ENGLISH ADDICT – Birthday words and phrases / Sunday 16th February 2020 / happy birthday to Mr Steve

do not be fooled by the sunshine now there it is that is a live view out of the window but do not be fooled by all of that sunshine because here in the UK we have had some of the worst weather for many many years in fact where I’m living at the moment where I live I think last night may have been the worst weather ever since moving here yeah that’s what I’m saying welcome here we go it’s English addict live lots of things coming up today and of course it’s mr. Steve’s birthday as well welcome everyone yes we are here as live as live can be from the birthplace of the English language that is of course England hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy well are you happy today I really hope so because we have lots of things coming up it’s mr. Steve’s birthday today hmm so Steve will be with us slightly different today because we will be talking about Steve’s birthday also words and phrases connected with birthdays and also getting older something we all share one thing we all have in common and that is the fact that we are all getting gold yes we are all getting old so I thought today some interesting words and phrases connected to that very subject also Steve is here and maybe or maybe not he will be showing us some of the gifts that he’s received we had a lovely day yesterday mr. Steve’s mum and also his sister came

over here yesterday we had a lovely afternoon despite the fact that the weather was absolutely awful I can’t begin to tell you how bad the weather has been over the past 20 hours so yesterday we went into town the rain was coming down very heavily the wind was blowing strongly and we were walking around Much Wenlock fighting our way through the wind and the rain so it was a very hectic very almost unpleasant however we had the most amazing meal at our usual place a big hello to all my lovely friends at the copper kettle we have a lovely meal yesterday a traditional hotpot if you don’t know what hotpot is if you’ve never had a hot pot here in England English hotpot is amazing it has everything in it it really does and also we had a nice chat some gifts were exchanged yesterday as well so yes we had a great day and of course today is the day it is mr. Steve’s birthday today it really really is so last night a lot of dramatic things happened as well the weather was awful as I’ve mentioned already I think last night’s weather was some of the worst weather I’ve ever experienced since moving here in fact as I stand here now just to give you an idea of how much rain we’ve had last night we had so much rain I can hear the rain flowing behind me past the house so there is a gentle sound of the rain or should I say the water flowing by the house not just that but also last night we had a power cut so all the electricity went off last night so mr. Steve and myself we sat in the dark with just one candle lighting up the room and we were forced to have a conversation we had to sit and talk of course we have no problem doing that normally but last night it was very strange we could hear the rain in the wind outside and inside the house we were sitting in darkness because there was no electricity so lots of dramatic things going on last night storm dennis is the name of the storm that we’ve been suffering for the past couple of days so storm Dennis and it’s still going on outside now so this is the view from the window about an hour ago so have a look this is something I recorded earlier so there is the view from the window early about about one hour ago and now you can see things have changed quite a lot so let’s have a look outside now and you can see it’s it’s much nicer so the Sun is now out you can see there are some sheep in the distance oh look some lovely sheep and also you can see that it is still windy there is still a lot of wind blowing around however everything is looking much nicer now thank goodness for that that’s all I can say thank goodness for that hello to everyone on the livestream hi thank you for joining me I had a couple of technical problems this morning now it wasn’t my fault so that’s the reason why I am slightly late again it seems to be a regular thing now my lateness so I do apologize however a couple of days ago my computer had a major update you may have heard this that the Windows 10 platform the operating system in most people’s computers nowadays Windows 10 it had a major update so basically my operating system in my computer was rebuilt from scratch so everything had to be reinstalled slowly as the operating system was updated and I didn’t realize that it was also make a lot of changes

to the settings in my computer so I had to spend this morning trying to work out all of the changes that the new version of Windows 10 has so that’s what I’ve been doing this morning besides watching the water flow past my window there is so much water outside I’ve never seen so much water on the ground to be honest with you anyway enough of that we have more important things to talk about because yes we have the live chat all so nice to see many people lots of people already on the live chat hello to you wherever you are watching in the world maybe it is your birthday today perhaps you are celebrating your birthday also and in a roundabout 15 minutes we will have mr. Steve as well joining us in the studio because it is it is his birthday today so hello to the live chat Oh huafei hello well Faye laughs Ian hello to you guess what you are first on today’s live chat congratulations to you however technically technically it isn’t it isn’t huafei who is first in fact I received a message early this morning on the live stream before I started so here is a lovely message from netra who says many happy returns of the day mr. Steve have a wonderful time with your close ones well we did that yesterday you are too you too are a wonderful teacher I may not be able to attend today’s live chat hence the text here so Thank You netra for your very early message on the live chat before I even started to stream today so it was already there so thank you very much for your message as well also for Steve’s birthday Oh Belarusian Belarusian has sent a picture of mr. Steve’s favorite car at the moment so yes thank you very much for the photograph of the Mercedes for mr Steve’s birthday I will show it to him later on oh and also thank you very much for your other picture as well and this looks like well I think on the left I think that is me with the glasses and on the right I think that is that mr. Steve I think so with his blue eyes ooh you have captured mr. Steve’s blue eyes very well I must say so thank you Belarusian for those photographs lovely more of mr Steve’s birthday coming a little bit later on Marina is here as well Marina happy birthday mr. Steve and hello to mr. Duncan unfortunately it isn’t my birthday today it is mr. Steve’s birthday definitely also it’s Sunday oh Beatrice hello Beatrice nice to see Beatrice here as well hello mr. Duncan happy Sunday from Argentina and also happy birthday to mr. Steve I have a feeling there will be a lot of greetings for Steve today because it’s his birthday hello flower hello khyber hello also Maria Oh Maria I’m saying hello to Maria Thank You Maria for joining me today it is Sunday it’s also mr. Steve’s birthday by the way if you are new to my live stream don’t forget you can catch me right here on YouTube every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 p.m. UK time so that is when you can find me on YouTube for those who aren’t sure when I’m on so now

you know there are the times Marella hello Duncan how is your mum feeling is she feeling better well I won’t talk too much about that at the moment but yes I have sent all of your best wishes to my mother thank you very much for those lovely kind thoughts and comments as well hello black gacha hello to you I’m very intrigued by your name by the way very intrigued ray hello ray zing from Australia Wow now you might be the most distant viewer at the moment on my live stream so a big good eh to Australia I’m sure you get that all the time so ray zing who is watching in Australia nice to see you here today hello Khyber noemi also pal Mira also nice door hello miss nice to see you here today Amit hello mr. Duncan hope you are awesome happy birthday to mr. Steve by the way he is quite young just 100 years old well sometimes Steve feels like he’s 100 years old so now and again Steve does complain about his aches and pains as we all do from time to time hello sweetness I’m so glad to see you here again today is a special day because it’s mr Steve’s birthday thank you very much so many people wanting to say hello art or art or says hello to mr. Duncan that’s me by the way for those wondering who is that strange man on the computer staring at me in a very odd way it’s me mr Duncan that’s my name I teach English on YouTube hello mr. Bruno nice to see that you have not blown away I know I can’t begin to tell you how much rain we had last night it was like a monsoon and it it went on all night and it only it only stopped raining about an hour ago however outside at the moment the weather is looking lovely look at that now it’s hard to believe how bad the weather was earlier on but you can see you might be able to see the clouds moving by very quickly so it is still very windy outside the studio and there is another view and can you see all the sheep in the field oh yes there is some lovely sheep grazing in the distance so that is the view outside now a lot of people say mr. Duncan we love looking out of your window we might do that again later on however we have the live chat lots of words and phrases connected with having your birthday coming up later on can I also say a big special thank you – hmm can I say thank you to Petros also Loretta Andre and Olga thank you very much for your lovely PayPal donations this month very kind of you thank you very much and I know that some of those donations were actually for mr. Steve yes don’t worry I will pass your donations on to mr. Steve I will buy him something nice so thank you once again for your lovely support – Petrus Loretta Andre and also Olga and let us not forget also I have my lovely patreon supporters as well Mika ding also Andrew Juliana Oleg and Michael so thank you also for your continuing support on patreon as well so thanks a lot for that and don’t forget I do everything here on YouTube for free it costs you nothing to watch this not only that oh my goodness I also have a website as well now this particular website is in its early stages so I will be adding some new things to the website hopefully next week as long as life does not become too hectic so I’m hoping to add and also

change some of the things on my website but you can find all of my playlists on there so if you want to find out what mr. Duncan is doing on YouTube then my website is probably a good place to go to especially if you’ve never seen my lessons before so there it is my website is now up and running and as I said I will be making some changes as well to the website over the next few days thank you also to oh hello to Pedro Pedro Belmont is here today Pedro Belmont will he be going away let’s find out shall we later thank you very much Satoru no nice to see you here as well apparently it feels like spring where satury no is sitting it is 22 degrees and I’m on my balcony in front of the blue sea can I just say I feel slightly envious of you sitting out there on your balcony looking at the sea but at least you haven’t forgotten about me so you’re still watching me even though you have a lovely view in front of you hello Angela hello thank you very much for your lovely birthday greetings for Steve thank you very much also we have sherry hello sherry ma cherie more hello also to Pedro again Oh Pedro is still here he hasn’t gone yet pal Mira says my nephew lives in the UK and he is exactly like Dennis is that his name so palmyra is your is your nephews name dennis interesting also we have alberto with birthday greetings for mr steve and we are now up to date with the live chat korchi is here also ana here in a rome it is warm and sunny I wish it was warm and sunny here well we have the sunshine but we don’t have any of the war and it is very very cold and wait I can’t begin to tell you how dramatic it was last night so many things going on we have the power the electricity went off and I had to sit with mr. Steve in the dark with a candle and we were just we were just talking for ages talking of which we will be doing that soon mr Steve will be joining us in a few moments and we’ll be talking about birthday greetings the way in which you can express birthday greetings to your friends and relations and lots of other things as well meanwhile we will have a look at one of my lessons I have been teaching English on YouTube for many years nearly 14 years and here now is one of my English lessons to give you a taste of the sort of thing I do right here can you see what sort of weather we’re having here today well there is poor visibility for a start it isn’t a clear day by any means it is a foggy day here in England we can use foggy as an idiom to describe the inability to remember something we can say I haven’t the foggiest idea which means you do not remember or you cannot recall a certain event or a piece of information today’s fog has been caused by warm and the cold air colliding with each other this fog is made up of tiny particles of moisture you often see fog forming in the early morning or evening or as the temperature changes the subject of weather is a fascinating one and for the typical English person such as myself it is a subject that is often discussed in general day-to-day conversation the two

words shown here may look similar but they are in fact very different the words perspective and prospective are often confused that is to say one is used instead of the other first of all the word perspective defines the way in which things are seen how an object appears depending on its size shape and relative distance from other things around it in drawing and painting perspective is used to give the illusion of depth and distance we can also use this word to express a person’s view of the world as there interview a person’s perspective of the world the views and opinions held by us all come from our own perspective then there is the word prospective which means something that is expected or is expecting to be done in the future something that is likely to happen at a later date is prospective I have a prospective client coming to my office tomorrow so now there is no need to get these words confused ever again I have given you a clearer perspective of what the differences are I have done this for you now and for all the prospective online students who will join me in the future can you see what I have here this is a saucepan full of boiling water the hot water is producing steam steam is produced when water vaporizes normally water vapor cannot be seen but it is possible to show it when extreme temperatures are used for example when hot vapor meets cool air this is one of the ways in which clouds are formed the process is called evaporation the word steam can be used in other ways for example a person can let off steam this expression means that a person will release their tension and pent up energy by doing something the action is normally a physical one such as going for a run having a dance or in extreme cases screaming out loud it would be fair to say that we all need to let off steam at some point it’s time to take a look at another part of English grammar continuing the theme of punctuation that we started in the last fall English today we will take a look at the dreaded apostrophe this particular punctuation mark is a controversial one as its use has been widely disputed over the years even now there seems to be some confusion over how it should be used in general English the apostrophe serves two purposes to show the possessive quality of something and to show that a word has been shortened or a sentence has been made shorter in the possessive sense the apostrophe shows that one thing belongs to another for example Duncan’s pen jill’s pencil st. Paul’s Cathedral the apostrophe can come at the end of the possessive word for example the teacher’s college is over there a commonly confused use of the apostrophe comes with the word it’s the apostrophe here shows the contraction of it is it’s my birthday today

when the apostrophe is not used then the possessive tense is being expressed a mouse has no fur on its tail another common mistake made with the apostrophe is to use it to show the plural of ordinary words this is incorrect once again the apostrophe is only used when you wish to show a possessive clause or the contraction of a word or sentence I hope you enjoyed that just a brief example of the sort of thing you can find on my You Tube channel and also across my website as well yes I have a website don’t you know mmm so here it is Oh a moment we’ve all been waiting for the moment that well I suppose a lot of people are now sitting in front of their computer screens waiting very patiently waiting for something very special to happen because mr. Steve is just around the corner are you ready to have mr. Steve on your screen are you well there is a special thing happening today because it is mr Steve’s birthday so here he comes everyone it’s the birthday boy himself it’s mr. Steve we look like a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses do we here what are those mr. Duncan Jehovah’s Witnesses they are more Mormons all right if we do see them knocking door-to-door but we’re not talking about religion no we’re not talking about religion even though we kind of are Steve can I just thinking about my birthday Steve yes can you just make yourself go a little higher because I want to show look this what’s this this is what I bought for mr. Steve’s birthday look oh it’s mr. Steve’s birthday present from me it’s a lovely silk tie just for your birthday if you if you wear it like that you see everyone can see it yes over the shoulder over the shoulder very posh very very nice I don’t like that very stylish too flamboyant yes we both got red ties oh yes a beautiful time all mine is purple mr. Duncan bought more mine’s got purple in it mr Duncan bought with this for my birthday as he just explained yes along with many other presents because you can Steve is well let’s not forget let’s let’s get this right because Steve is well today he is the the birthday boy yes can you see it now and what the birthday boys get lots of on their birthdays well they get lots of presents cars going maybe also cake cake oh so there is there is a nice cake there look do you like that oh how lovely how many candles are that on there mr. Duncan not enough don’t want to typical we’re not going to say how old I am no unless you’ve already told people of course well I haven’t told anyone it’s your secret a lady should never mention her age exactly never reveal your age and I won’t that that’s obvious I’ve had some lovely cards show us the cards although some of them are a bit damp yes I have already explained Steve that last night we had the worst rain the heaviest rain that we’ve had ever well certainly since moving here it was like a biblical flood it was we went to UM we went to a souvenir shop didn’t we miss Duncan we went to much Wenlock yesterday with my sister and my mother I mentioned this earlier I’ve already mentioned we had a lovely meal for for mr. Steve’s pre birthday yes so we had a lovely time even though the weather was awful I was going to explain that we went into one souvenir shop and there was a model Ark in there hmm when I say Ark I mean a

boat as in Noah’s Ark yes mr. don’t consider where there Steve don’t rush ahead the animals went in two by two you could have said that afterwards I was going to explain that the Ark of course in the Old Testament have you believed that one of the stories in there talks about a giant flood and all the animals going in there to be to be rescued into the flood subside mr. Duncan so don’t we better buy one of those because we might need it later on tonight and how right he was because we had water flowing down the back of the house like a river I’m not joking I’ve never seen anything like it never and the field in the back of a house the field you can see actually where the water has overwhelmed the land yes and it’s a man I’ve never seen anything like it I’ve had landslides in Wales I really want I really want to show you what it looks like outside I might take some video pictures later and then show them to you on Wednesday but unfortunately we can’t do it today so the live chat is up and running lots of people want to say happy birthday to mr. Stephen thank you for all your birthday wishes there’s some some lovely emojis on that is that the correct phrase mr. Duncan emojis emoji I’ve got some hearts I’ve got some musical notes I’ve got a cake that looks like a microphone and hearts of all different colors shapes and sizes flowers no thank you to everybody who’s sending me birthday wishes and standing ovations says one person yes I haven’t performed yet no but yes you normally get a standing ovation after you performed but yes thank you thank you very much before I forget Steve we’ve had a few live donations as well so let me just mention the live donations even though I can’t find them there they’ve all vanished did they add up to a million pounds mr Duncan not yet okay it doesn’t have to ignore what Steve says I’ve had some lovely cards well I’ve had a there Steve Jimmy thank you very much Jimmy in Hong Kong for your lovely donation live on the chat thank you very much to you I also received one earlier as well so sometimes I do miss your donations I don’t catch them yes thank you very much Jimmy and I’m sure there was another one as well let me just make sure because I don’t want to forget any more there was also there was also Eric as well thank you very much Eric for your lovely super sticker and also your donation on the live chat thank you very much so Steve we are we are making an impact today I think so especially with our dress look at Steve we look very smart we look like teachers don’t we today yeah proper teachers well you always wear that I look like a proper teacher not just like some person that’s come in off the street Steve today it is Independence Day of Lithuania Wow yes so I’m wearing my Lithuanian watch today so apparently this is a message I received a couple of days ago saying mr. Duncan you must wear your lifts Lithuanian watch on Sunday so that great how people remember all these facts and little bits of information which we’ve given them over the years and yes you’ve contributed towards the GDP of Lithuania yes okay buying it bomba by what I did because I bought it for you didn’t you know okay but yes fancy mate remembering that basically it was a present from mr. Steve it was explained before me to be do Lord I’m sorry Steve but we really do look like Jehovah’s Witnesses do we we I look like I should be going from door to door knocking on people’s doors and asking them if they if they’ve seen the light whatever they believe one thing’s for certain they always look very happy so I think sometimes if you believe something then it makes you happy you’ve never seen an unhappy Mormon is that what you’re saying I don’t know I’ve never seen well I did see a Jehovah’s Witness once when I was very young used to come to the door I was in rented accommodation okay and they must have thought that I was vulnerable to suggestion you and I was all I’m always very nice and friend of Sir Steve Steve I’d let people come in and I I always like to hear people talk of what they believe what they want to say

and but they there was one particular day was coming pains don’t they okay and he very ill very tired very ill and I think going out on the streets every night was I’ve tried that making him very tired there’s many a night I’ve been out on the street I’m envious of people who are happy like that believe in something devoutly and want to spread the message yeah but it jealousy there there is something you mentioned though you you do often appear vulnerable I think when people see Steve when people see Steve they see an a vulnerable person a person who they might be able to well exploit I’m not I’m not very guarded with my emotion now this is true whatever I think I usually say Steve is like an open book with his emotions whereas I I’m quite closed a lot of people think I’m quite closed with my real feelings so so when I’m happy and joyous and having fun especially yesterday I was eating I was eating custard out of the out of the the little serving cup much to your sisters horror it’s table manners his table manners were very poor I must be honest my table manners are not very good sometimes I get very excited though I get so excited when there is food nearby so mr. Duncan was taking food out off my plate putting the things he didn’t like on to mine like the raisins mmm I don’t like raisins you had at least half of mums food but I well your mum gave it to me I know if that sounds like I stole her food I didn’t I guess because yes so and then and then that ps/2 de la resistance okay is you licking your knife now anybody watching table manners normally you do not lick the knife do you mr. Duncan Alex is nice too it could have been worse I could have licked my plate and I’ve done that before in public trust me for a joke oh it’s John McEnroe’s birthday today as well his aim is tennis play is it John McEnroe’s birthday apparently a lot of women of a certain age have certain desires and dreams about John McEnroe I think he was well a tennis players or is that Jimmy Connors I think I’m confusing it with Jimmy Connors Jimmy Connors John McEnroe used to lose his temper all the famous for losing his temper you can’t be serious you can’t be a serious man that was in the ball was in man he used to smash his rackets didn’t he omelet on the tennis court he was a very angry man and he used to get reprimanded you know would have a what do they do if you do that they they do they take points off you in tennis although I think they they get a reprimand I think it’s a foul isn’t it they call it a foul I think you can be I think he’s been thrown out of matches before no he’s behaved so it is John McEnroe’s birthday what do table manners mean where we talk about table manners we are talking about the way you behave at the table when you are eating so you do things in a certain way so maybe you don’t you don’t eat with your mouth open like that well maybe you don’t lick the knife or maybe you you if you don’t get food around your mouth and that’s something I often do so when I enjoy food I often get food around my mouth so all of the rules that you must follow when you are eating they are called the table manners the way the way you must behave at the table you’re slightly different in different cultures of course if you eat with a knife and fork you’ve got to make sure you’re using the correct knife and fork you’re each course I always make mistakes I always make mistakes like sometimes you go to one of these very very posh meals Steve and they have lots of silver lots of silverware lots of cutlery on the table and I never know which ones to pick up first outside in you work from the outside in outside you so you take you should know that mister do you take the knife and fork that’s on the outside and then move inwards as each course comes along so the three sets of knives and forks then there’ll be different sizes that you then you just use the first ones for the first course and of

course the other one is the the side plate okay your side plate if you’re in a table with a lot of people he’s always the one on the left of you and some people will always say oh is that my plate or your plate it’s the one on the left and of course you’ve got to eat delicately haven’t you you have and and not shovel the food into your mouth no you have to eat slowly polite talk with your mouth empty not with it full you know table manners what is pleasant what is acceptable yes I won’t draw attention to yourself in polite company okay then Thank You Julie G for your donation as well we’ve had a lovely donation another live donation I think they’re all for me well actually I think their birthday presents for me but Mr Duncan’s gonna keep that’s very nice thank you very much also I was going to say something else then but I’ve completely forgotten what it was we’re going to look at some words today Steve connected to birthdays so when someone celebrates their birthday you might give them a present oh it looks as if Steve has received some cards I have okay don’t get too distracted by the live chat let’s have a look at Steve’s car I always get distracted by the live chat I have noticed he’s the one from my mother there we go so that says son oh look at that there it is son so but the interesting thing about this card is it’s actually handmade it’s handmade that card I don’t know whether my mother made it but it’s handmade yes so it says son however this this type of card reminds me of the sort of car that you would give to a teenage boy that’s it but it doesn’t matter because I eat oh and look at that that’s a BMW in red in red and it’s got a set of tires with it as well hmm because obviously I’ll be driving around like a lunatic kind of toolbox that’s a toolbox for when it goes wrong yes I Drive I would every bit too flashy that cardboard would be for me talking of cars Steve guess what Belarusian has sent a picture of one of your favorite oh look at that is that now that I think that is that is that a top-of-the-range that looks like a high high range that’s I think that’s a Mossad is CLS nice it says I think you call yes at the top does it oh yes it is it’s a CLS so that is based on a saloon car a Mercedes decided to make the saloon car look a bit more flashy a bit more coupe a like so they shortened the doors made the windows look sorry made the windows look smaller slopey back when that first came out that was a very caused art of quite a stir when that was first released that car because it was a very striking car I must admit that and I remember years ago you said when you first saw what you said what a lovely car yes that is a beautiful car it’s not the car manufacturers do a lot of now they take a a saloon car and they will make it look like a coupe a and add a bit more style to it so that is from Belarus eeeh thank you Belarusian when when do I take delivery yes is what I want to know they that that particular car is probably about ten years old I would say at least they’ve they’ve restyled it since then but it the new style CLS is as effective as that original one that one was the one that really caused a lot of quite a stir when it was released a very interest and in fact they set a whole new trend Mercedes did with that particular thing where you take a saloon car and turn it into her into a very sleepy curvy sexy looking Cooper yes well that’s a good now I think that is a good description of that car yes it’s sexy yeah a car can’t be sexy can’t it but that is a car that is is it’s it’s designed for people who want four doors but they think a saloon cars too boring so they want something with a bit more style hmm and that’s that end of the market and of course BMW did it and there everybody else followed and copied in how did the same sort of thing it’s mr. Steve’s birthday today do you have any more cards he’s a card from my sister Oh which is a beautiful car which is telling me she knows I like gardening so that is is saying go out

into the garden but also oh no that what that is saying is that I was gardening and now I’ve gone inside for a drink yes so it looks as if Steve has taken a rest because he’s getting older you see so he’s had to leave his wheelbarrow in the garden and he’s had to go into the house to have a little rest talking of which Steve when you are celebrating your birthday people might say things to you might know they might they might say things to you when your birthday arrives well first of all let’s mention that it is well it is mr. Steve’s birthday so happy birthday once again to you Steve okay but we can also say well first of all we can just say happy birthday happy birthday to mr. Steve happy birthday thank you you also we can say happy birthday to you as a song which of course we can’t singing because we will get a copyright strike we will get a copyright strike so we have a believable we have to be careful what we sing on YouTube or a person might just say best wishes to you on your birthday best wishes on your birthday best wishes to you so it’s a nice way of saying congratulations it’s a nice friendly way of wishing someone well on their birthday best wishes to you you might also say all the best all the best so all the best on your birthday all the best for you if a person is leaving the place they work maybe they are retiring you might wish them well you might say all the best so it’s a nice friendly way of saying I hope things go well for you in the future so it is a nice thing to say on someone’s birthday but also you can use this phrase generally if someone is going away or maybe you won’t be seeing them for a long time you can say can I wish you all the best in your new job all the best for your holidays for your wedding if you’re not going yes of course the other thing you can say is many happy returns you can say that you no doubt you you can say that Steve and guess what oh look at that many happy returns many happy returns of the day of the day which of course means that that time will come around again and again and again so when we say many happy returns what we are saying is we hope that you get to live long enough to see another birthday or many more birthdays so lots of happy birthdays in the future yeah many happy returns of your birthday we hope that you get to see lots more special days like this one cuz it’s mr. Steve’s birth you’d only just show them that though too many happy returns you wouldn’t normally write off the day after windy but that’s the full term isn’t it yeah I would normally say many happy returns many happy returns for mr. Steve because it is your birthday today are you excited because you don’t seem very excited even though I tell you what though I’d be excited if I had a Ford Mustang on the drive I know why as well because it was so dramatic last night yes storm Dennis last night rain falling all night floods we had a power cut if you mentioned that yes so we had a power cut we had to sit in the dark didn’t we about four hours five talking to each other and you can imagine how stressful that was so it was just Steve and me sitting together in the dark just a candle candles keeping us a light keep so we could see each other in the dark and and all we did was talk and what did we say but we wanted a cup of tea yes and we said what we have got a camping a gas camping stone yes so small portable camping stove where you put a gas cylinder in and you can use it for camping effectively and we bought it about seven years ago when we had a power cut here before and we’ve never had to use it since no because at our cooker is powered by electricity not gas it’s electric so we kept saying well I’m sure the electricity will come on soon

we won’t bother getting that camping stove out hmm and then you went on the internet and it said that the power wouldn’t be back on for at least another couple of hours hmm so you said or don’t get it out as soon as you get it out up the power will come back on then you saw the message saying it’s gonna be two hours we get the camping Scout stove out I light it put this connect the little cylinder as soon as I lit it the power came on yes in fact you were you were boiling some water I was boiling some water to make a cup of tea I’m we could have waited and then we could have used the kettle and then suddenly the electricity came back on exactly exactly how I said it and we said how dare they put the electricity back on when we’ve got the camping stone so we couldn’t even enjoy or emergency cup of tea in the dark because they because the electricity came back on it then later on we were going to bed but it was Ricky this rain lashing down and we looked outside there was a torrent and then I went up upstairs there was water dripping through near one of the windows there and then more water dripping in and in the canoe in the conservatory area so we had leaks water leaks were to put buckets underneath yes and but it was flowing press the house like a river there was a river flowing in the back garden and it was going past the house and around the side of the house past the studio yeah then into the front garden so and all the water was going I went outside with a torch in my wellington boots did you got very excited in fact but I wanted to unblock the the drain pipes because the water was coming flowing over the drain pipes and not going down because it was full of moss hmm that had fallen off the roof yeah so I wanted to clear the drain pipes and I got very wet didn’t I mr Duncan but it’s quite exciting going out there when when when you’ve got extreme weather but you were planning commuting you were panicking Apollo’s not panicking then I was concerned and Eve was rat steve was literally turned he was running around the house so screaming like a lady abbess and don’t be silly mr. Duncan I was just managing the situation mr. Duncan would have done nothing and we’d have woken up in the morning with water all over the floor here we go I saw a mouse mr. Duncan where well because round the side of your studio there’s lots of little mouse holes where they must live and hibernate in the winter and the water was pouring down these holes those are the poor mice fuck well I saw one Mouse there are how many are living near mr. Duncan studio burrows we need a cat I think to get rid of them why with my running swimming in the water so you want to kill the little mice that live nearby and they’re doing no harm to us you can’t get rid of them they’re everywhere I know learn in the country you don’t have to kill them I don’t understand why people move to the countryside and then they complain about the animals that are all around them if you don’t want to see animals go and live in the city and you can live amongst well one particular type of animal I mean human beings by the way human being a borough says what kind of cake do I like I would say chocolate but I also like almond cake what’s that one baked well Bakewell tart Steve likes to have a tart now in a game I’ve had one for years a Bakewell tart so that is a layer of pastry with a sort of marzipan almond in it almond sort of bass sweet with with a layer of jam and then some icing on Tom but chocolate cake it has a very any cake it has a very nutty nutty taste yes basically anything sweet to be honest anything your sister bought something ever so nice for you she did yeah let’s have a look and look at this look at that so this is this is actually very heavy it’s made of stone it’s a peak piece of stone yeah but but on the front you can see some farmyard animals all of your family know that we love animals yes especially farmyard animals so there you can see a little pig a cow and also a sheep as well all looking over a stone wall and that is used either in the kitchen or on the table and for putting hot dishes on yes to protect your table yes so you put it down your table and and then you put your dishes on top of it I suppose you could describe this as a coaster well I know that or a table or a table

mat I like a table mat yes something to protect Abel for heat did have some little coasters that came with it coaster is something that you put your drink on there it is it’s quite nice but the weight I can’t believe how heavy this is so thank you very much to Janice actually said to me this morning I nearly didn’t give it to you because she I bought them and wanted to keep them myself uh-huh very nice sorry so thank you very much for the present to use that as a weapon and don’t forget don’t forget also yeah I had a tie I bought a tie for mr. Steve and also for Valentine’s Day I got some lovely chocolates didn’t I as well I got some as well I got some chocolates so there it is mr. Steve’s new tie the channel we’re at work I want to dump it I don’t like it too tight oh really yeah that’s not what I’ve heard makes mine yeah makes my neck feel restricted oh it feels like you’re being strangled yes I used to always do the bucking up on my ship but I don’t anymore anyway another one or another word another we can say happy greetings to you happy greetings my greetings to you birthday greeting so quite often quite often you will write this down so we don’t normally say happy greetings to you you might write it down in a birthday card or in a letter so can I say happy greetings to you for your birthday or greetings to you for your birthday you are sending a special hello something nice for your birthday I think Steve is trying to be I’m trying to elevate myself shall we let can we let the viewers in on a secret what’s that mr. Steve is standing on top of something to make himself taller only because you’ve got the can they either they leave the candle the the camera angled to make yourself look taller you can’t make someone look taller with a camera trust me anyway yes some more phrases he knows all the tricks of the trade to make him say better it is true I’ve learned all the ways all the lights on you or the or the most flattering light if light is fluttering this is the same light by the way flattering light is a light that irons out get rid of all your of blemishes yes and makes you look younger well more attractive in the professional term we call it a beauty light have you heard of that I have so it is a technical expression for light that is very flattering to a person’s face but when you’re out and about if you’re in a restaurant for example and you’ve got those annoying overhead lights those spot liners and if one of those is on your head you would say that was unflattering light as it casts shadows on your face if you’ve got lights from above whereas if you’re sitting opposite of window the lights flooding in and evenly lighting your face and you said describe that as a flattering light a light that causes shadows mmm the harsh overhead light yeah is unflattering and makes you look older and nobody wants that well it what it does it highlights all of the the Lions and also the shape of your face so all of the shadows will appear however if you have light in front of you that is diffused then you will look like this you will look handsome and beautiful just like me and mr. Steve another one oh here’s a good one you can also say warm wishes on your birthday wishes wishes so the wishes are kind true they are sincere you are sending your warm wishes or of course you could say warmest wishes yes can I send you my warmest wishes on your birthday so yes it’s a nice be from one friend to another maybe mmm I think so interesting when do you put love in a card to somebody but a happy birthday love from or happy Christmas love for that’s interesting because some people automatically put that on to everybody and other people only use the word love to maybe their partner family members but if you’ve got a good friend you might put love from interesting because I had a card from somebody hmm who is in the choir that I’m in okay and normally she always sends me a birthday card every year and she normally just puts from so if he just puts happy birthday from and then the name

that’s quite formal yeah that’s a very formal way of putting it but this year she put love from no I didn’t and love doesn’t mean doesn’t mean love in terms of romantic love in that case if it’s a friend that sends you a card opposed love from it just means they’re very if they’re very fond of you yes it doesn’t mean that you know I didn’t lead that in the card as meaning there was some emotional love she doesn’t she doesn’t want to marry you doesn’t want to have a relationship with me just but it was just a nice thing to say sometimes when you yes mean that you really like somebody so I think quite often with women you might see women sending birthday cards to each other and they might put love in your heart however if a man sends a birthday card to another man first of all I don’t think that happens very often I don’t think men normally send birthday cards to each other unless of course they are I don’t how I’ve never had a birthday card off a man unless I was well I know I haven’t so now you’re right there and if you did oh I think I have but if you did it would just say from yes and then the now you know you might get Christmas cards from a man yes so a man might send the Christmas card to another man and say Oh Merry Christmas mate say see you next year however you don’t normally say the birthday card to another man unless of course it’s a relative it’s very unusual and couples might say if though if the female in the relationship broke the card and it was one couple to another couple they might put your thumb on that so if you’re if you’re romantically involved be you a man woman woman man man woman man woman man man woman dog man woman octopus dog man woman then you might you might do that what I think people somebody hasn’t did marry their dog didn’t they in this country we have to be careful what we say here sorry Steve said that not me I think it’s happening sorry you may have happened but we have to be careful on YouTube I’m sorry I’m sorry YouTube he was Steve that said that not me please don’t take my partnership away please so yes some people might want to marry their dog but but we don’t we don’t support it here on YouTube because well YouTube might get a little bit funny about it you see I think it you can legally do it I think in some parts of the world yeah not here though somebody maybe it’s in America I don’t know I think that was probably in America it probably was in America but anyway next go on oh my goodness mr. Duncan dude what do you want to say you see what happened then mr. Steve had nothing else to say I can’t believe it I can’t believe that just happened so when you have a birthday party because some people do have birthday parties don’t they Steve I’m not having one you might ask them to blow out the candles and make a wish you might ask them to blow out the candles and make a wish but why what what is that for Steve why do we do that it’s just tradition okay but there is a reason for it and maybe you’re tellers yes well you blow out the candles and you make a wish as you blow out the candles so you are doing something that hopefully will bring good luck in the future so it’s a bit like I don’t know it’s a bit like something that might be superstition even so I’m sure in the past people were superstitious about when they blow out the candle and I wouldn’t be surprised if those two things are actually connected somehow so you blow out the candle and I suppose before electricity you would blow out the candle at night but maybe before you blew out the candle maybe you said a prayer or you made a wish so you would survive the night without dying maybe so be extreme but I’m just thinking no I’m thinking out loud this is how my brain works maybe you need to do some research yes well maybe I will but yes that’s what we traditionally do certainly here in the West I don’t know whether it happens in other countries you have somebody brings you your your cake to the table with all the candles lit and we’ve done that too I’ve done that too

you haven’t done and then you better can that make a wish Steve people have birthday cakes in other countries I know but I don’t know the question I’m asking is is there a tradition in your country to blow out the candles and say make a wish I don’t know if that’s in every country in the world well I would just in certain countries so I’m sure there is food involved I have a feeling that there has to be food come on if you’re having a birthday party you have to have food and has to be a big cake and maybe some candles as well Nesta says that they have three wishes oh so we only get one wish here you’re gonna get one so where are you Nesta seven one two four which country are you in we’re gonna go that we will yes we can have three wishes so what would your Steve okay so imagine now you you have a cake in front of you with lots of candles and you are going to blow those candles you are going to give it the biggest blow ever ah I know you to breathe in you have to have lots of puffs so you have to let that big puff out and blow those candles completely out so they’re not lit anymore what would your wish be I wouldn’t tell you because when you make a wish you have to keep it to yourself oh I see you have to keep that wish to yourself otherwise it will never come true hmm so you make a wish but you make it to yourself because if you blurt it out to everybody hmm the energy is lost of that of that wish so if you make that wish it goes somewhere into the universe okay and then will eventually come back to you but if you tell everybody it dissipates the the energy of the wish okay it’s like sometimes it’s like when they say you shouldn’t always tell everybody what your plans are for the future because when you do that you somehow lose the energy of what’s happening in that in that wish all that desire or that goal hmm so I’m not going to tell you what my wish is but you can probably guess okay it’s got four wheels and it’d probably be in red and would have an 8 cylinder engine off and would maybe come from the other side of the world okay so we are talking about a Ford Mustang that probably would be on my wish list I think it well if you only have one wish you don’t have a list unfortunately this is an Amazon right in Malaysia here hello to Malaysia where oh so I stayed in my universities hostel and my parents had just paid me a visit and brought me it brought me a cake and I blew out I blew out the candles and made a wish this is tradition in Malaysia right so there we go so there we go so I think a lot of countries around the world have a very similar thing with food and maybe a cake even in China I remember when I was in China I know I know we can’t get through one of these live streams without me mentioning China when I was in China my first birthday that I celebrated in China I had three birthday parties on the same day so I had to go to three birthday parties and I had to have I actually blew out three birthday cakes did you have any puffs left I I was completely out of puff I had no more breath left inside me because I was blowing blowing continually blowing all day on my birthday Thank You Nestor Nestor’s from Malaysia from Argentina hello Argentina so where you get three wishes on from on your birthday cake so I’m going to Argentina because you can you get three times as many wishes as you do here in the UK so next year when it’s Steve’s birthday this time next year by the way mr. Steve will be older next year it’s a big one that’s sorry Steve is having a big birthday next year because it’s a big age next year isn’t it it’s it’s an age you must not think of age big cecelia judy has watched all your live videos from 2016 17 18 and 19 yes well I started making them I started making my live streams in 2016 that’s when I started doing the live lessons however I did start making my videos in 2006 so this year it is actually my 14th year on YouTube when you watch did you binge watch mr. Duncan’s live streams

secede yeah that’s what you do when you when you watch say a television series hmm and there are lots of programs episodes episodes and you watch all of them are once over over a long period of time say in one night you call it binge watching it’s like eating lots of food you binge on food it means you eat a lot over on period of time yes to consume something in a large amount over a certain period normally a short period of time so maybe you watch a TV show but you watch 10 episodes in in one night so you sit there do you know which TV shows started binge watching it was his breaking bad it was Breaking Bad was the TV show that’s responsible for binge watching it was the first TV show that people sat down and watched lots and lots of episodes of including us because you watch one episode of a program and it leaves you with a cliffhanger at the end so a cliffhanger mm-hmm do you want to explain that missing cliffhanger is an ending that has suspense so there is something that keeps you in suspense you want to find out what happens next you can’t wait so at the end of an episode of for example Breaking Bad Walter White is in his little lab and then some suddenly there’s a knock at the door and Walter he wasn’t expecting anyone to come round so there is a knock at the door Walter looks surprised and who is it and he says I wonder who it is if she don’t connect him that up no I’m not making it up I’m just trying to hey your explained cliffhanger so the only thing that leaves you in suspense so Walter White is wondering who is at the door and he’s got his gas mask on because he’s making he’s making crystal meth in his lab so he gets a wonder who was at the door and that’s it then suddenly that the episode ends that doesn’t sound like much of a cliffhanger do want to find out but it might have been some gangsters or maybe or maybe Gus fring the cliffhanger a cliffhanger would a cliffhanger would have been the door burst open and somebody came in there with a gun and then it the credits went up yeah that would be a cliffhanger not and knock at the door well it doesn’t sound very exciting and I might think oh well I’ll wait till next week before watching the next episode oh I would want to know who was at the door Anna Anna says especially with this walk Walter White he never got anyone coming round to his house who was nice they were always trying to kick the door down or smash the windows and steal his money that he kept under his floorboards my favorite episode of Breaking Bad is when when Walter White put all of the money in the washing machine because it got wet and he had to dry all of the money in the washing machine and there’s a wonderful shot that the camera appears to be inside the washing machine looking out and you can see the money going around and that’s another reason why I loved Breaking Bad because of the the cinematography so the way it was photographed I used to I used to love watching it just to see how how it was actually filmed yes Beatrice says as also mentioned that in Argentina you have three wishes before you blow out the candles good and anna says of course Aladdin the genie grants you three wishes when he comes out of the the the urn or the pot it’s it’s a lamp a lamp and lamp yes Aladdin is a genie that lives in a lamp and you rub the lamp and out pops the landing have you ever get three I know what you’re going to say mister have you never had mr. Duncan have you ever had a Ladin and you get three wishes so Argentina gets three wishes just like Aladdin grant you three wishes so Aladdin you you have to pick him up and you have to give him a good rub so as you rub him he will suddenly appear in front of you in a big puff of smoke and he will say hello my name is Aladdin and I will give you three wishes thank you very much for releasing me from the magic that sort of thing Theo dang says after blowing out the candles are making a wish do people

usually push your head down into the birthday cake what they might do I’ve never had my head I’ve had my head pushed down that would be fun in many directions maybe they would splat the cake in your face it doesn’t sound very nice and also the candles might go into your eyes you might actually lose your eyesight because of the candles going into your eyes so I don’t like the sound of that no I don’t think you should ever push someone’s face into a birthday cake Nesta says it’s actually difficult to think of three wishes before blowing out a candle I should imagine it would be I mean one is one is bad enough you what you’d want time wouldn’t you if somebody’s just suddenly thrust a birthday cake under your nose your stomach yes my stomach’s rumbling I’m hungry and asked you to make I mean one wish you could probably think of one way I can think of quickly I can think of two now but neat but needing to think of three that puts you on the spot that gives you a bit of pressure to think of it and what happens if you don’t um yeah I can understand that nester I like a bit of pressure sir which TV series do you like the most at the moment we have been watching the expanse science fiction we like we also we also like better call Saul which is kind of connected to Breaking Bad and that starts soon once again it’s it’s back he thinks it’s boring very plodding I like it I like I like better call Saul in some ways it’s better than breaking bad because it has some interesting aspects of the past and also the present so I quite like that way of telling a story where you are in the past but also sometimes you are in the present so I quite like that so that’s what we’re watching at the moment two TV shows the expanse and also better call Saul Pat you says what is Aladdin yeah we’ve explained that it’s a genie that lives in a lamp that’s his name and his nature says I am Aladdin what do you wish yes did Disney there was a recent live-action remake of the original Disney classic Aladdin and Will Smith believe it or not Will Smith was the genie why not why not indeed he always rips me up the wrong way aha mr. Dalton you’re not a fan of Will Smith are you mr. Duncan is not your most popular actor popular you know you’re not a fan you’re not a fan of rules no I don’t mind Will Smith but is in too many films there’s someone else Vladimir says I’m from I thought you said Venus and Ville Vilnius thanks for Oh Vladimir’s from via Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius I’m just thinking the planet Venus you okay there okay you’re not having a stroke are you oh this is the watch you see this watch has come all the way from Lithuania the capital of Lithuania is what and oh go on I’m guessing it’s Vilnius Vilnius if it isn’t we’re going to look really stupid yeah this Lithuanian watch is well first of all it’s from Lithuania and also it’s the Independence Day of Lithuania today apparently so will you can well somebody confirm for us that Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania just so that we don’t look stupid my stomach is really rumbling that’s because I’ve only had breakfast today and a couple of biscuits and it’s six hours since I had last had anything to eat Steve there are some good phrases here when we get older no one wants to get older however there are many ways of getting older and still staying happy so I always think and I think Steve agrees with me getting older is not necessarily a bad thing as you get older I suppose you learn more things you become wiser well in theory you become wiser however there is a lovely phrase in English we can say that you are another year older but not any wiser yes that said as a as a sort of a humorous comment as a joke I’m a year older but I’m not any wiser yes and the inference there is that you keep repeating the same mistakes I’ve learnt nothing always did when you were younger I’ve learned nothing from Russian ships particularly yeah so I like that one another year older but not any wiser so you keep

making the same mistakes again and again oh here’s yes how mirror Vilnius is indeed the capital of Lithuania oh so we made an educated guess that paid off we escaped yeah we escaped the humiliation of looking like a couple of divs Firenze is I’m sorry if I pronounced your name incorrectly says that if we ever want a cup of Turkish coffee which we have had we’ve had Turkish coffee and we went to Turkey and Turkish tea as well it’s very strong I think it’s a bit like expresso I think yes so well we can go to London no prisoners has must have a coffee shop or something though how exciting we haven’t been to London for a decade fret prick princess do you have a coffee shop in London that might be a good excuse for going down to London this is something I’d like to do this year when the weather gets better I would like to go down to London and we could do we could go together and do a special live lesson in London but also we could also go to the princess and have a cup of Turkish coffee that would that would boost our energy I like this of that brilliant Will Smith yes because Will Smith used to be in a comedy show didn’t he before he became a famous serious actor used to be in the Fresh Prince of bel-air that was right so he was he was quite funny in that I was quite like watching it I’m not a fan of Will Smith and it I can I you have to be careful nowadays though this is the problem so if you say you don’t like a black actor you are instantly a racist but I just don’t like Will Smith he annoys me I don’t know why there’s something sort of smug and smirky about him I don’t know why but his confidence not because he’s black okay he’s just a very confident person it is possible to dislike someone well you’ve drawn attention to it I’m not I’m just I’m just yes but we live in 2020 I don’t I don’t know if you’ve noticed Steve but we live in a world where everyone is looking to be outraged coffee shop in Tooting huh that’s it we’re all right we’re going now come on Steve let’s go now yeah would take us about two and a half hours to drive there I don’t suppose you’re open today though we can get a train we could but our but we can’t because we’ve got travel disruption all over the UK because of storm Dennis there are no trains the planes weren’t taking over cancered lots of flight Oh God and probably there are no trains either no trains and my sister drove back from here last night and there was a tree right across the road oh so it did it block the road yes it blocked the road so what did your sister do did she did not try to drive over it there was a small gap by the ditch and she just managed to drive round I told her to go on the motorway she drove her lovely actually decided together back roads and nearly got flattened by a tree she drove for a lovely expensive car into a ditch one that into a ditch she managed to drive around Jamelia says Will Smith is one of my favourite actors he does he just doesn’t do it for me I’m sorry he doesn’t do it for me I just I just find him slightly I don’t know what I remember reading an article with Will Smith and all he kept talking about was wanting to rule the world in being the president of the USA you did say that I thought it was a little just slightly arrogant that’s all but but I just just when I see a movie with Will Smith in the other one the rock I don’t know what the appeal of the rock is I haven’t seen the rock the rock no it’s an actor oh it’s not it’s a film it is a film as well there is a film called The Rock with Sean Connery and I think it’s Nicolas Cage is it Nicolas Cage but also but also the rock is a wrestler he used to be a wrestler and now he’s an actor and he seems to be in a new movie every week every week there seems to be a new movie starring the rock but I just find him a very horrible presence on screen and it’s not because he’s a wrestler I don’t have anything against wrestlers before anyone gets outraged Oh mr. Duncan you don’t like wrestlers are you anti wrestler no I’m not anti wrestler you’re just having an opinion I just I just I just find him slightly annoying when he’s on screen sorry some people say that about me Brennan

says when when we come to London hmm when we announce it assuming we do then reminders because we’ll probably forget reminders that you’ve got this coffee shop in Tooting and we will make a trip tan k4 cup of Turkish coffee it is tan Kay’s birthday tomorrow so happy birthday happy birthday for tomorrow tan tan okay happy birthday is anybody watching today who also is their birthday today hey John McEnroe know who’s watching who is John McEnroe watching he might be he might be sitting there now with his tennis racquet in his hand I like Will Smith holding his balls and saying you can’t be serious man you call yourself an English teacher man and he throws his tennis racquet at his computer screen and tan says travel to Malaysia to meet your fans we’ve been to Malaysia many times even Asia many times but not for many years I know Malaysia very well the last time I was there was in 2014 beautiful place penang penang and also Kuala Lumpur and KL people call it KL in the know that’s it okay yeah that’s it and also you went to where was it you went to panko panko ah very nice nice Island yeah that was lovely so low English says the rock is one of my favourite movies so he likes the rock as in the movie but also there is the rock who is a former wrestler I think his real name is Dwayne Johnson which isn’t quite the same really isn’t it somebody called Dwayne but his other name is the rock so his real name is Dwayne so I can see why I understand now why he changed his name to the rock that she wants you to do live streams from different parts of the UK well yes unfortunately mr Duncan doesn’t drive I don’t drive and also well traveling around takes a long time and also you have to spend money when you travel around you can’t travel around for free maybe I could do a live stream from local parks so I could just sleep in the park at night like a homeless person yeah like it like a like a vagrant person or a homeless person as that says that we have your word see that’s it you see we’ve said we’re going to go so we’re now committed committed to a Turkish coffee we definitely are committed there should be committed we should be committed which means if people want to know what that means it means that if somebody says you should be committed it means you’re a bit mad and they think you should be locked up in a home yes or a mental asylum a mental hospital a mental hospital we have asylums anymore we don’t have asylums now unless of course you are escaping punishment from overseas well we have I’m feeling hungry mr. Duncan okay and it is my birthday I still have a million other words to show you for your birthday here’s what you will be saying this time next year a year from now Steve this is what Steve will be saying one foot in the grave next year because it’s mr. Steve’s big birthday nerdy I’m thirty you wish just times that by to one foot in the grave is a way of saying that a person is very old they are close to the end of their life so now they have not both feet in the grave but one foot in the grave they are they are getting older they have one foot means you you’ve got far less years ahead of you then you’ve got behind you yes so you’re not quite dead but you’re not far off you’ve got to be solo says you’ve got to be pretty self-confident to call yourself at the rock hmm that’s true but of course if you’re a wrestler you’ve got to be confident so calling yourself the rock is going to intimidate your opponent you know it’s all fake it’s all fake it’s all fake rocks they’re not really wrestling by the way they’re just they’re just jumping on top of each other and rolling around they’re not they’re not really wrestling okay so Allah says that they would call themselves the pebble click the pebble I would call myself the the the feather-duster the grain of sand I am the feather duster yo Steve you might be you might be over the hill over the hill if you

are getting older if you are becoming old then we might say that you are now over the hill over the hill it means your unfashionable your ideas are out-of-date your way of thinking and behaving is out-of-date old fashioned or old old fashioned never heard it used like that over the hill yes it means you’re you’re a bit clap down you you’re wearing out physically mentally yes yes all your parts have stopped working now women often complain about what happens to their bodies as they get older but can I just say something to you now and it might be a little shocking but men also have problems with their bodies as they get older things happen don’t they Steve Steve can tell us all about it because you’ve gone through quite a lot of it haven’t you I just don’t know what do you mean mister don’t can I I’m as fit and as young-looking as I was and I was 21 mm okay then so as you get older especially man not just women I know women have their changes but also men also things start going wrong with their bodies as they get older some of them are really quite disgusting to be honest we never talk about it there’s a good expression if your ought you are a man you you know what I mean don’t you know Palmyra says am I feeling in the pink Oh in the pink if you feel in the pink it means you’re feeling very happy and and confident and buoyant and you’ve got a pink rosy cheeks yes because you’re happy and you’re having a lovely time yes normal it means healthy yes are you in the pink healthy yes I would say you are feeling fit and healthy you are in the pink so over-the-hill means a person is getting older here’s another one Steve are you past it you are past it you’re saying I am past it yes well I’m not saying you are but it might be something a person will say to a person who is getting older you might say you were past it maybe you go on a walk with your friend and he’s walking behind you in his out of breath you might say to him I think you’re past it mate I think you are past it it means you can’t do that thing anymore yeah you are unable to do it anymore because you are past it being invited to nightclubs as you get older you might say somebody might invite you to a nightclub and you might say oh I’m past it I’m past all that now in other words you’ve reached a certain age where you don’t want to do a particular thing anymore or you can’t do it yes you might have been I don’t know a a long-distance runner or you might you might have done marathons or you might have been a sports person where you played tennis or or a vigorous game like squash and somebody might say oh do you remember when you used to say play squash where all those years ago and you then might say well now I’m past it now you too old you can’t do it in you knows oh I need any any activity that it requires a lot of energy and strength you might be too old to do it are you going out for lunch as Cecilia no we’re not we went out yesterday yes we’re having nobody said happy birthday to me yesterday but yeah we did I hung as Beatrice that because of the flattering light do you do realize that people in the street don’t know it’s your birthday I don’t know what you were were you expecting strangers just to come up to you and say hey my mother my sister they did we said happy birthday we gave you bloody cards and I offense I gave you this lovely tie this tie is mr. Steeves gift I gave it to ya so then so yes we did we did say happy birthday yesterday how dare you how dare you how dare you Lee it’s it’s Lee’s mother’s birthday today yes mm-hmm I’ve got wonderful skin okay thank you except next year mr. Steve will be an old codger yes so this is not a friendly thing this is not a nice thing this is this is almost like an insult but you might describe an old person you might see an old man walking along the road

and he looks frail and old and you might describe them as an old codger old fashioned wearing old fashioned clothes yeah not finding it difficult to walk yes maybe not particularly nice person an old codger hmm just an elderly person an elderly man so do you moans a lot elderly people tend to moan a lot early and complain that’s what I find him and yeah an old codger I usually said usually a man isn’t it yes quite often and also a person who’s just looks old frail maybe they’re they’re just sitting there on their own in the park feeding the pigeons something like that Oh another one here Steve another one around diese an old geezer so when we say an old geezer well first of all in British English the word geezer means man ah so when we say geezer in British English we mean man so in a slang word yes it is I suppose but an old geezer is an old man however in American English and this is interesting in American English the word geezer does mean an old man right so when we say geezer when we say it in American English we are saying an old person an old man in English in British English jeez it just means man that’s it we have to qualify it by putting old in front life has no guarantees as Theo because their brother passed away before their fifties so life has no guarantees no no you don’t know you don’t know what’s around the corner luck of the draw when it comes to your genetic makeup live every day as if it’s your last because one day you will be right an old biddy says solo an old biddy that’s it so you use the word yes an old woman so an old geezer or an old codger is a man an old biddy is a woman mmm quite often we will say old biddy or an old believed old hag old hag a hag and all vide is just an old person but it you wouldn’t want to be described its you might describe somebody as an old busy oh she’s a bit of an old biddy so she you know somebody you sort of are old and a bit mony and just an elderly person an old hag might be also old and ugly an old hag is somebody who’s let themselves go let their appearance go so the hair is all greasy and and their skin has not been looked after somebody you might also describe that if you were being unkind to somebody hmm who was not elderly but was say in their forties or fifties okay you might describe a woman as an old hag if she puts too much makeup on dyes her hair too dark and puts lots of makeup on you might you might say she looks like an old hag okay that would be an unkind thing to say but you might say that I love the way we are actually teaching everyone today to use horrible expressions I think this this one might be the worst one a wrinkly a wrinkly a person who is old their skin will be all wrinkly so you might describe a person who is old as wrinkly or a ring Klee so a wrinkly person is a person who has a wrinkly skin quite often as you get older your skin I’ve noticed with Steve just not not many but one or two wrinkles and also even me around my eyes I have I have some small fine wrinkles laughter lines that’s what you called laughter lines see I’ve got laughter like we don’t laugh Steve’s your happy person no one does that much laughing thank you very much I’m getting hungry mr. Duncan and we’ve got to go for a walk yes we’re going to live a look at the forward so there is a lonely road I don’t mean a car no okay a Ford is that water that passes across a road yes and you have to drive through it but when we’ve had lots of rain so it’s going to be very deep yes and we want to go and have a look and come back for a

hot cross bun so when we say Ford we mean it’s actually a road that has a river flowing over it it’s a the way around what did I say you said a river with a road under it yes it’s a road that has a river going across it yeah sometimes they build roads in this country and they don’t always there’s a river but they don’t always build the road a bridge over the road because the river only flows at certain times some of the time it’ll be dry but other times it won’t be but it might be a road that’s not used that often so it’s the count counts or haven’t spent money on putting a bridge over there so you’ll see a sign saying Ford and you’ve just got to be careful when you drive through it that you don’t flood your car basically the same spelling as the car have you got any more words left yes and we’ve had some negative ones that’s have some positive ones ah sprightly a person who is sprightly so this is something nice and positive so I wanted to end on something positive you see so a person who is sprightly has lots of energy lots of vitality they have lots of energy they they appear to have youth even though they look older they still have a lot of energy so we can say that they are very sprightly yes somebody who is elderly maybe 70 or 80 years of age but they’ve got lots of energy and youth about them as you say they go on long walks they’ve just got lots of energy I can’t see that I will be sprightly when I’m older maybe they usually skinny as well yeah you’re not very sprightly now true except when I’m on the livestream yes you have a lot of energy so sprightly a person who is sprightly a person who has lots of energy also you can have an attitude as well as you get older you can be young at heart young at heart so you might be old looking on the outside waiting but your heart your spirit remains young yes and you have a positive outlook on life I would say I look young on the outside but I thought so no I’m not wouldn’t say I was young a town maybe you’re the you’re the reverse I think Steve is old at heart so he’s young but he he feels and behaves and reacts to things like like an elderly person okay I think you’re the reverse but yes some people describe me as young at heart because people can’t believe how old I am so they’re younger just says something which leads me to explain that yes yesterday we did my sister my mother came over to visit and we went out for a lovely meal hmm we did we had a nice little reunion yesterday it was rather nice in fact my legs are aching mr Turner my back say kiss is the final one then you could be full of life full of life energy full of life full of high joy de vivre yes yes you you’re elderly but you live life to the full yes you enjoy life you take a breath and youth you feel grateful to still be alive don’t waste any of your time on silly things like watching too much television yes or worrying about things that you needn’t worry about small insignificant moments from your past is life to the full so that somebody who who maybe samples all the delights of life well into their old age that’s it and doesn’t give up that’s it I suppose you could be it you could be any age and be full of life because I’ve met some young people who are not full of life they are actually quite morose and unhappy so just because you’re young it doesn’t mean that you are going to always be happy and be full of life just as I suppose being old doesn’t mean that you you will be lifeless Belarusian Anna both say that you are young at heart oh you are thank you very much is that for me oh thank you anyway Steve I have a feeling you want to go I think we should because we haven’t got much time left if we’re going through our wall go it is getting dark outside let’s have a look outside because it’s quite it’s quite interesting out there today so the Sun is now out yes it is hard to believe how bad the weather was last night it was absolutely awful oh look there’s some sheep in the lovely the distance oh there’s some lovely sheep and yesterday we bought something yesterday didn’t we Steve do

you want to see something really cute have you shown it yet no oh look this is something we bought yesterday in Much Wenlock we couldn’t resist because it’s so cute it it’s so cute Steve actually bought this so isn’t that lovely that is a big fluffy sheep isn’t that great I absolutely adore this sheep so this is a new addition to our family of animals that live in a house manager E our collection of stuffed animals and menagerie is a collection of animals I think this one is being overstuffed look how fat this sheep is that is a very fact sheep eating too much grass right mr. Duncan are you going I’m going so thank you all for your birthday wishes and see you again next year probably see you next week yes ah probably not actually mr. Tonko really I’ll explain afterward to you there might be no mr. samba we won’t be here next Sunday no mr. Steve next son that I’ve been invited to a party Oh a birthday party I’m going to live life to the full okay I wonder doesn’t know yet no I don’t know this is this is news to while you were on live I got an invite in fact it was a Saturday but I can’t go on Saturday because I’ve got a concert Saturday night I’m going to go on Sunday instead okay then so you want our everybody thank you for all let me see you in two weeks thank you for all the information and well I’m going to go and eat something and then we’re going for a walk bye bye bye I know is mr. Steve mr Steve has gone I have to move I have to move the thing that he was standing on so so can you believe it today we actually got mr. Steve to stand on something is it my sheep lovely I think this sheep is really lovely very nice it’s almost time for me to go I can’t believe it it’s almost time to say goodbye I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s livestream something slightly different we were celebrating mr. Steve’s birthday you can have an Irish stew oh I like the sound of that yesterday we had hotpot which is a lovely traditional English meal very nice Martha Pollan says goodbye to mr Steve Steve has gone I will be back with you for those wondering I will be back with you on Wednesday don’t forget back with you on Wednesday 2 p.m. UK time and also don’t my new website for those who don’t know or haven’t seen it yet there is actually a new website and you can see it right now there it is so my new website has all of my lessons my playlists lots of other fun things as well and over the next few days I will be adding some new features to the websites because I’ve been so busy over the past few days for which I apologize such a busy time a very busy month indeed thank you Chris Dale Thank You Beatriz thank you also to Rosa Jamelia Luis Mendez hello Luis I didn’t say hello to you earlier I apologize for that so a big bozo – Luis also – Noemi thank you very much for all of your lovely messages I think mr. Steve has had a lovely birthday we are now going to have a cup of tea and a hot cross bun if you want to find out more about hot cross buns I might talk about that on Wednesday I hope you can join me on Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time thank you all so Lois Cecilia ma Maria thank you very much I am going now this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you for watching me today I really appreciate your company on this Sunday and you know what’s coming next until the next time we meet here on YouTube stay safe stay happy and stay young at heart ta ta for now 😎