Blender: Chair modeling and texturing

okay so this is going to be a basic blender tutorial on how to model and texture a chair so I’m just going to get blender up ok so I’m going to start by adding a background image and you can either just hit this plus sign up in the top right or you can do and just press the end key and it will pop it back up and down and you scroll down there’s background images down arrow add image files open and I have one ready under oops under pictures it’s this one so now you have a background image it’s only viewable an orthographic no um its perspective actually lick shows perspective of the model but wealthy graphic is just with no perspective it makes it easier to do box selections and stuff with that so you can either get 5 on your number pad or if you don’t have a number pad you can go down here to view you perspective sauce or ortho but it’s a lot easier if you have a number pad just to you the keyboard shortcut so there as you can see um if you get Z and go to wireframe man as you can see there’s no difference between this and the one back there and the perspective but if you go out of that mode you can see how it would be changing but makes it easier select stuff and things like that so now if you hit three on your number pad 147 it will show the background image as its constraining to the different views if you do not have number pad then you can go down here and do the same thing okay so we should probably start with the chair base I should have gotten an overhead photo of it but we’ll be fine it’s just like any longer good square rounded out cell so it tab to go into edit mode or you can go down here and I’ll ask the scale why along the y-axis scale it down to outside the chair move it down then F scale X constraint on the x axis you can move it before a little actually you can see it’s kind of rounded out right there if we want to round it and it’s kind of like a scallop there hmm we should go back oh well this needs to be bigger anyway needs to be just about a square so if scale on z axis now better okay so if we want to round it out a little we can do actually I’m gonna save rounding out to the end because we’re going to be making some loop cuts there so now we’ve got these the back of the chair is comprised of these eight I don’t kind of these are support things and the two of them are these outer stronger ones that make up the six little skinny ones on the inside so we’re going to need to extrude basis for all of those and now is a good time to go back out orthographic view cut it in half with a to deselect control our to do a loop cut and then click and then just click again to put it exactly in the middle that a to deselect be box select and then just grab all this actually prefer working on the right side so I’m going to delete the left side beat box floating the Delete key vertices and go over here if you can’t see that then you can drag this over to get to mirror and make sure it’s right access there are you can do it across any excess fit excellent know you want if you’re doing it in a different view than you would need to do different one and we’re going to move this back because I messed it up earlier and I’m going to pop out of warframe mode by hitting the Z and basically you need to

get them as close as you can and then increase the marriage limit until they turn into one mesh so that’s when you apply the mirror modifier it won’t look you won’t have to go through and connect all the faces already be merged so now we need to do the two outer ones actually we only need to do one outer one because we’ve got the mirror modifier so ctrl R and we’re just gonna do this it’s going to be away from the edge of the chair so then print there we should be doing this actually in or the graphics a numpad 5 I’ve had seven I also this right back there and probably a good thing we’re doing in this mode because we not see that I messed up a control Z tap you won’t object never going to do this right where the base of the chair is in the photo now you go tab it just has some perspectives i’m going to move this to make up for it tab control are Oh actually we still need to do theirs so that’s in the middle of the bars so tabbed you at MIT control are and you’re just going to make loop cuts for each side of the as they come out of the chair so control our left leg all that stuff now we’re going to need to make some loop cuts to define where it will be coming out in the back so then you do loop cut right here about right here that’s pretty good distance from the back of the chair and then we’re going to need two different distances actually because the ones on the outside world wide air so that’s probably a good width for that one then I’m going to do a smaller one yeah i’m going to do a smaller width control are that’s where we’ll looks through the other ones from actually i won’t we can just go here z on orthographical bed i’ll make it easier and then we can grab these and just scale them down on the z axis to the size that we want them to be so now we have the faces that we’re going to extrude the chair limbs out of so i’m going to go back a bit where the government did go a wireframe moon oh they’re my mix treating that one now I’m gonna do so I’m gonna grab one behind it we’re going to need a skilled sup along the z axis that’s where we extrude extruding now okay so now we’ve got the faces we need to student if i click to select come on those are the ones that we extrude to make the chair and we’ll just double check that by going hitting seven on the numpad + 5 to go north of graphic man um huh and yeah they match up with little dots to them now we can hit each extrude but we can’t do that because we’re going to need to scale those down to replicate that curve so we can just got the outer one then it’s settled a number that to go back and we’ll just focus on the outer one for now and just eat you too Dan just move it around following the curve and then you can just rotate the face along the z axis z axis each extrude and just try to follow the curve using as few faces as possible rotate along the z axis now we’re just going to need to get these up plus enough for

them to merge there and we’re going to need to write a than among the ZDX it is even as possible and that looks pretty decent so now we just need to go in and make little ones so go out graphic and actually I’m going to go right back to risk app or not hit five minutes and we can just eat its dude skillets up along the x axis ii to true maybe still up a little actually I’m going to rotate this along the z-axis and try to make it so they’ll follow that let me get you an easier let’s feel it up and we’re just going to try to replicate what’s behind it little bar thing still the x-axis and that’s good enough we’re going to go through and make places to attach them to hear later just going to make all these first these you extrude s the scale each exchange a little there each extra YouTube’s to s scale it down wait click select and I’m just going to repeat this for all the faces and you can see the mirror modifier is making all the changes on the left hand side so you may have to do all this work wants to scale it down x axis and looking back at it that looks pretty good go some on the numpad we’ll just go in here and we’re going to need to make loop cuts to make a place to merge the faces I’ll just like on there we can use that as one you can’t really use that Brandis make that one there and I guess I’ll do another here and then just you last loop cut yeah that’ll work so now Makoto the graph to move is awful he’s here not really um we’re just going to grab the edges make sure you’re an edge select amount and then you’re going to grab the opposite one and which one’s the loot guy made that one here you going to grab that hit F just fill in a face between the two up to fill right click shift right click I have to fill just repeat that a number into the face that’ll merge the back of the chair to the boo I that was a bad idea back there I’m gonna just see if I can just move this out of the way then and use that as a face yes that’ll work okay so now we can just go I’ll go to the bottom I’ll first shift right click after Phil right click shift right click where are you there left so I click shift right click now oh wow ok they’re after Sun right-click shift right click mr. Phil then we’ll just do the last one we already have that lined up perfectly so shift right click left Phil and its nearing the whole time yay right click shift right click there

should i click back to fill and then right click shift right leg FL and it’s done the top of the chair at least so I’m just going to grab some of these and remove them off a little to make this look right there and I’ll grab this leave that every little just kind of get them centered and looking right ok hit Z to pop out of wire frame them and you know it looks pretty good um I said the base of the chair doesn’t but I’m not going to worry about that right yeah actually I might worry about it now we’ll just make control our we’ll just do a loop cut right here and just smooth that out really easily and you can just do the same here kept we can just grab that point because it’s already there and not really I’ll just do the looka here I get some more time writing it out but I’m commenting on the time so it’s z on the number pad you can see we need to extrude all those legs and I’m not you could do scaling to make those as Yorick student you can scale it up to make those curves and stuff but I am seriously running out of time so I’m just going to get the stuff as possible so two legs on both sides and I word about crossbar next so we already have a good place to extrude a leg right here actually we can grab that move it over a little but that looks good I’m just going to need to control our get one here move that down so we’ve got legs and just right click extrude and that looks pretty decent do you guys wire um novo it’s a called fit then just move it down some more and we’re going to need to make crossbar joining this so we’ll just do same minute earlier control our control our repeat on the bottom and then join all right click shift right leg up soon all right click shift right click I have to fill and the crossbar and then there is also a crossbar going between the crossbars so will be the same thing here except we don’t need to join them because they’ll merge with the mirror so we’ll do a face like mo you extrude that’s not right let’s move it up some rotate it along the z-axis I think that’s the excess gonna marriage there we go and yeah that looks pretty good i need to scale up the top of the chair for more so all this guns number pad 7b four box select and i’m going to select the whole top of the chair and i miss that bottom part and excellent we’ll just also scale this up some second work i’ll just make this longer actually there vbox look I’ll just grab all these is get a little y axis and that will solve our problems if it’s only x fill it down okay so you can spend some more time getting this right but I’m just on this one I’m running out of time so tabbed go an object now we can apply the modifier now if you want or if you’re going to do some more work on the chair you just want to leave it but I’m going to tab admitted now you

can see that yep it’s applied and call the mesh is connected and that looks pretty awesome so we can hit tab to go back to object and I’m going to rotate this so it looks normal x axis a 90 degrees you can type out the 90 degrees it r and then X and the 90 you can just type stuff in for the actress that looks good so now i’m going to do texturing super quick how much time do I have out now much uh middle ok so I’m going to go over here and you’re just going to go here to you the editing and UV it’s basically just how it unwraps the model into a flat image so we go down shading UVs unwrap smart UD project ok you can see the unwrapped model there which is pretty cool I’m going to do a new image to save this too and this will be the chair UV underscore unity doesn’t really matter what you call it I’m going to change that to UV grid so now you’ve got the image I’m going to save it as an image and I’m going to put it in we’re gonna have everything desktop that was a desktop tutorial new chair UV P&G and we’ll save that and now if you saw a bit of a texture you can see the the UV texture space thing so I’m just going to go over to default and this is how you would paint the model so you go and wait pain do not wait me while I just wait text your vein and then let’s see what do we want to do the chair well it is supposed to be white technically but if you don’t think what you don’t have see and then you can just paint it and see if it starts painting on the opposite side of what you’re painting on if you like paint it’s not showing anything you turn it around and there’s stuff on the other side it is not doing that right now but if it is then you go over to edit mode select everything and then go to mesh phases where is it normals flip normals if it was painting on the opposite side of where you’re trying to sew and if you want you can just go ahead and paint it all but and sometimes you have to do the more detailed work outside of blender and just modify the image file itself but and you only want a texture and a any model basically when you’re completely done with it so you don’t have to unwrap it again and repaint the whole thing so you can just go ahead and paint the whole thing if you want um I’m just going to stop a couple seconds oh no I missed a whole face you’ve got aa problem is that down there is supposed to be brown so you can just move it around and get brown if you feel like I’m just going to stop so there you get the idea and then you can just paint the chair and once you’re done painting everything you can go down the UV editing and that’s the unwrapped image file now you can go image save image then file save as and I’m just going to save it in the same place on your desktop tutorial new will do chair dot blend save the blender file and now if you open up that and desktop tutorial yeah there’s the uv/image and there’s the blender model and if you’re exporting to a game engine you go file export FBX is what we’re using for unity you can export FBX and then if you look here you’ve got a file that is a fraction of the size of the tenth of the size but it does the same thing you just exporting it to a smaller file tie it before the game engine so yeah that’s it thanks for watching