Iceland moss preparation and cooking.

hello everyone so they can hear you know the other day I really want to have some ice land moss to eat I do it once in a while because I like it so much but I never done it in winter before and usually be in my kitchen home prepare it and boil it but now I thought hey why don’t do it outside for once so somewhere that way somewhere here I have my lunch for today so let’s see if I can find some let’s see if my memory serves me well I do have some to sit down I brought my gloves something to if I find something to put in and my shovel it’s actually my son’s shovel but I learned it I borrow it for today so let’s go to digging right you don’t see well this now let’s bring you closer so you can see oh it’s dripping from the trees it’s warm today there see if I can zoom in you see it that is Iceland moss green and tasty after some preparations oh well let me dig something up take the other stuff away and the bottom doesn’t look so tasty throw it away and there you have it Iceland moss it’s really a listen and you need to treat it before you can eat it to treat this ice land mass you need sodium carbonate I brought me some in a

little bottle and this is very strong stuff so you need the gloves when you handle this later on and on the package it’s and you can’t use it together with aluminium so I brought my Trangia or me stainless steel heavy-duty one to boil it with and if you heat the water not boil it but heated so they get a little bit warm the time that it will be treated it shorter about one hour if you heat it up to yeah finger warm water or something I had never boil it it can’t be good good I guess so I need a fire I will try to make a fire here in the snow for about 1 liter of water is it you need to this is the tablespoons Martinez tablespoons of this well it feels like everything is against

me today it felt it fell apart but the water is still in there I don’t know it must have glide down in a very nice manner so it’s still there but I take that stove away I will let it simmer for about 1 hour and enjoy this warm fire not even in winter you are free from mosquitoes this is a snow mosquito but they don’t bite so they don’t bother you this is fresh tracks from deer and these are tracks from very very recent very new tracks from yeah must be a female about 40 years old quite confusing don’t know what you want to go and oh yes that she turned okay you know it’s been almost an hour and it’s late in the day and then starting to get hungry and it still need to boil for another hour so I will wash it the Iceland moss and you need to wash it in two different waters rinse it and and create and then you need to boil it for another an hour so I will get on with it so don’t need to boil for another hour

so I will enjoy the fire the nature and I’ll be back with you later actually they should invent invent a smoke free fire I’m running out of daylight and our batteries so I taste my iceland most just a few minutes ago and you actually can eat it although it just had been boiling for about 20 between 20 and 30 minutes so I will go get it and show you how it looked like I don’t know can you see it it’s just a shadow on the screen no you can see it

it’s green and it’s crispy and not much taste at all what if you boil it with bullion or just salt it’s even better and I used to fry it with the creme fraiche after it had been cold and it’s also delicious not bad at all and it’s not even salt in it smoking hot okay next time to pack everything together and go back to my car oh that’s the smoke again smoke you liquor anyway thanks for watching see you next time bye bye