Bradenton City Council Meeting July 8, 2020

come to the brain to the City Council meeting July 8 2020 as always we begin our deliberations with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance the invocation will be brought to us this morning by major Robert fight for the Salvation Army major thank you please do let us pray gracious Lord we call upon you today to come and be our guest we ask for your guidance your wisdom your strength upon our leaders as they make decisions we ask a special blessing upon the city today we ask you to watch over our first responders our police our firemen and our EMTs we ask for your grace and your protection we also remember today those of our citizenry that are suffering with this pandemic and we ask for mighty God for your healing power and your strength now bless the deliberations of this council today and all that takes place for we pray this in your wonderful name amen good call the meeting to order we have no proclamations this morning and we have no presentation scheduled at the point of citizen comment anyone who wishes to address the council on a non-agenda or agenda item please come forward I only have one person signed up that’s Kurt lab2 feel kirtland developed three 993 Lakewood Avenue mayor and members of council on May 27th I spoke here in opposition to proposed ordinance 30 64 and at that time I gave you two reasons why that ordinance was ill-conceived and misrepresented to the public and should be rejected first it effectively proposed to neuter the mayor’s office and second it proposed major changes in how we govern ourselves without one second or sentence of public input or debate nonetheless in my trip majority tried to push it through it failed because the majority could not gone or a fourth vote to overturn the mayor’s veto and now you’re back at it again and again I ask why the simple answer is that you think you’ve got a fourth vote and your attorney has told you that if this gets to the ballot its chances of passing or good because most of the public won’t know what they’re voting for I think this is a pretty shoddy way to do the public’s business you’re going to present it as a long overdue need to update a century-old Charter but what’s proposed isn’t simply an updating it’s not just a cleanup of outdated language when I asked last week mr. Rudisill offered a guess that this ordinance would move at least half of the mayor’s

responsibilities to Council that is radical change and maybe that’s what the people want but how would we know yes you can talk about all the meetings and workshops you’ve had in these chambers but where were the community meetings the invitations of the public to engage and discuss the media reporting the opportunities for this majority to explain precisely what’s so wrong with what we have today that bradenton future is threatened I said at the main meeting and I’ll say again today I agree that the Charter needs updating but not this way not in this thinly veiled effort to discredit the police department and its chief not in this grab for power at the main meeting I was accompanied by a half-dozen residents from my river Isles community many more would have come but were wary of the virus all were opposed to what you tried to do then they are not alone if you think you have the votes to push this through then we will do our best to prove you wrong we will tell the rest of the city that what happened here was not done with the consent of the government and they after rejecting this masquerade will turn to leaders who will thank you anyone else who wishes to address the council I don’t know what to speak to Council at this time I’ll add that we didn’t receive any comments via voicemail or via email as citizen comments for this meeting next we have a request to approve the consent agenda items a through F I’d like to pull off the a for discussion move to approve consent agenda items B through F so I have a motion second approve items B through yes yes three yes or yes yes be true have to prove the vote was five to zero defend I’d like for mr. Kelly and to address this item a the council approved this this item some time ago I just want to make sure that everything that we approved was as in this and noting that it’s a pretty heavy document to read I had 800 pages of other stuff to read just last night of you know so there’s this is a 60 page document that I’m not going to spend hours on but I just want to make sure everything was as presented to us you know meeting before everything is asked presented with a couple little clean up languages between the chief and the Union which don’t adversely have any financial impact it was just some language old language that reflected ours and maybe instead of days from a time standpoint and a couple articles nothing that we didn’t discuss it was just ironing out minor differences the one thing that we did discuss at our last meeting with them as I said that in the third year I was a little less certain as to where the revenues were the third year they agreed to do just an increase in their step plan rather than the one percent with the understanding that we would address that prior to budget that if things weren’t as bad as we thought we would still try to get them that one percent additional in the third year they agreed with that and that was the most significant change so yes it is as we discussed in the meetings thank you and I just want to tell the public that this council approved raises for our rank and file police officers so we’re very supportive of our police officers mr. land install we’re not opposed to it we’re opposed to bad policing policy by a very few so that’s that’s why this charter is up for vote this fall so and we did that in a time of crisis we’ve got a virus that’s headed our direction is going to reduce our revenues probably much as five million dollars we don’t know exactly yet we don’t know if we’ll be refunded for some of this stuff it’s unlikely probably that we will so we this is a time that we’ve been very easy for us to say no raises but we felt very good about giving raises to the police force in this time because they have suffered just like everybody else has and they’ve done a good job so don’t ever accuse me of not supporting our Police Department thank you generally attain a motion so move have a motion

second to approve item in the consent agenda any more discussion no more – yes yes yes next under business advertising petitions hearings and communications we have the second reading and public hearing of ordinance 3066 an ordinance of the city of Bradenton proposing an amendment to this Bradenton city charter proposing a charter amendment revising the powers of the office of mayor calling for a referendum on the proposed amendment to the Charter to be held at the general election on November 3rd 2020 providing the ballot title and ballot summary for the referendum providing for direction to the city clerk and coordination with the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections providing for severability conflicts and an effective date and again this is a public hearing and we’ll be asking for a vote on this today they’re alerting emotion mm-hmm motion public Harold Gary oh I’m sorry I apologize mr. Latta failed already spoken um miss Beauchamp I question I thought that one of the reasons why just came back up was councilman Byrd changed the effective date did should that not be enough that was not part of the heading I don’t believe Scott good morning mayor and council yes the if if ratified the changes would become effective January 5th that was the one change that was made to the actual text the ordinance otherwise it’s it’s the same as was previously that doesn’t need to be included in what we’re what we just read here in the ordinance it’s not in the title block okay all right councilman Roth this is a new ordinance we didn’t bring the previous ordinance forward to number this is a new number it’s a new ordinance not a completely new document this is Harold’s baby so I’m just going along please come forward they were in favor any one favor when else in opposition to the sword is is in opposition the opposition hearing none that was a public hearing chairman on Tate emotion mr. mayor I’d like to make a motion that we approve ordinates 3066 ii would comment I am definitely supporting this because the the way we came about this over the course of the last six months of many public hearings was at one point it was Lincoln was councilman bird that described three hearing all the discussion of what people want to changed came up with an item of three things need to be corrected one was you know oversight of PD but the other two was who is an officer and the power committees and the reason why those two changes need to take place is it’s been my observation over the last two mayor’s over casts course of 40 years that those two words in the document left open the interpretation of what power belongs to who and in my opinion those two words have allowed two for the mayor to previous mayor in this mirror to use those words as a way of trying to control council and when you look at the intent and purpose of the Charter the original charter in no way did it put the mayor over council people you know so those two interpretations if my witnessed that that it’s been used improperly and since it’s been done improperly over 40 years it can happen again and my my goal right now is to make corrections to the Charter right now to get it down the road to where someone can do what what I proposed all the way along was to have a citizen’s Charter Review Committee I brought it in a name I brought in figures I brought in everything of what I wanted to have done originally that no one else wanted to follow you know until it was too late but basically my goal is to have this to

where someone can take my seat and not have to get literally feel like been jerked around so that’s why I’m supporting this as PD is just one item the other two are far more important to me I don’t want another I don’t want my replacement person down the road to have to go through what I went through mr. mayor this point of clarifications and maybe you said it mr. Roth but I didn’t hear you kept saying – two words yeah it was who is an officer and power committees I’m sorry the second who is an officer and the power of committees power of committee committee and and what and to be to be specific gene power committee was interpreted to boards and committees and we’re talking about you know things like the League of Cities the estuary the Regional Planning Council most importantly the MPO and my point is when this Charter was written in 1903 none of those things existed none of them existed so there’s no way that anyone could have imagined there were going to be council seats for you know these positions that we’re going to be filled by council that the mayor would interpret that he’s now in charge of appointing who’s on those committees remember how we used to have the liaison sheets we’ve argued that they were no and void and we got rid of them but that still leaves that committee work okay I’m not going to support this as as I didn’t support it the first time I did support two out of the three because I believe that those were non-political changes those are changes that need to be made but I still feel in my heart based on observation of the last six seven months on how the mayor has been harpooned every time he turns around and I believe it that change is political I believe that it doesn’t need to be changed there’s nothing in there to me that affects how this city is run and as I’ve repeated before and will state again hopefully not boring anybody I think that it’s there’s a particular issue that is very important that it stays the way it does based on the fact that the assumed the present council wants the police chief to report everything that goes on to her to them I think that is very very bad there’s there’s no reason to do that because we should not be getting involved in the police department’s activity specifically investigations of a nature that could in fact be one of us that’s being investigated and because we’re human beings if the police chief was to come into everybody’s office and say we’re investigating a B C and D there’s no question in my mind before we leave this building that that information will be out in the public will know about it I believe keeping that intact in house with the between the mayor and the police chief it’s going to be kept pretty quiet because if in fact it does get out first thing we know is the police chief is not going to be telling anybody so the mayor will be the one that everybody points a finger at if you change it then you’re looking at okay which one of you councilmen ran your mouth or went down the street had a drink or maybe two drinks and started bragging about what’s going on so and it’s just my personal opinion I’m not saying I’m right but I truly feel that way I stated before that that I’m all for changing particular items in this charter yes it’s old does it need to be changed yes

but also of state that I will not support anything that becomes personal in nature and this has become very personal there’s no question in my mind so I will be voting no again but knowing that that the setup of the council now is would be a waste of time for the mayor to veto it because it’s it’s a done deal Thank You mr. mayor mr. mayor I just wanted to clarify one item the ordinance that is before you does not modify the power the mayor’s power to appoint committees that language was not was not part of the revisions either in the initial ordinance or in this one so I just wanted to make sure the council understood that because we had this conversation with the third party lawyer that because we we brought this up and he said that he his recommendation was to lump it all into this one question so that did not get transferred into this it did not know that it that has never been incorporated in this pacifically stating that that he didn’t want to go through those items and he wanted to put it all into this one mm-hmm so once again I the process is not then you know what I would have liked to it would have been I don’t think that it’s as you described I don’t think that power is one that is necessarily still there but the appointment of committees as per se of the city the Insurance Committee the various committees that you see that appointment that power is still there the leis ons that the appointment boards – I think the board’s obviously still need to come back to you because that’s where most of those boards powers list as a recommendation can come forward and you guys still have to the board members okay so I think that was the clarification is the board member certainly it’s not that power but is certainly the committee’s internal committees those may be external committees the blue-ribbon committees or whatever else could come from the mayor stuff I’m not concerned with that car I know I’m just I’m well aware what I’m concerned about is that’s the language that it’s Amyris have interpreted that they have power to control the council in some way or form and that’s that’s my intention that this will stop this will stop well with the voters approval we were Scott now we’re just making sure that everybody’s aware that the language sits in number two was was that yeah let’s let’s Mira I just like to make a couple of brief comments this is going on for a while and initially came before us is one ordinance and in looking at what some say is I guess political or personal instances and one of those issues as for the powers of the mayor it was something that we really were in favor of separating amount and two of those were they were unanimous and be mindful that what this is these are ballot questions they’re ordinances that at this point but the people will have to just decide how they would like to proceed and I think that it’s up to the people to really decide that the other point that I really wanted to make on the issue is that yeah I heard statements even today talking about the personal nature of things this particular ordinance the effective date of this is not until the next year the other ordinance was pretty much exactly the same missus and I cleared that at the first reading and the only difference is that the at that point I don’t see high could be something that’s personally directed at the sitting mayor at this point because by the time the effective date if the citizens decide they would not even be in office so you know my point has always been let’s put the ballot put the ballot question to the citizens to decide and we’re ready to you know go forward with this and I guess one last thing is that to think that all of a sudden you know one person is going to go a certain way you know I just I just

have a issue with that I would not respect anyone that would come to this board without some type of independent voice to say either I’m going one way or another and so you know I just wanted to clarify some of those things so a lot of us up here we want to do what’s good for Bradenton whether those opinions are what you believe or you disagree with but I just wanted to make some of those points as far as the issues on you know why this we’ve grown over it for the last year and I won’t get into any of that but at this point I’m ready to move forward go ahead thank you I have seen meetings and watched activities occur in our city meetings that quite frankly at the time as a private citizen I found well maybe if I say as a mom I found frustrating and I felt not appropriate several years ago my husband through some of his professional activities put together a pledge of public conduct and went around the state and just about every local government adopted that pledge of public conduct and we have it in our agenda so if you wonder what it is if you get an agenda you can read it that being said in the previous time that I sat here I worked very hard to listen to what the citizens of Bradenton wanted their community to become we need to listen to the citizens they may vote this up they may vote it down quite frankly I haven’t had anybody talked to me about this ordinance they’ve talked about the behavior that occurred during the several meetings so I don’t know how the citizens feel about this if they will vote for it or if they will vote against it but I’ve always been the person that tried to listen to the citizens and I’m not going to say that they can’t vote on this thank you thank you I agree mrs. Carney this is not about what the council wants this is what the public has asked for and we’re giving them the opportunity to vote on in November it’s not a power grab it’s not that at all and I all the departments in this city are report to our council and since I’ve been here I haven’t dictated anything to any department hey I see the fire chief out there that I fear I’ve rarely talked to him in two years there’s really no need he operates his department independently does fine job and I think the police department will do the same so for us to say we’re going to get involved in investigations it’s not going to happen it’s not going to happen that’s the police chief and their officers and detectives to do that that’s not going to happen that’s it to make that statement it’s clearly false that’s not the intent behind it but we’ve had citizens that wants us to do something for oversight and that’s what this is about and so it’s a back to the citizens if you want it it’s on the ballot if you don’t want it it’s on the ballot Thank You mr. mayor just for a point of clarification mr. Barnell I totally agree with you that when the public needs to have their input that’s who we work for my problem is that in quite obviously you have not been here is I’ve watched for the last months and months and months the mayor being attacked verbally very personal and he was at that time going to run for office in November so the timing to stir the pot

was now my point is if we want to make changes in a charter that we’ve had for a hundred plus years why rush and let’s do it all at one time let’s don’t select one particular item that we know where the bullets going and and deal with that and that’s the problem I have if we even change that when we do the overall chart I have no problem with it but it’s the system the way it’s working now I know you you’re a good lady and and I respect you and I hope vice versa but I truly believe this is the wrong way to do it and I keep hearing that the public wants this I have not been asked by the first person to change the Charter I have been had comments to me is what is a charter what what is up you know and you have to sit and explain it to and they say oh I didn’t know you had a charter you’ve been here long enough to know that how much the people in the city get involved when we pass a hundred plus million dollar budget every year the only people sitting in the audience is the reporter back there nobody cares and the only time you see somebody come to this council meeting if it’s affecting them personally you know if something’s being changed in their neighborhood or being built in their neighborhood they get upset rightfully so and here they come so first of all I think the city’s gotten big enough that it’s time for us to to consider a city manager form of government which would resolve all this crap but I do think that we should take our time if we have to spend $25,000 to get somebody in here to completely redo the Charter let’s do that let’s don’t rush in a year ago I was like yeah why do that but now I understand I’ve spent more time looking at her yes there are things that to be changed let’s don’t pick and choose and then pick something that fits in the scenario that affects something that’s going on now and that’s my that’s my problem Thank You mr. mayor mr. mirac just I feel like a substitute in a poker game and I didn’t get to pick the cards I’ve got the cards dealt to me mr. Galan yeah I need to say that there’s a correction and probably a clarification first off be it been stated that the police department may possibly be investigating council people you know unless unless any of us commit a crime as in you know going off and knocking off the 7-eleven or something like that the power the power to police us belongs to the state through through boards and committees and then it also it’s directly where our supervisors a governor that’s that’s who my boss says the governor of the state so this is not this is not a it’s not an honest statement that the part that the police department would be investigating us unless unless we were to commit a crime illegal you know something not not associated with our duties as a council people second thing this has been brought up now a couple times about the the rush of this this is going on for a year you know year ago we had citizens show up here wanting a citizens Oversight Committee and where they were told no one of them was arrested for speaking more than three minutes this has been a year a year in the making we’ve been debating this for for six months in open debate and and much conversation and brought in a second legal team to get through this so there’s been no there’s been no rush to this at all this is one of the longest or deals I’ve ever been in I guess where’s Creek would wear it when it but you know and I’m gonna remind everyone that there was a charter changed on two election cycles ago at the mayor’s request to change the odd year to the even year and to put it out to the voters to eliminate the runoff which that was done just in time for an

election to back it up a year and that went through and I think three meetings it might have been two but no more than three meetings it it came up it was voted on no public input no no I mean we went through the public here in here but it just showed up out of the blue bing-bang-boom done going to the voters so you know that’s just that was done that’s a fact that’s in a minute that’s in a records that’s in our our document so I just wanted to correct those two things just so I can respond to my good friend Pat the last item you’re talking about the quickness of the passing of the of the change for the road that had to be done in a hurry because it was going to be affected right then and there to affect otherwise it would have to wait two years that’s not doesn’t not the same thing with working on the Charter the other the other thing if I haven’t forgot it already which I probably did that you said the Lord of mercy I got too wrapped up in this stuff you don’t have to apologize that that was the main issue one that that I was concerned with thank you just so the public knows that gave everybody an extra year in office that’s correct everybody on the city Kay everybody yes and everybody everybody was tickled to death about it if they were in the voter turnout in the next election doubled well as presidential year with it well it’s presidentially area of course that’s why we wanted to get it there because people would go and vote then we had an off year election it cost us a whole lot of money to do and that’s why the council voted for but got a extra year in office and the two people that spoke against it we’re both planning on running for mayor yeah the two people that came to public comment and voted against it we’re bill bill bill Evers and Richard O’Brien yeah specifically L note no motive there no I think we need a motion period it’s already been made a motion yeah I made the motion it’s been seconded we’re winning discussion vote Ward 3 yes 4 yes ah yes one two yes next under new business attorney Russo bring forward the special magistrate recommendation regarding promenade Associates LP this is the Kahwa coffee discussion all right so I’m I want to briefly you know and maybe more so for the benefit of the public who’s here kind of go through and walk us back through where we’ve been and then talk a little bit about the decision before the council today so this was an item that came before the council back in October as a major amendment to the the PDP for the Northwest promenade property what was proposed was a Kahwa coffee drive-through on the northwest corner that that facility and that application was denied by the City Council in a unanimous vote following that decision the property owner filed a petition pursuant to the floor to land use and environmental dispute resolution act flue addre which essentially initiates a it’s it’s a two-part process it’s part mediation part hearing before a magistrate so it starts with a mediation where the magistrate tries to foster a resolution between the parties if that doesn’t happen it then proceeds to a hearing where the magistrate ultimately makes a recommendation to bring back to the governing body so that is what occurred

in this case we were unable to to reach a resolution during the mediation portion public hearing was held and ultimately the magistrate issued a recommendation finding that the city’s denial was unreasonable and unfairly burdensome to the property owners use of the property the magistrate recommended that the council approved the application subject to the four conditions that were included in the recommendation now so that’s that’s the matter that’s before the council I want to make sure that everyone understands that this matter has not been litigated at this point this was simply a a process where the city has a non-binding recommendation from a magistrate who was who was selected to hear this to hear this matter it is not binding on the City Council it is the standard of review for that than magistrates decision is totally different than what the standard would be if if the property owner were to file suit and challenge that action so it’s a completely independent process that that just results in a recommendation so that is what is before you the the council has three options here the council can accept the magistrate’s recommendation with the four conditions and if that occurs the council elects to do that then we will schedule a public hearing to bring that item back in order to formally formally adopt that approval if the council can reject the recommendation of the magistrate outright and if that occurs then staff will prepare a written decision and bring that back for the approval of the council there won’t be a public hearing scheduled per se and then the third option of the council is to modify the recommendation of the magistrate and so you will find in your packet a modified recommendation for the council to consider it is it is essentially it incorporates the magistrate’s recommended conditions as well as a number of additional conditions that were recommended by staff so that is the that is the third option that’s before the council I’ve prepared alternative motions which are in your packet happy to answer any questions and I believe staff is available to answer questions as well I have a special interest in it my first question what Scott what is the background of the magistrate magistrate is a he’s a land use attorney out of the Venice area so kind of a favorable person towards real estate and stuff like that I would assume well I I would say that he’s probably done more work on the private side than the public side but I don’t I don’t know all of his background okay thank you that answers a lot for me this is there’s a document which I’ve read twice once I fell asleep during the middle of it but then I just to go back and finish it up doesn’t do a lot for the concerns that our staff had and and the biggest concern that I have the the issues in the alley have been changed somewhat that runs behind I’m not sure it’s a controllable situation that there still will not be some problems but the biggest problem that I see and the reason why my opinion is going to be a no is the safety factor of the traffic it has not corrected the issue that traffic coming to that particular business is going to be coming from three directions manatee Avenue in two different directions in that parking lot and that is going to cause havoc now the biggest time of their business is going to be in the wintertime when there’s a lot of people here guess what folks

maeĆ­n T Avenue is like being in New York City in the wintertime with the traffic and what we’re going to do is we’re just inviting problems and I do not want to support something that I feel will happen and that my vote caused it in a way of somebody getting hurt with an accident on manatee Avenue they can’t control the traffic inside the parking lot they can’t control whether the delivery guy will get in that alley or not when he comes in so and they’re going to have somebody out there 24 hours a day with a big stick and a whistle it’s not going to happen so I think personally when the time comes after some everybody has spoken I’m prepared to to make the proper motion to do deny what the magistrate is offered and just stay where we were at thank you thank you mr. mayor mr. Rudisill is is there a representative from the owners here today it’s tough to tell without with the masks on but it doesn’t appear so well I would think if I if a council member says is there a representative of the owner of the property here they would probably stand up and no one is doing that apparently a couple of things we’ve we’ve got the the magistrate’s recommendation and and let me just say one thing my husband serves as a magistrate many times in other counties he doesn’t do it here but he’s done it in Sarasota Fort Myers across the state and he has both public and private experience I don’t know about this mr Boone that’s the magistrate in this issue but I just wanted to share that with you that that you know somebody that has done this trying to to look at the recommendations prepared by the staff for the modification to the magistrates recommendation when it says the the applicant shall ensure vehicles attempting to access the site do not back up on to manatee Avenue I want to know how you’re going to do that I had how do you do that I mean literally do you have somebody standing there with a stick and like mr. gala suggested I I would be interested in the the owners of the property telling us you know that that that they they’re going to work this situation out because gone to that shopping center many times there was actually one weekend during Christmas time that I was a mom with two little children at home and I thought that my husband should have the opportunity of spending quality time with them with me not there and I went to mr. Custance menswear and wrapped Christmas presents for the customers just to get out of being at the house with the kids during Christmas so I familiar with the area I’m familiar with the back end of the property or behind the property there so again I’m just I want to know from the applicant if they believe that they have the experience to operate these shopping centers in this manner I’d like them to share with us how they would do that because I’m not sure how they would and then there’s also information in the magistrates recommendation where it talks about that testimony and evidence that the hearing revealed that except for the Fresh Market located at the opposite end of the shopping center from the proposed drive through all of their tenants in the shopping center are closed during their peak hours that’s not accurate there is an exercise studio that’s there and if you check their website they have classes that begin and I don’t know if they’re open now during the pandemic but they have six o’clock classes that begin at 6 a.m. go from six to seven seven to eight eight to nine they do it on the weekends where they have earlier classes so I’m kind of surprised that the the property owners did not make sure that the facts were presented again with the area that’s that’s back

there and you also have if I’m not mistaken two restaurants three of us or two restaurants you have the the ramen noodle place and you have oh three restaurants because you have five guys you have the noodle place and you have oops Papas which is a busy restaurant well and if your restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m your chef doesn’t walk in the door at 10:55 they’re there early in the morning getting everything set up as well so there is going to be traffic back there regardless again this this is reminding me of trying to put ten pounds of potatoes in a five-pound sack this mayor just from a standpoint of clarification from staff point of view I think staff had indicated very clearly during the initial meeting and even subsequent meetings that they were not thinking that this was a good idea I think they were charged with once they saw the magistrates opinion to come up with some alternatives that if you were inclined to go that way that certainly could work it maybe could try to work but they weren’t necessarily saying well these will work we all know that when you say you won’t drop block a drive aisle there’s only one person that can make you not block a drive aisle and that’s going to be the owner or you know it’s gonna so it’s very difficult to do some of these things but they were charged with trying to come up with some alternative ways of looking at instead of just flat-out accepting what he said how do we incorporate some of their views with some of what the magistrate indicated but I think it was clear and even stated in here somewhere that although they’re doing this they still believe that it is not the right thing to do and that’s coming from a planning fire Public Works virtually all the folks that were included in this to begin with Thank You mr. Miss America yeah I as an example of how quasi judicial decision-making works I haven’t talked to staff and our city attorney I was disappointed at the magistrate’s decision but I thought well I guess maybe we should you know follow the order and not you know get the city involved in legal issues it’s it’s my observation that the applicant is not going to back down on this so but but then again until today I had no way of knowing what other council people said because because of sunshine and my my first comment to staff an estate attorney was well I think this is still a bad idea but how do we protect ourselves from litigation from anything that happens out of this and I was told probably can so I didn’t like that but I was still you know trying to do the right thing by the city but I do believe that you know we as council are supposed to be an expert in one thing our wards I know I know my ward I know every inch of my ward and and I know that mr. Gallow is probably knows his ward better than any of us so to hear him say today that he didn’t want to move forward on this changes my outlook on this completely I was I was ready to make concessions on this and see what come of it but I’m gonna follow mr. gallows opinion on this I still think it’s I think it’s just got problems written all over it I’m not anxious for the city to get involved in a legal battle which I’m sure we will but you know I’m gonna change my outlook from this that I that I already formed from from staff and city attorney and I’m going to go with you on this I I think it’s I think it’s got safety issues all written all over it that’s right I guess my main concern i read the all the information and i was kind of when i read the what the magistrate said i definitely am not in a position to say hey that’s the direction to go in i did look at the different attend different stipulations by staff and in looking at those stipulations it was you know public safety all over pedestrian safety and you know and one thing I’ve

learned is is that if you got some public safety issues that are involved you have your own pretty good Browns as far as anything you you’re looking at so I think Public Safety if there are some issues they’re up I won’t be around in cases comes back around before use of counsel but I in my opinion you know I think it’s something that I’ll agree with mr. Gallow and saying that I don’t think we should you know accept the decision you know that’s before us right right now and public safety we’d have to look at public safety that’s what we’re about thank you yeah I’m very clear what’s that shopping center and I went out yesterday and drove it like three times around behind it my concern was people being able to go into this new proposed business and then get back out it’s a long way around the back but that is the way out and most people that go with five guys are that those restaurants are physical center there don’t enter from that that entrance one reason it sits on down there’s two other entrances into that mall which comes off of another side street that most people use you just don’t see I’m one of them that that entrance but I don’t like it because their speed bumps they’re right in front that storage facility so that that could that alone could probably backup traffic so I do have the same situation with concerns of traffic but you know we we did what we did Dunkin Donuts on my side of town and it was not as bad but there were similar issues there and I was opposed to it so sorry didn’t you know that’s my ward and I was opposed to that Dunkin Donuts but it’s going in so I’m pro-business and I I could go either way on this I don’t think that that is the biggest issue is what I originally thought because of drove it yesterday now I would like to maybe hear from the fire chief yet that bee or a police chief in there if it’s Public Safety I think they need to have a voice in this I’d like to hear from them if they approach the podium and give their concerns Fire Marshal was the one who was involved in that okay traffic will really won’t affect us it’s mainly the Public Safety out front of the stacking of traffic one of the recommendations that the magistrate made was to close that entrance between the storage unit place and there there’s a lot of traffic there and it comes right through there and now you’re bringing cars into the same area off of Manatee Avenue it’s a nightmare situation and we still believe so have we done a traffic study there we haven’t done a traffic study no I mean on Manatee and there’s people using that entrance yeah most people make a early turn and they go through that storage center when they’re supposed to go down one more but they just make that and so that’s why I magistrate recommended close that off but then again you got somebody in there they gotta figure out how to turn around go back out of the Massey Avenue make an exit so there’s a lot of concerns in there so we still recommend that thank you Mr Sanders yeah I just one want to just say something that because I live out there and I hick man she having her Laden early in the morning it is unbelievable the amount of traffic coming from the West going east and I always say to myself where are these people you know at 7:30 in the morning where are these people coming from and worth it going going that direction so

it it it will be a nightmare especially in the winter in the summertime yeah it may not be a drastic thing but when the folks from up north hit this community it will be a nightmare III understand I don’t agree with anything anybody said I’ve just you know like I said I hate for government to restrict business because whereas like we got a lot of traffic problems especially in a way or time you can’t get to the beach that bit traffic that’s right at that location to almost backs up to that 67th Street just go into a murray island so you know i don’t think it’s our place to solve that but I’ll vote I mean I respect your opinion for that’s your award but our so respected live in a free country and I’d like to take care of business people so Scott you had some recommended motions or do you want to do this yeah I’d like to take the recommended motion that he add that will specifically say no just to clarify the REC for the record that would be a motion to reject the recommendation of the special magistrate and direct staff to prepare a written decision with description of allowable uses for the council’s consideration we have a motion in a second be more discussion hearing then those folk Lord for no all right yes one yes – yes three yes Kalin yes the next item is we had had through CDBG and through the planning department last summer Habitat for Humanity had asked the waive a CDBG lien that had been placed on a piece of property not a piece of property we owned but a piece of property that had a house demoed on it we use CDBG funds to demo that property property was subsequently bought and attacked sale by by the Habitat for Humanity and and when they did that we received a partial pay off on that lien of two thousand six hundred eight dollars leaving a remaining balance of approximately ten thousand dollars they then came back and ultimately built two houses on on that lot and are now requesting that because that would impede or would impair them into the future would we waive the remaining lien balance so that that would not carry forward into the future a couple things to note that waiving or removing a lien from CDBG is not something that we we are allowed to do that it is not a problem for the CDBG program and generally or historically we have not removed liens because sometimes what we get into is you remove a lien and people come in and build something and immediately make a lot of money on it and that’s not our intent is to remove lien so that people are in a better financial position in this instance asking to remove the remaining lien on a house that will probably stay there for quite some time and the owner shipbrokers fronting that this is Habitat for Humanity making that request who we’ve worked quite closely with so the staff recommendation at this point would be that we would allow that lien to be removed and not encumber that property into the long-term future of those two parcels I just like to make a comment the first thing is that I went to us to handle this in a way where we’re not setting any type of precedent whereby as you say someone can come in and ask for the same thing a developer at some other time and say well you did it for one so sure fact that habitat there in the their main I guess mission is providing affordable homes within our community and we’ve worked with them so you know in some way I I hope it’s uh we can have it stated within the discussion you know clearly saying that this is something that’s not setting a precedent for developers that may try to make a

profit in the future yeah I just would cause of the ownership that’s right wouldn’t I would not be doing that to make a speaker mr. Kalia what’s the locations again and and their dollar amount of the lien the location is 22:07 11th Street West and the original amount of the lien was twelve thousand nine hundred and fifty one dollars and forty four cents we received a payoff partial payoff when they when they bought the tax deed it was bought a tax sale was two thousand six hundred eight dollars and fifty eight cents so the remaining balance is hidden a thousand three hundred forty two so I’d support mr. brands are mr Birds uh direct foundation that this is done because of the nature of who it is that built affordable housing for people and it’s not a that we’re sitting here to wavelengths for development so with that said I would supported one yeah I had a question Carl 22:07 lemon Street West that’s the area just south to the village yes yeah okay getting down to the far reaches of town not not premium real estate no that’s the problem what we when we find out really we need to figure out a better way to address these demo lien yeah because when you put a demo lien a $10,000 to Tomales a house on a ten thousand dollar piece of property you have now pretty much made it not in the for a candidate for affordable housing right that’s where it gets bad so we want to look at another process through the Affordable Housing Committee is maybe how to handle those situations when they come up so my my my point is that following mr. Birds suggestion it because this is a non-for-profit building a new residence to new residents in an area that is 100% slums and blighted that you know this is this is Community Development so you know I think that you know I I hope it isn’t perceived as as a precedent because it’s not you know there are other neighborhoods where you can someone could come in and buy a home for you know a demolished property and have expectations that they could build a nice house and and do better real estate wise this is an area that’s gonna we’re gonna this is going to be one of our toughest fixes in the whole city is that whole area south of the village in my opinion in Ward 3 second that motion look I want to clarify it I think I can probably get away hopefully the city attorney give me the right direction here prove the removal of the remainder of a demo lien requested by Habitat for Humanity located on the property located 22:07 11th Street West I think that’s fine I say have a motion of the second you heard it any more discussion Harry now let’s fill board five yes one yes – yes right yes or yes passes folks five to zero Thank You mr. Poe chef any unfinished business no sir Quintanilla got here late but he would like to speak and so since he’s going to speak on the same subject we’ll call it unfinished business 19:15 live at new East Bradenton Ward 5 all right been here a lot here welcome mrs. Barnaby thank you a lot of stuff going on here but one thing is going on that you might not be aware of his 19th Street Court East 5 still the wild wild west I think I got into it with another guy other day they’re starting to park even further down coming from Avondale slash of Vista I don’t know how many owners have come in there and you know gotta made the money got an argument with the guy again don’t see 19th Street Court east on the agenda need a update from the Bradenton Housing Authority are they on the hook are they off the hook seems like to me they’re off the hook anyone I know not last meeting maybe meeting before

that I was challenged Council to take a field trip to braid into the village and look at that parking there and see how we can maybe of whom it that type of style parking too over there and sub-projects had a and then had a little meeting with the community the other day we’re starting to come together on so I don’t want it to get big and started to affect council as people are angry and mad or what’s going on so gonna be proactive instead of reactive with that homeowners over there we matter – you know I don’t think we’re getting a fair shake over there with parking looked at that golf village that’s going up on 27th Street East there it’s two sides to it a lot of people feel like that golf village will make 27th Street a nightmare then the people another in there on 11th Avenue East they feel like they don’t want traffic flowing into that so it’s civil war over there and we’re cut in the middle of it but 19th Street court east we want to know what what does the fire you know whether what do they think about that because I think about a month ago a few weeks ago we had a murder over there and I was standing out there and fire and safety it was impossible to get in there you know we had a fatality on the ground there and it was kind of impossible to get over there because of parking so we want to know what they think and maybe we can come together on some issues here but I encourage you all to go to Braden village again if even God I don’t know if you know or not to see that parking over there that might be something that we can implement in SOG projects but Brady Housing Authority is not off the hook here alright so I can keep preaching and preaching but if you read about someone fighting in the paper it might be me as somebody else trying to protect our property mr. mr mayor can I just want to let you know that I did go over there and what I found they found out that I had to drive in the middle of the road because the parking over there is absolutely unbelievable but I don’t have an answer that’s that’s my problem I don’t know whether we have to build a parking garage over there or they have to build a parking garage over there but they’re just absolutely too many cars on the city streets and things and it’s it is not safe I mean kids can come out from behind one of those cars and if people are driving too fast it’s a bad situation but just wanted to let you know that I did go over there and ride the area all right we know inky and there are a lot of children there particularly schools yeah well we know yeah we know Lew history here West’s neighborhood in this in this area and they bus them because you know the minority students you know they need a number and all that’s what they picked from a bus might pick from this one this neighborhood a bus goes to that neighborhood I hate that by the way I think the school district should I like the neighborhood schools better but I don’t know that’s a whole nother fight for me to fight later on in life but uh buses semis everything coming through there every morning and when school starts it’s coming that come come there in the morning it’s buses everywhere everywhere everybody’s parking everywhere everybody’s just trying to survive so thanks for going but it’s a problem that we’re dealing with so thank you I know that as promised we did send it to the Traffic Safety Committee to look at I think they found it just as difficult as mr. Wooten does I don’t think they came up with a great solution they were trying they they were Jim I think I think you were there and I think some alternatives have been presented but I don’t think any of them are the perfect answer but I think that’s kind of where it got the it ran into issues at the traffic safety is because it is a problem and find the answer that works for everyone was going to be difficult well one of the one of the things that we’re looking at knows we are in fact looking at is the idea of trying to provide on street parking that’s recessed away from the roadway I don’t know that that’s going to solve all the problem if we’re able to pull that off we’re looking at the right away that’s available to be able to do this

what would be required to do it and so that’s in the process of being looked at one other alternative that we did postulate was at the southeast corner there’s a large area but it’s treed and I think it was provided as part of the development as as an area but it would be possible potentially for there to be a parking lot of some sort built there that’s something we would need to coordinate with a larger Bradenton housing authorities released I was mayor of I let me make a couple comments I had brain tune Housing Authority we thought was going to discuss some things under my council business but so one of the things is is that they have the parking for some of the residents there and what happens is you have a lot of those residents because they don’t might not have the permit to park there it’s a towing issue and they will park instead of there because it’s not permitted they will park on the street and I think and that’s and that was going to be part of my discussion is that we we talked about trying to you know have the housing authority of the administration come you know before us at our meeting and in some of the discussions that’s what’s going to take Braden village who was something through Hoke six it was something that was done it was developed with corporation city federal dollars in the housing authority and the they change their name now but the development company out of DC Ellis tell us is right and you know years ago and so you know there was a plan and and that could be you know looked at there but you know I was gonna you know get into some of the other issues this force the housing authority under my business but yeah it’s clearly the only way that’s going to be solved is going to be a cooperation between the city and the housing authority that’s the only way I see it because I I kind of see what’s happening me and that’s my opinion well I mean it’s somewhat comes back to you know our land development code and telling you know for you know for whatever size development your allotting so many parking spaces but that doesn’t restrict somebody who moves into a place from having three vehicles instead of one and that’s just the nature of the beast everywhere so that’s why we’re looking at if we do it on street parking it it can’t be the only solution because it’s it’s not going to provide enough spaces to solve all the issues and there isn’t I I know for a fact there isn’t enough right away to recess parking on both sides of the road in that area without taking property there may be room on one side to do it but to do it on both sides it’s not gonna be feasible that’s what yeah any more comments on that area we’re at council report mr. Gallow Thank You mr. mayor I have two things that I would like to discuss one of them as a point of clarification Jim there’s an issue coming coming back that we dealt with about a year ago and I just would like to speak speak about it I remember when I asked you about the closing upon the soul on the Missoula Bay on the south side to ski boats you had told me that it was a state agency that had requested that ski boats not be used out there because they were damaging the seagrass and etc and there’s been a term used that that we closed the ski ramp on our point of clarification is there is and never has been a ski ramp on upon the soil causeway the only thing that’s been out there is a boat ramp which the county is in possession of and they closed that boat ramp based on other issues the main issue was that it didn’t work the way it was designed so that’s coming around again just let you know to be prepared that those questions will be coming to you about why it was closed and who ordered it closed

mr. Gallow just as a clarification on that point currently on the south side on the south east side of the causeway there are personal watercraft launches allowed there now now yes I’m talking about when when it was closed down for a period of time I know but I mean but there is no launch as far as a physical launch has been built no there is strictly there’s no ski ramp it’s just it’s a lower area that they can go in I think years and years and years and years we’re talking 30 years ago I think there was a slab on the North exact or theast side where the where the horses are there was a slab there exactly that’s where I asked my wife to marry me in fact was right by that ski ramp at night you were watching submarino’s the the thing that the thing that happened in years ago in that particular instance only because like mr. Geller I’m very familiar with not his his vows but maybe what precipitated they went on there before a little bit too but that was always a great ski area way ahead of jet skis ever even existing because the water was so calm you could always go on the north side of the causeway and water-ski but the problem with that was there was no access point so you had to bring your boat all the way from the island or wherever you were coming from to try to get in there for the most part or try to launch it and in really limited type of areas well anyway I just wanted to bring it to Jim’s attention and his counsel that that issue may be coming back before us again the other thing is is I’m really scared to do this but I feel like it needs to be discussed by the council and if in fact we want to do something to be great I received a phone call from a business owner and she asked me if in fact the city would pass an ordinance and making her put a sign on her front door that says do not enter without a mask and I said well I don’t know but then I looked up the business and it wasn’t in the city oh I told her she’d have to call Manta County and get that done but since then I think some of us have got emails about about masks I have received some phone calls about masks and as a matter of discussion I’m supportive of what I’m going to say but I wanted to see how the council felt I’m not looking for one of these ordinances that hey if you know you’re not wearing a mask they’re going to pay $500 what I would like to see if in fact we could we could pass some type of an emergency ordinance that would would mandate a business not a restaurant where we know that can’t eat with a mask on but a business where the public goes that they’d be mandated to put a sign on their front door that says do not enter without a mask and I think it could be easily easily done because it would take us probably a week or two to be able to get that that ordinance passed that we could use code enforcement who knows the city very well to go out to each one of these businesses talk to them and for us to provide a sign for them to put on their front door and I was just thinking what y’all thought about that or asking I said I have a question on that because I know initially when they were talking about closing businesses there was great debate at that and the debate was there’s only the governor the authority to do something with businesses I don’t know if we’re not talking about closing the business well there are that’s right the governor has clarified and some of his orders that that local governments are not prohibited from going beyond what what the governor’s orders require so from that standpoint I think it is an area that that potentially could be legislated by the city there are a number of the different types of masks ordinances out there and they a number of them have also been challenged there are court cases going in in a number of the jurisdictions now related to the enforcement of the masks ordinances I don’t know if I have seen any that are of the type that mr. Gallow is talking about what because my understanding of what he’s suggesting is is essentially that the only requirement of the ordinance would be that the place of business have

sign up and that there wouldn’t be any enforcement beyond requiring the business to post a sign that says wear a mask when you’re coming inside I don’t know if I’ve seen one like that you know I’d be happy to look into it if it was something that the council wanted to do as an emergency ordinance it would require a supermajority vote we could do it at the next meeting or at a special meeting if the council wanted to do that a business owner would be responsible for enforcing it Scott may I ask a question wouldn’t they wouldn’t a business owner have the right if they put a sign up and somebody came in without a mask to say stop you cannot come in here without a mask well we’ll start with they own the business the business owner has that right now okay so there’s nothing prohibiting a business from posting a sign that says you must have a face covering to enter or you know whatever the case may be there’s nothing to prohibit a business from prohibiting somebody from entering if they’re not willing to to comply so the businesses are able to do that now just as an example you cannot get into a doctor’s office without it we know that I I had my back was bothering me a couple weeks ago and I went I’m not gonna say what business but I went to a a therapy business which I that I’ve never been to and when I walked in number one the receptionist had no mask on I could see where the people were that we’re getting therapy they didn’t have any masks on so I turned around walked out which I have that right to do but it’s this crappy virus we’ve got one day you here do this and one day you here do that but bottom line a mask is a simple thing to me if in fact it helps it helps if it doesn’t big deal you wart and it didn’t help but you go into some of these stores some of these grocery stores and Walmart’s and you know half the people walking around there do not have masks on my feeling at a meeting like this and I’ll look around pretty well everybody’s got a mask on and they should have two so maybe we could encourage them but by doing what I’m suggesting about putting a sign on the front door that says do not enter if you do not have a mask on mister I really support what you’re wanting to do but I’ve asked a couple of businesses where I went into and as the people who had the Exide of something so you need a mask there were people in there that didn’t have the math and I have some about they said we’re having a tough enough time getting customers to the store now and we’re not gonna try to make anybody angry but we just all we can do is ask and do that but a second is the County Commission has voted this mask thing down twice well let me do it some municipalities do it it’s we’ve seen some municipalities some county governments pass it some of them haven’t my honest opinion I think it’s been a political decision for a lot of them and I’m sorry but I don’t care about politics it would not bother me one with it if I feel it’s a safety issue of which I do that’s the reason why I brought it up and and if I put you guys on the spot I’d like to say I’m sorry but that’s not my intention but in fact if if we feel strong enough about it I’d like to see us do something that would encourage people to wear these masks out in the public not outside no that’s to me is ridiculous yeah mr. gallo III guess it was inevitable this was going to come up so you know I don’t think you put anybody on the spot you know being a member of the Florida League of Cities who’s fought for home rule for so many years I find it you know ironic that I’m going to say this but you know I think this is more of a state issue I I went to another state for the vacation and they had a state law that required everywhere and it worked fine and it was no no time at all before I mean the state was already operating this way my wife and I quickly were were fell into line with the rest of the state and and it worked fine you know I I’m a proponent of home rule but in this particular case as the mayor has stated

that the County Commission has already not endorsed us the the state is not endorsing it and I think all we could be doing is creating a patchwork of rules and my fear would be if we were to do something it would be interpreted as political and you know this is not it’s not a political issue but but it kind of is and and that I I think that that all the unattended consequent might be exactly what the marriages state is death that we would we would do something and require something of the businesses and they’re all everybody’s just hanging on by their fingernails right now and I’d hate to be imposing a rule on a business right now that you know someone to interpret because we’re doing this and it would have no teeth whatsoever and some might like it some might hate it and it could be a difference of you know a someone coming up they were going to come in and patronize a business and because this the signs on the door and you they might say you know oh I’m I’m of the other opinion on this I’m gonna take my business elsewhere and as you know all you got to do it across the city line in this town is walk by blocks you know so I would hate to put anyone under any kind of you know more stressed and they’re already under right now we’re going to be lucky any business that can hold on right now in this town you know is God bless them I wish them luck in a world but I I think this is this a state issue this it would really require having seen this elsewhere it would really require you know the Tallahassee to make a decision on this I agree with both of you that’s politically correct isn’t it I think we should be making a strong recommendation maybe not an ordinance whether it be through a proclamation or a resolution that we believe in public safety and that this virus is serious and we all should wear masks and but it’s incumbent on the business owner to monitor that at their level and we will support them if they choose to do so if they put up a sign says no mask and somebody causes a ruckus then they can not allow them in their building and our police force will be there to back it up but I think if we recommend it through like a resolution or proclamation or even just a public statement then it says that we are for this public safety and that we will support our businesses if they choose to make that decision everybody know that the main point is is a yeah I agree the the state it should be a state issue but also you know being a local elected officials some time if the state doesn’t do it we got to take it take it on at the local level and in saying that I you know I don’t know you know the direction that the council is gonna gonna go it’s always see the suggestion but you have other you know areas of places around that they have the mass mandates and in as we look and if we decide to go forward I’d like to see you know some type of ordinances of glebe of Sarasota’s past one and other areas within the area and and at least explore that and see the direction that we may want to take us a a local board but I will say that uh it is something I feel the it should come from Tallahassee I agree with you on that but a lot of times when you know it doesn’t happen at other levels sometimes we have to you know take it on at the local level to the public safety issues so that said what could we do know I wanted to kind of feel the the council out and I’m not counting three votes so I haven’t heard from Miss Barnaby yet so I can’t count her in or out but I think I’m looking at a dead deal and you know we say the state we say the governor but let’s face it the higher-ups in the in the political world or more concern as far

as I’m concerned about the economy versus the life’s and I think that’s horrible I feel for people that own business that are you know they that that’s their livelihood but this is something that we have we had no control over and I don’t see the end of it the way it’s going I really don’t our governor made a mistake he opened to sit this theta as far as I’m concerned opened it up too quick and look what happened look at the governor Texas had to go to TV yesterday and back off would he but he he said I did I made the mistake yeah he opened up too quick yeah and you know I think some of the cities on the island Scott have they passed they’ve passed an ordinance about masks as to two of the island cities so it’s not like we’re pulling something out of the clouds and were the only people doing it and and gosh what’s the big deal about putting a mask on walking into Walmart or walking into Publix or winn-dixie it’s no big deal that’s right I have a question the ones is that the mandate masks mandate you’re talking about which ordinances are you because I’m here yes that that’s my understanding I haven’t actually reviewed the home speech or annamaria ordinances but that’s my understanding is the mandatory masks endure yeah because I mean I’m hearing like you know post on the sign versus mass mandate so and I would be in favor now you know I’ll put a motion forward that we you know yes you can bring forward suitable ordinance for first reading you know the next meeting you know I don’t know you we can’t vote on anything and the supermajority today but the next meeting have it prepared for us and the only thing I would say is uh I would favor uh you know some type of mask mandate to be yes it’ll need to be an ordinance either it can be done as a traditional ordinance we’d have we could have first read on the 22nd or if if there’s a supermajority it can be done as an emergency ordinance so it’s got do businesses not have the right to refuse service to anyone okay today do they not have the right to stick a sign in their window right now saying you can’t enter here if you don’t have a mask yes they do have that right they don’t need our permission to do that correct that’s my point it’s their it’s their call if they want to in danger you know if they if they want to risk you know having a patron turn around that’s their economic gain their economic loss it’s their call it’s their it’s their prerogative it’s their business so what are you saying i I I think without a state ordinance we’re just you know we’re just trying to I I understand the reasoning for it I agree with it I outside of right now which I think I have enough distance to be you know safe ii but i believe i believe that you know i believe that this is a without a statewide ordinance i don’t think we would be accomplishing anything mr. GAO i would support your support you and mr. birds so if you’re canning if you’re canning all that’s all I need to hear and I want to make a motion correctly and my ultimate goal basically is to put signs mandates that businesses put signs and they’re all public businesses not you know quite obviously restaurants what we’re and if we know they’re excluded from that kind of stuff on their front door to prohibit people from entering without a mask on until further notice I don’t or you know you can’t say six months two days what so I don’t know how the legal termination would be on that we can we can take a look at let me take a look at some of these other ordinances and see how they’ve been implementing them I think my recollection is some are doing like you know they put it in for a certain time period may be 60 days or something like that and then it expires unless it’s extended by the council that would be one way to do it so let me take a look at that some of those ordinances and get with staff and

see what we can put together and bring back to the council from okay so the my motion would be for you to look at it and bring back an ordinance first okay before you get too far down or or what or or who gets fine just a business no fines I’m not looking for fine okay you need a motion Scott or can you just do I believe councilman Byrd made a motion is there a motion on the floor I just made one there was a second but I did make a motion is there a second on what you said miss what I said earlier way okay so I don’t think I technically are you withdrawing your motion yeah well without it fails without a second yeah yeah withdrawal and restart from make it easy okay so I need mine seconded right mr. mayor I just have a I but I’ll second going to discussion I you know I I just don’t know if it it’s the proper time to really just you know make a motion specific when you could just come back and bring it back to us I don’t necessarily need a motion yeah as long as I think that that I’m sorry mr. mayor I think that having a motion on the floor in a second and the discussion that we’re having and if it if it goes forward to bring it forward it sends a signal to our community that we are looking at the public safety aspect I did receive an email this morning from a gentleman William Rogers that lives in the Ironwood area wanting us to mandate people wearing masks when they are out in public now that I am at the ripe old age that I am at I am considered high-risk I had asked me as a kid I’m high-risk so you know if if you’re around me I do prefer have I take the responsibility on myself to wear the mask because I would feel horrible if I was one of those people that was asymptomatic but was indeed a typhoid mary so I think having this motion will get the conversation going it will be out in the media and it will alert the public that we are taking this seriously and we’re going to be looking at it one of the little ironies that I find with some of the businesses if they or say oh I don’t want to do that they have built barriers to protect their people at the cash register or what have you but the rest of the people in store walking around have no barrier so you would think that they would they would have go along with with what we’re talking about and that’s that’s why I feel Gallup I went into like a week ago the wall wall and they had signed they were closed down their employees wouldn’t come to work because they didn’t mandate a mask alright so a few days later I went there and signs on the door and yeah everybody had a mask on it’s amazing what a sign can do so I said every business should have a sign thank you so I I got a question legal question if we we got a motion in a second on the floor if we get four votes can we turn it into emergency ordinance well I I don’t have anything prepared to adopt so I would ask that if if the council wants to move more quickly than the 22nd you know certainly we could schedule a special meeting if the council wanted to do that and we could have an ordinance prepared and brought back for consideration at that time I certainly think if the numbers keep going up dramatically as they have that we might want to look at that mystery I agree I agree that the whole reason I don’t want the perception out there that what you talked about it you didn’t do nothing what’s so we can talk all day long talk to cheap right so I don’t like that being said to doing that that will be said if four of you are in agreement right now then like we could do you could do it today you don’t have previously when we’ve had special meetings under emergency situations it’s because we were facing a hurricane or

something of that nature I I think that mr. Reed Ursula is erring on the side of caution and wanting to make sure that what he brings forward is something that we can discuss and should it pass ultimately live with and I’m fine with him taking a little a little bit of time to put it together trying trying to put an emergency declaration or ordinance together as you’re sitting there I think is kind of difficult although some would say you know went to a good law school so we have a motion in a second for you to prepare an ordinance emergency ordinance you might as well and whenever you get that done we may have a special meeting just to deal with that okay I can work within the time frame whatever if the council wants to go ahead now and talk about us setting up a special meeting that that would give me a time frame to within which to work so what’s the council said I have to check my calendar no yeah mr. mayor mr. eater SIL do you think that you would be able to get something to us by Friday or is that pushing it would you prefer next Monday I will be I’m actually leaving town tomorrow morning for the weekend but I’m sure there’s other lawyers in our office that could prepare such an ordinance we be enough time if we did we don’t have for me next Wednesday right so if they were meeting next Wednesday I think we could have a draft out either by the end of this week or early next week and then be able to consider that on Wednesday I’m sorry that’s all right with your motion yes that’ll be Wednesday July 15th excuse me yeah okay you said July 15th yes yes that’s next Wednesday a week from today nine o’clock works for me we have a motion of the second if the emergency ordinance prepared everything to with the signs on businesses for nine o’clock Wednesday July 15 that’s about Ward 1 yes and thank you – yes 3 I’m not in agreement with this but for the sake of unity and not to dragged us into politics I’ll agree with the majority of the council or yes yes you have your marching orders anything else for Scotland no there’s not thank you very much to the council appreciate that that’s a woman’s army Thank You mr. Muir one thing that I did want to bring up following our meeting that we had last week with our discussion of the riverwalk extension and I wanted to check with our chief if she wouldn’t mind stepping forward for just a second that maybe answer some questions for me this was something that after the meeting was over I wished I had asked so I thought I would bring it up here being being familiar with having a park in a residential area because most of y’all realized that Ward 2 does have Lewis Park which is one of the oldest parks in the city and is is completely encompassed by a residential area and with the extension we’re looking at kind of going in and around and through other residential areas chief I was just wondering with the design that we have has anyone in your office or have you had the opportunity to look at it using the the procedure that’s called crime prevention through Environmental Design no ma’am we haven’t been asked to do that information expansion mr. Merritt at this point in time if it if it is all right with you I would like to have our police department do that to look at the design that we currently have in place to see if there’s anything right now that stands out to them that’s going to become a policing concern would make it difficult

for residents that kind of thing I know that I did not sit through all of the community input sessions that we had but again when you when you have a Park and it is as I did understand designed to be more of a passive Park than an active Park but when you have a park that goes into a residential neighborhood I think it’s important that we we get it right the first time and we have that input brought into our discussions into our design input and unless you would prefer not to I think we can certainly Police Department can look at that we’ve been running a park right I understand that but I think that most would characterize the original Riverwalk as an urban setting and right Anna and I think that the extension again I just I think that if we could have eyes look at it from the standpoint of preventing a situation that may cost us more money to go back and fix if we can again get it right the first time I would I would appreciate that yes ma’am we actually encourage that we we just this past year had our primary person that provides that service retire it’s a it’s a year-long process we’re in the process of getting somebody else retrained he went to one class and then everything else got cancelled but I’m sure I can call upon my relationships with some other agencies and get somebody here and take a look at that it’s always good to get in front of any potential crime issues as opposed to being reactive again because of some of the issues that occurred previously at Louis Park and some of the the situations that we had there I just would feel that I wasn’t doing my due diligence as a council person if I did not ask this question so I appreciate that and I would like to again thank the council the mayor the department heads and the citizens for the warm welcome that I received it was very touching thank you mr. Rolfe Thank You mr. mayor I on that note of the park and moving that forward there’ll be a meeting several meetings today following this for the contract and I at this time I don’t plan on attending those except by phone my injury tends to flare up as a day goes on but I would ask is there is there an intention to vote on that today because I I think that we’ve done it two different ways and I think it’s best if we just take the information on and bring that up now that we’re going to have a special meeting maybe we can bring that up at that point in time certainly it has been done both ways a lot of times we have taken the the presentations absorbed them and then voted at the next meeting and now we’re sure going to be scheduled for meeting the following week so that that’s certainly doable with the council desires so it would be my request if everyone doesn’t mind a wait a week since we’re having a special meeting that we can discuss it then I’m for presentations are three last I heard we have three okay I don’t know if there’s a phone call that came in I don’t know what it was that’s gonna look at it we we originally started with four because of the nature of the concerns of the way we’re doing business one group had said that they would prefer to do a zoom meeting well we’re not set up we are analog capabilities did not allow us to do that here we’re looking at ways to still be able to do that that time frame is a ways out they said they would respectfully decline if that was the the need to be here so that is a squared out of Fort Myers what I did is to expedite time and not have you sit here doing that I I texted mr. Allen and asked him if they could be ready for the 2:10 slot instead of the 3:30 slot so that you could take take that up and they said they would gladly accommodate that I just want to make sure that this phone call wasn’t coming in to me to say something other than that so no no sir at the last meeting we our police chief made a draft

recommendation for a citizen advisory committee and I agree with a Citizens Advisory Committee I’d rather be done as a citizen Oversight Committee because I think there’s too many holes in this to make it effective I did some research and we did having a Citizens Advisory Committee back in this is July 18th 2007 minutes and under the previous chief what year 2007 July this is July 18th minutes 2007 I know you said you was under what made me inquire about this as you said you was on the Advisory Committee before you were elected which had been about two thousand three or four so we’ve had multiple was 2006 oh I don’t recall this yeah you mr. gallows was councilman Mary Ann you were Councilwoman Patrick you were councilman and that’s that’s the people that was present do you have any memory of this and so their rest have been – and they seem to come up and maybe I’m being suspect here but they seem to come up in election years is that by design or by need anybody ever comment I already remember I don’t know that was ever used I only remember being on it as a private citizen that’s all I recall okay mr mayor I seem to remember I’m going back ways here well and I’m going all the way back to when I was just a wee child I remember I believe when Clyde Gill was Chief of Police there was some sort of and again and you are going back well were you it for you and as for I was a Marty it was well it was I read the Braden and Harold a lot as a child I’m sorry I’ll leave that alone but they at different points in time different Chiefs have either had a citizen group or Advisory Committee or dependent on what the the lexicon of the day was as to what they called it sometimes I think it came across as it was kind of an honorary thing to be asked to be on it and other times I think it came about in times of struggle and so for for the council to think that this is something new in the city it’s to the best of my recollection it has it has been happy many times and it’s kind of more fun different things at different times again I remember I think I think I remember there was like a picture of upstanding citizens that were appointed and they were all to me very tall white men there was nobody in the picture that looked like me bill the only one I remember and I said and I was fortunate and I was a board member on it but I believed it was called the merit board and we dealt with an issue in a police department about firing a police officer for something I forgot in fact it was a good fire because I think he and later years end up killing his wife shooting his wife so that’s the own and but I thought it was called a merit board nada yeah and it had it had private citizens on it plus I think I represented department heads at that time I believe and but that was back under under Bill Evers yeah I’m just saying I don’t remember ever having that kind of a board but I remember that my point was that we’ve had these before and they seem to fizzle out and I don’t want the public to get a misconception of what is being attempted here and I I don’t disagree with having a board but I disagree with a board that has no authority they become ineffective

would anyone entertain this board having more authority under perhaps a resolution we have looked at all over everywhere about these committees and how they work and how they are working mr. mayor we’ve looked at best practices on everything mr. mayor that’s how we got to where we are today I get to have a question and maybe a comment afterwards at the last meeting we presented with the draft and I didn’t know what was in store today I’ve brought the draft with me here to date my question is that as I look at it you know it says it’s a no effective date yet and I looked at that draft being presented the last meeting as being the first step in trying to come up aboard or public policy that was going to be you know totally something that would be and final form to us and then even though it wasn’t in the meeting or email anything you know I’ve gotten a couple of calls and emails people that were inquiring as far as application process that they say they’ve saw through the media and so my question is is that you know art do we have a complete you know proposal before out there now or are we still with the draft trying to as a council as a city trying to improve upon that document or where we add at this point so as I mentioned last week what this is is a starting point and I will tell you that I don’t think it should be an ending point that occurs in this room our goal and I will tell you that we’ve gotten a great deal of response we’ve sent out upwards of 10 applications from people who have indicated interest the process is that they’ve we have determined what words they sit in as soon as they are done with this very easy one-page well one and a quarter page application it will be sent to you all to make your determination if they’re one of the folks who you’d like to put forward but we wanted to have a process in a central point lots of interest the idea is is that I will tell you just because I’m a college professor I’ve read over this five times and I keep finding some grammatical errors and so I changed it four times since you saw it but it’s not anything substantive it’s simply some tweaks here and there my goal is to provide this to the committee as a starting document and let the group the same group make any decisions moving forward this is why that’s important when I hear things such as oversight more teeth what I will tell you is that there’s two things going on we are in the state of Florida Florida State statues dictates when it comes to the police officers Bill of Rights the authority that folks can have over the discipline process and what they cannot have as well the contract that I believe was just voted in is very clear that anything that pertains to the discipline process within the agency is subject to impact bargaining I know that firsthand because I’m going through negotiations currently as we speak with the Union regarding body camera testing and evaluation and so be mindful that it’s virtually impossible you know well I won’t say virtually impossible but just be mindful of those two caveats when it comes to this our whole goal is that and I will tell you I’ve already had a couple police chiefs ask even somebody in New Jersey I you got me on that one as he heard about it and asked to get a copy of it yesterday heard it was good I think it’s a great starting point and I would fully expect that this committee looks at it evaluates it with an attorney sitting in the room that can help direct them what they can do what they can’t do with goals objectives that type of thing takes it from there as I said before it’s a starting point it’s timely it’s necessary well okay thank you a question about the draft well I’m you know many the ones gonna walk through the path yeah well my question is where where we if we don’t have a committee yet number one and my I haven’t been asked for a represent anybody I asked you at the meeting we all want to know yeah I want you to

suggest to people we this was thrown at us at the last meeting it says the draft it’s a draft you know and my opinion was we come back and we get a form of a document then you ask us for a let me go from there and that’s why I say where we are this is through the police department this is not this council no no all right and I’m not saying that you’re asking you asked us for our recommendations yes okay it’s clearly in the document I read the document so if it’s the if it’s a draft when do you want those individuals to good names to come before you know that that was actually in a press release sent you all were copied in on and had a due date of right and I was surprised by the press release moments after this draft and didn’t have an opportunity to voice my opinion so I have a very I have continued looking away I had a very much concerns about this well thanks you thank you yeah I have a real concern look look you’ve got you’ve got nobody can do anything for six months after internal investigation that’s not a real committee that’s not trust what it says right here that’s not what it says complete internal affairs complete completed internal affairs investigation is within a hundred and eighty days six nobody can’t look at this for six months no no it’s not me having answers it here yes sir that is not an accurate statement what it says is that the board has the ability to review a case for up to six months they have the opportunity to look at a case for up to six months it’s a position correct so it could be two months before a board even takes a look now sir you’re reading that and I don’t know how else to read okay I will just tell me bad use of excessive force within 180 days any instance we’re in the police action results in death or serious bodily injury within 180 days you’re giving a six-month window to do not present it to a board that’s not accurate sir that’s what the document says that’s not what it says well I just read it verbatim okay everybody can read it I read it much differently why I mean if quite clear to you that the board and Schneider board subcommittee has the ability to review discipline instances up to six months and again that is a starting point if they feel as though they need seven months that’s or can immediately address any issue following the conclusion of the discipline case they can immediately address any issue can take six months that’s what this says I can take or it says gosh you also receive this completed internal affairs investigations within 180 days of final disposition that says that that this committee that you’re forming can’t even look at it until it is not what it says sir it’s just not it’s saying that you have up to six months to review that case so the weekly review at day one absolutely following the conclusion of the case absolutely my assumption would be that the next meeting that you that the committee members have they’re gonna review that case but you’re not going to give it to them until an internal investigation is done absolutely you’ll give it to them immediately after the case has been completed yep well hello is that six months however long the investigation takes so let me take a look at investigations take a variety of I know that’s what we witness across the country that that with the public is infuriated about that nothing is done for a year it’s forgotten okay well that’s not what happens at the brain time Police Department when I will tell you is that we follow that discipline procedures we followed the rules of law we follow the police officer Bill of Rights and due process that’s what we do here I can’t speak for other agencies what I will tell you is that we do what we must do well chief I was in office three months last year and I woke up to Good Morning America and the Braden’s and Police Department made national news for one of our officers that was chasing women around over 250 women harassing them using the internal office for his

pleasure he was not fired he was asked to resign so he’s probably not working somewhere else today I I went on that’s I went on ABC News and you scolded me for two hours at my home that night for good doing it and I said that I would try to fix this we’ve got we can’t have that we had another one just recently a resource officer dating a high school student in the manatee high that’s not right that’s not right we had another officer that you hired out of Tampa that was fired he comes into our PD bumps rank upsets the other other other officers and is accused of theft what a board seat would this board see those types of incidents before yet an internal investigation I likely think not I’ll try to respond to that in order for most sergeant the sergeant in question was not asked to resign he resigned before he was terminated and the paperwork clearly shows that that was a termination case that case did take a long time to investigate because we painstakingly painstakingly looked through every single contact he had had over years to ensure that not one person that might have been impacted by his behavior was left untouched excuse me is this the officer that was a 250 instances well wasn’t 250 incidents was that that that’s one that’s how I’m speaking about the credit he had done this before he was accused of this years before it was reprimanded as I was saying sir he didn’t resign he was he resigned before he was terminated and I will tell you part of my job as the police chief particularly when I came here four years ago is to ensure that misconduct on behalf of my officers is dealt with I’m transparent about that I don’t take discipline and shove it in a drawer I’m very visible about it and I always have been with not only the public but every member of this council you’re right we have had some instances of misconduct amongst our ranks and it’s unfortunate but what I will tell you is that that misconduct is rooted out and it’s dealt with swiftly and quickly always has been since I’ve been here we followed the rules of law we follow a due process and I deal with misconduct harshly when necessary well I disagree with you on the swift and quickly however I will tell you that that is an accurate statement that any committee will not have the ability to review the facts and circumstances of a discipline case prior to it going through due process within the agency or in the case of deadly force outside of the agency with FDLE who investigates all of our use of force mr. mayor I guess one last comment and normally and I really don’t I don’t handle things in this this manner I know we talked about the urgency and the way this this board came about I would have preferred you know I I don’t take I guess any type of directives or try to go in any I guess course take any course of action based upon a press release I would have preferred an email asking you know I’m saying that this was completely read go forward having said that as you know I’m not running for Ward 5 and right now that’s an urgency and please both of you forgive me I usually would have talked to either one of you by now we have two good candidates running for Ward 5 and I would urge both of them mr. Kenan Wooten and Miss Pamela coachman both of them I say at this point I’d like to ask them to make proper application to the board so to the urgency usually I would have called someone and so forth but I’d like to do that right now and once they if they’re interested they put their names in there from Ward 5 and they go through the process and we go from there unfortunately sir one of the exclusions is somebody running for office we wanted to take the politics out of this committee okay okay I’m not done I have

a candidate and I’ve invited them here today and I’m gonna read you a short is that okay miss Bev I have lots of applicants okay well this is my this is I didn’t realize a draft became final but now that I know that it’s final and you said I could have a recommendation – can I have a recommendation no I want to read this first and it’s I’ve got a time slot here that I’m allowed to read this I’m suppose right do you do what you want well I think you’ve been here 21 years and done what you want so what happened for that being said I have candidate here with us today is a 33 year F has a 33 year FBI career he’s supervisor special ages of an FBI in ypd joint Terios Terrorism Task Force Squad he was firearms instructor and police instructor as a bachelor’s in criminology from the University of Vermont management training at the FBI Academy and a Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management work cases a special agent in the white-collar crime civil rights violent crime organized crime and counterterrorism currently serves as a contract destructor for the military specialist forms military Special Forces training program very qualified individual and I present to you and I’d like to make his application his name is Dan parish he’s sitting here if you’d stand if you’d like to have as a couple things to say you’re welcome to otherwise this is the retired FBI agent and he is in my water Sanders I would soon we’re gonna have several people that I know but this is what’s wrong that’s fine so you’re thank you very much for oh you do a lot you look at his application you look at his application has entitled to do that he just did it sounds like a great okay oh I know you did yeah that’s all I have miss mr. mayor thank you sir yeah council I’m gonna share this with you I wasn’t going to this is just a point of interest for you a friend of mine is a member of the n-double a-c-p and she was requested to do a survey of cities that have these boards and I think it was either nine or twelve cities municipalities that that she did I happened to get the report even before then double acp got it and I believe before the chief got it because chief met with thee and double-a-c-p about it and what I want to share with you out of all the cities that that she got information on only one of them fine I believe you might correct me chief adore had subpoena powers the rest of them did not but the point that I want to make that this summary if I’m correct said that these boards don’t work very well and I say that to you so it won’t be a shock to you if and when it happens in the city of Bradenton like me was pardon me I still don’t heard you bill I’ll agree with you yeah so just for a matter of information but I’ve read the report and didn’t excite me much again I was quite and I’ll and I said I’m supporting it for the chief to do it and I was reminded that that I was opposed but what I want to clarify was that my opposition at that time was that if we were going to have it for one department we should have it for all of them and I haven’t changed my mind on that I I dislike that we’re selecting one department in the city of Bradenton to have this Advisory Board I feel like we need to have one for each department

and that’s just a matter of life my feelings thank you sir if I can just respond and and I I recall that and that’s really what went in to the creation of this what you see is a lot of cities have review boards and their only focus is to review concluded internal affair cases and then opine on that to to the chief and whomever else what we did is carefully look at cities who had both advisory boards review boards call it what you will and create a mix of that because my goal is for this I I don’t really don’t do anything that’s not successful and my goal is to have success with this and have a group of engaged citizens who want to sit down as often as they like and put their heads together and look at policies and procedures and training and I just had breakfast yesterday somebody asked whom I didn’t know to kind of walk them through that to see if they were interested and and they said so this could really be something very beneficial to the city I said absolutely and that’s that’s my goal with this is to not have it have this onus of just being to look at discipline again councilman Sanders listed the three serious incidents since I’ve been here we really don’t have a lot of internal affair cases we don’t we they come from time to time you know I say that and tomorrow who knows what could happen and that’s why we wanted to expand their ability to to really engage and to look at everything you talked a little bit about Miami’s model I will tell you that to support that model it costs about a quarter of a million dollars a year it’s it’s an independent entity with their own attorney with their own investigators I don’t know that the city of Bradenton needs that or is ready for that I will again say I think that this is a good beginning I will also tell you that I had no idea that we had that many retired law enforcement in the city of brain 10 I’ve I’ve received communication from at least half a dozen retired law enforcement who have an interest and serving on this committee so I will tell you that you know I will tell you I’m not the one making this election but I I I welcome their experience and their knowledge I certainly don’t want a whole group of ex cops I think that will kind of be doing the city a disservice whoever gets decided is is great but I certainly don’t want a whole group of ex cops and I had no idea we had so many living in this in this city it’s good to know I I’ve got some backups out there mr. Bert okay I guess I’ll carry on you’re good yeah are you good go yeah yeah I’m on my business here yeah I guess we’re we’ll start at the discussion as far as the Bradenton Housing Authority we talked a little bit earlier just wanted to update counsel spoke the last meeting and we talked about the possibility of having the administration to come before and pretty much just give us more of a update and you know state of the authority type of I guess presentation and we talked about trying to make communications and have an invitation out since that time I did have a zoom meeting and stated that again with the administration and asked him to please come forward and and I guess at this point I see the agenda we we don’t have anything at this point where they’ve committed to doing that one of the biggest examples is that the situation with the parking I in looking at and talking with some of the residents there’s a you know a situation where a lot of them are parking on the on the city streets so there is a problem we can if you come up with the solution if we just you know try to you know get together but if we can’t even get together and have just come before us you know it’s a board and tell us what’s going on you know how can we

solve some of these problems so that’s one of the things and also as a point of the resident it was mentioned last meeting that we need to come forward with a resident board member appointment and and talking with different individuals trying to ask them about to maybe consider you know placing their information resume or what have you into the I guess the mayor’s office for a possible appointment and in doing so I kind of got a good feel on we’ve talking with some of the residents so not only the parking situation and but what they voiced some some concerns I won’t say complaints but concerns and I I said that when I talk with them I say I won’t you know give specific names because it’s not a formal complaint per se but I will say that there are some concerns and the reason I bring that out is to said over my time here on council we have had some situations within the Housing Authority and one of the things that I always noticed is is that when you start getting these concerns and people that are have questions or concerns that’s usually saying that there are some things that probably could stand some improvement or so forth and in saying that you know I want to say to Council that with the situation it would be really nice if we could finally you know have them come before us the administration from the Housing Authority and if not what we’re going to see is we’re going to see residents and we’ve had some others that have come before this body and you all know this autonomous body over there all we do is a point and you know but we’re going to start having individuals coming they’re gonna voice those concerns here and so I just want to bring you update on that I don’t know if any think you had some Mary Evans mr. burden on that note do you know more about this and I do I was interested when Jim spoke about that there was a property over there owned by the housing authority because the one thing that I knew we’re talking about Braden village I knew that was hope six I knew that was there was multi government facility so is there I’d like to know how big of a property that is and who and who has control of that it so it’s owned by the housing authority or it owns pseudo but that’s why we have to have open dialogue and discussion with the housing authority and the administration over there because it’s all been you know I’ve been here for many years my opinion is I haven’t checked the land records but its housing authority or property and you know and that’s what I’m saying if we have open dialogue and there’s a parking problem right that right in that area right then you know let’s come together and try to come up with some solutions on the land we go so but I you know I I say we we start moving in that direction and trying to do that but we can’t even you know and that’s my frustration is that you know we have to have that open line of communication and and and I’m just one it was brought out in the Xoom that yeah you’re the liaison and yeah right but I’m just one of six elected officials it would be nice if you can come before all of us as well as you got a you know planning departments a fire departments police other other department heads that are be at this meeting and it’s really important you know just and nobody saying it’s got you got to be every single meeting but you know if you just come one one months a year the state of the housing authority would be great in my mind but you know I just wanted to update the rest of Council you know and that so moving on the next one may take a little bit longer so I’ll go to the planning director and I wonder where we at along those lines I don’t know if it’s under your business Carl I couldn’t respond here it’s fine thanks for getting me all of y’all’s list that was good mr. Barnaby we still either may be easier to go through with me where we are on that what we did is we threw everybody pretty much had reached the consensus when you kind of tally votes who wants who that about five of them

came out with a couple of votes which meant that was pretty consistent with where everything was okay because of that we reached out to all five between the last two days and said are you still interested unfortunately we’ve only received sponsors back from three of them okay so there’s a couple of people just said one said no response at all just went dark one said I want to talk to my wife but I think the answer is we haven’t heard or the interest is there so really of the five that garnered multiple votes from everybody I think we’re down to three from that perspective not saying it has to stay at that but that’s kind of where we’re we’re right now we were waiting to get with mrs. Barbie on on where she was on this but that’s pretty much where it is I think the candidates that are there are still very good candidates and I think the candidates that are still in the three are still on everybody’s list so it’s not like anybody’s list as anybody’s been excluded from there that any of the council people there’s nobody on my list from that well maybe mr. gallows but that’s okay it wasn’t quite as extensive as everybody else any kind of way that we can perhaps since we already have this big special meeting next we have some kind of a finalization as far as the list of names that’s what I want to be able to do is okay again next with Miss Barnaby and then we can say okay based on what we’ve now seen she may add somebody in that they bring somebody else into that list that we would reach out to and say or are you interested in the job still and then and let you know who those folks are but mr. Mira I did go through this but the first question I had was how many of these are still viable so that’s I wanted to get with you to find out if you have reached out to some of them you know this is a big packet and again how many of these are still looking some of them move from you know from far away well those are things that once you see that we’ll have to determine where it where does counsel want to go because it’s not just hiring a person what kind of package are you going to give to someone you know is the expectation you just show up day one if you’re asking people to move from out of state because that may be what are you going to do to help facilitate that those are all questions that would come up once you’ve narrowed it down because also like when we’ve talked to the third party recruiters that one-on-one interviews or person are still very critical to a position of this nature and a lot of times they’ll do what I want interviews to begin with and then they do what I wanted obviously when I want interviews with with the potential counsel a employer so to get a feel for that we want to make sure that how people get comfortable with meeting us seeing us seeing y’all that’s that that’s a key part of it too even once you narrow down to one or two or three even in my mind we may want to do zoom meetings with these people that are far away and we mean if we can’t do it here we may need to look at a facility where we could do that because I think it’s important when we’re talking about offering this position that we look the person in the eye and see I go back to a time when I served on the library board of trustees and we were looking for a new head librarian for lack of a better term and we did these these interviews over the internet with people very interesting very interesting how some people do come across very well maybe they’ve had a lot of experience doing that and you hope that that would transfer into personal experience with the community as well as there are people that are not very comfortable with it and you wonder well if they’re not comfortable talking to four or five people how are they gonna handle talking to an entire community so I think that would be something that we might want to look at doing right I think you know from from what I’ve seen so far because of the nature of the position we’re asking for as the planning director I think the people that you’re seeing have a lot of experience in dealing with the public that’s by the nature of their jobs they’ve had to date that’s one of the things when we looked at how much experience do people have do they have management experience which all of those do they have community relations experience all those things which would say they have to have been out in the community they have to have dealt with multiple different types of people different entities a lot of different things and that I think that’s and I see that in in in the selection so

far so I think that’s good I don’t see anybody sitting out there that just says there are one twig pony this is all they’ve done and they’ve got nothing else going on we don’t have any of those in in some of these final numbers but the ability to talk to you whether it’s through zoom at some point in time I still think you know somewhere along the line it’s gonna it would be best if it’s still face to face it really is zoom is a preliminary step that’s why some of these search terms are saying it’s not an ideal time to be hiring somebody because they’re having difficulty getting people in front of their potential employers okay the second half of that of course is Economic Development Director and I I just wanted to we talked about a little bit of it last time and the the need and especially of things happening the way that they are I think we need to explore how we want to handle that particular position I know you have both of those positions right now as a city administrator and one of the I mentioned it the last time we talked about it I think we need to come up with some kind of a plan on how we want to go about this simply because we have the you know Kobe r19 situation at as far as City Hall operations and everything and we interviewing and other things and we’re looking if we’re looking for that permanent position it’s going to be sort of a guess a more of a difficult situation so I mentioned the last time on you know I whether we should go in the direction of maybe looking for that permanent position over a period of time and the possibility of having some type of contractual of consultant type of a situation for someone in the interim or a short-term or having just outright interim individual coming in and looking at being that fill in that position until we find a permanent position so I just wanted to reiterate some of the you know some of the points that I would like to look at as far as you know how we proceed but definitely I don’t see in the short-term us trying to just get out and and have a permanent position right now as economic development director in the same fashion as we’re doing the planning director so I want to you know bring those things out and hear maybe some council discussion or dialogue if or inflict along those lines but we need to move in that direction of finding a way of getting to a permanent economic development direction my thought Harold on this was I was looking to see how smoothly we can get through the planning director process you know we once we all remember we tried to have a you know an executive assistant and that didn’t go so well so I was gonna I’d like to get to that but I’d like to see how how quickly and and and Carl I know that miss Barnaby needs clued in on this because I think that correct me you Tim Polk was still a director when you were here correct oh yeah okay okay so so since then we’ve learned things you know that that we want to Carly needs to probably want to run you with this and and it would be would it be I mean since we’ve looked at the pile and we’ve got it whittled down to three or five gosh that took us for a Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council we start out with like a hundred and twenty executives and we got it down to where we interviewed 14 by phone and we got it whittled down to where we could get it done – I think three or four in-person interviews so we’re already at three or five that took us six months to get there okay and and and I just want to keep going back to the economic economic development director position but all I’m saying to council right now is that we got to start talking about it look how long have we been talking about you know the situation of not having a planning director and that’s that’s all I’m saying right now is let’s let’s just try – I understand getting through this particular one as far as a hiring a planning director and see how you know that goes but I think we need to be fully aware and let’s let’s we just passed a you know ordinance here today and it’s gonna be a ballot question and what happens when effective date January

5th the last thing we need is to have more more of administrative duties place on an individual that is still trying to be a a planning director and be a economic development director so you know I I understand the urges and we’re looking at the play but let’s at least start talking you having some dialogue on you know the the other big one which is the economic development director so that was that’s pretty much yeah my section on that and the last one is for Public Works speed strips we talked last time about the bumps and we you know said we were going to see if technology wise or strips are working better or the virtual 3d type of and end area is this it’s kind of finally a lot of discussion is on the the area we was inquiring about is Bradenton village there are some inquiries and that a lot of kids that are you know playing in area and they’re going through there too at a rapid pace and trying to look at something and I you know I didn’t know how the speed strips are those something that’s there will be doable say within that particular area or a virtual type of well you know essentially it’s the same technology it’s just a different format if we put the the strip’s like we did in Kingston Estates that’s that’s just something to create a one a visual into a sensory sound or as you drive across it the 3d items that we talked about it’s the same material it’s just put down in a different format to look a different way so if I had been waiting to hear from you where the site was and yeah yeah even one of them right it’s bring to village but I was a more mine quick inquiry was going to be on the durability because we were having problems on the ones that were placed in Kingston early on and the durability of either of those is exactly the same because they’re made of the same material it’s a thermoplastic material it is something good and they’ll wear away and eventually and just need to be replaced depends on be what would be best for the area and the durability could last for a substantial amount about time too and is it competent at least within breeding villages is it third street this is the issue it’s a it’s a code yeah yeah yeah so but okay that’s pretty much it nothing else to report on okay miss Beauchamp you have anything just very briefly I want to let you know that the county’s been advertised thing that they’ve got cares act funding available I’ll be sitting in on a call on Friday to learn what might be available to the city this is relative to the kovat dollars that have been available and any expenses that we’ve had to date on that money so hopefully that will be very productive for the city and the only other thing I’ll mention very briefly is that we’ve got a quote coming this week to upgrade the video technology in this room it’s not that we haven’t been working on it it’s just that in this day it is extremely difficult to get the equipment and the folks that you need to put something like this together because we’re not the only ones in need of this so we’ve been working on it we should have a quote this week I’ll bring back to y’all and we’ll look at some ideas on on doing some upgrades as far as videos concerned in this room I didn’t check I know we’ve had a lot of internal people looking at it so when you look at the number of views you’re probably gonna see a whole lot of clerk office making sure it’s working okay and it’s what we expect so I can report on that next time I’ve had a lot of good feedback on it good bye bye media like ABC NBC a lot of folks had been getting copies of the video from us on DVDs or whatever so this just makes that easier we don’t have to burn those they can just go there directly and look at it exactly and there’s historical record of it it’s I’m very impressed with it we’re getting there that’s all I had yeah anything our weekly report went out this morning and you’ll see in their discussion under our solid waste collection due to Co bed

and precautionary testing we’ve been hit with about six drivers being out our first priority is garbage but we are running into cases where even some of the front-end poisons as far as whether it’s an apartment complex or whether it’s a restaurant or some other commercial entity that we’ve had some issues with it we are about a day behind on some of those things and yard waste is still about a day behind and we are monitoring it on a day to day basis I you know again garbage will always be our first choice recycling would be the first one that we would tell you if we need driver someplace else we’re gonna put them on yard waste and garbage and again yard waste would be last but it just so you’re aware if you get phone calls from people we’re getting those phone calls too and we’re and we’re shuffling the deck as best we can from day to day mr. maryk Jim thanks I saw in your report that got this morning yesterday there was a sewer line break on 2nd Avenue and where we add on that revitalization of 2nd Avenue or give me some I know you’ve been you went out surveyed it and I because I see the markers we have we have the consultant firm has developed a conceptual design I have asked them to it’s it’s basically in plan and profile format for for engineering drawings if I bring that to you the way it looks you’re not going to really be able to understand so I’ve asked them to put it put the design on an aerial format so that I can bring it to you and show you here’s what we would be doing in particular areas so you can see the potential impact before we have them go ahead any further design beyond that I’m waiting on that information and I intended to have it at a workshop in the very near future so you think it you’ll be able to have something in that in the next you know 30 60 days I would definitely say within the next 30 days yes okay thanks because that that that was and I assumed there was no you said there was no leakage into the storm sewer system and yeah basically it was captured in the curb line our guys saw it fast enough where we were able to it’s a small enough lift station that we were able to maintain it by pumping it down with our back truck they’ve been they were out there in till 8 o’clock last night trying to make the repair problem being it’s a cast iron pipe that’s 1954 right and sometimes you end up chasing the brake before you find some good pipe to make the final connection to well that’s the oldest section of the city is it not I’m not it’s when you have lift stations and it’s numbered one two and three isn’t that by date I kind of sort of but really I mean that’s nothing that’s not their rating that’s not pumping capacity is it no they’re they’re not number one they’re probably there are let’s see I think there are seven lift stations that are all 1954 right all built the st. the set of plans is one set of plans for all of them no they’ve been updated most of them have been updated to some extent we’ve been we’ve been doing a good job yeah and but there there are still some some of them I mean with station one which is part of the shore view project is being replaced it’s hopefully within the next month or so we’ll be able to get that offline and into the new one something now that you mentioned that lift station you had done a report I saw it that they were there was very few houses being utilizing that lift station I believe the number was like seven ten fifteen I don’t house only like three businesses and their own Brandon district is a true statement I I’d have to double you still have that report I have it someplace it’s primary but it was very little because we wiped out 60 some-odd homes in there for the right but that that’s my that’s my point is at we can get in that discussion another time because that’s kind of a little controversial but that’s up for a whole hour long discussion isn’t mr. Kelly so the next thing that well you’re here I get a lot of complaints about the city streets and sidewalks and so forth probably my number one calls or emails and you know I asked you I caught you last time and asked you that have you ever done a a study on what it would take to bring our city streets and

sidewalks up to what you felt was comfortable that you live with it and you told me that you’d been a while since you’ve done it and I asked if you’d revisit that you said it was about seven million dollars well when to bring it up and in with probably a million dollars you know there’s only not no sidewalks okay yeah and that was back in and like like I’ve told you we’ve spent roughly between paving projects and utility projects we’ve spent about two million dollars a year over the last five or six years related to painting I think we’ve done most of the low-hanging fruit as far as fixing roads where it’s just a paving project straight paving project beyond that we get into the point where we now need to make a repair to a storm sewer system or add a storm sewer system as the case may be otherwise we’re paving a road that’s just gonna get destroyed and not live up to its you know design of 20 year life right so will you be looking at that again or can you look at that again well I can I can certainly update the paving as it relates to that I know we’ve done we have a sidewalk survey that tells us basically it was done you know street by street to assess the conditions and you know in some in most cases when we’re doing a utility project we’re also attempting to address sidewalks and things of that nature is we do it but there’s a if you were going to go out and repair all of the sidewalks it’s it’s a significant investment I don’t have the number off the time I have to give it be talking about just about all aboard three well olive or three olive or two you know there’s some air the older portions of town are just areas where the sidewalks are in the worst conditions I’m sorry I actually got a letter from Joe Henry the famous or infamous Joe Henry asking me if I still have my bicycle because he said I would ride my bicycle around Ward 2 and find work or Public Works I’m sure you will I’m not gonna I got the best job security in the world is everything every day there’s something new so I’m not trying to say that war 2 or Ward 1 has nothing what Ward 5 you know we’re in the process of trying to do them you know from the standpoint of sidewalks you know the city has traditionally budgeted somewhere between 70 to $100,000 a year for concrete work to do for our crews and I can assure you every year we spend 70 to 100 thousand dollars so Jim eye on that note I guess for mr. Sanders because he wasn’t here at the time that as we were coming out of the recession I know that the council had made a decision that roads were that they’d been neglected for long enough that and it was I remember we started off with a few because it was a whole new budgetary item we started off you know doing some it was very positive we put more money in it it’s very positive we put more and then we went into the enterprise fund so I think I think we’ve done a good job I mean we’re not done with roads but I think we we’ve really I mean who can curse Lee was here and we started the way that I remember that that we’ve gone I think we attacked the worst first and we’ve done better and you know doing the Enterprise Fund and replacing the pipes astronomical great success story but we knew at the time the sidewalks was a whole nother elephant and I would love to get into conversation about sidewalks because I mean I walked my neighborhood and and I tell you there’s if I come up against a block that hasn’t been broken it’s rare so you know but that’s going to be a whole nother one hope a whole nother elephant that we’re going to have to bite off and and they don’t want one either well again when we when we did the road assessment originally back in 2010 we went block by block throughout the entire city we rated each block based upon a scale of one to ten ten being its brand new one meaning it’s not even savable you got to rebuild the entire roadways like the base has gone and all of that as would be expected it

was a belt turf most of the roadways in the city were six seven five six seven in that range and so we were attacking the twos and threes they really weren’t that many ones we were attacking those in order to address those we were also looking at what could we do to extend the life so we have a crack seal program where we have where we can go out and inject liquid asphalt into cracks in the roads I will tell you most places where we’ve done that we get negative feedback like what are you doing it looks like crap but the road ride straight and all we’re trying to do is extend the life of the pavement at a reasonable cost in order to get us to the point where that five roadway stays a five for a few more years until we can get to it in the paving how much some of these things cost and why you choose to use the injectable asphalt as opposed to redoing the road well the other problem that we’ve I shouldn’t say problem the other situation is that comes having spent we’ve done about 30% of the roadways in the city and I call it pavement envy oh wow you paved over there why didn’t you pay my Road that looks so nice well if your roadway is a seven on our rating scale it rides fine you may have a few cracks but it rides fine and it doesn’t cause me problems I mean I get emails all the time while the roads so bad that it’s I I’m having to replace the tires on my car okay you know that’s your opinion but I don’t necessarily believe that that’s what’s happening especially when I go out and ride the road like there’s nothing wrong with this right so I’m happy to share that information I know I’ve given it was public in a year so since I gave the update on our overall infrastructure program what we spent on the various programs I’d be happy to create an update to it to present it since you’re new back new to the council or whether you can have the information thank you thank you mr. mayor I just learned that we have had 97 views on the city of Bradenton government YouTube channel what 97 views today from last week when we when we start started the channel actually Thank You mr. mayor foremost I want to thank the council for approving the police contract today as well as mr Callahan in this move champs efforts and facilitating that I know it was a long time coming I know the officers have had a lot of anxiety about that along with with everything else and I think it’s reassuring for them to see that kind of support particularly at a time like now I do want to call your attention to something I think is important because as a chief of police I need to ensure that misinformation isn’t publicly put out there without response by me I’ll tell you back in May there was a comment made by Mr Sanders during a meeting that a half-dozen examples of where council oversight should have occurred at the PD indicating mismanagement from the leadership team at the police department had occurred a follow-up email by me requesting a meeting or a phone call to let me know what these mismanagement issues were so I could address them either with my agency or at least explain you know maybe more fully went unanswered I didn’t get any kind of kind of response today and I may have this quote a little off that caught me by surprise Mr Sanders may mention that he was against not the rank and file and and thank you for that because I’m going to say one more time that we’ve got a agency full of heroes they say people they save dogs they’re doing a great job out there but he said that he was against bad policing policies by very few again I’m gonna assume that the speaks to me and my management team and I just want to make sure that the community and this council is aware of that as part of the accreditation process that we embarked on a couple years ago which we now have by the way in which we’re up for in another year that’s actually managed by the same person that’s going to be having some

involvement with the citizen Advisory Committee a team of individuals comes in and reviews every single Police Department policy that we have to ensure that it meets their criteria as well as model policies that have been set forth by the state we received our accreditation back then and I fully expect with the diligence and hard work of my staff we’re gonna receive it again mr. mayor I think it’s a disservice to this community and a great liability for the city for someone to assert that we have poor policies in place without bringing those policies to my attention so I will simply ask one more time if any member if any elected member has a concern about any policies that they’d like to see any policies if they’d like to discuss any policies please please let me know I have an open-door policy I’m more than happy to discuss anything to you know provide a roadmap to where we are why we’re at where we’re at with regards to a lot of things but what I will tell you is that I think our policies are beyond reproach we can always improve we can always tweak we can always change but I don’t I don’t think the brains in police department has bad policing policies I think that cast a shadow on my agency and agency that I’m very proud of so that’s it sir if you have anything now it just a couple of things miss Beauchamp touched on it on the cares Act you recall a couple of months ago maybe maybe 30 days ago I can’t remember how long both us and the county received CDBG cares act funding and in the newspaper the county was very specific to point out that those funds were only going to manatee County residents okay in the most recent press reel and it was rightfully so those were CDBG funds that should have been only eligible for their folks are we had CDBG funds that are only eligible for us and we’ve used those you guys have directed those funds I was just a bit concerned when the last press release came out about the 70 million dollars and the three tranches of dollars that would be out there for businesses and and be able to help pay for our utility bills and things like that that in that instance they assume that everybody understands that’s for all Manatee County residents including all the municipalities but because they’ve made such an effort before to indicate that it did not include the municipalities I wanted to reach and I did reach out to them saying I wish that their press releases and any correspondence certainly would like the Breeden Herald would indicate that those funds are available for all residents regardless of municipality or Manatee County we put that in our press releases we put that on our website so people are aware I’m hoping Ryan because he wrote an article the other day can again make sure that there’s nothing out there that makes it think that the municipal people are not available because it is for everyone in the county I thought that was important I reached out to the administrator saying and to their Pio saying when you do that can you please make it very clear that it’s to everyone just trying to make sure our residents have that available and and they’re going to manatee County to try to get those funds but it will be they are they are perfectly fine with being able to do that the other thing is on the economic development position certainly and welcome whatever y’all want to do they’re a couple of things my thoughts on that are historically you know we just created economic development you know we attempted three years ago or so to be able to hire an economic development director by not doing that you know where we are probably haven’t maybe advanced as far an economic development as we like our CRA s are going great okay the CRA s are doing really good and that’s a little history lesson just for all of us we’ve hired between Thoreau Kennedy guesses and Halliburton tolkien Callahan we’ve got a lot of folks that that’s not necessarily their expertise they’re filling in doing or trying to do a great job I would recommend when you look at moving forward it’s probably not as much a CR a director a source is very good with series KK is very good with series but how do you really approach it that it is an economic development director which is different than a CRA director much different than a CRA director we know CRA s you know CRA s

hey soos knows CRA s but that person that’s reaching out in the community every single day that that’s their primary focus is to reach out in the community for economic development I think that’s the that’s the key attribute you’re going to be looking for in a new director in the current budget that we’re looking at I have included a separate position of economic development director that’s different than me starting to to make that thinking that’s where you want to go now put that in the the 2021 budget as that way so we’re starting to get there however you want to get to that point is fine I think you know we had tons of old resumes but those are three years old we found out that stuff that’s a month and a half old people are maybe changing their mind so will will probably should get out there look at the same sources upfront fr8 there’s things to try to get that position out there if you want an interim position that’s certainly available to you to be able just do to carry over for a while as we’re moving forward with other responsibilities but that’s just kind of my thoughts on that more than welcome it but realize what the position really needs is it’s five days a week eight hours a day that that’s what they’re doing we can carry on with CR ace I mean those are those are working pretty pretty well that’s all my report thank you we stand adjourned