Wall Street Warriors | Episode 6 Season 1 "Size Does Matter" [HD]

there’s only one bottom line on Wall Street and that bottom line is how much money you make you’ve gotta be smart it’s going to be quick if you see something you got to act upon it so much opportunity and gotta have the edge I love my job we’re always bumping and pushing and shoving and shouting each other but at the end of this day we still comrades it on greed is ugly make as much money as you can so that you can get out of there before it turns you to the dark side this means five that south my name is John Hanuman anima commodity floor broker at the comics division of the New York Mercantile Exchange that means I can trade base metals copper alley I can say gold silver option under the training right now cotton is open they trade cocoa they drink sugar coffee orange juice and would you see here then this row is all metals silver gold copper this is what I call my home and my office the phones and I have an Fe some of them go to Paris some of you go to London many of them go to Chicago I do resist the scrap dealers hedge funds hedge traders individuals the broad audience that we do business for here and once best the copper ring now you go to the gold ring which is the what we call the fifth currency in the world which is very sensitive to the value of the dollar further on you have the silver market which is more of a commercial market than the gold market I remember since 1970 I’m probably the oldest active commodity floor broker in New York my name is Janaki Spain and I’m a trader I’m Richie from London and I’m 31 years old I trade the Schatz on New York’s exchange and I’ve been doing that for approximately seven years for Shahnaz to focus on the shots a specific type of German fixed income security there’s a reason there it’s to sort of hone all the forces you can muster in on one specific security and becoming the expert on how that thing moves because it’s moving all day try please and I got into finance was the money I have a goal where I Sayed is how much money I’d like to make every year and then I break it down to monthly weekly and daily I don’t try and trade out of my reach I think this one tricks of doing I’m an independent trader which means i trade my own money since i’ve been trading on my own I’ve done pretty well my returns pretty high and being really high there is a lot of luck involved sometimes I’ll just go in and make money literally just like then I’m like what did I do it has happened but you’ve got a piece of mark because I click trade so you’ve got to be able to change your mind very quickly that’s how the markets react to you if you see something you’re going to act upon it there and then you go remember there are a lot of other people out there doing the same thing as you got a happy ending hey how’s it going hey things are alright you know trading the chugging along but uh yeah yeah I mean things are going well it’s just going to take a few months to turn around ya know we do have this one position that’s losing money it really is a great company and even though it is down quite a bit off its eyes I mean the market is complete shite lately ya know we I mean I really believe the fund has a great future here it’s really it’s really all upside from here yeah it’s really not as bad as it seems I know the stock is down but it’s meaningless right now until you see some results I definitely wouldn’t suggest selling right now yeah no no I understand okay yeah I’ll email it yeah it’s um PDF just just sign it and fax it back to me and that will be your 30 days

notice you can take it back at any time you know I like your money I like you alright I’ll email you the form okay I’m having lunch today with a group of top-notch portfolio managers they meet on a regular basis to discuss the markets and I went to ask them their opinions on which qualities to look for in a very best manager in this business 5% of investors know what they’re doing 10% follow the 5% and 85% have an extremely difficult time what do you think are the most important qualities that an individual portfolio manager must have it’s fortitude in patience because there’s going to be times where you have to be patient let things play out and then you’ve the ability to take a lot of pain perfekt your style you can make money as a day trader you can make money as a momentum play to make money as a deep value player you just got to stay with your strengths I think that’s very important one of the characteristics that a good money manager need is an evaluation of management you have to psychologically understand them and understand their strategy my favourite companies are those that have bad balance sheets with absolutely crackerjack management by my analysis that’s where you really make the money especially when people don’t believe them and they trade them down to pennies you buy it when nobody else wants and then all of a sudden you have on your hands the stock which is up can go up 100 200 500 times now this is they’re not easy to find but the micro cap the small cap area that’s where the real value is in my opinion and I see 250 to 300 CEOs a year I visit with you need a contrary in flavor to your thinking process when everybody says it’s bad that’s the time to look at them what we have well the he’s gonna get his money out and that sucks the fund is down about 300 grand this month alone which is what has got all the investors flipping out because of this this position this position that I took one time I went long for a while and this is this is the the price I’m paying he’s a quarter of a million dollar investor so he’s a pretty large investor and it happened you know I’ve I’ve lost investors before god ah you haven’t even lost any money he’s just lost confidence this is Wall Street Wall Street is about perception when you’re down this much in one month why trust a 25 year olds working out of a department make it short it may sound pornographic what it actually refers to is when you sell short a security that you have not properly borrowed hence when you sold it you were naked naked short I’m an independent floor broker I trade copy one contract the cop is 25,000 pounds and every time I do a trade I have to transcribe that on a trading pad with the time within a minute that card will be picked up by these people with yellow jackets down here and also key punch by my employees who entered into a matching system to make sure we don’t have any errors so everybody knows in the 15 minutes the financial integrity of the trade we always bumping and pushing and shoving against quite heated we have very stringent rules on physical altercations in a couple of weeks ago we had somebody choking somebody else we hadn’t both removed the floor so we found out you know who is the culprit and recorded and he’ll be very heavily funded I mean we yelling and we’re shouting each other but at the end of this day we’re still comrades and on some look like family this is I would consider this my family I’m here waiting for this guy who raises money for hedge funds and hopefully you like my fun enough to raise money for me everybody wants a million but it’s questioning are you going to get them are you worthy of getting any money most people think you need a big-time office in big time employees and big time technology and I’ve proven over the past few years they all you need is a little talent a little luck and a little philosophy but I got to make my case telling what I do and make him believe I am worthy and manager selection what do you think I should be looking for an independent intellect is what’s most important not a follower I had a Chinese following the other day

and I want to see what this fellas really made of you know and the Chinese are inscrutable you don’t really get that answer just by looking him in the face right so I attacked him with an aggressive approach on certain touchy subjects and the economy in China got all upset and excited and I found out what he was made of I bought the stock of course for my clients a very sharp excellent businessman who knows his stuff and I wouldn’t have never found that out just by asking a mundane questions without insulting him but that’s what’s important to understand the man what is this man the right man to do the job you have to be able to discern what is real information and what is just tough I’m not going to Tracy I’m going to attend a seminar and called d’oeuvres as well I’m on my own so it’s important for me to keep up to date on exciting my competitors I want to catch up with why not the executive board members of the York Jane she’ll be able to answer my questions I have there’s regards to products I’d trade and there’s service products that I use and I know them personally size only tougher than trauma training core there has been a recount as to change living parameter it’s a man’s world it definitely is a man’s world it’s funny sometimes I’m out and you know just to make myself feel comfortable and I know I shouldn’t have to do this for me you know I’m not afraid well at times I just tell people on the secretary or PA because people feel more comfortable talking to me but then I’ll be like okay I’m going to tell you what I really doing this people just switch off like they don’t know how to talk to me I’ve had comments like people said to me oh I’ve been talking down to you you know bill their Fae things like that and I’ll say to myself that’s a real stupid thing to say like you talked me down to me big deal just talk to me like a person back in 2001 a lot of people need money very easily the markets were very good now there are a lot more players definitely I mean at one point I was anywhere from ten to fifty percent of the volume of that particular contract now I’m lucky for 1% I’ve had bad days where I’ve lost money where the average person here in the United States would not probably make for five years so tell me about your strategy my strategy is short buy it you know I’m shorting small cap and micro-cap stock just when they run up you know there’s a lot of manipulation in the micro cap and small cap area a lot of heights a lot of retail euphoria a lot of people get emails and text messages and phone calls a night before saying o buy those stocks it’s going up they see you going up there they buy the stock and I look for these inefficiencies to short into these these fundamentally flawed company it’s very unsophisticated the marketplace that I do I’m going to see Jim Rogers he’s one of the legendary investors of our times and he started the fronton fund with George Soros in 1973 and for the remainder of the decade they had an unbelievable return of 4,000 percent thank you well this is certainly independent well this is unique I’ve never seen this anew all of this stuff comes from my travels from various places around the world you started the legendary Quantum Fund with George Soros in the early 70s and did that for ten years why did you stop doing that why did you quit one reason I quit was because I didn’t want to wake up at age 75 and they would say Rodgers was a great investor that’s all he ever did though I mean I wanted to buy my freedom and have the freedom to pursue adventure so I did a lot of traveling I motorcycles around the world done a couple of those trips and in the car trip around the world no we were held hostage we went through epidemics we went to Wars lizards and deserts this is not a trip to Atlantic City for the weekend you did what most people dream about doing but they could never afford it and they could never do it the last leg of our trip in fact we were coming down from Alaska we were in Colorado when a guy came running over to us and said oh my god just my dream he’s like 45 years old said I’ve always wanted to do this and now you’ve inspired me I’m going to do it too then he looked at the car and he said well that’s a two-seater isn’t it he said yeah he said you mean three years side-by-side in a two-seater you were never apart we said yeah he said my fiancee and I set out to drive from Connecticut to California can we hate each other he said we’ve never spoken to

each other since he said that bitch that bitch got out in Denver and I don’t even slow down how long would it take for you to develop ideas so put money to work someone wants to invest five or ten or 20 million value you wire me the money I could have it in my brokerage account next day you’ll have the ideas to put it already zero is there I’m your deepen oh yeah I mean the ideas are there pretty much every few days who have you targeted who is your investor base I need rich individual yes that’s what I needed and they’re the hardest well you need sponsorship most of the people I need a long bias yeah so I mean you’re the other extreme yes refreshing we may have people that say I appreciate it great Canadian on you too thank you I mean I got some money from I don’t know we’ll see he adds my materials talk to me on the phone before didn’t remember but this time you saw me in person made my case it seemed pretty interested it could be CS but I know you’ve got access to so much capital all I need is just a little bit of that give me a little access a little bit a little piece of his money you know and I’m pretty damn happy right now you know I’m walking down the street everyone can sense I’m happy so lay down there already me why is he so happy why is he so happy I’m happy I am so pleased to live I’m a driven in a bit I bet a million dollars September 16 1920 is a bustling morning on the exchange just before noon horse-drawn wagons pulled to stop right here on the corner of Wall Street and broad moments later the wagons and sky-high the massive explosion killed 40 and ripped into the house of Morgan you can still see the gouges in the limestone facade it is like in a movie this is a secret door what do you think is the one thing that made you so successful I guess it’s probably just being skeptical and curious and inquisitive about what’s going on in the world and the willingness or they’d eagerness to look at things that other people don’t look at if something is very cheap by definition people probably are not very interested in and nobody’s investing in it and frequently that’s where you find your best opportunities if there’s a change taking place you don’t do it just because nobody’s investing their commodities was a perfect example in the nineteen ninety-eight everybody giggled when you said commodities or China they were all drooling in talking about calm what I was looking at commodities in China because I felt that’s maybe where things were changing and where there were opportunities so happens it was right so how do you see China’s future extremely bullish on the future of China yes the 19th century was the century of the UK the 20th century was the century of the US the 21st century is going to be the century of China whether we like it or not usually I’m in here now in 10 minutes before the opening so I could see what’s going on in the financial industry in the rest of the world we can no longer look domestically at the u.s. world events have placed a question mark on the stability of the US dollar and the stability of the Western nations nymex is the largest physical commodity market in the world and it’s just not trading copper your trading dollars in trading different currencies energy has an impact on it the stock market has an impact on it and I have a broad array of markets to look at you have to utilize all most tools right now the demand for copper and astronomical not so much from the US or Europe or from the Far East the growth of China the growth in India two and half billion people living in a part of the world that was third world right now everything that China in India produces most of it goes to exports you got to think though what’s gonna happen when they become the consuming nation when they start consuming their own part what happens to the raw goods then will it be enough copper in the world will it be enough zinc and lead and tin in the world I mean this is what makes commodity trading so interesting this is where every day two different ball game never the same are you Muslim yarmulke London originally from Pakistani sometimes when they hear my accident they think I’m new and take me around the whole block and run up and meet many thing like either Pakistani or Indian and then it’s like oh you must know so-and-so in London because I’m related to you either that or they will try and get me married to one of the sons and we like you know

have a son he looks around your age this is perfect I Love New York I’ve always believed that so he’s played the golden sandwich opportunity and it’s up to you to grab it I feel like I was very sheltered when I moved him for me personally I’ve grown definitely and I’ve met fantastic people here my mother just about have got to grips with what I do when I first started she’s like you know made their money just leave don’t get too greedy being about changes person and she right so this is give me my new neighborhood I just signed the lease the other day for a small apartment old town house built in 1899 I’m looking forward to it because this is definitely a transition for me not so much late night party anymore just focus on the business you know I’m not really fitting into the corporate structure of investors because they have their little check boxes and oh he’s under 40 there goes my chance at getting money every day hopefully my luck thank refresh obsessions and failures but the keys that I keep learning you know I’m 25 years old if I don’t make a lot of money for the next two or three years but I learn a lot it’s still a win I can do this for the next 50 years great thank you I’m pretty optimistic about my future my organization so lean there’s not a sense of urgency like there is for most hedge fund managers who have their employees salaries you know the big office I can wait out times when there’s really not many opportunities you keep finding connections keep building the track record and I’m getting smarter a little richer a little fatter every single day so not to be a cliche but the future really does look great after a lot of serious consideration I have decided to leave my company that I’ve been left for five years there are just so many things that I would like to do so many ideas that I have that I would like to put into practice that I have decided to go out on my own pretty much everything is in place essentially what I’ll be doing is primarily raising capital for clients and I think it should all work out very well Wall Street has been a very enriching experience for me I feel that I had the opportunity to grow a lot and I’m very excited to stay with the future home I just generally try to be happy approach everything with a positive attitude I think that’s also one of the prerequisites for Wall Street’s make the most out of the opportunities that you have I remember I did the G glass you only get one jig for episode attention square time bollocks motherfucker now she learnt here the guy who has the best TN wins in life another guy is the most toys wins the guy was the best hanwen hmm oh my ha ha financial muscles baby ah you