Blender – "Micky" Ch.1 – Pt. 7 – Modeling inside the mouth, adding seams

hello and welcome to part 7 of the realistic Mickey head tutorial um when last I left you had done the teeth on the inside of the mouth turn off that mirror so you can see where those are so now we will get in and see this little tab here that’s actually the beginnings of the inside of the mouth well go ahead and expand that out oh my Mouse’s got that there we go computer’s bogging down something anyways that’s sexual start the mouth so we’ll go and expand that out and get the the rest of the inside of the mouth done so that shouldn’t take too long so that being said go and leave the mirror turned off for now tap into edit mode and let’s select the inside of the mouth let’s go ahead and hide the teeth for now so what to select some of those vertices ctrl L exercise need to actually select tell you what let’s do let’s select one of the vertices on the head itself and hit shift h and that will hide what’s not selected in this case it’s the teeth so let’s grab these and make sure that this is oriented the way it was which should be remember in when I did Johnny blender part two I got the inside of the mouth inside out and had to fix that and it was just a pain so mm-hmm looks like everything’s copasetic this time so we’ll just continue with the inside of the mouth there so we got those three rows coming in there and that’s looks like the five buttons were an actual perspective view yes I think that’s the rest I was gonna see if I still need to select this or not but I don’t think I do so we’ll just go with these three faces here control three soar in the courage side doing it five back to orthographic let’s scale that up let’s go and turn off proportional editing scale that up this will be the inside of the lips so we’ll make sure we actually if we’ll scale that curve it back a little bit this will be the part of the lips that are actually closest half of control 3 actually closest to the teeth so let’s go and move that forward you can see this here is the shape of the so we’ll need to go and add a loop in here once we get it all situated but for now it should be fine let’s going to extrude back and since we have our mirror turned off even though it’s still on as far as the render settings go we have it turned off in the viewport so it’s adding that divider so it’s like we did when we were working on the nostrils we’ll have to come back in and delete that though it will extrude back again and this will be the back of the mouth it’s going to bend that down a little bit grab this loop here scale it on the z-axis a little bit make it a little taller this may be the roof of the mouth and things so let’s grab these vertices here let’s flatten those out sz0 just to flatten it out and what kind of rotate it on the y-axis kind of round it back out don’t want it B to be perfectly flat so now we’ll come in here and start shaping the inside of the mouth now it needs to we’re pretending like well let’s go ahead and just get rid of them I guess these guys faces okay so this is you can see if we had this turn back on that’s the cavity of the mouth a lot easier to work with it turned off there so let’s make it a little bigger and then obviously once we get it kind of and blocked out in the shape we want we will turn the teeth back on and kind of model around the teeth so we can actually fit them in the mouth nicely without the without having the intersections of the mesh okay so now we’ll add a couple of loops in here like I said I need to add one right in here control three so it’s rounded off a little bit more for the teeth alt s maybe this loop here scale it up a tad bit and slope here scale that up son and the sloop scale that up some you know scale up so much just kind of move it and then this grab these vertices here those down okay so let’s go ahead and put the tongue in we’ll select these guys back here and go ahead and I keep kind of the wrong side extrude that out just back the opposite way let’s kill it down and we’ll extrude one more time let’s go and drag it all the way up to the front and rotate that and let’s go and delete these side faces that are added and then we can start rounding the tip of the

tongue off these edges here move those back face forward and then move these back a little as well okay so now we can add a couple of loops in here so the tongue will have more space to be flexible without skewing the mesh too much and let’s make the tip of it a little smaller like so and then maybe they have a little crease in the middle of it that down you’re only working with half so you got to kind of envision what this half is gonna look like you could turn it on but you won’t be able to see it so we’ll just kind of envision it so I’ll just move these guys a little closer and taller so we have a nice indentation here in the center of the tongue and that’s probably okay tell you what I’m gonna do right now is in order to map this nicely texture map it I’m going to separate the tongue from the inside of the mouth so we’ll select that loop there and I’m gonna hit control E and it’s gonna bring out the edge menu and we say mark the seam so it’s now this tongue is cut off but we need to split it down the middle along the bottom so it’ll unfold nicely and we can actually put a nice texture map on a little easier that way so we’ll go control e mark the seam there and another benefit to adding seams aside from texture mapping is it enables you to separate the mesh and into separate parts a little easier so now we have the tongue kind of by itself we can select the face select and to select any other part of the model besides the tongue just inside of the cheek there or even the outside mesh control l and it’ll select everything except for the tongue it’ll it’ll select up into the edge of the seam in this case it’s there around the back of the tongue now it only works in edge select mode I mean face select mode so if you’re in vertex select it’ll still select everything and I believe edge select will also select everything yeah so it only works and faces select so you got to make sure if you want him to do this you do that so one thing that’s sandy for is you can go and hide that and go ahead and turn mirror back on you can see now we really have some problems with the tongue so we need to select it and let’s tell you what let’s turn that back off for now alt H and let’s go to our front view and you can see that we started coming outside the center area when we were extruding in the inside of mouth so let’s just select all those make sure we have this turned on a little bit so we don’t get too skinny we’ll just start moving those and deselect that part we only want this Center row selected we’ll scale that on the on the x-axis so we can flatten it out and there we go okay so now I’m gonna add another seam around the inside of the lips probably not this row but the next one down that one there control actually you know what that first or I’ll select is probably the best one so we’ll control e mark the seam there and then do the same thing we were doing we’ll select the face control L and hide that and I’d also like to go ahead and hide the teeth and gums again so I’m gonna go to vertex select select part of the inside of the mouth there shift H hide what’s not selected so now mmm we can see the inside of the mouth quite a bit easier and then we can modify it let’s go and turn this off modify that because we don’t want these vertices that close together just remember the closer they are together the more of a scene that wakes so we just want a gradual scene here across the tongue not a real sharp one and then also the tip of the tongue needs to be a little more rounded and probably looking okay this looks like it’s a little too high there raise this up and that’s probably about right before we go any further let’s go ahead and add just a tiny bit more detail to the inside of the mouth will just add slight bit like it’s gonna go down the back of his throat I’m not gonna do the whole throat but if he opens his mouth real wide we don’t want it to look you know just balled in there so we’ll just start going down the back and of course get rid of that divider there and of course if we go to front view we need to

select this whole loop here edge like or vertex like sx0 so it flattens it out completely and that’s probably good to go if you want to go and create a uvula just select this edges going out of loop right in here I’ll select this guy here I’m just going to move that down in that one so this will be the little hanging ball the amiracle medical term payable and it’s actually called a uvula little thing in the back your mouth back your throat let’s have that come down and like so then get rid of the center parts their center faces and round it off a bit so you just select these sides okay so if we turn that back on the five button so we can actually go through mesh and we see it’s a little too far to the side so we’ll just turn that back off and let’s scale everything let’s put our 3d cursor in the center of the scene cursor to Center and now if we sx0 should have flattened it out a little better turn it back on looks like everything is not quite centered up so we’ll just select that and just move everything actually let’s unhide everything just luck the whole center and make sure we sx is 0 and that drag it to the center until it glues itself together so there we go so now if I turn that off actually hmm turn it back on and then to have an edit mode and select the face hide that we can look in here and say ok looks like it’s all set so now what we need to do is modify the inside the mouth so it fits around the teeth so let’s just select all of it all of it there control else get vertex select mode and then I don’t want to select the row here because that’s the row that’s actually attached to the head master I’m going to hit the control – and a little bit deselect that and now mm if I scale it up we can start seeing it come around the teeth Stilton z-axis first and then on the x-axis there we go and we’re gonna have to move the teeth back a little bit because you can see they’re coming through the the mesh where the lips are gonna be so what’s going on hi everything and it’s not that big of an issue but I would like to go into hide that actually don’t want to hide it I just want to select the inverse so control I just move that back a little bit okay now we have the inside of the mouth the tongue and everything all set okay so now we’re pretty well done with the modeling part there’s one other thing I want to do and that’s for when we go to add hair to this guy it’s easiest if he actually has a different piece of mesh for just the hair and it’s gonna be the scalp so I’m gonna select tell you what let’s do let’s turn on the background images and try to select just the virtus just the faces that actually has hair under them so about like so don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up we can smooth it out as we need to later oops got that party gear there okay and then sideburns like so and then here and let’s just say so this will be the scalp so what we’re gonna do is go shift D duplicate just that piece of mesh so it’ll be just like that and now we can W let’s just select the edge of it actually let’s select part of it and hide everything else okay and then we can select just the edge there and W smooth and it’s a little bit too much because we have our repeat still set to five over here so let’s

dumb that down a bit and now we can just select this and kind of just turn on our proportional editing connected kind of just set this along where his hair line is go to wireframe view would be a little easier okay and I think when I hit smooth on here it okay no I was worried it to separate it from the center but I guess it kept that to the mirror on there so let’s go to our rear view and give them just a little bit sharpness there okay so we kind of want it to be inside the rest of the head mesh so let’s select it all scale it down ever so slightly and so you can’t really see it okay so that’s good to go one thing I want to do while I still have it selected is we’ll come into the object data or just the data tab and create a vertex group and we’re gonna call it let’s double click on there call this one scalp okay and assign those vertices to that so now those are part of that okay so now we have the inside of the mesh done pretty much all of the modeling on the head and like I said earlier the head is going to be a separate piece from the rest of it so that’s basically if you’re only going to follow this bust type of tutorial set this is this pretty much all the modeling we’re gonna have to do so now we need to start working on the textures so what I want to do go ahead unhide everything and actually I want to hide the scalp now because we don’t really need the texture map it so we’ll just hide it get it out of the way and if we look at image after go back to here and actually it was a 3ds k load a lot of people use this type of layout for the for ahead texture it’ll go to it but that’s that’s all one piece and I don’t really like it myself I think it kind of stretches out the detail I mean Who am I to question this professional web site but I use a different technique a little bit so what I’m gonna do is I’m basically going to cut the front and the back of the head into two separate pieces right along the ear line so we’ll just select these guys here maybe we’ll come around to there and select this loop there so that’s going to be ctrl e mark the seam there and I’m gonna come down the middle of the head a little bit on the back of it as well ctrl e work that there and then the ear itself is going to be completely separated select the right pieces of it there there oops ctrl e or not mark sharp mark seam there we go okay so if I go over here to the scene you some of these are cutting off when you zoom in on things like that you can turn off excuse me the subdivision surface and it’ll give you a better view of what its gonna look like so right now the ear is actually cut into two pieces which I would rather have it one piece so let’s select around the back of the ear there ctrl e mark that and then mmm let’s unmarked this part along the top so unmarked that virtually clear seam okay so now the rest of it is pretty well good to go we’ve already marked inside the lips area for the separate the face from the inside of the mouth so what I’m gonna do now let’s go ahead and select the front of the face button hide that there’s one more actually two more things I need to do well three I guess technically on the gums I want to add tell you what let’s go ahead and hide the rest of the outside of the head as well okay on the gums I want to go ahead and add a seam just along the backside there go ahead mark that so those lay a little flatter so they’ll look a little nicer so let’s select the inside the mouth looks like we can actually modify this a bit the cheeks don’t need to go

out that far so we’ll just select cheeks bring those in and then I select the right piece there and there these cheeks need to come out a little bit further there we go okay so no ctrl L + Shift H to hide everything else now if I these were to be unwrapped they would lay very odd because it’s like a tube shape so we need to separate this and actually got some almost some overlapping geometry right there we don’t need that so let’s move that turnoff clipping so we can actually move it and turn off a portion editing move that out so it’s not overlapping it’s not overlapping all my uvula so let’s just deselect everywhere that it is or select everything that it is don’t allow deselect where it’s not there we go it’s not broke we don’t need to fix it let’s move those out there we go and okay so now it what it would unwrap this very oddly so I’m gonna add just like on the tongue add a seam along the bottom of it control e work the scene so that way it’ll unwrap it and be flatter and B look look it’ll look a lot nicer so I’m gonna alt H unhide everything and like I said our modeling is pretty well done we’ll have to do some adjustments to the eyeballs themselves and then obviously we’ll do some shape keys once we get the texture mapping all set but the model the main modeling is all done and we got the UV coordinates on there so that’s gonna be it for part seven go ahead and save this boom and a part eight will actually start the actual texture mapping itself so thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in part eight