FSX Scenery Tutorial / Blender Hangar – Textures

all right so this is gonna be the second video of the blunder hanger series okay so we have our hanger here we have our shadow baked we can actually go ahead and I’m just gonna go ahead and delete that plane object mode delete that plane cause don’t need it there annoys me okay so in edit mode we have all the faces selected and this time you want to go ahead and go into you and the uv/image editor here hit the UV menu say export UV layout and we’ll export this I used to I saved my files as PNG PNG images I’ll save this in my spoke and texture yeah just say right here okay so that explored the layout and then we also want to go to image and say save as image and save our ambient occlusion so I’m just gonna call this underscore and then say AO for I mean occlusion okay save us I didn’t say that where I want you maybe save that real quick there we go okay so we’re good to go that way so I’ll go right into here have a new 2048 by 2048 size texture I’m gonna go ahead and open as layers are those two images we just exported if I can figure out where my folder is here let’s see here age that’s right so you open the a miracle there it is showing up nicely and will open the layout whoops I wanted to actually open that a layer so open as layers alright I’m gonna go ahead and set the transparency on the hanger on the enemy occlusion just down to zero for now I don’t want to see it and there’s gonna be a fairly basic texture and again to see so I don’t have time you know don’t make this video so long that it’s boring but let’s see here if I’m going definitely on metal to somebody’s face this maybe give me a couple ideas so you can kind of detail that nut a little bit alright so let’s go ahead and open up a couple more things here I downloaded a couple a couple metal textures from CG textures let’s see here they look like like this one quite a bit and that one I think I used that one too I mean really you could use any of these so you might try this texture see how that looks alright so I’m gonna go ahead and just drag these to my layers over here um let’s see here I’ll write this one as well and I’ll drag that one okay I like to first thing is to add alpha channel to all these these metal layers here so I’m gonna do that real quick now again this isn’t really a photo real texture it’s gonna be more of a generic texture and also you had photos of a hangar then that’d be great if you’re trying to model it all right so let’s see I think I’ll use this texture well no okay I think what I’m going to do I’m going to just just hide this one this the texture for now and I’ll use this for the sides of the hangar and I’ll use this texture for the roof okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to first of all hit filters map and say make small tiles and we want to just kind of tallest actual a little bit this tile should be a seamless palpable texture whoops and I also have to make sure I have this all selected so I’m going to say select

all and then filters map small tiles okay that’s pretty close I’m looking at here is how wide I want these corrugations to be I might do it one more time so I’m gonna say filters map small tiles only this time gonna set the number of segments down back down to two well we’ll give that a shot or maybe just leave it look I don’t know let’s see here no I’m gonna go ahead and redo that redo okay let’s just get this texture shot so I’m gonna move this kind of over to the side and then I’m gonna duplicate it so ctrl shift D let’s do our our front piece here so you know set this to hanger I’m gonna set the the UV layout at the top to follow layer so I can see it okay now I’m gonna take this texture set it right here and then I say control shift D – whoops on the wrong layer here say control shift D to duplicate it go zoom way in here I don’t know if I like this texture all that much guys when I’m getting down to it because it’s a little low res but well we’ll give it a shot so I can one side dear right here all right I’m trying to find that seam there it is okay what we need to do is line these images up so you just make sure you have that layer or whichever layer it is active and don’t forget what’s going on here ah our way over here okay okay we are cuts blender uses ctrl + Shift do you pan up and down but it’s opposite in so it’s kind of weird all right so I’m just make sure it’s lined up with the other image that I’m going to merge these two down I might just go ahead and say ed up later out the roots and rename this front okay and then to kind of crop this image we’re gonna go to the the UV layout I’m going to select these areas here with the fuzzy tool okay and then you see that it’s not quite at the edge because a little bit of color variation there I’m going ideal I’m gonna go through select I’m gonna say grow and just grow this by maybe 3 pixels see if that’s enough that might be a little too much I’m gonna try and grow it by maybe 2 pixels and so that’s about right there we go okay and you see it kind of joins all the selections together in one piece and then what I’m going to do I’m going to go back to my front layer here I’m gonna invert that selection so selecting an invert and then delete that and I’m going to select invert and I’m gonna say layer crop to selection this so it cuts to layer up there and that’s basically it for that let’s do a roof here so I forgot which one of these are the roof pieces I think it’s these I’m just going to assume at this point let’s go ahead not want to spend a whole lot of time trying to texture this but because I’ll probably never use this model that I’ll probably finish it for you guys though and upload it to Dropbox or something alright so I just rotated that layer I’m going to say filters we actually better a select all first and small tiles so filters map small tiles I wait for that to come up okay miss at

two four see if that’s enough or not let’s pipe outright want to still be able to see the corrugation in it okay so it looks like you might be able to cover this roof in one texture urn one layer but I’m gonna move this one over and duplicate it so we have an extra one all right so I’m gonna try and get this where it needs to go right there and then I might as well duplicate it and grab this roof at the same time with this piece of it I’m gonna make sure we get lined up so if I can get scrolled down all the way to the bottom here and then Kazu mout again and run the wrong layer so let’s see her there you go get this lined up perfect okay I’m gonna merge these two layers down and I’m going to name this roof and then we’re gonna do the same thing like we did up at the front we’re going to select go to our UV layout layer select the two roof pieces and then I’m gonna grow this lecture by a couple pixels okay and that kind of brought the two together and just kind of made sure we had everything selected I’m gonna go back to my roof layer I’m gonna say select invert then delete what I don’t want select invert and then say and then crop to what I do want so crop to selection and there’s a roof we could go ahead and change the color with this a little bit if you wanted I’m not sure what though I mean we could change the color of the front to I mean we could make a green White’s not all that bad for color though so I’ll leave it but if you don’t want to change the colors I think the best way the quickest ways probably go have your layer selected here and say colors to say hue and saturation just change the hue to the color you want so say if you wanted a green then you could change the lightness to make it a little darker it looks a little brown there we go that’s a little nicer and then if you think it’s too bright bring down the saturation so it dulls it a little bit and kind of basically that kind of idea and change the color of your metal if you don’t have the right color but anyhow I think I’ll leave it blue and I think I’ll relieve the rough white I think tell you why I’m gonna stop the video real quick and just texture a couple more of these faces so we’ll have something to look at in blender here we’re gonna apply the texture all right just give me a second okay so I basically have all the phases locked in based texture-wise I’m just gonna give you a few ideas of what you can do to add a little more detail to your textures you don’t use photo real ones or you don’t have photo real textures one thing you can do is like on these pieces if you want to look a little more worn you can we can just go in here select our area I’m just gonna do the same method as I with the I’m just gonna use the UV layout to select this area again okay one thing you can do is a take kind of a rusty top color or use if you have metal or something kind of do that see here while Arthur yeah something you know don’t have to be too precise you can come back with you know color balance and stuff like that and edit things a little bit okay really shrink the size here and I want to create a new layer that’s pretty

important to do that so I’ll do it right above my front layer here all right so I’m just gonna take it put a couple spots this color kind of at the top here and then I’m just going to take this much tool and I’m just kind of gonna smudge it down it’s pretty simple this kind of gives a little more sense it’s just a little rest kind of you know I’m dripping down so yeah there’s kind of something you can do to kind of add a little more detail to your texture you know you can come going to here like on this door I really should add some windows to this by just painting a white because I don’t want spend a whole lot of time on it but let’s see for the inside little thing inside I don’t know why this is transparent all of a sudden there you go inside here I decided it a plywood kind of plywood texture thing and again you know just it’s just kind of a matter of how how much time you want to spend on it for all the kind of little edges I just filled in some color and it looks like I need to grab a couple of our little places here I’ll do that real quick then we can combine our shadow so let me just grab this color again I’ll shoot the paintbrush and fill it in real quick all right just want to grab that little piece so I think I got most of it might be missing a spot but I don’t think so all right looks pretty good now we want to go and add our add our shadow so actually what I’m going to do I’m going to export this texture as is export just as a PNG I’m gonna open that texture now okay and then go open let’s see one thing I forgot to do is set the UV layout layer to zero opacity so we don’t have that on there cuz we obviously don’t want it gari export it and open it right there we go I’m gonna open as lair our shadows or ambulation so open as a lair taking your tutorial oh there we go all right and that’s the only thing we need to do here is uh now we could come in here on this layer and kind of smooth this shading out a little bit so I could take the smudgy tool off the sides are brushing a little bit here and just kind of smooth this a little out a little bit maybe it’s kind of up to you I mean it doesn’t look too bad but maybe just move that a little bit so doesn’t look so weird that’s pretty much the only touch-up I’ve had to deal with when there’s shadows but you know you could do all kinds of things lighten darken things I kind of made a mistake there I’m off the edge of the package I’m trying to do this about having to select the piece but all right maybe it’s time let’s watch that a little bit all right looks pretty good what I’m gonna do now is just set this layer or both layers to up here on the above the layers here there’s mode and you can set the mode to multiply on both all right and that combines the shadows and the texture now of course you can lighten either texture like if you thought maybe that’s the shadows made the texture look a little too dark you might well lighten the base texture a little bit I don’t want you spike next I kinda wanna use hue/saturation in this set the lightness up if you wanted to you could do that or you couldn’t or you may not luck to you you could just light in the shadows a little bit so colors hue/saturation just light light and things a little bit

maybe I’ll do that see how that looks okay I could add a little centerline on the roof to you over here as it makes these display a little bit more but you know just this is just a tutorial so we won’t worry about it okay and again that door is pretty flat looking so I would normally add some detail to that but the sleeper does is for now I’m gonna go ahead and overwrite our image with this new one and I’m gonna come into blender here and there’s not much to this I’m just going to select all the faces and I’m gonna say image open image and the UV editor here a finer image alright and it should be we should all see what it looks like on our hangar here and you can see my rust I didn’t get it all of it here it’s still a little bit died didn’t grab or smudge really I would like to add something something so I some detail to that door but it looks okay actually I’m going to have to raise this face a little bit like extrude it or something because else it’s gonna flicker on the ground so if I do that you can just say that’s true it too much maybe maybe 5.05 now I’m not sure if that’s gonna be enough or not but I’m gonna give it a shot and of course then I need to really go back and unwrap this again and but add this so I can color this seam but I forgot that extrude that beforehand I’m not going to go back right now but anyhow it’s kind of the basics of getting your hangar together I really like that’s the way you can add the shadows and the way it you know you can see the shadow from the overhang there on the roof looks really nice I might go ahead and undo the dark you know those shadows and re-export this if I like it a little darker enough all right I’m gonna reload this image reload image all right that makes a little darker I kind of like that I love how it shades the inside here at all just really is quite quite lovely all right I hope this was a useful to videos here on how to create a hangar in blender I still have some things going on here that I didn’t want anyhow be sure to LIKE comment subscribe I will be doing more videos on blender in the future so just stay tuned check out my facebook page SAS creations on Facebook all right thanks