least for training it was always conceived of as an engineering test bed and it will continue to be used as such but I certainly encourage the community to use caps governess best as you can pour forth i’m particularly if you must open content the general idea is in or the astronomy reserve to become an inter tractor for astronomy for registrar me up in the northern part of a of the northern cape but keep in mind that they’re competing projects here are here creation hopefully it could come of Africa there are the other projects that people are considering the region is very optimal per ad astronomy but at the same time we do have other competing projects that we’ve got to keep in mind and so that they cannot play everywhere we go to use our limited resources rather smartly and and so one one has to make these decisions very early especially if it’s offering money involved in this course if the foreign partners that are wanting to both telescopes in South Africa and make good use of our pristine condition building the pre be able to do that but we certainly are willing to discuss those issues they will invariably would be resource implications but it is an eight-game the South Africa’s end of course we wanted to kiss you that very reality for all of radius on me then there are many different facets as you can see many different aspects to this and and it says if they if the terrain that is that is in transition for various reasons that you know all too well there’s a need for a senior ad astronomy person to come on board and it’s only x director which chief scientist the way in which we refer to to the individual and the SK office and the process of appointing a radio chief scientist and hopefully one that one that individual is in place nothing will have a good basis of drawing the various different radius strongly strands together without that ago the other is from is always only going to be a relatively small India in South Africa we hope that the CTA will come to the cinema year and it’s primarily the northern universities that are that are supported through this program but of course we encourage very strong collaboration between the other other disciplines of astronomy with the gamma ray community and if you have the funding then please participate formally within this program but currently the funding is rather limited it’s just a board a million and a half friends for communities that involves about four universities but we would like to see this as a intervention that we support primarily to strengthen astronomy in the north but of course to to air forge multivalent eration between radio and hospitals well theoretical and computational I myself am a theoretical and computational physicist but I work on the directly opposite lane scale of course at the nanometer scale and you gather directly opposite to side oxide to that mind-boggling at time but this with the big failure that this is a very cheap way of getting people involved cuz in

the context of Africa is chaotic country and non escape oddly countries having access to computing facilities and having access to data to the network and utilizing high-performance computing centers in south africa or located in Africa it’s certainly a way to go and and really really in the era today of observers observing so even though we have asked a right on our doorstep many of our scientists will be interacting we utilize we escaped early in the service mode in terms of submitting proposals and getting data and mining to that data so in principle does not really matter where you settle in Africa and really this is an area that I think I would like to try to develop very very strong engineering technical disciplines I think David Davidson knows all too well that I support is very strongly I want to see our engineering faculties take care makes make good use of this wonderful opportunity that astronomy presents itself could make good use of the technical workshops that we have invested in in places like Sao heart REO has very good technical capabilities as well and for us to develop technicians all the way through to fully fledged engineers is the whole wide range of of skill that we can be developing this couldn’t this should be seen as the means of revitalizing our technical training program that we go so let’s talk briefly then about human capacity development because this is what really drives a good deal of investments in astronomy evidence clearly everybody wants quality fund but in the end you know the South African story and that it has everything to do with lack of property trained scientists not just for astronomy not just for academia but broadly for South Africa for call for activities far removed from the university environment but we have this this issue we have this very well known problem of having fully prepared students coming in from our high school system and that’s not about to change that’s that’s here to stay for a long time we can complain a great deal and and it’s just ain’t going to change the reality the reality is that we put this problem Israel caught the output is what we all design and that is something that is quite quite noble want our students to have a very broad range of skills that will be transferable to wide range of different activities as I said the bank is necessary in engineering in commerce industry song software development one such aspect we want our students to have good entrepreneurial skills be innovative in their thinking be critical in the walkway which they approach their work but of course is a huge bridge in between them has to be has to be connected the gap rather the taxi brousse and currently we have our university education and training system that is struggling really if you go to a typical undergraduate program at a sub epping university to a very large extent they’re dealing with remedial work we’re dealing with students that are not properly prepared to cope with university education but rid of astronomy come in this well it is only we all believe because you said this to me enough as case of our come round to appreciate the fact that astronomy is unique in the way in which it the discipline has a means of exciting young children their parents included to the ones is a son it does not take much to to excite young kids into the wonders of science and in this respect that astronomy has an extremely important role to play you’ve sold it very hard that the government people have bought into this investing in astronomy in a very significant way and of course so the delivery is extremely important astronomy has a unique way in which you are able to load it based on young children to design the fdm despite such such children but but of course these these kids need to be need to work in a supportive environment in eating still hard work and discipline in these students so I don’t think that astronomy is necessarily the only solution to many other disciplines that can also achieve this but you have an extremely important role to play the eco and I believe is that among the fully Phuket fully prepared students that emerging from our high school that a good number of these students have the potential I believe that very perfectly as many of these students have not had the records of training and supportive simply probably not had good son teachers or well qualified or qualified science teachers you’ve gotten kids that have graduated to school and if eat our date a possible in math and science only because if they’ve labeled so so hard at doing so with very little support from within this school so those students that I think are clinically number if you get them early enough through excited a concerted current engagement program that you are I believe ables you

to help us help South Africa health advocate bridge is equal to down the next program is an important intervention that is that we have set up has been in existence for the past 10 years or so a little more than that now and this is certainly one way in which we hope to develop a human capacity in South Africa the audience for us to expand nasty to additional nodes that that serve proposals come from the community to you can attend and 22 Northwest University and my hope is that we will broaden it to include the engineering and technical disciplines they’re told Clark University being established and purchased in now in Kimberley and this being the University the northern cave it makes sense that we have an astronomical offering actor at this new University and certainly there have been initial conversations along the lines of setting up and asked note in terms of engineering the NASA concept anyway in terms of engineering technical discipline and as some of your nest graduates move over back to their home countries in place like damn it Kenyan so on is every likelihood that we could set up an appt snowed in a foreign action country so that that’s the exact CRT that I hope that we can work toward so the argument is for us to to establish a well enough reputation for graduates in astronomy that they are versatile here you have a sauna you can tell because a little pony tail and he’s very various these tourneys telescope into or all of these astronomical experience in education to look at the nuclear physics problem and the reputation that I would like to achieve is that astronomers have the versatility to go on to other other branches of offensive or shall we say human capacity development intrinsic part of this transformation clearly this is an extremely important matter and there’s a huge huge responsibility on astronomy to help us deliver on the transformational goals or in for South Africa you know this is the Great South African story I needn’t have to tell you about it so what is this is be looking as we look in people development particularly and providing the support to enable our students to succeed not just simply having an open process like the way we often have abroad in germany in particular you know if you do not make the grade you shown the door very quickly in south africa i think it gives our plant academic endeavors muscle beach by by focusing on on on creating a nurturing environment for college students if there’s a lot all satisfaction I think that comes about by working in environment with no really distracted a little yo by creating an environment where where we create a very supportive developers of people within the context context context of our of our astronomical facilities or would like us to think much more in terms succession planning hunting physician recruitment strategies within the international facility though hope that we can begin to appoint more associate director for example so that more individuals in the context of transformation or just simply creating opportunities for individuals growth and in creating a better Adele to such individual student to move easily just a position in terms of African Development clearly we have a huge obligation in terms of development way beyond our our borders there k project is an African project not just a South African project but course with with optical Astronomy to we have in there is that recharge in 24 countries into into Africa and we want to ensure that that that is trying to tell you the trifle role in terms of African Development the OED of course has a demented the development of astronomy broadly around the world but but clearly with the already being located in South Africa and with significant South African funding going indices into this office I do expect that there will be and it’s already been delivered as the Kevin here working in tirelessly to help with the development of this discipline in Africa and serve all the same project is concerned the way in which I see this is that there’s very good government government interactions of course you know that that is happening it has to happen the government is being made on an annual basis and it tells them they do all the nice things whenever they get together and when they head back there is the country’s very often very little happens in order for these discussions to take firm a route into it in our various different African party countries there’s got to develop a stronger scientific base in these countries currently is a good technical technical cooperation between South Africa desk a project and an various different technical teams not happening very optimally but in countries like Ghana for sure that is that is beginning

to take root in other places as well but an academic the academics interaction is not happening well enough and I would like us to think more you’re serious about how to that we can achieve this certainly an ace bandage NASA system will help me nationally Africa would do with this is this code Grady and the interim training for an African students here in South Africa world will be very very beneficial to the day the Jedi programs are already showing a lot of promise I would like to see the development of at winning program between particular institutions in our african party countries and any institutions in south africa’s on an institution to institution basis very recently during a ministerial with it to nuclear how a minister proposed publicly than her attended to the minister in namibia that it would be very useful to explore the possibility of a joint share that is funded jointly by both namibia and south african so between unam and northwest university we’re looking at the possibility of setting this up our international engagement clearly astronomy is a very natural endeavor and that is a given but South Africa cannot do business with every country that wants to take up the wonderful opportunities that emerging days our area cause to normal by national agreements we have agreements with more than 40 countries over we are those possibilities do exist but our approach is to look at a few countries in a very targeted way for our astronomical cooperation currently we’ve identified the United States United Kingdom Holland Indian China pretty sure that you will have questions about that jazz Germany and industrial already been highlighted as countries of extreme importance but of course it’s always going to be resource limited and to be looking at astronomical cooperation with these countries but most specifically within the realm of astronomy you want to look at cg areas that will benefit there subepisode i forgive all of mutual benefit really ultimately and that’s an area that we will be will be exploring very very closely clearly hi you has important role in this this is kind of move on I’m very quickly going to be running out of time or what you need to give me another 10 minutes please the foregoing of my presentation was what is it that I would like to be achieved in terms of the in terms of the subject in terms of the sub agency but then we just talk with you pretty briefly about the way in which I see the sub agency unfolding they don’t reuse a good deal and what does it refer to be finish is the office of the deputy oh and and combined with astronomy Advisory Council keeping in mind that the council is being an advisory capacity but the extremely important is an awful lot of advice then so that the death is Bo will need and Anna council provides a bridge between the deputy CEO and the community so encourage very strongly that you get connected up with your council members that you have conversations with individual next glad I have a list of those individuals and of course the responsibility in a conservative management system and it is roughly two statements they strongly national facility together the project that they escaped project and I suppose the effects of every memory program will be that astronomy advisory council you will know the names is quite a quite a large number of individuals very senior people and thank you all for the nominations at NRF received the entire affair CEO in conjunction with in our own had made the decision on these individuals to help VZ the council is an ancient lack of a proper council members and one of the rate of the so called ex officio members so we at the bottom fit in and take advice from the ones at the top and it’s what really well so far we’ve had a couple of seasons of course I’m very grateful to have professor in a crown court of a gas at the chair TC seemly helpful and very supportive of law well if it does as far the office currently is just the Deaf CCO with one tier and POS sitting at the back those of you who have not met with heroes yet she’s certainly been interacting good deal with you thought it’s cyrah myself and they’re about sixty percent of units so that is what is her unit i’m not sure which are Porphyrion coming up basically we top ten at the moment here and it’s the way in which i want to see this or for the goose video conceivable future anyway I would like for us to grow from here but it has a breeze brand for us to understand very clearly what our requirements are before we begin to stop salvation the rows of the skeleton stop and I want to maximally utilize our current systems within receptor research innovation or the bondsman sections grants making as arm of the oxygen array once for us to interface with trees are

very optimally before we begin to to think about other individuals that might well be equally with indeed within the sub agency what is the reason where we have a density co that the heads of freezer hope you appreciate the diagram of draw near to Kalama purpose together and and we have eight directors I’m not going to go toward those international relations and cooperation grant management and recorded and support administration that’s important for granted shape new management and infrastructure capacity development that would be important astronomy usual engagement in partnership development that’s engaging with without various different universities Hitler and so on so we have these a Directorate each of these is headed up by an executive director so very seen individual where they a group of directors beneath that that individual and an entire team of officials that that support and service that particular directed solely the capacity does exist mean if you complain about the quality of the service and we will talk about that in a moment but I would clearly we do have the systems in place an end to a very large extent I want to find a way to ensure that that reads to support the efforts of astronomy in an optimal way so it is Rita that interfaces with the university research community as you know all too well and so there’s research and the Ariza that we faced with a research community that’s embedded within our national facility and it’s just invade here that is a matter of enormous discussion of course and I do travel the country very extensive en I hear a lot of complaints about the quality of the service that step that’s provided for astronomy and Holy Father disciplines as well and certainly that it’s an area that I that we need to ensure works more more optimally and i believe the NRF is committed to ensuring that this happens they definitely co sits outside this this this line management system but in many ways we’re working with in a matrix structure so within in orissa’s we have established really firmly a means by which we have teams of individuals for various different directions that that work within the so-called project concept and in that already require that people talk wave and discuss and and work across the various different different alarm management system and that is what i want a heart very strongly within within the sub agency this matrix mall so the two lines the funding that will be associated with astronomy from mountains to teach plan there will be targeted astronomical funding program that will be directed to the sub agency but once again i do not have the capacity do not intend to establish the capacity the short term i will want to utilize risa services often people that so that’s one street but there’s also another team it’s the normal open call that we have that a current embedded within reason for which astronomy is already in historically has always been a part of for a while I’m to be I think i’m just going to pass that an end and work with the very different directions to ensure that astronomy is appropriately supported but in the longer term the autonomous barge account that specifically asked those aspects of astronomy that fit within bursaries and research chairs and a whole range of other other funding instruments should also be guided by the by the subway agency but that that’s a long until matter i think i’m going to take this in in 55 pieces but it is seeing important aspect in this would be the establishment of the circle and autonomy groans panel comes to very strongly from the long-term strategic plan service the matter that the community does want i’ve had many conversations with key individuals strongly Advisory Council supports very strongly and this concept is beginning to take root within NRF and I hope that once we achieve this we will be able to establish a very efficient way of managing a whole range of different astronomy applications that come through in RF through either one of these two channels targeted or the open and and of course it’s going to have a great deal that be that that I establish a good working relationship for the standing panel that the institutional memory established over a period of time and we can then begin to develop and drive astronomy strategically through these to the work of any right panel so this is a magnitude that’s also been been somewhat contentious I suppose but I thought I should be open about it let’s talk about this the aspect of culture evils there is a a crash that has developed and and over the title of a period of time I thought I found myself being very much as cusp of this of the culture clash as group executive asst of astronomy and I and I and I would dare say that is deputy CEO or will continue to have to manage this

conversation between between right so what is the essence of the let’s try this be how’s that we can develop a better understanding around from what what is essentially seen to be a clash of cultures on the one side what what i console here from the communities that increasing corporatization of the NRF perceptions of over-regulation perceptions of course service and unnecessary bureaucracy that’s what we’re over here and this is the academic community astronomy community to very large extent one an environment that it supported with stop signs of resurgent human capacity development anything that’s got nothing to do with support off of those endeavors the community really wants to have very little to do with that and so this created for attention that that has to be managed extremely carefully and and another release I think one needs to understand the arguments on both on both sides but what’s extremely important now that options on the NRF and come to appreciate the fact that there are there are a great number of different legislative directive from Treasury from DST from a parliament including policies and procedures within an hour that simply have to be added at the end 24 for a variety of reasons South Africa’s certainly a highly corrupt country we went the other day that is it it is only the 70th least corrupt country around the same kids being corrupt country in the world with new zealand being being the least corrupt country and scandinavia scandinavian countries following soon after this we have serious problems inside are in society and you know that all too well the range of aspects apiece we need to abide by and there’s no compromising on that be there the reports that need to be done and all I can promise that I turn that into a meaningful exercise and that are a melody service astronomy in a way that’s vector that is invest you I was absolutely committed to ensuring that we have improved service particularly from the research director thinks about the strongness concern but it’s the math mathematics then our entire family cousin committed to that but I expect and I in our then fall for a greater understanding of the requirements slowly the legislative requirements that aren’t going needle on the part of government we’re dealing with massive sums of money the budget astronomy is in excess of a billion rounds a year you do not want to be on the third pages of the Sun daytime moment that happens you end up we leave the first page the crazy right there so how is it 50 going to going to change how that be going to change this culture and idea that I’ve been promoting very strongly certainly within NRF is that we circulate why would like to see that’s what server for you mean to suggest that beach we have more individuals from the research environment coming into the anarchic system and and also going on back to be an RF system I think the idea of value of a professional science manager the highest level or even within a university environment is really an anaphora to to the the entire scientific research enterprise so I would like to see more individuals who have experienced the research environment going to management position and then cycling on back again and take that experience that research community the way which I’m seeing the subway agency developed in our along the following three line I see the cover agencies providing speech management so I want to use the word strategic strategic interventions whether it’s in management over the the international facilities or various different projects or in so far the interface with recessed concern so the internal strategic would be would be very important here and they just simply leave me there’s a real hard management worked the very different executive directors I do not want to be in a position to be micro managing our various to creative direction we certainly pay our net derivatives of our national facilities rather handsomely and I don’t think that they want me to micromanage them so it is a management by recent DataDirect and national facility directed entirely different set of responsibilities of course the administration is that at least in the context of visa will be done by by by various degrees of your official systems to be input that I see the divi CEO of the sub agency now plays an important role in support and the rolling out of the various groups have program is done functions is lost to three slides right now in in the end I would say that it provides teach leadership that’s what I expect to be doing supporting leave a project and knowing full well that the escape project DeRogatis each direction from public on the government quality human past development transformation sending astronomy in the north all very much a part of the Mandate of the sub H the

developing astronomy more broadly were they in Africa engineering technical change the way that she