Blender 3D – Create lowpoly character -02- Texture Paint -SUB 로우폴리 캐릭터 만들기 02 – 택스쳐페인팅 -유튜브 자막

Enable Youtube subtitles Merge applied incorrectly Press the ‘A’ key in Edit mode to select all mesh Ctrl+V – Merge vertices By distance Adjust the value of Merge Distance properly to Merge the separated vertex Even if Mirror Modify is off If you check X Mirror in Property option, mirror can be applied to X axis Let’s make a T-shirt Shift+Alt+Left Click Select edge loop Ctrl + E Let’s choose Mark Seam from the Edge menu Pressing the L key in edit mode select all connected meshes You can specify a selection in the Select Linked option Duplicate the selection mesh ‘Sift + D’ Right-clicking returns the cloned mesh to its original position (cloned) Press P key to select Separate Separated into separate objects Alt+M – Merge Collepse Apply the thickness to the mesh with the Solidify modifier

Mark erases Seam, Ctrl + E – Clear Seam Now specify Seam for UV Unwrap Ctrl+E – Mark Seam Click and drag the bottom left corner of the window to duplicate the window Select UV Editor menu In Edit mode, press A to select all mesh U key to select UVedit – Unwrap

You can modify Seam until you get the appropriate UVunrwap Modify the placement of UVs to make the most of space

S key scale adjustment There must be some space between unwrapped areas Select Shader Editor to create the TEXTURE In the NODE window, add Shift + A image texture Create new image in UV Editor TEXTURE Selects the Paint mode

TEXTURE In Paint mode, select a color and fill the color Pressing the S key activates the eyedropper and extracts the color at the mouse pointer position Apply ‘Symmetry’ to paint the left and right the same Unchecking Occlude allows painting to pass through the mesh lighten the center of the head a little to give a three-dimensional effect

In the Outliner, you can delete the Texture by selecting the BlenderFile menu

-caution- . Painted textures must be saved by selecting Save from the UV Edit – image menu Unlike Blender’s save, you have to save the image separately Reimport the saved image from the image texture node in the Shader Editor Do not forget to save images from time to time How to Mask Create a new image in the Texture Slot and assign the color to white In the mask options, select the white image you just created Now masking areas do not apply even if they fill colors Select mask tool and press Ctrl + Click to remove mask Now, when you paint, it will be painted in a non-masked area

Masking function allows you to paint at the desired position Makes masking area with masking tool

I want to overlap the images of two image like layer add another UVmap. You can create multiple UVmaps Select the face where the eyes and mouth will be drawn and ‘U’ Unwrap

Add a new image and set the value of color and alpha to 0 It’s like creating an empty layer in Photoshop In the Node window, select Shift + A – Color – MixRGB Shift + D Duplicate Link color and alpha of the image separately In Texture Paint mode, paint on the newly created layer We will add a new layer image – create a value of 0 for the color alpha

I will draw eyes and mouths with different expressions on the newly created layer You can change the expression by adjusting the Mix value in the Node window T-shirts are colored the same way

The size of the brush is F key

Let’s put ‘Blender 3D’ logo on T-shirt

In the Texture section, click New Import Texture from the Texture menu Texture section, select Stencil in Mapping Right click – Move, Shift + Right click resize The logo is put The next video is rigging and animation