Hello all, friends! As you can see, I’m shooting a Vlog on a terrible day Because, you can’t believe what happened It was 36 celsius when we left home It was an unbelievably sunny day We left home to go to Laguna Beach first, then San Diego and we got caught in the rain The clouds, snow, we’re like this after the incredible weather change Look at Laguna Beach now It’s like limbo beach I mean, it’s unbelievable We come to the beach in a gray sky We’ve turned into the beach now Like, Literally We’ll tour Laguna Beach with you After Laguna Beach, we go to San Diego There’re so many things to do there in the evening, I hope I can’t believe it Beach day with these shoes God damn it! I want to go up here and watch people I’ll see if there’s someone drowning, dying, or a seal, shark, and so on Because it’s an ocean, you know -What ocean is this, girl? -Atlantis I’d say, wasn’t that a park? -Pacific or? -It’s pacific It’s the pacific ocean Security is coming Well, can I really see a dying person? -I think you can I think I can too Let security go away from here, better he doesn’t annoy me So scary I can’t believe it 20 dead, 50 injured Girl, there’re sharks, seals, I can’t believe it They’re dying! Call an ambulance! Girl, really there’re so many dying people now 20 dead, 70 injured, and drowned Still dying I’m so sorry, I’m just recording, that’s all Thank you Kill me! -He’s still looking, by the way -Save me! But, kill me But, he was an amazing young man There’re so many young people around here, right? Surfers, swimmers My inner voice isn’t like this I can’t believe that I walk on the sand in shoes– Did you drop the camera or what, dear? -Camera couldn’t believe it too My microphone, necklace, bag, everything is mixed up As I couldn’t make them wear masks, I use them as wristlets I do it because I’m in an open place so don’t do this there That’s why I don’t wear a mask Girl! Are those gulls or storks? How tall the waves are Wide Water is flowing fast I can’t believe it I mean, what the fuck I can’t believe it, what a big sand field Look how water– Gull hit my face and gone by the way Like, literally Ecem could you look at this view? Ecem, water is about to come to your feet Be careful sweetheart, it’s an ocean These waters may be deadly I really wish that I could swim in those waves I really wish Imagine that I roll here If only the weather was nice We already have our swimwear on I mean, we’d take out our clothes and swim, normally What kind of unluckiness is this? I shared a story in the morning saying I was so happy and going to shoot the video then the rain started after 5 minutes It can’t be real, I mean Like What do we do? We find a surfer and swim around, come It’s a young gull Look at that young gull! -Is that a young gull or? -It is They’re so cute I’ve seen this place on the internet This appears when you write Laguna Beach You’re aware, right? She wants something from me Well, begone! Begone! Begone! What’s this? What kind of a moss is this? If it was in Turkey, you know It’d be a snack Snack to eat while drinking rakı

Like it’s sea beans or sea patty It’d really be a snack if it was in Turkey I can’t believe it What are these? It’s a stylo, you know They’re disgusting I can’t believe that I walk on the beach in shoes Well, this woman is protecting herself from what? Sun or rain? What do you think? I don’t think she’s homeless She has a house– Housed person Beach is empty because the weather is bad Normally, you couldn’t walk around here But, today Even it snowed To my horror, it snows Let’s get out of the sand Really my shoes are full of sand But it’s an unbelievable place I can’t imagine it here when it’s sunny We come here to swim too, one day It’s like GTA Vice City you know A beach in the city Unbelievable I used to come here and kill everyone In both GTA Vice City and San Andreas Aezakmi, hesoyam with all cheating codes, there was no health, ammo, or weapon I’d run out of I’d fly everywhere and shoot It was my only pleasure in GTA Vice City -Hi girls! -Hi! Hi! I want to say “hi!” when people smile at me It’s like this in here, people see each other and says “Hi!, Hello!” “How are you?”, “You’re so chic!”,”Nice clothes!” “You look amazing!”, “Your make up is great!” and so on They always compliment To each other, I mean And I say what I like to people, everyone I see But It’s like this here People are so in touch with each other But in Turkey, it’s like this We’ll cut it Don’t make me laugh, girl Homophobia is everywhere Wrong time, wrong location It’s like the winter sun Like literal fucking literally Hi, girls! Anyway I’m without a mask and I’m scared a little That’s why whenever I face someone like I try to say how they disgust me, with my expression although I don’t wear a mask -Afar from me Close to god That’s all I want to add this: This place friends, Laguna Beach It’s a location where thousands come at the weekends or flood into Flood into Think it like a holiday location where people swim, shop and eat from boutique places but because we’re afraid of the corona we didn’t want to come with a crowd Also There’s no also, it’s like this because of that reason And this emptiness’ reason is this weather– God damn you They sell masks, we buy? Laguna Beach is written on them, you know Not needed Dua Lipa and Yan are there They sit there Who was that, girl? She– -Anvar -Yanvar Girl, it’s the name of a month in Azerbaijani, I guess Yanvar might be January, by the way January boy But, it’s like we’re in March It’s not like August -Never -Never Ecem what we’ll do about the clip, tell us -We shoot an incredible clip -One that the world hasn’t seen -With an amazing concept, story, and surprises Are you aware of how big we raise the expectations? But we do great things Like, literally, maybe like seriously, I mean Bird of paradise flower My favorite flower My favorite flower in my life And, I can’t believe that I see it It’s everywhere here So beautiful Could you look at it? We don’t have one in the house but they put on the streets There’s a honey bee, behind you Really Let me see It’s gone There was a honey bee I’d die if it stings me you know

♪ Song ♪ I don’t lay down There’s corona That’s why I’ll never do it Because, I love my friends and I don’t want them to be harmed The streets are nice What’s this? A Honda is passing What a Honda I haven’t seen Honda cars much around here Do you know what is the worst car I’ve seen? Mustang And I’d driven it for two weeks Mustang is a terrible car, by the way It costs a million lira in Turkey, 20 thousand dollars here Unbelievable What’s this, girl? I’ve never– Look at the sports car of Alfe Romeo Alfe Romero Was that Alfa? -Alfa -Alfa Romeo Look how vintage the car is An unbelievable vintage car Amazing The woman inside it is so vintage too, by the way Her car is as vintage as her There’s a bear and it’s sitting -Also wearing a mask I can’t believe it Hi! Look at the socks These ones are nice I guess Aren’t they? And these are baseball players’ teams’ socks -Which baseball team you like more? I don’t know I have no idea I’d say Dodgers Of course, it’s Kentucky Saying Kentucky Fried Chicken I take these I guess There’re nicer things there The corona Coca Cola Sprite This one is nice What do you think? There’s no need Costs two thousand 33 dollars These socks cost 250 Turkish lira I can’t believe it Thank you We’d buy these two socks for ten Turkish lira in the Wednesday market in Turkey What does it mean to pay 250 Turkish lira for two socks? My heart bleeds I mustn’t think in Turkish lira, I must not So, they’re 15 lira each 15 plus 15 is 33 -Because, 15 plus 15 is 33, you know And, that 3 in it, is tax Like what the fuck? My throat Are we so cute? Because bees are all around us Or? -Honey We’re honey -We are honey -We are honey We’re honey Excuse you? But it’s a gull I thought people were whistling but a gull is barking at me But, it barks -I can’t believe it -What does gull do? It sings I’d say you’d mount a gull and ride it Like scooter I mean Did you know that Bird here is Martı in Turkey? God damn me Are these cacti? They’re amazing Aloe vera Do you remember the beauty of it? I love these, could you look at them? These are the grass of here and they’re everywhere But, if we plant, they’ll never grow, you know What the fuck, I mean What do we drink at Urth Caffe? -Boba tea -Boba tea Dearie, the pearls you said, what’s inside them? -They’re Tapioca pearls, their calories are about 15 to 30 for each pearl I don’t fucking care 15 pearls come into your mouth -I mean 15 times 15? -Never -It’s 1500 What’s it, girl? 1500 calories -Let’s stop calculating I couldn’t agree more I laughed so much Don’t make me laugh like a crazy, bitch Does Urth Caffe is like the way we say? İs it Urth or Earth Caffe? -It’s Earth but written with U So it’s Urth Saying Urth Okay, I got you We come to Urth Caffe Amazing Hi, how are you? We’d like to have Baba Tea -Okay Can we have two Early Gray Baba? And, two Green Tea Baba Alright, do you want some ice?

Please I’m not wearing a mask now Now they can kick out if they want to But I’m burning, I can’t breathe Are we really going to drink Baba? For the first time, I’ve heard “Baba” is used in America What does Baba mean? It’s bubble’s Boba It’s written like Boba So, it’s not the “Baba” we know -Boba tea, Boba I appreciate that I’m like She made us wait for two hours She made me wait I hated it What do you think I should start with? -I think, start with green Are there bubbles inside it? -Tapioca pearls, they’re so delicious What the fuck, I mean Unbelievable Weird What the fuck, I mean Did you get it? They’re fine Hi! Or whatever ♪ Singing ♪ What the fuck, I mean Everybody is honking at me Whatever, I’ll call you later Look at these -Take a sip now and give it a second chance -Ice cream -You chew it like a gum -Think it like a gum you can swallow I can’t -I can’t -You can! I can’t like, literally It didn’t make me happy I don’t like milk tea Let’s run and pass it I’ve never seen lights like these We’ve been waiting for an hour Honda See? I said there’s no Honda and I saw a Honda 2020 can kiss -Kiss my ass Friends, now we end our tour in Laguna Beach We go to San Diego now We’ll tour and see what’s there or what’s not there I’m going there for the first time too See you there See you later Cheers, or whatever ♪ Song ♪ ♪ Song ♪ Ecem, are these penguins? -Yes -You lie I don’t know where we came, so tell me -We’re at Seal Rock in La Jolla, San Diego Did you hear what she says? I can’t believe it Look at those storks, sea lions I’ll never go down, they’ll eat me They’re real sea lions, Ecem Thousands of them are there But, it smells disgusting It’s like the video in Milano saying that “Is there a smell of shit?” This place really smells shit Can we get close to sea lions? -Yes -Yes you can pet What are you saying? They bite They have tusks, they fight with them, you know They wrestle Imagine one hits my head I’d vanish, die you know RIP me Rest in peace really, RIP These are barking They do want food, I guess Let’s give Ali and others to them I would push them and we’ll see if they bite them or not Then, I may go down Ali, you go down there first, dearie

Go down I’ll watch you from afar while you pet them -Dearie, it’s not allowed to go near sea lions How can it be? They bark What’s happening? They are shooing black cormorants But, black cormorants Girl, let’s make Ali go first, Ecem -Send them Dearie, you go first, we watch you from here You go there first and see– See what they do and what they say Don’t palm trees look very beautiful? With one tall, one short, they’re so ordered Look at the beauty of this tree, Ecem Unbelievable What’s this? It’s covered with decorations Do we enter that house, girl? Is this a house? Well, it’s a surf club It’s an amazing cove but swimming should be allowed here Do we undress and swim? Gulls Wait, girl What did you see, girl? What did you see? I can’t believe that they swim with sea lions Like, literally Gulls went crazy They’re upset because I’m leaving Where’s my phone? I’ll post a story in here We came a place, there are sea lions They lay like calves People enter the cave here Girl Do we enter the cave and make a wish? Saying palm angels An amazing place Sand came into my shoes Step aside, girl What the fuck, I mean What a beautiful cave We can’t pass here without removing our shoes How do we pass? I’m removing my shoes Is it true that the wish make inside here becomes real? There’re crabs There’re fish, and there’re so many crabs Sea is rising Can you see it? Those people aren’t stupid because they enter with their shoes What if crabs pinch my foot? Something is happening We’ll get stuck here I’m scared And, I’m going to slip That’s why, go back bitch, literally I can’t believe it See that sign? It says “Stay Back” But see what we do? So, it says that this rock might fall on our heads I can’t believe it Look what I do and I never see the signs Never I’ll check the water Water is great There’s a great water Amazing I thought that he was drowning there I thought all of them were drowning I was so scared for a moment Sand slips, it’s like quicksand A wave is coming The sand is like quicksand you know? It got me till my knees But, I’m exaggerating Water is so nice But, we starve to death What do we eat? We go and eat something Let’s go to San Diego and eat something unbelievable Then we’ll continue our tour Come on, let’s leave these seals alone This place is Look how big the wave is! That was a big wave Could you look at it? I can’t believe it What kind of a wave was that? Oh my god! Isn’t it amazing? It’s so nice, you won’t believe how hot the water is Although this cold weather I’d swim in the end Look how beautiful the trees are They’re unbelievable Look at this tree I can’t believe it The tree is on the ground but it’s in a shape Could you look at it? It’s nice under it, too! Like a lion’s nest There’s an unbelievable view

Real lions are here Oh my god! It smells horrible Really, it smells shit here Girl, how likely I get attacked by it? By them? I’m so close They’re coming Ecem, it’s coming What’s happening? My dear They smell disgusting You smell horrible They like they’d fight It has pups! See There! Unbelievable Look at that I’m like in a zoo But, we’re in the wild Do we take one of its pups? We’ll put it in an aquarium Would you eat him? He’s a young man, you know There’re gull smell, and their disgusting body smell, are good pairs Look at those too? It’s having fun Look at the crowd there I can’t believe it There’s something They’re fighting I can’t believe it, girl! Imagine it comes to me Come here, girl! They’re so cute If they bite us we’d really die Ecem, God damn Run Run girl, my life isn’t that cheap Let’s go somewhere where people live This place really is like the wilds It’s like Pamukkale! I’d really like to swim there Awesome, the ocean water is so clean We go, hop in the car and go to San Diego now This place is La Jolla, friends We’d known that there were sea lions here that’s why we visited this place before going to San Diego Our next location is San Diego, now we go there We go there, finally ♪ Song ♪ Hello all, friends! We finally managed to come to San Diego It was a quite long journey It took about two hours to here from Los Angeles Shut up We come and we’re starving to death There’s an awesome view– As you can see behind me Could you look at how beautiful this view? This place is called Little Italy There’re so many Italian restaurants and other things We’ve so many restaurant alternatives but we’ve found one A seafood restaurant Because, we wanted that and comments were nice too Now we go there Okay, let’s go Thank you, or whatever I couldn’t speak so that’s why I’ll remove my mask for a while Shall we eat seafood? We’re in Little Italy, I mean Wraps, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and so on Risotto con i porcini I think it’s better to eat Italian food as we’re already here Yes Alright, then we dance ♪ Song ♪ By the way, we’ve found a restaurant, finally We’ve preferred an Italian restaurant Its name is Memo’s Place And our first order came now It’s a lobster soup and it’s unbelievable I mean, really It might be the best meal with lobster It’s that nice -Like, literally -Like, literally -Whateverly -Literally -What did he do? -I recorded it -He took something and ate -How? I can’t believe it Took by his hand and ate -Idiot girl, how can you put it there? ♪ Song ♪

They look unbelievable Yes, please Thank you Unbelievable For god’s sake, what’s this? How can you do it to a starving person? I can’t believe it ♪ Song ♪ We ate unbelievably so much friends And, we ordered so much that we couldn’t eat everything but asked them to pack Because, we really ordered so much Now there is a There’s a marina and we wonder there We want to see it We go there I wanted to show you the beauty of Little Italy before we go ♪ Song ♪ I can’t believe it Could you look at the beauty of this sail? Isn’t it magnificent? Normally, it’s possible to go in and tour inside it It’s something like a museum But, everywhere is closed now It has an unbelievable appearance Look at it It’s amazing It’s like Jack Sparrow’s ship Really like Jack Sparrow’s I mean, Pirates of the Caribbean So beautiful So huge I wonder if it came from India? Probably, right? Look how big is this It’s like the Titanic What about there? We’ve qanun You’re amazing He’s a Turk, right? Mister Sezer We were wondering how do we hear qanun here Then, I learned that he’s a Turk Amazing He’s playing qanun so nice Awesome This place is so nice, right? Hello! -Thank you -You’re welcome Thank you, see you, bye bye So, San Diego is like this, right Ecem? We started with Italian food today, so, let’s have an organic Italian ice cream, We have the ice cream, then go back to L.A Because, we’re dead tired It’s unbelievable now It’d become real if I wished for another thing Oh my god Oh my god I see an unbelievable ice cream now and I’m about to go crazy ♪ Song ♪ That one with pistachio looks nice -But pistachio -Came from Antep What’s that then? What nuts? How can they know about our nuts? Which size you’d like to have? Smallest one? These are so small I can have this I can easily have this I’d like to have this one I don’t know how it is called And, pistachio, and, chocolate peanut butter What’re these? I can’t believe it What happened? Why are you shouting here? Do you know what happened? We were walking fast to come here, to eat the ice cream a homeless was running in front of us and there was a security behind him He’d stolen something from a store It was unbelievable I felt like I was in a movie set I was so scared

It was like a movie scene, he fell down Then we come here Then we came here Oh my god, we are not safe here Let’s go back anymore and sleep I’m dying For 12 hours Sorry, I’ve been outside for 12 hours I mean, I’m really so tired I want to go home and sleep Bye Friends, we’ve come to the end of our San Diego tour It’s ten o’clock in the evening here We came here, ate our meals, ice creams, desserts, and we need to go back to L.A. anymore That’s why, I end this vlog here Thank you very much for watching the video I’ll be with you next week with a new video I don’t know where will I go but there’s a botanic garden, park Bottega Veneta saying I That’s a nice place too, we may go there. We’ll see If you enjoy the video, don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to my channel, and share your ideas with me in the comments I love you and kiss you all See you next week Bye Or whatever