Rutland County Council, Development Control and Licensing Committee, Tuesday 3 February 2015

good evening those diplomatic it is in support this native licensing committee again I’ll surely sugar corn or fill ins innings pro results are there in the best vector space and again if we assume that whereas members at my happen unless Commission has been obtained about the public they would not be included in that I’m very much Mohammed is pleased to receive from mr. Parsons mr. K times delight thank you very much indeed sighs I’m service thank you sorry under this section could I just say that I do have to leave at eight o’clock tonight obviously made the chair where if meat is still going at least ten of our culture’s thank you very much for me personally thank you could I have some with these are proposing to furman minutes of meeting of lunacy mr. dare thank you second please mrs. Cartwright those in favor please think you’re an abstention should thank you very much indeed I’m declarations of interest basis test number three the deck worms that development is at the end of my thank you very much Enzo because every debatable not involved many thinking device oh cuz we’re talking you need to be clear on the reason that you are I declare your interest if it’s the discussable you new interest then you could disclose that and then withdraw from the meeting if you are saying it might be considered by members of the public sitting in the gallery watching the events might consider that you would be influenced like that you livin into the development site and you might also go into withdrawal you can speak and then withdraw my advice would be that you would not stay for and any vote or debate but you speak just again we’ve got to tonight’s prior to property with a similar condition he remembers my declare on to item for the having an application as I did when main applications considered family owned property adjacent to it and I rule with Paula take apart and Brayton number eight the one I’m in fact owning land crossing from that site I’ve already enough time period dress in interest property I should exercise my right to speak a moving and that is item seven sorry I that item 18 some to 1300 376 thank you they won’t have interest in joining repetitions deputations skills thank you and any reputation for AT&T planning everything thank you whether on to the development control and I took three I think members will be aware that item ate the last one on William on the agenda has been subject or correspondence in class spent hours that addendum runs seven pages I do not think it would be appropriate bearing my previous applications well I do not think it would be appropriate to take that tonight I do understand that the least one of the public eye here for that item and therefore from the chair and get a post that with your further that without debate and take it at the next meeting so that you have time to exactly but then mr. obviously upset

thinking which ed and those are great please and against one sabattus TV carry so that items that were and it will be updated next and so we move them to the first of those and which is the each other the application is needed walk back forth and committee members made a call it was approved what resulted from she rather this proves is subjective is in preparation of it section 106 agreement to secure a lot of contributions on the site as noted in the report on the toy under last year and government amended National Planning practice violence and essentially advising that authority should not see contributions all sorts of the scale on the city attorney this year have an episode that amended Gossage relative to the media to Pet week on that basis offices along appropriate to secretly no creation on this site unless the decision is assigning the applications we brought back before you with a recommendation for approval subject to the conditions of previous report but without them for sexual access group at think permanently notice this and the next three items are all on this technicalities result of the change they therefore not appropriate to go back everyone on the planet these things it is simply a matter of approving the change guidelines where biopolitics contributions are not and not required unless members had anything on fast we need discount yes but that’s all you do yes say if any language in the thousand pages that’s unanimous thank you very much and so anytime yes and this application to the Commission on this occasion remember agricultural condition on application and the condition the greenwood lynn previously required was relating to the portal housing contribution and again the government cojones and requires advice it’s like a missing key committees rather hard plastic events we have thick is proposed is scarce and it is also those in favor please thank you very much indeed third one understood and again the same principle and previous resolution sensitive the contribution there is no sighs until I’ve been moving so quickly i’m giving you a chance okay you see yes yes for the sake of protocol okay thank you tight ass breath again besides you’ve already said yes posters crossed secondly this is what other the ball is in favor please thank you very much indeed a withdrawal for the next item so this is well if you take my place i suggest removal to item number fool the presentation is the game sounds previously yes i have a different voice but saints is language would not well resolved the grant at last year subjective such was his bird screeches be proposal was

conversion before dr. surgery and it was single dwelling and to the Tigers infusions were relevant but same reasons to set our very finest throw of change of government archives and change in our own policy as was asked about the composition of January this year we do consider that certain system is no longer relevant and then regain changes recommended to you that you’ve resolved once more to approve this sort of the previous conditions I’ll send it mr cross that’s right right then all those in favor face okay okay thanks bye Oh quite I to the five men and we have dropped this year thing on the end nakada you think general Atherton for this next item and it’s a replacement way and for eternity for us we’ll just look at the élevage ography that is all Marc herbs and olive green lanes their ministries cross here their saddles robe and from the top end only 92 Sea Kings close coming in here this is the application site there I cannot absence bro and is one of number or attach properties within that Rosalie recently up close call us up then Bobbitt there’s Kings close their access available into the application site through this uncertainty here in this way that is the blowing that is doubtful moment as 40 grim masa life slightly so again you can see the existing property there the point that they pop is there and they’re back on castro here you can also see that as a fair amount of vegetation within the site and there is closer again you can see the dwelling here that is proposed for demolition and then suspect apparently so that is more detailed technical of the house s existing at the moment it’s l-shaped two-story like so is there a conservatory career and a single story element here was made in Isis the garage this next one down is the proposal those in frontier cancion replacement well you can see it’s more or less the same alignment explores another to hear but it’s now two story across all of them they garage now moves across this l-shaped part here and there’s one and a half storey combination of 11 perfect so you then move to the lair fat I’ve hit me Lisa flip 180 degrees so this is now the frontage of site to store elders across here that’s the garage that there is on a hostel accommodation above the carriage here and then here is the first floor so it’s a 4-bedroom 4311 combinations and each new story of it here and then in the one-and-a-half story album there is a kiss bedroom above the proposed couch some of the motivations has to be the front so the Tuesday of their front door this is the character and the one of the a story got above couch to provide a guest accommodation this then is the rear this is more thing story on their cable feature there and there and then two signs that’s how small the site assessment to a zombie frontage here and degree them there Hoss your left and then finally the across to the Westwood some before and again societal there garrus cloud here the rear there and from spots to the left so the issues we consider unseen first of all the prints from dumped suddenly then I’ve often advise on the conservation area and street scene and their thirdly be impacted formality of those making friends so it’s a principle first of all there’s a site game and this is an application for a replacement running within cleanliness of development of the local service center so in principle our policies tell us at that proposal Lisa’s we move on there to the impact on street scene and the conservation area it is very central within the conservation area but Kings close itself is a recent development

probably isn’t too much near harmony with more historic part of the conservation area and I’d like to show you some views going front across here so first of all I sort of recent boqueron that’s named prodding them to their this is that turning head at the end of the comedy side that i referred you to this then is existing dwelling there you can see that there are little angle from each other if you can also see the application site set back beyond the edge there and then just of course I’ve been through the excess pay for you now can show you the proposed replacement way and this is taken from far end of that setting a very important thus this is important to this is the proposed replacement orientation and already you can see that is taller the high has been negotiated down during the lifetime the application but it is taller than a necropsy out answer however the applicant has provided some perspective drawings which are lights used demonstrate one or two of the issues here they are tallest in the supporting letter that they are facing those drawings on a topographical survey of the existing features plus their own technical drawings for the new department so looking at this thing from a public area that the turning out can we say you can see that yes the new trailing is taller than existing but it does have his relationship with two lined up like a son so the view that we love you is that the impact on the screen seen animal conservation area is acceptable there is no objection from the conservation officer I will feel a device despite the objection from parish capsule so we move on there too residential and amenity and we have received or churches one from property owned up to that one from number 1000 role of the rear both concerned about the impact on their essential managing number two here is also concerned the loss of cylinder trees within the education site and also about the cross sympathy of the two-story out of the neutron to their own profit what I’d like to do is just take you on a tour around the application Cyclops so just do this right the relationship of the Nutri to us you could start then with here so this is the further I’ve taken across the front of the existing property seeing two story i’ll go to the existing copy here as the Navy property are no windows their first of all level this is a further single-story albums of the existing property and this is just a close up there of the relationship between that and the existing property of two and this is another one of those perspective drawings provide by them you can see that the two story album is now a closer to the existing naked property but it still leaves a gap there to 3.7 meters and you also have a blanket 11 line up with the plant gate length of the existing property we advise to you is in the impact of that on number two is not something that we then move front and rear that is number two their best existing property here and as I showed earlier the tutorial will then move closer across this way that is some of the existing vegetation refer to in the in the report in chaos at Blue Boy none of that is worthy intentions in conservation areas public entity so then look just a little closer that’s on to their the existing properties across here on to our site and then this is the proposed my Institute again the relationship along agree it’s fairly well yes this is a large one I feel the impact on number two is a sufficient or not a concern not to mention that the loss of song vegetation here there’s nothing more than looking into their party but the two parties lined up next to each other that angular view is not uncommon and we couldn’t get any candy sunny thinking protect the vegetation along the boundary in case that there is so new bedroom they’re the two what suites with policemen that’s good news with this is it masturbating here but it is some distance ponder and that is just not close i can show you the Richer between theater with vegetation still misses you so then the ball around that wee bit and just take a look at the impact on fountains Rome here firstly these properties and then only receive objective number one so it’s not the best fertile of it is sunny stretch but this is taken from a first Rawlings of the existing property that is number three four and five thousand drove there

you can see that there are nothing does it wants more windows did right here somewhere new one where is either objection form is across here that is new from the clothesline across before the objection is really looking given the changes we don’t feel and the body has anyways then we further here that’s two straight lines of pizzas named Roy the two-story element of the news was move slightly further away and resources and vegetation in past week some type of floating our last existing property that’s number four there so this is some money this is the other wish that we facing them for as to win those the first of all level as more sweet as a sentry window so both are opposed gives your place there’s also conditional connect to that it remains as such so tell you that an inclusions channel we feel the principal involvement is acceptable in this location with your design the leg supplement panels busy touring wallpapering promises that charities work emergency for subjective nation’s energy if the relationship to properties is so many fought in any retail I really see no forwarding form a more substantial religious quarter watch outside now is something like one large house in that Jason still there are no proposed second segment is not nice pleasant very pleased that is unanimous yep actually this is application of rights to remove our friend option in lanham Torah start off in case I forget there you will note with recommendations subject to the modification of existing sexual nice experience across the whole site this is the site itself France remote island off on the north side virgin vinyl punch the driver some probably and dropped is back to drive and then the entrance fee or path which is split into three distinct elevator running along the southern edge here is come over to road and later on in the presentation you’ll see some photographs taken through the came to the gap in the hedge of our road you’ll see the reasons why we get there just to show the mobile handsets are situated all this sort of a tradition so this is the application side which is feeding embassies in your reports the blue one is the other one within regs require that is owned by the applicant application only relates this red area which is the residential part the Bronx profile this area in here has permission form of our homes for holiday you sunderland so there is some static mobile things in there and this this part here is a Tory current slide and they will see that us the holy site the Tory our societies is in their spots homage to obviously the relationship so the application that we’re considering tonight or the other cities nighties is covered this area here which is known as bombs with owns this area here which is known as the glade the old r Nicholson Confucius to which journalist has declared and then this area here is large part which is the

first section evil too long drive from the explicit the omnia yes it’s a six there is private residential development loans the range and some representations were received from residents at the end of the range here they would concern that this application may result in nemo bar it’s being placed in this area behind their properties in a presentation you’ll see photographs taken in the back of this property here which has these characters not their lives but the long arm up on maui in season trees there is an embankment there and these residents here have God and writes up to the top of that embankment which is planted or beyond that is a load of what appears to be copyist willows and then beyond that’s where there is a probe every wall just inside refundable there are more achiever to see what it’s big deciduous trees in that area is effectively a lot because there’s no access to it because all these properties are their gardens within that area so any concerns about mobile edge go in there is cops little bit premature believe it if English some dick over there right they comply to the side license it will necessarily cause any great opportunity and that’s a photograph on top of that by looking back up that’s host units in that case these these would say I’m dreadfully top rails out that’s looking over down swartz seems like a site that’s the view from the bank through these copies villas and you can just make that top of the boundary wall range of specialist for Hitler and so this area is known as the glade has been so concerned about in fact along this edge in particular where for new mobile recently cited you’ll see when we come to the issues on landscape and visual impact you can see this is the latest 2011 aerial photograph you can see that the Wilson vegetation along there it’s been suggested that a hedge have been taken out of there and that these demobilize report cited types the boundary which indeed they have a source different photographs but as this loneliness to suggest what that band your head actually was it’s been stated that it was nothing more than the brambles so that’s just work up the motor comes down there there is a new link through at this point on to this road that comes around PSD drops drastically the next photograph is taken from the air looking along a new section race these are the union is different place of that sort of memory so these vision is privately owned but they are sited on lamp runs beside which is owned by air and they have your rent which is you do one and that’s looking back the other ways of the last section already that’s from longs for gardens looking through between a couple of years their backs the back of transfer all itself which is outside the application site in this instance so that the main issues here are the neat simplify the existing body machinist as the reports officials granted in 2002 has several conditions contained the days are over restrictive 405 bar owners are matters that are probably considered under the site license which is an entirely separate issue they’ll be my separate legislation by the Environmental Protection Team so you can see that some of the conditions as they all set out there in fact there wasn’t a pretty out come on up to cosmetic condition and in the consequence of those conditions would be as if one unit was was cited out of place or you which is a bit of nonsense on the caramel site or logo handle because those issue not put some ice in there are minimum standards because the distance between your hips and that in itself remember earlier all the reviews that could accommodate them so some of the residents the rating issue were concerned about the fact that they might

be moved off the site or to us on sight there’s those much as could’ve happened at a time and again station so man the next simplify the latest information is my issue and the in terms of the use of the one which is what we need to consider for the main main issues in that are specially priced and an issue of a safety there’s no objection from our Authority with the last access it’s unlikely that the number of years on that would increase to X and switch that next become an issue and indeed as the report points out these you tend to be large it out so it’s likely that then white overall ultimately less outside the night with this war the bigger issue is ecology so I’ll just found four main issues there a lobster carry on through the presentation will address those issues as we go through don’t remember the yellow arrows on the aerial photograph to starboard this one was taken from the farthest west point on cod over to road this is actually leaning over a gate and that’s the view that you get this is the long straw gardens area must Glade where those new units are and then they’ve got copies further across the apartments you see from them so that’s a quiche you an idea of how busy will be in size and color stress about his literate of a narrow field gate the remainder of the hedge of our College Road even in the winter is of such substance that a mashie finest walk out by that you really don’t see anything through the wife do see is not largely quality Realtors been over a long time in this fight it’s 40 years of college so that edge in something you cannot see to it still in winter it is a socialist hippie provider at the screen and it’s a considerable distance across this field to the edge of the side this this is the back of one of the new here next I small that’s an original or the recited on this boundary that photograph first photograph was taken from icon there in the corner of electrical dirt road and you can see there’s what appears to be a tin the fence along here much looking the other way has definitely Tim the fans here that’s been there sometime so I think it’s unlikely that there was a hedge and any substance that was taken out there because this was a hedge to the field it would have been combined into a regulation remember the issue to have a little lame some time ago with the river’s edge results they can actually because the notice was forcibly here is no principles there but for whatever we can say it appears that made was probably imagining significance the downtown at the end of that road there is the remains of you see it what appears to be probably problems but again this existing fence looks first been there for some time so again this is the latest aerial photograph that shows up badly that’s not original walnuts or Mexican even so it’s now for new year it’s in a longer and you can’t see that there was some vegetation just impossible to say what it was these are just general photographs are out the rest of the side there are some fairly substantial trees on the site this gives you an idea of this one of the units were older much smaller units probably not much more than largest static caravans which are some agent up and trusts with the large utopia recently you can see there are some decent trees on the side there’s no water to remove any trees a lot of sonication it’s certainly to establish a freshman admission to the eastern so the principal is clearly well established on that has been permission to Coronis isolation see from the report attractive a 50-something there’s many more visual in back from outside the site now as opposed to hospital dental boss going back several years other things they cause concern view the issue of ecology have been raised and he said thats impacts on site at roost in trees and some of these ultra units but there’s no Virgil to remove trees website you’ll note that in

the recommendation was later reminding them of their statutory responsibility should they really all the units to the left species present so subjects have modification to Isaac’s agreement it’s recommended that this mission we’re under as you can see with a very simplified dyskinesia think I materials and we don’t have a boat instead if you had any occupation I don’t see where there may be some emotional issues but that’s the situation it’s been one of the places that’s one of the areas where there are less sorry more four pounds since people I personally have seen apparitions remember say that I don’t think this is much to be nuns recommendation mr. Oxley I just like clarification the office of presentations projects it’s unlikely numbers will increase you too much an impact on the Magnolia outside actually I ways report is on Memphis so I just wanted clarification on the density of change this this those who have a density of the site and pressing the concerns of residents the old Park area perhaps be professor in the front foot a condition something on the lines of within the public to protect that part of eventually going up in value as gardeners I think where it was silent back yeah terrific space basic too so I waited about the density as you can see it’s fairly dense already there’s not a lot of scope that are some vacant from be path see here is already constructed on 2011 arrow that’s another thing that mostly actually off so that there’s not a lot of rhythm to have any more units in there as I said something units tend to get a bit better with the minimum spacing distance license it’s so primitive life but now they see its almighty potentially 20 years ago when years along with nothing because of the larger units and the desire to depart with regard to this area in here if access could begin in there if the end of the site were to reach an agreement with one of these units full of access right in there again subjects of the conditions of the license which is I have my concerns having noticed the sort of utah’s lot of that what does worry is that we have no record of any hedge bushes trees that were there originally of a bit removed without our knowledge traveling on the road now and looking in towards that side it is much more noticeable now that it once was the fact that there is a well hedged screaming old roads I in business owning because hopping onto the psychic on to somebody else and somebody else could well wish to cop out ahead partly on table which would they really open up

the view in forever now this late stage it may be too late to request more improved landscaping but noting from the photographs the closeness of those top and their gardens of offense to that field honestly quite late well as I said the current layout of the site doesn’t comply with the original high pressure and that applies over the entire site as well as those units is a sizable on their dance of the records of all pitchers their civilian records of what comprises edges of arsenic hands to promote and but yeah we saw the photographs and the proximity of those units to the foundry achieving fortune what a bit is simply isn’t growing together prospect within sight of their you will be relying on the applicant negotiator the farm to get a stripper violent addition without you just our county so I with it with the distance involved in the overall impact you say mate was it was organized on my Sheba and edge could have been taken down under the terms of the previous Commission and if you won’t feel any different consider the spot there what’s there is acceptable it doesn’t have that visual impact what I would disagree Villar Satan but what we have there now is goodbye view quite disagreeable from the NY we have white buildings you know pop there right close the boundaries and I think it is most unfortunate that whoever construction those buildings is not just a little book fault tune in line after the look of the area you know we’ve recently seen another house especially constructed in a village other people there Phaethon much time care about trying to build something that will actually blend is that particular battle I think it is another lost object I’ve seen point identity I don’t think I remember I just have to say something miss Chartley I really mr. Carson visual impact have looked at it road and it is slightly jarring to see those like but what we’re looking at is do regular eyes for one in six and as you say these are being built sir joseph factory that this was a new comer socially or perhaps an activating long as we do it all new to them but that’s actually we haven’t got that opportunity to this application any one of the students were proposed the seconder please this is rather other than babies and yes and operating already great because I feel have to get motivation that is matter to you I’m just going to take week with my supporters or presentations I make a brief statement before I disappear it does seem to me to touch unlike hope without wishing to put pressure on a post chairman that you will be able to debate the principal without getting to the detail and all the only thing I would say is that fine criteria the Vita vet and warfare on

this orbit application and this application are in each one again and I think it is a lifestyle choice and I have great deal of sympathy for that lifestyle choice but that is not a planning issue again I’m where because of the sheer scale of the city to the document that is referred to in it but it is purely sporting and aerosol but Africa and it is interfering with the viability of slim scale enterprises such as they the preparers one i have read through it very clear sheriff 11 bit of the of this develop bakula PSD and trillions second smallest successful is that they’re there and it’s item line and it says horticulture is generally more seated to the lower acreage like networks of ice and it seems to me that that says it all and there is only one example a sh Y or a mix enterprise dealing with livestock and son horticulture that is remotely suggesting is that this enterprises school being established and that is only one I’m so Owen I am a maple moments I without underwear I say I think it looks complex is actually very simple chevere just led to it what night because the site’s own is he’s actually within brokerage because it is quite close Ralston leominster Instragram drops down into the digital rising up again misdirection and the science is here where was this misalignment here is understood to be able to buy that begins as well just assuming in all that this Sydney on the previous application that was subjected successful appeal this area one here this field here and this area here on all those got our concern there’s an existing bar on the side there mobile and that was granted on appeal in 2009 six just refer to it in that position there’s polytunnel they’re so close there are some sheep and some horses want to also think in here and then darling this is whether there are I think probably the bull of the alpacas within that area there is a big bomb that’s the temporary what about how you it’s a polytunnel there which is with area fenced off growing vegetables salad hens are in that section this area here is to be you like to fix and then the ambition a spot on the site across through this edge on that this is awful in the direction of the top of the screen so there’s a photograph of units that field and then the proposal is for a permanent residential to our then following the grant of the temporary permissions he does the mind to cite a two-sport when their deeds of Bashar on the agenda bats isn’t here from the top of the hill he brought me some top the pigs and volatile are possible disappears off in that direction there’s the part of the site because it’s quite so steep on this section around the road that’s the very small mobile unit that was placed in there after the appeal not

our permission girls run out in May 2012 backwards or forwards on this proposal since just after that as you can see from the respondents in the appendices which I apologize for the wait but what is with you see everything this bill instead about it that’s in the police and also they provided bros down be on edge there the growing area where the hens are those are the things sound edgy time and then down here with a bottom of that feel these are young male actors that are still waiting to reach maturity and that’s looking back up again two more sets off the site if you know that’s the bottom there’s a gap fill gate because he is a stream but she runs through this field this is where she thought about all this right now forever is where the other our practice will be great so those are the main the main issue is has this part that was granted permission on appeal the forms fish we need to build this business has that time permission permission about it it has been there five half years now yes as it so the fall sufficient to justify a permanent dwelling you’ve seen the details of raising your than in your channel on the wall street essentially it’s worked in the frames unit that his bill destroy us a table outside just summarizing the advice from consultant east offices that it is part time less than half of full-time person using his son it is counted South African times that is a very labor intensive activities right they operate it and they do make a profit small profit but it’s enough for that to live on it would be able to build this house because of the way that they claim they want to with family health and basic materials you see from the exam papers that this details expenditure and what have you in there and the inspector in 2009 did learn some weight to the way that the applicant actually operates on the site because insulting I think the appendix in your new site allocations of policies plan is especially a copy of the organics to previous owner which is with these classifications if you’ll see that the Africans agent points out that that does say that operations that exists on the subsistence base assembly can be acceptable whether they’re providing for benefits but what the edge it doesn’t say is it’s relational it’s art I’ve continued from from a nexus where somebody’s managing a portent landscape I technically that’s not the case in this instance the applicants recently put forward more proposals as fortune wants to do business or but we’re at a point now where the assessment is for Thurman flowing and the idea of the term free twerking was to allow those things done for the business to go up to be in a position now where business was clearly capable of providing a farmworker living and support customers Roy and clearly that hasn’t it raged you’re the sort of surprises that is the holding itself as to be assessed not the particular methods of the applicant must advocate result what tomorrow somebody commits a total different my life so it’s not fortunate situation is in the oil for a long time and you’ve seen the whole story papers but unfortunately we’ve come to the conclusion that if you do refuse the application that would have to be a separate important report because you can sync up but what has been their house or to a half years technically an authorized position of us distribution is fighting men 2012 there is a danger to cuckoo Orchestra main reasons later very much against watch it i would like to also just remind voters that we do

have no bed was this evening aust sort of a good logical for Tony to accept two possible tickets we do most of the present i will take members wish to do so tender so here i love our heads the board member i I’ve seen I’ve received no representation from Paris meeting in bra we’ve had similar applications in the last before this committee and I fear that although one welcomes people who wish to sell small Holdings enough here I believe this particular application is slightly put in the cart before the horse and unfortunately I must agree with our advisor and I don’t feel that the member of this plan committee I couldn’t support this application thank you hm credit application we’ve got the citation in red why I haven’t got the rest of it for that include I think primarily because the siphon the dwelling is is where the red line is but we approve that tonight only on us but in red it would be on the site indicated rage some some of us think the site layout showing worthwhile information haha which is roughly the basically up to mobility but I thought it was all arrested man we’ve known to the actual address the landing pop but their concerns the remainder of the land but the applications i technically just sort of slightly in terms and what you are watching Oh check file to see if deserve I think it’s important to remember the convention is to outline citing read in the other land on a pretty play country we pull up on whether this one follow holly requirement which they’re looking for Ashton revenue is the location or dwelling early as this project went on to say whether or not the interior in a planning sense the assessment that you see me your attempt a person has been based on holding the hot side the holding of what they’re actually trying to secure is a dwelling in that location and it is necessary to identify the curtilage of that of that swelling so that’s why that’s outlined in red then you need not really concerning sucks to not do the rest as far as it goes off the apartment given that we have been asked to see file an epochal holding in all it was justified as well I concur Bob how’s that they have a second that’s it and the whole site has the tendency patient with whether or not they are being able to whether they will be able to justify the way onto this site that’s why after their complaint that point and then I have silicon servers and solid mini

started the presentations is anyone’s wall you know in which is viable no I think you were if I 0 comments made by cancer on oh ok and this is a piece of land this sizes is glad we’re going to accept that I was are suggested is going to be hard to create a business which is going to be able to generate a lot of money to be able to justify and the proudest which we are looking at today and out there there’s the rub seeing a piece of language somebody is using for cultural purposes and they need to be able to access it at length seven times a year so we are they between a rock and a hard place in that context and there will always be people that I’ll show over 12 biophys land and then find but if we’re gonna be awesome to justify financial justify that whole thing before they put the permanent dwelling on this can be very difficult to do that because it just isn’t sufficient to generate that amount of money so i went to heal everything else s is a very difficult yeah I completely homes also last year words separated for one piece nami done these this 10 20 if I seen many applications to resume such references without reply this is probably the least bottle that are helicopters now what are we that were given three years to prove these minds that they they have five years to prove against now the members are supporting letters from customs of elephants and doing a double box walk out there but in no way no way is this will provide a full time at Google wage the idea of who me and she bears the warrantor permission then you could easily sell a permission and someone called consuming marginals those so must demonstrate to me and notice I’ve known cyber their teriyaki is is for its low quality now it’s not it is it’s very weapon of mass demonstrations I understand the term our angels not seen that any financial documents to the Dempster I’m sorry that she parts that ain’t it now i’m going to no longer interested in detail with people do want to live now from broken subject to get permission to notice on your homing it to me that’s a special it’s a special permission you gotta justify and you should shoot the antigen want to provide as much information as as the local planning authority lady should see another financial documents I understand of the years that they’ve been operating there there’s actually one profit and gear or one year that either there as this is largely based on the nice log unaware of one of the leads of the death row corn market movements are one shown to local authority and aluminum Evans tobacco tobacco records even seen from those photographs as a condition of the land and you can readily the gap is the large amount of fifa’s auto what we bought it so in fact could be on when you disrespect your body three cameras just about a year machine baited with that’s

there this is jimmie johnson and Casey Spartan proof in priority I couldn’t possibly support this and similar other cases that we were worthy of more appreciative in shop much more reliable and under this case multimers but the main get a job well but then a much larger scale I have to go with our agricultural consultant has advised us okay could you just tell me you’re actually yes that does it it is a small I think it’s much more just another separate bedroom are sleeping area there’s definitely a kitchen area sitting area even I see looking as usual the doctor on over the Sun do indicator the sleeping area space of time a proposal place okay i dissect a flat plate just today so all those in favor for you to please I get perceptions thank you very much indeed not on blue background next phase I think the remaining eight was relaunched say yogendra winning streak would they actually am justice which was it any questions or comments but in that case