Ep193 June 21 The Urgent Need for a New Sense Making Model in the 21st Century: The Homo Amor Method

Hello Everyone, good morning. Good afternoon and good evening Welcome from across this gorgeous planet We are one church many paths one Mountain where our mission is what Barbara Marx Hubbard and dr. Mark Gaffney called the planetary awakening in love through a unique self Symphony together we declare that the last day of the old face of Evolution is honored as the first day of the new face of creation I am Christina – how the co-executive producer along with Christa Josefa and Kirsten Zohar and I am delighted to be here with each and every one of you today. I Welcome all the new people. Please do share that. You are new in the chat box we want to hear from you when you do chat everyone chat to everyone by checking that your chat settings say all Panelists and attendees and not just all panelists use the chat function to say hi to let us know where you’re from and to Resonate the Dharma in one Church many pass one mountain. We are connected we are whole and we’re expressions of the entire process of Creation. We are activating a new humanity and we are awakening as a new species Homo amor the fulfillment of homo sapiens We are a church a synagogue a mosque a temple a zendo were all of it No one is excluded everyone is included and we come together to attune to the evolutionary impulse Awakening within us welcome home everyone. We’re overjoyed to be with you today in week 193 Let everyone know about one church many paths one mountain. We are doing this primarily through word-of-mouth Barber talked about each of us having a family of 10 here in church each of us tending our evolutionary family and I can say personally that Leadership and community around church is a sacred opportunity on YouTube we are one church many paths one mountain on facebook we are facebook-dot-com forward-slash One church dot world and right now we are live on Facebook. So if you could take a moment and look at your notifications and share that live link on Facebook with your Facebook community after church. We will send you an email to Invite your friends and family and for that email right after church Spend time on our website Ww1 church world on the top menu of the homepage or the bottom of each page You will find our membership link with that I give you a little bit of what to expect over this next our We begin with a Dharma recap then dr mark sets our intention and then Tom will resonate the evolutionary love code that we are working with today and then we move into prayer then our sermons and Then at the top of the hour we switch to our sense making Section mark wrote when he called Evolutionary love codes mark and Barbara studied the codes together often Comparing them to Barbara’s own 52 codes for conscious self

Evolution these codes grew out of their radical commitment over a hundred collective years crystallizing the new story of humanity quote evolving the course of Consciousness and culture which is the source code of love unquote Each church is a standalone and every week’s church builds on the week before one church many pass one mountain is Radically committed to telling the new story So here goes the Dharma recap from last week moral clarity versus moral Complexity do we have the courage to stay in? Conversation in the original Hebrew the word for Messiah, which is the vision of a better world the vision of a deeper world is conversation in the human being the conversation began between subatomic particles who came together who placed attention on each other and formed larger holes those Conversations now become conscience conscious they become awake they become alive not all Perspectives are equal some things are more true than others Some values are better than other values who decides when there’s moral clarity We seek to hold moral complexity the paradoxes competing perspectives and not make them all equal we live in a world in which Value is real not contrived not a social construction. We check facts There’s got to be a shared ground of facts beyond Narrative, we’ve got to understand that we can have many paths but there is one mountain and at the center of that mountain there’s a set of facts There was Jim Crow voter suppression Redlining and there’s not equal opportunity in America and America has made enormous progress We’re aspiring with all our might with all our soul with all our dignity with all our desire with all of our passion to realize everything that needs to be made better and needs to be transformed and we stand for it with in the context of recognizing the greatness of this dream We’ve got to engage the police as a sacred function the police have to become priests warrior priests who are holding with infinite sensitivity and infinite gorgeous tenderness and quivering fierceness the safety that allows the blooming of Society there is truly good truly beautiful Truly truth. There’s been movement forward in the evolution of love We placed our creative attention on injustice so that evolution can turn its wheel and we can stand in a world in which Gradually, and then immediately we make the radical demand that everyone’s in the circle We bloom when we give each other attention tension opens up reality attention is inseparable from Intimacy, we don’t let fear nor virtual signaling take over genuine virtue We’re courageous about it. We gather facts we gather information We aren’t determined by social media feeds. We’re doing the work around information ecology The ability to have a conversation itself is a great evolution of culture and consciousness Conversation is the most important tool we have For healing and transformation of reality when we love each other we place our attention On each other when we feel absolutely clear about something we challenge ourselves Look at the other side hold the other side. Stop demonizing the other side We are always at a protest protesting against injustice No, split between the public and the private private Heroism challenges reality private heroism is activism

No less than public heroism know that our witness doesn’t end when we die We are witness through eternity in this moment of Unraveling we are held infinity invigorated through us and when we engage in conversation when we engage in placing attention when we engage in transformation when we engage in transcending Limitations fear and anger to actually become the most gorgeous that we can become divinity gasps in shocking self recognition We’re human beings together self reflective human beings who care and can feel each other and can hold each other and can Touch each other we are looking in each other’s eyes willing to go deep into Conversation to talk about all the things that can’t be talked about with that I invite us to more deeply enter into the holy and sacred space of One church many paths one mountain and I turn my word to you beloved, dr. Mark Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Christina M Allante Lea. Thank you so much. What a gorgeous recapitulation of the Dharma right not virtue signaling, but Dharma right first principles and And let’s feel this together It’s such an important moment in time And what we’re gonna try and do friends is we’re gonna do until the top of the hour we’re gonna do one church many paths one mountain and of course we’ll be deep into The first principles and first practices that are urgently needed at this time And I spend these days, you know Sabbath day right Saturday Right, which is for me a Sabbath day you know about 19 20 hours trying to read and Listen to usually 50 60 articles from across the spectrum to try and kind of swallow culture and feel it inside of me and Each article that I read and this is an important practice I fully identify with whether it’s on the left or it’s the right in whatever country it’s in is I don’t read it to argue with it. I read it to fully identify with that perspective That’s a practice. I want to invite you to Actually as you read always Read because one of the things we’re inviting reality to is sense-making. We’re at this crucial moment in history where we have to do sense making and to do sense making is actually a function of what we call unique self Unique self and we’ll talk about that first principle more a little bit later But unique self is not just your myers-briggs test. Your unique self is the narrative of identity Which answers the question of who are you? based on the best integrated validated first principles from pre-modern modern and postmodern thought Woven together in new whole which gives us those accurate and Answer to the question of who are you? You are a unique self. You’re a irreducibly unique Expression of the field of love intelligence with a unique gift to give we’ll talk about it more later But I want to just share with you as I read those articles So 50 articles What allowed me to identify with each position Was that I knew that underneath it. I know in my body I know in my Awake heart and you’re awake. Er, you have to know this. I know that I’m not that position you get that It’s deep Right. I’m not that position. That’s not who I am. That’s a position So I can identify with it. I don’t have to argue with it. I can fully inhabit it That means I can step out of whatever my perspective might be and I can inhabit your perspective You ever get that? It’s so deep. It’s like it’s beyond right because I’m actually a unique self. I am reality having a Marc experience Just like Cristina Hamlin is reality having a Cristina a Milan experience and reality is having an Orianna experience and reality is having an its experience and reality is having a Christa experience and reality is having a

Rachel experience as long as reality’s having a Marc experience and I actually feel reality I am evolution not figuratively not a metaphor literally evolution the evolutionary impulse uniquely lives in me and all the power of evolution is Moving through me uniquely and wanting to to speak through me And in filling me up with its aliveness its goodness its truth its beauty and I’m a unique self and irreducible unique Expression right of the field of love intelligence and love beauty and love desire and love goodness and love truth When that’s who I am and I can read an article on the left on the right conservative Right liberal from any part of the world I can step out of myself And I I identify with that perspective then I can learn from it. What can I learn from this? Right. I put myself aside right out and seek to be understood. I’m stepping back. I want to understand Let me understand right then. I’ll read another article And say oh that’s a completely different perspective and I’ll completely identify with that a third and a fourth without needing to come to resolution Because evil always comes from false certainties and We arrive at false certainties when I have no notion that I am true If I don’t know that I am true, then it must be true It is true and it is true as some Dogma some political position right some Particular social perspective that my friends all approve of and will validate me in my circle Right, it is true because I’m not sure if I am true. I can move between the perspectives and I can begin to Integrate I can create a larger hole that Process that’s a unique self process, right? That’s the process that has to become the characteristic of what we call the new human in the new humanity What we’ve called Homo a mark in part in response to my colleague uvula hari’s reductionist vision of the human being which he called first time o sapiens and then Amadeus but they were both reductionist views of the human being in which the human being for Harare is Essentially neuro chemicals hacked by the algorithms of the life sciences for Harare as he says at second chapters book Homo sapiens, you know, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Qaddafi’s evil in Libya Right or its human rights? They’re both just fictions Just social constructions. There’s nothing ultimately real in them or our he’s wrong Robbery’s dogmatic and he doesn’t actually examine those assumptions but he’s a classical dogmatic materialist Who’s bright and funny and create and a great writer and and his books are worth reading. Of course But but actually he skips over. He’s a dogmatic materialist. He actually desiccates the human being Not based on evidence based on dogmatic materialism Right, but that’s not that’s actually not accurate and it’s actually when we actually gather the interior sciences of every great tradition as Alfred North Whitehead said right who wrote príncipe Mathematica with Bertrand Russell and Cambridge Right, why dad said write correctly? reflecting all the great traditions that actually the universe generates value and value is real goodness is real and truth is real and beauty is real and ethos is real and We got to first hold moral complexity and hold multiple perspectives before we can get to a kind of moral clarity a humble moral clarity and a fierce audacious Moral clarity a moral clarity in which no one is smart enough to be entirely wrong And everyone has a seat at the table and yet there’s a hierarchy of perspectives, right? Not everything is true. Right when I get to that place when I become a unique self When I actually become the fulfillment of homo more, right, right That’s when I begin to be able to do sense-making and homo mort is the fulfillment of homo sapien I’m almost the fulfillment of homo sapien and homo more is a unique expression of the outrageous. Love intelligence Homo more is the new human and the new humanity home one Where is you and me and we as we come together not just as unique selves but as a unique self symphony, and so as home all more I can listen to The New Yorker and Read the New Yorkers Depiction of what’s going on last three weeks and completely identified with the beauty subtlety and depth of the New Yorkers perspective fantastic and

Then I can read Coleman use but a black intellectual Writer I can listen to Candice Owen write an angry young friend right at 25 whose. Thanks Think completely different than the New Yorker and I can identify With each of them, but then I don’tjust I don’tjust remain in the contradiction I can then integrate that into a larger wholeness Way to a larger truth the truth that incorporates more and see where was the New Yorker blind and where was : use? Where do you not see it? Where where did can – someone’s not see it? Where’s it a win-lose metrics begin to play on either side? And I’ll give you a simple litmus test if you want to know just how to listen to information if you See people who always take their left or whether they call the left side of the spectrum and they always take a left position They’re always aligned with the left. That means they’re not thinking they’re what but Allah are called. They’re simulating They’re pretending to think they’re going through the steps. They’re not doing sense-making. They’re not sensual They’re not attuned right? They’re actually blocked. They actually can’t feel or they can only feel through a very narrow Channel right their sense making their sensuality their eros is shut down and it’s only available through the drizzle of a left-wing perspective, but the feet the kind of overwhelming water and cascading Waterfalls of truth goodness and beauty aren’t available and if you see a person who always reads things through a right-wing perspective It’s always it’s always the same no matter what it’s always aligned with that right-wing perspective one way or another they never break They never split You know and again that person’s not actually doing sense-making. They’re not sensual. They’re not in eros Right. They’re actually not available availing themselves They can’t access in themselves the cascading waterfall and eros right of this gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous ocean Right of knowing and they’re only catching reality through the right the drizzle of their particular right-wing perspective water is h2o Right. It’s hydrogen and oxygen Neither of them at room temperature are liquid When they come together when left and right come together Something new is created. If there’s a new trip, there’s a larger hole. It’s beyond left and right right you get that, right? It’s a new wholeness. It’s a new possibility homo. Amour homo sapien is caught in the win-lose metrics left or right Success story I’ve got to identify with my group of people, but I’ve got a virtue signal. I’ve got all my confirmation Biases and in my echo chamber of Facebook that’s trying to steal my attention and monetize it anyways Right, and I and I’ve got to press the like button I’ve got to be recognized in a particular way but in a social media world that seeks to Hijack that which is most precious to us our attention No, no homo amor holds their own attention. Homo amor is able to move their attention Between different perspectives because home are so powerful because home Walmart is an incarnation of divinity home one wears a unique Incarnation of all that is a unique incarnation of the divine and I can step out of myself fully Identify with your perspective step out of myself fully identify with your perspective and and that actually is the divine act because after all Where does it all come from? spirit in volutes infinity Places its attention on finitude and reality manifests and the infinite divine individuate says seven and a half billion human beings at this moment in time around the planet and the infinite divine is able to not only think through and as each one of those human beings but to actually feel every one of those human beings Wow, right none of us need to actually grasp for attention because the attention of the infinite is on each of Us individually, can you feel that? like to actually feel that in your body to know that I know that in my body I Can feel the attention of the infinite on me and holding me and in moving through me right and and and animating the conversations between the quarks within me within the cells within me between the organisms within me Right and you can feel the same thing and I never have to grasp for attention by by pressing a like button on Facebook because I am witnessed I’m held in the full attention of infinity and Because infinity so powerful because infinity is Ammar

infinity is Right the throbbing pulsing love Right, not Pollyanna schlub not a Harlequin romance the agony and the ecstasy the whole thing. Nothing’s left out the principle of non rejection Nothing’s left out You have to trace everything back to source and reality’s a trickster which are the three principles Right of deep profound what’s called ton trick thought Tantra has nothing to do with sexuality. Its core Tantra means the core nature of reality Reality is a trickster trace everything back to its source the principle of non objection So this infinite divine that lives in me Right when it awakens in me and that love intelligence awakens in me when I become home while more I’m powerful. I’m powerful powerful in the most beautiful way not a kind of dominating reductive Exploiting abusive power over in its shadow form But actually I have power and service of I have power in devotion to and in that sense I do have power over but I have power over meaning I impact were in the Anthropocene Are the human beings at the center in the way? We’ve never been in history before and so we need to move from Homo Sapien to home one more when you take responsibility For our sense making it’s all urgent, but it doesn’t have to be right now Breathe in between put a wedge of awareness Right actually hold Dialectic meaning there’s a thesis. Here’s one position. Here’s an antithesis. Here’s another position They oppose each other be able to stay in the silence long enough Right don’t go to a false certainty Which is always false surgeons are always the source of evil and we go to false certainties because we can’t hold The space in between the breasts as they say in Kashmir Shaivism Hold the place between the breasts The empty space between the cherubs above the ark and the Temple in Jerusalem is the place from which the Word of God Comes in the great lineage traditions. What’s that empty space? It’s the empty space in which I insert a wedge of awareness where I read a new perspective I identify with it wholeheartedly a billion percent And I breathe I don’t need to take it in as an absolute certainty now, I step out of that perspective I take another perspective I inhabit it fully I feel it fully just like the infinite spirit feels me fully Sacred textbook olks are a thumb loads are right in all of your pain. I’m with you That’s the Christ moment That’s that unique Christ moment emergent from Isaiah, right? The infinity feels finitude and infinity feels me infinity feels you were always witnessed again We don’t have to grasp for attention were witnessed and all of the attention of the worlds on us Waiting for us to actually emerge as home all more and then each of us has a unique perspective Which means a unique ability to do sense making a unique sensuality right to add to unique self Symphony Wow that’s the emergence right of the new human and then humanity and so we’re gonna do sense-making both in our Hour together and then a special sense-making session afterwards and they’ll be distinct when we’re doing it not for our entertainment although there’s nothing more beautiful and nothing more exciting and nothing more wild than telling the greatest story there ever is together and trying to get the plot line and know our place in the story and know that you matter and I matter and in that my love story is chapter and verse in the universe a love story Wow and that that’s not pollyannish that’s not a metaphor Alright, that’s actually accurate that’s actually based on the best integration of the interior and exterior Sciences that’s actually the best understanding we have of reality in this moment in time that reality is lined with love amaur amaur Right, it’s insights are lined with love I So welcome everyone It’s so insanely good to be with you. It’s so Wildly privilege to be with you, right? We tremble together before got us Happy Father’s Day. Everyone. We’re going to redo Father’s Day and Mother’s Day together here. Let’s hear one more more start chant every week Let’s start with them more than Tom’s gonna resonate the code David’s up climbing a mountain today right many paths one mountain David’s climb in that one mountain He’ll be back next week and we have Lord Tom the awesome Tom with us right today to resonate the code But first one more, let’s feel it. And let’s let’s practice and let’s chant it together around the world All right for the sake of the evolution of love and in the space between the cherubs right fully full hammam or together we are Revolutionaries or at a time between worlds we are we are DaVinci together Articulating right the new source code as the greatest act of outrageous love we could possibly do in the face of suffering

laying down first principles that our clarity beyond Complexity holding all the complexity there could possibly be takes inside More Oh My god, oh my god, I’m mark Tom. What’s your brother Tom? Let’s resonate the code We got a gorgeous coat for this week brother Tom. What a pleasure Right, welcome town. Love them up Thank you mark pleasure to be here again with you this week this week’s evolutionary love code More than confessing their sins Every human being is obligated to confess their greatness Every human being is obligated to live with our greatness Obligation duty honor and nobility are not social constructions of reality Obligation honor and nobility are real Your greatness is your deepest heart’s desire To confess your greatness is to confess your heart’s desire And we must also confess our vulnerability To confess our greatness without our vulnerability is to lie to ourselves To confess our vulnerability without confessing our greatness is to deny God But I turn my word back to you mark, beautiful. Thank you, Tom. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you It is so good to see you and so good to be with you And by the way, we all love the the necklace that Tom has right? Is that like gorgeous horse? I’m getting one of those Okay. So yay, thank you. So so so much I can you feel that everyone Can you feel that gorgeous? Right? Can everyone feel that? It’s like wow All right. Let’s just look at it. Just to feel it just go in. Let’s just read it together, right? Right, right. We have to confess our greatness And Barbara’s gonna be here today. I talked about confessing our greatness, but we’re actually Obligated to confess our greatness sermon, can we fill that the word obligation in the original lineage is right in Hebrew love and love an obligation are actually the same word and there’s a notion of Obligation and that’s critically missing in the 50 articles. I read this Saturday, right? I did not see any first principles Right, and here’s the first principle obligation were obligated Obligations a core first principle. It’s not an option. I was at a a particular private school that I mentioned a few weeks ago Where I tried to talk about the notion of obligation This was in the liberal world the best kids in the country right meaning super smart, right?

Right, super potential super great kids not the best. I apologize. The best kids are all over the country But but you know the kids who had the most privileged had the most obvious, right? trajectories of potential in society, right Crazy great teachers ostensibly and facility and I tried to talk to them about the notion of obligation When we talked about, you know mother Teresa Right, you’re on an island with mother Teresa, and she’s driving you absolutely out of your mind It’s trapping you completely crazy and mother Teresa. There’s three biographies of her right she was she was tough You don’t actually create a new order out of the Vatican easily. So you’re there with Mother Teresa. You’re on an island It’s a deserted island. We reenacted a kind of deaths AF ski Raskolnikov vision which is a hypothetical vision. You’ve been there for twenty years, you know, you’re never gonna get off You’re never gonna be discovered mother trace reminds of your mother. She’s absolutely sorry Mother Teresa. She’s obnoxious She’s horrible, but she’s screaming at you every day. It’s a disaster She goes scuba diving don’t ask me how you know from your shipwreck. There were some scuba gear left over, right? She breaks both of her arms. You happen to be a doctor. You set her arms in a splint. Her arms are straight out She can’t feed herself. Do you or don’t you have an obligation to feed her? And it’s they be the overwhelming majority of the students that I asked this question at this elite private school Bastion of liberalism right said you cannot say you have an obligation to feed mother trace You can’t say it because you just you can’t it’s a nice thing to do. It’s a good thing to do You should do it. You should read to say that it’s an obligation It’s an absolute obligation of cosmos, they utterly refused and they were wrong but they were a product right of Right the education that they received in which they never got a transmission of value from their teachers They sat around small tables. They would be asked a question Vanilli would all offer answers and the teacher’s job was to facilitate Right using a method called the Harkness method let’s facilitate right but actually an establishment of value when a calling to noble honor to duty to obligation didn’t exist and if you want to Understand some of the anger of the conservative world with all of its manifold problems We understand that we’re huge critiques right of for example Mitch McConnell, right? And I’m not talking about Mitch McConnell I’m talking about George Will and I’m talking about the best of the conservative world One of the critiques is what happened to the notion of obligation with that obligation. It falls apart. So there’s an obligation But more than confessing my sins. I’ve got to confess my greatness when I’m actually Obligated to my greatness and greatness doesn’t live in the world of Fame famous people who managed to hijack Attention sometimes legitimately sometimes illegitimately know we’re talking about actually obligation I’m obligated to confess my greatness Right and obligation duty honor nobility. They’re not social constructions, right? They’re real right and you are obligated to your greatness and Your greatness is outrageous acts of love and chris is gonna talk later. Right our Exactly executive producer here in one church many paths one mountain in an emergent voice Chris is going to talk about outrageous acts of love. I’m obligated To greatness. It’s the democratization of greatness which is what home well more stands for and it’s a new first principle when a democratization of enlightenment and in which actually every human being incarnate their unique and Carnot’s the unique expression right of the evolutionary impulse, right? incarnate right a gorgeousness that’s unlike any other it has a gift to give That’s unlike any other which is why any killin black or white any senseless kidding killing, right? Right every police officer is precious right every every every every victim of right right the the occasional and Tragic, right and one-time is way too often and there’s a systemic problem that needs to be addressed of police brutality, right? It’s tragic beyond imagination because each one of these human beings right actually has a gift to give the reality desperately needs But you got a confessor grain. It’s gotta confess. I’m gorgeous. I’m great and I’m uniquely great and I’m uniquely gorgeous But of course, I can’t confess my greatness, right? Friends without confessing my vulnerability. I’m also fradulent. I can also be ego eclis hijacked My attention can be hijacked by Facebook in two seconds by a social media feed which prevents me from Placing my attention wider and gathering facts and integrating information and being home are more Like the like button hijacks me right at the eye candy of social media hijacks me

But I actually forget that but actually the infinity of intimacy has placed her his its attention on me And I’m held and needed and she waits for me to show up and give my gift and she waits for me to be her co-creator and that all of reality Desperately needs my gift Wow That’s confession of greatness. And that’s confession of vulnerability and in life is short. All right, it can end in any second And yes, there’s a continuity of consciousness and yes, we’ll talk about that. But death is real and it’s only the realization of my vulnerability Right. It’s only the realization of death. But with a first shock of existence that tresses me into service Otherwise, I’d become corrupt. I become Oscar Wilde Dorian Gray, right? Who’s got this picture, right? Right, which is his his corrupt soul in that picture as long as it lives He lives eternal in because he lives eternally he never has to make choices. He doesn’t expiry vulnerability, right? We’re vulnerable We’re fragile every breath we take and we deserve every breath we take and we actually have to release the knee of Unloved from the neck right of the goddess. When a goddess screams. I can’t breathe that’s what these weeks are about an honoring George Floyd Totally honor enjoyed flight and honoring Coleman use and honoring the New Yorker honoring Candace Owens right honoring the whole story made friends But let’s bring now let’s pray now We’re gonna pray now like we’ve never prayed before and we’re gonna bring literally our holy and our broken hallelujah Can we do that? We’re gonna bring our holy in our broken hallelujah Together and we’re gonna we’re gonna come before him and and just confess our vulnerability All right, can we confess that so we’re gonna do when we come back afterwards. We’re gonna confess over all nobility We’re gonna confess our greatness and we’re gonna pray Okay, so if you can open your heart, can we open our hearts together, right? So gentle and forgive me if anything I said didn’t work for you. I apologize, right if I said something off you’re right I’m wrong. Let’s give up being right All right, it’s great to be wrong when you’re really mean you really know you’re wrong Then you’re actually right when you think you’re right you’re off and wrong, but don’t even know it right you get that paradox All right, so don’t don’t fixate on he made a mistake. Of course. He did already some neurotic Jewish guy. Who cares, okay? I’d stay with me. Okay, let’s open our hearts. Now. Let’s go into the holy and the broken hallelujah And let’s pray before the infinity of intimacy that knows our name. That’s not a dogma We actually can experience in our first person the attention of reality upon us Just like you hear me speaking and you don’t hear me just through your ears, right you’re hearing through the Living Intelligence in your body when you die your ears Don’t hear me you hear me? Because the life intelligence the love intelligence is awakened you So just like you hear me The whole field of reality hears me just like I hear you the whole field of reality hears me so when we pray every word is heard by the field of love intelligence, so we’re gonna go in and Leonard Cohen, she’s gonna be with us. He’s with us every week he’s gonna open up the space of Prayer and we’re gonna pray for every time we never Prayed before just like in these weeks so many people in the black community have screamed for every time they never screamed before Right our hands are together that’s going the holy And the broken hallelujah There was a secret chord that David played and it has pleased the Lord but you don’t really Care for music too hether around the world All major Your baby want a strong baguette need your star She’s Shall From I

Don’t know the need but if I did well really, what did you hear? Which It wasn’t much I couldn’t feel Trying to tell us I’ve talked it through didn’t come And he stand before We go to the chat box and we’re gonna pray and we’re gonna ask for everything but before we pray before we pray, let’s confess our greatness right confess our greatness and it just means right I Confess my greatness to actually own it and feel it right in this past couple of weeks We’ve seen stalinist confessions all over the place and let’s confess our greatness. Can I confess my greatness? I confess my gorgeousness. I confess my greatness, right? We’re actually claiming in being the new human and the new humanity and we can be excited about it It’s okay, and maybe we could write I am home or if we can actually feel it It’s so gently so fiercely quivering tenderness, right? I am Omar Omar and I am home one more and I am home home where I’m not waiting for someone else. I Confess my greatness. I am home all more. It’s not just first principles its first Practices right 50 articles no first principles. No first practices. We’ve got to be the first principles we’ve got to practice we got to incarnate I Confess my greatness. I am home amor. I am home Omar if you haven’t written it yet I just want to just so gently, right I just invite you when you write it something Happens and if it’s hard for you to write so write it on God’s heart directly I get it but inscribe it inscribe your lips on the lips of infinity Infinity yearns for your kiss and your kiss is right. I confess my greatness I am home more and more and in the very same moment. I confess my vulnerability Right, I’m broken. I can I write that also Right, right. I’m vulnerable. I confess my boner ability I confess my brokenness right in the same moment, right? I confess my brokenness kind of confessed my brother back. He’s right. I’m broken and I’m broken Right, I’m broken, right? I’m broken and broken and I’m filled with trauma and I’m filled with intergenerational trauma my egos so easily Hijacked and I I so desperately want approval Right, and I want to feel like I belong and sometimes I’ve done things

I should have never done and Betrayed people I should have never betrayed and betrayed parts of myself that were invaluable to me in order to belong Right in order to to get that like button pressed on the social media right of my soul That was utterly broken, but I’m broken and I’m broken. I’m dragging. I’m totally broken. I End and in this moment in this moment as I go and stay closer as I go underneath the space-time continuum Which actually allows me in a core principle of first principle? I can actually get underneath the space-time continuum. We have enormous evidence for that based an enormous amount of information Right that I can actually get underneath the space-time continuum We can actually find each other right beneath space and beneath time and there’s all sorts of communications that happen in the world that are deeply documented So in this moment Let’s go underneath the space-time continuum and let’s go to the place where I betrayed myself and just say I forgive myself Right, I was broken and now I’m whole because in this moment underneath the space-time continuum when I set my attention And I placed my attention on my greatness Actually all is transmuted right I was broken and now I’m whole I remember the song Amazing Grace and I was broken and now I’m whole I forgive myself Right, I was broken and now I’m home Now home all more and from that place of being whole I was broken and now I’m whole can you feel that? I was broken I’m held right I was broken and now I’m whole like that’s that’s called teshuva in the lineage It’s a first principle te shu VA the ability to go under the space-time continuum Right and actually beneath time Access that moment where I betrayed and make that moment whole again Right, and without that I can’t actually own my brokenness I can’t own my brokenness if there’s not a way to make it whole and one of the things that’s Literally missing in the script of cultures. How do you make it home? How do you forgive how do you move beyond? Intergenerational trauma, how do we forgive each other right? How does a Jew? post-holocaust right walk in the world right and not right devolve into right horrific horrific horrific tragedy, right, right How does a black right coming out of right the original sin of slavery that was around the world of the 19th century? right step out right of the trauma and how can I get beneath the space-time continuum and forgive myself and Forgive even my impression even my murder Right who’s not alive today, but who somehow lives in me? And how do we actually begin today to build another world to become the new human in the new humanity? And how do we get out of the loop that’s called teshuva. We can actually go beneath the space-time continuum and Forgive the betrayals and an entire religion is based on that. It’s called Christianity. How do you forgive Judas? And then we’ve all been Judas at some moment or another we’ve all been betrayed and we’ve all been betrayers Wow Wow, so from this place that’s home or more the confession of my greatness and the confession of my vulnerability right right from that Infinity of intimacy infinity of power and who as if we were ever Evers up for it friends beloved’s let’s pray Let’s pray and let’s ask for everything. Let’s ask for everything in Minneapolis Let’s ask for everything for the men in prison in America Right who have been affected by Corona right by Kovan and haven’t been properly taken care of, right? Let’s actually ask for all the people who can’t breathe in Corona round the world Let’s pray for all the police officers who has Barack Obama said the vast majority of which put their lives on the line to protect The community and let’s call Policemen to priesthood and let’s have the people with most potential and most resources right from the best schools Let’s go into police work. Let’s claim that as a sacred space and let’s pray together Like we’ve never prayed before right from that place of radical forgiveness. I can’t feel that right gen I pray to be able to inhabit others identity and Integrate what I’ve learned Sally I pray to fully understand that Ray just loved an outrageous pain, right? And open to both without a version. All right. Oh my god right shot I pray for the strength to confess my brokenness, right Carolyn, it’s good to see you Carol and I forgive myself I forgive myself I forgive myself, Dina But I pray for the many people are in pain both physically and mentally and spiritually mostly I pray that my greatness Rise up to great and dance with my vulnerability Shotty and I claim my greatness at the same time Well, Rick I asked for the happiness of every feeling being Suz that I pray to be more vulnerable and opened my heart So wide that it opens everything. Oh My god, right? I am great in being my unique essence as Fran as love

Intelligence Claire. I pray I’m praying for all people for without a job today and can’t pay for their most basic needs hoots I pray to enjoy the present moment. I’m more I’m more joyous for all those who can’t breathe for all the reasons We can’t breathe, right? I pray to confess right my white privilige right and I pray to confess my black privilege and I pray to Confess my brown privilege and I pray to confess my Jewish privilege Right and I pray to use that privilege for the power right of the good to potentiate the good Raquel I pray for guidance for my inner compass All right to offer my any give scénic I pray for a new home, right? For Paul and I Amen Harry I pray for our collective mental illness to be Transmuted and the wisdom of home all mourned and we can’t transmute illness right without new first principles and first practice in Harry I can’t wait to see you soon, right? Doris I pray to expand love and like Terry I pray that everyone feel held that no one’s out of the circle I pray Christa To embody outrageous love and relaxing my power and vulnerability So my heart can open again and again and again Kirsten I pray for forgiveness But the oppressed can forgive their oppressors the true victims, right right Wow, and I want to understand this with you friends I want to understand those deeply it’s really important and it’s really important. All right we got to get this there was a really important rap on race between James Baldwin and we we merge all these prays together for Elsa I for Scott a passed away only today Scott it 35 years old praying for you Scott Right Roger for Jenna shilling for myself in the whole world. Tommy all realized. We’re here to protect each other Not merely ourselves, right? And so I want to just I want to finish this piece right with with Sameera to get money for her surgery Amen, you know there was an incredible conversation, but it was called a wrap on race it took place in 1970 and you can get it in the library. Let’s call the wrap on race. You can get in the library, right? Oh my god, right you can get in the library between Margaret Mead and James Baldwin And Margaret Mead, it’s one of the great thinkers and fierce feminist and fierce original right creator right and James Baldwin Right, right who was one of the great poets of the century and who spoke the story of black pain having a conversation? And on the stage right in New York City, right, right It’s an incredible conversation and I want to just share with you you know one piece because it’s unbelievably important right and it they have this conversation about And I’m gonna read you a little bit. Okay, just for a second We’re gonna we’re gonna finish with this and then we’re gonna we’re gonna hear from Kristin Then we’re gonna go deep in all the way right in sense-making Okay, so they’re having this conversation and they’re talking about you know is there’s collective guilt and it’s a really important question It’s a really important question. Right? Are we were right are we guilty? Let’s say Right. I’m gonna put it in the most stark terms Kirsten and who’s the executive director of organization is German, I’m Jewish My whole family I almost all of my family was gassed in the Holocaust is Kirsten responsible for it Answer’s no It’s a simple answer. No Answer’s no Right. I want to get straight. Alright, there’s never been a moment in my mind. Not even a second since I met Kirsten eleven years ago in Berlin, it never entered my body for a split second that Kerstin was somehow responsible for the gassing of my family were a few generations later We’re talking about it an intergenerational trauma beyond imagination Kirsten has zero responsibility for it has nothing to do with her. She wasn’t alive then Right. She wasn’t at the gas chambers, right? She stands in her life for everything that’s opposed to Nazism Right. She’s holding a deep frame of of wisdom and outrageous love and I’m proud to walk with her in the world Right, that’s really important there’s not collective guilt for all Germans today, and there’s not Collective guilt as both Margaret Mead and James Baldwin agreed they went back and forth and it was a it was a hard conversation And there’s a moment in which James Baldwin wants to introduce this notion right of collective guilt Right and and then they agreed in an out there can’t be collective guilt right art Baldwin agrees with Margaret Mead, right, but he says I think there can be Responsibility for what happens? It says Margaret Mead, right, right and Responsibility in a certain sense, you know Margaret Meads, that’s good guilt It’s a nonsensical term and Baldwin says yeah, I know what you mean. It’s useful guilt, right? And then she says right she says no no, let’s agree on Responsibility it says Margaret Mead, right? It is saying I’m gonna make an effort to have things changed

But I can’t take responsibility For something that was done by others right and and and and Baldr and me go back and meet tells the story in and they come down and they agree on this notion of Collective right of this that we got to take responsibility Today for what we can do but it’s not collective guilt. Those are two different things Right, you can’t shame White America into guilt – the same way you can’t shame Germany into guilt Well, we can do is all of us take Responsibility today for the world that we inherited that something else I want to I wanna read you a story that Margaret Mead tells James ball He loves the story and the respect between them and the story is unbelievable I mean it’s gorgeous right And she’s explaining right right how she came across this notion that we can’t adopt the old Religious idea that were defined by blood and race and therefore the black race is responsible The German race is responsible. The white race is responsible. The brown race is responsible. No No, we’ve got to actually move in that sense beyond race. I’m gonna talk a little bit more about this, but just hear this It’s an incredible story Mead says I was walking across the Wellesley campus where she was teaching right with my four-year-old who was climbing pine trees and steady keeping up with me and I said You know Margaret meets as I said, you’ve come down out of that pine tree. You’re not to pine needles like an Indian So my foyer comes down, you know, my four year old says to me. This is a marker to me talking She says why do the Indians have to eat pine needles? and so she says motomete says I said to get their vitamin C because they don’t have any oranges and my daughter said why don’t they have any oranges and then I I’m not gonna I’m now gonna speak in first person as Margaret Mead did right then I made a Perfectly clear technical error. I said because the white man took their land away from them And my daughter looked at me and she said am I white and I said to her. Yes your wife And my daughter said but I didn’t took their land away from them. I don’t like it to be tooken. She shouted Wow Right in Margaret Mead right said right and that’s when I realized right I can’t we don’t Collective guilt and Margaret Mead was an anthropologist. Right? Right and and and Right. She says there’s been millions of crimes committed against humanity millions Now why is one crime more important than another and James Baldwin says no my point precisely is that one crime is not more important than another and that all crimes must be atoned for and Then meat says but when you’re talking about atonement Right, right. You’re talking about. What are you talking about? You’re talking about right people who weren’t born when this was committed Right and Baldwin says no I mean recognition of where one finds oneself at what time in history and they go back and forth Right, and then right and just listen carefully Right meet says is the blood of someone who’s dying in Burma today on your hands and James Baldwin says, yes Yes, and Margaret Mead says I won’t accept it. I will not then Baldwin says For Whom the Bell Tolls It means everybody’s suffering is mine That’s beautiful. And then Margaret Mead says, yes, everyone’s suffering is mine, but not everyone’s murdering. That’s a different point I will accept everyone suffering I don’t distinguish for one moment whether my child is in danger or a child in Central Asia, but I will not accept Responsibility for what other people do because I happened to belong to that nation or that race or that religion? I do not believe in guilt by association Right and and in the end Right in the end Right, like wow They come together. They Come together and they come together and this is what they agree on And it’s so gorgeous that I want to invite everyone to read this. It’s a treasure it’s an undiscovered treasure wrap on a race between Margaret Mead and James Baldwin and I want to go deeply with me here for a second. Okay, and we’re finishing church, and we’re moving now into sense-making Okay, and we’re gonna hear from Christa. Right right gorgeously, right right in in the middle here. Okay about outrageous acts of love I want to finish this piece. Okay, just go deep here for a second. Okay, go deep you Know one of the things that my colleague Sam Harris said that I I cited he said, you know Races is like hair color we got a completely move beyond race and That’s exactly half right half wrong I’m gonna stay with me clearly here. Okay, and this is very it’s very deep and it’s subtle. We have to actually do sense making It’s absolutely true that we have to be as Martin Luther King said we have to be in the Content of our character and not the color of our skin. That’s absolutely true

So for example in Judaism My original lineage and today I’m Jewish and I’m Buddhist and I’m Christian and I’m Indian and I’m Native American but my original lineage It is Jewish and we can be dual citizens from our original lineage and other lineages That’s a very deep I do and give me dual citizens in the world. I had too deep idea Right and just feel that right, right? But but but actually and there’s this deep idea of duality all over the place James Baldwin pointed out that most blacks in America are descended from whites and blacks. We had a President Barack Obama, right? Who was born of a marriage between white and black we’re all right. It’s all much more complicated than notion of there’s no pure race right, but but we understand the idea that Martin Luther King talked about right which is the content of our character not the color of our skin Amin I understand what my colleague Sam Harris was saying when he said okay race, it’s gotta be hair color, right we get that Okay, did we get that that’s deep and that’s big and it’s good. Okay. Yeah But not quite enough And black lives matter is actually sensing something, right? right, there’s something right, which is, you know, actually I Can actually be universal and can actually understand all lives matter. That’s absolutely true Anyone who would deny all lives matters of blithering idiot, and I can’t even have a conversation with that person Of course all lives matter and within all lives matter black lives matter and I actually have an identity Right, which is I’m a world citizen. I am world centric and at the same time Right. I’m actually can be part of a community Right. We don’t have to obliterate Judaism I can be in the coven ental Destiny the unique destiny of the Hebrew wisdom lineage I can be in the unique destiny of the Christ community I can be in the unique destiny right of Right the Indian, right? right the Indian the subcontinent I can be in the unique destiny right of Right of being Chinese. I can be in the unique destiny of being the beauty of being a black America Right. Actually, there’s no Melting Pot The Melting Pot was a mistake. It’s a terrible metaphor as both Baldwin and meat pointed out What do you mean to melt some up means you lose your essence and you become homogeneous. Right, right So there’s a part of that. That’s true All of us our true selves, we’re all part of the one consciousness. Well part of the one love We’re all part of the one heart. So therefore universal human rights Therefore worldcentric intimacy. Therefore we’re all holding hands, right? We got that this is hugely important right races like hair color and black lives matter and Your survival matters, right? And there’s a unique self Symphony in every race right and every religion Right and every nationality that prides itself on its home can actually have a unique instrument in unique self Symphony Right, so there’s only one human race but that one human race is not a globalist Homogenizing which races difference which races distinctions everyone got that You have Paul Cummings a great guide Peters. Fantastic. We love Peter Peters. Awesome. Okay shotty, right, right So we’re totally good. So feel this guys everybody feel this guys. It’s beautiful All right, Peter. Someone just asked me the chat box if I know you so I said I did it. You’re awesome Right. So Felix, can we fill this together? We actually have to hold this in our bodies. And remember what we said before you got to be able to inhabit two different perspectives Right. So in the one I’ve got a hold paradox hold dialectic thesis and antithesis produce a synthesis. Okay CSIS you ready? Let’s make it real now Thesis he says write the original thesis is I’m defined by my religion the Jews They’re the best chosen people right the whites They’re Sapir of the blacks their superior the indians their superior the sunnis their superior the Shiites they’re superior, right? That was the thesis Antithesis, and that was a pre-modern thesis. The antithesis says now no Universal human rights the Renaissance da Vinci Marcel. Oficina Oh, but ultimately Voltaire remember the cruel teas that were initiated by that thesis. There’s an answer thesis, right? It’s a beautiful antha thesis which is universal human rights Martin Luther King the content of our character not the color of our skin Does everyone feel that right sam Harris? You got it, right Sam right race is like hair color, but that’s the entity sisters everyone get this Okay, so everyone ever get this? Okay now synthesis Synthesis, right says no. No actually Actually, we’re completely beyond any kind of racism We have no toleration for that. And therefore we’re beyond any kind of collective guilt. All right, we’re gonna no collective guilt Right, right, right. No collective guilt Kirsten’s not responsible

right and White Americans are are not guilty right for slavery. Not true Just like Germans aren’t guilty for gassing my family All right. There’s actually we’re responsible as Margaret Mead and James Baldwin agreed right for what we did that’s the way we’re responsible in that sense right for sure and there’s a way in which were part of a community and there’s a covenant between generations in that community and I want to introduce this idea with Often we talk about in the old religions a covenant between the human being in God, which is beautiful But there’s a second kind of covenant that’s actually implicit in the lineage which is a covenant between the generations. Okay? Right, right. Let’s let’s leave genetic to side guys. Okay, let’s go stay out of that. Okay, let’s stay in the Covenant here There’s a covenant between generations. So everyone get that There’s a covenant between generations. So there is Intergenerational trauma Right in the Jewish community. That’s real and There is intergenerational Responsibilities in the Jewish community and I do feel right. I’m a complete Universalist. I’m a Buddhist. I’m a Christian I’m a Muslim, but I also feel a unique responsibility Right to the continuity of the Jewish community and I feel a responsibility to the Jews of 2,000 years ago Right and as a Universalist, I feel a responsibility even beings of 2,000 years ago, but but they don’t contradict each other and there’s intergenerational trauma an Intergenerational glory an intergenerational beauty and there’s a covenant between the generations and so it’s not collective guilt But it’s unique responsibility So white America is not guilty for slavery. There was slavery all over the world It was a tragedy in the world the United States participated in that world tragedy It’s not an evil or ugly American right? There was slavery all over the world white set slaves and black set slaves and brown people had slaves black slaves all over the world And black people had black slaves. It was a tragedy all over the world. There’s been an evolution of consciousness Right, right. We were living in the United States and we who came and immigrated to the United States I’m a first generation American immigrant. I wasn’t here. My family wasn’t here I had nothing to do with this. But as as an American, I’m an American I’m proud to be American as an American by taking on being an American Right, and then I’m also taking on part of the collective responsibility Of America in the Covenant between generations right to heal the intergenerational pain. Can you feel that? Can you feel that everybody? That’s not a soundbite you get that? That’s not a sound buddy It’s deep Like there’s a covenant between who can hear that who can hear this if you can hear this if you know this Just give it to me. Yes who can hear this right? It’s deep. There’s no collective guilt Okay, there’s not responsible in the sense. I’m being punished for what I didn’t do right but there’s a covenant between the generations Right, and we can actually feel the suffering across the generations All right. Remember we said you can get underneath the space-time continuum? Remember we said that before right? So actually I can I can feel the suffering Right. I can feel the suffering of my relatives. Right right, right a particular woman I’m thinking about in my family was holding her baby in her arms as she entered the gas chambers right and suffocated with her, baby 12,000 G’s a day gassed in Auschwitz. What does that mean? By them the most cultured nation on earth and I can feel I can feel Right what it means to have lynchings of black men who white women falsely accused them Right of some sexual impropriety Right who religious and then? postcards of the lynched black men were passed around in the white community and I can feel that I can feel that horror and That horror is alive on the streets today because there isn’t a generational trauma That doesn’t excuse riding and doesn’t excuse looting it doesn’t Excuse burning down your neighborhood like happened in 1968 in Detroit in Chicago Which then actually wrecks the neighborhood and took the jobs away because they manufacturing left and caused untold Disaster right for the black community. It doesn’t that doesn’t excuse that Right, nor would it excuse it on the Jewish side, but but I can feel Jewish pain through the generations and I can feel black pain to the generations and every time we scream we scream For every time we never scream before and every time we protest we protest for every time we never protested before right? right, and so so beyond what the statistics are but needs to be looked at and beyond what’s true which needs to be looked at because We need to do fact check and we need to understand right? But but beneath all that beneath all that Right. There’s there’s all the pain that we’ve never we’ve never we’ve never been able to hold and never been able to let go of

Because it’s still with us and in every time I’m traumatized right I get reach romic eyes for all the old pain and that’s real That’s real. It can’t be rationally dismissed. Is that a rational conversation? right right because ratio ratios ratio where it comes from music It’s the right relationship between things the right relationship between things ratio actually means music because mathematics is a form of music So rational means I’ve got to feel the music means I’ve got to feel the pain I’ve got to feel the pathos right and I’ve got to realize that there’s a covenant between generations And I’m responsible to set this right I’m responsible to set it right for all the generations and I’m responsible to feel pain beyond my pain To feel pain to expand my circle horizontally I got a feel beyond my community, but I’ve also got to feel beyond my generation That’s what leadership is to democratize greatness. You can’t say okay the president the vice president, right? There’s a couple of people there the great people and we’re often our egoic selves. That’s at home one more Homo remember means were all part of this covenant between the generations Right and we can all feel each other’s pain and we can feel the pain Through the generations and I can be a Jew in the gas chamber and I can be a black slave on a on a plantation right Wow Right Wow Right Wow Who can feel this who can feel if you can feel it? Just that feel it if you can feel it Just I feel it right who can feel what’s gonna don’t fill this. Yeah Can you feel it if you feel it’s a sad feeling just I’d say I feel it right I feel like can you shout it out? Just feeling just shout out. I feel it. We can feel it, right It’s not just thinking it right rott. CEO Rational means to feel the music. Right? Right, right. I can feel it and I feel it right I can feel it. I Can’t just think it I can’t just have Talking Heads. All right talking and working out. No Dharma’s to feel it We can feel each other’s pain right And we can feel each other’s pain in we don’t explain it away Right, we can say no looting we can say no burning. That’s absolutely right We could say burn down your neighborhoods a really destructive. We can say that all the right or there’s a lot we can say Or we can a lot we can say to the right a lot. We can say to the left, but don’t explain it away I’d feel it And it’s intergenerational pain its intergenerational trauma. And because actually we’re not guilty for what came before But we can feel Everything that came before and there’s a covenant between the generations And here’s where it gets gorgeous. Okay? There’s what gets course. Here’s the last thing. Okay, there’s the last thing Usually we can only feel at the ethnocentric level people can usually only feel their own people’s pain You have a very hard time feeling the pain of other people right My mother used to tell me all right, if it’s good for the Jews. It’s good for the world Right, and she sent me arts or Morse’s book which was about while six million died it the Silence the deafening silence of the world doing Holocaust and then I read David Wyman’s book the abandonment of the Jews Which about the deafening? deafening pain Well, the Holocaust happened when it could have been stopped in a thousand different ways and nothing was done in the world stood by silently right And I used to repeat that in speeches in my 20s and I would tell people about it all over the place and then one day Then I was about I was 40, you know woman stood up a Jewish woman, right and she start saying You know repeating what I was saying about, you know how the world was silent, you know when the Jews were killed And I realized that she was saying and I realized why it rang hollow for me at that point I said to her I said wow, I get it You’re so right and I’ve been talking about this my whole life and and I said to her I said and I’m so happy that You were an activist when a Khmer Rouge? destroyed 2 million people and Right in Thailand, and she looked at me. She know what I was talking about. I said, oh no, I Apologize. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that I meant you’ve been a major activist for the Armenians who suffered genocide and and She looked at me I said oh no, I’m I apologize. I I got it wrong. I forgot. You’re a leading right? You’re right You’re the person who jumped in when the Hutus were killing the Tutsis in All right, 800,000 people were killed in a hundred days. You couldn’t sleep at night, right? And she looked at me and she got angry and I said to her I said we can’t just feel the pain of our lineage right Right Homo amar means we can feel each other’s pain Right, every person in black lives matter has to say oh my god. I was gassed announcements and Therefore I got to know what a Holocaust is and therefore I can’t write lightly and wrongly in the black lives matter Manifesto in 2016 then Israel commits genocide And in a Nazi like way you can’t write that in the black lives manner rent manifesto

Which the black lives matter did And it’s not that black lives matter activists even knew was written by a couple of people in a committee But you can’t do that. And if I’m in black lives matter, I am in Auschwitz Right, and if I’m Jewish right, I’m on the plantation. I’m being lynched. I can’t breathe from lynching just like you can’t breathe right from being gassed Right, it’s not by accident that Abraham Joshua Heschel the great Jewish master marched next to Martin Luther King right in Selma Right and the Catholics and the Protestants and the Jews and the blacks and the Sunnis right in the Shiites Right. We got to move beyond. We actually are one world. We are one love. We are one heart right, right and And and we can feel each other We don’t melt Actually, each of us gorgeous instruments unique religions unique races right unique nationalities gorgeous racism unique self Symphony, but ultimately we’re part of one people and we’re part of one hundred part of one love and And when we do sense making screens we sense each other, right? We feel each other means we commit outrageous acts of love for each other. Not just for our own people I had that one but each of us Feels each other’s pain and lets our hearts be ripped open by each other’s pain And weak in outrageous acts fer of love for each other My child’s your child and your child is my child for real So Krista, you tell us how to step in and be part of this revolution To be part of this home one more to be part of outrageous acts of love and it was delight I turned the word to lady Krista Wow, thank you Mark I am so so grateful to be part of this band of outrageous lovers that we are willing to feel each other’s pain and I’m also very grateful to feel so many of you stepping in this week and coming closer I’ve had conversations with some of you and I can literally feel in this face the difference that it makes that you are stepping in like Jayme like Joyce II like Peter I’m so delighted to get to know you and I want to invite each and every one of you to come closer and After this, I will post my email address in the chat box So you can email me if you have anything that you want to share if you want to Contribute in any way feel free to send me an email and I’m looking forward to get to know you In one Church many paths one mountain. Our main practice is committing outrageous acts of love and we share these stories of our greatest acts of love on our Facebook page and I’m going to take you there and show you what that looks like and As I said, here’s Jamie he has been creating a video sharing his outrageous love letter with us and So many other people sharing outrageous love letters sharing outrageous acts of love This is our beloved David that we are missing this week in church. He is in the mountains as you can see and I wanted to oh, here’s our beloved mark sharing his outrageous acts of love and I’m going to scroll all the way up and Go here to our Darling Jacqueline who has recorded for us this gorgeous poem that I just wanted to share with you Another rose that peeps from sepals parted Hungers now for Sun upon her face to spread and radiate her beauty far and wide alluring Sweetest fragrance on the air the bumblebee who coaxes her with tender brush and probing tongue To offer up her all for all The swelling fruit of ecstasy and bliss blessed with perfection ever greater yet Wow, I just love that video and please come to our Facebook page and check it out yourself and listen to it again, I Thought it was such a great example of how each and every one of our unique Expressions is needed and we all have our own flavor and our own taste So thank you so much Declan for sharing that video and all of us are invited to come to the Facebook page outrageous acts of love click here on community and share your outrageous acts of love and Maybe you feel shy or maybe you feel like you don’t have a lot of love that you have shared this week But I just want you to know that there is no difference between small or big outrageous acts of love It can be just walking to the store and smiling to a stranger it can be feeling tired and and

Honoring yourself and your body by taking a nap and all of us. We share our outrageous acts of love here and this is our way our community to meet all throughout the week and celebrate each other’s greatness and celebrate also each other’s vulnerability as mark shared so beautifully and You are also welcome to join us every Monday. We have a free class Which is happening at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time 8:00 p.m European time where myself and Christina angle am alone are guiding you through a writing class where we are writing through the Evolutionary love codes again I will write my email in the chat box right after this so you can send me an email if you want to join and I will send you all the information Then we have our beautiful website, which is one church dot world and here is if you click here on membership you can see how you can become a member and this is an awesome way to become part of our community and You can see here. You can choose your own contribution it starts from $25.00 a month and I just want to share in a moment of honesty with you the first time That I signed up for one church, and I joined the livestream. I was absolutely broke I had no income and I had no money But I was so excited about the Dharma that I decided to sign up for $50.00 a month And I still give that to one church because I believe in one church and actually that was my way and it is a beautiful way of saying yes to life saying yes to outrageous love I’m letting outrageous love and arrows as Energy and as attention and as money for put your money where your heart is This is my invitation for you to come closer And if you do sign up to become a member You will be part of our online community And you also gain access to these nine beautiful courses All of these courses are hours and hours of the transmission of the Dharma with beautiful practices that you can do by yourself to integrate the Dharma into your daily life and there are also Students that are meeting every week to study together which you could also study them in your own pace each and every course the value is 297 dollars and as I said starting from $25.00 she already gained access to all Of those horses. So that is our amazing offer I really hope that you will sign up right now and I will see you on the inside of our membership Thank you so much, and I will see you again next week and with that I give my word back to you mark Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Kristin We’re gonna end right we’re gonna end here, but we’re gonna end with Father’s Day Okay So that’s when I thanked everyone right who just made it all the way through and it was a hugely important was so important today Right. It’s so important so important and just your attention and our attention on each other in our love for each other Happy Father’s Day everyone, right? So there’s a most important part. It’s always at the end That’s the most important part and we’re gonna hear from Barbara next week and on confession of greatness We’re gonna stay in the same code. We’re gonna go deeper and every week we’re gonna unpack it. We’re gonna get to some really explosive conversations We’re gonna say things that are that are shocking or we’re gonna say things that are politically incorrect to the right We politically incorrect to the left because we’re sensual together. We’re doing sense-making. We’re creating a new hole right in a new possibility We’re gonna do it with so much urgency, but not the urgency that’s born of the ego All right, my good friend Jerry Jett and my dear friend. Tom reminded me a conversation of debate I had with my friend Jerry Judd and Jerry and I think Tom how long was how old was Jerry when I had this debate? With him, he must have been 96 already something like that, right? He died at about a hundred He was I think he was 90 mark was it that early on it was early on This is like 90. Right right. He was he gonna. Okay. Thank you, but he was a young 90, right? Any-any he was he was he 99 Tom when he passed away Right, something like that 99 and 3/4, right? Okay, 99 and 3/4 and Jerry dead was a beautiful man, and I had the privilege at his and Terry and Shawn and Victoria’s Invitation to spend about a decade we did about a decade doing wisdom school at a place called shallow mountain in New York which is a great little you know, kind of unclaimed and Jerry called me and he said mark I heard your controversial He said some guy called me up and said not to work with you. He said Ìlook job. He said my man that this wonderful. Wonderful. We loved each other a lot and we did send some deep work together We had an early conversation on urgency, right? and you know Jerry said You know at 90 he said you know urgency that’s that’s the ego the egos urgent and you know

You got to be in you know, he didn’t use these words But he was talking about true self this enlightened place beyond urgency, and I said to Jerry You know that there’s an urgency of the ego which we have to let go of and be in this place Which is beyond suffering and then live in the timeless time and place this place and then I come out of it into unique self The unique expression of that seamless code of the universe and emergent and it’s urgent again But you see when it’s urgency of the ego. You’ve got to say it now you can’t wait All right, there’s no wedge of awareness when it’s urgency of unique self. You got to go deeper you got to find your truth and you got to challenge your truth and you got to do it again and again and So we’re gonna we’re gonna say some urgent things here Best secret is your urgency what we might call an ecstatic urgency for the sake of the whole so it’s Father’s Day We’re going to end with Father’s Day. All right, and it’s Father’s Day and Father’s Day is the realization that father’s matter I attend My dear friend Warren Farrell who’s on the board of our Center front of our wisdom he’s actually the vice president wrote a great book called the boy crisis and It’s about the link in all the communities in America between violence and the lack of fathers Whether it’s school shooters Right almost always have right horrific father stories Right or whether it’s you know other communities and and their violence right in the tragic lack Of fathers and the correlation between the lack of fathers Barack Obama recognized particularly this issue in the black community I didn’t set up an organization which was about actually working with right black boys And in the Jewish community at the trans, I read the transmission from father to son and father the daughter, right? He’s critical in and the break in that line of transmission, right? It is tragic Right, and we all need the blessing of the father Right. We all need the blessing of the father. I desperately Yearned for the blessing of the Father and and didn’t quite get it Right. I had a very very painful relationship with my father all essentially a non relationship, you know which ended when I was 13, and my father was physically abusive I Attended 13. I responded and said no enough and walked out and didn’t have any real communication, you know occasional polite communications, but for decades And for decades living upright and then I went to visit him, you know a couple of months before he died Right in June of 2015, right? And he sat and he told me that he sat on the lap right in Europe great teacher cauldre bleh-bleh eager Not a man that anyone here knows but I blable ager was the student of the person that I choose is my teacher Named Mordecai liner about whom I wrote the book radical couple’a and it turned out which I had no idea for decades Right that my father and his family Were actually initiates In the is baka lineage, which I didn’t even know Right, and I desperately Wanted his blessing But he didn’t know how to give it he didn’t know how to give it and and and I didn’t know how to respect him enough to receive it and I was Blown away or what I viewed as his his tragic flaws Right, and so I never got the blessing of the Father and I honor my father right now And we all need the blessing of the Father and sometimes we get it from our biological father and sometimes we don’t But we all can actually be father to each other We can all give each other the blessing of the Father and the way we give each other the blessing of the Father It’s two ways. Okay one is by being proud of each other Okay, I’m proud of you Right. It’s different in the blessing the mother and well We’ll talk a different week about the mother and the blessing of the mother Just we’re gonna end now with the blessing of the Father. I’m proud of you. All right, Christina Milan you read so beautifully today I’m proud of you Krista Right. You’re so beautiful today, right? I’m proud of you, Tom Wright who resonated the code and we’ve been right for it for a decade and more. I’m so proud of you Right, right, right. We can be proud of each other You can be proud of me We can actually give each other the blessing of the Father That’s number one, but number two, it’s not enough We also have to move beyond coddling each other. But Jonathan hate called the coddling of the American mind We have to call each other to our greatness. We have to demand each other’s confession of greatness We have to have to literally make demands right fierce demands Right fierce demands for each other’s greatness because we need each other And finally the blessing the father’s I’m wildly overjoyed by your gifts and our music comes together So we’re gonna end today with a vision of the blessing of the Father So Christine Alan if you can take us in to fall on me, and I want to ask you before we go in to Actually really be with us to be with us around the world and meditate this. It’s about three minutes. It’s worth everything and

actually feel a Great father right the archetype of father the energy of father and Cosmo saying to you and proud of you Calling you I need your unique gift. I need you to hold my hand to co-create with me right confess your greatness and Watch the look of the son and the father is an actual son of the father in this video that we played a few weeks ago Actually, listen to the words if someone can maybe put the words in the chat box if you have them And just watch their faces You