Vinnie Lauria (GGV) at Startup Grind Singapore

so many how did you end up in Singapore as we see and y cinco y deja its million-dollar question I get asked a lot so I couldn’t open Singapore under backpacking gear across Asia with my life 16 us back in 2010 so being a geek you know really technical systems like mad we were both in San Francisco and she startups there while I was driving around I would look up events so i could meetup com check out my blog basically when it doesn’t matter countries all of just pure entertainment interests of what’s going on here I meet interesting people singapore really stood out the first night I arrived attraction and then hackerspace at their left resource read their old location and it was his phenomenal take turns some people I met that day it’s amazing what I’ve been around a few years later and that wasn’t one of that if there’s up being I ended up throwing my one big house here so basically over a year just care about packing because she go back to San Francisco I met probably over 100 startups across China and Southeast Asia India and decided that a lot of opportunity of the ground in Southeast Asia yep really really wrong early days and not a lot of investors I wasn’t I had done she company though you know I thought I’m an angel investing doing investment company feature but didn’t really have a goal setting up a fund it was purely it like problem solution like I met a lot of startups everyone said how do I raise money and I like open off like maybe I can kind of people some money from the valley but with partners so not just Mabley we can hold somebody in the valley and secure necklines the so yeah the best thing is burning it’s basically going out any you know preconceived notion is taken everyone jumping I though it ended up let’s talk about Watergate ventures and the company as you’ve invested in can you give us some companies that did not work out of wine ok so we kinda mean companies it’s like all these I am less thing for that it will happen good investing for three years will probably happen this year or next year how long the class so I without naming companies that can say some companies that are we can tell that they’re not going to be able to raise an eyebrow and so I’ll start with kind of bad decide what we do things going to do is give them a soft landing between an acquisition nothing too high if it’s the valley assault money for a company could be like attending physician Bayern really awesome beers and a 10 million dollars first person near to you so after year different so generally looking at corporates looking at large partners and so that’s to me I strive for in a worst-case scenario a company not they have a hip on something with it gets the next okay we got to work with them before that but when that happens thanks it strategy focus and it becomes a wonderful story of you from something negative everybody sees I did and maybe thank Mary got another price I want to that myself an intensive founders and what are some observations our founders in this region how it different to found itself swear so I got that question a lot every day this one because that question kameez um I think comes with a perspective that you know there’s founders in Silicon Valley losing people or special and magical and there’s less than that morality is 51 percent of all founders in the valley we’re born outside of us so they’re not from the valley with the valley is is a magnet that attracts the best the most health people from around the world and cliffs them into a cauldron and makes it work really hard each other instead of somehow so that’s a really amazing quality that happens to reality you look at anything New York City singapore Detroit piratas that the

number of the amazing calendars as a tendency of like 10,000 people you know I’d be like too it just happens in Silicon Valley that it’s two thousand ten thousand because everybody the best of the best put themselves there so when i look at singapore i don’t see a difference in founders here than anywhere else when they found are looking for that you know one in 10,000 we give a lot of samson all the be able to bc we need invest in less than one percent of eels that we see so I’m saying no 990 year two companies and it’s not a bad thing just you know me feel right now you mean so yes I was any difference in boundaries where they thought that rarity of founders at universal it just happens in the haight been estate people and that’s one great thing that’s maybe another refinement Singapore this is a place of people transplant myself there’s not going to place in the world such a diverse crowd and look around the room to me that’s an innovation that’s where magic at 50 more different that is come together and it’s a team thing and see something I’ve ever background so few places in the world that have international flavor and Singapore is one of them if not all wide fulfill this instead I’m going to be here but in hindsight after club should be two years so I pretty click i can see that is really pretty much every innovation definitely as a melting pot and intensive sourcing deals how so being everywhere once the team of six or seven and basically we travel around constantly this year alone pathways of the year it’s probably a week enjoy Thailand God or my so that’s that’s how we’re fighting wheels basically putting ourselves in different places this is where its use very different the Valley Nevada leaders one group handle throat that’s where all new seeds are neither there’s some routine pcs all directors some in San Francisco to school the VCT san jose those poppy seeds NSA that’s not a good sign but Suzanne low road is this one road everybody comes to and all the partners are all the associates everybody in the partnership that’s lunch there they never leave the office there’s no coffee outside that’s rarely happens at all at their office on temple that’s where we see this world it’s incredibly different we’re not making fun of traveling around like that on this jungle all these guys are in multiple countries that’s what we need to do in order to find good deals and then we work in the countries near a variety of things try to get involved as events speaking I judging on technique mentoring accelerators love fantastic accelerator that’s really really valuable for me to send time 15,000 lesson dyson years now vibes spread so thin but to get to know boundaries in a knot on the other side of the table when you’re pinching me is probably anybody’s first I think that’s also you know it’s not your friends of the BCS that are going to the best of you but the GCC romika see challenger yourself as heat you taking feedback even something and customer feedback and you know applying creative solution soon that’s to be very helpful thing and if you can change how you manage to do employers would have any cost or what would you change with it logistics out of it as it then will face to face element for Basin ace is so important like I use skype all the time and some said any video conferencing session around the region here clucking somebody Vietnam Indonesia and slow so he’s the face so so available I love to travel I don’t think I’m not asking that to change but that’s why I’ve come so much what would I change you know the thing that I feel bad if anybody’s finish us and you know hasn’t hurt like you try to be with her like we have in jersey we compound interest if we met with you you know more than twice we try to give like feedback look while but when if the quiz I don’t have anybody to start for London I get like this the links are from London crowd sourcing for coming to eat that’s no because we’re only us in Southeast Asia it’s quick enough but if we have that it’s been at least commuting to try to give detailed

feedback of what we thought that doesn’t mean it’s right something you have to do this but that’s kind of why we need to pass but the reality is I don’t always get it was back to have to run in the time your honor and that’s what of it changer shows Abbas would appreciate that and intensive on south asian stocks one this region to a global how would they compete with the US market it has sophisticated customer base really good i wouldn’t I would I wouldn’t compete with the US market something if you are a go to the US so that that’s the best compete with the US market you have to be there okay with the startups in the glass from here yes there are exceptions to the rule and our sort of sort of doing this we have to be there pretty much the founders have to be their communities in the u.s. you know trailer you guys have customers everything us but the reality if you saying I want to compete head-on anyway that is doing this family you’re going to need to be there otherwise I’ll just enter disadvantage so they tell us are out here in Southeast Asia is basically make decision early are you looking for the US are you building something for Southeast Asia we’ve invested in both no means we call company flutes us like actress very early on dude international team American Korean sounds like a joke can’t walk people are they here in Singapore it’s already company together ended up saying the US our audience we want move there they still have half their community near Singapore sits on that they just completely let me expand and hire people but I’m very early on encounters investors so that’s some funny streets get there early or the other is focused on Southeast Asian there’s huge amount of spell you hear mention carousel oh right mars to meet honking so why did I moved here is for the opportunity that’s here so I really break it down to either the u.s move that from day one or just focus here and then at some point you can be a big enough company night you can go to our region us maybe your neck region being a judge and Koreans Annette Australia Europe but are other places you expand generally have to get your core market like eight US companies by kindly come out of the u.s. they’re really really pretty mature they’re not getting that numbers here from their second year so you don’t have to wrap you can and you can spread yourself back then as a young company when you’re and what do you think it’s a position that’s 35 years ago this isn’t the exit you have to be like this so recently like this non-stop Guillen hundred million names and brush let’s hola Lexi she just be required by a week of time I don’t know the dimensions these things so whatever yes they’ll be bigger exhibit looks more exciting to me it’s me it’s not the exits it’s companies that are raising a ton of money so grab a taxi tokopedia these sort of companies I think are being cold to what’s going to be happening in the region less of that necklace so I really amazingly call to the ecosystem because it’s so young if you have an exit now it’s actually going to be lovely ecosystems only than thriving for less than four years so how would you have a giant exit in less than three years like what’s out with a million dollars every that was eight or ten years it was around for like people kind of think that came out of the corner yes that doesn’t happen again there are exceptions so cool but most big exit took a lot of value are around for more than five years because it’s too young to have this me like this so I’m really Larry’s hundred filling are born as we see that so actually would be publishing some data later that’s me basically our numbers from the past 15 years across Asia to basically better deal flow from the DC side from start outside number of startups creating series a honey of at least 1 million dollars per 10 to 15 years we found out its Southeast Asia it looks like 2005 so basically I don’t say in southie city was going to be China but keep an idea where we aren’t some go system scale it’s like china in two thousand thought it’s like india in 2009 so if anybody has had any torrent either of those markets that can kind of negative where sanitation is now and for

me that’s amazing I’d like getting on the ground floor and so in this audience should also feel really excited because your girls new building well maybe I kind of mission go this like when the Giants but it would’ve been maybe like a year older around there so this is really early days but all yep and what is the major barriers to innovation in Southeast Asia is it the culture the risk of us from culture was it fun dating black off so i won’t i don’t see very to the side all important innovation to me innovation is actually the word means it sound like it’s this big aha moment a bunch of researchers seeing in a lot of it like talking stuff out for eats in that white board and all is on back there innovation janida actually really small iterative stats and you don’t even notice it’s only nothing the site that something looks at Google wasn’t the first surgeon Facebook wasn’t the first social network but when you look back historically just kind of getting to work everything else is happening all the small steps that they took together when they are so to mean innovation it’s just small steps and there are a lot of very fast ball instead of tackling this region and more systemic for the only due to jew named anybody had a seat barriers please throw that out yeah what is text responsibility for wider societal relevance are companies like uber Airbnb actually creating sustainable employment of course because you’re saying because it’s on short-term jobs or never so if there’s two two sides that i’ll record there the question was disabled I’m coming so i guess people have different opinions on I would have the opinion that from a okay when my parents or before I would warn like coming idea never fire people so that was sustainable employment you were for them to do everything for life I work at IBM readout of college they basically acts like 6,000 jobs and then hired 6000k college I think a third of the price so to be even the big companies don’t give so I think this is a new world and I think it was the anomaly as I get it work this giant corporation or there I think the regular weight of the world’s work for thousands of years people have been pretty independent doing their own things well it’s a blacksmith the farmer whatever it is I think the natural order order is kind of going backwards and everything’s gonna be like that but it so this is more independent three nights inside it but it’s a double-edged sword on one side we have freedom to you want to do what you want to do work wait one on the other side yeah you don’t have the benefits in the pension but we’re also seeing that a lot of those kind of fits in those pension plans oversold or also like negatively affecting societies that economy you know five or six years ago under the fan so I think it’s a good thing I have to imagine it people with very opposite opinions but I think what the dating is creating lots of jobs it might be short term but there’s so people working their jobs there’s a lot of people whether it’s I don’t know he’s the best example maybe like a elance odesk network people just creating their own lifestyle doing what they want to do to me that’s that’s a different and so I’ve been the question something the audience is anyone students for or informative what other recoverable staying composed for for many people it has a bad day is a lot is it important enough to be one man job it is what important of a chance of landing or very funny yes yeah i think that general is not a lot but it generally an interim CEO is the one man the fact is fundraising sucks I’ve done it twice for start-up in some ways for fun it sucks matter what side you’re on it’s much more to start outside and the dream everybody here so it’s a full-time job and that’s kind of why you want to be in one that job because it it’s not it’s old if you throw working on it it’s horrible comedy silly going so with the reality of entities like company broke us when you’re fundraising especially early in those early stages so I think limiting

it to one person in terms of the guy reaching out to people like your your co-founder should be at all or whoever ends up being one kobayashi definitely involved with their contacts coming assembly meets a lot of this official meetings cold emails and you have to hold an email for anything cold emails level of emails that should really come down to one versus way to its hold on for like two to three months okay I mean a lot of pretty girls for not up on me tecnica business presence of women’s of the start without having to structure and there’s no perfect team start there yeah there’s no big deal structuring for me I like to see more than one person like to see two or more founders probably two or three founders getting 24 then a little higher side but you’re so strong I don’t look for that I would just what anything means it is it was like I sounders I’m gonna be a little skeptical of like why is a great founder I just one founder their credit you successful 100 companies but the reality is I also located starting a company of your first time entrepreneur sorry company is so stressful and go to 2,000 pounds one it’s really nice people like you know shoot the with your other coconuts over here closer too if you can’t convince somebody else on your idea that the arguments me is the best I want to see that by two people giving all up because I have belief coordinate my visa just as an example will be increasingly less than an ounce khurana new fashion brand Australia and other pop up short Orchard Road really great quality fabrics one of the reason why I’m less than it was the co-founder story so basically it says Australian we started k APPA hong kong’s I mean by himself you start fishing too many professors when it’s really the concept stage gets connected to a young investment painter like made to late twenties who’s been doing some angel investing they mustn’t make or hears it it’s like wow I love this one of them that I was I’m gonna start helping out nights weekends ends up taking a two-week vacation and it wasn’t poly or something it was to work full-time at Rana tipped off the ground it was just him and so then the two co-founders and at the end of June like that it was big a mess of things like I could be working this I love that I heard that story so again the 214 founders is not a requirement but I like yeah but there’s no nothing there’s no rules the same zero rules you’re going to do things that you don’t know what you’re doing that’s fine I’ve done I love this case it’s it’s where young people can you know change things I didn’t feel like I’m getting out of it they come anyone here use snapchat okay so everybody are like 23 like I even feel too old to really understand sound chat but like i am using one I don’t have any from there hey friends my age use it so that’s one reason why my foods out but it’s a so my point being is that this industry a lot of it is social and behavioral I was changing and evolving communication how we track all these things even I make you really really experienced as somebody through the young and experienced web has been growing up on my face Loran on these platforms you have different perspectives you have the ability to build something new that none of us who have the exact been doing it for longer kind of you let’s see I love that to me that so it’s running that’s why there’s no rules thing the rules are constantly to your company being pushed just you be holding secret sauce yep you just by infection like a CEO shouldn’t agencies sorry I’m saying one person so sweet CEO chief author and that would be the other good thing verdicts 14 OCT 0 like you should I was either here signals EG upgraded or a te onct hello Mattie I think the ability to hire great engineers probably feel sort of felt about so not worried about that so that’s something people death again so many great engineers about but there’s so many great companies are competing so when I firm my last company you know how I’ve hired engineers it wasn’t the

valley we would so people in the US News craigslist for job postings we would go and look at these small little cities Midwest East Coast like not even major cities and look for people that were boosting that resonates like really good developers most of them one had never been thought about when we hospitality and two because they’re in these like smaller cities and not really grinding their teeth on intensive you know other developers they even think that they had the ability to get two sexes Cassidian apply but for that for us it was a great source becomes really great game that way so my point being incredibly hard to find engineering analysis so pathetic you’re competing with all the startups google facebook all as you glad just paid the enormous amounts of money that’s the probably the most difficult place in laurel hire engineers which is counter to that means that it finding good engineers is a problem around the world so i just got a relative scale I don’t think Singapore is at any worse than somewhere else but I’m good engineers it is universally difficult um what’s the craziest even in the start has ever done well so one startup more of just when I was in Japan they have all really start up and I mean very fond of them and then investor trabuco see sumo wrestling practice so like that was interesting cool one thing I will only do that I’m Peters quit shared with me during tech Indonesia to start speaking this is something I was very creative because it started set down the founders and they had like 100 sheets who is white neighborhood like my big black X on it and it had taken go to sat down and I start thinking a holes a few cars it was a question answers and had Peter reading things out loud and basically he got pitched just by like reading to himself and answering some questions and that was a whole thing I can say a word I thought that was time period but that’s the only that once yeah I think of different things the reality goes I’m not in different vestige of things I’m not sweet there’s known again I should’ve sorted out chronic like knowing the founders and how they got together really sewing my opinion it wasn’t that they would mean did something anything that’s going to work against because we’re all human beings I think about what your game if you’re somebody something on too strong your defenses automatically go so I generally avoid that because it’s going to make a fighter well I’ll be in Geneva thanks yes we invest anything to me any of our branches you in your head we actually invested by these vibrators up your phone our phone well so we’ve got as long as it touches the internet’ll look at it there needs to be something about at Southeast Asia for him he’s from Indonesia he went through accelerating China got a co-founder the u.s. so he and again havin that foot from Hasbro than us and hitting on a global market so that’s one time for us we’ll look at something that’s global order us but there needs to be a strong power outlet type this talk to you heading Vietnam everything so you’ve got a few investment stealing one is going to now so far it’s a baton which is the mobile platform we’re looking at a lot of web mobile marketplace is content plays we have to do starts from Vietnam pipeline right now one that were feeding and one that we such as I Sameer thanks boss he has just a question about your job as one thing won’t have I wish to choose the entrepreneur that you they see come up to you with without Jacobs killing each other just what they face everything so 1 i’m always going to draw out what are your problems for me I have a background in the league thing so times early on I’m talking to starts about growth or retention and again it’s a 28 conversations I like your retention sucks that it’s not like your attention sucks but you’re onto something if you

spent a little time on that you see occur and that was haras el sol an error attention was Carl but spent time with them at work on dimension so problems are across the board I submit another startup whose CEOs company Anita whose only error I Stuart hi Marvin last Friday night we had you know like a really informal you know intimate you know just chat about the company his goals strategy where you want to go who you talking to you for his next round of funny things it’ll kind of literally like strategy for the next two to three years for the company in terms of I was even discussing like some party lines to be discontinued so it can get that II at the combination of you know what I guess I know Laura can speak to comfortably and then a combination of how much the entrepreneur CEO honestly you’re aggressive you’re building a company is pushing it forward you’re coming across like you know under ten percent as you should and so there’s openings the line of for some CEOs you can quickly see it’s really difficult full of that trust relationship is kind of blow you off I know everything is I don’t know everything but we’ve invested in 25 company company so we every I love this job every day I learn I’m consulate learning it kind of seems like he seems know all this stuff no we are learning from our shields from our portfolio so we can apply x 2 different company so that is with this whole problem this phone facing around Iran engages what is its relation feel like it committed do they show respect for others we’re being for answered I could be wrong but are these we having a good conversation so penny I think we have a number of Albert so moving that day job and one questions how the big comp is actually play bargain this will start of the game how could they know al Bobby touch the sea and welcoming you back to the start up space so i think this question ok call for a state park really high up at a corporate summer um I saw my eyes um you don’t like the word equations oh yeah you know I generally it’s like Jews of Wonders many myself but the reality is the businesses will give me a to operate so differently that so how do i would say the one investing for the reality is a lot of corporates invest with a certain strategy mine which tends not to look like ec investing so could gamble a really good corporate investor brockington ventures saving so i don’t care what he’s definitely really well-respected he has the background you work at google before this that meets up on market n suds a corporation that started their own bc fun and i would say they’ve been doing a really good job so one way is to start an investment arm and try to be like the pc which means like turns at a very market-friendly you know moving very quickly so that that’s one way to help there’s a lot of corporate accelerators popping off that when there’s a lot of them that i like that makes it you know it’s something the ecosystem can handle like tongue of them so that becomes difficult but where I think corporation really help event is our existing accelerators rather than starting a new one basically a burning accelerator is the probably the most part laronette like harbor giving faimly really don’t make any money operation it’s such a cash loss to actually run the operations of it that where they really need is sponsorship background so again as corporate being supportive any direct investment company or you could you know investing accelerator through just like a sponsorship but like help them you know put the air coffee on the table and run their operations and then this is where Rovers are really doing helpful donating people mentors in their time ed build up those relationships so it’s a putting money into the ecosystem is probably a good thing mentoring prime so jfgi founders institute that’s a good thing and then this is really difficult like opening all partnerships but the realities were big corporation to a partner that started is really really difficult part of the reason why I up again going back to work innovation and a lot of corporations saying we want innovation one hour bastardos beside

innovation keep things small steps that I think that innovation is risk it Norma’s amounts of risk and you’re 22 years old you need an enormous amounts of risk when you’re hiding them around for 100 years at shareholders you can take very little risk that’s where things don’t match oh so that’s where I see a really really huge disconnect candy innovative if you’re not Chris corporation can take big risks with their brand I’ve seen corporation two interesting things telenor big Calcutta norm I don’t like half of elders in this region they spun out some kind of a workplace app it’s like real-time communication something but they didn’t I really creative they basically you know their innovation team that was six people at a recognized but they didn’t bring the telomere they just made it without the app store if it was their own and they both denied attraction off that that’s a really great because if it would have went to help with like Eleanor is named then tell them artist communication board without a late look at the copy as Miami would testing QA all sort of things though it is filled it or maybe at less what is so I think if you have the ability to corporation to somehow create a side vehicle that doesn’t use your corporation pain that would allow you to take risk that’s the best way of getting a good memory I gmail people so they clip on like an angel this fine Te’o’s there needs to be some tube bender it’s a two-way relationship so they should be getting some times and I’ve been in terms of learning from EULA also whatever you’re working on so accelerators are really great way to get that the hub if you remember love you get the mentor network here so there’s tons of formal programs but if you didn’t want to do that how do you say to start cold emailing people loading up skill sets on and did Angeles I and so the only things i decided to try one now is our portfolio and a few mentoring relationships that I you know big part of her file but forget it you see Afghans are for blood yeah how good question how’s it a VC environment different here than like the value so it’s absolutely the leasing environment the values been going on for decades DC is actually the young lady what do you think this is maybe 16 years old like it was something that was invented that pc didn’t actually exist so it’s an evolving that things like convertible notes which you know everybody’s another with like that didn’t exist in the eighties and that kind of came out with a whole like connect startup because of seven angel investors coming in like the early nineties so keeping that in mind that helped gain perspective ec is constantly evolving and changing and because of that the valley is really but that the forefront of that and everything else would naturally be traveling because we’re not there vacation differences so like things that make DC harder here is up I didn’t do be seen about some friends that are beefing about it so I’m even you know it’ll have apples apples it there but like vendor networks like for me to find a good employer here that understand well they stock option limitation preferences all these an accounting firm like all of these things that you have it’s been around for decades that’s attracting these third-party vendors it can be helpful moving forward that’s just getting off the ground care so that makes it slower so there’s an example we use its flat love it’s like chocolate it’s so good things like kneading co-founder so they try to raise money you kinda all bc there said no so that’s about somebody said yes so I was just talking to some government policy people and banks we have to change bc so they the reality is that again european seeing pounds that you’re going to be less risk taking and if you seen the knowledge is like I mean how parent Singapore as much risk as I limitative would be less risky keep somebody Valley and that’s something you just can’t change it’s not that I like Chris but a not here there’s up different conditions and different everything in cultures and countries in the echo across multiple occasions those presented complexities so then we kind of a little bit more conserve how we look at deals so I think the biggest difference is going to be risk and then

the other is one it is kind of setting and pushing into voters and everything else is travel the one interesting thing of what is happening outside the valley regular value or the tryna figure out is where back to the vision innovation doesn’t only happen about it and that’s taking a dramatic change over the past five maybe ten here where you could just be no teasing the valley and everybody came screwed over so that’s the looking at you now there’s many partners that been doing this for years much higher than nita want to do calls around so I’ll just like learn what’s going on here and it’s because they’re outside the world and some feces been very proactive sequoia china india having people here in singapore so that’s a devil of making DC saying we’re going out in the world at work that’s the new bottle outer basic come to us not everybody valid to their cell opportunity 85 to 90 BC so have to catch up tuna so while there’s a lot of learning from the valley I’ll be stolen from the valley there’s a lot of you see she was happening in other parts of the world I don’t understand that just lots of looking we’re all go to the list SG and then put a calendar that we all attack that’s not happening there’s a woman icon meet up I think happening this week so I go to all the heartbeats are grounded I would assume she’s here but there’s definitely go to the programming language meetups may not understand what’s being said but just being interesting so again I made you know you can’t you’re not going to meet some anything this is my great idea you want to work on it you need to become friends with them first most likely so you have to start going to events without the idea of you know I’m looking for a wife this is more of in the gaming scene kind of scene what’s going on be like like with you at once quality qualities that do you get along each other it hopefully their technical do you long that’s why there’s no there’s no program ketchup it’s not like we invested preying on and off th me the reality is like some her images are really great and routing others are terrible that stuff like that but we there’s a sort of looking at tata that’s good cop net and the reality is added intimate connotation of the CEO CTO SEO work together a long time that’s what the CTO Oh who’s losing it is not wear this we need higher for and that’s a good enough reason for me so I’m not going to say you need to change your platform image I think it’s and then we did on this competition if we best routes anything’s changed but the reality is he’s going to need to Jane to someone more like a pro and scale a few things but I’d really appreciate something says this is what I know I can build something I have respect in this field I have a network where I hire people and then let’s see where we take this for money outside of light your this chocolate sorry outside like the additional co-founders terms like hiring you know like in this show I’ll tigerboy East you have any kind of like tubes and oats maybe like if you should go offer yet eck me company are more bacon awesome um great question I’m very much from the mentality of like yeah everybody that’s gnarly employees should be off we need a much better question is see what they asked for because you don’t even want people that come to the table ask them frankly understand what that means so I think the idea of getting out equity to most plays are coming on it really long that’s common but you really should be that’s almost a filter like hardly ask them for any enough if they’re not so this also ties into like fire fast like there’s the old adage of like higher slowly fire fast it’s a bad person in the company just closely take a whole thing like if they’re unhappy they’re not fitting in so it could be this technically they’re not up to speed with everybody else and maybe come on happy and if you like to impression start bitching so you want to get if there’s not a good fit you want to get out really really early so it’s like it’s one good rolls out but the idea really I think that’s a really good thing to do and you want to be looking for people that could you champion says

someone’s I’m protecting off season 2 i’m looking forward sings well i’m going ok looking for growth to contraction we don’t invest in you know and idea the back with a cube I think people have this a concept that people in the valley do and they don’t again there’s exceptions to the rule but eighty percent of warfare I’m just pulling out of my ass with it think it’s true have a part of the bill and have traction before getting funding in the valley the cases where they don’t they probably built something successful before that at work did it investors so both these anything for me too I said I like it this way investors we’re just really we have our home doesn’t work really bad to say that is the great idea that is going to be another you don’t know that welcome kenzie is wow you’re growing for the average user use that 20 minutes for a session they come back four times today and so that’s why anything in the internet and I just want to see those stats and are you showing growth or are you showing if there’s no grow with reviewing some other metric that shows I engagement and maybe there’s something missing for growth and you can talk about that’s kind down in terms of what I would shy away from so call me vs bears like things that are really competitive if you know how I sing a little competition if you do you’re the only if I say who’s your competition you say nobody i’m not i see your Gucci really to the market if nobody else is realized potential or too early to market so I want to see a little competition but when there’s a lot of commendation big player that’s something that quick pass on I would say with a lot of competition we still have a chance of like many things in China it’s not the way things were it’s super competitive are a lot of people their districts like I didn’t even in India they compete different flavors but here on this region have to fight so hard for the Iranian Singapore for such a small audience a lot of competition then you have to this place is really difficult so basically I want to see some competition but it is just over mountain and you don’t have something that really fishing it’s like yep you’re right you’re looking for differently nobody else is totally see the value there if you don’t have that but that’s a quick pass to molesting it singapore government so they open up a check 1 billion dollars in the past five years can’t really think of a better thing to be doing then what that’s a very simple or any questions absolutely not get out of the way which they are also doing like I’m really impressed I come from a place in the world where it’s like government entrepreneurship addition if you know if you pointed me to like certain rules and regulations of government programs i can say that saw so that’s me microbots small my new level i can definitely feel like that’s what i would change that size range but at a macro level I’m super impressed keep it going forward press them yeah final question yeah I’m wondering however I’ll have proposals or investigate anything related to education good question so that is a certain areas that all have a higher bar and that would be one be caused in the US it’s up until just recently that’s in a really difficult space to like a to date big strides and so I canceled to the u.s. or China or India say here is like lots of examples of people like I got not getting required but raise lots of money ABC’s if I can’t point to that so you know you can just call me simple but if I don’t have that as a base wing that that’s hard for me to say I’m gonna take numbers here so it’s the one thing that so education has gonna invest in that it’s only really starting tribes or any sort of technology in n-space the u.s recently load is a regulation and culture and so many other things and so maybe the video business maybe it does really takes tremendous a look like medical records outside the US but that is something that I’m going to have a much higher bar of really wanted to c plus being changed again if you have growth whether that’s we’ve got these schools on board war or bottom up and all these students are using it I’m

definitely take a look at basing my decision off the growth but in certain areas where there’s a lot of good examples cool thank you for you intensity if you plan sponsors google and the hub but someone from the hub like to come up to sweep out the whole all right but so let’s say you like come on next up again and the house is actually going to use space and you can have my creation important right it’s going to be a bigger place so it can hold hold more people and i think i would like to write on it will just as every words thank you very much now that was the way inside were talk and I just take a sec we aren’t questions that actually got austere and what are the big corporates doing I can speak for all the portraits but one slight accent in this bring it up there is equal to Google’s saga the search for life in finer brightness talks with that so couple of things that Google does is like Google free and open yours is our proof that actually takes care of intrapreneurship google itself coming out from a very garage startup culture the founders of a sheet cake okay now right so you see that everything that we do on a daily basis inside our organization and we make sure that we are fostering a strong ecosystem and you know doing lots of things for startups in the region as well as globally so we have the Google friend of yours that hosts and partners with programs like startup grind startup weekend and they have lots of partnerships they also have things like campuses where you know we have co-working spaces we have mentorship programs we just recently opened one and soul of months back and we have been talking to some of the dc’s here to actually have some forms partnerships where startups can get exposure to that culture as well you also take care of diversity of gluing as part of that we have an initiative like the campus for moms where you know moms can bring in the little kids and while they’re going to programs trainings or just meet ups they have babysitters can take care of that so there is a lot of stuff that purpose of doing we also do things like Google Ventures does investments Ruby capital does investments on late-stage each of them is you know working out of different regions that you don’t have any other actor here but you have these programs and at some point will find their way into the region as well something more actionable for for startups is the program that we have here call launch pad which is a collection of lot of benefits that starter find very useful to their benefits that all startups can get essentially get you quickly started off the ground with your cloud expenses map expenses whole bunch of things or you can get into something which is the scale stage so we have a couple of partners here golden gate mean one of them’s if you’re coming to them you can come to the scale stage directly and get a lot of benefits not just you know benefits on cloud credits but things like a UX expert Google your order to the developer expert spending one-on-one time to do and looking at your application and giving feedback getting access to a support email so those things are very valuable as we’re taking your company off the ground so I hope you know at least from a Google perspective I free we are doing a lot of stuff for the intrapreneurs and you know be two events we tubs developer summons at Google for entrepreneurs eat that should start happening in the next water so stay tuned you know and I wish so much for coming when they become the biggest event so far have a health I cannot do this without my awesome tip first of all cadena do this water is a PCT ranger in one of our members with our sponsor us come to him today I have a spare so easy my wife you