MLB The Show Players League (Wednesday Primetime Stream)

Ball major league baseball’s brightest stars representing every team’s market. What as hunter pence go head with patients Luzardo. The judges to So good. What the Java. Thirty three what’s the player get their TV find out what’s and for all who’s best in the show What we want to remind you that the game play that you’re gonna watch night the players will not be wearing forty two but if you decide to fire up in MLB the show twenty play a quick game your players will be wearing. The number forty two so as we work our way through the first full week of the players League let’s remind you of the format okay thirty players all representing every major league teams. Going head to head a round robin format throughout the month of April after that the top eight players will then advance to the playoffs. After the playoffs it’s a championship series is I decided the best of five four Matt would like to welcome those of you watching a variety of platforms including twitch dot TV slash MLB network twitch dot TV slash. Sony San Diego so be sure to join us there and we also want to remind you to check out each player’s individual twitch channel so what you want to do is you let me open up a whole bunch of. Tabs on your computer or your device and keep it here keep it locked here we’re going to be following hunter pence is channel he’s are featured draper but we’re also gonna be Getting you through the night as very as players from the players league go head to head well we’ll be keeping you up eight on the. What happ. One day in also. To A. B. there’s been a lot of action nearly everyone has got their first taste of the players league M L. the show twenty let’s take a look at the standings this is how it went down on Tuesday remember our primetime broadcast comes your way Monday Wednesday and Friday nine o’clock eastern Joey Gallo. Is a beast MLB the show twenty players know that his card is ago it always rakes but the real Joey Gallo he has been a revelation he is eight and a look at what he did Tuesday beating. A Ty buttery for nothing and rolling eleven to one it Ronald Rodríguez almost got an extra innings with Joey Gallo is able to win seven to sixty seven water Rodríguez gets his first win of this event Jackson went to went to on Tuesday Ryne Stanek also

going to in do and we Hoskins Three one in his only loss was to check we get by two two but we have some the heart it’s you take a look at what happened on Monday in Tuesday remember got MLB .com/ players Lee. Rizzo standings and- I’ll be with you for the entire night as we are Take you through this the first full week of action around MLB the show twenty the players late. Right let’s- take a look at what happened who’s Trevor may this was on Monday in his game against David Dahl of the college I’m sorry against John Hayter. It’s a Walker will ever make testing testing. Wow wow what a throw not in time. That is so Josh Hayter loses in a live action against Trevor may Here we go when three on Monday evening as for Trevor second game this one against. It’s year Josh Donaldson sends one deep to right. And look at the issue her weight loss. It’s not no he caught it you have to be K. eight Daryl way once. You see Trevor may. And discuss Come on make up your mind bass Gerson. I was able to rebound here Megill Soto against Jon gray. Childish Gambino Juan Soto making his MLB the show twenty players we- but it’s Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers and with one. And so on to something. Did you. Only twenty one years old. I know right. The Juan Soto however would ultimately lead. And wants to be with. One on Monday you’ll see that reflects a little bit later tonight here in MLB twenty players League primetime broadcast and then Juan Soto again with his virtual self goes deep again This one of time off Josh shader Juan Soto would ultimately win that game as Josh Hager went- in three but arguably the game of the night On Monday what’s hunter pence against Brett Phillips. Now remember this is a three inning format battle royale style with this game with nine innings With Lester Posey hunter pence goes yard and wins in walk off fashion it was a game that had a little bit of everything including some base running mistakes by hunter pence but he’s able to get the win. For the San Francisco Giants over Brett Phillips of the Kansas City Royals speaking of Brett Phillips. Right Phillips is a to bounce back against Matt carpenter Matt carpenter went to went to last night. Brett Phillips. Wednesday D. as himself right and right now as we speak against Josh Hager he’s off to a quick one nothing lead so congratulations to the Kansas City Royals and Brett Phillips as they hold on to win forty two but Phillips went three and one on Tuesday here’s a look at the standings Joey Gallo as I said look at what he is doing to the opposition wow eight no Bo Bichette seven and won a very strong start Blake Snell has won six in a row after dropping two games Jeff McNeil Amir Garrett also find themselves in the six into position for. Thirty junior off to a three in one start and you’re gonna hear and watch the San Diego shortstop in just a few moment he’s one of our featured guest tonight Niko Goodrum and Dwight Smith junior they should be mentioned because- you. Know Tigers Orioles live series rosters those rosters are not filled with diamond players or a whole lot of gold cards but those guys are using those line ups and had. Gone out to a three in one start to open things Gavin Lux also three in one as is Ian happ. Rhys Hoskins is five and three Trevor may Jon Duplantier is four in four Lucas Giolito two in two and Matt carpenter to into as well Lucas Giolito will be not be an action. A little bit later this week are featured streamer is. San Francisco Giants outfielder hunter pence he’s going to be opening up against Hayes is Luzardo. Let’s bring in hunter pence right now. As the San Francisco Giants hunter pence joins us now hunter what is your- what’s been your impression that’s part of your play in the tournament thus far Here at MLB the show twenty the players Lee. Well I have to say

my impression has been thoroughly impressed. It’s been incredibly fine- it’s created some memories and some connections that I would never had if it wasn’t for. You guys putting this tournament on and I was getting to join together I’m so really enjoy the games It makes you feel that baseball not competitive field that we’re all missing right now and it’s really cool to make the connections with all. Around the league. Yes definitely four good because- best proceeds and a donation will be made on the behalf of Major League Baseball Major League Baseball Players Association. And Sony interactive entertainment to the boys and girls club of America and the boys and girls club. Of Canada. Your first opponent tonight is Hayes is Luzardo of the Oakland A.’s What what are your expectations again seasons. Well we got to play a little bit of a scrimmage early and preparation I think workout at the same skill level I think it’s gonna be a good match is going to come down to who coaches up so I’m hoping for a good game and looking forward to playing. All right well let’s bring in not only Hayes is Luzardo. But Fernando tatis junior. Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers And Niko Goodrum of the Detroit Tigers. Who join us now. Let me start with you- hunter mentioned you guys had a little friendly little scrimmage earlier today. What our expectations for tonight. Yeah I mean like hunter said I think- you know it’ll be a good match up I think all the games will be and it’s just a lot of fun to get out here and kind of level some of the guys is out gets. Media but Nico. Nico I mentioned you’re off to a three in one start. And your lineup does not have a lot of these Does not have the diamond cards that some of these other players have the luxury. Of having. In their lineup. You have to be pleased with your three in one start to open things. Okay I’m not sure for a Niko. I’m I’m as I’m- a year ahead. Yeah I Dodger. Right there we go I got to go. All right well Niko fixes his connection Fernando we saw you get a little excited when you hit that home run as yourself what has that been like to. See yourself in the virtual form going deep. This is one of our land about- as is a great amazing billing you know being able to see myself live with myself and bomba. Myself pretty awesome. Yeah Nick I think you’re back with this can hear me. Okay what are your expectations for tonight will be looking forward to. All right the okay I think we spoke a good are given. By okay I still some technical difficulties there but we do want to remind you that you can watch this on a variety of platforms including twitch dot TV slash MLB network and twitch dot TV slash Sony San Diego studio has- Hayes is Luzardo the Oakland A.’s and hunter pence are going to get ready to take on- each other here in this game one of our featured street and I’ll be along for the ride asking these guys some questions I’ll also be updating you on other scores from around the league so hunter Hayes Zeus you guys go ahead and get locked in get in the menu send out the invite. And you go head you guys can go ahead and get started okay- as I mentioned Josh Hayter in Brett Phillips are- ongoing right now it’s a three run first inning. For Ian happ however. Okay so Ian happ is leading Brett Phillips three to one Brett Phillips jumped out to a one nothing lead. Over the Chicago Cubs but happ ended up winning that game three to one David Dahl is out to a one nothing lead. In his game so Be sure to get active in the chat and you can go to MLB .com slash players league. And that has everything you want. It has- highlights scores as well as links to the players individual twitch channel we’re also joined by control room Colin. Colin I think it is set for Samoa for match up here between hunter and Hayes Zeus correct we are. We’re getting all set up. All right so looks like it’s gonna be Jeff Samardzija going for hunter pence and- Hayes is Luzardo Opting to go with himself as the starting pitcher now this is Hayes uses live series card Colin I think you you what I

know. That Hayes Zeus is prospect card itself but that’s not the car he’s gonna have at his disposal no it’s dirty it’s totally derni. Yeah all right so here we go so Hayes Zeus Hades Luzardo Luzardo in Jeff Samardzija. That’s the pitching matchup in halos Hayes is Luzardo one of the bright young pitchers for the Oakland A.’s made his major league debut last season. For the Oakland A.’s formerly a third round pick by the Washington nationals in twenty sixteen. He came over from Washington as part of a deal that had Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson going from the aids to the nats. And here’s the bad guy razor Ramón Laureano leading off. Okay good luck my friend. Look absent that windows file driver number over. You can see in a little scroll here of all the previous results from last night. On the breaking ball at times it’s well off the outside. One two our temperature not quite six Maryland is so fun. In time this afternoon Gavin Lux and Fernando Tatís junior about to get underway. That was one and I are honored are. You canceled one from one time is a stone cold. Ten three two two. Time for the first. Add three inning so this pitcher stamina it will be reflected upon that so it’s interesting to see which of the how the players use their bullpens. One one out nobody on Open up a tab on twitch dot TV slash G. Lux nine for Gavin Lux is twitch page. That game is just under way. Follow the way The little trying others Zoning I try I can never get to actually work. Mookie. Two two it’s for a good idea are not running. Among eighty Dalem Marcus Semien didn’t. That’s gonna be extra bases. There you go. What do may be. The woman Early RT RT all the time. Yeah three innings. Go down. Who are used. That agreement the power hitter middle school C. pasta first pitch Powell behind the plate great chance to drive in a run here in the early going Pitchers break down the middle Naylor scored down out. Alright alright alright here we go this hunter mentioned it what’s it like playing. Hi there with him under- under these conditions god you don’t normally get a chance to talk with. Yeah I mean I mean it’s awesome- being able to talk to god I mean I Conner yeah you know I was I was young coming up. I saw him playing in and watching them play so guys I never really had a chance to or thought that I would ever get a chance to talk to. I think it’s awesome to get to play. It again Sam same time have fun. Yeah it looks. A strike that eighty. Comes in Hunter the pitch count some more. Start to be in a- I’m already starting. The back in recent how do you he’s got to give him credit he is not sweetness all forty. Nine the product is all going. Yeah I had I even lie had to. Days I got. It’s gonna been here’s the always intense match at the well that’s where he- well that’s good take. Pitchers is that two seamer eighty deluxe of Florida not will will take I Querecuto. If he doesn’t support swing up right there’s chance sixty all finally this is up all right Posey scalding I’m trouble for the for. Your that’s three. Fifths six. At had a working out of it. It’s believed things on in the

bottom of the four people birthday to hundred Jr thirty or this week. The thirty six old back it’s not in one. Lost in the air that Paul thank you very much for. It’s there to make the for the first of there we go. Not quite please the bottom of the first Gavin Lux in Fernández Renault school One built in front two goals and no strikes. I love that picture right waterborne disease. Is this what’s it like using your virtual self here in this match up here we go yeah it’s a lot of long hours able to use myself- last. Week so I know that I had to make some changes and find a way to. Find a way to get myself in this game. Yeah. Nobody could use a meeting in the stuff I can do so. Hunter can you explain a little bit or elaborate on how difficult it is to play in the outfield there at in San Francisco. Down the third base line by a foul ball one in one I was weird he on the policy is swirls up there the forty one one landed on the opposite and it’s- there’s a lot of room out there so it’s definitely kind of a circus and it’s known for crazy. It also as a hitter you have to be you have to like hustle out everything because something that could be a normal routes. Out for both Both the I’m one of your like the infielder and outfielders so you do get some sneaky hits on that order more errors whatever you want to call but- yeah definitely pays off and Sims. We can tell you that Josh catering David Dahl are going to extra innings tied at one We’re going to put in here Lucas Giolito and that was what one nothing really on his game Mostly Miller Seleucus Giolito taking on Cole Tucker out to a one nothing lead. Instead score between Gavin Lux and Fernando Tatís junior. Lifted down the line and left left fielder is on the move. Now let’s go. Here comes the old stupid are different route. In center field. You can find Hernández easy it’s hard it’s which- twitch dot TV slash F. taxis for San Diego shortstop. I would choose the opposite Norman and then find some outfield grass it’s a basic Man I got a raise in this game Stepping in now Austin Allen Built is there for it. He’s got it in their own. Country more the mountains to try to get inside get in your kitchen a little bit. That’s what it’s looking like I gotta make an adjuster and here. Gotta go to ten now. Good Lowe one inning outing. We Gavin Lux is out to a two nothing lead on Fernando Tatís junior in the top of the second. We’re gonna chat with both of those guys a little bit later here on this stream First paycheck in here that’s the first Ryan. Well I think the short changing Tony Kemp speed here on this game is faster all up the ratings as- yeah No Way. Nine I got. Well that gets that ends the inning Leading off the inning Mike he’s Kriske as they look to get something going here and even this game up. Who was going Lucas G. lido out to a three nothing lead on Tom Cole Tucker that game going into the top of the third. Cole Tucker is twitch page twitch dot TV slash Cole Tucker going on right now it’s a lot. Yeah we got a lot twenty four games hunter across all kinds of. That is not where

you want to put that wall. One two. I know that was my chance right there high ceilings cut down the middle. Uncle thirty hi. Centre the case here. Davis lane still inside some pressure put on by all Paul Blackburn Tell me anymore games. At That’s also. This is what we rex for- this season before everything- got put on hold all Apple’s well struck. No extra Wow what the for honor. There are. Here’s a word to be honest I mean just I mean my goal is to be out there for a full year and how to get. You know being a starter being able to stay for a whole year so. I’m you know hopefully I can still do that. More there is. That’s the last memory. Davis this week All right so the fifty third The following phases one of Lucas G. lido twitch dot TV slash general geo out to a five nothing lead on Cole Tucker in the Pittsburgh Pirates. And I’m keeping a close eye on this Gavin Lux Fernando Texans junior game. We don’t want that if you’re on a street fastball miss what’s the score there It’s two one one to the aids leadoff batter- which score Gavin Lux and Fernando tatties that games to nothing Gavin Lux up to nothing on Fernando yeah but it’s fun to watch- there- sitting on the side. He said Here’s the three in two. I was fair. Yeah I got a lot lanes First pitch at the end there is there is a real example well cut off the wall oh boy Senzatela Víctor. More Madison rockets into him alive yeah a lot of intentionally so Christy is the play. I respect. You have to respect a walls card taking for Davis absolutely him let handed pitching there’s a lot of Poppen knowing fifty but if there one of this it’s that he doesn’t put the ball in flight. This Luke chili upset nothing on coal tar. These guys Analysts space to laughter they gonna test tomorrow. Thank but it’s not in time. Run for Hayes Zeus. Insurance run in the third. Austen Williams of need that insurance I think I should’ve caught up all of my third baseman. Good he’s got a chance to add to this early lead is that with a couple of guys in scoring o’connor mark out. Defensive the- defense challenges. Digging into it again Robbie Grossman flied out in his first at bat so making old yes let’s go. He NFL Los can to add on. The plate and this will not be close. More easily. So now a big deficit for hunter pence to overcome in the home half. This is. Speech pitchers that Mister Paul one And this was on the inside corner one along. The pitching That’s a really nice thing about fixing with all right What made you need to extend to a three nothing lead on Fernando tatties junior Hovering with Hernández. We’ll get the call here’s- it’s not for nothing Gavin Lux. This one’s for nothing as well we need a big. The superlative

Rally cabin selecting cemex art all right rally in the household. The and then I all right. David inside one unknown in they’ve got some work to do early on okay that’s right okay okay. It’s hi how are one of That’s one to okay you’ll be fine coming out of the bullpen and this one if you can control That’s a real nice H. rumors were extract that. Techno delivery to. All don’t get down to younger down the arm on center fielder on the run- basket catch. Laser go in Somers cheers hard liner to centerfield. Nearly a great played and it. First baseman Brandon belt. Right there on One four one four in here in this one. And I’ll try to hold Céspedes sets will destroy. We want. To go look like the hill I rarely see that animation when they go for the appeal usually it’s no. Two and two are no right land strike here for the giants gonna swing motor go round ball. Away from him. There is just eighty one Khris Davis is at the end it JJ’s all around. The game against. First and Jose Hayes Zeus Luzardo on the strength of Marcus Semien who had a couple and not able to get the win over the San Francisco Giants four to nothing- Hayes- so you mentioned that you had the friendly there with with hunter pence he tried to get you inside of a couple of pitchers but you’re able to get those hands in and go to do some Mitch background the plan now the plan how to Scott I’m a little bit earlier and then I got the scouting report later on. Yeah hunter mentioned in the top of the first he was taking a lot of pitches against the margin to. Get my pitch count up a little bit in this three inning game. Yeah I gotta I gotta hand it to him he had some pretty incredible plate discipline- you know any any Gott assist through their played some good defense and- pitched it again. Let me ask you a baseball question what was your re- what do you recall about the first moment you heard you were going to be going to the big leagues and you’re going to be part of the- the Oakland based. Club well I mean when I heard that that when I got called up I was just flooded with emotion I mean- I just simply the first calls were to my parents- then so you know. Family close relatives best friends all that stuff so I mean it was. It was a blessing when I got that- that news and then I was just kind of. Russia the motion excited target one and then how to get on a flight go to Houston South What do you let me ask you the same thing what do you recall about your first taste of the big leagues about that moment that you heard- you would be coming up to- to the big league club to join the Astros. I think we may have lost. Its hunter still with us maybe not All right. I’m glad they got your back your back just ask you what do you recall about your first. Your first taste of the big leagues when you got that call that you were headed up to the big. Our man I cried When they told me I was going I couldn’t I was so happy and- just all the work. The journey And just out once I got there it was it was just like flying on cloud nine just about Feeling feeling good but just trying to. Try to remind myself to play the same game I always played and- you know I’ve- I’ve felt like I’ve been living the dream ever since. Yeah eight hundred today of course is Jackie Robinson day and it’s a day where. All the big league players when they’re on the field they’re wearing number forty two you’ve been involved in quite a few of them what’s that day like. It’s a very special day because I mean he’s he’s are. A symbol of. Of courage is a symbol of doing something greater than yourself- you know equality in all the great things that are sports. Represents in our great nation represents and- he truly was like what he was able to accomplish. And what was it. J how did the pressure. To be that barrier breaker but to perform at the level that he did it with. The amount of resistance you had to put up with. And do it all with grace and love is one of the one of

the greatest humans one of the greatest baseball players to ever play and it’s a- it’s a very important day to all of us His you went to high school in South Florida. You want to same high. As Anthony Rizzo. Dot that’s- that’s one of your guys that’s one of the guys that you you’ve grown up watching correct. Yeah I did I went to Stoneman Douglas and- so I mean I grew up. I see there is a big name down here and then obviously growing up he wears forty four you watch him play with the calls and- great dude so I mean that someone. I’ve always. And I’ve gone over admired. So I mean you know it’s cold. That I want to see my school. I so. Up now. For pence will. For now. Ted Jr And next for. Hayes Luzardo Will be new. Good now I. Tell you with. Now that gas. Lux is out a few. Two lead. Against tatis. Make three. Big Fernando Just ask. A dell. From Haase To the lead. To one so hunter you might have to wait a little bit. Because Fernando tatis junior right now. York central farmers at the plate. And there is the top the tying run is in scoring position. At second Let me ask you as you get ready for your game against Niko Goodrum. With that win against hunter pence to open things what kind. Of confidence does that give you moving forward. I mean yeah Alaska was definitely confident .com boost for me Oscar. Of my life outing we too for the league play and then I played a couple these between dollar Braden sure you got knowing got me on a mercy or yester. And he lay everyone know about it so I’m just excited finally get a win back What of things you hearing from team may here about your place as far. I got a couple good grass on the Walker Homer. I roast Pache. Even though didn’t have the first week I seems be about that that for game and class ninety game was pretty good Tom. The was crazy mean that game a little bit of every Base running. Pitching change and then but Posey with the walk off win. Yes and now also it was it was nice of Brett Phillips was texting me about it as well- how both of our bull pens were absolutely crushed after that game but that’s the price you pay that for a legendary game. Yeah Hayes thank you you know we all we’re all in this together here just. Staying at home trying to be safe trying to flatten the curve whatever you want if you been able to do. During this time to an attempt to stay sharp. I mean for me really it’s been just kind of trying to work out and run and all that but at the same time still being safe social distance and- I try to stay home as much as possible try to work out from home as much as possible. Are really just go outside of their own kind of find an area where there’s not too many people on Conner long tossing it off amounts so- whatever I could do at the same time while being safe. And outlining the car like you said is the whole point. Yeah hunter one of the what about you what have you been a- to do. I’m so good doing kind of garage workouts yoga and the living room. We have. My wife built in the backyard so I have little Bobby she- the Max B. P. is really Really Cole real amazing that That I use that during see so off to the helps keep my timing up sort you look at. My bats and just in and this right. My yard and try to stay as- parents Paul. Lost in the house So after this loss to Hayes What what did you to maybe what do you try apply in your next match up a- predatory. Junior which I. Is just now over the Adam got that win. Arm I got a pitch better and I got a batter I’m gonna help. Better okay so right. Takes. It’s a purchase maybe maybe that’s the actual cost. After like I’m a pretty good that last game it was than last week so pistol was knowledge the Guerra. Yeah in hunter I think would interesting going to be hard Yeah go ahead go ahead Hayes is not what I feel like owners of played. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how the fellows. You know how they of all throughout this month how their stick skills improving and who’s ultimately going to two will walk away with it but I’m interested to see how that progresses in who progresses faster than others. Yeah I definitely can tell that people are have already practiced up like Hey suse was out was a lot

more clean and then some of the opponents last week even though. I was losing I think everyone kind of wants to play a game and you make a few mistakes like all I gotta make sure to get this right and- that was cleaning games I’ve played so far. Yeah it Hayes Zeus S. hunter said that- he seems like- it it seems like you’ve been able to improve a little bit and I’m sure that there’s a- ton of other guys that are going to do the same over the course of the next month. Yeah no I agree and- I think. Losing no matter whether it’s in a video game in real and reel life- is that. Never to fun. So I guess I guess Practice a little bit I know I practice a little bit so- I try to better my skills throughout the week. All right dot control. Holland where are we headed next Enyel researchers awaiting his match up against Cavan Gavin Lux. We’re going to go to. Fernando to tease right now. Okay all right hunter versus Fernando. Okay so it will be Fernando Ted teach junior thanks once again saw hunter pence he’s Luzardo Niko Goodrum is up next for you and Hayes Zeus congratulations on the win we’re going to circle back with you a little bit later and check in on your progress okay. Awesome thank you. You gotta so up next now hunter pence against Fernando Pettis junior Fernando you had a tight game against Gavin Lux and had a chance there late to ultimately get the win what happened. I just left the Dodgers so Matt. But what you did but you did put a little rally together and that finally did you not. Yeah you know Butera still basking. Evening in. Jesus Christ. But then I got a little black bag. All right so Gavin Lux able to pull it out against Fernando Ted teach junior hunter what do you expecting in this match up against Fernando in the San Diego Padres. Well I’m I’m excited to see or talk to his players Todd cease we saw the three Homer game so- yeah you know I gotta I gotta I gotta stay ready here. I gotta stay ready make sure I’m pitchers correct you know. Absolutely and Fernando I expect you to make a very solid uniform choice for tonight I love the uniform choices that you’ve been making a lot of the return of the brown and yellow so hopefully we can see that here in your match up against hunter All right. Hi guys so I’ll let you go ahead and get- squared away here and it looks like the invite has been set. Chris Paddack pride of Austin Texas- getting the start for Fernando Ted pieces you make some changes to his lineup. Tommy fan recently acquired coming over from the Tampa Bay rays as part of that hunter Renfroe deal Sam Texas junior in Machado. The top three for Fernando Ted teach junior taking on hunter pence both coming off losses in their first matches of the evening once again would like to welcome those of you watching us. Wherever you’re watching us yet twitch Facebook YouTube all sorts of Clapp forms here in MLB the show twenty. The players Lee and looks like we’re in petco park. A beautiful beautiful place to catch a game I mean Santiago Here we go hunter pence with an amazing. Choice here. All black Arts which I so it up. I don’t blame you man choice because Paddack start off the fastball in straight. I switched up the lineup to put to put billion he’s been hitting two okay. Try to get some speed up at the top The old one. No the second interview skills and who handles you can still get down the line our government is he gets hundreds all my god those cleats. Opportunity units. Fans I need to get jealous of them yeah those cleats workmen they’ve definitely work. Turns in outings worries hits per night really hi I’m faced Patrick is getting organized realized. But okay when you were starting walks giving up many base hits per nine innings this guy could pitch inside by taxis. Will pitch sequencing thereby el Nino rota away and then coming up in. Infielders here’s the first. All right now

I got to give. My lips like civil. It’s taken now it’s open and- tatties twenty two homers last season most by any short stop. In major league history before turning twenty one. Is ready here’s the to pitch. Not to mention winner league champion. The title Fernando. I was that a lot so far. Still as sassy strikers it was crazy it was wild. So tell me what hunter you were on that team work tell me I was I was actually on the other team that was supposed to be in the files are left for the final to stick it back to America and been there for a month and a half But the- Soros. Two years ago Those that have not seen it can you describe or can you tell us what the atmosphere is like playing winter ball when you reach that championship series In else. Out there. The five out there that’s right. Yeah this is great. What. Hey dot instruments growing in booze LOL as the whole thing. It’s no longer for sure and Todd season is hitting so many homers in parts that you shouldn’t be hitting homers at. Classic derived. Is a good is he a good fielding pitcher. It’s going home man I do not. What. Late start. Okay able to get are always talking as that was going on a third baseman has No he’s like no he’s like and I’ll scream he’s a living elsewhere. He just gets dropped a lot. Here’s Manny Machado Omar Josh Machado certain five forty five with three homers He’s been working with commanding advantage. He once Gruden’s. They’ll talk to you so. In this situation I’ve got like you see there in the regular season I mean it looks out and solar panels. With this out. System to the finals. Yeah the left side. Six every. But what you’re both really helped you right yeah I made a cook completes we can just Matt and winter ball is basically the reason. Two minutes all arms hyper focused on this pitch Was was kind of the tool and also not only just out to be able to play at such a good level but yeah I’m not returning to work on my swing the offseason was incredible. I just starts with meeting that The culture of the Dominican Republic how much we love baseball the passion and also the opportunity to sharpen my skills and learn a new skill R. I would have been able to do it without. So that’s cool man Buster Posey I got. Run into the majors and it was crazy Baseball has a bright future Well hunter would use offered at all you’re like okay this kids for real. No doubt it was unbelievable like I mean you saw on this year the same thing it’s just like what is happening. The last. Man I think we’re you’re you’re you’re right loping with this buster Posey carded. Sometimes sometimes. I think is. What feel the most comfortable with No I can swing. In the game yeah. It’s part about what my wife has like a- seven second reaction might get hit singles grades. That’s great. All right

You don’t want to. The next to Go on the ground it’s alright so hunters got something cooking here in the second Yeah I was at spring training at your place and we had a chance to visit and I really enjoyed the vibe of your team I thought that it was you know after last season I mean it was tough but but I really enjoyed kind of the sense in the vibe that I got from your team. Yeah yeah. It’s pretty fun of beginning. And we’re playing good baseball. Thank you Hey Jayce tingler ends might like I will not go out of your manager He’s made. Your it would make sense but what sense hunter Man you just got to spend some time with us for this question this guy. Was gonna manage in the Dominican Republic he would learning Spanish he would wake up at like seven in the morning practice jujitsu he would be the first one at the ballpark like talking like Texans basically every day with all our our Latin players and then he he just came was such good information as an outfield and base coach like he gave us so many things that helped us win Last year it was all Jayce tingler just prepared while passionate loving incredible guy. All right take your time okay yeah you be careful of your know J. you got be careful around him. There will be good I mean he was like it’s very slow like he was just learning But you know wow. He once Shows a lot of good stories More sorry. Robin what a guy is grades all wa off against Cole Tucker. He made. Who celebrated others crawl that. Lead in. The neck to go after the first pitch in bounce it a the file territory. Johnson struck first they lead in one chance for to on here. One strong wow. All right who is facing all right we Haase yeah hi. We see house my are still in the green man this is this is scary I’m I’m much right. So you gonna mark you gotta someone up in the pen another got the rock. Are you okay degree he’s in. All right I think I think. It is Rhys so Webb aren’t great but he’s gonna Optus with Derek Rodríguez. We wind up in the only one. The box right now Wow what. Was standing there looking at it that’s as bad Margot. With those. Wait while wrong but we are here are your to replay. I was. To what is the five year let right handed

and while. The Moronta to very The legal and hello just under way and can’t city. Faces around Gavin Lux Carl and just under as well. Hamilton is Merrill sit torture based at its Todd to score your. C those who in real life the Verizon. Ninety nine. Follow yeah he’s building. Our. Three zero. Sandoval will get the call nother pinch hitting for a appears. And. Right there you’re- the first time in the brand is not the fastest yet Started working for the chance to come back to San Francisco Extremely excited. Yeah it’s synced are you know I’m such a good your relationship with the organization the city the fans- thrilled to get to come back in and play another season with them and- excited for the new staff and talking with a lot of the young guys again this year as much knowledge and learn as much as I can this time Machado can’t come up with that one Not. They do a nice job of getting it back in. The better check on for instance. Here’s the right fielder hunter pence Carlos Santana down to nothing to Gavin Lux in the Dodgers You can watch Carlos is feed it twitch dot TV slash slam Tanner forty one so open up a tab What kind of work no no. Nope the bank. I hate dealing I hate dealing with base stealers in this game. Yeah. Okay well a lot of off to watch. Once again Brandon belt he got on top of one it was around down Víctor last time. Now with strolled back. All right the first pitch to end up yeah nothing I tried to still have time and then go It sharp good contact the perfect the perfect perfect lineout perfect in this tournament I am over perfect perfect true story and- you got Curt Hennig still got a line out. That’s not what you want Lucas Giolito to sing lead on Brett Phillips in the Kansas City Royals. Here we go next let’s play. I am so fascinated with transgressions batting stance in the way that he holds the back he has that kind of that Ty Cobb separation there between his hands. It’s over that time is back with his loose he’s nice and loose Second please make that broke Great Grisham can get down the line and. The catcher Francisco Mejia. The first pitch Dylan Some. One he had a pretty well

It wasn’t it wasn’t a perfect perfect. I still can’t complain we got here already. The strike Goodrich Snitker strike one major Tony media. This balloon not sure about that call that hegemony ends up breaking back into us. San Diego down to their final strike. More than one. It wasn’t even close to be able to change that on the pitch. More more. That’s that it. Okay my friend all right I’ll. While that game Fernando I felt like it a couple of times where hit the ball right on this. But it was either right at someone or just wasn’t enough. Yeah. Hunter who’s got a. What was that what was that what do you think was the difference in that game. You ask your yeah hunter I’m sorry you yes I think- I think my kitchen just kind of collapsed up- they hit their spots really well for me they threw some balls that were. Yeah I mean I scored one run form so really the pitchers and defenses game what really came through for me Yeah what is been your experience like- the thus far in this tournament I mean we’ve seen you be very animated and- what was your experience like this far this league. Right now- this so great is the scene going on use lot about good of the box out here now they’re above the game and not. More Hunter you made this X. that you two have playing winter ball what do you recall about your on it or but what you recall of the first time that you saw Fernando tatis junior on the field. I mean I couldn’t believe he was as young as he was and I was just like all my goodness this is it was cool things to really witness and I just couldn’t wait for him to get to the big leagues because it’s such you’re such a special talent Fernando and I just want to tell you Matt. I’m to watch you play keep you you the pros And the- it’s just awesome. And you. And get to see a planet Medicare before it made it was it was a special treat for me and- I loved every minute of it Thank you Matt. I don’t. What what was was there a moment last season where you had a man I’m arrived or I have arrived have you had did you have that moment at all. Last season. I will say like right just before the all star break. The game I guess there’s about deep. Okay I can do this. Amazing dedicated that talented I mean I think it speaks to just how difficult this game can be that even if someone as talented as Fernando still has doubts. Yeah I think that’s a good message to like everyone every kid out there that’s playing because you know I watch Fernando taxis and learn about where it’s a softer baseball in these parts the bears have yet doesn’t Kerry and I watch. Homers there that I could get the ball that far in he’s he’s he’s not as happy as bees shortstop is faster than lightning and he’s got up. And just for him to say that you know I think everyone has to battle back and that’s the one of the beautiful things about this game baseball- we all we all have to put to work and we all have to practice so we all have to battle. As a hitter you get out. To it three times the best in the world and- it’s a tough gig. Well our- what is next for- Fernando Ted tesis Carlos Santana he is currently. Playing right now In the second inning against Gavin Lux and Carlos Santana is trailing. Three to one Fernando what would be your- after this loss with hunter well what are your takeaways and how do you apply this to move past that result and- you know as you move forward here

in this league. Your games no I love two laps forty three MS one zero I mean I’m headed It’s a good this kicks. There you go there you go control room Colin I want to bring you in here- so what I think we’re we’re waiting on it’s what we’re what is the status of Niko Goodrum skein let me check that out here I don’t know the status we are having some issues getting Niko back against make up so okay once he’s available we’re hunter and co plan it says will just. Give you an hunter up. Okay right so Niko is that game. Against Hayes whose Luzardo is tied at three in the third you know what you’re talking about Fernández talent and- I mentioned I told Fernando that You know I was at spring training. Back in March and we wait we did a hitting demo with Fernando. And the idea was for him to show us what his pregame routine is and- it it hunter in one take everything that he wanted to do with the baseball he did it in one take I mean normally guys need three or four take hunter he did it in one take he was sending balls As a field you know screamers to the wall in one take I was like okay I guess we’re done here. He’s he’s as gifted as I’ve ever seen so that doesn’t surprise me at all and- Hey you got to work with my good friend Luis Ortiz as well. Right now That’s a great guy great guy now let alone. Have a lender that says that. Traded one of the first ones a mail. And that he only other way and it was with Diego based great a great medical. Yeah did you learn about yourself in that time that you had to be away from the game to recover from injuries how difficult was that and what did you learn about yourself. More this. Because that was not a game like extremely extremely. I don’t Good myself right as like to let their stuff like that and yes some smoke that you can help me the combined band and still play the game play as- a Hundred sixty two sixty three games. Right for now Teti junior and pence Cisco a that’s game up next for hunter. Is Niko Goodrum and Niko is still conducting business in his game against hedges was out of that game was about to go into extra innings. Fernando tatis junior is awaiting Carlos who is getting seeing his first action of the players league he is Trailing three to one. In the top of the third against government Ross hundred week we’ve heard you mention your wife Lexie and she is a- very involved. In the- the technical set up she is right there in the room are you sure you got your own little cheering section there and- tech support as well right. Yeah one hundred per I wouldn’t be able to host this her. Rental in our flat she’s amazing at at all of this and doing the whole production stuff so it’s been it’s been really good having her like I’ll hit a ball and like something will happen it seven seconds later I’m getting a reaction to start shorter at any skip in the bottom of the mountain. I was most loss in a row so if good to go back. On the winning. It can’t happen Her support to make this possible. Judge we got a whole lot of all what’s up. The in Carlos if you doing man. I’m doing great here at home. Were you able to watch any of your teammates hunter pence is- previous action here in the- MLB the show twenty players league. Well not in that sense because I’ve I’ve said enough- no gaming computer right now- how long way right now the phone all the staffs. What what what what have you but what you been doing here in this this time away how you try how you staying sharp. I think we- will

be Luis panda Huascar anda Okay all right so. All right so let’s bring it back full here and- once again. Fernando tatis junior losing to hunter pence one to nothing you heard hunter mentioned that snapped a- four game losing streak so definitely a- a good one for him we’re gonna try to. Get back Pablo Sandoval and hunter pence and Fernando Tatís junior. The time driver Lux is opening things up against Carlos Santana. Seventy one That game is on Gavin Lux is twitch page G. much nine and for a Carlos Santana slam Taylor forty one. So hello is out to wave seven one. We on Carlos Santana on this the first full week of MLB the show twenty the players will a- long regular season. It will then go to the play offs top eight Read seats. In the narrowed to two for champs here that will decided. In a best of five Former one invite you to. Keep it locked keep us locked here with our product broadcast as well as each individual players- twitch broadcast you can have multiple tabs toggle back between. Between the various channels and you can keep you walk their- parents raising hundred. As you see here he- he here and there was lost him. And there are expected to rise is not good like see was I got disconnected You if you you she has what almost twenty thousand subscribers on our own you YouTube channel right let. Our YouTube channel for how many years now. About six six years we have. Everything there’s a camera before. You. Then did we lose our freeze Alcalá freeze Yeah we got a freezer. Bag full year I would remind you MLB dot com slash players league is- really one stop shopping for everything you want to know about MLB the show twenty players league scores standings schedule highlights and- and much more so that’s MLB .com slash players league Gavin Lux out to a seven one lead on Carlos Santana. Is hunter pence has just beaten her I’m sorry Brett Phillips seventy three so the white Sox beating the Royals seventy three. Hunter you you mentioned briefly about your relationship with the San Francisco Giants organization would you played that one year at Texas. Did you have any inclination that you know maybe I will find a way back to the giants in San Francisco. You know- I didn’t really go too far in the future I told the giants on that last day I was like Hey come check out I’m gonna go to winter ball and try to change my swing. Keep the door open and they said they would and so fortunately I was able to get an opportunity I have met some amazing people had a great time got to play in the last year of a stadium that was built in my home city. Well when I was there when I got dill- and then you don’t say how did I get to but I guess I got to come back to the giants this year. And so I’ve been very lucky to for all of these opportunities and everywhere a plane I’m so thrilled to be back with the giants and Alice I really enjoyed playing last year at at. I guess I called the ballpark in Arlington I don’t remember what I call it to yeah. Yeah globe life. I think it’s a blow. Life yeah What can you tell us. You you’ve- got a couple time. You hadn’t. Your swing what can you tell us about. The changes that you had to make. To continue your career. Yes so. Are my whole life- and I growing up a lot of. My teachings was like to swing down on the ball and to stay inside the ball and I was kind of a- bottom hand Swing down to create backspin And I was just like for me I was more. Besides we can exercise. Practice I’m see the bottom and hit the ball and I didn’t really know my swing. I was just competing and try to get myself as strong as I could as fast like. And like just trust my I core. Obviously at Some point on that you want to maximize your potential you probably need to maximize every little thing including. Not only strength and speed. By leveraging your body properly and so I there’s a whole bunch of new swing technology that’s out there. And it’s about top hand underneath. Like matching the plane so it’s a long story but that’s- the smaller twenty version I guess. Are you a guy that likes having. A great deal of stats and analytical information. For hand or- are you alone that. Aren’t so I started to burn out last year by the end of the season Mike on your- let’s. To much about life. Mike I like to know how

to throw a party pitchers person they throw not never count just in general. I’m kind of an idea of what locations they throw and then the rest is just. The movement this screen access the plane that it’s coming off on so you you know if it if it if it’s disruptive like some if you follow that the spin axis. Appears that may look like it’s year is actually here so then you know to like swim to the top of the ball or to adjust your barrel. Tell beyond playing with the ball it’s not sinking verses if it’s sinking or having this other movement you want a girl to come through at a different angle. And I because I just can’t imagine how difficult it is to- you have scouting reports for. Every picture and the weak bullpens are used especially. How do you keep it all straight. Well you go over you go over the starting pitcher that day and you go over the whole time the first date. You just get in early and just do the work and you just go over the whole bullpen the first day of the series. You have an idea. And we just got a couple starting pitcher and it’s- exactly as you know you gotta you gotta put about. An hour and a half into the video room before. At the start of every series and then if you play teams a lot there’s usually only one or two new pitchers. And you kind of get a feel for it so. It’s just part of the Baseball rhythm. All right so that’s hunter pence- fresh off a one nothing win against Fernando Tatís junior couple of other scores Ian happ. Beating David Dahl three to one Ian. Is three and- and member he was a he was a player that- got beaten pretty badly by Blake Snell a couple nights ago so nice. Bounce back evening for. Four Ian happ as he wins a three to nothing end Of Lucas Giolito. Off to another big lead he’s up seven nothing. On Brett Phillips- jeep Lucas Giolito beating Cole Tucker. In his first match up so. Except for hunter pence. Is Niko Goodrum but- control room Colin mentioned. That we have we have some technical issues out. We got it we got a- okay All right so let’s bring in Niko Goodrum. Nick is rob Forrest. How are things going Let’s get it done. I think I have a delay. Okay have a delay hunter. I’ll go ahead and start the game. I think we lost still be a little bit of a freeze Okay I so I think hunter pence Niko Goodrum or about to get underway- we’re also waiting also after the Niko Goodrum match up for hunter pence you’ll see the Dodgers and the giants go head to head is hunter pence will take on Gavin Lux who just beat Carlos Santana seven to one so Gavin Lux gets another win. He beat Fernando tatis junior to opened the evening. Meantime Fernando Tatís junior will now take on Carlos Santana and we are back here hunter. I think you would Niko Niko are just about to get underway- so why don’t you go ahead in. Sent out the invitation. I sent it out we’re in there okay all right we’re in here we’re ready to get locked in and loaded and the earth once again a very strong uniform choice for hunter pence and Niko Goodrum let’s see what kind of uniform he goes with of course you can’t Matt I mean that Detroit Tigers. That Old English D. is so iconic one of the great uniforms in all of Major League Baseball not really a whole lot to be messed with there so there’s a lot he- starting rotation choices for Niko Goodrum. Is he gonna go with Yvonne Nova. No looks like it’s gonna be the left hander Daniel Norris is seventy three I believe that’s a bronze card And Niko Goodrum we’ll be batting second drew Smyly getting the start. For hunter pence and the same last. Baby little little lefty on lefty action. So hunter pence get ready to take on his is a poet of the night. In back in San Francisco. Little bit of a delay I think. His victory S are you catcher batting practice jerseys on I think hunter. A number of. Thank the good lord to be Pete year. No base hit. Here in the first inning leadoff man supported kick things off. So we off

knock for. Niko Goodrum. So flatbed for one Frank. Back in it. The platitudes repeating top baby. Yeah for the for the same but clean. Here’s Mickey Cabrera. It’s like the game is that reflecting his new weight loss. Maybe came in much later in twenty twenty at least this spring that he had in years previous to struggle with injuries. One one one. Lifted in the air after running bands on the road the skate not always right I was very. But with that Lowe son to hunter I think that’s interesting I know a good idea this is the first time I played at night. I have to try it out. Okay give me the white light time this would be the first to do not. It’s technically the seven. More impossible to see what the- deductible is afraid of because with that. Daniel Norris look at how to get the ball just disappears. Into the batter’s on. With. Because drew Smyly is coming from that left side that that son that’s a tough son right there in that batter’s. I did not think about that I’ve never played that night this is mixing it up. First PDF people at home but people were you’re watching look at where that ball goes you just lose it. Wow that’s- it’s gonna take. Maybe if I get really close to the screen I can see it. This is surprising in the offer at. If you guess wrong. Hunter you can change your vehicle you might get a different to what. You are. While hunter that is that is difficult. Players in the chat if you get this son. And my daughter remarked that could be extra bases. But players in the Chad if you get the sun and you offer me a friendly Rick friendly quit I’ll take it because that is a tough thing to deal with. First baseman Brandon belt are not address that. In the infield Cabrera as a play. For the second. This might make me better I need about seeing all. Well look at what you’re doing with buster Posey hitting four fifty five In the cleanup spot. Not terrible. Two straight weeks and no. Many we check in with two. See if any up to. Who. I think you can go another inning which was Smyly. It was not so you right- yeah. Jonathan scope former oriole. Second innings Niko Goodrum was a second round draft pick back in twenty ten Twenty eight years old. On the way. Robert we lost Niko first Republican Pablo Sandoval There I’m doing. Sailor together at all. Goodness said- Michael man whoa and I. Are you may a movie. After a little struggle a lot of stars. Okay that’s the good I love it let’s go yeah here’s our stream Apollo. I want to start. A star yes that you know the play enough enough FIFA leave in His I. Don’t turn this a sponsored by about be the self that’s also not you stream you should try some M. L. B. the show. You should populate Likable I Blake ABA again play double so I’m going to I’m I’m others. That’s the most in the- pop. We got you a problem what’s it like to have hunter

back with the giants after that year way. Do the sublet sublet because a great guy. His call with want you to be the best give you the best yeah. In the dog around the globe Houser he once you to give you you guys gave the best out there eighty well have the- mentality Michael Houser. Said leads in those are great guy. Play balls Sam in the field. They. Never give up that’s a good thing And this was going to be. On a new chapter for you guys you know Bruce pochi your your long ten manager replaced by Gabe Kapler whole new coaching staff I mean. What what we the I know that you guys had been together very long before things were shut down but what was your experience like with a new coaching staff. While you know what was one of these the that I love once this is spring training because- we got a great great a mall for a- reward can now we do a lot of Stars guy out there. Well every day. Busan didn’t different in the program the way so is one of the is that would do that Jones. Young talent out there and if the house is this is it’s important you know. How those guys the flexibility from those that come every day to work. Is this most important thing for us to. To be happy now. And I ward with them. Well panda you it looks like Niko Goodrum is open up a- three nothing lead on hunter here he’s got a rally here for your San Francisco Giants Disponibiliza Bo. Got a field looks like. What you do I know what you do will run. J. that was more ball they get all the market will go to auction. We are he’s saying change this on We have. Don’t. I what if you’ve been doing what been doing for Trey and if you doing some. I’ve been working out Rene Rene Rivera. Yeah we are not leaving here without being anywhere him I be doing Michael base in the Homs every people we hate indication today. Yeah also man I gotta say I’m pumped to get to play with you one more time you told me you told me that- I. D. rods wedding you said you want well board we got one more run. One more. One more run your- he told me that this offseason the giants and anything to be true so Pablo’s got a special Max- making making great things happen. The rest the rover let this guy right there what’s my best man that what am I waiting. This was a father that’s great That’s great apple Markel aboard right there. The crew wild dive stop yeah will hunter mention you know you said people are countless out well we got one run I was at your camp and there were a couple of guys that mentioned Hey we see what people think of us and we’re using that to kind of fuel us and get ready for twenty twenty. Does little things you know they they say we got what we got play any better than this the field. We all in you know is one thing that I’m looking forward. I hope everything Warner No Way hold everyone’s. America every the war sale team all mobile Abiatal nobody. The out there we Lail H. we give this that with forty so I hope every will go away if not we can chill because everyone counted out The giants out so because draft would also manage both some must balance. Well we got planning inside of we got a heart. The one play every day That’s what our problem. Well you got to show heart right here you down for nothing to get it going. Yeah did you just call your shot she now you know popped up look date is today it’s Jackie Robinson day it’s a day that you know everyone others this is number. Two you even through yeah you’ve been a part of a of a bunch what is that day like to play and where that number on Jackie Robinson day. This is a special for me especially. You know I hope Roberto. They had a one of

those days because asylum Acting is not required the women to give the opportunity to be part of players- well These the first. African American player. Any late the evening you knowledge since special for me some I. Run will Rob in American. Yeah squad O’s is. Journey know be of the press for me number forty two In Europe. My leading them and Everyone out there. Yeah well I’ll tell we appreciate you join us a lot for a Poppen on it was to hear from you I echo your sentiments over vertical meant a I think that is an honor that’s a- but you’re- that if you’re streaming and hopefully we can see you maybe next year on MLB the show twenty players like thanks a lot Pablo. Thank you guys. Bye thank you. All right so you could dream up to a four nothing lead on hunter in the- top of the third remember three inning format here. If you’re just joining us are you players failure with battle royale similar thing here three inning game. We can tell you that Gavin Lux is up six nothing on Hayes is Luzardo. I came in the third. To contact. Brett Phillips hung on to beat Cole Tucker forty three. God bless blowouts all over the place Five nothing Josh Hayter over Ian happ right now. And Hager ended up winning that game by the way five nothing MLB .com slash players leagues the website you want for all your scores and highlights and schedules for MLB the show twenty players Lee. In terminal two can’t you go Goodrum sends one to center. He gets back to nothing. A chance rather than the top of the third. Later came around to score last time okay ready with the first bit cheer account. Keeping an eye on this game as well as other games of. Our round the league Is Niko tries to add to his four nothing lead in this third inning. Well it appears two that is a good picture. For right down the third base line Okay Hayes Luzardo has added three runs in the third and final inning he still. Three however. That window. The two two. The request and that will never. Lucas G. lido just put a curtain on David Dahl twelve to nothing finals over white Sox over the Rockies. Hendricks it’s Baltimore more. Here’s we’re gonna have a pinch runner Niko not messing around trying to add here in this thirty. On the ground second. With account The words wow. Great. Move by Niko the pinch run school After the first wow. Territory two one two bedroom with. The I made make at the top of the show- that. Just when now wow Will not. He I’m not is a so bad defense skills like for that. García is really good on the. I was wondering if you kinda got hung up there if you got what you need yeah okay- properly I want to see is building score is there a way to look at it. More wow this building at fifty I was weird Well come on Brett Myers Melvin adon answers the call to me all right so hundred going to the bullpen. I’m all getting ready Myers. There’s a little tardy looks RT. The basis. But

this one. About a. That was a hundred dollars gentleness. It does. Who look at. Our piece If it’s hard on the game so And they’re real. It is it no I can’t can I have your at for base you know like I can’t have the- there reading their- guy To the. I got Corey I got crown The okay right I got big chrome over their. Take a crawl. He’s ready so. Good you’re near that’s a nice H. to start the third. Yes Sir Williams and- one ball and one strike. It’s Brandon Crawford. It on the ground down the first base line Crawford’s really yet to get going with- for hunter pence Mattingly. One hundred. You Jo Adell is dirty Joe about I was gonna do something. It Justin showed up he’s gonna he’s gonna show up in the game I believe yeah I love that you’re getting him all these pinch hitting appearances at some. Answers yeah I mean this the switch hitting the weapon off the bench- that the PH. One and one One out nobody on a small runs of good I Pablo Pablo start the rally baby. No that’s paint such Adam. Yeah it’s a promise but. Read that here right the first okay by in battle in Right to make everything better yeah. You got a current. Okay Billy. Don’t do it once. Hi you know me I just need some speed on the bases I can have Pablo You can. You know will be summoned to be the correct top manta dot up at the- okay one in. I’ve not been. What I never had a relationship. Wow okay Hello good pitch for strike one it was a double forty minutes I’m lost Lee- that falls well hit going back as a left fielder looking up in the maid to catch. Why a US not breathing. What I want to see what the exit V. low on that is hunter I thought you got it man ninety loading ninety four forty three forty three moon. I like that- don’t you do it don’t you know it. On the first Good good good well that’s good to go. Ross graduations to Niko Goodrum. Miguel you really. Got a little bit of a statement when they’re winning on the road five nothing congratulations. Get a need give me. You know I mentioned earlier I mentioned to you earlier specifically also with Dwight also Dwight Smith in the lineup that you guys have is not filled with a lot of diamond players are gold players but yet you guys and you especially here just just here recently against hunter you’re finding ways to win that’s going to give you some confidence moving forward. Yes I’m just you know. In the baseball hard on your and like I was there. In real life as well so just. I’m I guess I’m to get lucky right now but- our players are better than the show you know. But right now W. got the platinum or diamond We’ll make it work I will make it work. You. Know you guys gotta make it work what you got What what about moving forward what has been your or let me ask you what is been your impression what do you think you- you need to work on moving forward as you work your way Through this league of the rest of the month. Mookie and once I get to mobile okay make Mr. He in the- little- meter little the last. Because once I get a book. And then I’ll hit that lies on the right down the middle Andy. You know it’s kind of tough now start walking guys and get. It’s a mess so. This is. Within and then lastly

today is Jackie day you visited west hills middle school recently to discuss the legacy of a Jackie Robinson and highlighted student national winners of the breaking barriers essay contest why was it important for you to be involved in that because. I would be able to long I’m always trying to give back somehow and- that was opportunity for me and I want to be bigger than just a you know in your tank on the field I want to try to impact lives- when I can do it in- that would want. To do it cron job. Rhoda zero Greg anything and they had a couple one of that is because it’s a good time in on August the mileage on a car with a give back and- show show god they can they can make it to and- do they want to do. And lastly Niko. You’re gonna try Tigers. Now in the midst of rebuild trying to get back to the waiting way how do you feel like where your team is right now as an organization and before maybe we see some- some playoff baseball October baseball with the Detroit Tigers we’re we’re exciting you know people people kind of the- man in. Are we at least have a lot of young guys that are trying to get the feet late in- understand how to how to handle said the big Dublin as a process in itself and- but Ortiz is doing a good job of bringing people in and- developing a player so- I mean I’m always. Out there trying to compete I don’t care who did what team it is- you know I’m I’m going at that whatever whoever DSL- it doesn’t matter what’s needed- I’m log burning energy not try to- should other team mates and you know push them and Sunday could be great and- I think this thing of. You know been a chemistry Alcántara the women’s. On one second if you guess there does that I think. The one will be there to. Yeah are you know you champion. Teams in Europe. Of inside Francisco. They were known for their- can. Can explain to us how. Can is created and how important is it Are you know it’s kind of a perfect storm of just you know young guys coming up together veterans that that that just are great leaders we had so many great leaders and everyone. Was just one leader was- it was everybody everybody was leading they they demanded everything of the young guys and- like you heard from problem and we love each other we love plans and we don’t care what he once said you just go out there compete because- they’re gonna no one’s ever there’s thirty teams out there know when. Everyone’s gonna have doubters no matter what you’re on about how good you are even the best team’s gonna have doubters insist you make your decision to go out there and play with love. And good things seem to happen. Yeah but Nick I think it kind of speaks to what you were talking about just a few seconds ago that ultimately. Lucky it’s stats and things like that and analytics but really. It can be a new competitor in competing is still at the heart of this thing right. Yeah no doubt- one is the is it going. To be worried about what you did today is not help you win you gotta figure out ways to help your team win day in day out and- you know I understood a chemistry is big and expecting things from each other and hold each other accountable- it is it is a big thing and it goes for respite when so- having the leaders in. Many classic and show you how god would do this is because with. Yeah are you know we’ve got some people here in the Chad. Niko one into. Ask your or get your- about. About Caroline one of the great Detroit Tigers who passed away and- and your organization has so many great. Players including great players that are still around in in our part of the organization or at spring training. I’m wondering what your thoughts were. There on the passing of al que line Yeah that was tough because you know we just got back from spring training game. You know seeing him and talking on and you just never know you know that was what we did. It last time but- Graveman always always willing to help- we can resolve the clubhouse every home game. Of talking to you make you feel welcome and you know the great thing is done and- the legacy hasn’t gotten on the hall of fame it is still. Reaching back trying to pull someone up- so it just speaks on our great of a human being. He was not just baseball Yeah of I think that’s what what’s one of the many. Reasons why what makes this game so special is to see. The great players from the past still hang around with their former clubs to talk with the current players in. And really kind of passed down. The traditions of that particular club and obviously the San Francisco Giants have one of the best traditions. In all of Major League Baseball. Absolutely I think on the baseball family is a tight knit group that looks out for each other takes care of each other. And you know

passes on wisdom you know you you can learn so much from the guys who play before you. And even you know it’s my belief we can learn a lot from these young kids as well there’s so many perspectives but it’s a great tradition- you know one of my favorite sayings all times to plant trees that you’ll never see grow. And that’s what a lot of these old guys do for us is that they they plant tons of wonderful scenes share in times of knowledge is just because we love the game and- the top baseball on- we do have some special ones with will Clarke and Barry Bonds will. Yelling Mason were Makabe just absolutely incredible history incredible people. How does Niko. Up next for you is Fernando tatis junior one of the great young players in all of baseball in another- great young player is Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers I believe we have Gavin now- here. He just finished. I think you just beat Hazen’s Luzardo Also the Dodgers beating the Oakland A.’s in. And we’re gonna wrap up this featured stream featuring hunter pence with a- giants versus Dodgers match up. Against Gavin Lux- control room Colin do we have- Gavin yes we- go good games matter. Good get good luck Nico appreciate the time and Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers now join just about Gavin I was keeping an eye on your game against Carlos Santana you won that one going away give us this what was the score on the Hayes is Luzardo match up. It was fifty four year old up what six Tony came back enough There are six forty came back in the left wing and- the Robel Bigelow apartments. World of the American. All right so you’re getting ready to take on the San Francisco Giants and hunter pence hunter. For those that will give you a baseball fan you know the giants and Dodgers you know that that’s the thing that it’s a rivalry but for people that are around it that don’t live on the west coast. How would you describe the rivalry between the giants and the Dodgers. I think it’s a it’s a beautiful rivalry and I mean my chat right now is going crazy they’ve been saying all day all you have to do is be gathered in your to go. It’s a Terrance. Is going aperture but is also a lot of mutual respect because the Dodgers is a great organization. US obviously I love the giants relations well and- and ride horses what competition and what challenges and one. Have to be is all about so brings out the best in your brings up those good feel every time you play the Dodgers it means a lot and it. It brings that beautiful passion Yeah it Gavin I know you haven’t been a part of the rivalry for very long but- what have been your early impressions and what have been some of the stories are what have people told you. About what this rivalry needs. What and by we’ve done that for Awhile now. And the crowd. It should minimum be no problem Republican members recall. Our well let’s see the same Giants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers yet again for the first time here in MLB the show twenty the players league so hunter pence against Gavin Lux and I was seeing the question in a monitoring Gavin Lux chat he’s asking how do you know who to play next is it like a round robin kind of a tournament well it’s more like a it’s a league yes thirty guys going head to head they’ll play each other once they’re gonna have a playoffs at the end of April in the championship series in a best of five to decide. The one champion in go to MLB dot com slash players league for complete schedule right here it’s about to be Gavin Lux against hunter pence Gabbana you undefeated tonight. Okay all right. That’s right it’s about how you finish all right so god I’m going. What about You’re going to. You got a simple challenge because it’s at your place. Okay so Gavin will be getting into the menu to send out the challenge will be a beautiful Dodger Stadium- I will say this about Dodger Stadium I do not think TV does it justice. Is it is a beautiful beautiful place where every whenever you go in there you feel like you’ve walked into a- time warp it’s like nineteen sixty one. It’s like time has stood still it is a beautiful beautiful park so Gavin Lux and hunter pence prepare to do battle here published Wednesday evening river are prime time broadcast come your way Monday Wednesday

and Friday. Nine o’clock eastern we pick out one featured streamer. And we follow that players progress for one night and I’ll give you some scores and highlights from around. From around the league twenty four games were on square scheduled for today Checking some other scores right now. Let’s. Over Ian happ Lucas G. lido Lucchesi illegals been putting up some big numbers. Tonight he be David Dahl twelve to nothing. All right so we should be. Because you read. Let me find out let me see all right into tonight Luke chili right was. Chairman to I believe he’s and a tonight so. Five two. Where way Clayton Kershaw. Getting it started the Dodgers. We’ve to drive and we dealing with a Brooks Dodger motif for the job yeah you know what day. There we go throwback day Dodger Stadium Yeah throws Hartlieb. Hard boiled. First Jr Hobbes on the top of the first Are the big breaking ball I am first round know what you’re talking about like that. It might not be in his settings Gavin could the baby although it should it should be there Here comes the- back up is that like where they were they had battled Evers yeah exactly Correct I don’t really pay much attention to be honest with you Buster Posey look at exchanges across the knees purple one he takes his first cuts in this Process again that’s right Maybe I should not been my issue. Now the walls and strikes and that’s one of those how could you not swing at dadler Paul. No that’s going to draw extra bases. Nine roe It’s a nice throw by Mookie Betts to get it in. Soon strike you scream Stephen lane here in the twenty nine wall. The big league level. Gavin seventy three that were in the seventy San Diego studio chat wants to know what do you think about your hot zone. I’ve literally on the game I don’t even have one so. What we need to fix that. Miller Miller her bodice all of the white. A little bit of Luke. I don’t know how I really feel about it. Here’s Mookie Betts feel like they’re just respect you that’s what I think. Right now with Mike I think it’s hot zone is like. I would say that’s not fair I mean sometimes I if I get to it it’s I. Think it’s. I know Dodgers mobile high fastballs and sliders. Gavin’s batting for seventeen with Mookie Betts here facing Johnny Cueto Mookie metal. They said I could be extra bases it will be Robert calling here. Your clothes Lambert okay. What’s not. Would be not that bad Probably what he’s legally Hello Blake down José I don’t know I don’t want to come with it is Nate it was probably one of the toughest ID. All through the two years he had like a one

he already was another top on To the- the second is the means to. Wow to be fair. Hey let’s welcome back in Hayes is Luzardo the Oakland days Hayes Zeus- you you mounted a late rally against Gavin Lux but ultimately came up a little bit short. Yeah sure. But ended up becoming. It wasn’t really yes It would not let me move yeah What was that it was at virtual you in right field. Are those virtual me it wouldn’t it wouldn’t allow my cursor to move him but that’s okay it happens yes. All right so we’re gonna get you gonna get the bullpen up. How did you end up finishing tonight. I so hard Santana what what was your record tonight. Yeah I haven’t played Carlos incendiary. Okay yeah he’s finishing up with lots of detecting so- so far sooner one. Two one one okay so you bet your late comeback against- against Niko. Change all right you get the league because a pretty good player to man so that’s a nice windfall Yeah but while I’m not. So walk off winners raises Luzardo and And Gavin strikes first There’s Corey Seager. The third loving it down there thirty Longoria with a hundred you got to watch out for burrow codi Bollinger man died dozen this That that that. Dangerous card in racial and- ethnic Alaskans blunders four runs I’m just I’m having trouble with the go up right now. Gavin when you heard you guys were getting Mookie Betts what did you think Reaching the lineup on the- more Barnwell’s. So. Who knows Breaker hanging over the heart of the plate not gonna speak to many of those today. Two our chances for the shortstop Working with lot of shortstop grounders. Hey sue so you are able to use any or have you attempted to use any of your- real life skills real life knowledge and apply it to. To this game setting. A swing in terms of like maybe reading a hitters swaying- type deal- yeah I mean. Sometimes you notice you guys a little later a little you know looking. Back like early in the- swing out the stuff I guess you could say Picked up in real life and I put in this game but- at the same time- somethings that don’t translate well so. M. and what’s what is it what it what type of things are those. Arm Play the game and I had Matt Olson making their out of the house right now. Years since you were born so. But sometimes certain things like hanging pitchers in this in the museum obviously the part video games I mean that’s what makes it fun and a little unpredictable Right so Gavin out to a two nothing lead in the- going to the bottom of the second Johnny Cueto still on the hill Chatting with the Oakland A.’s Hayes whose Luzardo was he gets ready to take on Carlos Santana Carlos is playing Fernando catchers junior right now After it is Hamels Hitler. Nice place close down. Zero Fernando Ted teas and Carlos Santana are just about to get underway I believe. Here we go again. Now he’s gonna dot share that’s who

it is okay. Right center field Thank you if. You’re already although. Well not. If you could you could you could have said that sooner we would we could have done it. The boat Without users of both you and Gavin is young players got a little taste of the postseason last year Hayes is what was your what was that experience like for you first. Ramírez L W. or just getting the chance to get in front of like the Oakland Daulton Colton Cristian. Are you know we had that that Barnett we had that the all the noise going on and just being. There and try to get my feet wet in the in the play out it was a lot of fun and- to be honest with your- so I’m glad. Thank that I got opportunity. Yeah you you went D. in the prior what was that right. What will happen not a problem they argued. It out there and- lebron it’s- the in animal the death of by but on Wendelken. Follow these. Billy Hamilton let’s see that was legit I was going on you’re right you’re right wow. The head. Hunter you were on that Click on that Sweeney finds himself behind a one to. So we got Kenley close. Going back While to the wall motor hunter it sounded like you’ve got a- it might. It is been fly out to the wall. While all. That’s of and that said hunter. Are you gonna get a good luck Roessler Larry. The whole the tallest Hey I just want one Eric. But still I’m thinking about it last hit who was it that you had there you would eventually the plate I need to do I think you do some virtual push ups or some. You know good good. What a man. Who happens Luplow with my status right now. Yeah but you know what I thought you got that perfect perfect because it sounded like you got a perfect perfect off the bat. Now I was just gonna get. It was just good good. So Gavin a very successful night right I believe you’re- four no is that what you ended up with four Mark yeah. All right so we’ll four Noé on the night for Gavin Lux and so that moves his record to seven and one yeah Hi you’ve started off here the league Gavin. And yes Barnwell Lobatón I’m I’m glad you mentioned that Gavin because- yes if you’re gonna take a Blake Snell who six in two Blake Snell was in the chat here. A few minutes I’m not sure if he still is and then I think you also said you take on Joey Gallo right. Yeah yeah all right so Gavin Lux. Although you hunter do you have the night off let me pull up Thursday’s schedule here Thursday you are. Yeah you are back at it on. Your back out on Friday you’ll take on Ian happ of the Chicago Cubs Amir Garrett Josh who’s been in action tonight and not Jon Duplantier day of the Arizona Diamondbacks box. Thank you a mixed bag for you tonight. I think you have to score more than one run in four games to chance so I got to work on the outside it’s a bit of a lot of a lot of fly out to the warning track so- I’m- gonna try. To

right so yes- Clapp. Misplaced Snell is in the MLB network twitch chat. So he is. Ready to take on. Gavin Lux and be back in action tomorrow so. Fernando tatis beat Carlos Santana three nothing and now Carlos. Is now facing. Cater so Hayes is Luzardo I believe was awaiting one more. Control Colin where we had where we had it I think We’ll go back are you guys can talk for a bit we might have another guest actually okay let me give me a minute here and some of them you got it Gavin all right. Thank you Gretchen Gavin actually handle the rest the way I’m sure and with the okay. The group Los. Last Gavin. Back here with- with hunter pence. You touched on something early that I thought was interesting in that. You guys when you’re when you’re playing each other day in and day out I mean. You don’t really get a chance to. Talk with the guys in this setting or former fashion and all and I would imagine it would be chance to know. This the way this. Format this game us you to strike up a relationship with. Yeah please Óscar where we get to get to spend time with a lot of guys that we would never got gotten to meet goals or- you get Tellez grow relationship in connected baseball the way that I’ve never had an experience like it’s connecting baseball. One of the- crazy about me. Because of the only teams for I know the we don’t J. K. after game so. It is kind of a good feeling to have camaraderie and again that we’re competing at such a high level with such high stakes and I’m really. For this opportunity. You can never ever you could always check Who’s joining us Colin. Blake Snell Felipe Ramos what’s up man. Are you wearing your own are you wearing Snell Zillow shorts did I see that- it is Mike might be off. You might might be. Turn your Mike on There you go wait hold up Blake never got now. Hello. I will go to you guys. Okay you can watch- check out hunter pence is- twitch page at twitch dot TV slash hunter pence- are you a hunter you you’re you’re you’ve been streaming you’ve been streaming for quite a while now right. I was lightly for light I’ve had the stream for like six years I think I believe I was one of the earlier professional athletes to jump into streaming and I’ve been a gamer my whole life so- yeah this is definitely an area that I enjoy. What was the size of the- the sports games about what one of the games that you you like to play the most. I’m a I’m a big magic the gathering which is a card game- yeah I love playing magic the gathering I love playing- I’m not sure I can mention some of these though here on. The PlayStation and- format. First person shooters that kind of thing. Combat games you know- I like I do like Mortal Kombat is one that I’ve enjoyed Throughout my childhood and- yeah legal legends was another one that I really enjoyed. Yeah and you mentioned your- your your gaming. Gaming bar lounge there in in Houston how is that going. You know I’m tough times right now but their their power through it we’re getting some crazy support from the community and- you know obviously I’m I’m not that I’m gonna I’m gonna be support them a 100% and I’m gonna give a big thanks to all of our our staff in our manager sandy. Sanford but they’re going to be pretty hard right now and now we get back but it was doing really good before that we had to shut down. Yeah well hopefully we- we’re all back doing what we love to do- very very shortly and- let’s see if I Blake is Have we figured out Blake’s technicals issues breaking you having. No Blake Snell. I wonder what. I wonder what’s happening there is a prolific streamer into mean he is I don’t his his setup is legit- okay I see right now you would see him taking care. I think he had to change headphones. The work so he’s get reaction here we’re going straight into the computer to the computer. Still what needs Álex he needs

minutes Alexi your run 2% right Well wait I think I may have heard something maybe that. Now in. Blake is. Blake is great Yeah. All right is sixty two- he’ll be taking on among others tomorrow Gavin Lux who’s now seven into who else is Blake Snell taking on tomorrow maybe games will be continue our primetime broadcast Monday Wednesday and Friday nine o’clock eastern six Pacific but games go through on throughout the day and check out the players individual twitch pages- Blake Snell. Let’s see Joey Gallo back in action tomorrow have you played Joey Gallo get hunter. I had it I have it I’m games. Late last year but never MLB the show so we he’s a- gamer. I mean he’s just good enough to the show He he’s been Miley whopping people so he’ll put his undefeated record on the line tomorrow against Ryne Stanek Bo Bichette who is seven and one Gavin Lux and Carlos Santana Do you want to stick around and try to try to try Blake one more time or do you want to just now I think we’ll we’ll follow up with Blake on on Friday. Okay all right so we’ll be back with Blake Snell on Friday Hey hunter thanks for being a featured streamer tonight man this was a lot of fun. I know you had some test results but I feel like things are gonna start turning your way. All right thank you so much I appreciate you- keep in the show flowing and it takes rang out from the game since you guys Rodney it was awesome much appreciated. All right so that’s twitch dot TV slash hunter pence be sure to give hunters. Agent visit and follow whenever you get a chance art that’s good for tonight will be back with you on- Houser breaks here I think we might have gotten Blake back. And works it. Works there ago. You do Blake- just Counsell. Most Texas gramophone well. There we go on the phone. What what did you think of some of the action that you saw tonight so I watched last June all the nuts and prudence home during extensive groundwater but honestly so not looking forward to that match up. Home alone on the western alliance. Mmhm under how close Hahn came. Get you know with that go ahead Homer I thought he had an older Yeah not yeah I did soon and then Ballenger’s does what but I’m sure that so. Zach Davies I want. I’m I’m I’m I’m having some- some really rough luck with my defense. I was watching- start to return to the strains. You should watch I mean I know you’ve- you’ve not Joey Gallo Blake. I’m not watching them some- yeah he’s disgusted hello yeah not not afraid. All right now now. What who’s your header that’s going off right now we feel. Who knows. Does a good car it’s a good meadows short. Probably should. I record join may Reks Really has been my best offense by. Server and run away from At every time. Thank Syndergaard. That’s hard. Your your six into Boba shed seven and one Gavin Lux is seven and one Joey Gallo is eight oh all rights are playing each other tomorrow so could be a pretty big night. That’s what. I don’t play Burgess the bass player in the world okay. He’s locked in did you see the look he is locked in when he plays Arkansas. There is. Is very focused very he is he is focused. I just hope it doesn’t get the. I needed to get Big

José. Like a bar dot it he’s like Drago right now can someone. Yvonne Drago. I like that. Smells a little when you’re wearing your pants with now the autumn you got a chance I need. Parents roe do we where do we get this gear that you have where can we get one Edward servants American website right now it’s coming out. Most tech savvy man in the world with his Snell Zilla pants. Right welcome it can be fired. I’m our. Yeah exactly Hey. I’ve got the call now to get some coffee smell you know jurickson lunch right. Right your garden but often a little All of the judges once you’re you don’t drink coffee no There’s this should. More than that wait what is last Ruiz is like a flushing all those years The energy drink of choice I think I think- you know Gallo has got to be on those file glasses well that might be the trick. Drops before. It wouldn’t be surprising really doing that. I’m. Nothing is that’s what he does on. I agree It real Baseball he’s and I dropped. He’s gonna get to try to do it like you can’t job self so I don’t know. Yes Blake there’s a couple of people here in the chat saying. And I quote I need it so bad. You have no idea what they’re referring to Well I just think it’s on like that one time when I looked Back and. That’s it and Jesse Chavez reins needs. The message others what yes he Chavez since it has has gone to court all the time and I’ll be like line trying to get need John bit nature all day needs. Thanks right. This is baseball chatter you know it’s I guess. More hearing you know. Open ask you something how come after a strikeout why do you guys what you guys throws around the horn Like a nuclear it hunter you Bob Evans of star would start the better. Standard. That’s true it. Change the game you’re need yeah. Pitchers let’s Bring here. It’s just a matter People rob rob my so. Your Browser word. Yeah it really distract from the disgraced you know. Yeah my Brodie so bad sh Looking back yeah. And Kim homers I think Blake should be allowed to just get the ball and just stare at you as you walk make your way to the dug out the whole time never let your Tim thirty homers. That’s you know. One I’m sorry. Jobs are not super slow not super fast like I don’t know I’m like I just like I enjoy the competition so you don’t want to do strike out like I did enjoy the battle because I’m learning something from the strike out I’m like I’m I’m I’m getting your pitchers like what was your sequence Widener strikeouts one plan all that and like when I hit homers like all yeah well we’re- so what like I have this time but if Easley striking out of time I mean I was looking for it’s up to me. And Jordan last night about some the way pitchers me

what’s their Bowman what’s there pitchers what it was my body doing to time this pitchers so that’s why I’m not really dot flipping him not that I’m against it looked a little played I just that’s my that’s my styles. Like I’m just enjoying the competition. It was hi I’m I was playing some On my- any a home any two me Force me what’s the reason why I seen the next batch right now ribs. Are your continue your groups. I mean I guess that I was like that’s how learn that’s not that’s learned so There they got a baserunner no pain and then you get paid Isn’t that true but it’s still feels good in the game. Yes really good it felt really good I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes when you’re frustrated it someone feels good you know when I actually don’t actually Yeah just Lorenzen where are you celebrating. Not good at all. The reason. A lot Craig No I’m not. I’m talking like sometimes someone like if someone comes on in the video game deals if deals online just drill next got. Okay yeah I agree yeah. Who hit who hits you. The eighty all. And it was one fifty not Lawson an update from ophthalmology for ten years now. Monsoon so I’ll let you know. For further out nice sorry. Yeah be nice. No that’s- well. No at at heart. I’m not Who is who what what what’s the you know the all the all the times that you’ve been hit by a pitch which is the one that that stung the most is there one that comes to mind. I can’t remember. We had a hurricane when I was playing for the Astros. And so for two nights like my wrist this is what I was really young. The written part Matt was leaking water we had no electricity no water. We get told by the city’s kind of shambles we get told to be at the field at seven in the morning. The Milwaukee to play a home game against the cubs Well drills me in the hip great didn’t hurt produced on a no hitter we’re playing home games that we flew on that day and then a double play ball the next pitching through basically no Hader. Hi I’m too happy about. Yeah it seems like my one out was a lie now and- I was I was on and they just drove me is like. Doing that Was I feel like was that twenty thirteen or fourteen when I I’m older. It was like two thousand nine. Two thousand nine the register because all Héctor eight. God keep going here those are widely we’re gonna think. Stay on forever it’s great we’re doing great so far Blake thanks for jump on with us. Well Hey man thank you Morrow thanks for- picking up- I appreciate it Tom yeah Thomas zero let me know about those pants nails eleven and thanks for coming all magnet senior Legwork map you sure come out mean very for shorts to there you go. It’s also your- all right is there. All right hunter Matt two thousand eight Carlos Zambrano’s no hitter September fourteenth two thousand eight. Yeah I remember that that was the that was the home game for the Astros in Milwaukee against the cubs which is basically all the kinds. Absolutely hi. I appreciate you joining us best to you and your family and your your lovely wife who has- done a tremendous job getting this stream together she’s as great tech support and also serving as us some some real life support during your game so we appreciate that we appreciate her. I thank you guys so much so awesome- and I’m looking forward to coming back the best comeback of all time Absolutely the season still don’t go get it okay. I believe that take care all right that’s hunter pence of the San

Francisco Giants. Back here as we wrap it up here for night two of our prime time broadcast member will be back with you on Friday but if you go to MLB dot com slash players league it has all the standings there’s going to be games tomorrow you can watch those games on each player’s individual torched page. Do that go to NL yeah Let’s take a look at the- at the schedule here Colin we mentioned the there’s a lot of good match ups here upcoming tomorrow. I kind of wish we were they were on Friday Collin that way we can really dive in here we got good game you’ve got yeah absolutely this is what we got getting. Getting underway tomorrow at nine o’clock eastern Gavin Lux Ryne Stanek Carlos Santana Bo Bichette Blake Snell Matt carpenter now Snell six into the show at seven and one Lux seven and one. Joey Gallo’s eight no they’re all playing each other tomorrow Dwight Smith junior following. So I’ll kick your **** Bo Bichette in the Toronto Blue Jays Toronto blue Jay fans are definitely induced I mentioned white Smith junior playing with the Baltimore Orioles he’s off to a pretty good start he’s back in action. Trevor may Juan Soto Luke Jackson Tommy Kenley and Joey Gallo. All seeing action tomorrow and of course chili Well I’ve been via the story eight and- all right so last we heard here Hager and Santana were tied at three in the second now they’re going into Extra innings that was about four as of five minutes ago so- but remember going to MLB .com slash players league for all the latest news scores. And highlights and the schedule Congress was formed man will do it again on Friday okay. B here six PM Pacific- nine eight AM PM. And so you’ve got we got we had pushed rob Witt doubled twitch drops all night. Double twitch drops what the- fire up my where is my- where’s my PlayStation controller to fire up and get those twitch drops right now. Hello everyone he goes on yes thanks for joining us everyone will see you back here nine o’clock eastern six Pacific right here on Friday it’s MLB the show twenty the players league for everyone behind the scenes I Robert Flores thanks for watching It’s time to play ball. Thirty major league baseball’s brightest stars are coming together to compete in the players. All. Monday Wednesdays and Fridays at nine PM eastern the players get their gaming on the find out once and for all who’s best in show