Down Home with David | March 5, 2020

you need to make your home space your best space to make your home a more warm and welcoming place a place where you can really nest and be secure with your family save money on great deals we’ve got it all coming up tonight in two big hours of down home with David we’re thrilled you’re here Ali is here we’ve got a lot going on this evening so we’ve got a lot to get started with and a preview of some of the goodies and I’m promising you some really great deals tonight and one of them is our what the tech hot pick now what if you could set up this end top flat panel mini tower indoor/outdoor antenna and get tons of TV stations for free for free that’s right all you do is pay the sale price you see on your screen choose for the first time in colors either the black the titanium or the white use it indoors or outdoors this will sweep an 80 mile radius and harvest all the TV stations within that 80 mile radius of your home and deliver them to your TV set for free I’m talking QVC HSN all your favorite channels we’re gonna tell you all about it coming up in our show it’s our hot pick and we’re gonna save you quite a lot of money with that speaking of saving a lot of money check out the price on this little giant extra light plus four-foot step ladder with handrail now first this holds 375 pounds weighs only 11 and a half pounds and ordinarily is priced at retail at $140 tonight we’re gonna save you over 77 bucks on a little giant ladder little giant is a leader in the industry when it comes to great and reliable ladders we’re gonna tell you about this great price but you don’t want to wait and you don’t want to not act quickly because this is a great deal that you’re going to go quick and it’s a fantastic deal particularly all that spring cleaning we’ve got just around the corner and a one-time-only coming up in the show tonight we’re gonna help you bake up a storm cook up a storm sweeten things up with these edible plants four of them you’re going to enjoy stevia that’s a natural sweetener rosemary peppermint and lavender so we’re gonna tell you all about this how easy they are to grow they love full Sun they’re in container pots we’re gonna tell you all about that coming up it’s your one time only value but only good at that price until end of the show which will be at 9:59 p.m. Eastern Time so it is a busy busy night we’ve got a lot going on we’re going to be kicking things off outdoors but not before we check in with Ali on our newly decorated front porch it looks great out here my darling what you didn’t do it yourself it looks like you did it yourself hey let’s talk about where folks should chat with us tonight yeah sure so hey we are joining or please join us on David’s Facebook page so go to david venable QVC to chat right along with us if you have any questions about anything that you’re seeing on air ask in the chat and we’ll always toss it over to David in the live show but if you noticed it’s a little springy on the patio including delicious spring treats these are from juniors we have them available as our down-home delicious so blueberry crumb cake is brand new chocolate swirl brand new carrot cake and the original they’ve been doing this since 1958 incredible delicious treat so you could take advantage you get 18 pieces it’s like four and a half pounds of cheesecake it’s so good it’s really tempting that I actually don’t devour all of this tonight but we’ll ship it off to you for free but I love that we’re doing something a little springy on the patio and maybe you’re starting to decorate for spring so David’s got something coming up next we do indeed it’s a great item that will help you spruce up your space particularly that space is outdoors and the energizer brand is one that we love the bunny that beats the drum and keeps right on moving this is your set of outdoor lights from energizer there are eight pieces in this set these are brand new this season they’re color changing or they can be a beautiful warm white all the time and they’re really fantastic because their weather safe they come in four different finishes and again if you put them one place and you decide tomorrow you want to move them you can you’re not by hiring an electrician you’re not go to drilling up or tilling up the front yard to lay wires this is an extraordinary way for you to be able to add that instant ambiance lighting and do it from our friends at energizer now joining us is Nick and Tolec he brings products for your home to keep you see how many years now on the air with us buddy ten years ten years good I’m back nice to see you buddy this is really exciting and what we’re talking about is the energized brand a brand that we already know love and trust when it comes to great batteries yeah David last year we debuted this color on demand set and what customers love is

that they have the beautiful glow of a classic energizer life fixture here but now they have the ability to change that color on demand whenever they want so you’re getting the Energizer quality you’re getting the beautiful glow and now when you want you have the ability to change that color and the shade is glass and it’s also beveled so you get that beautiful light pattern that’s right when these are illuminated and when our lights come down a little more in the studio you’ll be able to appreciate and understand just how well this throws the light out from each of the eight solar lights that we’re including in our set now check that out isn’t that impressive David and every what everybody loves about this energizer piece is that it’s a really thick glass that’s stainless steel construction but you can see here look at the way that wavy glass throws a beautiful platter and down on your ground there and like remotely we said before guys remember this is that color on demand so whenever I want I’m gonna be able to change that color so whether it’s the big game the st Patty’s Day coming up Valentine’s Day you have the ability to change your color whenever you want now what we’re gonna do is bring our lights back up Nick we’re gonna talk to you about the four different finishes that you can order tonight yeah so just so I can dazzle you a bit look down front first this is what you’re getting you’re getting eight of these and a lot of folks Nick my producer tells me they’re already picking up more than one set well I can see why so if you’re looking to really line the driveway the front wall go around the swimming pool a pond on your property wherever you’re looking to add instant light and landscaper elegance absolutely you’re gonna do it without the expensive landscaper price right that’s so let’s take a look at our finishes because each one of these are available but we’re already pretty busy in one of the colors and we’ll tell you about it now first of all I’ve got at a black finish this is an aluminum Helsing is that right that’s right it’s stainless steel housing all stainless steel and whether those stainless steel weatherproof and then glass down below you got your block already very popular is the bronze now this is an oil bronze I believe yes it is oil bronze and really really beautiful deep I want you to think coffee with no cream in it that’s the kind of color we’re looking at right there then this color is called gunmetal and then finally we take you shopping for the stainless steel and this our most limited only about 750 of those to go around this is 6872 for the entire set of eight neck and again you don’t buy batteries you don’t do anything except put it in the sunshine and let mother nature do the work that’s right David look at the way you’re instantly able to completely change your outdoor space what a perfect time of year to do it and what customers loved about energizer is number one the quality so when you think about solar lighting you need a great battery and that’s exactly what you get professional size so these truly look like they were hardwired into your landscaping this is gonna look just as good during the day as it does at night but david at night this is the color on-demand set so if you want that classic white warm glow you’ve got it to line your driveway but now we’re giving you that color on demand and this is the only set that gives you the ability to choose the color of your glow exactly and being able to enjoy these wherever you like them if you live in an apartment or a townhome or a condo I want to put these in containers or a small flower bed perfect if you got a longer driveway you want to be able to line up both sides maybe pick up two sets tonight these are brand-new for the season we had a similar set on last year that was super popular during our gardening events and leading up to warmer weather but you know what you don’t need to wait to one more weather to enjoy these because these are really twelve months of the year right that’s exactly right data and leave it to energizer compared to last year set they’ve made it even better this year set David after eight hours not just right away when the lights go down after eight hours it maintains 90% of the glow when you think of solar lighting you need a lot of glow that’s what we want so from the high quality to the glow that’s the Energizer difference you’re not gonna see Energizer you know do the cute little butterflies and stuff what they do is professional lighting and they do it so well now what we want to make clear is that ever any color you choose black bronze gunmetal or silver can either be set to this soft white that’s right or they can be set to an individual color diva right that’s exactly right and it as simple as easy as this you simply choose your colors you want from red to green to blue or to that classic glow you put that lid back on and you’re set and ready to go the crystalline panel on the front they’re huge crystalline panel that’s gonna grab the energy each and every day and then it’s gonna give you that beautiful glow each and every night so what we love about this is there’s no cost of ownership right truly looks like it was professionally installed now Nick I want to let everybody know that already over 500 sets have been ordered lots of folks are ordering more than one let me go through your colors but I’m gonna start with stainless steel I have 400 left in the stainless steel you don’t want to let these sell out because it’s gonna be hard for us to get a lot of these colors back in stock as we get into the warmer weather months of the year unless there’s already a reorder in the

pipeline so with less than 400 in this stainless steel don’t wait these are completely weatherproof so don’t worry about leaving these out in April showers spring showers summer thunderstorms or the boiling heat they’re all set up to to take all of it this color is called gunmetal and then the bronze now bronze is very popular most popular in fact I want you to think of the color of coffee with no cream in it that’s kind of the color we’re looking at right here and then finally I’ve got a matte black this is not a shiny black it’s a matte finish black but remember all of these have glass shades they can either be set to this warm white like you see here or you can set it to be blue all the time red all the time or green all the time the colors are not tied to any color of housing every color of the housing will change colors if you choose that’s exactly right David and what you’re getting is the highest quality coming from energizer these are the larger sizes 16 inches so they’re up off the ground you can move them from place to place there’s no cost of ownership but this set specifically which we’re launching today has that color on-demand option so when you want if it’s one of the holidays or a sports team coming up you have the ability you can see there in the front I have that classic white back behind I’ve got red white and blue which you can leave out all year round now specifically to this set you do have that curvy wavy glass that gives a beautiful glow and think about your outdoor space this time of year David wouldn’t it be nice to instantly change that look when you’re driving home lining your driveway adding that color into the you know kind of dead backyards when we have them they’re a thousand sets are gone now and everybody is loving this idea of putting lights wherever you want them and if you pick up a couple of sets then you can line them this close together all the way up your driveway and because these come on at dusk and go off at dawn this is a great security measure as well because clearly if lights are coming on in and around a home there must be somebody there right so whether or not your home it’s going to give the appearance that you are and this is really important because you can either set these to this warm white or you can set them to green red or blue or any individual light I love your point about doing red white and blue for the holidays this summer sure absolutely so if you want to change one to red one to white one to blue you can do that as well and David this is the only set where you’re gonna have that option for the color on demand which comes to you from energizer and what they did last year are from last year was made even brighter and glut glow longer so you have up to 90% of that same glow eight hours after dusk now I will tell you we’ve now taken orders for 1,100 are gone in this show let me hit finishes again one more time for you to show you what colors we have available and we’re going to remind you that we’ve got black this is a matte finish black this is bronze most popular I’ve got it in gunmetal but if you want this stainless steel now fewer than 300 to go around get yours while the getting is good these are also an easy pay our maximum easy pay of six don’t miss out on this Nick it’s a pleasure having you back buddy always good to see you now in the meantime we’re gonna check in with Ali who is going to update us on some other goodies that are coming up in the show you I spy a MacBook we’ll see here’s the thing you promised that we’re gonna have a lot of low prices in the show right well this is a low price like we have never ever ever done before on a MacBook Air in the 13 inches for under $1000 and you get that one year of tech support so it’s such a great opportunity to take advantage if you’ve always dreamed of having the ease of use of a MacBook so that is in the show coming up in just a little bit but in the meantime you’ve got some more great things coming up we do indeed in fact I’m gonna make our way back inside because this is a segment we like to call up the tech now let’s talk about the cost of your cable television you paid a lot of money every month for additional TV sets in your house connected to your cable you’re looking to maybe add TV to a finished basement or a very narrow upstairs area where you want to be able to or an older home what if I told you that you could pick up this and top antenna plug it in and you’d be able to sweep an 80 mile radius around your home and any TV signal that it picks up it will deliver to your television set for free what that’s right you heard me correctly free the only cost to you is the cost of the unit now we have done these hand top antennas last year this year on down home of David they’ve been very popular but tonight there are some differences we’ve never offered the antenna before in colors I’ve got it for you in the white

this is the titanium and I have it for you in the black it also sweeps a larger area now at 80 mile radius you’re also going to love that it’s got the little built-in antenna boosters here in the back so there’s going to be easy for you to work with this is super easy to install you can check our website to find out how many stations that will pull in your area and we’re going to offer you an indoor/outdoor version of this site this can work outdoors or inside lesson by the Melissa Dawson let’s demystify what these antennas are all about great to have you back friends nice to see you you and I presented many of these they’ve been wildly popular on down home yes and I think for most people they’re super excited about this idea a bringing TV content into their home right for free for free we all can remember rabbit ears when we were little and we would only pull in a few stations and it was staticky well that technology has completely changed but all of that free TV is still available but it’s now available in most cases in high-definition up to 4k you just need the modern version of rabbit ears to collect those signals and now display it on your television this is brand new we’re actually launching this here tonight and down home with David and we now have the mini it’s the 80 mile power range but it’s now in the mini version so it’s indoor its outdoor it’s getting the range that you want so it’s it’s it’s powerful as our four-foot antennas that we’ve had here in the past but it’s now in the mini version so really it makes it you can place this anywhere in your home and I love that we’re doing it in colors to kind of appeal to whatever your home decor is exactly you get this at home you take it out of the box what do we do next yeah so it’s so easy to be able to install the beauty about this is you don’t need Wi-Fi it’s one of the few electronics we you don’t even need Wi-Fi in your home you’re simply going to plug this into the wall so there is just your boosters gonna plug into the wall one end of the antenna runs into the back of your antenna the other of your car cable goes in the back of your antenna the other one goes into the back of your television and that’s it then you simply do a channel scan and now you are in business so you know kind of once you do that channel scan you’re gonna get anywhere from 30 to 150 channels depending on the area that you’re in we’re actually put it pulling in 46 free TV stations here at the QVC studio shall we show that sure because we’re showing you the QVC channel which is happening right through the antenna but take a look here on the channel guide and wait until you see what we’re gonna be able to show you yes so here you’re actually getting CBS is our local CBS station we’re gonna come down here this is our local ABC station we come down to 10-1 that’s our local NBC station we’re also getting Fox coming through we’re getting CW we’re getting movies here’s court TV here here’s comet TV we’re getting multiple PBS stations coming through quest TV there’s our movie channel there’s light TV there’s buzzer you’re getting gonna be getting QVC HSN comment TV it goes on and on and on these are all free and a most oh there’s QVC here we go QVC HSN there’s yep down with David HSN so I mean we think about it it’s Thursday night it’s prime time most of the channels that we’re looking for Dave in terms of our favorite stations of course outside of done with David are all coming through on Thursday nights now you can get them for free on any TV in your home now remember the only cost to you is the cost of the unit you see on the screen sale price right Melissa at $79 and change we’re six easy payments on your credit card and we’re free shipping and handling first time ever in colors here’s the white I have 500 left to the white don’t miss these colors because we’ll take us a while to get these back in stock here’s titanium most popular only about 1500 remaining here and then we have it for you in the black a few more to go around in the black a lot of you were wondering well how do I know how many stations this will pick up in my particular area sure Ali is standing by with her computer she’s gonna quick let you know how you go about doing that so let’s check in with Ali right now if we can I’ll be ready to go – Ali there she is looking gorgeous and blue tonight okay miss Ali how to folks check out their coverage area just type in the item number right when you get and go to the queue you see a website and the item number will take you to the description page when you scroll down just click on coverage right here and that’s a great way where you can then be directed exactly to that link where it says click here that’ll redirect you to one of an tops websites but it gives you that opportunity than to type in your address in your zip code forever you’re using the antenna and find out what kind of coverage you get I did my address a little bit earlier and a lot of the major networks including QVC or are all already included so this is a great place just when you get it home or even could do it now go to QVC calm Thank You Ali we appreciate that at retail this is this pack up is 150 dollars and 33 cents tonight we’re saving you over $70 and with the free shipping it’s almost

seventy six dollars less this unit only cost $79 you’re almost saving as much as you’re spending right absolutely and this is extraordinary and these are not channels that you never watch right these are your local network affiliated channels this is QVC this is HSN movie channels I believe PBS was in there and follow BS CW ABC NBC CBS FOX we’re getting all of our major stations coming through again what we love about this this is the mini and so with this you’re getting all the channels that you want all the channels that you love we’re actually pulling through 46 channels and again this is now that mini coming through and it costs me zero zero monthly fees zero monthly fees the only cost to you and you’re seeing some some animation here you put this in the home and you’re going to be able to enjoy it indoors or outdoors yes speed one TV or multiple TVs throughout the house and then you could either mount this to the wall put it near a window put it outside put it on a table it’s really discreet isn’t it it really is and that’s what I love about this because you know with the in top we make a lot of different antennas but you know to have an 80-mile range that’s really one of the most powerful antennas that we offer so as long as you’re within 80 miles of a major market you are now going to be pulling in those channels for free we’ve got that amplifier built in it gives you that crystal clear signal this is indoor it’s outdoors it can serve one TV multiple TVs it’s like our big antennas of the past but we really listen to the QVC customer and we got a lot of feedback that we they love free TV coming into their home but they really wanted something small they wanted something compact so we went back to our engineering team and this is what they brought us now so it’s the 84th IBB and it is now the mini but it’s all the power that you were getting with some of our larger and tops of the past that 80 mile range indoor/outdoor flexibility the fact to be able to do one TV multiple TVs but really it’s all about now getting high-definition free TV in your home so many of us David have that bedroom TV the guest TV the RV the second home and we don’t want to spend a monthly cable box fee right now you don’t have to now you can just hook this up to your bedroom TV and now be pulling in all of your favorite local stations ABC NBC CBS Fox QVC HSN for free it’s discreet as well the entire unit of what is that probably 15 inches 14 inches yes it’s right under 15 under 15 s now if you want the white I have fewer than 400 to go around wildly most popular is titanium I have 1200 left and a few more to go around in the black how many total order now 1300 are now ordered in this show you are saving with the free shipping 75 dollars and 87 cents the only cost to you when you get this is the cost you see on the screen $79.90 once you have it and you connect it and you do a channel scan all of the TV that this antenna picks up is delivered to your home for free forever you’re never going to pay a monthly fee you’re never going to pay for whatever this brings into your home that’s all available out there you just it’s something to grab it and bring it into your house that’s what this is and this has been a super popular new technology that everybody is gravitating toward because a lot of folks are using this in addition to the cable they already have in their home if you just want more TV in your home right most of us have more TVs than we do cable boxes because there’s cable boxes are 10 15 dollars a month so now this is a way to kind of bring a lot of those TVs back to life maybe you want the TV in your room I only have guests a few times a year I’m not going to spend a monthly cable box fee this is just my guess the one we can have them up to already here they come they get TV now all this sounds great yes but it’s hard to set up it’s a deal breaker this couldn’t be easier so I get this at home Melissa you get this at home take it out of the box what do I do next so you’re simply going to plug one end of the antenna into the wallet to be able to give it power this end of the coax cable goes to your antenna the other side goes to your TV by the way this is compatible with all TV’s 2008 and newer right even if you have an older TV we can you just need a digital converter box you can still make that work as well so about what you need yes absolutely so that just plugs in the back of your TV then you just go into menu and you do a channel scan and I have to tell you David it excites me every time I come and I hook this up here at QVC it’s kind of like winning the lottery because you just see all those free channels it’s so 46 channels if you have any questions you’ll see right in the top of the box there’s a phone a 1-800 number for an top we the customer service is amazing so give us a call if you have any questions like I think I should be pulling more channels my area can you give me some recommendations they are absolutely there to help you but we’re getting 46 free TV stations coming through and that’s just in here tonight and probably would be more if we weren’t in this building full of electronics yet now if you order the white you get a white cord yes if you were the titania or the black you get a black cord exactly correct yes now if you want this white fewer than 300 to go around titanium 700 all I have left I don’t want to be so hairy walls I love that Greg I mean and this is and then I have the black these are going to

sit discreetly in your home on a table you can tuck it behind the TV if you don’t want to look better than a fan you can mount it on the wall you can put it in a corner if you need to boost it signal look it’s got these little antennas that come out of the sides before other models in the other way she can see those before you had to take rods and attach them into all this business an top is getting smarter and more responsive to your requests because you’re saying yeah this is all really good but make it easier yes make it easier and top and they’re making it easier and because QVC working so closely with our with our merchants we’re able to bring it to you at a screaming good price tonight know us notice I’m not screaming at ease so this is what it’s all about how many gone now Brian now over 2300 just in this show can we go back to the channel guys yes because I want just to reinforce what everyone at home depending on where you live you’ll get more or less channels and always on how close you are to a market of television yes and what market you’re in like a ballet you could get up to 150 channel crazy yes for free for free but I would tell you most markets you’re pulling in the stations that you’re looking for so you know every major markets gonna have CBS it’s gonna have ABC it’s gonna have NBC it’s gonna have Fox it’s gonna have QVC and we show right here now this is something very interesting some of you know about dabble and some of you don’t in the kitchen with David is actually aired on devil TV yes on Saturdays I believe you can go to dabbles website and find a program guide but we edit versions of in the kitchen with David and they air it on dabble dabble is only available on one of these over-the-air antennas you cannot get dabble on cable TV you can only get it through one of these antennas you and in the kitchen when David is aired there so go to dapples website online and then or you can go to their Instagram or their Facebook and then you can find a program guide and find out went in the kitchen with David errors in your local area there you go yeah you’re even getting a free TV listings coming included as well so it’s gonna give you the guide show you all the channels available in your area we’re giving you free a movie content free streaming content coming with this as well so I love when you purchase these from QVC because you kind of get more content than ever before but again you’re getting all of your you know most of the shows I heard some crazy statistic like over 90 percent of the shows we watch are on ABC CBS FOX NBC right and now you’re gonna be getting all of those for free so whether it’s that bedroom TV you want to bring back to life the guest TV maybe RV are you getting ready to hit the road with your RV do you have an older home where it would be very costly to run wiring into a basement right you’ve got a TV down there but it’s basically before the grandkids to play their video games what if you could set up this antenna and then get actual TV shows that you love watching while you’re in the comfort and on the sofa in your finished basement or in the upstairs bedroom or in the master bedroom because you just want to be able to watch your local news in the morning while you’re getting ready find out what the weather’s gonna be this is what it’s all about TV on demand but TV for free yes and that’s what’s so great about this how many are gone now Brian over three thousand two hundred first time ever miss Melissa yes we have done colors first time ever we’ve done colors and this is the launch it is brand new it’s really the powerhouse of our three-foot antennas we now brought down to 15 inches they’re so tiny it’s actually just a hair under fifteen lashes if you want this white I have fewer than 150 then we’re gonna take it off the table there’s no advanced order on this Melissa we have titanium but if you want it we started the show with 1700 titanium I have 300 left Wow out of 1,700 began the show with and I have it for you in black it’s still very popular now let me tell you this also they made this to be discreet in your home but if you don’t want to look at this you don’t have to hide it behind the TV put it on cleaner put it behind a chair yes you don’t need to worry about covering it up right because it’s going to read those signals and bring them in whether you hide it behind a chair behind the TV or you hang it on the wall and put it out front loud and brown however you want to do it the most important thing to remember is the only cost to you is the cost on your screen this is free TV forever and that’s what’s great about it because all these signals are swirling around your house usually have a way to catch them I love it amazing technology without a monthly fee you know almost everything we sign up for these days has a monthly fee attached to it not with an top no monthly fees free TV for the life of this antenna so with this you’re getting rid of all those bulky antennas the past now it’s small its compact this is brand-new and only here at QVC you can place it really anywhere in your home you can put it inside you can put it outside for summertime it can be nice and put on your porch or patio by the pool by your boat dock this is so good oh yes absolutely pamper I can’t wait let’s put the brakes here for Moto RV

yes so I’m in my RV this summer yes traveling with my family I’m making this about a run in an RV but if I did and I was traveling with my family around the country yes I pulled into an RV park mm-hmm I want TV that night yes I’ve got this in and it’s going to harvest all the signals where where I am yes and here’s for free gonna do it for free and here’s one even better David it’s up to 80 miles when you have it plugged into power let’s say you’re an RVer and you don’t have that extra outlet available you’ll still pull in 70 miles even when it’s not plugged into power right so this really is just so versatile for any kind of campers you definitely absolutely want this it’s so small it takes up no room at all okay we just sold out of white and sorry about that and we sold out of titanium these okay for this show we started with 7,500 I have 3400 left in black only and we grabbed this white cord we’ve already had 4,000 ordered in this show let me grab the cord and pop it up here you order the black you get a black cord what you’re going to do is you’re going to take this and you’re going to plug this into an outlet in your wall okay that’s easy a step one yep step two I’m gonna take one of these and plug it into the television yep other end into the antenna into the end top yep and then I’m going to go to my remote control of my TV and hit channel scan yes it’ll be in your under your menu under your menu so go to the menu this works on all TV’s 2008 and newer yes so once you get to that channel scan it’s going to start sweeping an 18 mile radius think about how far 80 miles extends out from your house and any TV station that is a signal within 80 miles of your home will be captured by this and then it’s going to grab that signal and bring it into your TV and it’s gonna do it for free forever the only cost to you is the cost you see on the screen $79 and change everybody is talking about this new antenna system this technology the signals from the TV stations have always been there right we just didn’t have a way to grab them lowly to grab them and it’s just been in recent years that they’ve actually upgraded to high-definition so in the past you would have to like get a big thing on your roof hire somebody to come out to bring those signals in so now we have the technology where it’s so small so compact so lightweight and they’re broadcasting in high-definition some sporting events and some programs we’re eating broadcasting in 4k so you have that 4k TV you’re gonna get that amazing crystal-clear picture and on top really is the market leader when we talk about these type of antennas so you’re getting the best technology let’s update you we began the show with 7500 of these antenna I have 2500 left in the black only I have over 800 people on the phone lines an awful lot of people are saying you know what I’m not going to let this pass me by it’s on sale tonight that sale price is crazy oh and I didn’t mention because this has been flying out the door so quickly this is exclusive to QVC it’s exclusive to QVC this offer is exclusive to us you’re not gonna find this in stores you’re gonna find it here tonight you’re gonna find it for $79 six easy payments and free shipping and handling let me break down the value for you these have been selling so quickly I just wow racing one hundred and fifty dollars and 33 cents is what you pay for this same pack up at retail we are 70 dollars and 37 cents less but wait there’s more there’s free shipping and handling so now your savings is 75 dollars and 87 cents Melissa if someone offered you $75 cash today would you take it oh yeah I think we all would right so this is what’s amazing I have 1800 of these left these are going very quickly let me remind you that when you plug this into your TV and your wall outlet at home it starts grabbing TV signal and it brings them in and delivers them to your television it’s going to sweep an 80 mile radius and it’s going to do all of that for free forever forever that’s crazy yes but awesome and possible now we’re going to wrap this up but not before I remind you we brought in 7500 for the show I have 1200 left and over 800 people on the phone lines miss Melissa thank you so much you so much can I also let me just tell you right before we check in with Holly please use mobile apps carrier Pidgeon whatever you’ve got and place your order the only cost to you for free TV is the cost of the antenna and once you pay that you pay nothing more no monthly fees and all the TV is for free forever in your home enjoy let’s check in with

Miss Ali who’s got more coming up and she’s mobile or portable or on the moon I am on the move well the story is really I wanted to kind of roll through what we have coming up in this show this is the Easy Rider and it’s the mini version which is super exciting because you have those four wheels very stable and this is the first time this year that we’ve offered it on a low price so now you’re oh I don’t think I could do that can become yes which is such a great opportunity and then we’re gonna help you get some spring cleaning done to perfection with Campanelli so Campanelli in the house if you’re looking to even some of those dusting and hard-to-reach places we’ve got you covered but listen David promised that we would have crazy good low prices were you ready for this little giant this is the perfect way to have that step stool that extra hand to reach a little higher whether it’s in the kitchen whether it’s changing out a battery in the smoke detector we’ve got you covered you’ve never seen it at this low price so such a great opportunity with Little Giant that’s coming up in the show and then we’re baking up something good with herbs for the kitchen okay this is from cottage farms and how cool is this because you get rosemary peppermint stevia and then you also get lavender so whether it’s baking up a delicious treat or you sweetening your honey with stevia because you can do that we’ll show you how in just a little bit that is a one-day only price so you have to shop for that assortment in this show to get that great price man how many electronics do we have in our home whether it is our smartphone whether it is our Fitbit watch that we use well here’s a charge of you get two so that’s coming up with Diana burn wine and then try and catch me David lights Tim we have that in the show as well this is David’s pick fda-cleared to temporarily reduce and ease the pain arthritic pain muscles and all sorts but I’m gonna go hang out in the chat Oh David guess what anti gone gone gone I tell you what our down homer’s our shopping tonight but right now we’re gonna ask another question who made this mess that would be Chris Campanella but no worries he makes the mess and it cleans it up and that’s always a good thing hey we’re talking about the six piece easy reach microfiber duster set by the brothers Campanelli one of those brothers is joining us tonight Chris who’s gonna talk to all talk to all of us about microfiber what I call the magic of microfiber because microfiber is like thousands of sticky grabby fingers grabs the dirt doesn’t just move it around grabs it and removes it and then when you’re ready to get rid of it you shake it clean or you wash it clean let it dry and you’re ready to roll again is it flexible you bet it is do we have it extendable Oh certainly and we have great colors let’s welcome back Chris Campanelli who’s here to tell us all about these dusters I have an earlier version of these in my home they work twice a charm yes this is the newer version yes sir buddy it’s good to have you back it’s great beer nice to see you always good to have you on down home this is an amazing set of dusters you all know I don’t love to clean but what I love what I love less is having to do the job over and over again because I don’t have a product that’s getting it right the first time exactly yeah and that’s what microfiber does instead of going to the store to buy those disposable products that you have to throw away because they end up in landfill they have to go back and buy more this is going to allow you to do the job better and it’s going to allow you to continue doing that job without having to go back to the store to spend more money and we’re excited tonight because this is going to include six total pieces well yeah this is a six piece set sure so you get the hand duster here that’s attached to this pole that’s two of those pieces this is the new three-stage Pole you can get about eighteen to twenty feet off the ground without having to get on a chair or a ladder we’re going to show you that we included a hand duster all of the dusters are expandable so we put the extension pole right inside the handle right then you asked for a little duster which we gave you as well also put the extension pole inside the handle and then two of which I know you love these puppy fur towels these are the thickest plushies microfiber towels you’re ever gonna find grip for your big-screen TVs great for your laptop scrape for maybe the navigation screen in the car and again six total pieces with some fun fabulous colors and patterns well the first one is the brand-new one yes the sangria sangria sangria so this one is really really beautiful and brand-new beside that I’ve got it for you in I believe I’m calling this one the sea glass sea glass then I’ve got it for you in stone from stone we go to denim and finally to the orchid now all six pieces ready to roll shake it clean or wash it clean that’s right you sure it’s good and dry before you use it again but what we don’t want you to do is to fall into the trap right that the manufacturer of this product wants you to fall in to talk to us about that yeah because you buy these products because you see them they’re there they’re at the grocery store you don’t see microfiber there because you

wouldn’t go back and buy more of it right so the whole idea is that you buy something like this you use it you take it off this little plastic haneul the cost of ownership continues because you have to go back to the store to spend more money on more disposable products or maybe you’re using what your grandmother used which is a feather duster now a feather duster just moves dust from point A to point B and to your point earlier David I don’t want to have to do a chore that I have to continue to keep doing over and over and over again I want to get the dust out of the house the first time instead of pushing it around all over the place microfiber is like millions of those grabby little fingers that are going to lift trap and remove the dust the dust is now trapped in here so then you say okay what do I do with it I go outside I give it a little shake if I want it to because the extension pole is there and now I can get way out over the deck if I wanted to if this gets really dirty David I put it under the sink with tap water I let it air dry to continue to use it over and over again instead of going back to the store to spend more money Chris one thing I want to do is update you on sangria sangria I have fewer than 900 in the sangria it’s already our most popular color Wow it’s brand-new tonight brand new tonight our down homers are hungry for deals yes and we have jam-packed this show with deals agree not just with good deals but with products you want and need a green that’s gonna be great too so let’s get some more cleaning yeah sure and again the difference between these and the store-bought products David is that these can fit into places that you wouldn’t ordinarily clean so we’re gonna get into those hard-to-reach places it collapses to below an inch we put a nice soft silicon tip on the end here so no scratching not scratch or Mar your furniture how about this guy right here now you have a large hand I have a smaller hand than you but I cannot get my hand in there and if I did it would remain on my hand for the remainder of the show so rather than do that we’re gonna take this we’re gonna go all the way down to the bottom give it a little twist you can see well clean and then watch as I pull this out I’m cleaning the underside of the collar as well here’s what I love about these two David they’re bendable so I can take this bend it bend it again now I can get the ceiling fan blades all that’s great on both sides at exactly the same time and again the easy reach portion of this without having to get on a chair or a ladder the extension pole is built right into the handle buddy boy a thousand sets are gone okay time is short where else do you want to clean let’s go right around the horn if you will David so this is the extension pole built in how about right above the refrigerator underneath that cabinet that’s there if you want it to get really high David this is what you would get at the store well and I’m a little taller than you and I can’t reach this okay well I can show off how about the second-story balcony right how about the second tourist or balcony and you’re not going to climb up on a chair nope or have to go up onto that widow’s walk and do all that right now why you’re gonna do this quickly and easily and how about go down low yeah so down on the floor right I don’t have to get on a chair or a ladder not take out the vacuum as much collapses to blow an inch and I can get all of that stuff this could be the washer and dryer the refrigerator I did want to let you know I lost a green dollar bill I think I found it if you see it wait it’s mine that’s yours up that looks like the one I lost that’s it that’s the one the one with Washington the one the one with Washington’s face on right there for you alright so in the time we have left okay I have wooden blinds in my house yes I love them I had them installed because they look great right they’re dust catchers they can be the devil to clean right because they’re even more the devil to remove yeah and clean blinds to do anything like that right this is what’s great about this is you can fit into those hard-to-reach places because again David the idea is that you go to the store and you buy something like this that you have to throw away this ends up in the trashcan it ends up in the landfill and then I have to go back to spend more money not with ours made of microfiber lift straps and removes these are bendable and washable now what we’re gonna do is remind you of colors and how many gone on this show Brian over 1,500 now if you want the brand-new Santa Maria sangria I have 400 left okay and then it’s by far the most popular and then it’s gone next for that is the sea glass then the stone is the neutral color there that color the blue you’re seeing there’s denim yes and the one closest to Chris is the orchid everyone stay on the line as I love to say don’t dare hang up because that’s just gonna make your dusting and cleaning that much harder until you get these home that’s right place your order and we’ll get you all squared away hey it’s great to have you back with us credit here thank you Dave the end of me I’m gonna go this way you go I’ll go you go that and what we’re gonna do is bring you David’s down-home deal and we’re about to rock the house with another deal now this is extraordinary I know a lot of you out there right now have an old rickety wooden ladder and every time you climb on it you worry about it because it shakes it rattles you’re wonder if it’s gonna fall apart does it have paint splatter on it does it have a little chips chipped off of it does it have anything on the bottom that keeps it from sliding and how is it on an uneven surface not good not good what we’re going to do is replace that

ladder with a little giant ladder but what we’re going to do is bring you a little giant ladder tonight that is a screaming good deal now this ladder at retail would run you 140 bucks we’re gonna save you over 70 seven dollars tonight and we’re not going to deliver a Brand X ladder to you we’re gonna deliver a Little Giant Ladder to you and this ladder will hold 375 pounds Kylee watts is one of our home specialist she’s been bringing products for him you see for how many years now thirteen years thirteen years great to have you back great to be here thanks little giants been around how long since 1972 and you don’t stay in business for 17 days much less all those years unless you’re delivering a product that really delivers what it promises to do that’s right this ladder will hold 375 pounds I don’t weigh 375 pounds how much I weigh is not your business what I’m going to tell you is that it will hold up to that amount but this ladder is designed to be moved around this ladder is the one you’ve been looking for oh for sure and anybody can use this it weighs 11.5 pounds but holds 375 and as we’ve been talking about Little Giant has been around since 1972 they really are the gold standard when it comes to ladders and it’s because of all that security that stability that you feel now this one is your freedom this is your independence this is for you to get those jobs done around the house you don’t have to call anybody to help you we can lift this with one hand and that weighs 11.5 pounds holds 375 pounds you’ve also got this nice wide platform to stand on now when I stand up this high being as tall as I am I get a little I get the needles in my legs sometimes you know what a lot of people think tall people are okay with Heights I’m not really so good with them but I love it when I’m on a ladder that I feel secure on now I want you to also think about the loved ones in your life I think about my mom who was in her retirement I’m not allowed to tell you how old she is she’ll cut me out of will but I will tell you this it’s important to know that mom has a Little Giant Ladder in her house because I sent her what I think is the best this ladder is amazing walk through some of the features okay so all that ingenuity and why you feel so stable David it starts from the bottom and it works its way up so Little Giant is known for one thing and that is making a great ladder it’s the only thing they do and it’s because of these design features the bottom is rubber feet so rubber grips wear plastic can potentially slip so you’re always going to have those rubber feet they’re big they’re oversized they’re textured so even if you’re working on outside surfaces you’re gonna be nice and covered but then as you work your way up it’s an aircraft aluminum construction so super lightweight that’s why it only weighs 11 and a half pounds but can hold 375 and the first thing you meet is one rung there’s only one rung on this stepladder it’s textured so you have a very comfortable climbing surface but as you step up this is where it gets good and why you feel that security why everybody loves the silhouette it’s 13 by 13 platforms so you get the sensation that you’re standing on the ground and then you even have an additional point of contact for your legs higher up and an extra safety bar for you to hold on when you’re climbing this is amazing and you’re saving $77 off the retail price on this when I tell you we marked this down to a sell price we got aggressive okay I mean we got really aggressive this particular ladder at retail is $140 we’re saving you $77 on a little giant ladder little giant company has been around since 1972 they’ve been doing ladders the right way since 1972 this is an phenomenal piece of equipment in your home easy to transport easy to take over to a friend or a neighbor or a family members house we’ve now taken orders for over 550 in this show take a look here we’re just on the verge of spring cleaning spring cleanup gutters that need cleaning trees that need pruning all kinds of Oh is there a light bulb out in your kitchen you know in the high-hat you haven’t replaced it since Reagan was in office you know the one I’m talking about yeah that one we’re gonna help you reach all those places right all of those places or even something as simple as grabbing something out of the cupboard maybe it’s that dish you need to get don’t grab that dining room chair don’t try to balance on that countertop there is a better way and it’s whipped little giant this collapses to only four inches so it’s small and compact so whether that job is indoors or out we’ve got you completely covered get that freedom get that independence get a piece of equipment that makes you feel stable and secure and remember when you’re climbing you’ve got the platform I feel like I’m on the ground I’m an additional point of contact for my legs it’s somewhere for my hands to hold on to so as you climb up and climb down you don’t feel that unstability you don’t feel that kind of rickety nests with traditional ladders you have all those design features and when it collapses down you push this down get lift this up and now four inches that’s it easily fits inside that pantry closet you also have a little work platform here do a little area for you to place your phone if you’re watching a YouTube video I

can’t tell you the number of times I’ve reset the timer on my front lights watching the YouTube video you can part your phone right here there’s a place for your hammer there’s a place for a light bulb all those times things now is this come with resistant it’s a separate but we do have them as well that’s your vertical organizer so if you are doing those extra projects you need a little bit more storage on that top cap this just pops right on the top and that’s an extra 2125 the informations on your screen but let me remind you that we have never ever done this ladder at this low price before our planner said to me David I want you to get right up in the down homer’s grill and let them know this price is crazy this price is good this price is low you’re saving seventy seven dollars and change I know that’s a lot of DB in the TV so I’m going back up but this is what’s really crazy you don’t want to miss this opportunity and now is your time to bring it home will you be doing some painting of sprucing up as the warmer weather arrives will you do some power washing outside and get some of winters worst off your house will you be outside inside doing work where you need to be off your center of gravity if you’re off your center of gravity and you’re up high you need to know you feel confident little giant brings that confidence how many gone number I am over 800 now gone in this show if you’re dusting changing light bulbs getting up high coming down low putting seasonal clothing and non seasonal clothing away in cupboards in storage bins all those kinds of things you need a ladder you can depend on maybe your there’s that phone right on top watching your YouTube videos your how-to videos you want to take this over to a family members house or to a friend’s house or loan it it’s eleven point five pounds to carry that’s right easy to use easy to maneuver get that job done get your freedom and independence you don’t have to wait for someone to come help you with a name that’s anonymous and safety now let’s remind you that this is a sale price 1200 of these are now gone ordinarily this is $140 at retail were $77 and 51 cents less we’re gonna deliver this straight to your door there’s zero assembly you take it out of the box you open it up and you stand on it it holds 375 pounds but weighs only eleven and a half pounds to carry kind of watch great to have you back nice to see you angel max well ever 1,200 are gone stay on the line don’t dare hang up because right now we’re gonna grow our own edible plants right in the comfort of our yard and our patio the back porch wherever you might be and I’m talking things like your own lavender for your tea peppermint how about rosemary and finally you can grow your own natural sweetener called stevia this all comes to us from cottage farms and is a one-time only price Kati des Beaux is joining me Katie specializes in outdoor lifestyles she’s written books dedicated to annual garden trends and you’ve been our cottage arm representative for a couple years now my sophomore season your sophomore year fantastic hey what we want to remind everybody is that these are edible plants right that we’re sending to you and you’re going to be able to grow these in containers in your yard if you want but I think for most people a container will be the way to go with this it’s not right containers are so popular for growing nowadays that’s how I would certainly suggest that you do it now let me also tell you out a one-time only price one-time only as opposed to it today only this is only good until the end of our show our show ends at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time we are now 853 Eastern Time so at 9:59 just over an hour from now this price disappears unless of course it sells out before then which a very well could let me also tell you that you’re getting all four live plants and a growing guide and you’re going to be able to enjoy your own lavender for your tea peppermint for your favorite recipe rosemary for your favorite cut of meat or bread whatever you like and stevia which is a natural sweetener I know crazy right these are wonderful now what do they look like when they arrive to us so they actually I have them back here but these are actually this the ship samples when they arrived we have potted each one up here and we’ve all we’ve done it in a little mini pot so they can grow together so they can grow together what we have here is the end of your first growing season so in front of me look right here this is after how much time after your first growing season so these will ship out to you at the right time to plant and so in just a few months you will have this size and that’s about a 20 inch container so if you want to put them all together to create your little baking up a storm container I would choose at least a 20 inch container or larger now I can use this in my tea yes I can also dry some of these like the stevia grind them up and they get even sweeter don’t they yes they do so stevia is so cool and one of the cool things that is really neat about stevia is you can just eat the leaves if you have a sugar

craving just take one of the leaves and start munching on it it has a sweet and this one’s the stevia right yeah take a bite a sweet almost licorice flavor that will curb your sugar cravings for up to an hour interesting yes but you told me if you dry these leaves yes and grind them yes it gets twice as sweet ten times as sweet excuse me ten times this week and you can easily just dry the leaves if you put them between a paper towel or you can cut whole branches off of your plant and hang them upside down until they dry and then once you dry them as you said grind them up you can add them to all of your baking you can add them to iced teas you can add them to coffee stevia is such a great natural sweetener for you you’ll love the flavor oh it’s so great al do you want some stevia oh here you go hey thank you Katie yeah do I just chew or drink the whole thing we grew these so these are plants that we grew you know where is easy sweet isn’t it that is such a good flavor but it still has that that kind of earthy sweet yeah exactly like us in it doesn’t feel artificial at all that’s so no aftertaste either right even that alone right here you just like a stevia tea and the rosemary and your favorite breads oh I don’t know on your favorite pork or beef we have here rosemary olive oil bread oh this is wonderful because your recipe yes so one of the fun my mother-in-law’s a huge Baker she has some very classic recipes why not mix up your classic recipes with some home grown herbs taking up that next notch and say not only did I make this for you when you bring a gift to someone that you bake something for but I made it and I cooked I grew the herbs in this recipe now take a look at these photos is that the stevia that’s a mint peppermint pepper and peppermint is a great plant I love making Sun tea throw some peppermint in a container throw it out in the Sun and you will have delicious mint tea this is our lavender lavender has so many uses we have some lavender cupcakes up here but you can also use it to make like a little spa at home my daughter vial and I we started making macaroons yeah I tried you a lavender you should I think you might have to bring some other than a Toulouse and this is the rosemary of course as you mentioned that can be sweet or savory absolutely let me also tell you there’s a growing guide that comes with this uniquely written for these plants yes you also can go to this item number on m-66 873 plug in your zip code and it will let you know exactly when these are going to be straight yes right we only should these at the right time for you to be able to plant them outside what we want everyone to know is that this is your opportunity to pick up your own bake it up a storm collection where you’re going to get lavender peppermint rosemary and stevia they come this small when they arrive after one growing season they’re gonna be nice and big and trimmable and edible and Katy Duvall what a pleasure to see so much thank you we’re gonna check back in with Allie it’s a lot going on over on the cozy couch and I understand you’re also using that macbook air yes because if you have always wanted a macbook today is your day this is the lowest price that we have ever offered on a macbook air 13 inch it’s under $1000 with that one year of tech support if you were to purchase this separately to easily spend over $1300 with six easy payments that is why so many of you choose QVC and shopping for Apple and your a new MacBook so don’t go anywhere Craig Smith is gonna be here he’s gonna give us the whole rundown of all the specs but if you’ve always wanted a MacBook this is the day to pick it up at the lowest price that we have ever offered on a 13-inch MacBook but David’s coming up with more great items David okay on down home at David it’s time for a home Hubbell we want everyone to Chanel up under your favorite sheets and we’d love it if those sheets were a really good deal amy scagliotti comes to us tonight she’s one of our decorating and style experts how many years I’m QDC for you my youngest is 17 so 16 and a 16 and a half years yes Amy brings us a great brand called home reflections tell us about that home reflections you’re only gonna find here at QVC and we want to help you with fresh affordable styling solutions and I think David this is a great example of that solution piece because we’ve curated these really sort of hard and pricey sizes to find well we did and if you are a king bed customer whether you’re looking for Cal King split King or flex King we’ve got you covered we also have clean and regular King but I would tell you that this is the only current priced item in the entire show now miss Amy we’re going to give everyone their set of sheets and when we say four pieces we mean flat sheet fitted sheet and two pillowcases all

sizes one price $39 and change the thread count on this is 575 thread count what does that mean right 575 the majority of sheets to have a jumping-off point of about 300 thread count we start at that thank you luxury can start at 300 right we crank that up in this case but you don’t want to mix your thread count up with what the threads are comprised of so this is gonna be at that beautiful thread count which is actually just the number of threads in a square inch both vertically and horizontally but what those threads are comprised up David is 64 percent cotton and we love cotton for its breathability and it’s wicking factors and the great feel against the skin and then the balance of that is Polly and Polly is what gives us that durability that strength that return every time we wash them and dry them and they really become a workhorse of a set of shoes now this year is a poly-cotton blend and we love that because of its durability because of its ability to launder so nicely and resists wrinkling and it’s just beautiful now the color on the bed is called cool blue blue blue so it’s just a notch up from a light baby blue and not a navy it’s just a beautiful color for spring closest to you we’ve got it in the gray beautiful contemporary color very very soft not too dark silver then the ivory ivory and I’m gonna put the ivory David right on top of the soft white it’s not an oh you know sort of optic white it’s just a beautiful true blue so I have only 500 left of that ivory here’s your white and then finally the mint cements beautiful and I’m gonna put the white next 500 left in the mint okay now here are the sizes that I have for you I have this in queen and king size then California King which is my size yes split King if you’ve got those two twin extra long mattresses side-by-side that move independently well exactly and they would have their own foundation in their own box Springs as well and finally there’s flex King and that’s for those of you who have a Sleep Number bed where the head raises and lowers this will be give you some extra flexibility there that’s why we flex King I’ve been with QVC’s good grief 175 years 27 years I don’t ever remember presenting a flex King I’ve never presented them if you have a Sleep Number bed or if you have that unique mattress where David explained it perfectly you were your partner that the heads raised independently of one another but the best I’d say three quarters of the bed is then a solid piece of mattress you’re gonna have sheath that you need of course to adapt to that shape so when you get those sheets home you’re gonna find they have that propria tum’ miss Amy talk to me about the fitted sheet is it deep pocket and elastic all around it is and so the home reflection sheets you can be rest assured that they’re gonna have a nice elastic all the way around that they’re gonna have in this case about a 16 and 1/2 inch depth so it allowed to stretch David if you have a mattress topper or if you have a deeper profile exactly you’re also gonna love how these drape yes and our beautifully warm and snuggly we call this segment the home huddle because this is the kind of thing where you and the family will snuggle under these sheets and love them at this price pick some up for the guest bedroom for the kids room so they’ve got a queen-size bed or a king bed whatever the case may be you’ve got beautiful finishing on this as well and lovely stitching in hemming it is so it’s all finished beautifully David and to give you an idea of how this is gonna feel when you get it home against the skin it has a sateen feel to it so it’s gonna have a nice cool drapey feel which is ideal as we head into spring I always like to compare that to a percale because I think it’s kind of simplest to remember percale is gonna have a dryer more crisp and or this is gonna have more of a drapey cool hand and at over 64 percent cotton you’re really getting that nice softness and breathability still what you don’t want to do is miss out on your size and color now looking at the matrix on the bottom of the screen if you see green next to your color and size green means go order it but don’t wait because green can very quickly give way to yellow yellow means limited and before you know what yellow can turn to red and red means sold out please don’t miss out on your choice tonight we’re very very busy all sizes are one price ordinarily at retail a comparable sheet would be ninety nine dollars were fifty nine dollars and two cents and they a lot a lot of relationships break up over making a bed I think David do we need your mom here you know what my fancy I know she could all right now so so there’s that beautiful soft blue think about this let me just pull the white up here David if you have white sheets at home mix those in just to a beautiful palette for spring this is beautiful isn’t mm-hmm here’s white perfect getting limited is that ivory there you go next 300 left in this ivory the gray and what’s on the blue of the bed this is that beautiful soft blue that’s soft blue how many of these are gone now Brian

over 800 sets are gone but as I love to say don’t dare hang up get your size in color before they’re gone queen king Calkins split King and for the first time in my career flex claim you saved my bread you bet good to see you we’re going to check in with Ali and she’s gonna remind you about our lights Tim but don’t blink you just might miss this one tonight well still coming up in the show but super limited our lights Tim for pain and handheld LED therapy light this is FDA cleared to temporary relieve muscle pain joint aches pains arthritis so as you’re starting to get moving a little bit more the spring and summer season this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of lights ten one hundred and forty nine dollars and change we’re also gonna ship that to you for free so it’s a perfect way if you’re looking to get moving a little bit more and relieve some of those aches and pains with lights dim but already out of the gate we are super limited as well so take advantage of David’s pick of the show but speaking of kind of getting moving David well let’s definitely get moving regardless of your situation let’s get your yes back this is called EB writer and it’s our mini writer and light four-wheel mobility scooter when I say get in your yes back if you’ve got someone in your family that has some physical challenges and you say hey grandma we’re all going to the mall today want to come no I’m really not up to it or hey this weekend we’re gonna go to the amusement park want to come with the grandkids no that’s too much walking for me or hey we’re thinking about maybe taking that great vacation and doing a walking tour Williamsburg no that’s not something I can do unless they’ve got mobility when they’ve got their mobility they get there yes back yes I’d love to do them all yeah let’s take the grandkids are the pod to the park this weekend yes let’s go on that walking tour this summer because you guys are walking I’ll ride Denise Repco is here and she’s going to bring in the evening writer we’ve got Ali doing a little riding around the around the set as well great to have you back my friend good to see you too thanks this is such a popular brand here at QVC because for so many people this is giving them their independence back this is definitely giving them their yes back absolutely and what I love most about Evie rider is guys it’s all about quality it’s all about safety and ease of use so we added all the things that you asked for which was a basket and some armrests that help you get in and out without somebody pulling or tugging or during you or them so all the amenities and a smooth easy ride the boot and what you’re gonna love about this too when you get it at home there will be some assembly but no tools were needed that’s right you simply click it click it all together now there’s a battery here so it is fully charged this will run up to two hours to continuous hours or nine miles up to nine miles and I have to say up to because this holds up to 275 pounds but it only weighs 95 in fact the heaviest component to it is 36 pounds but if you don’t want to lug this in the house if you maybe keep it mostly in your car in a garage you could just take the battery out the batteries approximately 20 pounds and bring the battery in the home and charge it that way if you like which would be great because I think for a lot of people they are somewhat mobile correct so to drive this into their garage or in the lobby of their building or something where they can leave it secure but take the battery upstairs and plug it in that’s right we’re into the house employment that is very different now we’ve got four oh hello hi we have four colors that we have the green six dozen and the green people here’s the blue six dozen in the blue and we’ve got em for you in silver only three dozen 36 in the silver and I’ve got it for you in the red Oh a fewer than 100 here now here’s your value story at retail these or QVC’s regular price $1,375 we are $275 less and with the free shipping ordinarily with the $80 extra to ship it yes we’re shipping it for free tato so now your savings jumps to over three hundred fifty four dollars there’s someone in your life and that someone might even be you who needs more mobility you need your independence back you also need to maintain your dignity and your independence this can give it back to you yeah and this that story is exactly what hit my family we had a home health care business for 35 years so we did have things like hospital beds oxygen wheelchairs stair glides things of that nature but when my dad needed a mobility scooter he didn’t want one because he thought he was gonna be giving up some of his coolness and looking old but to quite the contrary my brothers and sisters I’m the oldest of seven we all chipped in and took an easy paint and got this for my dad once we got it for him he loved it he was able to come to my son’s wedding he takes it on vacations he can go wherever he wants and you’re right he got his yes back and he’s in control he’s not asking for help he’s doing it

on his own and this particular model is cool because it the seat swivels both 45 and 90 degrees in both directions the armrests lift but it is added stability to help you at your own pace get up and out and then those armrests are there waiting for you to sit and get back down when you’re ready it’s also a padded seat and in the in the seat where you’re actually gonna sit correct the wheels are solid so they’re never going to go flat on you right you’ll never get a flat tire on your Easy Rider this is the basket that everybody asked for so easy to use with this tiller because it’s a dual throttle system and it has a horn and that’s for safety it’s actually kind of a pleasant sounding horn too a little speed dial that takes you up to 4 miles per hour the battery gauge lights up to let you know and remember this has some charge in the battery when you get it home give it a little test drive we encourage you to do that but then please charge it for 4 to 6 hours for that full charge let me tell you we also have cue cards special financing tonight and that really makes a big difference on the higher ticket items so if you use your cue card tonight we’re going to approve the sale price of $1,099 92 cents on your cue card but we’re gonna give you 18 months to pay it off now here’s what’s gonna happen you’ll do two things for me you’ll make each of your monthly minimum payments on time you’ll pay the entire payment are the entire amount off within 18 months breaks down to about sixty one dollars a month on the 18 month plan Wow and when you do that will charge you zero interest that same as cash so now you’re getting this home no tools are needed for assembly you take the components and you snap them together there are four pieces and you snap them together that’s right and we have video tape that actually shows what that looks like if we get two and I can speak to it when we see it but but what again it’s independent so you don’t have to say no if you’ve been pulling back from the things you once love to do or maybe you’re just getting a little stir-crazy being in the house you can get out you can go visit friends you can go to the kids concerts the kids ballgames the movies dinner theater whatever it is you want do you can do it and I’ll most times you get the best seat in the house when you’re on the wheels but I would say even writer your wheels are your legs and your seats always with you and it’s always there and whether you are making your way over smooth terrain like a parking lot or a sidewalk or you’re going over grass or something that’s a bit more uneven this is going to do the job for you I’ve got four colors tonight I’ve got free shipping and handling we can’t overstate the free shipping on this because if you were paying shipping it’d be $80 on top of the price you see on the screen tonight your shipping is zero it’s free now I hold colors you’re sitting on the green yes sir miss Ali is driving the blue which is not very popular tonight I only have 24 left in the blue Wow okay the silver three dozen left in the silver and then finally in the red fewer than a hundred to go around here now this battery can charge up overnight well at four to six hours it doesn’t even have to be on even overnight and if you were out David I always want to tell people we gave you the basket so utilize your basket keep your charger with you all the time so if maybe you’re going on a trip and you forgot to charge your scooter it’s okay just find a power source and maybe go have a cup of coffee or lunch power sources are everywhere because we’re always looking to charge our devices so this plugs into the scooter and this plugs into the wall and you could just top it off if you’re out for half an hour an hour and then the next time give it that full four to six hour charge because anyone that is dealing with some challenges some physical challenges all they want to do is be able to take care of themselves yeah of course and what they’re looking for is the right tool to help them do that now you heard Denise say that she and her brothers and sisters all pitched in an EZ Pay and bought this for their dad maybe this is something you’ll think about for a member of your family who you know could use this and maybe all the family can chip in and easy pay if you use a lot utilize the cue card special financing tonight that’s 18 months breaks down to 61 dollars a month but here’s the best part we ship it immediately and you’ll have that’s eighteen months to pay this off that’s what makes this great tonight don’t miss out on this when you get it home there are four pieces you will need no tools you simply snap those four pieces together there’s a video online that will walk you through the quick and easily no tool assembly what we want you to do is not wait another day to get your independence back or to give it back to someone that you love so much absolutely right let make sure they’re there for those family memories for those moments the heaviest piece weighs 36 pounds are totally manageable David’s right the pieces all snap together and there’s no breaks to search for you just let go with a dual throttle system and you’ll come to a very smooth steady not jarring simple stop and for anybody who is dealing with these physical challenges what they’re looking for is independence looking for ease of use that’s right I’m looking for something that’s not frightening right this is a very easy easy writer to use or should I say exactly it’s not it’s not very medicinal it’s not old-school it’s modern but yet it doesn’t scream I’m red or I’m blue it’s very modestly designed but yet modern and sleek let’s

take a look at our value story one final time $1,375 and twelve and a 22-minute rather at our QVC we’re gonna save you 275 30 tonight with that free shipping your savings jumps to three hundred fifty four dollars and seventy seven cents I have green if you want the blue I have fewer than 24 left in the blue if you want the silver three dozen there and in this red fewer than a hundred to go around get yours get the savings but get this home and get your yes back yes Denise thank you so much nice to have you here Ali and I are going to take a short break we’re coming back with more down-home with David but not before we remind you about all the excitement surrounding International Women’s Day Sunday March 8 2020 marks the 45th International Women’s Day QVC and HSN are proud to celebrate our female entrepreneurs with a day of programs and products by and for women women who dream and dare and do and learn how you can help support nest a female founded nonprofit that helps to equip artisan women with training skills and resources International Women’s Day join us Sunday on QVC one of the biggest reasons that our QVC foodies connect with me is that I meet them where they live I’m not a chef I’m a home cook just like they are and each and every show we’re learning together and we’re sharing our passion for wonderful food and I think that’s why our relationship is so strong i’m david venable QVC’s resident foodie give your home a fresh new look with our room refresh by Lauren McBride sweepstakes enter daily for a chance to win a $1,000 prize package from Lauren McBride’s new helmet collection visit or the QVC apps and search sweepstakes through March 19th to enter and for official rules good evening everyone and welcome back in to QVC my name is david venable and you’re watching down-home with damon a show that comes your way every Thursday night where we’re looking to make your home space your best space we’ll do a little cleaning we’ll do a little decorating we’ll explore some electronics we’ll find some problem/solution items to make life a little easier around your home and we’ll make your home a little more welcoming and safe environment all of this is happening every Thursday night beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern Time we’re thrilled to have you shopping with us tonight right now we’re gonna move right into another popular favorite and this is what I like to call David’s down-home deal we’ve put together an extraordinary offer for you tonight from our friends at table mate this is the table mate version two set of two multi-purpose adjustable folding tables this will adjust to six different heights and three different angles you’re also going to love that it holds up to 40 pounds and for so many people this becomes the TV tray you always wish you had but didn’t until you found table mate maybe it’s a bedside table for me in my first home I remember right after I moved to QVC about a year and a half at an apartment I moved into my first townhome and it took all my money just to buy the townhome I had no furniture I used a small chair and a table until I was able to afford furniture but I was in my first house absolutely this is what makes it so great and when it folds down flat it hides under the sofa goes into the closet Dianna Irvine has been with QVC for 20 years she brings us home solutions it is great to have you back my friend nice to be with you this is exciting tonight because you have pulled together a phenomenal deal ordinarily two of these table mate twos would run almost $80 we are nearly $40 less that sounds like half price that’s almost buy one get one that’s pretty much what that is now you’re getting two of these and we have four colors available the color you’re holding is called latte I say always most popular always most popular in front of me is the slate gray in the middle I’ve got it for you in black yes and then of course I’m loving that blue because that’s Carolina blue I knew you’d love it blue was really cool I’m live in that color too we need that in the XL size for you right but I’ll tell you you know the the table mate comes in different sizes this one is called the table the table mate – yes this is our original size it’s fifteen by nineteen and a half it’s perfect for one person if you’re getting a set of two so you know if it’s for you and yours and yours you know like to sit in front of the

couch it was designed to go all the way up to your belly but notice how my feet are not entangled in the legs it actually adjusts to vi height so yours is up actually not even as high as it goes and then it goes to three different angles so you can customize your experience with it but yet it’s light and sturdy at the same time now you’re also going to love that you can do the kids will do their homework we’ve got this great MacBook Air coming up on the in the show tonight our lowest price ever 13-inch MacBook Air so that’s really very exciting you’re also going to love that this becomes one that adjusts so now maybe it’s the one that you’re doing art projects on or crafts project on maybe it’s the one the kids are going to be using in front of the the TV when they’re doing some of their games or puzzles maybe you’re going to use this for your TV tray I can remember growing up in the 70s in North Carolina we had those old metal trays that attached to a metal base and if there was too much weight the whole thing would just collapse oh they were terrible your belly you couldn’t sit back in your favorite chair this works with no tool so what you’re seeing me do here is just squeeze the pin and adjust the height according to the chair you’re in the bed you’re in the couch you’re on whatever activity you’re no matter what your body shape or size this can customize you and I also love the fact that now you can adjust the angle so there’s an easel there’s your regular flat and then here’s another easel so you have all kinds of customization to make your experience enjoyable well what we’re gonna do is remind you of colors and if you’ll hand that latte to me please ma’am and we’re gonna work on your microphone because we’re having a little issue with this so if you’ll just step right up there to the side Allah don’t give you a hand with your microphone now let’s talk to you about our most popular color always is the latte this latte is a beautiful color it looks like coffee a little cream in it only about 1500 of the sets of two and that’s the most popular color tonight brand-new just this season is this gorgeous blue I have fewer than a thousand remember you’re getting two here you’re getting two tables for this price here’s your block and then finally is about a thousand in the black and then finally I have the slate gray you should be aware that this is nearly $80 at retail for two of these tonight we are nearly $40 less look at the value story so you’re looking really at half price or buy one get one however you want to look at it make it a BOGO this is five easy payments of only eight dollars each this will hold up to 40 pounds yes can I show you that I would love you to show me that the other thing is you’ll notice how I’m carrying this like a tray so if you maybe if your laptop on here maybe it’s a bowl of soup or your dinner you can carry it like it’s a tray as well but it does hold up to 40 pounds if you don’t mind David I first like to show you just because I have this set up here that it has this beautiful lip around the edge okay this lip was actually designed to be able to catch spills keep you know writing utensils if your kids are doing their homework or you are doing something with a write eat it so it doesn’t fall on the floor it’s a polypropylene top and then it cleans up really easy with soap and water and then the legs are steel but it is very sturdy so when I say 40 pounds I mean this could be your kitchen a mixer could be your Nespresso could be anything that you would want to put on the table could be your printer now you have an extra table it is our table me too so it’s our original size it’s 15 and a half by 19 but yet it is perfect for being able to do whatever you doing no matter what your body shape and size and no matter what chair or bed or couch or you’re sitting on the patio it all works this is a phenomenal deal and opportunity for you tonight let’s remind you that there are four color choices as we bring the sláinte back over reminding you that you’re getting two of whatever color you order tonight now latte is most popular by far I have fewer fewer than 1200 left here in the lot a new this season is the blue love it nine hundred left in that blue here’s your red oak should be a black 902 the black and finally the slate gray about 900 remaining there as well diana you’re cutting back a little later we got a great charge hub talking about not one but two you got it who is your manager it is remember tonight all right what we’re gonna do is make our way over to our kitchen set because we’re going to talk to you tonight about a macbook air now this computer is the lowest priced 13-inch MacBook Air we’ve ever offered in our history and we’re gonna ask the question what the tech Craig Smith joins us tonight and he’s our Apple guy for how long now sir a little over ten years your buddy we have never done a 13-inch MacBook Air at this lower price before no we have burn nope this is an extraordinary deal tonight and we’re going to bring it to you about three hundred and thirty-five dollars less than the retail price on this now you’re

going to get the MacBook Air 13-inch 128 gigs of memory with one year of tech support this is America’s favorite size computer the one that they’re taking with them on the go college students everybody’s loving the size yeah look at how skinny and thin this is this has a solid-state drive inside David which means Apple has cut out all the bulk all the excess things that you get in a traditional laptop and the reason they call it the air because it’s that skinny and it weighs in at less than three pounds and you talk about portability taking your computer for that high school or college student if they’re going from class to class or if it’s just yourself and you want to be able to move around to the different rooms of your house from watching a cool video like this in the kitchen they’re relaxing at your breakfast bar to get some work done and then take it in the office that this has the power and the performance to get the job done and it’s so easy to take anywhere you want to go and that’s what makes it great now what you’re going to do tonight is order your MacBook Air and then choose the color of the clip-on case yes and keyboard overlay that you’d like to go with it now your computer is silver all day long yep that doesn’t change that’s it so that’s the you’re gonna get that no matter what you order then you’re gonna order your clip case color we’re gonna begin upfront here and this is the rose gold I believe is that right yes and then we go to our clear this one is the black black thank you this one is our navy and finally our wine behind the red is what we’re calling that one I love these keyboard protectors too because they completely cover the keyboard so if you happen to eat or drink around the computer you’ve got a fighting chance to save it you never do that right ever yeah this way just to be clear this is not going to protect you if you spill that whole cup of coffee on top of your computer but it’s designed to keep all the dust bunnies out all the little crumbs out there it’s made out of silicone it gives you that little protective it layer and these clip cases are great too we touched on a little bit earlier the fact that David you’re gonna take this computer everywhere it’s an on-the-go kind of machine and if you’re moving around taking it here there and everywhere it’s nice to have that little protective shell to protect not only the back of the computer but the underneath as well and I will tell you a lot of you are already jumping all over this rose gold color now the computer is the same no matter what color you order you’re just choosing the color of this clip case and the keyboard overlay you don’t even have to use that if you don’t want to but it will help protect the computer yes it’ll also protected from scratching and all that kind of thing and the keyboard overlay is great for dust anything else you might drop on the keyboard in a way that would just be ordinarily be something that would be a little more difficult to clean we’ve never done this 13-inch MacBook Air at this little price before ever this is the lowest price one we’ve ever offered you there’s also cuecard special no dancing on this mic nice so if you use your cue card we’ll approve the full sell price of $9.99 96 on your cue card you’ll do two things for me make each of your monthly minimum payments on time pay off the entire amount within twelve months your charge zero interest that’s a Miss cash now here’s how the value breaks down if sold separately that’s the MacBook Air the clip case the keyboard overlay and the services and software you would pay thirteen hundred thirty-five dollars and seventy nine cents tonight we’re saving you three hundred thirty-five dollars and eighty three cents wait before we lose this graphic if someone offered you three hundred and thirty five dollars in cash today would you take it I would run for the door you better believe I would snag that money and my feet would have wheeze now we’re going to do it all for three 3583 less six easy payments and we’re gonna ship it right to your doorstep this is pretty amazing don’t miss out on this opportunity for those of you who are Apple iPhone users and iPad users this becomes the third piece in that beautiful collection of electronics because they all talk to each other and that’s great thing about Apple is because all you have to do is use the same exact Apple ID and that’s just that email you use when you first signed up for your iPad or your iPhone great thing about that is now when you get a text message I know for me personally I come in the house I often put my phone down I leave it there on the kitchen counter if I’m working on my laptop I miss those text messages I miss those little pings you’ll get those same text messages I’ll actually pop up on your laptop computer if you want to make a FaceTime call we all love to do it you make a FaceTime call you can do it on the little phone or you could do it on the big 13-inch screen that’s the advantage of having the laptop you have a computer like this that weighs under three pounds but you’re gonna get that full functionality that gigantic 13-inch screen with the backlit keyboard David and the fact that you use that same Apple ID across all those different platforms that’s why people typically get that first Apple product and shortly thereafter they’re like yeah I probably should get the laptop and the tablet and all that kind of stuff and stick with this amazing brand and enjoy the great easy pace and I the cue card special financing the one

year of tech support because this is not brand X this is Apple’s MacBook Air there are 13 inch size the lowest price we have ever offered on that size and to be able to do this tonight in a computer that goes with you everywhere you travel this is going to be great for the college to have any of you have a college dude is away at school right now who’s calling you every other day saying mom dad my computers aren’t cutting the mustard not doing the job I doubt the young kids are saying cut the mustard is that not the hip slang anymore old computer is lame mom and dad is maybe what they’re saying but this is going to be the one that really becomes the great college student computer it’s the one that you’re going to use for travel it’s the one you’ll use in and around your home now I’ve got it in rose gold with the keyboard overlay and the clip case fewer than 600 in the rose gold but this is by far the most popular here it isn’t clear I have it for you in black don’t forget Navy and finally we have it for you in the red six easy payments of a 166 sixty-six unless of course you use your cue card and then you can split those payments over 12 months nice and we look at everything that goes inside of this computer of course the first thing your to see is that beautiful high-definition screen we also have a built in high-definition webcam up here as well for those FaceTime chats I know a lot of people are doing interviews now first time interview they don’t bring you into the office anymore they use the webcam that’s a high-definition webcam Intel Core i5 processor 8 gigabytes of RAM and the new technology that’s built into this computer Dave it’s worth calling out they have what’s called a solid-state drive on this computer it’s not a traditional hard drive you’re gonna notice that when you look at the profile of the computer on how skinny it is because the solid-state drive is thinner lighter it also gives you better battery life and it’s also substantially faster when compared to a traditional hard drive and you’re still going to have your ports on this version of the MacBook right here we have our charging port that’s a magnetic charger that’s included next to that is a USB 3.0 followed by a headphone jack these two little dots here on the side those are dual microphones we talked about the importance of the high-definition webcam with dual microphones it’s able to pick up the human voice a little bit more clearly than you traditionally would so I’m going to get some quality audio there as well and I’ll spin the computer around and we’ll show you we also have an additional USB port on this side multimedia card reader and this little port here on the side here may look a little unfamiliar to a lot of people out there that’s called a thunderbolt port in case you want to plug in an external drive or maybe an external monitor that’s a faster way of transferring data than your traditional USB again all those different ports on the side depending on what you want to use it for you’ve got something to plug in absolutely everywhere on this MacBook Air and it all comes together for you tonight at our lowest price ever on a 13 inch MacBook Air now if you were to go to retail to buy separately the MacBook Air the clip case the keyboard overlay and all the services and software including that one year of tech live Connect one thousand three hundred thirty five dollars and wait for it seventy nine cents tonight we’re going to save you three hundred thirty five dollars and eighty three cents now here’s that added value of what you’re getting in addition to the unit itself tech live Connect for one year video maker Maelstrom rescue team premium all the great other titles that would run you an additional four hundred nineteen dollars and eighty four cents we’re including at no additional charge this is a crazy good deal yeah especially that tech support we do that occasionally with some of the mac books that we bring in here just to let you know what that’s all about you’re actually gonna get a voucher in the mail with access codes to all those software titles and the tech live connect is tech service 24 hours a day seven days a week every single day of the year what I love about that is of course you could take this MacBook Pro or MacBook Air rather you could take this into the Apple store with any question that you have you can you know maybe you want to take a class at the Apple store you can do all of those things but if you have that little one who’s working on the paper and they have to print something out at 3:00 in the morning they go I need to talk to somebody now that’s why we include things like that tech support for an entire year and those additional software titles they all come with this amazing macbook computer now what we should all whole let you know is that you’ve got choices in your keyboard we call these clip cases yes yes they clip on the both sides of the computer to kind of give you a shell emily exactly so this actually want to clip this on there big boy yeah well this this will clip on this side i’m not gonna actually clip it on now because once you clip it on you’re not gonna want to take it off right so once it stays on it stays on but the one piece goes on the front and then this and peace here we’ll go underneath the Mac to the MacBook Air so this is gonna give you a protection on the underside of your MacBook here so you’re gonna get protection on both sides clip it on and leave it on you’re not going to want to take it on and off because you may want to have to pry it and you may crack it if you take it on and off so put it on and leave it on and that keyboard overlay that can come on in Office offers you like exactly now I will tell you that you’re going to get a silver

computer no matter what you order to go along with it so the computer is silver this is rose gold rose gold is very popular I have fewer than 550 to go around in that rose gold here’s clear black very popular and now getting limited is the Navy I have fewer than 300 now left in the Navy and finally I have it for you in the red one thing that I was really struck by when I was looking at your screen there craigers how many things you had running at one time yeah this is the beauty of an Apple product and what the reason for that David is what Apple puts inside of the machines but everyone looks at an Apple computer they see that sleek design they see the aluminum chassis they’re kind of like yeah this this looks really nice it could look great but if it doesn’t have the motor inside and make everything go it doesn’t matter you can see right here I’m actually streaming content off of YouTube playing some of the QVC content we have here that Alberti’s got a video series on how he decorates tables and other areas around your home I’m also playing some high definition 4k video up here on the top I’ve got my photos open I’ve got different programs all over the place here the reason that’s possible is Apple doesn’t put an entry level processor into their computers what’s inside of this machine right here is the Intel Core i5 and eight gigabytes of RAM and RAM is what allows you to go from video editing software like this and then a popover or streaming some content and then pop over somewhere else and you notice we’re not missing a beat having 8 gigabytes of RAM makes this happen and you probably won’t be doing all this at the same time on your computer but it’s nice to know that if it can handle this those days of clicking open your favorite program and going what’s that swirly thing doing why is it taking me so long yeah if you can go from here there and everywhere like I’m doing right now you will not be having that slowdown problem when you get your MacBook Air at home now if your old computer takes forever to boot up or in the middle of something really fantastic and your computer locks up sometimes you say worthy turds and then you have to reboot the entire system this is a computer that boots up quickly it will you’ll be online in seconds not minutes and you’re going to love that it can handle multiple applications at one time if you love the way your iPhone operates in terms of being able to do multiple things at one time your iPad multiple things at one time the same will hold true with your new MacBook Air and we’ve never ever offered this 13-inch MacBook Air at this lower price before in all the years we’ve been carrying Apple products here at QVC and all the years we’ve offered the MacBook Pro we’ve never ever offered it at this lower price the price you see tonight take a look at our values story again because reminding you if you sold if you went to buy this separately if sold separately one thousand three hundred thirty five dollars and wait for it they need there 79 cents we’re going to do it for three hundred thirty-five dollars and eighty three cents less nice and six easy payments all delivered to your door this is an amazing deal and if you are tired of an old computer that is just not doing its job anymore and it’s slow and knocks you offline and locks up and takes forever to boot up when you turn it on then it’s time for you to think about upgrading to an Apple product and it’s so intuitive and so easy to get started with one of these even if you’ve never used an Apple product before and tonight in addition to the computer we’re gonna give you these great clip cases with the keyboard overlays all you do is choose a color now the first color has been very popular tonight this is the rose gold I have fewer than 500 to go around in that rose gold here’s the clear here is your block oh now only 200 left in the block if you’re after the navy it’s also popular tonight I have fewer than 300 left in the in the Navy and then we have it for you in this red this is a product that is going to proliferate from an Apple product multitasking at its best and zipping through all these great programs and that’s another neat thing about apples they include so much content just the first time you turn it on so if you’ve used an iPhone or an iPad before you’re probably going to recognize a lot of these little icons down here on the bottom of the screen things like your calendar which will sync up with your iPhone and your iPad that helps you organize your life next to that we’re gonna have access to our Maps program which is playing right now in the background photos iMovie which allows you to edit videos and productivity programs like these three right here David pages number and keynote they lightly create documents they lie to create spreadsheets and presentations all of that great stuff and these programs are all free the first time you turn on any Apple computer they’re on this macbook and anytime there’s an upgrade so for example they recently upgraded the operating system to a new program call or os that’s called catalina you get that update for free you get the updates to the programs for free that’s one of the reasons people

fall in love with this brand because all these great programs down here hey maybe you played with them a little bit on your iphone and how you can really dive into the same exact program right here on your macbook air and that’s what makes this extraordinary don’t miss out on your opportunity tonight we’re super excited to have this for you do you have an old dinosaur of a computer desktop that is slow and taking up all this room imagine being able to get rid of that big dinosaur computer and replacing it with something a fraction of its size that will move with lightning speed that’s what the beauty of this macbook air and we’ve never offered it at this lower price before you’re gonna do it tonight with cue cards special financing use that cue card that you love using for all your purchases at QVC will approve the sale price of $9.99 96 split your payment’s up over 12 months do two things for me make each of your monthly minimum payments on time pay off the entire amount within twelve months you’re charged zero interest that’s same as cash and here’s the best part about our cube aren’t special enhancing or our easy pay on any other cards that we accept we’re gonna ship you the computer immediately but give you six months to pay it off if you choose the six easy payment plan twelve months if you choose the cue card special financing so here’s your opportunity to enjoy the now and pay it off as you go and that really is what sets QVC apart in terms of our payment plan and our opportunity to bring you not a Brand X computer but an Apple product the lowest price ever on a MacBook Air 13 inch size now let’s remind you that this is a crystal-clear display and a processor that allows multiple things happen at one time Intel Core i5 processor several steps up and wouldn’t get from those entry-level processors and a lot of those bargain-basement computers on top of that eight gigabytes of RAM that’s why all this content here is running at the same time and that new technology that solid-state drive of a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes gives us this super skinny profile right here David with a solid-state drive your computer will be lighter it’ll be thinner it’ll be faster and it’s gonna be more battery efficient for you when you’re on the go you know what else it is the most affordable the lowest price ever MacBook Air 13-inch Greg Smith good have you back buddy always great to see you man see you buddy this is the two three three nine three eight stay on the line there goes after along the presentation like this we tend to see all the orders start rushing in let’s check in with Ali who’s gonna update you on some great energizer solar lights well at the beginning of the show we spruced up our space with energizer and their solar path light set instead of eight and the color changing which is super cool now here’s the story over 1600 have already been ordered two of our colors are getting more limited if you want the gunmetal there’s only 700 to go around the most popular color choice though is the stainless steel and there’s only a hundred and fifty so although the Energizer does keep going and going the easy paint on those does expire at the end of the day see what I did there the bunny stops beating the drums right at the end of the day at the end of the day right now though it’s a savvy solution and how many devices need charging in your home how many of you are coming home and you’re looking for an available outlet because you your spouse have a phone each of you probably have a tablet the kids each have a phone depending on their age where are you plugging those in and how are you getting those charged and if you’re hoping to keep your children off the phone or the tablet all night while everyone’s sleeping then plug it all in a mom and dad’s room they’re not coming in there to sneak that phone away right so this is what it’s all about not worrying about robbing Peter to pay Paul we now plug everything in that’s the beauty of char job it’s the next five and a next three you’re going to get one port or one charge hub that will plug five items in yes and the second will plug three in you’re gonna choose your color grouping Diana Irvine is back with us she’s a home solution specialist since 1999 20 years on QVC nice to have you here my friend before we get into all of our choices let’s talk about charge hub and what it’s all about okay great so basically charge hub is the power station of the 21st century so you’re getting two of these the color that you choose will have the five port and then you also get a black one that has three ports these are meant to charge USB products so all of your electronics basically everything we have today charges with this tip so you can’t plug this into the wall you’d need some other adapter now we’re giving you the charge hub in five and three but not just USB ports high-speed USB ports these are award-winning technology that actually has two point four amps per port so it allows you to charge up to eight devices at one time optimally so that you are not robbing Peter to pay Paul like David

was saying everything charges optimally so that nothing is left behind everything charges up and zooms up power so you’re ready to go and you can use all your devices now everyone’s going to get a black charge hub that’s the 3por correct or what’s called the x3 right and then you’re going to choose the color that goes with it now you can go black with black you can go black with blue yes black with coral black with red or black with the purple but if you want that purple fewer than 500 to go around I ordered several sets of these back before Christmas and gave them to all my family members yes given to my mom my brother my sister her husband niece and nephew Nicole everybody has things that need charging but what’s great about this and I know we’ve talked about this this actually charges faster it does so each poor one let me talk about why faster so normally when you get a charging cube these are one amp so these can only charge a limited amount of things and you’re kind of stuck with whatever slow power it gives you with the charge hub each one of these ports is 2.4 amps so what does that mean the iPads the these Xboxes anything that pulls a lot of power now it doesn’t matter what the device is and by the way it doesn’t matter what the device is you know that no matter who you’re giving this to they’re gonna use it because really we’ve become a charge hub nation the USB and in the the power that’s in each one of these that smart speed technology is what makes this special and everyone uses these because you have to charge your phones your tablet’s your earbuds your watches your cameras your beauty devices today your flashlights the gaming devices for the kids so if you’re looking for something that you can give someone perhaps that you know they have electronic devices but you don’t know what they have the charge hub is the answer because the charge hub will charge just about everything by the way we’re also giving you three cables for each one so we’re giving you a lightning a microUSB and a USB C so basically yes you can use your own cords but we’re giving you basically any cord you would need for any device you have today and you’re not getting one of these for that price you’re getting two for that price now the x3 that has the three ports will be blocked and everybody gets the black one no matter what you order what you’re going to then do is order the corresponding color and that corresponding colored charge hog will have five ports you got it the other neat thing about these David is that they’re customizable so if you are giving them in this gift or if you prefer just to kind of personalize it you can go to the charge hub com for free download any image you want onto regular printer paper we give you a little template and it pops in so it’s a great customizable gift but it’s also useful because it is charging the devices and you know if your devices aren’t charged they don’t work so they’re no good so you’d need something that charges but charges better and that’s what charge hub prints exactly so here you’re going to choose black with black black with blue I have fewer than 500 in the black blue combination here’s cool black with red and finally the black the purple 400 left in that black with purple here’s your value story this would ordinarily run you 135 dollars and 77 cents if sold separately Diana we’re going to save you over $86 tonight you are saving way more than you’re paying for this tonight you’re also enjoying six easy payments because let’s be very candid everyone who can hear my voice tonight in all likelihood has something that needs charging absolutely and if you only need one of these keep one for yourself give it away and give away another as a gift I bought several sets of these at Christmas time and split them up among my they’re all individually boxed because even my mom in her retirement has a cell phone my mom is 80 she has a cell phone and a tablet and of course my niece and nephew have 40 11 things I need to plug in so they each got one so that’s what makes this so great now everybody has a place to charge what they need to charge and it charges faster absolutely and anywhere in the house we keep it by the front door in the kitchen in the office in the bedroom so no matter where you go you’re prepared everything’s charging and you know what it’s like when the phones are on the red bar their means are not gonna work so charge them up faster charge them up faster and do it tonight at a great price and a great savings of a retail you’re saving over eighty six dollars tonight Diana thank you for being with us always good to see you right now how many of you have a pain in the neck in the arm in your side your lower back and you’d like some temporary relief from that pain we’ve got it for you it’s in the form of light stem but don’t wait on this we don’t have a lot of these to go around tonight they’re already popular and they’re an awful lot of you out there who are looking for that temporary relief from pain this device is FDA cleared there’s an awful lot of great technology that’s going on here that’s going to help out when you need that temporary relief from pain

let’s welcome into these rep Co who again for 26 years has been bringing wellness products problem-solution products to QVC great to have you back with us David nice to see you but everybody can relate to what they’re seeing on camera yeah overdoing it a little bit in the garden overdoing it a little bit in the gym picking up the laundry basket just the wrong way hmm and you’re going to need to penetrate those muscles and bring about some temporary relief from pain after lights them comes that’s absolutely yeah well this is a FDA cleared medical device and it’s LED light energy or light therapy and it’s got infrared and red lights so when you get this home and it looks to you like not all of these nodes are illuminated that’s because with the naked eye we can’t visually see infrared so it’s still working it’s fine you’re gonna see the red red just not the infrared but it’s actually patented – its patented Multi wavelengths of energy so if you think about it it’s four ways to combat your pain we have fabulous animation that really shows how this works because people are looking at it at home and they’re going home so what we’re simulating here is our itis pain in the wrist yes there’s engineered heat and warmth in here that feels really good but the magic in the science David is where this penetrates through the tissue through the muscle and activates can you see the vein activation there what it’s doing is it stimulating the body’s natural response to healing itself so nutrients and oxygen to the bloodstream hastens how we heal now I need to let you know we have fewer than 700 of these to go around you’re also not going to get a 30-day money-back guarantee on this you’re getting 60 days because we want you to have an opportunity to try this and use it repeatedly because when we have folks to get this home and try it out they begin to experience those wonderful benefits and the temporary relief that we talk about now we have color choices for you now I’ve got this for you in the white fewer than a hundred 70 to go around in the white I also have it for you in periwinkle 160 this one is the turquoise 110 and funny the pink about 250 to go around now this is ordinarily at retail Denise 16550 yes we’re going to save you 15 50 for tonight and then with the free shipping and handling $26 and one penny less delivered to your doorstep with a 60 day money back guarantee how many of you have that lower back pain yeah well you really dealing do you want to use those smelly ointments and creams the ones that that smell like peppermint tend to get really hot on your skin right or use those those those patches that you buy in the drugstore or worse yet calling your doctor and asking for some kind of medication that can be really really tough with your system yeah even though it’s not really solving the problem what it’s doing is masking the problem right or having to take the time to make an appointment because this is the same technology they use in doctors offices hospitals chiropractic offices physical therapists and veterinary clinics so yes it temporary leaves muscle joint and even arthritis pain and stiffness so when we can say arthritis here at QVC it really means a lot but here’s what its FDA cleared for the minor muscle and joint pain that we experience whether it’s from arthritis or exercise or work or life it can help with that stiffness and muscle spasms it can help with that and then of course the one I’m most proud to say we help with is that minor arthritis pain and there are so many millions of people throughout the country who live with that arthritis pain but you don’t have to live with it try a treatment some people get experienced that that relief the very first treatment treatments are cumulative and sometimes it’ll take two or three treatments now you go to lift a heavy box out of the back of the carb in just the wrong way and there you are pick up the laundry basket and try to start up the steps with it and then suddenly oh heavens yeah and maybe it’s a situation where you’ve overdone into the gym you’ve been typing all day at the office in your hands and your wrists are aching maybe you overdo it in the gym or on the on the ball field or on the basketball court whatever the case may be but here’s the best part if you’re dealing with these kinds of issues we’re gonna give you 60 days to try it out not our normal 30 we’re gonna double it and if you’re not happy after 60 days we turn it we turn it for a full refund of your purchase price but you know how many of these we’ve sold since we first introduced it on QVC 225,000 that’s a lot of Lights to let me just break that down for you again we’ve sold 225 thousand of these 225,000 people can’t be wrong that’s that’s right and we’re going to give you 60 days to find out if it’s right for you and if it’s not you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price but you know what for a lot of people that deal with chronic pain isn’t it worth your time and isn’t it worth a try we’ve sold 225 thousand of them and

tonight we’ve got it ed over $26 less delivered to your doorstep with that free shipping and handling it’s a good night to give this a go it is and it’s so easy to use guys there’s a little rocker switch on the back that turns it on and off this is pre-programmed to run for a 30-minute session it automatically shuts itself off so if I happen to tuck it in behind my back and fall asleep it’s okay not to worry and and it is warm to the touch but that’s engineered in intentionally but again the magic and the science is in the LED light therapy but whenever possible we ask that you do put it directly against your skin sometimes you can’t really do that but tuck it in your sock tuck it in your slacks tuck it in your shirt your pajamas whatever it may be and then do that treatment if you don’t have 30 minutes then just shut it off manually by yourself but those 30 minute treatments are wonderful let me tell you that we are limited in some of our colors now let’s update you in the white I have fewer than a hundred left in the white here it is in the pink 230 in the pink this one is the turquoise six dozen left in the turquoise and finally the periwinkle five dozen you also get this great carrying case so if you’re traveling with this because I can tell you after being on an airplane thing I want to do is hey get off the airplane yeah did I say I want to treadmill recently you know the Big D is back on the treadmill yeah I am but you know what you get home after one of those experiences and you’d like a little bit of oh I don’t know yeah every lower back shoulders neck area all that kind of thing so this is what it’s all about it’s about taking things slowly and delivering that deep penetrating temporarily we’ve got a little animation will show you what’s happening there it is someone holding it on their hands yeah we’ll take a look at some animation here in a moment that will take you inside the hand to show you what this is doing yeah and it doesn’t matter where your pain is we have 300 joints of the on human body so you could use it on a joint you can use an arm muscle a spasm I actually use it on myself for bruises it helps with that in regards to that too but this is some simulated arthritic pain in the wrist you’re gonna see that engineered warmth you’re gonna see that LED light energy that’s therapy that’s the science guys it penetrates through the skin through the tissue through the joint and you see the vein activation how our bodies respond to this is it starts to generate oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream which temporarily helps it increases the circulation and helps the body start to heal itself it just sort of hastens our body’s natural response to healing we’re now last call in turquoise I have fewer than two dozen meaning fewer than 24 left in this turquoise now we’re not gonna give you a 30-day money-back guarantee on this night I’m sorry not a pretty about 30 how about sixty I like it we’ll give you double our money back guarantee timeframe so instead of the normal 30 days we’re gonna give you sixty because we want you to be able to see the cumulative effects of this overtime we also want you to know that since we introduced this product we’ve sold over two hundred twenty five thousand dollars that’s a lot it’s a lot of lights to two hundred and twenty five thousand people can’t be wrong and here are the color choices now if you want periwinkle two dozen left in periwinkle in the turquoise twelve left oh okay twelve in the pink two hundred and in the white fewer than four dozen this is going quickly free shipping and handling six easy payments on the credit card fda-cleared and it’s a two hundred and two hundred forty five thousand ordered since we launched fantastic tonight your night thank you always good to see you you too all right now important to let you know that our two hours just kind of zoomed away from us but we’re always thrilled to have you on down home and how’s the chat tonight my darling that was great looking forward to reading all the comments when I get home tonight when are you back with us my dear next week this time I have some vacation Oh before you know we’ve got some family coming in town so stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook and I’ll post what you doing lots of fun I’m gonna be back with you tomorrow night with Jane Tracy as I am every Friday for Jane and David’s Friday but tomorrow night live audience show we’ve got a couple hundred of our favorite Friday friends who dropping in you’re gonna be here live in studio and we’re gonna bring you a big three-hour show beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern time so be sure and join in for Jane and David’s fry a in the meantime Shawn Killinger is coming up next she’s got more great shopping for you tonight and she’s got Shawn’s closet full of gorgeous clothes let’s check in with ms Killinger and i’ll see you tomorrow night for Jane and David’s Friday so I feel like I’m getting spiritually and emotionally

ready for tomorrow which is Nash